The expressions, of which show what a person thinks. the dash can also be
replaced with a (.) period. counts as a pause. Said as example: a-o = (are one), If you want to add the extra meaning or word, add it by a "'" or tick mark. Like b-e'ic for becoming bored in character. o.o =
(oh oh).

a-a = make stop
a-e = halfhearted, half heart flow
a-i = helping out
a-o = happening
a-u = active
a-y = why act?

e-a = halted
e-e = becoming bored
e-i = set aside
e-o = eye out, its out
e-u = ignored
e-y = whyever?

i-a = on route, included
i-e = procedure
i-i = be adapted
i-o = all else
i-u = apart
i-y = including in

o-a = like similiar
o-e = close to it, closely linked, overeager
o-i = helping make a difference
o-o = seek otherwise, surprise
o-u = comparison
o-y = make notice

u-a = complaint
u-e = unique
u-i = molding
u-o = on you
u-u = in use, wonderment
u-y = belonging to?

y-a = questioning
y-e = coming late, latent
y-i = group addition
y-o = turned on
y-u = after usage
y-y = curiosity

b-b = upstaged, surprised
c-c = electrified
d-d = credible
f-f = mapped out
g-g = great importance
h-h = heating up
j-j = in favor of
k-k = felt
l-l = forever
m-m = time of month
n-n = hillbilly, country person
p-p = power user
q-q = stun
r-r = forward motion
s-s = slowing down
t-t = allowance
v-v = review, happy
w-w = stiffened
x-x = boosted
z-z = range

a-b = switch focus
a-c = active current
a-d = deducted, vital death
a-f = decree, actively
a-g = intent
a-h = heat up
a-j = unblock
a-k = unfeeling
a-l = permenance
a-m = date
a-n = united nation
a-p = application
a-q = quietness
a-r = moving action
a-s = slow acting
a-t = within acting
a-v = double check
a-w = root beer, coat
a-x = extreme, insuring
a-z = security

e-b = focus
e-c = bring charge
e-d = intuitive, intelligent
e-f = dismissed
e-g = offhand, lefthand, otherhandedly
e-h = heat exchange, heat dissipation
e-j = eject
e-k = deadened sense
e-l = extra long
e-m = very accurate, momentous
e-n = tolerate
e-p = error
e-q = dampen
e-r = flow, heart
e-s = becoming, esteem
e-t = pardon
e-v = rising star
e-w = shine, gloss
e-x = special
e-z = easy

i-b = achieve
i-c = invoice
i-f = past inclusion
i-g = agreement
i-h = warmth
i-j = break down
i-k = not feel
i-l = permanent
i-m = make a date
i-n = import
i-p = additional, personal address
i-q = quieting
i-r = progressing
i-s = introducing
i-t = meeting, new introduction
i-v = life flow
i-w = enamel, aging
i-x = benefits
i-z = inside area

o-b = smart
o-c = undissappointed, oh see
o-d = overdose, dead, deceased
o-f = out family (extra family)
o-g = oh good, relief, oh gee
o-h = single bond
o-j = just, justice
o-k = emotional bond
o-l = oil, boring
o-m = on me, oh my
o-n = oh no!, turn on
o-p = oh please, output
o-q = plentiful, quiet down (voice agitation)
o-r = eye out, ore
o-s = overweight, weighty
o-t = call, point out
o-v = overview, overweigh
o-w = reconsider, oww!
o-x = carry on
o-z = ground crawley, ground mist

u-b = pointed
u-c = seeing, see
u-d = removal
u-f = selected
u-g = self-importance
u-h = warming
u-j = blockage removal
u-k = dulled
u-l = durable, duration
u-m = your date
u-n = national image
u-p = applied
u-q = be quiet
u-r = progressing
u-s = slow
u-t = able, talent
u-v = sight
u-w = skin
u-x = double
u-z = zoning out

y-b = resolve
y-c = residue
y-d = reduced
y-f = afterward, whereto?
y-g = after effect
y-h = heat circulation
y-j = glowing
y-k = very hot
y-l = outlast
y-m = romance
y-n = ruin
y-p = coverup
y-q = sneak
y-r = moving after
y-s = tired, fatigued
y-t = placed there
y-v = check
y-x = extreme
y-z = secure

b-a = stopping, switch back
b-e = otherwhere
b-i = linking
b-o = body odor, noticed difference
b-u = controlled
b-y = on focus

c-a = short
c-e = excepting
c-i = stampede, charging
c-o = credit, credited
c-u = energy use, charging it, transaction
c-y = line load, transferrence

d-a = stopping point
d-e = reasoning
d-i = including
d-o = deduced, self-reasoned
d-u = identify
d-y = discovery

f-a = stop
f-e = likely place
f-i = build onto
f-o = track, coordinates
f-u = versatile
f-y = guiding

g-a = downfall
g-e = famed
g-i = legend
g-o = known for it
g-u = behest, influence
g-y = prejudice

h-a = heat shield
h-e = heat exchange
h-i = buildup
h-o = engulf
h-u = ignitition
h-y = heat manipulation

j-a = excuses
j-e = devoted, devotee, goal oriented
j-i = proven
j-o = proof
j-u = alibi
j-y = not listening

k-a = accepted, call off
k-e = jack of all trades, good at all
k-i = average, kill count
k-o = agreed, kill off
k-u = trouble, problem
k-y = recovered

l-a = last stop
l-e = late comer
l-i = late addition
l-o = at last, your turn
l-u = last turn
l-y = last in line

m-a = calendar
m-e = monthly activity
m-i = annualy
m-o = date
m-u = monthly use
m-y = ushering

n-a = crisis
n-e = anywhere
n-i = inclusion, migrate
n-o = county
n-u = national use
n-y = congressional

p-a = short
p-e = applicable usage
p-i = increment
p-o = filter
p-u = stinky, stink
p-y = fluix

q-a = bang
q-e = mostly quiet
q-i = quieter, silencer
q-o = silence
q-u = sneaking
q-y = quietlly asking

r-a = ground to a halt
r-e = momentum
r-i = accelerated, sped
r-o = moving vehicle, car
r-u = movement
r-y = guidance sticks

s-a = slow to stop
s-e = crawling, sore eye
s-i = slow input, slowly adding
s-o = slow turn on, low
s-u = used up slowly, sucky
s-y = slow motion, ask why

t-a = barring, locking
t-e = tough luck, thiefs luck
t-i = working out
t-o = rude
t-u = roughen
t-y = attitude

v-a = cancel view, vet
v-e = scrying
v-i = coming into view
v-o = seance
v-u = viewing
v-y = point out

w-a = remove coat
w-e = view range, with everything
w-i = come into range
w-o = sight see
w-u = sight
w-y = moving picture, picturing

x-a = quick stop
x-e = extra additions
x-i = additionally
x-o = boost
x-u = additional work
x-y = gesticulation

z-a = slow zone, hazard area
z-e = allowance
z-i = added security
z-o = electrical grid
z-u = practice area
z-y = stage

b-b = small metal projectile, pellet ball shot, projected shot
b-c = energy focus
b-d = glimpse
b-f = strengthen
b-g = titanic, stunning
b-h = high efficiency
b-j = need, desired
b-k = intent
b-l = focusing on
b-m = attuning
b-n = achieve, goal reach
b-p = magnetic
b-q = intense
b-r = group interest
b-s = training
b-t = toughen
b-v = quintet, scene
b-w = black and white, bias
b-x = terse
b-z = trying, annoyance

c-b = radio, remote
c-c = cautiousness, caution
c-d = account, cash deduction, see death
c-f = buildup
c-g = electrocardiogram, electrode
c-h = amplify
c-j = accounting
c-k = gratitude
c-l = last one
c-m = summer
c-n = war
c-p = charged field
c-q = potent
c-r = motorized, drawn movement
c-s = slow feed
c-t = exactness
c-v = mystifying, engrossing
c-w = wax
c-x = extreme
c-z = recharger

d-b = withdrawn
d-c = drawing current, battery cell
d-d = deductable, payed on
d-f = deductible, funding increase
d-g = fame, famous
d-h = cooling
d-j = reasoning
d-k = kill count
d-l = download
d-m = siezmic, math, mathematical
d-n = total, gross amount
d-p = leaking, power usage
d-q = soundless
d-r = tracking
d-s = deep thought, subconscious
d-t = counting
d-v = speculating, detailing
d-w = subtract
d-x = extract
d-z = destruction

f-b = moving cause
f-c = generation
f-d = intuition, deduce
f-f = pass down, inherit
f-g = time travel
f-h = gauge
f-j = travel
f-k = no time, nothing
f-l = outlast
f-m = pms
f-n = phone, wire communication
f-p = foot pound
f-q = silence factor, measured silence
f-r = moving event
f-s = slowing down
f-t = free time
f-v = picture, imagine
f-w = painting time
f-x = special effect
f-z = distance, measure

g-b = past
g-c = gray scale
g-d = important find
g-f = family, girlfriend
g-g = amazement
g-h = energy field
g-j = explanation
g-k = exploit
g-l = last place
g-m = weight
g-n = interest
g-p = electricity
g-q = gazette, burden
g-r = purpose
g-s = weighing
g-t = personal
g-v = personal viewpoint
g-w = coating
g-x = add-on, additionally
g-z = trial

h-b = hobo, wanderer
h-c = electricity
h-d = heat vent
h-f = air conditioner
h-g = volcanic vent
h-h = joule, heat degree
h-j = cold protection
h-k = cold
h-l = warmth
h-m = calorie
h-n = area warmth
h-p = heating unit
h-q = exhaust, waste
h-r = heat exchange
h-s = warm up
h-t = personal warmth
h-v = embuance sight, heat vision
h-w = heat treat
h-x = heat generation, heater
h-z = tempermental

j-b = clear focus, clearing, job
j-c = restore vision
j-d = restore thought
j-f = unblock location
j-g = uprising, greatness road
j-h = live flow
j-j = open channel, listening
j-k = kill life, deaden
j-l = continuus restore
j-m = unhindered
j-n = uncrowded
j-p = unlimited
j-q = remove silence
j-r = free movement
j-s = slowly remove blockage
j-t = remove blockage, unblock area
j-v = restore sight
j-w = unburdensome
j-x = clearance
j-z = safe zone

k-b = force kill
k-c = long range death
k-d = deed
k-f = poison area, poisonous
k-g = great death
k-h = strangle
k-j = disbelief
k-k = unappealing
k-l = lingering death
k-m = good weight
k-n = 2nd rate, prideless
k-p = turn off, power switc
k-q = broken silence
k-r = stop
k-s = weight loss
k-t = assasinate
k-v = stop looking
k-w = strip
k-x = filter
k-z = sentiment, craze, suicide

l-b = meditation
l-c = duracell, durable energy
l-d = drain
l-f = ancient
l-g = famous
l-h = oven, cooking
l-j = standing reason, law
l-k = lasting friendship, permenant death
l-l = everlast
l-m = memory
l-n = state, lasting country
l-p = high efficiency energy
l-q = stillness
l-r = forced march
l-s = sluggish
l-t = immortal
l-v = reminescent, reminder
l-w = wax
l-x = extra long
l-z = eternal area

m-b = time dive, discovery
m-c = waiting period
m-d = age test, quality check
m-f = time of event, date
m-g = historical moment
m-h = carbon dating, animal magnetism
m-j = attraction, appreciation
m-k = appointment
m-l = fifty years, last date
m-m = date system, calendar
m-n = up-to-date, lust
m-p = time, schedule change
m-q = hidden date, blind date
m-r = reschedule, relationship
m-s = scale, romance
m-t = dater
m-v = documentation, viewpoint
m-w = carbon
m-x = good relation
m-z = first date, first base

n-b = relation
n-c = renewed, revision
n-d = end point, parallel
n-f = locating
n-g = artist, famous people
n-h = bioenergy
n-j = reason
n-k = murder, acceptance
n-l = quality people
n-m = scale, balance
n-n = countryside
n-p = workforce
n-q = corrupt
n-r = civilization
n-s = lifetime
n-t = socialist
n-v = narrow-minded
n-w = mask, clothing
n-x = new people
n-z = social

p-b = spell, power field, will force
p-c = personal computing
p-d = invention
p-f = useful work
p-g = manipulation, politics
p-h = physics
p-j = explanation
p-k = personal gain
p-l = last attempt
p-m = coordinate location
p-n = appliance
p-p = work
p-q = piqued curiosity
p-r = telekinesis
p-s = overwhelm
p-t = applicant
p-v = write down, draw
p-x = exceeding
p-z = direction, energy strip

q-b = spot light, q-beam
q-c = stop target
q-d = finding out
q-f = area silence
q-g = counter
q-h = cloaking silence
q-j = mental reviewing
q-k = nod of agreement
q-l = everlasting silence
q-m = somber mood
q-n = heroic death, silent time
q-p = awe
q-q = quiet, surprising, no sound
q-r = ninjato, silently move
q-s = sneaking
q-t = supersonic, awe inspiring
q-v = inspiring
q-w = soundproof
q-x = breathtaking
q-z = cuisine, edible food

r-b = forced run
r-c = calvary charge, please save me
r-d = canonfodder, doomed meeting
r-f = advance march, advancement
r-g = destiny march
r-h = heat wave
r-j = convince me
r-k = attack move, incited attack
r-l = last wave, nears the end
r-m = forward march, ongoing
r-n = orderly march, keep going
r-p = slowly go forward
r-q = silent death
r-r = track, ghost
r-s = slow crawl
r-t = keep moving, move on
r-v = reserved, reservation
r-w = training, go ahead, reverse
r-x = energy burst, sudden energy
r-z = slow zone, sticky stuff, binding idea, tar

s-b = slow going
s-c = slow down
s-d = figuring out
s-f = slow fuse
s-g = gaining fame slow
s-h = welling heat, shamfaced
s-j = confess
s-k = slowly kill, stopping
s-l = prolong, momentary suspence
s-m = timeless
s-n = dying country, slow death
s-p = going to a halt, going nowhere
s-q = becoming quit
s-r = slowly stop
s-s = encumber, moving slow
s-t = slowing down, getting boring
s-v = becoming stupid
s-w = drying out
s-x = very sluggish
s-z = safety zone

t-b = focusing
t-c = energy focus
t-d = acting
t-f = popularity
t-g = action
t-h = generation, drawing forth
t-j = knowing it
t-k = desiring
t-l = last one, intrigued
t-m = do the math, think about it
t-n = personal trait
t-p = power flow, trashing house
t-q = disturbance
t-r = parting, giving way
t-s = worsen
t-t = recording
t-v = moving picture, television
t-w = covering
t-x = more of it, more of the same
t-z = secure, self-image

v-b = reminiscent, past memory
v-c = wishing this
v-d = scenic
v-f = momentous
v-g = changing
v-h = heat radiance
v-j = factual story
v-k = emotionless
v-l = at last, moments arrival
v-m = balance scale
v-n = counting
v-p = humming
v-q = vanquishing
v-r = moving
v-s = weighing
v-t = outside
v-v = sight seeing
v-w = surface
v-x = costing more
v-z = security

x-b = intrigue
x-c = generator
x-d = investigating
x-f = eruption, special effects
x-g = meeting
x-h = heater
x-j = story telling
x-k = killing, nominal
x-l = lasting charge
x-m = monthly activity
x-n = random
x-p = propulsion, experience
x-q = unheard people, unvoiced opinion
x-r = x-ray, electrical generation
x-s = slow generation
x-t = extra thing like privacy or other thing, ecstacy, extacy
x-v = graphical diplay, screen
x-w = radioactive
x-x = extreme, burst
x-z = activity zone, special activity

z-b = securing
z-c = toll booth, charging access
z-d = stripping area, strip search
z-f = secured area
z-g = high security
z-h = energy grid
z-j = protection, service
z-k = black out
z-l = prison, abstract
z-m = security perimeter
z-n = forum
z-p = energy zone
z-q = radio silence, silent messaging
z-r = manuever, coordinated movement
z-s = school zone
z-t = influence
z-v = control center
z-w = coat rack
z-x = creativity center
z-z = cruising, gliding

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The prefixes, are added to the front of the words with a ` and the prefixes are
past/future tense verbs. the words above can also be used as prefixes applied
with an ed.
EX: c`enta = charged last (c-eat-nt-a)
EX: a`za = stopped energy charge.(ate-z-ate)

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The suffixes, are applied as in the end of the word with a ' character. these
are plural and present action verbs with the meanings added to the word. the
words above can also be used as suffixes applied with a s.
EX: tar'ix = contains (t-hair-ix)

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The affixes, are the letters that use a dash at the end to make the action verbs
beside the magic case. these are interactive meanings of past, present and future. The words
above can also be used as affixes. Applied as an ing.
EX: zap-o = aiming energy charge on

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Action intent phrase words, with intent words, the () focuses intent of a capitol letter
and -- focuses a subject meaning, Forming a focused meaning. To say the word, be to stress the
letter, like (A) in Ace. Some use -words- and stick the subject in. The -word- is interesting as
its Action phrase -A- intention.

(A) = action, active
(E) = letter, mail
(I) = curiosity, imagination
(O) = time
(U) = emotional, focused on you, unstable, dissatisfaction, heart broken
(Y) = withdrawal, nonandsed, wild (anything)

(B) = beer, alcoholic beverage
(C) = stew, frustration, copyright
(D) = wine, drunk
(F) = flower
(G) = gift
(H) = hot, passionate
(J) = justify, excuse me
(K) = kiss
(L) = love, lazy
(M) = mine, personal
(N) = numb
(P) = picture
(Q) = silent, silence
(R) = colorful, rainbow
(S) = sunlight, light
(T) = work, target
(V) = view, look at you
(W) = rose
(X) = woman
(Z) = man
-?- = any subject with -a- -word-

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Argument words are words that create the argument effect, in the mind, in body.
Arguments start with arg and then the letter. Ex: arg-c (arg-c)

arg-a = take action, showing intent, show interest
arg-e = name the exception, excuse
arg-i = intelligent argument, self-interest
arg-o = work around, "another way" argument
arg-u = blaming argument, blame-game
arg-y = wild, anything happens argument

arg-b = switch places, be the person argument
arg-c = see vision, chaotic, revealing argument
arg-d = fated, death argument
arg-f = family arguement, failing argument
arg-g = good thing, good ideas argument
arg-h = emotional, hitting argument
arg-j = prove yourself arguement, boast argument
arg-k = killing, "right-word" argument
arg-l = long, well thought out argument
arg-m = personal, moody argument
arg-n = no argument, passive argument
arg-p = smelling, repulsion argument
arg-q = quiet, mild argument
arg-r = motivational, opposite argument
arg-s = slow, repressed argument
arg-t = joined, hot argument
arg-v = understood, sight argument
arg-w = good, debate, balanced argument
arg-x = highly emotional, abuse argument
arg-z = avoidance, deliberate argument

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The netherese section
Neth sect
Use any meaning above, the "\" means that since they didn't have medicine at the time, they didn't need it. See, this is done to redirect energy wise back to the person for this section as a normal meaning but add an adverted or adjunct idea by what you think for it. the abberred meaning and in listening its the listing as the ; be a separator mark meaning that you tend to follow the natural progressor for normal idea to negative or energetic idea like norm; energetic is logical or illogic thought. Its also a progession of a normal effect and then the point is overloaded effect. They, the netherese can define their natural selves by many idea except the states then you know of mind that be with what they might do as in alternate mental states or natural personalities and otherwise their not counted as scherlosis victim with minds as you or they can tell what they do and not the multiple minds victim. Now the cross aternative be to the netherese "sit across from you", to be ignored as the backstabbers and treated the same or similiar in meeting. This is done as a possible means, if the person matches the self and be treated. That is used as though an alternate self or whatever entices them is what causes reaction:

The alter ego and "negative self", is an alter evil or alternative world scene;
The inter, the interior, interloper, interpreter, interior "I" world, normal self thats a misfit; The abject, abhor, innate false bone (as ntraceable), adjunct monster, adverse;
The exper, deter/mined, invertive self, faery type person of expertise, expert self;
The exter, high bone spirit, external, possessive being that poses a threat and hinders if threatened in body but helps out otherwise, personality;

The diseases are sometimes normal but mostly magical as their energy is using body of higher energy in degree, in negative and sometimes positive when the low energy point be noted by control of the wildness or whats the point by negative energy or -E, with more control of wild nature the lower the negative with more of the positive energy +E; here from where they live. So your not getting the negattive or emotional result with more positive energy. As E is a balancing regulation, by force manipulation with activity. If you want more info, then your just going to have to live with it or your going to have to live there or delve by developing their idea into the other possible resources.
Quote by a black guy named Simmon "Crazy be to appeal; to look crazy be to act it out and be responsible. So say stop looking crazy to make senses to a crazy man."

metacilf = netacilf, meditucilf, negcilf, negative elf, netherese, nether elf, Ever expandable chaos elf made of pure dark matter born into the world as a form of choice with void substance, they are called into existance by need, desire. they represent nothing but what they want as the personal desire and will can do anything if its in their desire by or with religion. See they can only manipulate chaos, and by chaos anything else through chaos and distributive disturbance. Where the called being be like a seen doppleganger to the caller, except it acts like a clone. To others they appear as if the summoner in appearance, unless it desires to appear like other forms. Its only defenses to be in form anything at will through a manifest that astounds people. Most netheril can make any event to occur from whom they want. If you beat them they do a service. They think in reverse due to their voidlike read as materialism or objectivity in nature as they tend to use chaos to appear good. So with void as their source, their attitude be based on the edge and attack of some sort like of diseases and disruption of diseases. So take something from them to make them believe they are controlled, unless their assured it can't be used or aware of the trick. The religious class ruleand allow others to rule themselves as a form of silent subjucation.

