The nouns, pronouns, adverbs and verbs p1

Single vowels

a = prefix: not, affix: active; on, online, a in off, age, the, in action, actively, by, of, ah!, year, from, free, reject, no (know or gnow), at, the enactment is negative if an act is to do things by a use of 'an', the one, be, behest, obese, put upon, now I am aware what he, she, they said.
e = prefix: from, affix: be, is, are; from, it, energy, open, exception, an, and, to, am or combine.
i = prefix: movement, affix: the, include; eye, one, go, walk, march, advance, pass, flow, flei, ride, sail, iodine, urge, an interest, interact, inspire, to, activity, self, in, oh, if used as I; yes, yeah or aye, so I know this is prevented by the flow of energy. otherwise "I" means energy consciousness. This is where "I" know things. "I" act.by feel better.
o = prefix: past, affix: order, or, other, difference of, oh!, let live, past, on
u = prefix: you (if positive) or (if negative) no, affix: opposition; don''t, huge, but, uranium, understand, bend, bad, yo(u) avoid, (if negative) not, this is where you think and avoid what you hate. Think to leave the area and you aren't effected by direct things with feel.
y = prefix: cause, affix: after; active in account, wild, latch, yttrium(time element), more efficient, male, why; ask, ask a question (get an answer) After in activity of the moment you can get the end results you want working out.

Two part vowels

aa = claustic; thereof, therefore, mastery, the clause of the moment is what is there and with a point in character. otherwise this is caustic reasoning that's inappropriate with no regard to you by feel with life imprisionment. There is no parole with cops in person.
ea = creation; creation by what you relate, caustic relation, water god, each, wait, create, this if overdone can make a punching of bad people out easy, this is done if you need the effect and then if you don't then your with inner peace by feel. You may tend to react as though a guardian or manager of someone or some place, so think and you know what to do by feel.
ia = is; this is using an idea (is an or in an), liar, inner, this is a point you lie down or lie with a straight face, bias, equal (to), release, stand, away, hit item, item, this is usually an item in idea or a point of will with a liar. So to stop the lying down point, think to state unh ia or held forever in an idea point until the point is made. This is done if irate, otherwise its an ancient word meaning inner power. So enjoy what you get from this point. The point may last forever.
oa = loan; dangerous, go away, stop, past action, oil, ott (otter)', out person.
ua = resumable; degradation, continue, resume, activation, anchor, what, (water) god, water; urine, especially if urination is done.
ya = agreement; yaa, sky, space, eat, agree to, you, understood, your, yes

ae = herbage; divinorium, similar to cocaine, age, era, meaning, intent, equals, =, law creative, ate, to, as in, against things that are negated with then or no flubbing not there, this is the level by no hate no unloyalty this is the level with progentors or use by many herb type.
ee = drug; medicine, multiple, many uses level or perception with don't so you do this to not have announced multiple schlerosis.
ie = higher; well, popcorn machine; ihe, don't, ide, idea (of something), exasperation, oh yea, oh yah, exaggeration, hot air (that is made with or makes fire), tall, in it, heat release (sudden heat release creates the fire burst), giant, item
oe = needle; wait, bye, pause, thought, or, done, owe, okay
ue = tea drink; expect, up, urine (everywhere), urinate, work things up, ruin, war
ye = stone; your, you, our, yes, yeh, agreed, yet another form of life that you respect and work with by the point or feel. this form of life is formed by a stoning effect where you think to use eternal energy or god energy and gain eternal life.

ai = trap; fat, gather, debut (like a debate)
ei = to; restful, to lie down, eigie (egging, eggo)
ii = channel; weaving, thought provoking, open
oi = energy; no weight, not done, pig (oink), orange
ui = remnants; wreckage, ruin, solid, an, with, /
yi = interface; pick, sure, yes

ao = being; energy consciousness, nature, forever (darkmatter or nothing that supports the need), all-father, eternal creator
eo = divine; the alien god, million, eon, earth, evolution, top (as in centrifugal spin), up; upright
io = imagine; ol, energy, creativity, otherwise: energy specific madness; cured by angel, yet leaves an odor (bad scent)
oo = cool; sit, oh
uo = instant; who, instantly (uon), instantaneous, instantaneously (uon)
yo = augor; over here, over, you there, friendly greet, you, yes, agreement, wait, hold, greeting, empty word, hey, your, you all

au = teach; goal, value, four, taught(tight), gold, stretch
eu = peeu; pee you or stinky, language, europian, acute, good, pleasant, huge
iu = agreed; self pleasing, oh yea, feel, present action, intuitive, intuition, ', this is a point of self-pleasure where you feel by present action with intuition and intuitive knowledge.
ou = done; see, out, this is where you see things done and are out.
uu = uun: nothing; nothing more, this is where nothing more happens for a looped effect, (uhn) undone, never, not, uhuh
yu = chemistry; yield, why you, yuck, yech, yucky, yuh, you, yue, yuh, go make, this is where you make use of your time for a point or yielded effect.

ay = greeting; I, hay, positive, positive result, way as hi or road, phrase, normal attributes found acceptable and seen; Form and idea are same with energy.
ey = impairment; eye, alright, hey
iy = lily; made product, impatience, result
oy = boy; good grief, irritant
uy = gooey; male organ, why, this is gooey in nature and made from a male organ.
yy = learn; male pride, learning from, growing pains or lessening or no pains

ab = none; code, before, away from
eb = recession; receding tide, energy base, recede, go back
ib = flow
ob = take; warp, chaos, odd, not, over obesity, understood
ub = oob; energize, build, you are, you have, you've, your, understood as wish effect, this is where you activate something and create with a build of energy.
yb = clear; wiped out, ytterbium

ac = action; account, acr, sharp, actinium, exchange, electical current, electricity, ace
ec = balance
ic = -ic: characteric of a point or characteristc seen, ick; in character, I see, ice, characteristic, pertaining to, ence; fence, exchange (of heat or energy), hence, exchanger, acting
oc = lift; focus, strength
uc = okay; resolve
yc = job; wake, doing request

ad = had; if, had on, hadn't, at the moment, aid, moment, to, toward
ed = animate; animated, train, edict, soul death, this is from a hit that was done to the soul and when its done the person dies by feel. This can be used to conceal yourself, as those psychics feel your death and think your dead when this is an energy effect.
id = ego; mind, or things that can appear hideous, idea, I'd, hidden (it)
od = owed; psalm, oath, song, (a) poem
ud = you'd; to project, forward, to bring out
yd = wide; wade, make path

af = after; in favor, normal time, favorable, laugh
ef = create; to shape, mold, effect
if = result; now, sniff, fall, if "use" and or an end of a loop, possibility, now is the result this is an iffy concept point that creates what is in a random point of time as a fire formed and any incident, this is in a will if knifefight is in a random circumstance or otherwise known in. As in life that ends in a concept that ends, as what you will as thought or not is cool at the end that life is there.
of = based (on) desire; off, sex energy on the moment, focus, lineage, loyalty, time is en saver as what energy you see or use creates what you think, create by, feel (intuition from the soul), often, oven, thought point
uf = behoove; out of air, hoof, this is denoted by hearing a hoof beat or seeing a hoof.
yf = relation; gyne, wife, mated female, wild beating (of a dog), this with idea is energy and thought you use is an excess to create and make a thought including a beating or no hands are on me.

ag = element; quicksilver, age, silver
eg = egg; hedging on, dependent, eggress(ion), dark force, eager, think of things egging you on no more, then you get what you want.
ig = pi; pig, big, the idea of this is where you pig out and feel good from getting big.
og = ogle; oger, look, support, beautiful one, aug, otherwise augment or change in state.
ug = bade; ugly, tug, indecision, the indecision is where you decide not to do things and that's when your indecisive.
yg = work; wiseguy, wag, wage, test yourself, this is where you (have) to test things with your idea before you use it, you (have) to test your consciousness to know what is there.

ah = understood; oh, not active, this is in relaxing built up tension you relax, understanding comes with enlightenment and the god, deity, helps by feel. This literally stands for "I see so I don't need things unless necessary. If you need it or hold it, then ask or get by without it..", this is using obvious meaning from observation and that is also from english dictionary.
eh = ok; okay, was, be, what, caught in surprise
ih = blocked; hold off, inhinderance, now flow I know it, insightful, pride that leads to death by deadly means, in, inhibiscus, rest, inhibited, bend, day, this is where you sometimes inhibit a real life moment and experience daytime.
oh = as; held belief, I was corrected, wrong
uh = wait; high energy, doum, sickened by, pause, shamed by, dumbly do
yh = bitch; complaint, complain, shortsighted, shortsightedness, yeah, (in) agreement, ever ongoing

aj = chosen; choice, aja, selective
ej = ejection; (in) removal, out, outward
ij = readjusted; edging, well thought out, in concept that's a good thought out point and reborn, that is where your reincarnated and not on the planet or reanimated after death or catastrophic injury. This is a type of injury that is fatal, so think about the result. You can get the idea, that is what you need in idea to happen. This is a wanted thing, so think and you get the point. The process is think of what you need, suggest things and the subconscious creates what you desire.
oj = orange juice; oh jay, good for you, out in juice form or juice box
uj = betterment; urge to better, made better with thought
yj = reveal; standing up for yourself, know illusion

ak = ache; ack!, most al love to attack or hold back if male as though attack
ek = eek; scare
ik = news; ick, long bar, ink, I, in oak, pig
ok = okay; okau, oak, oak tree, comply in oath, com se com sa or alright otherwise soso or comply.
uk = party; brexit, come together, unite, one purpose, thought with salvage or create with a point
yk = national; nation, united people, with uniting ways

al = sale; ail, sail, all (as metal type or material type), aluminum, as long nailed floating haired young women corpse feeder, as an alternate form they can seem a fire eyed boar tusked iron teethed brass clawed copious shaggy hair human beast. Al use the area or feel so not to seem with stench to use the area, to see the stench as a marker or indicator seen alter to not always or not to stink
el = select; selective, meta, element, the first, eloquent motion, elephant
il = disease; illness, weakness, not, point to fix in a fixation state, bad functon, this is where you can consume way more than what you want and the thought is for food by thought.
ol = force; hold, black hole
ul = unlimited; god, line flow, life flow regulation, temperature regulation
yl = being; creator, wild magic, whole, anything possible, time will, time wyl, wiles, The moment of will thats using an energy source and an element of time.

am = run; in motion, americium, on un circular pattern, in circle out back (transitions don't beguile break this pattern as you don't actually consider him until necessary), ride; vehicle, car, what a run can consist of actually as of a point done by feel
em = feel; female, woman, (only if negative) blame or condemn. seem, contempt, (if associated with the point by feeling) empathy: association sometimes due to stress, that is with the feel of the moment. this may leave you empathic, otherwise this is due to an empass that you deal with by acceptance of the idea or fact. eum: sounds like a loud mrmory, catlike sound, this is similar to energy in the room with its sound, otherwise this is a large catlike sound where you seem like a cat.
im = him; not, note, into, image, beside the point, think about things
om = eat; nom, realize, know the level to measure (toxicity or area), clarification, effect, in upward motion (ea)
um = consume; consume a portion, poison, snake venom, some consume the idea to accost dumbly and not act as smart so you could relent, this forms a nightmare of snake venom if the venom is used, so no or sex is used to fix the need and not do it, this effects people you don't know so don't worry about the idea.
ym = eurrrm or pieeh sound, whim

an = pain; man, stopping, ain't, not (much or done otherwise u or no), This could be a stopping point where not much is done. Then the hand of doom: this is where some hand movement is done and then putting palm outward (sometimes meaning a stopping and thinking point); otherwise an is: then push or/and create, &, amperstand, include (in addition), I (ancient fire summoned with combination as I will and possibly erasure or focus), not, know, ass or particle soul, help in the end, anticipation, anticipate. This doesn't declare anything if used as an ending such as -an but takes the place of a negative reaction especially if used alone such as "this is an idea" or 'th e an ie'.

This is used if a place in time is understood for the idea, that creates in thought for what's in mind. These are things you sometimes are possibly able to use, so if you can't do things you can do them normally. Sometimes -an is a thought that's sometimes a fought moment if seen psychically. Sorta like an argument, that is with emphasis on the idea you think except its in an idea non physically done. So then dismiss the scene in your mind by thinking of something else, then things seem to work out for you. This is a sign of the fairy or life, so think of the idea and the fairy can do the effect of creation.
en = ending; (then) moment, keen, at the end, (discussed reasonably) in whatever allowing, thought by whatever thought, not done in end (nothing done nothing felt), rapids or into a body of water, encased, encode, inside, at, ent, isn't, do or is not, in the end (wild, frenzy, detrimental to form essence), god of dark matter and entropy, create as usual creative user field (as a hurt field), ending by feel
in = runtime; (if positive and agreeing like I'm in) yes, agreement, (if negative and used as 'in' by itself) no, with, die (off) (of if negative), without, ends, and, in and out, hand, not do, into, indium, not, ing, ingot, invert (revert as this creates in idea your not always doing as reverse till death), don't gnow or know attack, no longer not there, if you are awaiting people your aware of your options by feel. with or without maw broken in life by actions that concur with what people do die with inverted energy by life interred by kinda inhibited attribute for which you forbear is what you get and as you can uninhibit you use nothing to do things as if somewhere else as if the idea were nothing wrong and other things you may explode or not as no need to do. This is using the fire as a source to do things a psychic wish. The end result is this, where energy consciousness creates what you want in life. This is a point you can write down and create by writing the point. Think and you en know what to do. This is the point at the end, we evolve and the idea is ended. They are in the idea, you are unaffected if human or animals..the total distance between that place and this place is inches across.
on = aware; done, awaken, [from] thought about moments, empower (there war of empowering and not here), dong or ideal use.
un = eternal punishment; if thought as forever and what I think is punishment, (if said as oon like spoon) forever; unaffected, eternal, creative undying, (if said as unn) undone; unweave, not (nothing), this otherwise means relaxing and if not forever then the point is done by someone if not the originator.
yn = lessened; less (for you), winding dead up, why not, wine, with energy release (come and go energy) as nothing if physical or not and they go as need be), come and begoeth or do something else. time doesn't matter, think of what you need and you get what you want.

ap = nap; ape, not copy and come or copy and go and sometimes do
ep = picture; record, episode, capture, eep!
ip = fid, find; basics behind internet, location, address, network
op = operate; operation, hold in place, open, hope or close up after
up = (the) maneuver; thrust, upward, scoop, out in upward delivery, if crazy; this is taking your shit and using it by hitting someone up with the shit.
yp = clean; wipe away, erase, move away, this is a concept of cleaning up shit and stuff with bacteria.

aq = ack!; faq, fact, factor, cheese, throw up (body fluid or object)
eq = is; in an equal representation, this is using an equal view in diversity except for what you do to things.
iq = intellect; intelligence, ick, icky feel, sick
oq = nock; cross, smart, smarts
uq = job; follow rules, organize
yq = awareness; aware, icky, very sticky

ar = area; are, art, purpose, argon, arguement, arsonist, ingenious flame, setup, sometimes by spirit is arranged idea.
er = action; speed, here, hear, her, erbium, it, emergency area, convert, implode
ir = wire; irk, ire, iridium, oppose
or = suffix; -or put at end of word and then interred meaning is one who uses with word meaning after such as auror or one who uses sunlight or one who uses the source: one who (uses); gold, riches, fantasy, essence (from life), order, build up, in (energy), if not used as prefix: add meaning after the word to seem the end point as though two different words with one meaning. Such as in aur or: sunlight order or build up and otherwise the source in energy.
ur = year; hair, you're, your, curse, your cursed, urine smell
yr = ply; year, wire, with movement of exception, long pliable strand

as = last; fascimile, fundamental change, similiarity, similiar, arsenic, assume, ascimile
es = Weigh; scaled, weight, especially, multiply, einstinium, is, multiple of, you, multiplied weight
is = wish; equ, equi, equal, =, sun fusion solor power (sun generator or device), moment, in, indeed
os = lose; movement, osmodium
us = use; united state, united area, make use, kaboose or train car that pulls other cars on a track. Otherwise this is with the states, that's full of (idea), this uses the united state, sometimes by a place, that is for use by feel.
ys = wise; wiz, wisdom, this is some wisdom (wizard, witch, wise one), wish, sole desire; defunct (defunction), glitch (locally); that is a function point, that causes things to work screwbally or things just don't work.

at = attempt; in place, attack, of the, of that, astitine, to, toward
et = get; at, eat, eight, @, alien, dust, stop
it = intent; purpose, off, match, it or (if violent) hit, ant, to matter, this happens as a point that you experience unless "no matter" is used in some phrase. This is a match or idea where things are formed from an ant or what you think is an object to matter. Purpose in this, otherwise in that, this is perserving or use (not necessary in taikwondo), seem careful with this word because to a violent person it can reflect their mood and they could hit you or others because of it by feel. Instead use the actual noun describing what you need to mention, this can be anything that is a word and describes what you want to describe. Possible use instead is the word this or that. What you thought or needed to happen. This is not a hit to the point in the past. This is a concept that's done.
ot = ought; hot, oat, or, of, jot
ut = butt; but, boot, use
yt = evade; wight, what

av = graphic; avn, hve, point, save, have, avenue. lined up area
ev = fated; eviller, (fate by) eventual, evr, ever, eva, at noon, every, evening
iv = care; white, I've, I have, this is sometimes where you have fluids in a line that create life.
ov = hover; overly, over, behove
uv = sunlight; accurately measure, ultra violet
yv = frequency; hertz, timely measure, wave, why've, why have

aw = aww, a bit of pity
ew = eww, totally grossed out, woman
iw = piw, woven, supposable, suggestable, suggestion
ow = that hurt!
uw = red
yw = beserker rage

ax = axe
ex = provision; provide, out, outward, expiditerous (no harm)
ix = pixie(wood sprite), woody, harm
ox = team
ux = rope; uix, moving, knots
yx = haste; wax, sped up, in badger outer calm, speeding up, speed, wicks (cutting and doing), hate (to avoid), with haste you don't always notice what you do and thinkinking of the past or wisdom, you are hasted or sped up.

az = haze; reception, lazy, viel, roach (a drug use or application)
ez = easily; very easy
iz = realize; comprehension, teen, war, realized (izo or izan), fulfill, realizing or realization (izy or izan)..this is where you fulfill a promise.
oz = booze; alcohol, miracle worker
uz = ooze; crushed bugs, slow flow, slowness, this is a slow effect which we realize is there.
yz = wisened; aged, just left, alone, wisely stated idea

Three part vowels

aaa = Aaahhh!
aea = yea?
aia = small
aoa = why
aua = big, amazon, amazon tribe
aya = Ayie!!!!

