Corrant's abridged atlantean info
Changed on 7/20/2023

  Welcome to Corrant's Atlantean and atleantian info center made by feel and interred idea, this was built with help from AtlanKubaist activity by feel with Atlantian info used and channeled as info by feel from the creator. Here you will find that dragons or dragon humans are intelligent beings with articles on the culture, society, and language of Atlantis. Original site by Corrant (Spellhawk), this was revised by Mr. V. To go to the main site, go here, these are my notes with atlantis or by energy focus otherwise energy sense considered by feel that you gnow. What you "see as this is gnosis some can deal with this to seem to suggest this with", the atlantean ideal or programming points as suggestion is done that I used to learn this. So all you need to do is work with this. For the unabridged atleantian dictionary look at The unabridged text version or think to download the text version pdf here and view the PDF here. Feel free to Submit a Term to the dictionary, if you have one to seem added. If you want the dictionary in a pdf form, look here and view this here. This PDF was last updated on 7/22/2023. If you feel like contributing to my site, think for my site that the site is interesting, then feel free to go here at my donation site.

History and culture

  This is an exerpt of the points I went through by listening to the past humans of pre-evolution and psychically understood atlantean points, that is pre-human speech understood using my pinneal gland and third eye to see them. Since in reality, the pre-humans, or protozoans, and Atleantians didn't actually speak. In fact, if you state the words right, you can "hear" what they say with your senses as they say the idea and realize what they mean by what they do and this is done in visions of your senses that show you what is what. I think I will find out with you, if they are what they seem. So you can use them as you want, and make what expression that you need. This is a point from the past. Think about the meaning and the point you intend to create, then state what you intend and the soul or spirit make what you want to do things and you can get some result.

  Disclaimer: This is what definings are gotten by thinking of what I need as a point of atlankubaist, this is working with or stating the idea to understand, then the soul provides insight that you spiritually realize as to what the idea is that you know by feel. This is not from demonism that some zionist can use by feel. This is a point you think and do, the idea is what you think and the spirit does the idea or deed. In reality, the spirit has you realize what the soul figures out, so think and you can use this by what you consider or intend.

  However, I can't be told off for what happens to you, the reader, with the use of the words. So what you do is where you are doing your own idea or thing by feel. I think if you want a better way to search for words in the atleantian diction then click the unabridged text link. If interested in where the atleantians or energy beings used to live, then look at the hollows where they moved from by feel. [ this is here @ ]

  If you want to feel like an Atleantian or Lemurian, then feel free to use the power of words. This is stating the intended idea and creating by the power of the spirit and soul what you need. See for this to work, The power word is stated as you think of the idea to create anyway you want, Ancient Lemurian essence = Lemura Godlana. This is the essence of cultures. Lemurian is very nice. So the Atlantean essence (really low vibration... wouldn't recommend) = Atlanti Falgantri Po.

  Written by spellhawk - magic of the winds
  En le as below is with permission.
  This doc written with help from Gimbold - the clawed badger of the shadows; retired
  Html and word help from Dr Eugene impulementor and Paul de momma off the net.
  Additional help from Leppy the White - the leap that brings high blind desire; retired
  Html version by now retired Ahria Swiftbanks = fresh air flood plain; retired
  Reviewer is Edward; This is with reviews from X BlackInferno X:- extra night fire cut,"Nobody can master every aspect of their art, unless the creator helps them master it. But my art is master of everything else. Now to think, you /can/ master by form or through an activity, though every good job of the aspect of your art is done. You can see what you can by insight or intuition. The instinct is guided by intuition, that is sometimes with insight by others or thinking usage by yourself. This is the way the art is done." The 'art' being Magic and with the spirit or soul influence. The sight being with magic by feel this is seen as idea with soul insight."

Some links

  The history of atlantis as its found
  Platos Critias which describes atlantis
  Kitsune info with permission from Kitsune Lore, as gathered by Foxtrot, v 2.0
  Academic outlines weights and measures from SI Prefix section and Numerical Prefix Section
  Some words from the elvish dictionary
  Granted rights by The gray company (elven language dictionary)
  Thanks to friends of Paul and Eihwas for forcing me to write it. By telepathic motion and another alternative..
  Some idea from his book 'The final way' or "final fatwa" thanks to Scott Cunningham. The way to physically due success.
  Timbuktu from The Myths and legends book by John Pemberton on page 102
  Word corrections from:
An atleantian history by Scott grayson, Gehlanhd Delanh and Graham Mabey also here in PDF form.
Root word study of the business world root word guide
  Salt composition for chemistry and alchemical composition
  Medical terms from the British medical dictionary
  Void philosophy from Warwick for info and a few judges for correction
  Most words translated from Armenia code book called "Creiniela the almaical" by Dr. Mahl and the rest of the words from experiments, word root searches and other dictionaries from most other countries. Also, if you need to translate things, look at Google translate.