What they touch or brush, they absorb the energy of. They kill or ignore those who aid them unless they are respected, loved. Those they disrepect they torture, and those they dislike they humiliate. Most fools don't stay near as they fear to go near and they fear the power that they have. their enemies are deranged crazymen or madmen risking for ability and power, alongside dragons and elves, which they desire to torture on sight if they so desire. On sight of each other, their be instant hate that be saved for later or alleviated for disturbance of sorts. their basic technique is to do things and get fun out of it or not do it, and their fun consists of almost torment except when they hunt. Nevertheless, its a thrill they seek for self-enjoyment.

They are the dream person to watch as you only have to speak what they fantasize on to get them to agree. To get them to be greedy mention wealth or gain. They hunt criminals for the fun of it, so make them laugh and they relent. Sometimes as God there be the Magic God/dess of some form like eiah, or Du'ellan Macleurz (dcleur) among many others under him/her, to worship all be needed be a mention. The day/night timing be on a 19 hours per day clock with 9 1/2 or 9.5 hours day or night. their money be 1/10 of a cent, be vasgr or be a c'ent (as 10 cent) and pure lead silver as 10 cents per queic'ent clay coin 6 1/3 cm or claeicent. d'ime or daicent be 25 cents (1 quarter). quaglmiert (religiously rich), of 1c (one hundred cents) or 10000 $. Most be for barter but fair trade be enforced. Trade treaties can just about do anything. 'Did you know a lead cent allows for ultimate protection from magic and bandits for neceesary demise. A paengrhiel be a cookie or painstick as coalstick.' From this I derive a siegl or oppoite or ultimate ability in oppressive power. Stoi'lgim is a flamestick. For more language idea, take a look at the drow language which is here @ http://www.eilistraee.com/chosen/language.php.

Heres a few things to help define them.

dealm = demon world: 1. It forms as a vision, called aun, hell in an eternal death world with a
torture palace of death out of time and once death sorcerors of asyria or asria, 2. The conditions
of kingdom hell were sheol as hellish or pzrr, similiar to the netherland and don't forget nether
as a pocket plane for netherese.

faaeis = sohn, son, younger person, Vii, vindictive person (burnadette), cruel dusk of darkness;
fyrfloa: 1. fire flower, 2. disohn as disvahn or disown, 3. veisohn or murder, murdohc, 4. wels/h,
veiled world destruction as a cruel/ty fate, 5. fathereis, priest or pope, 6. property tax as property
close/ure, 7. honored one, 8. father, God.

maaeis = mothereis: 1. mother, sister, 2. manipulation, 3. Goddess; Daiehn: 1. deaeihgna or astounding,
2. daughter, 3. dawn, a new day, 4. blessed, 5. veipahn, disregard feel.

mad = moraless: 1. crazy, 2. compliment, 3. inconsolable or not satiable, 5. dischivrolous;
uncontrolled: 1. angry, 2. mindless, 3. not able to think, 4. automatic motion, 4. unconconscious
motion, 5. insane and destructive.

nut = voi/d of sanity: 1. nuth, 2. hill of beans (a big nothing), 3. nothing, 4. hidden feeling,
5. a personal madness, 6. insanity from stern motion or abstinate, 7. sane; not enough /to worry
about: 1. hunger, 2. crazy from distrust, 3. live with another thing or person to accept, 4. acceptance
of thought.

eiah = sacred: 1. sacred tree, 2. holy, 3. death tree or necromancer tree, 4. snob as godlike
being whose similiar with limits or princess; deity: 1. deis, god, servicing gaurdian, 2. deya,
goddess or jealous guardian where jealousy, where nothing won't rule them if nothing is worth
it or its the right aura, mongoddess, planet (as moon or other), Moongoddess, 3. guardian eis.

lyntet = life intent: just, lineage, life meaning where life be loyal to itself, to get a
reaction even if inert or nothing and just be as damned; life adver'sial or life advocacy
and adversity: greed: To gain any object or chance with or without detrubte (destruction) by
many means. To avoid insanity by not thinking of the person or yourself with the cause but of
the effect or state of how to do somethings and you can cast a spell without bad side effects.

sayy = loyal to the moment (as sanity), sane; shane, loyal to the self (as selfish).

earebud = energy rebound,  have a buildup of excess energy or negative resource to focus
into an action to cause an occurance on any object in site or sight, to channel the change by energy more in use of the visualized scene of the object changing to another or
a scenic change. Then feel the energy unleashed to change the object or scene. Use
words to "channel" the effort and cause the shift by influence of one thing to another.
The phrase may seem positive but spoken negative, gets, the adjunct or inverted effort.
Another word for derogative meaning, that effects immediate with positive idea in
the area where the negative tends to overload or cancel and what cancels, disappears
completely. The negative is the thing that happens once, its what it does to people
that makes it seem like white violence.

methcoakiyry = netherese code of chivalry, for fun play games of life and death where in a business deal
don't assault. Where its allowed use what you can and repair where possible as life be sacred, sacrificed,
and objects be a protected tool. On impossible moments make demands to get the effort of stopping the war
(any), and don't do much except make the person laugh as it can be considered a threat. They take life
serious and as a duty, so serious its a game to play by others rules created by life experience. Including
a stranded few by life in itself. In serious malicious motion stand still without humour and think go away
to the horror, harryr, or harrier person. To accept commands in life or death, moments of circumstances and
otherwise vicious cycles. Live for ingenuity and pleasure from activity. Bring your own desire and materials
with you and don't lose unless you can't take a fall. To seek the thrill of the moment, till a fall occurs.
Be near a loved one and they might not beat you up, so for the life of God be worthy and don't self-proclaim
as its a religious zealots duty.

reva = raver, one who creates music to revere, priveleged as in policy; exchange: set back.

methke = cilfdedke, netake, netherese language key, take the common or normal meaning
in your language for the translated phrase and use the adjunct meaning; adverse that is
reverse or different thought with same form thats visible and considered visible opposite,
or inverse meaning of translation; opposite form and same idea except for negative meanings
which translated straight with adjunct things that often not get noted for use by the disturbing
effect, distinct or used. The y be hardly stated and in front its not heard like yijing be
i-jing or philosophy of bone. Any noun be an active noun with no endings. This considered
with slang as its close.

By use of negative energy one can derive the netherese effects, by this I
mean the nether meanings come into manifest. The phrase may seem positive and solid but
spoken negative as pawned or given out with self need or desire by emotional negative and
gets the derogative meaning, that effects immediate with positive idea in the area where
the negative tends to renege as overload or cancel out what cancels no it dissipates to
disappear, completely! The idea this portrays be the carry over effect to monsterously
create a physical effort known as pervart with overstrain by persuasion or perversion
(pervort(c)). To know a effect or know any of it be to transfer it on an action of transferred
motion (c) by action with the element represented. Maybe that should be it as its not
actually seen but heard.

A notation for quotation by anonymous "Acceptance, a chance, dejection be assault and with
apology be hate or emotion. With love be an acceptance of hate and only in/with a country that
allows forgivance. With hate be suicide of objects, or by restoring of positive when they the hater
be not ready. When given time, they attain a goal of sorts and out of sorts they talk but then also
be acceptance of sorts. Some can/are only happy if people hate them or to get a disliked effect,
The idea was started a few thousand years ago and has a less effect nowadays. Like for enlightnment,
to learn by self and taught by others becomes to be insight and yet the insight carries over to
become dejection or control by denied effort. Your able to push someone with insight to become
someone else. The sayings be sometimes related to this, but like a lack in a day this be no fair
moment and on a fair day we rely on lack of a good thing so try not as you will to use animals.

The use of punctuation be possible, except the end seclusion marks and brackets,

() = of, focus, opinion.
{} = is, support of raw data as info, contns (as contain).
<> = or, seclusion, whatever supported.
= be eq, same place.

Where the "of" be in place of (). Most netherese be allerical, literal but used metaphorically
its bonny when written down, but when spoken its both or general unless its specific. Almost
always pronounce the last letter with a unflat sound. The word changes are different per
Netherese and Atlantean. Anything of Netherese be by self or things done by self. Anything
of Atleantian be object oriented, Anything of elven be action based. Anything of human is
associative and negative based. Anything of dragon be harsh in form, the noun is the verb
in certain cases.