aae = wild cry
aee = sea cry
aie = forest cry
aoe = time call
aue = sun call
aye = moon call

aai = turn right
aei = turn left
aii = ten hutt!, attention
aoi = about face
aui = march forward
ayi = fightinghowl; march back, marched

aao = bank
aeo = a howl
aio = whine
aoo = group howl
auo = wimper
ayo = hello; greeting/s

aau = kick with the back legs
aeu = dash
aiu = sprinting, sprint
aou = slow walk, free in movement flow, going on your way
auu = trot
ayu = run and fall

aay = braying
aey = neighing
aiy = whinny
aoy = snort
auy = rearing up
ayy = trample on the ground with hooves, hoof trample

eaa = hesitation
eea = sparring, spar
eia = halter, inflamed, agreed, agree
eoa = spurr forward
eua = shinny
eya = move fast

eae = to the ground
eee = eeek!
eie = grounds hot
eoe = tossed about
eue = hung upside down
eye = left hanging, left to hang

eai = boing
eei = hop
eii = bounce
eoi = forwards roll
eui = sidewards roll
eyi = backwards roll

eao = eeow!, ouch!
eeo = whimper cry
eio = startled cry
eoo = low groan
euo = self interest cry
eyo = discovery cry

eau = taken away, bordeux, beureu, bureau
eeu = self loathing
eiu = something new
eou = entertainment
euu = disgusting!
eyu = startled aware, illithid, brain eater

eay = say, ray, birthday celebration
eey = new years celebration
eiy = welcome back celebration
eoy = goodbye celebration
euy = honeymoon
eyy = wedding

iaa = demon summon
iea = conform
iia = torture
ioa = favor, favors, another, debt
iua = user
iya = disapproval

iae = alive
iee = fled
iie = think, inie, nae, in idea
ioe = throwing
iue = moving
iye = silent, dead of night

iai = stillness
iei = escape, leave
iii = can I come, plead
ioi = don't know, mystery
iui = what do I owe?, due amount
iyi = fall

iao = I hail thee, greeting
ieo = leo, visionary
iio = open eyes
ioo = danger sight
iuo = instantly
iyo = trust

iau = support
ieu = comply
iiu = grant, give you
iou = owe you, payback
iuu = understood, acknowledged, roger
iyu = compliance

iay = settlement of
iey = assortment
iiy = layaway, pay later but put up first
ioy = bill pay
iuy = used
iyy = check out

oaa = checking account, on active account
oea = felt awareness
oia = oh I agree, in action, agreement
ooa = out of action, inactive
oua = inv, inverted, invert, inverse, the same form and different or opposite idea
but similiar energy.
oya = activity, on your account

oae = ordered energy
oee = time event, timer program
oie = ruinned day, cancellation
ooe = evening together
oue = owie
oye = even break, lunch

oai = uninterrupted, uninterrupt
oei = consoli, consolidate
oii = old lady
ooi = startle, startled
oui = away, go less thataway, yes
oyi = felt abuse, felt in abuse

oao = past activity, past forever, away, okay
oeo = sugar cookie, wave
oio = on way, journey
ooo = ooooh, awe
ouo = reminder
oyo = on your own, independant

oau = in use, propaganda
oeu = all people, you overeat
oiu = to interfere, interferer
oou = about you, bio, life
ouu = hourly usage, rate
oyu = handling care, handle/ed/ing

oay = what did I say?, explorer, exploration, outlay, outward, okay
oey = why obey
oiy = tell me why, personally, oil
ooy = oh boy
ouy = stop it, owwy
oyy = feel about, feeling, to feel

uaa = tea; too far, weigh allot, otherwise pure stimulant. This increases reaction time, metabolism, and causes wakefulness. Any tea except addictive illegal ten year tea, this is tea that is the only thing that does anything for you that means you are with a sedative by tea with other ingreadients improves flavors. Tea is a pure stimulant. This increases reaction time, metabolism, and causes wakefulness. This also causes you to piss out your water faster. So for people with low blood pressure, its safe to avoid it unless you drink more water. This can cause you to go too far or lose weight, its useful if you weigh alot to drink tea in the morning. That stimulates your metabolism to be faster.
uea = bakery, shop, negl, neglect, misabuse, abusive behavior
uia = interact
uoa = in action, to stop, time event
uua = usual activity
uya = unusually active, active concern

uae = young lady
uee = as the usual
uie = as the evening turns
uoe = you owe eveything
uue = handyman
uye = conceat

uai = wait
uei = weigh
uii = terror, urgent
uoi = hold again
uui = worry on
uyi = why me

uao = way over
ueo = wheel
uio = harmonic
uoo = sweet
uuo = wow!, ununoctium
uyo = why help

uau = weight up, what do you, whats your, who do I see
ueu = wend, understand, enlightenment, to bend(understanding)
uiu = withdrawn
uou = spelling; wow, pentagram, recognization, recognize, you, stopping point. this is a pentagram that's used if you want to hex or spell things out for some effect.
uuu = no!, unununium
uyu = wield; make

uay = way, your way
uey = wild, wildness
uiy = confidant; confident, this is where you think about things then speak about them
uoy = crash
uuy = ruckus, muckus(by nostradamus), raucus
uyy = wilderbeast, wild beast

yaa = ship, otherwise this is where yaa is intelligent, intinerate, this is intelligent use of words that allows you to sound like a child sometimes that's dumb.
yea = yes, agreed
yia = began
yoa = handshake
yua = live yew
yya = ego, egotistic

yae = overly agreeable, yes man, yeti
yee = me, you (pointedly)
yie = yieeee!, get away!
yoe = nod
yue = always; ruin, exceptional, exceed
yye = growth, humble

yai = whip spurr
yei = out there, interaction
yii = exclamation no, intertwine
yoi = yet, maybe, will sometime
yui = anger provoke
yyi = prideful, asshole

yao = gao; jail or don't have to agree
yeo = economy, effecient, ecstacy
yio = move; yield, give, keep or no use
yoo = bang; bad, failure, fail
yuo = irresistable
yyo = wildlife; beast, animal, wild nature, instinct, determine

yau = guard
yeu = youth
yiu = thank you, intuitive
you = you, youth, young
yuu = understood implication; yuck (you suck)
yyu = manhood

yay = celebrative, celebrate
yey = agreement; energetic yay, yeah hey, leeway, lenient, condolence, loose fit, restitution, console, condolant, relax
yiy = console; grief, concisely, grieve
yoy = yoyo; playful, use
yuy = wild; wildness, lively, wildly
yyy = yigh!; yield high (results), suddenly, wild passion, wild abandon, (to) interefere, interference

abb = strong; abbey, push strength, arm muscle
ebb = flow away
ibb = reasoned
obb = to stay
ubb = acknowledged
ybb = way back

acc = emote; account, whack, accent, accuse
ecc = echo
icc = carbon copy
occ = occupied
ucc = uncaring
ycc = wick scent; what you use to work a candle

add = plus; sequence, raw source, addition, additional (point)
edd = newspaper; edition, editor
idd = hidden
odd = fate; oddly familiar, dejavue, weird
udd = sign; udder, shudder
ydd = give secret

aff = laugh; affect, absent mind, asleep, sex, pregnancy
eff = final statement
iff = iffy
off = turn off
uff = rough; out of shape, out of breath, punched in stomach, enough is done
yff = whiff

agg = aggravation
egg = egg; genious, ego
igg = ignorance; ignore or work with a person
ogg = bag; jogged, something of interminable value, something bad, to count an idea interminable that is to not get too much bad attention to the idea.
ugg = possession; feel ugly, this is being possessed with a sign of ugliness: this ends by thinking the end where the possession disappears and the ugliness disperses, This is done as though energy, that was in there is gone. Also the sign of ugliness dispersal is the waistline seemingly going down and dropping away, this is a point as though you were naturally slim.
ygg = point; wiggle, way to go, by feel: congratz

ahh = understanding; I understand, understood, aggravate/d, agonize, realize this point or realization will occur by the soul provided intuition.
ehh = put out
ihh = tire; aired (out), air, on air
ohh = I got it
uhh = please wait
yhh = wait after

ajj = adjunct; place adjacent
ejj = edge
ijj = interject
ojj = offset
ujj = arguement
yjj = widget

akk = hack
ekk = not needing
ikk = interruption
okk = ok ok
ukk = dazed a little
ykk = jawbreaker, airblow; if your wicked, you get a whack otherwise you get restored by air flow.

all = al, hall, everything
ell = punish; l, let live, hell, knoll
ill = illustrate; illustration, illness, hill, will
oll = fat; roll, layer
ull = ship; lull, hull
yll = adapt; will, work, interned, force adaption, (think a point) while

amm = ammo
emm = (to) award, awarding (emmy or emman), awarded (emmo or emman), awards (emme or emmix). Otherwise this is a being or person type, (being the type) karma chameleon: A person or being without conviction, that comes and goes and this being or person is represented by the red gold and green coloration. Their love is an addiction, clinging love is strong and otherwise they are are gone. They make it so every day is a survival, so their bone or personality is weak or no bone.This is a noted effect where they are demonic more than others. So they exist in a multi dimensional viewpoint. Then they are able to create what you need, otherwise they leave you alone. Their strategy is this, make with idea and create by device, their device is what they choose to use as a point is made by such use. If they want to appear good, they use their higher self, if they want to not appear to others senses, they use another identity. If they want to appear bad, they use their lower dimensional selves. Otherwise they raise in vibrations and create by the feel, thinking to create with gold and silver energy. They tend to award or get awarded if positive. This is a point in effect.
imm = immunity; immune, implant
omm = mind focus
umm = maybe; ummm, possibly, possible, doubtfully in idea, then again, yes and no
ymm = whim; this is a point you specify to do or a whine done by dog

ann = announcement; (take) care, manual, announcer
enn = ennervate; energize, enliven
inn = hotel
onn = sex; (a) fuck, the urge (sexual drive), bonny; happy
unn = listen
ynn = cling; holding onto

app = devise; appliable, appliance
epp = relax; this us done by relating and accepting the thoughts you have as though not your own. Otherwise this is backing off, too much, easing off
ipp = yippy
opp = oppresed
upp = upon
ypp = whipping

aqq = acquired
eqq = heck; ill, await, here it comes, sick
iqq = icky
oqq = fallen
uqq = sharpness; sharp vision
yqq = harbor; nonsense, ardour

ard = work; hard, ardour
erd = direct; disease, herd
ird = fell
ord = ordeal; order, or death
urd = girth; weight, curd
yrd = transformer; this is wired by activity, very active and in the yard.

arr = sensing good; barring mistakes there's nothing wrong till needed to seem sensed.
err = mistaken
irr = irregular
orr = long speach
urr = murder
yrr = whirr; out of tune (whistle)

ass = asset; associate, (if body related) ass, absolutely in absense by what you are absolute
ess = clothes; essential, essence, dress
iss = issuance; hole, kiss, hiss, spacial; area in space
oss = moss
uss = hussle
yss = witness

att = attain
ett = two headed
itt = bitten
ott = sharpen scent
utt = utterly
ytt = watt

avv = average
evv = bulk; strengthened up, revved, built up, stock
ivv = talkable
ovv = sound; sonic vibration
uvv = clarification; clarify feeling
yvv = closure; closed mouth, roadblock

aww = awww
eww = ewww
iww = interest
oww = painful
uww = dumbfounded
yww = alzeimers; mentally lost, white stuff

axx = chop; axes, many axe
exx = carrier; supportive line
ixx = glue; fixative, woodlike, fix
oxx = (weight) carrier; herd animal, oxen, ox
uxx = tuxedo; best suit, very active
yxx = faster; (go till) exhaustion, speed burst, extra speed

azz = jazz
ezz = focused specialization
izz = gestures
ozz = selective
uzz = energy buzz
yzz = piss

aab = switch back
aeb = lay back
aib = return favor
aob = forever backward
aub = snob; fullness, snubbish
ayb = revert to before

eab = crib
eeb = intruded upon
eib = exact opposite
eob = strobe
eub = new at
eyb = eye ball

iab = rescind; take it back
ieb = danger sense; gradual danger
iib = hind sight
iob = remember
iub = get; take you back, lube
iyb = henchman; I aided, rob (thanks to robert or rob inadvertently)

oab = retrofit; retrogain, regain action, remembering
oeb = good judge; since your fair, fairness
oib = torrent; why buy it, get things for free download
oob = noob; few bought it, barely
oub = owwie!; I'm hurt, pretentious or gotten, oyster
oyb = final; unreturnable, no going back, not so, test (of idea or will)

uab = squab; swab, way back, met expectation, your buying this?
ueb = web; energy web effect that you create by focusing with your need in mind and the effect of the energy web is where you draw a little energy to create your idea using effected people.
uib = person; this is a user with focus and with being
uob = wobbly
uub = alert; being loud, unubium, shaky
uyb = guess; possible, being witty, possibly being

yab = come, yes I'm back
yeb = returned, we're back
yib = chosen, choose, picked then
yob = attended, paid attention
yub = results, end result
yyb = attitude, the way you think

aam = anam, a name, and no go
eam = each meal, meal day
iam = pet, independance, declare
oam = transport
uam = wham, inconsideration
yam = sweet potatoe, poltice

aem = total enamel
eem = image, seem
iem = item; shift point, this is where you create a point and work by the feel.
oem = owe them
uem = you are them
yem = get away

aim = channel
eim = air channel, chute
iim = ask, aye I am
oim = not me
uim = refute, refuse
yim = overproduce

aom = eternal youth
eom = deal
iom = owe yourself, clarification movement, a factual commitment to understand language
oom = zoom, boom, loom, look out for
uom = womanly consideration
yom = chomp, easy directive

aum = alum
eum = youthful
ium = acid atom, atomic count
oum = owe, ouch
uom = whomp, foot hit
yom = intangible trajectory, uproot

aym = headache, loony
eym = look at me, eye me
iym = dependent, made production of me, fame
oym = release in me, oyster show
uym = absolutely destroy, destroy absolutely
yym = in bed surgery, on whim

aas = hue; coloring, color
eas = easily; easy, ease of use, was, hard (way)
ias = realization; ah yes, the creator
oas = oasis; watering hole
uas = past; was, waste
yas = paint

aes = raised (by raid), oh yes, raising up
ees = approximate
ies = connect, eye sight, audience
oes = obese, implied effect, desired result, ill effect by overinduldence for energy
ues = lost; gone missing, misplaced, yes, kronuz, ruin
yes = agree, (if question or point) what?, wholehearted agreement

ais = home, aisle, heated hole, hole surprise
eis = made, in the making
iis = process
ois = making, going easy, cheap, easy path
uis = twist, force mouth open, wisdom, wizard, wise one, where be it
yis = connection, this is done by either wireless or wired energy

aos = trip, adventure
eos = momentous, overwhelming
ios = desirous
oos = awed, a gush of air
uos = flow, stream
yos = futuristic, years ahead

aus = augment, take in passes
eus = deus, a trick in reserve
ius = geniuos
ous = in the act
uus = continuance, continual, procedure
yus = just, spread in area

ays = days; origin point, this is alright, change of reality by an object point where you change the origin point and the subconscious manisfesting what is needed otherwise this is I agree or oh yes
eys = august, keys
iys = all eyes
oys = boys
uys = guys, men
yys = focusing, focus energy at fingertips

aan = pagan
aen = satanist, proverbed by satanism
ain = pain
aon = immortality
aun = hell
ayn = rot; syndicate, satan, pain, sign of destruction purpose, rottage, rotted (ayno), rotting (ayny), this is set by word use otherwise for rotted or rotting (aynan)

ean = means, solution, lean, (I) ruin
een = once was, thirteen
ein = study, despondant, a despondant idea of a place that creates by feel and does what you want.
eon = undying life, transitioning, energy transfer
eun = soon; apply, spoon
eyn = implied listening

ian = free, freedom, where you bear the freedom you can get the results of wine, whamming and do purpose, so some use this as lost life is remembered where you use the computer then think so you appear yet you are released by admitting to your fear or dangerous fear could occur results that are needed.
ien = experiment, good
iin = acceptance
ion = project
iun = resource
iyn = iron

oan = loan; this doesn't always happen.
oen = payment; installment, own, or, snake bite, sex attribute otherwise; this is owing to things and this is where you think a conversation or concept to cover for things.
oin = coinage, center
oon = emphasis, spoon, soon
oun = effort
oyn = omen

uan = thought; cognizant, this is a point you think and notice what is there formed by thinking about things.
uen = remain
uin = stack, give pain
uon = keep/kept record
uun = improvement
uyn = ruin, emphasis

abl = able, ability
ebl = enable
ibl = liable, responsibility belief
obl = step back
ubl = outrage
ybl = abolish

abt = about
ebt = ebate
ibt = tribute
obt = automaton, how about, obtain
ubt = about, doing something
ybt = recovery

aca = arctic
eca = ecological
ica = forest
oca = ocean
uca = mountain
yca = land

ace = army; good, uncare (forever care), better or good health, this is taking care and done when you think to impose and the person who responds is with an uncaring response with sometime use of acetone reflexes.
ece = peace
ice = thrice
oce = loose
uce = poof
yce = windfall

aci = love (of nature)
eci = fishing
ici = icy
oci = octupus
uci = loosely
yci = tsunami, ocean water, sea water, large flood

acl = arguement
ecl = block
icl = fool, foolish, lead to believe
ocl = separation
ucl = unclean split
ycl = separate, parting of ways, divorce

act = actor, put on show, theatre act, action
ect = command
ict = depict, attention, piction (picture), depiction
oct = stop, eight side, alerted
uct = adapt
yct = shape, mold into form

ach = acidic
ech = bounty, bounce upon, eat away
ich = I
och = ouch
uch = such, what matter
ych = wake, wakeful

ada = Update; improvement, the moment you improve something either positive or negative like ideal. Otherwise this is aida, first language, life creation, artificial life, atilda, similiarity, clone create
ade = exposed; exposure, public, made seen
adi = aid, aiding in
ado = cute: adoring, meaning, activity
adu = flee, flight, must leave quickly
ady = addy; locale, address, physical location, lady

eda = estimate, carbon dating, date estimation
ede = dinner, guess, guest
edi = proclamation: edict
edo = loony; edict, bold statement, ceded (headed), educated, energy dead
edu = education
edy = read, giddy

ida = large, hot dessert, farming
ide = secure; cyber, protection, data transfer
idi = idiom
ido = faith, idol, idolize, worshipful
idu = tell, I do in duty
idy = realize, idealize, brainstorm

oda = change, came, arrival date, when fate arrives
ode = suspect, mode, olden, expectation
odi = smelly, odious, very near
odo = time, mileage, recorded distance
odu = overextended, overdo, endure impatience
ody = busy

uda = observed (by observable viewpoint), esteemed, looked upon
ude = obtuse, extended outward
udi = strain; rudeness, rude observation
udo = comeback
udu = magical; hex, point of view charm, voodoo
udy = scrowl, call challenge

yda = misbehavior, acting out, misbehave
yde = wight, play dead
ydi = dismissed, dismiss, why did I?, dismissal
ydo = situation
ydu = disgruntled, have reaction
ydy = bottle; release, whiteout, eyedrop, convincing act

ads = reknown; make known (sometimes), advertise, advertisement
eds = education
ids = idea; thought, idiom
ods = luck; with luck (lucky), odds, chance
uds = thud, thump
yds = tale; stretched out, several yards, widen

adk = accomplisment; accomplish, compliment
edk = break; edict, stop training
idk = instinct (where you don't actually know); instinctual, don't know to realize, can't determine, dunno, I don't realize to know
odk = principle
udk = rudder; addict, addition
ydk = wick; nemesis, amiss

yah = freedom; happiness, agreement
yeh = yeehah, acceptance
yih = yippee, that one, belief
yoh = faith, faith in, faithful
yuh = yuhah, you, trust in nature
yyh = yih!, miracle, magic

yan = loudness; yang, yank, grab, yao; eaten, eating
yen = yearn; yet you learn, currency
yin = quietness; q-q, ying, compulse/ive, follow
yon = attempted; draw, over there
yun = natural, nature, young, youth
yyn = win; manipulation, alien

yam = sweet potatoes, sweet beet
yem = speak
yim = make; I might
yom = enjoyment
yum = chef; adding/subtracting, tasteful, tasty food
yym = wham; locate, find desire

aga = return
age = turn old
agi = disturb
ago = mummy; ancient, historic, long past
agu = pastime
agy = past; aging, negate geas

ega = spurn, egad!
ege = lord (liege)
egi = login, registered, registers, registering, register
ego = I; 1, subconscious
egu = regular
egy = intercept (this is where people intercede sometimes on your behalf and interpret things by feel), edgy; tripping, regain control. Control is to work with people on personal basis and you think and calm unless insane. If in bad mood this is an egg on by demonic nature to deserved idea, that if you remember to forgive yourself doesn't cause wild nature with greed. That is chaotic nature from seen things, that's as if wild rockin is noticed is a sign.

iga = wrong, pangara, supercenter, supercontinent
ige = trace; follow along
igi = ignite, in
igo = ignore (if hormones), out (infinite downpour)
igu = giant
igy = super feel

oga = regrew; hair regrowth
oge = constraint; target objective
ogi = slump; login, organ, tap into
ogo = jump
ogu = steal
ogy = study

uga = recognition; recognize, you gain
uge = urgent
ugi = self repose, stainless
ugo = well suited, trap
ugu = maturation
ugy = boogey; inner beauty, ugly from possession

yga = principal; supervisor, you got
yge = eagerness
ygi = sexual; wagging, traipse in, walk lewdly
ygo = attraction, attract, person attack aid
ygu = heater; heat collector, attention grabber
ygy = suggest, question

aal = greater demon
ael = heal, healing, truth seeking, do ye seek truth?
ail = aiel; hail, servant warriors or illness that exists magically if needed and doesn't exist if unnecessary.
aol = snare; entrap, entrapped, ensnare, long term connect, connection that lasts.
aul = hit; maul, overwhelm, overwhelming odds.
ayl = gust; wind blow, wind up blow that seems to last forever.

eal = regeneration; regenerate, this allows you to come back from ashes.
eel = bioelectrical; can opener, electrical, peel away
eil = self-repair; regenerate, body repair
eol = functional
eul = eulogy; say farewell
eyl = eyeline; repute, turn away

ial = burial; funeral, of death
iel = say; spiel, respectful of dead
iil = burying, ritual pyr, this is a ritual fire.
iol = violate; violation, retribution
iul = intuition; feel from gut, sorrow
iyl = reassert; renewed hope, renewal of life

oal = orientation; set goal, goal
oel = erotic, destructive
oil = rich, foil, otherwise in english its a bunch of very ancient bones underneath the surface that changed to precious liquid
ool = pool, collective resource
oul = soul, owl
oyl = golem; gargoyle, artifice, artifact, oil

ual = whale; wall, o wail, dual
uel = fuel; new resource, weal, well, uuell, swell up, user hell
uil = dream; will, whip, mistreatment, wake, focus; build up, energy charge
uol = charge; battery, pyramid of power, woah, hold on, release to no it
uul = warm; craft, warmth, wool, cotton, this makes a warm clothing.
uyl = operational; tenacious, dual, creation, focus clearly, this happens to be the case when you focus clearly.

yal = production; product, field
yel = yield
yil = produce
yol = interact
yul = presentation
yyl = success

Aco = account, accurately count
Eco = ecology, life study, economic
Ico = Itoeh, to get a surge back to get an object. Disrespect from this is due to the
fact and as it seems because you are owed it. So you get an object.
Oco = disrepect by disbelief in practice.
Uco = your count, your company, university
Yco = wacko, crazy

acs = energy backup
ecs = exception, exuse, excuse, to sometimes lie
ics = picks, make fun, intercourse
ocs = ocular, seeing glasses
ucs = unceasing, fuck
ycs = wild life scene, wild scene

afc = after course
efc = fuck action, bad action
ifc = if cause, iffy course, if seen
ofc = of course
ufc = unforseen, your focus
yfc = in marriage

ahn = coinage, barter, currency, dawn, after, awning, siding
ehn = honored, en, at an end
ihn = loyalty, inhinderance
ohn = disrespect, shame, hesitance
uhn = undo; undo in, not, unhinder, ton, weighty, discourage, denial, instinct, instinctual, unhesitant, ruination, ruin, this is where its not done by the body at the right time so its undone in effect.
yhn = feudal; govermental, switch, wildness, wild

uka = together; togetherness, group
uke = meet
uki = cooperate; yukki (in dog) or idea in use otherwise, that is done of a point in regard by feel.
uko = dismissed; misunite, miss out, dismiss
uku = upchuck; union, spew, send forth (from body), this is not done if you think its not so that is a point done by the spirit.
uky = emulate; rapport, rhappart, yucky (in dog), lucky, link together, create by focus, mind-meld that creates the point of a link with someone or some animal, this is a point of idea that occurs by bond and the idea is finished as you think your not bonded by thought.

