Drugs and chemicals

Treat the drugs as a seperate concept in a sentence, like not much for her in this or a separate word phrase. However I would avoid the KNO3 salt since its poisonous and go with pink salt instead.

As "n'synca hcl wiobjtuacha" = "in aligning hydrochloric acid." In usage of the salt KNO3,
you can cause varied effects and repercussions like dazed motion and unexplained weight gain.

Look at the use of potassium nitrate with salt and water. Gaining inner calm and each bite you
might gain something such as weight. This weight drops immediately as the body will repulse
the food and swell the body. I noted the weight loss effects of this salt in particular if
used with water and its explosive reactions. Some might not be affected by this as the effects vary with unknown effects. Yet sodium nitrate and sea salt be body safe as a type of salt which
has long been used as an ingredient in explosives, and a food preservative that can cause
weight gain if in too much quantity. Any look at these will get you result so bear in mind the
possible outcome may be hazardous.

Yet the other salts are not safe like, chemical compound ammonium nitrate the nitrate
of ammonia with chemical formula NH4NO3. Useful in agriculture and explosives, lead(II)
nitrate be the nitrate of lead with chemical formula Pb(NO3)2. Its also known as lead
dinitrate, nitric acid lead(II) salt, and plumbous nitrate. It be a highly toxic element.
Lithium nitrate be an oxidizing agent used in the manufacture of fireworks and flares. Its
composition be 2LiNO3. Silver nitrate be a chemical compound with chemical formula AgNO3.
This be a poisonus unuseful salt. HNO3 be transferrance of lead to other material. The chemical compd and formulus came from the wikipedia at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki, the Alchemical and Steve Kamm physics notes written down.

1 p(art) = 1 m(ole) or ato(m) = 1 mol(ecule), 1 (mix)ture = 1 compd (compound).
fe = fac, face, "()"; "(" (faclit); ")" (facrit),

Chemical key - for understanding english chems

Naming acid - Exchange the Anion with the Suffix, fo'the base keep the Anion
Anion Ending Acid Prefex Acid Suffix
ate(3p, 6p) ic acid
(o)n, um, ite(1p) ous acid
ide(2p, 4p) Hydro ic acid

Acids (A)

Some common pH (strength) values of acid. At http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PH will you
find the chart below. To get the strength or pKa use the H^+ Molar weight in
-Log_10[Molar weight, H^+]. For example, a solution with pH=8.2 will have an [H+]
activity (concentration) of 10-8.2 M, or about 6.31 10-9 M; a solution with an [H+]
activity of 4.5 10-4 M will have a pH value of -log10(4.5 10-4), or about 3.35.

Some unknown effects of pH:
At <0 be poisonous and acidic and avoid contact.
At =<2.0 be acidic (highly dilute with H20 to drink HCl so avoid contact).
At =<2.3 pH be unaging, regeneration and weight loss.
At 2.4 pH - 3.5 pH and after 5 pH - 5.9 pH be weight loss.
At 3.5 - 4.8 pH be dillusional occurring if eaten, drunken or inhaled.
At 4-4.9 pH and at 6-6.9 pH be weight gain.
After 7 pH be weight loss.

Substance pH (pKa)
Fluoroantimonic Acid -28
Magic Acid -21
Fluorosulfuric Acid -15.1
Hydrofluoric Acid -15
Acid mine runoff -3.6 - 1. before this be <0
Nitric Acid .014
Aqua regia .3
Hydrobromic acid .9
Battery acid <1.0
Hydroiodic acid <1.0
Sulpheric acid 1.01
Hydrochloric 1.8
Gastric acid (Hydrochloric) 2.0
Lemon juice 2.4
Cola 2.5
Vinegar 2.9
Orange or apple juice 3.5
Formic acid 3.75
Beer 4.5
Coffee 5.0
Tea 5.5
Acid rain <5.6
Milk 6.5
Pure water 7.0
Human saliva 6.5-7.4
Blood 7.34-7.45
Sea water 8.0
Hand soap 9.0-10.0
Household ammonia 11.5
Bleach 12.5
Household lye 13.5
Hydrogen fluoride 15
Water (H20) 32

The acids themselves

bisa = potassium acid, bisulfate, KHSO4 (khsoquad).
braqua = braquach, hydrobromic acid, HBr (hbr)
coniin = amines acid, aminic acid, life acid, Formic acid, Looked
it up in Wikipedia and its systematically called methanoic acid, simplest carboxylic
acid, stinging chemical, CH2O2 (chtuotu) or HCOOH (hcooh)
aquregia = Aqua regia (Latin for "royal water") be a highly corrosive, fuming yellow
liquid, formed by concentrated nitric acid (HNO3) + concentrated hydrochloric acid
(Hcl), usually in the ratio of one to three. Its able to dissolve gold and platinum
although tantalum and a few other extremely passive metals are able to withstand it.
Aqua regia be used in etching and in certain analytic procedures. Aqua regia does not
last very long, thus it has to be mixed immediately before use. From
http://www.encyclopedia.com/html/a1/aquaregi.asp. nitrosyl chloride (NOCl).
flurbeasa = fluorosulfuric acid, strongest corrosive acid, HSO3F (hsotrif)
discovered from
grach = geranium acid, transphase acid with geranium, Sodium
+ HF + Folic acid(folate, fola or vit-m) + germanium (Ge) = NaHFFolaGe, Geranium +
sodium ae NaGr2, with counterpart GeNa2 = Germanium(Ge) + Sodium(Na)
hia = hydridya, mucaquai, hydroiodic acid, a highly acidic aqueous solution of hydrogen
iodide (HI). It be highly corrosive and should be handled only with appropriate
precautions. Hydroiodic acid be a commonly used chemical reagent and be one of the
strong acids that ionize completely in aqueous solution.
hf-sbfcel = fluoroantimonic acid be a strong acid. The acidity of 1:1 HF-SbF5 can
reach H0 -28. Thus, these superacidic systems can be 10^16 times stronger than 100%
sulfuric acid!
hcl = claquach, HCl (hydrogen chloride), hydrochloric acid, stomach acid.
chlorium = chlorous acid, clorox, Cl(HO) (clfachofac)
mucamino = amino acid, life fluid, folic acid, C19H19N7O6 (cnizhniznsyiosex)
nukl = nucleiaicach, nucleiac acid, N6S2O4A9, stomach acid x NO4H6A8 or N6A8O4H3. It
drops body weight.
hfa = hydrogen fluoride, hydrofluoric acid, fluohydric acid, worlds strongest and
non-corrosive superacid, HF, carborane acid and non-toxic and non-corrosive that
will dissolve even glass.
juuach = Magic acid, The large complex fluoroanions facilitate dispersion of the negative
charge and thus contribute to increased acidity of the solvated proton (H2SO3F+, H2F+).
The acidity of HSO3F increases from H0 -15.1 to -21.0 on addition of 25 mol % of SbF5.
HSO3F-SbF5 (Magic acid) of 1:1 molar compositionThe name Magic Acid was coined in my
laboratory, after a Christmas party in the 1960s, by one of my postdoctorals (J. Lukas).
A candle (of paraffin wax) left from a cake was dissolved in the acid system and the
solution showed an excellent NMR spectrum of the tert-butyl cation, inspiring the name
for "magic properties". The name for the acid eventually found its way into the literature
and be now a registered trademark.
nitra = hnotri, aqua fortis, HNO3, Nitric acid (hydrogen, nitris oxide
compound of 3 p)
nitri = nitrilotriacetic acid, C6H9NO6 (csexhninosex)
nitro = highly unstable, nitroglycerin, high explosive, C3H5N3O9 (ctrihquinntrioni)
perclach = perchloric acid, Perchloric acid has the formula HClO4 (hcloquad) and be a
colorless liquid soluble in water. It be a strong acid, or superacid like sulfuric or
nitric acid.
fbpon = htripoquadach, phosporic acid, H3PO4 (Hydrogen in 3 p, Phosporic oxide)
propene = alkenes acid
sach = sulfuric acid, H2SO4(Hydrogen, Sulferic oxide in 4 p)
hducodarco = cebaya, cebayach, Carbonic acid be a weak acid with the chemical formula
of H2CO3. It be the reaction product of water and carbon dioxide and exists in an
equilibrium with water and carbon dioxide whenever the latter be dissolved in the
surixbicatea = htucusquinfoqueuctuutrinsex, H2CuS5FO4C2U3N6, Suffrix bicarbonate
acid, poisonous substance and powerful acid in gas form that dissolves even plastic
and not glass. Similiar to mustard gas but its acid gas and tends to melt things that get
near and can be for a a Evisceration cloud.

Bases (the opposite of acid)

aquao = H2O3, Hydroxide, restorative water
aquaoli = LiH2O3, Lithium hydroxide
aquaona = SH2O3, NaOH, Sodium hydroxide, brittleness
aquaoko = KH2O3, KOH, Potassium hydroxide, destructive
aquaorb = RbH2O3, Rubidium hydroxide
aquaocs = CsH2O3, Cesium hydroxide
aquaomg = MgH2O3, Mg(OH)2, Magnesium hydroxide
aquaoca = CaH2O3, Calcium hydroxide (females choice)
aquaosr = SrH2O3, Strontium hydroxide
aquaoba = BaH2O3, Barium hydroxide

Salts (Acid with base) (C)

nacl = Sodium chloride, salt, sea salt, NaCl
mgcl = Magnesium Chloride, MgCl
kcl = Potassium Chloride, KCl
cacltu = CaCl2, Calcium Chloride
rbcl = RbCl, Rheubidium Chloride
nabr = NaBr, Sodium Bromium
nai = NaI, Sodium Iodine
srftu = SrF2, Strontium Chloride
nhqueunotri = chemical compound ammonium nitrate the nitrate of ammonia with
chemical formula NH4NO3.
pbfenotrifedi = Useful in agriculture and explosives, lead(II) nitrate be the
nitrate of lead with chemical formula Pb(NO3)2. Its also known as lead dinitrate,
nitric acid lead(II) salt, and plumbous nitrate. It be a highly toxic element.
deulinotri = Lithium nitrate be an oxidizing agent used in the manufacture of
fireworks and flares. Its composition be 2LiNO3.
agnotri = Silver nitrate be a chemical compound with chemical formula AgNO3.
This be a poisonus unuseful salt.

Oxides (Things to rust with) (D)

ago = AgO = Silver oxide, tarnish
cuo = CuO, Copper oxide, potina (copper rust)
feo = FeO, field, fetuotrix, Iron Oxide, rust
mgotu = MgO2, Magnesium Oxide, Chrome rust
hodeux = HO2 or liquid oxygen. A watery oxide that you can breath. HO2, usually termed either hydroperoxyl radical or perhydroxyl radical, is the protonated form of superoxide; the protonation/deprotonation equilibrium exhibits a pKa of around 4.8. Consequently, about 0.3% of any superoxide present in the cytosol of a typical cell is in the protonated form. This ratio is rather accurately reflected by the published literature on the two species, as identified by a PubMed search; at the time of writing only 28 articles mention "HO2," "hydroperoxyl" or "perhydroxyl" in their titles, as against 9228 mentioning superoxide. Here it is argued that this correlation is not justifiable: that HO2's biological and biomedical importance far exceeds the attention it has received. Several key observations of recent years are reviewed that can be explained much more economically when the participation of HO2 is postulated. It is suggested that a more widespread appreciation of the possible role of HO2 in biological systems would be of considerable benefit to biomedical research. Gotten from http://www.liebertonline.com/doi/abs/10.1089/104454902753759672 with permission.
snfdou = SnF2, Stannous Fluoride, A white powder, that causes oxidization to
plaque break down. plaque (tooth dirt) rust.

Hydrocarbons (life element) (E)

cyrnach = citric acid, C2H8O6 (Carbon or ash in 6 p, Hydrogen in 8 p, Oxygen
in 6 p), life acid hydrocarbon
kloify = chloriphyl, green plant blood that takes sunlight and makes it into energy,
C55H72MgN9O9 (Carbon in 55 p, Hydrogen in 72 p, Magnesium, Nitrium in 9 p, Oxygen in
5 p)
sug = sucro, sucrose, sugar, C11H22O11 (11 p Carbon, 22 p Hydrgen, 11 p Oxygen), cain
itei = hydroxile, antacid, DNAO4 (Deuterium, Nitrium, Angstrom, Oxygen 4p) antiacidic
mlaai = Melatonin, M11O4N2H6, Like St. John's Wort this causes a sex like feeling
without the sex and causes slight rejuvenation.

Flame color (F)
use energy or normal flame to set off. Thanks go to Mythbusters.
Red can be lava of oil lamp and mercury with a wooden wick in a small container as a chemical
flame only to be smothered out and liquid sodium be alternative. These are fatal except by a
Blue can be butanne, butane or butanol and metal add to a spark as a gas flame or disaster
Yellow be toxic and can be fro' corrosive metal or metal baride and poison or acid HNO3.
Green be emerald flame with mercury and corbite, magnesium and corbite or coal burning.
Lavender be mgenergy, Mg(OK)2 (mgfeokfetu, Magnesium mixed with Oxygen and potassium (any
form), Energy reaction of Magnesium with flame, life burst (creation or death) for a light
purple kavender flame thats 2 1/2 or shorter hours.
Purple can be the gold yellow blue shade for an emotional flame, a doverclow flower (dandylion)
or merculite and pinsnips, clothpin or similiar metal. You can be enlarged with breathing the smoke.
Muave be a secondary flame.
Orange can be Muave and self consuming fire and continuance unless water applied, as it describes
wild fire with a wide spread effect and live plant things burned (on ground) or grease fire.
Silver be a white gray or grey and to use merculite, corbium and magnesium or magnesium and nickel.
For a special flame indeed with a load of heat. Thanks to Bill and Danny for idea.
Gold be strangish grey and yellow flame and merculite and mercury or mercurium and lamp oil or
deuteroxide (deuterium oxide) + lamp oil or butane and lead. It can burn everything with other
Peach gray flame be to use stalagtite and magnesium and sometimes lamp oil, a special
color indeed.
White be flare fire by magnesium and burning, a quick burn with more white smoke.
Black can be the smoke of chemical fires and radiation fires that be harsh to breath.

Alchemy with chemistry & drugs

ealda = 1/8 part radon + three parts water + boiled nightshade or sodium for
regeneration drug and cause regeneration. You don't need to take it in as the
radon is enough.
eavan = unregeneration drug, causes degeneration, cancer and decay
uoctrio = hydrocedranol, water soluble suggestion drug, talk drug
acid = hallucinagen, dream drug, hellucination drug, dissolvation agent
aloe = aloevera, healing plant, plant of health
eufoia = eufoe, euphoria, opium + sug eq euphoric making stuff in the body
emfazima = food poison
etrelue = memory drug; estrogen, due to it being estregen; if overused can change a
male into female, HFlOAgCu (hfloagcu) can be a replacement.
evrlafladra = everlasting flamedrake, One semi-oil lamp and candle, to use the wax at the base
of a wide crystal (as not glass) lipped candle holder with a smotherer cloth of cheese cloth or
unburnable cloth or wet cloth. Use a wooden wick of a long match to stick into the wax at the bottom
and somehow stop the breaking, so to not cause a house torching use metal instad or the makeshift
candle in a large metal bucket. Do not let it burn too long or to go large without the smother cloth
ready. perhaps use the tin can and wax at bottom to stick the long match. a screwdriver can drill the
hole. Do not use inside. This flame be very easily undying except when smothered. When done the adhoc
candle could burn until the fuel burns down or serve as a beacon in a crystal.
evrlawawadra = Everlasting waterdrake, In spell form its drowning by droww. That uses
liquid sodium nitrate potassium water and calls it aqu for preservation, with a gusher
of water control this waterdrake can cause anything of water will and manifest. A bit
bad but it will suffice for a waterdrake of opium and Potassium Nitrate with water. When
applied to others it puts things out if using baking soda with it. This can burn with a
blue hue or red flame if oil and hydrate 1 to 3:
1. distill water and hyrochloric acid with no water after.
2. mix with hydrochloride and baking soda to form with potassium nitrate.
hclhtuoquinatwihtuo = Hydrochloric acid(Hcl) in 1 p and water (H2O)) in 15 p mixed
with fruit juice or more water so its highly diluted acid for unaging and better
health, given to cure sickness but it may leave the body weak. Gotten from
Alternative be to use citrus fruit in juice form of mixed with water like orange,
lemon, lime, and add water to taste with sugar or molasses. The spell form might not
work so use the actual material in natural formation(store bought) with such a case.
bludei = Blue devil or blue insanity, 4 drops or squirts essential oil or lighter
fluid(kerosene) + KNO3Aloe3Cu4(1 part Potassium nitrate, 3 part Aloe vera, 2 part
Copper) + H20(the more, the stronger it is). Alternatively for strength is
(Potassium nitrate)KNO3+8 squirts Lighter fluid(Kerosene or Kero)+water(H2O)+2 parts Copper(Cu) = KNO3Kero8Cu2+(H20)n(1-infinity) for a stronger effect and the more water
the stronger it is. The safe alternative be to allow the addition of acid with 2 quarts
more water dilution and you can cause a body regeneration/unaging effect. Heated up
and boiled in water for 3+ minutes, idea made by skyhawk. Made up with others in mind.
The noticed side effects are, some brain hemmorage, great feelings while its happening
and this can be drunk, shot up and without addiction. This may leave you in a
controlled state of advanced paranoia safely. Those pregnant cannot use this as it kills
the fetus or infant. This should thicken or clump together after it cools. For more
effect mix with alcohol. If drank, it has a side kick moment of an extra for 20 minutes
after the orignal. It lasts 8 minutes maximum for one drop.
irvall = nervall, 2p sodium chloride(NaCl) or salt + 1p baking soda (NaHCO3) + 2p copper(Cu2) and its (NaCl)2NaHCO3Cu2 that lightens up all the nerves.
hclnaclhtuotuat = 1 p Hydrochloric acid(Hcl) + 1 p Sodium Chloride (NaCl) + 20 p
water to sturdy the body and cause weight loss.
olele = ollislus, adrenaline drug, unaddictive strength increase drug, this increases
potential in the body due to the sex. Vision in males as to how far you can see by
what means of scrying or body sight or sight in female of psychic level with the sight
of how far seen due to the level of drug in body.
luapomna = leceopiumna, olidopopium, water + opium + sodium, eternity drug
or cease aging drug
aqulli = water and adrenaline, unfear drug, fearless drug that increases memory and
calms person and be 2p sodium nitrate(Na2NO6) + potassium nitrate(KNO3) + water(H2O)
as Na2KNO9H2O with alternative NaKN3H2O as 1p sodium or baking soda + 1p potassium +
3p nitrate
opium = blaopadop, opium+water 10 p, immortality drug, power activation drug, pain
opiumoli = blaoepaoli, blakedpipolli, poppy pulp and adrenaline, rapture drug that
causes killer instinct
oto = poison spray, KNO3FH4 (knotrifehqueu)
cokhclhtutuneodix = Cocaine + Hydrochloric acid + 10 p water to form active healing
while high.
biie = bananas, Obtain 15 pounds of ripe yellow bananas, Peel all and eat the fruit.
Save the peelings, Scrape all the insides of the peels with a sharp knife, Put all the
scraped material in a large pot and add water. Boil 3 or 4 hours until it has attained
a solid paste considtency. Spread paste onto cookie sheets and dry in ofen for about 20
minutes. This will result in fine black powder. Usually one will feel the effects after
smoking three to four cigarettes.
benzen = knock out drug, aromatic
bcl = boox, borox (BCl = Boron + Clorine, Clorox + Boron)
byot = barbituat, barbituate, slowing drug, slow down senses drug
byotkok = divilnidar, sleep drug
blaaopa = lust drug, lust after, with viagra + poppy pulp or weed
aomuoisau = polyjuice, 1p opium+4p water+3p adrenaline+1p nightshade+1p mandrake
yields bad smelling polyjuice, and if placed on area, causes polymorphing at will.
One who be affected this cannot speak of it. This isn't instant so if you know
shapeshifter techiques.
bvitily = healing and revilizing drug having aloevera + water + divinorium or weed
cilert = silert, instill immediate attention, stillness, still motion medicine
cinie = cannibis, smoked grass that in drug form cleans the body and liver of toxin
and poison
cotea = cortisone, reduce swelling cream
ctuhquinoh = C2H5OH, alcohol, a poisonous bad drug that slows time and reflex down in the body.
dactosang = dragonblood, Blood of dragon allows for immortality but knocks a person
out for a day per half ounce with major unaging effects after
demorall = passivity drug that be unaddictive
dop = dopamine, pain killer, drug
dopolli = courage drug, dopamine and adrenaline
divilnida = pacify drug, calmness drug containing valum + H2O2
divilnieda = creativity drug, that brings vision and truth with Pentathol + weed or
dyhli = cae, dyhelia, dialect, trimethylxanthine, caffeine, theine, mateine, guaranine,
methyltheobromine and 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine. C8H10N4O2 (cethtinquadotu).
dyhlom = dyhelium, coffee, prepared tea, caffeine that be a natural part and be
dragonsbane = creative death, dragon poison created from dragon flower extract
dvnouda = divinorium, unaddictive power herb drug
fola = foil, folate(anion form), Folic acid be a B-complex vitamin once called
vitamin m allows for bio organic improvement
fka = cedranol+novacane+pcp, nerve poison, killing drug, death drug that takes a long
iirori = Imiprothrin, (IUPAC): a mixture containing 20% of 2,5-dioxo-3-prop-2-
cyclopropanecarboxylate and 80% of 2,5-dioxo-3-prop-2-ynylimidazolidin-1-ylmethyl
(1R,3R)-2,2-dimethyl-3-(2-methylprop-1-enyl)cyclopropanecarboxylate. From
gunpoda = gunpowder, Materials; potassium nitrate or sodium nitrate (75 g), clay
grinding bowl and clay grinder or wooden salad bowl and wooden spoon, sulfur (10 g),
plastic bags (3), charcoal (15 g), 300-500 ml beaker (1), distilled water, coffee
pot or heat source. Place a small amount of the potassium or sodium nitrate in the
grinding bowl and grind it to a very fine powder. Do this to all of the potassium
or sodium nitrate, and store the ground powder in one of the plastic bags. Do the
same thing to the sulfur and charcoal, storing each chemical in a separate plastic