-en = appended to consonant or vowel, plurus (plural), replaces -e, -uis, -us, -es, -iex,
-s, -ix, -x
-ehe = a-cas (active case), declentive verb, same meaning or unchangeable idea also used
for numbers.
-or = detrior (distribution), transphased moment or recorded movement.
-ar = persor (personal) case (I, you, us, them, of this) or possesive like can't.
-an = U-cas, undecisive case, a word that acts as a placebo, it doesn't declare anything but
takes the place, An undeclarus or undeclared word. Like depictan for depiction (sight on description)
where -ion be -an.
-ant = invorcer (invocative) case, the case where feelings are shown and acts as if shouted.
Like aloromaiant or pacify in unriched sound!
-ent = indiclative (indicative) case like this or that be indicated or thent (this indicates) or
7th (syint).
-is = denotes a noun like a proper name but it has to be capitolized, AE clancy be Clancyis or
-it = any other case, -ed, -ing, -ly, lidit
- = used to combine any two words that are unchangeable in meaning or hard to pronounce.
aaica = edging or sharpen; cook/ing pot, chalice.
aaya = america (comes from uni'li'vand): 1. united land /area or kingdom, 2. unite by knowledge or detail,
3. "united we stand or stink."; miracle: 1. terror by nightmare, 2. buy off, 3. warfare or junk it, 4. claim
from adjustment, 5. judge by conspiracy.
abnorm = abnormal, abnormal force, adverse from what be supposed or thought of; opposite of what is
supposed and in negative energy.
abput = before putting, prepackaged; consider/ation
adini = undiminish, undimish, forever diminish; distinguish as eliminate, fallacy or cause understood
afimae = disbif affirmation: 1. affirmed idea, 2. fixed stance or fix by fire, 3. support of sorts, 4. affirmitive,
5. agree upon, 6. belief; disbelief fro' dis'blief: 1. daily belief, 2. daily affirmation, 3. conformed
idea, 4. daily problem, 5. corrected idea by support info, 6. taught info, 7. fatten up, 8. gain.
ae'usedtub = ae'usedtobe, protracted motion in progress; protractive animation.
aihi = aim high, aim hi, up high, in the air; good attack, good all around.
aiho = ailo, aim low, aim lo, low to ground, bring low; bad assault.
ang = listen: 1. lesson, 2. disposition, knowledge, 3. angry learn; unadvisable usage
ansoain = bitter mistress; distress
ansouihn = misery (depiction of terror or horror); drug (free)
aoba = amoeba, shapeless; loose movement (movement of shape)
ebrnga = bring: 1. harmbringer, 2. horror bringer, 3. a demon that brings harm to the intended victim not
unless needed, 4. bring w/energy except with synergetics, 'bring with energy for luck' by plumber; just desert
or result: 1. a victim of some ill magic, 2. unreasonableu, like discovery, 3. still learning/ed, remember/ed.
arkne = darkness; pooled strength: insanity: 1. dark revealed energy), 2. reasonable contract or
reason of forbearance, 3. poisonous fumes or insanity, 4. justice deserved/deservance, 5. know
brutality and braums procedure, 6. brawels' procedure, unfortune on procedure by some means like
disposition in chance fight/eating.
au = asome: 1. assume, 2. assumption, 3. to bring idea from the logical course, 4. asshole or fake
pushed assumption without penitence, 5. ao (as forever), gold; bad seed: 1. accede, give up by show
(of faith), 2. show up, 3. illogic, illogical thought, 4. sesame or bird seed that draws a bird
and/or sesame on a bun.
auger = visionary, one that doesn't have anything to do with a topic but does anyway from sight;
othersight; porportion (as belief), anaugra (as belief).
aura = influence defense field, Ever manipulated influence field of the body thats powered by
soul and reinforced by spirit (influenced). It can control anything in an area but not everywhere,
unless linked by effort and tech. This might prove to the honest observer how powerful the aura
really is; Aura of control, contrl aura as where the aura influence causes ( as coaxes) reactions.
abyee = ambitious, ambitiousness, a goal to derive a way to getting your way; damnation: 1. jinx,
2. abyss, 3. hell, 4. pzurr; 5. void as of absolute madness or suicide, 6. purity by insanity
(dangerous activity while thinking its safe.?).
activ = symposium, action based; mental action
aloromai = make up, influence; pacify
amandea = amarandea, free conscious, Senses that allow the "wasp" conscious to fly and explore;
constrain (hold down).
amandia = amarandia, thought control, attractive notion like natures beauty; beastly action
ambuin = embrace, hug, blood draw, bloody distrust, let whatever it be go; mental intrusion:
1. lose faith, 2. treachery and turn, 3. insanity or crazy, 4. blood trust, 5. insecure,
6. plagarization.
amb'rail'ic = pity, foolish action; envictimize: 1. punish uncaring people, 2. push off, 3. hatred.
ambrail = friendship, tricked trust; respect of amazement or demand
ambroi = amb, amber, embrace; quick movement to maim.
amo = amore, amount, love, romance or positive dinner chat; epidemic: 1. lore, 2. easy disease, virus
3. incessant or unceasable.
ange = attack angel: 1. death by an element like firing, 2. angellica, 3. debusche (as beer mustache),
4. inhibitive drug; depends: 1. anger, 2. ruinous being, 3. death angel, 4. fallen being thats saintlike
as an ancient creature with great powers.
ana = anon, action noun (act of negative energy not now yours): 1. The depicted verb word actively thought
on thats not a verb, view word representing a shifting idea. If not focused then the action noun be unknown;
anoen: 1. great disturbance of reverse energy, 2. by default, it be anonymous due to some disaster, 3. drive
in thief as a type of disturbance to create an attrocity, 4. increasement by appeasement to gather information.
anx = annex or long distance exile mission; anxiety (anxous motion)
arabia = heretic; controlled freedom (strained action)
arbitz = arby: 1. arbies, 2. argue/ment, 3. feud by physical arguement, fud as food, banquet, or fudge;
demand as demonstration: 1. on demand by necessity, 2. specialty.
ardtug = hard to get, pull down; indelicate: 1. dedicate, 2. delicate/delicattesan, 3. dessert.
ardwe (rdwe) = hardware: 1. object, 2. objective thinking; void gate: 1. material creation, 2. flood
askella = askance; question answerer, ask anything
at = near, from, fro'; shift view: 1. things that reflect the shifting world, 2. world view that acts like
a shift when scenes of the world are play acted on stage, 3. by self acting to achieve with role choices.
aiam = as I am, as of now, as I still am, is; as made: how I am, so I am as made, living, seduce.
aiwit = airwitt: 1. as I want 2. to or to be; airwit: 1. toward (hotness), 2. burning up in flame.
aut = adult, A mature person without vindictiveness and allot of patience; audist/autist: smooth natured and
non-violent with vindictive goal.
Asthe = aether: 1. material or materia to manipulate or materialize at necessity, 2. self-accumulate,
to acquire things or knowledge; slender: 1. build of body, body type, 2. zealot court, crazy court with
insane lawyers of idea but not actions.
asveltu = adventure, as the wheel turns, life renewal; very bad death or carmegeddon.
awd = award: 1. land, 2. sword or item, fullfillment; gurr/ing: 1. rabid, 2. wild nature.
awety = advantage: 1. dumb, 2. to win, 3. derive, 4. get effect by effort; uptake: 1. concentration,
2. overweighty, 3. consideration by understanding.
b'lif = believe, be alive, self-support/ive fro' "coipt'b`seit'cace" or denial of consequence, self-belief;
malignant: 1. deciever, 2. false belief, 3. stagnant, 4. conceived, 5. creative or create.
ba = back: 1. backside, 2. forward in others sight, 3. bad othersight, 4. bad (as banned or ideal), badness, 5. bake for objects or people, 6. bade moment; baaga or back again: 1. return "it" by movement, 2. recover, 3. vehicle, conveyance, 4. luxury from great skill or just great skill.
badaid = bad luck; bad purpose
bao = bad'eal'o, bade alot (as all), obey, command; addiction (ad'ict), consumption, eating style
bahr = omni, all; counter: 1. dismiss, 2. dissemble, 3. long row or longtable
bea = be active or "bastard", baron or "bear'on" gotten fro' "barusche" or infamy: 1. a good "infamous" and
bastardy position borrowed for highborn for iffy and infamous moments thanks to red baron, 2. "noble" owner
of land or land owner, 3. infamy of class choice; beacon: 1. flying ace, flight controller, 2. course control,
3. out of control director, 4. repellant motion, 5. beat up or like motion, 6. reprimand.
bik = bank, riverside, current handling; currency system: 1. conduct of good/evil or
neutral behavior, 2. conductive circuit or living circuit
bar = bar: 1. area of drinks, 2. bar room, 3. drink area; bar fight: 1. disruption, 2. smashed things,
3. resting area.
barr = ball, be all, courtroom, room; attack ball
be = being, is/are, am/was, being of live force; beat: 1. beat of rhythm or music, 2. beat of body
(beat up).
bedaid = bandaid, bandanna, body wrap (any), cause of death; desolate: 1. console of magic, 2. normal
nature, 3. beserk.
bey = bio (being), partaken, existant or caught up in
beblbrox = believable brothers, conniver, conman, disturbance; misincorporate, discorporation,
a resonance or disruptance field used to abhorrantly travel by and with rocks with silver,
coffee rocks or wax formed rock clumps.
belmont = official; deliberance (beligerance)
beqik = bisquik, bisquick, overeaten, quick growth; quick to act, quick to set
ber = bear, beer, better, ember or flame bearer; firestarter: 1. flare emotion, 2. actual fire or flare of a
signal getter, 3. signal flare.
bf = boys friend, to be (as tuing), be friend, boyfriend; bie tormentor, big intolerance.
bsla = bitch slap, be slammed, slap in face, slam beating; seclude, single out
bo = bow, bowl, lean over greeting, a respectful greet of court, a blow; stall mend, installment
incorporated into peace of body and mind.
bold = beut: 1. beauty, 2. beautiful; dependant: 1. depending, 2. mental blow.
bone = health care (spirit): 1. doctorage (doctor), 2. spiritual doctor (shamanist call), 3. other types
like accupuncturist; pest kill: 1. by make flee, 2. pestillence removal, 3. kill disease, 4. teeth care:
orthodontist or orthodontalist.
bond = bonding: 1. lovemaking, 2. bondage (detrimental), 3. kinetic: control by motion; chaotic destruction
by deregimental or scatter brained idea.
bla(ze) = wild fire: loud speaking; burnout: 1. A person in a condition that be not remembering and
always with some problem. When forced they destroy the item or thing that allowed it, including a
person and force the memory down. 2. destructive energy, 3. catastrophic event.
blud = blood; 1. life, 2. alive; deathlike: 1. vampiric, 2. undead, 3. "To sleep be to die and to wake
is to rise again." From thoughts of a vampire..
blo = block, blockage, barrier or area: 1. of expertise, 2. job, 3. space, place, 4. desire of
body and mind; nevermind: 1. hidden, never any, 2. neverwinter, 3. neasuma (neversummer),
4. neverhear, 5. neversleep.
bredcrub = breadcrumb: 1. Info trail of information for the mental aspect, 2. Personal breadcrumb,
of food or info, 3. tidbit; smoke indications /by dismissal force: 1. Indescribed, 2. Indescribable
torture portrayal, 3. Chaotic correction, correption, 4. hasbah, bad relation or betrayal, 5. forcecraft
of illusion, deillusionment.
brif = cord'oroy, d'brief or brief: 1. just quick, 2. cordoroy pants, 3. corded briefs of a. corded pants,
b. belted underbelly, c. communication, d. toga, bel'ted robe, 4. code, 5. record, 6. com(mute) of communication;
junk: 1. disbelieve /its true, 2. discord /of or in money, 3. discredit, 4. don't believe /in what you see.
brii = brian, dispute; disputive (contained), disregard
buivt = bureive it, beuro, red tape, police it, get busy, on patrol, bury it; due policy, pursue
bukta = bunkter, banter, speech; argue (arguement): 1. sift, 2. protection, bunker, 3. soft arguement:
no blows except to mayby shout, 4. Hard arguement: punching blow or punch bowl.
buga = burger, meat pasty, meat on buns with orderbs, fiscal thing; stole: 1. drug, 2. out cold, 3. burgulary,
4. a wrap around.
bugakig = burger king, meat pasty king (meat on buns with oderbs), fiscal king; drug king, drug palace,
patience, pirate king,
bumsti/ck = boomstick, rifle, short handled pistol; sot'g: 1. shotgun (12 gauge or scattershot), 2. to make
bummed by burnout of sorts, 3. newly burn.
bupo = burped, foolish, mistaken, blooper; burst
byhid = by hand, by yourself, may'plu'g or dirt cheap move, saviour, steal, jesu fo' jesus! as a person steals;
assault/ive: 1. lax or lazy, 2. get behind, ass sitting, 3. associate, 4. society, 5. restive, 6. laying back,
7. 'take the hand', chop off or remove parts.
byse = by self, seldom; self beligerant, beside yourself, bedside
ca = can (trial), will (united spirit and soul), will do, achieve (go for it); unachieve, can't,
won't or won't do
cace = concise, consist; castor will of spellworker, energy will
caco = concede, If you gave in they made concession or give in.
cacese = concensus, relegation, responsible; coun'cia,
cae = connect, convict (as convice by sharing info); correction of one hit or constructive comments o 2
to cause a opposite or different effect.
caky = cake walk: easy way: smooth: 1. smoothy, 2. ice like, 3. flow.
car/e = ce: 1. A care to aid friends and family, 2. A care to help, 3. agreement; karr: 1. family (as loss),
2. ker, feminine/mannish.
cascrite = consup, construe; force method (as brute force or conscript list), stupid
castsun = cast the sun; unleashed insanity, repeated insanity, burning
casts-on = cast the son; disown (dislodge, beat up)
catigecy = contingency; other idea.
catr = contribute: 1. freelance, 2. freedom course by introduction; jail: reasonable recourse.
hiawa = hideaway; bitch or woman in power due to innately honed ability and resulting actions, this forms their
mental perception as a conclusion to wanting something and when they get it, its a bitchy move or they throw a
fit considered a snit.
cau = caw, caution, caught; torment (torm) sometimes with questions
cetaga = castors gaze; desire will of willed desire or repair
cik = cink, cinch (got it), snag (do up, dole up, doll up or pretty, snazzed, catch hold, catch up);
coaspan = cockerspaniel (cocky disposition (cocker) of soldier or dog (spaniel), district
attorney, court power (power maniac)
cacete = concentrate (by focus); concente, cacent, confirm (as won over).
cidl = candle, a candle born of wax and no oil of sorts; oil lamp: 1. made of oil w/ glass, wax or crystal
coet = coe, correcting: 1. dissolving, 2. distraction, 3. correction, 4. inveigling, 5. weakness; go over:
1. removing the flaw, 2. dusting, 3. depiction, 4. move on, 5. murder/death schedule, 6. death agent, death angel.
comoe = commotion or dist'urbe'ance: 1. disturbance, 2. distraction; commode: 1. commodity, 2. luixury/luixurious,
3. cleaning water, 4. travel of some sort.
conkit = concrete: 1. ko, 2. kill off, like, into unconsciousness or death, 3. set in, 4. settle down or calm down;
service: 1. setup server of any type like food server, 2. machine dispencer, 3. a drink thats smooth down the throat
or smoothy.
dumoago = 2 months ago; due more in past: 1. two month old animal, 2. due in past.
conkiteria = killing spree: 1. kill zone, 2. battle; cafeteria: 1. cafe, food court, 3. rest area.
coproe = compromise, take hold, take over, take course; addict
catro = control: 1. domination of moment or area, 2. possesive over other or above; cathro: 1. cat throw up.
catroa = controller, one who controls (dominative of moment); catheo: 1. release, 2. dispossess.
cojak = policy force: 1. policing force, 2. brute squad; evergoing instruction: 1. infringement,
2. distinct: a. instrusive by irritation, b. inheritant, whatever you adhere to be inherited,
c. take back, d. reclaim.
corrant = power or energy; abide (by corruption), thanks to fubrosa, corrosion
corrept = antimagic field of force, an invisible but desynchronous (aligned to nothing and
existent by itself) force that lives for harmony and feeds off bad vibes and in doing so it
corrects while not linked to much, but it connects by direction of the wielder and watches
with an indication of any activity that be directed by the wielder, in which case it acts
like a carrier that will work for any force; Deregulated desynching force or deregulated force,
an unsynched and unrelation force that drives people apart for protection and prevents the
unnecessary with erasure of the event.
corrugon (cor'gon) = corrupt, turn by fear; dixt'nicht, unending loop (always continuing moment),
dicredited incorporeal moment or just discredit: "is as was", unlooked for event.
cheou = u, you, yourself; deterrant (craven)
cu = cute, bad (unnatural); very skilled babe (male/female)
cukit = cukitry: 1. cook, 2. heat to kill, 3. simmer, 4. cookitry; heater: 1. stovetop, 2. oven, 3. womb,
4. stovepipe.
cul (cool) = cool down: 1. coolness, 2. nice, 3. ok; corrution: 1. very nice with good packing, 2. good
skill from sicknes, 3. corrupt/ion.
curgy = cleric: 1. paladin, god focuser, 2. priest, 3. desk assistant; occultist:
1. satanist, 2. paganist, 3. sorceror, 4. a hidden corruption.
crabapy = crabhappy, crab bappy: They are ambitious and stalwart figures who feel happy while crabby,
they could easily destroy public property by a emotional boredom or id revoked by similiar idea for
laws made that are obeyed by reason of disturbance to their routine; destructive research be to reason
with the person and make a point.
cretsed = creation seed (seed of creation), plant the seed to create any one thing of creation
chosen before or after the seeding; seed of destruction, plant the seed thats negative with
feelings to achieve from provoked thoughts and chaos flows to do as the bidder wills.
croel = look onward: 1. onlook/er/ing, 2. lend insight, 3. unkindly cruel; contrary: mary (as merry killer)
from "as mary contrary".
crul = cruel (on demand when not ready); desist (creatu, creature, being)
cyi = civil, accomodate; concerve, concentrate
da = day, star, father, sun (as dark), god; crime of passion
daami = Datamine: to mine for info and it acts a virus on a machine with truth serum on person like a mental worm.
When on target it destroys everything by fire near you and only if you deny the truth. This can negate any material
and from within including your body like a bomb; Blind trust (bli-tru): Blith truth, To trust in tests when given
results blindly or without testing.
dak = fathers death, dusk (night fall, 11:59 - 12:15 AM); crucify by torture act or pleasure act.
dak'rus = all necessary death (omnipotent), neccesity in death; call to.
damise = concept, conceive, persist, trade (per bargain area)
dba = due back: 1. fateful action done from fear, 2. debate; dubious: 1. back again, 2. judge off,
3. physical schitz, split off to another form or phase and they remember the other forms activity.
dea = downfall, mordor, ignored (shame) unseen; forgiven (murdered), sin (tainted act).
debnd = disbend, dismissing by motion of poverty or personal pursuits; dismal display of anything that
is talked on.
decateast = its there (as a positive), yullagie, thanks to unknown, discontent, contest, discount
(as not see, careless); discourt (as discounted, dislodge, dead issue).
awn = dawn, dress (as full blown double hemmed) kiis, starshine rise, chanee's sister, sun up, chest
halter; disaster of failure or failed moment.
deced = discard, distant, trash; modify: courageous changeover.
dedi = dediliah, dedicated, dedicate mom; dessicate, tear apart
dedwa = deathland or path of the dead or dead path, where the dead walk; vampiric life, path
of living dead (life, deceit and white lies) or path of lies, where the living dead walk,
defec = defect of/by object: 1. servant, 2. a perfect personal servant guard, 3. deselect; disruptive
house guard: 1. area defense, 2. A defense by object or house, 3. A use of people as a fuel, to defend
people within against unknown and threats from outside by a time flaw. This could be including the owner
and what the house recognizes as a friend. 4. If anyone unfriendly ever enters they are found and beaten
soundly and mentally, unless friendly. 5. No regard to friendlies though till they awaken the heart of
the house and the friendlies, are aided by the electric ghost effect in which a moral poison and flawed
fire protects from disruption and hexes on the viditive (vindictive).
dei = devil, focused darkness, evil; dark, good bad act with proven results, efficient nature.
deiorn = devils horn, charm (seduction) wave generator thats found in devils peak of mount monoke?
of North carolina, with positive energy it will create an insane vave that controls the dead or vampires.
deish = disinhibitive, substance or force use thats not used as its disinclined once discovered by a very
bad nature; overuse by abuse, prohibitive nature by unused in moments of prudence.
de'hs = hid, hand, hide or skin; hide/hiding.
de'sigre = diner, dinner; dogfood or petfood.
dejilk = dispell, remove spell, dejinx; compact: 1. wizards agreement like between two people or two
beings, 2. magic enforcement, 3. folding mirror device, 4. smaller sized and better design.
dekita = dekanter: 1. off kilter, 2. ever shifting; bad spell: 1. bad idea, 2. bad thing.
del'lusia = delusion, illusion, different flavor, spy out, look out; cracked up, cracked mind of many
minds that represents the alt world or schitzophrenia. "Those that are willing to admit they have an
alternate self may have schitzophrenia.
delomet = development: 1. get more stuff, 2. get things, 3. achievement, 4. diplomat; empty power: 1. a
power of void over nothing, 2. empty gain, 3. an empty achievement, 4. hefty gain, 5. fatten, 6. to gain
without achievement, 7. insane motion.
des'r = dessicr/ate: 1. goldfinger, 2. golden alloy, 3. moment of virtue, vanglorious; de'sre: 1. golden weight,
2. weight los/s, 3. keep track, 4. disrupt/ion, 5. another reason.
depea = disparate, apparatus, deep sea; disapparate, to apparate with disaster or chaotic idea using
the three D's, Destination, determination, decision.
deruty = destructive, destitution; technological moment.
detta (vendetta) = something striken; credible (motion by relation): 1. damned relation, 2. turned,
3. deterred, 4. prevent, 5. defect, 6. dealing, motion to relate, 7. worshier from worshestershire
or worse from worse, 8. make worse, 9. defensive, 10. personal intent thanks to paul.
detriu = battae, batteries not included, distribution by grand larceny or misplaced trust; self-running
device /with or w/out batteries, chaotic disturbance.
detyu = detour, a work around of the destitute, welfare; job offer
detrdly or detedly = dastardly, a person with low iq of a bitch..who goes along with indecent things and
achieves ill treatment; best way: a friend formed from battle or joining up and using the best techniques
it kill.
deve = devise, development; dement
devo = devoted: 1. considerate as I believe; emotion: 1. devolved or degenerate (in some manner), 2. emulation
or ape, 3. desistent, back down, 4. conning or white redirective lies.
dey = device: 1. useful devising, 2. deity; spoilage:
1. corruption, 2. disrupt/ive service redevising,
3. biodegration, degeneration, biodenegration or energy passed through and the object was degraded.
deyo = youth, young, play hookie, reposed moment; day out, sundown.
deyomaximus = day out maximized, long vacation, day break by enjoyed pause; youthening attack ball,
youthful regain, youthful composure, dissenduos, copes alot.
dez (nandez) = creative, self-taught (mend easy, commend easy); teachless (instinctive), flunk (fail)
di = dick, mix, did (choose, choice), instigate, male organ, putting, putty; investigate from male ego.
di-cnd = put out by lower energy that leaches, leach, undo; life force: 1. leech by life force removal,
2. ability removal by life leeching.
dil-heis = comparable reproach, justice; removal: 1. a catching of thief or any, 2. By removal I mean
doou = dole out: 1. pay up, 2. pay out, 3. just pay; reward: 1. of pain, sufferring, 2. position by
aggravation, 3. anything else.
dis'tek = distance study: 1. disagreement, 2. by natural feel, 3. regulation by study, 4. cause by
natural event; hidden: 1. event for advantage, 2. hidden nature, 3. taken advantage by visitor.
dis'cord'graed = slide to /side (perped by rob angy); move by /levitation: 1. force, 2. will,
3. effort, 4. control
disp = display: 1. scene of gory emotion and depict, 2. view of area (perped by chris); debilitate:
1. live mental show based on crystals, objects and glory, 2. painfully disrupt.
dlei = put down, insult; rush (you), un (undo)
dnio = deniro, single out by fencing of some sort, starship or spacial vehicle, gravity of movement
do = dope, doing it;
doh = horr-iduh or horrid or crazy, mistake (self-accident thats unappreciated); death visions (slain,