akh = pain
ekh = flush
ikh = forge; forgery, this is where you forge a bond or create by forgery.
okh = ash
ukh = combination; smelt, weld
ykh = bloody

yla = lock out
ula = many
ola = gift; give overly, give away, given, friendly greeting, entwinned (moment)
ila = village; partition, city area, separated area, island, isle, closed in area, boxed in area (from dog), this came from the memory of a city area called deville and that was a villa or village area.
ela = elation
ala = worship; think, all by, all of, uprise, praise, create

ale = drink; enjoyment, unless, this is a point that you think and attempt to add onto things.
ele = risen; elevation, elevate, high up, element, arch, elegant
ile = blood; I let, seen as, relating
ole = cater; caterer, here it is, as it seems, seem/s/ed/ing
ule = part; apart of, otherwise this is mule
yle = done; reason/s/ed/ing

ali = fighter; tough, ally (aliy), upload, uploaded (alio), uploading (aliy)
eli = fated; portent, face or false honor system where you setup the moment as you think to make the statement true.
ili = hacked; storage, illegit, illegitimate, fate or moving idea that causes what you need through the energy you gather by feel.
oli = held; holding item, olive, tinged, envious, envy
uli = good taste
yli = support of friends

alo = greet, light, alot
elo = grand, gladly, elogant, elongant, hello
ilo = elope, find something
olo = roundness
ulo = envelope, enveloping, snare
ylo = allow; trapping in place, place trap

alu = allude, alas, lead to believe
elu = escape, hide
ilu = overwhelming
olu = oily, solution
ulu = superior, master of
ylu = aloof; wanting to be left alone

aly = artificial; friend, alley, etial (beastial or like nature), man-made, or non natural in attribute.
ely = place trust in, trust
ily = truth, place trust
oly = outlet, meeting place, oily, roll around, whole around, holey, hole around, strange reaction (almost monstrous rebellion)
uly = activity
yly = hold it there

ald = bald; baldness eld = old; oldness, old body ild = guilt; guilty feeling, guilty, specific to something you did old = bold uld = build; built yld = wild; out of control

alg = math, mathematics
elg = elegant
ilg = bilge, sewage swamp, sewage system
olg = coffee, folger
ulg = bulge, budge
ylg = while good, redeemable

alt = alternative
elt = belt, leather strap
ilt = build up, hilt
olt = move in place, colt
ult = ordered, cult, culture
ylt = secure, while there

asa = sometime, asap
ase = absess, clone; this has an indication of absess, otherwise stomach overhang that disappears within a day. Then you notice a cloned you somewhere you go or see. This usually happens by art action, that is magic otherwise you could fart and exercise it off. Then the absess or abcess is gone. So think and you could get what you wanted, that is done with a little focusing and heightened heart pace.
asi = close match
aso = delienation, noticable difference
asu = close match, twin
asy = assail, assault

ask = question
esk = whisk
isk = ask away, risk
osk = keel over, fall over
usk = ivory, tusk
ysk = set aside, get detail

ast = backward, past
est = is; think, estimate, established, east, yes, rest, mystery
ist = caught onto, gist, mastery, master is, heist
ost = c'ost, removed from, oust, force away, meant as, meaning
ust = enticing, dust, just
yst = bound in, waist, waste

ama = measured, associate, amount
ema = emaculate respond point; emma, (come) over respond (positively), this is where you get an over response that's over reactive in nature until demand is made. This is also where you make equal, the emanation or effect by radiation.
ima = ilus, illustrated, image, illusion, shown, illusion can show anything presented and this is used as the aura shows a truth that isn't actually a truth so think of what you want to show and you show the idea. So true sight is where you think you see the illusion and dismiss it.
oma = old one, grandmother
uma = call, summon, consume
yma = make appear, arithmacy, math magic, magical math(wit)

ame = holding, claim, a muck, to blows
eme = full, satisfaction
ime = lime
ome = base
ume = feathery, feather, make
yme = in place of

ami = friendly, ami (greek), love
emi = project outward
imi = imitation; image, mimick, mimicking (imiy or imin) or use of imagination, this is using an idea to copy for high regard if imitating another. Otherwise this is a point, that bears no copying. Otherwise this is done to copy, and replicate what is there.
omi = sharing with
umi = focus
ymi = gain friend

amo = number, amount, love (as roman root amo)
emo = feel, sense or sensed by senses, emotion, armour, armor
imo = freeze in place, immobilization
omo = align
umo = change, transmute, trasform, shift
ymo = new form

amu = to be in, form
emu = emulate; emulation, or emulated (emun) and that is where you imitated the moment. Think so if you impersonate, emulate, make idea or perfectly copy, also this is a curative.
imu = moving to
omu = vision, sight
umu = enact
ymu = incline/s/ed/ing

amy = friend, amiable and judge
emy = award, ceromony
imy = myself
omy = shock, witness
umy = oomy, loom
ymy = why me

amn = damn
emn = emmin; release, jammin, binge; (sometimes overindulge), indulgence, curse; this is however a point of a deterrent downcast moment that with idea is malaise caused by a due point in deterrent activity otherwise this is a conjugal or thought action that's done unless resisted.
imn = fated, imminent
omn = omen, signs of, onimous, torture, disfigurement
umn = design, grandly made
ymn = immediance, suggestion, possible

amp = amperage, sound boost
emp = emperor
imp = imp
omp = romp
ump = hump, sex
ymp = whimp, serving fearful

ana = studier, anael, innate need that causes situations and sewer problems
ena = placed in action, enable, a goddess that uses dark matter to get effects of repulsion and appreciation
ina = rina, steady direction, point, female form, chaos (based)
ona = mild, mildly
una = steady influence
yna = seek excitement

ane = any, anyone
ene = selective; ehe, gout, if you can form gout this is a selective point of view, this is energy in a form of gas that can reform as you need. Energy then is ennerved point of view or free flowing electrons created by a point of view or particle activity.
ine = fork, fine point
one = tone, struck sound, following, who, second idea, item
une = tune, slight melody, one, you
yne = wine, grape juice

ani = in motion, scribe
eni = to act out, penny
ini = initiate, initiation
oni = good quality, good demon of monstrous form and can cause disease, flavorful
uni = universal, one, unit
yni = incompatibility, non matching part

ano = slotted in, another
eno = fed up
ino = know it, frustration
ono = do something, oh no
uno = guessing game, one, unit, unknown
yno = whino, mad cap, why know

anu = god will, sun god
enu = stature, pose, mother goddess
inu = knew that, know things, self-seek, self-taught, innuendo (knowledge used on purpose as cause or threat)
onu = crotch area, manhood
unu = unusual; unused idea that is sometimes used. Otherwise this is cockiness, that occurs by a huge ego.
ynu = pharoah, god ruler

any = anye, analysis; anything, everyone possible, analyze the moment you do things and you understand what you need or what occurs.
eny = divided class, caste system, any ending, penny, god of wildness and wilderness
iny = small minded, haughtiness
ony = large voiced, loud, attention getter
uny = puny, small stature
yny = whine alot, whiny

anc = stressful; stress, this is the strain of the moment. anchor; think to focus on the planet and send energy through the feet and this energy goes into the planet. That is cleansing your energy, so think of the point and you can anchor and balance what you have in energy. Think to have a stress free moment and evironment.
enc = hence; with, encumbrance, weight
inc = copy, dubbed
onc = oncoming, rush hour
unc = knocked out, unconscious
ync = yncic, terrorist

aad = advertise, ad, increase/d
ead = egad
iad = iapad, legal
oad = load, workload
uad = your aid
yad = yadda

aed = pay off; paid, disease
eed = welder, preexisting soirat flesh eater that exists to create by vibration sake.
ied = I educate, apply (applying with -y/applied with -o), I lied
oed = owed, overdose, overeat
ued = persue, glue
yed = their version of education bypass

aid = paid
eid = earned
iid = eyelid/s
oid = old identification, old id
uid = pegged
yid = wake, burial

aod = artifact; memento, age old, afford
eod = prophecy; end, destruction
iod = overdo; overkill, overdose, iodine
ood = place; neighborhood, ud, good, hood, placed idea
uod = user death yod = wreckage; ruins, collapse, removal

aud = audible element like wind or fire, audible, normal, audience that listens to what you say. Otherwise this is fraud, or fraudulent by activity.
eud = earbud
iud = triad, triple mad
oud = owing, loud noise/s
uud = use; food, user device like a computer
yud = you'd, yuck ward

ayd = jaybird death
eyd = eyelid/s
iyd = contract; form of policy holding person, held from true position
oyd = owe
uyd = report; form of police, flood/ing
yyd = male reaction, lying point

and = finally; ended (by use of some action), illuminate/d, illumine (by ideal in life)
end = complete; thought, end, saved
ind = process, so think not fear here or hind that is a point
ond = find; found, search around, insight, on ground
und = uu-; undone, unwound, this is where you wound things or its gone with the idea.
ynd = free energy; wind

anf = infestation; get together, orgy, roach, cockroach, bug otherwise "or not" if infestation.
enf = fold-up, infinite, infinity, infinitely
inf = description
onf = unfamiliar, onrush, oncoming
unf = unforseen, unsolved
ynf = thighbone

ant = want, feat, feature(individual action), ant, to work, mark, symbol/symbolic
ent = enter; entice, ice entity
int = integer, measure of value
ont = style, font
unt = blunt, hammer
ynt = smash, wanton

ang = anguish, anger
eng = example
ing = ingral; success, successful conclusion, relief, integral, the giving of a piece of peach pie
ong = stone
ung = lung, fume, fume from fungus thats hard to see and is made from bacteria growing from decay.
yng = source

ann = an, announce
enn = writing tool, pen, pencil
inn = hotel
onn = on
unn = undo, gun
ynn = winning

ara = arid
era = time frame
ira = kind
ora = treasure, story, golden
ura = depiction
yra = musical, yara, firey light energy, extra (display, for or action)

are = relating of, to
ere = pointing out, points
ire = ideal, "I", mardoku, a sense of self, irate, The creator
ore = unrefined, more so
ure = enjoyment
yre = musical accompaniment, or, order

ari = dry
eri = spooky
iri = feelings
ori = gold plate, imagined, bad
uri = unclean
yri = scared of

aro = arouse
ero = erotic
iro = irony
oro = value, superconductor
uro = hair color
yro = transistor

aru = (how) are you, against
eru = erupt, sped up
iru = anger
oru = youth
uru = nothing; no rush, your rush, this is a point that's done and over with by feel. Otherwise this is done to mentally urge, the feel is there so work with it.
yru = wired, electrician, electrical

ary = wary, immediate fear
ery = arrive; arrival, withdrawal, storage, eery or girly
iry = writing, slender
ory = high value, alertness, place, location
ury = bury, hide in dirt, jury, injury
yry = wiry, courage

arb = garb, clothing
erb = herb, plant
irb = opposition
orb = orb, perfect sphere
urb = curb
yrb = within year

arp = tarp, harp
erp = short surprise, surprise, merp
irp = chirp, hairpin
orp = torp
urp = burp
yrp = pin, considerate

art = are
ert = inert, earth, gert, earthlike, inert earth, hurt
irt = ire, dirt, an expansive weight, girth, batman
ort = ore, chuckle
urt = your, urge on, hurt
yrt = why are, why is

arl = grain; barley, need, long
erl = baron
irl = reality; real life, really
orl = whorl; black hole, energy vortex, singularity
url = area; site, place, this is a point of your area of expertise.
yrl = whirl; swirl, watch it

ash = carbonate; burnt, ash, carbon, cinders
esh = mesh; fine covering, this came from "I'm fine I'm covering for you."
ish = similar; significance, significant, that is, that's
osh = posh; dismissed grandeur
ush = plush; andh, overtly enticing
ysh = grant; wish, granted, inductment, need based, wish fulfilled, inferrment

ata = restore; hater, attain, tap, this tapping procedure attains relaxation or you might hate to do something. What you hate you avoid, if possible. This us an au naturale restoring of feeling and nerves. This tapping procedure is here @ http://alt-sites.tripod.com/EFT_Tapping_Points.htm.
eta = eater; food, estimate, estimation, spirit, ether
ita = item; vital, inter, between, place in
ota = know; understand, understood, other
uta = taken; utah, utter, dire, dire (need), fuel pool, energy pool, fuel tank
yta = whiter

ate = closeness
ete = alcoholism; fete, alcoholic, awareness, ethe, spirit, alcohol
ite = mite; item, object
ote = mote; small, smallness
ute = high pitched sound
yte = flute; play a flute

ati = achievement
eti = advice; time, meeting, council
iti = hit; constructive ideal, popular
oti = reconstruction; floor plan, reformation
uti = closure
yti = op; operator, revamp, refurbish, modify, operation

ato = atom, atomic
eto = structure, structuring
ito = avert; pelv, dick, pecker, pelvis, formation, form, hit other, into, hit upon, type of member
oto = objective
uto = far away
yto = targeting

atu = stabilize
ato = model; atom, atomic
eto = eatery; building, structure, structuring
ito = avert; dick, pecker, pelvis, formation, form, hit other, into
oto = objective
uto = distance; distant, far away
yto = blot; covering, erase, whiteout, targeting

atu = stabilize
etu = path; orbit, settled
itu = destiny; destination, set path
otu = establishment; Eta, estimated time of arrival, arrival in, set time
utu = goal; agreeable, agreed upon, mature, reachable, satiated
ytu = pathway; work, set motion

aty = ship; organ, vessel partner, hating to dismiss the idea this is like a fine tuned organ.
ety = eating; notion, ideal
ity = suppose; claim, greatness
oty = skin; dark stain, smudge, blacken
uty = utility
yty = useful

atc = time; on sight, scene, go forward
etc = continuance; ecetera, onward
itc = show; shower, appearance, appearing
otc = army
utc = largeness; butsy, large butt, okay, sometimes this is beauty.
ytc = blank

ath = author; approximate, guess
eth = nature
ith = construct; build, structure, affinity
oth = moth; other than, otherwise
uth = ruthless
yth = origination; original, girth, prose, mythos, the myth of

atr = attribution; trait, attribute, inter, attract, enter
etr = man
itr = friend; friendly, prefer, mate, matey
otr = meal
utr = utrus; bowel track, internal
ytr = engine; internal combustion

att = tower; cell phone, phone system, communication system, attitude
ett = etiquette; proper action, proper sequence
itt = quality; goods, valued good, jewelry
ott = supposition; sugar, sweet stuff, ought, supposed, this is supposed to energize you.
utt = foolish; folley, fool, utter
ytt = intelligent; intelligence, street smart, wit, intinctive, outwit

ava = avail; relieve, makeup, available
eva = cover; evasive, protective
iva = alive
ova = star; nova, wide area fire burst, incendiary
uva = big
yva = evolution

ave = addiction; addict, road, path, crave, crave things, pave
eve = midday; middle day
ive = uniform
ove = contain
uve = poop; bowel movement, move out, clearly, clear minded
yve = invade

avi = avid; avail, grow up, give up
evi = evict; eviction, evening, bad event, rise, evil (impractice or impratical use), devil, midafternoon
ovi = excess; excessive, overly, too much
ivi = job; placement, plant, consignment
uvi = act; movement, moving, in movement
yvi = evening

avo = makeup; avow (creation), wake up (avon), probably; this otherwise is a promise to do.
evo = evoke
ivo = ivory
ovo = rowboat
uvo = pointed; point out, move over there
yvo = make; set course, destination

avu = kicked awake
evu = evasive
ivu = involvement
ovu = ovulate; too pleased, ovule, plant seed, overindulgence, overstupidity that's included with indulgence
uvu = chime; in synch, synchronicity, synchronous, united in
yvu = wave; incoming from, arrival

avy = give; give and take, make wave
evy = enviable
ivy = information; informing, info, plant vines, private, this is a moment of a private detective.
ovy = clean; clear, perfection, cool, nice look
uvy = perish
yvy = sadness; feel sad

ark = ship; lightless place, galleon, dark
erk = sea; felt, jerk
irk = fight; reaction, dirk
ork = future; alternative, alternation, possibility, fork, this is a fork in the road.
urk = found; regretted, lurk, stumbled upon
yrk = seasick; seen movement, sea movement, jerked movement, work, pull along

uac = shift; evac, wacky, wack
uec = hesitation; weakly agree, weak acknowledgement, symbolic, this is a symbolic moment.
uic = buick; with character, which, wake, with carrol
uoc = gift; cooking wock, kindness
uuc = sucky; loud character, fallout, weak characteristic
uyc = candle wick

uad = wed; grouped together thing, quad, wade
ued = weed
uid = inky; inkyness, wide, squid, make known
uod = reject; not desirable
uud = would
uyd = squid; guessed it, width

uaf = meat; wafer, waif, thinly sliced
uef = sideway; formed emotion, grief
uif = game; wife, wiff (snatch of scent)
uof = wolf
uuf = woof
uyf = wiff; scent, scentable moment

uag = wag tail
ueg = egg; wedge, thin layering, going, away of material energy, materia
uig = a wig
uog = losing; take a loss
uug = shout; yell, or yelling (uugan or uugy)
uyg = explanation; wig out or explain, game area, take action, active, monster area with multiple lined almuminum foil trays untouched by a creature jaw-bones, set in-line, moment that is due by action.

uak = awaken; wake, wake up
uek = iffy; weak, wield
uik = disaster; with kill, willpower, will to happen, create, this is with a kill that if you use willpower and will it to happen you create.
uok = aware; awake, wakeful
uuk = regeneration; poison, active, recover
uyk = erupt; fiery, moral, dry out

ual = wall
uel = weal, well, uuell, swell up, user hell
uil = will
uol = woah
uul = wool, cotton
uyl = focus clearly

uam = back head knock
uem = emotional moment
uim = emotion
uom = womb
uum = senseless
uym = a wim, given into desire

uan = wane
uen = wean
uin = wine, ruin, whine
uon = not stopped, won
uun = about to faint, won't
uyn = a win, to win

uap = whap
uep = weep
uip = wipe
uop = whop
uup = woops, mistake, whoops, etc
uyp = whip

uaq = scream awake
ueq = weaken
uiq = tremor
uoq = woke up hearing
uuq = quake
uyq = earth vibration

uar = war, warcat
uer = were, sewer
uir = wire, got it, hopefully, yes (if positive or relaxed happy feel), no (if negative or firm feel), only in sex is this word used. order; order site, citation, citing, chocolate
uor = wore out, unconscious worried yes, neither, nor, not, succor
uur = sewer; self gain, self experience, steady, make steady, water movement pipe
uyr = weyr, dragon layer

uas = was, ways, weighs, invasive, waste, water, waste of time, think to shift or move to somewhere else and you are where you think to become better.
ues = choose from
uis = wisdom, wizard, wise one
uos = feeling personal pity
uus = meditate
uys = make wise

oat = an oat
oet = overeat
oit = owing
oot = boot
out = outing, trip
oyt = card

uat = wrestler; wait, what, weight (profession), what you do
uet = wheat
uit = wight, undead being
uot = wrote
uut = whoot
uyt = witty response

uav = grateful; wave, you have (thanks), hand pass
uev = weave
uiv = wives; harem, nag, apparently
uov = woven; sewn together
uuv = weaver
uyv = wedge; wedge shape

uaw = cut through
uew = whew
uiw = with work
uow = a wow
uuw = drained of stamina, wobbly by work
uyw = shortcoming

uax = a wax, wacks
uex = weeks
uix = with wax, wax use
uox = wakes
uix = uuix, near fainting
uyx = wicks

uaz = was
uez = wheez
uiz = wise
woz = woes
uuz = whoozy
uyz = a genious

alf = half; alien, V
elf = helpful; generous, self, elf, energy metamorphed human that are demihuman
ilf = fitting; ill fit, hilt fit, ill fed
olf = ship; hold full, golf, prestigious family
ulf = gulf; wide stream
ylf = well fed; elven family

alp = blotch; alps mountain, application, national
elp = help
ilp = heart disease; plague, drain, shrivel, not personal, corrupt, disease
olp = ancient ruins; decadence, decadent civilization, dry, ancient power
ulp = hull pass; gulp, swallow, bird
ylp = 4th dimension; wild plain, wild magic, wild fey

asp = waspy; asp raspy, aspect, A wasp in or out by feel that is sometimes able to use biting chiding remarks (if human) to do as in what is right or to do as in necessary for what you think is necessary.
esp = mental ability, think and feel to psychokinetically and inkinetically move or create and know things.
isp = wisp; this is a body of light created by the soul to be one level above Esp as in platform that is one level above the norm to do but espratz or comertz. Comertz is to come and use electrical hertz energy to get things done. One does seem unaffected as its unrealized. Pop-up droll for every space. This body can create what you need, that is thinking as you are aware and what you need is done. This is a point of light reflection, that creates with slickness otherwise.

