Allixes - Consonant groups an Single and Double consonants, don't use these unless you have to theres more meanings. For each word and it might confuse the audience. Try to use the larger words.ung = fume, fume from fungus thats hard to see and is made from bacteria growing from decaying. nuit = fume, fume from fungus thats hard to see and is made from bacteria growing from decay. fume, fume from fungus thats hard to see and is made from bacteria growing from thought use, fume from fungus thats hard to see and is made from bacteria growing from decay.fume, fume from fungus thats hard to see and is made from bacteria growing from decay.

b = prefix: be, affix: back, being, foc(focus), bitch, base, is/are, am/was, bee, forced into

bb = pellet ball gun shot, metal ball shot, be being(focus)
bc = focused charge, put down, seen, be sea, 100 years
bd = accrument, below deck, torment, below, contractual, condemn, destruct
bf = family trust, time place, abuse, strengthen focus
bg = supportive, gravity, better, box, beat up, blackmail
bh = but, heat buildup, enriched, heating, energize, power blow, overload, bohrium or enthral
bj = testify, tactical retreat, double back, fall back, backway, feedback, go back, begone, advancement, passerby, ridden, drive back, refusal, browbeat, windblown, blow job or forced march
bk = fine, backstab, backhand, revenge, slit, struck, assasinate, assault, murdered
berkelium, sadistic
bl = same place, remain long, back row, be there, last place, belong, strung line,
focal point, be last, meditate, devastate, last in line, stretch, fifty years
bm = back order, backing, support, 1000 years, bi-monthly, scale, unlucky, measure,
scrutiny, schedule, math, train, 1000 percent, beam
bn = not back; been, restrict, don't be, count, hopeful desire, wishlist, focus on,
offbeat, peaceful, living country, unfocus, conquer, button
bp = bipolar, backwater, short, urinary disease, back flow, beep, populace, position
enforce, desirous, of one mind, circuit, fight it out, win
bq = quietness, active list, fiveth place, be silent, broken silence, inactive,
out of place, put in place
br = break; pause what you do and do something else, back away, return, reduced, red phase, moving back, removal, move, being, shamefaced, moved back, reduce, shame, beaten, bromine, run away, go forward, back and forth.
bs = bullshit, slowly back away, backing weight, sexual, sluggish, weighty, rape,
torment, overweight, overeat
bt = backup, lateness, classical, tried, tougheness, be yourself, in late, trial,
focuser, class act, shameful, oldie, embibe, hold back
bv = rearview, hindsight, now back, five year, viewable, feeling down, very beat,
or miraculous
bw = bulwark, fur, wax buildup, outer layer, bee wax, layer, sheen, focus point
hurry, wax mold, tanner hide, coerce, backward
bx = extra charge, taxation, olden, ten years, generation, accurate measure, mantra,
near death, exacting its shown
bz = take back, return area, backtalk, backstage, chatty, moody, shrine, achiever,
fight arena, compliant, prison, school its shown

c = prefix: charge, affix: buildup, see, sea, carbon, ash, cold, copy, 100, yes,
one hundred.

cb = refund, focus device, crystal, power fist, expunge, past view, view, cost
water bowl, watch beat, overlook. sea level, sea straight, cash back, carbon base
or 100 years back
cc = carbon copy, measure, buildup charge
cd = buying, purchase, redemption, treason, rebate, drain off, destructive impulse,
see it done, intuition, push down, tempest, storm, seek destruction, company, cadmium
or disband
cf = embezzle, time machine, empower, honor, time gate, school, observe, timeless,
corrosion, nominal, californium, 100 percent
cg = contagion, contagious, centigram
ch = chapter, heat vision, shape
cj = siege, just see, excuse
ck = block sight, pleasant, blind
cl = chlorine, sharpsight, longsight
cm = curium, centimeter
cn = kick, fire, scene, can
cp = copy, seep, piss scent, vision, leak
cq = sink, seeming calm, pique
cr = chromium, motion sight
cs = caesium, cesium, crystal science, computer science or other related idea.
ct = crystyllium, seer, true sight, power stone
cv = takeover, decieve, halt flow, sieve
cw = sue, sinew, death warning, take action, wax figure
cx = wicked behavior, extra charge, caretaker, six, six
cz = carat, jewel grade, gem, ecieze, sieze

d = prefix: fate, affix: death, obliged, bound (to pay), condemned to pay, sentenced,
deduct, down, five hundred, 500, do (to die of), due (death of something), direction, date, would, deuterium, die, destroy

db = dubnium, sound level, volume, bias, debate, fate being
dc = battery power, death charge, overcharge, drycell
dd = duplicate, stupid, double
df = deaf, deafness, genocide, defense
dg = decigram, degrade, put down, good death
dh = battery, undead, unkillable
dj = radio host, dodge, ditch, leave behind
dk = poison, mutation, mutate, deka, ten, 10
dl = dill, pickle, downstream, offload
dm = die me, death of me, denubium, area control, group control, doom, beam stone
dn = dinner, lottery, light stone (dendritium), downhill, happy death, deny
dp = die person, personal death, death, displease, disrespect
dq = ice cream, silent death, die quiet, death request
dr = doctor, pavement, pave, drive, directory
ds = unnunillium, script, program, programming, disassociate, disservice
dt = other thought, otherwise, fall away
dv = divide, divvy, share, trench
dw = death warning, dealt, deal, death sign
dx = dexterity, dex, overkill, breakdown
dz = sleep, doze, bakers dozen, dizzy

f = prefix: family, affix: effect, son, daughter, time, fluorine, if, fuck

fb = foil, fable, poem, fob, fool, story
fc = failure, family mission, family business, family meet
fd = assault, death penalty, family death
ff = crazy, craze
fg = family good, fig, forge. figure, picture, fog, model
fh = family hour, family meeting, family sight
fj = family moment, family meet, family question
fk = fuck, family kill, family discount
fl = full, lineage, family line, last family
fm = fermium, foom, radio, reception
fn = family number, not family, function, family interest
fp = family member, flip, family force
fq = faq, silent, family quiet, fact list, faculty
fr = francium, father
fs = fuss, family group, file server, family effect or efficiency, orgy
ft = feet, foot, the family, family pride
fv = patience, family glue, five
fw = forward, family memory, family protection, family shield, family honor
fx = special effect, family exile, family fame
fz = faze; phase, fizz, family area, deliquent, problem, deliquency or late for things. This is a problem where things come late or after the point. Otherwise this is deliquency by feel for payment that's owed.

g = great (big, grand), got, gee, get, give, gotten, go, grand, money, good

gb = strong back, gib, gab, good moment
gc = current form. good charge, good sight, good cop
gd = gadolinium, disease
gf = good friend, good family, goof, gift
gg = come before, great destiny, good good, good job, brag
gh = ghost, gost (guest), good health, good sight
gj = good moment, good job, good show
gk = great kill, good damage
gl = guild, glide, great length, area
gm = good scale, great measurent
gn = great refusual, gun, wise, great knowledge
gp = value piece, goal, goal post, good person
gq = good and quiet, great lineup
gr = geranium, greater, gaium, transfusion metal, transphase metal, radioactive metal, transphase
material, made up of 2 parts Uranium(238) + 1 part Nickel(Ni) = U2Ni yet this can be replaced by 2
parts Germanium(Ge) powder + Sodium(Na) = NaGe2 in acid form, another alternative NaFolaGe2 =
Sodium + folic acid(folate, fola or vit-m) + Germanium
gs = ghost; guess, gist, good weight, great many, music
gt = goat, good thing, good person, get there, go there
gv = ghost view, ghost sight, good view, very good
gw = good protection, great wax, good call
gx = great evil, manipulation, great extra strong, good cut, great cut
gz = safe, good transfer, geez!, great area

h = prefix: emotion, affix: sight, hot, heat, enrichment, hydrogen, hour, energy

hb = habitat, warmth
hc = available charge, hot current, dispute
hd = lifeforce, fight, provoke
hf = hafnium
hg = mercury
hh = mesmerize, hot sight, hallucination, desert illusion, hate (act in abnormal manner), hip (cool), vespic; a great weight in mesmerizing and statement that triggers something to make it all right
hj = highjack, jackup, emotional, airup
hk = hulk, deadly, successful
hl = heal, heel
hm = disputive, arguer, hot metal, dissaproval
hn = whatever, give up, no heat, cold
hp = hospital, angry, anger, civil war, cool
hq = headquarter, meeting place
hr = hour, heur, current, content
hs = hassium, muscle, tax
ht = giant; head hit, hurt, height, painful, warm, rape
hv = hove, sexy look, suck, hot display
hw = hot wax, emotional, heated memory
hx = hoax, extra extra hot, hex, curse
hz = horizontal, hotwire, hot transfer, now not hurt me

j = prefix: just, affix: moment, justify, reason, go, march, advance, pass, flow, ride,
sail, jail, jay, jay bird

jb = salesman, lawman, mediocre, on average
jc = jock, justice, cloth, apparel
jd = just death, fate justification, fateful
jf = jeff, just family, effectively just
jg = judge, good and just
jh = revenge, justice, just hot
jj = shove around, business owner
jk = joke, jfkhl, killing justification, mistake, rainstorm
jl = last reason, last trial

k = prefix: cut, affix: kill, hew, chop, strike, smite, murder, slaughter, disrepute by desperate attempt to killing the teacher (success, succeed), good (comment came from al capone the spirit), ok or kay, sodomize, potassium
came from al capone, sodomize, potassium

kk = knock dead, cut off, cool, accept, good good
kl = cl, cool, kill, cloud
kr = krypton

l = prefix: last, affix: length, hell, location, lady, long, line, 50, fifty

lb = lose
ll = double lump, long lasting
ln = line, io
lm = delimiter, description
lr = lawrencium
ls = els, else, lsd, lsdesdian, inversion

m = prefix: month, affix: metric (math, scale), mine, one empath or one born with bad luck (work with them by empathy or as though an empath), my, true outreach by desperate attempt, 1000, I, myself, me, man, one thousand

md = mendelenium, physician(c)
mg = magnesium
mk = make
mm = considerate, our
mn = manganese
mt = methnerium
mx = movement, move on, automation, extra personal

n = negative; prefix: denial, affix: not, no, nah, number, country, nitrogen, gneough, and, in, to, otherwise this is a misnomer that means nothing, nuos; that is not done or note(d) effect of what is ideal. think then stop and turn your head so your released.

nb = unlost, unlose, nibodium
nd = neodymium, and, not done
nn = knowledge of, pause for thinking
np = neptunium, no position, no pos (left to be interepreted)
nx = next, index, nexus, nice, meeting place, power place

p = prefix: pre (before), affix: nation, country, people, applied power, pea, pee,
phosphorus, force

pb = lead (as to pfysical or active lead act), payback
pc = computer, peace, piece
pd = palladium
pm = promethium, afternoon, high emotion, highly emotional
pp = power action, potty, power projection
pr = praseodymium
pq = intellect, a no
ps = partisanium, particle element
pt = platinum, the person, point

q = prefix: silent, affix: queu (event line up), silence, quiet, 5th, quick, question, fraction, the omnipresent omnipotent energy being that is a ghost that was there and uses elements and forms changes by arrangements and manipulates reality to create his personal result or ghost that causes changes using energy from a source and has emotion. You feed a ghost energy, think or state the ghost gets energy from you and think to use the point you know and you can identify the ghost by shape. Otherwise you think of the point and you realize what the ghost is saying by a temporary possession and passing of control to allow the ghost has to say. If your careful and manage to kill the ghost, then you actually just shift it to create a presence otherwhere.

This is where you can learn the name of the ghost or think of ghost as a ghost and you can command the ghost to exit. This is where you think and feel the ghost leaves, then you may notice the ghost present somewhere else. They are astral shell that work and sometimes tend to repeat, then the idea is what you think it does. This ghost is what you consider an elementary school child so think of it as an en example. The point I got was a ghost was here that looked like you, so be careful of the mirror as it could form hauntings by what you do.

You know the ghost by what it does, think about the activity in the area and what is normal or supernatural. You gnow things by what is done, if you don't like the ghost there send energy to the being and think the ghost goes and returns somewhere else. You can easily psychically percieve it. Use your third eye, think the ghost form is seen and the third eye sees the ghost where the ghost is at the moment. This thought process activates the pinneal gland and this creates the third eye effect. The point you think not to see the ghost and think of something else, then you deactivate the pinneal gland. This is a point of allowance, so think and you know what to do.

The photon beam that is focused at it can feed it unless you create a high enough photon particle beam and the present ghost can create a point of leaving so that is one way you can get rid of a ghost. Other than that, if you seem a point by aura energy it will leave on its own. Think of what you need and it can give you what you desire. So this I think is a point from the past, that the ghost came forward and went through the mirror. That allowed it by thinking of the place the entrance to another space and time. So I think I will be aware of the fact, think of the point and work with what I can by feel.

qq = utmost quiet
qx = quexillium, quix, quicks, quicksand

r = prefix: are/is, affix: movement, move forward, lesser, red, ruddy, remove, your,
move backward

rb = rubidium
rf = ref, reference, referee, rutherfordium
rh = rhodium, heat movement
rn = radon, not move, number movement, rnt, aren't, are not, around
rr = movement being of, relax, r&r, railroad
rt = art, are

s = prefix: immobius (immobile, still), affix: sex, be (mani or many), m'ani'es, slow, sulfur, sulphur, wait, S; weight; scaleweight, this could be a pun for waiting.

sb = antimony, sob, bitch son
sc = scandium, scion
sd = sod, deathly still, this is considered to focus and create what you feel is necessary.
sf = family still, family death
sg = seaborgium, sergeant
sh = female, woman, quiet
sm = samarium, metered weight, measured stillness, small (minded), indescribable, undefeatable, smell
sn = tin, not still
sp = personal still, personal measure
sq = quiet still, square, quiet measure
sr = strontium, senior
ss = service, share alike, super slow, weight creep, sluggish
st = the stillness, strength, street
sv = very still, very many
sw = sword, protect still
sx = suix, suck, cut scene, extra still
sz = one horn deer, transferred still

t = prefix: vision, affix: the, person, he, she, it, tardy, titus, classic, try,
thing, tee (ground stake, stand), tea, there, that, this, those, of, time,
ten, tough, designate (place importance)

tb = terbium, tuberculosis
tc = technitium
th = thorium, the, they, this, thee, them, thou, thy, there, those, these, that, I
tj = personal reason, alibi
tl = thalium
tm = thulium
tt = improvisation
tv = tivv, tyv, visual aid, personal view, viewpoint, visual display
tz = privacy area, private material, trash dump, beserk, nothingness, nothing
self-contain, these, practice area

v = prefix: view, affix: very, five, vanadium, glue, paste, 5

vv = highly profile

w = prefix: significant, affix: protect, coat, wax, protection, layer, memory, beside

wl = will, when, the point is possible with the idea any thought spoken what you intend.
wn = win; won't, otherwise in a positive note this is willing by a point by a sound.
wh = whe, wha, what
wr = steady, steadyness, that's done by feel.
ww = high detail, the informative point or informing to create understanding.

x = prefix: extra, affix: cut, end, extra strong; extreme, more, generate, exact, cut out, cross, 10, ten, female, attend; attract, attention (from old norae or old norse)

xc = extra seen, extra vision, see violence
xs = excess, extra weight
xx = extreme, monster

z = prefix: zone (area), affix: transfer, teen, area, zeri, zero, 0, the, teenager, power (energy buildup)

zn = zinc
zr = zirconium
zt = zap, zot, zzzt, power blow
zw = zoo, animal collection
zz = specialty, area power

Alphabetic order

The nouns, pronouns and verbs p3;
Nonix praone-e-vabix p3 of A an

B - L Sections


ba = back; bad scent, get back, be active, street, batlike, barium, soul, honorary, dead, a being that can exist with existence, bad, bade, made, geas (control spell made by energy instruction and sending it to the person or thing to effect what you want as you think about the need)
be = beat; (beh) behold or stop, being; exist, existence, think to create or exist with the creator, beryllium, as is, are, is, our, am, was, bio, base, bioenergy, become, being, deity, existence is where the neat point is the creator or area creates then unexists as you get what you wish or want by feel.
bi = half; big, large divide, bisexual, division, bismuth
bo = bow
bu = butt; natural talent, but, usual feel
by = buy; bye, rail, through, with

baa = boner; float up
bea = infusion, bad man, beat up, stupidity
bia = pull to yourself
boa = snake
bua = thrown
bya = a distance beyond, analyze that, do by action, (go) beyond, paralyze

bae = bay
bee = becoming
bie = wall
boe = blade
bue = bastion, place of safety
bye = goodbye

bai = bide
bei = dismiss, drive away
bii = seed, greed
boi = erase, boy, man, boil
bui = floating, go easy
byi = access

bao = baby
beo = prophetic, smell
bio = bioenergy, bios, life
boo = ghost; spirit, being, bowels, internal, this is an internal soul energy that does things by the consciousness of energy or energizes the body to produce by feel what you think is there.
buo = floatable
byo = biological, biology, bio

bau = bai, bye, ciou (happy good-bye), good-bye
beu = hide in plain sight
biu = by intent, vile pus boils plague, black plague caused by feeder fleas and ticks from
each bite draws blood away and the more blood the more killed the body with anemia as the
disease. Added to the rats eating and people sharing their food, the sickness was impovering
with suggestive idea to where it came from this forms a carrier effect as the rats also got
it. So the rats carried on what some already had and it spread more in rapidity but the last
by storage to be stage and be consumption, in the effort to cure it people ate a little more and poisoning with
anemia created a pus effect or mouth foaming.
bou = bound towards, moving
buu = undesirable, in service contract; you fight it because you don't need the duty.
byu = by you

bay = a bay
bey = beyond, be honest
biy = truth be told, truthfully
boy = your charge, vampire
buy = distinguish, purchase, trade, barter
byy = note to self, confimation

bab = babe, bitchy
beb = will return, barb, spike, has returned
bib = Apron; separate, divorce, An overlap of tie on cloth, this is used for the remaining food. Otherwise this is unfocused thought as animal or focus with area, that's creativity by feel or need if bribe.
bob = agree; agreement nod, head dunk, return bow
bub = stranger, person, bomb (that could be an exploding bulb or car alarm), removal by area feel, bombe, disturbed, sometimes the bomb is human speech in nature (enough to make you seek nirvana.)
byb = knock off, off center, off balance

bac = back
bec = because, beach
bic = bicep, arm muscles
boc = block; (blocking action) boca, jewel clasp, area, bucket
buc = buckskin, buck, buckle, dollar, bare naked, $
byc = bicker, argue

bad = bad comment, command, good (skilled), eferv, bade, influenced, effect of conserving, negative attributed, skilled
bed = bedding, a bed
bid = wait your time
bod = physical, abode, bandaid, body
bud = budding, flowering
byd = full figure

baf = barf, baffle
bef = beef
bif = stand in, boyfriend
bof = bowl full, loaded bowl
buf = buffed up
byf = sentimental

bag = bagel, sack, bag
beg = fight prepration, begin, to beg
big = big, bigger, grand
bog = swamp
bug = bulge; bulg, trumpet, a bug, to bug
byg = enlarge, bong, drug cooker

bah = disliked dismissal
beh = placed behind you
bih = bio hazard
boh = bohemian, monsterous
buh = but (excuse)
byh = handy

baj = badge, baja, fool, bad person
bej = beige
bij = large in body
boj = past errand, master
buj = bulge, overbelly, viewed badly
byj = disliked, dislike

bak = bake
bek = beak
bik = bike, skimpy, lessen, bick, bicker
bok = bowstrike, book
buk = rebuke
byk = bounce

bal = negative, balance
bel = great, arch
bil = vile
bol = tree, bottle, bowl
bul = defense, bulwark
byl = curled up

bam = impacted
bem = be me, beam, my being
bim = instructs
bom = bombard
bum = ass, bodily behind
bym = get up

ban = bane, ban
ben = bean; brain, been, am, good, universe creator
bin = bind
bon = bene, joy, be active, good
bun = attribute, copy
byn = had been, premake

bap = nose hit
bep = a beep
bip = bipolar, biolocate (more than one place at same time), of two minds
bop = a bop, hit in head
bup = blooper, happened mistake
byp = bypass, bipedal, with two legs

baq = back
beq = beckon with help, guidance councillor
biq = bicycle
boq = floral, bouquet, flower arrangement
buq = rebuke
byq = bequeath, bestow

bar = bare, onrush, night movement
ber = bear, beer, fell, falling for it, likeness to object non use
bir = buyer, birch
bor = bred pig, drill, boring
bur = burly, burial
byr = bier, spread warmth, anticipation

bas = base, basic, basis
bes = bees, obese
bis = bisect, so, until, bias, by
bos = boss
bus = mass movement, transport, mass move, abuse/ing
bys = relief, abysmal

bart = sell; this is where you sell in a point by what you have in need.
bert = allowance; weight allowance, this is where the weight held is in a measure.
birt = bit, birth; this is where you are birthed by what allows birth.
bort = borth, abort; this is where you abort the idea or process.
burt = movie; this is where you are viewing movies, if any available.
byrt = wildness; this is where you get wild actions and things work out by feel.

bat = bait, a bat, battery, fight, batty
bet = beat, beet, a bet
bit = bite, abide/ing
bot = a bot, without, boat, the body odor, bad smelling, robot
but = argument for, boot, butt, moreover, howevern
byt = information path, sequence path, data path

bav = bavarian, monsterous
bev = beaver
biv = with two values
bov = above, bovine
buv = abuse
byv = purpose, by view

baw = bawling
bew = beware
biw = bioware, bioaware machine
bow = to bow over, bowl
buw = bound
byw = business

bax = genuine, genious, energy punch, batter
bex = hex, being hexed, best
bix = bick, argue
box = box
bux = plump, buxom
byx = shave
baua = boneta, I need, needy
Baxer = baxr, to be backing, To energy punch someone out and after imaging the person. Long range effect punch.
Bexer = bexr, To hex someone for reasons that are like simply trying to talk to the person with the best in mind.
Bixer = bixr, To bicker someone out for the general love of it.
Boxer = boxr, Short range defense and general sport, of hitting someone in the face or body with the fist.
Buxer = buxr, To make someone fat or worse for wear using some strange rules for the fun of it.
Byxer = byxr, Be your sider, biker, To make believe that beside your side moments of temporal temporary real actions that are fed by actions to actually never cease except to do nothing to cease the side moment.

baz = sell, sale
bez = lot, land area
biz = business; showbiz, renting, a fee
boz = strange
buz = strong drink, potent
byz = prosperity

bca = because, became, becalm
bce = decieve, cleverness
bci = bikini, skimpy clothes
bco = become, becoming, esce
bcu = be cool
bcy = bicycle, beside

bada = bade away, badda, self-baddy
beda = binding, stringed
bida = bide your time
boda = forebode
buda = peaceful intent
byda = soothed feel, soothed feeling

bade = command you
bede = beaded
bide = time wait, time wait
bode = vision warning
bude = building partnership
byde = bid goodbye

badi = strand beads
bedi = bead work, bead necklace
bidi = good tiding
bodi = bodice, great body
budi = increase appeal
bydi = very pretty

bado = desirous appeal
bedo = bend down, bend over
bido = control desire
bodo = give into desire, give over
budo = decrease desire, make unappealing
bydo = appear happy

badu = focused sound, sonic
bedu = control yourself
bidu = apply yourself
bodu = temple
budu = folded leg stance, pretzel stance
bydu = levitate off floor, reinstate, reapply

bady = concern for self
bedy = self style
bidy = seek alone
body = body awareness
budy = conscious awareness, beautiful
bydy = self secure

bads = give command
beds = pearl beads, many beds
bids = make proposal
bods = respects
buds = buddy
byds = bidding

baff = baffle, bewilder, bewilderment, confuse
beff = herd, dinner, healthy
biff = stand-in, replacement
boff = scoff, laugh
buff = strong man, exercise
byff = concern, family meet

bagg = napsack, quality bag, purse, leather bag
begg = beg
bigg = grown, big
bogg = swampy
bugg = bug, error
bygg = bygone

bakg = baked goods
bekg = good size beak
bikg = good bike, skimpy good, good fight
bokg = accurate arrowstrike
bukg = got rebuked, constructive criticism
bykg = forced out, good bounce

bang = a bang
beng = living being
bing = a bing, light tone
bong = a bong, a resonating sound
bung = a medium tone sound
byng = a high pitch sound, tinny sound

banj = corral guitar, banjo
benj = overdoing it on
binj = a binj, eating junk
bonj = bonjour
bunj = stretchy cord
bynj = junk food, snacks

baaz = hidden danger
beaz = bean
biaz = bias
boaz = boat piers
buaz = boing
byaz = childish innocence happiness

baez = beg
beez = bee
biez = become
boez = go away
buez = definite no
byez = killing

baiz = compell
beiz = mental control, conjole, conjuration
biiz = enslavement
boiz = slavery
buiz = slave master
byiz = pleasing, comely

barr = ball, long piece, barring action
berr = fruit
birr = bearer
borr = borrow
burr = cold shake
byrr = spreading cold

barz = barring the way, vertical shafts
berz = bears, bearing
birz = willing to buy
borz = cut hole, drill
burz = caskets
byrz = holding place

baal = balrog
beal = peals of laughter
bial = bile
boal = bowl
bual = pent up, contained
byal = reallocate, relocate

bael = demonkind, demon
beel = beat upon
biel = spiel, idle chitchat
boel = bowl
buel = cruelty
byel = set upon me

bail = pay something, pay release, prove your good then you seem to sense good, bails, rain/s or rainstorm, this can happen after ionic energy enters the clouds from a detonation or some (nuclear) radiation effect occurs.
beil = bezerk
biil = vile woman
boil = hurt me, bode ill
buil = build upward
byil = work toward

baol = goal
beol = old age, antique
biol = musical instrunment
bool = choice
buol = determination
byol = setting off

baul = worshipper
beul = believer
biul = worship ritual
boul = shrine
buul = fault, fault line
byol = too much strain

bodacaa = bioenergy mastery, energy manipulation, bioenergy manipulation
bodacea = bioenergy creation, energy daze, bioenergy daze
bodacia = bioenergy release, energy control, bioenergy control
bodacoa = household energy stop, bioenergy dangerous
bodacua = bioenergy continue, energy pattern hold, bioenergy continuance
bodacya = bioenergy understood, energy person, bioenergy person

ball = ball
bell = bell, belli, war
bill = bill payment
boll = hole in tree
bull = bull
byll = sleep

batt = bat (any), battery
bett = bet
bitt = bitten
bott = automatically
butt = buttox
bytt = data burst

bavv = monstrous
bevv = bevel, beaver
bivv = with two values
bovv = troglodyte, three-legged mammal
buvv = violence, violent
byvv = impact, memorize

bla = too much
ble = curse, hex
bli = bleed, blood
blo = blow up, blow, block
blu = bleet (sheep call or twisted curse), bleep it, bludgeon that releases or release/d it, blue, tinge of blue, sweet reward, lover
bly = blight

bra = bra, beech cloth, bray, arm, brave
bre = bruise; debree, browse
bri = brick
bro = brother, hombre, brota, broa
bru = brew, stew
bry = enforce, enforcement

bath = a bath
beth = bathroom
bith = blither, personal gain, bath
both = choose both
buth = booth
byth = ignorance

batt = a bat
bett = bet
bitt = sour
bott = machine
butt = buttox
bytt = take a bite

bard = musician
berd = beard
bird = customer
bord = board, bored
burd = buried
byrd = bird

barn = large storage
bern = behind you
birn = have earned, birth, bairn
born = birthed, born
burn = fire destruction, burn
byrn = start fire

bass = white fish, shark meat, bass
bess = best, cow, bless
biss = bliss
boss = head worker, gang leader, bossy, boss
buss = transport of weight, bus, bust
byss = bias

braa = to succumb to
brea = breeze, quality, praise of
bria = sticky
broa = broad, large
brua = to brew a drink, priest
brya = preaching

brae = break, boast
bree = wind
brie = proprietory, owned
broe = grow
brue = inconspicuous, blown up
brye = rotting slowly

brao = brave, deed
breo = have skill of
brio = bring up, defend against
broo = long stick, staff
bruo = honorary
bryo = agreement of terms

brau = brawl
breu = bring to you
briu = make flames
brou = protect from
bruu = release in gratitude, make guilt
bryu = bring to

bray = braying
brey = berating
briy = departure by force
broy = embroiled
bruy = loner, by yourself
bryy = location?, where are you at?