chopped, assaulted, real death), unseen knife.
drithru = drive-thru or drive-through: 1. lot of movement, 2. food service, 3. nickel and dime it;
torrential energy: 1. driven to destruction, 2. discouragement, 3. torrential movement.
du = do, due; ensue or paroll
duk = duke/s: 1. du opposition or unpositioned, 2. due fallacy by assassinate, 3. personal assault force,
4. highborn class, 5. high "honorary" position, 6. high honor, 7. on high, 8. shut up; imitate: 1. imminate,
scrimmage or to match by a fight but try to win and any attack after be apart of another moment, a common
courtesy be to remove the damage after, 2. illusion, 3. copy act by a copy over or photocopy, 4. ape, 5. act
it out of any animal, 6. character assasination, to assume your another person and know yourself but be counted
as the pursued, usually pursuing the person for a strange reason like puppeteering or different concepts,
7. self condition: by self idea and self-conditioning, 8. going, 9. accept the punishment, 10. strike out
or "duke of fate", 11. fits of fantasy or dubious thanks to Anonymous.
dun = don't understand: 1. didn't, 2. ordinance, enforcement of idea, 3. don't, 4. ordinary, everyday and
normal; scummy: 1. unseen /target, 2. a person that uses illusion, 3. invisible "I don't see you, you don't
see me" or "you don't see me but I see you".
dup = dupe: 1. conscidre, 2. trick of torment without physical blows; personal: A single persons
viewpoint, that aggravates their emotions if/in around the right person.
du're'lax = ultimate ruler or ultimate leader: 1. king//queen/kingpriest/president, 2. persistent, 3. ultimateum
or ultimatum as ultimate tantrum; high standard: 1. high life standard, 2. bad info, 3. manipulative idea,
4. per'si'fol, or personal venture of death, 5. end of disclosure or closed off, 6. too early release.
due = interest in motion: 1. pay due, 2. as amount; dumb move: 1. suggested as do, 2. control (as suggestion).
dyta = dictate: 1. speach imprint, 2. beggared action, 3. dictated language,
4. demand by rule or demanding rule thats sometimes pushed with unfair tactics or by parenting,
5. detail work by, entailing, and other things, preach (from dictator as preacher):
a. speech, b. turning point,
c. abuse by mother to cause a father reaction and preacher by child,
d. priest, priestess, kingpriest (as whatever ruler name there is);
1. dictator, 2. ancient ruler thats pursuant and causes dissuaded motion,
3. trick/ster demon, 4. disuser, consequential belief of people, 5. persuant disuader,
6. hasband and cruel dissuader.
eeh = up, oh, pause in surprise, reprimand; reprisal: 1. ooh, 2. mass surprise, 3. stomach blow
eehwahz = iam, I am, pendant, selfless (self taken from flaw), piglack (lesser eating), sell less,
painlack (painless); mediocre, moderate take with expansive conquer from pain.
eih = I, me, was, myself; my, mine, more, included, and.
eihwaz = I was, achieved; standpoint
eihwaihz = I thought, evolutionist, independant, stupid fucker; good standing from lenience
nsembl = emsemble, 1. condescend, to get condescentive draws a crowd and draws down the target,
2. gigantic room of people, 2. group lecture that tends to make people learn without listening;
collage: 1. gathered class of items, 2. collection, 3. collateral, 4. college, 5. concensus
by group, 6. rejection by memory or group "it doesn't take a group fo' rejection but the others
action instead".
ektou = Eak it out, Axle grease, to lose time (slow) and the squeeky wheel needs grease; beat up:
1. lose event, 2. losing effort.
ekttu = Eak it too, To each their own as self-award by reward; Debilitate by inhibitive motion.
en'nid = d'cid, decision, thought; despot: 1. act, 2. despotism, 3. desperate, 4. leave him or her
alone, 5. springboard, 6. springy.
entukfogy = one touch forging, on touch mint, forge by cold magic to create the dream shape on
an item. Use two handed silver or mystical hammer of any sort safely linked to a heavy metal or
core like object. The core of planet or the core of a meteor;
es = be (being), as it is, is, it (is); was or weighty: 1. thought on or pondered, 2. many or mani (maniered)
evaet = everett: Worlds largest mountain; large body: 1. worlds largest ship that helped create the humankind
and has shift points and that it looks like a mountain. It has energy shields but not fast movement and floats
above the clouds. A large floating city and served as the bastion of power by not being destroyable as its a
world ship like the titanic, on this ship theirs a large amount of food and peole can escape by decision. This
ship could phase drive anywhere and be interphased to any shape or size, 2. a very large human thats overeats
or normally eats and be tall and fattish but can gain height and weight loss by objective eating.
mulk = mulch, et, eat (anything), accompany (much pleasure); feel heavy (feel full)
evin = ev'nin, evening; leaving, exiting sun, dusk. sundown.
ekor = egr, eager, eager beaver, egress;; set: 1. Setting of physical object including tv set,
broadcast, placement aka a picture on a wall; 2. Addiction, oerlipo, oerlumpus, a body attraction
caused by the lymph node overproduction and feelings of a pleasure wave, to cause an overbalanced
amout of excess in just about anything, an overbalanced addiction; 3. excitable.
f = ef, f sound, family, son, daughter, neuter; middle school: 1. do worse and yet do better,
2. middle ground
faa = father, indicative moment, model act, tough act of "allowance"; aggressive, aggression
fathypyr = all went up: 1. everlasting flame, 2. everything went to hell, 3. all started
melting, messed up (when fat hit the fan), 4. everything floats, 5. a "gurgling jar", an
electrical fire that gave off alot of heat of oil, wood and/or wick within a container surrounded
by another large bowl in outside pit surrounded by people and it doesn't go out with water,
it goes out by smothering and possibly a lid, 5. its a juggling act as they, the people, attempt
to work with the idea and its very useful to know. If you consider the act as attrocious then
you can reject anything the person says without anger. If the person be to believed or assumed
of deceit and you are attempting a good act by deceit. then they don't attack but consider it
a good thing as others have done worse; indescribable: 1. indecent, 2. made a difference, "oh
I/we have to go", 3. everythings okay.
fer = fol: 1. falling down, 2. fallen, 3. far as 'by far or wide'; fate: 1. evil, 2. hunting something
like witches, 3. confusion, whatever confuses you, 4. concedence, a consequence to accept an idea
thats folley.
farh = hesistant: 1. farflung, 2. far hesitant time, 3. the willies, hesitancy on how far; graceless
deterrant: 1. bad fart, 2. bad taste, 3. disgrace, an ongoing and everflowing feel of disaster.
(not of use)
fate = fair hand: 1. fairness, 2. equality; fall by discouragement: 1. diskourag, discourage, 2. protection
by white lie or delusion and self-discovery (dillusion).
bao = fetus: 1. baby (early stage), 2. baobao (babe, baby); country: 1. constant death, 2. rated death.
fehyla = aunt, female relative; betrayist, female hitler
figrafyl = fagra fall, fiagra fall, diagra fall, water flow (upward); deep fall in, emotion self (mistrust
or true feel).
fhle'clo = skin: 1. bound by the skin (alive), 2. fleshy (fat), 3. heavy and nice, 4. break the skin,
5. large bone, 6. success (in business sense or suit and tie); bound to the spot (in skin): 1. paralyzed
by penalty, 2. fleshlike person, 3. ash clone, 4. penalized by strain of too much, 5. beautiful, 6. hurtful
freud = froyd, fraud (true conart); hypnotism, mesmerism
foaga = for again, foreign (out of country, out of original); feigner (frightened foreigner,
excellent act), forbid (fully)
fe'cla = claact: 1. claad, ironclad, 2. class act, 3. invuego, invego, innuendo, 4. classy,
5. insignificant, 6. inviegler (thief, burgular), 7. good nature (good quality), 8. female clad;
kieth: 1. keash, splitz or mentally insane, 2. loud mouthed, 3. enraged disturbance.
group or person, scitzic vibrosis: to physically see dimentia visions when vibration be heard
or a reaction be caused with something heard with ultra sound like a hide or another
fol = male horse, fool, folley; target: 1. turn against, 2. stop, 3. kill.
fonaga = for in again, foreigner, insider (inside here), out of origin person; disclosure
(self-destruct by revealing)
fow'ed = forward advance: 1. in front, 2. front move, 3. backward in others sight, 4. Advance/ment of
evolution: A. body like odor, B. aging of sorts, C. fowled, fowl/ing, bad chalk or bad child; walk:
1. going in direction, 2. walk through, 3. walk through by exploration, 4. helping hand, 5. hint,
6. code book, hint book.
fra(frame) = set up; arbituary
fre = free, taidal; no holds (no bounds), to be free (persist) you must reveer what you have
and have no contractual agreements.
freby = frisbey (fris or freeloader, weightless lift and obey or make, made by influence),
fredo = freedom: 1. like fight for it or costly intrigue, 2. costless gain, 3. w/o contracts including
bills and repetitive money contracts; gluttony: 1. if your free, then emo/te (as an expression), 2. feed
your glutton as eating, 3. defiant (defy reason).
freht'ih = choice: self-concept idea as option; consolidate: 1. both combined, 2. single.
frek = freak: 1. give freely (as screwing), 2. steal and change; damn: 1. damnation, 2. give honor,
3. honorary, 4. dimensional, 5. replications to nothing or reprication of finding nothing, to create
a persistent diseaz of reparation and end result be nothings done.
froo = frodo: 1. fraudulence by turbulance or trouble, 2. decrepency by stealing, 3. exploratory,
4. self-absorbing, 5. to construe by act; disrepect: 1. cruelty, 2. to body, 3. of mind, 4. to force
by convincing.
fyn = fallen, a sea form; acquitted, let go
fynste = fallen star, path of destruction (mirend)
kad = kid, child, A person without care and allot of vindictiveness.
kiln = kill now, cook (roast); skin (peel)
ga = Game: 1. depicted live scenario, 2. visio/n with stereo, 3. graphical option, 4. as shows,
5. Feudal motion, 6. some scene enactment, 7. Animation or animated motion of real life or some
hell; universal motion:
1. life intent: Real scenario thats a bloody request or event, 2. Real live act, 3. Duel (any sort
allowed), 4. A real game of masquerades in all times and conditions thats required, 4. Universal
game of chance and life. 5. Gameshow of punishment and hellish actions.
gaby = gambit (gamble); bloody action, random act (violence).
Galimer = troop, distant, incorrigable; distinct, weak will, bad soldier.
gea = geayfoc: 1. energy gather, 2. 'focus word' by Thop, 3. general energy fire, 4. fire starter by energy
focus, 5. direction phrase word; folktale: 1. a story, 2. horror story. Thanks to Cicily. gempa = grampa; onlooker by distinct means.
gempy = wonder, why, a curious thought on the moment, tell me, what you've been thinking about;
you = personal: 1. personage, 2. view, 3. affront, 4. yo, you, yourself; how: 1. bone, separate part,
2. endorpiniaszt or endorphins, 3. how to, 4. self-help, 5. a physical wonder sometimes stated.
gf = gef, girlfriend: 1. a natural match of candid nature to cause a condoned relationship, 2. cordone
is to cut off and make allowance by compliment, 3. duty by honor as overduty, by overbid or trial,
5. goofy; bitch/y: 1. 'as you want but I complain where I want.', 2. forbidden to do things of
gimmehid = duix'xis, helping hand, give me a hand, help out; your help, discriminate
glaff = greek comedy, great comedy, portrayed (life); lifting (great strength)
glocopetmnt = glove compartment, area pocket (containment); pouch of some sorts.
gloy = gloyhond, glory or gloryhound, glowy, experiment; good loss, achievement till end .
gno = gnome: 1. good name (as king faery being), 2. earth faery, 3. knowledge; dwarf: 1. terror (as any),
2. good shame.
gnose = gnomsis, gomisus, gnomiseu, to remember a scene (as considered a corridor into by memory) and then
you become. Where most diseases are from this.Dont try to remember flame. You can gain powers from this.
go'ner = go near, come near; gonner, dead thing
graed = grade: 1. record, reported weight, 2. invention, 3. recorded meaning or measure, 4. tab,
movement by space; weight (of moment): 1. thought out, 2. oscillating weight, 3. grand demeanor,
large aspect, 4. large apetite or large recourse.
godare = god place; existant area (pocket plane)
godcurr = gods currency, Energy money (thought thats idea but can be the product formed, including
"spiritual bills") that turns into any currency given a moment; value exchange by death (of sorts)
in the deal for an item, idea, death, emotion and in the form of promises.
godill = gods ill, godilp; blessed (insane, touched)
godfoci = god focus; imperiled channel, distinct channel
godhid = gods hand: 1. creative (destructive or creative), 2. The hand of All father (God, Odin or
Yahwell) said to create the moment and cause destruction on those who the wielder wishes, 3. terror;
stop: 1. block/er, 2. stop action, 3. banished, 4. asked to stop, 5. thing in path.
godpye = god palace; power place (any type of power if possible)
godwil = gods will; happiness, being able to cope and handle pain or coping ability
godwa = gods way, eventful motion (event); consequence: shitlist of bad thing.
godwy = god wage, major event; battle
grif = grief, bill; action demand, damage requirement
grub = food and dri/nk, grow; menu of personal choice
grup = group: a mob of sorts of most things or crowds; brig: 1. bring, 2. compell, 3. instinctive,
4. comeupance: reference idea that provokes a response, 5. prisoners cell, 6. jail: prisoner holding
storage area, that gives a person nightmares and compells truth.
gubro = go get your brother; gut brother (a soul brother), kill brother
gusis = go get your sister; gut sister (a soul sister), kill sister
gycacet = give concent, make use, unlawful use; electronic attack like in the ring with a market
guchie = doll: 1. model figure, 2. attractive reason; freeze: 1. attractive country, 2. not good thing,
3. to not get hurt.
gut = gud: 1. good by how much be defeated, 2. deception, deceptive, conartistry.
gyia (galimer) = massage, guts or consolidation; reproach (gutsy message)
iro = hiroshima, irony (super); great disaster of big disease, virus (plague), great
destruction, insurrection.
iv = ive, ivy, life stealing in/out of other thing or people, white fro' ivory or ivory white; tense: 1. walsh
term for intense or intensity, 2. tenseness, 3. tensure or tension mark for weight tol'rance "tolerance".
hagwitk = hedgewitch, a ready for anything witch that uses any possible idea and yet "progresses at anything"
using anything new.
hak or hac = hack, disclosure, discontainment, make up; attack happy: 1. strike for hate of
kill, 2. aftack as afterattack for joy.
hal = you, intelligent surprise; nightmare, oversecure
hegwiz = hedge wizard: 1. Procrastinative wizard that uses anything to fit together a result and
"progresses at anything" he sets his mind on; sorcera: 1. sorceror, 2. a person that uses inner
power usage to manifest in the inner realm for outer area manifest.
hay = happy: 1. Getting your lifes desire by earmarks or earning and sometimes freely given, 2. sadistic relief
from others action, 3. ; achieving lifes destruction.
hidma = fleshmate, hidden monk, mate(other self), friend (feud); soulmate, souls desire, charmed
one, mistake
hig = hang: 1. meeting, hanging moment, 2. thought without intrusion, consistence, 3. raise by
rope or hanging; mercy pill (allow, deconsisting or not insisting).
hisdih = demolish: 1. a caretaker, one that lives beyond the grave but remains buried to
control all types of priests, people and guide events, 2. destroy, like in demolision jersey,
3. distinct as with disturbance or presence; demon: 1. overlarge evil force, 2. devil, lived or lied
idea, past life, 3. evil being.
hom/e = bonet: 1. house area, 2. haunt, 3. looney, 4. livable area, 5. to encourage, like get something,
worked out, sold, made or read from "bees in the bonnet"; recall: "sweet music to my ear", mind of its
own, air pressure by temperature change.
homec = home equality (loan, insurance); vedic: 1. medical solution or solution, 2. cured from despair
or emotion, 3. home medic.
homeq = stomach, food for thought (moody eating)
humour = health spot, energy placing, hindu space; laughter by joke
hunt = targ, call on (target); to abandon (give in/out)
hypno = hypnotize, to mesmerize by natural rhythms; hitmantized: to hitman a person in the mind or to assassinate
someone. To self slaughter on denial and calmly get what you want.
id = identification (identify, identity), enclamaht; hurt bad (skid)
ihtdis = energy displacement, pull a person out of it (get out of problem), the sight stopper.
imas = imag, imagination; imaged or dicked with a mixed-in view.
imoen = Amy: 1. friendly, friend, 2. deceit by white lies, 3. jealous deception; correctional: 1. a
correction of most objectional formulation or constructive criticism, 2. help as helping hand.
in'fanz-im (infanzi) = debut: 1. stand-up moment, 2. program, a memory of excitable moments, 3. like an
excapade; in'fanz-ema (infanz): 1. ever baby: A corruption of the Atleantian time crystal that forces
madness in a chain of events that destroys the earth, and it effects people with babying disease, that
causes childhood nature but with a baby intelligence (as nothing) and with a suprising somewhat fightlike
maturity by the brain/mind coping with body and the brain gains a life of its own, 2. to put out "of
property" destruction, 3. get out of moments by freetime, 4. break time as lots of free time, 5. breakage
or lots of breaks in a moment, 5. inciteful assaults by presence.
inatry = pastry, eat pastry like as soon as possible; in astral, astral be like "in a tree" or
dream of branched off worlds, a belief of your own that most are in a dream.
inkip = frodyn, freddy, inn keeper; land owner who 1. uses dominance, 2. soul eater any type
ins = insider; 1. inside, 2. insert, 3. pack/aging, cabbaging; nightmare: outside.
inv = invention, invent; inventory.
its = is
yke = waka, itche: 1. itch, 2. resolve, 3. thought; bring back: 1. as kiss 4 - 7 times, 2. raise to life.
yske = itsche, famous quote; uns: 1. unshown, 2. unknown, 3. bad fame, 4. unscript (as remove script).
jd = judge: 1. correspond, 2. one that can trajector (transhift) or create travesty in motion; adjusted
cruelty: 1. sins of fate or power, 2. everfate that makes you seem fateless.
jilk = mess with: 1. conjole, 2. jinx, 3. force /from, 4. ulimately open up, 5. come back; by act/ion:
1. take the good with/from the bad, 2. jilked.
jua = jurer, jury, a disqeit; discredit, discord.
judg = judge by reacquaintance; powerruled fate: all powered ruler.
jugmet = judgement, vigillance; fate calling.
junct = juncture, box; shift point, shift transport.
jurger = recarpet or to cover area; terraform (area) or reform land.
cant = set the spell; 1. enchant, 2. hex or bad effect spell, 3. set-in energy, 4. can't; spei'ghul:
1. unlimiting, 2. infant from disease of body and going somewhere, 3. effect of up to unlimited result,
3. dedicant, 4. horse, 5. for/ever, 6. kant, killing chant.
vasu = vassel: 1. servant; 2. va'sell, 3. slave; severe: 1. burn, 2. concurrence, 3. too much or overwhelming.
kasumi = writer: 1. greedy person for good of many sorts, 2. kate, casuma, continuus; demon slayer: 1. Foe
concept and concerned of those who desire. 2. To seek out demons and slay as deserved with energy that can keep
the person alive.
ke = chase: 1. hog, 2. key, 3. guzzler; disinclination: 1. disinherency as close mind, 2. disinherit, 3. deceit.
keg'ul'mia = pull me up a barrel or drink; give or take: 1. psychology, 2. To count the child as in psychological
with a psych treatment, use psychiatry or psyk'o'loge as the child be likely to not get along with psycholgy
including big kids albeit mature kids can go to psychologists, adults they know how to cure themselves. Sometimes
people who act like children can be admitted to one as punishment, The normal sane adults are allowed to go to
psychologists including mature kids. 3. shock treatment moment, 4. something with good judgement although you
can go too far.
kii = in an effort by pressure; effort of will.
kiu = chanur: 1. sundown, 2. plofal, 3. treachury, 4. plowfal, 5. planetfall, 6. crestfallen as from Japanese
kagotori or assignment from new Zealand, 6. crest as wave; uprise: 1. despoil. 2. supression.
kkk = a anti race group that terrorizes, group hatred; whitecloak, a group that terrorizes
religion, religious zealot.
kn = gn, know, persevere/ance, patient
kre = chre, chris, polish fro' "spit and polish", perfection, you, chrome; atten'sia, attempt continuous
krenmasan = trip shifting, shifting or judging with drug; disturbance with the rift or any other event
the person can change form, place or switch to other area.
laemou = lamou, lay me out, lay me out of site: 1. punch out, 2. lay (it?) down on street (covered
ground), 3. spur of the moment, 4. down on street; suspect: 1. suspence, can't wait except by
action, 2. acting mentally but still physically.
lagear = cilf, long eared, elven, elf (of many assorts); dark shade (vampire, element manipulator).
Latex = plastic and rubberlike absorbative material; high carbon plastic steel. lbr = leber, flared tonsils, distance of one tonsil to another and with childlike reactions if remarked on by
self if a mother, otherwise its noted different, if noted different or at all it creates probable rehabilitation
as they are flared and riktus disease from the emotional impact; riktus: 1. Causes the body to shake and
any attempt to do something for the effect gets worse from a brain tumor after, a day the person get headaches
with disruptive visions. This disease be magical in nature and spreads by spilling blood to any in area
leaving the person to chat along with, any thought or statement to them as a suggestion. If too much done
it could lead to coma or unable to move and if they keep trying it disappears and/or the victims gets death
visions that makes them, the victim, cry out for no appearant reason. Thus its almost incurable without all
diseases appearing until using fairy water with cure diease imprinted on it with any language.
lebwos = legloss, legless, legolas, time in wierdness that conditions heavy set features and dreaddreams.
lecwos = qwerty, strange time, oddness, to notice anything in particular as not supposed or suspicious.
leni = lenient, allow/ance, ethiopian; pardon, free action.
lent = share (push away), give up; own, live with it
ler = leer: 1. learn, 2. mimicked frown; slaphappy: to frown and find people emotional, except with women they
favor slap the person if emotional thanks to examples from Dr.Lehr.
let = allow, let live, curative by draining some blood; oil: 1. life blood, 2. earth blood.
lev = diis'pan, level, test balance, leave "his own way"; rush: 1. self-destruct, 2. take far away,
3. scurry: go away in hurry(as from area.), 4. destroy or destruct, 5. engorge with energy (as food or electrical).
lit = left, wrong, light; death enspellment by dictate or state the word and phrase to get it achieved
loco = transfer, walk, ride; greed. krm or cherm (to cause kerm or charm with crime and order activity
with dech or declaim).
loy = local: 1. (of) family, 2. loyal, 3. wood type; vocal, hidden in plain site and able to speak with
the wrong people not hearing.
lys = lies, assumption, assume; be near
maa = mother, self-beating, d'actah, model actor; volunteer, voluntary motion
maen = main: 1. penninsula, mainland branch, 2. steady, couple, 3. lead on /it; catastrophy: 1. interactive
adjustment, 2. messing up (a muss or radioactive), 3. without witness, with no more, 4. disfigurement, 5. wandering
eye as a lazy eye or dating mistake.
mandeze = resea'rk, teacher (as researcher), beserker; crucify: 1. treacherous sacrifice, 2. hunt on purpose
manji = sheer dark demand of malevolence, convert dark elf, covert dark warped and demanding being as agents
whom try to torture for info. They caused the texan massacre. by maddening by torture the people around them.
Call manji and say what you want and it will occur, the price be to not mention a price or they make you pay
by doing deeds of actions most normal to your state of communication, They use discom or discomfort as the
amount of discommunication from what be that sets them off. Try not to say where and what you are as it leads
them to you. Don't lie except white lie to them and make certain you got backup as information thanks to Roy.
These manji are vor banjoi as simplest ban of joy and very similiar to cockroaches as they crawl with a shapeless
form the size of a rat, and in a most fluid motion but they live in dark areas. Problems will get your interest
by them and they might make things worse off.