Epratz is Energy prayer of this point with a zap. Isp reduces things by and for the basic constant idea for the ease of things and the time you notice it, you get to know them. Think to be the 'use' of the intelligent idea as an source of vision.
osp = battery; internal source, osprey that is the language of the idea you think to whisper for horses or human. It comes as a whisper and acts as a point for you to do.
usp = please; hustling pleasure, cupped, cusp, use of the c'usp to stand still and in a change to being a point in spirit idea. Once their your other body is enchained or within bounds to go. It will do anything you think on. With what you do is done to all. Then just move to get out with the spirit intact. Some say the body is enchained while your spirit is free and doing things as with manipulation and idea, but sometimes with other bodies. It has been known to leave the body unharmed as the cuffs take and absorb bad spirit activity. In Usp the spirit is left unharmed but the mind is tortured till the spirit does the necessary. Then it is, do no so purpose. Because in purpose except in purpose it is set go. Thinking to go off on tangent then be able to do things after being pulled back is with use of an example.
ysp = cutting; cut out, to cutout effect, to cause it or use it, an be of the way out, the identity in a point, wisp is to forget and to do to know by pressure as the spirit remembers. sometimes its already idea to do a mention but not know you did unless you do. This can be effective to cause the spirit wildness and to strike out if done overlong. In Ysp the spirit activity can be taken as negative of a request. Just a negative gets a reverse method. So its positive in all but one, you. As in an idea of "I almost had you, it was you of all things." This is either where you don't know or just guessing.

apa = apathy; monkey, apathetic, paint, in aspect art, monkey paint, skin disorder that seems like paint, indemnity
ape = game; a repeat, imitate, steal, make statement, indecisive, this is like overwatch and other games where you think and create by the feel. This gets results if you make for the idea and work with results.
api = gaming; applying, sarcastic, bad word, incessant
apo = question
apu = corrupt; correction, bad, smelly
apy = gassy; gout, bad gas, treatment, body aperture

epa = equation; equal system
epi = need; before this, upon, this is made upon a wish.
epe = expectation; aspect of, sign, divination point, expected
epo = epoxy; abolish, extended, kept (doing things)
epu = maintain; regulated, maintained, this is with the point of being helpful by feel.
epy = sleep; make better, to rest

ipa = complaint; impact, disservice
ipe = wipe; to be on target of accuracy
ipi = wiping; excite, emotional
ipo = liftoff; pulled, lift
ipu = paid; cost of insanity, in waste, insanity
ipy = correction; wiping deranged, abuse, psychotic, drink mix

opa = beauty; beautiful, illusion, grandfather
ope = hopeful; entrance
opi = hopping; secret, feeling, opium
opo = hopeful; hope, opium in thought
opu = opulent; gratifying, opulant, stink, weed
opy = herbal; make, make imitation, a feel good like opium that you mix

upa = happiness
upe = hoop; up, whop, fall over, Ups: backup
upi = whooping; mistaken, initiate
upo = kept; withhold, keep from, simple, this is a can of whoopass that uses everything against a person.
upu = flaming; poopoo, everything against, this is where everything against this is gone.
upy = toiletry; energy bridge

ypa = clean up
ype = sanitory
ypi = wipe
ypo = water flow
ypu = erasure; wipe out, erase
ypy = wipe up

aar = trade; barter, market, dumbness, dumb, this is where you are dumb by feel and working with others.
ear = earn; hear, bear
iar = action; liar, debasing, concealing
oar = hoar; large volume, paddle
uar = inarguable; not argue, you are, war
yar = story; made up tale, personal satisfaction, that's life, you're, year in moments

aer = air; bearer, holder, over, fear, if you are in the air, some have fear or you can burn away the debris in the air with the aura as you then breath in oxygen.
eer = beer; root, basing
ier = light; define, pier
oer = way; locating, location, over as our way is used as a males lifespan may end-up shortened from the risks by what is a negative reaction for a positive idea that you can stand.
uer = user; gamer, upcoming, in gushing blood
yer = year; pointing to you, your, this where your in a year of luck.

air = arranger; arrangement, arranging, arranged element that's burned away by the aura and you get oxygen instead of the debris.
eir = conspiration; heir, conspirer
iir = height; high flyer
oir = wire; mire, represents law, lawyer, this is where a lawyer hears it if it's recorded and your mired in law.
uir = uir = wire, got it, hopefully, yes (if positive or relaxed happy feel), no (if negative or firm feel), only in sex is this word used. order; order site, citation, citing, chocolate
yir = mold; rot, identification of, focus point of idea that creates interest if black mold.

aor = worker; deployment, work order
eor = soldier; marching, acting on orders
ior = priority; great importance, buyer
oor = sell; whore, poor, using up, deplete/d
uor = addictive; repetition, addicting
yor = ignorant; incite to anger, your, ignoring people

aur = day; daytime, sunlight, or, are, am, is, arrange by energy, like kind, source
eur = enr, peer; hour, hourly, measured (accounted or accused), pedestrian, person (in the area), otherwise paedophile; sexist by person or peer, this is the mark of the measured or moment to be judged by feel.
iur = value; based off, unit
our = powder; self act, play, or, cancel
uur = sewer; self gain, self experience, steady, make steady, water movement pipe
yur = excuse; self explanatory, bypass

ayr = breath
eyr = hear anything at all
iyr = life breathe
oyr = raised to awareness
uyr = fated to
yyr = animate

ait = yit, alryt, aight, alright, alrighty, okay
eit = legit; energy hit or exit point, eirt; ire, dirt, expansive weight, owl, girt, girth, batman, here then, sleight, intent, eat it
iit = eye it, look at it
oit = ok it, give permission, owe it, not that
uit = you write, your right
yit = aight, alright

agl = ageless, angle
egl = eagle
igl = wiggle; ingle, chimney
ogl = stare, look
ugl = ugly, sneak
ygl = unstick, dry out, stickless, wiggle

alm = alarm, calm, almanac
elm = elementary, basis in element
ilm = film, ill me, record
olm = investigator, holm, holmedric
ulm = most deadliest element
ylm = wild you, wild me

arc = encoded information, circle portion, endpointed curved line
erc = demand, mercenary
irc = relayed speech, relayed pattern
orc = human pig with piglike snout human head fattish five feet tall human body
and great body strength four-fingered hands cloven feet greenish fur body coverage and
warlike innate magic ability with most up to trickery
urc = anger, disturb
yrc = work

arr = arrow
err = error, wrong think
irr = dismissal, dismissed, forgotten
orr = machine, mechanize, contraption, contrive
urr = toughen, rough, rough like
yrr = seasonal, life experience

arn = sunrise
ern = earn, earning
irn = iron
orn = torn cloth, ornament
urn = pitcher, clay pot, inert
yrn = yearn, not wire

ars = ass, butt, active measure, association, arrest
ers = terse, tense
irs = tax, reversal measurement, reverse weight
ors = oar, gold weight
urs = yours, your weight, measurement
yrs = timeless, ageless, wire measure, wire weight

asm = assemble, gathered people, assembly, asma
esm = resemble, ensemble
ism = possible, chance, possibility
osm = cosmos, endless
usm = busom, use me
ysm = wisdom

asd = asgorath, asgara, asgarath, world of gamblers and void people that enslave
annoyances while treating people with respect that gamble, have respect
esd = estimated duration, duration
isd = personal prophecy
osd = dumb, awestruck
usd = dollar, paper money, bank note
ysd = wisdom, knowledge

asn = aspirin, aspire, aspiring, poison, passin/g
esn = ease in, easy in
isn = catalystic prison, is in, prison
osn = cousin, accost and debit
usn = euson, to be us in, reason
ysn = thing, thyng, why an weight in, wisen

apt = known to, ability, skill
ept = maintain, excerpt, except, inept, skill, ability
ipt = script, input
opt = sight, preference, option, optional, choice, optical, optic, output
upt = disruption, uptake, hobby, uptaken
ypt = crypt, purge, clean, cemetary

aqt = swimmer
eqt = equator, equal point
iqt = upht, uft, umph, oomph, inner strength, inner power
oqt = bear
uqt = organizer
yqt = prent(ice), apprentice; prevent, prevention, demention, dement, dementive, dememive

arz = alien
erz = erratic; this is done by erratic electrical signals.
irz = irresponsible
orz = contraction; control, control responses
urz = urgency; urgent actions, this is done from urgent need.
yrz = drug use. awn = lawn
ewn = hewn
iwn = seek
own = earned by self, own
uwn = you own it, transferrance of property
ywn = all I own, owner

axt = situate
ext = to the extent, exit
ixt = arrange
oxt = manage
uxt = uixt, control, dominate
yxt = possession, wax this, if possession that ends with dismissal of the possessor.

axp = expiration
exp = vete, death of, experience, experienced, expect/ed
ixp = explosion, explosive
oxp = team moment
uxp = wisp; uixp, resulting moment, cusp
yxp = fallout

azn = as in, equal, suggest, as not, haze in
ezn = ease, not easy, lazy
izn = isn't, be not, prize not
ozn = ozone, htuotri, hydrogen oxate, o/z, H2O3, high level plnetary air
uzn = gel, slow flow, thick fluid
yzn = wisen, miser, wiser

Four part vowels

afra = afraid, afeard
afre = personal fear
afri = frighten
afro = fraud; isn't true, hairstyle otherwise
afru = indifferent
afry = frigid, balfry

efra = ignore
efre = bloat
efri = leave alone, authorize in
efro = fraud
efru = psychoanalyst, torn
efry = you heard me, listen

aint = ain't, no (ain't), be not, are not, aren't
eint = and, avoid
iint = high end, high up
oint = point, healing ointment
uint = fluent, squint
yint - detective

iano = piano, wood knocker, hitting music
ieno = good otherwise
iino = part of, in no, in number
iono = I dunno, I don't know
iuno = I lunge of, I undo
iyno = I whine of, I whino, to complain

yank = person, stop steal, steal(object, theft or discrepancy)
yenk = poor, disinterest
yink = wink
yonk = bastard, honk
yunk = insult
yynk = erupt

yaki = concept
yeki = please, dismiss
yiki = surprise
yoki = are you ok, your power, fascination(fascinating)
yuki = bringer
yyki = conscious, conspicuus

anam = enamn, enamel, rurealistic
anem = a nemesis
anim = animated, coexistant, animal
anom = absorbing good while eating, actively good
anum = anti-numbering, active number
anym = to be pseudonimically evil, punished, acronym

anima = bad condition, anime person
anime = a person as if born from money, picture of what is quality animation
animi = anemic, loss of iron, ironic
animo = animalistic people person
animu = stillframe, don't move and achieve action, animal you as if different person, ultimately definable corrupting force
animy = animational, everything anime like

anng = anger
enng = slang
inng = fucking, sex pleasure, peninsula
onng = on guard
unng = lunge forth
ynng = through power, detriment

aram = devoted one
eram = zealot
iram = crave
oram = cram, pack
uram = clear
yram = clear minded

arem = multitude of, harem
erem = single
irem = lover(man)
orem = cream
urem = fattening
yrem = wire rim

arim = arrival at
erim = appear hurt
irim = boulder
orim = devise, plan
urim = be free
yrim = constrict, constriction

arom = aroma, scent
erom = accidental
irom = era, frame of time
orom = halt
urom = turn, direction change
yrom = settle, place of rest

arum = room
erum = furniture
irum = spacious
orum = shit, oriface
urum = still
yrum = rafter, roof support

arym = an agreement
erym = a besiegement
irym = conflict of interest
orym = allibi
urym = a result
yrym = contribute

yaff = talk
yeff = jeff, call girl, pleasure man
yiff = sex, dirty
yoff = scoff
yuff = dog bark, sexy call
yyff = wife, abrasive woman

ekan = he can't (so I can)
eken = e-ken, to know and do as if psychicly aware, psychicly confused, evil kenning (to know, do, effect but by evil effects), to know and do as though in necessity but theres no moral basis as it can effect anyway.
ekin = energy kinetics, energy kindred
ekon = to say and to do things and out of energy and it being some energy, constructs of what is said or done into words written down as though in a console., energy console.
ekun = to be psychicly aware but tries to avoid things out of fear., to size up or down intelligence according to situation
ekyn = wildness energy, energy of wild consolance

akam = volcano, give ground, give distance
ekam = accede, give way
ikam = came
okam = flee, run
ukam = retreat
ykam = viking, early explorer

akem = pressure
ekem = break
ikem = survive
okem = live on, separate
ukem = mold into
ykem = adaptable

akim = call forth
ekim = summon, ask him
ikim = respond, response
okim = oak, tree
ukim = make come
ykim = see it through

akom = destroy
ekom = destruct, annihilate
ikom = sacrifice
okom = oak log house
ukom = satisfaction
ykom = further negotiation

akum = play a role
ekum = assume, idea of
ikum = act
okum = stage, staging area
ukum = convince
ykum = believable, survival

akym = decorated, honored
ekym = your claim
ikym = glory
okym = hound, dog
ukym = train, instill habits
ykym = warfare, war act, hunt

akla = antiquity, anticipation
ekla = aged, very old
ikla = priceless
okla = ancient, early
ukla = respect
ykla = represent yourself

akle = ankle, work clay
ekle = hand, hands
ikle = mastery, trader
okle = bend into shape, bend
ukle = earning, trade
ykle = prosperous

akli = bakery, irritated
ekli = produce
ikli = formation
okli = pastry
ukli = trading
ykli = distributor

aklo = make glow
eklo = applied force
iklo = equally
oklo = crystal
uklo = vision focus
ykio = mental clarity

aklu = dangerous, danger
eklu = material provided
iklu = including
oklu = warning signs, no clue
uklu = avoiding, warding disaster
yklu = avoid a war

akly = acclaimed of
ekly = have weakness in
ikly = witnessed by
okly = personal experience
ukly = climate of effect area
ykly = personal enjoyment

alla = allay, bring aside
ella = laid aside
illa = villa, town, city center
olla = sight see, tour the area
ulla = explore the area
ylla = interact with things

alle = hunt down
elle = last line(up), you will
ille = keep moving
olle = catch up
ulle = consideration
ylle = while away

alli = strategic; strategy, alley way, long range planning, allowed; this is where your allowed to do things and have what you need by feel such as things.
elli = tactics, short range planning
illi = actions therein
olli = adrenaline
ulli = momentary tiredness
ylli = campaign, warefare

allo = hello
ello = peaceful passage
illo = tall collumns
ollo = no center, hollow
ullo = bull, bull through
yllo = destructive

ally = alliance
elly = preserve
illy = not serious, hilly
olly = bless, holly
ully = beater, make fun of
ylly = wilderness, wildness, wild country

alti = alteration, height, change in form
elti = toughened, brutish
ilti = shape up, modify from
olti = skittish
ulti = ultimate, coltish
ylti = blow to face

amar = scar, bruise
amer = depicted vision
amir = future vision, distinct
amor = amoral
amur = murder
amyr = mirror portal

oman = old man, in trouble, oh man
omen = physical sign, sign
omin = all mine
omon = odd feel, hormone
omun = mooncall, hunting horn
omyn = sunshine

anca = uncaring, anchored
ance = lance, distanced
anci = unseeing, blind
anco = rancor, mild anger
ancu = sentimental
ancy = choice; fancy, extravagence

anta = antagonist
ante = add value to
anti = against, opposite
anto = being records of, record
antu = remainder of
anty = protection from, aunt, special relative

enta = last
ente = enters, this is entering into things.
enti = entice
ento = inside yourself, five
entu = entire piece
enty = plenty

inta = intake
inte = integral
inti = knife fight
into = together with
intu = instinct
inty = intrigue

onta = party included, montage
onte = on to you, in the know
onti = on time
onto = pronto
ontu = count of two
onty = self preserving

unta = union, untamed
unte = unite
unti = until
unto = untoward
untu = untucked
unty = untyed

ynta = bring wine
ynte = quaint
ynti = has a point
ynto = went into
yntu = beef
ynty = point out

Appa = apartment
Appe = appetite thats unbeatable but can be unbearable
Appi = mountains, apply, appetizer
Appo = appointment, apple
Appu = pull, (a) pull, applied scent
Appy = happy, satisfied

aara = barrier
aera = spread through
aira = trap release, circulation
aora = air flow
aura = energy flow, life force, fluix
ayra = magic flow

aare = sunlight
aere = heated
aire = energized
aore = charged
aure = daylight
ayre = dehydration

aari = heat wave, are you all right
aeri = in air
airi = float, fly
aori = current
auri = new life
ayri = augury, oracle

aaro = ancient ruins
aero = air
airo = molecule/ar
aoro = electric/ity/al
auro = load, build up
ayro = overload

aaru = errand, reeds, movement to accomplish
aeru = important/ance
airu = take notice on
aoru = goal
auru = finis, done, finish, finalized
ayru = law, set idea

aary = inquiry, questioning of
aery = faery, factual information, search for truth
airy = flitful
aory = white lie, partial truth
aury = future depiction, futuristic
ayry = ironic, realized mistake

araa = arrayed, arranged in pattern
area = make description of place
aria = arriving at, deciding on, aura, flight (sometimes with use of things)
aroa = pictured, idea of
arua = completion
arya = single voice

arae = array, lineup arrangement
aree = relation, connected, aligned
arie = difference
aroe = erroding/errosion, rotting
arue = disrupted, broken
arye = claiming to happen, hypothesis

arai = conspired, invented
arei = area of, agreement
arii = cooperation, work together
aroi = wrought, made
arui = need in mind
aryi = speed it up

arao = defined
areo = agreement with self
ario = test
aroo = make attention to, call of loneliness, arousal
aruo = use, used in
aryo = hopeful, can I hope, give up hope

arau = arouse, feel like
areu = bequitkiu, are you, self question
ariu = gameplan, compulsion
arou = peri, around, circ, circu, into
aruu = corrupt, turn to your side, Aururum, metallic substance infused with magic to be self repairing and can fuse back together.
aryu = attune, become a part

eraa = express
erea = know your area
eria = guidance of lore, think
eroa = evoke love
erua = are you mature, bring nature, maturity
erya = area location, guaranteed safety

erae = a request, requesting
eree = get what you want
erie = stray opinion
eroe = erroneous, stray from path
erue = find problem
erye = guided to light, find promise

erai = corrected, find the path
erei = sight of goal, pointed towards light
erii = gaining momentum
eroi = chance of moment
erui = ruination, ruined chance
eryi = wreak havoc

erao = doom be upon you, fate be against
ereo = prearranged, versus, arrayed against
erio = rival/s, natural enemy
eroo = erotic, strange behavior
eruo = sought protection
eryo = sanctum, neutral ground

erau = bait, incite to attack
ereu = carry you
eriu = challenge to assault
erou = arouse suspician
eruu = make mistake felt
eryu = fail

eray = erasure of moment, failure by death
erey = shame by despising, despite
eriy = erroneous correction, brutally shone
eroy = tough independence, easily provoked
eruy = forgivance of self, letting go
eryy = feel better, recuperation

iraa = charged with purpose
irea = rush ahead, rushing stream
iria = source merge
iroa = bond, flow along with
irua = setting aside, moving along a path
irya = meet source, converge, a city by state

irae = neat, meet
iree = compare notes, idea comparison
irie = expansion of knowledge
iroe = fill with knowledge
irue = rue for you, covetous
irye = vengeance

irai = deciever
irei = rush someone on
irii = practiced falsehood
iroi = move out of way
irui = iron out, must obey
iryi = watchful of events, eventful activity

irao = aftermath, ending event
ireo = pole position, ends meet
irio = shifted position
iroo = irony, past realization
iruo = thwart, thwarted attempt
iryo = law uponst yourself, remain uncaught

irau = identity, be hid
ireu = agreement of kind, tryst
iriu = add variety
irou = borrow from
iruu = righteous, high and mighty
iryu = deboning, downfall event

iray = self sacrifice, give something up
irey = insight, failure acknowledgement
iriy = growth by experience, self growth
iroy = write self experience, diary, biography
iruy = depth perception, perspective, view of self
iryy = acknowlegement of change, changed self

oraa = change of views, biology, life theories
orea = philosophy of life, philosophy, write down, pleixaubian
oria = new life, determination, look
oroa = childish, oh grow up
orua = stand for belief
orya = adult, proven your beliefs

orae = responsibilities
oree = stickler, overly done, stick in the mud
orie = real life, hard bargains
oroe = nightmare
orue = consternation, muddled thinking
orye = singled out, persecuted

orai = overrate, undesire
orei = post synaptic syndrome, depression
orii = suicidal, bad driving
oroi = alleviation, lifting emotions
orui = can't handle it, uneasiness
oryi = get away from, antisocial

orao = make unappealing, ugliness
oreo = build it right, built right, delicious, self-enjoyed
orio = magick, self taught manipulation
oroo = auratic, aura
oruo = soft spoken
oryo = soft melody, rhythm of magick, hypnotic tune

orau = haunting melody, whale song
oreu = mesmerize/ation
oriu = bardic magick, song winds magic
orou = defensive music, calming effect
oruu = sparrow, forgetful music, make forgetful
oryu = warning song, magic warning

oray = night magic, spirit of remorse, faery dance
orey = warding magic
oriy = moon magic, lunar influence
oroy = night activity, night influence
oruy = a ray, one direction line
oryy = shining, energy release

uraa = cattle
urea = bull
uria = united workers
uroa = damnit, expel anger and frustration
urua = currency, spur of the moment
urya = gas

urae = already prepared
uree = bathroom, ureka
urie = bluebird
uroe = torch, flame cloud
urue = expanded vision, illumination
urye = lighted area

urai = collected group
urei = being greedy
urii = group discussion
uroi = leader
urui = topics, discussion choices
uryi = weeding, moderation

urao = one at a time
ureo = selective voice
urio = voiced opinion
uroo = urgent matter
uruo = get it done, rotting, settled fast
uryo = mob mentality, angry mob

urau = heated discussion, key to discusion
ureu = important point, identify
uriu = the heart of the matter, most important
urou = decided action
uruu = party agreement
uryu = destined motion, purposed movement

uray = destined, settlement
urey = quick actions, misthought
uriy = personal warfare, grudge
uroy = unlawful, vigilante
uruy = painful memories, scar
uryy = satisfied

yraa = dooming yourself
yrea = investigation, crime scene
yria = evidence of, criminal activity
yroa = searching clues, investigate
yrua = catch in the act, caught
yrya = construct crime scene

yrae = identify indivisual
yree = pattern match
yrie = possible lineup
yroe = positive identification
yrue = incarceration
yrye = put on record

yrai = interrogation, confession, questioning with intent
yrei = trial case
yrii = question for truth, soothsay
yroi = supporting evidence
yrui = witnesses, backup support
yryi = case in point