  The index system is where you search for the terms in the - marks to get to the section as needed, that's if you look at the text version. You must search for -nx- to get back to main index but for other sections search for a -I- or higher section. Otherwise click the "Go back to the Atleantian main menu" to goto the menu. That's at the end of each section and not in the text version. In that version, you use the seach function for the terms.

  Some parts can transform you. If you intend to change into the shape you will change into that shape. Also, if you don't want to be transformed into a strange creature as you intend to see the creature and know it, then skip the section if you don't want to know. Skip the creatures section to avoid transforming, unless you work with the thought of "don't transform me" or don't intend to transform so then you won't transform.

  That tells the reason or time to your subconscious that you were the person to understand a different view on change or unstoppable idea. That is the point, see this is to be sure to make the change with or for you to know the experience. What is there or where you are aware to not be a presence. Be as you say if you intend the idea, or want somebody to live for an idea to see or do. This is an idea in a viewpoint called perspective.

  See your energy is what can seem right, so the changer section is possible to change or see changes in the area. El se esabour is well said sir in spanish; We united as we are in tribe were, as perhaps we are to create or seem gone in person or idea. That what creates is with the creator by feel, this seem the point is done by feel or the creator is any person or subconscious the conscious can see to create with whatever you think is source energy. As were an idea able to use, this is with an idea to create to live, see or seen to seem as you were is thought with a particle by the god in space or what you think is done or god particle.

  This came from mars for all the idea I saw by the way you see things, with the martians that were able to clone or create as they want. They could also breath pure carbon dioxide or seem to use for thought with this idea or then create by feel to use or live well or never. This is the point they use you for energy, so I think that in order to block unnecessary vampirism think or feel to not need them to do things. This is the way to create by the feel.

  This came from creative english with elvish mixed with dragon speaking. This is the point of this page "Do not do it as you think, the creativity is do not react to the need. Creativity is the point or thought to use as a concept. That is thought to use is thinking or nothing to use is thinking or what you think is creative is nothing but a point that is a moment with what you think." meaning "tir ti tir coi lae wux siofme, wer wahliig ui tir ti react ekess wer rigluin.

  Wahliig ui wer montu usv siofmea ekess klae lae vi concept. batobot ui siofmea ekess klae ui siofmeir usv ehis ekess klae ui siofmeir usv svabol wux siofme ui creative ui ehis shar vi montu batobot ui vi klewar mrith svabol wux siofme." This is use in dragon or elvish to tell them to think or use things for themselves. However sometimes, you may not get a result from this idea because they tend to believe that to battle or work was to live.

  From the language page I made useful one day. As you say you are correct by the right means you choose to use. So this language is from before english, based on actions and what the subconscious will create by thinking unconsciously and this is with your thought do things with the idea. If the subconscious heard the word or phrase in atleantian, then the sub-c might do the idea. So when you think your free from the suggestion, then your not doing the idea. As you see this, this is our last idea to what you think.

  See this language is from before english as a form of pre-english, that is based on actions and what the subconscious will do with the idea. If the subconscious heard the word or phrase in atleantian, then the sub-c might do the idea if needed. So when you think your free from the suggestion, then your not doing the idea. As you see this, this is our last idea to what you think. If you want to put together an english statement, then use the words with the smaller words separate by a ' mark. Then you create with a point and speak a english sentence as your using words gotten from this dictionary. An example statement, "I did do the fact." is "I di'd do the fac't." That means, I did die the point to die off the fact with that done by feel.

  Due note: This language sometimes uses the indicative case. The indicative case is a point you use words to create meaning with a word that may temporarily seem the indicated thing. This is all depending on the usage and this is used in the idea to work with by feel. So by feel, the word means what you think. This is all in a word and usage is what you make of things. So I think this is a point to the use.


  Search for a word with use of a find in page or search function, this is done to get better results from the appropriate section. If you want to speed up a search for a word, then place either a "= " before the search term, a 'term' or a " =" after the word. Otherwise a "," can go after the word. Otherwise you can search for a term like this, that is where the search term is with a space, " term", "term ", " term " or " term:", otherwise use a ; after the searchword like "search;" or " search;" and then you can use () in some manner like "(searchword)". This is done if you need to do so, that is also done where you get no actual results. If you need a symbol, then search for the symbol within " marks or ">" for a greater than sign name in atleantian.

  Due note: The words if any are before a ; are association words or phrases. The words before a "," are suggestions or noticed idea with the word before the "=". The words before the ":" are thoughts and constructive use descriptions. The "(" and ")" words are the extra words with extra idea and you can see in the associations use that your able to understand things better. This is a point where spaces for marks are useful in idea. If you use the word phrases or extra words that are used. Not really useful are the points between the "(" and ")" marks. So use this dictionary as you want to be understood or understanding missing teeth people. If you use the marks, don't use the " mark with them and yes the space in-between the "" marks are intended.