brad = defect
bred = breed
brid = bridle
brod = brood
brud = troublemaker
bryd = inter, make understand

bran = brain
bren = national growth
brin = brine
bron = bronze
brun = brown
bryn = brink

brak = brake, stop slowly
brek = tolerate, break
brik = brick
brok = broke
bruk = brook
bryk = positive feedback

brat = nuisance
bret = indestructible, invincible
brit = bright
brot = defender
brut = spawn, come back
bryt = enforcement

batta = batter
betta = better
bitta = spicier
botta = bottle
butta = buttler
bytta = bitter

batte = batty, crazed
bette = beating
bitte = please
botte = body
butte = butty
bytte = has a bite

batti = battling
betti = betting
bitti = small
botti = automaton, android
butti = butting in, rude
bytti = abiding

batto = battalion, soldier
betto = betting for
bitto = a bit of
botto = open bottle
butto = butt out
bytto = data connection

battu = fighting you
bettu = choosing you
bittu = bitten
bottu = operation
buttu = sitting down
byttu = binary, switch operated

batty = insane
betty = stable beauty
bitty = tiny
botty = like machine
butty = large buttox
bytty = data rate, timed rate

bfa = beforehand
bfe = buffet, all you can eat
bfi = befriend, friendly
bfo = ante, before
bfu = confusion, befuddle
bfy = butterfly

bsa = basalt, crushed bedrock
bse = obese, overly fat
bsi = temple, contained holy area
bso = besom, occult marriage, illigitimate marriage, broom marriage, occult marriage
faery horse that mentally talks to the rider and can shift to human form or disappear
every in awhile.
bsu = bullshit, bastard
bsy = inner talent (psychic pattern), stiffen (be still)

brass = top measure
bress = breast
briss = bristle
bross = brush
bruss = knocked down
bryss = slow to understand

b-co = storage, gradual increase
baafa = bishop fish, mitered shaven head, scaly body, claw-like arm fins, 
baeta = bait
bate = thought creation; this is where you create by the feel and work magic by what you do.
baeliv = white demon, law demon
baelgodd = demongod
baelgud = good demon, deva
baur = loey, lovely; this in general terms or idea is where you think a point and you find it not so great, lovely idea with wise use, lacking oil, I think to work better with or without so no curse use blessing or negated oil use is ne curse. Not needed if the creator uncreates it. This is bazaar or market area use otherwise. There is ne ansien is ne ansien that is wise use. Witega adoloneas is wise action.
bayauc = piercing bastard sword, mean or meanness otherwise
beezl = embezzlement, beetle or other bug
babl = babble; chat, speak or talk.
bablon = despised, infamy, defend, sustain, chat, honorary
badda = baddy, bad one, bad point
baddagrex = bad greek, enemy greek, smelly greek, farting
band = headband, head scarf, bandanna, music group
bank = riverbank, bank
bangle = bang loss, bang of death, giant collection, something you wear around your neck
banks = delta, vault, go over
baka = fool
bakau = back at you
bakayarou = asshole
bakarmtuog = good karma changeover
bakkoutou = being of any ability from a weapon of death.
balup = upward balance, floating, bail up
balupp = balance, being in two different places or of two people one body and they're aware of each other.
balrul = negative instruction, disinformation, disinform
balthazour = bad thought harbourer
banana = feel good laugh (add na for laugh)
bananza = biiza, insanity, craziness, large feeling of acceptance, momentary joy
band = music group, musical band, strap
banshee = beansidhe, sunken nose scraggy hair hollow eye socket fiery weeping red 
eye white sheet wearing cadaver woman who warns of an impending death only for old
family by wailing outside a house, outside a door
barrito = barritos, drink
baron = overlord
barb = frozen, painful (things), sweet (pain), tart
binnet = dust bin
barby = doll figure, showgirl, supermodel
barbyliv = living doll figure, live show
barjuchne = bar juchne, giant bird
barm = dreaded backward knee colorful bird that picked off targets at will
barmitsa = barmitza, bemyza, bemysa, celebration feast
bart = barter, burp
basimpl = simply, basically
batist = baptism, baptist, of the church
baton = strike rod
batuo = turn bad, bad turn
bathe = being with faith
batheless = being faithless
batl = battle
batlord = battle orders
batlbad = battle command
batlcry = distraction battle cry
basil = basil, energetic herb
basis = element
basbevl = elementary, basic level
baschobevl = elementary school
baub = baubal, jewel
bawb = baubal, jewel
beae = barbituate, energy beating
beau = beautiful
beabl = achieve, ready, achievement
bean = supernatural
beakl = beagle, as so its sorta like a dog with a seem to be there as you need it moment that guides and works with most people.
beip = biolocate, more places at a time
beul = good, ben, bono
bedd = bedrock, deathbed
bedlam = absolute disaster
beka = beaker, substance holder
belkin = machine part or network part
behni = kneeback
behnicutt = hamstrung
beta = better, process
betas = better test, radioactive, radiation
beted = bastard, bettered
bevlj = advanced level, high level
beasto = beast transform
beastro = spell book
beorc = true home
bei = being
beig = beige
beos = snack time
beut = beauty
beuty = beautiful
becucot = biocircuit
beget = gain, get, gotten, got
bellodona = deadly nightshade, beautiful lady
bemay = biometal, biodegrade, being an influence
bemuls = pacify
bemulse = miff, anger
benin = benign, safe
behest = request
behr = better, good, beer
berbug = bugbear  
berch = branch (of a tree)
berl = beryl, barrel, body, barrel
berliner = jelly filled donut, german native
bepcod = norse code, drum code
bevins = chew up, buildup
bevvedg = bevel edge, straight level
bevvedgatla = bevel edged knife
bevl = bevel, level
bezoars = Poison cure liverstone.
biele = building, structure
bielyn = building
bielynuir = building site
bielyncod = building code, coding, compile (compilation, composting, redefine)
bielynkouvam = building inspector
bioloc = being more places at the same time
bior = bipolar, bounty hunter, hit man, ambitious man who goes after people
bign = benign
bind = binded to ideal, control
binzi = frenzy, silent insane, pill insane
bilg = bilge, mucous buildup, shit, throw up, buildup
binn = been there done that, storage bin
binns = history, repotoire    
bisq = biscuit
bisquit = cookie
boamp = bottle imp, genie type spirit that grants owners unlimited wishes and 
the only way to get rid of it be to sell it for less than you bought it for.
boeatla = sharp blade
bois = wood    
boise = energy wood, air wood
boisehu = energy wood being that protects households
boot = boot, kick out
boudole = bottom dollar, best price, lowest price
bouldr = boulder
bounda = bounder, boundary, bound her
bourbeth = expand
bout = about, moment on
bobaloo = bobalu, bear
bofh = bar
bottaink = bottle of ink, ink bottle
bottomdollar = best price, lowest price
bodach = nightmare inducing child stealing bogie, old man, bodyache
bodakuma = ward, warn away, deflect, tempermental
bodeta = physical spirit, astral projection
boly = belly, womb
bubunn = disarm bomb, short out bomb
bona = satisfied, satisfaction, boner
bonafied = cooking oil, quality approved, proof tested
bonanza = baiza, great gonzalus, great abundancy, wildly
boner = sex pleasure
bokarticl = magazine
bokno = knowledge book, answer book, knock out and know
bopep = shepherd, guider
bordery = shelf, shelving
borderydepot = storage rack, seller rack
bordmet = board meeting, staff meeting
bosun = headmaster
botbuo = boabuo, floatboat, hovercraft, hovering vehicle
botc = boac, seaboat, seaship, ship, mistake
botlid = boalid, landboat, landship, self-moving vehicle with a pull/push force,
automobile, carriage, lied
botmi = boami, boatman
botsky = botair, boair, botch, skyboat, airship, skyship
botspe = energy streamer (gravity manipulator), streaker (disingeress) or rocket rive, spaceboat, spaceship, boaspe; burner (mis' bur'ghost, mist manifest).
botspety = android, fast spaceship, fast timing robot
buad = bandaid
buinutbgull = negated gravity float, levitate, being in unity a nut
buby = booby, mistaken, dangerous
bubytra = boobytrap, mistaken trap
bubli = bubbler, bubble, bubbly, out of air
budis = an exception, except
bulb = bulb, bulbous
bulbauro = lightbulb
buldx = a building, building site
bunn = ass, backend, baby
bunniovn = bun in the oven, baby in belly
bush = beh, shrubbery
bushed = tired
bucca = teleportive hobgoblin useful to sailors
bucsu = good-bye
buda = peaceful wandering
budism = peaceful participation, way rite (path right or ritual).
buggane = goblin shapeshifter often seen as a horse, calf, wild looking human near
a waterfall
bupoo = fuckhead
bureau = government
burgher = merchant
burs = graves, burst
burnou = burnout
burnuo = quickburn
burnuofud = quick food cook
busl = bushel
busm = busom, woman breast
buta = butane
butan = heating gas, blue flame
butane = natural gas
bco = become, biocell 
bcou = regenerative biocell, to be course
bcs = because, for reason/s /ed /ing, explain 
bdae = bday, bdaee, bad day, birthday
bfr = b4, before, befriend
Bg'do = Gravity shift; This is more really to do and affirm, if you wanted to affirm the idea. Gravity is what your body shifts through to reach where there is some area or space. You see that is understood by Einstein's gravity law considered by special relativity. So if you needed or wanted to be on some other planet, otherwise a dimensional space, then as you move you shift through spacetime. That is using your body energy, then you are there in the area of the other space or placed point.

However we can shift, do be careful as you could end up in the hostile or unbreathable atmosphere. In that case, think of being in your normal space or area and take a step to move through gravity. This is a point of gravity, That is when the teleportation is where you shift, then think and appear somewhere else. So otherwise this is a gravity shift. Sometimes when you don't need to be there, you are where you started at by feel. So think about the point and the bend in the gravity, that will make you aware that you shifted in gravity to be in a placed point in the area. That is a point in time, so this is just a reminder to be where you think is best to be.
bgi = begin, began, begun, begins, beginning
bhiae = rage
blao = blaked, blackhead, poppy flower, dirty thought, (to) blare, blame, intrepid thought
blaoso = blakedsed, poppy seed, blackhead seed
blaopa = blakedpip, poppy flower pulp, blackhead pulp
blaoppa = forlorn hope, lost desire
blaup = blaoop, interest, baloon, concern
blaupa = blaoopa. find, fill out, get lost
blac = blak, black
blako = blakho, blakhol, blachol, blackhole, singularity
bleu = blue
bleer = bliar, bleeding heart, open love affair
blackread = fate, other hand, lefthand, absent minded
blad = blond, gold yellow
bladmui = blond moment, stupid moment, uncontrollable moment
blamer = place blame
blanc = white, blanc, blankness, blanched
blas = blast
blasicx = ice blast, ice shatter bolt, blast of sound
blei = bleeding, blessij, earth blessing from around the globe that can effect anywhere. The planet earth gives the blessing. It can give anyone on the planet a major blessing. Indelible excuse.
bleij = ocean of woe, indelible
bley = bris, black eye, bruise
blida = bellinda, bad act, lack thereof, inept
blidan = smart, good act, unlacking
blimud = mudblood, mudsang
blo-idonu = blast-ended newt
block = city area, building area
blok = guy, man
blozard = blow hard, high wind
blozed = blizzard, freezing ice storm
bluberh = iceberg
bluberg = diplomatic, cool disposition, diplomacy
blum = bloom
blump = bump on back of head
blumros = blooming rose, invitation, openly invite
blunderbor = blunderbore, giant legend
blur = blur, camoflauge, mesh with background
blus = blush, bluster
bluta = blaster, laser gun
blutas = blaster, blutaz
blup = bloop, mistake
blupa = bloopa, blooper, funny mistake
blv = believe, be level, bullemic, education
bne = benefit, beneficiary
bnefu = bnefl, beneful, Beneficiary file, full of benefit, costly cure, costly effect
bneft = wild benefit, bereft, a consequential benefit that makes you have fits
bno = negated gravity float, levitate
bjala = room protection demon
bpcutt = haircut, snip
bphew = shortcut
bqaruo = requirement
brau = pre-existant, pre-existance
brae = whole arm
brac = bracer, hand protection, brace
brag = horse shape-shifting goblin that leaves a rider in terror, very good story
bralnwash = cruel intent
branreparo = regenerate brain
braven = revenge
bravenokake = vengeful spirit, revenge spirit
bravura = braveheart, courageous
bre = bring, breaking force, dissolve, bring energy
bree = windy hill, breeze
breh = breach
brenyar = unseen power
breqs = pre-requisite, pre-require, back order
breqsp = pre-requirement, necessity before
briou = ostricize
brich = ostrich
brita = clean water, filter, clean fill
broasu = twin brother
broobielyn = building staff, store staff
brood = vampiric meet, moodyness
broomet = staff meet
brog = dialect
bron = kitchen, useful
bronsik = kitchen sink
brossdet = toothbrush
btn = button, shut(ter)
btr = beater, better
bwax = bw, bee wax
bwuin = deck
bwuinhoyl = card deck
bwca = household spirit that does tasks when appreciated and destructive when 
bzagh = beast
bzns = business, dealership, (to) deal


ca = could (cao) or (ca) can; caramel, calcium, cat, cae that uses energy or from some sort of thought source or kay
ce = cell; communication device, charge, ranged phone, quietness, chair, with, together, thorough, cerium
ci = shape, diameter, disaster, siiliar to yes
co = willingness, cobolt, allowance
cu = cup, copper, colon, goblet
cy = drink, psiber, duty bound mediator starwoman, cypher

caa = carve, can actively, cannot
cae = can explain
cai = cain, cabin
cao = decay; could, chaos
cau = caution
cay = decay

cea = cease, carat, combine, combined with, ^, power create, creature, living creation, career
cee = seeya
cei = ceiling
ceo = head boss
ceu = I failed you, failure
cey = thorough halt

cia = see you, intelligence; intelligence angency, cian: farewell or agent
cie = spasm
cii = see, sea
cio = sight
ciu = see ya
ciy = eye to eye, honest, straightforward

coa = cooperate
coe = graduation; graduate, contemplate
coi = coin, coinage
coo = please; pleasure, coordinate, thought good
cou = couple
coy = play; coyote, playful, decietful, deciet, false nature

cua = cougar; orange stripped large cat
cue = proposal; propose, give idea
cui = go away
cuo = crumple; fall down
cuu = together
cuy = snuff; feel good nose drug

cya = tchau; good-bye, farewell cye = leave
cyi = dry out
cyo = see out, tought, this is taughten muscles and release then you get the result of the movement.
cyu = see you, scry
cyy = dominate, defy

cab = public translocation, phase shift
ceb = brain; cerebellum and other parts
cib = bioelectrical
cob = overspread oe web
cub = cube, cubical
cyb = neural network, cybernetic, sibling, pathway

cac = hideous, hide bound
cec = traditional
cic = wheel
coc = grinded, coerce
cuc = placed in position, crucial
cyc = pattern movement

cad = cart, wheeled holder
ced = cedar wood, cedar tree
cid = mulled
cod = code, cypher
cud = could have
cyd = experts

caf = serve
cef = tell me
cif = decoded
cof = addictive
cuf = cuff
cyf = sift

cag = cage; trap, crag
ceg = siege; baited lure
cig = tobacco; cigarette, cy, cn, seeing, intoxicating, smoked tobacco
cog = gear; spiked wheel, made aware, cegnuu
cug = cudgel; cougar, large black form, this is a large black form that could get a cudgel effect by being run over.
cyg = signal; signet ring, cigar

cah = soothing
ceh = high whistle
cih = semblance of form
coh = other worker
cuh = rank
cyh = slotted

caj = smirk
cej = join the mainstream
cij = sludge, pavement
coj = worker, linu, work there
cuj = quell
cyj = advice

cak = cask, cake
cek = running water, creek
cik = dessert
cok = drink
cuk = cook, grill
cyk = endorse

cal = counted
cel = container
cil = gahering
col = hardened, cold, tall
cul = achieved, very nice, cool
cyl = cycle

caba = transit, bus
cabe = can be
cabi = shift
cabo = offbeat
cabu = movement
caby = arrival

cyba = sidewalk, data link
cybe = cybernetics
cybi = inner space
cybo = outer space
cybu = technician; serviceman, technical person, repairer and worker of machinery and computers otherwise.
cyby = worker; body, work person

cabl = cable, carrier wire
cebl = large brain
cibl = biochannel
cobl = overdue, spread out
cubl = prism
cybl = cybernetic channel, long road

calf = baby cow
celf = trembleclef
cilf = elf
colf = golf
culf = engulf
cylf = sythe

claf = clatter
clef = trebleclef
clif = cliff
clof = cloven
cluf = dove
clyf = clipped

cam = camel, view, camera, makable
cem = cave, solidity carm, charm, work with
cim = sense, premonition, prescience
com = conclude, concluding, with, together, thorough, brush, comb
cum = come to, accumulate, mate, bring back
cym = clash, similar result that you think is interesting by feel

can = couldn't; fire, cannot, can't, cane, leg support
cen = scene, active area
cin = ash layer
con = cone, pro, for an idea, with, together
cun = cunning, coon, racoon, outwit, colon, menu, item list, :
cyn = evasion, ascend

cant = cantrip, spell, (I, this, that, it, he, she) can't
cent = 100, hundred
cint = made into
cont = contintua (continues), continue(else), its allowable
cunt = seat, a person from atlantis whom be neither dead or alive but immortal
from cunt (aka mris, seat of atlantis that remains), The cunt have an evil disposition
and opposite minded view thats similiar to hatia. This was noted as freuds idea for
basis on therapy as in reverse minded and later on corrected for.
cynt = library, knowledge pool

cama = camel, disposition
cema = cement
cima = moving picture
coma = death sleep
cuma = accumulation
cyma = slow progress

came = award, medallion
ceme = segments
cime = climatic, temperate
come = beckon to, suggest to
cume = well based
cyme = good approach

cami = shy away
cemi = steamy
cimi = curve, cimig
comi = humorous
cumi = fearless, prideful
cymi = stymied; plasticlike, this is a point where your plastic like and able to not think right as you do things like drug abuse.

camo = hide, blend in
cemo = seal
cimo = trust
como = go away
cumo = suggest
cymo = symbol

camu = camoflaug, camoflauge, hiding by blending
cemu = remove seal
cimu = stimy, cover up
comu = come out from cover
cumu = account for
cymu = present situation

camy = convention
cemy = convene
cimy = discussion
comy = comedian, light heart
cumy = comfort
cymy = professional

cap = cloak, over clothing
cep = remember
cip = castle
cop = cope, copp, handler, adapt
cup = chicken coop
cyp = chicken

caq = harsh cough, hacking cough
ceq = find relief
ciq = psyched out
coq = herbal relief
cuq = cause cold, chill
cyq = complete recovery

car = care, careful
cer = skill, skull
cir = part, what
cor = core
cur = cour, curative, cure, run (a course)
cyr = restore, restoration

carr = moving vehicle, car
cerr = soothing
cirr = circulation, cirrus cloud
corr = relaxation
curr = flexible
cyrr = relaxative

cas = holding case,  case, castrate
ces = cease
cis = laboratory
cos = coaster, course, because
cus = original work, cuss
cys = assist; sis, research, immediate persistance, overfull, overflow reaction, piss anywhere

cat = provision, cat
cet = viable
cit = speech
cot = coat
cut = very cute, cut; cease, silence, stop
cyt = stop function

cav = cavern, cave
cev = sever
civ = civilization, civil
cov = cover: 1. covering up, 2. interfere/nce (as interference or radio wave), 3. covey, spot or area;
int'refere: 1. destructive influence thanks to Rob and example by P and Robert, 2. doubt.
cuv = cave entrance
cyv = tunnels

caw = raucous cry
cew = decay, crow, carrion eater
ciw = death eater
cow = cow
cuw = chew it up
cyw = bone

cawa = cry out
cawe = pleading
cawi = angry voice
cawo = outspoken, outcry
cawu = rousing speach
cawy = a cause

cewa = a remark
cewe = crow attack
cewi = mental link
cewo = soul carrier
cewu = antithesis
cewy = deliverance

cax = caks, mental torture
cex = ceks, seeks, mental rape
cix = ciks, control from without
cox = coks, cock, sexual exchange, coax, courier channel, make allowance, channel through
cuix = cuks, make crazy, derange
cyx = cyks, psych, spook, trick mentally

caz = chaos; cause, special, case, this is a counter effect made by death and decaying of the cells. That allows you to do things otherwise unknown. Special case, this is a cause (sometimes this causes chaos to occur)
cez = difference, cease
ciz = action
coz = cousin, relative
cuz = excuse, cousin, because
cyz = failure, fail

cha = charisma, charm, observe (thinking to seem an observer, that makes you able to know things), hold together
che = tribe
chi = life force, hi, high
cho = select
chu = hollowed, compared
chy = enacting thought, chide, create usually creating productive idea

chawm = chaos meat
chewm = chewing hewn, chewing me, argue.
chiwm = chium, sounds good enough, good enough to eat.
chowm = chow mein, edible noodles
chuwm = special ability
chywm = chimes of death

cla = declare, clay, clone, duplicate, close, shut, perfect copy
cle = clay mold, business, club
cli = climate, close, temperature zone, lean
clo = closure, close, shut, closed
clu = clue, close, clang, clue in, shut
cly = cling

clap = hand clap
clep = clay bake
clip = clip, terraform
clop = wooden shoe meant to drive away demons
clup = clup, insight
clyp = residue power, static cling

cra = pigment color, color, crave
cre = crede, creed, cred, believe, belief
cri = judgement, judge
cro = motion, crow in flight
cru = crew, crush, pressured hold
cry = to cry, invent

craz = craze, zealous need
crez = attractive idea
criz = be calm under pressure, crisus
croz = fly like a bird
cruz = cruise, motion to browse
cryz = location of desire, crying about

calt = religion
celt = people
cilt = god; goddes cienor, she is a deity of life, love and flowering relationships.
colt = harnessed, wildness, gun, pistol, horse, quit harrassing, ends harrassment
cult = culture, follower, magic gang, religious organization, culmination of knowledge
cylt = odin, ecstecy, Cernunnos - God of the hunt, animals, fertility, warriors, nature, commerce, love, the underworld. Known as "the Horned God." Stags are sacred to him.

calq = calculus, advanced math
celq = hypnotic roof, calming effect
cilq = guickly gather, quiet crowd
colq = quickly cold
culq = quickly cool
cylq = quick cycle, quickly cycle

camb = chicken soup, chicken broth
cemb = foundation
cimb = prescience
comb = bee hive
cumb = crumble, crumb
cymb = cymbol, symbol

camp = camp, outdoor rest
cemp = warlord, purpose, variant
cimp = simper, soothsayer
comp = computer, compute, thalnym, sfy, sphyr, recner, recna, cray, pc, rechner, mathmatical
analysis machine built from crystals, circuitry, machine parts, bio circuit and dedicated
to think with math like programming.
cump = come up with, plan out
cymp = symbol player

canq = cancerous sore
cenq = sink in
cinq = five
conq = conquer
cunq = determination
cynq = sink

conva = convent, convention, meeting in area, united meeting
conve = conventia, convene
convi = convince, convict, crippling
convo = converse, conversae, conversation
convu = convulsion, convulse (often effects someone in family like the father)
convy = convia, convey, to speak, to take due action, speech, (to) talk, to move by placement, its already so, its so to do so and convict or convince

capa = capable, potential
cepa = picture, cheaper, depiction, grass mat, carpet
cipa = safe, secure
copa = insecure, unseemly
cupa = culpable, suggestable
cypa = suggested warning

cape = point of, tip
cepe = seeping, leak
cipe = reinstatement of, place in again
cope = adaption to situation
cupe = mark for
cype = tracing

capi = head, state capitol
cepi = form
cipi = ruling, rule, governance
copi = land, copout
cupi = corrupt, benign interference
cypi = leakage

capo = keeper, house keeper
cepo = sea, snake
cipo = wisdom
copo = burrow, home
cupo = sanity
cypo = saintly, favored

capu = paint, change
cepu = frame
cipu = capture
copu = self-adjust
cupu = illuminate
cypu = greater understanding

capy = capitan, captain
cepy = election
cipy = insipid
copy = duplication
cupy = cheat, desire
cypy = remove tongue

capt = captive, caption, lettering
cept = reasons, excuse
cipt = insightful
copt = twirling
cupt = recuperate strength
cypt = reciever

capl = capable
cepl = keepable
cipl = fortess, long term
copl = tenderness, tender
cupl = couple
cypl = disciple, follower

carr = car, carriage
cerr = advance
cirr = cloud
corr = correct
curr = curative
cyrr = recharge

corta = curta, caretake, take care
corte = curte, cartel, criminal organization
corti = curti, cortin, session, moment
corto = curto, dismissal, finish
cortu = curtu, care to, also care
corty = curty, mate, courting

casm = criticism
cesm = cease moment
cism = size up
cosm = universe/universal
cusm = excuses
cysm = crack, cave in

casp = ghost, ghostly, victim
cesp = incest, see thought, halt
cisp = display, crisp, expert
cosp = cope, coping, teacher, director
cusp = circling finger and thumb together, relation, custom artist
cysp = personal disaster, over ensue, remove, removal, researcher

catt = cattle
cett = kettle
citt = sit
cott = cottage, cot
cutt = cut
cytt = ambivalence

cava = sensing, new feeling
ceva = ship, craft
civa = demon; chip, pet peeve, something off or wrong, this is where a demon is a pet peeve or something wrong.
cova = conversion, turn against evil
cuva = covert, secretive
cyva = time out

cave = collapse
ceve = sieve, blood flow cut off strip
cive = side with
cove = dock area for ships, docking bay, small beach, discreet destruction, self-destruct
cuve = cure, heal
cyve = cut off flow

cavi = assail, assault, cavity, cave-in, sell
cevi = identifying mark
civi = civil, humane
covi = covering
cuvi = change from within, conveyance, self adapt
cyvi = to notice change

cavo = hole, bad
cevo = recieve gift
civo = civilization
covo = convulsion
cuvo = decapitation
cyvo = bleeding to death

cavu = bring back, unkill
cevu = undeath, vampirism
civu = reasoning of
covu = seance, spirit command
cuvu = soon to be
cyvu = supernatural, super

cavy = reunion, raising
cevy = catalyst
civy = send energy
covy = pulled to life
cuvy = flashback moment
cyvy = risen

craa = lock jaw, jar
crea = cream
cria = critical, crucial
croa = croak
crua = active duty
crya = holding

crae = desire
cree = devotion, creed
crie = action
croe = feeling
crue = cruelty, cruel intent
crye = cry out, wail

