Creatures, Beings, and some Angels - creature note, the creatures will become you and only after after you die. Before you read on, say "I won't become a creature in this list unless I want to do so." Then read the list. Its a power bind that allows this shared by the subconscious. For the Angels in this list, think your purpose as you state the Angel name. This is what allows the Angel to pick up on your thoughts, and you get their attention to the thought by stating the name.

abatwa = ant size human creature who reveal themselves to under four year olds,
wizards, and pregnant women, if the woman sees a male then the child will
be a boy
abatwal = human unicorn yeti that shapeshifts into any form, can strike very
quickly, mutates anything at will, single forehead horn that cures, purifies,
presence that strikes dragon fear at will drains emotion and psionic
illusionist, clawlike human, hands on human body. kills anything it wants
hairy body and prehensile feet with great intelligence
auial = abominabl, abominable, abominable snowman be great ape cromagnon
human that lives near cold regions seven feet tall large footprint and shaggy
white, dark fur
Alno = abeleno, absent minded, unusual baby like person, they have unusual abilities of higher than average elemental skills and manifestation skills. The abeleno can use any element and easily teleport. They do psionics more easily.
alkari = bird human with a standard of advancement like humans, these are
human heads with beaks and birdlike eyes. The feet are webbed and the fingers
are 4 in count, varied colored feathers cover their torso, except the altitudes
are higher that they live in. their attitudes are to torture intruders and to
help those of their own nature, otherwise to take over an area. In a calling
they might aid when their allowed to otherwise have a good excuse and they won't
attack. On special occasions they, the alkari, color the feathers over the body.
yliasure = alliasaurus, giant dinosaur like alligoria, giant crocodile.
auian = abomination, elephant unicorn human thats seven feet tall bulky
elephant 2-legged form, a single horn that creates calm while it enhances
psi ability, causes fear in weak willed minds and whole body covered in black
coarse hair that smells of undeath weighing 400 to 600 lbs yet silent on the feet
ofy = elephant, offspring of war elephant and wooly mammoth, wild elephant
ahuizotl = hand tailed human mankey water creature
awk = hawk, gawk, look, awkward glance
akuma = ma, toori akuma, coal eyed enormous flaming head fying creature with
al = all, aluminum, long nailed floating haired young women corpse feeder
fire eyed boar tusked iron teethed brass clawed copious shaggy hair human beast
alicorn = single horn
altbea = Alter beast, altarabeast, To be an animal of some sorts and use innate wild energy
they tend to change form spiritually with lots of strength and struggle to the idea of people
and sometimes from jealousy. They don't want to be disrepped, unpure or disreputed. Only an
alter user can use them but not own them. Alter beings, cats, dogs and other animals are
considered as its won by a will fight or actual fight to fix it or win it over. Usually a
"no" will suffice.
AntiFoaBe = Anti-photon being, That is an ion that heals anyone nearby the particle and this is the being that uses the modern english and does things positively if its negative and vice versa by the ion. Think to summon this being only if you know english good enough to pass as though an english speaker or you might die from the being's presence. This being can do almost anything, that is all it can do except what is light based actions. Those actions you can do using sunlight, otherwise this is use with light from a light source. This being does things using the darkmatter energy that is thought of use as though the energy were responsive anti-photons. This is what the Death God is thought to be made up of by feel. So don't call the Death God if you want to remain alive.

This is just a reminder, so don't take this too seriously as you can't really call him or her into existence here. Anyway you think of the idea, unless you do the idea at the right time near the right area and this is with partial success by the correct ritual. This rite is based in english, that means with english you can get the darkmatter energy to have the darkmatter create for you. Otherwise you may get an opposite reaction such as hits and kicks with a negative negative or negative english use. This is a point you know to do things for as possibly can seem done if it doesn't work out, so if you state the effect you stop the idea. This is done in the effect.

So this is a point to beware, think the effect and the idea is transmitted thoughtwaves to darkmatter itself through its energy matrix. This creates what you think into becoming created as though a full manifest. That's the theory, this is a point to try out before calling out to darkmatter itself to create a being, that is made from what the darkmatter really is made up from existence.

So think and you know then you can create, this is done by what you state or need by feel or use of the senses. If you know nothing occurs to happen what you want, then you don't need to do this effect. That's all there is ncecessarily to this anti-photonic being. The counter to this effect is "I don't matter", that's written or stated as an idea or suggestion. This counters whatever the being does, so think about the effect and use the idea if the effect the being does isn't for you.

The release of its suggestion or mandate is this, IIeMix, This is release from a darkmatter beings mandate, that includes the Anti-photon being. This is either where I don't mix or I mix idea that is unseen and unknown. That uses what I know, want, feel or realize and this is from others sometimes. So think and you know things by what you do or what happens, this is with thinking that's what you can do by things from the senses with the thinking that you do.
Areamspigut = Umbrella beings into, They span rapidly, causing them to hover according to how quickly they span and how they shifted their weight. They travel in packs, and they place energy spikes on top of the top of their umbrella-like top, and release them mid-spin with accuracy to hit the designated target. To hold or generate a charge, then spin and release may hit the target with accuracy at the designated target. Hit the umbrellas with magic and energy or magnetic influx.
Ayth'yr = guardian creature. some say it isn't their true form, though. Some had the head/torso spikes, some didn't. I couldn't tell the differences between them other than some changes in energy signature. They worked as a hive mind. These are creatures of the 8th dimension.
Ea=Ea in a bolsom they can concentrate and control by metainfluence as with being whom or what they see or by pausing in time, and allowing the other body to be their vehicle. Each one of them as they can shift into and make the person one with them. Then shift out, the being is literally billions years old. They can maik use of anything while the person uses it, living in an idea world inside the object. Which you can seal, but it is as if they are blind for its their weakness. their is a marking that they have that can be moved to animation. With energy passed through them. The useful thought keeps going through their head, it allows them to live on and associate. Associating is giving a little of their soul. To which they replenish by meeting with others. An interesting conclusion is their purpose, but their always exclusions to the rule. As long as their controled they have the bolsom's ability. They usually go for music, and act for possibility. What they go for an they assault or control by.
You can convert them as any demon, by holding a little of them in you and saying convert or an erevert. They eat almost anything. Some may think this dangerous, but its self-conclusion that revolts or accedes them credit in their world. Its as asseumed to be much but as reward they bring people to their world. If ye deny them then you could get a reward. As an'y revolt is hidden under acclaim and they remain demonic because its like a wrong to them which is self-conclusion. You can ruin their control, by moving an object that they used as a nearby focus. Nobody knows where they hide it as they hide it by self-conclusion or self-clouding. Self-conclusion can be wrong, and its if they "lost it" by some dweomer. Only then can the object be seen, as it gives off a false resinance. Thus blocks their control over people.
What they can't stand they will stand, if they know their be a reckless reason. A reproachless reason they reproach by dark manipulations. You can force them by using their lost item or their item that they used against you. This causes them to divert their attention, by directing two different things two different ways. Two of the same near likenesses can irritate the being into attacking objects or an divergent humans near them. The only way to stop them is to temporarily steal their third eye. Anything clean to them is as anathema as trash is their true power. Ads and an acknowledgement is their energy spur, and by agreeing to do things for them you are causing them to be idea good. Garbage turns them into an unsane zany type person. A presence of a drug turns them high and they see visions thereafter as if their psychic. See them as an uesurper. What they see in visions, they have control over. When they see in vision its prophetic. What they see in prophecy they can control without touching. What they see in is what they touch.
ecchibi = winged cat
egl = eagle thats crossbred from shrike and hawk
ehu = energy human, energy being thats mysterious and very willing to talk sometimes.
Some would say they, the ehu won't communicate well but the process be if they do speak
its with guarded tones and pure music. The speech has been heard as human and in imitation
voice as it doesn't have one of its own.
elebra = striped donkey
atryvap = astral planar vampire, They look normal. Their be another version to the vampires and they come
from the astral plane, the dimension of dreams. They are the astral vampires and they
don't need blood because they eat the energy from anything near them instead by draining
it. The blood be already in their veins because it comes with the form they choose to be
and they can choose any form as they are natural shapeshifters. They are eternal beings
and the sun or electrical be their major energy source, and night time's magic flow is
the second largest energy source for them. Energy vampires don't need to eat but their
bodies can get into the habit of it, because it be also energy.

Demons can also be eaten by them but with care they avoid possible mental usurping. They are
neutral to each other and due to the energy intake, they have greater abilities in
magic and their abilities are at magus level at most. Some even have mind abilities
which they use to great effect. They tend to do less and are less active than men
because all they have to do be think about something and it may occur. The thing to
watch out for be their dark urges which can control them because it be a part of their
basic nature. This makes it possible for them to do destructive acts instead
of positive. Because they are magus level mages, they can easily undo the event.

They can control someone with their presence instead of just mesmerizing people. Their
bodies are true energy that can take any form and shiftshape easily. Because of this
they can lift a hefty 8000 lbs item when trying with focus of mind and enough energy to
lift that amount of weight in a weightlifter body shape or angry. They also share those
abilities as with the blood vampires and their abilities extend to time control. All
they have to do be touch someone and they transform a person from within, and it is
undetected when it happens. The transformation be by the fact that the persons energy
source be eaten from within, and they become a new person when the body dissolves
leaving only the power of the soul and their memories.

They could elevate a blood vampire to their state of being and the only way to kill an
energy vampire be to drain it of energy completely and keep it from that energy for 24
hours. The body they formed will remain alive as if a saint's body, but their will is
dead if they are killed and if resurrected, they will be normal humans. The only
undestructable thing about them be the body they form and they can reform the body
if it gets wounded enough and if they get defeated they come back 3 times as strong
but not strong enough to lift a vehicle.

They are bound by the the energy of a deal due to the intensity in the deal making and
the sharing of wills while doing it. If they break it they will suffer unknown penalties
thus they never make an oath unless they mean it. If hired, they must do the job without
fail whereas they can break an oath without penalties, if it was broken by the other
party in some manner including attacking them without warning. When they listen to a
song their energy be tripled thus they are guided by the song but not controlled. Thus
the things they think about tend to happen and they are elevated by their mood in power.

In anger, they can cause the sun to go red or any other event that their anger desires.
In love, they can cause other matings as they do a mating. In sadness they cause sadness
without trying and in hurt feelings, they can make their enemies hurt three times worse.
When desirous or jealous, the mood of others surrounding tend to match. They do have a
conscious because it comes from ages of living thus they will attempt to keep living
instead of causing death unless disturbed where they won't fight yet allow others to
take over unless they resist. The energy vampire be a walking demigod according to
these facts.
iladium = aerial servant
amadan = paralysis touch faery
ammut = creature with crocodile head lion body hippopotamus back end
amphisbaena = three headed lizard, goes both ways
embarkta = ape men
androsphinx = human headed lion
onucentaur = man donkey
argonesti = elven dragon shifter
arguspanoptes = all seeing, the human male with eyes all over
ocof = elven orc that are immortal with pointed ears slightly flabbish, likes
mental warfare with a very instinctive intelligent broad nosed face, very strong light green skin and has manipulation ability.
iqronk = iqronq, iqwroni, intelligent wrongful kind, undead intelligent human that be made into
a machine golem but the programmer is not responsible for the accidents that it does.
So indempt it not..it is the point of living to itself. The wronk can't lie to the creator
but the iqronk can go crazy, and to the creator, as to do good events and only if said person
lies, so it lies to make itself seem dead to the machine, amongst others and yet it is alive by its own means to trick the machine and people, into doing things, for it but doesn't assault unless you did something
against it. The iqronk is able or capable to cope with anything by cloning and examining.
They can literally separate themselves, from reality. And, can imprint their mind on the house by
mesmerizing the person who represents the house. Thus, the house will take on the
idea of the owner.

They use the postulant self to give what is to them, needed, including freedom. Making
sure that the other self don't deny life after death, in the same body for self resurrection..
but its death that they seek, by living, in denial of the thing most wanted, or what       
derepresentation, that  is most valued. They Debolish the bullshit they discover and go on.
Some suck the life from people and triumph, to be better with their knowledge base. It
evolves like a bull, but learns like a cat..if it doesn't it does live but as a vampire
or key faery type spirit and kitsune..where none are and otherwise its a faery type. This
type does not attack unless pushed and may try to help people become like them or a
doom type character. So, things must be in written form, for them to do it or they can count it as wrong. But, its something that iqronq do, that makes it counted in denial.
urisk = man goat faerie that plays the charm flute
ostrich = large flightless winged head-in-ground healing backfeather backward
walk bird thats backfeather produces emu oil and dodo cousin
ap = ape
ewi = ewack; a ewi is a creature like an ewack in starwars except they are somewhat brutal. Intelligent hairy like creatures that are short. They be also nasty, with body functions.
it = 12th demensional demon, that is a demon that sometimes visits worlds and destroys them by internal striking out and strife. So I think in order to defeat this effect, you ca'n use the phrase where nobody is listening of "ih" and the demon it is held back by what you do. This demon will use others in spaces that exist with their energy, usually this is done by a hit. So the assault is an idea in form, then thought of violence.

This is what the youth could use, so be careful with what you ask of it. So I think it can form anything that you need or desire, this is done by using what it feels you think or need at the moment in order to manifest things. So think about things and instead think the moon or sun, that is using the solar lighting that creates what you want as a need. Then you can rest assured not to be hit if you request something from a higher being. oqt = bear
yetigorn = abatwal with yellowish skin
yt = wight, undead being that looks like dried out walking corpse and exists for
night graveyard intrusions, to paralyze the victim then turn the victim into one of
ywou = Human silverfish that looks human but its essence be possesive of the people
who see it and their voice be hypnotising. So their entire being brings emotional
effect to the place they visit as in people feel what they do. they are asexual
shapechangers that can mate with anything. Human silverfish can share the strengths
of anyone, thing granting them ability by the shared person, object having that
strength. they are strengthened by negative and accepting of positive. they have no
true power except innate ability but they can dreamwalk controlling anyone granting
them power. they are like vampires as they derive essence from anything as food
and anything they eat strengthens them by about 100%. Poison resistant
regenerative and about as strong as a vampire they can do much like them. Yet they
are sometimes taken as vampires for human silverfish shun the sun if too bright.
The human silverfish can turn anybody at their desire making things work for
them. If they dont like people they can turn things against the person till they give
in to the human silverfish will. Dimensional ability be at their command so they can
go anywhere at anytime. Negative magic be their innate ability at which be ten times
stronger than normal magic. A touch of a human silverfish can make people turn into
one also. their hands and feet are slightly webbed yet they are slightly deformed so
they dont walk right. Yet their ability at manipulation be very good as they inherently
know peoples minds. Mental psi be of their ability and whence threatened they assume
the form of the person suitable to defend mentally and physically.
uyy = wilderbeast, wild beast
chitty = friendly insectoid being
chittyky = human hostile humanoid insect
anka = giant roc-like phoenix with 1700 year lifespan
aptec = pre-human, in-between ape and human
yiao = gao, gato, yligao, alligator with narrow jawline and shows its teeth
auid = onuhind, woman donkey
auidwy = winged woman donkey
aip = ape
aitvalas = outdoor dragon indoor cock brings both good and bad luck in the home
it lodges in refusing to leave and at soul price it can be purchased from the devil
aeg = abnormal human, abnormal animal
aiplait = gorilla, breast milk
yeti = knork, Energy twisted regenerative clawed rip apart human beast of instantaneous
movement able to kill anything. Werewolf-type anthro, black-skinned, hairless, with
normal human ears, and horns near the front of it's head. With spikes lining it's
back, and lining it's arms. On the biceps, the spikes curve towards the hands, on the
forearms, towards the shoulders. On the back, towards the feet. Well, the eyes are like
the red glowing or pitch black eyes. But it's form dosen't seem to be very solid, it's
like it's formed from shadow. A liquified form of solid shadow, in the sense of
when you wave your hand through it and such, it reacts to it in the way one would expect
, water to, only in a bit of a looser way. All of it be black, except for the white eyes
and bone-white colored spikes. Able to be solid or insubstational in form and at will.
auian = abomination, elephant unicorn shapeshifter humanoid thats seven feet tall
bulky elephant 2-legged form, a single horn that creates calm while it enhances
psi ability, causes fear in weak willed minds and whole body covered in black
coarse hair that smells of undeath weighing 400 to 600 lbs yet silent on the feet
okake = goblin, apparition, monster, ghost, mons
efret = efreeti, jinn
ogr = ogre, four to six feet tall, four armed, biotechnologists, who lived on mars and
earth till disaster struck, of bombardment. Warlike in nature and society, these natural
warriors had spacegoing bioships, that floated three feet off ground and made up of
other material that was steel. The drives are choreographed as having gravitational
drives using element-115. There are three drives to a ship and one be for power to
null the gravity with its own gravity. The rest be to steer the ship away from the suns
toward the destination.
ewer = undo, half sheep half human or sheeple.
aparit = apparition, spirit, ghost that be of a person who came back to serve as
protection for 3 years. they drive away the dangers but can be controlled with their
name three times. they usually die as a person in various manners that make them
different ghost types. those being various forms that derive from purpose.
ityuiar = ichthyocentaur, sea centaur, human upper half dolphin tail horse forleg
or lion forleg horse
ityuiarwy = winged sea centaur, side flippered human upper half dolphin tail horse
forleg, lion forleg horse
otlehu = armorlike shell turtle humanoid that have greenish shell walks on two
legs and likes to use weapons like blackish morningstars, other stuff
uruz = golden hair wild ox, good mind strength
yale = black, tawny hippopotamus oxen with moving horns
yeck = shape shifting spirit
advhorte = ancient horror, ancient evil
orc = human pig with piglike nose human head fattish five feet tall human body
and great body strength four-fingered hands cloven feet greenish fur body coverage and
warlike with innate magic ability and most up to trickery
agaquo = silverfish, four-6 inch silver landfish, silverfish sighting in area will
detail possesion, something bad to owner of area entered a an en and the person will
change on entering silverfish area to be possessed until area cleansed
akyra = bird human
atryhum = The astral human be a wild energy based human that be faerylike and very
easily shifting and yet in astral land they can live. By live I mean energy
manipulation and powers of somewhat unlimited ability. Without astral energy their
lives are without ability temporarily except for the physical area and physical magic.
their rules are to live as they can with how they can and the weakest will live unharmed.
But their language be the key to getting places and to speak makes it happen unless they
don't desire. The Astral human rules are to desist with explanation and if forced
then they will attempt to do as desired. their similiar to the energy human.
alie = alien, alienn, alienation
alien = off planet lifeform
alkari = bird human; very unique human offspring with beaklike mouth and normal human torso except for the feathered wings on the back. Scaly hands and wrists.
elear = eliiar, panther
eliia = elea, tiger
elementa = element
oragatang = monkey ape
enchida = beautiful woman above serpent below woman serpent mother of most monsters
aleanes = hybrid elemental atleantian animal pet
anemathema = 12' giant octupus
angelico = Sweet natured angel of an energy being that forms a single personality from
what it likes with no form and mostly witty.
At'el = bakru = bak'tr'a, bak-ru, backrub, rucu, 1. Lawful half child oversized head
human wood cannibal people that chew anything they can get and are destructive on
criminals. Squared jaw and strange appearing, these are like fetish yet have
a ability to use events and time like right in the mind in a forced vision.
If they know you, you can get protection or favors from them.

2. As taken from the Atlantis Channelings "Living in the region we now know as Tibet
the At-el are primitive by our standards. They are a brave and noble culture of
hunter-gathers, small in stature, compared to the race of giants who dominate
the Earth at this time of 225 000 years ago. These clans have evolved directly
from soul groups--entities who are reincarnated lifetime after lifetime into the
same families--though to be sure, new souls do enter, so the clans continue to grow
in size, over time, and new clans are often created.

The At-el have skin the color of bronze, with deep penetrating eyes, that are
black or gray. They are similar in appearance to the Native Americans that lived
in the Mississippi basin at the turn of our 18th century. They stand, on average
only about 5 and 1/2 feet tall, though their heads are larger, even, than ours today.
The At-el people live in small family clans that banded together, making up the single

During this time in Earth's history, the consciousness of humanity be much different
than ours today. Where today our individual memories are built up in us from birth
such be not the case with At-el, for they are a group-memory race of people. Each
member of each At-el clan be deeply connected to their specific soul group incarnate.
The total memories of the clan are accessible to each individual in the clan, and
is from birth. As each clan member experiences new things, these are added-- or
remembered --within the collective consciousness of the clan. Individual thought is
also present in the At-el people, but only as it interacts with their share of
memories. The group-memory of each clan flows and swells constantly - each experience
is accessible to all, and owned by no one.

Om was their leader and entity where the collective memories of one clan--or soul
group-- of the At-el can not be felt or seen by those in other clans, except for the
rare individual who has the gift of this unusual ability. The entity Om be such a
person, and as such, he be considered to be a leader of the people. With his great
knowledge and memory of all the clans, he may speak for the tribe to mother Earth
and to all the elements, which the At-el see as Gods.

The two festivals; in the given of the fire festival and the air festival, the Fire
is for life and gaining an appreciation of memories. Similiar to Bel-tane the Festival
of fire and life with spring oncoming, The Goddess manifests as the May Queen and Flora. The
God emerges as the May King and Jack in the Green. The danced Maypole represents
Their unity, with the pole itself being the God and the ribbons that encompass it
the Goddess. Colors are the Rainbow spectrum. Beltane be a festival of flowers,
fertility, sensuality, and delight. Om recieved new memories by vision during the
memories sharing of this fire festival.

The whole tribe congregates at festival time, creating, for once, a new experience
of love and joy that can be shared by everyone. For even when an At-el memory contains
negative images, it be always interpreted as positive in the end. Even in facing death
a clan member be seen to be overcoming obstacles through his or her strength, bravery
or stealth. And back through the generations of the clans, each act be remembered with
fierce pride and good feelings.

The Air festival can be considered Samhain or Samh'in and a festival of Air with the
beginning of winter except the festival be within the same year - One lunar cycle
having passed, the next festival commences-- the festival of air. As he has many
times before, Om begins the celebration by chanting and dancing. The group-memories
come to him, as always, and the others begin to experience the shared imagery of the
tribe. This time, however--just as it occurred during the festival of Fire--images
of strange people, their lands, and their homes fill the minds of the At-el clans
people. As the vision unfolds, they recognize Om in the foreign place, and witness
the strange, tall people bowing down to him--a symbol of respect for his power-- and
the fear that had been presented in the clans be gone.

With this experience, a new seed of consciousness has evolved, not only in At-el, but
in all the races of the world. For time be not linear, but circular; memory be not
only a link to the past, but to the future as well. From this point forward, each
clan member would be able to recall events yet to come--through Om's connection--and
thereby become part of his new memory. Om does not understand entirely what is
occurring, but now that he has seen himself in the images, he knows that what he has
seen be the future, not an alternate past, and that he must be patient to learn what
to do next. It be his job to lead his people forward, to meet the strangers in the
dream visions, and so meet with his destiny if any. Thought creates matter or matter is focus to create as you think or use."

Thanks be to the
http://www.circlesanctuary.org/pholidays/Beltane.html for Beltane. By Atlantis
Channelings - Gordon-Michael Scallion, the Journey of Om from Dream Voyager.
emy = animal, award, insane
engel = angel, death bringer
ents = treeman
arachnid = spider, araknid, arak
arakao = phase spider, none more
arakum = Human spider, a adult 5' to 6'4" tall and very delicate spiderlike fingers
and toes. Able to climb the walls and weighs 80 to 180 lbs like a spiders except the
webmaking ability be not there physically as they are born into the form. A mutated
human into spiderish form retains the webmaking ability with smal hairs that are sticky.
arakru = eros, spider roach
arakno = eros arachno, spider queen
araki = araketa, spirit spider forms from body cells or matter with dead bodies near spiders
arakhi = death spider
arakhihu = death spider human
ebil = evil child, evilness
igyu = fire angel able to manipulate fire at will and shapeshift
archon = Vampire elder are vampires able to outlast the vampire and live over five hundred
years. they are called on to end dispute while they observe and rule the clan
normally. Elders are stronger than vampires but weaker than daywalkers. Yet they
are more ambitious of most vampires. When hurt they leak bluish blood and they
heal slower thus try to be an observer for that reason. they have manipulation
ability and very good psi capacity while being strict disciplinist.
empusae = cannabalistic donkey women shapeshifter, cannibalistic female monsters and
have sometimes been confused with the lamia. they are half-ass and half-human, but
could change themselves into bitches, cows, beautiful maidens.
ericthonius = male human snake that was an athen king hit by a polymorph plague
erynnes = furies
orthus = 2-headed dog
atackal = attack being, 3 foot mini attack being
atomit = atohu, atohufey
atoha = atomic sized animal that be natural shapeshifter of any animal form
atohae = mini sized one foot to 3 foot animal that be fed energy and grows any size
atohy = miniature humans, one foot to 3 foot tall beings able to grow with energy
to any size
etaia = etheria, phantom
etacap = ettercap
ettercap = human spider mutant
otaun = a mysterious unkillable many ability force and stoppable by focusing god energy at it, so once called will do as the asker asks the area summoner now asks, serves justice to those who deserve as redirected by thought and in thought it is a car that seeks those that think about it with a mention.
otisgei = half oni demon half human and able to possess people yet not able to spread diseases. They have the best of both worlds, this is where they are able to manipulate by energy in the blood pulse and create by feel. They sometimes look big and large enough to have to sit in a wheelchair, so they can only do so much work.
alabamese = a distinct race of hard hitting type humans with scaly personalities and thread making alchamical type genetics. An atypical scaly type of dragon human that come from alabama in thought. There are these type that can believe in it and create at a willing ideal nature. There is a will as there is a way as natural skill natural use to now watch with my third eye projected.
alabese = ala or alliance in and nope we don't fight and but we could be obese and this is a really obese ape formed from shit or activity by mana in an area as this is some area in a point of excreance or cleanliness that forms from art. As we don't know we do realize them. Now we can focus energy and don't if not necessary to force them to leave the area as this is in alabese.
alamese = a type of mind in a instance an in en alamese as often of wizard thats ala its me an easy thing to do and be safe servile courteous to or for another human in a flavor formed from an en alamese alabamese. As if there is no response, you can bet them and get the idea to work.
alan = mischievious human bird creature, ingenious manipulation, duplicatus being
alic = alicorn, alies'dan (impeccable sahn), strengthen, strong, aligon: a human with a horses
head and a horn or human with a horn from the head with a head tuft, unicorn human.
aligorn = ancient one, shifter unicorn human with normal strong human body, single
forehead horn, hooflike feet, 3-fingered hands, normal hands, horn amplied psi
ability, and invisible horn grows back, and their presence brings life, to all near it
and purifies all substance. The parts of the body can disappear or remain unseen with
elebra = striped donkey
eleebra = donkey sized toad
eliibra = rhinosaurus rex, elephant sized rhinosaurus
elem = hulm, eleiy, zrzwunsohar, elemental
elemio = white lighter, elemental angel that be capable of angel strength human
activity with shapeshifting energy body and appearance of anything
elmvap = elemental vampire that feeds on elemental energy of the type of element it
represents to survive and able to manipulate represented element energy at will and
can turn into a elemental of represented element type in any shape; it can also
mesmerize at will people to doing something
iladium = aerial servant
amadan = amadaleen, paralysis touch faery
ambigorn = hidea, hideous monster, unicorn wraith that be unseen to the human eye
aneze = ganezeb, zebra elephant, miniature gray black striped elephant
onu = donkey
onuhind = donkeywoman
onuhindwy = winged woman donkey
aoitar = onucentaur, donkeyman
aoitarwy = onucentaurwy, winged man donkey
unigorn = unicorn, re'em, unic, unigorn, white with brownish or rebbish (rubbish or red brown)
spot coated horse with horn from the forehead that allows for healing, purification, psi
enhancement and their entire felt being promotes calm and purifies as though all toxicity
in area be nullified, their horn grows back, they dissapear any part of themselves at will.
To call one out, use thefeelings of purity, or get a maiden to come with pure feelings or
The unicorn received its name from the bible. The word re\92em be mentioned several times
in the Bible and translates into unicorn. It be depicted in the Bible as a wild animal that
can not be controlled, be very powerful, and has mighty horns.
The aborigines left their drawings of unicorns in their caves. They depicted a creature
with a body shaped like a bull, a horse\92s head, and two straight horns protruding from its
forehead. It was classified as a unicorn, because there was no other animal that looked
like this picture.
Do they really exist? Hundreds of people have heard stories of these creatures, but there
be no proof that they exist. Bones that finders claim to be unicorns have been discovered
however the scientists that examined them deemed all of them fake. One such story be of a
set of bones that was discovered turned out to be hundreds of bones from different animals
that were strategically placed together to look like a unicorns body. To go
http://www.unexplainable.net/artman/publish/article_2190.shtml be for more info.
argonesti = elven dragon shifter
urisk = man goat faerie, your risk
azeman = counting obsessed night animal in day female human shifter vampire
race who ye can fool by using scattered seed, a broom across the entry
aziza = good forest fairy who aid hunters and give knowledge with advice
orge = giant troll with greenish skin, massive strength, six to eight feet tall and
quick regeneration with fire as its weakness for fire wounds will not regenerate
Okapi = they have a horse body, zebra legs, giraffe horns. In coloring, brown body, legs are black/white stripes, and the head's slightly paler than the rest of the body.
Okapi-ozon = A bit large, in of itself they have brown black and white striped body, sligtly paler head than the rest, legs are black an white stripes, and with a horse body, zebra legs, large giraffe horns.they may be a predecessor to the Okapi.
Ultraverrene = Creature like people that appear ultraveinous and have a bad tempered vengeance streak that use others sometimes through others to get vengeance. They love to form into you and and act as you. Sometimes they don't need to know, and will strike back even for that idea, as just by speaking, they could dislike you or not as it depends on the intention.
yogidaphum = many organed shapeshifter pleasure being
yukifey = small 3 feet tall old clothed snow fairy that aid people lost in the
snow and they live in snow burrows and they guide people through blizzards
yfit = elephant

