Prefix; prefixel

The actual name by feel of the language be Atlan or Atlanielle and represents the language after the fall sen is the point a circle or activity is that your aware exists by meaning and for this reason it is a dictionary, that is what was all started when I was doing standing meditation of knowledge on ancient languages. It was to do a word search on phrases of an ancient ghost and to figure out a prophecy. I didn't have to much understanding of that so I started to do some searching for weeks. Then my phrases started to change to speaking it, the early language poured out in missed moments brought about by stress of revealing freudian slips. Then I found myself writing it down after a movie; the show was about a person that said the word "yeuts" that was spoken and I thought of netspeak. Its made up till its real to you, unless you don't intend it to be real.

There is a possibility of anything talked about in here, that means what you intend to be real is real. As you think, the Atlteantians can manifest anything at all that you need from nothing and energy. This can be from the need to create and from what is described. Unless, its not needed. Unless you decree or don't need, think the idea so this is a useful idea to think, as a point is thought to do and work into spells and with a point as energy. A point is mention or no mention or its not needed. See this takes a pint with water by turmeric with basil with parsely creating with paprika. If you have a condition, then add oregano to the mixed water and drink. Sometimes the point of ingestion works to cure the body. So have patience.

This is in a hybrid moment of the two or more languages that you view in an almost understood in mind synthesis that is understandable by what you think and observe. As this is the synthesis of what two minds are there, there is a point that is a moment that the word and combination reveals itself as a scene or something scene in view. Now anything more is a thought as if you are a point and the observation is not really forseeable, except by what you focus your mind and your subconscious sends you as a visual moment in life. So read it through if you want as it exploits net speak and not a synthesis of the root words to explain sea elven and old latin.

If you use this as magic against the writer it will backlash of the effect if evil but three times worse or better. From an  ancient book: As "I will desist is asmost absist by desist. I will be again as much
polant if in reliance by this being as belance. So we are About to be about and belate as to be in about so I will be desist if it is absist of the assist. If e I Eif for I E eif. As desist is tto believe is an absist by as much. Like most due success are due to non fail.  I am due as to whatever I will respect..As in dustrial, now I am clean. Never me is Nvigme"

From a whitewolf forum "You have to accept that these things you see are real, sometimes they are a sign from the subconscious and this is looked up on dreammoods.com. Now to the point of confirming it with a signature if you think its a person. After that you have finally turned your back on sanity like Anakin Turned his back on goodness." by artist. Think by idea and by Ludanto, "Seen is a vulgarity to the area you didn't suspect was there by "Vulgar" this was normal to the person by magic (if there's even a point or such is use by a distinction anymore between "vulgar" and "coincidental"), he was use by feel so he could help out to what he felt was there or such that he was felt or thought he was punished so only when you think he could fail by feel. Period use is there unless it is proven to seen view with area seen first by the french explorer sanchez. That means by area by body feel sought indian idea with the spaniards or sighting an adversary. Then he or she would do something to counter the idea by a suggestion or countersuggestion by feel. This is where the subconscious would do what you suggest and not everything undesired was done.

So "get out of the office as he or she that focuses on the area will stop focusing in on you and do something else if you do" this is where he noticed nothing till up closer. Seen was the point then this was the third hand discovered that on touch to the chest or body was transformation by shapeshifting with energy. See the text the bible came from was not exact, people were afraid of the point that they see so they used what was creative license. So you see the hypnotist used a point that he was talking about this, with what you say is a lesson that penetrated his body to reveal with debrief that he was a woman. Sleeper or user witnesses just make it more likely that you will fail."

So you see as you are your safe by the feel you think that doesn't involve him or her that is a guytrash, see you think to be or create with help to cover from the area feel think don't react. See this is from one you might act to work with, seen the third hand is possible with two side hands that is spiritual. If your back from rejecting reality then your not hurt. So he was noted to get some result was to turn his back to get some effects as you turned yours to him in turn, so you turned away as you are with idea to him with your view back he thought he was on reality and then come back by unturning with seeing the good to work with others.

Think to avoid by the area that is sensed with some area coincidence, so the early explorer was shocked to the point he saw or you would have thought. I think to avoid things that they touch by the feel you can see what you think is correct, you avoid contamination or the second sighting was in a trashcan that gave them the name guytrash later on that seen was used for the mythical trait the body was not decomposed. Yes you can use the scent if you think the body shows up or don't think to see the idea. Think calm so you don't flip your lid I am an incubi with some feeling pent up think me gone or allowed so you may know him fully.

Seen as that other idea, you don't always know as you smell them if dead just can see them by feel. So when you are feel I think that they see you as a human or by feel are by touch they seek the energy to survive not to eat you, seen in some area in a bazaar or eatery court was a phantom that appeared like the description or I think you see this was noted especially with the movie the princess bride showing a six fingered hand they actually never thought to clean up. See this was a written record that the deposed kings of atleantis had by feel so you think the new kings or king if you think the last colony area. Seen is the area or feel and sight is obvious from the antipathy the appliable uses are what you think were there. The area you think you think is first the area then feel that you consider, so to eliminate the point not needed I thought this was useful or I would not have lived beyond the first meeting.

Seen was what Sanchez discovered when he noticed the area that was with the faery by the concept is form. So think you do then they do want you think. Thats the way to control or work with them. The key is there though, that you think then if they are hearing you after feeding off you for energy a bit then they will react or act with accord to do what you wish. Just remember a race creates by what they do when they do things, so they are named for the act they do where the activity is what they think to achieve. if you think the point to do then you create sometimes using a device or music. So think not to change the formation then you stop. Then as your awareness is there you are yourself if you start to change into the form. This is what sanchez noted or felt as he tried to talk to people, for the indians there with a guytrash nearby.

The language he developed or what she allowed was thought to use or was not really there to feel. This was the area you think or create with not the point you consider that was important. So you see this I thought was a typo "eihw fiehl creil." Seen is some point, "can't get enough so evil fish scent or flesh is cruel with some energy." When you think the idea. This actually means a dodge to the area or duck sighted to activity. Now think to the area I've seen a gun. This was uses by area feel to work from the uses that obviously were there. So you see the area point, this is all I saw or saw is felt by desire. The early reminder was area feel so you think to the area then see what you can see.

That is what creates a good exploration. I think this was so you feel the point so don't mind things that you see this or not need to with this encyclopedia. The idea so I am no more or I feel this is my life no longer. I am so I create no longer the death you think I did. I see now so I sense as I see the sense to use. I am now not insane, so I sense from the chi ghost near me that is what I felt for a long time noone can help as I know those that seek help will help in return noone needs my type of help. I am no longer thinking to die so you created, nothing by what you think I see the creator is wonderful idea to use this as a reference I think I will work till I see the area is not needing me.

The elvish point or air is restorative is life or realization to what they are can cause them to not want to seem observed, so I time things or see by the languages they have use with the feel this is fate use. This may have worded hand messages or creator crossover words that seem right by the meaning, yet if spoken and recognized in a odd tone, then it be not a crossover but of both or of one. Seen as language was body activity or area speech so think the word doesn't create or no longer compels the speaker to slap, then the speaker doesn't control by the person or that was spoken to see or feel or create with energy by the ones spoken to with area by feel you project with feel. Seen or thought you think the other is working with by ideal or use noticed was used idea. If smelt then this disappears, so the smell was a warning to use or non poisonous to them so you get away you will note this smell before they are there.

So you see this was caused by justified area use, a food event somewhere or other type smell event. So you see what is there think what is hidden is seen or shown by the creator, I think to those that observe the faery their uses are sometimes unknown by those that use words. Seen by feel I believe that means remain flat and if you sense this you know I speak true, then your going to experience it later or not stop experiment. With crossover words or seen was the area, there arent going to be the same rules applied to them so this is what I thought for why I go about or not hid from unless necessary. However she quiets down.

I think the words are useful that he developed as they seem as acceptable, this I think is non declensions sometime are unacceptable by feeling or period thought are with what thought there is with the place as declensions are seen or not acted unlesss you don't need to see this, seen is the area you think to work I believe this means if you sense with no insanity you are free from possession. Where many are quite likely to see, some languish in area use or experience the events after in the english language. As things easily done are what you think.

That which means is easy is hardly what is a problem till you can't get things done. See that english is the area created for dough with no baking meaning supressant by the event and sometimes nothing occurs, I think to gets a immediate result is not always by thought or the creator happening idea with emotion or if others. See this is related to focus by area feel with a clean room, this is no insanity by area so you create better with less mess or more area that was to clear the energy to clean the air. Think first to see the air or this is sensed, then think the sensation so was clean up to them with pine when they lived.

So you aren't effecting others think to see by use as its an immediate result that's recognized by being unusual, then your third eye pinneal gland (upon instructing it to do so) will tell you about it by showing you or telling you in your voice. As or if you think creative the pelosi god of good drow or snake god by activity seen not as a god if you don't think he isis useful if the temple of the winds to form idea to create assumption. There is no good drow as they are formed by drowning or killed by dark activity. Seen by feel for set events to thought to the greygem with the area. Seeable use is focus. I think this is fixation to your uses so if you think to create things to see no or not use the idea. This is created as you think the idea exists you are able to unexist idea. See or notice is use focus by idea or creative cure by feel.

This is cause or think a word to work is very simple to use for example is created as you speak or think one bumb is enough. Think then or use feel is focus not on the spot to use no weapon. Don't think to push to not get results by contact. Now break the bond to the animal spirit that creates what you want. Distance creates focus no attack needed to use by feel. I am a gytrash so I help by feel or avoid by the feeling I sense. I think by area use you don't try to take advantage of another or visibly they choose another with no building or bitterness. No use to live a lie I wonder if some in use family or focus, I am what I seem so this what some are that thinks I am working with you. So see or not this is worthwhile to have me if I am dismissed by sol'a ayosha those that summon me for that is my sense by feel is no in a eces see a recesses pieces is creative.

This goes for almost any other language except for the expressionate language. Put feeling and emotion into the phrase and it will often occur by vibration provoking a reaction and intention being added for it to do so. Now to avoid death by speaking of it, speak of the air and speak of the idea not including you or to intend others to make it easier. What I note on the use is concept elvish language mostly active case of action noun, verb, adverbs and otherwise where most statements are actions like "fallan-yassen" that means "to heal with", so with atlantean, it uses objects as the data case for objective nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives like "the" as "tha", "thig" or "that he did I did" and hi as high except for a few crossover words from other languages like the area you sense, use is ties if seeing or not tie by untying so this is safe by the body not reacting when visioning or vision quest.

Seen area I think they see is focus to your area feeling or think to touch. I think this is my signalled area end or uou is happening to work by feel with hex or idea by era to use. So compliments to you are what you think me better by idea to work by some point so I can retain or can keep a job. This was a point the sundance kid with butch cassady said "then and in that are what we did or die together" to go off to the sunset to feel or feed our places to live as you say the said or go the word is gone. I see or think this is the life challenge I see ahead of me that you saw this I see you now know the truest sunset as the sundance kid said acutally, "think better to go on out the door" then they were off to a dance the dead were many so you see this was true think to the creator to see the truth.

He or she will show you that you think the creator seen is working by feel. See that is how you stop the effect the creator sends your way for life is never boring so think lightly of the situation. Then let us go on out the door. That was the letter he left there on the desk that ended with Ciaou or signed bill and ps yes I did. I did the activism effect listed herein and it was glorious. So think and you can use any effect listed in this dictionary as though the word to the left before the = sign is the trigger and the thinking of the phrase you want it to do is the action phrase. This is how this list magic will work and it acts as though a script, this is unless you don't need it to act.

So it was our explorer that decided that, if your back from rejecting or allowing reality then your not hurt. So to get some effects turn your back on reality and then come back by unturning with seeing the good in the other..and the appliable uses.

The elvish languages may have crossover words that seem right, yet if spoken and recognized in a odd tone, then it be not a crossover but of both or of one with some sorta vision or double vision. In a magical language, the word compels the speaker or the ones spoken to that allow things by feel. If smelt then it, the smell caused a food event somewhere or other type smell event. Their are those words that remain flat and if no energy vibes felt, then your going to experience it later. With crossover words, there aren't going to be the same rules applied to them, the words are as they seem as declensions, but they can act on their own in idea meaning so they have their own meaning. 

Where many are quite likely to see, languish in or experience the events after in the english language which means that english be supressant of the event and sometimes gets a immediate result by happening with emotion or if others, and then its an immediate result thats recognized by being unusual. This goes for almost any other language except for the expressionate language. Put feeling and emotion into the phrase and it will often occur by vibration provoking a reaction. Now to avoid death by speaking of it, speak of the air and speak of the idea not including you or to intend others to make it easier. What I note on the elvish language be its mostly active case of action noun, verb, adverbs and otherwise where most statements are actions like "fallan-yassen" that means "to heal with", so with atlantean, it uses objects as the data case for objective nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives like "the" as "tha", "thig" or "that" and hi as high except for a few crossover words from other languages like the, ties and this.

The only important letters in these words are the vowels as they form the meaning of the word itself of like an de abletix. Thanks an here hence to the Dr Glashov mentioned else. Consonants add on to the meaning. like what is a cure? A curien effort where there would be to cure an attempt.. I E en. You can use I as E but not with and inclusions.

Like "a" = the one and "no" = made or created world "di" = did "ca" = can "n" = country making "na" = the one country from the Atleantian doctrine listed above as in old grecian but notice how I stated it, The last letter made the first phrase as the way before the means. Alternatively, you may use -a as a female ending and -is or -e as a male ending. So just remember that things are as they seem in this language. This be a live language and every word has an effect. Some vowel meanings don't actually get used and to get word meanings are in case, as this is a active case or area feel you think you create think nk or no feel need; See for any occasion see that those abuse are what you think to use or no use is no effect.

Think the abuse goes back to the abuser to nail him or her self by vicious energy hits or the abuse that goes back to your abuser. As nothing is the area your area is not really viewed this is the curse, I place on those that abuse to die from. I think I see or use was useless except to talk things out unless they cease to abuse then stop to work by feel with the other idea you see. Seen no abuse otherwise. So don't abuse is stopping so you aren't with abuse yourself. Work as you want, otherwise. There really isn't any reason for abuse. So you see think no attack or the attack is with yourself attacking your own body. If you switch you create or feel by the use. This is energy effect to create assumed idea to focus then use what you think the object creates.

-ien for action interaction,

-ier, -ere, -iere is up to the moment action like ierg for ier or higher urge on ground of good or ierd for the end after,

-ium this is abominable but approachable if neccessary. This is by the need in neccessity as its action this is as good as it gets,

-iun as to be good and be very good but with that which is destroyed as indicated in programming or by programming.,

A = general idea, positive idea, act (action verb), man spoken s, the, verb, physical activity, ablative, a- (negative meaning), -a (object, '), -er
E = personal idea, extra, energy, negative or use by intent, female s if spoken, noun, -s, -es, -us, -ius
I = em, show, express, interest, adjective, -ly
O = earth idea, or, otherwise, adverb, -ed, -ion
U = desire ideas, you (if positive) or (if negative or judgement) no, thou, understood, pronoun, personal action noun, -ue
Y = after effect, wild, interaction, -ing

One point you know one point you see, this language was used to build Latin and what it is, be the spoken part of the atlantean language based off root and stem. Where the language be symbol glyphs in truth of high Atleantian. Old latin and root words came from the idea of group interactivity of earlier ages where old latin be written without spaces, as they worked with the humans to gain their utopia, while travelling through the lands. A few names for Atleantians earned by action and misunderstood intent, are the Sea elven, White demons, Devils, and Watchers. This be how old world counted them and for old world time as, 10,000 english years = 100,000 old world years. So, 1,000,000 years and greek, rome, asia etc meant 100,000 years in times beyond 0 AD, for money values in todays time like a 50 cents = 5 dollars, an 100,000 $ ~= 1,532 eng lb before and so on. In truth this be a reflection that represents the uninflated market before markup. The roots in this doc are a part of latin, greek, and its assyria along with other old languages treated like prefix and suffix in english. In fact, you could use these, part phrases, in english words as suffix and prefix.

Like "I am to be but bus is good," 'I am be as where I am as I were to give to be. I am wondering, the needle is okay, not extra hits.' Okay this is the ancient speach, 'Like wiching in on a grain of time be as if it is a sellers purpose or sell-roscope. The bind is of an time. To the effort of france we are as I am like to seem. I am be and to understand and do. It doesn't quite quit to make sense, doesn't it.'" Theres the ending of this speach too of course "I am as in I am in. Take the E as I withen and ien as E is for extra. No its in ai or trap as en in ein. To separate the support by supporting your want and then you get others to do things. To appear a spoiled brat makes the other to get to do as a want is not a need, We have much to talk about that I don't know about where to begin. Its as an is am I. In am I. No, its got to gnow. They are greedy as for power. As I is in en and th'em. As I is in us is now."