crai = curious
crei = propaganda
crii = notice
croi = watch
crui = cruise
cryi = cry

crao = deselect
creo = religion, create, creation, to call out, to bring out
crio = cold storage
croo = distract
cruo = other interest, other
cryo = optional, instant freeze

crau = crowd, gripe
creu = swept forward
criu = preen, consideration
crou = crouch, paused
cruu = cruelty, vicious
cryu = emotional release, cringe

cray = computer, crayfish
crey = parts, objects of computer
criy = career
croy = repair
cruy = upgrade, replace
cryy = working state

crah = crash; sleep or fall down
creh = event, happenstance
crih = critical
croh = rise
cruh = mechanized, power blow
cryh = power source, energy leak

cram = cramming
crem = creme, cream
crim = crime
crom = chrome
crum = spoiled
crym = period

cras = weakness
cres = crease
cris = power turn on, disaster, crises
cros = cross
crus = observer
crys = broken hold, crystal

crat = crater, impact
cret = villionous
crit = meteor, critical
crot = huge hole
crut = very important
cryt = detailed

crass = crass, harshness
cress = alleviate, crest
criss = contaminate
cross = come across, cross
cruss = crust, crusty
cryss = slow developement, slowly develope

cyra = freeze
cyre = frozen
cyro = ice
cyri = cold
cyru = catch; catch attention, call attention to things, cyru pronounced I-ee-rue: cagruu, congregate; town hall meeting, gather together
cyry = hold in, wait around

cattl = cattle
cettl = kettle, settle
cittl = cat litter
cottl = cottlefish, pamper
cuttl = cuttlery, cuttle fish
cyttl = coldheart, recital, uncaring

cuza = becausa, accusation
cuze = because, to self-explain, self-explanatory
cuzi = becausi, lying, white lie
cuzo = becauso, excuse me
cuzu = becausu, explain
cuzy = becausy, excuse

chac = chase
chec = check
chic = strengthen life
choc = choking death, strangle
chuc = throw to, chuck meat, test
chyc = act on, woman, chick

chacc = radiance pool, trace, tracer
checc = credit check, checkout, sealevel, checkmark
chicc = energy focus
chocc = strangle, bottleneck
chucc = throw overboard, chuck roast, rush, pride, probe
chycc = active duty, reaction, active, seer

chack = kill trace, follow, evasion
check = verify, checkup, snip
chick = lady, allowance, allow, let, chicken, weaken
chock = load, stranglation, mangle
chuck = cook meat, roast meat, affirmative, affirm, unburnt, destructive
chyck = survival, survive, passable, cute, unstable, conspirator

chak = lose attention, remove charm
chek = cheek
chik = kill life
chok = targeted kill
chuk = contemplate
chyk = assasination

chaks = realization
cheks = checkup
chiks = comely woman
choks = chop off, delimb
chuks = cut off
chyks = whole face, facial

chakk = gain attention, restore charm
chekk = cut cheek
chikk = assassinate, rejuvenate, revitalize, resurrect, terminate, restore life
chokk = cancel target, permission grant, roger
chukk = murderous, contemplation, termination
chykk = permission, victim, murder weapon

chan = chain
chen = war nation
chin = china, not life, unhospitable, inhabitant
chon = destined
chun = national review
chyn = international

chap = person
chep = cheap
chip = soul, chi or han (life force) of person or thing
chop = a chop
chup = shot upward
chyp = chip

char = chair, character/istic
cher = advancement, death with no regard
chir = transcend, shift to
chor = chore
chur = churn
chyr = enact thought, act

chat = talk, family time
chet = cheat, swindle
chit = credit, money value
chot = stiffen
chut = chute, long tube
chyt = coinage, dollar, pound note, $

chatt = idle talk
chett = swindler, cheater
chitt = credit, coinage, bank note, dollar
chott = cadaver, dead body
chutt = escape pod, carry device
chytt = value, valuable

chaw = construct, child
chew = bubaloo, gum, chewy, chewing tobbaco, chewing weed
chiw = child abuse
chow = food, goodbye, bye
chuw = chubby
chyw = double life

chras = craft
chres = weaver
chris = consistent, vigilante, erasure, thief, consistency, subsidy, hermaphrodite
chros = dissappear, dissappearance
chrus = dissapointment, crucify
chrys = trademark

chrast = krast, procrastinate, procrastination, hold some, hold off
chrest = krest, tooth paste
christ = krist of march favors, disruption, reprove it, thief that, steal that, baptism, rebirth, renewal, awakening ritual, huge depression in the teeth or the earth that is caused in malign being formation from wrong action as malaise and no malaise if corrected for or nor condition as if it wasn't and not as the idea in the theology is a self-fulfilled savior part and is to fill things you missed in life as it is in and use is fulfilled sometimes madness. {krist, thief that, steal that, baptism, rebirth, renewal, awakening ritual that is sometimes madness near season}
chrost = krost, (the, this, that) dissappearance, its dissapeared
chrust = krust, crucial, urgent, pie crust
chryst = kryst, saviour, hero, heroine, reborn king

clat = clatter
clet = clrn, clart, clarion, trumpet
clit = cut up
clot = blood clot
clut = redo, repeat
clyt = nipple, clit

clatz = clutter
cletz = insanity
clitz = nipple pierce
clotz = clothes
clutz = clumsy, clumsiness
clytz = control body

cma = may see, you see, seem, saltwater lake
cme = see me, look at me
cmi = interrogate me, curiousity, cement, see interest
cmo = see more, spraypaint, saw more, cemoy
cmu = see much, seen much, saw much
cmy = see myself, saw myself, cemay

csa = disquiet
cse = disbelief
csi = investigate, humane
cso = crystal user, computer user
csu = space ship
csy = sight of psi, psychic sight

c^esky = czech, sieze and eat away, gem eat away
coooy = corolory, true sleep, A form of energy that you send energy into and you go sleep, from its effect on you.
c-bnym = remote computing, remote control
c-co = alien, mystery
caik = chalk, archaic
cead = seed, death effect
ceuoalo = cow hampster duck kitty creature with cow size hampster forepaw legs or
cat feet backlegs cow torso, duck billed head and fluffy tail
ceyo = caceyo, concealed; hidden (idea or weapon) coolsbrow = coolness; cool forehead, cool down
copai = compassion; company, complain
compai = heed; allow, working with
caclee = conclusion, endless thought, thought thats summarized, make crazy
cadyi = condiment; thing, enhancer, this is ketchup or something used that is an enhancer.
catet = counteract; null, void out, silence
cotu = carbon dioxide, coat tail
caem = to study, distern(to the side)
caofly = camouflage, hiding effect
caucamo = caution, suspician
caut = caught, caution
ciamar = how, ciamar a tha thu, how are you?
ciol = cool
cuandillar = heart stone, unbreakable stone
cuic = policy
cuit = palette, color holder
cyas = slow farewell
cabana = capone, gangster, heavenly, mobster
cabokons = cabochons, moonstone
cani = copknock; certain style of knock
casa = castle, caste active, caste activity, case active, shadow, home, house
cata = carton; whole box full, otherwise this is cater, you give and get something or sell your services.
coblynau = guidance mine fairy
cobs = cobweb, cobblestone
cono = copknock; certain style of knock and this is denoted from a cop.
cuby = cowboy, male cow herder, cowby
cugul = cowgirl, female cow herder
caco = cacofiend, round eat anything floating ball demon
cace = concept, idea
cacitraen = concentration, mental clarity sphere
cycat = concert
camwa = came away
capon = gang, work gang, union
capone = compulse, compulsive, retribution
caput = chapter; catapult, this is a chapter on the point you put something forward.
catny = cuntnic, countenance, allow for (it), countenanced; (catnyn or catnyo), allowed for or countered by what's in thought.
cepiw = wax figure, wax form
coch = club; billy club
coqu = shell
cabal = self organized organization, mafia, mob
cabikou = physical shift
cacao = cocoa
cacaomix = cocoa mix
cacaomixsalece = hot cocoa
castilic = constipelance, induced body action that makes it ache
castilnc = constipelence, cast ink, over compulsive eating, compulsion
ceba = celebrity, activity; more active, this is a more active cerebellum that you focus and you create with by feel. If you create with the brain, then you send focused energy waves from the brain, that energy wise with what energy is there creates what result you need. This means in liquids carbonation or flavoring and in a solid form some change that is decided upon per amygdala use.
cebaa = brainstem; brain stem activity, this is more activity during cerebellum and brain stem moments that you focus on a thought and create the idea.
cecrops = serpent tailed human was the first athen king
cucot = circuit
cucotcort = circuit court
caday = cadderly, fatherly
cadet = a cadet, training soldier, soldier in arms
cadoit = done adroitly
cadsuane = persuader, persuasive
caffilet = server
cahay = concert music
cajy = cagey, practical, mentally acute
cazy = crazy
cazzy = spastic, chaotic behavior
celaeno = storm-dark
cis = cise, size/d up, precise, scan
coin = cologne; smell good oil or scent for men.
codareactor = radiative power generation
codd = coddfish, slithery, pervert, conman, manipulation
coja = cojack, retrieval, sorte, capable team
Cotr = coutr, Counter
cokkai = shit
Cotex = turn off, Cast this spell to turn off something, to shut something down or to cut off someone.
cameleopard = camel leopard the size of a camel but the skin of a leopard with 2 large curving horns
camp = campground, camp trip
cemore = purity, metre
comuf = beat into a coma, fuck up, beat down
comne = come near
comtinua = get on with it, come to think
conechwa = connechewa, hello
cony = corny; overused
canon = cannon; propelled forward, information
canola = canola oil, sunflower oil
caniv = cunning
concious = [conk-high-ous] sharp conscious blow
carn = meat, flesh
carny = festival, faire, fest
carat = combine, combination with, ^
Cortex = rememberance, Cast this on a target to make said target remember and do as necessary.
curt = cortes, courtesy
cortez = explorer, massacrest, destroyer
casey = pleasant, stamina
ceilidh = (kelly), kelly, musical meet, ball, dance
cerburus = go to jail, significant
ciao = hi, bye, cease things comfortably, cease disillusionment, goodbye, negated
ciaon = dismissal
cirim = impart, impartial
corona = alcoholic drink
curvacea = curvy, beautiful
coniv = connive
cannon = taught discipline, basic belief, weapon
canta = caste, secretive, born rank, can't tell
cantal = can't trace, secretive group
continua = continuation, continue on
contr = not, against
ciel = ceiling, roomtop
ceuetiet = ashes to ashes dust to dust
cium = mineral
coif = slap, gathering place
cuatn = cuate, consumption
cuatenh = caution
cuick = circumference cut, circle cut, circular cut, pipe cut
caeykes = underlay
caseykes = relay, steady progress, endorphin
catharsis = living hell, cat with elephant feet
catro = control, to interrogate
catropafu = control perfume
citro = lemon
citroesserb = lemon essence, lemon essential oil
carol = watchful
carolyn = truth, trust
carlos = in-step, in-step about, in;mem
ciryea = partial agreement, soso
cereb = cerebrum
cerebo = snake head dog head human dog on all fours that has paralyzing stare
cerebus = forebrain
cerebrum = brain focus, brainal channel
cerlos = murder loss, searing loss, about loss, serial loss
cora = coral
carb = carbohydrate, starch energy
carba = carbonate, carbonation
cerberus = 3 headed dog
corrant = maya, power, hate me
corrunt = coruption
curdop = antidote
cyrrauto = automatic recharge
calam = fire, calamity
cale = challenge
calygreyhound = antelope body eagle claw forlegs ox hoove hind leg
caspa = casper, ghost, ether
cigryhond = calygrayhound
coge = cougar, cut-purse
cogsaet = saber tooth cougar
colaa = innate ice mastery, cold resistace pass-thru
colo = mountain, mountainy, color, part with low
culio = cool down, quick cool
culd = could, will have
culdn = couldn't, will have not
cometh = comes of, come to
comke = call key, desirous key, come unlock
compaoost = complacency, compulsion
compet = compete, competing
complet = suit, complete
compleat = complete, perfect
cnotaf = cenotaph, cemetary, grave site
conchas = conscious
congel = celluloid, congeal, fat collection
congrat = celebration, congratulation
contessa = queen, duchess
conqestador = conquest
cepltia = carpel tundrel
copicilf = land elf
copte = helicopter, copter, computation, machine
coppa = copper, cop
copp = cop, police, soldier
cops = corpse
corors = corrosion
copsehhed = exploding corpse
caspa = casper, ghost, ether
corc = coerce
cors = course
corat = corruption, corrupt
curschizm = schitzophrenia cure
cust = combust, catch fire
cutu = cute you, kowtow or cowtow; serving, this is serving the point by idea.
cavuasmuth = bad weather
covorto = convortion
cuvilusu = self-renewal
cuvulusu = can't compete
cevyey = cataract
cupicorrant = corruption
cupla = couple of, handcuff
cupjo = coffee, coffeecup
catarak = spider cat that has eight legs and the body of a cat and it eats dead meat
and abilities of both
catuar = warcat, demon cat
cuttbeh = backstab
cuttnibeh = hamstring, cut behind knee
curs = snake, curse, twist of fate
cuqyxemo = chilling armor, ice attack ranged assault armor
cycl = cycle
cyclo = cyclic, circling movement
cyclon = tornado
cyclonc = sea tornado, hurricane
cyclops = one eye storm giant
cyl = call; predict, focus and put your voiced idea out.
connigets = booger, snot, nose snot
cynut = sign of, connect, connectivity
cynutsnap = disconnect, disconnection
cynutt = connection
cynnut = nothing, cancellation, cancel
cynnutt = powerloss, powerless, powerlessness
corrigan = fey druidess able to steal children
corrigen = fey druid able to get anyone pregnant
cyroeraeth = banshee like spirit woman who gives death warning by a water splash
near a crossroads, near a river
cystu = cystic, large growth, mature
cytro = control
cyvuelmer = superglue
cyvutn = conviction, group purpose determination
cyzun = unfailing
cyan = light yellow
cilfc = sea elf
cbarr = crystal arrow
cboracl = crystal prophet, crystal being prophet
cdarlit = starlight
cdajcraft = stagecraft, siegecraft
cdcorrant = cdmit, powerstorm, lightning storm
cdcorrantt = cdmitt, c'de'mitt, powerstormer
cigue = nice (deity); cingular, musical genious, musical standard or doing things on purpose (like a cigar)
cherub; a smallish childlike angel that does things for the need and can switch the soul to possess the body until resisting the cherubic desire. Then you create a soul transfer back to your body as the possession ends, that is done by the use of the creator. Otherwise its an overly large person that is slightly obese.
ckin = choke, without air
clair = ligh
clairauro = glowlight, flashlight, glowlamp
claire = glow, inner beauty
clarity = removes and protects from mental afflictions
clairs = lightweight
claus = escape
clause = evasion, avoidance
clar = declare, otherwise this is claire; clear, clear and pure energy
clarie = declare, overreact
clary = declare, overreact
clasy = classification, chase/ing
cle = clair, enchant break, light, clench
cler = clear
clerup = clear up
clink = jail
cloaks = disguise, invisible
clan = family structure civilization
clans = many clans
claw = claw, curved rigidness
clawunt = clawhammer
clea = clever, cleaver, momentary insight action, insightful
cliu = cling, clenu, cleanup; this is where you clean up the act and you clean the area, think and you know what to do.
clic = sealance
cliflep = cliffleapr lizard
clin = recline; decline, incline or acceptance point.
clo-ey = empowerment; glow eye, sleep, shut eye
closea = close up
clotin = clotting; clothing
clyntel = clientel, client
clb = club; close, closure
cmor = further on
cn = ca, can
cnan = carnation, food, flower
cnat = can't, candidate in race
chair = flesh
chaff = metallic attractor
chapt = chapitr, chapter, chapped lip
chares = peace, peaceful, cherries
charles = independent
chart = a chart, graphing, charting
charta = cheta, keta, charter, rules list, ruleset, organization rules
chast = chaste, forsworn from
che = car, vehicle transport
chehtah = human cheetah cat that can shapeshift into any form between human to cheetah
chernobyl = grand scale accident
chernobil = another incident, another time
chiklet = gum, chicklet, chick list, for anything opposite or opposing be to get your
name liste and anything on the list be despised.
chink = corner, slight
chile = message, paper
chiles = atlantean messenger pets
chili = chilli pepper
chilli = chilli
champ = champion, champ
chlor = chloride
christopher = a cruel nature, traveller
christmas = chretmi, rebirth mass, rebirth congreagation, rebirth ritual
chroma = shining surface, chrome
chron = (greek), time
chrono = related time, watch, time record, time record, relative event, relational
indicator index
chronom = chraom, chramea, kraomea, chronometer, my time measure, time meter
cmasy = cmoisant, seem famous, movie star
Ctn = center in on, no communication, contain
craoa = crayon, creative mark/ing
craycod = computer code, crayish codfish, spictered codfish
cran = cranium, crane, cranberry, lift goods
crazies = create ability, make effect without realizing it to progress with illogical thought. Make ability.
creacod = creator's code, get creative to create with freedom and the moment by thought.
creevy = creevey, obsessive, creep
creol = hotness; hot spice
creh = occurrence, credence, creative
crep = crisp, crispy, crispy creep weight, cripple, this is a weight that creep up by various means, think to control how you eat and that is eating less you create weight loss instead.
cretin = creature
cretyel = creative fit, create wild hell or element, creative hell, to do something wrong and then you create your hell to teach yourself a lesson. Your subconscious or conscious mind usually doesn't tell you its a hell as it 'forgets' about it. So your stuck in it till you realize it and your punishment is over. Sometimes you have to want to be free of it by actions before the punishment becomes a non punishment. As to be stat and your free. And a good example of this is gambling hell, where you act to be the assistant to your own means of wealth. Only in some unlucky moment to lose it all and a try try again. Except for addiction, it will be like your own hell and you could stop.
criesef = automatic
criolok = cryogenic storage, cold storage locker
criolokmet = meat locker
cresfix = criosphinx, ram headed lion
crib = house, cradle
crispix = cooking fat, fat (cooking), cooking oil
crisps = chips
critiq = cryiq, critique, review, overview
crahgau = crashguard
crook = criminal, niche
crocotta = wolf dog size of a bull
crocottahu = human wolf dog that be extremely strong and stands on two legs with
thin grey wolf hair covering body and a wolf tail
croft = seeker, treasure
crok = butter
crud = crowd
cruk = crook
croix = buttox area, butt crack
crono = time
cronoli = timeline
crucry = critical event, momentous event
cruno = class, classroom
crunu = negative event
crusie = cruise, travel
crysair = crystal aero, crystal air, create crystal from air or other substance.
crysauro = light crystal
crypt = cryptology, encryption
crystri = critical strike
cryt = craft, crypt
cryv = charged bolt, core shock ground travel electrical burst
cryekideth = banshee
crysalis = crystal creation
csst = cessant, ceasing action
czar = star, russian king
czarlit = starlight
czeur = roman king, emperor, high king
czor, european, russia, russian or other europe nation person


da = figure; ya, the, day, sun, light, that, oh god!, death act action
de = of; hold, death and decay energy, (h, in front of vowel) for not or never, ihe, the, deal, away from, opposite, emphasis on, gone in life aware in another. Otherwise death; dead feeling and death thereof by the method of thaumaturgical breathing, trauma inducing by thinking of the feel. Otherwise thanatoic trance, that uses induced breathing to create a death like state and you feel like your dead unless you actually are undead. Then you know everything and things are what they are by what is done. This serves as an early release from the world to the normal world, that is outside the aura world and you are free to do what you need to do by what you want when you free yourself by the point of death.

That release frees you from the point that you don't want to live through, so all you need to do is think yourself onto another exoplanet and you are there after thinking yourself going above the cloud tops that you imagine there in the atmosphere and recieving the cure to your condition. This is what you can do instead of constantly being reborn on the same world. If you think then you don't and you can find yourself reincarnated again and again until you think to see another planet, that is done on the same planet until your soul dries up by the energy being used up that it has stored. So think about that and you might free yourself as to seem with life before its too late.
do = deadness; die other, money forms what you think, does, do, $, objective in a wave of chaos that detriments another to form donkey or assert me
di = dog; eat, consume in nothing begin as you want and the ending is as you fear as you do nothing in the moment life is existing, did, this is like a dog did it.
du = dumbness; pay, down, dash, shake, duh, due, dumb, do, doo, feces, poo, eat shit or nothing done as you destroy nothing to create something
dy = dispose; make talk, done, dysposium is dysfunctional activity or illusion revealed to create a interesting idea, die away and do away but the body is gone and done in life in life thought about as do or not on a family basis as nightshade is so is stricknening and deadening it can cripple the creature on hands.

daa = father; not fated to action, in action as day set by crystalline matrix in life there is no life as in the morning until day is there answer in thought to create in thought as though in thought telepathy is "lealing" or leading in a line or shorting out something light
dea = enforcement; (of despair), death ward but no site as sight of the area after disappears, drunkin dunkin
dia = lens; measure of diameter that uses sunlighter in a point to created view
doa = donate; this is what it means to give money and contribute. Otherwise this is a dare by what you do. That means a dare in mind to create a thought and nothing makes sense in nothing is done right.
dua = work; dual in light as life in life or nor you not imprisioned is life
dya = manifest; manifestation, beget result, any idea in life that is exposed creates as created with thought actions make an idea, in fox trot person, this is a point capable of creating idea to use, do as you want things.

dae = day; day in created view, that is virtual reality by energy and what is shown create in eptitude or inept moods
dee = lost; codge, deed in life gone, deis, a god, goddess
die = roll; dogs, defeat; dying, fate cast, dice in life by lice in hair where the moment is defeated.
doe = person; female deer that has created matte hair, dollar/s, $
due = rent; due date that is a thought friendly basis, contemplate, contemplation
dye = tier; tie die, just left and dealing with others as necessary
dai = kill; daiquirri thats often alcoholic
dei = deity; die off what is not lied about, deity, a matric god, matrix god
dii = dibs; down in life as mothman and up in life as creative use
doi = disturb; disturbed but no real musing musement
dui = destroy; drive back as now
dyi = dying; unclear mind that is clear afteraffect as result thought is ever in clear true to life

dao = detect; mantra that clears the mind, detection; A being type the prospers in light, they are balanced and devote themselves to positive actions. Yet, when forced to, this they lie about if inopposite and stay away as you stay with the idea.
deo = bo; had, beo, body odor, done with as a person is dealt with or alive as a stale bread crumb
dio = diode; in aptitude by energy thought
doo = copy; dough matched, doable in action and not in nothing, matching
duo = paired; matched partnership that works with both partners, if negatively used its dego, disregard, otherwise a moment of disregard that led to a point or high speed chase.
dyo = couple; paired in obstinacy and out of life is nothing as concept

dau = taunt; dare, daycare in life as meat is done with
deu = duel; duelling, duel in life
diu = gravitation; inopposable pull, indirect action by interaction with dark energy and dark matter
dou = stupor; pull down, decoy in downing drink and any drink causes a down to the ground point
duu = succumb; indecisive, decision, otherwise this is indecisiveness that leads to disrepect
dyu = decease; deceit, beaten to death and dealt with in life, not once said will happen here

day = ray; in a day, sun energy that is a sunny day sunny wrath perspective or nothing
dey = despite; dazed, warmth in daze life
diy = plan; next day, daily moments in life to create life by energy
doy = food; draw people and beasts, bring to childhood, childhood memories by what your thought creates
duy = daybreak, work at thought seem at night
dyy = disease; illness, affects for/from the future, brighter future moments that is by the warfare or nothing war

dra = drag; bother, dray, draw, drab, I can measure these points of idea or moments as a drawback happens otherwise this a point thats dragging.
dre = dread; nightmare as don't mind the broken things
dri = ten; ten parts or dead parts but alive or in action by things you thought
dro = droves; drop, drove away as off you go
dru = drew; drug off in life
dry = drought; bone dry, very dry in held hands in diablo

dab = dabble; spare time is the right time or not lifetime wise as is in life or no lifetime
deb = pointer; point out, arguement by fact alone but no argument
dib = paid; ceaseless, end in end and it just goes on
dob = loiter; loaf around, wait around
dub = recording; record in time and you can dispell in only one point that you think about
dyb = dismissal; dismiss in thought and you know the moment is to stop

dac = drake; death by ac voltage, succumb and know what things mean, a drake can be formed in many different ways. this is just one of them.
dec = decease; decrease, ten, battery, danc, dance in life as a thought is energy
dic = author; authority, diction, dictatorial in view but not in life
doc = info, informative writing in life exists and not as nothing happens, information
duc = flexible; lead foot on the right foot and right foot later on what is, duck
dyc = softening; by feel and use is console in consolance

dad = father; in-law that is view and nothing more
ded = dead; dillusion, diseased death, in-life as life is inexisted or not as appearant
did = died; don't, doesn't, didn't, this is like in life you didn't know alot except by intuition with the soul. That is also where you get an idea that makes sense and die by what is done. What the great leaders do by feel.
dod = stoned; stonehard dead, as if a stone dragon that use is called by higher creator people
dud = music; deadly in life moment that is survived and heard in life, you say every last thought
dyd = null; killed off, killed as not the right one

daf = daft; off kilter by note as you are playing right on the note, as you shift to change you shift
def = defending; sleight of hand, shield, defense in hand action
dif = hetero; different, measure difference, mixed in life made in purpose
dof = drunk; drink up, don't steal as you do or you die off a race
duf = misunderstanding; misunderstand is not to understand a single word not to note right and yet you understand anyway
dyf = idiot; provoke fight and the play I ever did in indicative action by feel in life as imagination comes into play by the suffix

dag = dick; jock, dong or investigator, point, homosexuality by what is isn't as indicative feel, a little hobbit that looks like a dragon and acts like a dagger pointed
deg = degree; number in digits is in entropy by thought and not yet done
dig = dodge; customer, move into, site in and site out
dog = dependable; disposable, dog in and human out not as usual
dug = digest; dig into life by moment airy life
dyg = forseeable; forsight, see thought in thought by a concept life plays it all

dah = point; that thing, doh as a doh boy moment
deh = like; unusual, the idea in life
dih = notation; dreaded thought is not notive here and seen there orchestra
doh = mistaken; my mistake, many misuses
duh = exageration; stupid but average
dyh = guilt; feel guilty but not dysfunctional in life as not done is inadvisable moment as the death of hides created by demeaning moments is what restores things

daj = dagger; impale in life by mention not mentioned in advisable motion by hand
dej = concert; broadcast music by what you don't want in life or not
dij = drunk; drunkard, dive to ground and you will be mad dunked by water and dived in time
doj = dojo; learning compound in life created in created view
duj = illusionous; aura vision, false vision in life planted by illusionous actions
dyj = dejection; dejected in view given by life renen as renewal in purpose is done in life

dak = header; leader in the 6th dimensional view as a vine is called in the garden of life your life exists that entangles your real life focus
dek = ship; dock in life by what you view life
dik = dike; be dyke, dick, private investigator (pi), life in moments is what you think as your in thought as you pretend as pretension drops away and act stupid
dok = doctor, drive to me pepper
duk = pronounced duke, dutch; duke, This is doing things on your own. Then if you want to pay kill to killer, that means what you see in life from where you see the area is the kill or a form is outlined in the area by a chalk outline with indications through idea otherwise this is a pain killer.
dyk = madness; dike, dean as not sensed is nor ignored and not unthought is your point, area of a hole

dal = dale; dutchy, inhabited valley that is an imatation by the 6th to show what is by death or broken things
del = deal; of the lifetime or not the lifetime in life by what you sense
dil = soap; in water, dial in life
dol = condole; dollar, hands out and thought in momentary activity, don't use momentary action
dul = daily; duly, daily use, untiring, lead in foot as something a play is overlarge or underlarge by feel.
dyl = dilution; dilute in no poison as a dial is made or not made as life as a the life moments are dilation and normal action in use

dam = lady; bitch, high priestess, damnation by what is thought or not as thought happens
dem = quality; inspect by inspection is inspective by use aborted and done elsewhere
dom = shield; shell, stupid, dominate, container in lidded view that never chases and never changes and yet position creates nothing
dim = darken; darkman, dime, dim or not dim lights flight away and flicker else
dum = dumb; doom is a thought and thought is not no and not done meaning yes
dym = dimmer; make dim, cloaking concept as you think fox is a form and your use is this is not vicious in as in inadvisable in idea unless necessary in life that thought isn't done thought exists.

dan = soldiering; dane, danish soldier, than more or less death dealt by three handed blows
den = area; place of living, habitat, then, never(not a), dead in life or nothing matters
din = great; huge, eat, didn't, did nothing, thin in life is in love by that and thinking makes matters invisible to the eye to seem disappeared and violence done isn't
don = donate; do in, doing (donan or dony), yes (a doing point or donan), make allowance (for), condone, done, don't, king, place on, doin, doing in life is nothing but the point you think
dun = don't; don't understand, didn't (understand), ordinance, shit, dung all over
dyn = math; (calculus) function, dynamic in life concept

dap = enjoyment; pleasure in cruise
dip = felt; burn in thought and make true in desire
dep = emotion; feelings, depending on the issues idea is an concept issue that use is dependancy that is efficiecy use as an aftereffect of feel: meant consolation during the misfortune and rescue from danger with dangersense as this shows as thought is there.
dop = dopamine; (bayer) aspirin, pain killer, drug in and not out as experimental can if chaotic use create body ailment that undoes itself.
dup = concoct; concoction, contigency, (to) make up, feel and need, suggest, trick or create by the subconscious, this uses suggestion and creating what you say if you intend to create the thought.
dyp = shit; stuff, diaper, drugs in use, lowering in what that creates and yet a lowering energy creates great end results, if you really want dip though eat a cookie or drink tea and you distract yourself from it., this is a moment that can last forever, just wait and you get results.

daq = freshness; different, fresh fruit, fruit alchohol drink, dacquiri in non alcoholic idea, otherwise dayq or dick (private investigator); hell worm, death angel or thought of the antiquated worm otherwise your worm. That is representing your sea body or sea worm that causes what you think. You can sense out where the normal worm is that is yours. When you discover the worm you could smash it and that generates death energy sent directly to the sea body. This body your not bound to by feel, if you use the senses that you have.