Place all of the finely ground potassium or sodium nitrate in the beaker, and
add just enough boiling water to the chemical to get it all wet. Add the contents
of the other plastic bags to the wet potassium or sodium nitrate, and mix them well
for several minutes. Do this until there be no more visible sulfur or charcoal, or
until the mixture be universally blacK. On a warm sunny day, put the beaker outside
in the direct sunlight. Sunlight be really the best way to dry black powder, since
it be never too hot, but it be hot enough to evaporate the water. Scrape the black
powder out of the beaker, and store it in a safe container.

Plastic be really the safest container, followed by paper. Never store black powder
in a plastic bag, since plastic bags are prone to generate static electricity.
gleti = glycerin, listerine, mouth wash also a variant be potassium nitrate(KNO3) +
sodium(Na), 1 p salt or 1 p baking soda, NaKNO3, another variant be mouthwash + KNO3,
artificial adrenaline that does not give strength except 10 - 30%.
icdru = Ice drug(crystal meth, methaphetamine, tina, crystal meths, krank, tweak, ice) that be unnaddictive.Crystal meth be an intensive stimulant with disinhibitory qualities, Crystal meth be an intensive stimulant with disinhibitory qualities. Comes in two forms called a rough yellow hydro and and smooth white glass that is usually for wanting to stay awake long hours. Crystal be made of highly volatile, toxic substances (based on such chemical "precursors" as methylamine and amyl amine) that are melded in differing combinations, forming what some have described as a "mix of laundry detergent and lighter fluid" that can be used by injecting, smoking or snorting.

Smoking ice results in an instantaneous dose of almost pure drug to the brain, giving a huge rush followed by a feeling of euphoria for anything from 2-16 hours. For some this could result in obsessive cleaning or tidying, but for many the biggest bonus be the sense of sexual liberation which can result in mad, abandoned sex for hours - sometimes days - on end. In almost half of the new AIDS cases, crystal meth has been a factor. Also it has been proven that meth is responsible for liquidization of the brain. So its highly illegal even unto this day. So basically, if your wanting to remain safe, then avoid meth and the ice drug at all costs. From this page on meth.
hopen = cocaine like herb, and painkiller, alternative be tin (Rn) or aspen tree bark (as aspirin)
joy = enjoy, enjoyment, Sodium Hydro Pentathol, C11H19N2O3SNa (conz,
conzhniznduootrisna), joy drug, control drug, don't inject it or it kills. Injest
it and it will work. The same effect can be got from the chocolate bar as a safe alternative.
kekisle = insanity drug, confusion drug
kok = coke, cocaine, speed drug, speed-up drug
kykisle = repugnancy drug, repulsive drug that causes repulsive behavior, opium + dopamine
lidop = lithium drug, strength drug, mental insanity control drug
lirndop = LiRa1/6, Lithium + 1/6 Radon or reduced craziness, mental insanity control drug
luapompuo = leceopiumpyao, permenant control drug of hydro + opium + pentathol
lyqdyhelium = addictive carbonated soda drink with Carbonic acid.
mand = demand, command, midra, mandrake, root of dead body; Formed from a dead body of
murderer or a person with ngative karma that was hung or killed on a full moon. then buried
at the spot, in cemetary. Its found in the body but sprouts, appear outside and sometimes
doesnt grow or doe, At first it appears in the abdomen and spreads in the stomach, to make
a interesting idea try forming it other ways. Unprepared, its a poison, prepared as poison
mandnitsasmeyt = mand/rake + nitsa (nightshade) + smesyt (smelling salt) + boiling hydra
eq resurrection drug or wakeup drug.
mandpoiopoaqu = one p prepared mandrake root + one p potato peel, potato seed + five p
boiling water; boil the ingredients and drink, for regenerative, energy restorative
and antiaging effects
noei = novacane poison, deadly unnoticable poison that leaves no trace, yet looks like
heart failure. The novacane poison be produced from from the leaf of novacanus near
vocanoes or alovernus leaf which are similiar to each other in the effect of a broad
blackish leaf green and black color banding.
mudage = muldergas, C3H6, C3H3, fear gas and suggestion gas sometimes given by corpse.
noeirn = poison immunity drug that causes a little mutation with viagra + mandrake +
4p nightshade + aloevera
nitsa = bloaa, bellodona (flower of nightshade), nightshade poison, curative when boiled
or prepared, deadly nightshade, beautiful lady.
nitsad = prepared nightshade (powdered, boiled)
niwasle = nogwyshslus, brain chemistry balance drug
NO = NO (Nitric oxide), body productivity chemical that can be breathed in and increases the idea of activity with energy from oxygenated blood and enlarged vessels.
nsctpulsawa = insect repellent, N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide + Related Isomers (Carbonic acid) +
C-K-ethyline (Inert ingredient), An alternative be a pulse of energy to sonically hit the
insects and, a right frequency drives the bugs and fleas and ticks away (doesn't always work).
potknotrisoa = Weed soda, Weed or pot + Potassium nitrate + Baking soda or Baking powder
Cook weed add in KNO3 and baking soda for a cure to the splitz. Add to drink after cooking.
riredop = aloe + baking soda + hydro eq boil the ingredients to gain resolution and refreshment drug.
ratpas = mouse/rat poison, B2PNaCl3 if nothing else
ratpase = mouse/rat poison pellet
ratpasee = poison gas that causes mouse/rat death and human indigestion
razzbay = taron, tarn, razzbry, razzberry, raspberry twisted by magic and making a
person talk with weight loss per bite, and causing slight craziness and suggestability.
razzbaycur = kazzbeur, razzbrycur, razzberry cured, cured razzberry with aloevera or
boiling; twisted by magic making a person not talk too much with weight loss per bite
or weight gain immunity, and causing slight interest and attention span and stability
increase along with attitude.
reldern = no talking passivity drug, antimiasmic, one part aspirin + one part tums or
calcium + three or more parts vitamin c and to yield, dissolve in water.
repady = risperdal, mental balance, repay, brain chemistry equalizer drug
repadyu = repadyis, equal dose risperdal drug, equal repayment
ritalin = rousing drug, anti-truth drug, stimulant that has a heart overstimulation
(heart attack) effect if too much given.
rous = keno(rouse), 2p Cu(copper) + Ag(silver) + KNO3(Potassium nitrate) + Aloe(Aloe
vera), Sulpher or vitamin C = Cu2AgKNO3Aloe or Cu2AgKNO3S for a rousing drug that will
rouse you or one who takes it mixed together with water much like ritalin that be a
probable safe alternative.
ruskiubik = beiwpoxk, ruskiubibk, raid bomb, roach poison bomb spray, roach bomb
ruskiubibk = ruskiubibxk, roach bomb xtra strength
ruskoxk = roach poison extra strength, Boron + Potassium nitrate + Water (the
more water the stronger it be yet its slow acting) = BKNO3 (bknotri), ClKH2O (clkaqu)
or ClKNO4H2 (clknoqueuhtu) = Potassium or Potassium nitrate dissolved in Water +
Clorine or Clorox, HOK3 (hoktri) be another alternative. In aspects this might work
with no water, but fully it will work slowly 3 parts Potassium to 1 molecule HO
(Hydrogen and Oxygen).
thalus = twisblabay, twisblabary, talus, hardberry that tasted almost like leather,
Twisted blackberry almost banned, magically adapted to cause slight weight gain per
bite and mental stability along with intelligentual thought that looks like a hard
black berry but taste flat and bitter. The twisted blackberry can cure diseases and
with memory loss. bad memory and ability erasure drug.
twisblabaycur = taluscu, twisblabrycur, twisblebrycur, twisblabay, Cured twisted
blackberry + aloe vera, causes slight weight loss per bite and mental stability
along with intelligence and regeneration that looks like a hard black berry but
taste flat and bitter mixed with aloe and boiled.
pascur = aloehquadotri, aloevera(Aloe) + water(H2O) + hydrogen peroxide(H2O2),
AloeH4O3, combine the pulp of aloe vera, aloe vera juice with water and hydrogen
peroxide yielding a poison cure.
pasjuc = poison juice, poison water, poisonous
pasruit = zywpuruixk, raid, roach poison spray, pasrub, pasrubair, raid, ant roach
poison, Imiprothrin + Cypermethrin (C22H19Cl2NO3) + Petrolium distillates (insecticide)
or Petrolium jelly.
paszywbk = bug poison spray
parw = petricide poison, ant, bug killer poison
paruu = patricide drug, bug killer and human safe growth formula
pavilnida = release drug, magical release drug, curing drug, aloevera + snur root
+ water + vitamin c
pnicai = peiai, penincilin, Drug made from a flower that fights diseases and body
damage including colds. Bad aftereffect be to swell with body if bad reaction.
pipreuda = blinding stunning drug, caoutchouc, immolation fluid, aloevera +
fermaldihide or purple haze drug
pyao = pentathol, cedranol, ambrosia white, C11H17N2O2S, conditioning drug, The
alternative be brox (2p sugar (C11H22O11) + baking soda or sodium (Na) + potassium nitrate
(KNO3)) = C24H44KNOO25Na; side effects are weight gain and slight dazing, as with this in
powder form and to usage in liquid.
pyia = analtru, anytru, drup, truth drug, auriavalis, C11H17N2O2SNa, sodium pentathol,
pyldop = Ambrosia drug made from 2p vinegar + salt and baking soda or sodium potassium
nitrate(NaKNO3) + 5p any fruit juice + 2p honey or molasses + 10p water(H20O10). for
creating a semi immortality per each sip with regeneration.
pcp = angel dust, lsd and very addictive vision drug made from various means, pipe
cleaner + ammonia
fadop = sugdyhlomnitsad, sugar + caffiene or read as coffee + nightshade eq dope like
effect causing fatness and body increase of weight per food bite or drink. Alternative
is to use KNO3 + C11H22O11 + (H20)n = C11H22KNO14 + H2O(the more the stronger).
fadopn = faddrun, cutusalfola, cutualaloe, Cu2(copper 2p) + Rn(tin) + S(sulfur) + Folic
acid(fola) or Aloe + H2O = Cu2SRnAlFola or Cu2AlAloe + water for fat reduction drug.
seknol = improved suggestion dope, makes for easy suggestions and all thats neededis to
feel good and eat to gain but a solid moisture on he lips be a good thing, and you feel
its wrong with a truth serum effect. seki be an inhibitive cocaine.
senaol = accounts for senility oil. It also weakens the heart. saki be good after its
taken. Peanut oil be similiar. as its saki.
smesel = smelling salt, epsem salt, ammonium carbonate, a whitish, crystalline solid
((NH3)2CO3H2O)2 gotten of formula from web and sold on web or store.
sne = snuff, cuy, inhaling drug
snu = pot, weed drug, gateway drug, nonaddictive mind drug, potent, potency
snur = roadweed, boiled crab grass root, blocker drug, magic blocker drug, closure
drug, stupidity drug, addictive mind blocking drug that seems not to work at once.
snort = up nose, up nose drug, joint
straelda = steroid, testosterone drug that increases body strength and ambition; if
overused can turn a woman male
strin = striknen, striknene, knock out drug
dinvenchi = denvenchini, denki, Weed + Potassium nitrate + Baking soda or Baking powder, Cook
weed add in KNO3 and baking soda for a cure to the splitz. Due note: the drug be so hard to
to get result and so costly, so its sought out and not really a cure.
strini = talk drug, striknine, strict to use and strict to keep not to mention illegal as hell.
tox = plutt, pas, uuk, wk, poison of any type.
tranq = tranquill, tranquillizer, knock out drug, Unsafe for general health as HN4H6O8.
So this be easier to get as a different safer fomula with animal tranquilizer.
tritylmyn = madness drug, cocaine or steroids + snur root(road weed) + weed or grass
tritylmyl = vision drug, opium + potassium nitrate, alternate mustard powder or mustard
(meted) + potassium nitrate (KNO3) = MotedKNO3
cotris = CO3S, Carbontrioxide sulfide, anti-pain gas, anti-inflammatory gas
viyra = vig, eavada, revitalizing drug, artificial dopamine, viagra, alternative
Rn(tin), allegra. + Al(Aluminum) + H2O(water) = RnAl + (H2O)10 parts (more water
makes strong) + optional blue food coloring.
valum = untalking drug, calmness drug, quieting drug
valumrn = one part valum + 1/8 part radon, reduced craziness quieting drug even if you
have it near you.
vnurbaysoawaa = 2 Tbs apple cider vinegar (vnur) + 1/2 tsp baking soda (baysoa) + 250 mg or 1 bottle of water (waa) for a cure that will restore health and Treat Everything from Acid Reflux to Cancer, even cure it. You MUST mix the Applecider vinegar and Baking Soda first in larger container and then add the water to the mix. This mixture brings your body back to an alkaline state. NO DISEASE, VIRUS, INFECTION, OR INFLAMMATION    CAN EXIST IN AN ALKALINE BODY. By drinking this treatment, you body will become alkaline within minutes.
wuv = active poison. as the poison works
zete = zentac, zentax(removes allergies), herb that removes impurities for the effect
in water, of contaminates.
zombda = swamp juice, undead drug, zomby drug, a voodoo drug that puts people into coma
like state leaving the body into death like state for a day to a week, created by water
+ Spirit gum(chikli tree juice) + Swamp root(swamp tree root) + prepared nightshade that
you boil to create the effect of a drug that be somewhat thick in water. If you don't use in water, then you could get poisonous results.

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Psychological types

Therapists and other people contributed to these opinions, who want to be
hidden, unknown except Dr. ruffian or Dr. Holiday. The associative the types are:
right activist, dissentive, anthrovert, controvert, introvert, extrovert,
angrovert, extremist, radical, abpsycho, pacifist and omnivert.

These types are caused by different states of mind, pathologies such as: arrogance,
errogance, irrigance, irrogance, orragance, urragance, urrigance, yrragant. To gauge these idea field psychology was used, or sehpsych for field psychology with on-the-spot in-depth psychological field action and practice. Part of this be recognizing 13 distinct patterns; chaotic gain, ordered gain, respiteful gain, insight gain, retrospect action, recognition action, disposition act, sanity act, insanity act (despoiling act) and acceptance act.

With pic lich as building with colors that require the usage of the color to store and know people by their color pathology.