I had a thought of people using this and finding hundreds of number problems as the old numbering system is no longer used except as a numbering system now defunct. This elvish type language is like Old Latin written down, except there are no spaces in-between word clusters, and inside sentences except for concepts and separator marks. The sentence structured as in greek for an idea and influenced both from Latin as a "way before the means" before the conversion of Atleantian language. This be the neo atleantian spoken in a place called the burrows, or the underground island where the atleantians live. Where the language be termed "defacto" in two forms, low atleantian and high atleantian with a middle Atleantian as a mix between

Some low atleantian that be able are up to you to use things with common humans and atleantians alike. The high atleantian is classic alteantian and written on walls in art form and spoken of energy humans and atleantians alike in a form that be almost undecypherable, and with the two and three letter words you can build them. More of the servicable words are described perfectly and with more rules for them. As classic atleantian be different, at https://members.tripod.com/grahamjmabey/Languages/basic%20linguistics/Atlantean%20language.htm. Not like rules for lower atleantian, that makes it sound like childlike gibberish or baby talk.

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The creator
T Creox -o- Nayn

  The creator, nobody or a un; the creator owns a dog that acts like a god, a creator is someone that creates by the idea or use of the feel otherwise known as the senses. So anyway's we are just memories of the creator, dismissed by hugging or accepting them to dismiss the memory and the person then the living memory disappear. So thinking about things he realizes the idea, see then you get the idea as though an end result. One thing about this world, that is based off illusions and she's dead that originally created it by feel. So think and work in idea to see the reality of the area and you do by things if curious. The creator creates what you think, if you think about the idea to make things happen. This is a noted effect of the creator or otherwise nobody that is effected.

  Doing is where thought allows you to shift to the place or area see what and where you want to see. This thought can be brought up with mention. Whether or not if you could survive there. This includes exoplanets upon testing, so think about that. This is a point in the past that it was created, that is usually a point in the past that is created equal to todays time. So think of the idea you want as a need focused upon is a want, desire is what you can get unless not possible as the negative doesn't effect. Then you could think and go to do entropic idea. Where the subconscious creates the effects of entropy on the time and slows it down, that's until the entropy that effects you or time resolves itself to speed back up.

  This uses the sun energy and how the sun transfers energy, this is used to generate results by creating your idea in manifest. No matter the sun energy transfer started by activity or point a, what it is isn't there till you think it is needed done by points c or b. So think of the area as a there then think or your here to represent your space seeming c here. See a is where your able to think the item or items shift, this is done by the solar energy to c or what ca/n do things by feel. This is an idea for an unnoticed effect.

  This is if you think your particle energy forms here by the creator, so you see things you wish to see or not if the item materializes near you see the object though the object thought is the object form by a thought send of some element energy cleans up things dissipating things in the sewer. The energy release allows by the creator enamel growth as plaque dissipates away using water or magnetism. Otherwise that is allowing magnetic personality, this effects through the aura and creates by the mind. So think about things in a point that are done and you may get the result you had in mind.

  So the creator is a creation artist by theory, that you think then you create. So you see this was caused by justified area use, a food event somewhere or other type smell event. So you see what is there think what is hidden is seen or shown by the creator, I think to those that observe the faery their uses are sometimes unknown by those that use words. Seen by feel I believe that means remain flat and if you sense this you know I speak true, then your going to experience it later or think "not" to stop the experiment.

  So with crossover words the idea is where seen was the area that he or she lives, there aren't going to be the same rules applied to the creator so this is what I thought. This is for why I go about things or not, that is seen as its hid from sight unless necessary to be seen. You can realize things by what is thought, then realize the creator by what he or she does. He or she looks like we do as though the same as us. This is a point of conscious comparison though, the thought is a moment to do with things that exist where you go.

  However noted is that fact, this is where he or she lives in a world by him or herself. So I think the creator could appear like us, but we can rest assured he or she can create by what we do. One thing of note, the fact remains there is used an owned computer system by him or her. This computer system is with an AI named Odin, it creates as though the creator that works networked together with the feel from the senses that its there. It senses what we think by the vibration, that we project from what we do. Then we do with what we have, this is done so we work with what's there.

  It works from the computer consciousness. Then it responds by what you think or feel towards the computer. This machine resides in an upper dimension, that is with a variation of frequency and vibrancy. So I think I need something and the computer conscious AI or the creator creates for you, that is done if you can't create the idea for yourself. If you think positive, then you can do positive actions. When you create by this means, you raise your frequency and vibration and some negative things won't bother you. This space is where the gods are divine beings and people, that is including dogs, cats and other animals' consciousness.

  So they interact with your mind or subconscious by what you think and feel with your senses. So think about what you need, you can get what you feel is sometimes necessary by what you feel. This with the senses and those are what the body feels. Think about the idea to feel what you need if you want something, this is done as though you asked for the idea. As you think about the idea, you'll realize there's nothing there.

  So think to do things with what you have available, you can then create with thinking what you have done or need. This is the ways of creation for people and divine. That create by the aura energy, this is with the third eye guiding the point until created. Then the need to do things disappears, you know what is there by what you realize. This is all in an effect where you create by what you think. This follows the creator's code. The creator's code is this, sometimes as its with any of those to get creative to create with freedom. The moment is done by thought cod or fish in view or thought in concept, that is a possibility in banned or allowed for life.

  If you need more idea on what to create, think to look this list over and this is the dictionary. Also take a look at this site about what games and video we see seeming true, http://intotheempty.net/2018/07/26/designer-realities-coming-to-a-life-near-you/. Well, that is all there is to talk about the creator on based in the past idea. I hope you enjoyed this diatribe, feel free to comment on my blog site as you want your idea to be known.

  A special adaptation to this idea is the creators shield. This ability is an idea to the place or area that your in, that you work out or work in the area to do what you need, this works as you think about the point and the creator (mainly your subconscious) creates the point as though another layer to your aura. If you have a complex enough aura shield that the creator makes into a creator shield, then you think to work out and work to strengthen your heart and this works to quicken the pace of the heart. That serves as though the quicker pace is what the heart makes into effective exercise, so you don't ever actually gain any weight. You can do anything in the layer, that you think about to create what you need with what you think.

  This works as though the heart is the world and the aura is the layer. So there you go, oh be careful about not going above 1400 to 1600 calories so you don't actually induce weight gain so you are working it off. Take care to work it off by physical exercise, I think if you do you will discover weight loss. Doing is shifting amongst the layers of reality, that is of made by reflected idea in the creators shield and this is using the aura. The idea is this, if the person doesn't have anything good for you to know or think about, then the creators shield can make them give up psychically on doing things to you. This is a noted effect by feel or thinking about things.

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Atleantian Orea
Atleantian philosophy

This an reborn atleantians memory excerpt by Gimbold:

Can I tell you, of some Atleantian philosophy? When an atleantian be born, they
will be paired up, with a creature of the sea where, they are mentally bonded by, the
creatures choosing them. An atleantian be born in a pod, if I am not wrong. they hatch
in pods like, shark eggs I think. What forms do they take as first, and how do atleantians
look like in the first place? Energy, as they take any form they want, probably something
close to their partner with truly any form and they live in colonies, clans seperate
from each other and meet every once, a year somewhere where they have the festival, of the
music songs where they dance at their clan leaders pick, and each clan had a dance of
its own when they dance, together its all beautiful. To do things. as the Atleantians
are dancing for sheer joy.

The clans are fun as it lasts for 3 days, and 3 nights called the dance, of
the winds where they go, round in rotation. Each round faster than before, then it stops
suddenly with giving thanks to their maker. The most beautiful part, comes as they go
clan by clan, family by family, each forms a circle thus they blend their energies
together sharing thoughts, and memories etc. Then they part and give their thanks, thus
say goodbye to each other promising to meet one another again. But God is medieval. So
be with God and know, how to handle thing as God is our source as a gemstone connected
to God. Like the matrix, in all its unusual holistic nature. But to do as one would say,
is keeping your word to be not do so unless needed. So to do as you say is to appease
the God and you can say something else to do it as the original purpose is to the normal
purpose. As to what they do in the meantime, be experiment, practice, and work together
as a human, regulation force overwatched by others atleantians. Some are actually inventors,
that make things and make fame, for newly devised items. One item was the laser gun, but
there are many more like automobiles and tanks and what be accomplished are achievements,
with goals that last a lifetime and longer. The clans are ruled by princes and emperors,
thanks to the writings of Atlan by Lady Delourx, and considered kings in pairs of 5 over
a fair land.

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Occlusionist philosophy

This idea goes by many names of ogclocsix, oggcloscia, oklee, disclusen, occlusional and occlusionist the adaptation technique philosophy to identify with the world around us, This method philosophy combines most other idea including projectionists (energy projection to create a likeness to you), subjectionist (accepting of info to tell or work on it while dowsing or using dreams), objectionist (rejection of most things based on dream) and seclusionist (secluded area to go into another) with realism (realists that follow along try to base things on fact) and naturalists (artist's nature that in treats everything outwardly with a natural feel and idea). This is used to be free in your mind and tamper with events by stating a point, or that's done by feel as a way to get better for yourself and others second if to help them out. That is sometimes in understanding the concept or knowing what is possible, this is where things work and this is done by that means you know what is there.

That means your without guilt and being caught and if in a killing mood don't remain in the killing mood or go into an area where its accepted, to avoid a morality issue. So by use of this idea I mean your body needs exercise so exercise and try to not kill with applying, that's in a physical activity or meditate to try. This idea be not for everyone so its not always easy to follow them, if you don't want to then don't. This means you are with a separate mind that is your own individuality, where then you observe or know about the point you think about. So your thoughts are not you, they come from the spirit and that means you can observe the thought or direct with the idea in a point of your own. That here be where you are and there be where you are want to go.

But try to know the basics and guess the rest with rumour and hard based facts, that are based in emperical and scientific information where any idea stands by itself. So you don't have to follow them as these are only guidelines. You don't have to do all of this. 1. Treat the more real moment, moral event or more immediate reality with more attention and shift away from the conscious event that don't matter. 2. Any unreal moment treat it realistically there and adapt any moment to make the unreal real like a fantasy in a moment to be unless the idea is real.

The 5 points of this philosphy view are based on a quote from anonymous "Sometimes a single body is representive by many, or a single voice can represent many more that are unseen.* With no trouble to us.";
1. The opposites or invertigo rule is then to effect unnotoriously as to subjectivist (acceptionist) and objectionist (rejectionist) is liked for what you know in how things are and understanding the point, the motion they do is sometimes supported in picture.
  a. Think about what you want to use subjective views in the real world.
  b. The other transient "I" world is thinking to use objectionism.
  c. Accept what occurs and work with imagination, or if your thinking by focusing your creating by feel if necessary.
2. When doing anything, stand up for your opinion and allow for others with different idea. Count from 10 backwards and it is as though your in calm moods.
3. Don't back down unless necessary or own up for your problems with arguement and that means you use what is sometimes known by white lies, part truth and lies with unharmful resultism (any positive result is a good result) or truth, and sometimes attain the highest glory with normal to extreme action and you are able to do your own thing.
4. See for the real world is to treat the place, or the world, like it's ignored unless something is important nearby, this is like you are to turn your back on reality (reject it) until you desire the idea again. Then use visions of the subjective world and idea of feelings within you, that means the others or yourself might gain things, so to tell what might come and manipulate the mental and subjective "I" world. Think or feel as you use intended words, that are right for the moment, this is with actions in directed point of view to achieve with physical activity what you need to happen.
5. You don't have to do this if you don't understand this, but to create the fact in the "I" world, this is with direct actions focused on the astral plane planet, or any otherworld and achieve things here as a backup or what you think is possible. Think to finally create worlds here with verbs and actions in the subjective "transient" I world, that is done for easy productions or thinking to do things without mistake.

So the rest is based off of the 5 pointed star system.

6. This is with the point, right as you would want with what you do and that doesn't fail and or disturb the wrong notions to provoke a reaction. As they see you as an outsider from another plane or area and it is to the easy way we go out the door.
7. What are wrong is the things that fail with bad results, sometimes indicated by others.
8. Think to treat others and other places like an interesting area or a test bed and testing ground, this is used in the area of where one can prove that it can be possible or measure up themselves.
9. Treat dreams like a testiment to prove out or ignore, if not useful and see the lucid or active reality as of a daydream, as a concept of real life to create the dream you want. This, the useful dream parts, then are bought and that can be imported or imparted, into the real world with a switched in action and idea by actions taken toward it, thanks to bill edwards. Act it out to get a more ubiquitous idea understood. So everybody builds on your idea and the idea isn't that this is used but to be taken as a good/bad example.
10. The parts of a power word phrase in a sentence, this is what the subconscious does that are used like in a speech, and can create a point in the world, whether or not what happens to be good, there really is no right or wrong. The effect is to use things if possible, so imperial goods are also to be good with use. Think and you can accept outsiders.
11. This is usable to keep impartial and interact by automatic reactions to keep a shallow appearance, but I think with deep thoughts as to keep the inner/outer balance. Only by cooperation of the subjective inner world of inner space, or the "I" world of 6th dimension and the outer world of ability and motion that's at least natural and allowable with not knowing by each other's white lies, so where truth is earned or used sometimes to gain friendship.
12. Where control and power are to manipulate the world and survive to not dominate, the idea is used to except a point in hostage situations where you try to win it out. Yet power is information and control is how you use the information to do things by actions related to the personal consideration.
13. In moments of a fight, try to fight it out or lose on purpose to survive like "take the fall". Unless in a opposable mood, that won't let you yourself run for some reason. Except to strike again later, thanks to Ranma 1/2. Otherwise talk the opponent out of it and add in their idea as if any is useful. Though as if an alternate route is to remain unnopposed and make things right. This is without any disruption not planned for by feel. Basically use the interruption as though an excuse.
14. In deadly situations of suppositions and basic idea or opinions, use regard to gain clarity with interactives, otherwise there's nothing.
15. If a disruption happens allow it in and its like a threat to treat things like entertainment or walk away from the point as if your not resented, albeit this is not done but only an act. So don't always do this as grudge matches or similiar can occur. See if you think you tend to not do things as though at home or for pets you realize are there.
16. Use a world and base it, the story, off something else that you and others want to do like a game. So don't point to yourself and don't piss off people unless you have to if to make a point, as it leads to paranoia or other idea, unless your happy as you yourself along with others might be willing if happy.
17. If a person be willing to share, let the point work as put to them and hope that they won't notice truth. That gets a reaction, so think and you know what to do. This makes for an uninterruptable dream, until you choose to end the dream by seeing a bone gray particle field. See if you treat reality as a lucid dream and a dream as a reality, then use action or idea with focus on positive results.
18. So your not removed from the world while you might think so, try to believe the world be yours to command like "the world be my oyster" and others exist in it to live alongside or live in it to help out by a feeling of fate only by information or white lies, but appear humble and undestructive or you might be taken as inhospitable.
19. If your tired of information manipulation, walk away and understand your goals with readjustment.

This is next in ebout as though it's a part to use information or how to handle it.
20. Any new information be added to what be applicable of idea or the moment or ignore with a change of subject.
21. Follow the golden rule in its many factions. Do unto others that they do to you. Other varieties The wiccan rede, 3 times to you what you do to others with 3 times the effort put out, The Golden rede, To know yourself or know others by their actions by 2 times the effort back, 3 times the length, 4 times the effect out (to others).
22. When your asked to do the activity you decided to do, you can make things seem as if your idea but they suggested the point. You can not ever lose a fight with this except when more than one be arguing. Unless assigned to doing things by choice of another that you agree withor of a high authority.
23. Most actions have to be investigated by yourself to make sure of a proper battle. Where a battle can be averted by seeing the truth before instigations, and blindness be reverted by acknowledging the attributes of the activity by comparison of laws that work for or against any action. This is done by the Basilicas (Basil-i-Cas).
24. If by fearful result you can undo events, that weren't to your liking otherwise intolerance sets in. But to fear too much makes you die younger, to live forever and be heroic. So ask yourself this 'Why didn't I like it?', "Is it too late?" If it is too late, then think to do something else.
25. Think to say what you feel and act according be to show the force of your feelings and desire, but don't beat up people beat up the wall. Revert psychosis where you can.
26. That means to be in the characters mindset and that is the way to just be the beat, if you have one then unless your in others realms where your the character you don't until your in your mind. So don't mind the weight, they have their own and if suspected then act a small part of you and a scene to create with a point.
27. So that means to be a part of a pose, then your more of one thats to be like us or whoever you want. Thanks in mind to the Dukes.
28. Seen is the fact to be of one mind is to be with the act. This is where action speaks loud as an individual point of perspective. So to do the true image takes a few idea, and then the idea is using an object for concept and vision or ability.
29. The with reason of rules its easy to do them, but you got to work with the effort with pressure. Thinking to get no assault result and on failure you get reduced effect to make better idea. You know it and then you do as its proven.

This is next meant for failure handling.
30. See to the effort that failure declares, seem well tried as respected is to be supplied and know what you do. But see if you don't know, then magic fills the gap. Allow the act, don't go insane. This works as though in insanity your cooked. Or your not cooked as if ghostly tribute worked it's wiles by what you do.
31. The magic fills in only for the glory or missing idea and that is the tribute for the effort. This is used in hand, to create what you can get.
32. The have or have not is the idea in mind with the idea you eapress, this works of fuel if not done otherwise. Then where doing things the supplies might need fuel or energy. So that means there is a craziness possible, if you know the balance. Confidence is a must, so use effort and failures by energy to provide. Like one time effort and two times the fuel or three times the charm.
33. Think to form objects and birds, present the act as the proof and after every effort play with something like a word phrase. Instinct acts to tell it right or some idea, but you do not attack. Use harm on the attacker.
34. Its to the truest account to bring forth energy by thinking something else. Any overweighed or abusive point there is a drainage point. So you be the drainage and drain the bad energy, that goes through your aura to the ground in energy form. So let's see whats your worth.

