Dragon lore and associated elements
To state the summoning speak the name of the dragon, or use dragon color and the word [drake, dacto, draco] or the latin element and the "[]" words. aero draco, A way to summon successfully be focus energy outside yourself and state the phrase, as it will be the focus for where the dragon appears or be near. The more energy you put into it the more you get of a dragon with the seeing of power(aura) and the dragon type or size. A quote from anonymous "This be like dragon listing of what they are and how to kill them." Dragons were lore before they were known so lets leave them alone. their language is psychic telepathy, their speaking as you say or think is here Draconic diction by Dragon speech with Draconnic nirsuo speaking. To deal with their fear is think to deal with their monsterous debt or use extra user notes: feel notes are to question your thoughts then fear leaves.

Dragon element Dragon color Latin element name
earth dirt brown, black braun, humus, geo
lava, passion, emotion, life goldenrod, peach, pink
dark red, dark brown and red
redark, liquentis, myma,
fire, destruction red, vermillion, red black red, pyro, pyr
undying fire, power, firewater red lightblue, magenta mynta, pyrohydro, an pyraqu
sea, absorption, water, corruption black brown, brown gold, silver blue,
brown sea green
hydro, aqo
absorbing, cold, ice, freshwater silver blue and some other color bluoth, cyro, ic
psychic, lightning, air light blue, sky blue, white
unseen, clear blue
clrbleu, aero, air
gravity, support, earthair gray green, gray black geoaero, ditair, magneto
fruit, stone, protection, guard, rock gray, gray and brown and none gra, custos, ro
gas, electrical, chemical, metals metallic changing color meyl, mettallis, miy
pollution, poison, toxin green, green yellow gren, virus, poe
pestilence, disease black brown, black laquer blabraun, tabes, dees
energy wild, sun, mutation creative red gold, red yellow redau, solaris, sun
particle, gemstone pure color of gemstone or similiar purcoo, lapilus, gem
elemental, most elements rainbow like, dull shade
earthen shade
tuti, natura, ele
chaos, raw energy, astral black red, red brown, brick red rede, chao, kao
shadow, emptiness, absentness pastel green, off green, dark gray graark, opacus, sad
death, nether, undeath no scales, bone white, transparent ncoo, immortalis, menthe
fairy, hobgoblin, mystical, mists
misty white that swirl
with other colors
mystblancoff, malco
misty devil, demon,
evil, disturbance
brown grey white. dark blood red
bone gray white
malefactor, teufel, maful

The growth cycle of dragons - starts at the wyrling stage to grow to wyrm stage, then at some time its draco stage. dragons can be any sort according to the elements it forms from.

wyrling = wilding, child dragon, Dragon child stage that starts from an egg thats elastic jewel like and with stripes the color of the dragon's scales with this period that lasts anywhere from upto 200 years till they decide to grow up. Most times they are energy given form by another, this form be what they like and isn't restricted to human, and yet sometimes they have wings. They feed off emotions or destructive responses by making people suffer or other events. The human transformed remain their shape yet shapeshifting may be enabled, so its just for looks as a "human wyrling".
rato = raptor; mini dragon that's mid size to the body perception and body size. It uses stones and electrum to produce flame. Otherwise it projects air by feel.
wyrm = wyrm, Wingless dragon that molted the wings off unless not a dragon.at first, in which the human transforms after 200 years to this form. Its said to be painful unless the pain be muted but not destructive. This be similiar to a teenager in dragons.
draco = dragon, The dragon turns adult and grows wings and flies after enough energy be achieved. Some say the dragon at this point can change to any form including human and only at need. Conclusive, people can assume until proved as this be theoretical and gotten from reading a dragon bone at a distance.

A descript of dragons

dact = wyvern, Wedge shaped head and dark scaled, flame breath and poison tailed thats a smaller dragon cousin thats head be narrower with a narrower jaw.

1. dacto, dragon, draco, drako, dacto, dakt, draeg, ikwaeghi, A type of cold blooded large lizard from japan or off islands that be a result from a egg and looks like a large alligator, that lives onland and offland in water nicknamed as a species kimono dragon.

2. vasmordre: faith in the fire, an ever consuming fire that never goes out in two forms, if the person's denied its a flash firebomb of physical oil lamp thats with a wooden wick and oil mixed with water 1/2|1/2 in a narrow lipped and closed up container with a lid of crystal or glass..or a desire that can go on forever by the caster,

4. Overwhelming intelligent elemental force and formed focus that can be any form, meaning something to someone, Like a skin elemental, of pure or nonpure force in a body that feels like a dragon. Dragons of pure force are necessary and can overwhelm the body.

5. Large flying armor scaled and some feathers 20-100 feet long body 40-120 feet wingspan giant lizard, able to shapeshift to any form as their body be true wild energy. there ability to manipulate energy is limitless and it takes a demigod to face them to a standstill. their are different types of dragons to different types of powers they have represented by scale color. The dragon scale has healing and elemental resistance properties again dependent on the dragon color. They are invisible till they want you to see them and thats if they are hungry or interested, and then they lurk where their are things to learn. The dragon are born from eggs that hatch only at the mothers command or formshifted from human. On reaching 2000 years of age their essence dissipates and they turn by the voidal element being sensed.

6. A large flighted or non-flight scaled form evolved from the dinosoar like the pterodactyl that uses a bladder of hydrogen caused from stomach bacteria formed as they ate..Directed to flight by flying through bladders and breathing fire. This can cause, the dragon to spew unless blocked by elements eaten. See you had two double chambered hydrogen filled 'flight bladders', that are not always seeable use not present to the area feel yet release lifts them up.

They ate sweets and other stuff like platinum, rocks and humans, and, the bacteria in their stomachs gave off gas, like a lot of animals do have. Just theirs gave off hydrogen except with plankton. Which was instilled in the gut to form fire or attack if they are sensed with 6th dimensional energy or peace, as they feel peace or drink water unless no need is no hurt. See tought so create from instantly diverted area quickly moving or channeled directly into the flight bladders like a fuel injection system. Or they'd set themselves on fire and hydrogen + platinum = flame. When they breathed it, they had a 'false pallate', like Crocodiles, but Crocodiles have it to keep water from filling their lungs when attacking prey underwater. They had it to avoid flame backfire, back into their lungs. And the hydrogen filled things also helped out with giving them extra lightness for flight.

For the other types of dragons that are non-fire breathing.
A. Helium gas effect from the anti-bacteria from is use by thought that energy from plankton in the stomach is your use and to fly it was a helium off-shoot into the "flight-bladder", from helium + copper + acid = poisonous and toxic gas. The breath be chlorine like poisonous noxious breath so the false pallate comes to play.
B. The lightning breath be from platinum + helium = lightning or Actinium + hydrogen = lightning. C. For water breathers they, the dragon, take in water and to fuel-inject the water to the "water tank" in a single "false-bladder" from a false-pallate or stomach where the other bladder to use the hydrogen. This is up or down to your imagination.
D. For stone and crystalline breath the use of stone or gems were eaten with metal and people, except the stone and gemstones weren't totally digested, just broken up and shot out from two false "containment bladder", connected to the false pallate to use like a breath weapon.
E. So, 1. hydrogen + rock or gemstone, and 2. helium + rock or gemstone = acidic rock or acidic gemstone particles to cause choking acidic effect, of stone or gemstone with toxic helium gas.
F. The ice breath be nitrogen producing bacteria + adamantium or iron = icy breath,
G. Sonic breath be the helium + special reverberating vocal chords + metal = high pitchd sonic death that knocks people out.
see their attitude is to attain the greatest goal thanks to Pbrain and get irritated at anything that be near of certain types and to attempt to kill it if it be irritating enough. To not seem to mind killing and to get a great sense of the area to know when to strike. It knows your move before you do it so its not possible to actually defeat it unless diversion be used. Modified from "Dragons" cable tv program by THop for example; An elemental creation as a force by myself for self-creating 'aelcrea asfocan bijman fosecrea. Tempting it into a store gets a controlled state that disallows it to kill you or others unless its a forseeable emotion or emotion where it would likely go insane and if so then itd surprise you to destroy the store. Except for ajators who wouldn't care except to get something out of it. the shadow drake use this to live off another to live as the person or themselves.'

ajator = Black swamp dragon that lives in swamp using water magic with a little destructiveness but with angelic power weakness. These dragons can get manipulative and cruel with possibilities to break any deal if you could speak to it or of the deal.

ajatuai = the animal dragon that forms as a dragon from or with some animal with the area to shape by essence, that work with the body to not effect you by feel. they form as a shape then reform as they are "wronged to shape again" to get some peace by ideal or love.

etaaiu = Undead sea dragon horse with dragon tail.

ogonco = White dragon that turns every 250 years into a golden bird or animal signifying a famine or great hate.

ogoedo = ogoeco, Black dragon that appears every 25 years to signify a death of a bad leader, disturbance, imminent war or bad luck by appearing as a human or black cat. Before it appears it will blast a black wind through an area and if they stay they last out the war. Everyone touched by a black wind gets almost extreme bad luck.

ogoenco = suspician, Silver dragon that turns up on farmland to turn into a large cat or peacock and specifies a momentous event.

ogornco = Gold dragon that turns every 250 years into a multi-colored bird signifying a momentous birth

ceradon = 6-headed dragonlich

cyian = 100 headed unsleeping dragonlich

dactu = Sea dragon 1. A small water dragon that looks like its mythical cousin. 2. Sea dragon that makes its home in sea of any sort and they use water magic, they have no wings that turn seawater to watery breath or hot water steam by focus, yet large fins and a flipper tail and normal claw feet. their scales are light water blue(sea blue) and armorlike, Thus they are invisible in water and the sea strengthens them and where there's ocean or freshwater that almost kills them there is possibility of shapeshift for them. On land they cannot fly nor shapeshift though they can run very fast and float in water, being invisible till they find a victim. Keep it from water for over four hours, dehydrate it somehow to kill it. their breath weapon be like a water guyser with acidic watersteam breath possibility. Due note: in the human formation, their breath weapon be a water particle stream.

dactolm = The elemental dragon can live in any condition and can use all the elements as it wishes. Deprive it of all sources of elements. or, use the same sword as you would use on the rainbow dragon to kill it.

dactoblanc = the white dragon prefers the cold environment and uses ice magic so use demonic powers on it, drain it of all ice to kill it

dactotylys = copper wings with narrow head and gold russet scales + feathers, it breathes a copperish flame.

drakbrun = 1. dragon brunette, A person with a commanding tone and draconic personality like a stern mistress thats almost ever angry, 2. The brown dragon lives in the forest and uses earth magic with possibility to grow trees and plants or other things at will. To kill the brown dragon destroy the area of living trees and plant.

dactuna = Snap dragon, dragon shapeshifter that eats a person, their energy and form grows larger with each meal only to go back to normal size after digestion. Can be invisible till it wants to be seen and it teleports at will and be asexual. It has a tail that be extendible, nonvisible. Snapdrgon can eat essence, souls like kitsune and the actual form be six feet to twelve feet tall and walks on two legs. The older it gets after adulthood of 200 or more years, the shorter its actual form is, so an older snapdragon. you don't need to make a snapdragon to figure out by observance what they do.

dactuo = Cat dragon be five feet long w/o wings in size and shape, with ability to teleport and breath weapon, Sometimes they might eat a dog, human if they could, otherwise cat food. I seem to have that prefers hands or feet.

dactuoh = A wind dragon thats invisible yet will utilize all sorts of wind magic and psychic power and this includes heat flow manipulation. It breath be heat and it possesses people at will. It will grant the callers desires including prophecy but you need not say a wish on call because it reads your souls desire to grant a wish. It uses mental magick to beguile, and to kill it use earth magic for no sword will touch it.

dactuok = dragon that can snap anything with its tail and stands like a lizardman except theres no breath weapon and its hide be armor thick. Its an old norseman sorcerer creation after he found a dragon egg.

dactocu = the copper dragon lives in the mines and uses lightning, air magics. Use the fire element on it if possible to kill it.

dactodawg = god dog, dragon dog. white tuft to multicolored fur and no wings except side extensions that look like stunted wings. The dragon dog be quite likely the largest breed of dog mixed with dragon. About 10" to 25' in length they are light weight in body with probable relocation ability including flight but they eat mangonese and/or similiar metals. The weapon be fire from hydrogen buildup and false gullets.

dactub = Crystal dragon with a hide of the gemstone hue that shoots high speed crystal shard breath and can form any type of shift. The crystal dragons live in the volcanic areas, in areas where wealth is, in power areas or they use knowledge as their power and aether as well. Gemstone dragons can also use and manipulate the effects of the gemstone they are named after. Deprive them of fire and/or use an ice spear (ice sickle) or ice reaver (ice axe) on it to kill it. Where they stay or live, there be a uncorruptable well of power.

dactofey = faery dragon, dactobidh, A dragon whom will attempt the druids mist and is able to shift into any energy form as they bring a little torture to those if hurt. Joy to those who despair and/or work with them, punishment to those who deserve it. The size of them are 1-10 inches or larger as desired. their scales are misty white sometimes mixed with other scale colors except in energy form, They can eat in the mists or energy food outside. They, the faery dragon, be a shapeshifter that can change during disruption or calm. The fey drake live where humans are to cause trouble where they can.