baafa = bishop fish, mitered shaven head, scaly body, claw-like arm fins
bean-nighe = washer woman, riverside woman who washes bloody clothes and the
if seen first makes life certainty for the viewer, if she noticed first then,
certain death
boy = your charge, trouble, vampire
barm = dreaded backward knee colorful bird that picked off targets
bor = bore, bred pig, drill, boring
babu = baboon, magical ape people
babua = magical ape male, male baboon
babui = magical ape female, woman baboon
bicorne = fat panther cow that eats virtuous husband
benu = purple heron, palm tree, phoenix
baginis = female animal human with claw-like fingers and toes who rape captured men
then let them go
bog = bogieman, a shapeshifter goblin who be an enemy of children oftentime
vision tormenting kids, in the night and they also go after childlike adults taking
the form of what you most fear and they try to steal a wizards magical items first
then kill the wizard by setting up bad events
bahamut = land fish the size of a island
behemoth = elephant sized hippopotumas, great beast
behmot = behemoth, elephant sized hippopotumas, great beast
baku = evil dream eater creature with lion face horse body tiger feet cow tail that
renders evil dreams harmless
Bosa=Bolsom are strange beasts formed from displacer beasts and are demonic beings that stand. They can go apsehit on a difference method and crazy over energy as in idea. they can eat the person who attempts to eat them or uses them against themselves. Whom they eat they can control if their body remains. They have sane minds but sometimes insane bodies. The person is then considered an ea bolsom. their presence if they get near can drive a person excited by some inner insanity stated aloud. If they wanted they could drive a person excited to insanity. Feelings may get them insane, in to which an en ea they could force the person to die or be miserable who caused it. They are able to get anything by a trick or to die for, including doing the honest thing. The only thing they cannot do, is detect who actually did it if you put anothers idea somewhere. You can convert a Bolsom by eating a bit and using methanal near them. The bolsom's control is to assume identity and suggest. They suggest by usage and means. You have to give an demonic impression with suggestion to get them to do it with self-set subsidence. Such moment is by movemment by coordinated coralling. They don't have to be reverse toward artifacts nor adverse toward items and people to control, centra or divert. As aernegetic is in the moment, of using electricity by standard of appreciation or just a brush of it against your skin. Then bearing spiritual momentum in idea. Bolsom are the only ones among many others that can see time and moment as dimension. Whomever they touch are often seen as a moment in time. So a body part can often be the connection psychicly between others. Manly the breast.
bikru = bik-ru, bankrupt, a neighbor of the At-el, being of prophecy that bankrupts or causes slight ruin
people by attempted nastyness then forces the bill on them after which the bill maker
presents and it forces you to pay the bill to a decree of no pay, alot of pain.
belengel = archangel, beltenshi
banshee = beansidhe, sunken nose scraggy hair hollow eye socket fiery weeping red
eye white sheet wearing cadaver woman who warns of an impending death only for old
family by wailing outside a house, outside a door
barbegazi = shy "frozen beard" large feet gnomes that avalanche ride and come
out at below zero temperature and they aid humans as they live at moutain peak
barmotez = barbary sheep, tartary, tree vine attached vegetable lamb creature that
is edible after it dies
barjuchne = bar juchne, giant bird
berbug = bugbear
bso = besom, occult marriage, illigitamit marriag, faery horse that mentally talks
to the rider and can shift to human form or disappear every in awhile.
batler = Thieving bat shapeshifter that form into batlike cat and work for you
but can be tamed. Unless you feed them coins they remain thieves not working
for you. Given by Cix off furcadia.
boamp = bottle imp, genie type spirit that grants owners wishes and the only
way to get rid of it be to sell it for less than you bought it for.
boar = boar, War pig that be now extinct, they were larger than wild pig, wild
hog, and as large as a medium dog. Large hair tuft, long tusks and hairy body, able
to destroy anything, in their path, yet very easily angered.
boisehu = energy wood being that protects households
baldaron = warrior horse, armored attack horse
bydry = baldaron
bendith = mamau, ugly kidnapping goblin like fairy with a crimbil child replacement
switched for yours, bend to their will
bendithu = human mamau, stealing human goblin that can shift into human shape
at will with pleasant true form ugliness cruel nature vengeful and instinctive
bucca = teleportive hobgoblin useful to sailors
buie = buggane, misfortunate goblin shifter, goblin shapeshifter often seen as a
horse, calf, wild looking human near a waterfall.
bunyip = hippopatumus shaped amphibeus creature
bogy = boogeyman, dancingman, bogeyman, bogie, dark and closed up area shapeshifting
wicked spirit creature, are daylight harmful, they kill wizards, and can dimensionally
travel to scare children or other reasons with negative forces.
bige = bilg, boggart, dark hairy dusty clothed household spirit formed from peoples misuse
found by house mishaps. Once discovered can change forms at will to scare the
hell out the victim. They like closets or underbeds and similiar dark placing.
Nicknamed after Humphrey Boggart to name a creature.
bogl = Boggle be a criminal mischief hobgoblin on victim behalf.
bugbear = bug bear, a bug in the shape of a bear
bue = buggart, gnomish goblin that be made of peoples annoyance and abuse found by annoyance only
and gotten rid of by showing token respect.
burak = man face voice, ass ears, horse body, peacock wings tail, bright blue eyes
in between the size of an ass and mule
blaanka = giant undead unkillable roc-like phoenix with 1700 year lifespan of
shadow half life and does not need to eat
blaannis = black annis, hideous cnnabalistic on capture of person and one eyed blue
skinned old hag.
bladeabed = ifomix, a bird formed from using and abusing forces physical and unnatural, can
form a foul cuckoo and dissipate the force gone. But the bird be destructive in aura and idea
it influences overt solipsism with a bad aura.
bladawg = black dog, calf-sized black hound that upon site, when speaking the viewer be death
doomed, illness and death be foretold.
A Blib is a person who is born (it is not a learned ability) with what many may consider an eating disorder
though they use it to their advantage. They use the calories in Genjutsu, and any other forms of energy, stored
within their fat cells to their advantage. They use it as fuel for their magic. A semi-well-known example of this
ability would be Chouji from Naruto. Also a young baby's eating cover to which is partly alive and feeds off you and lives in you.
blo-idonu = blast-ended newt where the tail spits acidic flamable fluid
blob = vegen pudding, jelly being that absorbs energy eats weapons on person touch
paralyzes thus it eats the body forming more of its type and on hit it will split into
two more.
blog = Humanoid thats misformed and moves very quick and be part spider and
ape. It has an enticement to form into a human to lure the unsuspecting or a
online news and opinion list or a flogging in the back.
brag = horse shape-shifting goblin that leaves a rider in terror, very good story
breta = ostrich headed cow
bri = ostrich
bryma = brimmer, eat anything giant cockroach with 12" to 7' potential size and acid
brich = brik, ostrich, separate from the species with backward legged bird that
works with out any flight ability and has lots of feathers including the
backfeather, used with emu.
brihu = ostrich human with forward walking backward legs but the rest of the body
brownie = small hobgoblin of ragged brown clothes pinhole nostril flat faced
enjoying human harmony
bruny = brownie
bwca = household spirit that does tasks when appreciated and destructive when
bzagh = beast

caitsith = cait sith, An aborational giraffe with a horses body, otherwise a synthetized cat.
cyra = centra, genjia genjy, creator, zackal, eternal one, creators, eternal being
Eternal ones that are able to go anywhere on a whim and by focusing on effects
they gained it. Centra created aether (mind force) as a force to be manipulated
by minds that were interconnected across the galaxy (universal conscious).
then they created the worlds with the elements formed from aether and somewhere
in midst of creation their bodies got consumed by the energy used and turned into
the force called Ether (spirit). This be the spiritual force and the backing of
Aether (mind force) that guides all by being the "spirit that goes through
everything" as in the book "the way of the scout" by tom brown as he describes
it as a spiritual force that effects all with spirit.

After the dissipation of the creators bodies they were just the energies that
support and monitor the universe and some Centra remained as the form they chose
guiding their creations thus they became part of the gods. then to better watch
for the peoples populating worlds they made vessels for the power they had. Call
them Avatars and the avatars are morally the same as the gods themselves. Some
Gods came about by the people of the planets scheming, beliefs of the people
so not all God's formed the same. the creators mostly hide themselves as they
dont want to be bothered most of the time. So basically I think I may have
dissolved the idea to find this out. The process is easy, think of the idea
to work with and think to dissolve into energy what you don't want. Then you
create dissolution by feel.

Centra do not have blood instead they were composed of Ether and Aether.
Being this, they were able to control Cosmeria (universal substance) to a
higher level, using their own body as fuel and forming the body as they want
with or without blood. though even then Cosmeria was highly volatile to them
and in attempts to protect themselves from it they divided into two tribes
Ether and Aether, and with it the secrets of. Cosmeria were divided. the
Ether tribe focused on Ether and the mind while the Aether tribe focused
on Aether and technology. Seperate they could not use the opposite's
element/substance, but atleast Cosmeria was unattainable now.

Sadly, as time grew by they descriminated against each other, one claiming
that their tribe was superior. This finally led to a war that destroyed their
existance, for most of them at least by creating vessels and places to assault
with as they also kept the universe in balance, creating too much causing the
centra body dissipation mentioned by being overwhelmed with some who were smart
having survived by keeping balance.
cyfso = confessor, Women who can touch a person to convert to her side and
enslave to make the victim her love slave. their very presence inspires love.
their hair continues to regrow if cut very fast to original length. they are
changed at birth by wizards, mages to effect this. there children gain the
ability. To mate with them you must be immune to there love touch.
cytr = controller, Men who can control by voice, touch. If the victim
gets touched, then the person be enslaved by emotion to them. their presence
inspires confidence and the need to talk. their hair continues to regrow if
cut very fast to original length. these are the male offspring to confessors.
they are immune to mind control effects.
crityq = Apelike dark furred human creature that criticizes everything near them.
Causes distraction till killed, pleased in some manner. Prove your point to it
to silence it and banish it.
cygrinox - The three headed human worm with wings and three wormlike heads on a
human torso.

cepapua = Carpet Python Snake
cira = Cobras Snake
cykys = Cal Kings Snake
floays = Florida Kingsnake
getasna = Garter Snake
masna = Milksnake
praoncite = a monster that be undefeatable and backs down if argued with
and won't attack if given arguement as an excuse. So when atacking, it will respond
and to argue gives it a point not too. now the monster be a nightmare given flesh.
rouna = Red Ratsnake (Corn Snake)
rofgrisna = Rough Green Snake
ralna = Rattlesnake
rotyboa = Red Tail Boa Snake
rawlaopta = Reticulated Python Snake
wamuesi = Water Moccassin Snake
tiuruna = Texas Ratsnake
coysna = Coral Snake
sleth = snake, serpent, sapi(intelligent)
cepo = sea, snake
slo = slow, snake
pytn = red python snake, pyth, python
wysapi = winged snake
lindwurm = scaly green-gold winged snake
jormangund = worlds largest snake of lies coming from celts.
leviathon = giant winged snake with razor sharp teeth
et-fokslo = great three red eyed eight headed eight tailed snake
sirrush = scaly head serpent snake with cat forefeet and bird claw hind feet
serpant = dragon headed snake body sea snake
serpennt = pent up snake, caged snake
kevin = 100 snake headed dragon body person killer
adda = adder, basilisk, basilcock, cockatrice, This snake moves side by side
and reproduces as from a cocks egg. "It be a native of the province of Cyrenaica
not more than 12 inches long " writes pliny. Its evolution of protean style
that turns chimeran after its older. It starts as a ugly snake "adorned with
a bright white marking on the head like a sort of diadem" by pliny. Some
might say its with a cocks head. A killing glance that be slow to effect.
Its scaly legs are with chicken feet and widespread in 3 pairs Its hide be
scaly and it doesn't shed. For the aura and glance turns things a dried out
state, the "stoned" dry state. Effectively killing most in the area not unlike
a medusa who kills the person by altering what glances at it to stone. As it
gets older, it can kill more quickly. Most people who discover them try to kill
them or die trying. To eat a cockatrice gives healing ability or immortality
yet this be surprising after how monsterous it seems. Excerpt from gareth long's
encyclpoedia of monster's.
hla = snake human with humanlike head that has a long tongue and shaped like a
snake, the rest of the body be human except they are cold blooded, and alien
with pure animal instinct and logic along, with cold eyes and heartless
as a snake thats very treacherous. They are passable as humans at a distance
with a slight revolting auratic field thats stronger as a person gets stronger
and yet they are vulnerable to fairy magic. A plausible example be Harry
Potters "Voldemort" who be said to be part snake.
gogahu = human gorgon with snake hair can manipulate anyone with thought, voice
and with ability to freeze people at will, they have a shifer ability to appear
human and else

cug = cua, coge, cougar
cyf = calf, baby cow
cam = camel, view, cama, disposition, two or three hump smelly and hairy horse with
evil disposition
cyp = chicken (chicken soup as supcyp or cypcup), chump, snipe, long range assault
cew = decay, crow, carrion eater
colt = harnessed, taim, tame, wildness, gun, pistol, horse
concaib = deal making shapechanger that look absolute human yet targets anyone
whos willing to make a deal for anything they would want and the deal details
are hidden.
catt = cal, cattl, cattle, cow, kill
cray = computer, crayfish
cuttl = cuttle fish, cul
chick = cyp, lady, allowance, allow, chicken, weaken
ceuoalo = cow hampster duck kitty creature with cow size hampster forepaw legs
cat feet backlegs cow torso, duck billed head and fluffy tail
ceasg = human salmon of salmon lower human top half
coblynau = guidance mine fairie
cecrops = serpent tailed lower half; human was the first athen king
cameleopard = camel leopard the size of a camel but the skin of a leopard with 2
large curving horns
cataua = big cat that be of tiger, lion and other
catoblepas = that which looks downward, iron cladded head bull that can kill with
its sight and moves sluggish eating poison bush
catleg = great cat the size of buffalo.
catruit = cattlrupa, roach ant cat, cat headed beast, with six legs, catlike clawless
antlike body with fur, roachlike reproduction and fluffy tail.
cetus = dolphin headed forked tail greyhound creature
cerebo = snake head & dog head & human dog on all fours that has paralyzing stare
cerberus = 3 headed dog
cigryhond = calygreyhound = antelope body eagle claw forlegs ox hoove hind legs
cogsaet = saber tooth cougar
catarak = spider cat that has eight legs and the body of a cat and it eats dead meat
and abilities of both
catuar = warcat, demon cat
ceoch = cochran, giant hibitional roach, or cockroach run/ran
citar = centaur, top half human male back forelegs and lowerhalf be horse
cyclop = one eye storm giant
corrigan = faerie druidess able to steal children
cyroeraeth = banshee like spirit woman who gives death warning by a water splash
near a crossroads, near a river, that looks like a woman thats charming and mature.
citao = centipede, moth head eight inch segmented worm body
citaohu = centaurlike human centipede with eight ' long centipede body human front end
cbauricl = crystal bird dragon oracle, prophetic dragon sized crystal bird
cboracl = crystal prophet, crystal being prophet
chocobo = pony sized wingless riding bird
changeling = left in place deformed shapeshifting faerie children of human babes
chiles = atlantean messenger pets
chichevache = thin bodied human face cow that fed on faithful wives
chimera = she-goat, goat bodied lion head serpent tailed fire breathing creature
chupacabra = a beast that was named chupacabra, which literally translated from Spanish means
goat-sucker. Sightings of the small creature have been reported to Mexican and Puerto Rican
authorities since then. Even in the United States, a Texas farmer claimed to have killed one
in 1999, although from the photos the story has been widely disputed.
Chupacabras are believed to be small animals 2 to 4 feet long with stiff hair or bristles like a
porcupine. Except for their size, they share several things in common with larger phenomena (Bigfoot
Yeti, Loch Ness Monster). They exude a foul stench, reportedly of sulfur, and are so elusive they
have never been photographed. (Although there are claims, the photos have never been verified.)
crang = craing, craig, live brain, brain being that sometimes have levitation ability
cresfix = criosphinx, ram headed lion
crocottahu = human wolf dog that be extremely strong and stands on two legs with
thin grey wolf hair covering body and a wolf tail
cryekideth = banshee
ctia = cthuloid, cthuluist, deep shade, deep one, mind eater psi manipulator
mind flayer, illithid who live in deep places that have great mental powers
they would eat the minds of their victims(worshippers) but they also controlled
the minds of key people so that they could one day call Cthulhu to return and
their greatest threat was in making anyone who met them go insane, and you can
get rid of them but not if they consider you a threat through resistance. Another
way to drive away a deep one be to focus a large positive force at the deep one.
ctiau = Mind flayer human who live in hidden places that have great mental
powers, they would eat the minds of their victims, suck the life of them but
they also manipulate the minds of key people sharing the pursuits of the cthuloid
and there threat was to manipulate people getting rid of them but not if they
consider you a threat through resistance. Where they would feign ignorance until
left alone and revenge those sleights.

dno = dino, dinosaur, huge formed of mutation or change, dinosaur thats three times
the size of a normal reptile and "largest" reptile in the pleistine age.
dedrathrumu aftdedea = dont drag me/you through the mud after its(the deal) dead
and done.
dedrythrumu = don't drag me/you through the mud, don't continue on. Dread dog that can eat a human and has a dark shell of an aura.
  Depileesa=Dispielic angelic, discorporeic vampiric type angels that live in a different dimension and can take form as pure fleshy form. Or form from an object. They attack on a need and try to live by others standards set for them by themselves. It attacks with a flealike nature, its dispriellic nature that comes from the father. It has 3 inch tenticles or pseudopods, that go out from the forehead and the its body parts. Dispriellic live inside people. They live of the top of the core where they serve people. They live up to 200 to 700 years of life. They live in a sorta separate land that is watchfull of ours. They can channel and go through any doorway as if it was meant for them. They can poison near anything. They tend to use machines to replace functions they cannot normally do anymore. Dispellics are actually eternals with supernatural constraints. With ability greater than normal, yet their body reflects only some of their strengths. They tend to follow these tenets.
"Think to know do to sow. The crazy angered mind ie a moment calmed down. The crazy angered mind is to be percieve and calm down. To be an able person be able to percieve more or less the idea. To do a little of it, then do the rest after a bit. To understand is to precede or percieve as to what you end up doing. To de is as easy as to deal the way as over the line. Its to easy to de off an its of any conclusion. As they can't help it, now they can. Now in immediate action they will and can. You felt, smelt it you dealt it. In some self site motion in which you must write down what it does to get a glimpse of what it did or can do. If what do. If what it is you do. Where mind is thought and motion is focus. If in general, its to be direct if its to be in effect. Circumventive its ineffective unless needed. Its to be of to know.
Its to shift to be in of as yor subconscious moves you. To be of you changed by it. To see of it it is of you. Be of it be wary of others. Cause by it be wary of what you do. Need to be, derive it, to be of desire be in dense. Be with it, be on there of it or as is necessary. Be event, move it. Move by it, be of it. To be of way be shifted. To be a nay be a shifted from. To be sown to be shifted of it. Be of shift be of others. To be as if of it be of. To see it then know of it. Be seen of it, be not so or so known for it. Be understood, be noticed. Be of, be of an it. Be inevitable be of there or therein. Be an be there. Be lone be of some form. Be efficient be of some use. If its of many uses its of abuse. Be of it to be abide motion to be of use. If an of the you move, abide it or leave it. Be a moment in action, as in situation. Its good to sow to know. their is a self-perceived crazy mind. their is a self-perceived down pole. Diepienelle is to know and be able. Is to come again. To due is sow is scum."
drathrumu = drag (me, you) through the mud (metaphorically speaking or physically,)
continue a chore, continue on
dina = Pigmy elephant the size of an baby elephant to young adult.
dyth = lion
dile = crocodile with wide jaw and hides its teeth
duva = bird
dove = white dove, peace bird
dyve = patronoch, guardian spirit
dawg = dog
djin = Air being that wish grants like jinn (fire being).
diamu = energy eater, spacial energy shifter people that can meld any part on
themselves, reform any part melded on themselves, who sometimes like work gangs and
are spacial gaurdians but have no form except that they jump into. Nicknamed Guoul and
these can carry parasites that are worms to become intelligent with memory, or symbiant
worms that can travel to any body. Self-assigned ranking unless the god-like leader
assigns one due to specialty. Everything be holy and sacred them with a ritual like
diamuhu = Guol, dragondeahm, Goul, spacial energy human people that can meld any part
on themselves, form any part melded on themselves who are like diamu yet are stuck
to human shifting and slight metamorphing with the ability to shine.
dodo = pretty feathered large wingless back leg ostrich-like bird, ostrich forefather
doberman = man headed dog, calf sized dog
dactomern = dragon sea elf, sea elf dragon shifter
dactonesti = dragonesti, dargonesti, elven dragon shifter that can shift to any dragon
dataybu = rock elemental half adult human size
dataibu = unicorn headed brown horse body lion hind feet bear fore feet that has a
horn that purifies cures restores and there be a healing wild aura and can shoot
electrical bolts with horn, paralyzes horn bolts.
detaibu = medium-small dragon sized torso horse feet unicorn head lizard tail
can turn to mist form restores entire on calling shapeshifter and its healing
cleansing ability with psi amplifying horn that can shoot water energy at target,
paralyzes the victim
detuon = immortal manticore that has hawk wings lions head eagle backfeet lion
dahu = human duck, human with a duck bill mouth, webbed feet and a feathered
dahuemy = animalistic duck human, animal torsoed duck headed human lower half
with webbed feet and entirely feathered human body
dakuemy = animal torsoed duck headed humanlike furry lower half with furred feet
dwarf = their are eight types so far that are exquisite metalworkers and skilled in the arts of stonecarving;Also knownn for other things.
Daergar or duergar, dark dwarves. Able to see in the dark, they are of some loathesome monster that mated with dwarf. Dark nature and tunnel dwellers that go far to see their plot through.
Daerwar or warrior dwarves, not really a mountain dwarf thats special under circumstances, they can outlast anything and see in the dark.
Hiellar or the hellar type. undefeatable dwarven type. Part demonic. They look bred, act separate but are of the same type as others.
Hylar or ruler dwarves. the dwarves that rule like kings in heirdom, they set the rules by a council or alone.
Theiwar or magical dwarves. The magic is unnatural ability to them. Its just some stomach and smaller size like most dwarves. As in natural blonde and reddish hair with slim composure. Some unique types have black hair. Some are able to see in the dark.
Klar or barbarian dwarves, more hardy than some who are of other races, they are servants of the mountain king. With beserk type states that are theirs to go into.
Neidar or hill dwarf, they prefer the hills that exist instead of the mountains.
Aghar or Gully dwarf are what that smell and are not too smart but generally are smaller than normal dwarves. Being restricted to some things. They live in areas that they arent bothered mostly gullies and trashy area. Death is a joke to them. They are treated nasty and with dislike. dagar = man headed shark
dagon = fish man of lower half fish, top half man.
dapluiga = Doppleganger, double walker, fylgia, doppleganger shadow soul
guardian angel, invisible human shadow self only seeable by its owner and
once the owner sees it said owner will die not trusted. the doppleganger gives
advice to friends, takes the form and experience of the victim before it takes
the victims place if threatened or a good reason.
dipoul = dipowl, burning soul, fire spirit, heliopath, ho, Soul of a human who, be
made out of fire, assuming any shape, size and object, this allows for fire mastery.
dimnall = badgerbear, bear spider human that kills by a touch and has six arms
human bearlike torso below able to eat anybody they kill after fluid drain and
polymorpher with web ejection ability.
dendan = gigantic black fish that die with human touch
dolphinate = aquaticus, dolphin
dovall = a driving force of destructive energy that takes the form of a dove after, to
create havoc with an aura that infuses and corrupts. It drives away people with a
maddening force, and signifies death.
dhapu = dhampire, Day walker thats stronger and far more flexable than full
Vampires, being that they only walk at night. Product of a vampire father and human
mother. they posses all of the traits of a vampire, but none of the weaknesses. As
they grow older, they begin to wield innate ability. All must be embraced at some
time in maturity, usually around the human age of eighteen, older. If a Dhampire be not
embraced, he, she will slowly go insane from the blood hunger that consumes them
and die of starvation as their digestive system changes to accept only blood for
nutrition. the most outstanding difference be that they can bear live children.
They do lust for blood, but can control it and are discreet, although they grow weak
and begin to lose their powers if they dont feed. Normal foods can take the place
of blood for them but their bodies will be expanded by the food greatly. During the
day, their fangs shrink to a hardly noticable size and as long as they are not
grinning. During the night they grow excesivly and are impossible to hide. their
eyes are red, the color of choice by magic, their skin pale, hair most oftenly
black, magically chosen. If a Dhampire be slain, they can be revived as long as
the head be intact. As for aging goes, the apperence of a Dhampire ages to about
25 years. from then on every 10-15 years equals one year of age in apperence for
the Dhampire.
they can surpass other Vampires in strength, including the Elders and drinking
large amounts of blood turns them more and more vampiric, drink lesser and they will
stay more human. And lastly, the Dhampire's can walk in the sun though they can only
withstand it for so long. For prolonged exposure to the sun can cause a Dhampire to
feel the effects and be weakened. the older the Dhampire, the more sunlight they
can withstand and they can withstand a dawn without death. Dhampires are elemental
masters able to manipulate any element at will and are natural shapeshifters.
dracae = shapechanging water spirits that form into dishes that float a river to
tempt women into being dragged down to the river bottom
droc = sea drow, dark elf top fish bottom like a mermaid
dziwozongi = forest wild women that attack lone humans while sometimes acting like

fae = fated faery, faery that act like fate feae = fenoderee, supernaturally strong man-sized faerie house servant
fuio = fire angel that has angelic protective nature firey body and wild fire
manipulation ability
fle = run, flea, flee
fynt = fish, shark, whale, sea creature
farn = not far, fallen, vampiric angel
fedaru = blood roach, feeder roach evil feeder that feeds off humans incessant to use them as
hosts that act like a live human yet will erupt with roaches to kill all in an area
acting on the humans in a similiar manner. If the host be angered the roach will
burst forth by the host death. Unless the host be killed within 24 hours of being
a feeder roach host then the roaches don't die with the host. the feeding phase of
a feeder roach be a red tinged shell otherwise its normal brown. these roaches can
teleport to any food or drink to get into the human and the victim can control anyone
with them, talk to roaches at will. the feeder roaches can create enhanced fear of
the victims fear. The feeder roach was created by nuclear or radiative energy from
another planet absorbed into the roach body that mutated into blood eating and body
inhabitating roaches. Again they the blood roach burst forth on death.
felina = active cat
felino = demon cat that projects horror vision in minds with alternate demon
wraith form
feliny = wild cat shapeshifter of fey birth in human body that takes shape of
any human the size of a small child with cat features
fael = hawk, energy weaving ability
faery = dark faery, Korriganes, the race of faeries, feyr. dark fey that love
causing fear and disruption.
fairy = light fairy, light fey that work to aid humankind
faun = deer legs, ears, tail and handsome male face body
fedafle = Feeder flea similiar to the feeder tick that caused some anemic traits
and bubblish skin in humans and animals alike. A nasty prospect be the strange sores
that seem to appear and the body heals them over.
fachen = feather tufted chest center with mangled hand growth, angled leg body
growth, forehead center eye creature from genetic mutation that kills victims
faken = fachen
fuhu = fw, human phoenix that has human legs and webbed feet, vibrant winged
small vibrant feather covered human torso, human head and arms with clawlike human
hands, asexual and phoenix-like ability to come back and healing tears
regeneration lightweight ability aura effect innate restoration ability
feno = northern pheonix hawk, brown feathers twice hawk size bird
fawk = forest hawk
fawke = phoenix
fawkuik = pheonix hawk, silver blue wings silver body twice hawk size yet
able to resurrect people with tears
faalesbud = featherless bird, skin bird without feathers
faaleshed = molting eagle of ageless nature that continually molts
feyark = dark fairy
feyc = sea fairy who take any typical fish, dolphin form to aid ships and are fed
some fish off the boat
feyl = sidhyl, wild fey, fearsome shapeshifting creature that will not consider
humans except as slaves, workers for schemes. they command all elements at desire
and can make terror in those who don't serve.
fallen = fallen vampiric angel
felintoad = toad cat that has poisonous underbelly excretion
foats = undead wyvern, wyvern ghoul
fantine = friendly farmer fairy
fenoderee = supernaturally strong man-sized faerie house servant
feng-huang = three legged sun alive phoenix with pheasent head and peacock feathers
faerys = a fairy that grants your desire of wishes, requests but be undectable
or genie force
firbolg = fire giant bog people
felinrat = Cat rat that can chew through anything with large adult cat size
to twice as large. It prefers to eat cat food, cut meat, raw meat unless not
fatoau = fantastipottamus, armored hippopatumus that be larger than a normal
hippopotamus and eats even humans
fotex = great rat, A rat that has possibility to eat human.
fowl = fowl, bad tasty bird, bad taste
fowlaqua = water fowl that has beautiful colors
furie = the three lost fate sisters that take revenge for wrongs done who are
dog headed snake hair bat winged hags
fury = furie
feylirk = feyerk, a species of faery that take form only to cause disruption
to friends and appear like malicious goblin as described of the dark gray color
and doglike ears, 3' 4" tall, with firecolor stripes and redhat, orange fur.
Included be a shapeshifting ability.
Fluat = Effluant are in roaches or not effect that are use to the products as of inbetween and cause them to be used against the people. Its the products and the by-partisons too that aren effected. Some actually come up and catch the person unawares. So in effective its of physical use to lift something up and they miss you. Its also known as to be of ineffectual use. They can create a intellectual scare. They can subconsciously arrest you on the spot by creating cuffs but first they drill your third eye not. To escape from the cuff, there is a energy key you can create. Its reate it and use it, by thinking of a key that is in -between your fingers and get near with it and twist it open. Sometimes three can work a cuff. Its like an ever oscillation key. These are inabbreviated inpartison live roach breed. So they can act as if to create any effect of trapping material. Including rope and steel wire. These are like cops but if you think about hurting one they can come at you and cause you to be paralyzed. By making you percieve cops coming at you. Resistant to mind suggestion.
Afterword, those they arrest can be shifted subconsciously to an effective scare area. There have been transformations into that of one. they inject poison into the body by a drill efect that is highly toxic efect. To touch food after this can make it toxic but seemingly inevitable rich. So in effect you are poisoning yourself, to be eating it with the illusion that it is rich context. They create an illusion that turns real, in you if your near one and the more of them the more powerful they become. As in a group idea or focus in effect. While they are killing you, see you get an image of what you want or some roachy vue of it. They can percieve through your eyes and ears. Anything you invent could be considered a wrong. Distract them and you can get them to help. An en enema, to clear a moment by use in division.
Thus we effectively use what we do but the body they subconsciously kill as we do. Creating the idea feeling as they do thus. Eat of the body to create energy, and transhift by a warp effect to other areas that you may have gone to. They then use the body to shift to area and hibernate by the area soil. So to deal with them, don't move near them and hold something above your head that is a container. Till they leave, which they hardly ever do once they have a target. These roaches create a symbiotic link to your alternative selfs. To be entree.
This symbiotic link can create images, and idea to the effect that you are communicating to them and them to you. To be thus we do in a certain pattern. That pattern can be followed by this subconscious breed. As some have managed to destroy them with. Now there is a communicative roach breed, that could sit on the tongue and effect alternative thought transfer with the image to go with it. Its intrbred, it communicates with interbreed. Some may or may not see it but every expression tells of what your alternatives are doing. To realize it and then go they cannot follow you through a certain path. I'you know the path. Everything doesn't always effect your sub-conscious.
fria = frier, stovetop
freborn = born without tribe elf wanderer, ranger elf, land elf
friskou = nightmare creature that has no definite shape can turn victim to stone
or paralyze with fear and mental manipulation
friga = frog, frogger, toad
frogger = jumper toad

gii = spirit guide
gyth = gryphon, golden winged lion
geko = gecko, lizard
gom = golem, live magical material construct
gomaa = golem mastery, innate golem manipulation skills
gomcla = clay golem, man-shaped animated clay body
giraff = horse deer with long neck horse torso deer head creature
giraffa = human headed giraffe
giraffe = long neck wedge head horse body animal
ganuevar = planar large cat that lives in the primal plane of existence at the
masters whim and in any large cat shape and it acts the guard
ganyuer = get anywhere, achievement, achieve
gantika = Human giant phoenix be ten feet tall with giant vibrant wings giant feet
human body torso and legs and two arms ending in clawlike hands, this giant can
come back to life after it dies reborn of itself, translocation ability and
goddkp = godkiller, A male faery with likeness to female and natural born mutant
with pension to absorb ability on touch or death, can regenerate and shift at will
after he kills he takes their place of whom he kills if he desires.
gytrash = road spirit that can form physically and helps people out.
gulon = fox tailed lion hyena
ganesha = four armed pot bellied elephant man, male knowledge fey
ganeshe = four armed pot bellied elephant woman, instinct fey
ganeze = striped elephant, black striped elephant
garuda = great bird with an eagles beak and wings with a human body, white face
gargantua = large giant
garm = four eyed blood splattered black dog scarlet wings golden body
gorou = very hairy, werewolf like
gaue = horned one, horned human with, without wings
gyrion = Strongest living man with 3 joined body, six arms, legs and hands. A myth was
he was killed, by orion, after being led into bowshot, from chasing a thief, named
Artemis, that stole from his hut on, atlantis. He later became an assasin and bounty
hunter. Gyrions revenge, was to claim Artemis, as his new body. Creator of the
christian church for revenge on his death and always willing ro protect through
his followers by possessions. He uses his people as info and idea foundation support
gabezu = shark elf human that appear human, but have a inner eyelid, will strike
if angered, always seek revenge if crossed, immortal, when the inner lid be closed;
they are blind yet unblindable and enraged.
goblin = okake, mischievous human hateful faery that plays tricks and very mean
gawk = half-human size great hawk
ghoblin = mischievous human hateful wraith that plays tricks and very mean things
glabezo = long neck wedge head mule
glabezu = glamourous being, angelic
glabrezu = being of mariad ages, ageless being
gnome = earth elemental, wise dwarf able to find metal and meld into trees
gremli = mwagyr, muagwi, gremlin, A 3 foot teddy bear wise goblin like creature that
reproduces at night when fed but appears very sweet natured as a pet, some with greenish
skin underneath, brownish fur but a great song. They have to eat but request when they eat
after they eat or drink at midnight or after they can turn nasty but after midnight. their
growth be like kittens except they are able to have children without sex very quick. The
gremlin can calm down but remain fiesty unless given water. their children are destructive
and not easily controlled by the parent, often called holy terrors that rip apart an area.
their one weakness be to hit them with sunlight and bam they die except the original. After
they "eat eat", their be a shift ability gained and they grow taller. their height has to be
4' or taller to eat a human but at the stroke of midnight they die and poison will kill.
grafey = grasidh, gray fey, gray fairy who work for people and get what they want through
manipulation and they like chocolate and shapeshift, sometimes they accept money.
greibs = greiby, Great hobbits are human and hobbit offspring often by a love potion
or love spring, that once lived till they were hunted by men and only for aberration
as they were unaccepted by humans and tormented by mortals, the promise was to
be like ogres except they were perfect to slime in mentality. the more perfect
the better they came off as odd and the more slimier, the better in image they
were to being nasty in appearance. Albeit they are geniouses to the point of
being smarter in instinctive lore, yet able to observe and learn. When they are
adults, they have most of the good traits of both including adenturous, not to
be killed easy, slight madness, power hungry slight tufted feet and very able to
go without shoes as its leathery thick. Added to this be danger sense, direction
sense, slight jealousy, inferiority complex, can be devoted. suicidal actions and
mental abilities along with manifestation ability.