Pattern of cognition

kaoygan = chaotic gain, a sequence of included hell act(any), focused idea; inversion (feeling or idea); you gain intent(any).

odaogan = ordered gain, starts as reaction of focus; incent, insight or incitation; yielding gain (any focused through direction).

repogan = respect gain, incite(provoking); incitation(informing) or invoking; attention; ends as clarity.

nsitgan = insightful gain, actions of intent or incense; focus that ends up insightful activity or genious thought.

se-repea = reru, rerun, retrepea, self-respect action, rearrangement, retrospect action, starts as insightful or determined; emotion or calmness; ending with repose.

recoga = recognition action, rememberance, acts of focus or purpose; stimulas or interaction; practice; ending as resolve by knowing or insight.

depayea = intents, disposition act, despondancy, actions in observance; moments of silence, oddity or no stimulas; ending as cool off or distance with alienation.

sayygan = sanity gain (through shock or exposure), sanity sequence of stunning sight or shock, discovery, clear thinking of normal activity in humour.

cariue = congruity, ingenuity, integrative activity, contributive to an idea or stimulus; interaction, integration or disinterest; useful activity, or inactive and active repose(any sort of meditation) or things to do.

nsana = insanity act, sequence of disturbance, upcoming event, chaos activity; shock or disbelief; disruptance activity, craziness(for women that are uncalm and emotional) or insanity(male unless if the womans sane).

ecotica = acceptance act, sequence of proof or evidence; suspended disbelief or acknowledgement; acceptable gain.

cerere = carrier act = carrying on, motion, information; concent, allowance; intention, independent act, medium

Fle = flare in person to percieve, distinguish; react, percieve threat; flare up, minor league possibility reaction or major league possibility. Things assumed are not always known.

prntyact = parental act/ion = registered complaint, reticient: starts as act, spot action or catch act, escuse; intolerance, dilligence or torture; lets you handle kids or trick by an act.

Flava = (thanks to Sp. Army and Rodney), flavor, twist, starts with: slap, sadness, madness, moral dilemma; seridepity, serendipty, accidental discovery, oddity, nothing bad taste unless slapstick; stupid feel with look, reactive, retractive, humour at being watched but not funny up close.

pimet = pigment, coloring: to create by color, use difference; be avail, create phenomenon or brattish behavior; vindicative or emotion change and peace or interest.

seclou = Effect; Realizing; Confusion; Denial or self-denial; To cause forgetfulness; Self-clouding.

siplsimlern = Seem and feel; to do things; be of things; You stimulate to learn something; Ends in Simple simulated learning.

fxbloc = To realize what it is; Question how you become it or of it; Coping and assertion of will (use the I statement); You block the effect realized by intent.

nstacadye = Effect; instability; destabilization; You cause insanity or mental disorder; Ends in instable condition.

maiway = stop; pause; think; act; somehow cause an unusual self achievement; you make a way.

uoego = effect seen, done, and your in a moment; conclusion gained; instantaneous thought creation.

secaclee = Effect; Realization; Conclusion (end); To be of self or by self; Self-conclusion.

senclee = Inclusion; Condition; End Conclusion; To gain clarity in idea and understanding; Self-inclusion.

atnte = Focus; Make intensity; Stop; To get attention and comprehension; Attentiveness gained.

derte = Focus intent; Make your idea; Will to dissolve; Intent; Can disrupt to dissapear condition; Ends in disruption.

Mind pathologies

eriit = arrogant, arrogance, other arrangement, assumptive, upsettish and driven by emotion,
dismissive of unlooked for things and leaves a person selectively responsive, yet will strike at a
warning and don't change minds easy as they are "hardcases" that won't give in unless given time and
given proof.

ariit = errogant, errogance, wrongful thinking personality, critical thinking and considered au
natural critics.

urxit = irrigant, irrigance, fixated singelminded behavior, a condition of the brain that causes
the subject to fix on a single item at a time. Also considered the criminal tendency that be allowed from
peers and singleminded behavior.

uriit = irrogant, irregard, irrogance, a state of irresponsive behavior to anything urgent and
when relaxed will achieve results, display to get inattention by distraction

oriit = orrogant, orragance, orbitz, nonchalant behavior that leaves the person only looking for
certain things, they won't see anything that they disregard as an answer or disinterest but on findinding
of certain threats they leave if they won't survive.

iriit = urrogant, urrogance, worrywort, urgent behavior, a behavior pattern where people will
respond to activity with overreaction and if drugged be all right mentally but will not respond physically.

irxit = urrigant, innergant, urrigance, ognizanc, instinctive overreaction due to shock that is
nondetected behavior during energetic activity but seen during times of activity and rest caused, by the
brain being overstimulated, an emergency reaction where it can be caused on showing someone violence and
disturbance to get attention.

yriit = yrrogant, wirogant, yrrogance, People that are ever active and will respond to a thought,
suggestion, contrivance unless they doubt, think on it and caused by natural brain overstimulation or
drugs like caffiene. The metabolism be hyper and they can "eat anything" without weight gain. The moment
of activity be to expect things like excessiveness immediately or with excercise if its weight, the weight
could drop.

yrxit = yrrigant, wirigant, the prophet or profit syndrome, their goal be to profit where they
can and use what they learn to promote better idea and attitude amongst people. Causing peaceful intent
by somewhat deceitful or manipulative actions with crooks and openness toward honest people but only if
they aren't threatening. Otherwise they will avoid it and shift to else as an activity, and the effort
to achieve makes it seem a necessary principle for businesslike professionalism. This may go so far as
to be a uncontrolled or controlled killing behavior to make a bad idea go away, otherwise your other
extreme be to steal. These extremes are caused by ownership of anything that may be desired.

Personality types

alinagg = arguementative 'right activist', The alien aggressive (reih't) be a passive
socialist female/male thats socialist whos fallen with an antisocial idea or anticipationist.
They take into account the persons idea and background to gauge the right reactions. They
don't try to check the actual emotion as they can manipulate the person by psychology. The
way to goals be to attain to do things for themselves first and other people second, to
notice others plans as they happen and sometimes support the result as they don't have
to help. To ridicule was what could happen if they would get dejected from any course
of action. To promote for promotion be how they achieve results when allowed and what
they geared for. The Alienation attempt has a destructive urge that has been known to
occur. They don't argue as for emotional behavior and indivisual idea that disrupts
the others lifestyle as self-interest be the alien aggressive's rulemaker.

Any alienation gets reprimand of the sort that hurts and only if thou arent listening.
Some might strike out on false claims and deliberately take it serious. Autocorrective
by attempts to notice the activity and vibes to fix by attempt and reclaim lost values.
Until the moment of opinion be proven wrong or set somewhat disagreement, then opinions
that are not backed up are disregarded and if the opinions are proven right with another
idea similiar then its a law. Most Alien who feel and think and are passivists (peaceful)
that be somewhat half alien and half whomever may have a different set of idea like
quixotic and able to withstand great pressure. The effort to get their private space is
changed everytime, by the behavior of themselves with other peoples reaction as they
don't a personal zone unless they choose to.

alinpas = dissentive, The alien passive (dis-reahg'h) be likely to persist in a positive and
goal oriented action. their distrust of humans be gradual but obvious. Any person in need might
get reproach and to make amends, they forgive and leave alone if the person's untrusted or they
aid in the end. Yet, they appear untrusting but some arent unless they don't know the type. To
gauge the reaction they try to compare if a persons earned reproach, by being a friend or not
a friend. If nonfriendly then they give off distrust and "no" signals or say nothing and act
as if not there. The opinion to them be not looked at until backed up with another similiar.
If distrusted no go and stay away from their private zone of 15' albeit some would say 115'
to acknowledge the feat of impossible distances and drive away those they disagree with.
The friend tries to chat, they give to reasoning and appear at least neutral or friendly,
butlike Aliens they can find a way to make thou regret or not see thou own reasons. Unless
they seek to experiment or are they talked out of it, where in emotion they feel regret
and experiment, to repair their likely to match the area and make no comment unless they
see things reacted on. If your alien and passivist then your most likely to live alone in
the end. These are likely to cause cause a fight at the end by pushing too much.

ithroat = anthrovert; Some anthroverts are outgoing, type A personalities(active). A
perfect type A personality, will get people against them. The fact they would know all,
except for what isn't obvious and be too perfect causing envy. Athletes, actors,
scientists and active outgoing people, are anthroverts. these people will take any
field and succeed in it. Sometimes, treating the fields of study as a competition. these
people are introspective, and are willing to study if need be. Anthroverts, sometimes
study bones as a hobby or job, like in anthropology. Anything old they like and only the
interesting ideas, will they accept. This includes, new ideas and old alike. Only proven
ideas will be acceptable, and they are skeptics at first with each new idea. Places of
other origins will be of interest, and the older the better. Self aknowledgment, study
and acceptance are the goal of the anthrovert, to better their lives. The life
orientation of anthroverts are goals, and without goals they are lost. The athroverts
privacy zone 5' 4" unless dispersive nature.

catroat = controvert, contravert, Controverts, one who loves to chat and express emotion.
Why, its a controverts passion, that draws a person and they love to cause controversy
and self interest. There are few controverts, for they love themself first then, love
others to enjoy others love for enjoyment of themselves. This be the controverts nature
to be associative and unfearful of others. their main goal be to be passion in nature. If
they feel hurt, they will lash verbally with the pain they percieve. Getting verbal blows
till the person leaves or percieves a lesson learned by the inflicted. These people are
conversational masters. A controverts privacy zone be three feet.

itroat = introvert; Introverts are people that have no self-interests, and no self
control, unless they learn discipline. Except from others, its how they react to people.
Being as they will percieve the events as intrusive, unless invited thus not talking
to people. Even then, they don't talk much avoiding the angrovert, as they are provoked
easy if they cannot stand the person. They will strike without reason, set up the person.
To be introvert be to love themselves, then help others because of it. They have no
emotions except maybe for love and friendship, There be no emotion except love, hate to
them as they try not to feel jealous, for it provokes them to strike out. This be perfect
for an introvert, to not be near any physical presence if possible. People near are an
aggravation to introverts as they tend to not like people, close up and strangers, Their
privacy zone be ten feet. What the introvert can't have they love, desire. yet keep
their desire controlled. An introvert, be an opposite, negatist, antisocialist or
sociopath. Hypnotists will set them off with only a proven result.

xtroat = extrovert; Extroverts works best with controverts, one who loves to chat and
express emotion. they will have a love for displays, of any sort, Like cats, they
move on at being side-tracked, to another activity. their minds are never focused, except
on a single task. they can focus their potential, of getting a project done via
meditation or anger. Or, to focus on other things, while on a project. This turns them,
into becoming introverts. Extroverts will get angry, yet show no emotion, except to get
some response. these people will quickly forgive, if there be reason. If no reason, then
they hold a grudge for years. the only way to get them angry, be to cheat them, on a
project, goal. The range of privacy be 4-5 feet.

igrovat = angrovert, aggroverts, People that get aggravated at others for their
differences. If too different, the person will get introspective. Till a moment, that
the person they disagree with, gets too close, too personal. then, a verbal lash out
sometimes, or a situational setup to humiliate the disliked one. their personal zone
is fifteen feet out. These people are extreme in intent, their demeaner, be nice to
look at but skin deep only. Meaning, they will be civil till they are forced by disagreeable
natures, these people hate sociopaths. Which go on their own rules, avoiding the normal
rules, people grew up with. If they spot a introvert they will find it hard. to keep
from being civil. But social to all others making these people bigots and hard asses.
People can be angroverts to people who stink bad, even if they were other types.

xtret = extremist, The extreme personality type be a manic passer (manic alien passive)
and consolidator, that will think every idea be their own to begin with. they make
intelligent guesses for what they see, do not know, and made as to how things are
done without asking first then they ask a person, who knows the experience, to make
corrections and to make sure of their guess. Some extremists beyond this point have
short memories, and will try memory fixes to correct for this. Like, cues; questions,
repeated statements and faking. These people are theorists and can get aggravated by
inappropriate questions, due to a severe temper to assault or reassessment. If assault
then the extremist attack something else, except the person who aggravated them. They
arent bothered, by disruption, disrespect. Disrupting their plans or unexpected plans
make them crazed. Disrupting their idea be for the better in getting assault. their
disposition be to keep calm till unnecessary,, to keep calm under pressure and create.

This fact makes them go into cold rages that last for days. If they see a victim they
will try to help, yet associate with others. Criminal behavior they will support,
when there be a reason. their private space be three feet away and these people show
no bias, yet have extreme thoughts when it comes to familiy. When pushed,they will
react in an unpredictable opposite manner. They love the idea of bad things to happen,
so the extremist can live through it, they get a thrill from knowing and knowing they
can own. When offered a thrill they deny it, unless bored. If force be directed at
them, they respond through opposite force. As in with direct anger they are nice and
use calm responses, craziness with a calm demeaner and disregard with an attack, antagonism,
They disregard it as childish and will assault, when they see reason.

raiy = psychotic, manson, radical, Radical personality that disregards all personal
rules of others, except themselves. the radical has a smooth, always calm visage and
never seem to overreact. If they think they can be controlled, their be all reason to
think that someones out to get them. The typical response be to wait till they are proven
right. When the radical feels impinged upon,, crossed, they get revenge no matter the
reason given. Some radicals, go far as to deny the decency of a bath and some will kill
the unbathed person or biased person. Most radicals are schitzophrenic and the radical
is never aware, and yet aware of what he/she does for this only spurs the radical on and
they do greater deeds unless they feel desire to change, The change only occurs with their
desires are blunted by voice and examples given of behavior they will find better or to
allow of people to get close without suspician and at least listen suspending disbelief.
Where their opposing beliefs, make them unlawful and somewhat dangerous due to the
suspicians, and biased view unless unbiased.

If you want to divert the radical, use reason and proof, the same force against them. Like
kill them if they want to do things to you. Only if you share their idea or beat them, will
they listen. Otherwise, they choose the moment to strike and they will consider the mark,
their target, they wanted to kill or sought revenge at an insult to people they talk to.
So these radicals, if piqued will kill who was talked to by the nida (not provable idea).
But the not provable idea be what corrects their pattern and make changes to their personal
patterns. Sorta like the thiefs mark that kills by honey drawing the fly. To prove to the
mark, that their lives were errors and needed to show them the way they will do this. If
the mark gives in they teach them ways to either destroy themselve by,, to humiliate themselves
by. If not, they kill the mark and expose it by an example. Either way the idea of him will
die or stop by pursuit, disgrace, suicide,,swift death and manic nature using their idea
and portraying then in their form. Anything acceptable be stolen or destroyed and earns
forgivance. Any truth from them calms them as truth be an inhibitor, drugs aren't so effective.

Anything of a profiteer nature that be directed at an action can distract. Mention a disruptive
activity to get them going in a potive (positive calm) or terrorist act. When the radical
sees justice be needed, they will do vigilante justice, try to teach others how to survive,
other information of interests to get people to get along with yourself. When they tell
you something at least listen without interruptions,, you might get their suspicians. Never
deny a radical what they say up front,, they might see reason to disregard, kill you. Another
radical will instantly try to incite the other radical to attack. If bored the radical will
seek trouble. To defeat the radical be nice till they arent nice. then be firm with conviction
and they will back down. If you deny their service, then they may try to ruin you with your
studies, unless they feel nice. their privacy space be ten feet unless they regard you as
mark and then its thirty feet.

obpsycho = psykaae, abpsycho, Psychic assassin, Psychoassassin, The psychic whos mentally
sane and physically insane, super calm on the outside and physically not inept but violent
with emotion. Mentally insane they are ecstatic and on the verge of seeing a prophecy
or vision. The two idea states, after every effort they work on something and most
likely be the disposition of I am calm but not taking an idea not worthy. To the
common citizen they are pleasant, otherwise they seek not to get in trouble. The
effective measure be to strike by information if their rude and make them back down
by reason. They dislike disruption and value most as if worthy, even when its not.
The effort to talk to peaople creates bad vibes if they are nonplussed for the effect
of miser indivisuality. On site and hearing, indivisuality makes them not strike
unless spoken to. This personality be similiar to fallen except they won't strike
out after use of people and they get more out of a person. They are with devotion
to psychic standards that leaves nothing to doubt with seen persecution, or they
get quickly mad much like a dumb blond moment.

Since they are physically insane, to strike at a wrong comment and insult with
punishment. They appear mentally insane and given a chance but give crazy reactions
with a simple speach. So they argue to deplore peace with no cause and see visions of
which seem prophetic. They work out problems by a psychic phenomenon. They are most
likely to create problems where they sense a crime and drive away the thief or criminal.
In a sense they are senseless psychics who can do most things but to get themselves out
of trouble as they create phenomenon or glance vision gained from a disaster of an early
age. The coincidence of them being like fallen and understood as psychotic, causes
them the abpsychic to use psychological tricks to turn the tide.

Omnipotence be very good trade and skill as it helps the person out and makes for
understood "what you look for" idea. These are oddballs who train and recover by
understanding what to do with the moment. Vision be their biggest and most efficient
idea and if questioned on it, they will explain how to. As their be no comfort zone
and if their was, its 1' to 13' spread out rectangular, depending on the idea or mood.
With all good mood its 3' 3" in closed up spaces, More likely the people around them
will have left before they get nervous. Most move along the edge of contributors and
avoid them for they can't keep their noses out of things. Do be obese if necessary
around them as to get pity and the neurotic will think up cures or idea to avoid the
person or get them out of site.

pyet = pacifist, A pacifist be the person who always seeks peace and be an opposite
to radicals. Will use negotiation for purposes, of solving their troubles. Has no intent
of violence, sometimes to the point, of willfully forcing others to do the same. they
use social justice, social situations, social engineering to teach lessons. When
snubbed, defied, denied and distraught, they lash out, by doing something else,
backstabbing the person. Talking behind someones back and to ruin reputation, happens
for people who disbelieve and use heretical beliefs. If in this regard they are denied
or themselves proven to be heretical. the pacifist will destroy the person as a personal
enemy by vendetta.

When they cannot kill, destroy,, ruin the heretic. the justice of the pacifist will be
ignore the activity, till they see the right time, to strike with what the heretic uses.
This behaviour can repeat. their privacy space be eight feet, and the pacifist will
always worry over something. To defeat their purpose at the moment explain your purpose,
excuse, and the anger dissolves. The pacifist will tolerate or not mind, to a very great
extent anything near them and they will spar as necessary or constantly. Pacifism be
caused for the sight of less pain. Pacifists don't like less pain no gain. Pacifism is
to create havoc with whatever they deal with as they deal.

uniat = omnivert, An omnivert personality be a "know it all" with anyone as if reading the "soul" of the individual. So their natural ability be to read auras with anything in site or sight with natural understanding. Given time to know the person through speech, they can hypnotize the target if they desired. You see their objectives are peace and to get their goal as though they have no true friends. They show no hate, love, and emotion other people can latch onto and talk them around with. They are psychological in nature as if "au naturale", They always know what they do and are aware of the results if failure or not. They think to know what others are thinking and that's their ultimate desire unless they can't achieve rapport. Then they will be resistant, manipulative, sometimes they will do criminal activities to undermine authorities, so for purposes to achieve their goals or work through good people if they can at first. What they love be to achieve from natural results and their actions. Where there are people, some are targets if possible, otherwise they are tools to use wisely. It's rare they have a relationship with a person, companship and marriage to the effect of the right one, that means they like true love with multiple relations.