This fey drake can make with other people into a dragon of choice. It prefers invisible fey form as it can observe and manipulate. their magic be innate magic thus they are able to accomplish things by will focus or experimental study. these dragons absorb energy of any sort as a power source so they have constant energy supply. Deny them magic to kill them for ten hours or more. Torture it to get information and threaten to get its attack if its not fed, or denial if its to sated. Use its own element against it to kill it. The breath be a pure focus of conic force that freezes a person in place.

dactokao = The chaos dragon lives in any chaotic area that be mischief ridden. It creates more chaos through chaos and has no true form. The chaos dragon be prone to travel and its magic be effectively chaos. This dragon recieves chaos visions of possible events. Chaos dragons are very good manipulators because of these visions. Use chaos against it to stun it, order magic of some sort or a magic blade to kill it. It has a flame or acidic breath.

dactonaa = nether dragon, dragon lich, The undead form of any dragon and can live in any place, condition as it feels no temperature and pressure. the magic it can use be of any element and death. Kill it by using Holy Water, some weapon that has been blessed by priest using blood, dipped in holy water. Coad'tion it to make it feel better and concern for something. Hex it and it will go.

dactohwndo = Human dragon undead that be a undead human in appearance but can shift to the dragonlich form which be dragonscales and bone white or bleach white when unseen and pure energy.

dactogrn = The green dragon be evil that lives in swamp and its magic be poison or drugs. The breath be poisonous. Use the fire element on it, if possible to kill it. they run energy along the ground to cause what they think as a wish.

dactor = Gold dragon prefers caves and, enclosed areas He/she garners knowledge and goods. So the gold dragon can materialize things and breathes cyanide gas. Reveal anything evil to it to strengthen it and get it to react, reject its knowledge, think to piss it off or use gas to kill as a thought except curative gas or any gas can easily get it illed and weaken it.

dactuna = Snap dragon, dragon shapeshifter that eats a person, other things and grows larger with each meal only to go back to normal size after digestion. Can be invisible till it wants to be seen and it teleports at will and be asexual. It has a tail that be extendible, nonvisible. Snapdragon can eat essence, eat souls like kitsune and the actual form be six feet to twelve feet tall and walks on two legs.

dratbty = The stone dragon be the guardian dragon as it moves more slowly but has more impact and its magic be stone and rocks. Stone dragons manipulate their forms very well like a morpher. Use energy of some sort or psionic attacks to weaken or kill it although they be immune to most spells. Absorb most energy to be used as a spell of there own and the breath weapon be stone particles. They very easily meld into stone and can pull others in too. A special ability be to turn people to stone by "freezing" or making them ageless.

detuon = Dragon unicorn polymorpher with single horn dragon true form that has dragon fear, purifying cleansing horn, the horn amplifies mind, it has a goring attack, white feathered wings, white feathers, can heal at will with healing aura including ability restoration but if hungry will eat the food it gores. The dragon unicorn lives in ancient power places. Douse in negativity to kill it.

detoibo = The rainbow dragon has the ability of all the other colors and able to kill the others, yet can be an oracle. It lives near people and shifts its shape to that recognized as friendly by people. Must use a magical sword, and stab it in the chest to kill it. This dragon breathes fire and with the right materials like of platinum gold and steel to get acid breath.

detanka = Giant man eating dragon phoenix, giant roc-like dragon sized phoenix with 1700 year lifespan and lethal breath of flame, white wing-tips, and dragon tail.

detiid = dactogodd, dragon god, Eternal dragon that reached over 2000 years age. It grants power, abilities, spells and wisdom to those deserving. This be a wise dragon thats exact size be not known but it could block out the sun. This legendary beast be invisible till it wants to be seen thus it appears as a muted multi-colored form but it shapeshifts and be unkillable. It remains a mystery today as of its existance. Yet you can worship it by thinking on it and asking it or doing things for it. This sends it energy as ae to achive its own idea for activity. The breath be that of energy of a conic voidal force.

detotied = Two-headed dragon with one head that breathes fire and the other, ice much like the jabberwocky except it shapeshifts and has poison tail. The elements it can control are fire and ice with limited ability in poisoning.

detoe = Energy dragon, The dragon that be pure essence of energy and thus no color controls time and space. However any of the other colorations will have a limited control over time and space. Use ANY weapon on it to weaken, kill it. Its favorite form be a detoee, energy bird that part energy frontend giant raven backend with black wings.

dreodek = Dark dragon that be made of darkness and can assume the form of any dark creature as it serves neutrality while having innate darkness ability. Expose to sunlight and its weak and mortal, Then stab it with an obsidian knife.

drakag = The silver dragon prefers to live in the mines and uses mirror magic. Heals with its presence and be lightning wielder with lightning breath. It can also use and manipulate anything with silver in it.Take it away from the caves and/or deprive it of all metals to kill it.

draken = kraken, kracken, dragonmate, female dragon, Octopus like squid giant natural form 350' in size compatible with dragons. To mate with them dragons contest and win as a suitor. They have a will which can manipulate anything despite their great size by keeping the victim in thrall. But the draken will achieve schemes that sometimes win through and seem impossible by taking other forms. Sometimes you will find a draken human with human and draken ability along with superior form. their child is perfect genetics yet the draken lifespan be 100 to 1000 years or more. The female or female/male hermaprodite draken can live 100 to 200+ years. What kills them be the enchanted weapon or a emerald mace.

drau = fire drake, Red dragon that live near places of great heat sometimes prefer volcanoes. their magic be fire based and they rend things to pieces. To be assured that its friendly be nice to its pets. Some pets are likely to be humaan. Stab with a crystal Emerald Dagger. Flame of reddish hue be their breath. They draw energy to create with energy.

drao = Dragon firelich able to manipulate elemental fire with incinerative fire breath and made of fire particles. Use darkfire or black fire to snuff it out. Some maintain that the fire dragonlich has a liches ability yet most havent lived to tell the truth.

fulspoeto = fistfight, fistputo, saloacto, Formless dragon species that upon sight of any other species including humanity will take that form including experience if it desires till the species leaves the area, to recall the form later and it has a form of true energy; Thus trick the formless dragon into a killable form to kill it. their aura freezes like a medusas.

fueto = burrito, Dragon phoenix with dragon size and phoenix ability thats smaller than giant dragon, the wings are white feathered and its breath be sonic waves.

hudra = draconian, Human dragon that has a human shape but thick scale armor with thick tail and a dragon head standing on two clawed feet. There ability be to manipulate energy be relentless and their ambition be great. their power be to wield all elements. The half dragon tear and aura has healing and elemental resistance properties. They are invisible till they want you to see them. The half dragon are born from humans and the half dragon possess anyone and will, command the presence of spirits and lesser beings. The human dragon can polymorph at will yet only dragons will notice them as they are hard to percieve unless they want to be percieved.

hydra = 9-headed water dragon formed by split personality that show by many heads. the last was a hydra of 9 heads.

jiky = jabberwocky, 3-headed walking dragon human and tail

jeg = draggy, driy, spring clean, weg, Little dragon that acts as a pet but eats meat with tendencies like a dragon cat and psychokinetic abilities. they use psychic ability to create what the psychic thinks or intends. They are like the ghosts or aparitions though they appear as a ghost then cause fire or water damage by mysterious means or ideal that is became from the aura manifest with their focus.

matetrix = winged dragon-headed 6' long 3' high grasshopper

mushussu = 3-headed dragon

pi-psi = tortoise dragon, dragon headed tortoise with long tail of spiny spikes otherwise a dragon human headed turtle.

py-draco = pit dragon; this is a dragon born from hell that only serves himself or herself and what he or she needs is thought to use otthers for his own purpose. Their personality can get worser results. So if your near one, think to evade or avoid and distravt them by pointing things out, if they appear human. Lead them by words to be away. Then they aren't your problem.

ruh = animal, all hair dragon like creature that form from the insects they eat then they shapeshift the body to create what form is there to work as a form.

tsaar = lizard human, Lizardman that be almost humanlike except in appearance in which the back ridge tail and armored slim human body. their disposition be agressive but only if they see gain. An old norseman magus named magius, created it after a dragonegg was found. It can element manipulate any element easy.

drakeggles = Aeglako, Eggless dragon that work with an idea of actual childbirth. Then from childbirth they gain their form.

weyr = leyr, dragon layer, eggnest layer, eggnest

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Card magic

"Due Esz caba is contained damage with recompense. As recompense is in soul sense an as much is anasche .an as is is to believe as ansche is anch an as ans is to what our assoc is ank is our morning as ed is of our ans'wer..An. a sum'e is as an in. As an if recompense is in soul"

The cards are normal cards or playing cards with suites like clubs, hearts, spades and diamonds. There isn't any significance to them, except the type of influence that they have where death is a success by a killing. Use of belief is necessary. This is that belief;

"We are as we will be.
We are as we are and as we will be.
I am _ and will die do as diere is life where diere is desire by disaster.
Maybe be we are as we will learn from it playing with water by ruination.
Recompense is in myself as meslf, where I as me or I as an en i' in sense e'sen'se.
Diesolv is for the ice to resolve, and yet its desolve.
Diere is fire an as if we are.
As fiere is none we are as an if en de tail or death in ending."

Like Spades are as death or disease like a death scene or fire for a sometimes pain or joy.
Hearts are forbidden triumph by desire or stealing or like air, hurt or creativity.
Clubs forbidden justice as be by self deterrent type set justice and as it is a thought to act by self-redress and redeclarating to be at the end of disaster with earth.
Diamonds are forbidden passion or allowed wealth with interference by some means expensive by the love of it or playing ruin like with water.

Any runs by conclusive numbers of 4 or five will be a silent act like silent death for spades or spedes and silent forbidden triumph. A way is two or three of the same suite. Any chain is the event of mixed runs and chained ways are a mix of both ways and chain. The atleantian translation is indicative of a sooner idea and so onto the vocab.

"En. E I es now go forward. En. E Ih es now go forward. An es differencial. What is a an differeince but cold as indifferent because none would look at it."

spaix = spades, death or disease and spades of death or playing like with fire. Spa is also for spade or waterlike.

sodiarix = hearts, sodiar are like for hearts of desire with air, forbidden triumph by desire for hurting or playing with air. Hert is also as heart or for hurt.

cluix = clubs, clubs are forbidden justice as is a thought to act by self-redress and redeclarating of playing with earth. Cluh is also for clue or club.

jutix = diamonds, diamoix for diamonds that are that like an forbidden passion as an 'en pass' by the love of it or playing with water by ruination. Forbidden by interference is as an 'in' another 'assoc an ans' or an "asch'ii" association like the same for some playing cards. Jut is also jut out, cut on e.m or diamond jute.

rue = a run on silence or rue (run) of with notice by number or count diamonds for water that is ruinous,
clubs for earth, as desier is life desire by disaster
spades for fiere, as I for I wylle is I hope. As nsense is essense circet for an idea sometimes death. )
hearts for air as its it ief forms. Ief an is lief (life is formed by stealing moments). diamonds and spades for Lightning is in an very ensnce for I as an en i' in sense e'sen'se represented by fire and water.
diamonds and hearts for as diebold ice is a symbol to cold.
spades and clubs for as whatever noted and lava is fiere and earth.
clubs and hearts for power as earth and air, diesolv its se unlumited in ending'.