Great hobbits are likely to play games with humans with a goal of living in the
family. their gifts are instinctive with power to aid and they have instincts
like a bloodhound with innate omnipotence. Counted as fairy they will be
demi-immortal and very tough to kill. With great pride and effort, any skill
learned be a blessing from their creator whom isas they assume. If angry they
might cold rage, the essence of confusion and greater strength that lasts weeks
to months much like river lords. they are picked on by other goblins till they
are controlled by the goblins machinations and then led to their demise after
telling all, great disaster. What happens after be the great hobbit turns demonic
and true neutral. After demonic, their prospect be to be "alive" and not killable
except in body as they borrow another body which becomes them. their abilities
become fully demonic added to their natural abilities, and they start using patterns
like thinking. Hobbits can steal at a distance, close up when they realize a fortune
is near an opportunity unless they don't want to by belief.

The height compared to the cousins are 4'5" to 5'9" tall and anything that is
told of them, be considered "heresy" by hobbits except what they want to hear.
Quite often they will fight unless there be understanding, a quest that happens.
Most informed of their nature will note they can shapeshift and yet seem very
ambiguous as in a group, their might be great confusion if they so desired just
with speaking. Yet where the hobbit can be red, black haired, these can be blonde
as well. Most likely the great hobbit be found in hard to reach places and old ruins
, only surviving as they can, and being restorers, natural engineers with haughty
attitudes. the attitudes may get to humans, other people as a concept for a
"too perfect" attitude that says "show off" or "fuck off".

If forced they will always listen, and try an idea out but not if forced too much.
When confronted, they will run, tell white lies and truth yet not when the truth is
good to behold. They most miss the hobbit homes and will be away with a happy feeling
failure that pushes them on. When reminded of this they go beserk and almost don't
realize they destroyed anything nearby. Yet they can go back if they desire, but
only if they get over fear.
grendel = grindlylow, giant man monster who be a babylon shapeshifter whom will
kill and then eat the heart those who find out. Possible jack the ripper later on
except in a locked body formation with necessary potion to shift. This potion could
have been H2O3.
grewroi = Green wrobbin, an imaginary beast of mind, they take any form explicifically if the person gets in the area by touch. and can convert the person or things by touch. Otherwise they're born as mimicker apes first appearing as cats. Otherwise their known as the imaginary idea in force. There other. bodies change according to be them of what represents in your mind. But, assuming and according to the effect that they are, there are known certain counters and despotic moments. They can appear as behind glass, If taken, for short like they can come in for short moments. They're really apes with storage for points.
griffin = winged lion with transparent wings
griffyn = bird lion having lion torso, white wings, eagle head, bird forefeet and lion
gwyllion = ugly female faery that take a goat form and make travellors lost

ho = wonder, homium, how, woman, wonderous
hiu = chop to pieces, chop up, shapeshifting fire being that controls wildfire
hoy = grabbing attention, grab this, fire sprites that are wild fire beings, hoist
hag = witch shapeshifter who for being loners drive off people, manipulate them
for pleasure
hik = hike, hawk, long walk
hut = owl
hagg = magi shapeshifter, haggle
hogg = large hog
henn = chicken
hind = woman centaur, behind
hindwy = winged woman centaur, lazy
hynn = excuse, hind(hind legs), human centaur shapeshifter, help, aid
ho-oo = phoenix
hypag = hippofaug, hippopatomus sized dog
hyrubfyx = hierocosphonx, hawk headed lion
huhedgoa = human headed goat
hellion = hell denizen, usually devil, demon and similiar. that were once human
hamah = healing bird that when around will cause healing in almost everything
hameh = murderer blood drinker bird
harpy = harpie, bird human thats human body be feather covered, intelligent and
beaklike mouth, high instinct leads the harpie female to wander and the
harpie male to remain watchful, hidden territory protectors that kill anyone that
gets near the territory. One rarely sees a male harpy but mostly will see a female
for the fact they wont attack on sight.
heiroglactus = elephant alligator beast, the size of large elephant as adults, at birth
they rip out the mothers stomach, then eat the mother
hufu = pheonix headed human with phoenix wings human body and can make anything
lightweight around it
hufe = iron human who consists of mostly ironlike particles
hufy = Human fey children of fee and human mating with the female fee
will leave the child at the male maters doorstep, switch the half fee child with
the human child for revenge for marrying another. If the fee was male and the human
female had it then no switch happens but the outcast child will remain till fey
come child snatching but allowance to keep the child happens in the case of no
other children. Most are born with some sort of defect in body.
heulm = wildlife shapeshifter that attacks on site of anything living with the
form of what the living prey fear most and it eats the prey after
huba = human bat with adult human size, clawed feet, clawed hands, gliding
black wings, very strong, flight ability, eats anything, can lift five hundred lbs
and weigh 80 to 150 lbs.
humbata = bull horn lion paw vulture talon creature
huru = no is human cockroach, a human with harder skin, two arms, one spiritual pair of
arms and able to eat acid and they have to eat acid of sorts, that on a full moon
turns to a large roach painlessly standing up and halves the intelligence unless
its resisted. The farts are acidic with continuous gushing for one minute at
the beginning of it, till the transformation ends and it be over. Where they are, the
victim be hard black skinned with what seems like wings on the back and use is area energy
lasting 2 - 10 minutes. The body be now 2 arm pairs un;ess the transformation didn't
take and then its normal like human again with two arms and 1 extra spirit arm pair
with two standup legs. their capacity of palatte be unlimited to eating almost
anything. This lasts till the moment of turning back to normal on desire to be
normal or resting.
homa = bumble bee
huotle = human turtle that has no shell humanlike body stretched neck overlarge
head and shadow innate ability
huyiao = human alligator with crocodile head, humanlike leathery torso, clawed feet
and it fight very well and has lots of strength with allot of agression.
hobgoblin = friendly human fairy
hosfey = house fairy that be helpful everyday house aids that serve old houses and look
like old workers
hye = hyena, wild werewolf, evil trickster
hyforc = human orc with piglike nose fattish, five to six feet tall human body
and great body strength, five-fingered hands hairy feet hairy body coverage, ingenious
enjoys cooking instant innate magic and most up to trickery
hogyl = wild hog were very tough, pig ancestors able to do much damage, to a single
area, including humans.
homhoo = helmed horror, animated magical armor servant
hai = honyit, agree, honey ant
huaqia = shark human transformer
huyfit = elephant human that be a walking elephant half the elephant bulk
huphu = Human phoenix be human with phoenix ability except the offspring are formed
before, the death of the body or desire of offspring and in fire of sorts (emotion
flames or on desire to get a child).
hutobb = human plant, plant clone that be perfect human form on the outside
but plant in the middle
hutrol = human troll looks human but can regenerate anything at will
hyfy = ibs, ib, lb, halfling, half-sized men, sometimes good thieves, explorers
toughand hairy feet, often can go shoeless and slightly chubby or slender, very
agile and strong. Survival rate be strong amongst them with a natural luck, The
nobles of the halfing are hobbits and they, the hobbits, will attempt anything
to get what they want with slight disagreements by natural philosophy of halflings.
Hobbits will not steal as they have a noble bloodlines and a will of determination
of the thief to affect almost dishonest dealings, in two cases, to get what they
desire when desperate or to effect attack and escape for revenge. When told a
direct order, if they respect your repute then your good as gold. If their is
disrespect, then its despise and denial if non-harried. The harried hobbit and
halfling will assault with intention to run. The ability of the halfling and
hobbit are assault, psionic and magical, if they so chose and its very strong where
their born but weaker outside. The ability of the bard be very much theirs as
its used sometimes for writing.
huba = human bat, human headed bat ears, batlike furry human body with clawed hands
clawed human feet about the size of short 5' adult
humbata = bull horn lion paw vulture talon creature
hudawg = Human dog be the dog head and ears with human body and a dogtail.
hirow = drow human that can stand the light but has an acidic tongue with normal human skin and lying ability, shapeshift ability, darkmatter manipulation ability, shadow form, natural weapon ability, innate universal ability, instant shift ability, loremaster, very sane and uses psionic ability as magic. They despise humans for their activity and cause effects on those they honor. They are immune to energy.
hustafyai = ravenlike attack bird human with brasslike beaks, human torso, brass
toes brass fingertips, birdlike webbed feet and sharp arrowlike feather body
covering and metallic wings
hapuape = hippocampus, fish horse with webbed paw forelegs serpent tail
horse tail and plausible back fin
hapuaf = hippocerf, horse deer
hapuap = hippocamp, horse oxen with oxen size and horselike features
hapuaptu = hippocamptu, hippopotamus sized horse body horse tail cloven feet
hapuaptuo = hippocamptuo, elephant eared elephant feet hippopotamus sized horse
hapiri = hippogryph, griffin head wings front legs and a torso with horse
hind legs
hipo = hyppo, elephant sized horse
hot = fire ant
hog = hog, male pig mated from peirot dog and warhog, with hair tuft, broad head
boarlike tusk, larger than the pig.
huwom = Umiwom, human worm that has a human trunk, serpentlike body, worm head
and neck; giant tubeworm that matches as the reformed body of the hellion, to
mark the location to hell as a place and hell be actually right under it in a
1000+ mile area as 2000 deg Fahrenheit. The hellvoice be a single voice of
1 000 000 or more screaming in pain people.
hybriy = Hybridy, hybrids, Hitler men which are wild hybrid or bangler
People being able minded and an almost brutal half cunt(original person)/half
venusian giant. The hybridy or hae'tis'ayer be to accept recrimination and
moreso for the criminal element as natural. The special ability be to create
fights and make peace by aberrational or altering corrupt methods. The half-cunts
live in danger and create havens to advance in life. Also considered testing
stations where most live as subjects. For this fact, half-cunts are advanced
in stature but natural mechanics and very good at what they do for peace and
justice in the manipulative way of life. The evil genious race be another way
to describe them. When told to do things they will most likely do as a taught
lesson, but not if they see things as unreasonable with any action or task.

These are bad men with good intentions where most bad intentions give good
results. They, in natural form are very dark and naturally abhorrant much
like lithovoric rock eaters. If in energy form, they could drive away thieves
and destructive consequences with an ability to steal themselves among other
things like ability. They, the hybridys are able to miscontrue anything
only if they were thought or spoken of negatively. Yet the necromancer ability
is clearly obvious as they could control demons and spirits when possible.
Another special ability be to drive people crazy and yet the crazy person
keeps sanity. Like to drive a knife into someone and then think it okay
where normally you wouldn't. They, the bangler be another good race to control
and disrupt lives with negative impulses and bad energy control. The end result
is this race can make monsters by simpler methods and using psychology. Like
hitler, the hybridy are assumed to be the children of him. They only do
evil in the name of dislike to a person, otherwise they do neutral intentions
in the name of goodness.
hsigo = winged human faced monkey

jinn = djyn, jyn, djinn, shapeshift transparent fire bodied beings of good and
bad nature who can grant the wish of the asker and transport people through sleep
to another place at will and lidten to the angels speak as they want.
jinshin-uwo = earthquake fish, earth faultline, 700 mile eel
jagu = jaguar
jiggtul = skin dancer
jygir = jongular, Hard to detect evil malformed shapeshifter clown that tries
to kill people it entertains, enslaves as you watch them, listen to them
in some manner as it mind controls, horror vision induces, mental manipulation
as in they control anything of what you see and be kinetic masters able to
control any machine and normally lives in spacial ships that look like anything it

kaibu = lightning bug be bugs that light up an area
kaibud = lightning bud be a budding flower on a lightning plant
kaiflua = lightning flower from a lightning plant that placed in water will
produce a bioillumination and bioelectrical source
kaiply = lightning plant be a plant vine that gives off bioelectricity growing
kairu = lightning roach be a roach that illuminates an area with light
near electrical lines, watery places and when in growth it produces
kuio = chocobo, pony sized wingless riding bird
kujata = very large many appendage shapeshifter bull
kappa = tortoise body monkey head scale limb sea dweller
kelpi = 2-horned black horse bull shapechanger whos favorite form was a beautiful
white horse, young man with wet hair to lead people to their deaths.
keres = vicious white teeth eye sparkling red-robed dark skinned death
deliverer of hades
kuma = hard time, constant cool, bear panther with bear size and panther
speed that has panther head panther like body bear paws and eats anything
it could catch
kender = dwarf-like stealing race, dwarven thief
kiru = spirit cockroach
kiruhu = spirit cockroach human
kobold = small very old house servant if not fed turns malicious
kytn = kitten, sweet, baby cat, gentle
knio = angel knight, knight that rose to be a guardian over humankind and
aid people in fighting and defense

lec = lech, leach, blood worm, leech
lam = lamp, sheep, lamb, lame, lambchop
lap = rabbit
latra = werewolf, lycantrope
lup = wolf
lupin = werewolf, animalistic
lach = leach, blood worm, leech
lich = aelrn, lych, lich, undead mage killed while spellcasting that its body
reabsorbed the mages life essence to become alive again as an evil being
neutral being
lichu = liku, likus, human lich that has human undead body and has instant innate magic but is alive and shapeshifts able to call and control vampires at will
lamassu = human headed lion, human headed bull
lemola = ancient space race
lympago = man lion, man tiger
lentil = leech, blood sucker
leucrocotta = very swift stag haunched badger head, lion neck, lion breast, lion
tail, ear-to-ear mouth and bone ridge instead of teeth
leprechaun = small grotesque fairy shoemaker
leshy = forest spirit shapechanger that eats others to gain their intelligence unless normal food's nearby.
litby = A light being that is called up by a thought  of peace and prosperity, while thinking its there and it freely exists to create effects as directed or thought up. Its controlled by light and thought. A being made of living light thats called into existance. It
can be manisfesting any display that it feels is necessary. Its life is born into existance. It can be born into becoming a you that is with its own thoughts. They can control and disrupt demonic ghosts, by talking on peace and prosperity while
thinking on the light an that can summon them.
loruam = leprecaan, evil goblin that plays tricks on unsuspecting humans
lycantropy = werewolf, lycanthropy

moyoy = void fey, shapeshifting time phase shift fey that act upon the moment and
can be benevolent, malicious depending on their treatment although they generally
aid humans in need and they void lives or energy coming out on call to fix things.
Some say they would use the God gem as a god or "dark crystal". Any evil towards
the facets o the gem be refleced to those deserved. Its possible that it creates
faith. Its grown by earth repecting (responsive) to the Deity's need to be seen. As
the number of faithful grow the gem grows.
miest = ape orangatang half the size of ape
muit = mutant, abnormal human that most time be part machine part human or
part anthing they can get that be adaptable, to the body and they are damage immune
muitotle = mutant turtle that has armor shell long prehensile neck largish
human head with ability of mental magick and shadow ability, mutant ninja turtle
mym = mimic, A being that mimics object to kill passerby the mimic can be controlled
to make itself any shape.
manda = moander, junk god, panda bear that survives in the bamboo forest
mons = monster
myrd = mirror double that replaces the person
myrde = mirror double protector that works with the person
mern = drowish elf murderer
mudawg = moondog, large silverish black dog protector of moon magic
mugl = moogle, small qualla teddy bear like elf
mutt = lockjaw dog, bulldog
mof = morph, shapeshifter, shifter
mohu = firemoth, moth appears of fire particles
minotaur = bull human that are honorable till offended afterwhich they kill
mermecolion = backward genital lion
mermosa = male giant mermosian at 6'5 to 8'7. they tend to great intelligence
and aggression. Optionally be their tendancy to eat humans. Any eating too much
gets height growth per 1 inch per 10 lb.
mermose = female giant mermosian thats 6'2 to 8'6. the mermose be good humoured
and high intellence, their aggresive approach to addiction be directed at the
objective goal. The female mermosian can gorge themselves but not appear
to gain weight with height increase beyond the age of 20 years.
mermosia = unstoppable growth, growing giant, unstoppable giant growth that
again has growth beyond age 20. also used fo male/female mermosian or mermosi
whom have appetites more than their body can take and thrice the strength of
appearance. They are mild mannered "apes" and their intelligence be high enough
to hide it. their height be 6' to 8'9. They can eat too much at a risk to
height increase or largeness overall.
miruh = manimal, man animal with man face and animal form
mallard = duck
manticor = manticore, red lion body human face with ears and blue eyes with 3 teeth jaw row
scorpion tail end poison spine tail and deep brass voice
metamid = mastermind, a being created by polyvirus(shapechanging virus) with no form and
all heads that can take any appearance while manipulating as it wants and its
an illusion master that absorbs beings into itself as in humans ghosts and
matahum = Material human be Material base and bias. So if its not there, its not
believed unless unnecessary with alot of information for expedience. But, the idea of
spiritual guidance be an allowable with spiritual laws that work with them. Yet they
are backward in some manner of mind similiar to niceness be allowance or slight
meanness if emotional but they have not ever beat people up of positive intention.
Some are all around nice with few occurences like celebration points where its

their color be colorbla, coalblacky or inky, willing to gain knowledge and material goods
and seek it out while doing so for material values. They the person are responsible
to doing many things with a good disposition. their motion be for the person to see
the truth and accept almost any answer. The emotional state be for bringing grief
to the person who hurts them with revenge of grief, otherwise they downplay the
mes = mess, mos, mous, mouse, mice, mouse
manticor = red lion body human face with ears and blue eyes with 3 teeth jaw row
scorpion tail end poison spine tail and deep brass voice
monoceros = single horn stag headed horse body elphant feet boar tail
marakihan = man headed fish
mokuzy = friendly, large goat horned wolfish pitbull dog who controls and spits
merrtu = elemental pet that takes force and redirects it somewhere else as an
elemental focus force
muras = murus, wraith that drains the aggressors to just spirit form then nothing
while moon energy existant, teaches desired things
murtl = murtle, turtle
mrbfix = androsphinx, human headed lion

natz = mosquitos, nazi
noor = moorcat and swampcat that are otterlike, helper
nuv = bullish, bull
natt = mosquito
naga = nagas, water serpent human, that breathes acid
nagumwasuck = ugly fairy that help fishers from america, yet they dislike being
called ugly.
nebi = panther, black skinned large feline
nebibi = leopard, yellow spotted large cat
netacilf = meditucilf, negcilf, negative elf, netherese, nether elf, chaota elfish human
made of pure dark matter, void substance, they are called into existance by need, desire.
they represent nothing and will do anything if its in their desire. they can only manipulate
chaos, by chaos and distributive disturbance. Where the called being be like a seen
doppleganger to the caller, except it acts like a clone. To others they appear as the
summoner in appearance, unless it desires to appear like other forms. Its only defense
is to form anything at will. It can make any event to occur for whom they want. they
will make events for people when paid and their prides not in the way. they speak the
negative and adverse language language, and if you beat them they do a service. They
think in reverse due to their voidlike natures. What they touch, brush they absorb the
energy of. They kill or ignore those who aid them unless they are respected, loved. Those
they disrepect they torture, and those they dislike they humiliate. their enemies are
dragons and elves, which they desire to torture on sight if they so desire. On sight of
each other, their be instant hate that be saved for later. their basic technique is
to do things and get fun out of it or not do it, and their fun consists of almost
torment except when they hunt. They are the dream person to watch as you only have to
speak what they fantasize on to get them to agree. They hunt criminals for the fun of
it. their god be the Magic God/dess among many others under him/her.
nerieds = water elemental able to manipulate water
nishru = nishruu, magic eater
nitrash = nighttrash, A gytrash with a night fey ability. The gytrash is a fairy who
helps out people with a genetic mutation. A night fey is able to make things happen
by will and idea manipulation, and hold and use corruption at will. So, a night trash
is one who has fey magic and more ability at night than at daytime, who makes effects
by Will. Able to gain greater results with metal nearby. They can get near nighttime
ability when in daytime and near metal. The night trash fey can have trouble relating
to people, as they have hidden away emotion. That is controlled every minute, unless
they unleash it on an unsuspecting person. The nighttrash can control the area, by will.
nixi = water sprite with beguiling song
nott = woodpecker
notty = giant woodpecker
Nura = Necron, Dark eldar or Ancient Dark elf that uses chaos to get effects with a stragetic mind. This is the chaos lord and ancient chaos elf. Their ability is mutation and changing by the mere use of chaos. They are likely to use any means of chaos to get their way, except that which they cannot get away with. They are able to use psychokinesis very easily as they are psychic in nature. However, their dark moods can cause very interesting effects of pain or torment on those they dislike. They are ruled by the nightbringer with primarchs that are overlords. The nightbringer is an ancient lord of the necron.
NuaBe = these are beings of death, they can create what you want and they can be made of dark matter from energy interchange, that forms them in the air. This doesn't matter what language you use, they understand the point. Be sure to dismiss the being back to dark matter when your done with it in time. Then you swap back if you swapped with them your place.

Now do what you want. Otherwise they could replace you by fee or feel, if you think the idea is necessary for the being. This is where they are, the shadow lands. Think to be back in the real world and you are back.

pyg = pigg, porky, swin, suin, pig, piggish
pygyl = wild pig, Crossbred animal from peirot dog and warhog
pix = pixy, ix, pixie, tiny fey that lives near wood and enhances the area it, lives in with disturbance on the human.
pao = poliwag
peeves = poltergeist
peirot = prairie dog, extinct small piglike dogs, top of head was hair tuft, facial dog snout
no tusks and they were very vicious.
pegais = horse headed great bird
pegeus = human headed great eagle
pinnoccio = living wood toy
puck = benevolent magical hand sized human
pixi = magical hand sized malevolent human with green eyes and red hair
pegasus = winged horse
parnau = fearless fear away aura human patronach with body like energy
being tranformation always positive and enlightning to those around, and body
looks solid till attacked thus it disappears into mist.
pazcu = patsy, pazsu, horse, mule, burden beast
polaroqt = polar bear, bear with white coat
polivy = poliwag, evil creature
pygmy = pygmufy, small albino elephant, pigmy elephant, white miniature elephant
pazsu = burden person
peryton = deer bird with deer body bird head bird wings
porpois = dolphin
pyrfelin = firecats, the wirey type cat that is formed of flame and is a firehazard, the only way to 
form them is to go and visit the fireplane of existence while holding a cat or kitten. They look like 

burnning and walking fireballs. What they walk on is flammable and if they stay on it it smolders. 

Some are fed by purrinafire.
phoeblak = black phoenix are undead unkillable phoenix in a shadow half life making
them have a short life period and very long undeath period
pheng = giant roc-like japanese bird
phoe = phoenix
phoenix = fire rebirth bird that lays its own eggs by its own nature right before it
pliare = planetarian that has astral physical wings vampire like strength and
energy manipulation of many types and it can walk to any existant place and
its immortal.
pliarefey = shapeshifter fairy planetarian that has astral wings vampire
like strength and energy manipulation of many types and it can go to any existant
place by will or tricks alone.
pliars = planetarium, planet observatory
pliarsfey = fairy planetarium that has mentally manipulatable astral
prid = pride, tiger family
prelyteae = proselytization, religious conversion
ptadety = pterydactal, prehistoric dinosaur bird that was roc-size with
a spine on its back and barbed tail and hunted meat.
ptaayfu = pterydactal phoenix, prehistoric dinosaur phoenix thats roc-sized
back ridge spine tail barbed beautiful feather bodied healing aura and lives
11000 years hunting humans, other prospect only to come back and able to lift
an elephant.
pwus = pegasus, winged horse
pwusgon = winged unicorn, flying unicorn, one forehead horn winged horse whose
horn be curative healing psi enhancing and aura purifying and able to fly

querentbzagh = questing beast, serpent headed leapard body with lion hind quarter
that loves to ask personal questions

rialod = Riverlords are guardians of the land and they shapeshift and manifest
at will. they can follow passions to very destructive ends. Once they begin
something, they can continue it to the end. Any project be a long term
project to them. they are as old as the rivers, and they grow weaker as
they travel further from their rivers, water. they can control all
elements sort of but not fire. they live secluded, unless in family. they
can commit themselves to cold fury, which can be disasterous and when
they mate, we call this the monsoon sometimes.

Cold fury be when they go crazy and nothing can stop them, floods you
get the idea. they commit to cold rage and slaughter the foe. Cold rage
is a very powerful move but cold fury be different from cold rage. Cold
rage be like berserker rage yet cold rage be a longer term attack where
beserker rage can be maintained for hours, with the same benefits. Cold
rage increases attack strength, stamina, memory, emotion and will give
you focus on anything near to attack. This lasts for days. Cold fury
makes them uncaring on whom to attack lasting for weeks.

Via cold rage, they can at least know their friends. they could consider
killing nieghbors but not do it. Via cold fury they wouldn't care. Cold can
be controlled. With the rage, they can control their strength to be greater.
they will keep awake for long periods, albeit the long term effect can kill
them. Cold rage attacks the person whom you aim it at, where cold fury
attacks anyone. Via cold fury they could kill assasin, friend and pets
with anything else nearby. Yet cold rage, fury and berserker rage makes
the effected person unkillable and unhurtable. there be controlled fury
that allows the same enhancement as cold rage, yet leaves them unknowing
who to trust. Cold fury results in some riverlords going comatose. People
that show cold rage are: vagita on the dragonballz.

Known facts on riverlords are that they can't take acid because it renders
them powerless and causes them to die, fall very ill. Riverlord tears can be
used in healing and they hardly cry, scream even in pain. Huge turtles help
them in transport. their worst enemies are the rock demons and if a riverlord
screams disaster happens. Water can heal them of anything and a bath causes
regeneration. Drinking water, any drink be instant recovery. Any magic won't
drain them as there power source be any water source. Water sources can be
ocean, river, inland sea, bath. they can heal anything at just a thought
or intent. their thoughts are like action to happen and music increases their
power focus.
roc = rock, giant black heavy burden beast bird
rat = subjugant, rat, applicant
ratfelin = rat cat thats a symbiosis of both; it will eat anything and its size
is normal large cat size to twice normal cat size as adult.
roe = rogue, very large packrat 7 centimeters to 3.5 meters.
rueta = spiritroach
ruetahum = human spiritroach
ruit = roach ant, eros is roach it
redcap = red hat fiery eyed malevolent goblins that eat children and dip the
hat into the spilled blood.
raven = strike quick, blackbird, magic bird, ravenclaw, a bird with black
feather covering and eats dead things, most say the blackbird will steal the
soul of the dead and bring back the body if he be venge ridden or deserved
reptil = cold blooded animal, form is thought create is the area by moments
rathu = rat human, human like rat 3 foot to five foot tall
rink = wrink, part human half sized cyborg with exposed glass braincase
rompo = rompus, man eared hare head long bodied and tail with badger forefeet and bear
hind feet
ronk = wroni, ronq, wronk, wrongful kind, dead human that be made into a machine and human part golem. But its not evil if the machine that built it isn't programmed evil.
roan = pure white horse, white horse king
rowanne = roweene, deathly creatures that go beserk over an arbitrary means and eat people starting with their spirits. No one has survived to describe how they look except to leave clues as to make it seem they look like us. But they turn demonic and then usurp the people near them and eat the person as from within when arbitrary means are talked on or available. If you detect them they turn demonic and attack.
ruhsyq = familiar
rse = arse, ass, yourself

seb = silver blue sea bird, sea breeze
slliasoarus = ptseriasoarus, overlarge rat, dinosaur rat of 8 meters full grown.
ef'iemp'illane(stealer demon).
sro = shrik, shrike, A warbird that came before the ice age and were off colored
feathered but very easily a human like predator.
oragatung = human headed orangatang that be half human sized
sidh = faery, fairy, fey. A energy form human that are a separate group of
demi-humans who long ago found themselves in a cave that they stayed in. they
turned into energy beings by absorbing a lot of the power in themselves. they were
pure energy ever since. Able to take form in any manner. But, if you found them
targeting you with boredom use boring repetitive actions to drive them away. If you
were their friend, which meant they help instead of hinder. then, I would use the
offered services with thanking them that they aided you in the way they did. If
you offer service in return. If payment in necessity use chocolate as its their
favorite but you need alot. they live in the fourth dimension, the plane of time
and mists. Time differences are per one min in = ten years outside fairy mist, fairy
world, where you live. You want to be forgotten because of the crimes you've done?
then, go into the fairy mists for three minutes and come out of it. You would have
been forgotten.
sahn = saiyan, giver, demihuman, super human, improved human ape
saet = saber tooth tiger
seagiu = live electricity form that a human, other humanoid including pets
can transform into making it unnecessary for eating except for any energy
force it absorbs. This form follows along the same rules as seagy.
sefert = eagle headed winged lion
sidhark = dark fey, dark faery
sidha = male fey
sidhe = woman fey
sighik = blood hawk, blood seeking hawk that kills passerby
siktofu = silken tofu statue that comes alive at sight of strangers and assaults
with acidic touch and absorbs most damage as energy.
selki = seal human
sole = a fish with very little bones
senmura = mammalian bird the size of a human and human limbs
shedu = schedule, centaurlike human winged bull
siren = bind, song snare shapeshifting woman
sitren = flying burden beasts, flying oxen
hunnswan = hunnswan, human headed white swan
saumon = salmon
simurgh = simone, roc like immortal wisdom bird, immortal wisdom symbol got from asia
sighas = higher being, sighing
sixthdemesnbe = A being whos demonlike but not a demon as they don't fight their force
as they are negative.Extremes re their limits
sulic = starlich, sunlich able to live regenerative to light.
suslos = carrion crawler, corpse worm, maggot
sylph = air elemental, primaire, Human woman gate with genitals and seeming liquid silver.
On touch she shifts people but she isn't detected as a gate except when she gets too close
and overwhelms the senses. There are some theories that describe them as telepathic with a
large brainiacked psychokinesis.
satyr = half goat human
sylpha = butterfly
sfix = sphinx
sfuwarintaiq = primal creature, everconstant
sfuwarbragh = primal beast, everkill (in a shape of desire)
sfuwarmur = primal killer, phantasmal shape
shaol = whale
sheolbrat = hellchild
sheolbrut = hellspawn
skrewts = fire tail scorpion
sleipnir = spider horse with eight legs but horse body
sluu = human sloth that be midget sized human with sucker-like hands easily
able to climb a wall but sluggish movement
slughum = human slug who has acidic spit with very large sluglike body and
java the hut be a slugham to name a few.

rywras = ring wraith, eternal death being that seeks magical rings able
to manipulate peoples desires know peoples souls has poisonous touch and presence
sees magical items has death bolt attack able to paralyze, kill and control
people at will being lawful evil in nature it sends chills down a persons back.
rywrasg = white ring wraith, good eternal death being that seeks magical items
able to manipulate peoples desires know peoples souls has healing touch and
presence can restore ability see magical items can use a shift containment field
force and control people at will being chaotic good in nature.
rywreua = neutral ring wraith, eternal neutral death being that seeks magical
items, knowledge able to manipulate peoples desires know peoples souls has calming
touch and presence see magical items has paralysis energy bolts and control
people at will being true neutral in nature it sends the feel of knowing to a
person for it seeks activity protecting its knowledge.

sfynx = sphynx, lion with eagle wings human head
spefey = spacial fey that live in any space but prefer outer space that aid spacial
people while in, outside of spacial craft
sprw = fire sprite that be made out of fire able to manipulate wild fire
salamander = fire lizard, fire elemental
syuanda = salamander, fire lizard, fire elemental
stafyanfu = regenerative phoenix-like attack birds with brasslike beak arrowlike
feather lightweight innate ability and able to rebirth itself at will
stafyaigu = ravenlike attack bird human giant with brasslike beaks, human torso,
brass, toes brass fingertips, birdlike webbed feet and sharp arrowlike feather body
covering and metallic wings and ten feet tall twenty feet wingspan
sternlic = solar lich with sun manipulation ability
stanly = sternlic, serviceperson
stymphalain = ravenlike attack birds with brasslike beaks and arrowlike feather
speca = species, specy
spectr = spectre
sfix = sphinx, human bird lion
svirfnebli = dark gnome

taii = taan, taim, therian, Werecreature, but a whole different sort. Not full-moon murder. But connecting
with the animal that may/may not be a part of your soul, animal spirit creatures. Its usually the
animal you are attracted to the most that you can love, stand to be near. Meditate and focus on
your animal self joining by jumping into you. See your animal self jumping into you then you
will regenerate and be able to transform into your therian.
tia = bihk, a tiara, tiger, animal queen, queen crown
ty = tie, placed event, thestral, winged death horse, time
tabba = tom cat
tabby = cat
toad = poison frog
tiacoge = saber tooth tiger
tatterdemain = memory being in old clothes built of memories to aid people and
taylar = crab human be a giant crab with six human legs six hand feet crustaceaus
shell body hand pincers
taylon = angelic being shapeshifter that be self sufficient and psi masters
existant off planet in energy ships and their world be high energy in
technology level.
tedirae = tardigrades are commonly known as water bears or moss piglets, and form the phylum  Tardigrada, part of the superphylum Ecdysozoa. They are microscopic, water-dwelling, segmented animals with eight legs. The name Tardigrada, that means "slow walker". The name water bear comes from the way they walk, reminiscent of a bear's gait. The biggest adults may reach a body length of 1.5 mm, the smallest below 0.1 mm. Freshly hatched larvae may be smaller than 0.05 mm.