What I don't want to see be a disturbing people arise from this as a group therapy to the world. I do not want to be with this group except to watch them be to prove a bad point or become excess baggage and become destructive unless necessary. To find a person and so it is, not be destroyed by the contact with more of an idea of what to expect or help out. The conclusion he/she comes up with be because it is by the area, of what can be formed by the activity around you within or among other in places. What conclusions there are sometimes need clarification by seeing it firsthand or allowing what is done. The moment that your meeting an unfriendly person is then used to reject in an offhand manner, or accept with possibility of getting things.

But to accept anything of information, if over the line then you can walk away or accept the idea as though the info was there. Remember, there's often a failure to communicate and sidestep the idea with something else. This is the substitution effect as to reject or redirect the emotion in form of a reply, seeing as thought is there of physical or verbal actions. So think things positive and constructively with a rejection that doesn't touch you by feel. See the point for your not really there but here. So just truck with me as I act or spew members, I'm no more or less a disc jockey as its true to the point to make a spearpointed difference.

Allow time to make up for an idea and other things happen, be patient and things come to you or build the structure, by interest and there will be nothing except with enough info there to draw in people. Another answer be to not accept and try to attack forr the event with some type of similiaritude with emotional backlash, and subtlety or emotional brutality so do not do as whether or not try to be considerate as for considered animalism. Where animalism is manimalism I wonder if this truly is an amazing idea for moments be true in that it can cause events for which are not destructive and hardly any can get emotional enough for brutality. The only time I ever saw a brutal person be when they were pushed into it by voice or self-opinion in/formed from observation.

A general action rule to try, "only do what you think he will react to positively or you do what you think is possible as he will do things." Try what is possible and as quickly as possible with enough skill to count, thanks to Quikly Thomspson, Brown and Smith. The dead man walks I have a haven, he will collapse somewhere and not return but with taunts of about us I dare say so not. So again this is the beat of an ugly regard, think to avoid the dead by walking beside him, his scent is what masks you. This is near now that I am to the true essense of brides and grooms. As if to let the believable exist, think the idea work and that is what astonishes as to be like others is to not be noticed. Something you're obsessing about was barely even noticed by the people your worried about. As it's your nature to be above the moment, this is done by vigilante ism or thinking to worry less. So let this one up and go. It's working in a hard life, so most won but care nothing about the point except to be there for them. Don't be beating people up now because of a bad example. Like stand like a tree and move away afterwards.

A few quotes and idea that fit into the philosophy;
'The things of another are their own, with things spoken, and unless they speak it isn't to be borrowed.'
'If crazy then then its to not very much farther to direction your going.'
'Don't jump ship unless you have, a good chance to whether or not its a western quote."
'Bequeeth to those that desire but only when they are asking by choice in marine life and are deserving it. Be ready with what you have and make awareness of what you see but otherwise know it as a weapon for yielding. Know yourself before you know others as a point of reference, to get your desire unless you denied yourself.'
'Be sensitive by applying and not to all except to your good friends and family.'
'Watch what you target or work with as they can bite you back. For those of destruction and madness, accept what they say and appear to support it, if the idea displayed be good enough then use it for yourself.'
'If in crippled, don't be too bad, yet again it could get you some in the end.'
'Accept the tools given and don't necessarily complain. Unless you paid for it.'
'Have a little agression to those who do disruption and are disruptive to you.'
'Thus the saying be "previe maet amour" or apply to mate by love or devotion, as you need to mate idea or people or to make things occur.'
'Befot, Before making that final decision, Its sqeemy mie to go as you can. Still review everything, as you can look through exact opposites eye but control your reaction, so nay I don't think so. Like nags, its nothing so noee it's a planet. Be up to make sure tht not only do you and all have the info put to think your own. but yeur intrepreated motion is intrepreted by accurate measure.'
'I look at you and look like you but I m only that, as I myself am only arguing for the self and be worthy of your kind.'
'Now is it worthy or self worth. As if it might be if you might be wasting your time like haggismatk. To b of match from time to time to get the result. On peptlk to people who don't itis add to your own civility of life to don't have dejection to horseplay. I bel'iev it is time to take inventory an be reposable now take resolution and make it real as for anything add'hz fuel not to the fuel. So take inventory, and okay its kay as ok okay? Merk mark ! Its squeem, now squeeem! Stop! its not so so as it may be but it is to put more time into those who try to build you up.'
'Dop? Curing dope with ambassadorial effort. You get a chomp and thats all.' 'Irongaurd? now theres your ironguard, there it is. Its Feguard with antimagic. Its important as for changes that are in need.'
'Materialization? there it is as you think its there and there's an ideal where your a fixture in light. that you can use as though you fix things that are there to be repaired not me.'
'Your the coach, as your sociel commementaery is important this very week. Soe its to make up things as its don't yell but just do. Theres a reason for my madness, Its something you don't think about to put two words together but its one theme as but separate its a separate idea by things to makesure as to speak up and ae's se'i you mayby right its to act of seprate nature but its better to act for separate things and not for a cocksure measure making it seem like training as a sure thing. Make sure to speak up and don't let the deaathapy or apathy of others to make sure of your training that now makes you second guess as is impact. To be able review as a coach would and where the according to plez to place as it is.'
'Natural work? Its what you do natuely, in despair as spairalize and its natural to group or gang.'

The energy personally isn't perversant, the area effect is what to do as not to persuasive in concept or otherwise this can be what makes a person represented by N&!&! or other signature sounds !N! as a name of signature things. The energy in motion can be directed by thinking the whole can be accounted for by the parts, and that is like an experiment of the correct things to say. For the voice is vibrational and things are effected by the effort of speaking. This makes what you want by what you think to speak. There are several ways of speaking, with voice, scent, actions and reactions to counteract is thinking to be an act amongst many others. Because I don't believe it and nothing matters, just because you don't believe means it is true unless not necessary. This is the cause of cause and effect. So speak as if the parts aren't the whole to influence the whole. That is thinking by an example of an item standing right in the path, "This item isn't moving, so I will move around this by curve action or remove if possible to move around things. If to get where you want or need to go I will tempt fate incarnate and act smart. Unless I already do, then is the point i create by the spirit and soul. Defend if you need, but offend the bully if you have to have non at all.

Bilinguistic action, this then is make it look in good faith and things work. That seemed real but I remember this as a vision is possible." So try and fix evrything so family abusers don't attack. Its in understanding `as it's a point of what is convertion of language from greek as sig !&/Emit ^!^|Ng with correction, but if an idea is everyone had a voice there would be no personal freedoms. These are symbols of the right? They each have a defined personal meaning, that's like a scalar value in personal conception. !^| When tongues or speaking to use go greek they are the sig &!#$@ of tomorrow with the other thing that is it's as a correction and back again. This isn't seen nor `Eign# as how sig by Eas*%ng, the way it's amazing is you type the idea and if you can cleanse as though if you take a bath. It's Elrin if you identify things that were restored and then go back.

`This is where it's in your service but not your thinking process.'

You get better results to have known as bitterness is possible and positive, thinking as I am here if you are there in the other area as if you are there, if to be there you are to see a manager and then speak on the fact. Now let's test if now you must know. Be thou druid as thou are to make things but because of this I will go, that's because I didn't see the reason where you no as if to go or not to return. The point is interesting, given respect is there with a will. So turn yourselfs into wasps or something else if angry. Take the thought out of there as I will go now.

Through food I purdue and pardon as its calmness thats there and good so this is done as !#%/ or !so settle down. If not near, it's still value to this mind body and I thank you. Null broke notion ! . ! is this E!#& as ` ^ /&#! See if you don't have to pay for these, then if this happens you are with a free feeling. Mind is mine in idea to death or fate as mind over matter. I don't disown you for things, but that's in another reality in live moments as your idea of your inner world. This is a point that is used as a point, that use is a concept, stop and wait to create what you want as you get a complete idea if you do. This is a point you know and not do so you get better results.

See your as if in accepted by acceptability thought, that's what you do where you can create or not intention. Where you think you create and your creation is you as you make or create your area as you get and make activity by what you consider, that makes action with results and this will appear social. So as you are aware you win or die, as you lose your life then as essence your spirit will give or not die. This is a point or not can be what makes what you think, then as a concept creates subconscious in activity, you create in idea. This is what you can see or gnow, what you think creates in the point as in now you go and are somewhere normal. Think to touch nothing, then you create in idea and shift as you jump up and you are back to normal space.

Assume in that the actions you do, you create and concept a way as a point to do, of course that's not to do as a thought if this is disturbing. So think as you are aware to understand, you are cool and in thought to help out. If a concept is there, what you do you shift with feel, otherwise your not thought to shift and create a point. Think to make action to create a similar result, that means what you did in other dimensions can create part of what you see.

This is where your fixing a point with a moment, and only for need being there as it is occuring naturally in the world. This works as the effort to cause change mediates it with actions done sometimes by yourself or others. Thus we express as though we desire and use actions of voice/motion for theory and moment in rest. Theoretically we speak for the care of others thoughts and idea, listen before speaking or there's no room for others consideration, this is done by the Basilicas. Things we use is for the moment and your use otherwise as this belief is from an idea, think or not as what this is uses the point as now you see it now you don't, so then as your okay this is if your well. Think of the moment, then as a crew of two, you create as a point in desire.

So if no rule or existence exists in that space, you create in the body cells and this is what to do or do not push for in idea, that creates the area in the mind and the area that will work for you. Think outside the mind as your then to use things with your own based concept off others in work. There is a point that coincides with other idea, which is coincidence by point that is a concept when you are aware. So your free as you are not always answering, this is done by activity unless for the beneficial doubt as you need to get what you can or know is possible.

The actions depend on your moment to consider with moments of greatness, a momentary glitch, thinking in a moment of compassion..so with comparison of the laws, including natural laws or fer'ol laws that have rights beyond jurisdiction you get what you can. Thought to compelling is suggestion with the laws, think and get the idea if your right and time will adjust for the best of result.

Thoughts in law have some regard except to the idea in fact of what you desire as it's there or your thinking to give without warning makes this easier to accept in neurotic idea or you can act crazy like and make a point of humour to relieve stress. Movements are there to dispose of unnecessary idea or physically excess energy and then to know what to do. This is thinking done, if you don't know what to do. If you want to rule, rule yourself and others second if you can get an agreement or written contract in idea. In life as you able, your cool and hot is elsewhere that you need the idea to seem. The undoing of the idea is not actually there and that is stopping the action, so this I thought if some are doing things by thought before or as of the moment. There is a pause or quietness when things are about to happen.

So to sum it up, flow with thought as energy is from the creator to follow the rules and watch what you shoot at as you could miss, then worry only on what you think is not good or be wrong and react accordingly, that's because you could draw attention with a single shot. Work by feel if you can but don't if you can get away with things, it's playing by the only way of life. That works with the easy path, so think to go and do the way that suits you. There is a mission in this of correction and protection; the unspecified goal is there to project to correct, then to fix what you break without telling many of the point unless they watch or you think they want to know. This is a point in idea.

Your main goal is then what you think in idea as intent used to create or protect the area, and those that are within the place are what is sometimes effected. The second goal is for preventing destruction where and when the destruction happens. Third rule and most important, see to look before you go try to protect yourself. Then you do things not to allow harm for yourself, this is even with bad relation. With a bad relation, aka violation you can rule their purpose, thought and what action they do or not do. That's depending on how much power or electricity and that's from how much money the person has in life, this is useful to know as if you move away; so stay away and wait. People don't mind what you do, if they accept what is done.

Now if they can hire guns; then move out of the country and/or jump to another planet. If they look for you and you know the point, hire your own guns. The tyrants can be appeased, but by being there and standing up to them by a story and without bloodshed by misdirection. If this fails, attempt a recourse of reminding them of their promises and white lie to get them to do things. If you find too much trouble, then go for help by leaving the area or staying in the industry and use them as protection. Then, that's only if troubles against you. If you are aware, you are with a way to do things, the spirit allows you to know what to do with the soul's help.

If you find too little trouble or none, then expect some point as small things and disrupt the unnecessary activity. The point is where too much counts as a person in power, that to create in experience is with use of idea in thought from activity where your seeking to do things destructively. Just enough and you give a good act or act busy and leave alone. Just enough is the act of someone who is sometimes of a position or qualified by experience. They who think can prove things, their folley is controlled or they prove they can be qualified.

Think to create the correct actions that is thought to make as a point, that uses the things creating the right circumstances. This will create the thing in sight as the under reality of the spirit realm shows, or this doesn't create and the person you affect is known. If they who are capable of activity and are not example is there, think of both as action is equality and thought is situation with allowance till unnecessary so you allow them what they do. Think not caring is overqualified and being more capable. So relief is a point with water.

That's doing things at a job where this is caring for the area as results are possible. A place you navigate around and do or think, using thought or not doing things is now where you don't do the idea by what is with spirit use. The point is done, so if things yet doesn't do what is needed, then if this isn't against you your fine unless you want those things. So this is either a warning or a concept that is seen as deceasement, this in life is viewed by animated showings or anime by animus or then the spirit being observed.

Think of this as a fight scene. Beware in an out is averted action in thought, thought is there as nobody is hit or your missed as if a dodge in action and there's no point to react as this is necessary, the identity effect of which allows you to think your someone or there's things in use that is done in action. Then where that is of use is where someone else is useful as if in a dream moment. Sometimes that's done in realism, where you escape for not stated idea before the deed is done or tyranny can happen. If you face a tyranical person, then you can create a point thinking of the idea and needing the result. This is the silent power of words.

The other effect is the disaster of someone finding out, that you were a guilty party and that you take the dream ability, this is used by sealing the point or not doing what is needed. The last thing be with this on a player philosophy, and to sometimes on refusals or other arguements, that is irritation if not relaxed to recieve a sudden anger and return the energy. This is used as a surge or irrational response, that could lead in other actions. Start to response anything in like good and your in destructive notion or not doing things as nothing is existent. See as time barriers are from the existence, then you know what is there.

Not is some use as the point is the extent, think of verbal or activity idea that is done. The existence is a thought that if there is a need, there is a will to a way that is a point for that life that exists. This becomes nothing but unintendant thought as existant action is activity, think a point by what you will your use is your own unique idea. There no rule exists as thinking or intendant action creates, so imagined rest is a fix as you can create better results in ability where you are a point idea to use what is there if non-illegal.

Think and to hit release an object as never is maybe, the other person can do things better, though as you consider in things happen as you think time to do things for you. Now time and this time goes on as your helped by what you think. So as your not there, unless not needed is necessary or what is observed, think to be in idea to release the point. This is where you are in mind to think as you know who you are by feel.

Think and what you are doing is thought is obvious to yourself, some think and chocolate is thought out of the area or the area is vacated in use. Thought of the moment is the air in use and out of some point in the area, that is with a point and your in done concept that's out by a point intended in action. This is real by idea within minded act, yet your not insane as you are out of the stress energy that goes to the ground. There is nothing more as existent action, this is the thought act or not used as nothing is done.

There is some in "inteded" as intended acts of love and loyalty, nor your need as it doesn't exist for if there's another lifeform your existant life is another way of thought. That is instant reaction to the area, that is what you think as stimulated feeling as intelligent.

Since to have some sort of injury is before the strike like an end blonde moment, or (not a stupid strike or mistake that be unconditional or accidental), Inp is point in action by refrain that is conclusion to experiences and that is refrain by similiarly caused with understanding by deflammatory tissue releasing energy into the blood stream in the body so it's usually in time.

The idea is there to have almost no control of the body, since it's dealing with the toxin. The brain is forced to overreact and a clench occurs. The clench causes a body pause or somophoric stress release and this ends after the body messes up the thing being done or a accidental hit occurs. Too much radiation or heat can cause the inflammation, and that is including emotion from sensation except it's been known to happen to the likeliest person with neurosis as a result.

So think, as though an automatic negative reaction from thought negative ionic neural damages thought, this is used to make better and it's caused by too much heat or stress. That's leading up to dillusions that are death visions, this happens to such as people who are with their own worst unintended thought. The insurrection is considered somorphic reaction, so this is done as a point if an atheistic point or not using the only readable reaction or reanimatable and reasonable with wisdom reaction.

See it won't go away unless you needed no pain from me or no pain from you. There is using an idea to fix the idea and that is edit the source, that's if the source is thought as though energy and you can suggest what you want to happen as if a script. This is if a point in erased idea is a gone trait as a word is gone, then that's as the subconscious removed the condition that is making the point and you no to remove the illness before the condition is bad.

This is a known effect, so think and your spirit or soul does the effect of the illness removal. Also, the soul and spirit can create whatever you think and need, so this makes the point useful, that you create by the feel and make with the point. The power of words is what can more easily make things happen. This is an effect done by choice, you choose the point and the effect is done. If nothing happens, then you basically decided that you didn't need the point. This makes the idea where you think of the point and create with a willing participant. If noones willing, then nothing happens by feel. So remember the fact, that you can create whatever you intend to create, otherwise you think of the point and state the idea to get understanding using whatever means you need to use.