Personal color associations for wounds, mentality and people,

Misery and cruelty
Coalblacky = Inky, Willing to gain knowledge and material goods and seek it
out while doing so for material values. They the person are responsible to doing many
things with a good disposition. their motion be for the person to see the truth and accept
almost any answer. The emotional state be for bringing grief to the person who hurts
them with revenge of grief, otherwise they downplay the feeling.
Blacky = Willing to behave and gain knowledge for the sake of understanding.
In emotion they will bring misery to those they want, but their emotion be blunted.
Also in emotion, their be an overachievement.
Creamblacky = A almost cruelly and unfairly dispositioned person who lives for
the moment but not glory. As if on a two-edged sword, but the story be most important.
Who lives for more understanding with no time for him/herself unless emotional. Where
he/her diictates to the stuff he/she owns or other people if around them. Added by

Service and comprehension
Coaly = Always available to do things unless necessary but will burn with desire.
In emotion their attempts are destructive and everyone else be scathed. Added by Serena
Creamcoaly = A compassionate person thats always available, who works for a
living and tries to deal with things as they come, by making time as needed. An emotion
response be to overreact with precise timing and act to calm people down.
Creamy = Passionate person who be knowing, and rejects waiting, until it comes
of them by passion. their testy if they lose as a "sore loser" unless their emotional
and proceed to win with sabotage and random acts of violence. Given by Amy.

Seek and desire
Coalbrowny = To see and burn with the truth of moment and a dark heart, that
burns with desire to heal those necessary. These people are philosophical softies
who work for a living or try to seek employment. Enjoyment be with jibes or creative
idea that are worked with and listened to by others. With emotion be to effect an idea
that was talked on, otherwise its just "their own thing".
Browny = Ruddy, A person who be very much a faery in personality, yet serious
in mind, intent, and serious in body to actively achieve results according to how their
lives are, but almost always to aid. In emotion, they are persistent and try to disrupt or
Creambrowny = Creamburger, With chocolate feelings or passion by food like fast
food or sweets, the cream browny be a associative person, They, the person, works as they
desire within a framework. of positive idea or motion as information. They don't really
care for fitness as its food and thought. The emotional state be cool if necessary, given
to talk people down with their own emotion.

Rage and emotion
Coalreddy = Coalragey, The person bears confrontation, they will attempt to retain
a constant emotion that keeps them warm inside. Like be alight by a fire inside and make
actions count. Where the actions don't count, they feel empty and they won't be a coward.
They, the person, can channel high emotions. They, the deep feeler, won't feel rage as
their emotions are to feel a deep empty emotional pang that can drive the person to kill.
Power from within to accomplish goals, success, capable, strength, faith in one's abilities,
determination. Also, over-emotional, abuse of one's abilities for selfish ends.
Reddy = Ragey, Raged with emotion, yet will almost be raged when doing things.
A person swinging a sword with an extra strength be like one of them.
Creamreddy = Cream coating of rage, Allows no rage while achievements are
happening. Focuses the emotion into activity so its served a purpose When emotional,
they are 3 times as strong.

Manipulation and stability
Coalorangy = Dangera, Demonic type personality that attempt anything, with ability of
being independent or stupid, but the general rule be instant be good and as "I can fix
anything" personal approach. In emotion, they usually are determined by extreme effort.
Orangy = Secludy, Stupidity by interest, Deceptive, Manipulative but manipulated into
moodiness and able to achieve things, by digression of will and for progress. If slighted,
they are raged, and when they achieve their result they sabotage those who work for
them in case of defunctness. In this case don't tell them tha when they are just act
somewhat natural as to act natural be tact. If you think your gonna do it. Added by jay.
Written with permission by Jay. (c) Jay.
Creamorangy = Creampuff, Sugar sweet cream with manipulation and deliberateness.
These people can pile the sweet words and be charming as well. In working with others,
their separatists and in emotional states their scientifically proven brutal.

Coolbluey = Coalbluey, Cool as a whipsnake and able to manipulate information, yet
will blow up at a failure if nothing else. If in emotion they, the bluey, will be driven
on sometimes by desperation. They go by their own standpoint and attempt a retribution
for unlikables.
Creambluey = Coolinformy, Cool as a whip but twice a striking. They're willing to
give information only when they see reason and goof around and yet they never lie except
when pressured or when pressured, they allow almost any answer and are uncountable as
truth or white lies. their studies are general and they are very knowing in most things.
They have some greed for information and living staus. The emotional state of mind is
to be in straight white lies which be truth or action.

Expression and headonist
Coalgreeny.= Coalhedgy, An energetic person that can cause a war if not perfected
in the idea. To use or make the energy of many or use energy as from drink or food.
These are likely to be emotional be strained, Persistent when undenied and when
denied, wait or do other things. A reaction be to deflect idea or use magic by
mixing or matching with safety in mind, if any to get things to do. The emotion
be directed to fuel a flame of desire that be objectioned to violent people and
yet might do violence. In emotion they are calm till the target of choice.
Greeny = Hegdy, A person will mix and match till success often dying for the
effort in some way unless safety be made possible with enough information, Excellent
martyrs and willing to achieve what be desired, these people use reasons to get the
goal that be set by dreams or others. Emotional responses are actions that cause a
glory of some sort including causality and fate.
Creamgreeny = Mr.passionate, Girly, A passionate hedgy, that allows for dreams
to interfere and intercede, a "I can do things but I..I get cold feet" so they never
finish what they want and end up on another track. They do finish as they desire and
sometimes without help. They see everything as a benefit, any tool has a use. Yet in
emotion they will not panic and finish what they start, unless they don't know what
to do. This be when they're the hardest to influence.

Coalyellowy = One who be shadowy and focused on the desire of the moment to deal
justice and plausiblity as a heroic or momentous deed. With emotion, they too
are destructive.
Yellowy = A nonhuman or human person that will cowardly attempt, secretly
and persistant acts to do things in an effort or secretly kill something and openly
acknowledge an activity and act the positive deed for glory. With emotion they
run away as its often fear.
Creamyellowy = Hosty, Boston creamy, A boston cream with a yummy filling and
and just keep on giving. Nonhuman and human alike to give deserts as items asked for
when needed, and give food as a device or when feeling nice. This may sound like mom
and some fathers are like this with gifts. They sabotage or lash when emotional and
have to be told to get over it or let live.

Ritualistic and conception
Coalwhity = Evensteven, Servicy, A downright dirty person in their own right with
duty. As they have moments of greed that are unseen unless spotted. They are service people
that get the job done with less than needed if its necessary. When emotional they, the
somewhat devotional, will attempt any act to clear their name and getting even of what
they want done. Including trashing others with falsehood by jealousy in extreme cases.
Whity = A person that be of peace to effect desire and emotion in others of peace.
Often by desire to cause chaos in a positive intention or to meditate for an answer.
In emotion they cooly downplay the event.
Creamwhity = Creampuff, Whitepuff, Moralistic passion person that willingly do
things, including suggestions. When they are doing things they are independant and not
taking idea unless it suits the project. They are flighty and able to mate with anyone,
except when they're working. The dreams they have give them pause and, they are well
understood and understanding with a pose. With emotion they are either superstitious
or calm and derive the emotion into fear or strength.

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Number conjugation be where the number be repeated three times in a row to
cause an action incitation.

000 = zzz, infinity power, timelessness
111 = uneuneune, follow pattern, magic, hidden energy manifestation
222 = tututu, metal magic, antimagic
333 = tritritri, unending, w/o end
444 = auauau, discontinue, end
555 = quinquinquin, wild magic
666 = sexsexsex, instant power, demonic power, devil, sin magic, this is magic created by a planetary moment with the conscious idea and creation by its energy directed by thought and brainwaves..
777 = syisyisyi, white magic, health
888 = etetet, halt, entropy
999 = ninini, indentify, identity
101010 = tititi, order, orderly
111111 = onzonzonz, sickness
121212 = tulvtulvtulv, nothing, subconscious, void
131313 = triztriztriz, black magic, voodoo
141414 = quadizquadizquadiz, sustain power, coretap, universal energy
151515 = quidizquidizquidiz, universal negative, power flood
161616 = sexizsexizsexiz, ban, drive away

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Number bond be the number repeated two times in a row to cause an action incitation.

00 = dehodeho, zz, closeup, endup, immortal power, void power
11 = doulen, onz, enen, uneune, combo, combination, combine, chaos, eleven, misunderstood
22 = duoduou, tuttu, twenty-two, wildness, health, buttox, difference, change
33 = darcodarco, trittri, grey magic, shift, shifting point, metamagic, psionic ability
44 = theinthein, autau, freeze, stop
55 = celcel, quintquin, elemental magic, element in magick
66 = cici, sextsex, limitation, limit, yes yes, A magical moment an number that uses a shared brainwave starting from you to cause events. To be a magical thought that happens when you think of things. Or, just think up things. What you think tends to occur with this telebroadcast ability as your subconscious makes it so in a magic thought wave. What you may want to do when you use it by saying '66' is to avoid hostilities by not thinking of ambition. Its of course of not any subsequence or consequence as you can say or think 'un66' to stop the effect.
77 = sentsent, syisyi, formation, shapeshift, form
88 = huaccel, etet, time stop
99 = nan, nitni, death
1010 = douldoul, titi, meditate, calm
1111 = doulendoulen, onzonz, disease, antichrist, fate
1212 = douduoudouduou, tulvtulv, convince, misconstrue, brainwash
1313 = doudarcodoudarco, triztriz, negative power
1414 = doutheindouthein, quadizquadiz, event end, tragic end
1515 = douceldoucel, quidizquidiz, metal power flow
1616 = doucidouci, sexizsexiz, shift, transpose, recovered action

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Number meaning be the intent numbers showing actions, To tell what these numbers mean for
each particular divination, take a deep breathe and imagine touching the tapestry of who
ever the numbers were developed around. Let your inner intuitions guide you, and use #
0 - 9. From http://themage.net/General%20Misc/numerology.htm and thanks to the mage.

-20 = negtut, no entrance, denied entry, unaccept, unfocused, no focus, negative
-19 = negniz, no action, inactive, unworking, unemployed, negative nineteen
-18 = negetz, negate, insecure, lax, unresponsible, unresponsive, negative eighteen
-17 = negsyiz, act, ignorant, cloudy, unfocus, negative seventeen
-16 = negsexz, sex addict, allow, find time, seen, negative sixteen
-15 = negquinz, not repeat, unrepeatable, held, chaotic, negative fifteen
-14 = negauz, greedy, unshare, defenseless, unmetallic, plastic, eater, offensive or
negative fourteen
-13 = negtriz, easy, adult, inconclusive, disbelieve, negative thirteen
-12 = negtulv, day, unexplored, negative twelve
-11 = negonz, purpose, understand, order, negative eleven
-10 = negti, to you, failure, unbalance, disorder, negative ten
-9 = negni, unhit, not hit, no influence, reverse, come, leavetake, negative nine
-8 = negoct, uneaten, not eat, early, negative eight
-7 = negsyi, unlucky, bad luck, quest, request, negative seven
-6 = negci, negsex, punish, no place, no, negative six
-5 = negquin, rejection, slap, negative five
-4 = negau, against, coming, negative four
-3 = negtri, lost path, giveaway, fail, disband, negative three
-2 = negtu, death, from, exclude, ignored, undone, negative two
-1 = negen, negune, off, lost, negative one
0 = z, deho, fortune, nothing, zilch, death, zyl, brought to nothing
1 = en, une, won, one, on, Inspiration, new beginnings, determination, ideas,
creativity. Also selfishness, pushy, & willfulness.
2 = duou, tu, too, to, two, be, also, become, Intelligence being channeled, patience,
understanding, sharing. Also, impatience, stubbornness, and intolerance
3 = darco, tri, trin, three, contest, triumph, unite, unity, Expressing emotions
through words, communicating, enjoyment, love, and friendship. Also, energies
scattered, over-reacting, criticizing, and not communicating.
4 = thein, au, for, four, going, Building things on solid foundations, practical,
organized, planning, growth. Also, dragging of heels, opposition, creating limitations.
5 = cel, five, clap, quin, quint, A balance of spiritual and material worlds to find truth.
Challenge, change, new thinking, opportunities, spirituality, travel, and curiosity. Also,
fearful of changes or failure.
6 = ci, six, sex, yes, position, Turns for the better, progress, harmony, upward trends,
balance, compassion, concern, care, able to overcome difficulties. Also, lack of concern,
stubbornness, fixed in beliefs, anxiety.
7 = sent, syi, luck, seven, lucky, motionless, Faith, inner development, spiritual
understanding advantages, discovery, knowledge, wisdom, meditation. Also, skepticism,
ignorance, doubt, fear, faithlessness.
8 = huaccel, et, eat, ate, eight, late, humility, Power from within to accomplish goals,
success, capable, strength, faith in one's abilities, determination. Also, over-emotional,
abuse of one's abilities for selfish ends.
9 = nan, ni, nine, hit, non, homecoming, leave, remainder, Completion, doors closing
with new one's opening, last stages of a cycle, fulfilled, wisdom, generous, letting
go of what was once important. Also, loss, emotional ups and downs.
10 = doul, ti, success, ten, balance, belief, order, A (hexadecimal)
11 = doulen, onz, enen, combo, combination, combine, chaos, eleven, misunderstood,
national fate, B (hex)
12 = douduou, tulv, noon, harsheix, tuio (too) harsh lessons, amplification, twelve,
explore, C (hex).
13 = doudarco, triz, thirteen, teenage, trial, conclusion, D (hex)
14 = douthein, quidiz, fourteen, share, defense, metal, baker, defensive, E (hex)
15 = doucel, quiniz, repeat, portal, fifteen, calm, F (hex)
16 = douci, sexiz, sixteen, forbidden, lost time, unseen
17 = dousent, syiz, advice, understand, clearness, focus, ownership, seventeen
18 = douaccel, etiz, security, eighteen, responsible, respond, response
19 = dounan, naniz, take action, nineteen, at work
20 = duou, tut, entry, acceptance, goal, twenty, responsive
21 = duou-en, tut-en, pause, hold, distinguish, twenty-one
22 = duodoul, tuttu, break (do else), shit, stink, favor, change, twenty-two
23 = duodarco, tuttri, twenty-three, pattern, train, chaos
24 = duothein, tutquad, twenty-four, continuous, prediction, leavetaking
25 = duocel, tutquin, twenty-five, quit, repugnant, requiescence, restful
26 = duoci, tutsex, twenty-six, owner, proprietor, buy, rich
32 = darcouldoul, trittu, thirty-two, low accuracy (from calc program), more
instinctive, fearful, very fast (light load)
64 = cilthein, sextquad, sixty-four, medium (mediocre) accuracy (from calc program),
slight tolerance, sale, zale, fast (medium load)
86 = ariel-doulcint, not, wrong, banished
128 = encentduohuaccel, tulvet, encentduoaccel, high accuracy (from calc program),
tolerant, slow (heavy load)
256 = doucentceloulci, tucentquintci, medium extreme range, medium extreme accuracy,
antidote, sluggish(very heavy load)
512 = celcentdoubuou, quinten, extreme accuracy (from calc program), high tolerance,
very slow(crawl, extreme load), excessive.
1024 = enochos e duothein, entosi e tutquad, encode, entry, one thousand and

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Power sources
Pua Ynge

  Aemedits = The breaking and making source formed from dimensional energy and the natural energy that exists. This forms anything you want or need almost immediately on use. Use the energy of this combined source carefully. To invoke it, state or think Aemedits pronounced [A-eh-mead-its] and the effect you want. Or, state the power word aemedits and be thinking or feeling for what you want. This can break a condition to form your effect. Sometimes after forming the effect, you have to act on your own volition. Meaning, you act on instinct or intuition to get what you want found by yourself, or to get experience on the result manifesting.

  Aetune = Aeunis, Aeternis, Aeternity, gravity plus dimensional energy and eternal energy that makes effects of good and positive easier and universal. While, it strips the bad from anything used on. This dispels demons from the area. This potentially turns bad actions and evil. This energy can materialize anything.

  Aoetruyng = spez, Universal eternal energy source.

  Adaeio = aeiou, Fey abstract force of the adverse life in motion and by usage of device. This is the fairy force of existant energy and on use, can get the effect of instant results by combining it with elemental energy. This can work with anything and do nearly anything you want.

  Adaei = Fey abstract force of life in motion. This is with objects and thoughts manifest through devising. This is the fairy force of existance with life energy that is summoned and usable in whatever you want to use it. This force makes it easier to do things.

  Avtuner = a bio source that uses everything and anything to make a result. You can eat some of it to get strength and effective energy.

  Entatiay = En tertiery field, this is an entropic time gravity source mixed with dark matter and this makes memory and the mind improved and you can handle almost any energy level. Improved energy death happens with this field. This is as an end of entropy in an influenced event. Put energy to an entropic tertiery field, and time that is events slows down. This works by the effort of events interring a push energy that causes things that are a bit slowed down, in effect its energy that slows down the events. This makes it so your mind can grasp the understanding on a conscious level. Otherwise, its a way to end the time gravity field.

  Etune = Aeturnus, gravity and bio grade electricity with eternal energy. A tuneup of ability that makes you percieve what you want before it happens. This gives premenations.

  Etuny = aeturnity, self amplified thought that causes timed events and this is by wild or positive energy and gravity added to eternal energy. It fosters greater than normal intelligence. With enough ki energy, built by activity, then it can be with enough personal power to effect even a god.

  Eturne = aeturnis, this is animal energy used for eternal magic or working with eternal energy (from the eternal side of the objects) with gravity and life energy or electricity. Its willed by thought intent and energy projection to get it to do things. Its a black and yellow and blue energy that turns things the way you want it. It gets its energy from the oceans. This can turn things demonic if there's demon blood in the person. This can spawn lazyness, by a feeling of intense peace. It manifests differently per different power source of the body.