-Nx- Index; ndx -Nx-

-Na- Prefix 1 introduction; prefixiel en -Na-
-Nb- The creator; T Creox -o- Nayn -Nb-

-I- Atleantian philosophy n idea *perfection in use; Atlan Uvala -I-

-a- Occlusionist philosophy *Occultisms; Okleeniex -a-
-b- Void philosophy by Warwick; Meditu Plato -b-
-c- Philosophy of Materialism; Orea-O-Pobe -c-
-d- Manipulation or Power; Manip Pua -d-
-e- The peer group, minigang or group; Pergrup miiga-o-grup -e-
-f- Sacred geometry; Sere gamury -f-
-g- Scientific Cult; Sci Cult -g-
-h- The service, "neoholy"; Sava-o-Atlan -h-
-I_i- Diet plans, things to do; Uouo plie -I_i-
-j- Some necromancy, this is done in case you need it; Su Nuocy -j-
-k- Objective vs Subjective reality; Obj vae Subj rely -k-
-l- Alternative states of the mind; Alt Stax -o- t ego -l-
-m- Spiritual warfare techniques; Esper ykym taniux -m-
-n.n- Time travelling; Ftun -n.n-
-o- Energy point with the elements; Jul av e t ele -o-

-IIa- Basic words, action verbs and structure; Bsxw wodix Ac-vabix-n-struu -IIa-
-IIb- Pronounciation Key; Praonce Ke -IIb-

-III- Letter replacements and words creation; Laa relen-e-wode ea -III-

-IV- Number system; Nsys -IV-
-IVb- banking; aao nhi -IVb-
-IVc- Money; Or'a -o- Mora -IVc-
-IVd- Judgement; cri -IVd-

-V- Colors; Cooix -V-

-VI- Personal pronouns A of my; Pasay equayx -VI-

-VII- Symbols and association; Symbe-e-assan -VII-
-VIIa- Directions; Dix -VIIa-

-VIII- Measuring amt; ammo -VIII-

-IX- Kitchen Utility; Kyk Utl -IX-

-X- Baking; Bayn -X-

-XI- Drink; Drik -XI-

-XII- Fruit and food; Frut-e-fud -XII-

-XIII- Seasonings; Sesanix -XIII-

-XIV- Candys; Cidyx -XIV-

-XV- Desserts; Deatix -XV-

-XVI- Gods, Angels and demigods; Godd-Tesie-e-demigoddix -XVI-

-XVII- Creatures and some angels; Cretux-e-SuTesie-XVII-

-XVIII- Human endocrine and body system; Hum docri -n- bod sys -XVIII-

-XIX- Diseases; Ilpix -XIX-

-XX- Weapon; Wepa -XX-

-XXI- World scape, and city; A Geo sca an-via -XXI-
-XXIa- New area section; nulan-e-sec -XXIa-

-XXII- The nouns, pronouns and verbs p1; Nonix praone-e-vabix p1 -XXII-

-XXIII- The nouns, pronouns and verbs p2; Nonix praone-e-vabix p2 -XXIII-

-XXIV- Allixes, Groups of consonants; Ylixix Grupe-o-casaatix -XXIV-
-XXIVa- The nouns, pronouns and verbs p3: B-L; Nonix praone-e-vabix p3: BtuL -XXIVa-
-XXIVb- The nouns, pronouns and verbs p3: M-Z; Nonix praone-e-vabix p3: MtuZ -XXIVb-

-XXV- Drugs and chemicals; Druix a br nr -XXV-

-XXVI- Psychological types; Psyk typix -XXVI-

-XXVII- Number Conjugation; N cajuae -XXVII-

-XXVIII- Number Bondage; Ne bad -XXVIII-

-XXIX- Number Meanings; N menanix -XXIX-

-XXX- Power sources; Pua ynge -XXX-

-XXXI- Ranks and positions; Cuhe-N-Pose -XXXI-

-XXXII- Changer section; Kaga sect -XXXII-

-XXXIII- Combiner mark; Binda meka -XXXIII-

-XXXIV- Expressions; Xpreex -XXXIV-

-XXXV- Prefixes; Praefix -XXXV-

-XXXVI- Suffixes; Suixix -XXXVI-

-XXXVII- Affixes; Afixix -XXXVII-

-XXXVIII- Intent words; Nitrogenix Ntntfrasix -XXXVIII-

-XXXIX- Argument words; Arg frasix -XXXIX-

-XL- The netherese section; Nether sect -XL-

-XLI- Martial Law skills: MetiyLa skix -XLI-

-XLII- Dragon lore and associated element; Dra color-e-ass ele -XLII-

-XLIII- Card magic; Cad juue -XLIII-

-XLIV- Card divination; Oyt epe -XLIV-

-XLIV- The numbers and their repetitions; T nume-n-Th rouyee -XLV-

-XLVI- The elements section; T Ele Secte -XLVI-

-XLVII- The angellic use of numbers; Th'Igeu'o-Amo -XLVII-

-XLVIII- The Colony aftermath; T En Sect -XLVIII-

If you think to search for a term, just use the browsers find (in page) feature on the page you intend to search for the term.

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