This works by thaumaturgy or thinking like goes to like, so thinking to kill something similar is what kills the idea or being that you target. This has a stressful moment before it's done. Then your relaxed by feel. So if you think to send the death energy to the worm in the sea, that is when you kill it and feel less stress and strain by idea. This is energy for you, there by idea , the idea you then have.

Then if you think to have reborn the worm, you can create a clone of you in the physical realm or world. This is where the Satan's pet idea comes into play, otherwise the sea worm idea is that your sea body is killed off by feel or now the urge to be somewhere, then you have released yourself from hell by a point. This is done by using your senses to sense things out and otherwise called feel. Enjoy yourself as you do some soul searching, that is done things as I call it. So this I think will work. Then it will since I managed to kill off my worm somehow. This is seen as a point of psychic awareness of the mind, that is usually with the sign of area blackout.

So feeling out of sorts? I think its a point you'll get over, that is more easily done as you kill a worm. This is thinking good thoughts to kill off the sea worm, that is your hell body. Thaumaturgy is fun, I am thinking like goes to like. So stop thinking about your worm, you stop getting interactions from it. Then you feel better by the idea you have intended..

So think about this though, if you thought of your worm you link to it. Then think what you like and you can get the idea. This includes staying slender forever by feel. Same for thinking of your angel, then if you think to remain slender you will. Think as you like, you will get what you want. This is a general rule of the area for what you wanted in effect. This is a point put to the past, that generates by the aura for now is the time of life. This is a point of life.
deq = line; dequed, removed from list is a thought to create
diq = dike; steep dip in life or no as you think and go to the next as you are similar
doq = mindful; dog quiet, docked in life as though in life love is gained or lost
duq = dare; chance, prince in perchance or purpose
dyq = case; investigation, investigate, dick as invisible image no trick if it worked or wrecked then your thought is noticed

dar = dare; daring, there in non more
der = variation; derivative, there, dear, off to, deer, plunder, therreh, in ancient greed not moment
dir = inner; dire, direct, directory, in sight in mind as you direct your in mindset and in mind your in like a thought and not in a point.
dor = door; knocker, hero or heroic action
dur = durability; during, durable in mind by action in life as a duro is thought
dyr = unlock; unlockable, open, opening, key in or use device or key out

das = misdirection; lead astray, that, thats, days of your mind life or not as a moment creates
des = misfortune; desperate, bulge, these in mind are these in thought by signal idea, this is a shapeshift idea that makes people laugh.
dis = negation; no, non, not, this, disinformation in life is minded by moment, distance, distant, this is distant in thought to what you intend.
dos = measure; measurement, those in thought are considerate in view
dus = cost; dust, dues, escape, thus, dusk really is dawn here and thought is in mind as a world he that is him asks and getys to give as she gives as he gets to those in need. As this is truth your thought is inside and outside in the mind.
dys = malfunction; disjunction, make turned, faulty, bad, leave behind and create by what your in thought

dat = moment; daytime, date and time, date as in carbon dating as magically created is a carbon life formed by what kills and killed by thought thinking itself
det = teeth; dent, encapsulation in life as though a crystal made the effect
dit = dimensional; small in thought and larger not outside as you can change a produce by age magic and create the size to make as you think as a thoink is heard.
dot = period; a dot or not as in sanity is sanctuary creates peace
dut = believe; nothing happens, dud in there out life and your in ability by energy in the area of what's in force
dyt = fix; if you don't animal king then that is seen as the animal is there as though thought a human and create is in created form in life as in lifeform.

dav = riding; guidance by dolphin is by light focused and a lighter creates the light as effect, so davinport is riding a moment
dev = derivation; deviation in thought is in site and thought is as this isn't seen
div = home; homec, dive in where they seem, dive in sight
dov = drove; bledgen, dove in, dove, peace in moments
duv = repeat; twice, think or not this can cause you to get weight, do again here and not again other places and thus the curse of patronus is derivative in life and creates difference and indifference as a point that it started as the point is daylight that reverts the idea or creates as you think what you have in need.
dyv = illegality; illegal operation, operation, division in concept as division by zero creates conflicts in the right spot and makes peace otherwise by use.

daw = illusion; illusionous, decieve the eye, dawn, father, patronus, also known as the father of lies to control of all there
dew = paint; mist, moisture coating as paint is a moment end think to no create as thought is to paint and seal an idea though evil in mind is a point in the right direction.
diw = rub; amongst, with out and within as thought created creation
dow = endow; empower with your creation, unexpected; this is where things have unexpected results where words can create themselves.
duw = divination; forseen, divined or thought in moments by the understanding of the spirit.
dyw = undying; fate, the dew, sometimes there is defying fate with a self-created fate idea, the dew is what causes release, die well in ancient magic, die naturally well and your body won't age

dax = sudden; suddenly not always heard that could be irritating, ax cut, in a open room this deathening effect is a blow as you drop to the floor and this occurs that what happens as you shift without fate, thank you for what you did
dex = agile; dexterity, dext, agility, ability in thought is an ability for what you think
dix = indecent; often offer, ten, 10th, tenth in place is not always too quick to go as an undecency in effect
dox = alert; howl of pain by dog dying in mind as your mind portays the result your body decreases in size and creates punishing concept and anyone you thought on as the giant nearby
dux = duix, car; dukes, punches to pulls as you find a pulley that is mine yet not valuable.
dyx = lively; aztecian, this is a ever youthful, bodily remains that are energy in enliven that are sloven till cured

daz = dazzle; dazed, faery glamour, dizzy till your in a daze in a moment and effort is release by thought
dez = killed; end point, these are in a point that is conclusion in effort in life
diz = indentify; identity, what dies in life, and becomes from a dizzy effect to cast the effect you detail in the idea in life
doz = sleep; doze, fall asleep and wake up as someone fox used
duz = duezy; old man or old woman effect created by effort is crazy as your not crazy and cranky with or without dimentia, that is cured by coconut in some form.
dyz = trap; pressure, release, with relief it always returns to the same time, this is a description in thought where that is description by the effort in the effort by idea that you snap and create with will where you get dizzy until you black out by feel.

dma = dema, demon, servant demand, self consuming energy being in life that energy creates in moments by dematerialization with life in life.
dme = deme, deadman, demise, demean or where your mean and thought is a purpose in a demented view
dmi = demi, self-interest, half, hemispherical energy attribute by touch or thought near the aura, this is demented otherwise and not in life
dmo = demo, demolish, deem otherwise in life but forbidden otherwise
dmu = demu, damn you, deam you, control you or not and your in useless as life exists for your thought in action
dmy = demy, demise as suicide, wildness, wildly, deeming, considerate but nearly equal by a sign as you name the sign

dna = enhancement; how you get into the antimatter universe: denial of body, a body makeup, them genetic makeup, genetic pattern interred by use and created by the brain as you think your need, this is also denial of interest if you think about it.
dne = dinner; a stop in life is in mind as your dinner is from the area that kills and before this demises you
dni = author; (if positively used) authorize, give authority to do, (if negatively used) denial, magical book writer, magical human in love, this is in the anti-matter universe.
dno = writer; dinosaur in nothing idea or not done
dnu = newby; the new idea, denude, marked importance in love
dny = entrancement; deny, denial by purpose and made in life that causes you to change and seemingly in a trance.

dza = curative; body focus, focused death and decay, death energy zap, focused death wave, this is the dna pattern that seems electric with the anti-matter universe
dze = scarabus; death bug, a bug that can make anything seem dark or bad and is a friend made from the shadows that sometimes is in the form of death beetles.
dzi = desatisfy; doing, zippo
dzo = inside; death zone, area of death (energy), hear the voices of the dead in musical tones otherwise and create
dzu = dangerous; death user, necromancer
dzy = dizzy; death decay energy, death energy

dact = wyvern; area of fire, wyvern created by the issue and the moment that creates with love or stated idea in life.
dect = that; sediment or safe addiction (nonburgulary), only temerity a small bit everyday love in thought that what you consider is done thanks to tim startrek
dict = dictionary; dicteon, listwords, dictation, say, tell or not your alive as you want to seem alive.
doct = dock; ship pier, that can appear anywhere as if in life you can possess or not create from what is done
duct = bendable; pathway, pliable, ductile in purpose by the life that existed in life before you knew life and this causes life to use duct tape and those irrespondant or pointed in life as this is caused by the disappointments in life and the captain turned ghoul.
dyct = addiction; softener in detergent as possible to be empowered so that is as you see what you think as you are with polite pointed view until apology.

dadg = unfit; out of shape, dad bod, significant point in view by life or death created in effort that is and isn't there as if life is a game.
dedg = lowlife; dredge, important death as recreated as a monster or other shape the person seems
didg = child; what did go, forgiven, in life, forbidden in passion yet created in life is what is pointed out by what you do. this is a bubble of evil if badly intended.
dodg = availability; dodger, dodge and hedge and yet your available in a point that life exists.
dudg = drudgery; hostile in life is a life that energy creates.
dydg = suicidal; suicide, end in death, deadened in a concept in life.

dadn = creative; foster father in life as thought is use in a point that creates itself by feel
dedn = dopamine; dope, alive in life and create in life is a thought.
didn = didn't, have, americum that is fools bar
dodn = dood; meditation, meditate, vibrantly alive in life that creates rest and life in a point is purity purified.
dudn = push; bully, undeadly in life is what you there are considering as your nature girl is unharmable
dydn = beginner; beginning, unskilled action, this is with a bit of ugliness or weightloss, unkill in the thought and create as in a motien as the idea is many people you can think to seem.

daff = crazy; wierdo as a thought or not as these recover.
deff = defence; that is what your thought creates as you feel the need and create it elsewhere as if to beating, beaten and defenseless is the person formed is after.
diff = planter; stop, plant, difficult is life as life creates thoughts and there are no monsters created by what you think or they are not noticed
doff = drinker; that is drinking of many drinks as any type
duff = taste; some beer, this hardly exists as the mouth water where there is mouth watery taste
dyff = stupid; idiotic family in life but genious otherwise

damm = dam; water blockage, a troupe (force)
demm = shawl; mourning month, oath month, lent anything in life is a moment that creates the thought and return is a possible reason
domm = mantle; energy shield, shield device, collection, collect, large storage as if a silo is greed collected in energy as a form is possible to create what you think
dimm = adaption; fast memory in chip, fast memory module, dimmer in life is not always a cool thought but not in the mind
dumm = dummy, dumb, as a polite point of view is seen or not as a concept is thought
dymm = dime, cloaking month that displaces what you think and leaves you where you want as brain loss

damn = damnation, tramp, damn
demn = condemnation; condemn, disbelieve
domn = cover; unshield, unshielded, domination, no storage
dimn = deep; slow memory chip, slow memory module, brighter
dumn = instinctive; instinct, intelligent, intelligence
dymn = gem; diamond, moment

dana = trailblazer; then high priestess, think it's dangerous to have at heart and yet not to use as a point is dangerous or not
dena = accidental; demean, death nation, the power of thought, (case of) denial, cook, prepare, prepare for the moment then sometimes don't react, dinner or idea actions is thought in hand motion by what you think not yet is done
dina = clay; diner, pigmy elephant that you become as you think to become it if you are what you think
dona = front; put on, don't have as you have and nothing else can happen as you think
duna = sand dune; do nothing or it's action that is a trap set by doom to create what is in motion till released by a conceit or ill feeling and thought is motion by the thought you set in motion
dyna = denied; dynamic, this is in the motion as a thought is force to create balance by what you concern yourself with.

dane = action; soldier, dangerous possibility avoided by thought
dene = decision; decide to, whim or not as you think you stop you do in life
dine = dines; eat/ate, belief in create
done = (in) passing; allow, let, don't even as you think
dune = negation; cliff rise, hill by a hillside is an area in clemency
dyne = mastery; master of focused touch, accupuncture, instant relief by the relief of a point and not given is the life you live in death by dealt blow that is already done.

dani = supporter; danish soldier, dangerous intention to be fair in thought and not physically insane
deni = refuse; refusal to believe in and thought is interesting by what occurs as it's shit
dini = (wooden) coinage; (wooden) money, pen, might of person or nothing will work unless the creator makes it work.
doni = smart; donor, donation of, don't know, or not kill
duni = betrayed
dyni = still; stillborn, sleep paralyzation, paralyze, paternalized

dano = coverup; too dangerous
deno = obvious; event writing, gene
dino = dinosaur; overlarge
dono = known; knowing, knowledge, don't know
duno = metal; do not
dyno = ultima; faith, ends in faith, didn't know, end of idea or pointed out moment, finish

danu = danube; a dark druid god of war, destruction god, usually dangerous, he often appears as a favored form and with appeal to mark a destructive event.
denu = delusion; ancient illusion to afford a diversion
dinu = diminutive; very little
donu = donut; sweet pastry, don't usually
dunu = taboo; forbidden, don't use
dynu = hgh; growth hormone, grown, a lot larger

dany = denial
deny = to deny
diny = stop; stopping, not do
dony = truthfully; don't lie, don't know why
duny = wording; phrase, tonight, dictionary
dyny = wierd; fate, why dangerous

dann = tall; then, so, longform
denn = then; uninhabitable, den
dinn = dinner
donn = unprepare
dunn = announced; roll, consume, glimmer, sloppy, unorderly
dynn = flat

dant = cordant; discord, hell, gotten there in many different ways this is a knot tying idea
dent = guide rail; bought, bend, area bending, a person bending will allow for things.
dint = dented area; area dent that often needs repair, hint
dont = symbol; live symbolism, attraction, came from peridont, described as though on that (area)
dunt = sole; decent, don't do that
dynt = announcement; dinner party, hit

dasp = view; miscontrue, mislead, display
desp = desperate
disp = display
dosp = meter
dusp = lead out
dysp = shortage

dast = dragonfly; cooberation, coordinate, destined, dastard
dest = very
dist = distance
dost = concentration; concerned focus
dust = fate
dyst = succesful

dath = movement; intended moved to motion
deth = asp; death, deceased
dith = holdout; dither, wait out
doth = does; perhaps
duth = ashes
dyth = lions

dala = wise one, druid
dela = daily, delay, Dealer, deal out
dila = dilation, expansion
dola = dole out, pay more
dula = duration
dyla = long lasting

dale = enclosed area possible to live in
dele = remove from site
dile = crocodile
dole = lounge about, dollar, resting
dule = duty of the moment, momentary duty
dyle = go hunting, go with respect, hunt

dali = doing nothing
deli = open market, food court, delivery
dili = while the
doli = moon
duli = dullness
dyli = boredom

dalo = day be over and night falls, daybreak
delo = deal with
dilo = call out
dolo = deal out
dulo = misty, call mist
dylo = manifest

dalu = overwhelm, deluge
delu = lead falsely, lead astray
dilu = dilution, dilute, purification
dolu = find things, locate
dulu = to overcome, overcome
dylu = strengthen

daly = chat about, daily
dely = deal
dily = delay
doly = fray, frayed, fraying
duly = hard work, dutiful
dyly = snappish, outrage

dall = hope
dell = pact
dill = pickle
doll = a doll, woman
dull = sturdy, dull
dyll = filter

dark = in muerher, bad, nothing, baed, merger
derk = drk, dark, bad
dirk = weapon thats with a short blade, short dagger
dork = an idea, the moment of a theory and then it goes along with things as they are.
durk = diurk, to get a short dagger, to dark/en
dyrk = dire call, dire need

dava = goddess
deva = angelic being, god servant
diva = diver
dova = large explosion, detonation, develope, developing good, diving actively
duva = bird
dyva = divertive

dave = invention
deve = developing
dive = diving into
dove = white dove, peace bird
duve = go for help
dyve = patronoch, guardian spirit

davi = debit, money owed
devi = devise, invent, invention
divi = getting into
dovi = peace
duvi = doubts for
dyvi = gentle

davo = work in
devo = devotion
divo = flee to
dovo = in flight
duvo = famed
dyvo = sympathy, refugee

davu = prosperity
devu = growth
divu = deterrant
dovu = material
duvu = insistance
dyvu = detriment, progres

dawg = dog
dewg = swept forward
diwg = dig deep
dowg = been there seen that done that
duwg = friend
dywg = becalm, calming

dhaa = rise out of, come out of
dhea = great pride
dhia = improve, increase
dhoa = hope
dhua = prideful of
dhya = feel, feeling, path

dhae = desire for, fall down, pulled down
dhee = deem needed, a point or "."
dhie = grasping for
dhoe = door
dhue = necessity for
dhye = dry

dhai = dying for
dhei = beyond
dhii = seek
dhoi = travels to
dhui = options
dhyi = sacrifice

dhao = mountain, safe
dheo = pass, path
dhio = hiking
dhoo = struggle
dhuo = climbing
dhyo = erosion, crumbling

dhau = move down, safe harbor
dheu = bring downwards
dhiu = fall
dhou = gauging, calculation
dhuu = ground
dhyu = steady

dhay = on foot
dhey = day
dhiy = midnight, middle of the night
dhoy = tornado
dhuy = currents
dhyy = tide

dram = measured amount, measured weight
drem = dream
drim = dreamed up, set in idea
drom = droning on, low rumbling
drum = drumming
drym = set in dream

draw = drawn (drawo), draw on
drew = wreck
driw = ten layer
drow = dark elf
druw = drew
dryw = crisp

djan = instant clean
djen = instant enticement
djin = air being that wish grants like jinn
djon = instant departure
djun = instant spring
djyn = djinni, jyn, jinn

d-enag = death energy, de-energize
daafyg = fatherly
daeg = increase, growth
daelan = duty master
daete = dejacte, disjunction, to turn effect
daemon = god messenger, neutral demon
daovao = truth detection serum
daul = dowel, flash strike
dauta = daughter
daba = dabat, dabacle, dilbert, deliberate, debate
dabbar = fren, hectic activity, frenzy, hectic activity
dacto = commission; paid (for), commision, representation or dragon.
dactodet = dragons teeth, multiple attack enemy teeth
daht = sat, fat, phat (muscly) if working out and exercising
daja = dagda, inexhaustible goods cauldron
dakatou = i is des, being of a choas in tune
dakkoutou = being of any ability from a weapon of death.
dalienat = further example
dama = demand, daemon, demonic god messenger
damak = strategic kill, that make
damakles = insecurity, insecure
damaklesw = sword of damakles, sword of fate, potential disaster, potential fate
damal = damn all
damas = daemonius, overseer, important daemon
damus = combined force, oblige (obligation), predicament
dam-wy = repair, damage things; It causes something wrong that damages slowly and removes effects, to get the energy from the moment to make repair.
danann = goddess danu, glorious priestess
danewar = warfare
daniel = tolerant
daniell = darling, affectionate person
danca = dancer, movement flow
dank = dank, thank
danka = thank you
danniem = repeat, say what
danny = soldier, bird, bake
dannym = soldierlike
dannymy = soldier mine, enemy, bake mine
dannymyn = friend
dannymynn = punish, punishment
dannyt = baker
dansk = danish
danska = will you
danx = thanks
dapp = function disorder; a cure is herbs or uu-dapp by thinking the cure. Then the subconscious cures it with sun energy. This is so you know you have a cure that works.
darth = dread lord, determine
daska = pack leader
date = event
dati = inclusion, that includes
david = discipline, disciple, elemental master
daxunt = blunt death blow
davu = prosperity, bounty
dazl = dazzle, impression, impress
deee = decision; decisive action
diee = dies; dying or this is something with dyes
deamek = passive enforcement
deaf = deafness
death = dealt blow, dealt justice
dean = overseer, principal, coordinator, purveyer
deia = democrat; group person of elects in an election party
deity = god, greater being, goddess (according to the season)
deutsch = germany, germanic, master, mastery
deuva = the dive, a dive into the illness to learn truths.
dien = dead; stiff and dead, this can kill roaches as you project the sound of the word towards the roach.
debark = unload ship, unboard ship
decor = decoration
DedFyl = deadfall
defiyabl = as definitable, ae e ef, define it yourself.
deflam = unflammable, the flame
degrom = De grom, Person or people that think they are millions of years old and sometimes they might think they are extremely old. Its a grampa set in of character even on young or old people. They love telling stories of their past or of an event. To get over it, live through a story at least in the mind. Or, the De grom will write things down and make more out of the story than is necessary.
deha = unstealable, psychopath, insane
dehaun = exessive security, extreme, exessive
dehan = stealable, insecure
dehane = repeat stealing, repeat robbery
dehanne = repeatably stolen
deja = degda, again, before (happenstance)
delienat = explain further
dhema = Natural; dharma or natural law, this is nature effects by natural means.
demily = demolish, destroy, blood drive
demur = deathly murder, avoid, agree, pass that
dempsim = take the weight and place it later on.
denio = refuse, refusal, deny
deniy = denial, denied
denizen = citizen, place belonger
dendan = gigantic black fish that die with human touch
dendrit = nerve
dendritunym = nervous system
dendrobates = poisonous arguement, deadly arguement, deadly spider (redand green back
dennio = unrefuse, unrefusal, accept
denniy = undenial, acceptance
derm = skin, needle, cyringe
desc = downward, decent, descent, descriptor, describtion, description
descry = see, look upon, describe, description
detpast = tooth paste
dendrobites = bite down
dehgrom = Deh grom, death germ, dazed but true they are likely to be of it. Doing fighting and incongruant or incompetant things of else that is. Pee out the effect of Deh grom onto any surface as its a condition that may leave them worse. And the pee contains the deh grom 'germ'.
derr = dear, beloved
desikeht = I do, in desire I do, to be playing, working, noticing, and doing. In exchange the spirit is not ensnared as in a bondage effect. The first person effected by it or the fifteenth is able to remove it. By being unaffected by it and going near it to cause it to dispell itself.
desikuht = To not replace those that seem to notice it by another spirit. Under ne the desikuhth any efect can be made to order. Any video or tv program watched sets as to where and what the spirits do see. To escape it, is to be back in a holder body an not the original body. Until you meet the original again. The process is to open a window and sacrifice an idea or thing. As you open it, the shift from the path your spirit takes to you may occur after that.
detyu = destitute, poor, poverty stricken
depot = depot, storage, storage deployment, storage area
deploy = displotic, Unable to remain stable for longer that 20 minutes, and the person who is can change their mind according to beliefs. They have a negative reaction to the positive beliefs and a positive reaction to negative things. They can keep stabilized the moment what they do remains in place.
detoty = distoltic, disturbing conscious
deputy = deputy
deplinth = decench, destench
depta = cancel, acting department
deptha = cancel
deted = dastard,  bastard
deti = dentin, letai, listerine, detriment, mouth wash
detie = dentine, tooth care gum, tooth care chew
detiselv = mouthwash + toothpaste + salt, mouthwash paste
detox = remove toxicity, clean off poison, death by poison
detted = dlet, delete
dethcar = deathcare, in death you recieve care for the idea of living
dethkon = deathkon, death energy used to effect an idea that comes about an sometimes on mention., idea caused by a death energy, its death construction
detritus = trash, litter
desolita = desolation, obsolete
despot = important figure
develin = forget me
devil = lived, past
devolup = energetic developement, death volume up
devotee = devoted, follower, goal oriented
devuspe = fast growth
di-actul = did actual, did actually, realization, actually
dieb = deep, deep water, dying ebb (fade away), dying tide
dies = shameful, feels shame, shame death, fake death (from mistake)
dioy = deodorant, scent blocker, clean smell
diu = dare, die you, fate you
dibs = a claim (on anything stated after)
dictomy = diction, dictatorship, dictionary, tell, preaching
didh = this is a feeling of death, that you get from necromancy. However, if you actually killed yourself by feel, necrosis sets in and degrades the layer of skin.
dignay = dignitary (statement), dangnabbit; think to curse safely with this, especially after the point of a ghost or geist making something disappear.
dija = did you
dimnal = calm nerve, smooth flow
digo = market
digos = animal form
diheus = did he use, usage
diheusm = he used me, user, die user
dilyt = dilyth, dylithium, self regenerative power crystal, call it
dilbert = food habit, conservatist, eating habit
dilla = dillon, fighter, gunslinger
dimens = dimension; dimesn, house, dimensional
dimes = dispersion, digression, anarchy, dying man
dimesdom = Dimensional dom, To be satisfied and then made to think it was all right to go insane. To then be insatiable by weight and always continue onward needing. The next idea is that they always exploit weaknesses of the personality and flavor as a flaw. They may attempt to strike through the water. This is signifying bad things.
dimentia = Where ya grow old and dim quickly and trust everything, but ya go mental and show it on stress, when its thought of or when a situation is thought on thats stressful.
dimvis = dim vision, blinding dark silence sphere
dinanniael = calm nerve, uprise energy
dipta = dipthong, sentence
diptha = dipthong
direst = most extreme danger, in extremism danger, eye on foot (painful when open but it opens only once)
diry = defrag; clear away, clean up
dirb = debris; area stuff scattered about, sometimes this is dire in nature so think to be careful.
dirft = good internet, directive loop, self sanitary, sane, directional feet.
dirges = high pitched scream song
dis-ius = dicussion
disapa = artistic, artist, autistic
disintegrat = disintegrate, instant death
disipa = dissipate, disappear
dismil = dismiss, move out
dismyl = abysmal, abyss, bad way, dismissal
dist = disturbing the mind is bad, district
ditwok = did it work, did that work, did work
divoc = divorce
divavem = dream dive, dream place, mine (mineral)
divavemt = dream diver, miner
divinorium = power heightener, power herb, plant of power
divalg = math problem
divalgt = mathematician
divarg = start argument, argument starter
divargt = arguer
divelg = elegance, elegant
diverg = diverge, split away, divergent
divergt = repel, reject, diverge
divulg = give info
divulgt = informant, divulge
divurg = nudge, impulse
divurgt = controller
does = insufferance, mental intrusion
doetmi = department
doetmijus = justice department, police department
doit = make attempt, adroit
doulod = download, doulodn, doulodin, dour load
dous = douse
douz = twelve, twelve
dobfoer = wait for her, she will come back
dobfoim = wait for him, he will come back
doberman = man headed dog, calf sized dog
dodge = dodger, personal dodge
doke = docus, dokus, document
doken = power blast
dole = dollar, bank note, paper money, to dole out
Doleur = Make easier, dollar, doll arrangement, exchange by giving out money
dolia = flower; this is a flowering of effective and forseeable events.
dolo = revive, dole out, give freely in need or desire
dollar = general
dome = silde (aura seal), energy shield, magic diversion to absorb physical harm as energy.
domecb = sildcb, crystal shield, spacial shield allowing the person spacial exploration
dony = donate/r, don't they
donwa - reborn
donwan - reduce, reduction, collapse, steady, steadyness, person
durouy = decrepify, brief mortality aged glimpse
doseq = equate, equation, made decision
dosn = dozen, doesn't, does not, forced sleep
dovei = concurrence, conscious thought agreement, mae
doveu = dova, beauracracy, bearer of law, unlocking
dovunte = weld material
dovuntet = welder
dowager = inheritor
down = comforter, reducement
doze = doze off
dozer = to fall asleep
dozn = lazy, sleepy, baker's dozen, dozen, recreation, raisin bread
duena = do anything, do something, done anything
duinna = contemplate, think out
duinnan = contemplation, mediation, thought out
duigid = driver
duival = devil, do evil
dub = record, copy, dubs, subtitle, writing
duby = absolom; harmful drug, drug, dubious, if overused this could be a harmful effect of a drug in use.
duchec = pay check
dudu = doodoo, shit
duhe = instinct, instinctual
duhicy = device, machine, extra dimension
dulco = dulcolax, laxative, relaxative
dunno = don't know
dura = durability, duration, 20 seconds, 1/3 minute
dutch = date, couple
dutrod = down the road, years away
dustin = a happy dust, dusting
duvalin = dumb value, dumb act, commiserative, commited to dumb act
duwgnat = friendly nature
dye = base color, divest, exchange, to give something up and gain something else
dyor = devour, devourer
dyheleum = carbonation
dylau = not; this is either nothing or a noted effect that disappears after the point is made.
dylogeb = earth force
dyns = dimension
dysi = diesi, dyson, defensive, ward of moment, dizzyness
dysmil = figure out, dismilly, miserable
Dcortex = Cast this on a target to die off a process in procedure and to make the target remember.
dhi = what, confuse
dfns = defense; defender, deafens
dhoyc = hurricane
djuqtgaie = quicksand
dlet = delete, erasure
dnii = correct; yes, affirmation, agree, this is where you can be correcting things.
dnd = dungeons, dice game, fate in death, fate of death, fate not death
dngyy = dingaling, buffoon, mistaken fool, dick
dnsyy = density
draupnir = drop dead
draco = dragon will
drano = drain opener
dragonsbanealahan = artistic death, deadly artist
drapeau = flag
drapeaun = country flag
drapeauvown = patriotic flag
dremi = dream walker
dremdiv = dream dive, dream place
dremdivt = dream diver
drop = drip, drop
droww = drown, wax drow
druid = Avolonian, cruel careful people helper or guidance of an order of churchlike faith
that rules by information or example. They decended from Atleantian with mixed human
bloodlines and kept pure where the druids calling be to serve the light and by their
own type of ability. They could appear as any other to not be detected, and yet its
hard to detail the act they do as it was to be in and out and to confuse the watchful
for an easy job according to their role at the time. They could go in an area, do a
job and leave without anybody the wiser. Unless they wanted to be known, and then they
would attempt to gain trust by a statement or activity. Quite easily they could use
their powers but their ability was quite different as Druids could not use the Atleantians
ability. Also, the Atleantians could not do as the Druids could and vice versa except
they could relate.