They exist all across the world, and the most convenient place to find tardigrades is on lichens and mosses. Other environments are dunes, beaches, soil, and marine or freshwater sediments, where they may occur quite frequently (up to 25,000 animals per litre). Tardigrades often can be found by soaking a piece of moss in spring water.

Tardigrades are polyextremophiles and are able to survive in extreme environments that would kill almost any other animal. Some can survive temperatures of -273\B0C, close to absolute zero, temperatures as high as 151 \B0C (303 \B0F), 1,000 times more radiation than other animals such as humans, almost a decade without water, and even the vacuum of space, for 6 weeks. Making these the only animals to be able to survive the vacuum of space.
tibhuru = animal plant human that has any animal human shiftshape but will
be plant inside
tengu = bird human leprecaan that does malicious human tricks
titilhu = tentacle being, devil's snare, devils trap that causes the victim to
be sucked into suffocation unless it offers aid and its only weakness be fire,
tesseract = dark mindless killer giant
tesseractiq = dark giant god, twilight giant
tofu = animated statue sculpture that serves as guardian
tofuiga = Celestial tofu sculpture that serves as guardian till it sees an intruder
thus it acts as a gorgoyle. It cannot be damaged by normal weapons and absorbs all
damage of normal weapons. To kill it you need a magical blunt weapon with a point
to break off its parts as possible.
totemkaur = three legged giant raven with eyes all surround
tigron = tiger human shifter
tores = fallen, capable, lich
totaeen = tuatha de danann, imperial faery
tutaox = 2-tail fox with overlarge skull extension, like two separate skulls placed
tutafox = many type fox, 2-tailed fox with extra thick body and smaller or narrower head
the fox has ability to manifest fire that appears along the tail.
typhon = 100 serpent headed giant with serpent like legs and thigh and feathers
and wings, cold
tyrranillerasaurus = Alliasorus, inhumane'us, assiliasaurus, Dinosaur dragon, A beast that looks
human if you meet one alive, but allows none to live if it forms from the body after a literacy
session, or after success. The dragon-dinosaur seeks with a hunger that seems like the plague
biters or ticks and fleas. It can't reap what it can't sieze, and only strikes at night. If however
it knows of the refusal by a flinch for fear it will tempt family members to "help" out the target
and give the person room to stink up or mess up in any area. If it ruins the repute, it ruins the
entire family to eat the mind that called its attention like a shapeshifting mindeater. They look
like roaches sometimes at first because they, the giant reptile be able to use them as carrier imprint
including the alliasorus's mind pattern, before looking like humans that get the bug imprint, and
possess a body after the will be terrorized, in a way of this they are hosts, where will be "The
mind needing something to create body muscles that surge the blood, and create the appearance of
an effect that one might desire. Where there be a will, there be a way to the target desire."
"As it will repair what it can to get work out of the idea, with a desire like girlfriend but
an ambition like man. The lover be when their innefectuated. their will be able to cope with
extremes." By pliny in an unpublished work. They were created by netherese out of themselves
and children that knew no better. What I fear be the mind needing the bug after it leaves or
at least the mind be possible to love cockroaches.
The dinosaur dragon can eat anything with inclusion to plastic and its favorite, be human flesh for
dessert by nibbling and absorbing the energy to itself from the body, it chose for food which it eats
by the process of body and absorbs energy from that, except for poisoning in which the person turns
to normal. This alliasorus uses the dead bodies to its mind whim but puts the punishments to the host.
The bodies ultimate form be the shape of its desire or the shape it sees, that be for the host, except
now the form of the bug be a beetle like thing with golden or black backs and black spots from transforming
and no offspring. The dead bodies can mentally link to hundreds of subconsciouses as it sees or looks
at mentally if the host allows. The human it was be still alive but immortal, immoral and absorbative
on contact to most mental life, in which its possible to mimic..any lifeform in physical or in dream.
They, in real life are likely to command and be reposed for effort and inclined to speak or push
desires. their mind be good as it can evade, but their spirit be probably kitsunic with an idea to
give gifts, to not be noticed or distraught when they do things.

It defeats by looks and crooks if it senses a bad method that was absorbed, it then turns the body
of anything into a beast of immense size. The wings of a pegasus, and uses the head of a human with
the beak of a duck, and the bottom half be horrendous as its often of the people or things it "eats"
It stands 100 (impossible?) feet spiritually for it knows to hide itself, so the amount of energy
nearby details how much it takes to change and gives it away. The physical body be impossible detail
as its hard to see and remember for it blurs everything including menory or memory. But its not quite
possible to imagine as its 6' to 7'8" tall, since it read everything like from people it likes, it
comes up with important facts. This creature cries out if it loses the attention of the person it
talks to, acting a child or babe as it grows in the person like a offspring. The child stage disallows
any to get their way for longer than 5 minutes unless it lost, or its attention goes elsewhere where
it kills the victim nearest and this thing has no regard to weapons as it jumps mentally into the
attacker, to escape or by Pliny "it claims a host by jumping and claiming the victim after it be about
to die by diving in and derives a perfect reason for the person to live after a proposed disturbance
making a new host like a regarded host aka personal symbiant."

To tell it what you want it to do makes it do so, what be printed be almost done when no one looks.
This dinosaur dragon be controlling if it can get away with it, and sabotages to cause work and to
get better. If work gets better then it gets illiterate, it then assaults mindlessly. Those it touches
turns to rotting flesh corpse that shamble around, and attempt to do as they are consoled by command
or was their normal routine. Basically this dinosaur dragon can be as big as it wants and whatever
shape it wants by sure need of survival or it thinks of survival and it can change, where it renders
the possessed person immorally good and causes terror on crooks that can do bad things or it turns
terror by its ear. By far this be a strange beast and its victims truly wouldn't want to live except
for the effect this has. Its shapes are varied, human, not described right isn't roach and strange beetle. The other forms do not
match what it would look like in dinosaur dragon form, the dragon 3 times the size, with brown and red
scales for the domestic and wild or angry state, the dinosaur dragon be purple scales and tyrannasaurus
natured, but its formless in truth. Due note: the dinosaurs are dead except for this beast that didn't
get noted because of its hidden nature. Thanks to Pliny and his examples.

To form something off these examples be bias until you see the real thing. For hopes of regarding
one, use the dragon call and attach this name "pterragorre" or "pterrasaurus" it should be able
to come if it exists in your area. but nothing can defeat it as its without regard the best described
but worst to be around creature. If you suspect it then you might rouse it to absorb you and take
your dead body like the borgs of star trek. These creatures aren't out to get you but to get things
for themselves and what they take they create a conscious if possible, considered a safe horcruix.
So stand near one as I did and it might speak, once denied it will stroke you until you give in
by the myriad seas of Abberracia to get through its underground chambers. Its the same with its
myriad wills and as big, the momentary thought to be eaten if its denied be always there. At least
it can form into once what it was before the ice age took the rest of these myriad of strange
creatures. Some of them were man eaters and most of the rest are stranger. Due note, from the
creatures it can remember or remake it be possible to form into.
truoi = three headed bird
truu = true human, golden ones, absolute energy being that can be anything and has
no true form except that thought up. They in true form speak star speech of true
musical harmony and live in clans. They are thought to be the originators along
with several other clans to settle earth and disputes. When the race called the
golden ones, or human as they considered themselves, ruled a colony on the moon.
What the golden people looked like, in myth was 4 fingered and two opposable thumbs
for the hands and feet. Golden skin that was beautiful to behold. 5 feet to 6 feet 5
inches tall. their weight could be anything they wanted to be. Very good fighters
and raw energy, or chaos manipulators. Finally, they were expert an biologists and
biotechnologists. They made biotech devices and biogases. They are an immortal race
considered a master race. They lived in space and they could breathe space by making
treant = treeman which looks till it dislikes a person like a tree then it uproots
itself to become an animated walking tree
tri-kreen = insectoid humanoid worker
triglotrops = rhinosauras with spinning horns
triton = merman
troleta = spirit troll, regenerative being that can turn into real form, remain
spirit form.
troo = trolloc, energy twisted tusked boar human that stands on two feet able to speak
clearly and has very coarse hair along human torso, yet they are progressive by prophecy
and blood frenzy by best intention. Normal by human standards with the altered form a mildly
curious with a study habit.

vyaqia = white shark
vyhau = valheru, overlord, elven lord, high planar being
vyhauhum = valheru human, high planar human being that has instant magic at command and is
natural shapeshifter. Born into the world but can reform at will and what they choose, they
call a natural shape. The true form be what their born with.
vygreaqia = great white shark
vyhau = valheru, overlord, elven lord, high planar being
volkh = shape shiftin guardian
vamp = vap, vampire, drain, Vampires are an immortal human race created by Morrigan the despised
who was the first and now be an archon, or vampire elder who allowed no prey to escape. They are
led by their desires of blood into destructive but deadly acts. They have no conscious except
for the fact of social conduct guiding them for they are born out of an act of death. This death
happens like this: A young woman be killed violently and improperly buried by a priest and when
the death occurs, the burial be on a full moon or moonless night. 1 full moon later, the corpse
arises out of the grave in perfect condition as a vampire. This example came from the 1700's.

Their abilities are to not be affected by sunlight so the stronger a vampire, the less effected
the vampire be by the sun. A very strong vampire can look directly at the sun and the vampire
will only see red haze flashes if glancing at it and the dawning of a sun can kill them. They
can very easily fly because they have such direct focus of thought. Unhingable jaws are very
much apart of the vampire that allows them to bite the neck and unnatural strength comes from
the lifeblood of animwals, humans and any other thing that has blood including rare steaks
yet blood be not the only thing they drain as food and drink be also possible for them for
tiding them over.

They can teleport by will alone at least once a day but the stronger vampires can do it more
often, because of their focus of will lending strength. They also have the ability to become
very fast and approximately in a blink of an eye they can do ten to twenty things, if they
focus their mind on it at once. The minds of vampires are part of a universal conscious that
transcends time itself and acts like a beehive conscious that be with separate and equal wills.
They can teleport by will alone at least once a day but the stronger vampires can do it more often
because of their focus of will lending strength. They also have the ability to become very fast
and approximately in a blink of an eye they can do ten to twenty things, if they focus their
mind on it at once. The minds of vampires are part of a universal conscious that transcends time
itself and acts like a beehive conscious that be with separate and equal wills.
vampyl = wild vampire will kill all prey in site with no moral regard
vampyr = vampyrbat, vampbat, vampire bat, vampire bait
vampsu = star vampire, sunlight vampire that sunlight regenerates
vena = mystic bird of unknown origin that be silver and blue strikes beauty into people and causes people to be more beautiful.
venal = Angry bird thats anal and very brightly feathered, or darkly fethered.

wea = with each, weevil, wedge shape bread eater bug
wit = wight, undead being that sucks the soul on a touch with paralyzation, but can be controlled by spell or vampires.
wom = womb, worm
wydog = flying winged dog, dog with wings that look like wingstumps, this helps them glide.
wovai = Wolverine, some think this another name for wolves who, in truth could be right as
they could be before the ice age. As these came before time iced over, they were the wild
creatures that seemed like dogs, and formed the 1st wolf beyond the ice age by mating with
coyote. they ripped people to pieces, along with other animals, and ate them, despite their
size. they were 1/4 the size of wolves, yet were very apt to aggression. they were able to
sense peoples, thoughts in a primitive telepathy, that lead them to always know, what the
person would do before they acted. Yet, almost none survived the ice age and they had black
fur with silver streaks, Wolverines were very protective, of their cubs, along with the mates
making them even more fierce.
wras = wraith, an spirit essence unseen except when it wants to frighten
then it appears as a ghastly apparition with draining attack of mind causing
weoytoe = winged human head tortoise who should be given respect, it mentally
torments you or who you want when summoned.
wyotle = winged turtle
wyoyle = winged human head turtle
wyvygreaqia = winged great white shark

xern = high strung deer mule
xill = elephant like rat with short snout and no tusks that be aggressive, wild horse
xhup = extra ring, rapture hawk headed horse with eagle wings

zeb = zebra, striped horse
ziz = appetize, large roc proctector of other birds, appetite
zackal = centra, eternal one, wielder
zakal = jackal, werewolf
zakmatahum = Void material human are with physical needs and goals but be empowered
by physical magic. Experienced by physical and spiritual laws. Astrophysical idea
is what guides them with the learned laws, by observance that sometimes create a
fear to goad by. They can exist off nothing and live with their own rules consisting
of moments learned as in imagination and silent emotion. Except their imagination is
not imagination except real moments that happen to link to them with or through
association. Mainly consisting of real time events to coincide, though a greater
idea be necessary.
zomb = zombie, slave, Living undead creature that be human but no soul and acts
slavelike to the soul holder and after a time the body decays but remains alive.
zombi = zombier, enslaver
zombier = voodoo priest/ess, enslaver that creates zombies living off the zombies
will and lifeforce, by holding the soul through use of zombie drug.
zeva = zombie vampire, Vampire who be in undeath and hasn't made the full vampiric
conversion thus has repulsive scent, almost rotted body, can't digest food without
uncontrolled swell and can be mistaken for living undead as they have no soul.  One thing, they can regain their soul, and make for better after.

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Human endocrine and body system

ariy = adrenal, body control gland
iduri = endocrin, body gland system
orys = ovarie, estrogen gland, woman sex organ
udofi = eudorphin, european dope addict, overdose drug recreation, natural body drug effect that comes from the overdose of drugs and causes the body to recreate the feel good effect of the drugs. Eudorphins last a long time.

ariy = adrenal, body control gland
iduri = endocrin, body gland system
orys = ovarie, estrogen gland, woman sex organ
udofi = eudorphin, european dope addict, overdose drug recreation, natural body drug effect that comes from the overdose of drugs and causes the body to recreate the feel good effect of the drugs. Eudorphins last a long time.
dmt = empty, pill that improves memory created by oregano and basil and turmeric, thought that makes blood flow and this created pinneal hormone activity to create a boost or feel phenomenon by the pinneal gland, this hypothalumus gland will seem or create what helps psychic ability and melotonin hormone effects.
miraneuae = miraneurons, The body mirrorring neurons, that exist to allow the understanding of things that you see that are done.
paoty = petuitary, that is the fat gene that causes body slimness sometimes with wine (lesvinpaoty) and mostly with enough activity
picres = pancreas, sugar food processing gland
pil = pinneal gland. helps psychic ability and melotonin hormone.
pory = scent gland, stink gland
pyity = piteitary, body pain center, pain nerve gland
pyoty = pituitary, master gland
pyry = pitoitary, funny bone, good humour gland
prayad = parathyroid, calcium gland
tete = testes, testosterone gland, male sex organ
tyad = thyroid, growth hormone, metabolism gland

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There is no illness or ailments in an energy body, so to become an energy form again think the creator sends you energy from his realm to cause your body transformation into one. You transform, if you think you do. Otherwise you could get a condition, that is set upon you by feel. See only if reborn as a physical body can you contract one, that's if you needed a condition. So a magical way to get one is think of the condition and draw a symbol or trace it in the air. Then you have one as a point exists the condition from nothing. Of course, you can use a symbol to cure the condition or remove the point that it exists and the condition never comes back, if that was your intention.

Magic exists because you intend something, this is where you think or state the result and need the point. The creator can be used to cure things, sometimes if you use the leylines you can cause the curation of anything. So the subconscious does what you state and intend, think of what you want and state the result. So think of what is wrong and state or mention fixed and the subconscious causes the leylines to fix things. See to think of the point you don't like. Think the creator makes the effect, using the leylines. He or she can make anything happen that you intend. This can use the spirit. Think and need something that the spirit will do and the spirit creates the desired result. See prayer to your God or gods will cure the disease and illness that exists, as the illness energy disippates away and this creates what you think. Think about what you want, then you know what happens by feel.

Some spells to use:
AS-SA-LAM - BENEFIT: By reciting this name, you can heal the sick
Personal power you will gain: You will gain inner peace
AL-GA-FOOR - BENEFIT: If you are sick and have a headache, this name will help you
Personal power you will gain: You will have power to heal yourself

Yes there are other ways with the spirit. The spirit can also be used to cure anything, think your cured and that your spirit self does the correct idea to cure the point or condition. Then you halt the condition and your cured of the disease or illness condition by feel. This is usually the spirit feel. So think about what you need and you can get the point you want, that's as though a need were granted like a wish. This is where you think you had it and the disease went into submission caused by the spirit. That means the condition is done and you are well again. So there is always the option to cure yourself in other ways, or that is done by using another means. This means you decide, so think and you know what is what and how you can create your idea. If you think it's done, then it's done unless otherwise thought and noticed.

If you think to cure something, then this is simple to set a curative result, this uses any source or method that works yet creation is interest to see or use to cure by theory is blood circulation with the diseases are curable by using, an unn (un) or oki de unn in front of the name like unnaids (un-aid-s), an n or h after the word, creates the same cancellation effect like asmn (asm-n) or asmh (as-m-h), the h or n is used to halt the condition by the subconscious. The spirit can also be used to cure anything, think your cured and that your spirit self does the correct idea to cure the point or condition. Then you halt the condition and your cured of the disease or illness condition by feel. This is including lupus or some other disease.

This is the subconscious cure. The thing you mention, if you don't need it or the thing mentioned, disappears by feel. This especially happens, if you suggest to yourself, "What I don't need or want doesn't happen and disappears on a mention." The subconscious knows because its a universal mindset. That's linked to others and working with the z-flux energy informaion field. This is using an effect by idea. If anything else happens, then you wanted it for some reason. So this is solved by "thine" being stated, that causes the speaker or cause to effect themselves and not you. So its good, this doesn't mean it effects you unless you want it or things to effect you.

So for anytime you don't like something is the fix. Then is the point this fixes any situation, think the moment happens in the reverse world where the time flows backwards. Then have your third eye watch the moment, the point should disappear by feel and you aren't effected at all by it. This happens without any stress put on yourself. What occurs with this, the event seems to happen going forward yet goes backwards instead. So it basically undoes itself. This is a noted effect. The point you may notice, however short, is a shortened version of the event.

This is also known as the alternate cure to exposed diseases. Think the disease progresses backwards, then you may notice it in regression and disappearing altogether. Otherwise think the effect is dispelled by what you type, then type as fast as you can to not be effected of the idea you dislike. Then if you must, pray or state to the creator, what you need and that happens instead. This is an old cure that is with a new facelift, so to speak. Enjoy the results as they happen if you really want something to feel good about. So the real movement cure then is envolved to walk or move about, this works by the nitrogen and oxygen restoring you with maybe sunlight for vitamin-D and then you cure yourself with 10 to 30 minutes activity.

Envolvement is the moment you do activity then causing your blood to pump your heart faster, this cures yourself by what you do with ntrogen and oxygen. This is is different from going outside, yet can be going and doing outside activities. If you do, the cure to your body is the body changing as you do the activity. Then you create by the feel and things seem better to perspective view. This is an old cure and you create by the feel to make the most effective means possible. That is barring hazardous activity, such as getting radiation sickness and making the body work with poisons. So enjoy yourself, this is an example of an idea for a natural cure. That cure came from the past life as an atleantian 11000 years ago.

This is using an idea that came from the phillipines, the ancients used the idea a long time ago. This where you create a point, that's noticed by the idea being with a wrong feel. The point exists because you think it does, this is thought magic at its best. So if you get a disease, sometimes its because you thought it was there. However, that's only true part of the time. Sometimes the diseases are curable by using, an unn (un) in front or h behind the name like unnaids (un-aid-s), aidsh (aid-sh) or onzonzh (on-z-on-z-h), an n or h after the word to cure the effect, creates the same cancellation effect like asmn (asm-n).

So "uhn kk" pronounced [un k-k] or "so ah uhn kk" pronounced [so ah unn k-k] will work as well. This is a spell phrase by feel, that you use and you get a hung moment with spirit that is not really you, that cures you of anything wrong forever. Think of the condition to cure or let the spirit cure the body, and this is done by thinking "ah kk" for pain cure or "uhn kk" for removal of conditions set by sigil and if you want to do this then stating the phrase for effect. This instructs the spirit to cure the body, and that is using the spirit level of the body. My condition is a point and that is all it is, sometimes you can set the point as a condition. So if you really want to know, then you set it by sigil or symbol empowered by thought and made by the spirit.

Sometimes though if it doesn't work then try other methods, like curuek (cure-weak) that cures the blemish plague. curisua (cure-isuance) cures insomnia and dementia. Add reparo after the disease or think of yourself and state 'reparo', this can be used to cause the disease to disappate and the body does ther epair by itself, like ilp-reparo you did (ilp-repairo) self-repair disease. So the general disease cure, this is unnilp (un-ilp), ilpn (ilpn), cur ilp (cure-ilp). If you can't cure it, then the disease will have been progressed too far, like chronic pain in the hands.

So try adding an x to cause cut out of the disease, this is for extra points as in unncewnaox (unn-sew-nah-love-x) for tooth regeneration. For a chemical cure there be O7NH6KAgCu2Fe that keeps you unfearful, regenerative, awake, nerves alight, and recovering with the spell form of thinking on the body effect and how its achieved by drawing a picture or state osyinhsexkagfecutu (os-ih-ih-nh-sex-ih-kag-fee-coot-uh). Think to erase the disease by what you use, such as lea (lee-ah) and the disease name for the lepton subparticle of time in reversal and negative to erase the disease and sutra (suht-rah) and the disease name for the healing particle created by meditation. Now remember, its one drug a day to remain unaddicted unless proscribed by doctor.

A disease cure or focus point shield is where you think not to be effected, this is effects by the disease and you aren't effected. This is where you are acting sane and better for the public, so use of the point is general sometimes and relating to what you think. Then a disease cure is done when you can do things to think or suggest as though an affirmative, that is the disease cured itself. However some diseases teach the point of understood result, so think this is done as if an idea. What you do with things is up to you, this is a suggestive cure. That's all it is.

So think about this as though an idea or thought experiment, that the subconscious does using the aura energy and the third eye that creates it. Activate your third eye by thinking that its active through thought, that causes blood to flow into the pinneal gland and generated in the area by imagining it where you want it. So you can think to do what you need to do and you can get what you need. This means you can direct this by the focused upon thought. Think what you want by what you need, you can create what you think about. If you think about something long enough, then you can create the point of the thought. This is a known effect.

This works anyway you do the idea, think or suggest you have had the right minerals and vitamins. See then you can cause the body to cure itself from nothing, this is with a drink or eating something with turmeric and oregano or basil. Turmeric cures the brain as long as you use it, oregano or (lemon) basil cures the body sometimes. That is a temporary cure at best, though the thought exists from energy what you need. This is where you are able to do things and capable to cope with the situation and manage your disease, what you think or say can happen if you need the idea to occur.

Otherwise then you can think that you can always eat a snack or a nibble of food, this cures the body with a cure that lasts a few hours by what you think to do. If you think to exercise off the snack by heightened heart pacing by thinking the heart paces faster or walking around, then you maybe won't gain any weight. See when you notice the activity is being done. How to lose weight is with this idea from http://alt-sites.tripod.com/how_to_lose_weight.htm.

If you lack energy from not eating, then you could try Cu or copper that if mixed with water and drank will produce at most a 12-hour energy burst. This always works, especially if you use copper powder from Ebay.com or Amazon.com. Add salt to the mix and you add a cure with sodium nitrate from bacon, beef jerky, ham, hot dogs, lunch meat, salami, and smoked fish. This is a point to try if you feel like it.

If you want to cure the body by feel, then use Vitamin-C in enough dosage or feel free to use Copper sulfate (CuSO4) or Copper nitrate (Cu(NO3)2x3Cu(OH)2) with water and drink it. Get the copper powder and Copper sulfate or Copper Nitrate powder from the Ebay.com, Amazon.com or try producing it from the blood that pulls the chemicals from etherspace. If you do try producing it, all you need to do is state Mai Cu pronounced (May-ih Cuhn) for Copper, Mai Cusoquad pronounced (Coo-sohn-que-ad) for Copper sulfate and Mai cunotriteu pronounced (may-in coo-no-trink-tee-uh) for Copper nitrate. If nothing happens, then you can always buy it.

Then the effect is where your aware of the body as its with a warmer feel. The effect is done, that is going to be through a point to exercise in a cooler area by feel with your perception. That is unless you can stand the area temperature, then you can know that you can continue exercising until you don't feel like exercise. So exercise the point and you are assured that you can remain cured. This cure also works, use the suggestion to make the subconscious do things of what you need as if another person and I am not that person, the virus is what effects someone else and not yourself.

The cure is used as a point, this is where you suggest the right things and your subconscious creates that idea as a result. Similar to taking in vitamin-c or grape juice, this is a point in effect. However, if you wanted to get a disease, then think about the disease and if you think long enough you will contract the disease by feel.So think you don't have it, then you won't have gotten a disease you don't already have.

Here is a curative to hard hitting diseases, if you take this when you think you need it, you will recover by feel. The cure this time is apple cider vinegar mixed with baking soda, allowed to dissolve and mix with water, oregano, stevia or sugar and turmeric. if you think you have covid-19 or the cold, then this cure will work for a few days and its taken when you feel the symptoms come upon you. this is a suppressant to a cold I had that works, use it if you need it.

Think you will not have the disease and the disease passes from the body, but you might suffer from the symptoms. So think there is no shown symptoms and you can create a cool facade, this uses the power of thoughts. Sometimes thinking is a point and the idea you have is intention. The energy of the body and the area will do what you intend. If its a bad effect or ill effect, then if you don't get an effect your okay. This is a point in effect. Here is a list of possible illnesses and cures, so enjoy what you have as good health and hope you don't have the illness. If all else fails, thinking you can get the right medications then tells the subconscious mind to have you get the medicine. This is a known effect.

1111 = onzonz, body disease

aids = many drug immunity degeneration disease, slow aid

ade = nausea; this is where you are with a feeling of not wanting to do things, otherwise you feel bad without symptoms and you only need to wait and the nausea or feeling bad disappears.

abruptik = hestitancy till utmost death. byrmasak or baer aspirin effect sold st the

Addie = Creature former, this was a fatty one, similiar to bonanzi addie or fanati addie, the addie is the case where you gain fat from bodies sharing the process that the body goes through by spirit with others. So this is done as they eat and as you eat. It's caused by demon, which causes your body to be extra sensitive. Thus, as you eat you gain from the fat and lose from the grain and possible sugar or sugar substitute and vice versa. Sugar additives, in this case adds no fat and lessens the weight, if you exercise it off. So unless you exercise with sugar or some food or drink in you, your possibly doomed to failure from fatigue.

Its basically you wanting to get rid of fat set by demon, that is used in a genetic idea of the demons essence, where for spirit interference is done by influence. This builds up mucous and fatty tissue. That creates excess. Now theres several cures for this, one kill a bug to cure the person or think to send the excess body weight to a squirrel as you do things. Now for the bug, that is your weight effected with weight loss. Done by what you kill as you kill the roach or a bug, otherwise use an object that can absorb the auratic fat by think touch or touching it. This is done as you might think of it. I think as its free flowing energy by blood flow then that works, but only after 60 to 80 seconds to minutes.

It could reciprocate, in reciprocation theres participant process location. Another way to cure it is to imagine energy swirling into nothing, or the cells and pushing out the fat. Then to stick out a bit and prevent the fat from remerging. Another point in the way of curing it is to share your fat through spirit, and though you do there's thought that you actually send it. That is sent to someplace else, which is this person or object that collects it by spirit bond. This works as spiritual liposuction. So in that case an idea is a point, you don't do then the use is done as a thought. So in an idea use is a thought by feel.

Another way, do some action thats physical or otherwise, of exercise to remove the extra weight and this is the hard way. If the fat is shared from another, its donned or done by spirit. If you use the absorbption of an object, so it absorbs your fat, then shield yourself to keep the reciprocal from occurring. This is done by the act of thinking the influence of the item or thing doesn't cause you gain it back.

That's done as you either do things or don't do things. If you don't, then you put off the moment it could create what you think. This energy is what creates by your feeling things and makes with your thought what you need by feel that doesn't occur normally. This is yet another way to deal with it, so if you think of one then feel free to leave a comment or make a suggestion. This is going to yanno_aol@aol.com.

adrudop = anti-drug drug, Cu2KNOO3Na2Al = 2p copper (Cu) + Potassium nitrate + 2p Sodium or Baking soda + Aluminum and to use mix with drink, the stronger the more water; side effects are if too much potency could cause heart attack..

agilp = a'gih'ilp, rapid aging disease that rapidly ages a person from youth, it takes energy and causes rapid aging. This is done as you do effects.

agulp = gulping disease, it causes the person afflicted to be afflicted and made to gulp nearly anything nearby. Cured by energy dosage from a drink. Energy dosage is charged water.

Ah-kk = Neura; neural or nerve disorder, that leads to drastic loss of weight quickly done unless treatment is done. When you have this you know it as a good syrupy feel. This fades away though if the pain is still there unless dissipated into energy, then you can feel ecstatic pain. In this condition, eating is naturally lessened. Use oregano and turmeric to cure it as though mixed with water with the need to cure it.