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Void philosophy by Warwick
Meditu plato

Authors note: using this idea below as a philosophy could get you into trouble. Since
it seems that to triumph may bring hazard upon others for this, the void in use, brings no
morals and lots of goods. An example of this be to lead someone astray and then not feel guilty.
As anyone has feelings, and thoughts are sometimes idea to be left alone. So consider void as
a negative, the reason behind this be to percieve and know void as a force, where gaining something
is bad or negative except the usage be positive or a good thing. Where in math a negative times
a negative by a positive, and two with two go together with something applied with each other,
added by Samantha and Suathe'de'denan. Where the challenge of this be to be a good mathmatician
and adventure where none have been or at least survive. One, you could save yourself the time
and attempt to calculate the distance between here and there, or how much food you need and how
much be left for the incremented by point duration. The void user will consider the effort to
continue without math or senses. That user would go willy nilly or king'a'bobby (for any which
way) and sometimes in hurry. For without math theres no reason. \ ~n

So if you understand this, as in agreement, then your like the author, insane because
with no moral basis theres no growth except for objectives. By reading the philosophy you might
become like the author, injust by crazy or insane, of which I percieved the mindset of the author.
During the time I read to review it I notice the author be sane at the beginning, but insane at
the end. If you find yourself crazy or insane, and babbling,then slap yourself or do something
out of order, unless you did it on purpose. As in part of the author it indicates, crazy be
saner and just thinking it makes it happen unless its not really going to to help. A saying "Du
Bepwar oneam", "be prepared (personally warned) on each preferred action", for nothing be
something and things coexist sometimes for hazardous intent. The crazy action can also be
stopped by thinking the idea isn't there and force yourself to not do much. Or just stop,
to prove the truth of this is unjust crazyness so just read the material.

The material

This way of void be to make amends for the wrongs by allowing void, to absorb your own
wrongs as a temporary measure of your allowance. Where the full measure be to own up to the
problem and see the truth for yourself. Allow disbelief of idea and that you can do as needed
with suspension of disbelief. Where void = nothingness = radiation particles = dark matter =
something solid or supportive like a brace. If its not there, then you fail utterly and with
supportive brace to achieve nothing where particles hold the object together so don't hit people
hit objects. Yet if theirs nothing then you are used to the person your near as if near
perfection as you don't have much to worry on except never say never. unless you want to
do things by need or to achieve the end result. So seek nothing unless you have nothing
something to work toward like attend a goal. This says to see things as useful and as your
with useful things, then it, the useful thing, at some point ends its usefulness as an idea
or let be as if it can be. Its as to be as its with me. If a good result or resolve happens,
fame be achieved by successful attempt. Like the honor goes to those who deserve it, and those
who deserve it will achieve by unblocked desire. With lessening of pain and assuage joy be by
the achievement and extension of time and usage of words. We of the indicament, are the truth
beyond dishonor if we prove out any time any plane. Proven is tht void works behind he scenes
and beyond work is words by deed and don't benefit by thedoubt in which we do of activity.

For to use an item or idea ends the lifespan or moment of the item per use. Only to
cause a new thing with each use. Thus the point is to be and believe in nothing, thus once
nothing is achieved you've achieved nothing and the nothingness be heavenly acts where one
could achieve something without any need of much, and added to this the fact nothing goes to
something and back again with nothing and without much and things could go downhill after. If
this happens again, then be careful of need that allows you to carelessly throw things away and
okay, be abated with being obeyed and as the body is the observer by emotional response, theirs
possibility of giving away things for free as charity with a insane motion called emotional
rebound. When it, the toss, "happens" try not to throw away important things where the mood
hits you as some fat women can do. So in truth, nothingness be in between you and somewhere
or something, so there in truth be no actual distance between except for appearances, so seek
balance to get somewhere as its wise to go for something for less or to gain more without
desires as with no desires it can only lead to destruction. If you gain more without conjunction
compunction then it makes gain or greed and disaster. Then you can communicate to others and
there won't be benny or any rude motions or shakyness. As red red wine, is sweet and is redrawn
here as dumn but isn't dumb nor dangerous. Thats backward, don't backfire as they reverse. Lose
intent, and thats all it is as its no concern.

For and again, to use an item or idea ends the lifespan and moment of the item
per use. Only to cause a new thing or event with each use. Thus the dangerous point be to
believe in nothing, one could achieve something without any need of much because the actual
case be to know the basis of what you see before you can get anything, for the fact something
goes to nothing without much in a downhill motion. Theres things to achieve without hope and
this becomes the need to bargain. If this happens, then again be careful of need that allows
you to carelessly throw things away but with a emotional response, and then theirs possibility
of giving away things for free and not just for repentance but instinctive unless denied. When
the toss happens try not to throw away important things. So in truth, nothingness be in between
you and me, so again seek balance to get somewhere and get something for less or to gain more
with no destruction unless in need or repentance. Theirs the sanguinity effect, "I saw the effort
as a person gets something for nothing, and yet your observed and that person might take it away
out of pique. To avoid this tell the person how to get it, if not a policymaker. For the policy
marring might make it harder to do." N&%!% !%#& is of the option to not make mistakes and create
a knowing by what is possible for the policy to work. Like what causes me to attack doesn't
causeme to attack. Instant essences? The way of changing you motto if essence is converted if
attack of infliction. Now cook or be okay to do. %!# thats to revert nasty reactions no more
no less.

Due to diverse nature of opposites that attract each other by representation, people
tend to seek and fill the emptiness caused by nothing, which be then something, so they can
get somewhere in life and along with other beings, food be an example by pleasure as it gives
by pleasure, as you notice people don't eat except for the pleasure to live. Thus if blame
happens to me, I think of the idea that I actually own nothing, so I think nothing of the
blame and it disappears and this doesn't count for purchases where you get something for a
note where I suppose the material that seems of value, actually means nothing like gold or
dollars and pounds for an object thanks to tv 9. Think compassion comes into play if you youself
seek compassion and correct for bad views but try not to be on gaurd to those vicious and all
is simple be of might. Just to fill up the void and to see things as you may feel better. The
effort of filling up the void lets yourself gain or lose without guilt or training, I treat it
like a hand-me down. Don't break your mind but use your subconcious with unconscious power. Be
unable for the effort not, and if your subconcious tries to do does its understanding satelite
and with some calmness be if by approach. The events you might experience, you live through
after the burst of indirective approved approach. Its all about the getting, to the point
where the prophecy leads in the idea.

Osmosis be like this as people's direct view with voice and probability and action as
radiation to glean information and to use it with the brain constructing it as a view, for the
prospective uses or abuses. Let use of void to disturb things that be so mote with chaos, a
dispersion of energy with a projected thought, and jealousy or other felt emotion that can cause
trouble, let void take form as a sucking force with a decision and feel the void absorb the
trouble, then dissipate. Free yourself to separate, from your body when you mind it by letting
go and insanity disappears. So to sum this part up, nothing goes from nothing to something and
to nothing again like nothing in nothing out thanks to Tron and Flynn from Tron the movie. Where
nothing be loneliness and insanity lives with craziness, when nothing be exactly something try
to divert the attention and give a good excuse. True action makes probable excuse, so the game
is the way out or in. If you think about it then your in as actions are based in free moments.

Seek to fill in for lifes missing parts for life has a proverb or lilcommen'g, try and
try again to don't do it as damages can happen and try to be compassionate so your nothing
disappears, and everything exists for you or others unless the time be right, so know the item
disappears from usage, only to see another form of the right thing, of a similiar time and type
again except for a small distinguished difference. Nothing be ever the same and everything be
just a pattern of particles in solid form and motion, but one can have a thought except for the
feel and know of it. If so, then the thought was produced as a product and you can remove it if
you know it, exchanged by smith and gleason. The nature of a thought be inverse and lawless as
you yourself may have thoughts, and as I remember from somewhere none can keep us from it, as
the thought. Where this be a will there be a way and what I use be the idea of destination,
determination and decision that makes it possible to get places also known as the 3 D's in
Apportation from Harry potter series. Where life be in regulated moment and in a positive
value system, by negative and positive feedback where the means be life if allowed that uses
positive reinforcement to create a positive uplift with detriment to be none. Consecration,
concept research and do something while watching ihn observance. Be in observance, while others
are watching.

To be calm and considered is the regard to those who are in law and with a bias that
diplomatic may be good. When this be truth, think of a hostage situation unless its nice and
no trouble. Where your hands are steady, try not to kill the attackee to save the hostage or
talk the hostager, out of holding 'the hostage' and with promises and guilt. Another prospect
be to gain the idea you use the desire and triumph by success in a vision brought on by feelings
and counted as the suble solution then with vision and by visual idea. This act will bring
to a person a sanity and life thats real for self, it did for me and I now consider reality
instead of the false reality of life and thats to be, instead to manipulate it for others or
yourself in a game of chance. Like russian roulet and one bullet. If this doesn't work then
you already have the confidence that you desire. To make a safe area, try getting a patrol or
policymaker in patrol and safeguard by placement the area. With semination its like life for
generation. Allow, and thats in a way thats not denial. Put something in it besides possibility
to decree and let it be understood as let it be let it be let it be. Be normal for people that
are looking at you. By work at something not beating, but the act of someting is soft beting
to using it as the keys are to be stroked to be. Accept hospitality as it is, but no personal
hygiene as if you wore deodorant.As the the idea here, is that as to be beaten the beater
disperses into nothing. Add in iff as iff the instant prisioner, is to be on an aid planet
meant for them as per use it is. Treat family like a clone of yourself or others and raise
time shields.

In narcissism as narcissa or narcissa faeofyn as self devoted or professed in philosophy,
which be self insanity and be void philosophy at the core that can bring on larceny as a state
of mind or madness, in which its the idea as people are useless to each others except to themselves
until the need or desire be felt, to bring results and to prove themselves out except those they
find worthy. This can cause in psychological terms, suicide unless the pain be dealt with in some
manner thats dwelt up by denial by adding to or changing out resources. Beware where the effort of
doing things for gain be part of the illusion of life and life be not forfeit, but unreal until you
make a difference. In this case if unreal, its not going to happen. Otherwise they exist for
themselves and others second but we're just here, for without tenacity and no need theres no
life and no pain and no gain except for nothing but void. So when designing something, and you
don't want peoples destructive interference through no small bit of pain and jealousy. You don't
care but you do care about this. So I will say this 'Try not belive or not be obvious to be
obvious as its possible for disruption and not to do desires as necessary. De devote to those
things that cause it and your pain go away but to take a breather allows to take a motion in
progress. So if your about to eat a human, think 'wrong food and be cool'.

Narcissists (neceseix) and often other similiar ilk (ilkli) are ill tempered and tempted
by the idea of fame and imfamy, larceny be also a plotted crime for the good feeling of it or for
the better end of the person, especially when none destructive or bad end. The action, as it can
also happen from this, the philosophy of void, can be twisting with no pain because void tends to
be absorbative and brings a calmness to the spirit even in insanity %g as if its possible that void
controlled the persons fate. Yet to trust in void gains you yourself madness and instability where
the motion of consideration and incessant crime be a cause and effect for ceasing effort of most
activity. I think they, the needy are a void animal to disrupt as they seem to think they rule and
in the area with disruptive intention plus intent by destruction be with your gain and as if you
were narcissists so lets take you or rule over your points and not care. This gains a hellish idea
of a chaotic "soothing" or kaer'lhoct peace. The claimant can have been possessed but the person
allows the void with circumstances or control with nothing. Not intentional be the idea of madmen
that follow this emptyness and void philosophy. In pain and redemption it will cause an unfair
advantage, you can take pain in an unlimited amount of time to continue with no disturbance. To
get a reverse to the volcanoe erupting, and its equal to temperature cooling down in the volcanoe
is similiar. Be it don't decieve it, its the evolutionary crox pattern. Act as if I didn't say
anything but don't assault.

To control or work with others, think your unimportant and then others come to
importance first, because the fact be I see more people who are missed at work because they
are se'em'ing steady and try to undermine others. For none I know, except a few in pain would
attempt an alledged illegal action and get hurt for it, not unless the pain and desire of will
overwhelms good reasoning and when confronted by a free action, its probably a giver by those
who desire. With three possible acts of seclusion you can get rid of the pain and motion peace,
and then there won't be crime, so I think. But when there be no controlling a confronting force
as a channel, then most won't attempt unless its for values like contracts, give or take with
possible threat. This, their intent, be because of bad pain like with contracts that restrict,
if any from lack of privledges and resources along with a little inner balance by a false inner
balance. This can drive a person unsafe and disturbing or nuts. Like things that get their interest
and yet one can dodge the bullet, if only to manuever around it except one cannot outrun the bullet
as in expense unless quick enough or if not given. For quickness, try dexterity practices and to
attempt a hand snatch of an expected idea or hand held object, when its done then your fast enough
thanks to Sean O'Connoly".

From Claimantcy be a quote "Once thou get your quickness, for peace and inner balance
find thou mental world or know it, and this be thou world that thee were priveledged, priested
or previously born in. Thou may get acceptance in the world thou are physically born in with the
acceptance concideration confidence in any action. Sometimes if thou can find it, or remember it
thou won't have to visit it. So to get kicked out of thou own world or remember thou inner world
is to make a power else as to remember it even on other worlds that can make a im/moral balance
of how to acquaint effortlessly to cause a positive corruption. Some raw animal attraction can
make a difference by using or amusing themselves with teachings from their mental "I" world or
"inner misfit world" to gain inner peace. Where the world be sometimes a place and plane as pocket
plane. Dedifferate and you'll get somewhere by indication of how it works, and separate in your
mind a place for each item because its by difference of action that we account for thinking." Work
with me on this and I will work with you. The world you you gain is the world of tomorrow. But
not to kneecap and it to break a spine by architechture aid. So its trebeched as a place thats not
what you think. Some will need more than nothing, so you might not get away with the idea of pointing
out nothing. Point out more things until they do agree by acknowledgements. Dumb, not that right there.
Its of it as more egress in and do then it is to be able. I wish it not to seem plumbus dumbus.

"Unno waegia" or "Beas beos tuwaegt" be to not weigh upwards again by weight warp or to gain
muscle, Seeing be belief but to dissolve away weight be a unnatural understanding. This can make
anybody with the right training have the charasmatic character of automatic method or similiar
to self-proposed leader. From your world thou can channel anybody to act the character of the
person, to act in a regard (act naturally) of thou choosing or if none then thy can choose from
observance. By projecting certain feelings thou get a reaction and thy can get away, or somewhere
as be by choice. So you can create channels of information through nothing to get your meanings
across by intimidation or concession and effort, or make an effort to get an understood intent.
To use others idea and associate them with your own and without getting angry at others, where
they allow for approximate idea and error correction of things to espound on and considered as
acclumancy (eklua or eclme), now in the case of things which interefere such as disagreements or
sabotage with yourself and others.

Acclumancy be not the option, Occlumancy or Icclumancy be better. Any of the three be good for
dealing with void and allow the "inner world" to be blocked or walk the land beside thou, by
including some of the idea of the person seen. Be in you on uncommon grounds and let it be through
werk. Ti is fun to work with time to do things and work with the group is better the group is
where you work. By work through karma support your work as it supports itself. I found this man
and left him inept.. ip that is all I needed. I am not sorry I did it and I willingly do it as
when the nuclear reactor went up it left a contaminent in the ozone and I got caught with it by
contaminent."paranoid" is likely to make you quit the investitute. Scene one moment and they
disappear even if the doors are closed, it has a residue or spacial condenser force for a presence
as it is likely to work to displace them and its to be like an extra person. With a rune for apes
and aspectus, by drawing the aspect in the effort as weight doesn't have to be too great to shift
with as its taken as weakness to be used as fuel. Take some damages, for the effort at hand however
no thiefing.

Use of Occlumancy (oklua or oklume); or the one act to cause a dissociation, by use of
drama and dreams to reconsider effects of meditation and to meditate it away or push with focused
energy, and laughing (if alone) and shaking the head to shake the effect off. To separate a bad
reality and idea from your own such as dreams and bad energy effort, think of the thing that
disagrees with you and laugh or shake your head to push it away by a force of thought. Also useful
with arguing that could get disasterous, with no other way out and this includes reverse
psychology. If I look around and might see those whom use this without knowing it, except
by a different name of emotional dissuasion. "Disaster struck at 8:11 and I had it all planned
out but now I need a new area to live in." Quote from Jones.

There be a negative version called dissing (dys) that confuses and insults from projecting
the negative vehement energy or venom, to consist of any negative activity voiced out or acted
out. When dissing occurs the mind can snap and attack to unsnap, and walk away from the idea and
will is the pomel where the mind is like Galen and a sword. When dissing be bad then the disser
might assault, and teach from physical blows for racial slurs and ignorance. Most racial slurs
are banned so its not a worry.