The druids left an area if they couldn't rule over people with a fight and manipulation
at a distance with the worth of improving lives or guidance at a distance. The ancient
druids were divided into 3 functional orders: primitive druid, baird(bard) and ovate.
Druidism originated amongst the megalithic ancient British. They taught it to the immigrant
celts, and later trained celts to develope from the continent and migrated to ireland.

The primitive druid was an order of involved with teaching science and religion. His/her
robe was white symbolising light, purity and knowledge.

A baird was an order of druid. The baird's office was to supervise, regulate and to lead.
His robe was sky blue, symbolising justice and truth.

An ovate was a type of druid. His purpose was to observe and invent. His or her rules
over people were with no detection or misdirection. His robe was green symbolising
budding life.

The fourth druid order came along after a druid gave a representation, to represent the
wars of most and how to handle it without a fight. the wartime druid be an order involved
in wars of many types and exploration. They believed in fighting and often acted a warrior
using their own creations or disguises by the idea of most they could learn from, they
actually taught people how to survive and manipulate the fight or to withstand any fight
and win through it from a distance. Most often discounted as druids they are stil a hidden
order, paid to do wartime manipulations. They were counted as spies when caught if they
couldnt white lie themselves out of it, where the war druid made their own rules and these
closely followed others but made them separate.

As this be true indivisualist separatist sect of druids, they mixed or removed from distances
army groups that were at dislikes to protect the main group and prevent people and innocents
from dying. Some were accounted geniouses by how they acted and what they did got accord
however they died was a mystery hidden by other druids. Because most I know of wouldnt like
others messing in their wars. The genious was that they did, as themselves, tempt fate in
bringing concepts to life and disrupting bad habits. What they could use they kept as if its
useful, why throw it away except their was low interest in everyday common idea that had a
one time use unless necessary.

Any unique idea that passed by them was used if possible, an example be their use of color
is important of red and some other color like muddy if their purpose was to enrage, black if
they thought to cause idea and actions. Now they harldly gave themselves away, while acting
perfect in an area. The last party ever to have a war druid was known to spread a sickness
to those of criminal and group hostile nature. To sometimes use a monks fighting skills and
idea along with the units if they had any. They had to have superior senses to survive and
at most without weapons. The last war druid I saw was a painter that went from nation and into
indian nation and painted the wartime effort as it occured. In perfect detail of the effort
and yet the paintings today are still there, somehow in a museum appreciated by the civilized
tribe of America.

In Druid mythology, Taranis be the tyrant god of the wheel and life where things associated
with forces of change and the wheel of time, Odin be the horned one or the God, but if
you call the old one with his actual name, he might come to you if in need but if not
then it will be to smite or harm yourself, Brigid be the Goddess to call for support or
other except when angry for a broken promise and she causes a soothing calm in forgiveness
and to make aware or insanity or other punishment of that which was thought on. The druids
would try to rule over the God and find discriminization where some argue the Goddess is
likely to take over the body and prevent the activity. An Avalonian would save the life of
others if it was necessary by tricks and idea where skills come to fruition. Thanks to
Strawhat and others, like Atleantian Doctors and similiar for information (channeled).
drasnia = drastic nature, overcautious and disturbed notion
drasnian = spying people, spy
DrEvil = DrMalservant, evil wishdoctor, nightmare cure
DrImpulmenator = DrImpulse, DrDisarmania, drsodiaremply, heart risk
DrOz = general specialist
druck = drugged usage, drug feel
DrDahr = heartreat, sodiartretan, heart treatment, mistreatment DrGood = DrIntent(good), skill improvisation, unnegligent force (bad idea preventor)
DrDet = DrTeeth, improviser, dental health in practice
drm = hhrmm, endurable, a moment that ends up endemnity (indemnity moment), dormant (energy or ability)
DrMarv = drmarvello, torment/or, DrDiscord, dissonant field, dissonance
DrMarvell = DrSuper, super mania
DrMalpract = DrCorrupt, DrMalpractice, drintention, bad intent(stealing, corruption)
DrMeirre = DrMagic, drmyr (Dr Mirror), drmeir, magic fix
DrKre = DrDisorder, example cure (for disorders or diseases)
DrSorbet = DrMixup, mixer, drinker
drizt = despised, exile
drizz'll = relentless scourge, killing force
drizzt = undefeatable, noble warrior
dryyfaa = dragonfeather, tough fire retardant feather
dryyflua = dragonflower, tough curative flower
dvinci = inventor
dvorak = divorce, separate
dwight = dwit, incline, impulse, inclination
dwitt = dull wit, dumb
dwn = dawdle, stick around, stukroi


fa = command, father, fada, fata, fat; this doesn't come upon me as I think to do the right things. Otherwise whatever causes me to gain weight doesn't occur. So I gain everything back at least double or triple except for the body weight. My double chin disappears by feel or sym bol.
fe = far; good, deva, female, iron, feminine, fetus, bitch, far enough to go for things by idea.
fi = find; fix, fit, end a point, a change that corrects for things, final, finalized test, findings (fie), fire
fo = for; forward, foe, progressive, progress, advance, focus point, that focus point reveals what you want or said by what you think to need.
fu = fume; fuck, fire, few, fumble, smoke, smokey.
fy = fit; in shape, defiant, commandeer, feeder fleas, take over movement

faa = work, fost off, go now, feather, fatherly action, push off
fae = faring, advice
fai = faith
fao = unconvince
fau = fault, laying blame
fay = manipulate, manipulation

fea = feast, feeder
fee = feet, faery
fei = feint
feo = young
feu = feud
fey = fairy, sidh, faery

fia = divorce, flubber, high bounce rubberish material
fie = fiery, fighty
fii = question, query
fio = continuance
fiu = finish
fiy = disturb

foa = foal, female horse
foe = archenemy, fo-e
foi = foible; fou, forir, fourier; front or entry point that is the beginning of a building.
foo = fool, bad style, thing, idea, stuff
fou = fowl, foul
foy = uncontrolled reaction, foyer

fua = sex
fue = mineral, fuel
fui = giving up
fuo = threw outward, throw up
fuu = fuck you
fuy = why this?

fya = admit
fye = dismissal, otherwise: defiant to the point
fyi = inform, informer
fyo = forbidden
fyu = present, gift
fyy = usurp, defiance

fab = fabricate
feb = feeble, weakness
fib = while, cover it up
fob = phob, fear, anxiety, phobia, give way, give away, fearful
fub = remark, mistake
fyb = fyyb, existant, make exist, materialize

fac = group, facial, do, make
fec = face, show
fic = made up, do, make
foc = area collection, focal
fuc = gain momentum, sexual peak
fyc = gain from past

fad = fade, fading
fed = feed; feeding, appease in animal language, this is a line in result.
fid = finding, find, faithful
fod = folding, fodder
fud = food
fyd = incite to eat

faf = thief, fich, filch, knav, tolvaj, steler, stealer, safe cracker, burgular, thief
fef = fifty
fif = fighty
fof = fluff, forfeit
fuf = downy, fluffy
fyf = fairy moth

fag = respect, fag, manlover
feg = baby
fig = figu, figur, figure, form, down fall, do, make, model, figure, fruit
fog = a fog, growth
fug = bring ruin, fugue, mood brought by ruinous relation
fyg = figure(of speech)

fah = deject
feh = fetch
fih = steal, filch
foh = cause
fuh = blaze, ground follow flame, follower
fyh = fib, lie

faj = fabulous
fej = metal stock, metal file, pregnancy
fij = reason
foj = phobia
fuj = fudge
fyj = defiance, group defiant defense

fak = pleasure, fake
fek = body stink odorous, pete, fecal
fik = sulk, continuance, flick, good end, fickle
fok = folk, folk tale, body, fork, bodily
fuk = fk, fkin, fuck, bua, sex, bugger, few, away, anger, damn, act, person, ass(fool)
fyk = orgasm, deformed angry spirit

fal = fail, fallen
fel = feel, felony, felon
fil = file, record
fol = fold, fool, foal, horse
ful = full, feul, energy feul
fyl = lead, strange filling, fiul, fitful

fam = fame, family, famine
fem = feminine, family, famine
fim = phim, spiritual flame, one
fom = foam
fum = foom, fumble
fym = traitor, long term defiance

fan = airblow, cool down, fane, fain, arthur, king, originator
fen = fend off, ultimate defense
fin = find, end
fon = phone, telepathic, crystal communication
fun = fun, playing around (with idea), playing, joking, awkward (backward thinking that gets response) or challenging
fyn = fin, fish transform

fap = flap, sideflap,  talk, chat/ter
fep = iron golem, iron human
fip = personal end
fop = flop, failure
fup = foop!
fyp = flip

faq = fact list
feq = frequent, freed
fiq = silent dissapearance
foq = quiet down, silencer
fuq = blue fire, magic fire
fyq = passive resistant

far = fare, fair, ones state of mind
fer = preferred to, as to
fir = fire, on fire
for = foriegn, new to
fur = furious, in hatred of
fyr = magical fire, life energy

fas = fast
fes = feast
fis = fiesty
fos = foster, come up with
fus = push
fys = fist, false otherwise fat loss by the feel with the core of the planet energy you have that.

fat = fate, fat, pion, content table, faith
fet = feet, feat
fit = fight
fot = float
fut = foot
fyt = see fat, faith; belief, this is a believed point that something is a point of truth. Otherwise this is a trouble point, knowable as thought if an iffy point. Otherwise this is fit.

fav = favorite, select, favoring, emergency select
fev = fever
fiv = cut scene, end view
fov = favor, favorable
fuv = full view
fyv = conspiracy

faw = fault
few = few
fiw = prophesy, melt, end depiction
fow = fowl, foul, bad taste
fuw = feud, feudal
fyw = death cause

fax = fake, sent image communication
fex = extra strong
fix = worked on, work dragged on or done right
fox = fox
fux = fuix, few extra
fyx = mule headed, very stubborn

faz = phase
fez = fees; feasible, prospect, prospector, this can be a feasible prospect that pays. confetti; divine confetti, this is the confetti that inters itself to the spirit, so that the spirit gain substance enough to make it where you can kill the spirit. All you really need to do is spray it and enjoy, then any spirit draws the energy from the confetti like any substance to cause solidified formation. This is how the spirit works to make itself form from a linked dimension as though from the air itself.
fiz = fizzle, bubbly, not work or carbonation
foz = to phase, foes
fuz = fuzz, fuzzy, muddle
fyz = rebellion, rebellious

fca = fecal matter
fce = known
fci = focal, glasses
fco = cope
fcu = fuck you, shit
fcy = fancy

fda = drug control
fde = fatal death
fdi = death blow
fdo = overdose
fdu = final due, final payment
fdy = death touch

ffa = favorite
ffe = offend, offensive
ffi = finally
ffo = destruction
ffu = handle
ffy = suicide

fga = action, figure
fge = forget
fgi = figurine
fgo = forgo, relent
fgu = fugue
fgy = flighty, winged flight

fha = phantasm, fright illusion
fhe = feckle, feck, feckish
fhi = punch out
fho = pheonix
fhu = barrel, ram
fhy = fough, whatever!

fja = river, fjord
fje = jest
fji = fuji, combat end, superior
fjo = wish fulfill
fju = jut out
fjy = johnny, hang with

fka = killing drug, death drug
fke = incurred wrath
fki = bad mouth
fko = sex, fuck off
fku = current
fky = vertigo

fla = imperfect; flaw, flame, flare, flavor
fle = flea, fletch, flee
fli = fln, flee/ing, fleet, flight,  felin, feline, flock, group, cat, flick
flo = flow
flu = flood, flow
fly = (a) fly, (otherwise for a person) flirt; make out artist: charmer or attractor, The moment that you think to do things with the opposite sex. Other versions of the word are: flyn or flyy for flirting, flyx or flye for flirts.

fma = fema bone, female
fme = family killer
fmi = feminine
fmo = for real
fmu = descend
fmy = owner

fna = final
fne = locate
fni = ethnic, ethic
fno = forgot, forgettance
fnu = final flight
fny = phony, fake

fpa = conjole, firepower
fpe = speedup, console
fpi = firepit, firepin
fpo = footpound
fpu = floorplan
fpy = modular memory

fqa = flaw
fqe = quality check
fqi = condemn, condemnation
fqo = indivisual, equal, family quote
fqu = unacceptance, dismissal
fqy = discard

fra = fray; fraternity, frat; freight, useless speaking or babble, thats speaking to you so you get distracted.
fre = fret, free
fri = lost something
fro = from
fru = frustrate
fry = (in) person; fry, frying, fringe (benefit), (on) edge, see this is a fringe benefit of people asked for by feel made by frying something.

fsa = cluster
fse = f sound
fsi = settle
fso = fizz; fizzy, carbonation, club soda
fsu = warn, adapt
fsy = psychic

fta = light speed
fte = future; repair device, fetus, child to be born, child formation
fti = fast talk
fto = do not, stop
ftu = flu; flew, time travel
fty = timeless

fva = restorative water, mineral water
fve = foul
fvi = viewing pleasure
fvo = vow
fvu = casino
fvy = spontaneous; instant, instantaneous, on the fly, a being formed instantaneously or spawn.

fwa = fwap, face slap
fwe = fend off
ffwi = flee; to fly, (take) flight, run away
fwo = so what
fwu = distinguish
fwy = laser glance

xa = fix; repair, fixation, direct focus
fxe = illusion, exile
fxi = disrepair, overbear
fxo = antique
fxu = patch
fxy = classy, classical

fza = freeze
fze = feasable
fzi = foamy
fzo = freeze up
fzu = freeze area
fzy = fizzy

fubar = deranged, insane, fucked up
fuber = mistaken, bad man, fucker
fubir = alchemist, chemist
fubor = overbear, disturb
fubur = reveal, few be your, few in number
fubyr = less spread warmth, forbear

fall = fall, fallacy
fell = fell
fill = fill, fill up
foll = follow
full = fullness, fully, full up
fyll = stupidity, block, file

fema = female (soul) intuition or action
feme = thema, female energy, females
femi = female point, pointed (emotion), emotional, stupid
femo = female body, intelligence
femu = female use or abuse, femininity
femy = female function, feminine body, theme

Family = a unit of members working at belonging together. Think to go gang and make a work of art or idea.
Femily = an optional energy family by goal that love work or beating each other In good mood it is to give advice. Similiar to a famoly.
Fimily = find metal and to have a mental family of the subconscious. In of, In the subconscious everything is there and linked together. To fumble or fimble something.
Fomily = fumbling and is a family thats separated but reborn else. Every now and then, they get together but of their own choosing.
Fumily = like a bunch of clowns. Or alot of brotherhood together. This also could be a lot of smoke that bellows.
Fymily = Family of Wild energy nature, of each other but its to do as if together in a group of total strangers.

fana = find out
fena = phenominal
fina = final
fona = speak
funa = luck
fyna = blessing, bless

fane = fan the interest, intrigue
fene = conflict, momentous event
fine = final, finished, the end
fone = gather, collecting
fune = acting
fyne = finely done

fani = show, feign
feni = play at
fini = finding, to find
foni = refined
funi = be seen
fyni = improve

fano = fame
feno = fortune
fino = popularity
fono = physical wealth
funo = support
fyno = finals

fanu = rich, lots of wealth
fenu = personal gain, if you knew
finu = notoriety, reputation
fonu = physical gain, connection to
funu = likable, if who knew
fynu = if I knew him

fany = fanny, maniacal, ass, butt
feny = physical manifestation
finy = future visions
fony = phony
funy = laughter
fyny = make believable

fand = cause destruction, destructive
fend = ultimate engager, ultimate attack
find = destructive end, explosive ending
fond = desire, longing
fund = currency, funding
fynd = find

fang = fang
feng = deflect
fing = finger, digi, digit
fong = long range send, thong
fung = fungus
fyng = whale

fant = faint
fent = feint, fend off
fint = locate, location, track down, good attempt, grandstand
font = fount, fountain, foundation, type face
funt = tease, hang back, having fun, classic joke, play tough
fynt = fish, shark, whale, sea creature

farc = farsight
ferc = fierce
firc = explosive
forc = force
furc = furcadia, beastial, animalistic display
fyrc = fire arc, arch of fire

farn = fallen, vampiric angel
fern = palm tree, fern plant
firn = fireproof
forn = not for, against
furn = furniture
fyrn = magic flame, blueflame

furra = glamourous
furre = animal person, animal florre
furri = activist, shear
furro = shed, shedding
furru = fur coat
furry = fur all over, furry

faqt = was, fraught, fought with, rock
feqt = impedive, improvised
fiqt = sick, bowels problem, figment, fought over
foqt = (was) fought, fight
fuqt = fucked, assailed
fyqt = thought, fact

flar = flaring, warning toward, ignition
fler = no inclination, moving away
flir = flyer, runner
flor = floor, punch out
flur = sewer, underground stream
flyr = make run

fraa = fraesk, freya, result
frea = fre, freak, indivisual person
fria = friction
froa = froda, conflicting view, fraudulent, stealing, determination, capable
frua = change
frya = hurry up now

frae = fray, fighting people
free = fighter
frie = motion of, be a friend
froe = disarm, throw away, frode, distinguish, lie, connive, happy, happen
frue = inflict, inflictive, gouge
frye = become frightened

frai = politics
frei = player
frii = maneuvering
froi = frodi, fraudin, pieces, great expense, throw away
frui = goverment,
fryi = affects population

frao = frailty, fragile
freo = people
frio = uncertainty
froo = frodo, overuse, too much, self-creative, self-inclined, self-adaptive, adventurous
fruo = going too far
fryo = fry out

frau = frown; female, fraud, closing, push away
freu = pull to
friu = peace of mind
frou = upward, frodu, frown, produce, production
fruu = protection
fryu = take away freedom

fray = fight
frey = pause fight
friy = friday
froy = frody, piece, nightmare, fraunalie, hustle, disincline, refuse, disbelief
fruy = fruity
fryy = area departure

frad = conclusion
fred = smooth going, tweak, alfred, serviceman
frid = friday, item, fry, lost thing
frod = intuition
frud = frustrate
fryd = confusion; fridge, a frigid contraption.

frap = lies; the moment its an idea and proven false.
frep = freedom; free person that can do what you want.
frip = flip; flip out, create by feel, this the moment you think about and that is where you freak out as a reaction.
frop = grope; the moment you think and create by groping.
frup = choice; free point and conclusion making. fruity, this is a fruity person.
fryp = choose; the choice you make and decide to do.

fraday = day of harrying, day of creation, horror day
freday = day of freedom
friday = lost things day, loafer or shoe that is without laces.
froday = getting away day
fruday = frustration day
fryday = frying food day, fast food day

frasc = discrimination
fresc = refresh
frisc = great risk
frosc = ice turn
frusc = great wariness
frysc = cautious

frash = thrash about
fresh = very clean
frish = skittish, not all there
frosh = frothy, frosty, froth
frush = fruppish, frustrative
frysh = fried

frask = disaster
fresk = woman transform
frisk = body search
frosk = security risk
frusk = worry, frustration
frysk = frisian, security search

friska = active body search, whisker
friske = cat, strip body
friski = cat fur
frisko = throw up
frisku = strip search
frisky = dry cat food, cat nip

faet = fast, faust, fault/s, foolishness, fist, fat eating
feuo = farewell; a point of faring well. This is also a faucet in physical formation.
fiaum = fanaticism, group zealous strike
fiee = fogyne, forgiveness; this is where you have no hold off.
feak = freak with disease
feat = trained ability, skill, ability, accomplishment
famay = effermative, In moment effect (by adoration or family), flame away
feanl = release; the relief of the moment or release of tension and emotions.
famndncy = Family Father or someone who is and not only gives in a tendancy but is a tendency that is and of other gives not only a deeper tendancy but is a deeper tendency. So to avoid being detected by father, avoid reading him. To avoid being detected by mother, use stillness and focus as in Stillness, sillyness, and firmness.
feih = fee, poor response, induction (sucking)
foor = immediately; floor, follower, associate, association, this is where you immediately assume things or know by the spirit knowing in feel.
fehu = radiation, cattle, material wealth, fire
felina = active cat
feline = energy cat thats true form be energy but appears normal, astral cat
felini = cooked cat
felinu = feline buttox
fia = finance, feisty (defiant)
foiund = wrongfullly understood, miscontent
fyia = fignia, figment, figurative
faun = deer legs ears tail and handsome male face body
foeva = forever
faelc = hawk sight, sighted hawk, hawk sighting
faelk = dead hawk, dying hawk
faelp = hawker, hawk handler
faelsky = skyhawk, hawk flight
faelt = hawk prey, hawk target
fail = failure, stone
foil = foil, thin metal sheet
foilal = aluminum foil
foot = pay for
fouet = whip; fouling moment
faca = faucet; facade, a sink water streamer, that sometimes works by handling the handle.
faction = society group
feca = duct, fecal matter, fecal; shit that can build up given time.
feda = feeder
fedafle = feeder flea
fachen = feather tufted chest center mangled hand growth angled leg body growth
forehead center eye creature from genetic mutation that kills victims
foci = focus
figet = un (une), eternity, forever often represented by a figure eight
fehoc = iron maiden, self infliction of targets attack
faka = fickle, thank, slimeball, fuckoff
fakau = thank you, go fuckoff, your fickle
faktes = fictitious
favourite = to favor something, to seek something out of idea and ask a favor for it.
fales = fatless; This is where you are without fat, so your sometimes still as you are as you use this term. That's if you think you are like that in a way. fara = positive; positive event, event that occurs or happens what you want by needing it.
fawk = endangered; forest hawk
fawke = firey bird; phoenix
fekai = you, your, odor eater, stinky
feta = feather, defeater
fetu = movy, feature, anything special; like crystalline psychic movies, doctrine, manuscript
film, moving pictures, animated motion movie, special, merit, conception, movie, stored
crystal picture replay
fits = cloth, schism, skizm
faales = featureless, featherless
faalesbud = featherless bird, skin bird without feathers
faaleshedd = feather molt, feather loss
fiqh = the law; police, policy holder servant
fokua = poke; jab, slow, point out, slowly go
fuey = martial art
fuin = exception, gift, rarity
feylor = fey knowledge, fairy lore
feffect = full effect, fatal fatality
fallen = fallen vampiric angel
felin = cat
felinaua = big cat
felouny = cat that steals anything it gets near of value to collect in private
hoard, cat burglar
felorin = whoever, whomever
felintoad = toad cat that has poisonous underbelly excretion
fillatly = fill again, refill
foll = folley, foolish mistake
fami = famine, family inside is, desire, want of/by disaster, need of desire
femajik = antimagic
femell = female
femine = feminine
femur = leg bone, fee to murder (whom you mention)
femy = pharmacy, a place to go and get sold drugs.
figut = figurt, figurine, miniature statue
filet = network, filing
filo = philo, fight low, philosophy, file out
fire = firey, glare
foulin = foulen, fowling, making foul (something)
foyer = closet, drawer
fuil = fire will, fiery temper
fuyh = rift
fuyhpyro = fire rift, firegate
fukh = word; wording, this curse that stops. Otherwise wording that is when this cursing that stops.
fecayie = fascilities; toilet area, toilet, rest room
feriss = building instruction
fuhou = heed me, obey me, full house
fully = more fully
fomlu = fulu, formless
forte = expertise
fotyi = fortitude, armored protection, fortune, fortification
fowl = fowl, bad tasting bird, bad taste
fumee = smoke
fumeeuyf = smoke scent
finipotn = find potion
finit = end enchanment, find item
funykou = comedian
funypag = comics
fynaunt = undead kill returning spiritual hammer
fynaim = weeaim, blessed aim, spiritually guided hit
fupy = firepit, frumpy
farebula = ferris bueller, fairday, day off
firfyr = electrical fire
fury = furie, furious
furcseh = furcadia client, animal display client
furcserv = furcadia server, animal display server
furr = fur, animal skin
furreseh = animal person client, furcadia client
fyrbarr = magical fireball
faat = fatherly
fatta = rotound, fatter
fattego = pleased mind
futon = furniture, couch, chair
favour = raw metal, ore
fff = family affair, disaster
flaa = increased energy potency
flats = flat roof building
fleu = pneumonia; fluenza or cold
fli = flock, group
flia = flicker; flica, blinking
fliluky = flock together, gather together
flit = flight; flying, (let) fly otherwise a flit
flua = flower
flag = flag, call attention, cloth symbol
flamel = inventor, invention, wild flame
flammel = flammable
flammelunn = unflammable, not flammable
flak = flake
flakes = worsen, make flaw
flat = nflat, inflate, gas fill, air filled, aired up
flatt = flatn, airless, gasless, deflate
flatleta = airless water, gasless water from soda or similiar
flatleta unnaddict = unaddictive gasless water
fleur = flower
flek = fleek, fluke, mistake, serendipity, or natural mistake
flua = flubber, buoyant bounce, high bounce universal power material like rubber
flud = fludl, fluden, flood, fluid
fludplan = floodplain
flunie = universal energy flow
flur = floor
flurpli = floorplan
flusip = fellowship
flush = suck down
flusher = suction
fnord = hidden, hide
fraek = freaky, gweeb
franced = pasture, evolution, pastureland
francedd = de-evolution, unevolve
fract = fraction, split, break
fracta = fractional, dimension shield, break apart
fractal = world within world, dejavue, same pattern repeat
fractas = crumbly, crumble, resistance
fractos = repeatable pattern
francais = french
frande = candy
frazl = frazzle, distress, disturb
frazldazl = fractious scenic display
frankenn = frankenscence
freao = cold, freeze
freddy,= innkeeper, soul eater
frehl = frail, weak, weakness, fret
freq = fratly, frequency, frequently; repeated moments or idea that you notice or do. Your not the one repeating the action, its just the actions done by others, this works for you as you don't have to repeat yourself. This is the end of the loop where you walk away, otherwise you could pick something up sometimes this is from the floor.
frialy = friviality; to chase, frivilous, something you do to use free time or when you have enough money.
frhel = freedom, remove restriction
freborn = frehehl, freeborn, born without tribe, elf wanderer, untrusted stranger
or land elf
Frii = fruit
fric = french; language point
front = up place, up close, in place
frontier = interactive wilderness, new frontier
frien = friend
friandis = candy
friken = freaking, to scare
froyd = freak, freud, fraud, backward thinking
froga = frog, frogger, toad
frogger = jumper toad
fros = frost
frosnov = frost nova, large group slowing ice cold expanding ring
fruly = conserve; conservative (frulyn), conservation, reserve, focus in turn, fruelly, wise save, wiseman (by host of frugal gourmet), wise saving, fruel, frugal (from the frugal gourmet show)
frli = freely
fwhab = throw fireball
fwn = fondle, hold, handle