Amenic = unthoughtful of disease but it is a separate world of the mind revealed by disease by thought seal. Think to unseal the body world by thought idea, then touch the body and that is used in method. Any action in this world causes you to go to say Amen or holy shit to it. This is done in use by idea you do.c
Ameinic = to be as though its the thought of voice. Cause in case you didn't know this is done in a cause as though its gone. Caused by flea bite. This is used to be what you need as though vicious and to response try and be wrecked but not of the same type as of the somatype. As of me its to me as an idea.
Ameiennic = kiennic, Someone who could be damaged by brainwaves and kinetic motion, that's using thought energy sent forth to damage people is what is done by this point. It could be used in there by a strong state of mind that is sometimes used to set them off in a of vision. Any drug brings a good daydream of what you want to achieve.
Amunic = This is where things exist by feel to the person and is where its as thought, if unnecessary to un become the thing, and that makes you immune to nearly everything. Including drugs in itself. This is found in ameinic and ameunic cases where they often don't know of the diseases, so to start them thinking on this is use of the type of reaction that ceases the immunity as its caused by belief with a nontypical overreaction. Its the type of reaction thing that comes back to you no matter the point. As its thought related. Think and its the idea that might scare you, but it sometimes is the thought that can come back and bite you like a bug. Its one that is infected, but its that one that shares itself by memory alone and forlorn. If that one is used to make them believe, then that means if its not of them that makes them believe. That allows things where its also their disease, then they could get it by infliction. Self or otherwise it also is of what is used to condemn. A am eun.

andropms = Male pms; Every 3 days the male gets aggressive and heavy during a certain cycle. You know how girls get all bitchy and catty. It's like that. Except with a guy.
As its
a) the male form
b) the effect of no sex
c) goes along with the pms cycle except its mood swinds that are moon active
d) a male sometimes can going through puberty and get it
e) he is too feminine for his own good
As its an of amazing form of anomalous menstrum sickness. As menstrum as in men who strum their parts. So every 3 days we produce more sperm, get a form of a 'period', and the chemical imbalance makes us have kinda like male pms. Midol? Pamprin, could treat it.

anamic = So to just name something of use with an idea, that is done to just log down things. Anaemic, it will occur in some manner just a spoken bit of speach it still might occur. With the unformation of the idea as follows. Its so called name, means amaenic or making use of hope as its verbally spoken in jerusalem. The idea is to fail once and thats it for it. It could then be amaern or congruitized by steel effects, and the idea radius of effect is tripled that you think to exist by the spirit. The effect could then bring death energy or disaster on the person after the point. This idea is spread by word of mouth, this can be done so if inflicted upon send the person with the disease.

Seen to another place once thought about twice there. One time spoken to bring thought about something and twice spoken to bring you to where the idea came about. This is a point your in with it. Think to become of it and know it better. If inflicted upon, this is used by the person. Then you get it. In an exonerated mood, you can be cruel by this. In an emotional mood, then you could inflict damage by yelling or named calling.
anemic = anemia, a thinness of the body with blood issues, that's due to bones being slightly less productive to blood vessels. This is due to calcium loss and flea bites that cause blood loss.
aniemic = animic that is the probable and possible world that relates to object. Its like you are bitten by a flea, and you are the world. But a real small one, as in a world of the mind or dreams that seems worldwide. This disease blocks out anemia, a thinness of the blood due to bones being diseased and that is due to calcium loss and tick or flea bites. Anemic is not like animic though, as anemia doesn't spread except by fleas. Animia spreads by magic and the thought of whatever is in your animic world. The cure is to build up calcium, use milk and calciumcized drinks, and keep up energy by thought. This came to me while I sprayed my whole body with hairspray. However in the animic world all diseases are cured. The advanced version of animic is aminic, the aminic body is diseased and has a body odor that's obvious.

This is done by the body to deny in a market, that you pay and in the aminic world its to get things free. This causes you to go beserk and to throw things like crazy. That is sometimes done by a childlike spirit mind, so thinking to do something causes itself to do it there. The thought of being cured, cures you even as you come up with a cure. But leaves you like scared, that's of almost everything of some type. Its thought of use by many to see and be active on thought on memory. So I think to overcome this flealike force is work with the point to feel energy build, and then the idea you will want will occur. This is your stuff that's included with a small disjunction. Depending on the amount done, no this is where you could be apart of a major disjunction. So you don't be effected by spells.
Anumic = This is done to be abit like the atomic idea, to be your like and know of the cause before the cure. Its subjective by cause in voice and in identified cause the person sometimes is to demurr by denial in excessive use. So think to be a point as though use in thought is done by an assumed person in body form but like in mind. A numb lock can freely force you to go beserk, a numb emotion can cause an escape feeling. A thought thats exciting can cause excitism of excessive idea. A point is this with what is what though this is use in the world. Numbing sets it off. The point in idea is a set action. Just as actions are set theres also a thought that represents it.
Anomic = This is atomic stupidity, just as things are to be as though its a gift. So I think to know is to be aware by this disease, seen as a forceful individual who is gnomelike and who is of knowledge. An effect of it, that is done to cure it and force down the idea by your own belief. There is just no long term cure. Except relaxents and invega or something like drugs. The alternative cure is used to be denied but this only makes you bullish. Oie bellish.
Anymic = This is done to go wild and beserk as though in a single fleabite or tick, this simple disease can make you go like throwing things and attempt to do what is done of wildness. Albeit in a controlled sickness in wildness or normal in the wilderness, the disease can spread on infliction like wildfire. This is done on wildness spread on force. That is caused by the excess stress and with the fleabite or tickbite. Some are immune except those who are with poor immunity systems.

Arbtury = The idea is expressed, by someone, of open honest effort. Then the effort seems to be effected, by the person effected. but the disease causes the person, to almost never agree. If they do, its a trigger for an arbitrary motion, that's powered by an action done and by the expressive person. It seems, tolerance can drop, or go sky high. But, the arbitrary motion is to make a freehand hex or maybe drop something. This is done to drop something and debilitate. So the cure is to make mention, that is done of use for an idea and not to be expressive of the details, this negates the trigger.

Unless the person is usually in the advanced stages of it. Where the expression, of anything, will get a triggered reaction. Then just deny the person, that is done by your presence. Or do good, that is done for the effected, and the effected will effect with an idea hex that be good for you. This can be permenantly cured by devising, that is using an original idea in hex or sigil form. Writing down the sigil, will negate the disease too.

asm = asma, asthma, magical like lung disease brought about by smoking, lung defect

Astheima = Asthma or lung disease or more colorfully known as chest disease and rattles.

ecs = eces, Energy Congestion where energy gets backed up in the skull, and it gives
headaches. Uncurable by herbs. If you focus, then you can get rid of it by a third eye lazer burst.

emfasima = osteoporosis, weak bone disease, swelled tongue

uek = blemish plague that causes corruption and weakness

ilpag = ilpyou, youth disease that causes people to stop aging permenant near twenty

ilpaga = ilpyoua, unaging disease curable by a reverse spell or reverse stone.

ilp = plague, drain, shrivel, corrupt, disease, not person(al)

indelib-c = aptec, Into seen deliberateness disease, a disease that makes people think to go into product and idea, by deliberate motion, basically to go into deliberately, the thing. Mostly, on the idea that your an item and your mind places you, in some part, onto the surface. As in, you think your the pot and the stove is on, so you place your hand into the hot stove. Or, you think your the table and then you hold a vial of chemical, then you pour it on your head. And similar, is the you can become dumb, thinking your the product to be cooked, so you put your hand in hot and sometime boiling water, thats in a pot on the stove, and et al.

The idea is done, through the effect, of misplacing the object, in your mind and then your body can react, by making you the object, that is placed. So, the cure, is to handle it and try to understand where the object is, in real life, then place it back, in your mind, so it may seem to be there. Forcing yourself, to see the truth. Some face their fear, by forcing the body, to be prone. As, your prone, you stop moving. If, you felt the urge, to do the effect described, and your prone, blocked from the action, as in there's a guard or blockage. Then, you can make the actions possible, to do the effect, without thinking.
insib-c = apiec, apiex, Its the opposite, of indelib-c, where you can think, that your not the object, or person, and do, to place it, in your mind, to the effect, of making your hand or body part seem like the object, irl. To the same result, of placing your hand on things, or in things. This can go so far, as to make yourself think your not the sibling, of the person who is your brother. The insib-c condition, can be cured, by placing yourself, in your mind, into the situation. Then the object, which is like the idea, to thhink your there, and the idea object is to, and you see the object, in your mind, with you holding it. Or, you see yourself, with the brother, or sister, and think about why. Sometimes, it works, and sometimes it backfires. So, if your forcing yourself, to realize the truth of the matter, your mind corrects, for it. This uses symptoms or saptue so look for the symptom (saptu) to match the idea.

isua = insomnia, sleepless disease

ilpetuit = Disturbing disease that makes people ill natured, gives idea to
people to cause disturbance and to cause a impetuous nature of a fairy. The
fairy nature turns the body into an object, or a fairy form of the spirit
that assumes control of the resultant dead body. The cure be lemura plant or
Silverleaf off a Agthorn (Silverthorn) plant + aloe vera. Caused by a fairy
transform spell and some are immune that imflame not too easy except for

itis = te, inflammation, infection, a shapechanger and on thought disease as on thought you change.

isunia = insunia, sunlight disease that makes a victim weaken in sunlight

uausy = epilepsy, brain disfunction of electrical signals emanating from
cerebral cortex causing painful shocks and near paralyzations.

cepytul = carpaltunnel, carpaltundrel, Enlarged, inflamed, tendon ligaments, with
narrow ligament, and bone nerve pinch, Symptoms are burning, tingling numbness in the fingers, especially the thumb and the index and middle fingers, to difficulty gripping
or making a fist, to dropping things. Some cases are due to work-related cumulative,
trauma of the wrist. Like over repeated repetitive movement, cured by flexing your hand
or hand stretches, every 35 minutes, will keep it away, diseases, conditions that
predispose, to developing carpal tunnel syndrome include, pregnancy, diabetes, and

cewnao = caynao, caydet, tooth rot, tooth decay

covid = covid-19; this is where the cure is the virus that cures itself, People may be sick with the virus for 1 to 14 days before developing symptoms. The most common symptoms of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) are fever, tiredness, and dry cough. Most people (about 80%) recover from the disease without needing special treatment. This illness is cured by use of turmeric, basil or oregano and water with stevia or sugar. Also feel free to use vitamin-c to keep it away.

ylofya = Yellow Fever that makes you Drowsy and makes you incapable
of using magic thus use Mandrake Root dipped in alcohol and much rest, no spells
to cure it

arsye = arsitis, very big smelly oil disease, often in the butt

biu = vile pus boils plague, black plague caused by feeder fleas and ticks

byoma = baphomet plague - power triggered plague infects on attack, touch, power
share gives the person astral woman wings, womans breasts, astral forehead star,
goatshape head, spell immunity, drug resistance, slight dementia, suggestability,
regeneration and omnipotence and it be symbiotic to its host leaving only an undead
scent to the body making it into that of a lich.
bcusy = barcolepsy, uncontrollable statement outburst every five to ten minutes
and with any action.

gurd = Stomach acid reflux. This causes the throat to become narrower with throat
scarring from stomach acid. The disease cure effect temporarily cures it.

bjuvo = magical plague that causes severe weakness and mental strength increase to
unlock all possible mental abilities.

brykye = bronkitis, bronchitus, chronic lung disease

deboto = disruption spell plague

deoda = disorder

disenteria = As you think about it. Its where the brain translates the language and breaks down to another language. Repairable by repairing the brain.

dybes = Diebetes caused by too much sugar for long periods of time and the body stops
producing it.

dhea = diarrhea, body shits that come frequent

dmita = Dementia be caused by suicide tendency and stress overload leading to lack of
sleep, and the mind breaking into destructive visions after a mental breakdown. Because
of inability to handle a situation, the victim turns to destructive purpose guided by
suicide tendency turned to death tendency. the cure be to ingore the visions and voices
by observing them to shut them out through meditation with sheer force of will and

juh'jumbillia = to exercise and move and then fatten up. A spell that backfires can have
the effect and any body part that works with the liver and upper bust in failures by bad
heart rhythm can cause it as it seems to work by irritation. The cure be essential oil and
possible faery water/holy water charged by the opposite of the disease as should all cases
be adjusted to by this disease as any eating can cause gainage. To fix the heart and brain
corrects as a work around and the persons not muddled most the time when thinking of short
term memories. The condition of the brain be scherloshepane.

laramitus = Beligeritus, Belitus, A beauty disease for male and female or disorder
that causes a lara croft like, or similiar beauty form on even a male. They get mighty
belidea of themselves or beligerance to form a hypochrisy of sorts and they prove it.
Where people live it down or ignore the problem person as insane and if they talk on it
their crazy and the crowd moves away from them. In the end the weight of at least 1 lb
to 100 lbs increments per day. Visions of greatness that turn out true but dicredited
by disbelief when it happens to them by the weight shift in full view. Where the
disbeliever will not assault and the attacker would be the inflicted by laramitus.
The cure be to eat half of whats on the plate with at least one meal a day rejected
but not on a job where a mom might insist. During the process of weight if you feel
like eating, just don't as it would add 1-10 lbs per bite in swell.
Exercise immediately gets it, the swell, down but they the victim might pr might not suffer madness fits due to thought reading but Occlumancy changes this by causing a story like vision.

Hyperglycoma be another version of this with lesser severity and almost no magic needed. Another cure be to use shock therapy or ballistics to snap a victim out of it. So to be required now causes the person to lose the temporarily insanity and get on in life.
There be an obvious answer to this as its triggered by instant curiousity, and somewhat
taken aback from another idea, as if viewed from others viewpoint as they are quite
likely to do anything. This disease amplifies their magic and somewhat strengthens
their psionics but they have a better chance.

In this strengthening they have a 30% better chance to win for being strong minded
and taking suggestions easier from a weak will. Hyperdementia be a condition that
indicates this along with low sugar and sometimes early stages with all signs of
Diebetes. When the diebetes persists the belligerance level goes up unless alot of
water be intaken. Insulin be a must for those with full blown Diebetes, The most
tragic sign be heart weakness that doesnt go away and occurs with moments of magic
and psi or use occlumency to strengthen it with bringing the weight down.

hypdmita = Hyperdementia, Caused by realization of the dementia and a sudden idea
with a shock of clarity. It comes without warning, a sudden madness that seems
to be its own mind. This be the advanced stage of dementia. It leaves without
warning, allowing the person to wonder why they did the actions. Unlike multiple
scherosis, schitzophrenia, this disease allows the person to know what they did
when they did it. the person only has to think of the action to cause it to occur.
If its a disease that should be cured, it only has to be mentioned or molested to
make it happen. A person in this state be totally controllable by voice as if they
don't think at all and yet still appears to think. This semi-mind be of the same
moral of the person and integrated within the person. It can manifest powers greater
than the body, repair on an instant, if theres a reason. Shock be the cure or reverse
psychology and normal psychology.

disus = disease

blazia = blaze'r'us, A disease thats set off from wild fire and caused by guilt, be loud speaking and some burnout. A person in a condition that be not remembering and always with some problem. When forced they destroy the item or thing that allowed it, including a person and force the memory down. The cure be trixeldexime or baking soda, water and boiled potatoes, eat the potato after this to affect a cure as the baking soda can be exchanged with salt. Due note: Every time you feel lighting a candle or be near a lighting device of fire, try to imagine not lighting paper on fire or you might irritably be mean or light your whole house up. For fear it seems can cause a destructive force that impacts on the brain and causes brain damage by magical means or for you to deal with people ia loudly.

Fanatiaddi = Fanati fatty, bananzi ad fatty, the fanati fatty will be fanatic driven by weight, over the little things and time. As they want to prove they're not fanati fatty they go without time and after a bit. Still does not cure the condition of the body. Whereas it as the the fanatic, they gain what you call substance weight. From eating anything, its effect is of what the cure temporarily is. The fanati fatty can in a sensuous moment gain the actual fat and mass as weight. Each time you get over hyperfatty nature in state, you forget about it as in a complete memory wipe yet you still remember everything else.

Is in three stages, a this first stage is to perceive an the fanati fatty state. and decide not to be the fanati addy or fanatic. Go over everything, and try to see what is the cause. Its so to proceed to realize as to proceed to realization. Or formalization. The special effect are what to go over and are of specific creatures that have to hide as objects or otherwise like rugbears, rugrats. they can effect the weight to go out of control by being near them and yes it is a specific case where the conscious limits the thoughts to one per thought  or action.
But the mind in question, as the true mind is subconscious and the subconscious can have more thoughts than one.

Second stage of this cure, you do actions or self-made methods in an exploration to cancel out the hypo/hyperfat state. Which is a interesting idea state of fat and fact. Basically you can gain by wating a piece of candy. Its not fat its ats as it drops itself, after a bit absorbing some other effect. So being the case some actions done, to remove the actual hyperfatty state is drink water which is russian charged with a thought. This thought is 'weight loss' to which mutual idea you drink the water with a charge. By thinking the thought a the drink and you drink it.

Being the case, the third stage is a common bind of will that will come into actions without the frenzy by calming your mind with calm thoughts and counting to 10 backwards or forwards. Of the actual effect, as so many will we act to do something normal instead of something fanatical. And so, the cure is done.

Now the facts are this cure, once you cure this actual effect of fanati fatty, it goes to the reversion of going to the fatty stage again. Instead of hyperfatty, to which are several ideas. Several in cases, where you could gain some weight and turn your head or body to say eugh. When you saying it, it the weight can drop. Or to turn your head and say eugh, really can drop your weight. The weight is dropping because eugh is a magical command. Considered, its eughanistic, or eughanism. Whereas the body somewhere, someway, reacts to farts and shiting in which in through the spirit it effects to release the extra fat or weight from the body. Now why do you lose the weight through a fart or a shit? Its eughanistic, to be like eughanism accepting that the body builds up a bit the pressure within and releases. Acting to be like a channel for the excess, the theoryatic weight, and it releases from the backside.

As if theoryatic weights resistant as in fact the bodyweight turns into pheratic weight. Come up to weigh, then minute seconds it releases but due to the problem that magical weight loss can cause triple of the weight to come back. You have to shield ourselves yourselves as the to prevent the weight from coming back again and disperse the shield someplace basically imagining a magic needle to pop as of weight and of extra fat in a shield or bubble around you to poop the weight in dispersing shit and to disperse it. Theres five percent chance that the weight may redisperse amongst and upon your body. However, eugh may mean several things. May it mean that your huge estatically and if your huge somewhere your literally pulling the weight through spiritual bonding of some sort to yourself there. As if you were in two different bodies. Sometimes in the future, sometimes in the past. This hugeness is like 300 or more pounds to 1200 pounds in extreme cases. And so the hugeness fades away, drastically after what it is. Theres about one to ten years weight drained from you to that body so. 

Theres effect that that eugh, is also a being as a weight being they can't gain allot of weight and usually use it to generate electricity to power our energy. This being could be called and considered demonic except it doesn't do evil. It forces the person to do good from evil thoughts, one price is if you accept some of the actual weight so being the case. The eugh is capable starting out losing weight to cost ability. As the ability is spent, it goes down and the weight goes up. As an end, it disappears immediately afterwords. But, the process and the influence is to thought. The thought can apply to influence the bodyweight to drop down. As of saying some words over and over again "I will lose weight from this' ten times. And eccentually you will. Bet you remember it, and it allows you to set what your goal as in being. As theirs emphasis to cause just that effect. Unfornately, eugh exercise and as you exercise as if its the impulse sent to you in short order of losing weight. Meaning you no longer are to keep that weight. And thus, the actual effect.

There is this special case of where you do something other world and body, otherplace, and distance such as liposuction, exercise, weight loss and effect. It effects your body through a spiritual bond that makes you think its a twinning effect. Especially cold based, here it acts on your psyche. As though a psychic link, as yet its in sync and cyclically a psychic link. So being the case, we do as necessary as it can be called affluence. Or, a force acting on another to form it. As now, there is a case of someone saying incidentally the word eggistic. Meaning, some point in an alternative body it turns puggistic and takes more fat into its self from the target it thinks of as like you and others. Keeping it from them, and yourself by eating along with you. The fat produced comes from and through a spiritual telepathic linking bond. You also don't gain, it does being the body. That spiritually shares to get. In a moment of resisting the fattyness or in being the deal of the pleasure. The person becomes stupid, then does things which are not always good. As in an effect of doing an act to cause good all the time.

fya = fever, disfunction

miitus = A disease or mental condition where you think you might make right by might in  everything. The more might the more the effect. And the more the people, the more might there is. The more the might, the more you might get or you cause it to fail. When it is in the truth of a single person they can do a job sometimes. Where a small amount of force can do just as well as a mighty force within reason and applied right. The cure, to focus on the moment and realize all ya need is yourself to actually do the idea. And that ya don't need that much force within reason. Sometimes though, might does make right.

giie = gingivitus, gum rot

dracogiie = withdrawing gumrot, dragon of gumrot

gysta = gallstones that grow in bladder

kaoyap = Polymorph plague which turned humans into other beings was gotten
by mutation effects caused by uranium, and other toxic things being mined near a
magic source, mana fount unknowing triggered the plague effects and the form
the victim thought about was what they became. It was spread through through natural
selection and touch letting itself pass to the new host as an electrical discharge.
then it forced a lethargy on the victim to sleep such as a coma in which the change
happened to the body and only after it was finished would the victim wake up
sometimes frightened of themselves for the change that occurred. After this, the
person only had to look at someone to become the form and there was no reprieve as
the victim becomes a shapeshifter. This plague formed like such as faeries, trolls
and orcs by this mutative plague.

kigkega = ching changer; To ever constantly flip through a channel or cause an event with your concentration moving between one thought and another. This disease causes ya to flick the channel to something else, every 2 or 3 minutes until ya are interested in the thing ya see. Or think to flick a gun on or off in safety, this is similar in idea that includes shooting randomly to see or notice an effect. This is caused by seeing things that are similar too often and wanting something different. As a bullet to the head is a bullet to the mind. The cure is actually unknown except by drinking water.

kniada = nerve disorder, nervous disorder

latray = lycanthropy, disease transmuted by touch, bite of werewolf creating

lech = lecher, diseased person

lukma = leukemia, blood disease

may = disease, metal, contagion, courtship

mannissa = mannilissa, man forming virus that changes women to male and spread through
kiss or touch, increases focus and forms large dicks with the side effects of large
muscles. With even more brains than normal, their brain tends to exapand inside their
skull and each year the person recieves elevated intellect by mysticism and then the risk
of brain hemmorrage appears worse every day and year. Yet the person can find themselves
so dumb at moments of emotion that they act out, as if in a blonde fit. The mannilissa
virus doesn't seem appparent at first as it can be very subtle and their be a 5% chance
the dick won't grow. This can effect males too it seems by a hybrid virus, a strain of
the mannissa. A male can control this by positive reinforcement and/or self reinforcement
thats saddled with an inertia effect of resistant energy. Some women patients are likely
to get similiar results because of resistance to change. The more their resistant the
more they're likely to pass the disease off. Drinking water cures the disease quicker but
passing it to women be to have sex.

m-melissa = virulient, magical phantam kiss and spread virus that forms overly large bust
on said person bringing the target to full lustful womanlikeness unless they are already
woman and they only think of being woman. They are industrious and tend to shift form to
the person on sight of a woman sometimes keeping the knowledge. the diseaes shifts on acceptance
or dismissal of another. Its in ambiguous motion and nothing else that the diseaes shifts
the form and disallows the emotional backlash. To halt the disease be on command to stop
shifting or somesuch like other commands that accumulates to stop. In truth you can tell
it what to do.

mesle = An unnatural disease, measles, boils, facial pimple disease to cure use boiling
water. Except they, the victimes have them all over the body.

mups = mumps, mumpus, diseased jaw thats highly contagious.

necrokao = nekrokhao, necrotic chaos, it comes from death energy and chaos energy effecting the body with a disease like a cold. Some notice the effect a lot, it causes extreme apathy, lust for violence, positive emotions become impossible, you can't say a positive thing, etc.. It finally effects your aura and this can be shared, that anything said that you think is a possible positive is happened in reverse. Cured by using order magic or a thinking a positive thought and a stated unnecrokao. If
you can't get a positive thought then get it from someone else. you gotta keep at it while channelling positive energy into the body. To try focusing on positive effects with the energy to create more positive energy. An then channelling it into the body, and life magic if a positive thought is used with it works as well. If its cured, then theres left the cold like disease that you cure like a cold. Anyone that sees you try to cure it and has it might give it to you again. To cure the negative effect off the positive statement say this won't effect negatively.

necrokon = necokeon, To feel like killing on sight or effect. To experience a flush an the idea of a deathlike feeling that lasts for days. Cured by positive emotion channeled through the body that has been channeled with energy that you feel
emerge from the stomach. To think with it, 'lift the killing death feel conditiion'. To channel, focus your mind and feel the flow of energy nearby. Then think it the energy will flow to your will and think what influences that you want while you
do so. This is channelling the energy.

nekro = To motion and be of an off chance or disease effect without realizing it. As though a disease, caused by repeating moments and death energy that effects you at some point.

nero = madness, mad, a madness disease be a agreement gets an assault unless its a

neurosia = neurosis, over diagnosis, neurotia, oghleurtes, rdiation psychic disorder
nuerosis of mind that turns mental and gives a person a terminal case. A nuttiness
of which occurs to cause a person all the symptons of mental disorder that gets
worse with more indescribable moments and radiation. The person thinks that the
world be against him or her, sadly the person be capable of killing the friendly
person. Such be the unknown status of how they would but it assumed of too much
radiation and a release of positive emotion thats a psycho cause. If not that
then they're snappish and quickly angered till someone talks to them. They somehow
mishear the words and explode or try to attack with words. If none near then they
attack themselves. The cure be to effect disbelief and shake the attack off with
a headshake or meditate, and hit a inanimate nonhuman physical object.

nipiy = nipily, ninpanic, in panic attack, nitpicking generalized panic caused by panic due to nitpicking in on generalized idea, to cure it say something that isn't general and causes release of internal pressure.

pofyria = porphyria, vampire like disease giving the victim all the symptoms of
a vampire.

revabilp = reaver's bane, Much like a normal Fever, but it included
Puke and makes you weak, so weak that you are incapable of moving. This even
leads to death, suicidal tendency. Killer instinct.is observed in the victim.
To releave themselves, somewhere in the universe they kill someone to get over
it as it creates reavers if it subsides, which are insanity victims that nail
those closely relating to a euphoria moment.

riktus = Causes the body to shake and any attempt to do something for the effect gets
worse from a brain tumor after, a day the person get headaches with disruptive visions.
This disease be magical in nature and spreads by spilling blood to any in area leaving
the person to chat along with, any thought or statement to them as a suggestion. If
too much done it could lead to coma or unable to move and if they keep trying it disappears
and/or the victims gets death visions that makes them, the victim, cry out for no appearant
reason. Thus its almost incurable until using fairy water with cure diease imprinted on it
with any language.

PuaGlut = Powerglut, this is a natural effect of energy that passes through the body or the effect of energy usage. When magic is done, then you get the result of powerglut, as the energy can be overused in magic. The moment of powerglut is also when you get pleasure or a good feeling. The cure, is to not eat for 10 minutes and not drink anything except water. The need to eat is diminished after subsequenting it. This controls the urge to overeat. Subsequenting is the action of diminishing the will and doing subservience. Thats done by willing yourself to not eat and thinking your in a calming area and eating. Personal power is required to do the successful willing.

saptu = symptom, saptue: symptoms of something
Sykoly = Psychodelic is where; One, ya don't care about the monologue. Two, ya just care about the action thats sorta bad. Ya can even laugh at it.

Sykolyc = Psychodelyc is the alcoholic effect, where ya try to do something and immediately get drunk off of what is done. To the point of not thinking straight afterward.

syle = syphlus, lung disease, backed up by fluid, lungs.

scurvy = iron deficiency, wasting disease that starts in the teeth.

skuzz = schutzophrenia is to be causing a scuzzy low down and smelly indivisual and thats voluntary but unrealized. Otherwise they are normal, but for the scent and disorderly body conduct that they do. This can be confused with schitzophrenia. As they also have uncontrolled visions early on of life but they, the visions, turn controlled later on. They can sometimes think oppositely.

Scuzzitas = Sometimes to be bodily disgusting, the disease makes the person scuzzy, but involuntarily. They are aware of it as well. They can dismiss and ignore their scent, by thinking of other things and focus in on that an then dismiss the scent from their minds. If they think they are threatened or can get something outta it, then they can turn criminal without thinking of the law. More than the average person.

schizm = schism, schizn, schizoid, schitzophrenia, mental breakdown, multiple scherlosis, many minds disease that allows the victim not to percieve his other personalities. In the advanced stage, the person can order something and then act as if said victim didn't order it. they could so easily start selling something, then demand it back after payment and delivery. the victim gets tired, then blacks out, only to awaken after the person's other personality and lets go control. their be only one main personality and several weak ones, like a complex of people. All personalities soak a certain amount of power after, meaning each has equal share of power that the body has. Use of risperdal or lithium can make effects to calm you, that will make your mind sane but won't cure it. If you can't get geodon or a shot called invega sustena, use valium, albeit valium causes insanity this does cure the illness.

You can say unnschizm (un-schizm), schizmh (skizm-h where the m is softened in pronounciation and the h at the end puts a "not" in fromt of the meaning) or unnschizoid (un-schizoid), for semi-permanent relief. Think to say something that directs an the mind will cease the idea. This works till the brain remembers the pattern of thought and the personalities reappear. Then say the spell again to repair. If you attempt to say the least, otherwise done idea in the minor states of mind there is no actual other minds after you 'kill' or put them to sleep. But in this disease partly caused by aspartame and substitute sugar, your mind may be open to voices. Think to say something that directs the mind will stop them, sometimes.

Think to stop taking in diet and normal soda drinks will cease them eventually. These voices are the other people's idea that you percieve as a voice or they are the thoughts via telepathy of others that the victim may pick up. Saying "not on a schizm" may cure this of feel with the subconscious taking this as a suggestion. However, this illness dissipates away leaving you cured of the disease, this is done by it naturally fading away as though you never had it or any disease. Also this makes sense, if you use a suggestion of "the cure is done as though oregano and turmeric were taken everyday" then works because you act as if you had oregano or basil and turmeric, that acts as a good body condition restorer and restores vitality as well as energy and stamina.

scixo = multiple mind schizophrenia, this condition is where the brain splits and becomes one of many minds, only to reform itself after the brain learns to deal with allot of energy.

Stro = stroke; struggle, a stroke is sometimes a struggle to get over by things you do. The stroke signs are shortness of breath and some heart palpatation or erratic heartbeat. Sometimes if you breath in or out and think the problem passes you by feel, the struggle ceases and you are alright. So since you can be presented a struggle in the mind senses, if you have forgetfulness with tiredness this could be a sign of an oncoming or had stroke.

necrophilia = sehtgoeb, necrophobia, fear of living death

tabes = contagion

tibb = tabe, disease

Tiiitus = (This-is-impossible-itus) is a common condition most people on CU know about... whenever you have a few successful experiences with PK or any form of magic, the Tiiitus sets in and it seems impossible to do what you could before, and your confidence goes on a downward spiral. The condition was always there... I just gave it a name to refer to it as, heh. I think it's pretty common too. Kinda similar to self-doubt and performance anxiety I guess, but the PK form of it. To cure it, its easy to get over, treat it as if a block and do something whie feeling you can. As you gain sucess it dwindles away.

toaey = tendoncinovitis, severe slow hand tendon crippling and its nonrepairable

tgreflu = regret, the great flu as it comes upon you and acts as a cold and then leaves at times that are mysterious. When heat rises and the cold air leaves the area. Cureat air as its called of the great flu. Returning air that is cold triggers it in reverse as it triggers the great flu back on again. The great flu has additional properties, as of changing its form everytime it returns. But it makes you think you seem to have a month long cold. As the great flu is basically capable to causing you to gain weight, whenever your exercising or eating. To forget things ten to thirty minutes afterwards. To the effect of forgetting ten to thirty seconds afterwords. This is the advanced version of it. In the advanced version, amongst other things as you eat you either lose or gain weight and have a hyper metabolism, according to the food.

winnie = panic, panic disorder

xebne = weight disease, overweightness caused by older age and drinking carbonated
drinks like soda pop and other carbonated drinks but solved by drinking water,
non-carbonated fruit juice and other noncarbonated drinks except milk unless
its watered down. It doesn't matter what you eat if you do 2 minutes minimum
exercise after a meal.

vapue = vampirism started as killing plague that a person came back from spreading
a mutated version causing living undead that sought blood for nurishment

wretedie = wrist tendonitis, bad wrist swelling pain

wwswu = Widows woe that starts with a simple cold but quickly expands to a
pain in the stomach and eventualy leads to the disablement of the feet use
fresh water every day for a week and ginseng, saint johns wort.

ifiteia = infantasia, infants'r'us with cloning or other, the second strain of this
disease be a mental infant stage. Where the brain be coping with a child that forms when
your nervous stem causes the brain to have a second personality.

ufaeia = euphamasia, euphemisms'r'us disease. sayings'r'us, a sayings turret syndrome
disease that gets you in trouble as it irritates others surround, and with none near
it goes on a mentally broadcasts it. Any saying to sum up the idea or moment.

fayskoz = philitschottz, splitz view'r'us disease. In help ot creates a dastardly need
to call out for help and like it or not it creates a undeniable field of urgency. The
extreme emotion be likely to get a split view on everything. Crazy making in the end.

deotia = inflictomaniac, demoktia or inflictomania; inflictive death by visions'r'us
or inflictions'r'us disease. On sight of otherworld beings and other people it causes
a reflective idea, for inflictive moments.

deaia = deathia, death'r'us or dead'r'us disease; death eater disease that causes the
inflicted that are dead to come back or their belief be death and that they serve death.
Those inflicted also are to excite over any idea for a thrill.

diploia = diploati, diplomatia, diplomatic'r'us, diplomatic with a twist as they attack
afterword from a bipolor disorder or want to kill the person spoken to. To decide not to
cures it. The inflicted be to cause victims to be just as vicious on sight of the person.
In fact it spreads by beating up the victims too many times. There be a chance the victim
doesn't get it, the disease. A saying they they do be "to sleep be to die and awaken be to
come back.

lecnia = larcenia, larceny'r'us disease.

lacia = lawcia, laws'r'us disease. it spreads by being a law sharer.

laaia = layatia, laydowns or letdowns'r'us disease.

layaye = lawyeritus, lawyerism'r'us disease. I saw a result of working lawsuits when
I said the name, it spreads by paranormal and lawbreaking in progress. The criminal
becomes a lawyer in two minutes or less without keeping the civil disorder, yet keeps
the laws and still manages to break them.

lasuyia = lawsuitia lawsuits'r'us disease the victim be always looking for a lawsuit.

inoaia = ignoramia, ignoring'r'us or ignoramus'r'us disease; that induces stupidity
in people they like and bliss in the infected. How it spreads be a cat scratch. The idea
to this be soupola or the feeling like theirs a soup bowl in the mouth, this indicates
a paranormal trigger that causes a disturbance of the mind in which it calls "breaking
and entering". To trap a crook it tries to mentally beat up good folks and makes a
indicrete remark to killing crooks, where it be described as to get a microanalyst to
look you over by enscribing "tu-schler'duala". Now to confirm this be to check for
meningitus, as it indicates the physical state of the conspirational'r'us in the case
of disruptions and conspirational manner as this causes the stupidity.