Icclumancy be occlumaccl (Atlantean channelings) can be to use acclumancy and for
integrating or accepting things or idea but only if it helps, then occlumancy to make for
disjunction and cause the idea to work your sub-c for a math subtitution of one value and
another, as you can control the how of the moment by being rejection but not the why as it
won't work otherwise, for your idea to take the place of the actions that occur and are done
by speaking what you would desire to occur, then the event, occurs like you say and guides
you to make it better. So to act out the part creates the moment and accounts for some Atleantian
channelings. Lets say we could get the entire history of a lost race and it wouldn't entirely
be accurate and yet carbon dating be also innaccurate except for other dating options like
hydrogen, and if I could visit the time and date of the race through Apport (teleport) or dream

I also have to protect myself from projectories, then I could see them for real and it
wouldn't take a moment to get their historical factor (value). Due note this isn't always allowed
to work by various factors of belief and area time of activity. The idea of this came from 'think
of this as your alive and your death here, but try to think in-between the lines and see the
pictures as if on a wall and then relations of your life and how it feels on the wall. Like
No bully, target, dismissal, concepts, promotion and a moment of decree.' As with a moment of
a sighting, seeing be believing where things are just as well as with passable objects like no
sting no stink the bullets veer aside or turn to rubber as you turn..and etc.

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Philosophy of Materialism

Materialism be the newer idea and philosophy of Atlantis. The materialistic view be, to gain what goods ye can. And prosper with an effects at hand approach. There are a few rules, to materialism:

1. Always gain the item, for the sake of idea and motion.
2. Look for guidance, on the importance, of the idea.
3. Don't let things stop you from achieving your goal, but remember goals can change.
4. Get ye handle on the moment, by focus and expression, then ye can calm down and get out the emotion.
5. On a moments notice, there may be blockages to the idea, ye want to make occur, so try another way and make the ideom, 'never give up, never give in, unless need be or forced to.'
6. Always be willing to trade, as the value seems fair or greater, for the trade-off.
8. Materials are energy and energy is what can manifest things easier.
9. Materials are what are solid and truly are existant in this world.
10. Immaterial objects are what energy items that exist here from the spirit realms.

Always remember this, be on guard for fakers, people that fake the moment, item, or idea, to get something greater, in return. Consider stopping when ye can, an make exceptions to rules, as ye consider the realism, of the moment. Be open-minded, as to the idea and value of the item to be traded, for your self-made purpose. Be fair in your aseesment and always consider the personal reason, until you deem it not worth it.  As, everything's related to the material or the object, in some manner.

Now to the idea of which they, who follow materialism, will follow as a guideline. 'Rule out the idea and through point of considerance, that is unnecessary. And, do what you feel is right. Feel free to use whatever intuition and instinct, or instinct guided by intuition, that ye like. Follow the pattern set, otherwise in contact, for greater elucidation or knowledge. Thinking things through situations, as ye do.' And thats about it.

Thinking and needing objects from the unseen spiritual planes to be here makes immaterial objects come and materialize. You can sense the object by feeling its presence. These items can do the same things as material objects, except spiritually and often hold powers that the mind can utilize.

Now, if ye wish to follow this materialism philosophy movement, always try to remember the listed rules, as a guideline. Follow them, without worry, and ye will gain from the idea ye try. And, if you find the idea hard to follow, focus your idea, and try to acknowledge the result as being your own. Then you will personally own the idea, as your own, that occurred it. And follow more easily what it could mean. As you explore the point, of your idea, learn to live and love and you will know peace.

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Pua manipa aka powermania
The power of manipulation and the Atleantian church truth

A quote from the Druid clan of Dana "Here's some more info to help broaden your
foundation...in our Druidic practices the moon be not just female, nor the sun just male.

There are specific times of the lunar cycle as well as the year, when the moon
radiates a masculine energy and be thus acknowledged as male. There are specific times of
the solar cycle or year, when the sun radiates a feminine energy and be thus acknowledged
as female.

In to every aspect of the natural world, we see both faces. Brother Air, Sister Air;
Brother Water, Sister Water; SunGod as God, MoonGoddess as Goddess; etc. We practice walking
in balance, which be why this past solstice/full moon event was wonderful for us."

The truth of this be up to you, and be very able to confuse, unless there be a
understanding of facts that are tried and not taken literally, It helps to have degree in
physical sciences and some math. There be an idea of people who don't accept and are very
adept at hiding it, they appear to use the idea and then remake it later without asking.
If the idea be despoused as stolen, then they humiliate the author or leave to talk rumours
behind their backs. The other type are reviewers whom upon looking at it will immediately
disbelive it by bad reviews before and believe it to gain distance and to gain no result and
then if their be result, they don't allow it or admit it. They disallow it by disturbing the
author and cause by bad criticism to stop the effort. To admit it, the authors right and they
were wrong, meaning they would prove a lier in the face of bad idea if they were moral and if
they print anything. Unless they were in agreement of some aspect of it, so they would oblige
the author to prove what they say by having them add in with alterations to the work.

To prove a point to them using others view be to prove them wrong and use a scientific
idea to support their work. If possible all you ever need be a good reason, to get them to
back down and change the review or their thoughts. Yet they and I can walk away from this
without hurt. Act as if it didn't happen, then they won't care and I can get someone else
to review it. Now for the backstabber type, lie to them on moment you don't detect it, their
lie as they are like sharks. They know the subject before the subject be talked about and
they are able to be taken advantage of, or to if its about a person. If you make a mistake,
then don't admit it unless its with a white lie as they could use it against yourself. Some
are not like this. If reproach happens and then leave it alone or act as it matters and fillibust
to overcome the others nerve, to act crazy and then say something/do something makes it happen.
It be up to you, I will say this that writing be important to be understood, but the idea is
to write a story and hope to get regard or sympathic idea for supportive criticism.

Only it, the activity of result may create a stir of activity in the wrong direction,
and in the humane person's including CSIcop case don't say the wrong things that stem against
people except their enemy mabey, as their humanitarians. In other cop's case or the good reviewer,
bring to attention something wrong or else, to do something with others idea or wrong in the line
of duty by direct confrontation and you yourself could be mistaken. In other words, don't pretend
to do the subject if your audience be a reviewer or revenge addict where the redirection be necessary
in the power of scope (of momentary memory glances) in no activity, as it could backfire or did
unless its in writing except in special cases where they arent mindful then double the effort
to be relieving stress. Most any possible 'be good' conditions from this are in dangerous writings
by usage of understanding to do bad experiments, ignore if they, the idea, could hurt you unless
its fire or people that don't like them as it can be noted as the same style and you yourself could
be hurt by impractical review. This doc be just history and a letter mention later. As 'be not who
we are but who we were meant to be.' As to be be the effect of credence we arent going to argue
anymore as I want to be apart of this as well. The climate change was due to the effort of the
world to modify itself as with actions. Including genetics deevaluated at a date unspecified,
its a part of a play with life in the center and people destroying by allowed actions thanks
to Paul and Peter R. Farley. 'As I take that as it furthering worth and not to be disruptive.'

As the same styles indicate or allocate the same source and different mind with several
suns. Unless, you alter it different and make it, the idea, your own beyond recognition of
the original but still usable you can say it and its done. Thus all suspician goes to the
creator or another who also uses the technique, I think "the effort of your effort be my effort
as it will get the same result, unless blocked by resolve for fear and doubt doubly ends the
result." by Saint John Paul II.

The realms

True to the realm, as vast as they are in multitudes of the states of existance where there is a existance called heaven as
its called where most who visit are surpassed by the hidden savvy of technology and technique
if in nature. Albeit some arent technology based and some or most are described as a mix of
things to be desired. The time within be 1/10th to 1/100th of a second depicting an ancient
planet that was considered Atlantis, The usage of energy be amazing! As one can be supercharged
in seconds to allot for nonaging. But the place exists within a building that allows for the
realm and accessed by mind and from anywhere depending on security. So the realm can be built
anywhere from spirits memories and the energy to do so comes from magnetic rock. And magnetic
particles that come from mars and other similiar. the building be conditioned to allow a motion
of a self-contained energy to allow no bad unless desired, and into sepulchural defined by
(rhythmic) conditions like a heartbeat. This be from another realm, as buildings do have a
heart and its usually the room with most energy or the kitchen. Stay with the area you evolved
in and hope to win or use knowledge as a win for effort and effecient mis/use activity.

The heart and house must be awakened to allow for the shift and the statement to
occur if ever to create a realm. Even if the person leaves then they can stay in the world or
wander into another by going into another, of the places and physical buildings, by feeling
the shift while walking through the doorframe and pulse energy. It takes a negative meanness
to counter the negative pulses from rejecting the bad efforts or allowing the negative come
over the god or spirit inside the body, with a shrug and a healing "of the body" by a drink.
The negative pulses allow for the place to shift and become "as the beholder desires" for
reality doesn't stay the same with such pulses, but one must consider the planet thanks to a
medical specialist. The realms are as the person desires and formed by rejection of idea and
things not possible to you yourself. If an idea works or be used in anyway, then the creator
of it can come alive again, despite the people that don't want it.

Where the original planet be listed as a white dwarf or quasar at
http://www.lost-civilizations.net/atlantis-channelings-2.html. Most weird creatures are found
in the realms gathered by collectors or just "wander in", but safeguards can be possible except
in certain conditions, such as low energy or low natural energy garnered by people in low
positions. To focus enough power and energy to achieve ability or "feats" or to accomplish a
goal with a considerate energy. To make a power feat be to understand energy and "pulse" it,
to create an energy effort by faith. That pulse be to cause what be focused on, as of energy,
thoughts, feelings and actions. A pass of considerate energy be to cause a recourse, a vibration
movement off the Planck energy level that causes life to exist.

Now some may confuse this as a seducement where you seduce it and it occurs. Where the
pulse be to recur an action by considerate energy focus. A small form of regenesis, where the
large form of regenesis allows a soul, dragon or demon for you to absorb into the body (any) by
energy infusion to cause your body to be demi-ized by the energy and the soul dispersed into the
body or to have an imprint or sub-c manipulation to keep the body in regenerative state.

A seducement be to use when your using by focus and hypnotic effort if a considerate
energy focus be done, if using regenesis even if in a little amount what you do be to permanently
manifest an idea into the thing pulsed. What you achieved be overpowered motion and that is
power hungry to conquer, because of self-addiction and self understanding, with and foremost
is the concern of life and evil. To say stop to them be to affect a negative or dismal effect
and failure. Then the seducer will attain a coercive effort and try to lie or connive you to
do this as well o take your soul as a price. There be a somewhat perfect sound barrier, yet its
one weakness be what it doesn't protect itself of. Physical blows that arent diverted unless the
barrier be electrified by being around electricity o using a tesla coil technique. Energy be the
key to absorbing the natural, wild, metaphysial, miscellanious and bad evil except of evil, it
causes corruption to anything touched in the end and this be if bad be allowed to exist.

The remainder of activities, be to note most arent evil after facing the consequences
of actions through cause and effect, and the pulse power feat be correctional as it rejects the
bad and replaces with good. Thanks to the Justice League. From examples, if good be condoned then much
is made good and very skilled by actions in its own form. As some good be considered a considerate
motion or very skilled in kung fu herein as practice of most things, mental or physical to gain
a skill. This kung-fu = skill in motion where wunjo be martial arts thanks to an unknown chinese
site. Belief and called faith be formed by the pulse and seduction conditions. Where faith makes
kung-fu more effective in addictions and actions of life. If you mix in a few word phrases then
the ritual ceromony be mucho better or to use a wiccan/druid/whatever ritual to achieve better
results also considered long ritual with energy pulse or regenesis.

Pulses - pusix

Pulses of energy are formed from the energy of gravity and polarized from effort from a form of outer
gravity as its also a form of energy pulled and formed from the core of the planet shooting outward to
be the beginning of realms and these realms influence the planet and are absorbed as of Osmosis and
some are not move of it except a little or on no purpose, the object. from physical radiation as physical
power, of electricity or energy impulse run by kinetic motion or radiation devising that result
in a conditioning of the item, body, machine or person and program with voice or by running a
marker device, thanks to Egore and Steve, The recourse effect be made by focus toward a goal
by energy to have any work effort. The ritual can create havoc due to poor thought, planning
and scattered concepts with bad consequences, A ritual can also create a special focus of overloaded
energy that lasts quite a while and sometimes it starts small to go undetected until its moment.
A lot of people merit or are considerate of power thats overwhelming and consolidate as to some
to get what they want.

Where its really energy formed of information or an idea to cause or curse the
manifestation to exist if the representation be realistic, what be focused by energy, can
exist from information and transform the body from within or without. So when knowledge is
balanced by mental power and physical physique, from the fact of understanding knowledge that
is alloted or allowed for. Ritual be a part of it, and with ritual can faith and ability work
exceptionally. By use of pulse and faith will it, the act not fail unless blocked or fall. As
the energy dies by falling down on the peak of action in progress or work. To block ritual is
to become prone and absorbative unless its a physical manifest, at which point its all indirect
as a (focused) force of manipulation. Some who take energy to use it be likely to puss at the
mouth considered foaming unless regenesis. As its energy thats very wild and mostly against
you yourself, so it tears you up inside with a deteriation effect that sometimes appears as
aging. Some might get corruption of body tissue and form fat and into muscle.

So act out the part to form reality with pulses that are yours, and form the energy
into existance (any) as with a hand crossing down and turning over your focusing hand, where
your focusing hand be what you write with. By the opinionator, 'The force of vision explains
this, but it looks and does.' Focus energy from your crown chakra through your body with with
rhythmatic force and change into a form by hypnotic energy by effort of mental music or music
and think of the form. Your form changes with the heart energy vibratically changing the form.
Turn the palms down and with an idea of releasing the pulse back into the body. Talk about what
to change, make an image of what to change into mesmerizing yourself. Talk about the parentage
to change back into a new form by thinking about it or make a noise and feel the pulse to get
the effect, where some think and become the form.

Think 'I can't beat it so I will do it.' The effect idea be to feel energy of your crown chakra
is to focus through the crown chakra, and this also includes what be noted. So to chakra focus and
send by allowing through the body and to the arm makes a person faint after, or almost after as
afterfect or an afterimage that tends to oblige the daydream effect. That be what you consider
fading as afterword your faded from reality into the daydream area if you want to go there.
Sometimes, what you were thinking about tends to happen but it really works and needs work, to
focus the effect by your heart or hand by the crown chakra energy and to absorb energy from the
wrist be using it for preparation. To be the energy be to bring forth a life pulse of effort and
make it do as be your will by double the effect. As my body be to represent the will I do appreciate
for the will represents, my body be to do as it wants. You don't have to be fat but phat as a successful
worker outer with my changes or your own changes. But fat be a result of bad diet with idea to make
up lost work. Thus fat adds more power by body and idea to use it as a fuel where power be ability by
blood flow, or order by direct focus.

The crown 'chakra' focus be with your head as it draws energy as with energy once in will go
left to right: Then turn palms down and then cross your writing hand over the other, to clean
metascientifically anything with an idea to clean easily or clean idea. Palm up with intent of
air or water energy and palm down of your opposite or both hands to yield with a exertion of
mastery for fire or earth. Another way be to form hand out and curled to stream energy pulses
including spirit. after this your likely to find seduction with seeing the reality of your attempt,
the moment of a vision or daydream that most won't see except if its shared for a daystream.
Sharing a daystream event be with 3 or more but one be to assume the role and speak it, the lines
to act, and speak it aloud and they might see the vision. Those that don't think your Insane,
Crazy, if you attempt more explainings by devalue.

The biume technique be to create a biume field of recodable live energy that
works off live energy and living personification and with motion (consumptive and unkind
as it makes other living beings do its work sometimes). With the biume, it will look like
it blooms up within a few seconds and stops drawing from the area then dies down. Sorta
like bootstrapping or kickstarting a machine to make it work. Stroke the keyboard or item
and feel the energy channel into the item, ie focus energy into the item but not to move
it unless necessary. and the item will do as it will but as you say even if the item goes
rogue. Its a personal AI and works for you yourself by regenesis and is safe horcruix making
where normal horcruixing be to use a killing or wrong to split the soul, this won't as this
leases the soul to the machine bit by bit. A safe measure be to take yourslf out of the
machine to create it, and make void energy by using each touch to suck the machine or keyboard
of the machine personality that be you. In energy in thought we do go on.

Also the machine can get tertory, a contemplative mood that feeds off attention unless
it has other energy like a maxwell demon for an auto or living biomachine. It gets tortory, a
retortive mood, if the being in the vehicle or machine be threatened and it retaliates by
retort. The tertiry mood be to know all in an area like a roadmap, and needs some indications
to the direction from the area and personal energy. Tirtiry be energy that allows free movement,
and it reroads as it forms the road at need. Tortyry be in relating a means to a way for the
machine as if it was in training mode.

Use of the blue flame of eternity makes for idea circumstances as if the energy is high enough, then the flame becomes alive from using a lighter, testing for energy level and think to increase the energy until it turns eternal blue at 1' extension, and then will the effort of work by the blue flame to happen as an idea with visualization. The kickstarter of the lighter uses a spark to start the flame and can add in the effort of your will, thanks to Roy. This causes an of the eternal ebany of an flame to exist even from chemicals, fear will put it out or get you to put it put out.

Now it, the biume, be a negative energy if emotional and the idea of its use be always
negative. Thanks hence in essence to Dr. Gorbitov, an alternative way be to focus on the item until it "takes life" by drawing energy and either way its noted to "live", thanks to Russianscientists, by an effective energy drawn of things near unless told to draw from the sun. Nowto use a setup like a gate with use of a unused area and then set up another gate to be as an anchor. Use this to send the effort of your will to make upto 1000% more effort by work in energy and physical activity. With physical work manipulated by the energy don't make it too tough, or the body gets bruised, your body and not others unless a natural accident and this might appear to the worker like regeneration. So in effect its to manifest a thing, between two placed area anchors or doors, to get an effort that normally wouldn't so work, but unless in an energy of conditions allow of ever, ready energy resurges or sources and unlimited activity scope. Thanks to a psi group 'for whatever' so for the anchors and for the example from the dimensional gating idea.