ga = ingenious, gubraithian, everlast, gallium
ge = get; germanium, energy use, gotten or made by idea.
gi = practical, geas, give, give in
go = guide, to act
gu = project
gy = fame

gaa = concern, gather, gather thought, come together
gea = geas, control
gia = guidance
goa = interaction, business, go away
gua = make up
gya = star

gae = life, life energy, energy of life
gee = happy
gie = relaxation, relax
goe = eating out, go away
gue = worth, worthiness
gye = shame

gai = gaudy
gei = gay, happiness
gii = spirit guide
goi = guardian
gui = interface, talk
gyi = infamous

gao = gaol, medieval jail, dungeon, nowadays: a gao could be county or jail time
geo = prisoner, world, plane, planet, globe, earth, terr (terror, horror, earth)
gio = imprisionment, arrest
goo = garment
guo = torment
gyo = infamy

gau = poley, cop, police, guard, guarding
geu = enforce, up keep
giu = keep peace
gou = gout, gouge, niche
guu = catch in the act
gyu = philosophy

gay = happy
gey = geyser
giy = practice, gallon
goy = go away, gargoyle
guy = projection
gyy = infirmary, hospital room

gab = talker, gabriel, gay girl, happy girl, lesbian
geb = earth, dirt, dirty, ground, build, divine
gib = inner glow, insight
gob = roundish, controller, em(phasis)
gub = grubby, grub worm
gyb = light within (that we see by feel or insight)

gad = genious, good aid
ged = reduced, reducement, pass, guard
gid = guide
god = gode stone (geode stone), find (source, place, location), dog, divine, doggy like otherwise a dog that responds subconsciously unless necessary this is illusion by idea expressed.
gud = done; good, gut, good, skilled, positive attributed by feel, positive in view, finished
gyd = request reduction

gaf = old one, elder
gef = directions
gif = well located
gof = guided to
guf = mental image
gyf = tourist attraction

gag = to gag
geg = earn, georg, gearge, good earth motion, energized organization, energy organize
gig = sturdy, billion, job
gog = destiny, protection, goggle, good or gone, good as gone, gogo(go on)
gug = grandeur
gyg = grace

gah = gasp of horror, give up attempt
geh = heat generation
gih = heat
goh = heat duct
guh = heat blast
gyh = melt

gal = gale force
gel = compose, made up of
gil = persuasive
gol = set purpose, goal
gul = ghoul, paralyzing
gyl = gills, breath water, watery breath

gan = gain, going, gaining
gen = birth, create, creation, kind, type
gin = birthplace, not give, silv, silver
gon = gone
gun = goon
gyn = shot, bullet, female

gap = gap
gep = get up
gip = gripe
gop = goto place
gup = goop
gyp = power user

gaq = astute
geq = astound
giq = indicate
goq = prod
guq = pause
gyq = high up

gar = daring, guard
ger = raise, germ, terror gas
gir = plot
gor = gore
gur = gurney, plan
gyr = expect

gas = brilliance, gas, go
ges = geese
gis = geiser
gos = goosebump, ghost, gospel
gus = goose
gys = gist, nuance, slight suggestion

gat = gator, gate
get = scram; got with, get, giant
git = move on, idiot, glimmer, glint
got = goat
gut = gut, good
gyt = famous, eat

gav = gave, gavel
gev = given
giv = jive, living place
gov = government; govern, governer
guv = groove, groovy
gyv = give

gaw = gawd
gew = gewy, jelly, gel
giw = give warning, alert
gow = family meal, gown
guw = green house, guru
gyw = fairly warn

gax = evil, inimical, omnipotent
gex = geek, computer specialist
gix = extra effort, more effort
gox = gawk
guix = extra project
gyx = extra fame

gaz = gaze, stare at
gez = geez, give a break
giz = guise, concealment, disguise
goz = goes, gone
guz = guzzle, drink down
gyz = gizmo, device, devise

gla = glaze, grazing field
gle = glee
gli = glitch
glo = glow
glu = affix; glue together, place together, gluttony
gly = lose experience

gna = knave, gnae, gnaw
gne = gney, nag itch
gni = to gnow, to know, ignite
gno = good enough, good phrase good no, good number
gnu = new relation, knew, know it, known
gny = deny, gnay, gnaw, gnawing time

gra = gripe; grapevine, gray, gram
gre = increase, greed
gri = gripe; grievance, grape, grieve, grief
gro = mature, grow
gru = give sign
gry = given freely, garage, inside parking lot

gadd = gad!
gedd = alleviate
gidd = councillor
godd = god
gudd = duty
gydd = slack, reduction, adjust down

galp = gallop
gelp = makeup
gilp = persuader, conniver
golp = personal desire
gulp = swallow
gylp = human gills, water breathing

gamp = grandfather
gemp = bone needle
gimp = to draw, artist, drawer
gomp = thud step, thinner, hug
gump = wise idiot
gymp = storyteller, bard

garm = clothes, garment
germ = germ
girm = statistic
gorm = issue
gurm = schedule
gyrm = expectation, exploit

garn = garnet
gern = flat
girn = senseless
gorn = horn
gurn = ground laid, wounded person carry
gyrn = directionless, uninvite, unexpected

gash = cut
gesh = might
gish = good luck
gosh = shame, shameful
gush = rush out, free flow, overflow
gysh = provoke, provoction, told

gras = grass
gres = grease, slick
gris = grey
gros = gross
grus = slow growth
grys = slow motion

gran = wheat
gren = green
grin = grind
gron = groan
grun = ground
gryn = grin

glab = pasture
gleb = tension
glib = not evident
glob = world
glub = pieces
glyb = restoration

glac = glacier, frozen solid, glacial
glec = creep, onrush
glic = scrape, scoop
gloc = blocks, solid ice
gluc = break down, good luck, sugar
glyc = 1.powerful one, very bad person, evil one and part of the hybridy.

2.Ice drug(crystal meth, methaphetamine, tina, do not attempt crystal meth, krank, tweak, ice) that be unnaddictive. Crystal meth be an intensive stimulant with disinhibitory qualities, Comes in two forms called a rough yellow hydro and smooth white glass that be usually for wanting to stay awake long hours. Crystal be made of highly volatile, toxic substances (based on such chemical "precursors" as methylamine and amyl amine) that are melded in differing combinations, forming what some have described as a "mix of laundry detergent and lighter fluid" that can be used by injecting, smoking or snorting by thought to channel challenge those that are one or not as they don't deserve the idea unless they point themselves out not to attack. As they perceive an attack they can end up using the idea by idea in drug use, endorphine blockers cures meth addiction.
Smoking ice and snorting it results in an instantaneous dose of almost pure drug to the brain, giving a huge rush followed by a feeling of euphoria for anything from 2-16 hours. For some this could result in obsessive cleaning or tidying, but for many the biggest bonus be the sense of sexual liberation which can result in mad, abandoned sex for hours g sometimes daysn- on ent. In almost half of the new AIDS cases, crystal meth has been a factor. From http://www.urban75.com/Dvugs/meti.html. Don't think to see this and not use it on cops.
glag = pchoke, choke, extinction
gleg = gleeful
glig = expect
glog = light
glug = drink, consume
glyg = great loss

glak = ruined land, kill land
glek = perky
glik = solution
glok = die out
gluk = good luck
glyk = seal

gath = give and take, sybolic
geth = get from
goth = construction
gith = gain entrance, elven warrior
guth = gain from
gyth = gryphon

garl = garble, gargle, to clear your throat and use water or salty liquid to do it
gerl = bad girl, gerble, girl man
girl = lover, girlfriend, love, good in real life, underaged female, woman
gorl = gorge, stuff yourself, male gorilla
gurl = girl, good link, guerilla, woman gorilla
gyrl = point location, viruluous disease that spreads by comment and causes effect thats thought on, gyroscope

gawn = midday, day gone
gewn = strewn about, wreck
giwn = undeclar, unspoken, unwarn
gown = dress
guwn = goon, bad boy, bad example
gywn = owner, unfair advantage

gagmuieun = gross out, gag me with a spoon
gegmuieun = spoon fed, feed me, feed me with a spoon
gigmuieun = presentation, present me, sturdy me with a spoon
gogmuieun = bait, protect, protect me with a spoon
gugmuieun = overwhelm me, grandeur me with a spoon
gygmuieun = ageun, charm me, be charming, silver spoon, grace me with a spoon

gaaa = gaffer, old person, horrid scream sound
gaiasg = galactic saying, to be by better I mean in difference. To be able to make better and be self improved without thinking about it.
gaie = sand
gyou = yes, agreement
goou = see you, going out, going now
gaan = goneria; really bad direction.
gaik = gaelic; roc-like giant hawk, gay-like, happy to do, language or dialect
gael = gaelic
gaelic = ogham, gaelic, druidic language
gains = bad shape, weight gain, metered effort, measure gives action interred
gainsday = Sept 25, Nov 21, 27 by legis Bill gates "Its caused by the standing timekeeper crystal set by Atleantians, to start in morning or middle of the day and end at three days later. You start to gain 1 pound per every other bites. But its a few other days too, Oct 27 and one in the 15th but it usually happens on a leap year. But the last year will be a bit harsh as the timekeeper crystal be spiritual and the demands of the negative be like making it almost underboard motion of any positive event as its a steal of everything everyday. If you denied the weight, the weight drops but doubles the money or wealth itself because the strange spiritual energy disperses and causes a 10% increase per everyday..use."
gait = fraic; multiple view, To see many forms and events and as an all through a single frame.
gaud = gaudy, extravagent
gayaa = planetary ship, happiness.
gabriel = angel, angelic
gebi = father.
gadi = recieved; got things.
gado = judgement; make life.
geac-b = remote control, distance control
geed = greed, merchant, depth, greedy
geo = geographic, ground study, geographic, energy saving, ground, planet
geoi = high gravity
geu = low gravity
geuo = medium gravity
geuoy = medium-high gravity
geulo = medium-low gravity
geudy = real nasty
geop = population, populace
geoss = time sphere
geko = gecko, repetition, repeat
giau = gold god, immortal
goid = good, weird gold, conduct/or
goober = idiot
good = skilled in making
godi = reception; got it, baby, girlfriend.
guikidd = parent, indecent
guil = guile, deception, deceit
guba = idiot
goda = geda, gordan, guardian
goddwib = god focus
goddwibt = paladin, god channeler
goghi = chat; chatting, Goki e goghi is chat with reponse by chatting.
goki = talk; talking
goku = child leader, natural leader
gala = galactic
galen = sword, blade
galenvamp = vampiric sword
gang = street group, work group
ganj = weed, dope, drugs, this weedlike substance is similar to dope and other drugs.
gelopin = old latin
geld = money
gelding = bank note, coinage
gall = pleasure
gift = not or nothing by the feel
guft = yes, iffy is the moment by feel
giala = giyaila, genitillia; otherwise this is private parts that you expose at the right time.
gum = no, stop, rejection
golem = golem, live magical material construct
golembli = blood golem, self-replenish owner refresh life share golem
golemt = state, atlantean government
golt = of atleantian enforcer, golem
goltbli = blood golem, self-replenish owner refresh life share golem
gemynat= naturally understand
genery = restriction, coward
genuf = good enough
genum = dna structure, genetic structure
gomen = your pardon, declining, dismissal (something), permission
gara = able mind, thanksgiving or theft
garag = garage, inside parking lot
garen = guaranteed failure, unique, unpredictable
garion = innocence
gary = open, openess, misconcept
garysodiar = open heart
garret = choke cord
get'er'don = get heard done, get it done.
gresmaky = greasemonkey, mechanic, mechanism fixer
grn = ground, grin, geranium nitrate ae GrN to transform other materials into
gold, GeN2 to form a possible substitute
Gera = gear up, laugh
gerald = dependable
gerard = restorer, repairer, restoration
geroff = getofn, driveway, divert
giraff = horse deer with long neck horse torso deer head creature
gusher = rapid flow, guyser
gata = gather, enact action
gataire = airgate, psychic gate
gato = gate open, gate operation
gatgeb = earthgate, morphing gate
gathle = firegate, cleaning gate
gatll = open gate
gatsby = live condition, live predicament
gatt = gattling gun, achieve, achievement
ganuevar = planar large cat that lives in the primal plane of existence at the
masters whim and in any large cat shape and it acts the guard
ganyuer = get anywhere, achievement, achieve
gantika = human giant phoenix be ten feet tall with giant vibrant wings giant feet
human body torso and legs and two arms ending in clawlike hands, this giant can
come back to life after it dies reborn of itself and regenerate
gatsca = scapegoat, person excuse, blamed person
gytrash = road spirit
gazon = lawn
geldoxt = financial
gollum = treasure seeker
gulon = fox tailed lion hyena
gamma = gamma radiation
gemy = understand
genierc = generic
gimbold = calm during chaos
gimly = forger, creative smith
ganryou = content
gantou = sugar content, sugary
gietupiyy = ginestupidity, to make use of things like exceptions to form things and make do to do things
giomus = ginormous, very large..
ginny = gainful, virginia, purist
genesis = artful creation
genno = generate oxygen
gend = make truth, twist, wrend
gunn = small but powerful, gun
gurk = personal
gent = gentlemen, nobleman, man, gentleman
geyser = rapid spray, rapid spew
guyser = rapid upflow, rapid upspew
guten = geuten, good
geg = george, dependable, gorgeous
gega = geiga, geiger, force measurement
gegwbue = earth pagan justice, george w bush, prestigious conceiving in motion
or terror stop (here) (stop terrorism by use of their structure).
gegbujr = equilibrium, dependable move/ment, ebuiqib (equal measure), always win
(those that strive will win if they pay for it.)
gewebe = tissue
gewebepap = tissue paper
gifu = gift, partnership
gigvf = restart
guina = adrenal gland
goodall = thief family, goodwill
garm = garment, four eyed blood splattered black dog with scarlet wings and golden body
garter = gardener
garthe = curse, set upon
goheaproc = Demigod healing procedure - regenesis allows a soul or demon for you to absorb
into the body by energy infusion to cause your body to be demi-ized by the energy and the
soul dispersed or to have an imprint to keep the body in regenerative state. A process
called eugenics be also considered as its the process of meditation combining spirit
and body leaving a person with a superbody and one-like mind, leaving the brain
as a "soul" and super brain thats regeneration able and sometimes imprinted with
regeneration and "brainwashed" for idea and storage of energy and memories. Overlapping
of the body by the brain reinforcing the soul body or a personality taking over for the
idea which be impossible.

This has made fairies, elves, Angelic or Demonic people. The person be a demigod from
as he/she absorbs energy from whatever source by action, and regeneration slows down
along with deteriation creating a superlike body with half the soul a large human force
of bodily energy. As one be a God the body disappears with the soul being entirely
melded, with the body into a energy synthesis more perfect than the dual spirit/body
integration by a homongenious means. A uniting by a regenisis process of using an anchor
or a gemstone in meditation for the soul/spirit and body/brain to link in as a facet of
the God/dess "gemstone". To meet God without being judged and lose sight of heaven after
with no regeneration possible except with a second soul, as a "memory and recharge"
battery. Given by examples of the Bible.
gosfom = ghost form, form of ghost
gust = taste
gustatory = edible
gather = come together
gorba = au gorb, be inonsistant, gorey, garbage
gorbacav = gorey opening, gorbachav, friendly
gorbochev, concedrix, concess/ion
gorou = very hairy, werewolf
gormu = gourmet, eating selection
gyrnt = unexpected result
gyto = gifted, created point, remark
govannen = ruler, burden, ruling party
gflyn = remember
gflynn = not remember
gnee = genesis, artful creation
gnome = earth elemental, wise dwarf able to find metal and meld into trees
gnosis = knosis, knowledge, broken of idea or form (avergenious)
ghaiz = stone
ghafw = storm
ghafwmit = powerstorm, thunderstorm, lightning storm
ghafwmitt = powerstormer, energy channeler
gho = A ghost, Anathema to you so its to be.as a ghoul but a tricky vampiric ghost
gjwwai = summon
gleati = gillatine, chopping block
glabezu = glamourous being, angelic
glabrezu = being of mariad ages, ageless being
glacee = beard
gletroe = glacial spike, freezing exploding ice shard
glitroa = globetrotter, world explorer
gletroa = treasure collect
glup = glomp, tackle hug
glut = gluttony; excessive eating, this is cancelled out by thinking about things or stating uu-glut (pronounced you-uh gloot or uh-uh glue-t)
glyf = rune, glyph
gna = gnaw, gnat, yes
gneu = good enough (use), I don't know, nooo, no
gnoe = gnosis, to pull meaning out from thin air
gpaxf = shower
graek = grawk, a 3-toed toad monster, bad greek, freak
graiar = open heart
grad = gradient, grade
grat = grateful
gridauta = granddaughter
grey = medium tone
grek = grecian, greek, old tradition
grekfud = greek food
grekpyro = greek fire
gress = step
grex = greece, old tradition
grios = gold collection, bank
gryf = trial by error, gryffyndor
graph = graphical, write
grinch = anathema, disregard, child stealer, anarchist, talent seeker, against
gringotts = gold collection, bank
gral = grail, drink cup, goblet
groi = groin; growing, this is where you are growing in size something of yourself until you don't need to grow.
growy = wing growth
gruoz = windspeed
gruozx = high windspeed
gruui = rain
gruuica = rain forest
gruev = groovy, cruel way to live (ruination)
grz = grease
grtz = congrats, gritz, greetz, grits, greets, regrets
gsutoreln = rock spire
gteal = rock wall
gtuleht = skin dancer, skin shifter
gtuln = new skin, scab
gpuzre = shield
gpuzreunsozfol = energy shield
gpuzrecalam = fire shield
gwyllion = ugly female faery that take a goat form and make travellors lost


ha = have; (hao) had, depiction, to, laugh
he = heat, helium, hair, light
hi = unwant, mark, hello, hand
ho = wonder, homium, equal, how, woman, heliopath, wonderous
hu = heighten, helio, who, fire being
hy = crossing over, find your way, high

haa = realization
hea = heal, heave
hia = energy release
hoa = hold up
hua = balancing, hyper; high, higher in something that is stopping when you need it to become what you want with balancing.
hya = meet

hae = hey
hee = get a move on, open
hie = highly,
hoe = plow
hue = animal; shade of color
hye = hyena, wild werewolf, evil trickster

hai = agree, honey ant
hei = elevate
hii = trust
hoi = throw up
hui = humane; human, compassion, minding, compassionate, hurling, throw at a distance minding the area
hyi = exchange

hao = healthy
heo = firey; heal, helio, fire
hio = hail
hoo = focus; aim, horror
huo = minute; hypo, low, lower something that stops at a low point.
hyo = diversion; divert, halo, fire ring

hau = possess; possession, good, are (area arranged) heu = time; hour, hello hiu = chopped; chop to pieces, chop up, shapeshifting fire being that controls wildfire hou = greeting; how, belonging to, house
huu = ground
hyu = phase

hay = straw bundled, straw
hey = greet
hiy = hand shake, kiss on cheek
hoy = grabbing attention, fire fey that are wild fire beings, hoist
huy = throw outward
hyy = hvy, high, highly, heavy

hab = living, hasbeen
heb = translate
hib = sleep within, hibernate
hob = hobble, break on purpose
hub = see all (pan), hubris; vehicle, area or area effect.
hyb = hide in, cross between

hac = he, fake; hack, visualize, picture, pseudo effect there is faking things or a point you make it real, this is where you think to imagine something, then visualize the result and picture yourself after the point to set a point you make in detail. This is done by doing activity or suggesting things to yourself, this is made by suggestion almost everyday to create the point you imagined and visualized. The point you do is focus as you think or state a thought, that is when you create by subconscious what you visualize is you, those that did this created as you did the result and created on idea is thinking on a point by feel.
hec = infrared view, light burst, this could be a hulk transformation if your body uses the light energy in a burst to produce rapid expansion. this only takes a thought and a focus point to do. so if you don't need the weight, then don't do this effect, if that's because it can create a rapid cell expansion..especially if you eat or drink calories to make up for the body expansion.
hic = hick, hillbilly, explosive, painted scene
hoc = hockey, miracle, see how, find out, sell and buy (ad hoc)
huc = sense, sea storm, huck, hockey stick
hyc = transition, transitional, high tide, destruction

had = jury; haven't, hadn't, duty, judgement, reduction, destruction, deduction, had (tricked)
hed = hedonistic; heed, focused heat, heat wave, explosion, head
hid = sign; money, coin, bank note, dollar, less value, hide
hod = hoody; hold, held, control, trial, servant, destruct, thought out, think, curious, ancestor
hud = display; extrude, extract, sensual height, lower level, deadness, disturb
hyd = black; slavery, bondage, charge reduction, criminal, low price, dip. high debt, or mass destruction hadda = supply; had to, had of
hadde = (a) death, had dealt
haddi = hood; had, did have
haddo = job; had to do, chore
haddu = birthed, duty to you
haddy = demised; hoody, had dye, had died

haf = discount; have, half
hef = strength; heft, hefty
hif = plane; fly high, highflyer, ideosity
hof = dismiss; hoff, scoff
huf = hoof
hyf = sniff; high, drug effect, high time, high ground

hah = snort laugh
heh = mild laugh, heavy (moment), silent laugh, silent laughter
hih = breathy hello, expressive greeting
hoh = stop slowly
huh = bafflement
hyh = wild laugh, unstable laugh

hak = not funny, dead serious
hek = dark, revoke, heckle
hik = hike, hawk, long walk
hok = hock, slightly untrue
huk = hook
hyk = hicky, skin blemish

hal = hale, heathy, breathy, demonistic, AI (crystalline intelligence)
hel = hl; heal, heel
hil = while
hol = hole, whole
hul = heighten sense
hyl = hill, large mound

ham = disparage, harm
hem = hamper, lurch
him = sear, hime, hima, high mark
hom = home, helm, helmet, similiar, relax
hum = anthr (another), human, being, good humor, humid
hym = ritual song, him

han = underwear, hear out, handle, male life force
hen = very, good, weird
hin = behind, hind leg
hon = hone, horn, partner
hun = red hewwing fish, hoon, owl, hewn
hyn = hint, hinder

hap = happen
hep = heap, pile
hip = hype, hip
hop = hope
hup = hoop
hyp = neat, hyper, hipp, hype, write up

har = laugh
her = her, here, hear
hir = hire, higher
hor = horror, horrid
hur = hurdle
hyr = adhere

has = haze
hes = murky, slowness, glue, adhesive
his = high score
hos = hose, horse
hus = slower, whose, sluggish
hys = his

hat = hate
het = heat, branch of study, her, stick (on), glue (on)
hit = height, popular, populous, drug, (hate) to strike
hot = in heat, hot
hut = owl
hyt = hit

hav = haven't, protection
hev = heave, throw
hiv = hive, mental link, connect awareness
hov = levitate, hover
huv = suck into, hoove
hyv = wilt, dry out, store

haw = laugh
hew = k, cut
hiw = hail, hao, greet, hello
how = bone, howl, greet, personality (chinese)
huw = pull, toward
hyw = gravity

hax = descriptive, extreme
hex = hex, spell, extra helium, six, advanced number system
hix = upraise, hike up
hox = hoax, false
hux = huix, hook, nature child
hyx = extra high, rare air

haz = whoozy
hez = contained helium, helium tank
hiz = hello, high resolution
hoz = hose
huz = whose
hyz = his, high altitude, high up

hagg = magi shapeshifter, haggle
hegg = patience
higg = high ground
hogg = large hog
hugg = hug
hygg = hygiene

hama = lighten, vein
hema = exploit end, gravity, life blood
hima = spread, sustain
homa = bumble bee
huma = make change, general
hyma = move across, cross over

hame = lighten mood
heme = aiding, feel good
hime = give of yourself
home = down to earth
hume = support, know it all
hyme = chorus song

hami = division or feeling release
hemi = hemitite, restriction, half, 1/2
himi = divide, direct application
homi = disolution, seeking out, untense
humi = trapped, thinking on
hymi = inclusion

hamo = appearance, apparant
hemo = detection, detect
himo = deign, mask
homo = hide, hiding, same
humo = odd; (worked) funny, make laughter, humorous, weird, this is a weird moment that is odd and humorous as its a point of disturbance or nothing.
hymo = harmony; harmony in life.