yrao = case status
yreo = put notification
yrio = case indication
yroo = court procedure
yruo = cancelled case
yryo = criminal sentence

yrau = jail time, punishment
yreu = prison, incarceration
yriu = time passing
yrou = internal change
yruu = review board
yryu = appeal for release

yray = release from sentence
yrey = probation period, watching time
yriy = set free
yroy = con, released prisoner
yruy = stigmatism, extreme distrust
yryy = liar

aran = arrange, wrangle problem
aren = arena, energy arrangement, (I) can't, (I) can, dejection
arin = arraign, release arrangement
aron = seduce, baron
arun = concern
aryn = phobia

atla = dagger, knife
atle = mystery of mastery
atli = commence, proceed with action
atlo = outlaw
atlu = goodbye
atly = once again, flatly lay

etla = force
etle = athlete, a runner
etli = elite
etlo = yellow
etlu = merit
etly = sweet

itla = cry
itle = little, title, given name
itli = spaztic
itlo = goods
itlu = blue
itly = smile

otla = outlay
otle = myth, turtle, outlet, tortoise
otli = only
otlo = forgotten
otlu = forgive; acquit, this is where you forgive someone in outlying feilds.
otly = play, shield

utla = tarantula spider
utle = belittle, vital
utli = fruit
utlo = knock down
utlu = soap
utly = sea wave

ytla = watery
ytle = mushy
ytli = squishy
ytlo = mud/dy
ytlu = sink
ytly = flood fill, flood

enca = encasement
ence = hence, to point out
enci = observance
enco = imprint
encu = restricted by
ency = dign, dain, value, worth

inca = incapable
ince = explode, explosion
inci = enticing
inco = misunderstood
incu = sleeping area
incy = pacify

onca = answer search
once = past rememberance
onci = vision, visage
onco = curse me
oncu = review moments
oncy = clarified event

anam = body and soul
enam = hard casing
inam = high number
onam = familiar
unam = same
ynam = whine

anem = weakness, name
enem = enemy, protege
inem = protection of self, self defense
onem = happenstance, moment
unem = unnamed, not named
ynem = probable cause

anom = to atone, appease
enom = to appear, phantasmal, phantom
inom = change appearance, glamour
onom = warning
unom = known system
ynom = exploitation

anum = pursue
enum = collect
inum = distribute, share
onum = cause shit
unum = uncounted, uncountable, not seen
ynum = unassociated, split, unassociation

anym = I am named with, acronym
enym = alternative, enei
inym = Laugh out Loud, lol
onym = felt relief
unym = system
ynym = prickly skin

anka = giant roc-like phoenix with 1700 year lifespan
anke = anchor
anki = handkerchief
anko = anchovy
anku = thank you
anky = soft cloth, work cloth

apts = apartment, rented room
epts = mismanagement
ipts = speak, voice
opts = eyeglass
upts = opinion, bias
ypts = overflow, overdo

aqaa = sea life
aqea = aquatic
aqia = shark
aqoa = fish
aqua = uata, water
aqya = storm, wild storm, squall, ocean storm

aqae = call to sea
aqee = dolphin sqee
aqie = aquatic life
aqoe = life flow
aque = achoo!, sneeze
aqye = acquire

orna = Ornamental, To be viewed with as calm but with idea and with know how as your born again as something or someone.
. orne = To be a calm and understanding indivisual by the moment as a situaion occurs.
orni = Formal, forminental and formimental as to be understood but not always liked as your mind works with a forming or fuck idea.
orno = horny but with or weth discipline and you will do anything to feel good.
ornu = On a known point and this makes you do or show or see.
orny = To be well done and in a moment, ornery by however its done whatever it is. It isn't besburg, its one that represents.

abtz = small tings, small pieces, itty bitty
ebtz = arbituary, little disagreement
ibtz = input, add data, add in (placed in); substitute (teacher or other) thanks to rob.
obtz = orbitz, become orbital, Able to control atoms in instances. travel by thought or
channeling gained from engineering the body. The thought be enabled to override reality
from direct subconscious.; orbituary (deathlist)
ubtz = your input, your bits, your information
ybtz = wild reaction; storage of idea

avai = take, avail from
evai = evoke
ivai = body, self
ovai = sieze
uvai = covet
yvai = valued

avei = compliance
evei = restore, raise
ivei = buy in
ovei = convey, obey someone
uvei = unveil, disclosure
yvei = hidden

avii = season, seasonal
evii = divination, evoke sight
ivii = invitation
ovii = bring forth
uvii = brought to you
yvii = rebound, repast

avoi = sea voyage, craft
evoi = control
ivoi = music, sing
ovoi = object of, to vote
uvoi = new voyage
yvoi = nothing

avui = anyone
evui = enable mind
ivui = in everyone
ovui = stand forth
uvui = find in self
yvui = why so vague

avyi = activist
evyi = enviable
ivyi = applying
ovyi = appliance
uvyi = try, trial
yvyi = dead cause

avam = revamp, recreate
evam = beseech, pierce, argue for
ivam = inflamed
ovam = maim, cut off
uvam = sought after
yvam = revamp, remake, recreate

avem = dream
evem = beam, lance, redeem
ivem = intervene, go between
ovem = stand in between, buffer, block
uvem = move him, move person
yvem = gesture in

avim = a chime
evim = remove from, evict
ivim = intelligent
ovim = overly enthusiastic
uvim = senseless, knocked out
yvim = wave

avom = run, move fast
evom = dash to cover
ivom = dislocate
ovom = request, boon, a presentation, move on
uvom = move overland, forced march
yvom = distance

avum = set
evum = match
ivum = meet
ovum = substance form
uvum = body force
yvum = wavy, wave

Five part vowels

arden = harder, duty bound
erden = urge, compulse
irden = thieves den, irritation
orden = order, found alive
urden = burden, house, task
yrden = collectible, collection

astra = astral, star field
estra = estrangement
istra = beast
ostra = smell, olfac
ustra = sicken, appalling
ystra = pass out

astre = come to senses
estre = female hormone, estregen
istre = female lover
ostre = female greeter, monitor
ustre = call of strength, very desirous
ystre = warpath, charming, control with voice

astri = horse back riding
estri = restriction
istri = strained
ostri = removed from site
ustri = utmost desire
ystri = standard

astro = astrology, study of meanings
estro = beastro, study of beasts
istro = master of house, maestro
ostro = giving over, giving up
ustro = consolidation, living with
ystro = stronger, strength

astru = past event
estru = right circumstances
istru = construe, doubt, doubtful ideas
ostru = losing streak
ustru = strung out
ystru = lost desire

astry = pastry, sweet bread
estry = canvas
istry = organization
ostry = monstrous
ustry = abusive, industrious
ystry = wasting

ifrad = are you afraid, be afraid
ifred = I forbid
ifrid = want to meet
ifrod = beside road, alongside
ifrud = figure it as, figured out
ifryd = ache all over, body ache

ofrad = in fear
ofred = off the path
ofrid = fear of fire
ofrod = off road, we walk
ofrud = that was rude, rudeness
ofryd = rooted to spot, very still

ufrad = unafraid
ufred = make unaffective
ufrid = its fried, you frighten
ufrod = inference information
ufrud = unfraudulent
ufryd = you fry it, deliberate

yfrad = why fear
yfred = am I free, personal freedom
yfrid = why the disaster, why happen
yfrod = ride to side, sidesaddle
yfrud = question guilt
yfryd = divorce, parental separation

anema = action theme, thema
enema = enemy, hostile person
inema = interesting person, intresting party
onema = on them not, onto activity
unema = your opposition, ceaseless activity
ynema = cause of their non action, wine be mine, wind up their activity

upras = appraisal
upres = upraise, lift off, bring back
upris = guided to being smart, lift up, better training, improvement, revolution
upros = growing rose, uprose, slowly achieve, slow agreement
uprus = practical joke
uprys = forget, throughst off, push away

aptac = incite
aptec = pre-human, in-between ape and human
aptic = nervous system
aptoc = wood chip, token, carving
aptuc = tree climbing
aptyc = cryptic, mystic

eptac = epitaph, final statements
eptec = recess, roll back
eptic = septic, drain
eptoc = compose, meditated
eptuc = consider, consideration
eptyc = come to decision, decide for yourself

iptac = unfeeling, nulls pain
iptec = continuation
iptic = instilled action, compel
iptoc = active moment
iptuc = the winds of the songs of the wolf, wolf song
iptyc = critical

optac = accessment
optec = drawing resources
optic = optifxe, optical illusion, light image reflection of a sight of interest
optoc = nocturnal
optuc = obstruct
optyc = ice clear

uptac = take upwards, uptake, upshot, a camera as it records the next shot
uptec = catch the air
uptic = in the air
uptoc = flying through air
uptuc = carrying air
uptyc = carried in air, float

yptac = tacky
yptec = a word of annoyance
yptic = poetic
yptoc = kind and warm
yptuc = childish
yptyc = repeative fun

otaku = attacker, endemn, projector oteku = obscurb, scary, scare tactic otiku = live, living moment otoku = accomplice, working with person otuku = take, steal otyku = confuse, confusion

itami = interment, interrent, accusation, to place in and accuse itemi = condemn itimi = durable itomi = accomplish, accomplishment itumi = time out, wait itymi = brute force, sabotage

atapu = opposition etapu = reprisal itapu = interpose, place between or place yourself otapu = log, rolemodel, ape you utapu = utah, repose, assign, award ytapu = life, living, undying

uvala = sci(old greek for evaluation or science), scintyu, scinc (skandinavia root for
science), evaluation(study), grace, science, philosophy
uvela = joy
uvila = violence
uvola = personal locomotion, vehicle transport
uvula = throat
uvyla = security block

award = reward
awerd = aversion
awird = loose connect, wireless
aword = talk indication
awurd = absurd
awyrd = strict, strictly

More than 5 vowel parts

uradiom = one part radon + three parts uradium and one part sodium for a magnetic irradiant
condensing field, can cure disease
urediom = hard metal formed from cadmium + carbon steel for the prospect of irriadiant
energy absorbant unbreakable metal
uridiom = weakening irradiant metal that makes from nickel + adamantium + uranium also as
hard as steel yet can cause diseases
urodium = erosive radiative high carbon steel thats made from cadmium + nickel + plutonium +
urudiom = disasterous, ruination, disaster formation
urydiom = power plant material from nucleonic cold fusion considered like baronite, hard black
barely radioactive metal that allows for high yield magnets, leadless lead allowing
no particles to pass through and considered a safe lead

uradium = weakening (cryptonite) irradiance mined from asteroids, mars
uredium = irradiative fuel element mined from asteroids, three parts barium and
1 part nitrus oxide and 3 parts sodium, this looks like darkish water and acts like
oil clumped together, as gas replacement
uridium = mutation element made by three parts radon and 1/3 part uranium
urodium = irradiative erosion element mined from mars, asteroid
urudium = restoration, restorative element mined from the moon as moon rock
or made from one part crushed radon + 3 parts water, If too much, degeneration occurs.
urydium = polymorphic metal mined from mars, venusian metal that is polymorphin and polymorphic

amazan = amazing inclusion, amazing moment
amazen = preventative idea, amazed moment
amazin = amazing, amazing moment or idea with a cause
amazon = trade area, wild forest woman
amazun = restrict, undone moment
amazyn = put up (with) and cause

imparta = mentally teach
imparte = imprint
imparti = intent
imparto = impartial
impartu = tell truth
imparty = impair, neglect, impure

uprisa = activist, activism
uprise = uprising, conflictive pattern, destructive revolution
uprisi = program, improvisation, interactive improvement
upriso = conflict, hardship, hardness
uprisu = personal injury, personal training, wunju, kung-fu, endless practice
uprisy = open warfare, test procedure, war contribution

arradianc = minor radiation, radiate
erradianc = body radiation
irradianc = irradiation
orradianc = energy reactor
urradianc = unhealthy radiance, deadly irradiation, harmful radiance
yrradianc = shining, radiant, radiance

indaces = erase
indeces = indecent, unlawful, illegal
indices = idx, index, table of context, content table
indoces = indoctrinate, introduce
induces = suction
indyces = inducement, induce

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The nouns, pronouns, adverbs and verbs p2

a-co = atomic strength, the amazing
a-ptc = aptec, testing, bloat
aeag = abything, feeble mind by energy inducement and buying of anything
Aeeeo = Arguement thats loud and obnoxious.
Aeia = removal
Aeiei = sesavync, subservience, instinctively trained to give in.
Aeui = enticement, enforcement, never agreed
Aeuu = subtle enticement
aesop = pattern, story
aoey = opportunity; gooey, fun Aooi = bitcheous, bitch, womanly ambition, focus, to hit (object)
aadic = abundance; the ability to do what I need to do when I need to do things. this works with the mantra of "I have freedom and abundance in all aspects of my life and reality." Otherwise, "Me av ian e aadic n omni aspix t me bio e relyy", in atleantian.
aanhlg = Paunch; the shape or form, that creates an impression. This is is also fat buildup, so think to deal with the idea then for if you create then you make by feel.
aatee = apoptosis, hating, a natural programmed cell death designed to eliminate trouble.
aenima = anemic, body bone desease
aeiae = intrepid thought, intrepidity, disagreement, une, omnipotency, enu talent
aeieia = diarhea, septic
aiei = xenophobia, fear of being rejected by alienation
aieio = aoiy, amorality, non moral view coming from an issue with dishonor; its a code by dishonorous view.
Aeiou = chromatic, ever changing, mood shift
Aeiouy = fated, fate that rules the world
Aetune = Aeternis, Aeternity, gravity plus dimensional energy and eternal energy that makes effects of good and positive easier and universal. While, it strips the bad from anything used on. This dispels beings from the area. This potentially turns bad actions and evil. This energy can materialize anything.
Aesop = crying; This makes anything sopped up with energy, fairly quickly. This also means rewriting.
aiaug = conquest
yew = death
ayey = intermittent; every now and then.
aist = aiste, heist; waste (if object) or waist (if person), otherwise you put up or make idea by what you give out in things.
aeqt = ache; adequate, bed bugs, pestilence (big), osteporosis
aic = ailment, panic or focus by rousing feeling
aic-e = find something (to do), force the body
aic-i = attack; hand in fire
Ain-e = pain, death, pining
Aic-n = seal with salts; bad temper, bad temper with salts
aik-e = tooth pain
aika = relief
aiki = aching, in pain, complain/ing
aiku = aikenu, bad pain, your ache
ain = cosmic, diabling, diabolically disabling
auoy = not crash, don't crash, not crash
Audi = paper or paperwork, slap, knockerball
aum = a switch on, a switch in energy on yourself and near you.
aum-e = zum-e, make happy feeling.
ayuh = healing; this is healing lungs and body by restoring function to the part.
uisk = ooisk, wine; ancient wine..whisk
Ad = Moment; a beginning an event and an end. The moment lasts different durations per each event.
adyo = hooked; addicted, looped, elderly or senile
alyi = illicid; illegal activity that you hide or steal something otherwise alli up.
ans = ansuz; answer, this is an answer to your will and created is the idea of life and will.
eiea = crown energy
eolh = cash; food, water, this is a point you realize and know what is about to happen by feel or idea that is known about. this is sent to you if you need it or want to know. think and you know what to do with it. this is known by the spirit that creates what you need, and what it knows you realize by feel.
oasa = overhulser; oasis action, museum, work out, this museum is a point of work done right or happy thought.
or'a = money; mora, this is mora where you basically create with ore by action that creates the funding or trade thereafter with values.
ecu = accute, too focused intelligent conditioning to some mind state, accurate in ancient
Egom = Egoism, Thinking; This is a point that is created by idea, if you don't mind it then you won't be hit. Question the point and the point diisapperars. This is all there is thought turned to the point. Then there is the end. That is where you imagine or think of the ending, you create the point that you want by feel.
enef = dissatisfied; this is where you create a point and don't get what you want. So in order to alleve the idea you think you should have by feelings, think to relieve yourself and you no longer have those feelings as magic makes the point work out by feel. this is an idea or effect, that works by feel unless the point is made to cause nothing.
enoth = nothing, as this was not him, think of another one or not do things by feel. so this look creates energy from the idea dissolved in your mind.
enif = productivity; enough, at the end you sniff, and if, disappointment, production, this is an iffy endpoint as a production point where things don't always go right unless productively done. think positive and you are alright. Think to know what you do and you create with a point. think you know what to do and you do.
ielfix = lefix, aielfix poof; break apart, This is what dissolves people in the area by neutralizing their cells with energy or otherwise cause of no fight. This is a point you break or stay whole. This is also a point I think that will work with anyone. This is a point I fix things and think about being somewhere else, then I am and I am out of the way of others. This is a point I think an idea to fix things and then work with the prepared food, thinking of the moment I realize the calories and write them down by feel. Then eat if I want so I think to satiate the hunger or think of the moment and wait and the need disperses by feel. Otherwise you wait for a bit and goto the fridge and open then close it, this is also the idea that when you eat energy food this disperses the need by idea energy blood infusion.
ioun = protection; iron, essence by ounce
icy = icey, Incisive; decisive, impulse that you know what to do with by feel.
ign = no, not, another, sign, pig latin (actual latin or english latinated)
ingful = successful; meaningful, this is a meaningful success or a win win where everyone wins by feel or doing what is a point in idea.
ueb = web; connection of lines
uouo = idd, diet
yiece = evanescence, flow away, smooth rhythm, smooth flow
aug = augment, increment
auwr = in effect is disbelieved, (disbelieved) power
aba = about, abate, able action
abjur = conjole (by consolling), control, to be an absolute jury in everything, abnormal conjure in a waste of time
aciec = truth of the matter, true (moment or point)
aciex = cold form moment, coldness
accuentr = aether magick
accuntr = magic, moving physics
acnta = acenta, accenter, to agree and acsend in some form
adnu = fedup; had enough
afn = drug effect, effect
afne = poo; shit, brown or black stuff from the backside or butt.
aka = give or take (also is), for
akuk = upchuck; spew, send forth
Alacrat = An aristocrat that creates at will and rules with intent to get results. The person given treatment of the alacrat tends to treat what the alacrat stands for as rules.
alahnis = evil state; evil atlantis, deprive, sight state as that means don't think to move around created crimbullian or faery area activity as they attack if sensed to peace they don't have to attack those then kill the area off that they don't like yet if not any corruption they won't feel irritation that means is this they didn't sense it before they sensed it after energy or radiation exposure to the use. This place is ruled by science, the idea is a point in idea.

They that you used are known to them, seeing no they were already dead by the breath of air that you created to allow them a chance so the al if the al lived that they hate because they ate the crimbuls parents were nothing more than a memory. This evil atlantis is where they deprive others for lack of things to do, otherwise this place is where they deprive and do things to people so they get effects. Otherwise they appear peaceful and when active, they are doing normal things with a reversed english.
alanis = derive; this is where you derive the point of where you are by feel. derivation is nothing by root use as actual roots. Seeing the fact here is life after death this is not hollywood material.
alehn = work; working as in doing work in idea. Otherwise that is work (work in), think or focus now I didn't go there.
alehnis = bad chance, bad choice
alehr = allure; against or allowable
alia = alleyway
alohr = meditate, mediate
alusa = allusive
ayak = ameritask; a merited task, free spirit/ed
alias = farewell; good-bye for now.
amf - horse or there shit that isn;t where your from, think in thought and your form is changed
amryay = amritasya, task; a merit of the task you do in respect to the area point.
amoff = To be off, death fall, lay on and take a dump
amor = immortal
anehr = anarchy, problem cause, conflict, translate (to english or language that you want to hear)
anie = spirit, etherial change, animus
anph = replay, well, passive
anr = answer, another, year, date
anti-maa = metabolism; anti-matter part of the body.
areime = high energy projectile beam, arrest me
arubuka = friends alone, momentary in after position that could be opposite to your own idea.
arb = barbe, babe action, womanly nature, arguement
arby = seller, divest, arbiguous; to be big in the head but argue dispassionately and become small in thought with temperment by others and other elements, or to be arguable and with expanded mind by added energy and more intelligent.
arge = aeiea, barbe, arbitrary nature; in arbitrary nature, a person is induced to argue for arguement perspective and through disagreement. This is with idea to arguably work with someones temperment. Argon.
agy = argy, evade arrest
agf = migraine; headache, aggravation through built up energy in an idea.
ahi = greater knowledge, greater tree
almost = maybe, could (have), should or would (will)
anh = restrain.
anht = restraint, this is preventative measure.
anz = answer; this is an answe or all hands.
as = fundemental change
apiec = epic, force into heat or fire
apr = aprak, approach; means, a given moment you come up and get things done otherwise this is where you sleepwalk.
art = are, if nothing or something is done, then "you are" aware now so begin as you can..
atleine = suppress; suppressant, effect that allows you to not need to do things.
Atenc = stink; Intessence, greater intelligence
atoye = authoritus; this is where you think to focus on knowing and creating by statement or writing. Then you create the idea in written form. Resist the urge to speak or write at least once, then you cure the need.
atotes = friendly; friendly nature
atreu = atreyu, betrayal; betray you, betrayer
atrey = betray; renege on something
awe = adwea, indweller, indwelling; this is where you create an idea in the place and go back or do what you need, then you go to where your body is dwelling by feel. This in idea or area formation is a bug that crawls in your body. That is easily killed by application of peroxide.
azur = haze; area of mist or smoke.
uab = what be, what is