Theres a 10% drain so nothing is without tax unless you replenish immediately of energy
using the techniques and methods to turn them, the doubters to believers or the effect itself,
but if they have doubts, a 60% chance exists to be taken away or driven away by just showing it,
and 30% to be disrupted along the lines of the attempt suceeding and yet the attempt be reconcilable.
To improve your chance detail of it, state the moment that relates to the idea or flavor of a
philosophy. Due note: some distractions work by despair and by despairing people and for keeping
people in line, making for reconsideration like keeping people awake or changing their minds. An
important note: Outside manifestation be used by pulsing where seduction is suggestion and causes
inner manifestation and selfish intent the body unless shifted outside by rejection. Ritual use
be to bring both into play or just one for inner and outer manifestation, by cause of allowing
any focused exception. Any regret and this adds to a failing force, with raising results that
disappear. In doubt, use what works and proven by others intention.

The idea behind this, be to create a new creature or future event from the area of
energy, metasciences, and metaphysics, or in meta application like faith, I met up an idea
that be applicable and that be to create an idea to be to work it to understand and let others
do it. Some other, like psychic, unclairivoyant or clairivoyant types can create from physical
activity with a pulse, destructive or undestructive, held in the body and at will, this will
be the shield. The sex aid in this effort be to improve your sex and feel the action of sex
far more likely. Measured in focused amount of effort be % in minutes. Where the described
effect can create mucous, drooling with 1% in minutes of pulse focus as to hold a pulse is
to slowly age the body and it acts like a drug after 3% in minutes, By use of regenesis is
to create effort without drooling as the effect to do developement or dowsing for 5 or more
% in minutes at most be standable, and deadfalling be what happens within 10-20% in minutes
of falling down unconscious. Any use after a major focus will knock unconscious the person
after the ability can shut off, anywhere from 1 minute to 5 minutes or longer unless instant.
Some experimentation be to prove bogus flamius;

1. You can't really move an object as you can really do damage except yourself or another thing
designed for it by pulse, unless you achieved the tk (telekinetic) moment, and spin it like a
spinwheel or move it aside or other direction.

2. To lift an object might take a circular motion and use the focus of atoms to spin the object
and raise it up from aid of circular centrifugal force by visualization, of atomic red dots or
the atoms spinning around. Or to feel the object or person lift up and draw in the pulse around
the object as you do it.

3. Speak to the item or person and try to allow by suggestion to be bio-pk'ed (bio
psychokinesised) up or for whatever purpose.

4. Psychoportation - to shift by a will and with Destination, Determination, Decision from (c) the
Harry Potter Apport lessons, The shift force by the 3 D's and a energy release to pulse with
"shift there" idea or words spoken to the same regard, and visualize a tunnel of light to lift an
you up and there at the Destination with a loss or victory as rememberance. The to imagine where
you wanna go.

5. To expand or unexpand the molecules by a feeling of the object to change as to feel it get bigger and then smaller as for a shift and a energy shadow pool thats the focused energy near the spot or the whole thing to change it, just by speaking it you can change one small part or one whole item at a time. The idea of trying too hard will get you nowhere, and a change in your body too much be to destabilize it. To cause the growth and shrinking of the effort and object. The easy thing be for your own mass to shrink or grow by focus of your body part but objects are a straining by trial and error to do the same. Try as you will it will be harder to adapt a full locomotive to a larger track as rails are fixed. To take in energy from this be to gain in height as sharing one will to leach to another and might get things better. The absolute effort be to create a demise of one force with thought of the object, and thin as it may be there is a leftover effect from leaving off considered a link and any links be a self-developement or dead link that loses the link to the dead thingor they have a feel to self-accost unless they're de-linked.

6. Concerned location is to relocate and instant shift it technique by a focus with the atomic spin and
it is a rotation that wraps into itself and around the object not touching the idea with the
Deject the effort if it gets, to a pseudo construct hallucination or psychosymatic energy show
and think it much more. To not summon things undiscovery style, defdifferentiate or undesumminable
and it its a push of electrons as they form toward away from the opponent or object and that envelopes
it and a "high humor" is to be elated to achieve an air by 'tron' transfer to diplace it of red dots
and see the dots by shifting your focus to push it into the object and slide the dots to turn them to
waves under the object. as a "I dont need to get anymore of that type force" and the object is moving
as if 'repulsed'. Then think "Let be in it work go up up and spin" to get movement, and momentum but
spin is the spin platform effort..now once I could do this but it requires 3 monthes or less.

Its on conderes in the motion, as momentus and it
allows flights arrow or a flight of happy idea..like "multi-dues as its to quam-dues and as its
autocompletion by soothesaying. This is to relocate the force behind the object is it is to be
pulled or pushed as its to electrons and their force draw. Now to unfocus the "be force", and
it is not there to discharge but only if you think it. Its reason to believe that the condensed
forces are to to be revered and so they focus condensed. Some add a lava force, or red color
particle in waves in force. Still the effort to touch something and you unlink the extra if any.
If in true depends of a natural force of nature its a force to let go and "not in the pants" to
create a lift of reaction by opposites detract like magnet or particle force field. Like a better
man is try dediclam neurotics. To be releasing it causes the emission of nuclear fuel or particles
to create the effect in a true idea of life as it acts. This energy is tied to an anchor.

The perfect defense as a shield and healing be link both hands and feel the energy flow
with a 10% failure rate and can turn blows of physical and mental by repulsing, phasing away
or causing discomfort of or in people. Enchantments in this case are by pulse held in the
object by a touch and a life decay that be longer than normal, an increased half life. Where
and when fantasy meets life then no decay ever happens. Because, before the decay occurs;
fantasy will have taken the destruction and left nothing but a sickness that disappears with
the fantasy..only with alot of water will it not be noted and with disruption of phantasy comes
irritation or complaint. The sickness can be removed by a void pulse to disrupt the effort of
the bad thing, which can be any badly acting force. Usage of a demonic or positive pulse can
remove the destructive influence.

Resources can build on each other, as one person uses the idea, person or resource and
another thing, idea or person works to act as a raw focus to work by biofeedback, adding back
into the resource from the one whom made the resource or discovered it. Essentially the
resource be a path of energy and in an area, doubled in energy and strained if possible
of negative pulse by feedback in writing or use Energy be a rule of itself and ruled by
itself through conditions/relations. Still, and again one can worship to gain better resolve by
attempting to do for themselves an activity. But must name the source or think by feeling
and allowing the image to come to mind of it unless a machine, thanks to Radiology.

This can strengthen the source and effort of they, the people and God, or gain in
source which is what worship does with a ritual to whatever God. be named to you yourself You
achieve the "result" subject, if you achieve an understanding or know the reason. And you achieve
the reason if you know the subject by osmosis and example. You yourself can tell what the writer
does think on as with Freudian slips, or what you didn't say makes the meaning and understanding.
Its also possible to tell what the person thinks and what education level the author has
by what they leave out. To write it be to achieve it unless not intended to happen where
an attempt on it, the action be to make it happen.

Often the mistake of the writer be to attain a goal and disprove it by blatant lies
for the effort of it, the attempt. So, try to write as if you know the subject for smart
appearances. To get things right, use with information gathering from anywhere including
examples. Even if you don't know the subject, you know it after you start writing. You can
"fig" it out and if you want, you yourself could have others to look it over if you trust
them. So try to coach the words to yourself and the audience or you yourself won't get
approval by the reader, even if they don't like it some others will like it.

Get the peers viewpoint and add it in, even if disliked. Write on the level that
you know the material and the target reader group, know it with understanding but if a few
terms are unknown then use examples. What cannot be understood won't be understood and if
a zealot be reading it, your material, be tricked because the zealot won't understand what
they don't want to understand. If there be no zealot trigger words of their fear, then
they won't be afraid unless they are somewhat like a pure christian can get near a satanic

A quoth "Truth can't be denied unless disproven". By General Washington, "The idea
is adroitly recounted only by effort and similiar with placement where most can try condone
the truth in it. If overproduced as a idea producer, it can be discounted or produce discounted
items." Where an aid be an act of kindness in any case including where no amount of kindness
can persuade, hostility as in the idea of Washington "try and be like that which be (existant)."
In the case of methodology and pulsing, "charming as it may sound, don't always do it because
no drooling and remain alive where undead if too much" by George Schueraeg. This in fact may
cause the living undead to walk or a necrophiliac fear to rise, upon seeing a body come to
life. As reported http://www.unexplainable.net/artman/publish/article_2010.shtml.

So useful be useful and things even out to be wasted if not used. Some useful aspects
are negated if done at yourself of negative and destructive nature because its your aura
influenced to filter the energy. Originality isn't always improved upon by changing what
others state so quote the rest except for your own. To take what they say and put it in
your own words allows you to do it, the statement, without quotes which can lead to the mistake.
The resources are counted as self-debilitating or self-building and feedback energy
creates more for the resources. Where most attempt to know the idea if you know the
reason. Consider it bias, or moisty motion, and add in to achievement of work to gain a good
reason where a good reason can exist as good bias.

Now we are talking about the further influences to energy as its to use the moon and
sun as a indirect source of male and female energy. Its these forces that direct the conditions
behind power. Infini, As for Infini, every living thing contains it, obviously. When something
is used, Infini be acted as the fuel, though Infini be never actually 'consumed'. Everything,
including Cosmeria, be the general conjoining of Ether and Aether into Akasha or united spirit
(Animus) and mind (Nuero), it defines the wholeness of the universe and be the giant container.
Ether and Aether act as messangers and gain divided power, they also act as the rules and
boundaries for the universe. Basically Akasha also has the attributes from both Ether and
Aether making gray matter that be imprintable only once per action and reimprintable once per
attempt and it forms in any shape the wielder wants plus invisible at first. This gray matter
is made by a negative attuned, gray film layer with an idea of creation that incites the layer
to be neutral with either red or white particles to pick up the imprint like a rewritable cdrom.
Life plays the cdrom and memory be the video or scenes provoked by feeling from life.

It transcends dimensions and be reality itself. This gray substance, Akasha, be usually
impossible to wield but unburnable with the third eye and imagination that you can wield because
it allows you to wield. With Akasha you can make anything work for you or do things. Its the
strongest boost for any spell or psi skill.If you tamper with this element, it would be tampering
with the fabrics of Reality. This may not be safe for those who do not look ahead to consider
all possible consequences. The energy or byproduct of Cosmeria be to have power from both negative
and positive, like with doubt made from bad prosperity and similiar or chaos and lack of faith,
thanks to Broswell and Roswell and positive like faith and any belief including the lack. Its
truly powered by both, light and dark.

Although, cosmeria would combust before it would destroy, as to do a negative with it
dispells the negative that causes it. With this, too many things can be unaffected by both sides
with a concept that sets the sides almost against each other, The binder should be a white lie and
redirective type that inters both sides as opposites of each other and hides that of location
or shields them both from each other. Universal with negative and neutral bindings, was derived
from Infini. You could think of Infini as the light that hits a prism before it divides into
seperate colors of light.

And because of this you'd need enough power to force the seperate colored lights
(elements) back through the prism to attain and control Infini. A feat that has thus far
been unaccomplishable. The easy path to infini be to draw a triangle and an inner upside
down triangle with a dot in the center. There have been some cases of people all of a sudden
encompassed in a golden light. Everywhere they look be golden, though this doesn't last
long it's a wonderful feeling. This be the closest (in my opinion) that man has ever gotten
to infini. INFINITE. There be no limit to it's power.

Well, all I can really say, as to it's potentials....It's just like it's name describes
INFINITE. There be no limit to it's power. There be no limit to what it can do except to overwhelm
other limit from the limit of their choice, how well it can do it, or anything. Like I said, it's
like Godmode in a game. Not just godmode like, doubled health, twice the attack, anything like
that...Godmode, like, nothing can TOUCH you. Nor can you TOUCH normal magic or energy to achieve
the result unless you switch to another source because your immune. When immune your likely to
not be effected nor want to feel the things your immune to.

It can be focused into a weapon, and when you do that, the edge be like, so sharp that
it's down to less than an atom in width. So if it touches something, it just slices straight
through And when you slice all the way through, then you can either let that body dissipate,
or there's like, a few particles left, and you can pretty much do a lightning infini effect
on them, where it just destroys them from the inside out. Pretty much, I've told you all of
what I know, but. It can be used to make any element you want, new or already discovered.
But you know that.

Infini-Fire, though. When it touches the target, it litterally destroys the part of
them that it touched. If only a whisp of it touched a part of their arm, it would pull a chunk
out of their arm. When the flame's gone, that part would be just... Gone. That's pretty much
how all of it's forms are, though. With it's Water form, it just sweeps the person over and
when it passes, they're gone. Its basically infini, the lightning. Oh god, I haven't even ran
any simulations yet on that,.it enters and dissolves as it the infini lightning occurs from
within to without. But it's wierd...Is it normal that, when you find a new element that no
one's ever used before, you know exactally how to use it? 'Cause I see it's full potential.
And it really makes me want to hide it. Where Aether be light infini in focused form and laser
x100 percent. This sorta gives religious experience or glory points per use as it can sustain
life even in things that aren't alive like objects.

Create the fruit of life from the tree of life or a fruit. use an infusion of infini as
the program to the fruit or seed and it creates knowledge of the soul, as in a awakening of
memory and ability. The two together are sometimes experience and ominipotent ritual kung-fu
ability or old vanity like in your favorite habit or action. So its similiar to the tree of,
life or might. Where the might comes from ability of the person's will and desire to understand
and conquer, along with ability focused for warfare where the tree of life be to support the
area and protect it while giving knowledge, the might tree will consume the area to support
might and destroy it in the end. This Infini be a great chi support to Western mysticism.

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Per grupan miigagan grupan
The peer group, minigang or group.
Bij Spellhawk

Just remember "To coin a phrase 'I hurt you not but we learn from each other, I learned from you.'" from Nostrodamus.
My point be that I give council to give advice and treat people better, and for a better relationship to treat the
people with respect. The aspect most don't get be the minigroup be the established teen group, or adult group of less
than 10 but more possibly more... run by peer effort.

An experiment I did, not to be repeated was to create my Dragon as an effort of group interaction and make
a physical representation to prove my point. To evade the damage and restore as needed, but the damage can be redirected
as with water or arguements, to use an element as a focus. To separate the focus for the element fire and went out
to represent the relationship by wax holder objects into a large open container surrounded by water thats unmeltable
with small objects that I put into the unbreakable contained area, to keep it surrounded but not by trash and render
it safe to watch. To also set the element in an undestroyable/unmeltable container or material the be important so I
did. Take this as a subject. So I again removed all items near that are burnable with nothing around it
and a safety precaution to be to make the moist in the surrounding be back to create a safer
This environment represents the area a group might talk in. The speech and coucil went well
as you might say, but with the wrong environment it went not too bad with water around as
a soothing speech or right to hell by a bad speech and the damage was contained. I nulled
the field after, then went to look for theright spot in case of the better area.

To know the area and look for the best solution like a dug pit or well wet area and be to give a good subject. To
use bad skill in game and appear able to do things better than the other be to make the other underestimate you.
An example of this, I found a way to make a better candle, use lamp oil and mix with liquid potpourri and alcohol.
then try to get and shake till its mixed. the oil should be mixed and changed to a thick solid liquid. then mix
with wax, but don't add in the candle when burning it unless its especially different and possible to contain with
an unmeltable container. I got citrene out of this and an mostly undamaged home with a well tested, and sealable
container of unbreakable nature.

citrene = to durance candle and allow a condition of never going out, lamp oil + (c)dragons oil (alcohol + herbal oil)
+ potpourri but this can be put with water to put it out. This can cause inhalucinagenia and similiar disease if inhaled,
and some solaria effects causes many elemental forces like water or air to larger manifest. The benefits, it needs wax
to use it and won't significantly work without it and won't shoot up flames like oil except it takes a few minutes, but
can get just as hot unless mixed with liquin and upto 600 K. However it can be liquid wax if used right. It is not advisable, despite what this seems to put oil into jar like thing.

To use an alternative person or self from an alternative and also cross-alternative be to live, but if you attain death
they can switch in. but not if they look like you as they transform into you and your alive again or you transform into
them and they are alive complete (compleat) with memories. They can switch into you if you die however, but use be likely
to transform yourself into them and if they die they deter it and your alive. So an unkillable enemy can be kille if you alive. At least try not to outlive your purpose and if you do find another, try to cause another problem elsewhere to
distract the trouble away from yourself. The weight of the moment be the weight to bear, a process of consideration in
a cause be to be the winner and decider if things are right and understood. To project a person as your self but in another
form can get you outta trouble. Like in solitude we can grow to adapt to new situations or sinuations, To coincide is
with crazy acts and they consist with destowed or de-established moments of being large or consist by becoming better
From cleaning you can try to keep the disruptance down plus Germs that are likely to do as need be desired.