They glorify in danger by thrill seeking. To stop them, say don't stop on bad repoitoire or demand something
else other than torture but some don't. They despise criminal actions and leave people alone, except to do it
themselves to get rid of trouble and threats. They're most likely to get you on debts owed or just bad karma.
They sometimes use the being formed of energy and by a negative electric ghost. This electric ghost can make
anything occur or deter itself as it was creative of problems, and don't try to tryst or join with them and
then ignore them. and once it works to your advantage the problem disappears and acts as if it ever happened;
netherese or elven slave from converting and too strong a will, that allows for a consideration of idea of
uncontrolled nature. Don't be too aggressive or your going to be swatted, thanks to D.
maie = maximus, attack ball; baseball, medicine ball
mantis = marm, onfiguhl, grasshopper, teacher, progressor; disfigure by crafter, marr (destroy surface)
mary = merit, knowledge to use the idea by supportive idea; unreputable, unrepentable, unforgivable
menr = enr'jit, meanr, demeaner, attitude, a personal response to something considered smart-ass and the vibes
are felt interred into the message; meaner (very mean, very destructive), mean attitude (meaner)
caused by treachery of "If you try to correct me then your dead or hurting. If you hurt me then
your dead or dying, otherwise I am your friend."
meth = death (as moments of ceasing); dark life: 1. undeath, 2. ever ceaseful thoughts.
mikua = dogwibt: 1. controlled person, 2. manchurian, 3. etheroibian (as person in/from mind control),
4. dog bisquits; cleaner: 1. mind control, 2. assassin, 3. cleaning agent.
mit = mint, money, create by heat and excitement, forge, menthe
moy = moral (mortal); imm (immortal), dominative
moydeher = right here, here and now, over there
myr = mirror, reflect back; safe place similiar to a ball room, a bridge of place shift to a hall of
mirrors or mirror-way.
naestar = star, power; path, guideline, menu (list)
nami = naming or betrayal by chance (as betrays strangers or disagreed with people); hard luck (denied
victory to try the way not normally done).
naom = key; merciless (nightmare)
nehheh = neh heh, evil laff, pass/ive humour; annoying: a nasty humour of high strung senses.
nev (never) = no (know or not) from never and never again or never never land; know (detriment): do anyway
as start again from where they left off, if not done as of anything or can't get anywhere then they do
things from the beginning.
nic = nice: allowance of person to do as designed or desire; brutal: as by degree of emotion
nicpic/k = nice pick, nick pick, pick apart (by problem); self-explanatory (by an act): self-explanation
(as self-accrue).
niez = niez, shaman (spirit guide), death master (denied, death eater, necromancer), inactive jedilike
spirit master or active spirit (that serves the shamed man).
niquill = denial (absolute), like denial of colds
nt'ere = use, deluge, interrogate: disarm.
ntr'st = interest/ing, ironic, destiny; boring: 1. bore, drill, tire out, 2. disinterest, make idea
too much.
nomen = names for, namen idea; convert (bad idea, worker).
norm = auralai'id'heia, normal, a sense of joy, a measured sense of idea, thank you; inadequancy, enormous
or large man, overlarge (as stretched area due to women or people).
nuoiza = new horizon, self-conceived moment like a ship; new order: 1. acceptance, 2. priveledged info,
3. new ship.
nuncl = nuncle, uncle, male relative; clancy (clearancy), clearance (spoilage)
nvarinc = nvarininc, unseen environments that create energy, Free energy that is: 1. magnetic energy
with no limits 2. Property of electricity or energy flow by crystal, magnesium nitrate
(MgN) or magnesium sulphate (MgS) and broadcast by radiowaves or crystal; transfer: 1. self brought,
2. transferrance as energy transfer, 3. believed as energy to transfer.
of = off or turn off: 1. the road, 2. passage, 3. draw away or push away; offense: 1. odd: 2. as a creep,
3. luck, 4. wierd event, "wierd be cool."
oix = offix, office, offense; offensive fix: automated fix.
onc = on sea, on bottom, on floor, ounce; on sight (of floor or sea)
oncyl = on call, work /right there, duty of deliverance; psycho 1. psychokinetic, 2. psychotic.
onypot = bee as the bonnet, 1. honeypot, 2. thick structure or material, 3. honeyed board, 4. planck
or wood; bee: 1. honeycomb, 2. beewax, 3. build up from material need, 4. worker, drone, 5. queen,
6. hive.
onled = on land, on top, lead into; disbelief.
opt = look, view; rebuke
oute = occultist, mythic user of methods; misery complex: 1. harm group of assault magic, 2. misery
ot = in operation: 1. oath: 2. fought (as ought), 3. policy, 4. sorority as law group or similiar,
5. country group; asan (as slander/slain): 1. assanine, 2. keep away, 3. con job.
ova = over, done; smudge: 1. make okay, 2. grudging respect, 3. a-okay, Roger wilcox, 4. dissendra,
dissent drawing, details off drawing and sometimes to transfer ability of the person.
ovaqeth = over quantum field (energy drive, hyperenergy drain), oversized dissembler, an energy drive
that uses quantum matrixes to understand it; event field, energy ship, tyrant field.
ownihg = own up, let go; trance (denial), distraught (overt emotional)
paid = pay for things, life payment; pay for death (earn death) or self-death on payment.
pandemic = emergency; unnatural fire ala 5 alarm things.
pandemac = same thing: release of anything; unnatural wind and rain: removal thanks to anonymous.
pant = wearable waste cloth, breechlike, paint, pigment and coloring; blood, "paint be as thick as blood",
paint thickener, blood pool, "blood thickens hardly on the ground"
paon = pay on, pass on (deity or choice); pass off (die off something)
paul = pall bearer, steady (constant and strong); overlarge (chubby, fat)
pafot = pay for it, paid the price/tag, get a service, serviced; overquality fault, A fault of too much
pagnit = poignant, wait for (relax), awaited, pregnant; civil license (civil idea or civil code)
pakano = perchained, percieve, perception, to go (pushed out), phantom; envictimize or chained to spot
pal = buddy; estranged friends, stranger
palod = payload, payment (object), lucky (paid load); success (overwhelming luck), explosive success
par'nt = apparent: 1. parent, 2. child overseer, 3. mother/father action, 4. partner, 5 jealousies
to control addiction, 6. parliament, a ruled council by king or president; coupling: 1. troll par'en'ting
from the sequel to the book Antrax or troll parenting, 2. free parenting of children born of one parent
or parent set, be likely to share with another in responsibilities if they have none after a fight or
is allowed after they, the parent, decide to.switch off or work with the area where they can't bring
children like daycare or babysitter. Most adults can work together with sometimes expensive activity.
This isn't allowed if a parent, survives or allowed if for babysitter, 3. a device of two-wire
transaction or fuselage, 4. fuse, a bridging of two parts in fusion or bridging the two points
and causing an effortless flow or current, 5. child making by sex, bottle or test tube.
peasa = peterson: 1. robbery, 2. lazy, 3. conman, 4. convict/ion; billy: 1. beater, 2. bully.
peres = perescatua: 1. persecute, 2. attack with bias, 3. personal attack; adjoinment: 1. to join in,
2. to join up or with.
permisi = Permission: 1. well of wishing, 2. well of souls, 3. permit; convention: 1. convert, 2. compose/ure,
to make muse or music, 3. amused, 4. pardon, general agreement of reuse or general release.
peros = pearl: 1. pearls of knowledge, 2. form of object or production, 3. significant; produce: 1. obstinate
nature, 2. derive, surmise or bring reason of purposeful motion.
pep = people, peppy, incredible energy, preparation; very curious by thing like charred remains
phat = fat and strong: 1. strong success, 2. largely desired; devolve: 1. degeneration, 2. dissolution,
3. to be devoted, 4. know what to do.
plan/e = planet: 1. dissimilitude, 2. dispassionate area; devotion: 1. craft, 2. shape.
pra/y = prone, bound (in habit), proficient (perficia); stillness (from moment), consumption
(after doing).prda = pardon me, pardon of moment, pda; lent pass, free (give in)
prepen = prepared, precise concideration, cheesy, well prepared, concise control; nice: 1. be
considerate, 2. to have care, 3. be nice, 4. don't push too much, 5. be knowledgable; dischief:
1. discipline, 2. view, 3. want of what is.
priey-o-poiy = psychotic: 1. physically "prying eyes" as physically to pry out your eyes, 2. A person
who breaks policy or privacy on purpose; Privacy or policy: 1. Privacy with a policy/policing force back
up, to the person, 2. polite idiocity, audacity.
poiza = poliza: 1. thanks (to make movement), 2. stand by me or make a stand or a stink; polite: 1. forgetfulness,
2. as stupid/ity, 3. long pole thanks to long off, 4. extendable pole at necessity and by feel for the length.
5. policy by officers or managers.
pox = curse: 1. virus, 2. construe; angel: 1. angst (a concentration of emotion): anxiety, jealousy, anger, rage, rapacious (omnivorous), 2. overlarge good force, 3. any positive element including attack, 4. tiks, tick off, 5. good being. (poxy or poxan) angsty; anxious. this is anxiety relief by feel, if expressed it can sound like anger or anxiety that is expressed. this is with a talkable point and you know what to do.
proa = proper, property; despicable (depised, loyalty)
pruf = proof, understood motions for physical evidence of idea; breakthrough: 1. breakage of glass
or similiar material, 2. break as in handling, 3. break in (as in training) or get in/to, 4. distribute,
shared idea or item..hopefully not personal and people.
polis = poy, policy, police; polish: 1. discern 'be selective', 2. item polish, 3. sausage
pow = fist smack (as fist power), power blow, powered up; peace of mind and moment.
pua = Power, position to overwhelm and to make movement, to overwhelm a position or person by
pushing an effect of activity; Information push, manipulate by information that you push to cause a
controlled moment, a course of persistance.
puarpb = puarpse, power purchase, purpose, purposed idea; unconcerned control (dream, easy position)
puka = get, grab, take, buy; puke
pukaorda = purchase order; take down (idea) notation devise
punkup (punch up) = right things (correct actions); physical sport (practice, punch in face, any other
type of physcal)
quen = mcqueuin, queen, royalty, asset; deception master, dirty
qym = qualm, 1. a storm of voice or voice fight that create a fight of some sorts, 2. to create a storm of
a fight of upper winds by a cold front meeting a cool front and can cause rain. that nails us with rain fro'
pelting and sometimes has lightning with hail. For lightning doesn't often strike without some electrical
charge to trigger ice and temperature drop. Quote by richard "to those who devise things may use any
technique except stalling and stealing."
r'poyoy = repository: 1. study of literacy, 2. poyoy, destructive idea; ruination: disinhibitory motion,
freely done idea even if its wrong.
ras = raise, raise life, raise dead, raster; cieling: 1. up top, 2. hard time, 4. on top and controlled,
5. free release.
rat = stealer or thefter: 1. suspician, 2. emission, 3. rat(animal, thief); supernatural thief
(mystic thief), magic theft (telesteal, rbo, magic robbery, to steal at a long range distance theft).
re'yy'ty = this disposee, disposable moment of no use, reality; disposition, 1. distinctual moments or
distinguished moments, 2. different place and time.
reargent = retard, fire resistent, heat treated
reed = regard, regression; self-judgement, sentenced, judged, judges duty
reec = record: 1. ledger, 2. account, 3. strong scent; imminent: 1. assault, 2. eminem
reet = repeat, respect, acceptance of terms, believable action, denied recourse (repetitive); overdone,
trash, requiem, sanctuary (for beligerant)
reeqisy = reacquisite, take back, requisition; special order, constrain requisition, consummation of
no bad happenstance
rem = rememberance, memory; remove yourself
replee(replacaet) = ripley, replicate, replacement, thats a specialized concent to substitute replacement and
retif = retrief, retrieve, pull (pulling away); find more useful, allurical (act out, crazy)
report = recorded value, data
rit = riht: 1. correct, 2. right, 3. write: replicate word phrases, 4. hork, horticulture or agriculture;
rite: 1. wrong, 2. right of mention, 3. dictate.
rla/ne = relane, rela/y, transfer, reel, relative motion (real life), real and alone (single); acquaintance
or relaba: 1. reliable, 2. A solid form be real abberation (monsterous life), and unsolid form of a drawn
current in imagination or active thought.
rid'klus = ridiculus, laughter (drives people or things away); point out (things)
rlif = relief, retief, redefab'duann, relinquish, give over (to moment); wait outside (evicted)
r'm/ov = rem: 1. rmo, 2. remote, 3. remove by will, 4. rebuke, 5. ream or remove by force; gov/ern:
1. remember me, 2. memory of decay and fecal matter, 3. team effort, 4. government, 5. point to locate,
6. glove, smothered force and form.
robr = recovery: 1. robber (as for the convenience), 2. Rock cooking to break the stone and produce oxygen,
usually from corally stone or breakage. The breakage releases a small bit of oxygen and the rock, if the
right type produces water. A holed stone be possible for best results, 2. a predict it, 3. predicament;
predictor: 1. predator, a predated system, 2. Rock breaking be to create release of oxygen from oxygenized
stone without heat.
s = many: 1. keep, 2. block/s; is: 1. continue, 2. status, 3. single, 4. singular sheet, 5. anything with
single in it.
sahncalee = supercillious: 1. somewhat serious, 2. private; hope: 1. unsinking feeling, 2. unsinkable,
3. overwhelm, 4. noble.
sca = scal: 1. scale, a balance in ability to judge correct or currently, 2. scalar, a goal or value
imprinted on the scalarr key; valued weight like "weight in gold" or "value in platinum".
secloimeh = seclusion, hermit; madness (separate way)
seelp = self-help: 1. curious custom, 2. self-involved from instigation, 3. self-learning by attempting
the idea as you think about it, self-developement as to evolve and be understood; self-evolve: 1. by intrusion,
2. by concern or concent, 3. agreement forthwith, 4. conspiracy.
slasti = slashstick, attack of idea weapon or a sharp edged razorlike object, slabstik, slabstick,
death consequence of continuance death harmony, destructive killing of get it over with humility, artistic
death of overboard with emotional drama, overplayed consequence where everything be life or death and
strict drama. Thanks to Timora and anonymous; slapstik, slapstick, con art, nonlethal scenic humor with
background distractions, fake (similiated) death, unstrict or unresistant drama and so much more.
stri(string) = strive, strider (way to move) or way of movement; spinning (a tale, strip, continuous)
stria = stringer, string up, string along; mental release (not control in many ways).
lokiasetit = loki (satan, lulosietta) assist, satanic assistant, a person whom be somewhat independant
of cults and able to take souls with his/her own soul, to read any language and remain hidden while
at any activity. They could lose their soul if they make mistakes but gain it back by acceptance of
the act. Each soul taken by their soul being trapped by many means and "destroyed" or rejected can
be turned into objects almost anywhere. Try to remember the soul trapped be an invasive force relinquished
of its body, and was not supposed to have been there. this effect also includes spirits that visit.
They target criminals with an idea to correct them and torment them otherwise. Natural abilities is
to gain a benefit from anything done, like in 10% improvements every second.
scifar = science fair, free day (as foster day).
scrisa = scrimshaw, living, scribe some; nightmare, sunshine from object, nightshine.
seirj = sagacious person, wise woman, wise one, wizard; turn of foul luck (lucky), faery or fairy
seti = set in, setting, enchantment; sabotage, recreate (for peace)
secleoimeh = deter, seclusion; deterioration, ream, remove slowly (biodegradive quickly)
sen = seen, sought (after), scene (scenic route); moment, momentary
seul = soul: 1. An eternal being assigned by god to contain knowledge, 2. a sacred part of the body
that serves as a lifeforce, 3. The soul can self-assign itself by deciding where to be; mind:
1. mental idea in action by the time of day and motion by acts around us, 2. motion of soul in
action by manipulation of body with the mind as guidance.
seup = seeo, setup, seeing (learning); distribute (freely)
ser'viec = service, disrup tuin, vortra tuanna, split duality; disdard (wracks or pain): 1. destitute
(vagabond), 2. deadly regard or death service, 3. disdaineer, disdain by dismissal, dismissal by pain,
4. painwrack of crime, conditions or torture, 5. snit or painwrack of emotion, 6. hesitative pain,
7. others emotional pain, 8. net wracks, worse disruptive service.
shyapy = craphappy: full spunchter release that allows at any given time of shit and fecal matter and any
annoyances are easily making them oblige in detail of developement, whether its work or play, its the same
thing as they do the job easily; object oriented, the person in regard of this be oriented entirely on the
job and with no problems if possible, as they are health conscious with ability to do work overtime, now if
pissed off by events they might laash at objects but held back be the anger, as they attempt to use for
destructive reasons by making objects different.
sip = ship: 1. country of movement, 2. to suck into; powerhouse: 1. power house of movement, 2. house,
3. powered house on wheels.
siya = shiyan, miyaku, offer, create in (of peace).
slater = assassin, death guard
smeagl = smeazer (shmeezher), duplicitious, con artist; trapper, tracker
smet = smart; 1. don't do it, 2. smear, 3. bad smile, 4. route, a course of action by a mode of
transportation; inroute: 1. personal acceptance by an inroad, 2. inner travel by manifest or
smi (smidge) = smile; frown
smoa = smoker, chemically adicted person of some drug, bad addiction of taboo drug, a neo origin
group; terf patrol or beserk patrol.
sna = snare, snazzy, snap; decide, may de'cis'iv, make decision
snia = sniper: 1. killing spree, 2. now forbidden, 3. selective kill, 4. bestow where from nothing; snip/e:
1. snape, moody attack, 'when the mood hits you you attack,' from examples by snape, 2. kill family,
3. severus: cut and separate from the whole or body, like internal brain or heart, 4. homek, home killer,
assassin (of household or area).
siit = shiit, sit, site, shit, stuff, idea, things (as smelly item, not smelly item); objective (as
procrastinative or projective vision)
shoov = shot over: 1. overhead, 2. shot again, 3. camera use of reshooting, 4. reshoot by rebudding or
with use of parachute, 5. eclectic, a disease of brain starting in spinal column and casulties suffer
peneal gland misfiring in the form of brain shocks and that causes spasms; just miss: 1. doubts,
2. dismiss.
pohl = fade away; reverse.
soirpb = Memory: 1. a soft/ware memory, buffer, mental or brain storage, 2. hard/ware memory, memory
for duty like cystals, chips; Responsible: 1. understood motion, 2. cause of concentration, 3. concerned
control thats like felt to make things act as you want.
ski'ny = skinny, interest in mind(steal, or whatever act including infoing); disaster (disrepute)
skunk = a stinky defense animal, a plotter; stink, a fish or fishy scent considered death
sli/m = thin: 1. strong and no extra untrained muscles and no fatty build-up, yet they can do much,
2. slime or apositive; relief: 1. smoke, 2. crazy, 3. show no conscious and all action, 4. cool, neat look.
slu/g = weight, slowness, slew "va'rspiel", trust me; shot: 1. varsity, honorary, vendor, 2. bullet
or kill shot,
3. assasin or kill shot like person.
smo = smoke: 1. liquid smoke or barbeque sauce, 2. distract, 3. use wild card, 4. ace in the hole;
preventor: 1. preventative, 2. make consistent, 3. distraction, 4. tobacco use.
smu = smudge: 1. wipe away, 2. allow familiar, 3. on-touch familiarity; spiritual absorb: 1. disbelief,
2. self-absorbed.
solv = solution, solvent; hardness, hard earned as gaining an edge
spiel = viespil, enchant, enspellment; concent, leave alone.
spiy = spirits (alcohal), spirit 1. drink with alcohol, 2. you the willful spirit; endless pursuit
like neverending story.
stadu = stadon, stand down, let live, let go; let down, walk away, go now.
sta/y = stay your hand, stop, stasis; correct of moment like "I feel that I am correct", continue
steteo = start up: 1. stater, 2. personal state affair 3. tosay with idea and cause intent for an incidence
incurred moment or persuant action like an excited speach; starter (thanks to D.): 1. spark, 2. excuse to
any act/affair, 3. death match with aid of burning.
suc/k = suk in: 1. pull by memory or with air, 2. automatic suction, 3. liposuck or fat reduction by physical
sucking, 4. reduction of bison numbers using guns; sog as snog, kiss and etc..: 1. death blow, 2. foe smack,
3. face punch, 4. facial kiss, 5. death kiss, 6. fatal blow, 7. fate be a critic or get sloppy.
sult = insult, mastery of making madness thanks to Bluesilly; malegered: 1. maligned, 2. going far,
"going far but not seeing it, the goal of the maiming or the action." a quote from a seaman as he was
on long voyage and from a sp. ed class to describe her, the teachers, goal in life, 3. disfigured,
4. baleagered.
summat = surmise, summation (call to apologies) or surmount (consider); disturbance: 1. surplus,
2. overwhelm.
suii = suicide: 1. mix into, 2. switch side (as sui persuade, cide = side); death of self: 1. self-death,
2. test of self.
suue = succubus, soul consumer (soul eater); 1. assimiliar (almost true) to the moment, 2. merringitus,
pie shaped torus, 3. terrific or guilty feel, surprise of too much sometimes with disturbance, aka
a surprise party, 4. very interesting.
sunase = sun asset, trade; sadism
sunbriga = sunbringer; deathbeing with a deathsong (as deathcroon), deathbringer.
sunn'es = suns ray; destruction
sunpye = sun palace; disruptive area or house
sunwepa = suns weapon, focus crystal; cystal, disruptance frequency.
surrupt = interruption; remind: 1. an ultimatum of sorts, 2. like fire crystals or power that are crazy,
3. remind memory.
surv = survival, surmise or self-delude, self-demise where they are deluded into looking for the best but
get the worst.
parafin = toxic wax, power wax, parameta wax; undying water fire: greek fire wax, the fire that will go out
by smothering.
Pia = Save: 1. Pirates, save for themselves and to steal whatever possible and only on a visit to shore (land),
2. trading post, 3. rescue by self target, 4. savga: save game or create pattern storaged on file;
Free trade: 1. Of the things that are hard to get and to share the power and goods sometimes as info
and data, 2. Free sharing, for trade due to good selling (conartistry and willingness).
daerm, = focus: 1. to gain a result or girth, 2. stretchy surface, 3. skin or derm, 4. needle; control:
1. dominate, 2. control by superstition, 3. gave in by disturbance.
ta'adv = take advantage, take advertisement, coniss'ate, commisserate; belief of moment: fatal attraction.
tai = taint: 1. corrupt, 2. throw away, 3. follow; turn: 1. change id, 2. change focus, 3. pervert,
4. corruption shield that prevents idea and other basic elements and one that cant be turned unless
you buy it with arguement or dismiss it, 5. chase around.
talet = take a left, left turn, take a wrong, take a fall (fall over), cloth or towlette; natural recourse,
same thing over again and you keep the experience but its similiar to dejavue where the experience be a
feeling and disappears from memory, go straight and turn upward, diagnol left or angle left or left hook.
tarit = take a right, right turn; right hook
tam = tame, thain, thane; thame: 1. thalamus, 2. athame, power tool or dagger, thats a property of effective
power flow, 3. overthrow of/by judge.
tamp = push like tamp down; shove, forcefully move onward.
taom = take off, take over, take it for granted; tick off, teoed, toe ridge ae toenail or toe edge.
tarafom (terraform) = reformation, terrain, change of terror from formation; recondition
tafograt = Taken for granted, act a folley or demand, act fool, be foolish; react badly.
tatfograt = Take it for granted, taken as required (prequirement), taken as a required reward
(but not noticed). Thanks to robert.
tek = teach: 1. tech group, 2. technician, 3. technology, 4. derive, 5.describbed, youth group work,
6. on track; resempt (A fault or resuming deadfall): 1. Problem that creates idea for a good job,
2. Screwage by screw, technology or destructive use. 3. reprimand, A screw that be mechanical and
technological and can be deadly, 4. destructive view, 5. impersonate (from copying another for not
being able to do it themselves).
teknye = Tektonician who uses tektoniks or one who uses many fields to get something for life, All
purpose service person that works with crystals and machine patterns; Creator, A responsible person
whom makes things on the spot and out of pattern, 'if it exists then it can be made to appear and
sent to the person from their pattern identification.'; technician: 1. tekky, 2. repairman for/against
targent = fire: 1. heated destructive force, 2. heat element, 3. image from laser view; hollistic: 1. fire hazard,
2. an item that could explode, 3. explosive, 4. fire away, 5. a field to explode.
t'est = test, estimation; combine, put it together
th(the) or thi(the) = this, that, those, them, we (us); it, then (thi'ilhin), were/was, as be (equalling)
thaku = throne (command seat); thank you
thawa = that way or that a way: 1. in the direction, 2. out of the way, 3. momentary progress: 1. appease,
2. knowledge; in the way: 1. blocked /passage, 2. momentary blockage, 3. momentary disruption, 4. the bulge,
5. that weight.
thidt = that did it, thiidi (I think I did it), similiar in conscious, comtemplate; activate (set it off),
thenc = since; hence (now)
thig = th'ig(thing), thang, there, item; that, this
tot or tet = test: 1. horror, 2. bleeding edge, 3. edge of field; er: pause.
tunt = taunt, shout names; fun or pleasure of the brutal type, thrill
turaom = turmom, turn a moment (turning point), turn a mom, wriga, outwrigger, outwiggle (turny);
compulsion from compulsive force.
turthcona = turtal, turn tale (countertale), turn the table, change the odds, turn the corner, turn for
yourself (turn to your side); squeal, turn traitor, turn against
trainse(h) = trais (trellis), trainset, train self; train (deep trance)
trama = trauma, disturbance, lunatic motion; unnatural: 1. activity: things that act on their own, sometimes
with others as things, 2. motion, devised by self effort to conform and from energetic prompting.
trel = treple, trible, triple; witch effort, cause
trespe = transpise; traipse (walk around illegally)
tsunami = tsunamai: 1. A huge wave, 2. A type of water dragon that forms as a wave and be 30 - 90 feet tall;
A person whom represents an infinite manifest of void and fire in the guardian type ability but has almost
no concern over that which destroys him/her, all concern for that which destroys the area. With an attitude
like 'Don't be too blind to learn what you don't respect. To learn without surrender unless necessary and
fight your own way. Feel free to use intensity in your actions to balance or surprise. For the simple way
is to create a path of life and lies by consuming doom.' thanks to Sean.
ull-ga = kljckkemjnkl, rate: 7 psi, rat god; roleplay, ancient study
un/e = unis: 1. one, 2. won, 3. bring back, raise up, 4. two into one, unity 'unify, to bring forth
unification withstanding destruction", 5. eternal, forever; illustrate: 1. learning fro' relate or
slain of attempt, 2. opportune relation, 3. unn: undo (by fire or other energy like lightning or water).
unndea = undead; high order: 1. honored being: extreme honor, 2. extreme being, 3. extreme ruler, 4. any
unread = unreal
us(e) = use (of), free use, usage; prequire, abusive (user), since most things of use; addict,
the emotional state that makes abuse from prequirement (prereq) set by addictive idea.
us(e)'in'ata = make personal use for personal aggravate/ion, take personally; ape or clone (copy)
usiage = standardize; aggravate (to improve)
v'hil'nek = viehk'lied, hed, head, form of head, in lead or leader, pathway; ball: 1. any type of ball,
2. lead, 3. hot potato.
valdez = oil; richness, ripe or detern as always return if intruding or not.
vambril = inciteful, instinct; lecture, hypnotic speech
vambrilium = electra, electricity; shock (spark, killing movement of electronic energy flow)
vandergard = vi: bring down flame: distinct pain: misery (as miserable), cause flame by curious acts.
vanglorious = oopsy, overgloried, transposed; overlook by overimposed motion
vee = vision as view or dream; horror: 1. cruger, 2. nightmare.
varhbuel = deadland, dearthland; shift
varlu/ck = 1. warluck, warluk, varluc, luck in war, 2. various moments of winning idea, 3. warlock,
chaos adept; Viral meningitus or the crotch swells red that causes various disruptions, distraktion
or distractions and bad pains.
vas = vast; equal allowance.
vasberg = whaling party = to cause somenr to not see and to be extremely overweight, sometimes bad eyesight
from burned out ability; iceberg hit off a vast iceberg or ice age as age old ice.
vaspall = equipment; science or psience serendipity or stupidity.
veisportal = chemical containment cistern, container; sealed up, sealed area
veh'kil = hel: 1. heal, 2. hell, 3. versatile ineptitude, versatile accident; heel: 1. Heed like "heed the call",
2. Heard fo' respect from soldier or officer on patrol, 3. Stop on heel, 4. Desperate by Bob M., 5. Boot heel,
Boot strapping on the bottom of the boot, 6. transfer, transferrence.
verboen = verbage, verbottab, word phrase; heard, yelled voice.
verbuic = glory; entail: 1. entrails, 2. description.
verbuhl = sanity, quiet; understood
verhuilic = heroic; stupid idea: ongoing heroism.
veir = where: 1. so very, 2. anything stated as to get location, 3. top of the moment, 4. eo: top;
'vrythi: 1. all, purposeful, 2. very thing, 3. what, 4. very thing, 5. missed out, 6. assured stupid,
7. idiot, 8. everything,
ves = arthrimic: 1. arthritus, 2. associate; earn: 1. best, erned tru/ly, 2. establish/ment. vesbein = SlugginJoe: 1. little slugger, 2. the basebal bat wielder who destroys people as they die or
make mistakes in a phantasmic vision..; lil slug: 1. little slug, 2. bullet, 3. universal source, 4. slug
of weight or pain/ful shot.
vidyai = vindicative, spite; vandalism: vicious release of poverty ilk or similiar.
vie = video as a personal character or scene; to go for achieving as gainesville or gain/ing again. voivolt = void electricity: 1. similiar to free electricity, 2. It works by dispulsion with the
pull of electrons opposite of going forward and caused by events to create the current as events are the
source of power. Use of a condenser stone to contain by magnetic rock (martian rock) to cause electrical
current by magnets or electromagnets that has the opposite polarity and a dark crystal as a sender.
Alternatively, use a dark crystal to pulse by magnetic waves and picked up by tesla radio power recievers.
The magnetic pulsation can happen with a combined device that works with a ward (as magnetic field
from humanlike aura or other directed magnetic field); zeon: desired be a zion stone (embery heart in
crystal formed in a supernatural explosion or sun nova) or other diamond with energy bolts pulsing through
volcae = vulcan/vulcana: 1. volcano, 2. a lava tunnel, 3. volcanic tunnel, 4. runnel of red fire or lava;
zeal: 1. overeat, 2. zealot, an overdedicated person or very focused person, 3. zest as spunk or ever
outgoing, 4. wooden structure (very large) like a shouse or siege tower, 5. fragile, 6. eruption:
a. Firey eruption of a large expansion of gas and flame or lava to blow outward,
b. Mix lamp oil and liquid potpouri and alcohol or essential oil as 2:1:1 and shake up to form a foam
expansion and it fills up the near emptiness and left over oil by at least 3 times and at most 4 times.
This stuff when settled can burn instantly when sometimes added to liquid wax or water, the more you shake
the more it makes up.
c. Salt + Copper + Potassium Nitrate + Baking Soda + Soda pop (mabey diet) will get a rapid expansion
of carbon dioxide and foams upward to create a lava like expansion,
d. Vinegar + water + Baking Soda = volcanic like eruption and some add red food coloring.
vorbotten = forgotten by arguement; agreement.
vuispek = how, bone; spiritual revealing that represents of personality.
vytoy = victory, hiemlief, undid moment, regained resource; don't disparage, sabotage
wykinpark = walk in the park; easy way (disturbance)
wa = way: 1. wait (as pause), 2. what (as is); collapse: 1. waste/d, 2. was/what as waste, 3. past, 4. penalty.
wait = to feel; continuance
waki = wackiness, wacky, fond, fondness; disconsolate, decontest
war = competition, warchief or battle; warn: drive away.
warawa = war away, go (warn) away, compete away; compliance: 1. ward or holding place, 2. award by reply
wawas = as it was: 1. way it was, 2. what a waste, 3. watres, waitress, 4. wasted moment, 5. personal waste
or wastrel; depict/ion: to describe or draw any scene as it happens by mental drawing and skill or by hand.
wawat = what what, what was it (say again); regain clarity: 1. begain clarity (begin again), 2. began with,
3. meditate for strengthening soul with spirit.
wath = what that, what was that, what again (come again); dequihl, bring back
watts = bioelectrical, live wierd energy flow (kills all in area), but calms the nerves and
is biolectricity. A side benefit be people have elongated lives but this kills the caller not in
the end unless uncareful; bionegation (all life cease), negation that forms an electric ghost by any means
of the spirit whom calls it also considered manji; elongated light: 1. to elongate life and liberty by a
strong aura, 2. a long lived light that be peace intended.
web = veb: 1. spiderweb, 2. newok, network (of brains or wires as else), 3. connection (any) including the
effort of brains cynergetically or bioenergetically linked; linked (unending linkage): 1. cyrokinetically
connected, 2. pyrokinetically active, 3. (psychic) handshaked, 4. telelinked and others considered in the
big book of technology.
weed = ambromide, aplit, plant (painkiller), dope (drug abusers nonaddictive choice thanks to Matt);
weiwaki = weed whack, remove pest/s; weed or grass fondness, grass eating
wi = with, w\, incluse, inkling, width, including fate; with rapid /expansion:
1. magic/k, affirmative effect or effort, quality action,
2. magic that be illusion or self inclined ill'ness of mad touched or god touched (kell seers), where you
use physical blood flow fro' heart clench to induce energy from outside,
3. magick be illusive preventa or allure, illusion prevention or actual deal with wierd concept.
4. offer, or wierd effort, mere death of many things of the actual people to get something.
5. thought form by fate, thought provoking.
wia = wis: 1. widom or wisdom, 2. wizard, 3. ancient: an ancient person fron an olde tribe with a
few thousands of years, sometimes on call the person transforms to represent the body most know
they deserve to be left alone; natural/ly: 1. to akiev, achieve or gain success as a disaster to
else, 2. to do, 3. shit /thing, 4. witch (a wyk), 5. scientific magician, 6. scientist.
widawa = wierd away: 1. go away (as by concept), 2. wide awake, 3. fully active; conform: 1. inform,
2. control.
wiz = whiz: 1. pee, 2. focus, 3. egg, genious; cross: 1. sacrifice, sancrify, 2. make sacred,
3. steady.
wod = word: 1. a phrase or pattern, 2. a created pattern, 3. world event, 4. change; weird person: oddball.
woim = yreal'dag, worm, wormy, console consistence, war tough; mental worm, getting info (physically)
by a mental compulsive
visdic = visdise or vision of paradise: 1. vision tour, it pulls your souls memories together to share
them toward another, 2. ethiopia, utopia, dream sight; visible detection: sighting the invisible
whetsta = whetstone, sharpen things and to eat real things and not false dillusions that starving people might
seek or see as food; sue or pursue and act: 1. shape not, 2. out of shape, 3. sharpen not, this be where after
a long time of movement, the "shape not" disallows other things to keep its form or dulls the blade.
wre = wreck, work over, work on; steal, 5 finger discount.
wrea = wreath: holly branch or other fruit tree branches in a woven circle; don't care: dejection.
wren = monkey wrench (as useful tool) or created flaw; stop
writ = handwritten (as on paper), handwriting; degeneration: rapid disbursement of bad tissue and material
with decay.
wrya = muse, writer (script lister); eternal writer (writup, real world script manipulation)
wok = buyer, make purchase, buyur; work, item use (like a wok), personal use
wow = amuse, amusement, amazement; abuse, abuse from a fight scene
wyndyfarh = evergoing fart (windy fart), dischief (bad brief, bad discussion); evolutionary
moment (everwinding moment), debelief (disbelief of bad things or promise)
wyrd = magic word, faith word; fate of moment
wyrtheir = pryer, wirtheires, wortheir, worthy mother, pry it loose; open: 1. rememberance: 2. find
moment on track, 3. find a way, 4. prybar or pry away, 5. insiduance, insistent idea, doomed purpose
y = all: 1. everyone, 2. everything, 3. everywhere, 4. effects most; united: 1. country, 2. voice, 3. window,
4. in idea, death clas, 5. marriage, 6. fibreglass, any plastic.
yak = yack, talk; retell(ing), retail
ys (wis) = wisdom (wizard, witch, wise one), wish, sole desire; defunct (defunction), glitch (locally)
yoale = Allowable, concent or How much fought for was given into or what you do unto me I do
unto you amongst other variations.
yull-gath = owner son, owned (own it), god (all-father); grandfather (honored godfather). The one you know as the all father is the creator, that person created us using the area vibration and idea transmission. He or she thinks of us as though we were a memory he can explore and that is a fact that we can exploit. So by thinking of the idea we need to know about or have, he or she creates what we want in the place, area or idea that we want, otherwise he or she lets us know about things by soul realizations known as insights.