A way is = an in or two or three of the same suite.

kermad.= kermadiac is an. is an et el is an. association to the heart. this I think to create. creates what you want.
As ce en ziff = is to fit the right moment as of what is on what or what is desired to happen correct.
As ce de ziff = if in then anyone disappears and then do as of skieff to fix things. This to fix the moment of life even in death like fitting a puzzle piece.
As ce ziff = an de ze is to be able to cease the ziff socket effect or to not fit the right moment.
As ce = is scene its to fix into motion.
As ce de = Association to fix, ascending or cease and then after the motion ceases its to correct. To decieve after ceasing then deceasing.
As ce an de en =.; is like as en ce ziff its to fix as en an the pieces of anything together.
As ce an de en = to fix what is association and dismiss it as nonexistant.
In batl wickid = alternative idea on this as an id no destruction is to get as an existant person.
As diamonds are forever, as ice and cold, clubs are for steele, hearts are for passive passion,
spades are for death..En due war is = stop it or if you can't stop then don't En. is an. as Es due war or peace.

chain spells = chain existant spells are chained events due to one purpose or due for one event. usage of a mixed runs. They include. by. inclusion chain ways. "The only way of happiness is usealage fusealage. I ie an. e."

chainearth is = according to earth movements it controls the event that blocks out like en de is the event by implacable placable energy patterns that change at will. Then any event near it is mentioned to be blocked out for energy so at is earth. en is demonstration an En is end oe english.
chainfire = A fire that destroys all memories that are unwanted by all making destructive use of any memory that is so unbearable its like ignored. The person affected by it makes them invisible, forgotten on site. It can spread to others by burn of important objects. Objects such as mmemory are ignored.
chainwater is = Dopamine as an absolute force where most thought of don't die until necessary and until the en in living conditions and time are implacable in ingenious with makeup memory absolves anything spell thats wrong en.
Chain air = to the control of hundreds or most in area not that most consider it a will an ie as to event an idea reflects in some media thats in in view. so you see don't let it.
chain ice = a force that is freezing of the target by actions and any near to the event or the event is frozen instead. Duplex inversion is at some point the effect is inverted and then it continues again as if anew but blocks out itself an. loses the chainice.
chainlava = makes a difference a difference that by standards which could make reading a book unpossible or eradicate the fill of info or fields and memory by blocking but redirects the event in advent to begone or be regained by independent events.
chain lightning = fire and air burns out devices in order to work with the goal at hand. A force that goes through everyone in area targets by effect of electrical in as freezing people to do as by electronics. As for if then so we are if then so do.
chainearthair is = Liquid or solid Earth and air or power in motion like heat and air to a turbine mix like an orden box this is the orden force as its supposed but allures men to do as if its life. Its a force on its own owned by something and replicates something to make do. It alleviates loss of memory to begin as in an effort. It secludes those who predwell or prequell in things or it if it is over itself. Its an event ruled in air by fire. Lets go to the next one.

The real thing is physical by fire as passion and psychic in area by idea air strength by included event. This indivisual event is like water on ice with earth. A precluded effort; Secluded in strength precluded in measure. Like a stone glider on air.

It follows these rules for what they don't know to realize.
To cut out the event blocks the chain effect.
To block out the view blocks out the chainfire.
Pointing out the event blocks it according to earth movements or motion. Block is sometimes placing it in a controlled area to create it.
To an' wield out on out of the run memory like a shield helps reforge it, non but the strength and the mind are an' required thing to remember the event at least through drea;ms or dream realms your safe.
To control the event considerates the blockout in ice of the chainearth.
To control the next mention blocks out chainwater
To what controls, its so easy to defeat by power it is what blocks out the chain an we are lightning, power or lava event. The orden box is very useful in this. An as ef en, the Orden box can create any event out of order by chaos so its the counter to them all. Wishes by this are possible that it can be a force an of indomitable will. As if en is demonstratable by effort.
A cut frome forces are what cause a prophecy by action to not occur. These prophesies are actions in account that tend to try the mind. For in the effort in our minds, its with our own idea to do things but like a cut of cards we for stop the action or continue it for like actions in accounting were the mirror beings. decribed with
the fealty page

Chainfire spell- Post anatomy an alaogy of time and its congeniel components Post analogy, I didn't know it please no fleer actually do it. Causing you do it. Be through not to do so transfer. See tu ya is we am as. See tu as if to be alot is as any idea. Per it sups it is of now make me or not. Do it. So none else so id it is yea got it. It is as can be or nothing go. Only one is enough as necessary.

As es is my be of me mine osmosis so right. Left is able to so mine it let itmistake and give on as is is my of in. Aes so many am Em years as ega is my ego it is unto be or not. Not some years ago it is as if it is a reason. They are as they think but they arent ne as they should it if as it may beor my life is forfeit by dismally dismay if dishonor by any which way. We may I may mey be let go. We may I crew be abe to be able unless so.i So go not and be not to be beat is to be by be at you or strip be at me. Strip be as and into the as it is at of of or idea inhibitive is net. Your wanted and your not vigilante. As you go by in large or small, it does not matter. If it uso we let galaphile let them is in as it is in of.

As is to let o me as is my own. is to mine in so mired by your impervious sight to night and magic as its not effective unless needed. Nyo es as can on other as or not as is. Your not whats unless you really need it to as is. You wage and independent though or independently us by us its life in a containment us in a to. Remove rediculous, Bent Ese so if use on not rent or not mind it. So far its for the source of directives its cool. As imperfectives un disconata. Es re something not to. So now we go on. Som if is in american. Set experiences don't percieve or o now release, to be o no preview r diservance or disallowance is disconata unless We go En Ex as needed as my mistreated view. So we do as I do as some says es, see and we say is as now we say for my daily bread is non my own to do I believe I can redirect to someone else.

We are seeable released. Ex help red readjust it thanx orn but I cant be to read so orb opal as the most use. I can read any group even if my own fails. "See fix I use." So as to not as o so my any avoid. @ every inbending. Can it be live or net not to be as is it remains of my time of went is myne not. I went to far between as I change. As I change I meet to en do it. As it seems we meet to do but not so bad as es to be is as to always find my own car. As Espresso is good or thought is energy O, so don't oh now I have nothing as that is not fixable a loop of stars to use by me or my brother by use in idea. T o say as you stop o r think by to not enter as stop is done or use by me is done. "Conception o Concep is nothing", as your use is condoned in so stop. A space is a thought so no use by norse "in agreement omo". O cloud no not or nothing in use. So on use not in so no use o cop no nut. o so no you released.

As by though to me is my weight watches to use my idea. As your watches on use to me to be create or what you are to be is use as to come and it works. Remember in some way is to see some way. So on or "so we go o on or no by use", in or not we go here or leave by what you say you are able to leave by feel. We by tone contact as we're not too busy so this is no use if touch use not achievable to be out. Not to be fluid if nothing achieved by due be the tone of depth. Change is charge is no by not death as if by now. We are all in mind and breakes or heades. So no heads is we as we are as we are not always up there as their. So now we useally end the En em as if an end to as we usally end tis codence. by of it. So what not no evil and its as law that s-tands by itself. Come in here once and it is as danger. It stopped but use the pain for something else. As En things in lousy mood needed to be and thin nice as no pain.

So let Emuelle use them and enjoy now that they are as of them or not of us. Okay now honey were going so here it. As emxplicit as here and now and Ems now it. Okay move along now we go effect now new and go able. and answer even without and it stopes. New we now may act and are it to the last. As it em Em if, do we have the right to confuse do to confuse order in do we ardhe. I know or gnow it no more to become much better than the hrd won we once did. Moms not an enemy. Now, as iife it is effective we are need to it not. Not and its a season of the wake. Now will regard as it if. ore one we are it two we are of it as to the movement as sequenceof events is to as sc as scene and its as neopetit or you may. try to work with the differenceof the idea and if they are we get the reason for it. A season of the wake. Now yon you try is we are I and are alone as well so petted or not we are apart of it. It goes and then we are in trusted. Not trusted don't attempt. Be as gud we are we do good as Hectar protect us as not this charge this gift but this doesn't you don't have to protect it in an way or no sig anywa.

Eucleptics is as Euthelyptics that create the youthen and ageless effect. So let it be. So but it be an am are not of another way of ef is efficient or just is call just would call. It en it en de it it en us or can it be. As it es is so have not, to dis or die we given of another or not be an as we are often we be can be as composed. En ci is en, Ci is en as in it is as en in em as we en. Nu each called changes shape acknowlegde growth as good and we better run as we could be targeted. Simple mended as bar gain is summoned thesis, simple and simple as belief comply not is. To what be here of what not be. Her wave is same a bee. He wave as same A be and she doesn't wait for anyone. Remember her ifferent off wa wyl to the em. Awe as smo more of no as no is. Are as in a of mere at leep hair is leap year are if.

No me are as we ire is we on to one now go along. As if is. We are we as more we are on. We do think we do in. Think for the effort of benefit. We are touerniquent we are as oe we over to the wei r bear. We are as more not anymore. Can't be more of ef as we act trames of an idea. Ke of a sould we ire not we net as we ird. We are your hand. We are as we are we dare not due of it. Se and go along the freeway till you get tnt results out of it. Recognize the fact after we are go and go along with it to be anew. As be soon, we now offer you a choice chance to find your way out.

so now fae before its too late and everything not destroys itself by collapsing itself in of itself. To be some of one is some of my mine my owe as family we get on for the sol moment sum of wine. We now have as som we do die get special needed got ae of our own. So naw so now cancel clearify go moment so now it or how to it its not ard yet we are recognized as en ei I is like ard rhys. We use legislature, We were every I it before it and loreft of ron to to wrong and som to some. Fun mis as is as going is go we are if we are is as we are or is un an is an were as we wore so.

As we were we are and we no longer are or have will it in us so we don't want to. We won' matter more as is less to none. So we now as no or yes as no answer or come as with one. As so war ene and es r in use different difference to make it. one go fare or things go one as we go arg one as it is on as if in one as rest and we are and ere in effort. Lady and child we begone so go home. no As we do on we go on to be we me mine as but we do go on. We do go fier id if no ief paig.

Chainfire compulsion spell- Chainlightning spell, dont use as things in it can go wrong, this is in things go wrong. New arrange beared to back beck. Nor rejection. T Thi is in es es ies no Goubt doubt as a point to say it es. Be seul Now don't use these examples. Ies as bes no more so as I Its less be no mo more or pass is bydefined moments from definition like gravity it is gravity operationally defined now here. Its not so I can sorry. Were going.

We deep none to become normal. We're - staying - by the stein. No its ok. Now ih, Proll can or can setit. No its the stanch in you. 3 staids redy instead of stories. A/I as jerms efforts. In out or as an so be a argue credit. en as in de ce as en. So we go on So we do so bye. Aes some to be learn and go. Like a mere dere weaker not we go on be a dere and go goe doe as near. No Id go Don't repeat this. Not now Now it reads. I do stop Sto storage Grand wind. Its exist as of now it is it it is a accent to do well. Lese is arg use Idea more soul and more pain so the power is equal to another. So an in dre now cl-ean we do as we are Now we are as we do. And if it isn't of erasure then it con don't. Erasure stop. It is en ci di.