  Ini = iniverse, the initial source universe.

  Ool = energy pool that is a collective resource, this can make a ghoul.

  Omnitun Ark LuraE = Holy darkness. This arouses the senses and makes effect easier. Except its not our holy, its pure dark energy that is derived from dark matter and the effect of a super energy of the omniverse. The omniverse is an upper dimensional universe. This energy creates what you want and makes things animated. It animates things that is used with it. To use it, make effect of the energy with the idea you have in mind and calling it forth. It will appear like nothingness at first but with ki added to the energy, it creates the holy effect and causes that to be near what you wanted from things. Use this with care, as it can bring devastation to beings who want to help as it brings ruin to the moment that the being wants. This can cause anything to be turned. Use the thought of what you want to help empower it. The subconscious makes things with it, as you invoke it. The more you do, the more it becomes appearant. Cast effects by thoughts, spoken words and moments you do. This effect derives off of a black matter that is very oblique and unobtrusive. Thus, use english with it or other negative languages. Such as, saying 'No things' and you know things. Or, 'This isn't' and it does what you want. This forms unexpectedly.

  Omnitun EmoliatE = Ben's Holy darkfire; Take omniverse an super energy, dark matter and white light fire energy. This is a created Pyrark Lura or self-consuming dark fire as the effect an making a firey dark matter that can burn anything. This is the effect called from space and by thinking of it and making it manifest by willing it where you want it. Think say or say 'Magis AeImedits' pronounced 'mag-Is A-ehh-I-mead-its' while thinking of it and it forms on the object or in something. This is using crystal techniques to generate it. Which are Spectral crystal techniques.

  Omnitun Lece = Holy water, this is the super energy of the omniverse mixed with water. It can form at will and wherever you want. This is the moment of a synthesis where water is very holy, and can't be easily acceptable to those unholy. It can be disagreeable to those of vampiric and dark nature. The source is easily summoned to form at will. Thinking Magis Imedits, pronounced 'mag-Is I-mead-its', makes it appear where you want.

  Omnitun Unnsu = Unholy Omniplane energy that can be called with Omni Unnsu, pronounced 'Omnee Unn-such'. This is the unholy energy that can form vampires and unholy things from the omniverse. Its called by saying or thinking 'Acteon Imedits'. Pronounced, 'Act-ee-on I-mead-its' and it forms on anything. This transforms the target from within and can manifest it outside of the vessel, at will. It can form neutrality and despite very easily.

  Omnitun Unnsupyr = Unholy Omniplane fire energy that is chemically based and can be called with Omni Unnsupyr, pronounced 'Omnee Unn-soup-irr'. This is the unholy fire energy that can strengthen undead and dark beings and burns demons. Its called by saying or thinking 'Acteon Imedits'. Pronounced, 'Act-ee-on I-mead-its' and it forms on anything. This transforms it from within and can manifest it outside of the vessel it is used to form it. It can form bad menace and despite very easily, while it burns things near it.

  Yng = pure energy source.

  Cryh = power source made by energy leaking out of a containment.

  Hamu = mana, ancient magic source. This can harm the user by inflictive means being done.

  Luraseh = Dark matter field, this is the science of dark matter in use and disruption of what you want. This is using the essence of nothing. It may seem impossible, but its there even when not invoked or evoked and when you need support. This can create any effect by your intent through will invoking the dark matter to materialize the event or effect. Dark matter can recreate a pattern, by energy being applied to make actions. This also pushes things back and makes things go away, if you desire it to. The goal is to create with it, but not push people away. This force responds to the vibrations it recieves.

  This dark matter source makes its effects, from gathering energy from the things and people as it needs to. Decide to get energy from the essence excess of released force, and you don't directly take from the body its necessary live with. When it fully forms, then it can become reddish energy.

  To invoke it, imagine nothing and use activity to create results. The energy of the result is used to make dark matter effects by your subconscious. Optionally, you can evoke it to exist action that create events by stating, 'luraseh' pronounced [lure-ah see-h]. Whatever you do, you get detraction by dark matter removing the unneccessary actions that keep the desired effect from happening. What you do after you get the dark matter invoked or evoked, is say what you want. Then the effect may materialize from nothingness. This creates things as though they were there. They show signs of a signature, that is similar to you. This may materialize you from another plane of existance. Consider the alternatives a playing field, after this. As you shift something or yourself to another place, and easily get results. Shift places by using dark matter, and thinking about the place and effect your placement by imagining yourself appear or being there.

  This can create dark matter beings from thin air or matter, and have your will imprint the result on it from the directed thought, or subconscious to cause it to do things. These things can transfer to you, in the form of energy. They can appear like anything you want or desire. They can appear anywhere and any time, unless uneccessary. You produce a darkmatter being from invoking darkmatter and stating or thinking, 'clone'. You can produce an unlimited amount of clones. You can revoke the effect of a darkmatter being, by stating 'E En matter'. This directs their efforts against themselves. Be careful, they can do nearly anything, unless directed by the subconscious. Then, they can do what your subconscious tells them. If your in tune with dark matter, then you don't need to evoke or invoke. You can create things anytime by will and they appear nearly anywhere and anytime. This can create things even before you create, in a form of instant matter. This has an ultimate end, where everything you do comes back on your brain. Appear to give in and you appease the force you created, then you get stuff done more easily. The way to attack someone who irks you by slight and effectively is with dark matter. To distract a dark matter being, is to make it not attack or notice you.

  If you find someone attacking you, state 'E En Em', and the enmity or dark desire by attack stops. The ultimate end of the spell is where you end yourself by ceasing to exist and become part of the dark matter beings you created. Unless you unform the creation, sy stating 'uncreate'. Or, you may unform the darkmatter creation by thinking 'stop' and the being disappears. Then you survive the enmity. Another way is by saying or having your subconscious saying, E Un Dark matter. Then the distraction and detraction of people disperses. What you call detraction is death of attraction. You may say this anytime and anyplace and you may return things to normal.

  Lyqy = sun energy flow. This energy flows from the lava and any sun.

  Pime = prime, primordial energy that is made from dark matter and dark energy with interaction from the mind. That causes chaotic events with whatever its used with as its dark energy and nothingness. The primordial mind is able to god make anything form by will. This will is enabled from a sigil or a thought of taking the energy into yourself and what you create inside you is capable of making things outside of you. This can be destructive or deturrant. Deturrance is making a degree of usage to deter something as its used.

  Tatiay = Tertiery field, this is time gravity that improves power and ability to make efficient use. This goes through all time space to get the effect you desire or need. When the event you caused happens, you get the effect by an event you asked for from ether. This turns things by turn or make a time trick to occur things. This is extended time influence of a death or stopping something to get results. You get the energy returned to you after its spent. The spirit causes you to return to yourself the energy spent. The energy put to this time gravity, can speed events up.

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Ranks and positions

magus = magical, juupretyea, magician, General name for a magic/k user who makes
devices, enchants and events on request for self, as a thought to be paid for success,

sorcao = a general name for magi, sorceror

maj = mage, magic practicioner. Hidden magic manipulator and enchanter, illusionist
through unseen "magic" manipulation and often considered a magus. they sometimes go
out of their way to manipulate and get their desire by tricks of magic. If they don't
get their way, they force by hidden means or interesting manerisms to do and get as
they desire.

gandalf = wandering mage, wanderer without a home most times unless they stop wandering

kaddab = change, hedgemage, hedgewitch, hedgewizard, A dabbler be one who works with
many types of magics yet never good at any.

syitkaddab = A savant dabbler be one who works with many types of magics yet excels at
many but not all.

sorc = source mages are magic practioners that effect through many different sources
and physical magic to get their desire. They base their idea on wild power and treat
it like a source to be any other.

elemaa = psiaue, elemental master, jedi with -master appended, Specialistic force
master with a -mancer (practicioner) and -many (master) at the end of the element
name or psionic force user(psionicist or spirit user) with -kinetic (channelor) or
-kinesis (ability) at element name end using any one element, the element can be
summoned or formed into focus. These abilities fall under. Magic or Psychokinesis,
where psychokinesis(- charge) and magic(+ charge) don't like each other when
structured and what its like at the planck level be similiar to a unified force
to be built off of, otherwise people wouldn't be able to do both, singly at some
time for the mental ability of psychic mind and magical energy manipulation in
practice by Metarules of Affinity (likeness attraction), Thaumaturgy (like effects
like any distance) and Mind over matter or Mind focus (focus of mind rules over
objects and bodies). With regard to understanding how to use the element efficiently,
and how to make effects to appear along with speed improvements. The true worth is
the fields in this usage as they are different named. So far people use the terms
of the four elements along with others, like;

Biomancy or Biokinetic be life interacting with objects and people that allows,
for the reading of genetics or body type and races in people. Through looking
at the soul aura with focused sight to percieve the colored aura pattern by
brain interaction and by blinking your eyes. The aura can be seen as rendered
perception of coloration in the original shape reveals what the aura is
within the limitation of how the mind can see it. This will work in pitch
black too. Anything of life manipulation by biokinesis be through reeiki
as pk effects sent through a channel of energy as to the target by earth
or a body channel by feel or voice to conjole the action intent by the
wave molecules to enact a vibrational carrier wave through a medium of
earth materials from the planck level.

To control bodies be the effect if told in some manner to do the action
and it will happen. Using the einstien law of gravity in simple terms to
explain the wave effect, be if you move forward and then space moves around
you by displacement particles or electrons. Your kept down by centrifugal
force and the displacement happens from that of air molecules that look like
waves that flow as you shift in movement and reallocation of weight that flows
in movement from the centrifugal force.

Beomancy or Beokinetic as pheromone control that makes you able to to
control the body scents to speak or for feeling interpretation. The
pheromones of the body are capable of being a totally different language
in itself. This language can make what you say very understandable.
The similir sex mood works with it in scent to attract and make better.
The true efforts are here that make it like a truth as its in war to
the control of pheromones can make attractions possible. Detraction
by think of other and act for them and this is in pheromones. It can
make with you in attractive motions, to the other sex or to your sex.
It can control within reasons, others as well. It be very easy to do
by the quick way meditation. To make it seem like its necessary mkes
it quick its almost a true suggestion it is to the utmost degree in
pose by posing as one drop of blood then drop the bad mood..with true serums injected into the skin
of the package. With truse as degradation to occur after its used.

The quick way to doing this, using pheromones be to use intention of
seeing aura for pheromones by feeling that you can from Dr.lehr, To
blink your eyes and then sniff while expanding your consciousness to
allow the brain pheromonal adjustment as your sniffing, activates your
scent detection. See the scent by allowing your eyes to adjust to the
persons aura or even food and then to sniff for the pheromones. After
this, use the effective feel and watch idea, to adjust and see the
reaction of others and the effort be easy as you feel the pheromones.

The easy way of blocking out the scents your aware of and don't like
smelling. Use the thought or active scent of that which be not desired.
Then shrink your consciousness of it, the idea, and how it seems to you.
Thus, ignore the result of its scent to dismiss it. What does this
accomplish? You subconsciously manipulated, through the meditation
of your body it subsumes the idea, to be able to control, pheromones
by your will. Now, the scents of pheromones have different meanings.

Any effect be to not be counted if any fruit was eaten before you scented it,
as the fruit makes the body scented of the fruit. except to smell a citrus fruit
be to awaken the senses much easier.

The burnt scent means anger.
A citrus or pomengranate scent be to make aware for easy scents and mental ability.
A flower or fresh scent means happiness.
The nasty body scent means disgust.
A body odor or unrecognized or dissimiliar scent means attraction (of some sort).
The body waste smell means distracted.
A perfume scent means wonderment.
The control yourself scent be the smell of sulphur or rotten egg and gets the result
of a "take a bath" resolve.
A burning candle or feces scent means lying.intent or a trying effort.
Judiciousness, Expert or Judgemental be the baking or pigment color scent.
Tiredness be the scent of rubber.
Burnt rubber or putrid gas be the scent of burnout or octane.
Cleaning solution be the signature smell for changing events or moods.
Serious intent be the scent of annoying perfume.
Flowery or Pine scent be the scent for understanding and clarification.
Sex, or unwanted appeal be a scent of unwashed body, masculinity or femininity.
Barbeque or Mesquite charcoal be the scent for hunger and eating.
Mental disorder or dispute be a burning coal scent.
Addiction be fresh charcoal scent.
Sweat scent means not believing.
Boredom be a scent of wood or wooden.
Tangerine be a immaturity, concern or concent.
Tanners berry be nasty lether be act, warfare.
Charged senses for potential be meringue ala pie scent.
Potential energy be potato or potato peel
Charged or Inert energy be orange scent or orange spice.
Energy usage or focus be cleanliness or undeniable stench.
Intelligence or Interest be the scent of flower, fairy flower(any) or
primrose that the stronger the flower the more it, the interest.
Stupidity be the scent of unwashed leather, muave perfume, unwashed body or pig.
Ash or Compost be the scent for death.
mangene or mango seed as d'ser'n (manern (manner induce) manure and oil or sweet fruit
be discern, distant motion or an unconcerned/unbludgeoning effect by disgrace that has
a contribution to disallowance.
Sweet orange be the scent of determination and discernment.
Horse stink or overwahed leather be combustable, and healthy.
High or Drugs be the scent of sour grape for betaphetamines (mental or brain drugs).
Old shoes or mildew for cocaine or cocaine likeness except weed.
Mango be response by war and self-serve/sell or profiteer.
Rotten fruit be self-serving.
Medicine scent for herbal usage.Rotting dirty shirt be for weed.
Moldy mancheuser cheese, incense or mold for abuse and overdose.
Curative of drugs be the scent of old moldy calcutta.
Curative be the scent of mint.
Healing be the scent of mint herbal flower.
Love or Strong interest be the scent of roses.
Attraction be the scent of something sweet or lotus.
Rotting fruit be the scent of an edict(speech) or reprimand.
Dissent or Ridding be the scent of keylime pie or pearl aroma.
Raspberry or cranberry be distant emotion thats purging, regret (regre).
Hate be the scent of liquorice or bad candy.
Distance be the scent of pollen or people sneezing.
Bad disease or bad nature be the scent of skunk or bad antiseptic.
Plants be the scent for planting or season change.
Decaying matter or pungeancy be the scent of undeath or dying<br>
Desire be the scent of green wood, pine scent or something new.

Geomancy or Geokinetic as earth where these are healers by feel or seeing
brown molecules in a scrubbing motion to scrub out the disease while thinking
of the disease, manipulators by pk movement or restorers by destruction or
repair of objects and bodies, Along with shaping ability and dimensional
effects as your forcing the earth to shape by pk movement with thinking
of the effect and seeing the brown or gold earth molecules rubbing together,
Some would say this falls under the lines of pk as your moving earth as a
energy. They have a limited ability to control lava as in control its flow
until its positioned right and as you the controller work with the effect,
the objects touched by manipulation cool down only if you the worker see
the molecules stop rubbing.

Liquentismancy or Liquentiskinetic that allows for lava control (liquentis
control) and can control volcanoes along with emotion in general because the
emotion be used to control volcanoes. Similiar to geomancy yet this offers
more control over lava as it be lava specialization and where the earth is
brown, emotion and lava be purple or reddish brown. The lava manipulator can
control the emotion and/or lava by inciting either molecules, like love or hate
along with other emotion in most people including themselves. The liquent
master can cool down or heat up lava with a will to move the molecules slower
and not get burns easily unless not done right. They can control the flow of
lava as well as geokinetic. Given by spellhawk.

Pyromancy or Pyrokinetic (d'snag'h) for fire masters that are emotional and
sometimes capable of loving destructions along with tricks, their control on
fire can be to make or unmake it at will. They can excite any fire particle
of heat (red dots or tachyons) to some destructive force and little excess.
These people are not needing their hands to make psiballs unless they desire

Hydromancy or Hydrokinetic who use water from air and other water source
manipulations to get their result, The water be moved from a substance or
the air and they can see and breath water well enough to effect form it
anywhere including in people, and dry things up by removal; See the aquamarine
colored molecules and attempt to incite them by making the particles vibrate
and rub together while you feel the result or think on a result you desire on
a focus at the object or area.

Cyromancy or Cyrokinetic for ice and cold to freeze or unfreeze objects at will,
they excite or compress any cold particle (blue particles) for the effect. including
water, fire (putting it out) or air, leaving a excess of energy;

Aeromancy or Aerokinetic controls air and get readings psychicly through reading a
universal conscious of most time, they have omnipotency, force form barriers and air
walls, support or mental control of mind; Use the black or colorless air (felt but
not seen) particles to get the result by exiting them.

Tachyamancy or Tachyakinetic allows small red particles (tachyons, active
energy subparticle) used in pyrokineticism or waves (lekton, gravity or light waves)
manipulation used in biokinesis along with their interaction to form magnetic fields.
This earth air be the particles of subatomic level as it supports magic and psionic
ability, by forming the sublayer foundation of energy manipulation. These people can
control time and events to make what they want happen. They don't need their hands
to create psiballs that are concentrated psi energy or psi effects. All thats really
needed be the voice or focus to get the effect in place with intent.

Necromancy or Necrokinetic who controls spirits and death by different means of
kung fu and ritual where chaos and demons are their key idea in working effects
including death itself; For the necromancer its ritual and the necrokinetic think
of death particles as bone white. To cause death just incite by feel the death
particle of bone white to rub or vibrate. and incite the particle to uncause
death by causing the vibrating death particle to stop or see the particle rubbing
together and then stop the rub by feel. The reason for this be to stop death
instead of causing it.

Aekinomancy or Aekinokinetic be the ability from aekinothestics, the study of light
energy conversion involving geomancy, aeromancy and contigency effects ae probability
to generating electricity and energy or channeling it; To incite it the current, feel
energy sparks to occur in the area and then incite the sparks by feeling the spark
flare. Then shift to normal vision to see the results unless its not near.

Atheomancy or Atheokinetic, otherwise considered Alamancy are the effect of depicting
a scene by description, drawing, acting or talking. The depicted event will happen
through energy, psi or pk enactment from subconscious manipulation. This be Spelukin
enactment with energy and magic effect added in. The material be what it needs as in
psimaterial that you infuse with energy as its worked with or be of a psiball combined
to the object or item. As you work with the item infused its instructed by speaking,
feeling or seeing the event and making a portrayal on what you want, Such as in laymans
terms, paint the scene while feeling its alive and the energy transferred from you in
small bits creates the psiart from depiction and a psiball effect. Due note: the
red dots of tachyonic energy can be used to infuse the objects without touching it.