The higher the comspicuous record of records in excitable moments be to declarea or a
color blindness that hits within a year before it, the more dire disruptions get very
bad, now I myself had a large case of this as I complained of not seeing colors at some
point and had meningitus 6 years so far. So the cure be a bath of water with holy or
faery effect, then drink some of it. Except to drink tap water be to cease it to exist
if charged. This be the exact same thing as thinking at water to cure it of impurities
and make it heavier and colder. To sleep under the bedsheet naked for one to two nights
be to create a cure for almost anything including headaches. To force anything reverts
the moment to which you get it again.

The contagious disease be spreadable by any magic or mishandling by body and with a
bad body scent much like undeath. The idea be very interesting to increase the amount
of work by phone as the phone has a magnetic field resonator coil that could correct
if focused on to correct. As in the Body electric book as it describes the power coil
and magnetic field to fix the body. But cordless phones have the same and yet with
overuse the phone could cause headaches. A note about the disease, it was big at first
so I couldn't tell if it was actually fixed. If it was I wouldn't recieve troubling
thought of training and abuses for no reason unless it was premonition. So it must
be spread by touching the objects that are magical and used regularly.

naia = namia, termia or namasia, names'r'us disease. The name blame game that does
not stop after some make a point, until a authority figure or someone in authority
makes a point. It spreads by blaming someone and some jolt passes through the next

laia = "lay me out", lamia lame'r'us; describes the victim who can't do anything else
other than stealing, as they see everyone not stealing with fear by idea, music
inclination or be crippled in some manner. A special case of the cripple be if they
complain they are attacked, till pulled off by the victim after an assault, of the
vindicated but the bias dissappears very quickly. As the cripple will steal similiar
to the victim and with similiar personality incites assault. Sometimes with a excitement
level that incites a punch bowl or punching of the other, with a vision of disturbance.

blaia = blamia, blames'r'us disease, personal feelings and none else that create a
stir to thou with a grudge for every person. If the blame be ignored they blame
themselves. It sprreads by manure or air scent, if you can smell it then you got
it. The cure be to leave the area and any normal medicine. Like the house or something

toxyaia = toxatia, toxia or toxicatia, toxicity'r'us disease.

toxicalia = toxicotia, toxicatia, dextoxity, An uncultured, death hurtful and disrupting
disease from magic that allows the person to find chemicals or toxic material to spill
it without cleanup, and caused by a procedure to freeze a cellular activity and cause
the body to extend for its life, In order to extend it, the body, the life body cells need
, more energy with a scent that be defined by intolerable moments unless perfume be there
pressed on body. A bad side effect of eugenics (immortal and life youthening fx).

toaaia = toleratia, tolerance'r'us disease; This be safe as it allows for people
of extreme tolerance. up to the idea of getting stolen from.

transpotia = transports. allocation disaese, a fear of transportation that isn't there
because of too many transports of many types, cure be to tolerate them, the car, or shift
them someplace by transport.

channels = The victim disagrees to channel energy by/of the person or thing. Channels
spreads by association and speaking to people.

czoia = czoria, russia'r'us disease; the victim believes he/she was of russia when
he/she wasn't, including the language was thought to be trained in it.

craoeia = crazolaria, crazes'r'us with drugs or other disease; comes from curing
the hypothemia.

yomia = hypothemia, fears'r'us; preyed on by fear inducers, coincidentals or drugs.

ifeeia = dekomarktia or infezemia, insanity'r'us with disagreements disease.

dmoaia = demotatia, demotions'r'us disease. promotional values overrule good sense.

dmaia = dematia, notations'r'us disease, take notes like crazy and not like others
idea except for the what was done.

liyye = limititus, limits'r'us disease. Limits are to create a benefit to the infected
that won't recognize and this can incite anger, besotted, if they arent agreed with and
likely to attack when limits are obeyed.

faia = fatia, fat'r'us disease. Creates a good feeling to be overweight and it
seems natural. But also as if genetics were the reason and responsible for the
overdose of food and any drug.

tiaia = thinatia, thinness'r'us disease; thin your violent and notably be this in
ethiopia but other countries caught on to it to reduce fat.

ipleio = implacebo, placebo or false need'r'us disease. The person gets the item
and the need be gone as its "just the need" and the victim be never using it. If
they get what they ask for they arent heard from but their likely to ruin the item.

clzeia = celzaria, blamegame'rus with genetics'r'us disease. A tad bit worse than
blamia as they assault any on a report. The game Russian roulette comes to mind
on destruction of property, A modelling career.

meeye = missionitus, missionia, missionary'r'us; allows the inflicted to be on a
mission which doesn't end, like mision impossible except theirs end and the mission
is to sometimes destroy the person they like or can speak to. Just to speak of this
mission be to end it but the inflicted may get it back if the right personal
predujice be their of contempted change.Declarations can end it except when
declarations'r'us diseaes be noticed.

doetia = self descriminate disease that allows influence to work towards you but
the inflicted see the others as working toward them or the light. If not they ignore
them or aggressively speak to them using influences and may appear aggravative.

dogatia = matching'r'us including goddism'r'us disease, self-goddic disease
that allows you, the inflicted, to be always matching the shape. What you see be what
you get. With the self-goddism that gives you a need to do things and create anew.
The term "Godding it" be to make a difference without being asked.

spluia = indicatia or splugia, declarations'r'us with indications'r'us to allow
the victim to always indicate what they do with drugs or other idea.

domatia = protections'r'us; a victim be caused to see or hear things to become
frightened and overprotective.

doaia = dogmatia or writia, writing disease and this disease be harmless as the persons
likely to eye glaze as they write, not notice weight and attempt to compensate by not
eating unless reminded.

faia = schluria, fasia, phasaria, phasing'r'us disease; leads to people believing they
were attacked and thus they attack others and objects, and phasing out themselves by fear
but end their fear and end their disease and most destruction and disturbance disappears
permanently except with an anchor which can direct it. Without an anchor be it possible
to recur it.

mntruye = mentruia, mentruitus or mentrusia intrusions'r'us; intruding thoughts and
images syndrome signifying psychokinetic ability. The second strain be to intrude on
others by clipping and disruptions for fear of being intruded upon. Also considered
menstral disease with the physical signs as cramps.

blokaia = blochkazia or ministeria, inferiority'r'us and minister'r'us; comes from the
minister father with concern to overtreat people. Treated with a consideration'r'us
to get it fixed.

aadia = avoidia, avoidance'r'us with the strain of pre-avoidance'r'us syndrome of
scaring with threats or death of the feared item or person. Before they even come
they will attempt recriminations unless they are good and secure. The idea be possible
to occur when the brain becomes sentient beside the main personalit. The brain has a
secret personality as well so lets be glad its just sentient and not like the "I" robots
of yesterday. It stems from the belief that an invader could subsist in it and cause
major emotions, unless locked away also to where other personalities can exist.

ibleehia = inblenishia or imblemishia, nothing bothering'r'us; happens in victims of
too much stress and meditation of which the stomach sorta rebels.

iblaiia = inblamishia, nothing blamed'r'us disease; happens in people who discern
trouble and paranoia.

blemiia = blemishia, pimples'r'us; entire area pimpled.

peiia = parishia, parishes or demesnes'r'us where the person uses doors in a building
to shift to alteranate areas similiar and it starts when in a church building.

vaia = whackia, t3, a whack'r'us disease; that people use with the attacking disease
to get rid of pests.

vayia = whakyia, whacky'r'us; strange movement of the body that seems in balance
and sometimes causes attacks of the person. Now the attacks aren't noticed by the
diseased person but others whom are the victims can actually feel it and the target
be smaller the better, but if the larger target seems better or a threat then
it/he/she will serve and if roaches were the only thing near they would do it.

oalupe = overlumpus or overlumpia shroom'r'us eat one bite and you shroom out.
This disease will incur a single bite per 1 to 30 lbs other than just eating and
the body naturally shrooms out from eating and changing to how much food it gets.
This be caused by the thalmus gland or pythalmus that be overlooked. To cure is
to try to remember something when eating, and the hyperthalmus takes control being
instructed by the thyroid. Which induces the weight loss per eat bite instead
along with grape juice and water. Papyra or pineapple juice be possible be also
a natural cure amongst other fruit juices, surprising enough be milk.

naeia = nameia or namesia named subjects'r'us disease; the inflicted will accept
an idea of their own but not of others if emotional or name a person and their that
person. Treat it with precautious moments and motion to do something which you
know he/she normally does.

naovytoy = namedvictimy, namedvictomy; name calling'r'us disease; causes on
impulse any name to chance, being called until they, the subject, responds and
then victimization of some sort.

iunyia = immunitia, immunitis, immunitus, immunity'r'us; immunity buildup idea of body
and things that are immune of the person. They might try any idea out, they sometimes
hurt themselves.

geye = gasitus, gasia, gout, gas'r'us disease; Overdigestion causing stomach acid
buildup and very bad fart gas of the body with bad chemistry. The fatter the person
the more farts per second. The amount of body gas be very likely 1 fart every 2 minutes
or less for extreme cases. Another strain be a physical excess to excessively buy gas
and out of a vision you may drink it as if your will be weak.

stopia = stop'r'us, stopping disease, To stop on a dime and percieve a mental idea
of the most effective person stopping the victim usually themselves. Like they are
about to make a grave mistake and could feel it with the bad vibe in an area, then
a vision comes up to "stop" them and they make themself do else. The cure be resonance
of a magnetic field influence like a phone on the head to cause the vision to stop or
reminding them of the idea that will occur if they didn't do it in a positive or negative
tone and this be likely to cause them to go on but the vision might pursue or stop. With
realization they came across be the way to naturally continue. To hear a phone ring is
to snap out of it, and they are seriously possible to control by thought.

radeil = Erade, Radiation sickness, to act strange and demur in a front of people. Its the procedure to feel distrustful, and make up things around people. They can't say the word they feel unless they focus and try to wait. Then they say it naturally. But only when they get over their pananoia. Its distributed, it is a simple thought. To get this disease you need a cat and to much radiation. All you need is a cat scratch. The radiation is called flash back by vision and you peek at another world each time. Its like as much at et radiation gives you the flash-back. This is also considered cat scratch fever.
  Listen to look good and respond. It could be a respite. Its our response to things that count. If they make you angry then they control you. Sometimes you could deliberately learn the response that should be done if your unaware of it. To control the effect of others, use an idea of iit of your own. As your relaxed when you want to do something unless your a nervous person. In a relaxed mind you can do almost anything. To a person who is radiation sickness, its possible to collide with others or see yourself solely in the other world. Wheere your in mind not colliding. A radiation sickness person is likely to see him as a king or her as a princess.

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amo = ammo, ammunition, energy ammo
anki = aikeni, dark weapon
arrai = trap arrow, piercing arrow that body traps in some manner the victim
arrilp = plague arrow
arru = ice arrow
arrymoaen = immolation fire induce arrow
arrcol = cold arrow
arree = multiple shot arrow
arrfu = fire arrow
arrfreao = freezing arrow
arrguid = guided arrow
arrkao = chaos arrow, chaotic effect arrow
arrketri = chain lightning arrow
arrled = lead arrow, magic killer arrow
arrpos = poison arrow
arrpyr = death fire arrow
arrstry = strafe arrow, fast precision arrow strike
atla = dagger
atlai = trap dagger, body trap throwing dagger in some manner the victim
atlach = acidic dagger
atlaorio = magic dagger
atlaincex = exploding dagger
atlailp = plague dagger
atlau = ice dagger
atlaymoaen = immolation fire induce dagger
atlacol = a cold dagger
atlaee = reappearing dagger
atlafu = in fire dagger
atlafreao = freezing dagger
atlaguid = guided dagger
atlakao = chaos dagger, chaotic effect dagger
atlaketri = chain lightning dagger
atlaled = lead dagger, magic killer dagger
atlapos = poison dagger
atlapyr = death fire dagger
atlastry = strafe dagger, fast precision dagger strike
axbatl = battleaxe
axbatlai = trapped battleaxe that kills the unwary wielder
axbatlpos = poison battleaxe
axtru = throwing axe, thrown axe
axtruai = trapped throwing axe, thrown axe that victim ensnares on strike
axtruach = acidic throwing axe
axtruorio = magic throwing axe
axtruincex = exploding throwing axe
axtruilp = plague throwing axe
axtru = ice throwing axe
axtruymoaen = immolation fire induce throwing axe
axtrucol = cold throwing axe
axtruee = reappearing throwing axe
axtrufu = fire throwing axe
axtrufreao = freezing throwing axe
axtruguid = guided throwing axe
axtrukao = chaos throwing axe, chaotic effect throwing axe
axtruketri = chain lightning throwing axe
axtruled = lead throwing axe, magic killer throwing axe
axtrupos = poison throwing axe
axtrupyr = death fire throwing axe
axtrustry = strafe throwing axe, fast precision throwing axe strike
axx = chop, axes, many axe
axxai = trap axes, many trap axe that ensnares victim on strike
litsumstik = boomstick, gun, rifle
unibub = universal bomb, all purpose bomb
unibuba = all pupose moveable bomb
unt = hammer, blunt
untai = trap hammer, trap blunt
utupoe = pole warhammer
utupoeai = trap pole warhammer that has trap mechanism
utupoepos = poison pole warhammer
utupoepirc = piercing pole warhammer
utuar = warhammer, spike end blunt end balanced hammer
utuarai = trap warhammer, spike end blunt end balanced hammer hat on strike will
ensnare victim
uturach = acidic warhammer
uturorio = magic warhammer
uturincex = exploding warhammer
uturilp = plague warhammer
uturu = ice warhammer
uturymoaen = immolation fire induce warhammer
uturcol = cold warhammer
uturee = reappearing warhammer
uturfu = fire warhammer
uturfreao = freezing warhammer
uturguid = guided warhammer
uturkao = chaos warhammer, chaotic effect warhammer
uturketri = chain lightning warhammer
uturled = lead warhammer, magic killer warhammer
uturpos = poison warhammer
uturpyr = death fire warhammer
uturstry = strafe warhammer, fast precision warhammer strike
utupoe = pole warhammer
utupoepirc = piercing pole warhammer
uzauo = automatic machinegun
uzi = machine gun
baea = bastard sword
baeaai = trap bastard sword, hidden mechanism bastard sword that can kill
baekao = chaos effect bastard sword
bayauc = piercing bastard sword
bennet = gun, gunner, gunman, murderer
bo = bow
byala = knights dagger, battle dagger
byalai = trap knights dagger, battle dagger that kills the unwary by trap
byalag = silver knights dagger, silver battle dagger
byalairc = piercing knights dagger, piercing battle dagger
bebcle = barbed club, spiked club
bebcleai = trapped barbed club, spiked club that victim ensnares on attack
bobokg = accuracy bow
bub = bombe, bomb
boso = bowshot
b-b = small metal projectile, pellet ball shot, projected shot
b-bai = small metal trap projectile, pellet ball shot that ensnares on contact
b-baqyai = trap pellet ball shot storm that ensnares victims on hit
buzsa = buzzsaw, bladesaw, treecutter saw
bliyseot = blue lightning gun, depleted uranium lightning fast bullet gun
bliunt = blade hammer, hammer with top spike blade
bliuntai = trap blade hammer, hammer with top spike blade that kills unwary
wielders by trap mechanism
bliwrut = blade warhammer, back spike hammer with top spike blade and balanced
bliwrutai = trap blade warhammer, back spike hammer with top spike blade and
balanced that be equipped with trap mechanism
bwka = bazooka
bwkabi = semi-automatic bazooka, self-loading bazooka
cuicsa = circular saw, circular cutter
clauix = hook claw blade
clauixai = hook claw trap blade that ensnares on blow
clawunt = clawhammer
cle = club, spiky end wooden stick
cleai = trap club, spiky end wooden stick that ensnares on hit
da = dart
daai = trap dart that ensnares on hit
dach = acidic dart
daoio = magic dart, magic missile dart
daincex = exploding dart
dailp = plague dart
dau = ice dart
daymoi = immolation fire induce dart
dacol = cold dart
daee = multiple shot dart
dyu = fire dart
dyreao = freezing dart
dyuid = guided dart
dakao = chaos dart, chaotic effect dart
dalo = lead dart, magic killer dart
dapos = poison dart
dapyr = death fire dart
dastry = strafe dart, fast precision dart strike
dumorngya = double morning star, short poled 2 headed chain flail
dukestre = duheddeakia, double moon bladed pole arm, a moon blade on two ends of a pole
(long or short)
fwa = phaser, energy striker, energy gun
fwo = phaser shot, energy strike
fwy = healing phaser shot, healing energy shot
fwyai = mauler, mass aperature laser that one strike can destroy.a large
item, leave large hole
fwysot = healing energy shot, black laser shot
gatt = gattling gun, machine multi-barrel shotgun
gattlas = gattling laser, laser machinegun
gunryv = rivet gun, crossbow
gyn = shot, bullet, shooting
glaiv = glaive, or 2-handed pole battle-axe
glaivai = trap glaive, 2-handed pole battle-axe that has self trap
glaivpirc = piercing glaive
halb = halberd, 2-handed poleaxe
halbai = trap halberd, 2-handed poleaxe with trapping mechanism
halbpirc = piercing halberd
holgath = swords that will create different abilities from your chakra energy that will form and feed off of you and you know what to do with the abilities as though it were yours.
hupack = slingstaff
hupax = sling poleaxe or sling pole arm
huix = hook
huixai = trap hook that on hit ensnares victim
huixpirc = piercing hook
huixpos = poison hook
hbub = hydrogen bomb, destroys all people in 50 - 100 miles and leaves all equipment
in a water relatd nuclear blast.
kain = magical staff, magical cane
kestre = keistreh, pole arm moon blade (possible ever extendable)
ketriwa = chain lightning javelin
jwoi = javelin, traveling spear
jwoiai = trap javelin, trap traveling spear that ensnares on victim
jwoipos = poison javelin, poison traveling spear
jwoilp = plague javelin
jwoiach = acidic warhammer
jwoiorio = magic warhammer
jwoincex = exploding warhammer
jwoiu = ice warhammer
jwoiymoaen = immolation fire induce warhammer
jwoicol = cold warhammer
jwoiee = reappearing warhammer
jwoifu = fire warhammer
jwoifreao = freezing warhammer
jwoiguid = guided warhammer
jwoikao = chaos warhammer, chaotic effect warhammer
jwoiketri = chain lightning warhammer
jwoiled = lead warhammer, magic killer warhammer
jwoipyr = death fire warhammer
jwoistry = strafe warhammer, fast precision warhammer strike
gunblt = gunbelt
leaubx = laser pointer effect
lasc = laser carbine, semiauto lasergun, Its as assumed normal
lel = flail or lethal with dos as a dose
lelai = trap flail that on hit ensnares
lilunepolywepa = at need polymorphic weapon for little ones(fey)
poslel = poison flail
pirclel = piercing flail
lug = spear
lugai = trap spear that ensnares on hit
poislug = poison spear
poislugcod = self reforming poison & cold shatter spear
pirclug = piercing spear
ppc = particle projectile cannon, energy gun
trilug = trident, three prong spear
trilugai = trap trident, three prong spear that ensnares on victim touch
tripirclug = piercing trident, piercing three prong spear
macigunblt = machine gunbelt
mallot = smithy hammer
maro = mallot, bone marrow, hammer
maroai = trap mallot that ensnares on hit, bone marrow, trap hammer that
ensnares on hit
me = mace
meai = trap mace that ensnares on hit
mepoedg = mace pole edge, 2-handed blade edged pole with mace other end
mepoedgai = trap mace pole edge, 2-handed blade edged pole with mace other end
including trap mechanism
mornsun = morning sun, morning star, short poled chain flail
morngyai = trap morning star, ensnaring short poled chain flail that on
hit victim ensnares
mull = mace pole flail, 2-handed flail end pole with mace other end
mullai = trap mace pole flail, 2-handed ensnaring flail end pole with mace
other end that has 2 trap mechanisms.
mlel = a middle aged lethal edged mace or flail. nuatha = legendary magic sword
nuathai = trap legendary magic sword that has ensnaring trap for those who don't
know how to hold it
galen = sword
galenai = trap sword that includes trap mechanism
quiv = quiver, arrow container
ryv = rivet, bolt
ryvsprilogunn = spring catch rivet or bolt gun with focus to create the rivet
or bolt thats autoset
ryvai = trap rivet, trap bolt that ensnares on hit
rif = rifle
rifaiosei = semi-automatic rifle that punch through armor
sieo = machinegun shot
sieoai = trap machinegun shot that victim ensnares
so = melody, shot
sot = sought, bullet
shocker = energy tazer, energy discharge
susox = susoax, supersoaker, super shocker or shocking blast of very strong willball.
shot = shot up, bullet
shotz = shots
soai = trap bullet, ensnaring bullet
soach = acidic shot
soarr = arrow shot, sharp shot
soarrai = trap arrow shot, sharp shot that ensnares victim
soarrach = sharp acid shot
soarru = ice sharp shot
soarrorio = magic sharp shot
soarrincex = exploding sharp shot
soarrymoaen = immolation fire induce sharp shot
soarrcol = cold sharp shot
soarrbi = multiple sharp shot
soarrfu = fire sharp shot
soarrfreao = freezing sharp shot
soarrguid = guided sharp shot
soarrkao = chaos sharp shot, chaotic effect sharp shot
soarrketri = chain lightning sharp shot
soarrled = lead sharp shot
soarrpyr = death fire sharp shot
soarrstry = strafe sharp shot, fast precision sharp shot
sou = ice shot
soorio = magic shot
soincex = exploding shot
soymoaen = immolation fire induce shot
socol = cold shot
sobi = multiple shot
sofu = fire shot
sofreao = freezing shot
soguid = guided shot
sokao = chaotic effect shot
` soketri = chain lightning shot
sopyr = death fire shot
soled = lead shot, magic killer shot
sasuta = ninja, A shapeshifter be a person who sees a person, thing, thinks of the
idea to become it in full. It doesn't matter what shape but all that matters be if
it wants to as it has no true shape but a clear no substance gel It consumes
energy to fulfill the shape from any source possible. It evolves a shape from
pattern and it remembers all shapes its been so it can form into any shape any
sostry = strafe shot, fast precision shot
susot = heavy uranium bullet, heavy uranium shot
syth = scythe, pole hook blade
scota = scepter, king mace
shotz = shots, sling shots
sapetsv = The Serpent Sword from Article 2113; In The Quest of the Holy Grail, a uniquely alchemical tale, the
sword be seen as a fiery serpent. It be the sword of King David, made by the wise Solomon (Sol Om On) with a
pommel stone of all the colors of the earth, with two rib hilts, one made from the fish of the Euphrates and
the other the serpent, When Arthur\92s sword be drawn it was said that two flames of fire burst out of the jaws
of the two serpents, and so wonderful was the sword that it was hard for anyone to gaze at it. It be necessary
for Arthur to maintain ownership of the sword whether it be the sword from the stone or Excalibur, as it
ensures his victory and his life. Malory indicates again the brightness of the sword and its fiery aspect
writing: but it was so bright in his enemies eyes, that it gave light like thirty torches. But the sword
in the stone does not last long and the Lady of the Lake gives Arthur his Excalibur, and also a serpent
scabbard, which ensures eternal life. Malory states quite clearly for whiles ye have the scabbard upon
you, ye shall never lose no blood, be ye never so sore wounded; therefore keep well the scabbard always
with you. It be only when Arthur\92s half sister Morgan le Fay steals the scabbard and replaces it that Arthur
becomes susceptible to the deadly blows of Mordred. The once prized sword be then returned to the water
the home of the Lady of the Lake the serpent spirit.

A hero from the 6th century BC named Wu Tzu-hsu threw his sword into a river. It shot forth like a
spirit-glow, sparkling brightly as it thrice sank and thrice came to the surface with a great gush
and then hovered above the water. The god of the river ... heard the swords roar ... he rolled in
the waters in a great and frothing frenzy ... Dragons raced along the waves and leaped out of the
water. The river god held the sword in his hand and, frightened, told Wu Tzu-hsu to take it back.
(Mair 1983, 141 and 286.) This story, related in the 8th century AD simply cannot differ from Malory\92s
tale of the sword. In China there were tales of great swords such as Dragon Spring and others still
that leap into the waters surrounded by dragons, which churn up the water. Wu Tzu-hsu\92s sword is
also called Dragon Spring.

This should be a tale of medieval metal making, But be there any archaeological evidence for the
existence of a real sword or swords, which, were seen as serpents? Well we just so happened to
find such evidence in the Catalogue of The Fourteenth Park Lane Arms Fair. Lee A Jones authored
a fascinating article entitled, The Serpent in the Sword: Pattern-welding in Early Medieval Swords
The sword first appeared around 4000 years ago and immediately became the pre-eminent weapon
preferred by the warrior class. Recent metallurgical studies have shown how the complex piled
structures or layers improved the sword from as early as 500 BC. Little wonder that the smithy
was an important part of legend and folklore, as the skill implied in the making of these swords
be substantial. Several rods are welded together down the length of the blade, joining the various
levels of metal together. Heated and then pounded into shape, this sword making was an awesome
task. Smaller rods that were carburized (improved carbon) were introduced to increase the hardness.
This formed steel, an alloy of iron with small amounts of carbon, which was introduced into
the edges of the blade as it was stronger and more effective.

Through the 5th to 10th centuries AD sword smiths actually managed to manipulate this piled
structure to create wonderful designs within the blade. The method remained virtually unchanged
even into the 20th century as can be seen with the daggers of the Nazi\92s, who utilized it
extensively. The patterns (seen above) are seen from the varying degrees of trace elements
within the different rods, showing alternating shades. The rods are invariably twisted down
the shaft, forming a spiral effect. These 'twisted' swords are seen as early as the 1st century
BC in the La Tene period, although more effectively used from the 3rd and 5th centuries the
very early period of Arthur. Cassiodorus was a secretary of Theodoric and in 520 AD he wrote
to a northern Germanic tribe regarding a gift of words praising their skills, especially the
shadows and colors seen in the blades, which he likened to tiny snakes. " It be the considered
opinion of some scientists that this implies that the dew would reveal the pattern of the
serpent upon the sword, giving the impression that a serpent be emerging from the sheath."

This inclusion of the serpent in the blade was eventually replaced with iron inlaid letters and
symbols, and Christian phrases such as In Nomine Domini (In the name of the Lord). The remarkable
archaeological fact of serpents appearing in the designs of 5th century swords links perfectly with
the time of Arthur. As the Pendragon or Head/Chief Dragon Lord he would certainly have been seen
with such a device and in the stories mentioned above there are textual links in the legend. One
similiar was given to sparhawk, a magus of some time.
spaer = 2-handed spiked staff, long mace
spaerai = trap 2-handed spiked staff, long mace with trap mechanism
spetum = heavy throwing spear
spetumai = heavy ensnare throwing spear that ensnares on hit
spistavaxe = spiked pole axe or spiked pole arm
spheros = destructive ice spear that reforms in hand
stav = poe, staff, long pole
stavfreao = ice staff
stavai = trap staff that ensnares on contact
stria = striker, laser blaster, laser lancer
striker = laser blaster, laser lancer
swod = sword
swoai = trap short sword with trap mechanism
swobp = short sword
swobpai = trap short sword with trap mechanism
swolon = long sword
svolonai = trap long sword with trap mechanism
swotumao = swotuhan, 2-handed sword
swotuhanai = 2-handed ensnare sword with ensnaring mechanism
taza = tazer, energy lancer, energy discharger
ther = thear, throwing spear, javelin
therai = trap thear, trap throwing spear, javelin that that ensnares who it
poeai = trap staff that ensnares on hit
poebp = short staff
poebpai = trap short staff that ensnares victim on hit
poedg = pole edge, 2-handed blade edged pole
poedgai = trap pole edge, 2-handed blade edged pole that has trap
polel = long poled flail, 2-handed flail ended pole
polelai = long poled trap flail, 2-handed flail ended pole that on strike
victim ensnares
polon = long staff
polonai = long trap staff that ensnares on hit
pouau = quarter staff
pouauai = quarter trap staff that victim ensnares on hit
pryn = hammer
prynai = trap hammer that on hit victim ensnares
wand = wood, battle rod, power foci wood piece
xbo = crossbow
xboquiv = crossbow quiver

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World scapes, cities of which are on planes(planets), by stating the before "=" sign names you could be transported there mentally, maybe a wrong stated phrase gets you in the wrong place, if it doesn't look like the place then its still worthy of exploration.

What you do to get to places is use astral world travel. Astral travel across the veil of time is simple, think of the place and your there as all you need to do be to focus your mind and calm your thoughts. Then, you enter the astral plane by thinking about entering the astral plane and falling asleep. As you fall asleep, you are then in the astral and thus its a thought, that allows us to go across the veil using the power of the veil wall.

As this is true, the veil is a part of our minds and is somewhat physical as well. So it will respond to our thoughts and 'shift' us there. Thus in your mind, sometimes by our will we are then on the other side of the veil, that is where all the energy is with idea by feel. If you know your there, then you realize the idea by what occurs. So thinking you return and falling asleep you return by what you do.

Although there is shifting and respawning. This is where shifting is just you switching your conscious awareness to another 'reality' while respawning is more permanent where you literally die and permanently move your awareness to another reality. Then there is the body energy represented by a food and drink level. The food and drink you embibe is what has energy and that can allow you to enter into other spaces. The more you drink or eat, the more your there consciously. The moment that you are below a certain level, the moment you are back to the "normal" world. This means that you can shift to places, yet you need food or drink to remain there.