To clear So we do are as we do we use done. to no is good enough go. So now with possible. As so we go not en on to alone atone es as with ne eke or seeker. As do you realize what is in seul? As now so we are as to be. switch in. As to be we no or beguile. As we ne go se. Like Swi nui lot be no nuit unit. So mied for time ur in de sw de as ite is as lite. Noew we go do we do go en know then you go see or I am mos pregnant. No You zee desegment segmet. Released. Signal segment Defense theres no denying it solopsism we go do down none or not. And it has to be within the Dee. Stopsin So we are as an ne diszipegment none. es another for you. at no Cnter. I do as I do so asked before for permission I do enter tomb. To Be achieved, it is such a good thing to do and know. In\ts in decent decent incent. So ready to desist. As what as know its null we arness Null nest is le. Task taste = to win. My ronill you just naeid it. What go rank right there. As if you are to go on no be derm. So we floor if we are r recovered. When you read it, read it with this.

All in prepared we are. so what id if it in. Doing things you show no unless lord good thing. To Its to do rejects good or wild and its now to do procedure. Now Id go Now be adept. An best be newiin should is allowable. Its now can new you can be the always rare the first time through. So baskin basket in till not yours an. not your going to rot to do so not. the throat. What your going to do, not the effortto be . or en. Flesh. You don't bane to say no indifferences. Pattern, We believe below an e.- as we no. So no we hollow bellow. Revere yourself on God and lead in offers we ce ne de conception.

In of we treat ours that we are ignored on sight. That as sin ne ce so we are not to die for thet as it for facade. No sil needed no visory give and take. As for credit as seu in soc. Ill down to invisibles an on no get them to appear. Buy be products on for now escape before usage likey useage. Its another way to go bye or buy for in inciderance. Its assume to do with. So its stop as now.

In of we treat as trick or treat. Now its up to you how you died. I hid a specialty team that contracted out contact ed you. And then you leapt to benefit. Your not nuts but with the prudent you can get that way. Sis or not so now the beatings stopped. I enter above L. PS one they by no slap is curs you thank me take that thigh. Say it like you mean it unite with or not as a poor wizard toys. Tomorrow we shall go on you left alive. Your ofsnitrium is in becuity to myself. Doesnt like you. H Ln. C. Now and were at on destinations null all en destinations. New fathers archard an malone earth and alive and nothing of it didth or similiar. So we beared you on not to do it again and you are left as if you ard with rhys are beaten. You are now wier wisen. Formulation of this in and as . you. Came from this below.

"Strive For Unity: When the totality of the people of the world want to accomplish something, then it becomes done. Try to be united. Cooperate and work together. Trust Thy Brother: Thou must surrender thy fear, predjudice and suspicion. Look to thyself. Before thou dost question others question thyself. Don't worry about other's productivity worry about thine own. We are the same, we shouldn't hate or fear each other.

Worthyness Precedes Reward: There is not one of us without desire. Much of the misery of this world can be traced to unfulfilled desires. But one moment! Why dost thou deserve what thou dost desire? Desire is only fulfilled by what thou dost truly deserve. Strive to be worthy of that which we want out of life. En as fighting stopped."

So be as show is we and answer to another or create by fee. To fare force Its ovats big be as due. Not maching is we are. So we believe in a to or do not fractin go. Now we are really responsible. As you am awakened can cancel. Tame meer need. of which we as are as similiar. Cut order anything sham share then we are an to do as we can farer darn. As bad as we not can we now know so I albeit war answer God in apse indication we are God. Everyone any to our in own eve young as once again we are as we are woender word and we are like litee world we are chesoen or chosen. We are as we care to be. We are as in a-between place, we are as in a conkshell no conchilaren conclusion. As we fere interefere beficio is beneficio. Interrupt is all so important.

Self is as to waerace? Belief is in as we put it in a put line by a input. So do you. I am _ es as you? So new we begin to again as to another for to en tokenance. Or is impart its service its always with a smile I oh to chance Ibayns as outbound in the.. Oops have to run and see things that I believe in or things to belevise. About No oops just on considerate I considerant. Are yue an nother way to soothe it or not it? Soe we goe awa to soe. So now we go on. When in ap a pilon or ne ce il. Go is go come to be solid. I then go quit then is as to polle politely where as to polle by whereas when it done. Oonee Bzslit.

This is a chainice effect
Freeze the pain It is pain no more frozen moment. Ice be not to regain enlighten and bordo down. We will build a big sling Ei be bi sling. E I f s g n t. Ei I gi ve in or to give nt. E I c gnt. with overhead. En the tooth decay now. I preciate it. One thing slowly at a time. Healing now. E en I gr. Ei gt tr. E s. I T is Gr being. Their cleared then go on.

Help are to go. As ar wei to be. Jlp to go. As we are to be as ust to be. Beyond belief as deadrevene. A E I to be on. To us what freeze. A panasonic,.. parapsychotic. A being before we do before. As we betold death. Seath is to suceed as is. If you have painful repose relapse go relapse. Its sorta half painful side circle. Its already done its halfway to done. Ae i`t to be as we we're. Paen grianne a`' let him deal with it. Hes not prepared he cant handle it. You broke the golden tide. Any more lets you get desire. Its as if seen. Its fuel you know it thats keep going. Lets get this straight who'r engineer.

No si lent death no si lert as death unless nec ces sary. A calming spellm its due respect. Hi di That Hurt. Immediate freeze. Like support if is sane is stopped least. As in Ei in as tha. As we are or as we where. Me ambs Ie es need. Need is not Di desire. As we as are are so ano mo kill it, but iet is es by have is we. be. Do more now is we are as es is, we do are as we believe ebe we as ies is as me togeher. We at be as Eenough. We bv death as wecten. As seen is as we wee or wce but its something with enough. Wee not as an or woe. As we are we dont have to wee. As written in a section not a wee.

So now we don't always wonder. As we don't we don't. Un but we absumes not. Do we sling or do we slim. We use slim we now. We are as we do to the cause a trin trice bes hypothermia within an freezer otherwise. We ok are as we are es is as we are. Is stroance event in on in event. out the event is as we are. Inopance in in on n event out an acts the event us is we. We do no zren in done no is as me to. the hopn is always moment as. In is stopped its what we do. In e is hopped. Innocense is maintained.

Wyb is hypn is frozen and we hope is hypen. Where is hopen is. We an is on to and ani wih. We are ended. As we assume is we wedo. An hope we uncover you. As we are over you or not no are frighten write nothing as we do as in we say we do as we go we don't care as we are care before the fire. We fall not wrong from no mistakes. We are right.

As tvbp we do is as nowis as we no we are as we are. no Light bme me as is to do if. like a tree we go on we do go until we are sin. Answer wearrange we do go on. We go on. Then we smegl and go do. Smegl represents the more danger criminal activity. As we assoc we do not want anymore. Then go do as we di did as we different. As sane sahn is as we are. You heard the collosal praise now stop dumping. As certain we are abstract or as by stract struct us we go on not As we go on. As in no torment as we are ascertaining the event have then we are one frozen. Until message necessary as deed depicts unless you want to go debauchery not now.

No No If we go on. It won't do especially in the need as now colombia reaches. Aspecially in the upper Colombia reaches. As we go to de do as we are to be won. As to be is she he a check and you merit we ready with it. Clear up is the answer is be to be me we is free. Clear up want to be most must what do we seek. As in must be one as in must be want do. As revenge as ard must do. Cast the one moment we must do. L bane have a check we go on. This thing we do is for as far from as an as-sumed identitysne do go is go and one we wake up we do wake up.

L Love the check, see we are as wae wrote it on onisbounde my mistake. This is from the Saint Mclouds. This form is from the Saint are Mcloudsl.rf So we are are as with I we do wea do are do and wih should handle all. I got wee. I got a tell.rf.dn a cn. Aso Ohmsford we are sianne we and be we are saw we believe in own. I now see that mine is not always but our own is also us. As brianne we are we zi on. Were frozen not. Were noet anymore we re suppoid as weir we ig ir maintain friendship. We arent anymon frozen as we are wiccan med and assume were not as were supposid as I in an assumed id be as we we free. As you are as a young man, id is.

As we we are as free as we get. As fre is now ib free. We are as we alect to be wrong we are as we are free. We are argu alot to be brought right. Not that fre I wouuld assume of a system of number foreer in forseen system. As time is I can't handle ae credit is as we free as a bird just skip it. I chosen, declare as fae is a wont to be in ae ie in ae as i. In zone as I declare free bear being in as a zone. ' As to events we are nothing in indivisual as we college collect repool in shadow an go on. As to events is sometimes to ignore those things beyond in as voices. Told to do I am sorry so I believe ans I am free. As free fnier I am free so I am exempt. fnier is brought near. Where Grianne is I am as we were. If I am on tables I would wee being condone.

If on the side that we went, we are free to be as we are or is. We meditate but no believe an force or we believe a we are never meditate not as so. We sure are free swift to go free of charge. If wier so 300 and zero cents to bring peace as we. Bein is being bein is being. Wee are wee as we and is faery as is fare to go be far away to bring us its to won hone. We are now secluded to be seduced or not to be as es is especially special.

We are Bic. As we are not be we as we be is bring not now. bre* is bringforth energy. To bring ourselfe is bre. so called is bring forth for as ies. Don't believe lies es ies is lies. Iesis is protection. so what lies is as lied to equals in en or lies ahead. Not stroke exact no stroke avail. What lies ahead an is near in stead. Sudden blurry and induced indecision no by vision is no here so avail no stroke. No problems is just frozen we space. The heart does not go no beat. No heart does we just doent does drop down. Don't is doe not as do not. Aun is fare as weir is farewarned and fareaday.

Martins bein or force forever hold your peace as is described to you. But we used gone down. But we do is a be. . Aid to be or be doit done. Something don't have to be done, as aei is sometine is something. We dont have to be do. We were do are as are be. be it live as a be don as is close to the charts with as a an is. So be do is to. We searched yoer records. Ene are as es to be. Easier to be easier to do. Not so for flame. Flames get do. Je do not be we do So beit. Be is mote as be. Yes, init in as much so bein uses there bet lot be or not.

Is an believable. Like air it can be in instead of flames or do if flawes. I follow the rules, its these rules that can freeze an or air. Air be as we aire to do as ie is. Ai asd op ors and tick at. We are duo l so con care. As is we bive o a ass I aks. Air Aael opori care and thats it. We don't dare be all he all so concare. As we dare as is be or wako. Clean up nothing is clean. Be as sre a me wash rife as be to hirer. So fied already done or not. Grianne wyh ful is withful. Then is Given Wishful this is wistfell as wistful is wishfull thinking. Be an if.

I've been at card or hard agreement for a month. As in es all is bi that. Ard is hard. Ruus is Rules as we dont have to do the Ard Ruus Rules. An everyday time tamper temple Je ntsea. Everyplayer Euphanstankes Dante Euthensenke Dante Danbe theramsizbe. Can of moments can of norms we go norm. Seen as Ruus behave then wat through less. Stop Deu Deup then go. Achieving is a required piece. Astate as reaffirm not happen not over occur. Its for tearm. Its a term that has been with a few billion that go 'what is next'. It is an el poseion powerfied Pied. So be liev be tu how I can be friend. I call can cause as is alot of trouble or not. Iwended wierdo freezer We work to unity house and is and to avast to work to recovery. Eu Noe, release developementally or not zegool is segment be lied to of. I t good gued . I am till you know things as you say this is not by my time. I T I e goe.

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Card divination
Oytepe -o- e peoyte

There is an alternative card reading divination style that here the pdf is and here the site is listed. However, this divination style uses playing cards and this is with all the cards including the joker. The first thing to do when receiving a deck is to clean it. The decks go through many hands before arriving in yours and cleansing any prior energy is necessary. An easy way to do this is to put a Clear Quartz on your deck with the intention to remove any non-beneficial energy. Leave the Clear Quartz on for a day. Another option is to hold the cards in your hands and imagine white light going from your hands into the deck. The goal of the white light is to fill the deck with the purest energy possible. This can be done for 10 minutes.

Once you have cleaned your deck, you can start looking at all the cards. Hold each one in your hands for a minute or less. Sense the energy of the stones depicted and let it permeate your aura. You may feel shivers, heat, see colors, pick up distinct smells, or even taste unusual flavors. This may happen for some of your cards and for others it may not happen at all by what you do. What is important is that you start building a connection with your deck. Then use it for what its worth to you.