Aromamancy or Aromakinesis be to effect a scent feeling and percieving the
moment to create the scent, as someone describes the scent or your idea of smell
as they want it to be smelled. This be done by sending the scent to the olfactory
nerve. Two tries will get you started as sometimes the description after the
attempt will let you perceieve the scent.

Aethemancy or Psychokinetic the usage of most elements in the magic and mental schools,
The mental element tends to use most elements as it broadens the mind and makes for
to influencing patterns from just one element, The other elements are influenced from
provoking the effect by the law of invoking gray magic or mind effects by use of
the universal conscious or activity to achieve a result. This makes the person
aware of most troubles and events without being told by omnipotency. To do this
think of silver or gray for most elements that are incited with a feeling of the
particle vibrating or rubbing together or alternatively how yourself will achieve
it, feel or think on the element or feel energy. Then shift your frame of mind to
the normal idea of your own and speak the result or feel a result, see the result
mentally or think of the result.

Ethemancy or Ethekinetic be the same as Etherio be Ethe and derives spirit and most
negative efforts including death and void manipulation to happen with very little effort.
These are short and long distance efforts that occur as a dream after the
spirit-that-goes-through-everything obliges. The people act shamanic that are
using this spirit as they gain what they can of wisdom by knowing it and knowing
people by it. The ether user can derive drinks and drugs from air or spirit.
The shaping ability of spirits and formation of body to other forms as well is
possible. With ether manipulation one can make spirit essences in the formation
as one desires.
There be a key to the effort to help the effort along and idea to occur, its
the color black or ghost white that allows the effort to occur with an exciting of
the particle, by adjusting your frame of mind and see the particle excited or
rubbing together with the color of choice. To get the result, speak or feel
the effort you desire and when finished the occurences can be stopped by
unexciting the black or ghost gray. Then unadjust your frame of mind to
normal view. But, if you find yourself in a dream vision as these visions
are prescientific in nature and range from any time point including in the
past, then the only way out before it turns bad or worse than ever, be worse
as you don't fight the vision but manipulate it through actions until it ends,
A vision can end through thinking it ended, die in the vision, sleep or unexcite
the black particle, if directed at an element the black particles can excite it
to destroy almost anything thought about or create from nothing like nothing in
but focus and nothing out. If you die in the vision you lose the memory of what
occurs in it. Within the vision the rules are to have fun and make the vision of
your dreams once you gain control of it, the vision that I described.
Due note: people within can act if given permission outside it, call them troops
if you want as they will try to protect you unless they were attacking you. All
thats needed be to deny their permission.

wis = istar, wisdom, wizard, wise one. Visible magic manifestor, enchanter, evoker,
conjuror through "magick". they live near family and then outlive the family to cause destruction
on persecuters and positive results for helpers. they self practice and study for long ages to
sell their trade for profit, to adventure and explore new areas of magic.

wislif = White wizard, life wizard, Person who will use any thing to get what be desired as they use the
"arcane vitras" for magick to get as a goal the desire when blocked or not. Life wizards
are optionally able to share memories with, from others to do top notch in the field of
choice. With the machines, they know quite a bit as they are part dreamwalker and can manipulate
dreams, visions at a whim. These wizards don't have to study if they can share the memory of
the machines use. their special ability be to switch places with another. Life mages can bring
people back through pattern actions, idea with "life" energy.

wisark = dark wizard, Similiar to dark mages yet they use visual "magick" for the effect along
with "shadows", "light" and "negativity". These people are more dangerous as they view people
as innocents who don't deserve destruction. yet pursue the evil doers to the death unless
convinced by peaceful means.

deaet, saiet = Demonist, Satanist, The worst people to do practice as they use demons
to do anything and make examples of the pests and disruption they see, find. Often
considered hell wizards as their energy be instant with a slight corrupt effect that can
control anything through reverse cosmeria, corrupt universal particles in some form.
their ritual and simultaneous spells are fueled by desire of which be backed by hell
energy using their body, a "focus" to channel the effect. After awhile the demonist
is turned by hell energy into a demon.

their patron be satan and most the members are unstable except the leaders who are zealots
and bigots. They get jobs and keep them unless they desire to do a little bit of evil for
their own sake. their tenets are to decieve, destroy, vengeance and usurp for the pleasure
of pure evil. They don't have to sacrifice, yet will if asked to and can give the murderers
soul to satan for brownie points. their enemies are any who stand in their way unless they
have a use of them.

squab = a servant, nonmagical kinetic wizard, warrior wizard that channels energy from others,
things with effects that counted as "magical". Also the effect be considered kinetic
manipulation as they use the energy to get desires. They have ability to gain visions by
seeing the pattern of people and items.

majyl = wild mage, magus that go and become hermits that live ages in some off excluded place

warmaj = warmage, Magical soldier with war magic, that causes insight to events, heated body
and ability to withstand great pain without flinching. the war mage be psychic and psionic with
the hitch to this as it be they become warlike and very skeptical. When they are this skeptical
as to doubt even a good deal when you look at it, you won't make very many friends. they
are good at insults and know how to draw out a person, in converse with said target.
Instinct of primitives are very important to the war mage as to strike on an insult be second
nature. Giving a chance when the person tries for it be a necessity till you feel tired and
antisocial and they give up. Yet to gain this, they are born with it as its the nature of
warriors, and its inherent in the person. Innate ability be a part of the bodies resistance
to cold and pain while it gives psionic ability. This includes dimensional manipulation
skills that are very hard to detect. They are often considered aurors of magic to be fair.

The warmage has magical power as it be the magic of kinetic motion. It be the moment of
movement that be hardly noticed but focused to create an effect. This effect be the concept
of motion which be focused by the warrior's single-minded purpose. Imagine the effect you
would want, and focus it through your motion of body, weapon choice. the thing to do be
to believe that your motion will allow for the effect. there are many thing they can do
with this including the usage of air as raw energy. This be what they can do: Traveling,
Human defense field, Human kinetic attack, Kinetic manipulation, Flight, Funnel, Kinetic
rune, Kinetic metal manipulation, Choke a person and Elemental power focus.

amaymaj = Hermetic mage, heretic mage, A mage who uses "bridgecraft", to trust the general
formulas to use a bridge for a witchcraft effect. This "bridge" be formed when raw enery in solid
form becomes effected and causes the effort to happen through infusion of the area to be enacted
upon. What words used cause the effect of the raw energy, and the effect be achieved as this
hermedic medium be lengthening the effect beyond a few minutes to few years. This can be used to
get places, with achieving to awe, inspire if necessary.

there be a game that be related to this idea called "Ars magica" by atlas games and it has five
art verbs with ten form nouns in it. With this in mind there are many more nouns as the game be
limited in scope to keep it simple, like as many as you can make in another language excepting
the verbs are still mostly five and yet the nouns are unlimited where you can specify exactly
what be affected. As "make peace" to make a peaceful moment out of nothing. raw energy be
everywhere so to say a few words gathers energy from all around to form the effect, in a
simultaneous cast that may have a weak effect. With each effect be the effort of temperature
drop, to make a instant recovery as two minutes pass. the hermetic mage will do jobs but with
the aid of the hermedic magic to get through it.

lifmaj = Life mage, White mage, A person who be in service to the hidden way of life,
"arcane vitras" and uses many life lengthening "tricks" along with things of other magic
to suit their purpose. their sources be "life", "earth" and can make possibility of anything
through, mutative, changing effects as life will imitate any source to suit the purpose.
They are immortal till they choose to die by removing the aging process and natural
mutations. This can be used on others for the purpose of interest and only with permission,
unless attacked, panicked and then they change a person from the inside out. their special
ability be to switch places with another. There are three types, light, gray and dark
life mages. Life mages can bring people back through pattern actions, idea with "life"

Life mage of the light or holy warrior granted from pope are very noble and know their entire
lifepath given to new idea sometimes expressed by others. To use life means your exposed to much
and can go insane more quickly per spell to get the result. Yet they can "borrow" memories to get
the results in hidden ways that are obvious to the right people, those that recognize a pattern.
What that means be to see where its coming from and know what to do to unravel the spell from
events. The light life mage may bring something alive to get the device enchanted. Yet they most
definetly will change an object to show the properties or ask first. The object used are animals
and mundane with rare exception those humans and humanlike that agree to be adapted with reassurance
to be undoing it if told by the person. Light life mages won't use genetics unless necessary.

Life mage of gray or medium, will share both light and dark, while being deceptive to those
who are untrusted, yet will strive to create an inner life in anything that can live and keep
it hidden from those who would hurt it. This be unless the object be a animal, construct
or humanlike and are given permission by the object, human. They are arguably the
most likely to use their own idea with possible inclusion of other interests for positive
results. They get no pleasure from torture with great possibility to make a new form if
allowed through creativity. Yet the gray life mage will alter their own body to suit
their purposes at a good time where they will be unnoticed. their techniques are to
use mutations, genetics and changes to do as necessary for good results.

Life mage of dark or dark shadow warrior, will use "hell" as well as the normal sources of
"life" and "earth" as a concept to create the perfect mutation. These people have no morals
and keep no oaths unless its worth their while, They will use anything that be useful ae humans,
animals and objects, to mutate, experiment on where the experiment can turn into any shape,
enchantment. They may play with genetics at some point to improve results and to improve the
looks. Dark life mages will get humor, pleasure from torture and anger from failure.

kaot = caot,, chaoticist and somewhat separatists. Dark mages that are considerered hell
mages and are the epitome of darkness and violence with a little bigotry added in, yet
they look good to others. This next part be a little hard to believe but its mostly true.
their sources of energy are "hell", "wild energy", "negative" "life", "astral". they are
out for themselves to create the desire of choice and through secret rituals and handshakes
as security, to make their dark deals unknown as their worst fears are to have revealed
themselves unknowingly. So they do rituals at night with simultaneous spellcasts any other
time. With probability of any source they prefer negative energy as they are untouched by
it. their will be to control and their voice be to manipulate, cause any event through
calamity. their favorite places for the meetings are the astral plane, dream world
aka "tel'aran'riod" taken from "the wheel of time series" from Robert Jordan with whom
they deal with, for fun.

Dark mages dislike the light and will ritual suicide if caught too often in dark desires
with controlling criminals and destructive people due to the rememberances of hell.
Draining energy from the event be their favorite activity to get the evil deeds undone
or stop crime. Dark mages use "magic" to achieve the result along with darkness, deception,
hell, demons, light and manipulation. they arent bigots, biased unless pushed and prefer
not to fight and yet to resist aka "dirty fighting". their most useful allies are the drow
ae "dark elf", outer dimensionalists, other darkish people as partners in unseen disruption.
When anythings wrong they punish the person responsible unless its an ally. Satanists are t
hier natural enemies. If the dark mage gets a job then they could be punished, they arent
easily accepted because of their life view and non participant attitude.

kaoist = felt mystic energy, chaos manipulator, chaos mage, Mystic master that are trained
by monks and are considered a monk yet aloof. They use the open hand combat techniques as
well other weapons, yet limited to no weapons of pointed nature except staves. As many
prefer the stave or staff yet use chaos and void to achieve results with the rule "void be
substance and substance is void". thus the kaoist be used to do nonspoken and mentally scened,
felt magic. Void be within boundaries of infinity and substance comes from void only to go
back to void. Chaos be used by them to form events that are ordered for positive results.
Whether or not its negative or positive energy, its the same for their purposes. Sometimes
the chaoist be able act the scene and or speak what a person does, the person or scene be
achieved most cases. Also the witchcraft action almost always occurs by chaotic energy.

sei = shaman, death mage, spirit mage, Spirit masters that speak to the dead and speak to
the living spirit through the-spirit-that-goes-through-everything and can tell the shaman
anything about a situation as well as allow control the person, spirit through
the-spirit-that-goes-through-everything and this allows the scout ability, to work better
as you know when something will happen like omnipotence. The energy of the user will go up
on usage of spiritual lifeforce as well with unaging as long as the spirit supports it. Usual
tools are ancient bones and rattles that can charm or call spirits.

This renders the user a wiseman and a ageless person who does not die as he can merely ask
god through the-spirit-that-goes-through-everything for a boon and it will be granted with
a good reason. What jobs they can get are myriad as the spirit can tell you what you need to
know to complete the job. Shaman will guide in two ways; white shaman to peace and light and
practice "white" magic rituals. Red shaman guides toward light and war who practice "red" magic
rituals. The shaman can't get a job unless they want to because as you can see the job they have
are to guide and live off the land.

srei = sorcerer, magi, sorcaa, despised one, socaa, innate magic worker, secretive good
event manipulators and light guiders by "inner source ability" sometimes self taught and
"chastised", "rewarded" if caught doing wrong and they live in clans. Magi are very
good with weapons as its their second study.

pymta = palemaster, spirit sorceror, necromonger, Mastery of spiritual energy for people
or things and considered spiritualistic warriors that allows for any typical manipulation.
As in stealing the spirit from the body to make it into objects, different shapes, and put
into an object or put into another body and back again as if a voodoo priest. This ability
is given by being a voodoo zombie who got a soul back, or tortured to death and brought
back undead. Thus his/her body regenerates, with no destruction left even after the body
be decimated or chopped to pieces as it comes back like a zombies would. Lifespan be for
as long as the body doesn't wear out which means 400 or more years. They can't get jobs
for the "zombie" scent that remains after the original separation and smells as of a dying
diseased person, yet they can if they have musk or perfume on.

Some don't prefer to be around them for the raw scent and almost revulsion of the senses
yet some don't have this scent. The problem exists that their faith be very intricate
afterword to drive them almost position hungry intending to get what they can get. Otherwise
the palemaster prefers neutrality to fighting and yet they live almost fighting for things.
their faith be to outlast by any means, the fight and win despite odds. With each success
their be a glory sense that empowers them a little more as the victims life force be taken
into themselves. This religion can be described as a chaos faith.

selimagi = selisocaa, sublimsorcer, subliminal sorcerer, Prescientific sorcerer who can use their
subconscious, to do the spell effects and it seems like a wishsong effect. The subconscious
has taken over and subsumed the conscious, the conscious turned transparent and acts
as large focus, either way it no longer viels the mind with the subconscious controlling
the body. They also have inner sources that are fed by the subconscious in a continuuos
balance. To selimagi all time be available to manipulate and seen as they want, a focus.
Feeling the result be instinct with causing it to occur as well thinking it out. their
inner source can replicate any ability with the right instinct, feeling. They can become
insane for the moment if alot of outside presences due to internal mental pressure. They
follow the rules of the magi.

sorcayl = Wild sorcerer that be one who summons things with a wild source and this comes from
a person named Magus. they will attempt to focus more than they can take as a power yet not burn
out. Meaning wild magic be the source they have and will use as possible till they feel not too
or they will be in danger of passing out for the strain of wielding raw power. these people tend
to be crazy as wild magic "carves you out from the inside" after a long time. This leaves you
hollow inside and even after you can use wild magic. This allows for unlimited energy
channeling but acts as a false magic thats illusionous. they live 500, more years in self
seclusion and hermitlike.

socao = sorceror, Secretive event manipulators that act as self examples,
dark guidance through "inner source ability" sometimes self taught yet regarded as
"outsiders" if doing wrongful activity and openly. there be no "reward", "chastisement"
except pain from enemies who catch them. through dark source working with a developed
idea to trade with and gather information through experiments, they gain self-concepts to
provoke, lead others into what they want. they are considered the dark magi as they won't
consider people as near themselves, will but not consider the feelings. They don't
make sacred items, areas as they use "raw" energy and they work alone most times.

selisocao = sublimsorcor, subliminal sorceror, Prescientific sorceror who like selimagi
can use their subconscious, to do the spell effects and it seems like a wishsong effect.
To selisocao, all time and people be available to manipulate and seen as they want, act
a focus. Feeling the result be instinct with causing it to occur as well thinking it out.
their inner source can replicate any ability with the right instinct, feeling. They can
become insane for the moment if alot of outside presences due to internal mental pressure.
They follow the rules of the sorcoror with similiar abilities.

wicca = living power of faith, magic paladin of good that lives on faith of the God and
Goddess in a way of life.

wiccan = sorcier, witch that don't openly acknowledge being a witch to avoid
being asked for help. When the wiccan spot trouble they deal with it with help, being alone.
Most witch considered wiccan be a good influence.

wyc = Witch, an open magical scientist through "magic", "metamagic". Living where they
want and yet group near covens, grottos hidden during the meeting. they openly work magic
and get asked for the rituals when they are spotted, as they see trouble. Most witch
except wiccan be evil or good depending on mood.

sundia = sun diveister, sun diver or star runner, energist, energy weaver, free person that
works first to aid said person and to aid others second, strange merc, A persons energy
manipulation by outside radiative forces to create power flow as weave in form of manifest
outside the body; Some break things or break up the sun into patterns when emotional. Thanks
to "Sun runners fire" by Melanie. The sun energy be red orange and has aftershades of blue.

sunrun = sun runner, sun planer or one who uses the sun, sun planar, energy channelor, An
energy focus that be a person that can be of use the most thanks to Mark Steward, by use
of an outside radiation and lava source for inward manifests of ability to achieve, they
overwhelm (by energy). their energy be solid ultrablue, true blue or solid blue and at night
its ultraviolet blue and to exist, events have to support by feeding it and it can deteriorate
anything. At at rate of a plane per minute or 10 seconds per 15% and the idea given by the
Sun runner series by Melanie Griffith.

wykneg = negative witch, Users of people, idea, persecution, and light through "magick"
and "metaphysics" to create the event, while in serving the dark gods and goddesses. these
witches cause the witchhunts to seem necessary as they would use any to get their need. Yet
they follow tenets of darkness that direct them to decieve, destroy enemies, do evil in the
name of good while they do dark to control, compulse evil doers. If a good person gets in
their way they ruin them as it seems fit, to leave the victim alone as it suits their
purposes. they abuse property rights to steal and they break laws as they wish for sheer
joy and to feel good. the dark witch cannot stand light very easily but will tempt it for
job seeking and work at night, day.

aoinewika = aborigine/y witch, A witch like person whom uses instinctual taught skill to do
rituals, that are "wordless" and instant from the god/dess energy of before humankind or chaos.
Aborigine users are useless in a fight but can use natural incidents to cause any action or
event. The energy they use be the old magic that seems instant but sorceror like and can
manipulate time by a drawn out ritual or instant manifest. Some use the old religion of
drugs and visions, often considered the "path of lies", as the method valued here be dream
quests. Some gather old source to see the future in threaded fate moments and each thread,
be a different alter reality and alter sight to get the right things to do.