There is three special places, then now and end, that represent the point of consciousness. They are:

Then; The world without end. this is the world that creates by haarp suggestions and things that allow demonic beings to work with you. The world works by realizing the past and working with what you intend. This world is a point you think to be there. You can notice the then world by a off ringing in the ears. To escape then is to think your somewhere else. Without intending to be there, you aren't there in then.

now; The now world is a world that natural events happen, there is no off ringing frequency that is picked up by the ears. its clean and the demons are absent there. So to enter this space, think about "now" and what it means. To leave now, think to be somewhere else. You are where you think to be.

end; The end of the moment is with everyone or some things that occur. There is a point that is sustained by feel, there is a point that is ended by idea being stated. This is entered by thinking of the term "en" and stating the term and intending to be there. This is left by thinking that your somewhere else.

Then there is the other places:

aewod = somewhat world, adhoc world, advice world where you start in a big mansion, advent time world where the item or person does perfectly as a somewhat working, item or person did otherwise, basically a big mansion on a strange island with unlimited rooms. These rooms are formed by will and thought for a room in life. Without burnout, thought in thought is by rhythmic energy of life that is an area that restores that is what life is made of act and be well. This unlocks the ability within, as good affect makes good in unlimited effect. Have fun with this.
autist-geo = Autistic world; The autism is a place that doesn't exist, except your with a fact of idea where this is excepting the fact and idea you have so it exists by feel and sometimes visions exist things of the idea you think into existence. That means what you expressed in the autistic world is what forms it. Think to list this idea, then use Uu- in front of the word and you are free of the autistic world, thinking you are free from it. Pronounce the word by a stated oo-uh and pronounce autist geo by stating aye-you-tist gee-oh. Otherwise realize what it is and your free from it.
AdGeo = ad world; This is a world that you create the effect and things are possible by suggestion. Anything can be done. So think of what you want and you could get the effect. The way to enter the ad world is doing the point to watch an ad, if you watch the ad fully your free from the ad world. However if your in the ad world, note the effect is this: Money runs the idea of what occurs, so think ahead and save up for a rainy day. This is a note in abundant effect. An ad is an action or effect that you think to do. This is also noticed in their tv advertisements. Just don't get stuck in the Ad world, the world can absorb nearly anyone. This is an idea point in the past. What I know now is this, there is yet another way to get free, think to do or shift with your aura energy and this shifts you back to your natural world and you retain your free information. This is what can occur on a point less distracted, so think as you want and you could get what you need. Asis = It's the unconscious realm. Tis where they in idea origan as a form of human that comes from animal forms. That is the 'will in' with responsibility and responses that are thought and response to get what you think. There is a point and place that is really ahat is not there as noticed, as it is. Tis in the stomach. Upper ab area by thought and beil the believer. Tis in like an air pocket, that use is life and they get energy to do or not and they stop as thought with children and adults that are childlike.

When it's time to meet your maker not just creator she the goddess is there to work with you. Remember that if your will is not unlike a god she is where you are safest near or not if in vigilante idea that she is "its her way or the highway". As she is much like Hera and her goddess ability is built like promises, that gets energy as they who think use things and she can get energy. Jealousy is what has been justified by what is done. They are animals not saints, angels, or gods. Tis what is being with an animal form after the criminal soul is caught or some energy is useful. Remember that, HER KIDS are the animal humans born from faint traced sea creatures or otherwise. Also she is great at keeping secrets with her paramount scenes.

Senes. Satan, emanating, negotiations, eternally, and solution. Also solving. Tis a aspect, trait, attribute of primordial dominance. This is not of angels. In every sense of the word formed from chaos and life energy. Concept is Someday, today, yesterday, or tomorrow. Tis what happens when something, up above cares for something down below. Remember that love is forvigance as the Sicke goddess Rachel there.

When it is time to meet your maker, you will know and are aware whenever you are in wants. When animals attack by instinct, you defend by intuituion, this is all insight. Defend means, attack by focused energy, kill at will if need be, then they think and take no prisoners. Animals do trepass, so be wary and ward them away. They do eat your crop, if you have an area you can use a work. They don't care either way till you think that you do and they notice. As is an interesting word for you. Animal instinct is what she has, that is done by an animal spirit much like a kitsune. This is how she always knows, that something is happening to her as she is the third eye to people if she manifests thought as a form from air.

As you can think if an idea is there and use is a point, but this is there as there was a him there's a her. This is how she knows that someone or thing is knowing, doing, having, keeping, holding, domineering, seeking, coming, going, and etc. She keeps this sense paramount by knowing, others before she cares to let them know herself. She plots long term..She has very long thought or otherwise termed memory. Because she is an indian. She may, will, and most likely point something out just to redirect, side track, or notice something else. Key-word-term-phrase, also contention is her expertise concerning her paramount sense.

As once was as is and choice, thought is what she likes as if your choice. Very fascinating when it comes to animals causing one animal to pursue another animal to then grasp the other animal. So that reveals what isis can protect with as something else. This the truth that she respects as you think and she is alive, The effect of this is a point to made thought as you think she forms if you can't and if you want it to form, as if your an idea or not to bear bad results. As your done if in use of ability your use is an unknown idea that is a point out of life. Things you use such as useful idea and things with electricity are as if the idea that effects. When the choice is made she wants to be or not to be as she is a place that loves by what she sees.
@wod = atwod, atworld, think of what you see as is what things get, as the puzzler is the do in thought is what you do in life and what is in thought this is formed from physical reality that you consider as if to get or give and thought itself were as if you in the moment you need it. This is an interesting point of view. ringworld where the world supports itself, mirrorworld, self made universe that may mimic movies or anime created by many means, as to seen movies and such your free and your not effected by him anymore as if thought and he is Matt as an assassin god, an atzuko. This could become a pocket universe, this is used as Dni script written writing in the asking (making by will use is what you wish as focus is will) as used in this is idea of full manifestation. Think what you want and you can get the idea.
EgoidGeo = The subconscious world, this is the subconscious consciousness world. Think about what you want to express and you know what will occur to happen what you need. The signs you see psychically, they are what you think to use somewhere if necessary as a dream symbol. Sometimes the sign is what you think about or something going on in the real world, that is where you can create by the senses or your sense of time and humour.

The time is 100 days per every second here. Otherwise the time is what you think in relation. So think of what you need and you could get the idea. Think about things though, you might realize that idea that you think about. The point could be a repeated moment. That is only done to remind you of things, nothing more than that. So suggestion is what created this world, think the point and you can create by the right suggestion. This is like what you need, that is focused upon and what you think to do. This is in the idea that you know what you say. That's all what counts.

So think an idea, then suggestion is your thought body reaction, that generates the correct reaction for and to the point of full manifest. Otherwise this is making your idea. This is where you think to expose things, you do the right things, too. Then you know the idea by what happened to seem in effect. So you feel by idea and create by suggestion. Think you "ca do it". This translates in subconscious ancient into "can die off a hit", otherwise stopping what is blocking you in person form an from getting what you want. That is done by what you think.

If you want to live forever or cause something to live for awhile, state or think, "une" or "oon" all the while thinking of the idea word 'un' meaning forever in ancient and undo in english. Then you do the right things to create the idea. This is what you can use to create what you want forever. This was in an announcement then that was going on, so you can go with what you think is necessary. The rest doesn't matter, that is unless you think this does. So if your subconscious rules the mind and timewise this world, then you know the idea to work with by the feel from the soul. There is a death God named Dega that doesn't have a form, this is until you call him into existance here. That God works in the subconscious world, this is in the form as a deity for now as if you called him you called death or life upon yourself. So think of a God and you think of him as a point.

This is an idea of mine, that proves true if you think about the idea. Then you can go on with what you think. Imagine something with the old terms, the ancient language, you get what you may need. So that's all about the subconscious world, this done with the sensed moment that I got, btw. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Think to enter the subconscious consciousness world where illusion cast by the aura energy subsists, think to undo what you want to understand is gone so that you leave the room. Then you leave by suggesting that you do, the subconscious world.

Otherwise if you think to exist outside the world your in by feel, this I'd say is used in a form of your choice. You created the idea and from this idea is things done by the idea. This causes you to leave the subconscious world, that is where your will is okay once you leave and becomes your own. So think the idea you expect to work that you express, then think about this point. This is a point, so you can create what you need with just a thought.
iwod = idwod, Grimoire, Mental world, id model gameworld that describes the "I" world, If the subconscious be like an iceberg, at the top of the iceberg that be solid ground where the iceberg melts upwards to a point and breaks the ground up from below. On this ground be the house that each person has. the unlocking sequence be as the person will have it. The very fact that this house exists be to furnace the grouse, thanks to chef smith off the frugal gourmet or finance and gain things. There be no limit as most things are known automatically.

Some time itself is controlled by moments where if the required moment by myself, some other or the moment itself as a self-defined moment, this is what used to be an instance then it would be an instance. I think return be as its thought on at the time, this is like whence arrived you can come back anytime you desire like 500 years after, instances (no time passed) for instant transmission thanks to DBG or 30 months later and etc.. and its to see by scrying the area, imagine the scene that you arrive in that shifts you by momentary destination, motivation and motion, the idea be from a story that I was reminded of.

The sub-c held most knowledge with a lot of unseen depth, and the solid ground above melted and reformed, thanks to Craig, as the person learned more of what was it about. Some would attempt a resolution to not abuse the info except its to no good as to appease some, they had to feign ignorance. With a small idea to share later they the purviewer got jealous or their sub-c takes over, so the purviewer be likely to see the win as the ignorant one makes deliberate underhanded slips and be unable to use said info. Whos the winner in the end, the person whom gets the upper hand with the least losses.

So the story tells me that I have a home in my mind, that be on top of the iceberg that melts and reforms from the bottom up as I learn. Anything can exist in it as long as you can be aware of it. So the answer to any thought be gotten within 1 second or less by meditation, standing meditation or dowsing, as its your "I" world and it seems likely to correspond to anything that you will want, desire, need or hope to achieve as its not easy in real life. Consider the "I" world as a passion and movie world with the real world as limited, the script is influenced by yourself the owner.

The landscape is hellish and isn't limited in the persona world but its seen only a little bit at a time and used to explore the world. The place has no sun but light level as you think it deserves and when you die you get "shifted" there if you want or the Astral plane only to be raised into the same body if you desire. The real world be able to glimpsed at in moments Again, its only as unlimited as it appears and gotten to usually by however you desire. But the only thing that be needed to worry about be the people you allow to visit.

The visitor and people living there have to take oaths to not hurt each other and things unless its a walls or an undestructible item and the visitor shouldn be allowed to do everything as guests with an instant idea or command. That voice and thought should be here at all to be acted upon be almost ludicrous as if voice was action and action was thought except thought be different from voice as voice be thrown out thought. The only thing blocking the point is scent, distractions and will against it or yourself among others.

Now the further actions the further you get into the "I" world, with a concept of possible exploration and how far you can get. The effort be undertaken to contribute to this world as to influence the real world by coincidences, Lets say this influence was observed by coincidence somehow got written down, with a story by a writer through character recognition and perception. This could count as an influence of many instead of one or how may hear the story. So the more you think on the world the more that be there for you to explore, your given time so that you can "see it" through scrying and long range viewing.

Now a trick I find in the book of viewing is to ask yourself what you want to see, and if the answer be nothing then its not advisable to go or explore unless you stay in the house. I started a exploration of the time future and past to achieve a suspician that the families doomed like the Kennedies. and it seems true as I saw my own self and others changed but only on visits. I started thinking that the doom be upon all of us to achieve results, and to fail in the end from example as use in a fractal from to much good and bad achievement energy.

But ones own achievement gives them joy like discovery in serendipity, This is done while the discoveries you can make amends for are sometimes abandoning the spiritual motion and parables. For a snake isn't always a snake as it may appear like a rope if hidden from mistaken illusion/dillusion. Science doesn't explain why and only how be known except sometimes when combined with Emperical law, but then others may have other idea. Like a simple answer makes to solve a complex problem or vice versa.

What I found be you own it all yet allow other to think they do or at least count it as a "loan" with you as the person who can watch without being seen. As ownership be 1/3 of the rule so be it true as an amalgram, that those who make things own it and none else. The world owner owns up to owning the material, but doesn't always listen unless any part of his/her namus be looked at or spoken. The only thing that be possible to be gotten in is what you admit that be wrong, What you make as a rule be always followed but you may break it and if you do.

See you can sometimes get a horrendous disciplining, if you break a rule then you get the punishment, except you may set an example to save yourself so no punish when its consideration time. Usually done by a story that reflects a white lie and truth that be logical in nature or be a story, to boil this down be to say "Try white lies for immediate idea unless the truth will do. For others, try truth that be accepted as opinion and idea fact to those who are not in immediance. Any bit of violence be to be considered a lier or harbringer of doom with exception to justified moments."

So say the words and its done, as if "I did it' or'here it is'be your own poultice and do your own things. As the "I" world exists for those who are subjective, and able to do anything by themselves like in "independance". For the representation you can appear like anything of phantasy and fancy, madness and zealotism is to improve the strength but sane devotion and faith improves the effort without destructive intent. An idea, turn your back on criminal behavior to sacrifice a safe idea instead of turning your back on reality.

Focus your idea as strength in faith to achieve 4x times the effort as seconds of focus quadrupled=SoF^4 and in Neutons of force. The more force focused, the more enticing it be by attraction (of mystery). I also disovered "I" world populace is nice till harassed and then by any admittance or submittance be tolerance allowed. But only if they know you, this is used on the job, so by distraction examples can you get to know people without being hurt. However the world map be set, most use the identity rule where friends are some to keep at arms length or close up and both in unhostile motions.

People make up the truth of the "I" world, based by fact that be opinion till backed up with a similiar opinion or shared in vision and interest. So be it true that people are in their world when things go wrong yes but the right things said bring them out. The "I" world be old where this physical place called the plane we live on is not, albeit we reached a point in existence to call ourselves spiritual "humane" beings in truth.

So the place we appear in be what we want it to appear as or exactly like where we were, some call this a day/night dream and can only reach it by meditation or dream. A simple exercise to not be effected by stress imagine yourself as you are by emotional feel, to provoke memory and visualize yourself in a room that you would be in. You would be either here or there and the blink of an eye says you are here, think as you actually left this existance or other to suit your mood and returned in an instance. See unbreakable locks on the door and yourself sitting or laying in your room.

Any work done there releases stress from the physical plane or from yourself by inciting or causing a dowsing state or meditation state, including exploration. As you are likely to want to leave to the outside of your room, or go to the bathroom if its not inside the room already, see the key to the lock that only you can see and use. As you leave, the door disappears and you go through a building that you know of by feel or senses you think on by idea, this is from memory of where you lived or meditation of the area to reveal its secrets. Thinking to leave the building deposits you into the physical world again as it be from where you came from, so you don't waste time as you waste thought.

I know at one time I did a exploration, and had an automap like in a game or the hogwarts castle map by thinking of it, but your words reveal the map where it would be blank by whatever you choose. Note the map does not reveal your room, unless you want it to. Some I've known are used to it as a spot for any type of meditation, or just relax in it without the possibility to do otherwise and similiar ilk. Any one thing be unique and its in there, the "I" world that I try to remember the fact, any one acknowlwdged idea that serves as a property and be noticed of the item bij you or others.

Due note the effect of dispersing from energy induced by thought of a property to another item. considered "forced Osmosis" of the item to another. Like an attack that shifts the focus from him to you, the item property can shift as well by thought or other action represented, by a hit or tap to the thing and the item you tapped loses itself to the new item or object of the property thought about. Another way be to shift the property by a thought "shift" and a tap in which the value be dispersed, "in with the old devalued idea and out with the new property by manifested thought in the other object. As before I ever do that again I will work toward a goal first."

One can literally carve their own world as a choice for pure boredom, when they come back it won't have happened but they lived a life as the ruler in their mind. Those that suffered might take it as a day or nightmare. Whatever you do, don't kidnap people to your private world as it could bring downfall but invite them and await their response and they, the invited, might arrive. Either way, have something for them to do with the area or with a self-project, but to have a good excuse like "I wanted to see you as you are." or "I was and am a fan of your series that I wanted you to watch with me." A good white lie be satisfactory to either the invited or you yourself.

Because the actions are created by reason, that be very possibly taken as a reason for your acquaintance. So assumptians are to be exactly what you look like and unless you look under the skin personality for the bone personality. That assumption could find a ruinous reaction. Skin personality be skin deep personality, and bone personality be the true personality of worth in three bone flavors, good bone be a good personal spirit strength, where the person does as be his/her intent, with good taste and doesn't back down unless given reason too. thin bone be personal flaw in the spirit and indicates a weak and reckless mind that can easily be scared.

So bad bone or no bone be a bad person with almost no moral regard whereas if given a new situation and not knowing things or people that are around them, they could do a very bad thing like rob or hurt the person helping out. The optional action be to do indivisual acts of self-glory despite what people say, or to do things because they want to despite the discredit. It seems the person simply does not hear the rule or will not see the idea, because of other idea and bias. Also noted in good bone people as a weakness brought on by pain and unblocked path, as they can get heroic or standby and safe.

Now the problem caused by a single idea of new paths unaccepted from neurosis be from a neurotic state a person be influenced into by so many things and practiced at using in a routine till its rote, then change the rote to a new idea of life and sometimes on any concept the person can snap and go crazy unless you introduce it slowly as a different variation. To go fast and slip it by them be to get yelled at or brutally attacked, if not the ignorance routine and hope the problemo goes away or use something like a new toy or safe concept to divert their attention.

Then use the concievable idea similiar to theirs mixed with white lies or anticipated value. Sometimes this only works by the past being worse formed than now and the method must be better in some manner.

This works by substitution of idea in with another better idea, like in a manner of redirection by a bit of radiation or laser being redirected by mirrors or transpixelling an object to another area like a shifting or creating illusion, by nothing in and nothing out where light and laser (focused light) be deterred to form or unform an image. With each image out be a usage of the carbon of object intermixed with nitrogen reactions to the laser to create the body from some material, in the image of a person or thing that be stored as I like to call it, the storage buffer often made of crystal or silicon chips. Theoretically this , is possible and may have been used , to create a similiar effect in a experimental lab. But it sounds better and , if proven in the right manner, will, create a stir of curiosity to the neurotic or nonprolific/prolific to advice , the victim where the victim be 70% , more likely to assault or react.

The neurotic persuant be very likely regarded as an idiot for attacking a sick person more in line of a blind person assaulted for blindness or a blind person assaulting, this is because they didn't see or hear. Think to use chemical idea right to override the "I" world mental response from running away or boredom (distraction) with addiction caused by the chemical natural and unnatural, be to cause the person to persue a different course. The chemical can find use to condition or make a person more calmer, like food and drink be a natural chemical or embalming fluid and synthesized chemical like acid and base. Food can control the way a person thinks and it does it by setting the feel of the body. For example, one can become fat by trying to feel good and evade a persisant problem after that its a lost cause unless you do physical activity for the body abuse, so as I heard an employee say.

"A little more does it in exercise after the body feels like its on fire." from Teanna. Necessary to exercise right be the fat burn off and this can give pleasure. So we got two forms of pleasure and control chemical and physical.

Then there be a trendsetter technique thanks to Flynn to catch the neurotic and many other types of illegalist, into a thought out process not their own. But only if the trend be well thought out, and well practiced to become understood and remembered. Considered concint, which be the process of influential area (arial) in an effort to create like nature, that can be destructive or illuminating on a person or thing. Either way the path be set by how the person chooses. So be it with the misfit "I" world thanks to unexplainable.net and Maybeys' Atlantis page as how you think be how your world might react to you.

This causes the "I" world to exist, that is used as its based on the need. This is done to understand and by meditation you can manipulate it, that is done by having comfort in a position or laying in a comfort position, and focusing on a white light or not for differing techniques, also allowed be the standing meditation to create a pattern from thought thats sometimes evoked by feeling. The feeling be quite possibly read by your mind or the "I" world, now if its created in your physical world then its created in the "I" world. So saying "dont attack" or "don't" makes the person stop fighting.

By Amalganus "As your aware of it so it exists, and thats all there is. So as I think it, it happens." "You hit the jackpot in missinfetamines or mission information drugs" from Anonymous. From a priest "By faith you conquer most, so things exists by your belief. Believe. By one I mean all as in the all being."
uean = plane of neglect, disturbance and neglect or abuse may be awarded in the right moment.
uead = land of death. This land is where the essence of death goes when it leaves the body. When
the spirit goes there by choice, it obeys the rules of death and life that are opposite from this
land. Where, dead is alive and living is deadly. Being alive is where your dead in some form.
uein = plane of life. This is the source of body activity and life energy and you can bring
anything to life. The manifest is here by attracting it to a location with effort of some material
or active gain. This life energy can be able to make longevity and strength in a body. This energy makes
the body last longer in their activity. On a new moon and waning moon, it can cause disturbance and ruin.
aerth = mindless eart (plane), mind world, mental world with every 10 minutes there, 1 sec here.
aidamntpt = abandonment point, a place to abandon things, a place in hell where the
bloody river. branches to pandemonium and then be the river of forgetfulness where
people forget their desires. and most their life to sometimes drown as they touch the water.
advertas = divertive world, hiding world, advertising world
almao = eternal world, undying area of undying people
aeia = america, united kingdom, melting pot, states united, fifth
aeii = american, realm, united county, unity, resident, crede world, focus point of mages to create by the peace it makes. This is a world of idols and things that exist. Mainly they exist, though only because they saw the idea and wanted to create the result of what they saw in their mind. This by idea is what they do. So think and they do what they want or need to do.
antivas = antiverse; Antiinvasiveness, This is the world of drow, and sometimes the energy itself is what you consider negative, that means this energy exists separate from reality. Think to work nicely there and you get treated similarly. The idea is the point that exists, what you think to do is what you get to do unless you don't need the idea. So if you think to do something, then you get nice actions back. The drow world is what you think about as a point to consider. That is when you want to consider something nice and otherwise nasty in comparison. This is the point of prolifics, the idea is simply put do what you came here for and leave as quickly as possible.

How you get here is consider your antimatter metabolism, then if you think to get a result think to be here. So when you are aware of things, think to exit or leave by the point. Think energy enters your aura field. If you think to be somewhere you need or want to be, then you are there. The aura shifts you by the energy, that is there, shifted of the place can be that you think to see as though frozen by feel. This is a well known fact to the point of life, that works by antimatter and makes for what is weight loss. Some drow are against humans, so think about the idea before going there. So there is a place for all of us, if you think to be there then your there. This is a point in the past.
AraMaiGeo = This is the aura manifest world: the aura energy is the manifestation, the world is the feel you have that is based in the physical world. this is anything that is possible in the aura, think of what you want and the idea exists unless not necessary. however the creator of this world is dead, now is a point that you can create what you want.
AraGeo = aura world: This is where you can think to create the point and you create what you need. This uses the aura energy and the world around you is the feel by the senses that you have. The God of this world is you, otherwise the original God is the creator, we are just memories of the creator. So thinking about things he realizes the idea, then you get the idea as though an end result. One thing about this world, that is based off illusions and she's dead that originally created it. So think to see the reality of the area and you do if curious. Doing is where you shift to see what and where you want to see. Whether or not if you could survive there. This includes exoplanets upon testing, so think about that. This is a point in the past that it was created, that is usually a point in the past that is created equal to todays time. So think of the idea you want as a need focused upon is a want, desire is what you can get unless not possible as the negative doesn't effect. Then you could think and go to do entropic idea.
adjectas = detestable world, adjecting world, This is where I am in an authentic world where things are either authentic or fake this is working to the senses. Think to escape the area and not be there, so your aware of the water energy or flow if you left it running at the sink and leave the room to exit adjectas otherwise.
advertas = divertive world, the hiding world, advertising world, this is where you are in advertising and creating with what you want or feel is energy by feel the area is cool, but you don't have to do things except think about them by feel, then you create by energy what you need and doing things is second nature. This is the nature of ad world, think of what you want and the energy creates it by either influencing the event, or creating the point by activity that's self-made or made by others. If not, then you are aware of things as they exist. Escape the world if you must, but you don't bother people if you don't think you are by feel. Think your touching nothing and levitating off the ground, then your free from the dimension this world resides in with a point by feel. Without the point, the world is a bit weird after normal people leave. If you focus then you can perceive the area and the wall dimension. Think not to react, then tell the wall to not show itself. The murals, if any, will stop showing itself. The point should be a dimension of what is there without the wall murals. Then if you create the point of turning away, you are freeing yourself from the wall world. This is a point in the past.
asd = asgorath, asgara, asgaroth, have respect, world of gamblers and void people that exists somewhere else by feel. Think yourself away, if you think your in the gamblers world.
enslave annoyances while treating people with respect that gamble, this is based off a book that you can read where there is a stellar gambling place.
Asgard'geo = Gamers world; This is a world of energy, that creates with a game and works by the feel. The area is what you think, the physics are what you want or need to be there. However, if you don't need any, there isn't any. In reality, its a void space that is creating by pure energy. Think of what you want and you could get what you need. If you no longer need anything there, then think the energy reverts and is back to its pure energy state. This means anything you perceived is gone there, so what you think is what you get, the energy creates by what its consciousness is aware of with idea gotten by feel. This is exited by what you do or think, if you think you wake up then you are aware of your surroundings and the effect is done.

That is a pocket dimension used as though a gate shifted you back, and then you are where you were before you entered the secret realm of gamers. How you get there, this is done by thinking of the realm of gamers and thinking your there. Otherwise your not there, your wherever you were or are in real life. One thing of note; this space looks exactly like the real world, except when your in a game. Then events start occurring that only appeared in the game at first. When you exit the game world, thinking to unexist the area you visited in the gamers world, then you revert the area your in back into energy and your in a room similar to your own and the events stop there. This is the idea of the gamers world, so think of what you want and you could get what you wish by feel.
Exogeo = Exo plane; Exonerated planet or honorary planet outside the solar system and the area that exists on its own is where it is livable. Thinking about it I think the exoplanet is what creates where and what you have, when you have it and why you are there. These exoplanets are area that create by themselves, think for themselves and work with others conscious thought. So think what you like and you may end up with the idea. Also, if you think that your third eye shows you it, then you know what is there, where it is and when its a safe bet to be there.

So think what you like and it could be there, planted there by the third eye or seed of life that we as humans cast forth so long ago that we can't even remember doing the idea. This is a bet in itself, that if you are aware of the surface then you can also know the atmosphere. The conditions are self obvious, if you cared to look with the third eye, then you'd know it by now.

That is all you need to know about except its name at the moment. So think and look it up and you know it. If you use the exogeo in a calling, then you call out the naming of the planet and what you need it to do. That creates what you want. So think of what you want, you may get the idea done. So that is how you use this in a rite. However, you will want to choose a planet far enough away or think as a condition in your idea to "not have it recreated on you".

See this is farther than 3 planets away so you don't feel the influence of the planet recreating the idea on you. The way that works, the point you don't want something the planet takes the thing or condition from you and your body recuperates by feel. Then that something is turned into idea somehow and then the point is accepted by the concept you have of the physical body or world. This is all in an inner working by what is done.
ieeb = weied; The weed planet that has downers every day. They can cause you to feel so bad, that you create with positive and still have bad feelings. By proposal you are there, by certifying or working with an idea you are back from it. So if you think to leave the weied plane, think of a place to live and walk through an open door. Basically, you lose your living space once you are there, and gain a new plae when you return. This is a really caustic place, so think to leave it alone and you won't go there. Take it like i t comes. They don't care about you and you can't make a good impression.. so think km and shift by spirit to go to another planet of existence to escape it.
iob = The place of creation, think of things to do or things to create and the planet consciousness creates it with a upsurge of energy. Since your created there by your soul, all it takes is thinking your back and you return from iob.
IvaiAriaGeo = Body aura world; internal aura world, inner fat world, involved world; The world that is in your aura, yet not everything there is represented by a gene or DNA pattern. Somethings are foreign energy and matter. The idea of objects are sometimes where you are touching upon the organ. The creation is done by activity of the body and blood or liquid waste flow is water. So no matter the point, the idea is done if you intend it to be done unless not needed. A shift is where you go by leaving the room or area physically. This is basically teleporting by feel or use of the senses.

Think of what you want and you can get what you want. That is where the effect is either drinking or eating a little, then what you think to create is fully manifested. We each have a manifest where the aura world is creating internally what you want, what is needed is created outside the aura world, if necessary. Think about the place or area and being there to enter the aura world. Think about "going" and leave to exit the aura world. This sometimes what works by the aura energy responding to the water flow, this is where you are exiting by the feel of the senses.

One thing to note; the god and the goddess are the main gods of this aura world. You are the creator that give the main gods energy, this is done through the point and release of muscles or basic energy infusion from the area of the body. The pantheon is what The God and The Goddess can choose. Devine are those people that use their organ energy or blood energy otherwise to infuse the organ with energy or blood cells. So think about a living area to live in and you have somewhere to live. This is where walk-ins or soul beings can live as well.

This is done with the soul beings, that can attempt to act as though a support or guardian if they have time. This is sometimes acting as though a deity to your senses or idea of a point. Madkarna is a spirit that if his name is repeated three times in a rite with intent that you have, he will create what you want as though a God. So be careful of what you want and think with him, that is because he could make your need happen. Dismiss Madkarna when your done with him by thinking he is dismissed, so with payment of a little energy he goes away.

So this is useful to create what they want, that is done by the use of their pinneal gland third eye. They have a subconscious mind, so think to their spirit or aura energy to create what you intend to create using their subconscious to create the point. Sometimes this is done through suggestion, sometimes this is done through the idea that your thinking your there and nearby to use their services. Then if you think about things you can shift to a point that is elsewhere.

Omnitun = omnivea, omniverse, a higher universe that has things that are made by themselves from whats there and seem alive.
IvaiAriaGeo = Body aura world; internal aura world, the inner fat world, involved world; The world that is in your aura, yet not everything there is represented by a gene or DNA pattern. Somethings are foreign energy and matter. The idea of objects are sometimes where you are touching upon the organ. The creation is done by activity of the body and blood or liquid waste flow is water. So no matter the point, the idea is done if you intend it to be done unless not needed. A shift is where you go by leaving the room or area physically. This is basically teleporting by feel or use of the senses.

Think of what you want and you can get what you want. That is where the effect is either drinking or eating a little, then what you think to create is fully manifested. We each have a manifest where the aura world is creating internally what you want, what is needed is created outside the aura world, if necessary. Think about the place or area and being there to enter the aura world. Think about "going" and leave to exit the aura world. This sometimes what works by the aura energy responding to the water flow, this is where you are exiting by the feel of the senses.

One thing to note; the god and the goddess are the main gods of this aura world. You are the creator that give the main gods energy, this is done through the point and release of muscles or basic energy infusion from the area of the body. The pantheon is what The God and The Goddess can choose. Devine are those people that use their organ energy or blood energy otherwise to infuse the organ with energy or blood cells. So think about a living area to live in and you have somewhere to live. This is where walk-ins or soul beings can live as well.

This is done with the soul beings, that can attempt to act as though a support or guardian if they have time. This is sometimes acting as though a deity to your senses or idea of a point. Madkarna is a spirit that if his name is repeated three times in a rite with intent that you have, he will create what you want as though a God. So be careful of what you want and think with him, that is because he could make your need happen. Dismiss Madkarna when your done with him by thinking he is dismissed, so with payment of a little energy he goes away.

So this is useful to create what they want, that is done by the use of their pinneal gland third eye. They have a subconscious mind, so think to their spirit or aura energy to create what you intend to create using their subconscious to create the point. Sometimes this is done through suggestion, sometimes this is done through the idea that your thinking your there and nearby to use their services. Then if you think about things you can shift to a point that is elsewhere. Call you later.
UouLid = Curse land; This is the land of the hex witch, that is empowered by thought. This is then given form by energy that you release. This is a point that you can manipulate, that uses the third eye or 4th eyes to do the idea.

If your caught there, think to go to him that is your parent and ask for something if alive. If dead then you at least no longer are there. Just mimick the right idea, if you need to go back. Know the language there is thought and example. Just realize that the curse land lies within the shadow lands, so think to observe and you are there to see things. Otherwise you shift, then your back in your normal world.
En'if = The iffy ending world; The end of the iffy world, the iffy world is the world of the inner world. That is a point there as though an iffy point. The if part is does things really exist from nothing? So when you create the idea, think to use nothingness as a point and think of what you need as you state, "I get something that I need". The end to this world is there isn't an end, that's excepting for your natural end. The end point is this, think of what you need and the particles could assemble and create what you wanted. This can be a stated need as a want, that's granted as though a wish were a given thing or idea that comes to you. So think of what you want and you can get what you need.
En'wod = En world; this world is all about your end, the ending is sometimes unknown but what you think is what will happen. This world is run by demons, actually, that do whatever you think unless you don't need them to do the act. That is especially true, if you state the result that you need or want to happen or things occur what you feel. Think of the moment to form what you need as a point to remember. The physics and magic there are usually like your own in a way. So think about what you want or need something, then you can get that as a result or think of an end result to what you want and you can get that instead.