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A Ex an
Martial Law life practices and skills
MetiyLa -a- lypretyix -n- skix
A martial artist at creation. Some common laws of the People (unknown)

This be to sum it up and to bring to create an understanding, as with several different styles of kung-fu
or idea. I am a martial artist of varied skill and made up several ways of combining them, the skills so far known.

jysu = jitsu can be surprising and the use of martial arts with mysticism, and playing with illusion as
anything goes martial arts. A quote by teacher 'To brute strength identity the force and count it as yours, and that makes it of use.' This includes shapeshifting as a practical illusion;
Shitsu be using the shit of body or items such as objects and fecal, to get pleasure as with all natural
arts of identification. but to some it can make people sick. In shitsu most people might be disinterested
by the drug usage. You might smell like shit but the idea be correctional to those around, to bring any thing to get your result thats not of use by others. Sorta like anything goes martial arts but its anything thats usable and objective with no attempt to attain a goal that attacks the person.

But therein be an unnatural skill, item manipulation and last ditch cannabalism or other foods from those that died naturally and not by you or us. The truth be that it doesn't measure up by proxy or the main idea, of what martial footsu or the art of powerful kick or fist be as the saying goes from Noreaga (nor'e'aga), with lying purposely to suit the purpose thanks to Jay, or to gain the ability to tell a white lie. To control the rage and confusion be the control of beserkness and the shifting.

lyfsu = lifsu: pursuit of life and manhunting, 'art of life and the art of well living and doing, leave no enemies by gaining none and if possible with a peaceful manner', from Noreaga by saying, 'bonzu be the art of life existance and growing plants better and speaking better.';
Bonk (from bonchitius): 1. Considered in motion the animate/inanimate can work for you, as people are into better skill by a bonk off the bonsu (as bonzu) tree, idea 'the art of bonk', and for fighting they can go beserk states including weird efforts to get well or win. Like off statements to upset or confuse with projection by Jitsu. Purity be used of sensing aura and badness of boldness in others as in for karmatic senses. For the bold are useful of getting us places. In bonk you have to accept by expecting the blow to get somewhere with your blow and expect strange effects read as a charm. Use any fighting skill as anything goes mixed with conventional conversation, thanks to Jay from examples. To create the most use a consensus and it reoccurs a just idea. Thanks to BJ in example.

In bonk, to use the owner as a tool to do as you design be considered manipulation in practice, as manipulation be sometimes construed as a personal character assasination or personal assault from subduance. The most obvious be the most unlooked at and things are suspect if too similiar. Honor or leave alone the Astute. 'Try to bonk into terror by long range at first and up close at last into a beserk state, thanks to Art of manipulation and energy by apearing you can confuse and to make desist you drive the honorable away or give surprise until you know you won't be attacked. You can say what you want and not assaulted for it.

' This be the art of considerable manipulation where you can be small and appeased by small things.'
2. In order to begin Kasuma, which be the next step of bonk, be to defend without will or to defend and  mostly fight instead, where in confinement your in exchange of will as the extended part of your body to act as an energy carrier, used to empower on a touch and with an idea or something watched as the idea, to mutate and change the body. In thought we are the dream and reality by use of standing trance. But headbutts and feeling by force projected away are okay. In esence, your the message and the messenger be a thing.' Thanks to Master sempiji.

Where wunjo the art of open martial fighting or karate the art of defense with deflection and similiar like juditsu the art of defense and attack 'use ki to hit the brick and crack it, Kasuma be to use your hand or body with a projected forth moment of chi, as an extension of will in attack and defense in some wierd manner. To create immunity from weakness by strength and from others by strength from a potent ability.

This be to correct for things missing and act a freedom figher psychic or otherwise. 'I concede the point of making amends with people, so I make new ways to create a better method from use of old and some newly implemented in a perfect blend or new ways from thrill and rumour mixed with the known.'

Statements to release the effort, by pressure or stress be very useful, like considered martial statements in law, but practiced enough you don't have to say them as they can be auto innate training,, so feel free to make your own but I prequalified several that give extra impact to release the effort easier but you can use any atlantean for the effort as all the above but to make a mantra from this be to break the words up at the pronounced syllables. To undo any damage be 'un-de', and 'om' or 'omcha' be to make instinct knowledge and gain know-how as knowledge spirit by (c)  Osmosis. The mantras come easy after this be used as with an idea.