sorcieryl = wild witch be a witch who lived beyond 400 years and was hunted the most for
fear of their power, sought to be of aid. they mostly use "wild magic" as a source along
with others, What be their projection ability be unknown but protection can be demon dogs,
cats and they must be respected for their love, a relationship. Most be so hermitlike they
argue they cant get a relationship.

vuduwykdoc = voodoo witchdoctor, Dark priest/ess, death witch, death wizard, The zombie
crafters and voodoo priest/ess that are most likey to use any event, create their own by
spiritual manipulation from ritual activities or just thinking on it with a gesture. The
voodoo priest/ess also know by spirit what be happening and are the opposite of shaman,
considered dark shaman, ae they guide toward the dark path. These people live as long as
they desire with no aging. The voodoo priest/ess will oversee the ceromonies as a job that
pays almost nothing except with a spiritual push. The witchdoctor will use a drug powder
called voodoo powder to put the person in a coma for 24 hours, more. Then separate the
soul and place it into a bottle, other container. Where the efficiency comes in voodooism
theres alot of support people to effect a high ritual and then gets glorious sense of self
afterward. What jobs they can get are to be a voodoo priest/ess for the effect of a lifetime
unless they seek else.

matu = mystic, A great example for those that will listen, They use "spirit" to divine stuff,
"people" to get stuff, "magic" to manipulate people, events and enchant objects, "magick"
if they can to effect the visible effects and create strong artifacts through any element
energy they can. The things they do make them "eccentric, concerned" geniouses that are
very diplomatic and enigmatic. The work situation are self projects able to devise any
solution if there are materials for it, and if no materials then they buy, trade. They
will work for a living if needed, accepted as money demands, they have to buy something.
When they get a free item, they are grateful and yet they will give a favor for it when
they are forced to. They live by the vision they see and will act accorfing to feellings.

weli = welcome, Warlock, demonic chaotic manipulators through "conflict", "chaos" usage to control
events, weather. They group in secret areas to meet and do rituals. When paid they will
do an open ritual.

noruica = necromancer, death sorceror, Dark sorceror/ess that will use the dead to give
them joy as they raise, restore a person by the attempt. Using the apprenticing system they
learn at the masters heel. Yet they are neutral evil at their core with "negative", "demonic"
and "death" energies for personal use. If they catch the wrongdoer then they will tear the
wrongdoer to pieces with death, negativity. Without a care for many except themselves except
for those they respect, they will do vigilante justice unless higher ups say to let the
constabulary do justice. They can get jobs as they want and yet prefer solitude.

diia = diviner, People that need idea, recieve images to get an idea to form a focus and
when they call this a vision, they speak of it and usually the idea comes from the focus
of words, an object to create the event in their mind. As in: tarot cards, crystals, crystal
balls, revelations, disruptions, tea leaves and pendants. The efficiency of this vision be to
be more proficient with less time for a clear reading by "sensing" it from the target with
questions or watching for signs. Any glimpse be to give a hint and for the moment that be
reconstructed mentally, what they use this for be to see where its safe to go as a path.
What the deviner identifies be the object with which will change things, lead them along.
Jobs are easy as they know where to go and when, what time as divination will effect by the
persons need to know and what they get out of it.

belmaj = archmagus, belmagus, Archmage be a person who be a magic user and older than 300
years, with not dying yet they appear young and might be weaker for after 200. they can use
3 methods, take a young body through "transcendance" that be strong and 10 to 14 years of
age. Shine to another body on death by shifting through death to the slayer at long distance,
short distance on touch. the body becomes the person who shines, and they are transformed in
minutes, remain different as the person desires. Finally, the third method be become regenerative
by any means including changing to a creatures form, like a shapeshifter, troll, other as of
atomic, particle shapes.

saaf = benevolent immortal, seraph, Immortal sorceror that comes in two flavors, good, bad with
indivisual tastes as corrupt as one might think. Good seraph comes from magi and will accept
funds, offers of info while doing as they want and seem to take a bribe. they don't seek power
nor do they need fame except they are known and not challenged, unless they are caught doing
what said person don't like. the self-involved projects that are done, achieved with people
freely aiding, Ranging from any of interest and they might change the projects given a diversion
of any concept. When they can attempt a free community project, they will but one thing which
be not to share everything as be desired, thus its a need to know basis that seems like sharing.
these people are rolemodels and teachers that draw inner knowledge to teach with, foregoing the
research if they could. they will ask for information if they can and rely on flukes of events
to get by. the average starting age for a seraph be 700 years, above. If their body be old,
they will use the archmage techniques to gain youth if they have no other.

Evil seraph come from sorceror and are very likely the epitome of lyers and criminals that
guide people to be better. these people will come back as they want through their "undying"
nature and drive to continue, much like a draegaran in a "Vlad taltos" book their not aging
unless they want to. If some do the thing with them they can hate nature, All the while they
do their own self-satifying deeds, without a care to help others but secondly. Now its an
ambition in theory that their ambition be high and if they don't succeed, they do other alternatives
to get to the same success and yet they don't go too far. Yet they don't seem corrupt, he/she
just doesn't care as he/she just does and does, but to have killed anyone although there be
suspician of wrongdoing. their self-projects consist of genetics and destructive spells that
could affect bad. thus don't trust them unless you have too as they could mislead you as they
think their better. somewhere they figured they could do what others can't so pointing out
mistakes will get you nowhere, unless they are thinking on the problem.

saga = sergoi, ageless psionicist, Ageless elemental force master, are omnipotent,
omnipresent and most able to pick up new tricks by observing or feelings. Most that
watch them are slightly disturbed by the amount of energy and understanding that is
shown. Some have a mad cackle and some very stern or concerned with others and least
for themselves. Able to master time and probable control over reality, they serve to
please if they want something. The sergoi be usually from the early ages and with some
ancient bloodline or fairy immortality. They are known on site as the body be slightly
deformed and they are curiousities or curses to be around as they love to perfect skill
by getting info and learning it or with inner knowledge. their methods range from chaos
to mental effects. However, if someone wants to not be under their shadow, as they
consider most people young beings unless they show maturity, they drive them away
or "act a friend" till they can disappear.

Most of their knowledge comes from within and from what be learned by sight. Most
sergoi use any element except human that suits them and they suck it like a kitsune
to keep alive or young for spells or psionics that drain them. their way to get things
is to spread info, or connive by means sometimes unknown to get the effect or object
and compliments are an option. The sergoi are neutral as they deal with troubles and
fix conflicts by deals, negotiation or chaotic manipulation. To get one off your back
pay them peaceful respect ae negotiate or compliments and you might find their regard
to doing their own projects. Everything be a resource to them including failed idea.
To this point you might think they bathe often, they are like aggies in that they bathe
when they can. SSome are cannibals, but some are not and share the aggies attitude. The
seroi sound like children yet act mature with an old voice even at age 100 and some have
adult memories at a young age but some don't.

wehmeta = Wishmaster starts as a wishdoctor, and they are people like voodoo witchdoctors who
came from the Nords a few thousands of years ago. Wish be a focused need, desire, want as a
focus that happens by natural subliminal, activity acting with subatomical particles being
influenced from harmonic voice patterns, causing the people the energy interacts with to achieve
your desire. Otherwise its a desire that achieves the result when felt, spoken through influence
on the area surround, and its not magic as its metamagic through atomic structure being
hyperactive from the energy of a being. Now any energy source can reinforce the pattern aroused,
from the programmed particles. the wishdoctor would use this technique without knowing it.
Knowing only that it worked and used with the thoughts of the problem of a moment, they used
it as an attempt to make amends, wars to stop, disruption to crime and curing, healing people.

How long did they live due to the wish aging them according to affect and effect was like 300
or more years. the pattern they caused from a wish sometimes formed a storm, worse. Where they
grew old, they wished for youth and drew from the air, the earth to achieve it. Some became
wishmasters that were consecreted neutral, evil with intent of achievement, and a wishmaster
are people that give statements of a desire to effect change and were wishdoctors making the
decision to grant wishes to others as well for themselves. they come in three brands
good, neutral and evil. the good wishmasters are moralistic conceptioners that will agonize
over a wish,, be watchful of results and maintain the results if needed. they often work
with those of worth, for a cause and will mess up those of evil intent including evil
wishmasters. the good wishmaster often has trouble and sometimes death for the aiding of
friends who have enemies. Still there are to date no good wishmasters left unless a new
one comes around, but wishmasters of good will allow some aging unless their youth fades.

Neutral wishmasters are egotists that will grant a wish if they are able to and only when
they feel like it through payment, force. Given that they are sometimes chased away and
their projects ruined for aiding the wrong person. these people are able to survive with a
little bit of impetus, sometimes they won't but their wishes outlast them. they do live
longer than good wishmasters and if they age they won't seem aged through a wish and natural
energy effects. Evil wishmasters never die with probability of evil tricks to fool the person as
a way to mislead them. Otherwise they give a wish to the willing and those who ask, yet the wish
end be disaster for the wisher as they are often losers in what they gain. they most often will
look old and somewhat forlorn yet the looks aren't the appeal, its the power they offer.

ecutet = accultist, People that are similiar to the occultist yet are activists and do magic
acts with an open view and use any typical source including "spirit", "elements", "metamagic",
"magic", "magick" to achieve the activity desired. Through instant spell casting, rituals,
groupings consisting of however they want in a open, yet unseen place. The atypical accultist
will attempt to not do violence unless necessary,, unpushed so they won't be seen as the
disrupter and show an example. These accultists are viable to violence in an instant when
they don't get what they want, unless their are social areas which mind, might arrest them.
An accult worker will use torture to a sum of money, as part of a ritual if they have to.
These are much like witches except slightly antisocial and original in which they will use
others work if they don't mind.

ucutet = occultist, Dark ritualists who study most their life in understanding life by trial much
like monks and can do rituals, simultaneous magic of nature, demonic, other possibilities
including time yet they will do one, two sources at a time for safety. their are silent types
or open minded types that will speak without worry except in too open an area. If anyone sees
them, they erase the person of any dangerous sightings, info.

miai = maverick, A corrupted magic user that be gimwis, gimwyk, gimlir, gimmlock and
gimmelmaa. Gimwis be a corrupted wizard be to use chaos in the form of visible "magick"
and make ends meet, having insanity fits all through the act if in an unstable mode.
They have gained magic back and were burned out. The gimwis be considered a "maverick"
wizard. Gimwyk, a corrupted witch be a "maverick" witch who has no coven yet isn't
very witchlike Given reason to do magic, metamagic in self projects and jobs, they
would quit if they had no desire, poor moral unless forced. These were burned out
witches who found reason to continue. They may, may not go beserk with tough jobs
as they become unstable from reawakening ability or magic usage. Gimlir be a
corrupted mage who uses any idea to form spells and causes corruption through
activity of some sort of magical corruptions that mutate. These are the burned out
mages who regain their arts and considered "maverick", unranked and uncontrollable.
Gimlir can insult anyone into a rage.

Gimmlock, a corrupted warlock who uses chaos to aid themselves and are demonic, monsterlike
with possibility to destroy their own works and do other things for position. The items
not destroyed are either sold, used as their value be deemed. These are maverick warlocks
yet have not lost their ability, but can hardly use it without fits unless they are stable.
These people can turn on a dime unless their projects keep them in line. Gimmelmaa be a
creative person who burned out on ability and to reawaken be to blast open all the
mental ability doors by energy striking or hit by lightning. When they are able again,
their attitude be mild to happy with aggression to those who do it better and yet they
think theirs be better anyway. They have moods or crazy fits and willngly take risks
if their are proofs. The ultimate desire be to "gain ultimate ability" or
"gain ultimate understanding" from people.The most often needed job be denied if
they are schitzophrenic but not if they arent. What they need be what they get but
not always realize it and they might deject it for the crazy fit on doing the activity.
Some are lucky to not have these "crazy moment".

hamu = hermit, People that can withstand a long time alone in any one area, They can come
any magic class to live alone and achieve events. They prefer caves, houses with which they
feel safe. their pattern isn't too clean and they can end up acting insane unless they have
painfully been around people. their mental pattern be to afford "inner knowledge" over learned
as a rule for information, and where their trusts are. their experiments are almost always looked
looked on as an example of sorts. They appear "insane" as they talk to themselves, yet awake and
aware. In conversation to others they might appear abusive and overcontrolled enough to push people
away. If people are angry they appease through efforts and information and yet they can get death
threats if gone too far, ruin plots.

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Changer area

With the statement of these words, you might become the figure as indicated or the voice.
But sometimes your body will change to fit the voice in adaption. Do not expect it to work
all the time as it might work a little yet be unnoticed except to others. The process may take
up to a week but it be sped up with a bite of food or drink. If you know the name of the person
then state it using the pronounciation key and it might form you into what you focus on. Say the
name and think of or say voice, body or other. This isn't your true form but it can stick on you
like your true form so state your name to get your form back. What might help be to breath in
and breath out repeated and try to feel the shift happen to the idea of your chosen form.

oii = old lady, old woman voice
uae = young lady, teenage girl voice
uue = medium girth handyman
amy = friend, amicable, female half-giant/half-dragon sorceress shapechanger capable of any height,
female exquisite killer, female psychopath assassin psychic
ann = unusually shaped woman, integrity
anne = exquisitely slender woman
arya = single voice
ewmann = shashy, perv, miwomi, miwoi, onnamann, chykblok, man woman, person thats more man
than woman, hermaphrodite, sick man
aggy = aggie, bad scented farmer, aggriculturist, almost uneducated land caretaker,
celtish prided owner, celtish poor person, scottish old scientist
ygre = hygred, haggred, almost destitute, collector, half giant fattish male 6"5" - 6'9" magic
igy = angy, cromagnon woman giant near 6' 3" - 6' 7" maybe cannibal, bristly, lethal
igla = angela, modern research woman, mature woman voice
igli = angelin, suave intelligent woman voice
iglie = angeline, nerved voice thats high pitched, strain
iglla = julie, angella, medium build somewhat attractive handywoman, useful
ipts = speak, voice
ony = large voiced, loud, attention getter
oe = horus, red haired male cromagnon giant 6'6" - 6'11" tall, antisocial maybe cannibal
ureo = selective voice
urio = voiced opinion
uteipts = high woman voice
ystre = warpath, charming, control with voice
boy = teenage boy, young man, your charge, male vampire
branlwash = destructive voice
cyeto = callisto, super ability slender woman, shapechanger woman with abilities
cary = kary, career, cre, care, motive, large build woman
cawe = plead or pleading voice
cawi = angry voice
cawo = outspoken, outcry
cawu = rousing speach
cy = psiber, duty bound mediator starwoman, cypher
chiks = comely woman
chyc = act on, woman, chick
clain = very large human giant that can shift shape any height that suits them
clan = cian, hill giant, very large human giant with improbable or improper
claims or associates 6'4 - 7'5
dyq = dick, male sex organ, male or female private investigator
jieria = jiemaroe, janemonroe, janerider, jane rider, large boobed woman who
is smart and slender, mellow toned lady voice
doll = a doll, woman
dollvap = vampiric doll (woman vampire)
fag = vierv, respect, fag, manlover
fonzi = create yourself as a cool male in suave appearance or voice
fresk = woman transform
fresky = wild woman transform, freaky woman transform, woman flesheater
fiance = engaged woman, bride
francen = frenzy voice
francenn = medium tone woman voice
francid = loud woman voice
francin = abnoxious voice
francine = abnormal voice, odd voice
francinn = pleasant woman voice
francind = quiet disturbing voice
franken = psychopath voice
gab = talkative, gabrielle, gay girl, happy girl, lesbian, guardian
girl = woman, female
guwn = goon, bad boy, bad example, male criminal
hazz = has, nelli, hazard, hermaphrodite prostitute, hermaphrodite who sells their sex
helga = strong swedish woman, meatball
hermy = hermaphrodite, both sex organ human, in-between sex
hyla = hitler, himler, hila, race hater, male hater, male perfectionist
jenin = genin, very unusual exquisite black woman, calamity
jaa = jason. hatchetman, male killer, killer ability
jenine = genine, intelligence, intelligent black woman
jenen = genen, exquisite black man, exceptional black man
jenene = celcula, kelcutta, genene, intelligent black man, good work with tools and cutting.
jeea = jarhead = fizzler or being with not alot and square person.
klain = very unfragile form, considerate being
kle = richly famous, charles, a indeterminate aged almost crippled to unwalking psionic force user,
a rich and successful businessperson with a lucky streak
kly = uncontrolled fate, charlie, che, chely,kely, karly, charly, overlarge fat male 6'5 - 6'7",
exquisite female beauty, strong
kre = chris, cosistent, erasure, thief, consistency, christ bearer, hermaphrodite,
cromagnon hermaphrodite shapechanger part fire giant/chaos dragon/fairy 6'6" - 6'10"
tall probable cannibal.
kres = kriss, chriss, chubby, cherubic, consistent largeness
lass = lady, woman
lebii = lesbian, woman lover
loimt = low female voice
loimpt = denial voice, low input
loim = calm questioning voice
loimg = slender psychopathic woman
loimm = murdohc, mudoc, overly large psychopathic male, extremely strong navy seal
loipt = pleasant male voice
loipts = low male voice
lura = laura, black star woman from other planet
lynn = no length of effect, no duration, infinite, gifted strong female
maila = mother-in-law, nightmare, spiteful behavior, woman hitler, female perfectionist
mailla = godmother, deterrant, woman protector
mann = mi, man, men
mannew = shysha, shoisha, woimi, sheeit, blokyc, mannonna, woman male, hermaphrodite thats
more female than male
myk = voice manipulator, mutltiple voices
nia = certain, niga, nigger, african, black skin, black man, nigga
nebod = nemi, anymind, anybody, shifting to will body, shapeshifting virus
nom = norm, unusual large man
numi = newmann, successful businessman or woman
pat = forehead, a semi-heavy female/male which be indescreet of person by somewhat unique
personality, vigilant and very smart.
pip = pimp, male prostitute, male who sells sex, pride
pesy = pssy, pussy
poyglo = polyglot, any form being with original form as a negative energy nonexistant
qiry = womanly, woman frame
repui = rasputin, dispute, disagree, voice of disorder
rii = derive, ridicule, riddick, very good starman fighter pilot
ruu = ricca, hatchet faced protective woman
ruci = ricci, ninaricci, woman model (this be a hard form to become) with a female adjustment.
riy = ricky, genious music director, male director
riki = rikki, ninarikki, alluring fat model assassin like fat bastard
rea = react, trnna, renna, tunner, messenger, starman who be mediator
salohoms = sherlock holmes, male genious investigator, irratic investigator
sam = sammy, white fat male, famed person, famous, exceptional
sidha = male fey
sidhe = woman fey
she = woman, great strength
shy = large woman, her
slut = womanly desire, woman in power, womanly defiance
smyly = smallus, smally, smalley, unusually skilled person with narrow focus
shaila = overlarge woman,overwhelming and smart woman part breed' dolphin and human.
shailae = exceptional overlarge woman
sheila = shela, moderate weight woman
sheilae = shele, exceptional moderate/modern weight woman that causes hybridly good feelings
and overlarge form like a sound form.
sheryl = unusually exquisite fat woman
shybaz = salewoman with or without magic
mannbaz = salesman with or without magic
manntub = totub, tom thumb, very tiny 1 inch tall human with or without the ability to
fly and magic, however some say its a lot bigger as 6 feet 7 inches and tubby.
manntubwee = totubwee, tom thumb faery, faery 1 inch tall being that works with people
somewhat annihilistist or annalystic.
docymos = dorcy mouse, 1 inch tall woman with or without flight and wizard magic.
docymosfee = dorcy mouse fairy, 1 inch tall fairy woman with flight and innate magic.
tush = woman breast, butt
wo = whor, whore, someone who sells her body, woman prostitute
woi = womi, ho, woman
rina = rianna, woijaa, female jason. hatchetwoman, female psychopath killer, killer ability
woisalohome = vickey, viwosuky, woman sherlock holmes, woman genious investigator,
irratic investigator
vera = vaa, verify, medium weight slenderish woman whom never appeared on cheers; whom likes
fruit mixes with or without alcohol
vytoa = victoria, succesful businesswoman, strategist, woman modellist
vixn = vixen, bad woman, woman criminal, very vulterous volumptuos female criminal addict
vyia = vagia, vagina
vui = learn, woman