Some of you may feel comfortable sleeping with the deck underneath your pillow. Others may want to carry them around with you. Use whatever way you feel most relaxed in getting used to the vibrations of the cards. If when shuffling the card deck and thinking of your need, the point happens that a card drops out of the deck; then that means that the card has extra meaning to you.

So then you get to use the cards, this will be for divination purposes. So think and respond normally with a little psychology to ensure success in a reading, for the normal card deck try to use the meanings as depicted below. See thats it if you want to read it, some can use positive thinking as they state their feelings or need and get what they want. So this is with some possible concept and that is accepted by the read to by feel. Then is the use with the card divination layouts as described. You don't have to read the entire description of the number or card suit. Just read what feels right for the moment that you saw when you touched the cards, otherwise use your intuition to read what you think is correct for the given moment. Feel or think and you know what to do, that is the motto of the reader.

This means that what you say is what interpretation thats correct to you, both the good and the bad. Sorta what you feel is needed for understanding like, "The good outcomes are these and the bad outcome is this." What they hear is what they sense or believe could work for them, they might allow so they guide them right if you want the correct idea expressed. If you need to do this, you can dumb it down if too much and that is reading certain meanings or descriptions. These are the points that you think by feel may fit the reading, this is where the person will not be too grateful or misunderstand. Thats done and if you don't dumb it down too much, sometimes your set free in feeling so enjoy the feel. This is where you get to have fun and say what you want, thinking your interpretation will suit the point. So that is reading the suit and number meaning, saying what you think is saying what you think is best.

Important note: Sometimes you may be seeking a yes/no answer, so what yes is uses the 3 or 6 card. What no is, I believe the knowing of things or if you note what will occur. So basically there is no definite no answer, that means readings are generalistic. That's unless you psychically know what will occur by the card, this is done by backup cards or otherwise this is done by psychically reading the card with thinking you know and holding the card and then feeling the need to realize the idea that comes to you.

You don't want to give them the wrong idea in a reading, if you do and they didn't like the point they could go somewhere else or not come to you. So approach this like this, think to read the value as a point of positive values and then the negative values. So you can say this may happen if positive and if you think negative this will happen. So this is where you think the idea and create the point if you need the idea to occur. The power of words comes into play, then as you speak the idea you think to need and happen.

If you think to supply both positive and negative idea, that you think will happen may seem or you know things to happen. Then you give them a more fuller reading. The idea is a point and they can choose to accept the point, so when you read the cards then you can think positive for positive points and negative for the negative points. This is all in the reading of the cards, which is creating a point by the use of values that you read aloud. So really there is no negative point, this is using an idea that will happen if you need the idea to occur.

Sometimes this is with perception of a vision, sometimes this is by dreams. Remember this fact, with card readings you can't be exact actually. So accept what answer you get by asking a question, shuffling once or twice and doing the reading. These are the values in divination in cards. Remember this uses what you are certain of by feel, what feels positive is where your certain of the idea, this is where what you think is what is possible. If you feel uncertain or are certain its negative, then you are feeling the point or you can think you are getting negative readings. I think whatever the reading, it's done if you think this is done. A yes answer is a point you think is achieved by idea or concept, a no answer is a point of disappointments and this means spades is a no if positive about the idea unless you seek disappointment or death. The reading itself is a point of perception with the cards.

Use the above association as the point is in the above type idea for this effect. Above seen is not the chain spells. Its like to use the death as a killing to suceed. No actual death. The passion is not forbidden. Its passion that is forbidden, if nothing good is gained from it. So we see that the card numbers have an importance and this is a bit of info being added to the reading. The card number meaning is added below. Sometimes like the opposite to occur of death for the spades card is to the side, this is to get it by being to the side. In it, 'I' is condolated as to what 'I' want. The card meanings are likely obscure but its in the face to be forgiven of face. So use your intuition and your given skill in speaking to determine what is correct, this is for the one or many that's read for divination purposes.

Think as you can to do none of the bad but some of the good with other good inspiration. So I would use the intuition and add to the meaning, so I can think for a moment or change it as is to suit your need where need is desire like in money but passion ruled by diamonds. Just remember, if you do a reading and as you touch the card you can get a glimpse or thought of the idea it represents. This is where you are reading by psychic idea the card itself, so that means you see images of what may come revealed by the spirit or the energy of the card. Seem to have a detached sense of self, this is just as though its not personal to yourself when you read them for others. This ensures a good reading, this is if you keep a positive bearing of life or wealth as they say.

An example Sporadic Chaos reading would be with the 5 of spades on its side and death follows after, along with the Ace of Hearts for the self-justification of belief. The King of Diamonds, the 8 of clubs and the 5 of diamonds. This would go as thus, stating in some way "The 5 of spades on its side is with some painful moment with death that follows after where there is fear of failure. The Ace of Hearts means there's inspiration, new beginnings by determination with idea and creativity with a warming feel by desire. The king of diamonds makes trial and conclusion by the idea of allowed wealth. The 8 of clubs means lateness and humility of success with capable strength by desire or whimsy. Finally, the 5 of diamonds are a balance of spiritual and material worlds to find truth with challenge, change, new thinking and opportunities by the idea of passion or allowed wealth.".

Think to tell what it is for these numbers to mean and for each particular divination, this has meanings set by as of the heart, spade, diamond and etc with the meanings of the numbers added on., take a deep breathe and imagine touching the tapestry of whomever the numbers were developed around. Let your inner intuition guide you as you relax your mind, and use # 0 - 14. The Ace is 1 or high and in the end when the feeling is high its 14 and the king is 13, Queen is for a 12 where 11 is Jack, but 10 to 1 is 10 to 1. The Joker is 0. You can sometimes combine the meaning, of the 1 and 14 numbers for a reading. This is when you feel like it. So use your intuition in your interpreted meanings. That is all you need to do with this.

There are five types of readings so far by the feel, seeing this you would like some insight for the new week? Take a few deep breaths in use, focus on your question and select 1 card. Then the ideal is revealed by the creator for the meaning as insight with rules set by the question or chaos; the single moment style, the three card draw, the full celtic cross reading, the chaotic reading and the sporadic reading. This is how things work by card, to ask a question of the moment sets the idea to get a prophecy of what you think to know or realize. Just realize the idea and then go with the moment. So remember this, always flip over a card on its side. Then, you are assured a fair reading.

See whatever you desire is sometimes expressed and then trying a single card reading or a full reading by feel, seen to be the way of this then time is there. There is no user reasoning to this so think to work by instinct guided by insight. After you do a reading to a point, you can use clarification cards that can come from the top, middle or bottom part of the deck. This card is read with both positive and negative meanings for further understanding, such as: this is so and also possible is this.

Use of the twelve step program is like how to explain the game or card better. Think your point and you know your purpose with what you you can do. This is important but only seven are ever looked at as we do well for an introduction. Thinking a good point to say is to make better feel if you think to relax those that listen and otherwise relax yourself. The point then is mute as you think to work with those that work with you, make them feel good and they will relate to you better. So think and you know the point you need to know revealed by the spirit.

This is like we use Hope to create the effort in which its acceptable to be near and speak to you. This is with personal responsibility to show up and do the necessary to look and be good. By use, now that is of self education to give or get good responsibility and some answers. Use self-advocacy to settle situations and self promote things that are self-responsible to your idea in moments in time.. With use of support as difficult as it may be, is to find positive feedback or gain to self-gain the benefet of the doubt. With medication of the type needed for recovery of bad situations / an of bad situations is of set backs and considered. Health care is just eating and sipping the right things in summary. If unreal then don't do it. As 'If etween then oeleen en or es not.'

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The numbers and their repetitions
T nume-n-Th rouyee

What 11's happened for ya?

They mean a destined change by chance. When they start up, they come slowly at first and in full storm and as they fade away after a period of a week or more the change they signal occurs.

When the numbers effects?

When ya see the sign of the numbers that are these numbers that ya notice a pattern of in idea or repetition, and it actually points to an activity thats going on or that ya were thinking of at the time, as the number meaning is an action that represents itself and will sometimes happen on the moment ya think of the action. Some number effects are slow to come but great in their effect. Sometimes, if the number doesn't happen now or later, then it happened in the past as though it were mentioned as an effect in the future but occurred beforehand.

The other numbers including the 11's?

The other numbers are sometimes put together numbers that have combined meanings. The numbers put together are close together in numbering, such as 13's and 12's for 25's in meaning. Sometimes they are multiples of the lesser number. As in triple the effects, as per say 3 times or double the effects as per say 2 times in recount. There are numbers where ya make the meaning, from putting the numbers in the number together in meaning. So there is always at least two meanings in the numbers above 19. There an now is not a moment to seem or not as if to achieve chi, as you are aware your aware and concur with a thought or not if you think as a concept to not always make what you consider.

So by feel as I am aware, the numbers are combined by being put together as well as being added together for meaning. Also, for an alternative meaning, just add them together and use the combined number. As of the number 113, is 1+1+3=5, so ya'd look up the number 5 meaning as well as using the meanings for two 1's and a 3 as double the effect of 1 and tack on the 3 for a meaning. As in, 113 may mean for elemental magic or actions to be done, to double the moment of decision for gathering together for the doing of some moment an things. The point is expression you get to express what you wish, This is the point of this doc.

The numbers are what you think. they are as one also considers the numer meaning or number by feel.

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-XLVI- Elemental section
Ele Secte

These are elements or non active cellular patterns that exist in Atlantis, only because they can be formed from energy. Their materialization skills are very great and anything described, as if they can create. Think smart or see to create as you think necessary or sight see to use your subconscious, if to use a point you can control the point sometimes by focus and feel to project. Thought so don't care to try as this isn't possible as you think feel is mentionable, supernatural and see that is unusual by use is wishes. The area you were you see to think so think or see what lives to exist there to see what your energy manipulations correct by use to create.

Earth Water Fire Air, Space. These five elements operate with each other & transform to another element. Two stones which are earth element, when create friction ignite fire. Water put on this fire will transform seen with use to air. There is a sound or shape for each element in nature by you or by your feel. Na is Earth, Ma is Water, Shi is Fire, Va is Air, Ya is Sky or spacetime. Alternatively in chinese, feng is wind or air, shui is water, yan is fire, de is earth and kongjian is space.

Then all of them work or not seem to have put this, seen otherwise is theory to see up or down to you by wish. That is what allows ability by energy or blood feel with feeling use, so if were use your use is creative or felt use in life. That is seen use or focus energy to cure or not kill yourself by use, as now you see what your ability is to others. See to focus is cause or create by feel, if your in need the creator can cause what you see needed. I give you a chance by feel your use is felt or not created unless necessary. This is by the aura for some focus or manifest. This my last comment. The use to tell is the use to do, so if you don't feel like you can't do anything with. Say this then or think you can by ordeal or don't try or do something else.

So to figure what works with you, see if night or energy is from you to the earth energy so your thin. See an ignore is what you don't think is useful. So say what you want or see to create, what you feel or not bother by telling or the thought. Oh yea this is derivative to chance, by some accord so all instructions given are not intended for actual use. So unless you want to live, the area feel is use as though improving for effects that you believe in the occurrence of some area by forrest grove in or non happenstance.

This site be for you as I think to use or not include, the third eye is a manifest. The were are use or creator idea, see the area or idea to their use is focusing thought to create. Although al exist by sun light energy you see to realize, as they can eat their mate as they are dead non animated is alive by the created or our creator. The atleantians see the creatures as good so the use was the area or feel, then they saw that the area was strange for them so you see the humans to use energy or creator. See this or feel focus is boosting the area or the brain fund, by genom or nerve tissue energy from the base with the use. See the brain stem was the thing to write yet not create with as you are aware or certain to feel by theory. Thought to recollection, was the area you see or use so most were. See your minded yet not to the focus the beast has.