avahi = avast, behold, machine, hello, available high
avanhti = avalanche, with an avalanche of power you literally fall.
avahi = avast, behold, machine, hello, available high
azura = ashura, greater power, active bind, activity bind
e-e = eye-to-eye; think and you know by the power of the eye that shares information energy from one eye to another.
e-ey = energy eye; this is the eye that creates, whether it's in your hand or in your temple area.
e-ec = energy convert; think to convert energy into water, that uses the gemstone of moonstone or aquamarine and the elemental water appears on the bottom of the cup.
e-ef = energy effect; e-fx, the effect is fire that is heat in the air and converted is the thought to energy, this is done to create a point and the transition of energy to create with your will and made is the point. If you want to create with a ruby or fire opal, then you hold the gemstone and create by thinking the fire energy passes through the gemstone. then is sometimes the point to create by manifesting your thought you need to happen.
e-eleq = is elevation of line-up
e-en = energy end; the point you end up with by feel. though due note, energy doesn't end, this means energy only converts to something else.
e-eloq = somebody else, is grandly line-up, another brain and mind
e-eloqee = e-elo'quee, another self thats extra, another self that is
e`enel;g = very good people that help from energy
e`ener;l = energetic energy life
e`ener;j = put forth and prison for life
e`ener;g = use of good to make energy
e'insteul = refusal, distilling chemicals, i'insteul, incautious
eae = creation, etherion, crystal energy, energy wizard aid
eai = dead eye, remove
ei = either or not, switch in on, beswitch, beaten to switch
eiea = the bread maker, bread baker
eiei = approximate, create similar moment, get edible
ealginx = Ealginnix, building, bone and tissue build, restructuring
ealgenx = Ealgennix, generation
eiag = contigula, anti-aging by enterrment, Energy entering and interred into something by definition or defining the term. This is energy thats placed with the definition by what the defining of the word is.
eigh = pig, eager, learning for an eager mind where everything is a learning experience.
eir = rejecture, denial of purpose, a fishy moment in time
Eisync = Synchronize effect
eugnswein = [on-swee-in] instant success, instant money
ebjur = ebb in effect, in abjur, not really, market, absense
ebzur = erasure
ectya = arcticane, zoracane, endorphin activation pain removal (not immediate)
Eczi = To run, foul
ecru = okra, accrue; not indite, gain
edd = ehdd, tyrant, ruler
efel = an effect that doesn't completely work
efsun = incantation, deaf[ening] action
ehn = energy cause, energy of disputes and cause, unstoppable ending, anger
Elea = Elemental activity, Elemental action
Eliem = save a person, strong condition removal
Elien = Energy alien beings
Eleim = Element charge
Eleimk = charge element to kill effect
Eleomk = reduced waist size
Elebibe = element separation
Elesio = elemental mastery, elemental isolation, elemental isotope, an elemental isotope that attaches to the person or target and shares the memory as experience as it eats the person up of diseases and bad effects.
Elepua = Elemental power
Elepualok = Elemental power lock
Eleptua = Elemental personal work
ello = transfiguartion, change of body, ellon
emai = calming energy surge, automake by energy
emoe = creature, adapt (to), make adaption, make change, make insane
emoy = emoe, emotion, emotional
emb = embue, create effect and place in
en-ignur = en-ignier, success, indication, en-lighten
enci = prehenci, prehencile, prophecy, Gained ability, set upon, expect
endm = death pardon, this makes you pardoned by death
enitute = Entuition, At the idea there is an end intuition
enneui = super ability, end of something to get something
ensteul = spell dispoal, dismissal, spell disposal, its when you get hit by an enchantment as the spell dispells itself and wears itself away but remains in the clothing or idea object until you take the clothes off and wash it or throw away the disposables. Then the spells gone, but in disposable throw the disposable away in the trash and the spell will dissipate. Remove the trash and spell effect that is goes away.
epem = drug/ged, epidemic, weapon
epm = evil (by corruption), corruption within
eintw = fucked up, en, entwined, don't understand
Eniht = pronounced ennate, negate, the aftermath; sometime you think and I agree, then I lose my weight I don't want by the use of the third eye, 4th or 5th eyes.
ensu = overincompetance
Espiargo = espionage
esta = establish, passover, in the eastern direction, elementary pursuit
evey = eve eye, night eye
exese = extra big, obese, swelled up
Ezpz = easiness; easy, cool, easy peezy, this is activity within easiness and there's sometimes no regrets happen results.
i-mue = create energy from intelligent action in immunity.
Ia-snyp = clone; Inner child, Think a spell and uhn. The inner child is useful as you can direct it, that's done by thinking about something or feel something is necessary. This is usually an undeveloped fetus, that you form by what you do or think into existence and the breasts that form are a point that it is there as an indicator. So you can reshape and make it think, whatever you want it to be shaped or thinking is what it thinks.
So I think if you consider something done, then the inner child conscious creates what you need or want as a need. Think thin thoughts when you do this, that's because you could feel the urge to eat. If you do feel the urge, then don't do it. Don't go and eat something, then you are assured to remain without weight gain. This is done by holding off from eating and waiting for the urge to disappear.
However that's all, since you don't want it to develope into a child, use an abortion technique. Otherwise the three finger press in your right side middle stomach area, this is used as a way to cause it to be ejected in your shit or piss. Then the weight it causes is gone by feel. This can also be done by tracing an inward spiral on your side of the stomach, that you choose to use as a point to undo what you don't like. Otherwise trace the inward spiral on your chin instead, that's to undo extra weight and double chins by your intention.
But its not always instant, this can take some time if you gained too much weight. If you don't want the weight and it doesn't remain undeveloped, then you could clone yourself so this means no sexual partners are needed to have a clone of your own. Consider it a second you or version 2 of yourself, unless you abort it when you think its progressed further from that stage of fetus. However the undeveloped fetus can make almost anything happen, this is mainly done by brainwaves and perception. Then the idea of it doesn't matter, seen especially if you follow this idea as a guide. So basically what you do is your own idea, I think its best to use your own point of view with this concept of self-birth.

Think a point, if you want to use the inner child to produce results, then think a point and feel it will form the idea. Then it does. This is a point in itself where the inner child feels what you need as you think or state the point, then when you think about the idea and need the point you think about the idea you create with a point that manifests. Then the idea is with more possible chance to be formed as a manifest. That's where you create things, sometimes this is from thin air or your own element. Enjoy yourself and farewell, since I am going to be on a trip I will do what I can to make things better. Farewell and good-bye.
iagy = root; energy
iessi = removal, inexpression
ieun = indemnity set by a mark, condemning by instinct to discredit
iemm = freeze frame; timefreeze and not always by insanity as think instant need or attack by animal spirit is leave spirit if you split a fight but not happened if unnecessary, I don't think in time this is a good idea whereas the point this is ambiguous as it is the concept. That use is your own, but not as something is learned. In time this is where things freeze in sight.
iemmi = cope; think a point, decide the issue, decision, cursing, disgusted
iume = emo; hate speach with emotion, flume, flaming, limited basher, this effect makes you bash things when you get too much energy or too emotional.
ietsu = gullible; easily suggestable, suggestable in mind, great being susceptible
iit = cunt
ila = Greater illusion, an illusion that is with ki energy and made real by heat increase. This illusion is the perceived idea you want to give to them. Only a kitsune can make it all 5 senses that are with experience of said illusion. That illusion is undetected as the illusion it is. This illusion turns real, when enough energy is near. When disbelieved, it can persist until the moment that the illusionist deems it necessary to dispel that illusion. When dispelled, it can leave a heat radiance in the area, unless the fire used is frost fire.
Igneos = ingenious, to use idea but when thought on, you don't realize it was thought on and can sometimes forget about it. Can lead to dangerous situations.
ineui = inexcuse, unexcused
inesi = deceit, uneasy
inessi = inexcusable
inerh = super shifting ability
inepsis = in episode assistance, other area act(acting out on impulse and idea while thinking your somewhere else.)
inun = inundated, this is adding in and being of something by the energy
inune = remade (by events), this is where you imagine something then the event you imagine or state creates the point that you need.
inoit = ignorant; bloody ignorant, ignore, this is where you ignore things and see the changes.
inujistic = injustice, injuristic, opposite concept from idea happening
insteul = tortured knowledge, self-reflection, to gain ability and thought from being tortured, an instilled thought, to strain or distill barley.
iom = clarification movement, a factual commitment to understand language
Ium = spacial time element of energy convergence
ina = innate, self produced effect by inner ability
inwib-p = kinda stupid, brainwashed, suggested to
itohte = intuition, by feel, spiritually, (not) hit oath by energy
isie = nsie, insular; sealed area, self-contain/ment
isokrylutego = isochryllic memory shield form
Ishida = conceded, concession
isteul = to be in stool, to go an shit, to instill; this means to instill ability an gnowhow by techniques, to gain knowledge and know-how from torture
istia = to instigate, make an propagate, then do in effect that ought to be idea
ixiel = freedom, freedom being; a being that gives freedom kingdom from effects that are on the person.
onm = ominous reaction, on me
odeu = odeur, ordeal, Ordeur, conscious, order, oder
uab = what be, what is
uaber = what be here
uabues = what be missing
ueb'oro = web hit; this is a website counter hit by what is done.
uorh = again; nightmare, horrid event that creates itself by feel like I do.
uyghur = uglier; technology, technologized, culturized, this is sometime some culterized processed food \
unat = unnatural; this will be an unnatural day.
unathynan = unnatural slenderness. this is a reached state of body mass where you are reduced in mass and create better magic where you end up losing weight excess.
unis = susceptable; bonding of mind, bondage
unctfi = unconscious moves that are unseen time with an end point, through forever control at an end point, while moving, and doing self-conscious or unconscious control defying. This is also the unseen atlantis, visited unconsciously.
unctfy = unseen timefight; unseen unconscious time fight, through effect and idea, that directs the moment. Sometimes unconscious defiance causes a willful defying to things that happen.
uglia = ughliur, uglier
Y-eva = wyeva, whyever, evolve
yeva = weva, whyever
yrcudk = work addiction, can't stop working, udder kill
aac = aggravate, overwhelm (where aacix be overwhelms or aggravates)
aak = vacuum
aek = ache, body pain
aekino = energy, life energy
aem = of them
Aemvarnati = landing procedure, vehicle, variable, varied procedure, To be as procedure in one but away from the idea. The procedure is the path to do another way but gets a similiar result.
aim = ideal, idea, remote community, goal, remote communication
aet = most, presentament
aeth = Aethe, most, element
aethnea = aethnia, nea, ethnic group use, ethnical use
aethenik = ethnic not in kind, aether kill
acei = accord, accedance, acceptance, restful pose
adriac = severe disorder (acute), body response alita = creative; robotic, cyborg like
amazd = amazed, a maze of deathly nature
amek = amend, disease, self-curing disease
ium = greater degree, spite, detest, activity building
aan = over
ass = arse, butt, association
ein = skein, waterskin
aemina = amina, amnesia
eeta = multitask, multitasking, many things with shared time, person, machine shared time event
eum = clarification, room
eyt = the eye, newt, lizard
eytt = glass, glasses
edith = editorial, edit, edict to write, composure
els = else; an els, another thing by chance
iena = number, purposed of, hyena
uagy = asergy, condensing field that contains any live force, radiation.
this force can be used for electricity, live electricity containment.
uuh = ununhexium
yep = yes please, yes person
aip = ape
uarcry = spirit animal war cry
air = air, hair
aupa = gold paper
iaou = anabolic, build up of muscle and mass or tissue
iate = aviation; airflow, guided movement where this is sometimes done by feel through the air.
yaig = intelligent, intelligence, intelligence one
yatuik = intelligent annoyance, conman, intelligent twink that gets jealous
easy and tries to avoid work as possible
yare = in year
yarea = each in year, each their own..
yeac = connection; itaconc, intercedence, interconnection, otherwise this is shifting.
aiosei = semi-automatic
aiosoi = managed cost
eaito = esperanto, ease of use
ecery = grocery or food item.
ouexseh = Edwards field, A hidden genereal energy warp area of collapsing space
charging another space created by a puaepyrm (power pyramid) or electricity and
say any in the field to beget the result if your aware of it, the edwards field.
The natural variety be to use aether or (material air) or ether (spirit) in 4/5
to 1/3 efficiency according to E%.
uaca = what can, what see
uica = with care
uaty = weighty
uiay = winery, area they keep wine
uiou = without, your owing
uihzfnofohuai = wihcnofohuai, intervention, intercede, interception
uuq = ununquabian, forever with split or half
aeola = element master
aeolus = all element, explorer
aedo = aeded, aided
aeg = reveal(before hand). unusual, abnormal
aello = rainstorm
Aert = Martial arts, the heart
aet = actively eat, active eating, active culture eating, not eat (as much)
aeta = mental, mind
aetus = life
aetri = Fight a war
auro = glow, aurora
auror = seeker(of things or people), mage police, dark seeker
augor = seer, prophet
aussi = australian, undercountrian
aussy = cow
oerhed = ourhead, overhead
ouerhed = overhead is over in the head, ouerheed is ourhead, earful is plentiful.
oust = force
Uase = erase by feel
Uebias = To uninform of a bias, unique bias, To form a bias
Uebios = Unibios, create and endure bad scent as an effect of bias
Uwybias = Uybias, nasty scent effect
Uwybios = Uybios, to endure and sustain a bias that can cause some scent
aeturnis = eternity
aute = auntie, Janice, eruption: a. Firey eruption of a large expansion of gas and
flame or lava to blow outward, sometimes blowing upwards.
b. Liquid Potpourria or Foam lamp oil, Mix lamp oil and liquid potpourri and alcohol as
2:1:1 and shake up to form a foam expansion and it fills up the near emptiness and left
over oil by at least 3 times and at most 4 times. This stuff when settled can burn instantly
the more you shake the more it makes up thanks to spellhawk.
c. Salt + Copper + Potassium Nitrate + Baking Soda + Soda pop (maby diet) will get a rapid
expansion of carbon dioxide and foams upward to create a lava like expansion, Thanks to
d. Vinegar + water + Baking Soda = volcanic like eruption and some add red food coloring.
(c) Danny and Heather/Sodiar Express.
autist = autt-cism, autism, autistic, self-induced world (maze), inner world due
to people or antisocial behavior.
auto = solo, self, alone, automatic, car, carriage, automated movement by propulsion
or anti-propulsion, for anti-propulsion be the usage of magnets in a pull toward a
direction by some mythical, mystical or energetic force
auth = authority, fourth, fourth
ayberian = foreign, alien from out of country or outside planet
eugenics = genetic mutation, youthful appearance, eugenics be also considered as the
process of meditation combining spirit and body, leaving a person with a superbody
and one-like mind, leaving the brain as a "soul" and super brain thats regeneration
able and sometimes imprinted with regeneration and "brainwashed" for idea and storage
of energy and memories. Overlapping of the body by the brain reinforcing the soul
or a personality taking over for the idea which be impossible. This has made elves or
demonic people.
eurotic = neurotic, strange
uumaekom = undo annihilation, uncalled for destruction
yokyete = I want
aiplait = gorilla, breast milk
aire = psychic
aomnte = aformention, mentioned information, bibliography
aynt = unevent, to do something in time that causes an unevent that is an unseen event or an event that goes to nothing due to inertial effect in idea.
adgh = adequate, turn to dog, edge
advc = inferrment, seen advance
afgh = all we value, all value
amieg = repite; think of the moment working for you and the despise disappears.
akien = bother (akieno is bothered, akienix or akiene is bothers, akieny or akienan is bothering)
awry = wrong, the truth is used in the idea they try out by feel.
eispey = (so you have to make them) stop and do else
eitha = etha, etha, either, else
eine = urine, murder (causing urination)
Eollo = Eolla, Aello, love
eun = spoon
eune = clean
etha = eitha, etha, either
ieum = remember, sentence, them, into, empathy, empathetic or I feel for you and am with emphasis on them is I'm hearing you or their listening to you, emphasize (use of empathy that is feelings where you sometimes feel things or seem empathetic), negatively act, negate (with sentence), condemn (negatively used)
ier = lier, their, your, hier
IIeMix = This is release from a darkmatter beings mandate, that includes the Anti-photon being. This is either where I don't mix or I mix idea that is unseen and unknown. That uses what I know, want, feel or realize and this is from others sometimes. So think and you know things by what you do or what happens, this is with thinking that's what you can do by things from the senses with the thinking that you do.
iimuy = inimical, known evil, known danger
idedran = something else, data drain, morph data, to change and rearrange the data as yousometime drain it into something else.
Eihwaz = a rune in celtic that is druglike, narcotic like, wins, think and this is a win by logical use magic instruction with a fringe benefit by insightful idea rune or not as too much pleasure or create with use good repair or with feeling good that plumps the body or creates creative use by what you think as innocense is revealable or logical use is a thought by intuitive feeling with insight.
ems = munchies; food money, food
ens = money; ensnare, ansuz, answer, the arrest or made point.
oitin = O10N2RnS2, ten parts oxygen three parts nitrogen one parts radon yielding
healing air that slightly morphs.
ieie = immobius, immobilize, time stop, activity stop, infinity, eight
ieiespa = immobius sphere(time stop) that stops all needed area activity where the
sphere formed was thought to be
iefnr = infurior, infuriator, I infer
ienfy = infy, identify to will defy
ioutug = allowance of goods or owing to object
iono = I don't know, I donno.
iota = part, idea
iote = mirror way; think of what you want and the mirror does it. This is especially true if you state your request at the mirror.
iotea = empress; the leader of the group that is female.