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The combiner mark, in atleantian be the "/" (inter) and makes any word before the "/" a noun, pronoun. After the / an effect, action. Any word in other sections be applicable after the slash. these are anonyms and also call signs. If you want to add the extra meaning or word, add it by a "'" or tick mark. Like b/e'ic for being excused in character.
EX: w;zym = (wi ui zim) with symbols
EX: n;wijkin (n ui wij-kind) no disappearance

a;a = all active
a;e = another exception
a;i = all invited
a;o = all out
a;u = acceptable use
a;y = all yours

b;a = back again
b;e = being excused
b;i = back in
b;o = back on
b;u = barely used
b;y = be yourself

c;a = can adapt, come again
c;e = can exceed
c;i = can add-in
c;o = changeover
c;u = can understand
c;y = can you

d;a = dead on arrival
d;e = deadly exception
d;i = doing instead
d;o = dead on
d;u = don't use
d;y = darn you

e;a = each answer
e;e = eye to eye
e;i = every inch
e;o = each one
e;u = each unit, each use
e;y = each year

f;a = found answer
f;e = finally ended
f;i = for instance
f;o = fakeout, found out
f;u = finally understood
f;y = fuck you

g;a = good action, good association
g;e = general electric, good evening
g;i = good info
g;o = good order
g;u = good understanding
g;y = good for you, guy

h;a = happy anniversity
h;e = hard earned
h;i = heat intake
h;o = hold on
h;u = hardly used
h;y = happy you

i;a = invite announce
i;e = input exception
i;i = input info
i;o = input output
i;u = input understood
i;y = inviting you

j;a = just announced
j;e = just except
j;i = just input
j;o = just out
j;u = just use
j;y = just you

k;a = kill announcement
k;e = kill exception
k;i = kill infringement
k;o = killed one
k;u = kill user
k;y = kill you

l;a = last act
l;e = last excuse
l;i = last interruption
l;o = last out, lost out
l;u = last use
l;y = last year

m;a = must act
m;e = most exceptional
m;i = must interrupt
m;o = most outgoing
m;u = most used
m;y = mighty young

n;a = not applicable
n;e = no excuses
n;i = not interested
n;o = no offense
n;u = not understood
n;y = not you

o;a = on account
o;e = over eceeded
o;i = on input
o;o = over & out
o;u = only used
o;y = oh you

p;a = public announce
p;e = public execution
p;i = police issue, private investigator, private information
p;o = pull out
p;u = police unit, personal use
p;y = pull yardage

q;a = quickly act
q;e = quick exemption
q;i = quick info
q;o = quick output
q;u = quickly understand
q;y = quiet you

r;a = readjust
r;e = re evaluate
r;i = reimply
r;o = readout
r;u = reuse
r;y = really young

s;a = slow account
s;e = slowly encourage
s;i = slow input
s;o = slow only
s;u = slow to understand
s;y = so young

t;a = to account
t;e = the exception
t;i = timed input
t;o = timely order
t;u = time usage, timely use, time save
t;y = thank you, twove

u;a = user active
u;e = user exception
u;i = user inactive
u;o = user owned
u;u = user understanding
u;y = used yours

v;a = viewer appreciation
v;e = viewer exception
v;i = viewer interest
v;o = view only
v;u = viewer usage
v;y = viewed young

w;a = well accounted
w;e = with exception
w;i = within
w;o = without
w;u = while in use
w;y = why you

x;a = exact
x;e = exception
x;i = extinguish, exit
x;o = extra outing
x;u = extra usage
x;y = extremely young

y;a = your activity
y;e = your exceptional
y;i = your input
y;o = your out
y;u = your usage, you (as your statistics)
y;y = your young

z;a = zone active
z;e = zone exception
z;i = zone inference
z;o = zone outage
z;u = zone usage, zoning unit
z;y = zoning you

a;b = actively back, azure bond (as a tattoo by bondage or acted motion)
a;c = active current, accumulate
a;d = active duty, aid/help
a;f = active find/field
a;g = actual good, age
a;h = actual heat, air & heating
a;j = ajax
a;k = active kill
a;l = active last
a;m = active month
a;n = active number
a;p = ask permission
a;q = actual quiet
a;r = arrange
a;s = asset
a;t = active transit
a;v = actual view
a;w = actual warning
a;x = axe, axel
a;z = active zone, axel zone, azure zone

b;b = back to back
b;c = because, bicycle
b;d = body double
b;f = boyfriend, breakfast
b;g = been good
b;h = behind
b;j = blackjack
b;k = bit kind
b;l = bit late
b;m = bit much
b;n = big nothing, button/ban
b;p = backpedal, bipedaled
b;q = big quiet
b;r = big review, be realistic
b;s = bullshit, business
b;t = backtrack
b;v = bit vague
b;w = bewarned
b;x = bicks (as razor), box (as block)
b;z = biz, business

c;b = call back by Jethro and Joline Fisher
c;c = call contact, call card (as index)
c;d = can do
c;f = cat fish
c;g = can get
c;h = can hit
c;j = car jack, cage
c;k = cook
c;l = cool (as checklist or chicklist), cherry licking
c;m = came, come, lock, save me
c;n = can, canine
c;p = cup
c;q = sequence
c;r = credit report, car
c;s = call sign, crass
c;t = cut, critic
c;v = sieve, circuit view
c;w = can study, carwax, can look
c;x = cut extra, coax
c;z = cool zone, crazy, siezure, cubit zircon/ia

d;b = debated (as moment)
d;c = dry cell
d;d = done deal, ding dong
d;f = doing fine
d;g = doing great
d;h = diehard
d;j = disc jockey, dejected
d;k = duke
d;l = dont last, didley, nothing
d;m = dungeon master, doom
d;n = donate
d;p = dope, don't play
d;q = daily queue, dead quiet
d;r = door
d;s = dire straights, bad luck
d;t = doit
d;v = door view
d;w = don't worry, do what, doorway
d;x = done extra
d;z = dazed

e;b = every bit
e;c = electrical current, eccentric, extra credit
e;d = edict
e;f = evening folks, elect/rical field
e;g = eager
e;h = every heartbeat
e;j = eject
e;k = each kill
e;l = everlast
e;m = each minute
e;n = every number
e;p = each person
e;q = equal
e;r = emergency room
e;s = each second
e;t = each time
e;v = each view
e;w = everyway
e;x = example
e;z = easy, electrical zone

f;b = fob, foot ball
f;c = far cry
f;d = food, fixed destruction
f;f = final fantasy, footfall
f;g = for good, forge
f;h = for honor
f;j = for justice, fudge
f;k = fuck
f;l = finally last, foot locker, foot loose
f;m = floor mop, frequent modulation
f;n = phone, fun
f;p = footpound
f;q = find quickly, faq
f;r = for real, for
f;s = fast system
f;t = fast track, foot
f;v = full view
f;w = fast work
f;x = special effect
f;z = phase, faze, fun zone

g;b = good boy
g;c = good chance
g;d = good day
g;f = girlfriend
g;g = good grief
g;h = good health
g;j = good job
g;k = good kind
g;l = good and last
g;m = good meal, good match
g;n = goon, good night
g;p = gold piece, good player
g;q = good and quiet
g;r = good relief
g;s = good show, goose
g;t = good try
g;v = good view
g;w = good work
g;x = great extract
g;z = golf zone

h;b = hobo
h;c = highly characterized, high call/ing
h;d = hard drive, highly dense, high dejection
h;f = high frustration, hang tough
h;g = high grade
h;h = high heat
h;j = high justice
h;k = high king
h;l = heat lamp, highlight
h;m = high mark
h;n = high numbered
h;p = hot potato, high proficiency
h;q = high quality
h;r = hour, hourly rate
h;s = high school
h;t = harm target
h;v = highly voluntary
h;w = homework
h;x = heated extra
h;z = horizontal

i;b = in back
i;c = in character, interconnect
i;d = impending doom
i;f = internal frustration
i;g = in grief, draught
i;h = internal heat
i;j = injustice
i;k = inkling, in kind
i;l = interlude
i;m = intermediate
i;n = international
i;p = interplace, innerspace (for baggage)
i;q = intelligence quotient
i;r = infrared, in routine
i;s = in silence, be silent
i;t = internal temperature, itinerant
i;v = intervenous
i;w = inner warmth
i;x = into extra
i;z = in zone

j;b = job, just be (as breeze)
j;c = just charge, just called
j;d = just died/defeated, judge, whiskey, jack daniels
j;f = just fired
j;g = just great, jug/gle
j;h = just hot
j;j = just joined
j;k = joke
j;l = just lost
j;m = just met
j;n = just now
j;p = join please
j;q = just quit
j;r = just relieved
j;s = justice system, just shift/ed
j;t = just truly, just
j;v = just viewed
j;w = just work
j;x = jinx
j;z = justice zone

k;b = kilobyte
k;c = kind chance, kinda chancy
k;d = kinda dead
k;f = kinda fact
k;g = kikogram, kinda good
k;h = kinda hot
k;j = killjoy
k;k = kinda ok
k;l = kinda last
k;m = kind man
k;n = kind
k;p = kindly put, kaput
k;q = kinda quit
k;r = kind relief
k;s = king size, kiss
k;t = kind touch, koot
k;v = kinda violent
k;w = kinda weak
k;x = kinda extra
k;z = kill zone

l;b = pounding or toss, last bite, waiting room (of lodge), lazyboy or chair
l;c = last change, lets see, last sight
l;d = last deed, load
l;f = &line feed
l;g = lag /around (as lack goods), look good
l;h = lost heat, lost health
l;j = lost justice
l;k = lock, lost kind, look, locate
l;l = lost love
l;m = last month, lifemate, limb
l;n = last name
l;p = last place
l;q = lost quiet
l;r = late rate
l;s = last shape, last save
l;t = last time, light
l;v = last view
l;w = last week
l;x = lax, relax
l;z = lazy

m;b = must backtrail, mob
m;c = most called, minicaller
m;d = must decide
m;f = mother fucker, misery fucker
m;g = most grand
m;h = mighty high
m;j = mostly joking
m;k = most kind
m;l = mostly last
m;m = must meet
m;n = must need
m;p = mountain path, most people
m;q = most quiet
m;r = must recall
m;s = mountain sight
m;t = mountain trail
m;v = must view
m;w = must warn
m;x = must extract
m;z = mountain zone

n;b = not back
n;c = not charged
n;d = not deducted
n;f = not found
n;g = not good, not grand
n;h = no hitting
n;j = not justified
n;k = no kill
n;l = not lasting, nolonger
n;m = nevermind, not much
n;n = not needed, noneed
n;p = no problem
n;q = not quiet, not quite
n;r = non-removable
n;s = not seen, noshow
n;t = not there
n;v = not verified
n;w = no warning
n;x = notextra
n;z = no zone

o;b = on the ball
o;c = oncoming
o;d = overdose
o;f = oh fine
o;g = oh god, oh good
o;h = oh hell
o;j = orange juice
o;k = oh ok
o;l = oh look
o;m = oh man
o;n = oh no
o;p = oh please
o;q = only quiet
o;r = oh really
o;s = operating system
o;t = oh thanks, okay then, off the, ought, of the
o;v = over
o;w = only warning
o;x = only extra
o;z = ozone

p;b = prybar
p;c = please change
p;d = paid
p;f = paid for
p;g = page
p;h = past hope
p;j = pajamas
p;k = person kill
p;l = place label
p;m = personal management
p;n = pronoun
p;p = personal part, powerpoint
p;q = please quit
p;r = personal rights
p;s = pound per second
p;t = point
p;v = personal view
p;w = password
p;x = pax
p;z = please

q;b = quick back
q;c = quick change, quick
q;d = quick deduction, quick death
q;f = quick find
q;g = quite good
q;h = quite hot, quite healthy
q;j = quick justice
q;k = quick kill
q;l = quite long
q;m = quick mastering
q;n = quickly now
q;p = quite proud
q;q = quickly quiet
q;r = quick removal, queer, quite right
q;s = quite sincere
q;t = quart, quiet time
q;v = quick view, quiver
q;w = quite warm
q;x = quixote
q;z = quiet zone

r;b = rollback
r;c = recall
r;d = reduced
r;f = refried
r;g = really good
r;h = rehash
r;j = real joy
r;k = rekindle
r;l = real life
r;m = remake
r;n = real name, real mcoy
r;p = roleplay
r;q = really quiet
r;r = railroad
r;s = reselect
r;t = retrack, retrain
r;v = review
r;w = rework
r;x = relax
r;z = reality zone

s'b = son of a bitch, softball
s;c = slow charge, slow change
s;d = slow down, speed demon
s;f = super fine, super fast
s;g = slow but good
s;h = shipping & handling
s;j = sloppy joe
s;k = slow kill
s;l = super long
s;m = slow march, small mind
s;n = screen name, serial number
s;p = slow pressure
s;q = square puff, square puffer fish
s;r = screen registrar
s;s = super slow
s;t = super tough
s;v = souvenir
s;w = shown work
s;x = suix
s;z = slow zone

t;b = takeback
t;c = take charge
t;d = to death
t;f = true and false
t;g = truly good
t;h = timed heat
t;j = truly just
t;k = time kill, truly kind
t;l = timelost
t;m = too much
t;n = take number
t;p = typo
t;q = truly quit
t;r = time release
t;s = truly sound
t;t = time track
t;v = television
t;w = time waste
t;x = tax
t;z = time zone

u;b = user back
u;c = usage charge
u;d = user defects
u;f = used furniture, unfriendly
u;g = used goods
u;h = ultra high
u;j = usual job
u;k = user kill, used kind
u;l = user label
u;m = used methed
u;n = username
u;p = user password
u;q = unusual quiet
u;r = user related
u;s = user schedule
u;t = used ticket
u;v = ultraviolet, personal
u;w = user warning
u;x = user extreme
u;z = usage zone

v;b = verbose
v;c = very cool
v;d = varied
v;f = verified
v;g = very good
v;h = very hot
v;j = very just
v;k = verified kill
v;l = very long
v;m = virtual machine
v;n = varied number
v;p = view pass
v;q = very quiet
v;r = very religious
v;s = very soon
v;t = vertical
v;v = very vulnerable
v;w = very warm
v;x = various extra
v;z = views

w;b = welcome back
w;c = welcoming commitee
w;d = will destroy
w;f = with effect, wife
w;g = well gee, wage
w;h = well heard
w;j = will justify
w;k = will kill, wick
w;l = well lasting, will
w;m = why me, whim
w;n = win, will not, why not
w;p = with problem, whip
w;q = with quiet, wick
w;r = with movement, wire, weight record
w;s = why stay, was
w;t = wait time, weight
w;v = with view, wave
w;w = why wait, with worth
w;x = why extra, wax
w;z = with zone, water zone

x;b = extra big
x;c = extra charge, extra cash, extract
x;d = extra done
x;f = extra fun, extra fund, extra finance
x;g = extra good
x;h = exhale
x;j = extra juicy
x;k = extra kind, extra kill
x;l = extra long
x;m = exam, extra me
x;n = extraneous, extra number
x;p = extra power, extra experience
x;q = extra quiet
x;r = extra review, extra refuel
x;s = extras, extra slow
x;t = extra time
x;v = extra view
x;w = extra warm
x;x = extreme, extra extra
x;z = extra zone

y;b = your back, why behind
y;c = your change, your charge
y;d = yard
y;f = your finance, your friend
y;g = your great, your good
y;h = your hot, youth, you here
y;j = your job, your just
y;k = your kill
y;l = your last, your left
y;m = your mean, why me
y;n = why now, your not
y;p = your pathetic, wipe
y;q = your quiet
y;r = your right, your rah
y;s = you see, yes
y;t = you too, you there
y;v = your view, you vie, you vex
y;w = your welcome
y;x = your extra, wax
y;z = your zone

z;b = zero backup, zone backup
z;c = zone chart
z;d = zone death
z;f = zone failure
z;g = zone good
z;h = zone heat
z;j = zone jack
z;k = zone kill, zeek
z;l = zone location
z;m = zone matrix, zoom
z;n = zone node
z;p = zoning person
z;q = zone quiescense
z;r = zone rate
z;s = zone security
z;t = zone tracking
z;v = zone view
z;w = zone worker
z;x = zone exit
z;z = zap zone, electrical zone

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