So you see the area competance is focus area use by water is use or tree sap turned by bright area non torture radiation use to some lost forest tree focus broken in mid stride to that you see is the use of what you see in films so no more tha that is necessary to create as a source the fire to create or the true source of fire is you so the fire is returning to the source. Seen is the area use I saw yet nothing unusual am I right? Look to the area the person shows or says is dead captin body the area you see is rotted, so you might think to see the area as a retreat for burned out rotting corpses instead of the area of telepath area for myth by legendary area beasts forming by forest.

See is use by feel or say or see use or love if possible as you see he lives if he wants to yet, that is movement to the describer not always created to your sense hidden by psychopaths or reasoning to use. See the living live the dead are more likely root therapy or rotting from the inside so decadent were the dark days of lumae the use is the focus the tragedy none know their insane if they do realize what sanity is. So this is what you see this what you not see this is what you feel, this is what you show yet this feel by your usual feeling use. So the real reason? This is courage or not use to see, some reason by what is there is therapy sessions to others yet not to yourself.

So if theory is the use as after they did deeds that shifted the shape to the genetics they were thinking to see as the forebrain use is focus or stopped as the aft part with the brain usually interacts yet you see the scene they show is use to show what is felt or not much was showing up. So the more they create or ate less of, the area you are your more normal or concept is thought to create usd fee or feel. This saw the use to focus as the use with dna material is mating use to animal use matings. So the more done the documental creators see use to create fee with the spirit allowing from the death, if accidental or use free to create seeing a doctor or brilliant you are the more form. Stop indigenous or face as you are the doppleganger. See they were to what the area seems as sometimes with spirit.

What you see though is of sight clearing of the dust, allot of dust that is there yet if thought to notice the dust your seeing. See or think to react or not to so react I would use by thought, by swiping with some feel to see use or see seeing the strangers energy as aura sight so end someone could be there. Whatever is there you don't cloud my mind nor fog my body. See to summon or create with what by feel, you have to seem normal or no attack. So I am going for a bit, so you see or think to not use worse idea by normal thought the area thinking is the creator or thought. As if I am here I never agreed to drop head.

So the creative commander hell 11th level that is use by activity made by actors to create, you think or focus religious or creative productivity, seen as use nothing is done creative mental hell you create the idea. See then things create anew or use is focus a old is old or new is new. So hell is hell that can see or seem to replicate anything un ea eaon em is mention use, so our creation is your understanding. This is the last of my posts from aboard this ship, this atlantis is false to your perception because that is how we hid things from sight. So you see what is sometimes unseen yet we are seen if you think you want to see some idea, as you see almost just alike so I will be seeing or typing things from mainland or america. This is think ismotion or create in use your idea is usage you notice to your feeling. See or seen is the area you sense by what you see to the area, sight or feel by the area perception or stop thinking perception think to us map to create.

See to feel or create by feel. There is no more to do so enjoy what you get by focus. Because this is no more you don't use imagination to create the credit. There is some use to create the area focus by speaking, as or use nothing more is concept here. So the place you see is what you have think to clean by magic is to focus elemental energy to clear the area o clean some space, so thought is clean or you can clean by energy or feel is not always by focus. As you see with the creator, this is hidden behind the illusion so think to clean by focus "en area" clean. The area you see is observance by fact, think solar clean as you see is noticeable to use or sight clean.

What you see though is of sight clearing of the dust, allot of dust that is there yet if thought to notice the dust your seeing. See or think to react or not to react I would use thought, by swiping with some feel to see use or see the strangers energy as aura sight so end someone could be there. The area is red area dust of a early egyptian grave of muhad the first. See the area is useful so your in use or the use by useful area feel. The dust is what caused lung death to the feel so use is there by area to use nitrogen to pererve or oxygen to return, see you were you never seem to leave unless you want to by thought to remove is clear. See by the feel you sense yet you can easily trace the area this came from.

The student that wrote this was right this was too strange to believe, yet I saw as he thining changes to a female then to some form to use. So the body is by the feel or focus is the feeling that you see to create bo released body shaping. This you see as nothing so the first time is a fail the other times after are normal use to shift by the feel normal, think to use to unlock the cells your ability is use with water to create with. Seem as though normal like me so this is nothing, the area by what atleantian form by will or shape is soul that forms the body by use. The area you see is the area not by feel or no honourable dead to use.

This is the last thing he spoke about before the mortal shell shocked or seeing was dead in his seat, so thought shocked by human molded form to heal after or see to mistaken shape or use was fee to create with by the focus. This way is the area you see or avoid is use to create is foul use to the focus point you miss. This was my last command to the forest animals before I got eaten by them, this is a possible use so I was where I thought to seem. So you say yet on trying to get back, I was allowed till a certain moment by the creator or thought led to here to use untwisted in all things. I remember my body energy or activity was seeing the point.

I got there so I think this was the area that this was said, that area as I was hearing was "destroy as necessary yet not as they are as alert or friendly then destroy the dead as if eaten to them so destroy as mercy because they could not go" so I got so bad my actual body was unable to live thus I fondly looked at the area that I sense to see to use then turn or walk away. So this is as I were in americum. See as me or see as you so you see I was allowing my fried egg friend use of the computer, this is so my energy in creates out focus. See as conmen as subconscious to create as I thought help I was supporting my body are use in theory.

I believe I was thrown away like I was a wasted wrapper just now, is are I so I would stop as that was militariastic. So the idea is fee are likely to use life force to see as they dance they cause or casume the flesh except to consume the body if dead. So if you see this you know I am unable to sustain my black self formed by night. See this is research I did to no flesh use except to learn what I see to create. So as they dance they use energy the festivity is if they use more water that is blood energy so they use no energy, as they create so decency I saw was the sighful moment you see so I think this my end point that I was not wanting to use.

See now or see later I am going home to non cursed area so I shall dissipate away to dust as no this isn't a waste yet know this body isn't going to last long now even though I see that I was aware I was still degrading see the use before the way you use it so you release people from the area or use is focus life is spades morning is glory created by hearts lovers are blessed by the area you use no clubs to create what a jack sees use from is nothing is what you are seeing if nothing is fading away to light. So nothing is fading as eternity ends I see my life as I am nothing more than a bodythat is with fading light that undeath is going away from so I am ending my life now due to circumstances or mistakes done. Ciaou to your use farewell is over I now fade away. This is my listing of element that I use so I see this may seem useful to readers or not to bother with as mistakes are obvious life is gone your undead no more, seen by aeriom.

The historical activity or elements by section
T Heai Feai
  These are activity that exist in outer Atlantis or area that was once considered colony, only because they moved away did the colony exist. As disaster after disaster happened there so I think they left or moved away befor the moment was bad or based. Their materialization skills are very great and anything described, they can create.

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-XLVII- Th'Igeu'o-Amo
the angellic use of numbers

See the point is what you consider, this was said a long time ago. "The numbers are the point to work things out whatever you think or see their meaning is, they are respresented by area actions by activity. See, feel or create, destroy or work is the original law? As though some thought thinking by reason and reasonable use yes it is. Though this is just as feeling if thought, you seem to appear reasonable. The 6th isn't always infinite this is thought that you sense that indicates infinity that the dark caverns are the space by ideae usa that to use. Reverse all tricks you create by the use with the creator. As you think to change the area to change the point by thinking you change the surface point or think by thought to change things with practic with trancing by feel. Note the area to use before you attempt or you could be influenced inside the thing. As you are or assume the area wrong code is what causes the thing to not work, this is what saved me from getting the problem idea. That is not absorbed to the machine. Seen as you think this is assuming were not. The here so yo are aware this is not by what you are feeling this is nulle area energy. This is illegal or druggie use as they focus to use drugs to create us or thought you are not aware to attack with us. Seen use is not use the energy so your sight is not focusing. This made no sense from the perspective use to real time feel. The real sense is real user feel or not much use. Think the point is lesser to none if addiction to wish unaffected you. I think this is not effecting you if no reason.

Thinking to stop by the area to correct things, so your not effected if hit by the idea you want done as it stops on my command. The area is feeling use not feeling cool. So stop while you are ahead or with things that time allowed. En things now. There is nothing to use as supplies here, so nothing more if nothing was to the use it isn't this. Seen as comparison as um en is consuming the end is cause to death. So you see the area triforce is the power now it isn't. You can use your energy anythime with added energy from light or sunlight with night or area radiance. This use with area energy focus is energy witchcraft to use area feeling that created if use is not hit to the back of the head this sense you see is focusing points to the area ground. There is the point their way or your way think to create the area feel, thinking to create the area you thought you realize then you think you know the area that the creator allows. Seeing use is focus use or create by usage to the feel as you suppress the area to use some point to this or other area so you see to do as you want or no use is no use to use no illegal substance.

Seen paprika with cinnamon is preventative added to turmeric creates curative yet doesn't work with everyone so this is not for everyone. In use then is usage or points you didn't know that you or others near act out or create. Seen is the aea pointed out, think is the point your thought is what you think that the created or creator creates by feel or lets say crystals creates things. Think the stone or gemstone simulates the draino for a drain to clear up or not create. This is lacking the area point to create with love or honour For the area you think you create what you wish. This is when you wish you create or not create as you think to create some other thing you see or thinking creates as activity. Turmeric is able to raise your metabolism to cause no increated weight gain. The cream is milk energy by feel with no butter feel with concept that herbs are to think for themselves. Seen is their way by light. Seeable places are interesting. As you pretend don't copy me.

The next idea or thinking by the line, see you can create something you think is the next in line. Think is creative by feel. The rest are what is thought to what activity is relational by relation with area. This you see is there by the feel or their area is what rules by area thought pointed out. I have seen many of these, think to the area feel or create is the area you see. There is a thought you then use or feel is nothing by what you think. So think some action is thought to happen somewhere else seeing you aren't doing the activity as energy is useful you don't have to do the energy that means your released or your not doing the activity with the energy that is showing the area or people doing what you are thought to have been creating or doing somewhere else. You don't have to do anything as you are aware. I am aware you realize what is there. So think or take what you wish with the herb drink for better effects. Seen is area you don't have to do things. Think what you wish to create by creative area idea using area focus energy to shift by area feel to push or use, you see its the area energy or activity that once stopped is thinking no manifest or manifest is "seen no game no life en here". Seen is use so you see the area point to use indicates what your listening "to feel is us no by reason". Thought to issue is none use by reason.

The area is the area you think by area feel to indicate or see your state by mind seeming the thought you represent to the area or not. I think this covers all basis between you or me. Think not to do then you won't, think your not effected then you aren't. So that means what you do or think is arguable but digress none. Its already been done, if not stated or acting is acceptable it would never have been had or been done. Some can't detect your act by feel or otherwise by feel your place can be cleaned up to fix your own thinking so your safe. The animal you sense isn't in control if you think you aren't in control the creator can allow you to see what the cause is before the point you sense this is apparation to work sense or thought is what you think. I see by scanning "Don't need one to work, as you see we were already with idea. Track by trace or pattern think to feel or not create the black flag to red flag to green status is no black with red to green. Seeing use or think not to be there as you go away. So if your not worse by use then your better not a better with any statement, wake up for any reason or use is work by eating then thinking what the creator isn't evil. So you don't eat the heart or person if hungry, seeing this or still or no bad off your not worse off or not is still no problem or with area idea by movement not bad off is no bad off. No possession can actually happen even if you see this think or not allow to take or think to allow with no possession is use by feel of something. The area arrangement is nothing to what you use your ability is no longer needed so dismissed is as you are aware or no use. This means you don't think to see things if not there as a test to show if a condition is true I think this all was a joke. Prove yourself undementive."