ioto = creativity; creative, this is a creative pursuit done by you.
ighdofem = action; its german, its a germ man or landmine
igt = can't talk; ight, right, alright, can't talk about it plight, tight, more woven fit
iotea = empress
ighdofem = its german, its a germ man
iki = ichi, believe, absolve
imoebpas = imoebius pause, immobilize pause, causes an immediate pain of the reality that is an if moment. that is an iffy moment as you realize what the realization is from the soul by feel.
invog = invasive rat; invogue, in.vogue, invoke, in fok (folk) trade value, not rogue
Incle = inclined, this is inclinations to relax soon, uncle
indeo = a wise man who is ancient in origins, ancient indian, ancient indian spirit
indeosp = indeo effect as with a kind of spirit, ancient indian spirit
itl = little, belittle, skittle, bite sized coated candy soothing effect of decaying distillment
itrarezv = resveratrol, ultra-rezv, itrarevaaro, Antiaging wine drug effect
uhe = firebreath
uhu = yh, yes, yeah, agreement
ije = ijg, fart; gas pain, sewer gas
abu = word, about abuse, react to a certain thing
abber = speed, push, push off
absolu = absolute, !
absorber = absorb, absorption
absumo = consume
abra = unholy, rough, profanity
ebrio = drunk
acaik = star, asterik
acepti = Modulem, Accepting of anything given and making use of it, in indescriminate ways. This is to use means that allow you to not seem to give anything.
acerik = star, asterik
acetates = lattice energy
ecaao = bank balance
oculozs = deep
occulto = secret; in the occult latin, secretive, this is a secretive moment that happens by feel with no stress.
adam = mind, first man
adaro = top human bottom fish body hostile to humans
admin = administer, administrator
adminis = administrator, administer
adra = sketch
eddy = smooth flow, stream movement
ideo = mental idea, ego (alter ego
udtriba = Uranium 238 (U) + 3p Deuterium (D3) + Barium (Ba)
for a everlasting fuel ball instigated by charles, UD3Ba, urandeuttribarium
okake = goblin, apparition, monster, ghost
acey = uncaring   
aces = access
acier = steel
actis = scene, action, scenic
activ = active, activate, activation, actvm, activism, start-up
acniv = bad guy, consultant
adoat = indolant, adolation, inductance by inclusion to form anything by being in reluctance from being imposed on bringing no mind and bad temper
ahm = bursting with energy
ahmi = alien, amends
ahmni = amnesia, forgettance used as force
ameliat = give (all) that, take it all, in arrangement, immediate
Eaeuly = all things necessary. Eulogy
Eio = remove bad, impulse, victory, remove restriction
Eig = send back, replenish
eoa = trading air, desperate air, 'he owns that I want it by jealousy' air
eoi = self-improving, erotic
eoli = trading force, consignment that causes trade
oem = dumb, dumbly or serrendipitiously discovered and creatively done
enim = the end of nothing
enun = otliey, across the world, enunciate, pronounciation, impaled
enh = enhancement to cancel the weight
Etune = Aeturnus, gravity and bio grade electricity with eternal energy. A tuneup of ability that makes you percieve what you want before it happens. This gives premenations.
evei = evict, implied replied, implied result, modulum, evisceration, evminstration, administration
evoi = evolve, evolution
evpu = ever put
iyeb = yep; personal yes, personally
iyem = do; (have) item, do (it), this is where you have the item to do it.
iyep = anyway; there you go, stupid (action or evem)
iyob = nope; personal no, eyesore or unrobe
oyeb = oh yeah; I agree, personal agreement, personally agreed
Iso = isolation; isolated area, energy, this is power that is with the point of free movement of electrons. This is in use of a power to generate it nothing more matters or things cease by the point.
itao = tao, interred, add-in, otherwise: attacking with stiffened fingers
icyce = experience, ensconce, item embrace
ocular = binocular, spyglass, eye glass
oculozs = in, deep
occasion = unnattached moment, unseen activity
occlus = hello, in occupation, occlusion, push out, activity restrict
otulvctusmoi = 12p oxygen + carbon + 2p sulpher + methane, breathable methanol gas
ock = flock, gather around
adde = address, addriss, adrift
adnu = had enough
odi = oddment, harmless, odd disposition, oddly meant
ofy = elephant
ufo = remember; unforget, unforgotten, unforgot, spacecraft, bogey, unknown vehicle
uhuh = uhuh; agreed or I doubt it
uhm = woman; warning sign, premonition
uhhn = trial
aha = serendipty; ahha, discovery, discover, asshole, relief or idea to follow.
ahmokpitoe = harmonic
ahmokdati = peaceful relation
anema = Energy from a magicalized (energized) flea or tick that is viral and causes anemia or other disease, this energy causes ability to surge up and become greater. Black actions may happen.
anj = nitty gritty; these are deep things that are there if you look for them.
anjou = red pear, angel; engellic being that exists where you think and creates what you need or want with what you think.
ehsdes = des, instance, suicide, besides
ehwaz = physical shift, gradual developement, steadyness
uh'o = good health, multiple vitamin
eaahnikh = forged currency
eaahnikh = forgery; forged currency, coin
eaeh = key; akashic, self created elements that's the key
akasha = all elements, cosmia
ohnoki = creative; creator person, created idea
oke = pardon
okem = pardon me
oklaica = primal forest
alas = sorry to say, matter set aside
alae = open up
alice = overlarge exquisite beauty, all melt, living example
alfa = alpha, beginning, start
aqius = stamina
axiom = wise thought
oleol = even stride
oleole = downstride, walk downward
emuy = inimical, known evil, known danger
eminem = bisexual, singer
Emh = embarrassment, Embargo (withholding), embassy (a place of where foreigners can go)
emppf = define, definition, onrush
anagram = to focus and do in pain by study, focused disturbance
aniky = fearful and abiding condition, fear thats released by admittance
andromany = endomancy, endoesty, a courtesy act
arki = archi; archibald, bold and with heart.
Atheos = pathos; humous (roach), post-humous (anke), humorous moment, disgust, disgusted (atheosan) or not this is the remains of the path of roached areas.
enoy = annoy
enoyp = pest, twink, fake, disturbance, bad storyteller, bad contributor
or personal annoyance
enoyt = annoyance
encr = end credit, double image
engr = engry level, emotional torrent
engry = enehrgy, angry energy, energy sometimes collected by people just to keep
going, energy that be overstimulated (by imprint) from a emotional psionicist as he/she
"moves" things and afterwords the person can pass out or cause body problems or lunacy.
An example be hate, love, anger, spite etc.. that be channeled. A special property
be the vehemence of of others will channel into and increase the effect (disbelief
disruption and fractal).Some think this might be bullshit but engry force can
increment strength.
eroy = aerobics; exercise that is low impact.
er-fann = To notice the fanning effect of dimensions, dimensional vibration effect or vibes.
er-funn = To do as necessary but in a chaotic fun mood, chaotic fun
er-kenn = To cause an effect that disables the target and forms it after condensation into a smaller form into a sealed block
er-kun = soft condition, soft candidate
er-kunn = To notice and do but be able as well, noticed preparedness
esco = free stuff, support, escort
icre = I cream, massacre, eye cream
idre = idea, I dream of
imaginos = imaginary operation, imaginary system
umbrae = porcedure, encumbrance
unnenoy = not annoyance
unuoy = uncrashable, crashable
unnuoy = uncrash
arom = scent
asalt = assault
Atheo = picture, depiction by drawing, acting or talking, ease of it, ala aformention 
afiliat = affiliat, aphiliat, distant association, distance
afiliate = affiliate, aphiliate, association
afrikaans = africa, after rich activity
afval = trash
efret = efreeti
ufala = resign, resignation, lightning
ufrodeub = consistent
ufrodueb = network
ahg = agihl, aghel, ankel
aghgrur = astral
agla = coming age
ogma = dogma, knowledge god, truth god
ijenspa = rejuvenation, iljenspar
alota = alotment, assortment
anota = another
anger = danger
angus = anger stricken, encode, encoder
ansuz = answers, mouth
anth = antler, sweaty
ents = treeman
aparit = aey, apparition, spirit, ghost
apas = apase, apace, rapidly
upre = rise, uprise, raise, up again
apsi = application, complex
apsu = apxu, affixiation, apartment
areas = anywhere, everywhere
arie = aryan, intent, spar, war, arrive
aries = war god, intent of measure, war measure, war genious
aryix = speed burst
aribeth = traiterous anger
armefest = full plate, arms festival, territory
armifest = arming festivity
arkipelag = archipelag, person that doesn't desist, undesistant person
artz = artistic, art
artzi = artist, practitioner, practicioner
arctic = ice, shore, cold in character
asada = beef; steak
aset = bone; asset by feel, this is a setting with bone that means your activity with a point to relax, then you remember things that form by feel or otherwise are created by spirit influence.
atraau = focusing; atraan (old friend), focus point
awsum = awesome
orpa = gold paper
enu = enough; stature, pose, mother goddess, otherwise this is a great being, that's much like a 15th dimensional being.
icasat = I can say it, considerable, sayyable
iceb = iceball
ityuiar = ichthyocentaur, sea centaur, human upper half dolphin tail horse forleg
or lion forleg horse
incy = infancy, incite, interest
inh = unhinder, unhurt but fearful
inhbdh = stupid effect, stupid effort
inme = imagination, imagine
inlay = inlaid, fill
inteli = intelligence
intelli = intellectual
inptec = assesment
instru = instruct, instrument
inveigl = steal
irdem = to you, irritated them, continuuance
irtem = is temp about, to hurt them from temporary illness
irtemp = in.temp, irtemp
isa = ewa, answer, cease activity, isolation
itezn = bentidoct, beige, To make energy or magic larger and stronger in effect.
itz = hitting on, its about inperceptive,  item z, its z
iwa = want; instant conversion, this is a point that gets instant conversation. if you wait for things you will get results with this idea.
oom = boom, ship sail lower wooden support
ocubla = man
oliv = olive
oluel = gasoline
omea = omega, finish, end, final (test), dedutchma, finale, fin, fine
orchrist = reaper, death seeker
ulcheur = a ulcher, wheeled chair
umaekom = call annihilation, call destruction
uruz = golden hair wild ox, good mind strength
usef = useful
usie = ouvisibas, ovousibas, mentally assisted energy manipulation
yurika = eurika, discovery of excitement
ynis = island of
ylagu = allergy, allergic, To pop up with hives wherever touched unless you scrub it off really well really soon. Or only get puffy and look 5 to 30 lb heavier each day near the allergic causing thing with a cold. However you don't break out in hives. Essentially causing eating increase and disorder. ylagy = conquer, To be conquer and set easy to be. aogi = ambiguity, blissful ignorance
eughafhuai = distortion
eula = linguist
oec = thought protection, thought projection, of course
oese = obese
oues = painful
uupeir = offense; rapier, raper, so on sight use is a rapier that works by itself.
iyes = I have
yale = black, tawny hippopotamus oxen with moving horns
yeck = shape shifting spirit
abacus = calculator, mathmatical machine
ebil = evil child, evilness
ebony = ebony, very hard black stone
ibem = ibeam, support, metal girder support
ubar = high quality, perfect
uber = super, hideous, excessive, monsterous
achaea = divine land, archaeologist dig
econ = energy connection that occurs things inexplicable as it connects for some purpose which is thought upon on acting the term.
icadonc = incondolence, deterrant (in motion), arrest, deter (motion or feeling)
icke = ice chest; this is a temperature related chest, cold or hot temperature regulated containter.
aduao = adulant, aid, indicator; instructor, a light, the person that indicates things such as a manager or aid. Inhibited of not.
adyu = adieu; good-bye, adios, goodbye
adicta = addictive
ades = be at ease
adv = advance, advancement, aided view, advert, adverted, adverse, opposite in form and feeling but similiar in idea with opposite energy
advanc = advance
advoc = advocation; word, adhoc vocabulary, this is words of advice
advhorte = ancient horror, ancient evil
idoi = indolent, indolence, intolerant, reticient till forced then there's rebellion (through violence of sorts)
ekenji = to effect a teachers position or effect in class, to tell, I can tell
ekenyou = enerjow, active but equal action, equally active and in action
ekonji = death and misuse for annihilation of everything and everywhere nearby, art of conjuration that effects death energy to effect change
ekunji = effect in, effect of
alofit = alofight, allow fight, where they say hello and then slug it out with each other or tough fight. Only to apply alovera if necessary after fight greeting.
aves = active, be on guard
eiahwaz = yew wood
oberon = original
efam = femalish idea belief and motions but you still could be male. To have large female breasts and largish form or some get lucky with a slender form.
efue = ephetus, earth bending, earth summoning (some type of formation thought on), think to eat or drink and what you need is formed or created by feel.
iceit = incess, ongoing; incessant, deceit, this is a moment you need something and create by feel.
ifao = inferno, burning hands, fire gout, infatuation by incensed points in life.
ifiy = effigy, last spoken thought, death speach
ifni = luck, iffy
orcid = orchid flower
agaquo = silverfish, four-6 inch silver landfish, silverfish sighting in area will
detail possesion, something bad to owner of area entered and the person will
change on entering silverfish area to be possessed until area cleanse
agi = agin, again
agin = again, silver inlay, silver filling
agy = aging, grown older, grow older
igyu = fire angel
iggy = ignore
ahmok = content
uhe = firebreath
uhu = uh huh
akira = mental destruction, unstable power blow-up
akyra = bird human
iklelau = handkerchief, hand cloth
alay = metallic alloy
alahan = handy, handiwork, creative, creativity
alak = permit, grade (of cut), protest, embargo, deal with it
alakazam = piece together, regenerate, rebellion, halt process
alaz = alliance, everything, revolution, religion building, creativity center
alazakam = genious, dispute, tolerance, civil war
alazakamakh = pain tolerance
aleanata = alienation
alian = human sea elf, land atleantian with shapechanging energy shaping and instantaneous travel ability with energy true form
alie = alien, alienation
alien = non-country person, off planet lifeform that can take alot of radiation.
alienn = alien
alaska = solid ice
alc = alchemy (follows empirical laws), chemistry (follows scientific laws), a
branch of study that uses elements to get results.
alcapon = notorious work leader
alco = ycoo, alcohol, alcorub (blues lingo), alcoholic, disinfect, wine cooler
(alcoholic with flavor)
aldur = wonder god, wanderer
alkari = bird human
alnytta = every weave, all night task, all nighter
eleiy = elemental
eliia = tiger
eliiar = panther
eclis = eclips, eclipse, dark moon, black moon
elegnc = elegance, with grace
elis = ellipse, dark phase, unregarded, ill repute
ellia = puppet
elliar = puppet show
elmer = glue
elmerhu = glue being that intoxicates anything it gets near
energah = energetic
Enyt = in it (benefit by eight), eight, aftermath: things work out but are as they are by now.
enfo = enforce, enforcement
envioble = permeable reaction by encitement, permissable reaction, my reaction that is the exact opposite of normal. "They may have technology which can vaporize you." "COOL! LET'S GO CHECK IT OUT!!!". Whatevever excites you, is of great force. Like nature to play with despite the odds. "Which is also part of the reason why I enjoy using my own body. It can't be killed. Well...it can, but I can just disperse it and reform it somewhere else." You see no risk in using an astral body, so you just go ahead and use it, basically happy go lucky.
erlking = dwarf king, a being who is essentially immortal and somewhat cruel and old by far one of the Hylar with amazing stories telling of him. He is as one with his people and his mountain. However, do not confuse his intention with loyalty as he can change within minutes. Somewhat a Hylar however cruel.
erst = hint, erstwhile
estri = history, destroy, no face
iedeo = Dealt effect, indolence, impolite effect
ihm = end time (of rhyme), conclusion
ini = iniverse, the source universe
incoerc = unconvinced, no coersion
olde = olde, olden, old age
uloc = warlock, demon weather wizard
ulod = warlord
ulok = lockup
ylo = yellow
oragatang = monkey ape
orion = hunter
amelmorat = all of it, everything
america = united kingdom, melting pot, states united
american = realm, cultural, united county, unity, resident, crede
americano = american, united kingomer
amore = love
amb(i) = go, walk, both, mixed
ambidern = remain quiet
ambiguity = hidden nature, unknown, unshown, untold, unreveal
ambiguous = hidden person, uncertain
embark = load ship, board ship
embarkdede = ship voyage
embarkdedet = ship passenger, sailor
imms = implementor, admin, administrator
omae = presence (of high personage)
omni = mind; all, every, formus, form energy
umaa = call, nounce (announce)
umbridge = foundation support, manipulative bitch
ymoaen = immolation; separated or allow feel, this is where you think the idea is a source that's separate from you and you allow the idea to feel or not do the idea. This makes fire or any element separated from the area and seem to subsist in some point.
anchi = anchovy, disproving disorder, thats already been owned or whatever is there is with a complaint
andra = husband or wife, this is used as in english: "she is my andra" or "he is my andra."
angel = mental torment, peaceful, benign being that doesn't really belong, mental anguish
angelsoul = spiritual harmony, desirous soul, peaceful memory
enchida = beautiful woman above serpent below woman serpent mother of most monsters, chider
enit = innit, isn't it?
i-ptc = iptec, test
Iamgo = nonstop
Iemgo = ongoing
ihbc = right reason, inhibitor
inertg = inertial gravity, flux timeshift (at 0 Inertial gravity, time shifting comes)
inuyasha = self-conceptive, self-concept, knew that agreeing in shame, self-seeking in
fighting skill
ita-d = Vital Death, power conscription, vitamin d, power d (power of death)
unach = unacidic, forever acidic, base chemical
Ivmeditu = White void, An improving element. Where void magick itself degrades the mind. White void magick actually improves it. Every negative thing the dark void does, the white void reverses. This proves that you don't need black magick to achieve results that uses black magick. Made by Geodusk.
unnach = unacidic, base acid
inketh = inkeith, to ink or write, seep to write
inkiel = into rudder, mob life, inward kiel
inceur = incisure, cis, cise, cut
inclus = inclusive, inclination, separatism
ink = ink
inko = carve, sculpt
inkblot = inkblotter, ink holder, pen
ooch = shit, sores
obv = obvious/ly, it turns good, objective/ly view/ed
oneir = onorus, ponderous
onli = on a line, on the line, online
onlo = on low
onza = vahgberf, vahshberf, chaotic
umbrae, house (possibly an apartment), under structure
umbrah = umbrella, head protector
unca = unsaid, uncare, undeclare, unkind, uncouth
unded = aded, braindead, undead; zombie, vampire, bloodsucker (parasite, hogshead), Now the undead have a wide range to do; since they can't move, they can manipulate and do things in time. They also can be reborn, this is where they manipulate wombs to become born. This can eventually be on a barren womb, as well. However, once born, they are day walkers and don't age very fast after a day of 20 years old. They also use others as a point that their subconscious mimicks and they "act" alive, even when they don't live. Sometimes they live using the creators life energy of love. So think about the idea and hope you don't come across one of the living undead. That is because, if you do you could become a model to them.