If you don't want roaches to live there, think they can't live here. You see this is a noted effect of recording by feel. This world is entered by stating "En", and left by intending something else as you state the result. That's about all for this world, so enjoy yourself while there. You can only get an experience once there, yanno. So think about things you need and you can go get the idea. This is where the end result is possible. Think and you know about the point. This is all about what you do, and otherwise your own life that you have by feel.
En'wodif = Strike world; this world is the end world alternative, that you can use as a parrellel world. This world does not have any limits. So be warned about coming here, that's because when you leave the world you could bring something with you by feel. The physics are like ours or your own is matched by feel. Its a point that is done, and that's about the idea you know to get. Entry to the alternative, this is done by passing through an open door frame thinking to be here. Leaving this alternative world is thinking about leaving and you do this by feel, that's with the body knowing the right actions to do. After you enter, you know by awareness of the idea what will happen to occur. If you leave, then you know what happens there after the fact of leaving. That is all you need to know about this alternative, except that there is no karma. So be prepared for anything, this might mean you could experience things differently. So this is done by feel.
us = united state, united area
yeu = Magical world that has objects and media that speaks to the mind. Psychic people there can perceive amazing things. The people in yeu are indispisable and indisputable. Entrance is a yeu tree, amongst other trees. Exit is stepping away from the yeu tree thinking to exit that world.
bialm = tel`aran'riod, astral world, dream world sometimes gotten to by use of balm cream that's applied by what you do, the world of dreams that is discussed in a book series called the wheel of time. Think of where you want to be and you are unless devices that trap the shift is in use. You can see nearly anything here, so think about what's there and you can realize what is possibly there. I think you might need a dream interpreter, that is necessary as you could see allot of dream symbols. So think about remembering the symbols and you do. Think to enter it by resting and thinking about shifting there. Think to leave the astral by going to sleep there and you can do this by staying still or laying down and using the energy of the aura.

Focus your mind on your need and then the subconscious will do the idea. The idea is done by feel with use of the senses, think of the basic idea to do and feel the need then you do the idea. This is how you do things there. Then if you think to return you can focus to use the energy of the aura and shift back to the real world. Pantomiming in the astral world is creating with signs or what you think is by or with indications, the sign can be an act of communication and that is done by feel sometimes with the speaking that you do. This helps with getting what you need known.
bogs = bogg, bog, marsh, marshy land, swampland that is always with some type of idea to do.
bubli'aya = Bubble america; Then where there is a bubble of money, there is bubble of money. This is bubble america, so since there is a bubble there then things are okay there as here. Think and you know what to do by spiritual awareness. This is a point in the past. Anything future wise is occurred by feel. This is done despite the cost of living. Anything earned there is sometimes earned however you want it earned here. So think of what it is that you want, and you could get an idea for the point as an end result.
bryan = britain, brittle, united land
cegeo = cell world; The cell world is a place or area that is virtually in the body cells and known as the inner world. The inner world is a place in time that is what you think and nothing much else, this is excepting the inner room cell that is a place where you think of the idea and the energy generates what results you need as though an end result is a granted wish. This allows multiple places and area that exist by thinking its there, then all you really need to do is explore.

Enjoy yourself as you explore, the options are almost endless in the cellular room. This could even have bars in the windows. The idea still works to allow you what you need as a want is a point where you form things from energy itself. If there, you could find insatiable hunger, otherwise you may have to separate yourself from the cell world to stop eating. Oh get this, what you write there is what forms as rules for the area that you think about.

This is including what your body takes in and absorbs in itself, the fact that you take in poison means death or decay of things and people in the room. Any drug can create a drugged effect, that is feeling good for no reason, sometimes. In fact, there could be a cell room for the person that wanders into the area.

So the possibilities are endless and things are what they seem. The point by fact that you mention or think about and the idea forms. This is as though the point were done and by a wish that self-generates the effect. So I will suggest this for those in a cell room, make what you can and you can get the best result from the area that exists.
cegeo surran = geo surran dale, world of that place, that surrounds in another way the room that exists. This world area looks and acts like tron and works like a real world.
cenethal = city of dead, city of necromancy that follows this idea.
ciat = city of enticement, work city
ciot = calimport, city of wonder, djinni city
Ciate = Paradox is a plane of paradox city that exists on a planar dimension, that is where the thought you create is undoing itself that you don't want and you can do things as if a will of god of the natural environment. This will is undone by the idea truth, that is 'there is no paradox' as if an 'En paradox'.
cretaix'hylix = Written in Art, The creators halls, hall'le'cretor. We magical
people sometimes started off here, We start this off by a story with this
excerpt "Caretakers were assyrians or jedi like masters with magic. Who ran
the place were also Ancient sedai and weavers of ancient power for results.
The crags of myrrh of dragons march were near marsh deleur and neared the
halls; then created the idea of the point you can see there.
Finder(discoverer) marsha delur, with creators Delurus delough, Harga
delough who seeded the area and cursed the water to move in to make a manmade
marsh, the most deadly place of faery, now dried up. But, found near the area
of Assyria and not realized but few hundred years later as of a different area
category. The crags were home to Assyeia and now near Oklahoma or so lost was
an Art. So that outta the wayzy, now we go on to Allearia due north where the
dead can be raised and try to see if just deserved can be risen or so the task
was. As the creators halls were built near there.

The plankton of the ocean gathered energy controlled by tide toward the east
and toward the entrace, but not as the mountain blocked the view of the motion
within the ocean. We find at high tide, the effort of plankton and sea water
powers the area with a charged scent. The final and desolute fate for the
area be to be seen as a ruins with a hall like that of the castle of Hogwarts
except the entrance be obscured to time, Where harry's Hogwarts be on invite
and the entrance to the creators hall be obsolete except for the astrally
placed, suitable "I" worlds and linked worlds to an area which resided in the
same spot but in a higher dimension. Due note there might well be a Hogwarts
thats universally linked from england. This be Dragon school, a barely remembered
area." Excerpt from a remembered book now unreadable. If you don't like then
forget about it. Each material or place is unburnable with ephemerial quality.
Null book burning, its forbidden since books started and now books correct you
and them or either. Its with a netherese book, that destroys the destroyer.
Eisah elaborah is to pay money, but increments faith healing as a price..

Some say that the way into the school be through a body, or to touch
an object that is linked physically by a touch or possession of body form
and also by request to "link me' anywhere or at a moon and then the moon
shows the way as you step on the spot of the moonbeam and you appear, but
the hitch is to be the door must be open at 10:26 pm or after and its always
open till the half moon (waxing or waning), full moon, or eclipse and then you
must be crazy for the most likely thing to find in it be an accursed
or begotten and forgotten place that smells from Atlantis that be hidden
and that looks like the area you were in except for a feel of life thats
not there, and any person could share another physical body as an anchor
but not control. Its life that be inversed and retrospect for the being
alone, like faery that rules it along with people linked there as a guest
and sometimes no worker. As any worker be a teacher sometimes, tends to
go insane and deadly with others near that are of murderous rage or not.
Where guests are sacred and treated like students that learn at their own
pace. The no fire rules are nicessary, when bad wiring or electricity in
a roon(room) where a roon can create studyroom by drawing it.. An object
can be used as a storing area like where the cupboard is unique.

The idea here be to bring your own materials and borrowing be allowed
with some results if you don't agree to the lenders term. Except with
borrowing its owned with importance on the feel that you own it On the
idea and mission or an omission of guilt and importance. What you learn
you keep and what thou get be earned, Unless its borrowed and of course
with borrowing it shows up in a institution from any distance. So to rent
to own, you own if thy owner who lent it died or you earn it with however
and then your the owner. Inheritance matters as you should succeed the
item to the person or buy a new one, of course if they don't own it they
don't have it to give.

The era of the place in the marsh be similiar to now as it be actually
matchless with things to come and was of the past. The rooms are magical
and are separate realities in themselves for the door separate reality and
place you where you need to be by time and place. Its not much like the
Arc with its unlimited room capacity and innate life force that seems the
same elsewhere, except it has the same room capacity. The weird thing is
to notice the dragons that arent there, but give them a reason and they
will appear. A small bit of intrigue be all that matters, and then the
dragons come about.

Engineering or the making of this sort isn't very easy and instable
with the best termed "glitchy", The glitch shows by being able to glitch
with a place shift on thought or gathering positive/negative energy to
shift with. The other thing be that no death except in appearance, ever
occurs and they come back as placeholders bodies or carbon ash to life.
Like a person could die but a day or more later they could come back as
the 5th (polot, gathering) and 7th (death and psychic impression)
dimensions do the deed. With the 6th as the death and waste absorber
where just deserved s it can act like the elememnt of void for the right
people. Its the deserved nature who gain it. To keep it is to the livery
room aka the object can maintain it. So video deal is like other things
as you can pay for it by doing the deeds or trading money. Money can be
between people but it is to the degree where actions can be countable
like you say you do to deal it or Faolin. You can use, it but silently
or out of class.

They power it along where the plankton are, again, the energy gatherers
using the ocean as supplies and support (a second power source). Usage
of the term furcadia to describe it be to say a simple truth frankly
because it resembles a dream server that uses the death fields to get
some idea and the area be "programmable" by stating what you want
without crashing the server. So to get a ghost or spirit that knows
things makes it more real as the person can play, and the more body
and ghosts makes it more plausible. The place be in limbo and "time
stands still" much like in a movie or Atlantis where nothing seems to
happen except what be motioned. The only way out be to decide to leave
and what be taught be only what you know or want to know.

cilfangeo = Elven land; This land is due a point that you think about. Then you create events there by what you think as you use this idea:

Here's how you make a spell or idea happen, they begin with a point of what resources are there. That you would use, then the actual action verbs and nouns that describes the moment after. You can use any language, including English. The point is done by feel, this is where you use the idea to create one by some concept expression.

So think about doing it, things shape themselves by what you think then you are done, this is how you make an effect or effort happen to occur a point that you think about. However, you don't enter this land, this is a spellion area that represents the imagination. That means you may have whatver you need, as long as it is available.

If you do, you could find, that the spell that you thought up is what is occurring. This is done as though English though, so you can think of the effect and create what you intend by statement or feeling the need. Otherwise you could use power words, this is where you think of the idea and state the word to effect the point that you think to create.

So think of what you want to get, then you could get the result, that you need by feel with the sensation that you send by thought. -Donavan
chypazzou = model world, cloth world filled with clothing and people who love fashion. If you mention anything out of fashion, then you could be struck down if your near the wrong person. Thinking about fashion and walking out the door leads you there, if you wish to exit this land then think to exit and leave as your thought is on leaving. Then your in the normal world, thinking of what you want to do and that is all that is done except what you think.
cortmaj = mage court
cortymaj = high mage court
copuauod = computer world; enter by a touch thinking of the world, leave by a touch or walking beside to the exit sign. The computer world allows you to do anything, thinking about things can manifest things by feel. Then I manifest things by the feeling I have that demanifest by the point. Then I have something that can manifest, thinking to help and do things by the feel. When things happen and I don't need it, then it demanifests. This is how the computer world works. So when you want to leave it, think to leave and walk out thinking the door is the exit sign. That's the computer world.
Chyce'uod = Women's world; the woman world is the world where everyone is a woman in some point or regard, so in order to have birth, they self-birth sometimes this is done by self-sex and thinking about cloning or self-birth. The man-woman or woman-man is there by feel, if there is a man. So in order to get there, think to use gravity and focus your mind on being there. Then you are. In order to get away from the woman's world, think yourself away and then thin up as you consider going to another world. This causes what you need as you do things, so if you think about the area then walk as you think of the place you are there. This done by feel, however their physics are like ours so think about doing normal things and you can get away with the point.
cs-137 = The world of beings, the world is somewhere in the cygnus-137 belt of the universe. They can use your energy memory and create the world view that exists on their planet. This is a point that they create by idea, expressed or unexpressed. This is done on thought by what you think is correct. The point is envisioned as a due point, that you work with or go somewhere. So if you think and on thinking of the energy of their planet. This can seem what you wat where you can use the energy, so think to let the energy lead you there by activity. You can then see the area that exists there.

So you think and go, this is an energy to create with by feel. Think and do, this is where you shift and are either there or somewhere else. That is done by the spiritual use of the soul and thinking you need something, you get the soul to do the idea. The original planet you came from is returned to if you need to return in form, that is where by thinking the creator returns you by feel. This is an idea that occurs, if you need the idea to happen. The process to get there is ceasing activity and shifting, so you don't need things here. This includes activity that creates interest here, unless you instruct your subconscious by suggestion to do things here by feel. Think to them to create something here, then you know them by the point you feel they do. They can create better stuff there, than here and now. So think about this point.
dabogeo = dad bod land; the land of dad bods or almost good shapes that you cross over to, this is done by a point where your relaxing by feel with what you think and you create with what is there. They might notice the use, so be careful. So if you want to cross back, remember the point of crossing and go the other way physically. So its a seemmingly placed area that is physically placed here. When there its seeming here, so its not really illusion as this is a 5 1/3 dimension.
dactola = Commisioned by Auduella gabriella, Missere Masant be desihg'ler or
Dragon lake that be where is many of dragon that exists and any herb can be found. Great
vacation spot and hardly known.
dealm = demon world, vision, aun, hell, eternal death world, asyria, asria, l, hell
sheol, pzrr
detalm = heaven, heather, angel world, god land
detolm = abberoth, abbernath, dragon world, dragon realm
dynspia = dimensional pocket, brought alot, maze world, pocket plane that you create by thinking the idea to create and the aura creates the influence that makes the point or you can escape this place by falling out of with falling down or tripping over things.
eden = lemuria, life continent, life garden. the continent of great delights, otherwise a fernlike idea, liesure and creatures, also the place of the first fairy tribe. This land be now mris.
lysenyal = lesion field, elysian field, liesure field, death field that be now
antarctica (dantartica, ice land) and located beneath the ice, with hundreds of
creatures ice locked.
faold = a fabled faery city pigdineic and mystery of cool collection for energy or
power of ole holster..aka halasters manifest city.
furu = magic world, faerun, tirnanog, faery world, time world, fee mists
feris = earth
naer = pelosi mirror world; a world like our own on a near earth exoplanet, that is a world on its own with its own ecosystem. Nuclear war threatens it and things about it are sometimes copied spiritually. So think about this fact and work with what you have carefully if dangerous. The truth is that it could have come from there.
fractal = world within world, dejavue, same pattern repeat until destruction by excess
fratepe = space frontier, space colony
fratue = frontice, frontier city, colony
franti = war plane, planar war, war planet
frantice = constant war nation, war world
fronti = frontier, new landfifth
frontice = frontier city, colony
frontispe = space frontier, space colony
gaao = to destroy everything, pandaevalus, pangara the cromagnum city of disturbance that
sits on a void gate.
gaoo = city of pandara that uses odd techniques to build, city of oddness
geo = world, planet
geodd = odd world, fate world, wierd world
geoid = hidden world, hiding place
gota = gotham, superhero city
glob = world
hargewoods = Higher plane that exists of an ordinary area that blinds people to what truly happens in the world of origin area. If noticed, you don't seem to react to it until later as it can  be horrid. So horrid that your mind can reject its existance. Its a place of original and aboriginal magic that allow any idea to exist that seem impossible and this includes living myths like Al.
jeo = globe, planet, jail
juun = magic country, The magic country be just another alternative that be magical and
dark ages, gotten to if one desires something and feel yourself shift there. By a wish
thought, forcecraft, imaginary moment, thought out idea andmagic/k. We the magick country
can trade anything except that which be unneeded, any scenario can be set up by smart air
reading your intention through osmosis. Its modern medieval to suseptable and very like
the world around us. or and unless made to look it, be slightly like dream realistic.
One could set up a small kingdom but funds are varied and cash comes from reserves
of another alternative whos very good at trade. Concern for the area guides the moment
without thinking of it but. the natural feelings are heightened.
luskan = deceitful city, babylon, another decietful city along snake river.
micben = Microbe universe; This is the micro universe full of multiple microbes, so these microbes are represented by people in a realm of reality. That is the second layer to this reality. This realm is a virtual reality, that created by microbes you can make what you may of what you will.

This means that the microbes are nano scaled, so if you think to see the true reality then you will black out. Notice what is thought or use things in sense. The microbes are you in real life, so think about that. They are also conscious of things, so think of things on a microbial scale and the VR level is representing your thoughts.

Think to end the VR moment by mimicking lifting off the headset, you then know the base of the second level. After that, you take off the VR controllers from the hands and wrists. Then walk out, this is where your thinking of leaving. This exits you from the VR world. The rest is up to you after that moment in time.

This is when the VR lvel is basically in two parts. The real area and the VR headset world view. So think to get what you want, you may end up with the pint by idea. Oh due note: Thinking of improvements I believe the VR is capable enough of being taken as thought thought was real life. So if your given everything withstanding the idea, and this is without question, then you are within the VR itself.

Since that speaks of improvements to the area, I believe that if you separate from VR, otherwise named Virtual Reality, then you could enjoy what's there. So don't go off believing that VR is real life. VR is just a game and you can bet the humane humanity there is increadible. See that is microbial life for you by feel. Since you were never there actually, this point doesn't matter. So think of what you like and you can get it.
mydroi = tolkien, middle earth, earth existance, olde world
alite = atlantia, atlantis, etepa, ethiopia, utopia, perfect world, perfect civilization, distraction
or Land of luixury and beauty. This continent was of great delights, liesure and
creatures, also the place of the first fairy tribe, and be now called elysian fields.
Ido'geo = faith world; This is done in a world of faith, think of what you want and you could get the end result of the point that exists. So I think that this world uses the concept, the God or the creator creates what you want by doing the point with some feel. This is a point of life, when you pray or state the effect, "I wish to be there". Then you create a shift of body, that makes the effect of being there and working with the idea you find. What faith there is now, this is a point of idea that you make things and those that exist are there as divine. They create for others or yourself, if you need something. The way to not be there, this is where you pray or state, "I need not to be here." Then your somewhere you want to be instead. Have in mind what world or place you want to be and your there instead.
mre = mris, Dark unlivable island world that was once eden It was near the equator yet
is beyond the crater sea, before being washed over from four tsunamis, and the ocean rose
150 meters, leaving only the dark jungle above. Considered dark disciple, creature and vampire
hunting grounds because of prey who might visit.
n = country
niogeo = nano world; This world is similar to the subatomic world, this is where you focus the third eye and generate activity in some form there. Send some energy there to do what you need. Think to send the energy and its there where you want to do what you think. Only there is this fact that your third eye pinneal gland can manipulate it by feel. That manipulation is done by influence, this uses the crown chakra. Think of the idea and state what you want, that uses the third eye and focuses the crown chakra into creating what you want. The nano can influence the world, if you influence the nano.

The basic idea is using your mind to focus your mind, then you create by using the soul that causes the spirit to do things. So what you can do is what you think, this is a noted effect of the nano world, that appears as a vision and works like a thought. However due notice of the extremely small size, this means that you manipulate what is there and generate a form otherwise. That appears there by feel with the senses to indicate what is going on, you know things by what is done. The idea is this though, what you do there is up to your imagination. This is a point of the nano world.
pirn = suburb, city area (where you are the people and the people are you), think to escape pirn by what you do from use or area feel.
Pec'wod = Peace world; This is a place of peace, everyone lost there violent streak. So I think the idea is what you think, then the world emulates what you need by what is there. If you don't need the effect, then it disappears. So this is a point of idea, think of what you want or need and you create with what is there. This is gotten to by thinking of the world and feeling, that your there. The way to get away is the effect of thought, think your not your thoughts and you are back to where you wanted to be by feel.
plar = planar, alternate existance
plars = planetarium, planet observatory
plarsfey = fairy planetarium that has mentally manipulatable astral equipment.
ploza = plot zone (plane), any plot (story) be known, most can be acted upon with self created plots.
punki = defined hell
gasaa = superbeing world
georog = thieves world
geosupab = superbeing world
quadwod = quadrelm, An inphysical "'xhig'sahn'lagn' high tension" spirit realm containing quad material that be twice hardyness of normal, from the material plane and 2 to 4 times as strong as astral. The quad realm be very inphysical and astral yet has spirit qualities that make it seem like real where its not real. All spiritual and physic rules work with little actual need to know except the necessary points. Most people are demigoddlike with possibility to become a guardian or Astral planar being by stating it as fact that you are.
Al thats neeed be to know by need to know rule and what isn't needed be sometimes ignored.
The quad world be the definite adventuring or alternate earth world. Everything in the quad realm tends to get disgruntled if misused (misincorporated idea or bad reasoning with use) or disused (overused, overincorporated, overinterred and pushed upon others).
saageo = superhuman world, superhero world that has more violent superheroes by 5 times, this is only if necessary to stop criminals or villains than that of the villains themselves that are violent by a factor of 3. That world and world universe uses the marvel superhero universe, the idea is about the same as it is in marvel comics and movies. So think about it and do what you think is right. In order to leave the superhero world, so think about leaving the world and walk out the door. If that's how you got there, then the door frame of metal or wood should shift you back to your world that you came from with its energy. Otherwise you could use a mirror, this is looking at the mirror and stating 'shift me back' thinking of your place of existence.

The mirror magic will surge the area and the shift or teleport should happen. If you used a gate, then you can use the wood or metal frame of a doorway to shift you away. Think to the fram what you want and touch it and then walk through. This is just three ways to leave a world, most of them will sometimes work on the superhero world. There's always a 50% chance of failure if you think about failing, when your near the point of shifting. So think about this and beware of the fact.
seugeo = seauu geo, subatomic world; This world is the world that games can be made of and what you see when you focus your third eye, hand eyes or feet eyes to see in it is what is created by someones willing nature. Otherwise this is your will that is reflected there, what you may notice is mostly beauty. So think about what you want to see and it will show it there. If you want to be there, then think of it as there and where you are as here. Think a generated form is there and your able to comprehend the idea, this reflects in the language that is there.

The being that is there is what informs you by telepathy what you need to know, this is even showing you what you want to see if your third eye shows you the sending. This is not always foolproof, so be able to handle whatever comes your way.Sometimes the beings there might want to be born here, so think about a suitable parent and that is done. If you think your here, then you seem to return and your no longer aware of what happens there. This is what I noticed about the subatomic world.
sezupgeo = sezup geo, subparticle world; This world has noone in it, noone lives here so think of what you want and the influencing element in this world creates what you want by moments and visions. This world creates by the element and these are air, earth, fire, water and void among many more. The element is what you think and the point is what you get, if you know about things that exist in your world by what you do. Think about the idea and then feel the need, then the subparticles create what you usually starting with a light display, sometimes this is in the night sometimes this is in the day where its shaded. So think about that point, you then create by the idea that you have using the sub particles and quarks. The elements possible are somewhat described here, at the dragon magic school index.
siry = siring, child bearing, seers hall, the only hall to chain the seers to a rock or existance for sight and to get any desire by advanced warning. Know that half or most can channel and change events as needed. The other great seer hall be chadriinax but some report its in ruins.
sibbawind = aceto, silverwood, advanced kingdom of the elves that uses the government called democracy with a republic, this government and world has advanced toys and machines that work with a power source. You only have to go to a store or find someone with the ideal thing, that allows you to attempt and trade for it. The point being, that you could be there but think its here. This is where you came from, so there is where your visiting. The area is exitable and your spirit guided by your soul shifts you back to here, where you came from when your done visiting the places and people therein.

The thing you might notice, that is the point you always get what you request in some form or another. If not, then you must have requested something else, that means that you didn't get what you came for by feel or spirit. So if you leave and think to exit the land, use of the planet core is done and that which keeps you there dissipates away. Then you come back to yourself, this means your able to do what you can and things work out with what is done.

The thing that keeps you there and does things? The planet core, the gravity is the idea of immediance and things works by what you do or think and need. So if you think to the core, 'Teleport or shift me to whence I came or an exoplanet of my choice.' Then the planet core energy surges and you find your way back and then your where your soul decided was where you should go. This is the only actual way off of silverwood or the advanced land of the elves.
SodiarGeo = Heart world; This is the work of SH, think to use this as you want to use this as information or activity. The heart world is the soul world that is created by the formation of the heart. This exists by feel or uses with the senses, so think and anything is with the senses of the heart. Then created is the idea that you think to use things. The idea is a point that you create with by the way you think, this is where you can get a warm fuzzy feel to the area and through generation you can create anything. That is where you do self-actions, think of what you want to do things by the idea you need. The heart can create anything and time here is every 1 second outside is 1 year inside the heart world and get this, the heart has a simple brain as well. So that is what generates the results. The idea you have and think then need is what you end up with by feel, that is done if you speak or think of the idea as though an end result. By thith method, you can generate any result or idea as though a full manifest. This is a noted effect to the place, so don't take everything done as though an idea to do.
suzupsah = su zup sah, Super particle plane; The super particle plane of planetary existence is what is there with excited particles, you may call this plane a buffer area for the place or area you live in by feel. That planar area a place is an area that exists things, this area is what creates what you think and makes what you want. The area exists in the uppermost atmosphere of the planet, that is where you think things to exist and they disappear from here where you are to make themselves knowable there. If known about, then you think to get the idea that you want from there to materialize here. Then you know what you need to know about and things work as they should. If the super particle plane does exist the idea as a point, then all you need to do is use the point and the idea such as a cure works for you.
skycity = floating city, mage/magic sky city. Described here @ http://alt-sites.tripod.com/skycity.htm by my site.
T'lira'wod = The hologram world; The world as we know it is all holograms with ghosts from the dead bodies by what is there. They cooexist together, the point is a concept and its usually done by the feel or idea of things that exist. Beings run the holograms. The point is a concept though only when its acted upon by feel. This is where the world is immune to demons. The hologram world is a place you reach through thinking your there, and the creator places you there. If your conscious of energy thinks its someplace else, then the creator places you there instead. This is a unique world and what exists is what you think. However, The gods have all but left the world, so think the creator serves you and he will. What's there under the hologram? a broken planet that is created similar to earth and what is somewhat slagged by nuclear war. The satellite that is there projects the in image. The images are interactive. Think of a witty response and you get one instead.
Timbuktu = City of gold: This lies in mali on the southern edge of the sahara desert and is actually mud walled buildings now. So the illusion of the pueblo indians is the movable mudwalls, that allowed them to move their city as they wished. The first to explore the timbuktu is french explorer auguste caillie, dressed as an arab and acting himself.
tirnanog = faery world
tor = torn up, world scape
tegeowod = variant world above, merworld below
tiwod = thinworld, The world where most people are slender or thin and take no exception
to visitors. By breathing the air and taking sips you are ensured perfect slender strength
that be a superheroin in proportion. The thinworld gas and water be with a control effect
and renders the person suggestable.
tubwod = fatworld, a world 100% with fat people and due to the genetically charged air
and water aided by food, you might find it doesnt leave the body. If you enter then your
body might mutate wih each sip or bite.
Then = The end view; The world at the end, this world view is showing things. That could occur or happen, this is done unless you don't allow for the point and do things to save the idea. This world is ruled or described with the rules by the two view idea that is here with the world that's lost or gained @ http://alt-sites.tripod.com/2view.htm. Tsukiyomi = The sucking of my own mind through the eye, all it takes is eye contact to transport them into another dimension, called the Tsukiyomi; where it doesn't even require eye contact to trap them in a spell. It blinds the user little by little in the manga/anime otherwise the dimension that this was taken from, but you won't have that problem. In the other dimension, 2 weeks there = 1 second here. I do use the dimension form of it in a way that is so I can make the person see their own death, and at the moment of death, instead of dying, then will them back and they just come back to reality and collapse to their knees. I rarely even finish them off after I do it, because I only do it as a 'this is what will happen if you do attack me, now leave me alone' type of warning. This only has to be done once to make an impact. The eye will do what you need, this is as you feel the desire to do things.
Tsmogeo = The smoke land; the land of where you smoke and you create cancer, you cross over into it by thinking about things and smoking something. You can create with the smoke as you think your there. Then as you do you create with idea that your subconscious does, this seems done by the third eye and this is activated by thinking blood energy goes to the pinneal gland. Think the flow of liquid to exit from the smoke land, if you ever want to come back to the land of smokes then smoke something.
Wll'geo = Well world; The well world is the point of this world, that you think your well and work with others idea better. This is a point where the self-gravity is used idea of the world. That is what causes it to turn in circles. The well world can not easily be escaped unless you imagine yourself on a space craft, otherwise done as you think to go and escape the gravity physically. This is where you can think to die and shift to another world, that's as your gotten by the great eagle or something similar. However due note, there are men and wonen there, so I think the cops and security regulate the area you see, then the manager makes the rules. So obey and you know what is necessary.

The well world has similar physics, the idea is just another point in the lifetime you live there. Since if you can't escape it, then you end up reincarnated there by feel unless some God frees you from the place or something. How you get there is through the point of doing something wrong, then not repenting your karma energy or things to that regard. Otherwise you might end up in hell there, unless the planet shifts you to the planet of no karma. This is a point by feel idea. So think about the idea and you know what to do. Sometimes this works, if you seem to do what the rules are by feel. That are rules stated by idea that's spoken, then the subconscious frees you by what you think or feel.
via = ill world, illa, villa, town, town activity of ill city center, this city center is escapable by thinking or stating evilla or evelli meaning Eve I have to go now. Otherwise the release from this world is through the eye seeing a phrase that matches a statement, think your matching exactly some future thought.
vyd = hidden world, behind scenes, video world
vyhya = vyxhya, valhalla, warrior land, warrior heaven
twensun = uuodtwensun, world between the sun, sunland where the people of the sun be
xit = xanth, Magical land ruled the demon xanth, with a pun like language much like the
xanth novel. The entrance be the asking xanth to open the door for you to enter or go to
florida and feel for the entry by dowsing. Be warned they of xanth consider us nonmagical
mundane in mundania.
zefw = zephiroth, sky people land, harpy roost
zephiroth = sky people land, harpy roost
zupgeo = particle world; This is the world that is a world of particles, the area is what you think and bipartison in effort to work by feel. This is with an idea that means you think it and the particles rearrange themselves, that is useful to match the area influence and the point of concept that you think and feel will occur. The particles are what you think, the area is with what occurs and where you are influencing things.

The idea is the thing that you think causes the particle world to influence the real world, the feel is the senses that are used to determine what is there with the perceived perception. This uses the third eye and the other eyes, that is such as the hand eyes, this useful idea is used to create what you want if possible. If not, then the idea in use is what you think is used and things are what they are doing. This is the particle world, the results speak for themselves and he doesn't do it where she does things.

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new area section; together they made this section and bade it through necromancy

absolm = forgiven; acquittance, this is an act to forgive and work with others so you get what result you need.
atleine = suppress; suppressant, effect that allows you to not need to do things.
atlen = cooking by feel, seen no user feel
atlean = clean, cleaner
atlein = loan, cook with light, cookeria
atloan = place, placement meant as the place or point
aleain = place item by ideal place, crockery
atleeir = fruit, balancing point, creativity
atloir = loitre, activity with a point
lean = trust
atleanir = loan use by the animal intuition, loan user or use is used information
atleir = creation point, with entertainment
atluo = mortal use, mortality by education
delier = bye, bite, discriminate or ignore
delour = leaving point, alchemy by herb use feeling with drinking water
dilour = levying, levy or music
dileur = sight use, slight en use
deluir = area use
deloiren = used area
duloitre = stupid activity, uu is removal of the point by activity
deloitre = point out, no stupidity activity
delaitre = thinking thats active use, activity use, delete use
delaitric = character activity, characteristic
delatrei = later actions by used entertaining thought
delaitre = olde oath, no olden, this is use by your point
deloitrein = ne fight

delatrai = love
delatrie = deliberate
delabre = work or debilitate
nehi = nei, neigh, neither, no or nitrogen oxygen, not, not now
u = no; not, -

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