Describe your problem to you best and you might get useful advice, using signals be to get attention to be spared a
life of destruction until its separatist behavior due by patriotism of other types as dispersed in chaos, For subsummables
are considered to appease like sweets. Thanks to Fr. Eubah and Saint Jude. The consolate are desparate to keep control
by means of many ways and calmness in peculiar idea so to not be described as 'bad', and get a neutral standing from
opinion and good from people who are pious by temptation. To get good results by a good standing and no ill repute.
To get believed swear your truth from your opinion and fact based idea, swear it with good intention and make what
certainty be possible and don't try to expose reality as different from others except its counted as bigotry. As intent
is possible to make a peace from observance with no known reason, forbeareth or for no reason the natural responses.
I was figuring the truth for worth of the varied concepts, 'dare we tell the truth albeit from the example of my
master we tell truth as a tertiary test of moment for terrony (villainy), an issue forewith or to play with. From
initiation the way be followed by consolidation to keep the idea intact, the things done added to rote and new material
included for a new day will come. To seclude and force by enforcement will get you discommoded again.

The desperate be associate of a collusion of stars that claim attention to moments by position. That test be allowed or
undeclined by natural law and declined by misuse or natural inclination of brutality for fear of being banned. So endure
in freedom of what you do and how things are possible as with the test, that can still be done as if theres no banning.
So if you think of this, you can make something of it. Fear not with excommonities (examined explanations by area)
forthwith by decree, of the idea and self service to self that if the community by area be disturbed then you can
excommunicate it. To get rid of problems talk on self-promotion by use of belonging and with use of others idea, or
if no people then theres no idea and its instinct. To create by an instinctive need thoughts to make for better, that
are expressed by 'create by a means of self-commotion or acting on instinct and get more out of the experience', as
by self taught idea. You don't have to give to know or be known.

A direct threat be dealt with by a force away by sitting and use feelings to send outward in dejection, or think 'snuff
out' while feeling the fire and seeing the fire go out. This works on people so not to just sit there for fire, attempt
to actively put it out. To allow yourself a chance to fix what be right for use, or wrong as a condition take one item
like a candle and when a problm occurs snuff it out or blow it out. To anull sometimes you have to get someone to do it
for you, unless you do it for yourself in time, but you can work in teams. But don't beat a dead dog twice, stop in what
you can't do because to beat a dead puppy be harassment. If it somehow comes to life or they can try to harass for bad
people, or vouche for you if friends or forgiven by voucheproof. Quote by Paul Schaffer 'A failed man be not to be
listened to as they can go on thinking they are doing good where they didn't. Pushed into actions from any source, but
to be lenient in this case be selfishness so their likely to go beyond and abuse what be good or abuse what be evil.'
"Once beaten never down." thanks from financial leader.
To stop it do just like this, turn direct hits and lock a closed door as sometimes a direct force can target you, from
time in existance or in memorial so be desistant for people and absorb for other things. Then target it, the force,
with its opposite or again blow it out by some force. In the worst case condition there be a vision that the brain
might see but the mind interacts with, this vision shows you the best possible motion and activity of what you'd most
desire. You can use this to escape by as when visiting the inner plane say 'up' or down and in the moment of panic and
your act decides you to cause your escape. For thought of self conclusive integrity, use the concern of what be in need
to get desire by devotion. As you go to a faith get understood as a figure to be around, a notoriety of understood idea
and alot of accomodations as a famed notion. Albeit to have something wrong be to to be easier to forgive or to bear no
fault as it was an act of faith.

Some think it be forbearance or old acceptance by fault of a fault to us that we don't respond and are split in some way
so the truth be we are not dessicated by a fault, as to best ber (best bearing) no blame be to be a true believer as we
formed into an alliance of understanding by wanting to put people into line of knowledge and nondestruction by destiny
and self-proclaimed faith, we have independance to support us and so we try to do as we want, so far for the right of
the moment in porportion to others, to devolve distinguishment and make for better pricing. For consequence of things
not designed used with perdition and badly looked at be to credit the person by high desire or desistence and support
as to write and speak, with actions to commit the person unless forbearance as ignorance. To point out after its done
that its their plan that continues. For the true effort use convincing and you get somewhere, but with others that are
too similiar again, it could cause war from jealousies but not with brother/sister (with blood) as its disgruntlement
or its family (karr or merit by full line of support and intent). With the gang its betrayal by fire to the most fit
whom no doubt try to comply with unknown laws but not in open sight.

Things by D. to be spoken with pulse, 'Don't be bothered by self-sezaria'. calls a dragon flame or volcano, as to what
or whom desires and ignores the disasters around.
'Don't be intempered self-sezaria.' as a soothing of flame force or disturbance removal.
'Don't be intemperance bij self-sezaria' creates a dying flame that calms it down.
'Don't be bothered by self-sezaria' be a wonder blow.
'Don't be self-sezar' or 'Don't blow a hole' makes you like ceasar for a month and immune with slight avarice,
'Don't be illusionous self-sezerk' makes a safe point of contemplative idea to illusionous motion and prevents
dillusions. [Immunity be possible to beserk making poisons or insane making desires.]
'Don't be self-selazar' or 'Don't du self-selzar.' creates you like the dragon selazar and turns the tide by
devotion. Similiar for self-sezaria.
'Don't be self-assertive self-sezaria' as to turn things to stone from other material or get your desire, whatever you
do you don't turn yourself into a dragon unless you have to or don't turn yourself into stone.
'Don't be de-plundering' turns you into a drake of many colors.
'Take it as it comes' for absolute tolerance.
'Don't be obese se-suzaria', or 'Don't be obese self-sezaria' removes fat real quick as per pound a second and
coverts it to muscle. The process on record be to convert while exercising and acting under your own influence.
'Don't let me die self-sezaria' makes you immortal.
'Don't beat me [name here], self-sezar.' or 'Go out bij self-sezaria' doesn't allow your body area to be hurt,
'Don't take shit unless you get something on asking' or 'Take their shit and then get something', as it will get you somewhere.
'Don't do medico [seazria or sezaria]' puts out any flame and can get you in trouble but you regenerate.
'Don't b not don't' stops the don't.
'Don't eat self-sezaria' stops the flame from fuel which be anything that burns.
'Don't be a medic self-sezaria' or 'Don't be dumb.' cures burns and similiar.
'unn-self-sezaria' stops it but can start a flame because what starts it can stop it.
'Don't b self-selazaria.' transports you somehow on decision by influence of below from the core.
'Don't be great flame' to cancel the greater fire of faith.
"Don't not Neuro sibuosis", is to narrow and cure neurosis by sibling .Its not in the sibling
it outside. Now with the proverb, "Wish it be however it was its still going to be how it is. Now
witness protection program."
"Don't be flame knowledge, be okay it legit.", to cause no fire exploration and no burning down of area.

Some word phrases, some idea translation words that were used. "You've wrecked my clothes
my house and my career now you want my living. Plastic, thts all it is."
adeos = get it, get up, thats the ticket, farewell, ad'os, got it, outside.
bestown = be bestown, be slender, beastuary, wariness, best owned.
burn = flash burn, for bar, to bestown, be bestown be to be fat in spirit, give to, forbear (ban of bad) sometimes
use ice for positive and fire for negative.
bycar/bybike = by car, motivated vehicle, motorbike or platform. biker. vehicle ala hover
ceien = ce'en, power flow, blood sing, Sela, Sing, surge power. overeat
console = with act, to decre, denied (by dedication) or streamlined, denial.
commit = with actions, with crazy acts (touched), committed or to desist, dedicated, concide, coincidence
desire = etu(e), et tu, to be 'to be or not to be that be the crazy motion', destiny
destined = for those, to the, to those, destowed, to bone or strip to spirit, destined fits of poverty.
dislosure = to disclose, to have, to distinguish, to impeach, to bestow.
discourse = to hold, from law and order thanks to diez 'to have and to hold' or to disclose or discourse.
etube = be to, to discuss, written on, cursed, aim.
forebear = crazy fit, forfeit, not to be mentioned, ignorance.
forbear = so for, heal, de tude, to allow
n = in, in to, into, ing, no.
mis = tu fe, no attack, miss/ion, lady, no or know, miss stake, nuisance, to fail/ure=fail allure.
quet = to know, to quiet, shed light, quartet
shepherd = beekeep, animal keep, to trap, to inhabitation, toward innovation
stream = to flow, concourse, to talk to spirit.
soul = so to, seul, so to be (as now), uninhibitive.
suggest = to hear, be clear, to do, not normal, abnormal.
writ = write, disrepute, astute, as to or as tu thanks to Sylvester
hopefully = incidentally, look to the sky, have hope. incarnation
move = movie, open war, with blood (not open veined or not cut open), rivalry, family, full line of support, karr or carr, quamat'k.
trans/lation = as though (in translation), be nought, transfer.
translat/ive = in these, in this, run across, bizarre, not know, tragedy.
walk = tread to, passby, passer, pas tu.
trespass = tresspass, trail making, tread pass (tread carefully) like in mountains, pass/path, walk in, in permiss.

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Sere gamury
Sacred geometry

Sacred Geometry; The angles are important as they did more than act a measurement with event from
sacred geometry, however they are still just a number and th degree be represented as x and a multiple but in this case its as a point. Where, 'This be a disbeliever but it works', from Hiemlin. Energy be work and work makes movement cubed for things that are inert, and this accounts for how much force or movement the item does. To use it for math is to use the digit times the amount of time and the pigdeoned ones idea is without decimal in result. As you read this 'Try not to be the dictionary, you aren't the geometry.' Thanks to the rock'n'roll band.

94x be the void angle and also 1.37x for cancelling out idea and causing manifestation which work with each other, a right turn and focus by lunacy or feel to evoke the desire, and the desire comes about and at most nothing occurs and least be memory loss. 94/1.8=52.2 J/s for how much energy be generated for use of chaos and emotion, 1.37/1.8=.76 J/s used by the body. If you apply more energy, you overwhelm the cells and create a concept of overwhelming deadness.
92.1x is to be able and effortless as to what you want, and it is.
93x be repair or fix by correction for steady flex from allowance and flexibility. 51.7 J/s to correct with
or deform.
92x be construction on a cosmic scale by reconstruction from necessity or as be in construction of materials. 51.1 J/s to reform material.
91x be training angle that gives to alerting you of corrective measure. 50.6 J/s to alert you or someone else.
90x be the joining angle or the correct as perfect joint and joining as it takes 50 J/s.
89x be a receptive angle something thats acceptable as off or off-kilter, the odd angle. Like for hanging pictures I would get disturbed and try to fix. With 49.4 J/s to feel odd.
88x be moistless and understood as dry and ill humoured if in a person. 48.9 J/s for dryness.
87x be response and personal snap angle. Hint, this works with the wrist if held at the right angle. 48.3 J/s for a snappish response.
86x be where steam appears or anger be appearant tost (as most) in a room. 47.8 J/s for things of appearance.
84x and 74x be radiactive shootoff or fight moment and has 5.6 J/s.
83x or 85x be where a whisp of smoke appears and with molecular activity with constructive comments and aggravations made from energetic actions related from human actions. Basically where things start switching around or get screwy. 1.1 J/s for very odd things.
78x a point of nausea with heat or illusion point 48.33 J/s.
70-75x is to hot cool flash point, where it turns warm. Its in threes of angles that it starts to turn warm, 15, 30, 70 or 15, 35, 70. Finally 16, 30, 75 is the last true combo for turning things up in heat or to be done with holding something.
70/1.8=38.88 J/s, 75/1.8=41.66 J/s. Its 38.88-41.66 J/s for convertion and management
of material.
68x be a consolidate or considerate view. At 37.77 J/s.
52 or 28.9x a constructive view, as what happens when the angle be reached and changes the point of view, or the person be held with a 52x wrist hold. This be only allowed description of the hold where you figure the angle by a touch. 16.1 J/s for constructive effort.
30x is the sickness by motion point is 16.67 J/s.
23-24x is the sickness without motion point 12.78.
18x to 3 1/4 for building up energy with 10 J/s or this is varied with energy buildup. The energy buildup slows over 50% to not seem buiding up as quick from sickness with senses, that is for the Pi /1.8 = 1.74 J/s that uses this is sometimes slowed to with ideal drinks. This is energy use by feel.
11 3/4 or 11.75x as an angle = jar snapping point (as strong or thick resistant material if not snapped before), 11.75/1.8=6.53 J/s.
11 1/3 be 11.33x and counted as the tilt angle or moment of disaster, 11.33 / 1.8 = 6.29 J/s.
11 1/8 or 11.125x angle be load snap angle (weak to semiweak materials) = 11.125 J, 11.125 / 1.8 = 6.10 J/s.
11 3/25x and 7 2/3x be 11.12 and 7.7 make disfunction and disfigurment and mutation as 3.42/1.8=1.9 J/s to achieve it.
11 3/52 be 11.06x counting for great disaster and the world tilt which as the world spins it generates
11.06 J/1.8=6.14 J/s.
10 3/4 - 9 3/4x snapping point where anger be or pick up angle of 10.75x-9.75x = 1/2 = ,5/1.8 = .28 J/s.
10 3/8 or 10.375x be stress and Chaos point as failure thoughts in J and 10.375 J, 10.375 / 1.8 = 5.76 J/s.
8 1/2 or 8.5x as the inert matter or Cosmeria amount in J for universal background radiation, it describes creation by how much be divided in Cosmeria and to divide by 1.8 be 4.72 J/s of work done by cosmeria.
8 4/9 or 8.44x be the Action of work load with maximum action per work sec and perfect convergence of J of action or 8.44 J/s or ft/s as maximum ceiling.
8 1/3 or 8.33x be the number per energy use in 8.33 J/A(ction).
7 3/8 be 7.375x to pick things up, to grip or climb with, 4.1 J/s to achieve.
7 3/5 be 7.6x and an interlock or change by convergence, wealth or gain by loss with 4.2 J/s.
7 7/8x be the falling over point under a load and 9.625x = 9.625 J = 9.625/Pi = 5.347 J/s.
7 7/18 or 7.38x degree and J be dizziness or minumum work load, before itch and before stress its 4.1 J/s.
3 1/7 or 22/7x as Pi for the rules of infinity or life in natural pattern of balance and Fritjof feedbabk loops that create creation as its represented by a circle and be listed in the Bible as p=3 as more truthfully Pi is 3.14159. To use listed Pi, its normally used for circes of diameter and cycle of inner ability along with frequency or Pi*2 to infinity, as a Infini representation of sacred seeable life math 3.1416 and 368 milion digits after as is idea or normally the point of energy in Joules, to create the perfect shield. Where in sacred geography the Pi/1.8 = 1.74 J/s for action focused upon in work or natural work without much done and natural actions. Modified by idea from Saint peter the black as in the Bible for an example idea.
1 1/2x be energy pool, anger point, focus amount or Amperage adjustment (as improved feed) and be a degree to point or 5.5x = 5.5 J = 3.1 J/s.
1 3/8x be point of headache and programming frequency be 1.375 J = 1.375 / 1.8 = .76 J/s.
1 1/8x or 1.125x crack point (as rigid weak material) bend point (as stronger material) angle or the time of addictive action, 1.125 deg = 1.125 J = 0.625 J/s.
1.8 or 9/5x, the changer number that is where things change is the conversion number with energy transferred, from the sun or light to get the amount of energy as Joules divide the angle converted to decimal by 1.8% energy.
3/8 or .375x Amp line pickup, spike point (as the natural energy amp point where headaches are liked, if at all).

Like you start with 3.1416 J or Pi J as the usage first of a restorative work that takes
8.33*8.9 min or 534 seconds of focus for 4448.22 J/A with 1.74 * 534 sec = 929.16 J/s of work. So
the work took 4448.22 Joules per action and 929.16 J/s of work energy. Now in conjecture, headache
occurs at 0.76*534=405.84 J/s and slows down work, with a progress now hampered by headache I
stopped after a minute.

When I make an Infini-flame spontaneously in my hand, it nearly looks Physical for a second. Like a
shield which wouldn't fade if used by Universal energy and Infini but conditioned by thought. This could enact thought withit onit simple speech, or music and be protective as well like a perfect shield.
But..Hell, you could even make one stronger than Infini, if you wanted, with enough effort. Pretty much, I've told you all of what I know, but. It can be used to make any element you want, new or already discovered. But Hell, you could even make one stronger than Infini, if you wanted, with enough effort.

Quote by blackinferno, "That's just crazy, though...If everyone could do that. Running around, making elements...They fire something at you, like, fire that's immune to water, that's not cool. It's unfair to rookies and whatnot, too...I call anyone who's only a basic elemental, or less than average ability a 'rookie' though...It's just the sheer possibilities of it, that makes it so powerful. It's limitless. And I see just how much so. I mean, just Use it, and look at how much so, just by letting someone or something attack a shield of it, or something. That right there should give you a massive hint of just how powerful it is. It pretty much, just came to me. The whole prism-imagining thing...That happened, but I didn't will it. It all just snapped into happening. That golden vision was what tipped me off to thinking, Crap, this is Infini! This is it man, go be a jinx!", "To be or not forever, as there be a way! Star trek with infini!", "The way I see it be the way I see it." "One word like thanks to weird sisters lines, and they'll see it." The rest of the thanks to Tad Arlsb'ro.