Then your mimicked by feel and created by in their mind as though a super human, this is true even if you are anything but a normal citizen. Think and know by feel what they are before they come near you. This is what I know not what I fear, so the idea is fact if your affirmed in belief or created by them in their minds eye. Then they could do anything to your spirit, that is truth as I ran across one. Got bit in the neck, then left alone. He used the thought stream of life, usually thought of as a music source. This empathetically was a point I found interesting. I could empathize with him but I think he was emulating someone, so I didn't say a word and risk being disbelieved by feel.

Only to discover that I was nearly undead myself, that is after the effect of their influence. I think they do this to mask themselves and seem to appear in real life as an individual person, that's not themselves. So as a point if they were detected, the undead can do what they want and think as they wish to get things and then its done. If he wants you dead then you simply disappear. So that is an end all of the undead.

If you want to know more about daywalkers, look at the Soulbonding article [http://alt-sites.tripod.com/Soulbonding.htm#daywalker] or feel free to search for the term Day Walker in this dictionary. Feel free to enjoy yourself as I leave you for now, ciou and farewell until later.
unkeith = knock out, either knockout
unsozfol = piez, peace, piezo, unsolzuea, wats, energy, fire air energy, electricity
usem = museum, use them, You seal them
uvula = sealing, effect seal
angla = triangulate, viewpoint, get angle
iglae = anglae, anglais, nglae, ngle, englis, english
obgyn = gynecology, gend, guinekolex, women health study
obgin = guyinnuiv, ginecology, maelikology, male health study
aki = uprise/ing, surprise, tactic, throw up
enuf = enough
alabaster = distinguish, confusion, marble
alamata = hurricane
alanata = all nature, all elements, everywhere
aleanes = hybrid elemental atleantian animal pet
alisia = liesure time, liesurely
almamata = create material, material manifest
almon = almond nut
almy = almit, god, almighty
electa = electric, electricity
amand = almond
amanda = skillful, graceful, respectable, friendly face
empris = empress
immurity = frozen protection, think it won't effect you and do things to work with the situation. This is a personal protection, granted sometimes by the subconscious or conscious mind focus. Think, direct and create, and you can do almost anything to get things done. So the thought is think, focus, direct the focus and create by statement. If you can use that, then you can redirect nearly anyones mind thought by thought of your own. I believe you have to speak it sometimes. Then you know its effective.
impet = impart, given message that's heard sometimes, give meaning, message
impetix = impete (messages), ads, talking (impety or impetan); this is the motion of the moment, think and you know what is done by talks otherwise this is self-talks that are done by the self.
ineui = inexcuse, unexcused
inesi = deceit, uneasy
inessi = inexcusable
inet = internet, network, connection
inun = inundated, this is adding in and being of something by the energy
inune = remade (by events)
apes = appes, appease
apporiate = sporadic, pheromonal
ipli = explain
iplutiv = self-explanatory
ipn = experience
ipsi = signing, sign in
ipsu = lease, license
ipx = ipxu, weapon
armdioy = underarm deodorant, applied underarm deodorant
anan = indoor, expectancy
AnanIen = to sustain, to sustain a moment.
anemathema = 12' giant octupus
andy = mountain
antiq = antique
angreal = channel device
itra = intra, intractable, within, indrawn, within grasp
onna = woman
aggy = aggie, bad scented farmer, agriculturist, bad smelling almost uneducated caretaker of land celtish landowner, celtish poor person
ares = wartrim, war, man
egress = entry, entrance
igloo = igloo, ice house
leae = elizabeth, queen, invention
encor = all over again
engel = angel
einsten = pigsty, genius
eugh = eu, huge
eupid = instinctual or stupid
eut = elect; select, re-elect, election, selecting someone in election
eutharsos = courage
ecchibi = winged cat
ehu = energy human, energy being, rogue
eheh = subtle laugh
ehre = dejavue, repeated moment or no user field knowledge, you can figure out this meaning
ehte = ass, shit, skunk
egress = entry, entrance
eker = beaker, pitcher
enhanz = drunken
et-fokslo = great three red eyed eight headed eight tailed snake
ignomy = To put or write down effort of effect and say it out loud unless not needed. Ignorance to debouche in for the effort but still do things.
ugar = bravery
unibubet = unibomber, all purpose bomber, universal bomber
uniq = unique
eupid = instinctual
optic = sight
upid = stupid
uplod = upload
uplody = uploading
aren = sandy, sand
eros = arachnid, self-concept made spider, focus to create or uncreate
araknid = spider
arak = arachnid, killer spider
arakao = phase spider, a wreck by focus
arakum = human spider, city area bull
arakru = spider roach, spidery feel no form or no death
arakno = spider, create use or nothing
araketa = spirit spider, created no use by spirit
araki = spirit spider, use by use seer
arakhi = death spider, see with is aggravated against seer
arakhihu = death spider human, creates by seen or no see
asf = check; check on something or someone, test things out, test, money value holder
asl = bio check, status, check, checkup, check on idea
asx = wisdom, user approach
oet = poet, overeat, poem writer, user creativity
oeteo = muse, entail, eternal writer, everlasting pursuit
oeteeo = overeat, eat too much
oety = poetic
usd = dollar, mint, gold, bank note
osa = bone
osco = escalate, this is where things are escalated enough to get things done. say "relaxing" or "en" to stop this effect.
ota = other
easel = painting canvass stand
eutharsos = courage
uoaoss = turn to your side, compulse
ardur = feel, emotion, the possible
armur = armor, armour, not use
esyr = easier, useful ease
esmau = arithmatic, arithmetic, calculation, created user approach with no
ameth = truth, create ego
emits = loud speaker, mental broadcast, created zeal
empusae = cannabalistic donkey women shapeshifter lout
imbolc = imbecility, imbecile, imbalance, imppecable use cause
impar = impair, wound, impart, but in wound
impartial = separate event, see wound in use
imper = imperial, royal, impeccable evil
impertial = haughty, disruption user with ow
yjk = restoration; restore to a natural point that the body is able to work better with energy.
ykj = whack jaw then restore; return to a natural state of mind or restore the area after something happens.
ymaa = create material, manifest material, thief, insuurrection
anim = life, spirit, creation lich
Anawse = Self set to awe self ir by self. andr(o) = man, male, human (dominative case), lich abuse
instruct = instruction, construed knowledge, teach, absolute insurruption or insurrection
instructa = teaching, teacher, instructer, absolute brute
isit = inner site, third eye, luminescent life force vision, eyesight, setup user
osteo = bone, bone worsener
usda = meat, united area enforcement, united area rule, absolute monarch
ysoeua = why so ever, how come, disrepute
etalma = spirit glue causes anything to be glued together, instant kill
apriu = apprentice, chosen student, created soul by evil
arseny = arsenic, cause fire, cause destruction, chaos storm warp with area interrogation to evil insurrection
articl = article, written report, essay, easy go not come
article = publish, work publish, book, war warp by faery
articlet = publisher, print press, say or will
artinedus = artifact need us, see or create
ericthonius = male human snake that was an athen king hit by a polymorph plague, created area use by user
erik = famous explorer, created area warp
erynnes = furies, 3 vengeful fates, truth seekers
ers = verse, asset arrest
erw = earwax, memory recall
epniu = peninsulan, create by braindeath
irene = lesbian, woman lover, man hater or worker if rebuke
orto = ortho, poison sprayer, cleanser, put away
orthus = 2-headed dog, seeable un use
uryidium = interruption gas, intrusion gas, seeable away
erg = hedge, behoove
ergo = immediate; meaning, immediately, error go, this is where you see her go places and him take care of idea or things that happen.
irg = dirge, death wailing
urg = iceberg, urgent, urge (men's soul inuition), insight, otherwise if something is needed: primal urge, animal urge, sometimes this is like you feel the need to eat for no reason.
estradiol = male hormone, testosterone, formed by testing created by user as evil minded manic
atempo = normal time, normal abuse
aternus = eternal, free from evil no karma
atomit = atohu, atohufey, atomic sized being that be a natural shapeshifter of any kill is many
erose = seeable explosion, form able to hide anywhere with energy manipulation skill and aids humanity at, attack is useage or no war
erase = see not, will showing themself to wizards and sorcerer only and malicious to abusers
atyp = atypical, not typical, created seeable erasure erosion
atlanata = mystical place, mystical being, alienated hate
atleantian = atlantian, sea elf, being of the sea, evil minded torturer vision
eaig = attone, attonement, the unusable reality
etas = gaseous vaper, ethers, gaseous vapor, gasoline, gas, eardrum eater by eros
etasa = ethersa. hot gas, combustible, seeable fortune gone in a flash
etasoi = ethersorang, ethersorange, orange gas, orange gel morph gas evil mutation
etaia = phantom, evil not bad
etoil = star, evil minded bride
etoile = shooting star, bright star, seeable user feel
etoiless = in-between, suspend, sooth, nothing, sensation
ether = etherial, spiritual, alcoholism
etheria = phantom, seeable use
Etherealness = spiritual or solid spiritual formation that exists because with belief or self-belief, Phase spiders and certain other creatures can exist, this is by sharing energy of yourself on the Ethereal Plane and so can people with this ability. While on the Ethereal Plane, a creature or person is called ethereal, this is usually by touching or drinking something thinking "shift me". Unlike incorporeal creatures, ethereal creatures and persons are not present on the Material Plane unless they will themselves to be there in a solid energy form. They can become solid energy for as long as they want and unbecome solid energy at will.
Ethereal creatures and persons are invisible till they want to be seen, inaudible till focused and want to be heard, insubstantial towards water by mirrored reflection, work by feelings when they focus their feel and are scentless to creatures on the Material Plane. Even most magical attacks have no effect on them. An ethereal creature or person can see and hear into the Material Plane in a 60-foot radius, though material objects still block sight and sound.
(An ethereal creature and person can't see through a material wall, for instance.) An ethereal creature or person inside an object on the Material Plane cannot see. Things on the Material Plane, however, look gray, indistinct and ghostly. They are what they feel like appearing as their feelings focused can create their presence to be known or give them an appearance of a ghostly emanation.
An ethereal creature and person can't affect the Material Plane, except by their physical body and not even magically will things change unless physically done, unless they make themselves into solid energy or use their body's energy to create magically. An ethereal creature and person, however, interacts with other ethereal creatures and objects the way material creatures interact with material creatures and objects.
Even if a creature on the Material Plane can see an ethereal creature or person, the ethereal creature or person is on another plane. Only force effects can affect the ethereal creatures and persons. If, on the other hand, both creatures are ethereal, they can affect each other normally. A force effect originating on the Material Plane extends onto the Ethereal Plane, so that a wall of force blocks an ethereal creature or person, and a magical element blast can strike one (provided the spellcaster can see the ethereal target). Gaze effects and abjurations also extend from the Material Plane to the Ethereal Plane. None of these effects extend from the Ethereal Plane to the Material Plane.
Ethereal creatures and persons can move in any direction (including up or down) at will. They do not need to walk on the ground, and material objects don't block them (though they can't see while their eyes are within solid material).
Ghosts have a power called manifestation through feeling their area and focusing their minds, that allows them to appear on the Material Plane as incorporeal creatures. Still as I think about it, they are on the Ethereal Plane and another ethereal creature can interact normally with a manifesting ghost. Ethereal creatures pass through and operate in water as easily as air. Ethereal creatures do not fall or take falling damage. This means they are aware of what they do in their surroundings, they are seen as a eery visage and they are more aware of other people by their own sense of time. So in a sense, they are immortal and can create nearly anything by feelings.
Thinking about this, I experimented and found that there is possible chance of manifest as a physical ghost if you thought to use your feelings as a focus for change in the area. That is all I found out, before I was escorted out and not ever let in the door again. So that is all as I will do what I can, for the living and for now, not to be hit again ciou for now I am gone back to the living where I was born. ciou for now and toodloo.
etacap = ettercap, spider silk human spite eater, feel good after
ettercap = human spider mutant, create bt or butter lover
itah = god, wrathe hater
othel = possession, mechanistic creator disrution
askela = natural command, ask anything, disruption created
asmuth = weather, ozone, cure enzyme
asmuthace = good weather service, weather energy focus to create evil
aspec = aspect, The aspects of in time and may follow these definitions, where there are very similiar positive aspects (17576) and in negative aspects its 26^3 or (17576) considered similiarities,they follow these definings. See or set not use if bad intent.
1. Aspects are to be near or in another very similiar world that follow their own rules or place where the people are sometimes switched around yet seem the same as they are done in use.
2. They are very near likeness of people in idea that sometimes are only alike by nature and position or name and body signature. Ie a black man is a white man and named similiar whereas a a white man could be another white man by shape.
3. Sometimes differently named and shaped their alike by attitude and only an get along with other aspects. One aspect can take over or control of another aspect very easily. Another aspect can talk over another aspect. You can get another aspect to do things that no normal person would do sometimes. As in Mitchell is an ordinary person, but this Bill is another, their aspect is ordinary. So they either ignore each other or they get along because their ordinary.
4. Aspects are people in of or around things of the same soul. Reflect of one thats for many.
5. A similar person or thing, They govern the different times variations, where there are 1000 of different variations theres millions of different aspects.
6. Governed by the law of aspects, each aspect is in chaotic or lawful event and in power with lots of aspectful events and its 26^3*360 or 6327360 aspects. When an aspect is used, then time slows down or stops. One aspect is equal to a univrsal episode.There are three aspects for each object or person.
esgard = discard bad ideas, gamer, guild use of (free) as demented
asert = assertive, as
eschew = screw, evil chick creator
eschewi = screw-in, created as able
esserb = essential oil, created area evil influence or remover
esserbemu = emu oil, use feel no break
esti = set, reset, allowable learning condition, created area user
otaune = oton, a mysterious unkillable many ability force once called will do as the summoner asks, serves justice to those who deserve, by use of the effect you can get rotund or not to use evil in wrong area.
avalon = druid home, underland, land beyond, created by focus
avalonian = druid, ruling class religious worker, see not evil till use
avas = erase, adverse, see it but use it by at least by spirit, do it but divert this, hear it but no use needed as it could be broken but still work or see it but don't mind it is fire.
avolon = pact, foreswear, swear, use no more for eternis
avemi = dream walker, ultra rich, feel or see or use drugs illegal
avert = knock aside by feel
averte = aversion, evasion, not held manic
ertik = removal, erratic attack, user feel as you are doubling over
evani = in the evening, each no use
evany = undoing, by feel
evali = unwoven, uncouthe behavior
ivory = cast off tusk, cut blood rite
everard = ongoing, everpresent, horrible bot
uvalacorrant = phasics, power physics, no user feel or fee
awk = hawk, gawk, look, awkward glance, see as use no user
azur = azure, bind, user non bind
azam = phoenix cycle, rejuvenate, renew, youth, sicken, rebirth, deadness
aubrey = full breeze, open display, full body
agate = negate effect
ogham = celtic written language
ahkbar = fake good, falsity, false
eheh = subtle laugh, created coated evilness
akuma = ma, toori akuma, coal eyed enormous flaming head fying creature with sword, akumi giant
eklots = make substance, made substance, substance eater
okane = money, its a game
oke = add to fight, help out, see light or set heavy
okepete = swift-flight, done as death due honor or favor is asked
ukori = undevoted, new concept, created hunger for use is feel
alan = mischievious human bird creature, ingenious manipulation, duplicatus, creature urinator
alente = gifted researcher, gift, gift wrapped evil sweets
alienist = alientologist, sweetner
alic = alicorn, strengthen, strong, aligon, unicorn human, evil user non abuse
alice = 1. steel strength, steely strength; 2. two-horned human, bulrathi, created strangler from follicals
alicorn = single horn, no horn visible third eye manifest
eolh = fortunate influence, infortunate user, cheerless the sucker
alig = alignment, align, alignment change evil
alchemy = transmutation science, chemistry physics, aspect user
allg = great hall, created smoke not smoker
alvera = alovera plant, healing plant, wish giver depending on intent
axa = axxa, exile, as full, axe fall to disrupt reality
ecchibi = winged cat, winger cat that is user stealer
ehu = energy human, energy being by user focus or evil use
ekyron = eviller non use, to effect a motion and bring it with you.
eklclass = equal class, equally classy, see right
elebra = striped donkey, stripped human that is focus to create form
elem = elemental, elemental created in disruptor
elemio = elemental angel that or be capable of angel strength human activity with breakfast, not user eaten shapeshifting energy body and appearance of anything relentless to defeat area blood evil
eliot = relentless, undying, user one
elita = enlighten, knowledge expand, user energy focus
elitta = elyta, cat litter, fine gravel, see able user
elysian = lesion, liesure, death, death eater parter evil
eldiot = riot, significant, inhuman brute
elliot = outlast, outcaster user evil
elminster = magical correspondence, wild mage, magical might, evil trickster to cast mahogonay to alive
elninio = warm season, warmer session
iff = metabolism; Metabolism is a speed of processing otherwise this is a sniff.
ilidium = destroy enemies, merciless killer
iladium = aerial servant, sylph area body use or flies
ilash = bitter tongue, self sylph
illadium = pillared hall, hall pillar, hall of bitterness
illithid = deep one, mind eater psi manipulator, sablo
ilnea = illness removal, creator evil
eker = beaker, pitcher, creator use
amadan = paralysis touch faery, created nonchalant
amatur = amateur, natural beginner, non natural user
amater = newly begin, near user feel god user
amaterasu = in shapable mold, cast off evilness
amino = life make-up, blood, life fluid, shape user eater
amul = amulet, amulets user forbidden
imymn = impossible, created crater non user
amb = amble, ambassadore, no user
amba = raw amber, healing tree sap stone, non user forbid
ambassador = embassy personage, foreigner pay hike
ambidex = ambidexterity, both hand expertise, obeyance
ambidexter = ambidexterity, created by cruelty use is focus
ambigurl = woman warrior, ambiguous woman, non woman from utterable space
ambivulant = vulgar in action, create in user feel
amc = open, open air, family enjoyment, user creator
ammut = creature with crocodile head lion body hippopotamus back end, end or en
amphisbaena = three headed lizard, goes both ways, seeable gracial
embarkta = ape men, or nut
embarta = peaceful impart, peaceful partake, peace gift, see evil removal
embassy = ambassodore, seeable marshmallow, don't call yourself that or idiocy happens in the least expected spaces
erres = errestalka, a overr, overseer, a being or black girl that is usually 5' and some but its brown and rat by the face with dog shape.
embe = embel, partake, empel, consul, forward gather, 'albeit the stalker is woman not male, create seer, old sorceror
emmi = ram, ramifest, ramming fest, ramming eros
seein = being abuse, then your not that far off, seer use.
ehte = ass, shit, skunk maid or not
ente = eat, eatery where you think
enhte = entail, survey, survail, I disown you, evil swarm spell
impro = improve, improvement, improvise, eviller non use, can't instruct it not use
alantvb = get strong, get stronger (also of mu's), use result
ology = study, seeable user evil if drug
omnip = omnipotent, or user seeable area, crack babe
omnipont = omnipotent, know it all, see not or allow
ymeoa = immediately, immediate user or aggravation
animos = animosity, animal harshness, user abuse if bad mood
androsphinx = human headed lion, leech human forming forms
annex = far away mission, creator or negative being
ankh = eternal life, user energy former
ankl = ankle, form use
anklosteo = ankle bone, form made
enersal = battery, soul energy, form beaker
engrish = anguish, made not
enviro = environment, created other
enward = inward, spiral, not there
imma = I'm actively, use is feel
inebri = drunk, drunken, area user
inebriat = drunk, drunken, seen use
incex = extra explosive, extra explosion
infness = instant creation, knowledge or instance information in a dance type idea
inji = indian, create by nose or focus
inju = injure free, or no use
ingua = language as is, user not lover
inguaheb = translate language assist no thanks is feelor
inperaa = emperor, creator user ambiguity
inquest = eploration, inquisition, eaio
insinc = spirit body action, illegality user
integra = integration, integrate, complete power electrical
ivei = inveigli, invisi, invisible from you
ivesb = be alive, live backwards, null live back use or in is fight
onirsec = onirsnc, omnipresence, alipotent, all knowing presence that gives you othersight
seeio = user and be as untraceable till got near in person thru the spirit-that-goes-through-everything
oniont = omnipotent, omnipotency, mentally aware of anything that gives you a recognizable area feel sig pattern and yet one can hide up close or none
onus = for free, paralyzed
onc = ounce by feel
oroovao = auratic truth serum, auratic veritasserum; To effect a control by spoken idea, when the aura be effected with a veritasserum thats essence or nothing bad.
uhnruh = animal instinct, fearless animal, feckle or piss scent
umaresis = summon resistance, summons energy protection, created user zeal for death
unela = uneligable, untranable relatable
uneschew = unscrew, undying screw, lover or water hater
unie = universal energy, universal feel, universal area
unielmer = universal glue, non glue
uniba = you and I both, utunitubatri, U2Ni2Ba3O32, fuel ball that irradiates and doesn't go out unless necessary or stop radiating with little deterioration
unyf = uniform, see in use
unbloka = unblockable, un breakdown barrier, unblock, night blast
unrak = unbreakable, create use
unsoziuesaz = ensnare, sared
untuo = unturn, forever turn, turmeric
unnadicta = unaddictive, monsterous nature
unneschew = unscrew, disruptor bolt
unno = don't know, unknown, see is use non or usable
unnoevas = unseen event reverse no, non user
unnothel = unpossess me
unntuo = unturn, seeable up or down
unpervert = uncorrupt, purify, nothing to do
yele = yes, otherwise
espaniol = spain, spanish, disease maker
aesentee = absentee, lazy salesman, survivor, survivor or show
astas = world globe, destruction no have to
askes = request, ask for, non use
epas = espers, evil doser, the idea of magic placed in an object, person or the soul of the magic.
estet = evening, creativity to kill
etuay = artillery, fire arm, weapon, creature non in evil witch breaker baker please
etuary = passage, way through, so non use
isic = spirit body action, astral projection action, be made no bade
isometal = metallic exoskeleton, metal frame, see user or not
ismerelda = negative witch, say or user free
ismalda = negative witch, why bother, weight is lowered no matter what you do or not
ismy = ishmal, influencer, supporter, life without beating
ishal = is, beaten fight
ishaln = isn't, is ishal or marshal law
ishalna = shall not, any that allows nothing
ispy = spyer, onlooker, not user in feel any stupid
eti= eta, istet, instant; spontaneous, on the spot, user intereaction
ostn = rememberance, remember, self use to not or non order
uspecw = unspecific, unspecified, don't ask or act like your father
atlas = world map, mathers user not gibberling
atham = magick dagger, turns you into what you think, mavera non use or non intense
atriu = attribute, action punch
its = obtuse, over pronounced, extra large, or lesser weight
aaron = conspicuous guidance, order non abuse
aaront = guide, spymaster, seer, seen user
obscuro = darkness, seen non fuse
ahgluam = iceberg, algorithm
ahria = fresh air, area use by focus not into eating humans sorry
aheria = mastery, user feel or non as you abandon the thought
ehre = dejavue, repeated moment, non moment
aguam = healthful, help, not user free
agluam = igloo, ice home, liquid water frozen
eliet = exobiologist, have someone as user as a galactic feel
eliy = exobiology, other form study, user focus eager
elim = i f.lux, eliminate for electricity generation, see i use, baton place
emue = emulation, from energy (of action) to make energy, create much energy
emuh = money use, cause much of, much of what ya thought of as an element
empyrus = fiery, use cool
Umue = see or sign, User friendly of much energy or much by use or good by evil
enketh = enkeith, place what you desire to occur or place desire occurance.
exer = elixer, 1. to divorce her, 2. exercise
italy = italy, hit ally, hit alliance, english or not use
nipiy = nipily, ninpanic, in panic attack, nitpicking generalized panic caused by panic due to nitpicking in on generalized idea, creative good to cure it say something that isn't general and causes release of  internal pressure.
italiano = italian, pizza maker
itesity = severe obesity, intensity, severity or just cause
itikan = ball and chain, daily routine, marriage by rite
itu = fire antler, yeu, hate avoid or nu
evict = evict, made to leave, see or use nu use
everlyn = never ending, ever living, ever nonlinist violin
iwilt = i will try, make attempt, create focus
avu = pointer, later
ivvy = ivy, privy, non area
apad = crystal computer notepad, magical notepad
epistl = apostle, cult member, religious follower no more
uplyt = uplift, bestow enlightenment, non use
aqodo = sharp, sharpen, create to area designed in use
atlaqodo = sharp knife, use felt
aqoduct = aquaduct, hydroduct, leceduct, waterway, sewer, I was a swear aware
ariojyyl = successful test, create or use
arumet = sweep area, don't in just that not hair burner
arch = rule, over, lease womentime or demential dential
archer = on target, bow man, accurate, see non user demential
archy = rule by, high curve, or just writing
arguspanoptes = all seeing or not see, the human male with eyes all over
artimis = artful killer, creative killer, non shift
artemis = death art, immortal killer, stealth art, see use cause
assholl = asshole
aspares = water foul shifter water nymph non insane, press by vampire or what you see as your sell
eric = sweet nature, calm repose, seen use not as use
erik = trouble, situation resolve or not
arti = artifact, non snack evil snack
articul = target, word pronounciation, suspician, create by use nor create
articula = pronounciate, speak clearly non evil
erised = event erasure, erasive and divertive nature
arbiter = mediator, negotiator, moderator, contractor, non use demon forgiven
oracl = prophet, event predictor, con addict, conic use
oraclar = prophetic reading, user oracle
urati = irradiation, cold radiation, form a evil with bride user bake
urown = your own, yourself, seeable ruin or pict non evil
urisk = man goat faerie, your risk not indest or no be ilya
urse = yourself, her son, seen user file
yall = you all, yes all, yah!, desecretion pict evil, evil, consequence/s,
yrit = alright, uni or escape
yqw = condolence; condolent response, quit (you quit and your welcome), otherwise its short for your quite welcome.
aspe = atempo, normal non or allow time
espers = spirit essence, non user creator
ise = yourself, whimsy, put upon yourself or use
Istemp = now temporary action, explodes at the time, of now as temp is temporary. So this temp is a temporary moment created in time. That is sustained by your actions and idea about your choice. It circulates around the choice to sustain it as needed. Now, sustained as needed is each action you do, you build upon and is tested as temp thats related to the istemp moment. On istemp, in this case is capable to go on forever as the choice is made. The temporary moment an allows you to cover for something else. An you might not even be realizing it as of 'something happening good here.' But the reality is bad, as for someplace else. As it can't always be held, up to the light as to what we might say. Its kept in a good notion, but is good idea. The idea of a goal is its about good moments to which is caused by actions. That is guides to you and guided into being. Solely you will play the good idea, and action that free you to which you enjoy the expirition of it. And so as istemp delete, use is not.
epona = fertility goddess, mature woman, non user beauty queen
ipdent = in indenture, in personal denture, see or carrier see on aurie then leave no or nothing it
oprssl = felt down, down feeling, creature feel
opnup = open up, opening up, as you talk you feel
utry = utary, uturus, no womans pee organ, orina
upnup = immediate on the impression that things are alright, sorta like what may go well, bitch use
ezh = lbs, #, pound, non user feel or create user no pie
iqy = release, create or brutal
uqz = ice, seem not
uqzbarr = iceball, none user feel seen by feel so stop is done
uwo = fish, fey or animal
uwwarahz = fire enchant, fee or dog
ywa = alwa, always, use non see one
exa = examine, exile, see by user flight evil
exantis = negative atlantis, free base formation, creo
exe = executable, run or program, active program, ur run, activity program, seer creature
exers = exercise, roach user area energy or born evil child
exim = exaltation in some being, evil born lich
exud = scent, smell not issue
exhasti = inexhaustible, seen in own or user
expayns = experience as needed, flight or not
expin = experience, kingpin not use
explan = explain, see or user feel
explicitiv = self-explanatory
extinct = no longer existant, not existant
extr = beyond, outside, additional, non use as gone
aziza = good forest raise fairy who aid hunters and give knowledge with advice, given use
uzhzaf = meteor, use focus belief to create
uayaf = major or creator, illa
uuiaf = minor no, major by known
yax = intelligent jinx, net use or use area to create
yeah = hearty agreement, woman not hesitant agreement, absolute agreement
yean = not agreement, woman shift or non bastard shift
yeas = slow agreement, thoughtful agreement, see user most don't want you
yet = you there, you okay, see or use non feel beaten by user focus
yav = why have, why've, no use is why bother
yev = you've, born form from evil omnipotent from this viewer as a bent no think no evil see no evil device seen on a vid so leave it alone by use or feel or no chance.
yiffa = yiffer, stripper, or use base
ydsnd = wits end, frazzled, use by feel fate
ydsnds = sound listening, naturally hear, see user no chalace
ydsend = natural conclusion, conclusive end, evil king edward
ydsends = naturally conclude or no by sense, thought out, natural sonic sound death
yfogh = frost, see warning before next one
ytorelnzkz = freeze, create or no use
ynfom = win one for me, win one for the gipper, get a win or nothing wrong as no none could have won unless they were lucky so I don't care anymore.

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