'aya' as 'be released' from a chop of sorts,
'aum' as a release of bad energy,
'ayba' as a 'be biased, or 'burdened',
'be-ja' be a 'destruction hit' or big jab!. This hits the nerve by automatic motion.
'be-ong' be 'fear that be true by real effect' ot destiny.
'be-ot' be 'be doing' or be bought.
'be-ke' or 'mater ke' for 'open minded' or 'mastering' anything. To suggest to people or objects.
'boch-it' for bochitus be to cast a scene of death not on failure but on success or cast out something. Its
considered for family curse and integrative circuitry with a bad cough. Another aspect be to botch it on the job.
'cary-bom' as cherry bomb and scare force that causes disruption and be illusion. The vision appears as neeed by you.
'cotee' forces people to pee sometimes after a few minutes.
'cur-cha' and 'cur-cho' or 'chur-choa' be to cure anything of anything except ability or gift as be cur-ki. In particular, the cha can be cho to cure choking, but 'cho' alone be to choke as another teacher pointed out. So 'cur-cho' be to cure a chosen point of a single physical condition, where 'cur-cha' be a general effort where the spot isn't chosen its all ills cured. It can also act a physical blow. This won't effect or howsies turnabout, all but broken bones to cure any thing you know the name of be a 'cur-ilp' or a particular disease 'cur-[disease name]'.
'de-lav' be to 'revert' from anonymous or get revenge from a lavatory expedition. This gets rid of poison.
'do-slu' be 'as one' to combine spirit or conscious with an object or person and it causes a form of spiritual awakening with any gift as a given. A benefit be to not slouch anymore and immortal until the object or person is destroyed. I didn't say the body was undestroyable I only meant the person doesn't lose energy but the body can be bruised a bit unless the person doesn't remain touched by deciding it. Some might call this a hoarcruix without the blood. A place can deteriorate and kill the person who assaults by knock out if the person be assaulted. The effort be to become one with everything, so to do so be to become a killing force of your alternative people or the spirit be chained together, to be one conscious many bodies and several separate mind nodes. The spirit be all you ever
need and be like 'strength of one from many' or a 'spirit bond'.
'dow-si' be 'do as energy said' for a horseplay ot horsey or horse transformation. Draw transportation or cause sleep.
'dra-away'! or 'dri-awa' be 'drive away' almost anything be dissipated by allure.
'dro-dea' or 'drop-ded' for dead drop on a target with tiredness or insanity and self-sacrifice.
'dro-ou' be to drown out with flood water, drop-out or fillibuster speech.
'dul-nut'! be to 'do nothing', 'to enlarge' or do things of dullness and chore. fat.
'dzac' as a cure to bad bones or broken knees. Break curse.
'dzi-nha', 'ars-son' or 'lar-cen' as 'world destruction or bombing' for larceny as a way to get things.
'ei-be' as 'changing force' that releases energy to share it and it changes things by remodelling.
'ei-ha'!, 'ja-lenn' or 'eil-lenno' (c) Jay Leno be 'laughing matter or laugh'.
'ei-he' or 'ei-she' be create movement and raise dead or to he or she.
'ei-sha' as to hit hand hard, as jar hand.
'ele-cha' or 'ele-ka' be ' bring madness' or 'element high channel' by ele-[element here] where the element is hydr for water, cyr/cyro/cryo for ice, aero for air, thunder or psychic nature, pyr/pyro be fire of many sorts, geo be earth and add bo-mb for a elemental bomb. To work a release of ability from any bounds use this! 'cha' for charm, 'ka' the sign of chaos and 'kao' as with 'chaos' or 'fors' as force to forsee by focus or release bond. 'har-rier cary' as 'arry-cary' as 'carrier fire starter or other disaster by dispute and being the harbringer of death'.
'f-me' be to 'fuck force' or family force sometimes of fear unless described elsewise like f-me water and the inflicted won't succeed like add a hammer blow or 'blu-ef' as a spiritual hammer with the same result. The inflicted you can call hydr-inflictemeis or hydro inflictive media.
'ftl-cha' be create faster than light movement.
'buk-cha' be a book create from rebuke and to prove it by writing.
'hai-ja!' as 'upward release'. Some might think it haijack or high jack in an high altitude. This can increase energy potential.
'ha-ja' be hon-chow for 'backward release' or 'backward motion' or 'fear of motion' cause a reverse effort.
'hai-ya!' as 'a downward release' or gives protection.
'hed-cha' = as a head butt or neck chop as if it is.
'hu-ajaha' or 'hu-ajaaja' be transfer spirit for spirit walk and dream walk. Sometimes to evade the world or not notice the distractions around them.
'id-ka' as 'fate related' and 'hide in plain site' or id change for anonymous idea, and a similiar fate by 'hand' for take or steal. These are useftl to create a fate related, incident, or repair using criminals by effort and sometimes for energy.
'in-dis' = 'self-trial of force' and 'indisputable solution', or self-doubt from display as this causes fate, from a force of inbreeding.
'kara-cha' be to cause a real karate chop as if it is.
'kee-ja' or 'casula-turva' be 'forward release' by knee jab for human or to key jab for object and force forward person or object.
'kee-ya' be 'backward release' or key ward to force a person backward.
'ker'sena' for kerosene and other chemicals.
'kne-cha' for 'knee breaker' be to cause bad knees, a broken bone on body or Arson on other as if the object burned from within.
'lav' or 'lokbar' be 'release desire by aim' for criminal larceny or to have desirous goals and dangerous appeal that hope to get things like in a distributive moment. 'laub-er' or 'lav-na' or hateful desire. A similiar result be 'dischief' to occur a back at you with hate and disposing. or bathroom trip as things evolve. Another similiar release be 'loknar' to cause 'good behavior' from a backlash of hoax and insanity.
'lebhe-rah' be is success by forgiveness and supreme where the opposite be 'huig-oenit', 'dhiz-hul' or 'nuna-zi' by self hate, in doing things,  from perfection and perdition from forced evolution. Thanks to huong-quoi and Anonymous.
'lil-slu' be 'lil slugger' its to change the mind set of the person to accept defeat, as to be defeated including death of failing the test at hand to make point of senselessness, basically the task at hand be pass or fail and any doubt gets a vision considered night bearance in a nightmare that equals a test of sanity and balance. If death, then the person dies anonymously or alone several times by a mental scene as he/she dies.

The true nightmare is where magic be denied and be the show of a person as they do it to themself and saying 'you do it to yourself' where this might save the person if your willing to give up on attacking yourself, but this is where honor or being alone in a strong sense of the word will doom you if your bullish. As it can go to the physical world as if born by energy until you give up on defeating yourself. This was gotten by a Anime program with mention of lil-slugger. Theres another idea thats to use a night scene to cause destruction and be similar named with the same result as a lil-death with a death of some magic.
'lo-cha' = a low chop with legs, or 'ham-cha' for hamstringing ala hamstrung of nearest leg or as possible, a cutting off of the lower leg at the kneecap.
'okl-oma' or 'suna' for self-exploration by creativity and action from self-appeal. This can force compliance and contend by context and serendipity. Thanks to evil trickster.
'og-nal' for 'queer' or 'make strange and mutable' to be spoken to and are suggestable.
'oop' be 'mistaken feel' for a serendipity moment.
'owwee' be incorporate and spiritual or 'ow-wie' be a body 'power-up' to make a scary like sylvan power up.
'pe-at' be accumulated explosives or other stuff.
'psu-cha' or 'psu-ki' as a pseudo chop and kick of extended energy that effects as you do the actual chop or kick.
As it causes from a distance a hit to the object, or person from the energy of your ki or chi, this can be used as an idea spell 'len-gane' lengthener. To strike at a distace to hit the target and this can be any distance. It can't awaken ability except the hidden ability, one that can appear as any ability except to restore ability.
'sare-tael' or 're-tael' be 'easy sale' of safe retail of items or story, to sell the idea and end a bad disposition of negative means.
'seepid' or 'du-mb' be 'be dog dumb'.
'seop' or 'de-segga' be 'death force' and 'death act of suicide' by any act.
'sla-ba' as 'slash back' with a slashing force or slashstick.
'Soh-ayo' be 'bubbly force' to bubble almost anything. Made by police force unit.
'tru-saum' or 'trut-du' be truly the same, truth serum or force the truth by tribute.
'um-cha!' or 'um-ka' as 'double cross' or 'vitriole oil'.
3. Wong is Foo or the considerace of possible outcomes to fool people into belief of not being effected (c) A-team. in two manners, as a vision and to use the result of the best sight, this be also a weyr, to bear the fact of what happens and by use of what be a good outcome be bearing the same result as the Wong, you get somewhere. Its the next stage of the Bonk, to be able to stand and deliver with a body that seems slender but spiritually fat, and indulge by intent to absorb anything that comes your way from a very absorbative spirit. On sight your assumed wealthy and respected as if you were fat. But the person who sees you will follow anything said with reconsiderance to the subject. This isn't summation to be overdone or you can cause a fight or 'forced' separation. To be a true leader without the fat and
stay understood even if insane. Wong is to hate and force those told to be a hated person into existence of finance to be near and create a pattern of self evasion until you give in to their demands. Its in yu-ong or Wong to be almost hateful of large finance.

Crazyness can be accounted for, by trying the technique, in the first place. To do it right, use the above mentioned, as with power stricken don't use power driven methods and recoup what be lost. So effortless be this that you can suggest easily and never need a fight except with visions. Basically feel the fat go to the spirit and when you hold in the stomach (Fo' no slouching) , when you eat it could get better as the spirit takes the extra weight and gives the infinite energy capacity as fat = stored energy and prestige. There won't be any notices as noise to alert yourself if it works, except to gain muscle as weight or fat if no exercise. If spiritually obese, you could be moving slower unless your spiritually slim from living as a good living reduces spirit weight.

The study the phenomenon as a pseudo diet, to get the idea of no body weight gain or your not drinking enough water or watered down stuff. Base your conception on the cool and not ever angry but unprovokable nice person. The spirit be an inversed negative of the inphys (physical body) and about 1/3 the actual spirit, as a noted fact of compacted weight, so if you send your weight to the show of force and the spirit sends its weight, as a source of energy then you've doubled the outcome but lost weight of body. Spirits can look thin but absorb excess, and drive the weight down as the person moves with necessity. even mentally its like a hundred pound compressed weight thats dragging you down but your thin in appearance. To exercise be to create a natural weight loss, this weight is not physical but not any ever truly master it. As it again allows hurt without hurt and endless pain endurance until one or two minutes.

This will allow a bullet shot and you won't feel it or a normal pain and it disappears with some fat loss. I think the spirit blunts the blow, but the body eats up some weight to reject the damage and sometimes themselves with 1/4 bloat that disappears, but the truth be that all foods have a poison by unnatural cooking or to eat raw gives you a little more poison albeit the body also deals with it by bloated size and reduced body feeling. A coutrap is to be a little crazy by poison. Absorbed in fat is problems where you can concen with others. Thus it gives you a prestigious feel, as spiritual fat is a little better.

A quote 'They aren't sorry kimosabe, its their way of life.' from the old west. 'To understand be a beginning but, to doctrine then you've learned. Count this as expersience (experience as a expertise), where you use others bias, to get places with wisdom. Where a genious be to be using your own idea with other mixed, in bias and use the bad, as a counterweight. The march of dimes was a counter that proved this in freedom and opposition, to create and remake for progress.'

To be beginning with nothing and then to write it down gets your understanding, as I think you have to research it, then you need practice to get the idea in worth or work (balance from perdition or premonition) be through expersiece, albeit don't write trash, For a genious level be to undegradation, where as to use others idea with your own and be to use bias or conception proven elsewhere mixed in with your own thanks to Rev. John Fischer who quoted, as a Joke 'Alt. Psalm 1_6x, To bear pas quo or superstition be to look thin with phat spirit and dismiss flagrance.'
4. Norwegia kung-fi. As the art of the ultimate Bonchitius bonker. To make a pseudo wire effect. Stupidity, isn't occuring, so by trial be able and learn dream art training by 'Don't know, does or don't that interfere with agreed  training or set them aside to work on by your own as you have time to.' This combines several art types that use passion or coolness as flame is passion. Fire is a bad idea, with the right training so you may not do unless necessary Traing is triangular force that trains you up that is able to save you and save lives. To be fine the fire is to put out passsion and obscure. To give a good reason for this is to tie in some things that work better, like old documents and from things where it is/was. This is a work art with peoples learning condition. Most be farther view is [with permission] and possible attrocious but made to look good. As to see it makes you forget the bad. As it describes
a wire by the be farther view and I see no reason behind this besides writing it.

To permiss this is a wasted time with a terminally ill victim of his own experiments. He has been trapped by his own schemes for so long he hasn't even been able to talk straight. I call this victim making, for the forbidden stance, of the person whom misuses it but it sometimes works. As I saw it like two days ago. Some take diseases as a threat, so to burn a disease came to null book burning. Like a disease that never dies is in  exchange a disease through the body that keeps it alive forever by Xeing tsieu, or cut disease by a psychic chop as with the body or mind acting with a release by sending away. This psychic chop is the idea that as energy hits it, it causes the afflicted to not notice except with a hindrance. It reverses stricture or causes the body to not age and it can break down the structure of any. So more than one master is allowable except the 'student' is allowed to choose any one to learn from. Any two or more masters can work together unless in bond by apprentice idea as they choose.

'When you can beat the master or prove you know more then you passed in the area. If area had any reason for passing, or to get stopped at.'

Wires react like the two way street with a single path or motive by motion. Where we see the remake is better we will use that. Act introverted and go on your way. Some activity can be derived by corrosion as corruption and depends on the benefit to go places by alliance with the benefit of an allowed thing, who deals with corruption is a wasted or closed link. By the benefit you can go places with leading on to a point. By electrons we are making, a grand standard with whats the point. Corruption can be a wasted link that causes events none care to watch..unless not allowed by the best intentions. Some corroded arteries are in no Big jealousy and can be adverted/diverted and to the atmosphere it is lightened. This could use a law of
'null hate by big standards big signals and use denial to make it work use love to work.' To block out bad things its 'null bad null corrupt', but not to those who prove good on their word. 'Null hate sex and disruptive criminalism.' except think before you try it,'It'll work no matter how I deal with it.' No matter how it worked, it works despite the method to halt corruptive action unless thats what makes it work. This alone allows the idea as you would think, its not to bully its that I looked strange its got a result. I will always know the right thing to do.

The plan is not to burn up the place to avoid disruption and someone following, to avoid dangers and following..use the disguise technique and be yourself..or burn your scent and not generally everywhere but just one thing. Don't appear to win or have won, act a part of any move as a fight can occur as if by coexistence or coaxial wire. Yet the secret channel is used to win or strive in but ultimately win, and in instant survival, strikes as needed by being threatened by bad luck and karma as nonhurtfully is in speach. Each strobe is indivisual in their own mind and person, but doing as needed in the world for something, correct for problems that pursue using big machines to out the mite sized beings with correct purposal its a due that need no regard. Not to use a personal destructive, as is necessary, but so much for the bright side as I will leave things up to you.. Need to know what will occur then
its to seem out for something, and the moment it is personal destructive is diverted where its taught = nontroubling calm for or desire achieved by results. If the results are not accepted then its like a true idea 'given' by the fob to someone else. It seems my brain doesn't always recognize it.

Trickle down is a trick to know-how gnosis, and afforded a branch of study by allowing yourself, and by being a user of the info and funds to gain afforementioned freedom. With detict is the district as its a breakthrough to create a study of use as I think it used to be a ticket of reduction for the effort of trials to great reward by those who benefit. I think its wise enough to know. Be known by person as someone else but not followed along as he/she would. To not do as is the idea would allow is to do as thought would follow to do as you would not normally attempt, this gets an instant point of ejection so to a result its to be erejected or eerily rejected in an area..or pursuit. The physical body is only so immune so too many cancel the go, but the main reason your interfering as infere is contiguus. So what we got is an interfering band, of action in the most pointed from immunity and fear of being effected.

Qizt is to be quizzed on a multiple choice question and/or colorized sheet or just ask questions and it is a straight up and down response or answer selection by column. If you quizt your going to get somewhere for detail of motion or desire. Introverted is the way as its unseen but contained infinity  shifted, as else and its to able to absorb human pain, emotion and hurts by object or wire. By introverted electrical your allowing this land to live but that land, to die as its literally unprotective there, being based on older stuff with possible. Controverted the energy is = field generated and just enough but cut off before it kills by link removal or powerloss. To put something hot or spicy
and cold on an object reduces the heat. It conditions by attempt to subdue by cold and match with heat the thing beneath, it transfers the idea or produced energy as in transferrance link by transmission and cold connection. A general idea is to touse or to use a unsmeltable subject or object as an object that is a material not human.

Keep a clean area for heated things where no disruptance is not fire. Turn off (power) to do work or try to find another way which is more likely to not kill you. Now if we had something for which is done, a single tissue might be widely used for the effort of devices and electrocution. I don't harbor ill thoughts for vengeance, so I don't quite find much on consolance as to feel for the ideal on it, the action as a 'considered be feel for less'.. in dump travel and concept by what is least in value. There is no ill feelings from it. Inten'dence impe'dence will do a quick psychic abuse removal, So a 'drop face' is you do as needed or do it. Deaths agents don't always have to work. As you don't do those things 'grimewell' or as things aren't normally done, try to bring personal peace through meditation.

The triggers no longer work, where the strangers are weirdos and how the person works is don't always trust what they say and go on your own. Thus justice is with idea and by considered consistence of discerned motorlike vehicular motion. Not near can't attack or can't usually disrupt with no known bad idea. It always seems as if someones near. Yet identified as someone else, with no regard to healing or noncriminal. If desist it would be wise to get the person with a non-sensed soulpart missing, and configured if they are better off but unaware of what the person looks like
nor any hostilities.

'Rond as the general remarks of random nature is the general idea to watch in a person, for
she is counter by and to wit and arguement.' From anonymous angry folk. 'Undoith all now be necessary by now. As any critcisms and feared remarks are ignoring the signs by sig. Like stamping feet on an Orsen wells.' by HP Harris and HP Hitler.

As corrections of this type are most likely not to do anything, as they could be done on the moments of an instant do. As we speak its not an always allowable thing, to create a purchase and not try to be using it as though it was useless before the use..this applies for the self working machine that is improved on buyout before you buy it for improvements. But prerequisites are to be foriegn or to buy. To buy is to believe, be here and be home and be there to know more by projection, here can be any building that is acceptable for use and if a purpose to be there then your not home. Yet to purpose is the act of a try, or as to make for something, no purpose and your there then be going home. So right to here is a transport field. Be cool yet get better as health is importance, as in a dry season water can put out the flames or oil flames just by smother, or unnatural by ignoring the source and use water or
say a phrase and say a color either blue or red and the the flame can go out. If a dry season then its rainy like the jungle, norwood is like the water that ignores wood and despite chemical leaks that are fixed.

Be a rearguaurd if the idea is to steal but a guard if the person tries to attempt stealing. If nuclear yield then the energy is blunted and excess used to give energy to the devices needed. So no purpose is not devising what is and thats incorporated into all things. Yet devising what is you can enchant or tryng as triangulation of things to make it work. if you settle then its acts can support other actions. Indispersion is to use void energy in desperation to make a break or a breakup of almost anything. So dispersement of a energy is  dispersing the field of which it was made. Disclining is a force to clean anything, as its dis'clin or disinclined in bible for not do. The indispersion is to collect void and then forge something together. If you can't do it or can and your done then you pass it to someone else. As 'be in exchange to create better effort, to take without stealing is always, an exception to the take, by steal. This is take by conniving, some try linking as to 'see a form and see your own and make nature connect' by psychic imprint to draw a line in your mind from one thing to another, or a tuch of
air to break the bad pattern formed by an attaching effort to another..Art by Shiela wierdro 'the shield' of same.

Indescretion or indescribable cannot get you killed, as if you call me at home or anything you won't be hurt. Bonk can be used, to create the art of undescribable and make it work for you. But, most indescribable action, be hard to understand and mostly ignored. If a strikes going to happen its not expected to concur, as needed or it will be out of joint with your nerves. Wires are firing, as the fire is inside but electrical..break and you break the spell or action intensive moment. Pass it out, is to believe description, as a spoken belief and leave (the place or spot?) to work to be despect is also distinction as a class or to be released by understood things for indiscretion or open desire and with the be required of you idea of nonperspective by disbelief suspension, or perspective by senses with some persecutive acts. Sleep on this to get this point. This was a proposed idea very hard to agree upon idea so I am confused, by many things in it, as to not rub it in else is a description of what?
I keep hearing I can't I can't, so I have to do something else.

Free by means, but not by actions that are directed from others or direction by others viewpoint, indisputable types are to be easier to deal with, as if now is an option and guided by instinct or warning to be in advice of those you advice.. or be in advised by those of other worlds but not to those who arent to your own dislikes and not always into disservice (c) Kre. By bong is a respite to bonk and bonk attackers by Master xcien'tsieu. Wrote up as a bong indespersed. Bonk is dispersed or disserviced by saying the act they do, or act it out that you don't care. Another way is care for your own idea and allow them to do it, but say almost nothing to the bonker or bonger. Except that which is required, the act is to be natural and your resistant by focus of standing meditation.. accept the change as it occurs and it doesn't matter where inimity is allowed as if its inspicable and then its an effigy. To destroy something is to bring it otherwhere in an indespisable act or indespersion. To own nothing is honorable but to own something is inspiring.

Knowledge is something of the original sin, so knowledge is unforbidden. If the place is useless then fire won't occur, or if you find something inexcepable to your belief systems, ignore by dislodging
it..as its you and your just their informant or aspect of yourself.  The helper can teach the teacher except the teacher student can inference by using reference while learning to teach the others, but only if he/she feels like it. Tell what you do or learn before your attempt and you can cleanse it, as though it is not advisable to those with heart conditions.. as any dispicable act is forgiven. Bonk is the act, of cleansing as is bong with diffused cleansing none physical thanks to contributor Cheyenne. If you use a thought, to provoke unnecessary it causes an uprise to the desire and sometimes the contigency 'be negative' force is channeled. As to feel the heat of a fire is to smother it by drinking water, or let the act complete itself by 'bunk' by Xcieo tsiu, and thats something to work  with, to dispell by negative force of any target or thing.