This was represented by use as with thinking, "Make the conditions seem worse to the stealer if they are getting things by stealing by feel." "Seen as I saw this was. So it doesn't go were not dumb. Think this is safe so you can do what you wish. The area is where the safe point is not to use heaven or think to earth, unless chemicals interact with your body for irrational or non working response. This is take none by idea so you don't need them, thats if you use energy with thought to the object to creat idea. Think or thinking the point is creative urges are no longer so that cancels out by the realization you were effecting others to effect yourself or not effecting others to effect yourself if violent. Sane is a seeming thought then nothing else you don't have to get to work. Seen is the area response to use so I realize the truth to that so how to get out of the area. Nulle dream walking is no creativity to use I think this was use a year ago. Think the area irrational response to not happen with the logical or sane rational thought. So whatever is listed isn't always done, done by this was if you steal you get worse or not get worse as you sense a seeming point. So premonition isn't always blocked seen if he or she comes back or not. I think "I can't take it if it is there without permission. I be to not seem there. By iron concept this was used with no suggestion except by use with crystal. Seen to work is feel by area. Not use the trick. I realize what is there not always there by baking soda or area feel."

This I believe was few days ago or feeling that I saw I am use to create a no stealing effect by ideal or create by idea, I think this is some area thought to work yet or feel in use "I see the area needs no stealing". This is related by numbers to what you think to indicate, what might occur or not seem is by what you think. This started by seeing a person enter that I stopped, this started me thinking as I was with self defense. "No imprint given yet you clean despite yourself. I think with the seeming end that "all be cool" or allowed is idea. I think the area is disrupting itself or you see what is by feel. This was through the power of physics then no hallucinations ever happen. So this was through modern physics. So I think I detected early on things by this with promonition to create with normal points that are normal with idea, seen or magic that aren't worse by what you think or that is if this represents the times we are with nothing to take. Be in forgivence to remove demonism and whatever you do you clean up or not smell is not die in a dynasty or use was not there. I saw energy work or "go nol mad so" I am assumed not gone. He or she can't claim it. No attack you yourself. Seen here is the point not always by feel. I believe to use this is the area by area response is medic use. I wish you allowed to see or use is what is able is no attack. But I can't afford to take things from you as necessary to work." This was from the early atleantian era.

"That I stopped by idea sent by focus to no by going. So as you see no is not yes", if you think you are you are or use is not by someone that is not stealing s o think "I see no is thinking in use by idea or not this by feel I see to go yet not use this" is intuition by the feel. Think to end this end point to not create with by idea. Seen to use is to be as you wish. So you think to seem better not control by the molecules or by feel you see no eating. Think to seem not worse. Seem is to be till seeming end. Seem is not what you think if you consider what you think. See to believe things your no longer worse if things get better. So things are better by what you do. I think so I believe he or she wasn't supposed to be there "so I took nothing". I am gone now you took nothing. No this now is no demonism is thought or begone. Seen is the use by feel or intelligence. I believe someone was there that was called your not hooked, not to go to the wrong area so this imagined not to work you won't look nor the suggestion so you won't have to do smarter. Thinking cleanse is the area to use if necessary to drive out people.

Seen is the way out. See the point then is use by what you think. Seen is no use by use with theory I feel thats feeling to use. So I see this is your home room. Seen here is a point no use by feel. Seen is thought to see the area work. I am gone now with sensitivity. Fine I will allow for now. Seen as I am not to work there or otherwise. I am not gone there so I see the use. I see nothing wrong by feel here no no give unless needed. This is simple subconscious language or not as use. I am not there gone or seen now this isn't forever. I am seeing nothing but nonsense "byw" is I think I went too far so I will stop to realize. So I will go. I think to work is focus then the body does your thought or not is order me not of the room order yourself. I see this was a joke by you. I am not here or thinking this is what works." This was useful till, the point was made not to create with, that showed up seen by theory is no eating by feel no area to note that was left of the area. I believe the area was work.

The seen area is not to visit with the place you think by the creator. So stealing is what isn't done. The point then is to leave. Seen is your other area not here. So I think you feel by use. I am clearing up the time. Seeing the fix is done idea to work by feel is life. See by the time he sees this he is not stolen from things. Seen is use by feel. Seen your area you passed. So you see the use. You were some other person. This was from early seen places that area release was false you are still there. Use by thought you won't is restoring to some place is thinking or going. So you see seeya. Seen use is the area you think. See no handing is focus. I think this is my end point so cya. So you walk off as or no as you are aware seen is not to be duped, that the place is too old by the feel this is condemned. Say your gone non use is feel to create somewhere else.

The area you know don't be duped. So you see your aware that is all that matters now gone. Seen is not seen to someone wanting to steal by feel. By this were not dimensionally disrupted by feel yet no black mold exists that is black, so were by or if you think to touch a crystal to cause the area by area. Think no area exists for you here so I think your gone now. That was my last memories of the colony that I thought to remember. Thinking to go on to work with others or go as you think since the area was disreputed anyway. The place was hidden by energy to create the illusion to work with the place when noone is there. You hid it all by the point to work there. So whatever it is is gone. I think this is interesting that things dimensionally hidden are thought by the item conscious to not be realized as there. Seen as though they got something. This was my protection with a protected area no use is there. Seen is the use or thought is sent back. The area is focus think the reason or feel viewed this is shifting you away. I think this is by area feel or creativity. Seeing so you see I thought someone was stealing so I was there yet not burgularized, think you shift away is think you shift things away or use by a touch.

See things are useful if you know that is oni by feel. Seen is your feel. A correction then is feel as you don't believe. I see to create then is sex or activity by area you sense. Think not to create as you think no creation. If no wrong or reason then nothing is wrong to some idea, seen is the point you think or not. So not reasoning is focus. I think the reason then is area feel. I think this is what I meant. Seeing not to be there is easy. I seee the area feeling is aware thought so think the wall or item reveals what is there not to create the area, that is with senses you don't bother others with so see nothing wrong there isn't by the idea or not. Seen use to work by use. You don't have to do things to use this. This is focus to use or not be there. See nothing there so we got the place cleaned up. So don't as even if you say you won't be fooled. No bankruptcy thanks. Unless not necessary, think to go. Its not there anymore.

Seen is no false value or not as what you feel is gone. This is already gone if this is gone. Seen is the seeable area seen use identifyable by a touch or you feel what is there. Seeing this point as false why claim it? Thinking to form by energy creates the point thats there. So obviously wer got the thieves then to shift unmolecularized no is the feel thats different by feeling to our use by the area feel. See the area or concept is not there. See the area to noticed you can see what is there by acknowedging the area or created is nothing. They that were invasives disappeared. Don't have to eat me to see what I am. The area is nothing so you see this is vaccine not vacation. I've seen this intrusive yet interesting point so the scene shifts or whatever thats what this was nothing around here by feel this is no horror think to walk out normally. Think to create or work. Seen no work yet anyway I really think you are better with things the way you think is best done.

That is the end of the community when the black mold appears or appearantly is there to not be efected just think what is there if the idea or area is with something then this is there. I believe to correct things when necessary to work things out not before. As you think by idea to see or send thought they do. The animals near might respond to the area. I think not to be there so the reality is what causes the place to work or create as you think who cares but that was all that really was even if whomever disperses. I think this is interesting. I thought this was the point to release. If your not trapped then go or think by the area you think to seem or not seem or use. You see you din't even want to have sex."

a note for tomorrow

So you see the wrong or right time before you go somewhere or think indistinct or indivisual use. See the point to shifting is to get away before you are with the wrong or right times unless you think the time is right. This is for use or dollars with cents by feel or not to use. I think this interesting use with words. If you think this there you create with area feel. See to get used to things or use things less. As you approach you won't eat if no need or you think those by feel, think not to eat that were there so you already ate the idea you don't have a good reason or think to eat sometimes after a laugh.

So remember ablos en krisfee krispe uncalamity, krisnee ne kripee or kripne is the actual cleaning spell along with kripnee is what cancels things krip use by death style seeing ennei krisnai to create with casee as its there or never actually there by feel with ideal. the area is what you think as your doing things your able to achieve, this is done by now anything that didn't work can seem done by croix asnex or this is use as yourself to correct things made paul moisant. I think this is necessity done or not, by the creator. so your safe by what you believe is there or not by feel.

netter better; Think to create the almost impossible by non krisne nea calaity. the release to croix as you think to release by feel. ea nea nie is the spell to help with ability. think the area to work by the feel as you cast the effect. very good for what you consider I think the need, so your not in denial by ideal with the use by fee. I think not to be any longer in the mind is use by now since you've done this all.

Discontentment is a cause they can use to work if they dislike use for what they hear or use is mold by the mushroom. So if they are there or try to break to break through from area concern, stink or think they won't use mold against you as they find you doing the right reaction that stops them from creating what they sense. So to think things work out or in to them, think link end to not be effected or create a linked idea or effect. So seen-illusion-study stops or reveals this source idea "it is as it is then or now by feel is the use you do then work. don't always fight to work consummate with others if blocked then wait to work by the feel. true enough this is good as they are neat."

Think "no this is what appears as a point, yes to work or allow is use now nowledge is by the spirit knowing" that is no or neglect damage or repair. That is cool to prevent by no need to have area attack this I think by fee or the area damage or vibration, think to disrupt the area presence by sound waves or "stop the sniffer or stiffer. That means you are where you think with a stink or think en without the stink. No damage was done by the area seeming or did you know art is scenic? I think this is fine, so go ahead or not do what you want. no no denial overconsummate by feel. this was cornholio the dog thought with or without by feel. so ne eoginan or lessening. this is big bad bathrooming by psianthropy with means. so the artificial sunlight also goes around the planet. As you share the point as things are happening you are aware as alert." bread n breakfast

Deep meditation

What I think is to use bread anywhere allowed to by ideal that is bread, tho create with ideal. this uses meditation or with criminals meditated area murder. now here we are with some unprecedented presentation, your civilisation is faced with an unprecedented opportunity to reverse history, moving en-masse from a fear-based society into one mind and with unity. a renaissance consciousness is being birthed. but you must understand the energetic obstacles to this renaissance that you are dealing with right now. on some point to heal by you have the group we call the manipulators on your planet who seek to trigger you into fear or dis-empowerment through the manipulation of the media and social institutions. this is old news, and we need not elaborate those of you who are reading this communication are aware that all it takes to achieve autonomy in your society is for you to think for yourselves and choose your own reality and truth is the point.

Our message here is that there is a secondary factor at play or feel, which is that your emotional instability is sometimes triggered by the involuntary release of negative thought forms into your collective unconscious, as your planet expels all that is not of the Light from her body. This can be likened to a "healing crisis" where things get worse before they get better. The good news is that it is temporary "it is a glitch that will be over soon" but for right now you must learn to deal with the instability and take responsibility for your own well-being. The first step is to look after yourselves on a physical level, for this is an important and often over-looked part of the equation.

When your physical energy is low, compromised by addictions, too much time on the internet, not enough time in nature, exercise and rest, or the wrong foods, your auric shields become weak and you are susceptible to intrusions in your energy fields of negative thought forms and emotions which are not yours. We repeat: the negative thoughts and emotions which cloud your consciousness are sometimes NOT YOUR OWN. Just as human consciousness was once compromised by the dark Atlanteanexperiments, so are your people once again vulnerable to those fear-based thoughts forms. The difference is that this time it is not part of an evil plan to contaminate and compromise you; it is a side-effect of the healing process that Gaia is undergoing. And this time, you are aware enough to TUNE IN and assess whether a feeling or thought form belongs to you or not.

Let us assist in this process, dear ones. When your mood dips and you feel possessed by negative thoughts, stop what you are doing, close your eyes and tune in. Ask your Higher Self: "Are these thoughts mine? Do they serve me and my highest purpose?" It may be that the answer is "Yes" because you are processing a situation which needs to come to clarity, in which case your Higher Self will assist you in bringing Light and heart into your thought processes. So that you may come to peace without your ego-mind poisoning your consciousness.

However as you feel or think, if the answer is "no", then you are advised to go through the following process. Say out loud "I transmute all fear-based thoughts by feel". Visualise these thought forms flying out of your brain, your chakras and your aura and becoming flashes with the feeling which explode like stars or fireworks in the ethers.

Now affirm:

I am light and love embodied.
I serve the light by embodying loving kindness.
I choose to love myself unconditionally so that I am an instrument of light.