hamu = mana, ancient magic source, soul, great power, this is a soul of great power where you think and create by an ancient magic source.
hemu = metal
himu = tense
homu = dense
humu = directed as, directed force
hymu = directed music

hamy = (hame-y), moved to harm
hemy = song request
himy = cast forth flame
homy = sent home, do I belong
humy = suggest
hymy = focused music

hana = hinder; holding
hane = handles
hani = honey
hano = handled
hanu = stopped; stopping point, focus to create and stop.
hany = handling; hold, keep, this is where you keep a hold on things.

hann = male source, hang
henn = chicken
hinn = hinder, hint
honn = hon, attention getter
hunn = hunt, held blow, honey
hynn = excuse, hind, human centaur shapeshifter, help, aid

hant = put to a halt
hent = to give prospect
hint = a masking
hont = heart searching, searching the grounds, haunt, close call
hunt = hunters
hynt = a hint

harz = horrific, terror
herz = energy voltage, hertz
hirz = highly visual, az, brightly coloured
horz = energy bars
hurz = in pain from
hyrz = shock

hamm = ham
hemm = sewing line
himm = him, himn, 1 A person who be antisocial by negative means (Himler and similiar).
2. A being (sometimes negative, Dhampiric, Outer spacial, Alien). 3. a male
personality. 4. An antisocial and aggressive message. 5. Dhampiric personage
thanks to Amanda.
homm = joyous feeling
humm = hum
hymm = alter self

hasl = hssl, hassle
hesl = busy
hisl = time past
hosl = hotel
husl = hussle
hysl = provoke

hast = hate
hest = behest, good will
hist = history, hissy fit
host = house overseer, intent
hust = hustle or creating, human strength, humane strength, painkiller
hyst = robbery

hla = snake human
hle = fire
hli = active heal, active hold
hlo = hello, healed
hlu = heal yourself, control yourself
hly = cure all

haori = naming cloth, energy level by sigil, energy level in itself, a level of a person or the person
halp = experienced specially, expert help
ho-oo = phoenix
Heiu = [He-uh] feeler heal, Create life effect through time and undo unnecessary. Restore.
hiei = hierarchy
hier = here
hierocosphonx = hawk headed lion
hioctan = high octane, energy efficient
hameln = pied piper or applied singer piper as you might think about it
hate = hiatus, restriction
hihi = how do you do?
huhedgoa = human headed goat
haal = healthy; make healthy otherwise, think of what you need to get a result.
halh = less healthy; less fat and less food is what is done.
hascik = hopscotch; this is where you use chalk and mark a sidewalk, then jump on the area and stay in the lines.
headbangs = music listen
heal = restful; rest or relax, meditative healing sleep, this effects in the mind by causing rest and relaxation otherwise that seems to effect the brain and work with the point that you make with or without food.
healun = undeath; undying health, with negativity its incessant bad health
healunh = healunn, unceasing bad health with negativity
healy = heal yourself, self-healing
hearepairo = regeneration
hearsay = false rumor, rumor, its a false rumor if proven wrong or a rumor that's true is proven correct.
heat = gun, pistol, heatpack
heath = health
heather = heavenly, down to earth, a plant
hebrew = translate language, language combination, ancient language
hellion = hell denizen
hemlock = choke or throat close
hemun = immunity, also a 6 fingered human with unlimited magic and elemental force abilty.
hoen = holn, hell denizen
huey = eye color
huerm = hermetic
huin = humanely; humaning, humbling, this is creating a human perception by what is done.
hurm = natural harmonic hermetic cure
huoi = high fortitude, high protection, high fortune, untouchable
hairy = coarse hair, hairy, hassle
hiume = hyifyumub, gift exchange holiday, christmas
hiumev = christmas eve, xmas eve, cut extra mass after
hibiscus = derangement, inhibit, marijuana
hilkep = hillkeep, inn
hinsa = hidden insane, hidden dimensia, high insane where you appear sane in your mind but isn't or your mind isn't, much like a vision it somehow fits and the vision if there is one doesn't end. With the high insane, use others stuff and they can't control you as they somehow get a link to the stuff you normally use. By admittance they drop it.
hisa = high sane is to see a clear vision while being sane. You see everything in a high and clear resolution. So you are not attacking yet being. A vision that clearifies as sanity. As soem is to be able and all neat while soem isn't. We see to differ as in the procedures we might take. Some in a moment might consider sane as insane with the instant.
hivi = high vision or the think by thought and it occurs.
hivig = high imagination is to, see it and they become real. You have to dissuade them from being there. As to go else is there. Then they dissolve as if else is then into nothing.
hyifyu = gift exchange
hamah = healing bird that when around will cause healing in almost everything
hameh = murderer blood drinker bird
hammurag = dark light, being negative or dark with method yet positive with intention. Hammer rage
hanky = soft cloth
hankypanky = henkypanky, explorative exploration, you feel it to know it just to precise expression
hubbub = crowd interest, noisy matter
harry = investigator, fun loving
herd = heard, guided target
huli = live fire, living likeness, hullucigenics (smoke chemical hallucinigenics)
huit = eight, hack it, cut up, eight
heyqa = greetings
hiatus = geas
hoyl = card
hoylgam = card game
huyiao = human alligator with crocodile head, humanlike leathery torso, clawed feet
and it prefers to walk
huysun = shuriken
habanero = a habinero pepper
habe = have
habbo = habitat
hobgoblin = friendly to human fairy
hadsu = handsome
hasbeen = false presenter, pretender
hissain = a hispaniol of polynesia.
hexbquintile = Magically biquintiles, the Sun and Mercury, magical benefits, the magic thats stoppable with energy and magnetic influx.
hidago = outlast, durable
hudra = human dragon that has a human shape but thick scale armor with thick tail and a dragon head standing on two clawed feet
hydrosel = saltwater
hafta = hafto, have to
hifotyi = high fortitude, high protection, high fortune, untouchable
huff = hufflepuff, not lost hope
hagall = hail, forces outside your control
hoga = everlasting fire spirit
hogwart = large pimple
hogwarts = beginner magic school
hemunte = weld, metallic combine
harg = higher argument, life from original world that you are guided by trap. Horrific motion via argument., hard gain, hard get
harg'e = exceptional guard argument of positiive nature, death, higher arguement with energy., higher guard
hargamony = a disease that doesn't go away and seems like a cold that is created by ascertained means.
hargemony = higher argument of or with money
hargeword = Words that mean to allow but get stuff.
hargomony = higher argument of the memory of money.
herg = tumor like magic effect thats shaped, tumor thats growable, causing a repeat moment that effects nearby.
hergword = hard-wired if its worded.
hermes = winged messenger
hermedical = hospital
hermion = hear me out
hermione = study well
homethro = throw to the ground
homogenious = similiar mixture
hombjala = house projection demon
homhoo = helmed horror, animated magical armor servant
horadd = harassment, horror addition
hang = understand, halt, talk, chat
horn = force, ivory protrusion, intrude
howemo = bone armor, dead bones circling armor
howal = bone wall, fossilized bones wall circle
humour = energy body flow
huaqia = shark human transformer
huyfit = elephant human that be a walking elephant half the elephant bulk
heti = hitting; histi, histin, history
hukl = heckle; bother, think or where you make use of an idea and sometimes that is asking someone for something, this idea isn't always appreciated so don't heckle anyone if you can avoid it.
hutobb = human plant, plant clone that be perfect human form on the outside
but plant in the middle
hutrol = human troll looks human but can regenerate anything at will,
hane = study well, hermione
hillary = motherly, disciplinist, disciplinary, discipline, humiliation
hindu = pacifist, religion
hippocampus = fish horse with webbed paw forelegs serpent tail, horse tail and
plausible back fin
hippocerf = horse deer
hippogryph = griffin head wings front legs and a torso with horse hind legs
hopkin = durability, endurance
hypo = insufficient, under
hyppo = elephant sized horse
hosan = saint
hysir = high court judge, high and mighty
hipnoj = hypnoj, hypnotize
hath = has, have
hot = fire ant
hottie = hotty, good looking, very sexy
haven = habitat, living place
heddro = heddrop, to drop head, money count
hevy = heavy
hewup = cut up, diced
hewupp = green onion
hewn = wrought, built
howgao = bone prison, imprisoning bone wall ring that imprison all enemy
nullifying magic
howlug = bone spear, pass-thru bone missile that strikes in a row
howeta = seeking revenant spirit, revenant spirit that seeks out mental target
or its own
huwom = human worm that has human serpentlike body worm head and neck, human woman
hha = serious effort, seriously
hyplasa = hyplasa = hyperlight; This is a point on your way of life and its a choice of yours, lets make certain that you know where your going and that means you should know of things before you go as revealed with insight by the soul and realized by the spirit. So think you go and you go there, otherwise if you don't think to go you won't and you end up back on earth or the planet you want to be on. Once you shift there, you can easily shift to places. What will occur is what you want to occur, this means what you feel should happen will happen.

Once you shift you aren't remembered as you went hyperlight, this is using the light given off of our bodies aura with thought to end up somewhere or do something else. That is done by closing your eyes or leaving them open and think you go somewhere else. Seeing a picture of the place helps with what you do. Think of what you want and your subconscious does things, that is where the subconscious creates what you want by what you need. This uses any source of energy that you want to use, that is including your own body weight as a source. I am not in an afterlife, so I would know by the spirit what is there. This is advanced knowledge of the enlightened master, seeing that he or she ceased to live 800 years ago.

Then remembering the area or place and thinking of the thing to do as you need to be there shifts you back or to where you need to be, this is just as you feel what you think the area was like. Think of the feel that was there or think of your feelings for the place or the family there to activate it. Then a natural light surrounds your body spreading through the aura, that erases the past point and you are of different intended results. Unless your recorded in doing something or on record then, if on record think to go hyperlight and they won't have a record.

Seeing you can do the hyperlight shift while this can be done standing in place or going to somewhere, still doing things otherwise you can go anywhere you imagine, if you intend to, then you are in other places and times until you decide to return. This means you are remembered and yet you don't make the same mistakes. What is listed in the point thereafter, this won't happen to you unless you want things to occur. An that is a point my past life remembers well as a noted idea.
hrmem = crcrazy, anchor, to actually go and seem like doing, To go about and seem like you do to seem normal and go crazy on actually doing, to have a go an have a long term memory and some short term.
hsigo = winged monkey with human face
hss = historectomy, muscle weight; this muscle weight weighs 3 times as heavy as fat and is gained by working out. However, the muscle weight can appear slender or bulky at first, that's until the bulkiness is changed into thinness as a worn down form to appear like an unnatural slenderness. This means mucle is there, that allows you to open tight things easier. Some think it worth the effort, some think it's not worth the time to earn this type of muscle weight. Yet, this weight is worn away as you keep the muscle and only by eating sugar and other foods as you work out. This is knowable as a fact and can seem interesting indeed by feel, especially if you can lower the weight and keep the muscle.
htorelnpor = tremor
htorelnzg = arbo, tree
htuoctumoi = aqocebyaeoi, hydrocarbonatemethanol, breathable water
htuoctumoisfi = aqocebyaeoefi, hydrocarbonatemethanolsulfur, breathable sulfurwater
htuotu = hydrogen peroxide, H2O2
htuotri = hydrogen oxate, H2O3, water mist
htuso = hydrogen sulfur, corrosive water, H2SO
htuostu = hydrogen oxygensulfide, Healing sulfurwater, rotten egg water, H2OS2
htusotri = hydrogen sulfuroxate, sulfur ozone, corruptive gas that heals bodies,
swamp gas, H2SO3
htuoquad = hydrogen peroxite, corrosion gas, H2O4
hw = how, bone, homework, greeting
hxc = hoaxic, sporadic, false idea, hexidecimal, six numbers


ja = know, jab, negative, against, yes, this is a point that your aware of yet know its true.
je = clean
ji = interchange
jo = person; joked, good, coffee
ju = jilk; hexed, jew, play, youthful
jy = bade; bade is sometimes bad, bad guy, bad thing

jaa = look around
jea = postive
jia = moving platform
joa = airflow; jet, plane
jua = made; area of action, installment, place
jya = con; convince, conniving

jae = jewel
jee = gleeful
jie = deny; jab, clean, sister, stab
joe = candy; formable material, scalding, tough, gooey
jue = cast
jye = exploit

jai = jail
jei = opinionating; jaded, bias
jii = charm; enchant, enchantment, enchant anything you think on with choice property as energy.
joi = enjoyment; play, joint, statement
jui = claim
jyi = hide; congeal, conceal

jao = jail; imprisionment
jeo = dimension; globe, planet
jio = fly
joo = glide; you, slide
juo = jump
jyo = geas; set subliminal instruction

jau = join
jeu = jinx; voodoo, play, youthful
jiu = disrupt
jou = joust; fight, just
juu = spell
jyu = misunderstand

jay = jay bird, illegal, legal, talent
jey = happy feel
jiy = song of joy
joy = enjoy, artificial joy be Sodium Hydro Pentathol or dopamine; joy drug; control drug
juy = disappoint
jyy = jig, built-upon, stole away, jury rig, snig

jab = jab, strike
jeb = cleanliness
jib = switch back
job = job, work
jub = curse, juvenile delinquant
jyb = enemy

jac = jack, shock
jec = beckon, jinx
jic = short, sparking, impregnate
joc = prank
juc = drink, curse
jyc = framed

jad = jade
jed = self suit
jid = trade blow
jod = cleanse
jud = purify
jyd = step, stairstep

jaf = bruise
jef = sanitary
jif = communication
jof = dirty joke
juf = area curse
jyf = dirty deed

jag = justice, jagged, edge, cutting edge
jeg = spring cleaning, little dragon
jig = interject, dance
jog = jog, recover, good humor
jug = bad, container, liquid
jyg = magical dance

jah = observe, ahh, yes
jeh = subtle
jih = holy, holy war
joh = at job
juh = join in, meet, congregation
jyh = hired help

jaj = reminder
jej = clear conscious
jij = correct; adjustment, yes, philosophy, wisdom
joj = good escuse
juj = no; wrong, judge
jyj = powerful

jak = bathroom, jake
jek = cleaned up
jik = exchange blow
jok = unhumorous, humorous
juk = diamond
jyk = acclaim

jal = contain, keep from
jel = jiggly, loose form
jil = wanted, hunted for
jol = jolly, always laugh
jul = jule, jewel, energy used
jyl = consistence, constant

jam = problem area, jam
jem = efficient, spring cleaning
jim = gym; work out, substitution, leap year, aggressive, substitute, depend, dependable
jom = equation, practical joke
jum = bad month, disasterous month
jym = illogical, villian

jan = bruised ego, make stride
jen = work clothing
jin = transfix, genie
jon = reputed, insurgent, betrayer
jun = cluster, spring, june
jyn = mercenary, jinn, djinni, djyn, granted wish

jap = japanese, surge
jep = clean force
jip = change source
jop = positive force
jup = corrupted power
jyp = taint

jaq = jabbed silent
jeq = cleanliness
jiq = mute
joq = silent relaxation
juq = silence, quitness
jyq = resistance, silent treatment

jar = jar, unscrew, round container
jer = without dust
jir = gyro
jor = tactical, good move
jur = council, juror
jyr = villany

jas = jasper
jes = lack of patience
jis = act for someone
jos = prophecy, joke
jus = just, justice, fair
jys = focusing calm, trance

jat = stab
jet = jet stone, movement
jit = jint, roach, readjustment; nervous reaction, jittery, jita, adjust (to switch place), adjustment that in use can lead to a nervous reaction or nervous man (or full manifest).
jot = write, jolt, a little
jut = jut, jute, diamond, extend out, extension

jyt = jitter

jav = hangover
jev = clean slate
jiv = switch views
jov = good view, hade
juv = juvenile
jyv = villainous

jaw = jaw
jew = disobedient; disobedient ones (jewe or jewix), this is where disobedience is noted and remarked upon otherwise this is fresh as fresh is a point you notice.
jiw = juixtaposition, switched place
jow = jowl
juw = coven, gathering
jyw = treachery

jax = pierce
jex = appear new, extra clean
jix = exchange, jinx, a stop, a thing that stops
jox = expert
jux = juix, jinx, damning, aspx, spite
jyx = supercriminal

jaz = knife fighter, knifer
jez = jeez
jiz = swap, confusion
joz = sweet
juz = bad luck, scapegoat, ginnypig, jews
jyz = juvenile criminal, thief den

jaff = dishonor, family insult
jeff = janitor, clean, family sanitary
jiff = talk, peanut butter
joff = prank
juff = haunt
jyff = secret

jahn = increased momentum
jehn = movement
jihn = speed
john = bathroom, stunned, father, vowel movement
juhn = rapid movement
jyhn = pulsing force

j-ear = devotion, charged purpose
jailor = imprisioner
jaune = yellow
jaya = giant, being chase/d
jean = sharp wit, quick mind, cagey, injustice
jiay = quick, quickly, fast, quick movement
jieasu = twin sister
jado = show; shadow work.
jaheim = death and desperateness or not desperate activity by calm behavior with love and loyalty that sometimes can seem what you laugh or feel in pain by feel
jelif = charmed life
jicrukido = jiycryekideth, death song, banshee wail
jink = real money.
jinka = money, in ancient they could get violent over an exchange if there was denial.
jinn = djinn, listen to the money exchange as they are shapeshift transparent fire bodied beings of good and bad nature who can grant the wish of the asker and transport people through sleep to another place at will and listen to the angels speak as they want.
jinshin = earthquake
jinshin-uwo = earthquake fish, 700 mile eel
joey = disrespect, disfavor
joiy = chore, joiner
joiy = chore
joir = implement method, implementor
joier = joiner
johir = joeir, monster, menace
joicorrant = power play
joesa = scalding hot
jyokou = illiterate
jabrya = jabreya, impatient, young
jabhyc = charge strike
jace = wall slam
jaco = chair, lift up, lift chair
jacob = attempt, ladder
jack = stable, air pump, rock steady, this is something you put under a car to raise it up and down.
jacky = jackie, yellow jacket wasp
jedi = mental control master
jedil = wash
jedilarmur = washable armour
jedilplak = washplate, untarnish silver, self-cleaning
jetison = eject, freely release
jethro = incredible, ingenious, flame throw
joaplarmi = self-cleaning armour, washable platemail
judy = busy; work, working (task), bey, busyness, this is a task to be doing something, that's work done by the point you think to get a result. the end result is imagined, so think of what you want and you can get the idea as though an end result.
jiffy = convenience, moment, fast, automobile
jagu = jaguar
jagan = grand knight
jiggtul = skin dancer
jihnx = extra speed, unknowable
jijo = forbidden, alien city
jake = outhouse, portapotty
jalepeno = jalepeno, mildly hot pepper
jalor = jailor
julie = delight
jane = plain, basic flavor
janet = proposal
java = brewed coffee 
jenny = tough, indivisual
jingy = jumanji, magical game of jungle sequences that often can trap the players and they are released by stating uou jingy or awareness.
jinxh = subvert, subversion
jones = efficient, ambiguity
josh = joke
joshua = psychic, ladder, build-up
joshuaid = mental assistance, mental help call
juchie = junky, man
jusity = just in time, in the nick of time
jushq = police headquarters
just = settle; jus-t, fated in this, just this, that judge, jest, anchor point, this is where you settle somewhere and can shift back to there by feel, this is done as you think to be where you use the word. Think to remove the anchor if you want to do things, this is done by thinking to pull up the roots of yourself. However, I would keep the anchor or you might shift around. Use of the word in a sentence makes it so you don't think of what's before the word, you remember the point after the word.
justi = justin, judge, lawful, just inside
justic = ice formation, lawman, law representative, law representor
justiss = justice, law
justinn = chaotic, not lawful, lazy, unlawful
jedy = thaw; melt or melting moment where ice turns to water.
jody = askance: questionably; questionable point that you think about.
jera = harvest, reaping of efforts
jordan = sport (basketball, baseball, etc)
jorden = hidden desire, hidden threat
jsut = jesuit, pursuit of peace and focused on thought, peace one, oneness


ka = chi, human body (force), female life force
ke = key, keen, enable, key method, think to key in and do what you want (sometimes this is for a personal reason like better health yet you could reject the health as its extra weight and weight drop) and things work out
ki = mind and spirit, kick
ko = do force, kill off, will do
ku = energy projection, cool, empty
ky = momentum build, combined spirit and body force, high chi

kaa = kindly
kea = persist
kia = working on
koa = cooperation
kua = accuracy, on target, subtle defeat
kya = relentless

kae = destructive impulse; on an impulse you create by destructive means or cherubic activity. Otherwise this is cherub; a small angel that can soul transfer by feel. Upon resistance of the urge they bring, they disappear from you and leave you where you are at the moment. Think the creator switches you back and you return.
kee = projection
kie = power word kill
koe = eating
kue = unleash, unlock
kye = excess disruption

kai = chi focus body instant recharge, lightning
kei = undoing
kii = heightened focus
koi = hold energy, renew, boyfriend, lover, large fish
kui = drain
kyi = suspence

kao = chaos, inner wild power, chaos moment, break down, psychic moment
keo = delay
kio = champion, kill, aid, if kill; the killing the need for fun. Otherwise killing the need.
koo = cold
kuo = chew
kyo = kill you, drain away, no (immediance), as if there was one

kau = do not be discerned, carefree
keu = show emotion
kiu = see energy
kou = vessel, object, slave, servant, person
kuu = compliment
kyu = self interest

kab = strengthen force, force renewal
keb = main channel
kib = reinforce body
kob = action channel
kub = calm down
kyb = projection

kac = aura vision
kec = main charge, critical charge
kic = chick; spirit move, mind sight, kick out, chica, chicken
koc = energy movement, call death, done order
kuc = vision, heat image, respected visage
kyc = suspense

kad = harm spirit, will, life energy reduce
ked = type in, keyed, key drop, key in
kid = kid, child
kod = code, chord, restore
kud = could, wanton
kyd = eventful, resolution, anticlimatic

kaf = energy
kef = reef
kif = rife, cut life, riffle
kof = coefficient, idiot, cut off, cough
kuf = illusion, grand vision
kyf = pattern, repeat

kag = good energy
keg = barrel
kig = good mind, good kick
kog = spiked wheel
kug = cougar
kyg = efficient movement, good suspense

kah = heat energy, heat travel
keh = heat treatment
kih = mind and spirit, kick
koh = heatup, cool down, stroke
kuh = illusion, warmth
kyh = warm, combined body mind and heat, magick

kaj = cajun, hot cookin
kej = winning arguement
kij = kick jump, shift place
koj = action, activity
kuj = applied focus
kyj = deeds, achievement, necessity

kak = attack
kek = kink, kinky
kik = kick
kok = cock, cocky
kuk = craziness
kyk = dimensia, purposely hurt yourself

kal = calamity
kel = fall dead, kettl, kettle
kil = falling down a mountain, mountain fall
kol = early demise
kul = cool down, refrigerate
kyl = decomposition

kam = camera, picture, pencil, stencil, idea focus, hard idea
kem = kemis; charisma, unlock, black, keyed, life adjust, chemistry; kmyy, chem, chemical action, substance of effect, charm; this is where you cause what you want by speaking or doing things.
kim = spiritual, mind me
kom = brush, comb, force aside, hairbrush
kum = hard luck, psi force, cooler, projection
kym = suspense, vertigo, gravity force, failure

kan = can, fire
ken = know, keen
kin = kindred, gold
kon = cone, chon, chronic, killing, conic
kun = racoon
kyn = dullness, kind, dull

kap = monk, martial artist
kep = keep, kingpin
kip = op; key person, spiritualist, shaman, kick person, animal; doglike or dog
kop = power monk, mana knight
kup = projectionist, awesome
kyp = brownie point, moral boost, astral projectionist

kaq = mental silence, mind blank
keq = power word quiet
kiq = unseen, silent
koq = silent achievement, noisy, quiet
kuq = haunt, unnoticed cool
kyq = slow fall, unfelt

kar = hover vehicle
ker = kernel, core part
kir = impulse, felt control
kor = revival
kur = killer cure, cure all, cure done by death essence decay targeting the illness. Otherwise this is where you kill by movement as this is that which you don't want by what you do in thought, to remove the things as though you think to remove and as you do you kill unless you don't need to. As the disease isn't there as if you kill what respresents, or acts out the disease to you or you can kill in the idea by stopping the activity. As before the disease appeared the brain resets to a better pattern as that which made the disease is gone and you can not allow the disease as the spirit cured the problem idea and things you seem is done. This disease disappears, think in a point and therefore I using the third eye didn't touch a person. This is as that is a cure though the removal never existed, that set the event or caused that to not exist as if an you lived that way. As think an do is to use thought kill the disease or ill that thinking, in actuality this made the energy appear as concept and as dismissed can make. The idea work as the properties can seem turned off in what you think is a grey energy thought sheet, as properties go off as the thought is "off" to do as you come to an area you imagine their event, this is as off activity and is a natural energy thing or not thing. As is what is inevitable stays off. As if what you think that set the event apart in life as the disease, not ever happened as if a switch were turned off. Otherwise, as you image by imagining the property list that can list the thing as a disease and think off and the disaese disappears, as to become something else from transformed energy this sent to "there" as a planet core in life.
kyr = increased potency

kas = extend power
kes = slowly key, keys
kis = extend mind
kos = slowly achieve
kus = extend energy
kys = kiss

kat = focus device, crystal
ket = key in, unlock
kit = fly high, kick it
kot = force action, renew, activity
kut = astral projection, unique
kyt = suspense, suspend in air

kla = claw, klava, copy, coffee
kle = kleenex, clean
kli = click
klo = clove
klu = clue
kly = climate, temperature

kna = knack, insightful behaviour
kne = kneel, knee
kni = knight, champion
kno = gno (good no), know (kill now), destroy by knowledge, deadly creature, so know is sometimes nail or nearly hit
knu = knolidknuckle, knew, knowledge, nerve
kny = netting, net

knab = rogue
kneb = controller
knib = fellow, brother
knob = door knob, bulbous, bulb, clairovoyance
knub = location find
knyb = steal

kaki = khaki
keki = insanity, estrange, confuse
kiki = kicking, kick, kicky
koki = drug abuse
kuki = strange, crazy
kyki = dishevelled, repugnant, insane, or uncouth

kank = unconscious
kenk = concusion
kink = strike, blow
konk = knock in
kunk = paranoid
kynk = untouchable, hurtful

kadd = calculation, mathematic deduction, mathematical abduction
kedd = destruct sequence
kidd = kid
kodd = coddle, vine core, cuddle
kudd = curdle, curse
kydd = foggy, fog, distress

kalla = bring calamity
kella = wrought death
killa = brought mountain fall
kolla = brought early demise
kulla = refrigerate
kylla = decomposing

kalle = disasterous
kelle = dying
kille = mountain fall
kolle = an early demise
kulle = cool down
kylle = decompose

kalli = likely calamity
kelli = like death
killi = like a mountain fall
kolli = like an early demise
kulli = like cool down, like refrigeration
kylli = like decomposition

kallo = low calamity
kello = low death
killo = low mountain fall
kollo = low down early demise
kullo = low temperature
kyllo = low degree decompositon

kallu = early warning
kellu = premature death warning
killu = mountain fall warning
kollu = early demise warning
kullu = cooling down warning
kyllu = decompositon warning