To snuff it out as objects in force, beyond a doubtful agent, of energy or bespectful reagent to the design. The rule of thirds: a third the force per second and reduce the area by that which caused it. Signs of the area, can connect you to other places but here we rest our bodies. Beware blueice, as he can get disruptive, iceblue is to be repected.
5. The focus of this be hu'jai'la as kujali or Foo, art of effect with focused force to motion and to create
energy and nothing that fools the senses by psych out. More from googling the.underground on search terms.
6. Bienk is to be despectful or disrespectful by originality by art that is improbable and you can channel energy, to achieve it..but the weave/wevv is the method to achieve a result through a medium. And terraforming is more possible but by being a scum thats real in real life, make considerance and unnattractive idea. By true its a reason to continue on, false its a reason to lie and achieve a result. Manchuriens are not actually controllable, except if they were then in the middle ages. So the idea can continue if pressure is put on it, things ae may resempt themselves so stop things on the idea not achieved or on the ball by not speaking on it unless necessary and that is a decided idea but not in sickness. Dag isn't to be forthwith and use an energy form, by force forth by attributes and increasing it and be without by decreasement to drop it. If anything thats right fellow then try to, but then to do anything thats wrong allow yourself to be controlled by spirit guidance or thought about. Whats thought on is with recognization and true to be bought.
7. Bienjk is to make, in a just plain kill by techniques of your own devising. through time most of the time, as it will be unable to cope with other forms by xcien tsieu. In bienjk you do something to get something. In beinkj you use a needle like energy to replicate the needle, as theirs is to create a needle and try to to keep it in the skin. Now the trouble by use is to believe in the desire by choice. Then use the choice as if a weapon of desire by energies observed, and seal it away, if to cut it off and deny it of all sometimes of the fuel it needs, it will quit with weight gain unless fold over excercise is done. The thought 'I feel right about this, so I will do it by making myself feel better. By making it seem worser to create appeal is possible in a country of time and not entirely when but how the act is achieved, and you still win albeit the negative appeal is bad for the spoken point. Priests are not your enemy, the fuel is as if its on fire.' As tensions of two things pointed out are likely to bring passion by event and breaking point is between the two.

It uses this force as a long distance breaking point, "I know what your thinking but reverse interaction with negative." from D. The distance breaking point uses a wave of timed energy. So what the problem is to create a non-stealing force, of jealous nature, maybe small jealousy as it stems from the same idea by its if that reduces jealousies by the act, as it can be lead into a condition of acceptance but the power that is hard to control. Help control by visual signs, and take note of things as they happen so to 'notice the finger is to miss the other ents as they do things..along with other events by tree and still do it right.' The true ent is a good thing, as event is to move in an area by idea to fix the moment. The diabolical evil is to cause create and decree but only if its unsafe. Unsafe motions create the balance point as if you were balancing a sword blade on thedge of your palm. This nothing be so dangerous.

Where orcs are good and willing to work but only those they like. Goblins are formed to be done with by idea situations, and Hobgoblins are formed by the human to help out by intent. To focus on them controls the moment, not the person but to focus the event to occur. As in t go through with a safe act is to win it or gain sanity as you watch. If you can't read it, then not to read it if you can't but to be a character and have him/her read it. Strict off if you desire the moment to work better and without restrictions. Red is at work if you see it and white is a weak spot in the resource to work in. The blue is heal/redemption, to be also an object healing by Osmosis or absorption.

So to break it breaks off any two or more tensions as to toss a pebble into a pond, look at how it single out now by a near death and ripples that follow but a calm peaceful motion. Its called breaking time or rel'ti'tim as relative, by realty time. Don't conclude to likenesses that assault to be there still but shift them away if possible. As with any experiment, farces and falsity can be ended if the true results are good enough so safe lies in the west and peoples idea are like greek unless neat freaks write it..at least allow good neat freaks without that must scents or clean the freaks..Be there to do that but don't go too far. For a bearer its a worthy effort to keep. A bit of silver or cooper can keep the thing alive, whatever thing it is. Barium copside as barium copperoxide releases the electric ghost, from the area..like barium below and copper above. Be not harry potter as the day could get bad. Unassaulter is to be non-assaultive and preventative, For anymore as it is. The interesting idea is to make uninteresting interesting with the patton you get ultimate, and almost no end of fun. The fact of value is to work as if its a reward to decide, a de award to destroy and give no reason except a white lie as to your creative origins.

Including stamina and lead to see them but be prepared for the offspring by iron and steele to keep the stamina up, so the idea is the conditions that a person is raised in is the conditions that the person is believed to be established in. Sire as ye will but don't belligerantly do things by bully or similiary then don't. By marking yourself your pet won't disbelieve you, and get pissed/pissy. A pet ignored is a pet indeed, as some humans can be like this almost out to get you. Live it to prevent, then go back through to deliver it as its possible as this prevents pets disorder and stamina disorder of too much energy. If you want to avoid these problems, try an herbal remedy and get hot water with use. Don't mention fat as a compliment as it will be averting damages. Work the wee but make for the well being, So the dee is utmost on the mnd, were not conspicuous, 'Formulation is the description and the web of lies' is the truth sometimes. Now is the effort to bring the pardon and the desire for web designin'.

As we speak your playing deed so were watching. The deed of the moment, is the pardon of today. For shifting use learn your place and design for the moment except be near to the moment. Simply put its 'DDD' but its a jiffy, to use, as a comspec, as this is here and this is there and two scenes coincide with what you see can shift you but you shift out. Deny heat and things are not unfair and do try as you might be tempted unless made by elders. As for the things in the new world I have to say its split into two sides, a rough standard and a good standard with a rough estimate on what to do. Before we we begin.to go to fantasy, we go for imagination and disruption of evil plots. The forward extension, is not on fire as most would think, as with many an invisible talent. But try to copy rituals or spells to create the effort. Burn the fire on moment that is where it seemed. But mad bombing
is denied and not possible if safeguards are set. Set the portals to guard against, the willful and destructive for  purposes unknown or destructive.. as materials are pyrguarded not reversible. What I get killed for is an abandoned before it began. The idea is to believe my will is always accepted, whatever the answer thats a negative or positive disposition. Indivisualists attacks are not effective with a boundary, except a moments thoughts dictate a safer path or better suited.

 Rule 1 is obolition, You can't solve something that can't or doesn't happen. Rule 2 is the rule of destitution, as the worker does the contribution by ambiguous meaning or actions by a near likeable idea, here is the true point where then its truth with motion that you find your idea with information thats suitable. One, be intelligent/insistant on your point or they never will get yours or do theirs. So the effort isn't wasted by a conclusive ending as it brought it to the end as a good story might. With a special consideration by idea, if might then its a will to give, by progression and anticipate by dictation and no hesitation at near the end. To be with no mistakes or be dumb on mistakes except to prevent. To be desistent but destructive allows you fight without being noticed, unsoft but deferred, as a 'trusted one' the person can be turned to do anything. Be goad as until now, I said it it works towards our goals. Now I said the idea was. So be near me all at one or not , as if its unnecessary and necessary for the items there are not too dear for them. Any insanity is normal if you think on it, along with technology that isn't as fear doesn't have to be destructive. If the new don't work and then keep the old and we run on technology such as low to high techniques and makings or technological marvel. But time is frozen for places not in use, as to be a world but not the people within and be able to watch without watching. Win with the person, stop slight hand and feet for alliance and destruction. Dolobereiation is better, as the important misfits are almost denied.

Where notions are followed the inexact or exact way its produced, or written down its not an act but the result thats achieved. Ingenious ingenuity, play with care that causes discern and win with what you have but dismiss the unfair effort. project the energy delivered to yourself and let them soak it  without voice. If dangerous then leave alone and get away, I don't care what your taught its just doable to get some things done. As in the attempt to genetically engineering, botched its not to be mentioned. Be displaced to beguile the total effect and not include side effects, be indistinguished by copying others and make for other lands. Treat wierdos with the unlimited respect due them by reprogramming, things that screw you up can be undone. If dealing with fantasy, then don't try to achieve but let them achieve, as the character achieves you achieve. Let the person or event shift you out, in evnts of no person then then create an invisible friend. Beware evil witches might assault and consider themselves master, ignore your subject and continue. The Good witches never assault except to convince, as to act it it can convince your subject or yourself to believe it.

If disproven they can transform themselves and make themselves believe if believe is to create a genum or other efforts more than what is believed in.. Be yourself and don't worry, each world is their own and support is not essential to create a designation. I will word this as ART in another world, but not leave as is possible. Physically I will remain, somewhere I will try to find a reasonable way not to destroy but to undestruct. that I destroy unless not necessary to figure things out. Not to try to believe in anything but believe in results that work. Now lets try to downplay this fact and make a perfect example, to benefit a doubt. Try to right where it counts, so be smart on prevention, otherwise allow some mistakes and be smart on dispatches.

Be guard resistant and concent or console your loses, as with yourself, so your not too destructive unless its absolutely necessary, as for trust don't tamper with things as the chips will fall. Be nevermentioned to the front and take examples else so to appear 'don't be dumb.' So to stop flame or waterflow is project it into outer space and reject it inside or near feeling the water/flame fall. Then you might feel an urge to do something about it, follow it unless not possible and this goes with other actions to learn through the person as they they do. As to reus its to place a consolation by preparation or prep with guard and be ready. Real events are linked, to the quest or place with rest deserved, manipulated by any means necessary but the nature of the assisting is assistance by an idea.

Otherwise its events that generate themselves, with a desire and coordination to do as desired. Most events are worth the effort as to make the new from the old, its just credulance in the amount of time we spend on it. To emit is not intolerable unless to sell, so its a credulant moment. The law against emit isn't within reason. So f or the abandoned places, not poisoned and considered self running. The greatest intolerance is the tolerance, with the desire as a portend or moment.
6. To program with thought: beautiful be in service by bold, ritju or ritual be bold, worship and seem/ing be for real, hang be to meet and horrid be avoidable, to bear be to risk anything from forbearance, Honor be to break wind (brek off) from the bad or similiar ceasing assault.

hutsu = hurtsu by lavender dur'wong be a train of thought to pain endurance training, while training or torturing others. It trains into yourself a reaction of hurtful behaviour to crooks and disruptives or to automatically id the crooks and get them out of there, now the art of directive speach be to focus the mind on 'the force as is identified as my own.'

To put forth and get results be the secondary idea, but you get the focus with desire to do as needed. This follows a code of conduct, 'puyico' punitiive code to be puny but hold a large dynamite punch. To control rage to be undestructive, But the last effort counts if not with fire, remember this 'to put out greek fire and oily chemical smother it with a wet cloth but not flowing water except for the area around the flame, as small packages come in large explosive packages." quote by E-mah.

A specialty be to use deadly pressure points with heart to cause heart damage, outward pain force, eye pulling or putting the eye out and very similiar with skilled practicioners; pursu be the negative emotional artform of hurtsu, as the art of pursuits but with truth "not many care unless its spoken of expertly" by Noreaga, for 'why mention it if you didn't care to look.' Any art be magical or otherwise but the more mundane art the better, Shapeshifting be an art of shape forming in/on yourself also followed in jitsu as in pursu.

Nenjetsu = Shensu, In remembrance to an olde ship. To contribute with an idea to achieve concent toward a goal and make allow freeing a person of personal problems, by tricks to find out and ith considerance of the time that their be in meeting and enjoyment. The motto be the same 'To show respect and choose correctly with litte or no mistakes, make allowane for mistakes by corrective actions. For to really go overboard can get you killed, trial to not go overboard and make light of the moment.' Their motto be to do things by themselves for others and tempt fate. Trying to help and meeting makes people laugh be as an example. Endure the moment, to get better results. Feel poisons are to cure like gingivitus by Peninsulin or kill by disrupting the body by personal means like Concillus to cause colin cancer. or carcinogens to create bad lungs with patricide, as perfectionism and bad deals can make for hazard but personal identity doesn't matter. Use idea and purpose set by others or to balance the situation with disturbing concepts or things and repute of chastised with peace of mind to both parties. (c) Joshua Leap altered by thanks with permission. Alt views were allowable.

Now we got the tenents down, we start by practicing poison resistance, and usage of concepts made from others with our own intention i dependance of the situation and how we feel. Looking and observing to get details and usage of good spying to get the best idea. Place items that report to you from recordings sent and understood, as something else. Use persona reposts to get attention of the right people and get support. Prevent theft, if possible but if some steal then steal from them.Then attain a frienship. Fix as you see fit and as be necessary, use punishments on enemies and make it a good thing (happy thing) for a deed of choice. The idea (ka) or kill all who use against you or your friend that shouldn't be in usage. You have been observed by dervance so be good. Use the game of life as an example of how to treat people, choose the best option of a choice and see a game of the
event that allows for a spoken idea. To show respect and get your desire by achieving the right choice, to play the persona that be chosen.

Revise, the persona, to fix the moment and triumph over evil and misincorporated thoughts. Be at appeased peace with yourself or be appeased to allow good thoughts. As you get a good effect or grandstanding of the area on any thought. Try, to use insights and give them away as a consolation prize and as the best idea, but don't openly use them unless in writing with some idea of whom you gave it to. Get retribution as to large slights but dismiss the small ones with a laugh and this also gets rid of enchantments. Due note: the Shensu artist be likely to cause disbelief/belief and gain friends just by just by some idea of who you gave it to with attempting it. Otherwise its to create problems by attracting them, the affesive or offensive types through defense of another 'attempt'. Usually from
those that attack your friend that don't care that you did it but they lost a 'target' and get angered.

Don't attempt and don't do it, as it gets anger, sometimes scheming with bad deals. So please use forbearance of their personal zone and attempt things not against their beliefs, and not allocated to your goal or alterior motives. Albeit this be a seeming double identity idea of character assasination, don't go with the belief.' To belive in an attempt of invasion of personal zones and have fun at it gets a reprimand of sorts not looked for including all sorts of destructions. All to the general belief of personal privacy and character assasination or know its arson";

Shien-su: Shietsu, The Kung-fu style be to do until you get the skill by improvement on any one effort for hope and professionalism. Expressed in identication by clarification for a clear viewpoint. Just try as you want and anything goes for hope and consistent behavior, thanks to Anonymous and CJ. To cease actions be a good thing when something goes too far and prevents discrepancy. To cause concent and bequeeth me to double your effort by practice with others or self-practice by yourself (c) Joshua Leap. theirs no such thing as a perfect match unless its belived as believed and relived by you and the temerity makes people, that lead true heroes likely, to make a dent, in the world. Hero worship be quite likely and causes a dent of another type. To find a demi/godlike person and to deal with them by use the effort that they do and compliment them with a word gift of similiar. But not of hospital types with an ill person as they are likely to kill each other. To speak on this be to get hate on the subject, unless their appeased first sometimes to save themselves.

Quote by Bill 'Thats exactly what danny does! Albeit large, he's very civil and a cruel trickster.' To put
a light in your eye and make us leaders of ourselves thanks to Jenny. To be believed by perception, be percieve by belief and can get misperceptions. This be the way to create an easy life by use of compliments to others and seem to agree. Yet you can get anything you wish through a will of your own. Things you look at aren't to good by compliance so use a third person view for your own perspective, Upstage be to correct and make it your own idea, when sometimes in front of the original person. The point be to use civility and a legacy, by kung-fu to make or create ,an improvement, by tenacious practice and effort to achieve a more efficient concept.

Try your hands on accomplishment to get away from life in an overcompensation to get married of a logical relation for consolence or to get effort doubled, from the true meaning of life that you decide on to get anywhere you want. I use to be better by consistent practice and drinks that are of many sorts. To work for a living and hope for a better life of personal freedom and disaster by achievement from bad idea not backed up or a second opinion but avoid smut if possible. This be to create a perfect identity and better personal life.

To not care for things of concent and look to getting more of life unless necessary, like life from walking down a road and you meet with a purgusias (perfectionist and purger of information) or incidentalist and unless you have a desire in mind, have considerate idea in mind. This allows informing and giving the best idea away from others insight, innersight or best object by others concent for use by others as if borrowed. You retain the right to create what you want but you own the idea and object. To create a conceit (conciet) from dicking the idea into perfect blend for the benefit of the idea and don't doubt unless its expected. Know it before you see it or fall by blind hope. This be created by Josh and BJ and altered with permission by Jenny whom was wrote in (wrop), I was using hers and mine idea by what she did and how I reacted (c) Bill & Jay.

'To shift idea use a considerance and with your reaction, by the junction of your position,  be the junction of your position, allowing the thoughts of what occurred with occurrance to shift you home.' Quote by Noreaga. It follows this rule, To react to a situation be to shift your mental place and if circumstances are bad enough. With enough fear or you don't agree with it, then your body shifts yourself and you are where want to be, and this be aided by walking through a doorframe or
gridtravel. The attempt of circumvention be to do it to someone else. 'Where I am be where I am, so where I was don't be to dumb for heretics as they can attempt a destructive action on your attempt. Lay things out (not human or to kill) as to make an easy and immediate plan of action. When they realize your in the know they might kill you or run when they can't.' quote by Galen from examples. 'Don't do things that rescue nothing or require rescue' quote by Eihzmal from example, "A demon of Dismal interactions. or Bizmahl."

To contract with delivery and self surface and deliver or consider another way by contract of alternative means, be to get your own way and freely. Operate with a hope or emotion and desist by that which can get dismissal of contract, 'be quiet about it' as to don't deinterest others by leaving out things with coaxing, if anything don't deliberate and assume you can't be hurt. Instead use a impress by presense or pretense and facts approach. So the trick be to make it too difficult and yet trap the people who did it, into your planned debt or demise to kill them off, or to larot by trapping into their own debilitation by looked for demise set for you. They didn't do it if they are too good or didn't do
the deed as if tricked into it. If this doesn't work then state what you want of those who transpire illegally, to be understood as another form or to speak to a set place that they pass through and tell the area concience to transform them.

This an almost exact transcript written in english, 'Two consolates or people with afflictions of original idea (comspecs), with circumstances that provide on call division to unsolved mysteries for insults and idea consensus. Make for uncut medium, called for or uncalled for consistency, identified by open minded (above counter or above illegal) or close minded (shady deal) business in considered transaction by training. Be on your own till the moment of consistence (concerpts). For a moment on congratulations, try as a moment in movement might be to be consoled by movement of concern or cancelled debt (councel). By use of the Shiensu be to coax monsters, to not be monsters from falsely accrued desire and by being deliberate you get nowhere 'by progress' unless the other nearby be allowing. So in accord to this there be three chances, to win through, do not trial, or to be slain
at the heart construed to win at all, by giving in to ecstacy (sweet moment by feel) and lose it all by horror or by where you stand. To give a chance to succeed and try to make ends meet, and not fail unless necessary. Your words in the end will or will not save you. They, the desperate will lie to save themselves and kill in separation lone and by areas, for pleasure, but not the stoic as they will deal to those with just deservance and usually bring their friendships with them.'

pijutsu = shen-pi the art of pi, used as power, and idea action done, using the art of pi. The idea of pi having power, could also mean the math of e, having power. And, other things. But, so far we are gonna work with the powers of pi, as a discipline.

As to use pi, means there is pi or the people amount divided by 1.8 and this is how much power increases, as you can get thats a minimum. The power of Pi that is power source, to the area from sun and God that allots ability by unknown means by conversion, of people. Where Pi is God or the sun with a measure of 3.1416 and solvable upto 50 million digits. For Pi to equal power, one must emulate it by treating an action sometimes an do an action as its seen or unseen as solvable or unsolvable to a point and an action is likely to end at a time of choosing. As the imaginary number idea, where everything is needing to be counted so theres an imaginary number till needing it, then you think about it and it may become useful and counted. Then it becomes hard to remember unless you have an immediate use, as it was thought up from nothing anyway.

Theres a beginning to an end and any action is at the time of choosing where with Pi the calculation ends at any given time as this Pi has over 50 million digits. Now some say Pi is a spiritual idea and its power is supportive, by manipulating ability and energy without detection as its basically powered after the decimal and sometimes counts as negative. The focus of Pi is positive in the outlook but with a negative reaction at some point and similiar to a job as it occurs, their is representation of Pi as its spoken as if pie an as its said the same way, it acts as a substance of addiction and support as it was the energy which supplies the most.

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