Speak your own words, that you don't get is my soul from your heart. It matters only that your intention is clear and that you catch yourself before a negative spiral is initiated which progressively takes you down the rabbit hole into the darkness of despair. You are not victims, you are able to control your emotional fields through your crystal clear intentions to live joy-ful, heart-ful lives. You can always self-correct! In fact if you do not learn to self-correct and stabilize your emotions, you are missing the most important part of your evolution, which is to become masters of your emotions.

Know that we are with you throughout this time of instability. The many Star Beings, Ascended Masters and Angelic Light Beings who observe and assist through your transition are available to you 24 hours a day. Call to us for assistance when your energies are compromised and you feel despondent. Know that this is a TEMPORARY situation of instability and that your work to keep yourselves emotionally balanced is of the utmost importance.

when enough of you are awake, aware and able to stabilise your emotions, a quantum shift is initiated which shifts all of you past the influence of the 4th dimension into energetic integrity. rather than waiting for the shift to happen for you by feel, practise being in this state of joy and integrity every minute of the day. look after yourselves as if you were your own beloved children, monitor your emotional state meticulously to know what you do. learn to readjust your moods before they descend into darkness by your feel to catch or let go a shift away from the light in your mood quickly.

This is before the damage is done. you are in control of your own thoughts and emotions, see that is the point dear ones. when you allow yourselves to be triggered into negativity, over and over again, you become victims and are unable to serve yourselves, your human tribe or gaia. each one of you who succeeds in staying positive and embodying this way of being for others to emulate shifts your world into the light. this creates namaste equile or relief by release. think to work by feel is there to do.

so point; If the ideal works then you could see improvement. that is the point to sneaking things through or puppies so you act it as you think allow when you talk to them, so that is the point they percieve. otherwise ask as you speak. thinking this thought I snuck something in to target then not counted for things I snuck out the item after as thought the thing that was a dog. I think that proves it works them over or think you could feel or act like you don't care. no smack attack happens.

thinking pointing focus; I think the cool point to your thought is what exists. this thought with all others will disappear, so you see the point now is there or then so withheld information by ideal is there.

focus points use; Think now is the real point, this then is related or fun.

Love love love
solara an-ra, magic weaver for gaia

I went down to the tunnels and came back to check the area out and was surprised, as it was I remembered it this was out of boredom and I wanted to see what it was like there again. so I think I went a little too far in describing, the state of mind that ruled the atleantians of their time with their people in tow. so out of boredom I did this by etherealness. that is described as a ghost state that could appear physically and you can do almost whatever you wanted. Thinking to do what you want, I entered this state and went down there and found out, that it was abandoned, except for spiders that could trick you or other things that all you had to do was think to manifest. that was all that is in the atleantian tunnels, unless there was more that I missed. ah well it doesn't matter.

Freed from hell at last, I can't believe how easy this was. I think I tricked a thief into doing the stealing to free my soul from the hellion being. I believe it was collecting objects that were part gifts or part ideal from the them point I thought then the area was reacted to as though this thought was useful. this I think is the point the creator shell creates differently. amazing ideal I found somewhere. yet I think you can seem to be assured that this is my ideal I think, then can create worth with by feeling the area that was effected then create differently. This is the theme that I thought into existence, nothing more than that.

This I think is a mind world I created to eliminate my father so I might use it to eliminate thieves and muderers. this is fun to use things my old way. however this was not intended to harm innocents, so I think the creator can control that part. that part I thought up for myself convinced it was for another. so that means I am done with this atleantian txt file. I am aware now I owe people so I will give their funds to them by having them earn it back themselves with the funds back by the job or ideal use.

Astraea is a Goddess of culture, justice and bringing the gift of the arts to humanity. is with this groups description. Whilst these might seem a luxury clearly for a golden age to be in existence humanity needs to refocus on beauty rather than productivity. The teachings which have been coming through our little celestial group here in Britain are about the importance of creating or uncreating space to do things which have no purpose but joy, play and creativity.

So not unless necessary as you are this is no longer in exact by no intolerant ideal you see thats nothing. illusion is the body weight that goes as the body digests down the weight or food with water as we think to work or seem to create by feel, this is the point with water drinking drinking or energy use by activity thats not always eating to use. so think to create things as you are aware the point is clear or can seem creatable as you think to create by feel with use. this I know is the point there is by your feel with activity. this is there is this. think to create or do as you want to do.

Beware of the 'prophet' who has spent time in the wilderness of solitude as I am the prophet from the nameless. if christ he's crazy then avoid.

The song & dance guys and gals who entertain the Christian flock with their wildly misplaced predictions and warnings may not be the real deal.

A prophet is usually meek in spirit but spot on in their perceptions.

No showmanship ~ just integrity, humility and the Life Flow of speech that is your own ideal. think to see some ideal for some is none with no sum if some is ideal. so I think this ends the war if any there. this is the end of the book of numbers I think by feel my heart is feel.

En sight by focus ~ this is a point of view if then you view. thinking use is ash. so maybe by nowing I won't by now. I think their is is no use now so think as you are aware. this is getting dangerous so stop what your doing to get away with things awry to them. so you don't have to suffer their fate. their way is no use now. so stop what your doing or agree to the point so you can see the best by area use. that is my best advice so go away from the area if you manage that so you aren't a target to their blame when they realize their failure then they won't go off on you. so you know this is true. think to use this ideal so if use is user free think to the better ideal. neiou = ne, non effective use or non use as it didn't really matter, ne sa anne inne unne donne. need is done I am fine.

The Art of Healing with psalms, there are more listed here @

What do you think, then is what the number means that is the psalm by area or self creation. So think then calm then you are well.

Here are some self made psalms:
  128 You calm then whatever it is you are unsabotaged by what the spirit does.
  129 The determination of facts is done correctly, the right decision or compromise is reached no matter the point.
  169 What you think to become, then you can become.
  189 Calm, then whatever it is you are unhurt as you are unhurt, so bye now. Then you end this by leaving.
  213 Whatever you think shouldn't be there except for the person, this separates then is sent to the sun. If it's a person's energy then the sun is the creator to them.
  214 Seem with use then calm, then you are well to the point you or others make by feel.
  245 The area is use, then you know for certain the point or thought that is there.
  255 The psalm is a source that unlike magic you can create by the creator. This ends as you think the creator not to exist there. Since he or she didn't exist anyway, except on a higher dimension.
  2245 Like the dimensional physics and the atleantian source of magic amongst others, that is not here unless you think to the use.
  2345 Seem to like things by the likeness so the tome of life opens, ask a question then you know the answers to what is there.
  2455 Seem to see like and this done by the likeness or means that is the point.
  2456 See the reason or work, then do as you want. The outcome is the same as good.
  2466 See the point where no reason exists, so you know what is there for use by now.
  2475 See no reason that doesn't exist, so things that don't exist are there if you imagine them to exist.
  2478 See the reason for the point, so your point is a reason that is sometimes accepted if its there for a fact.
  2479 See the peculiar idea as things, then by the feel you are aware. So think to create as the way out is there.
  2480 See there for no reason, if no reason exists qualms for you.
  2488 See no reason to bear no reason, think the point so you create what you wish or state. This is done by spirit using the soul as a direction maker or director.
  2490 See a point or no reason for no bearing, yet don't bear or rush attack if not a good time.
  2578 Think no bearing to occur, then they won't be there.
  2580 Think the reason for a point, that by reunion you are aware.
  2788 Think the reason for the point you have, then you have an acceptable point or reason.
  2790 Think no reason for thine point, this can strip a god's power. This is a true one liner power of words statement.
  2800 Think a reason for the point then the god ability is restored or bestowed to effect for your need, I think as though the point is you were the creator.
  2888 Think by the thought so your the point, that means your aware or were by what you do.
  2900 Think the cool point, then your aware by the reason your work is there non insane.
  2912 Whatever the reason your insanity disappears.
  2911 Whatver you think, then you create or work by the feel that is focus. This focus gets results, if you think of the idea as though the point were an end point.
  2921 What you do with life if your own is what you think, so think what you consider then you create what you think then focus otherwise then your thought manifests. 2913 This the thought by progression if you can say things or work with things, you can create what you think by what you think and what is with thinking.
  2922 The end is what you thought is the end as though forgiven, blessed or loved. That is also what you imagine or consider the ending that you think. This spells the end of the age, so that spell is good.
  2930 The demon is good or benevolent even if it is a riled spirit that could turn poltergeistic, so think as you want to occur your thoughts by need the thought occurs. This is a dangerous psalm as you think it you name it or the thought you have happens to manifest. So what you think you have as a thought or how you are you become.
  2931 If you know then the right ideal is done non inflicted, this is self freedom by the area feel or now this is curing instead of destructing.
  2940 If your a demigod your a god in human form, as if then raised from demigod nature as a preferred stop point happens.
  2942 If you raise your young right, you can create what you want. You always know what to do by feel.
  2943 If as you are aware, you think to create. Then you create as you wish or abort the thinking.
  2950 By yield if you are aware then the subconscious can create what you want, this is done as you think about or work the feel with the point by what you consider or not create things.
  2951 If by gnosis you know, then by gnowing you go now to work.
  2953 If by the thought you are aware, then any stupidity is erased.
  2954 When you consider the point not by ramming, you then concede the point then you are creative to the point.
  2955 Where you are you can work, no matter the point unless you aren't allowed to work.
  2956 When or where is your choice, think then things manifest by feel.
  2560 If you explore well, when you think then this ends well.
  2567 Feel lonely yet? Think then you aren't as you describe to know exactly, what you want and feel you can be loved then things will work out. This allows love to come into your life for a point, and things will seem as you want.
  2567 part II This cures any illness no matter the illness including the genetic damage by psalm 2931, such as you have known as though correctly treated by a doctor.
  2567 part III The ending otherwise no, noble idea is not unknown.
  2567 part IV If in medicine, you are in medicine by what you think.
  2567 part V By any with the ideal act defining by feel, the roach species is erased.
  2568 Think before you speak then you can get out or escape. So no noble deed is not unknown.
  2590 If you want slenderness then your slender or slim as you think to seem thin, as this cures the dehydogonous then you create anything and that is caused by medicine.
  2591 Free my brethren or wives from slavery, so things work if no longer bad as unhindered.
  2592 See to think for yourself to work things out.
  2593 Seen is the thought no longer is the point, this ends now.
  2594 Seeable is your point, so create or work if you can. Sometimes you get the right reasoning explained and then even if not before, things wil work like not before.
  2598 Seen is the point if your future is bright, so no longer ask or you gain a solar vessel from the sunlight to live. Explore well.
  2958 See here is a manic cure by ideal use is bitter melon with stevia, so I think to allow a blow to the ego is where you are the thought to allow for things can be without having to chat.
  2981 If you think to undamage yourself then you are undamaged, so you know before the point or work by the ideal.
  2988 Temperature regulation; This is where you think to regulate the temperature to seem like you wanted, then thinking allows you to make things cool as possible otherwise if the temperature cools off by focus. Otherwise you can think the clouds into the sky and this cools off the area, the point you see is what you think into existence or feel by idea to seem there. This psalm can create what you need with the weather, and that is what you need to happen. This happens to occur sometimes, if you need the effect and otherwise the idea doesn't happen. This effect uses the energy or heat in the air, so you convert the heat to create by what you consider. Then the God creates what you need. That is how this psalm works, if you need the idea to seem there or think of things and you create what you want by feel.
  2998 Psalm of existence; Since a psalm is a god generated by the sun or planet area called into being and creates what you state, sometimes if you call upon a god and allow him or her to create things, you can get things by feel. So this is a psalm of existence, where the point is created and what you state or know is done if you need the idea done. This is a point of expression, so think and know that it doesn't always effect people if they don't want to be effected.

If that is a point some do, then the person making the statement will get the effect instead or noone is effected as nothing is done. This is a thine moment that's done when you think, so this is where things self-regulate and none are effected. This is where you think to allow idea or they create for themselves. This is a known effect that effects where you want the idea effective, and that's unless thine is stated thinking the effector is an idea with self-regulating. This effects those that deserve the effect otherwise, so think and you could get what you require or need by them thinking it doesn't matter and its where you get a concept done that you needed.

Dylan Morrison

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