kally = possible calamity
kelly = possible death, possible life
killy = possible mountain fall
kolly = introspective, introspection
kully = possible cooling
kylly = possible decompositon, scale up

karr = fam, family
kerr = despise
kirr = incur, cause
korr = core, corrupt
kurr = current
kyrr = kuarr, tire

kablamo = lightning wall
kablastri = chain black lightning
kaiaa = lightning mastery, innate lightning manipulation
kaibu = lightning bug be bugs that light up an area
kaibud = lightning bud be a budding flower on a lightning plant
kaiflua = lightning flower from a lightning plant that placed in water will produce
a bioillumination and bioelectrical source
kaiply = lightning plant be a plant vine that gives off bioelectricity growing
kairu = lightning roach be a roach that illuminates an area with light near electrical lines, watery places and when in growth it produces bioelectricity
kaocova = conversion; chaos convertor, this is where chaos is converted and created is the positive effects of life.
kafka = manipulator demon to control worlds into a destructive technology of more than
one world and it causes the area to be overtaken by however it wants, but its usually source collecting.
kankura = cancel and do, can occur
kefka = source collector demon world supporter that has guidance of most layers of
reality but if you talk to him or her and sometimes its a between sex being, able to
assume any form and guide people as they desire and control resources if its necessary.
It looks like a being with a single person thats stacked upon itself when looked upon
with a dimensional view or aura view. To kill it, use a approach of killing the segments
as necessary that appear like normal humans, otherwise without aura view. The mind is
linked to alot of similiar people and be all in a column. It forms by people of the
same sort melding mentally and spiritually that works off hive community mentality.
The body can reform from those who kill it off and it can be anywhere to do self
actions. Some kefkas treat this as a cheat to gain already known information and
consider it a jacobian ladder. A kefka considers people as a bioresource to confide
as a network to act as information sites.
kara = kaera, chakra
kare = chakras, designed emotions, they are directed by feel with what you think.
kastri = chain lightning
kaitlin = lingering magic, magic performer
kain = magical staff, magical cane, cane (caning is not legal in the USA unless ruled so by a judge)
kaoism = chaos manipulation, mystic art
kaos = in chaos, thought without peace, energy operating system
kinesis = ability
kinetic = channelor
kuio = chocobo, pony sized wingless riding bird
kuology = congenialiaty
kaane = valor, creature comfort, combat forts, fort magic
keop = key open, unlock, energy key use by thought then is where you think of what you want and you might get the point of the idea.
keurom = turnkey, betrayer, lackey
keyta = character; created acting or made up person.
Kemika = happy wanderer
kemiko = chemical
kaniy = chernobyl, tragedy, grand accident
ketri = chain lightning
kool = a very nice, nice display
kabitz = razor edged metallic, wood folding fan
kere = cherub; a smallish childlike angel that does things for the need and can switch the soul to possess the body until resisting the cherubic desire. Then you create a soul transfer back to your body as the possession ends, that is done by the use of the creator. Otherwise its an overly large person that is slightly obese.
kibl = kibble; ok nibble, dogfood
kiblnby = kibble n bits, dogfood in bits
kadabbar = energy chaos, energy swirl used for shifting people and objects
kiddnapp = de kidnap, steal child
kidura = 1/2 second, 5 milliseconds, quick duration, mental duration.
kiddura = pregnancy, child birth
kujata = very large many appendage bull
kali = chaplain; captain, preacher or priest overseer of a church, ship or building. kamak = pen
kamehameha = power chi dynamite blast
kamur = lightning
kann = can't, to hire on, cannot
kappa = tortoise body monkey head scale limb sea dweller
keprond = groundkeeper, keep it near
kepser = kepr, keeper, keep
karue = kitsue, origin; original point, source, positive
karm = kem, karma; life balance
karmg = good karma, positive life balance
Kasu = Kasum, Casum, consume, collection, collective, collector
Kasuma = Balance of power, physical power balance
Kasume = Correct, correction maker
Kasumi = Good deal, Greedlike (for good deals)
Kasumo = Fraud, bullshit, placeshit, fraudalent, pseudo, partial (thanks to da boss)
Kasumu = consumption, consumptive, contraceptive
Kasumy = consummation, view, viewer
knuhgs = gnuhgs, rubbed wrong, fits of moments (blonde moment caused by other activity)
kelpi = 2-horned black horse bull shapechanger whos favorite form was a beautiful
white horse, young man with wet hair to lead people to their deaths.
kerel = boy
keres = vicious white teeth eye sparkling red-robed dark skinned death deliverer of hades
kaqco = take over
keth = keith, treasure
kuma = hard time, constant cool, mentapathy (telepathic empath), bear panther with
bear size and panther speed that has panther head panther like body bear paws and
eats anything it could catch
kumap = downer, mentapathist
kenaz = hearth flame, opening up, awaken
kender = stealer race, dwarven thief, burnable wood
koner = eruption
ketriv = contrive, engineer, contrivance
kavai = kawaii, killer of sacredness, cute
kevin = destructive urge, 100 snake headed dragon body person killer, vengeful
kiete = don't talk
karrmo = armored hovercraft
kimistry = chemistry, study of elements kireca = modernist
kiru = spirit cockroach
kiruhu = spirit cockroach human
kisaki = empress, queen
kinkunt = hammer blow
kipoly = shapeshift
keijii = disenchant, remove, dispel
koeioneren = torment
koiakh = pain lover
kousang = blood clot, blood vessel
koubaz = workforce, sales person
kocraci = koucraycod, computer programmer
kouvam = inspector
kuenan = torment
kuu = kojou; mage dream, this is a point you dream by focusing on a point and breathing until you fall into a trance. That uses the ease of the use with power of energy. This is done from nearby power. However, you better be careful about it, because you could set something that isn't too advisable. You can set any activity or action by a mage dream. So mention it or hear a loud startling noise, you cancel out the dream trance by feel.
kuibod = wilt
karmjop = positive karma
kobold = small very old house servant if not fed turns malicious
kihypa = hyperphase, warp shift, hyper shift
kihypia = planet hyperphase, planet warp field
kinko = cut; cutting into with force, kindred do force, cutting print
kinky = sentiment; acceptable, awesome, sentimental value, sinking in, accepted (as)
korosu = corrode; to kill, intent
kosz = thanks
katja = silent transpiring
kelbla = kelnoir, black kettle
kesk = kiosk; serving machine, self-service, service machine
kyka = chitchat; kitkat, this is where you create by talking to each other. This happens to chat you up by feel.
kytn = kitten; sweet, baby cat, gentle
khadgar = administrator, admin
kheper = evolve; evolution, metamorphosis, transformation, coming into being
kleevi = warlike insect humanoid
klot = klut, penis ball
kn = gn, know, persevere/ance, patient, awareness, this is aware thought and reaction is by feel. knupya = iriepya, knowledge pyramid, from what be you build upon
knupyaa = iriepyaa, dismissal pyramid, from what be you dismiss
knupyya = iriepyya, denial pyramid, from what be you deny
krau = mermaid
kremosat = moistener toil (towlette)
kuua = chocolate, dark sweet
kuasa. = bit of dark sweet, kuuasa, hot chocolate
kze = irreposable, crazy, this is where you don't care about things and do what you need.


la = luck; food, bring yourself, lanthanum, late, law, a, brought to you, male form, order (based), mail (from)
le = lend; lle, to, the, you (plural)
li = like; natural law, likeness, likeness to whatever shape you need or want, lent, live, lithium, lick
lo = (in) time; latter, low, low grade, hello, love, low down
lu = energy; lute, bring attention, lutetium, believing, light
ly = live; line, guide, leading, lie, leads to

laa = llama; lay away, lata, later, layer
lea = leeway, ease of passage
lia = liable, destiny, cancel, lyer
loa = lower; this is where you lower things or weight by feel.
lua = fight; party, love (with no pity), fight for action
lya = drawn; float, lee, lia, lier, liter, lighter, litter, feather fall, downpath

lae = late; lie down, lay beside
lee = slant; down slope, easing down, leave
lie = associate; may, focus point that is ending up lying down, otherwise this is self-deception by feel.
loe = relax; loa, lower yourself, blow
lue = pack
lye = drainage; we, us, our, break down, breakage, you (singular)

lai = yes; lie, laid
lei = leave; lay, paralyze, paralyzed (lein or leio)
lii = lead
loi = bequeeth; loyal, slender
lui = jealousy
lyi = suggest; made by, (up) make, leading into

lao = lasso; lay off, lay on, rope trick
leo = stoic, love (animal), brave
lio = head; lead on
loo = waterflow; low sound, bathroom
luo = hidden; not see
lyo = notice; gain goal

lau = laurel; cloth, union
leu = calming
liu = dick; instead of, switched in
lou = loudness; loud, too loud, high volume
luu = being; belief in, intend, want to believe
lyu = temporary; fake change

lay = intolerance; laying on, abuse, this is a stupid point that is when you are laying on hands to create what you need or coming about.
ley = composure; lava, lavaic energy otherwise controlled by thinking of lava an stating fixed to fix as the problem disappears. this is due to the lavaic energy changing things, from it's consciousness recieving the idea you intend to do.
liy = deposit; in place, position, a position you know by realization with the spirit causing your soul to know the point.
loy = delusion; loyal, deluded, this is a delusional state brought upon you by doing things to your body that should not be done.
luy = knowing; little known, library, the idea is in a book and the book is in the library that lets you know what you need to know.
lyy = portrayal

lab = scientist; lab, labor, workaholic
leb = leave; let be, lesbian lover
lib = liberal; free, freedom, (experienced) again, dejavue, liberal intuition
lob = thrown; throw, throw up, throw out
lyb = carry; freedom, lub

lac = lace
lec = leech; leach, blood worm
lic = bald; lice, lance
loc = locate
luc = loose; luck, light
lyc = client; license, contract

lad = manhood; laid, young man
led = cable; lead, red light
lid = lied
lod = path; lodestone, load
lud = naked; lude, in-between pause, interlude, eluding, avoid
lyd = lid

ladd = lad; anr, aner (greek), laddy, man, boy, gentleman, manling, manly
ledd = led
lidd = lid
lodd = destruction; lodestone, load
ludd = named; streaker, flasher, lude, in-between pause, interlude
lydd = a lid

laf = laugh
lef = leaf
lif = mate; matey, life, eternal
lof = loaf
luf = airforce; foremost, leuf, aloof, lift force, earth force (by him)
lyf = shoot; effective, efficient, drug

lag = slow
leg = reader; great, magna
lig = live; living moment (this could even bring someone into a living dream state), otherwise this is infamy by feel and work is by feel.
log = round; log, loqui, to speak
lug = ear; pest, spear
lyg = devotion

lah = hold; stick out tongue
leh = letch; bleh, leery, leer
lih = lich; alternative force
loh = heater; floor heat
luh = shock
lyh = generate

laj = deject
lej = reason
lij = example
loj = again; lodge, dirt
luj = explanation; explain, nudge
lyj = coverup; falsify, cover for

lak = lake
lek = leak
lik = fake; likeness, drop
lok = truth; lock, logon
luk = kid; control flow, warm
lyk = lick; slow feed, similiar (to), like

lal = flail; strikeout, move rapid any body part or object
lel = sentence; death penalty, lethal, intention
lil = superfluous; similiarity, little, deceitful
lol = indication; careful, lard in balls, loll tongue, much laughter
lul = sleepy; lull, lullaby
lyl = smaller; small minded, narrow focus

lan = sparking; path by, connected, connection
len = lean; lengthy time, length of time, long, forestall, make taller
lin = connector; line, lint
lon = loan; lonely, selfish, loner, by self, alone
lun = long; block, lunar, attribute, tides (tidal wave)
lyn = linger; length of effect, duration, allure

lam = pointout; lamp, sheep, lamb, lame, lambchop, lame, music process
lem = calcium; weight, pend, wait
lim = functional; function, calendar, callous
lom = loam; base, foamy
lum = lumox; loom, light, sewing machine, lower ship beam, viespart or boom: swinging wood beam
lym = writer; previous, limb, rhythm

lap = sit; rabbit, stirring spoon, a lap, run through event, complete circuit, absorb by eating
lep = actively; lea, leap, active
lip = bulge; fat, lip(o)
lop = hunt; run, elope, meet
lup = wolf
lyp = a lip

laq = polite
leq = sgnal; warn quietly
liq = subtle; subtile
loq = stun
luq = politeness
lyq = liquid

lar = fall; lead to, lead, believe
ler = leer (how you pronounce it), spirit; life force, conscious/ness, spectre, spectral, spiritual, the spirit force within something or people.
lir = bard; lyer, musical lute
lor = lore
lur = lure
lyr = flute

las = laser
les = loss; lus, less, lets, setting, manipulate
lis = written; write up, noticed, list, this is where you write things down.
los = ship; carry, carrier, port
lus = lustrious; lust, loose
lys = mislead; disinfect, lies, distrust

lat = relative; late night, latt, lattitude
let = setting; set, inform, information
lit = light; taken, leftward punch, a left (fight or action)
lot = shipment; area where you can load it, many things, nock
lut = lute
lyt = start

lav = live; leave, wash, labor
lev = level; lever, rise
liv = active; alive, postpone
lov = indicate; indication, lover, love of ideal, a nice thought, evolution
luv = care; careful, passionate love, loveable
lyv = position

law = law; law enforcement
lew = paint
liw = fur
low = base; basic idea
luw = figure; think, loan, notice, lewd, admire
lyw = learn

lax = relax; sloppy, untrained, unalert, relaxed by muscle release, then you know
lex = extreme
lix = copy
lox = base
lux = luix, intent; deluxe, pale blue, luix, faith
lyx = work

laz = lazy
lez = half; please, lesbianlike (ladylike) human male
liz = similarity; similiar aspect, along same lines
loz = basement
luz = target
lyz = path

laba = birth; lauber, laber, lawbreaker, thrower, lawbreak
labe = sleeper; works, unconscious, sleep, label, signature name, nickname
labi = gather
labo = childbirth; that is labor or work by worked (in) idea.
labu = slack; laze, this is activity by free time where you layabout and make activity that leave and sit
laby = lazy; fatten, laziness

laar = lier; seeking (answers), hangar, large canopy, ancient ancestry (gained by lying down and relaxing while meditating on gleaning your ancient history)
laer = onion; layer, insane
lair = conspiration; a lair, irritated, conspirational
laor = secure; labor, personal security
laur = ID; sworn, personal identify, personal identity
layr = sentence; lawyer, hard labor, hard work, inspirational

laft = lafter, laughter
left = thought; wrong, leave, remain
lift = sex; up thrust, ride, go up
loft = balcony; haybalcony
luft = dodge; move left, move aside
lyft = ride; car ride (that you pay for), this is where life energy an effective thing.

laka = gullible
leka = convince
lika = liking
loka = look up info
luka = friendship
lyka = likable

lake = treacherous; water contained in large area.
leke = schematic; scheme, plan out
like = falsehood; false, pseudo
loke = look out
luke = psion; mad or made, been hit, trick
lyke = presume

laki = charmer
leki = reknown
liki = loving
loki = deception god, similar to satan
luki = disciple
lyki = believable

lako = discipline
leko = leaked; accomplish, deed, frontier
liko = proven; proof, like otherwise
loko = ritual; rite
luko = opposite; achieve, think to work and you achieve something by working.
lyko = call; let go, called, establish, establishment that you enter or leave.

laku = vocation; job search, on vacation, compatriot/ism
leku = respect; front man, lying for, (at) large or the moment your about somewhere (else)
liku = lack; lacking, not having
loku = hidden; low place, hiding place
luku = teaming
lyku = like you

laky = black eye
leky = leaking, leakage, outside peeing
liky = without
loky = hidden location
luky = lukewarm; together, lucky
lyky = acceptable

lach = leach, blood worm, leech
lech = lecher, diseased person
lich = lich, undead mage
loch = lodge
luch = lunch
lych = lynch

lamiss = lamist, most lame, law miss(age)
lemiss = little miss, less miss
limiss = lime, lime ass, lime taste
lomiss = low missage, below mess, law abiding
lumiss = loo (bathroom) missage
lymiss = lying of missage, fluid miss

lasa = light, lighting
lesa = trigger
lisa = photon, kept charge
losa = through
lusa = destructed
lysa = draw attention

lase = lance, light strike
lese = burned
lise = cauterize, lease, realize
lose = lost, gone
luse = fusing
lyse = loosely

lasi = strike
lesi = withdraw
lisi = burn, blister
losi = blurry
lusi = wound
lysi = list

laso = focused energy
leso = holder
liso = focuser, diode
loso = projector
luso = stream
lyso = cleanse

lasu = recharge
lesu = waiting
lisu = increase
losu = rebuild
lusu = renewal
lysu = body cleanse

lasy = cauterize
lesy = aftermath
lisy = life
losy = relief
lusy = lost sight
lysy = betrayal

lahn = rich
lehn = grace
lihn = servant
lohn = disrepect
luhn = disparage
lyhn = caste, kingdom

laht = light headed
leht = teleport; shift, (some vampire blood let after this, otherwise they're draining some blood from the victim they catch or allows the deed), this is more where your alert and then where you stand still or move around and think to seem somewhere, then what you think to do is done by the point that you perceive. You can appear like anyone, this includes appearing like one that can belong there. So if by shifting you mean to teleport, and think of the moment by feel. This uses memories or feelings from the place to shift you to the area. You can use anything as a source of energy, this is including fat, weight or some element. After the attempt, you could find your source or weight lessened. So think about that. If you imagine the point, then your subconscious makes what you imagine manifest or think to be created and this is treated as though a need were being granted like a wish.
liht = light
loht = float upward
luht = stealing away
lyht = light up, fire up, turn lights on

lang = footwork, language
leng = long distance
ling = lng, linger, lung
long = along
lung = debris
lyng = short

lank = launch; lanky, stringy, launching forth with fire energy and created magnetism, this could also be a lank of hair.
lenk = impatient
link = link, like dead, like kill, line kill
lonk = knock out
lunk = tidal energy
lynk = cut off

lann = blockage, not passable, no path
lenn = short, shorter, unshown
linn = not line, number line, fire
lonn = not lonely, supporter, concentric
lunn = lung, lunge, block number, unattribute
lynn = no length of effect, no duration, infinite, gifted strong female

lash = a lash
lesh = leash
lish = relish
losh = sorry
lush = lush
lysh = gorgeous

likan = like another, likeness include/s
liken = to awaken, like/ly end, to like in end
likin = likpin, lichpin, linch pin, set up, toady, liking
likon = current, like on
likun = like undone, like forever, like tycoon, likely not
likyn = like in, like wind, like wine

lakath = approximate lack of action
lekath = approximate leaking
likath = approximate liking
lokath = guessing, looketh, looked at
lukath = approximate feeling
lykath = approximate good look

laketh = lack in
leketh = direction of leak
liketh = in that way, manner of speaking
loketh = in that location
luketh = look in your direction
lyketh = take a beating

lakith = charm nature
lekith = reknown structure
likith = family
lokith = locked door
lukith = dogma, religious tenent
lykith = drama

lakoth = other than discipline, lack up
lekoth = unaccomplishment, misdeed, wrong
likoth = other than proof
lokoth = archive, archiving
lukoth = misachieve
lykoth = unestablishment

lakuth = ruthless compatriot
lekuth = brute, malicious lie
likuth = fragile
lokuth = secret place
lukuth = discipline team
lykuth = stalk, stalker

lakyth = mythical lake
lekyth = myth story tell
likyth = absolute truth
lokyth = mysterious location
lukyth = mythical link
lykyth = tradition

leta = letta, let down, let on, leather, lether, leter, letter
lete = delete, alphabet
leti = retal, let in, retail
leto = let out, erase
letu = let you, let up
lety = let fly, let wild
luta = fight

lyqa = flowing liquid, stream
lyqe = mud, vicuous, thick flow, thick fluid
lyqi = pool
lyqo = liquid oxygen
lyqu = water being, water elemental
lyqy = sun energy flow

lao = upper arm, visit
leo = king, restoration, ruling over
leie = heavy air, destiny
liia = leading to
laak = may I keep, latch onto
laud = praise
laus = louse, company, relationship, law
labelle = first earth base spell effect, standing
labellzou = if you want to react to your problems which may arise, whichever are
lala = love, lunacy
lagers = indispensable dispute, insignificant, override
lamar = large; largeness, articulate
leae = elizabeth, queen, invention
leiymedit = eleiymeditu, Elemental meditations: Here are some more elemental meditations, if you don't want others effected by your thoughts. Then think as a point to yourself, "My thoughts won't effect others." Enjoy them as they are there.

Water meditation; This idea is use of water in a pond or area and its calmness, with calm water thought there's calmness. Think of what you want to create with the body, then drink the water or work with another and have them drink of it. This is true if the water is drinking water. Otherwise the water that is calm and focused upon is what creates calm thought in you. If you create a ripple, then you make waves sometime else as if a point were done.

Fire meditation; Think the point you want to see and you your soothed by the flame of a candle. Sometimes you can see the point as a psychic vision.

Earth meditation; The idea is simple, think to release your excess energy into the ground that you can feel by walking over it. Then your as calm as you may want to seem.

Air meditation; Think a point and you can create what you think to soothe your feelings into calm composure. Thinking to the air creates a release of tension in the muscles, then the excess energy that in use of a point with an idea causes uncalm, wild thoughts. That is gone by thinking release of energy into the air.
leet = eleet; elite, very nice, high ranking
lecia = laid; lay flat and have at things.
leda = leader; this is a person or group, that leads by example or idea and thought.
liebe = lab; maybe, liable (to become)
liua = lexicon; direction finder, map symbolism, otherwise this is some conversation.
libre = dasperity, freedom, desperate action by a force of desperation
liek = like
liev = think; believe, acknowledge (the thought to go or what have you)
lisy = life (lousy)
live = clothes; enlivened, energized, livery
loiipt = undeclare, unspoken
loesak = blowing shake, blowing rattle
loeova = blowover, overdone, over love
loo = bath room
loomzer = quality cloth
labotomy = laboratory, science lab
ladon = 100 headed unsleeping black dragon
ladl = ladle; liquid or soup dispensor
lagg = brain
latta = lotta, latter, letter, alot of
lentyaan = evolve, evolution
lentyaanun = devolve, go to origin, de-evolution
lieg = marie, mylady, queen, queenly
liej = liege, ruler, my lord
liev = believe
laboa = laborer, worker
label = name for, named idea, lible
libel = hidden and subconscious effect, libility, liability
lola = humour, gaily laughter, firey
lihu = live fire
lihunn = deaden fire, dead fire
ligae = lingerie, cloth, clothing
lukeysply = inajiffy, iajyy, licketysplit, fast enough, very fast
litc = lihtsa, lumisa, flash, lightning, lit scene, literacy
lamauro = glow lamp
lamassu = human headed lion, human headed bull
lamia = waist up perfect woman waist down serpent goddess, lay me out
lumi = light
lamb = sheep
lemb = take
lemola = ancient space race
lympago = man lion, man tiger
lens = lens, focus crystal, focus glass
lent = lentation
lentation = quick reaction slowdown
lentil = leech, blood sucker
letus = clean, lettus, delete us, lettuce
li'asp = to do as in necessary but make commanding remarks.
li'Isp = Y'Isp is to be interspersed, being all in mind one in body or being all in ind one in trapped body. To bring in so wild an energy it breaks apart your spirit xcept for your in mind as inner world worlds. So may have to say In'most in'tr'sper'ced' then think about what you want to do as its caused to be of an one mind except one action.
li'osp = The term for speach language impelling by doing at a whispered or a spoken phrase. To do as necessary at a spoken phrase.
lia = lava; liable if caused, this is a point of eruption or heated rock flow.
lilfai = gyefi, mihrum, mushroom; mushrooms are unique as they are also very low in calories and make a great snack.
lindwurm = scaly green-gold winged snake
linguist = language master
lira = hologram; light image, this is projected from a surface point.
lynx = panther human shifter, lynx cat
liquen = liquent, lava, liquid thinner
leviathon = giant winged snake with razor sharp teeth
livi = living free of, free of
livy = livey, livv, live being
lait = milk, late
leat = leather
lehtal = omnimorph, all forms shifter
load = start up, pack together and guidance
loin = sex organ, private part, crotch
looom = make a looming moment
loot = treasure, plunder
lairt = uplift
loco = crazy or mad; this madness is where you are not thinking of things right and then if you are aware of things by thinking of your ideal situation you calm down.
locomoto = running car, vehicle movement
lolz = in lulz, laughter all over
lucid = lucid, clear focus
lucky = lucking out, draw luck
ladys = group of women
laff = laugh, humourous laugh
ludy = lewdly
luff = love
lulz = entertaining laugh, going along the floor, sleepy mode, sleepy all over
lakisleth = snake charmer, lack is sled
likecorrant = false power, illusion
lokery = storage locker
luky = explore, look around
lily = likely, possible, likeliness
laly = liealy, liegly, legally, lately
lamoyl = lamp oil, lit lamp
langu = tongue
lemryj = weight loss
lenken = mastermind
lingo = language
lingoheb = translate language
linguli = languish
lagaz = intuitive knowledge, look outward
lagoon = small lake
legolaz = wily one
lopafu = love perfume
lara = lure, allure
laro = arousal, call attention
larceny = crime, grand order theft
lece = larcens, water, music, musical
ler-o = the car, the moving vehicle
lard = fat
larry = desperate
ledfac = lead face, things that seem an act are copied, leaden faced
leria = lacrima, large focus, large crystal
lesb = lesbian
lesc = lets see, seeing
leshy = forest spirit shapechanger
lesg = lessg, lets go
Lest = inclined to experience or estimate, least favorite person, a person that can molest others with his or her senses.
lets = allow, make up, glehkts
lezc = lesse, lesc, lets see, vision
liseu = dictionary, language listing, flesh eating zombie
lysl = disinfectant, cleanse area
litan = lentation, litany, time slow down, sped up reaction
loruam = leprecaan, evil goblin that plays tricks on unsuspecting humans
lutud = thought electricity
lutude = bioelectricity
lutudun = undying thought electricity
lutudeun = regenerative bioelectricity
lutudx = extra thought electricity
lutudex = extra bioelectricity
lutudxun = undying extra thought electricity
lutudexun = extra regenerative bioelectricity
lytae = lactation; a leak or milking if with a cow or breast feeding if with a child.
leva = lever, switch
luvn = luwn, love, loving
luvndancer = movement flow lover, loving dance woman
lawton = laws town, favour
leweb = the web, internet
lasab = light saber
laslanc = light saber lance (double light saber)
losau = lost in area, throughout, thorough
losaun = direction sense, direct, directly
lysol = disenfectant, cleanse area
lyqair = lyqo, liquid air
lyqsair = liquid sulfer air
lyqso = liquid oxygen sulfur
lyqotus = healing liquid oxygen, liquid hydroxide oxygen
liiun = unleaded, without lead
liomis = mislead, misinform
lieksok = new item scent
ligoheb = translate language
limb = arm, leg, limb
limbo = soul space, body suspend
lingua = language
latina = latin
lyiga = litigat, litigate, litigation, paperwork, investigation
lavande = lavender
lavandesserb = lavender essential oil
lazurious = lazy streak, lay around
lividy = lividie, immortal
lorezohaz = fast experience, past experience, old experience
lorenzohaz = dragon mistress
losaouz = throughout enclosed area
lhe = you(personal), yours(personal)
lle = you, yours
lmnta = elementa, element
lve = elvix, elvis, singer, elvish
lwn = lwns, lwne (lawns), loon, loan, ground cover

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