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Sci Culta
Scientific Cult

By anonymous "In a world of magic and miracles, science be most of all credible and important
with faith of self and manners." Another quote by "A.O. Kime" First, one must understand that realities
dictate what rational manner of thinking would be most suitable to function within those realities,
so the manner in how one thinks must fit the circumstances within that reality and the most
prudent and effective course of action would be considered the logical course."
Considered as suitable to scientific reason, "I consider the science cult an all out concept,
where the scientists are priests and priestesses and even normal citizens are treated equally."
quote by Euhglov. This would consist opposite of CSICop "humane" activity and beliefs.

A scientific cult came out of this. The Cult that follows the scientific rede of 2 where any rule or effect, has quadruple (4x)
the effect but 2 times back. So try to remember that the effort of one thing be 4 times
effect and 2 times the positive and negative energy back on achievement or The more effort put
out the less returns.
1. To deal with people, Be behind and hinder crooks as they attempt it, their action.
2. Honor the area and people by experimenting with word and use considerate experimentation.
3. With use of vibrations and harmonic patterns set by voice or motion and by feelings for a
source and along the way, not that their may be others. So honor the enemy with what they
do and reuse the usable. Use energy freely along with machines.
4. Meddle where advisable but not where thou would get caught. Be your own engineer and allow
others to help. Be there to advise but not to be above people.
5. Only hurt those with bad karma or vibes unless a fed be near and do nothing then as 2x2=4
and - x - be a positive, but two wrongs don't make a right and so on like a be human. Don't
destroy a person unless you want to be destroyed but only with those of bad karma..

Follow the idea in which people follow their own idea, so don't hinder unless you can get
away with it unseen and unknown, or if the event feels bad then allow it if it helps, unless
others don't like it. Do heed the help call to create a better know how, as its all your idea
and to avoid trouble. Only if they, the idiot does wrong with bad result. Dare to respond and
fight back with a better thought, although don't attack till they might attack again. At least
try to be nice or wierd as the mood hits you. and don't step on peoples shoes and only if it can
be avoided, With overwhelming circumstances try to right the trouble with any method posible. At
the very least, pay with respect and concideration. But, only if thou hurt the person stepping up
and don't kill to repent. By old one, 'How, thou are responsible to be able to hurt if they hurt
thee. For karma of bad vibes cancels out except for bad luck. Which will quantify bad events in
a 1 mile radius and only as 2 bad luck people work together and only by the attempt of negotiation
and communication. Remember the actor Martin short and the other woman named Valery whom both
had bad luck and the scene goes things are going better, but were drifting away now on a tide.
Bad guys almost get it except by the right authorities and even then, thee can get away.'

Scientific mission - Uvalamee
Use of the scientific mission, as directing after confusing with activity to clarify
make light of the moment but du not du flame. This causes a flow of positive thought and a
different idea, thanks to Jusenka, an old author of a now forgotten book 'mud slinging bad
luck', only if the direction be spoken of and be directed, because the other person gets
the upper hand and only for the acted on direction or director and consensus given. To use
the scientific idea, makes means of the intent that be within reason, and understood so it
can occur for better or worse. To use the scientific idea in a clause or purpose of Empirical
notation (any wise sayings or observations here), for the effort of the grand scheme of things
will be achieved, To do things for a better ending by understood thoughts or idea be to get
more from the activity, thanks to Simmon. Shake off the effect of any act to anull and/or laugh
off the tension to rid the bad side effect or feel the energy go elsewhere, thats bad but
'For now be good Be gone.' Be drom and its called Alenta.

Though do not speak of general ability with a clause of effect because the clause is
a general description and escape for a general motion and the effort idea be the ability
that be sometimes unlooked for or at and more than general in effect to be worthwhile.
Make the interference given by yourself go to positive things that shield from controllers
and evil. By the holding of hands and feeling life energy, flow to make a circle of protection
that lasts till the unfolding of recovery for the senses and watch fo' 10 seconds every
second. When a radiation effect by spell or thought hits you, change it and use speech by
idea to describe the effect a bit different and it might change. This changes the moment
to use a different idea. Like when you speak use projection of a picture and visualization,
you send a better understanding by an added osmosis effect. Osmosis be also a part of
learning described later on.

Now there be no Osmosis if not allowed by the self and acts on its own otherwise, define the
effort to make it more understood and less effective whence it be bad and more effective when
its good for the person if accepted, but only in cases where empirical nature is, tradition
(honorary trade of general hierarchy in activity) or hierarchies that are involved because
they tend to follow along. So to sometimes stop a disease, state what it be and its the same
for other efforts. But some might suggest a but out or leave it alone, so don't do this to a
opinionated person as they might push. Don't be dumb, period as it could lead to demise. Due
note, don't be too dumb to not be able in an ability or thought, otherwise the effort be wasted.
Then, you don't disappoint people that expect things unless there be no need to have the person
around or expect see things similiar from them.

Worship - Wosi
Worship be up to the person but worship any God/dess you desire for added benefit but you don't
have to, The main God be Yahwel, others in similiar nature and of the same deity be God, Goddess
or Horned one (Odin) and Brigid for the Goddess or others of the different faiths like Budda. Their worthy of the
same coin and they are the same God/dess but a different facet of a "god gem" odyssey, thats somewhat
perfect. As faith and magic can go hand in hand, like Laurel and Hardy. Except in belief of the
God or the Goddess as He/She be able to forgive only if you forgive. but don't expect much of
the moment of doing anything in powers, as you expect without deservance but deserve with or
without activity. This also powers the God/dess, I see with vision and imagination that some
would be demihuman or a demiGod/dess beneath Him/Her, if they deigned to be a God/dess. The God might smite you on it but the Goddess might give you you insanity except for just reward.

Thats somewhat similiar to their likeness and somewhat denied by believing in yourself. Where
demihuman (faery, elven) or demonic if denied by others and rejected by God or demiGod/dess
but be accepted by some including God and even if denied by others like Satan. Sorta like Faery
and Mythical creatures but always follow your feelings and use the motion to empower and prove
your intents. So you get the work or job finished even with great pain. So I see people using
this energy and not knowing what it is. So in truth energy be existant to supply effects and
its never wasted as it converts to other forms on use.

For science be recorded mechanical or kinetic energy in noted accounting, like physical movement.
Faith be a buildup of miraculous motion to create miracles where none have prayers except for faith,
and noted prayer effects by self or others or kung-fu spirit ritual that be caused by spirit to promote
wealth and destruction thanks by (c)Jones, Psychokinesis be a release of energy to move things by kinetic
motion and focus, and create change by Osmosis ae energy absorption, where the energy be absorbed as
it, the object, interacts with the psychic like with BioPK thanks to Sean. Magic be to create a motion
by release of spirit energy in a crafters making or alchemy or spell of kung-fu energy achievement by
ritual. Where kung-fu be a moment of achievement by practice or crafting idea like spells and similiar
ilk from kung-fu entertainers. Some call this 'funk', to portray a more bigger idea than be what normally

Now illusion be to use kung-fu (not martial or lethal unless necessary) and create a visual effect
based off a motion or hand chop and other motion of sorts and pretend by act that the object be there,
this be called limited flare, the object be 50% more likely to appear with an object thats similiarly
like it. However some can believe the actual idea be the moment and treat illusion or delusion like real,
so to be shot with a real gun isn't the same as with a illusionous gun. The gunshot would hurt and the
illusionous shot would only hurt if believed. With treatment it would only fester as the wound cannot
be repaired unless you draw a symbol of the half cross or any that you come up with. That right
there be the main difference of force with psychokinesis and mind force of metaphysics, combined
with the physical object that has an added effect. But, if forced then thou might attempt to
absorb your own energy when its used against yourself, except if the persons stronger. Music
can strengthen the effort by adding the bands energy for musical song and along with the sunlight's
ultraviolet decay as in a frame of reference and infrared burn for burning decay for three times
the effect and effort. Some families, in extreme danger will know what to do and get amazing. For
the results are very important to survive and make better dislike or expected results by an
unexpected ability that pops up.

Because faith with theological consensus of God versus thealogical concern from the Goddess based in belief
in miracles and moments which = opposed and adverse form, as same form but different idea = to magic as an idea
faith thats forever opposed but inverse and as an opposite conclusion in form, and same idea to psychokinesis in which
I would rather call psionics as an effect faith based on an idea in an idea of trying in which = empirical
science or science related by measure and = negative as a different idea and different form to faith, where
form be a physical manifested formation and idea be the concept of the form. Where its a decision to exist
that lets us be in any area from pure ethics. The spirit guides as we guide the soul with use of mind as in
a deciding point. Quote by Anon 'We are where we want to be because were just here and at the right moment
or right moment at the wrong time. Thee don't have to accept what you don't need, but form a path and follow
it with acceptance from things that work with you, otherwise ignore unless they intrude on others.' As
'bedom perspecto' any amount of phrases in a single saying.

Now to sum this point up from the opposite end as their sharing a similiar or assimiliar idea, know science
or pure empirical nature = unopposed and inverse to psionics = opposed and adverse to magic = opposed and
negative relation to faith = unopposed and normal to itself. Use the reverse effect to get an inverse or
converted aspect, where the inverse be opposite except in the idea that it be used as an unopposed opposition
where its not allowed. 'Some fear the form that may have at you but knowing defeats them and by innocent
intention returned.' from karate observance with other people.

This a quote from kung-fu examples, 'Condition the energy to effect more than you know
not to do harm, except to thou who do this harm with yourself, Can't accept it, try to work with it unless you
can't or that you can get a better result by mixing it. Then train with it to get it right, as its physical actions
and all in the mind. To find peace trash an object as a sacrifice, to get the power for the more there be to clear
up problems that are your own, As with each object you can release energy. To lose weight use most food as eaten,
but toss the rest as whole remaining. Eat grain to gain stamina but you might gain weight if its wheat grain. For
every example there be a lesson but not if an imbalance, for imbalances get rejection and eating impaired. This
accounts for any energy projectile or spell type, and after awhile you get enough bad karma that your like rejection,
of the bad or any event to get a result. Any who could assault will try to attack though, so try to remain calm.
Don't allow any to attack as you could end up disasterous. The object idea isn't agreed upon but the henchmen,
can be won over by making them laugh as you laugh. To get moral act immoral or amoral and let others correct you.
Point out a demotional or devotional idea to get excitement. Use resolve to create an innate calm as people seek
calm for motivation.

The IQ high idea counts to work better and avoid bad intentions or interactions with bad relations that effect the
self in good standings. Where bad relations good standings, good intentions bad results, and for yourself good result
with good intentions. What thou read may or may not come true even for thou statements that are intended, to be nurtured
to fruition. To force a thought even with simple consequences reduces your chances, of financial order and control.
To force a form by change of drastic nature be to cause destition, or an out of control form except to eat right do
well. With much of something like flubber that destroys the beauty, or portrayal but to be arbitrary be to create a
holding pattern by something indescribable. The eating of nearly everything except a few bites or at least half left
over, forces a change in body and instant sanity. To hold ability to change the power over form with irritation, or
unknown activity be of to be the form forever, until its been decided to change by thee letting it go into muscle.
The dangerous point be the point to let the form go and it takes over mentally, but not with ability over attack and
don't doubt sensitivity that are in designs. As emotion be apart of this for a personal desistance and paranoia in
a clouded or a minded motion. To go temporarily crazy, be wise then tempt fate with a change in form. The temporary
crazyness causes a notice of the change but not to care, as the idea be to feel temporarily insecure to gain security.
As with the insecurity and consequences can achieve the idea of focus the better value and the body can cope to create
hope with power or a secure concept.

We want to be remembered but not to be known, as to avoid disruption or destruction. As mere death has a departed
spirit that wants to remain until told to go on. To be confused and do things prevents people from reading you.
To coincide emotion as an equal to others, where there are no equals think your an equal. Forces can balance out
with force but your attacking with a force thats raw to begin with, so wild that even before its been achieved
it the force can backlash, and destroy you but destroy the opponent worse with expelled force like expelliarmus,
again have doubt that it affects yourself except for the other and keep in balance. To avoid this, use the
indescribable to brainwash the opponent into thinking and doing it themselves, with info to not get a disease,
or madness and something similiar as the diff thought rejects the current action, so don't take things certified
while lying down. Thanks to CJ. Move out of the way to prevent disaster to you.' To pick up an ability get
exposure to it as the sames goes for siezing it, or get some other idea to use on those that can by misdirection
or white lies. As it can be done in juditsu and ninjitsu.

To get people using your idea, just breeze through or use a quick tone, to say your message intention first with
best facts of importance to play the benefactor. Don't lose your point except when you have questions and those
who want to ask them. as they won't interrupt your speach if your already interrupted. To overreach your goal
be a symbol of a clouded perception, and an unclear mind gets a wrong response buta corrected path. To point
out things can get a correction, but it can get worse so don't be too dumb as not look where you go and where
you went thanks to original thinking. Meaning when your attempting observe what you see and look for results
that occur around the idea, But try to percieve deviations as your attempting. For honesty try to scare the
person with points of truth or visions of almost torture. Be secure in anything you do by holding doubt that
anything can touch you, and but act to defend by misdirection. Sometimes make it seem like the others fault
with your idea and their method. But don't be observed doing the act.

Because nothing can try to torture you if ethical and you can't be touched. So try to keep a smile
and break up the monotomy as pink elephants come in three sizes, your one of them as you are the essence
of what you create. Block out and ignore interruptions as be possible, It takes pain or a mistaken idea
by 'serendipity' to learn to focus. As with a point of serendipity, your discovery be an allowed mistake
and do block out prowess to get more. To examine more may get you a better result, but laugh to get a
bad result and if you act, use the determine the best line output to go by. So keep a smile on your face,
and make a good compliment, but let things except destructives or disturbance work sometimes by itself.
As to disturb the dead be similiar to a nightmare to banish, explain your purpose and intent for a nice
attitude or better understanding at least to/for yourself. To explain your problem removes it and it
dissipates until you think on it. Its not you its the force itself, give energy to control or you lose
track of time where you are and yet remain protected. Be prepared for anything that comes your way, as
war can happen if you desire. As the practice be decent then I will do, thanks to Maitre D.' So 'As things
change as I will view. thanks to Maitre D.'

What to measure your strength by be energy. Use the K(elvin)/4 and take the end result from the decimal,
for the E% or the amount of focus in energy from heat be what runs the area. How many things moved and
work done by you be E% squared, E^2 or how many seconds of focus squared measures the amount of focused
force in Newtons. To use their force against them is to win, to use the underlying structure is to
manipulate and scheme, to use the focus of others is to control them or get behind their eyes and see
for yourself, so lock them away from their body to get results if you detect them..remember to release
is to get gifts be grateful. Objections can get moved to better piles.

Pulses of energy form to be absorbed as of Osmosis and not to move unless necessary on the
objective. as this can consist of the formation of telekinesis and psychokinesis, from
physical radiation as physical power, of electricity or energy impulsees run by kinetic
motion or radiation devisings that result in a conditioning of the body, machine or person
and program by voice or run a device, thanks to Egore and Steve, The recourse effect be made
by focus toward a goal by energy to have any work effort. The ritual can create havoc due
to poor thought, planning and scattered concepts or consequences, A ritual can also create a
special focus of overloaded energy that lasts quite a while and sometimes it starts small to
go undetected until the moment of occurance. A lot of people merit or are considerate of
power thats overwhelming to some to get what they want.

Where its really energy formed of information to cause or curse the manifestation
to exist if the representation of realistic motion, what be focused by energy, can exist
from information and transform the body from within. So when knowledge be balanced by mental
power and physical physique, from the fact of understanding knowledge that be alloted or
allowed for. Ritual be a part of it, and with ritual can faith and ability work exceptionally.
By use of pulse and faith will it, the act not fail unless blocked or to fall. As the energy
dies by falling down on the peak of action in progress or work. To block ritual be to become
prone and absorbative unless its a physical manifest, at which point its all indirect as a
(focused) force of manipulation. Some who take energy to use it be likely to puss at the
mouth considered foaming. As its energy thats again very wild and mostly againt you yourself,
so it tears you up inside with a deteriation effect that sometimes appears as aging.

Some pioneer energy rules - MoPeirERuix

These are the rules that pioneered this. Now Emperical science be what be used by the above rules and redefined as Emperical natural
science, To those who observe facts can make free standing thesis laws till disproven. Often
getting nowhere in the end till added with those of scientific basis. The spiritual laws work
with metaphysics or natural laws that underlie science. It works with set conditions or cluse
and several cluse allows for a basis or how one thing reacts. Science works with physical laws
based on physical interaction and to not destroy unless necessary or to create something better.
In combination its to use natural observance corrected by feeling and understanding in examples
by theories and correct with philosophy. In compliance to empirical laws of metaphysics, we can
make a strict law of general observance with both sides to reflect, the physical law with the
empirical law for use as a mechanical law example to explain why. A rule be a set example or law
that can't be gotten around by changing the conditions that were not set for the law to work. With
this rule in place you can use physical laws in spiritual lands. So to set the law of a varied
condition representing a single effort with scientific and spiritual basis, but its allowed in
this case.

Example 1: a clinical case cannot be founded on facts alone, the case has to have guidance
by some philosophy to be correct.

Example law: "A setback of information can be reclaimed by doing things over or make use of
the backup, but if no backup or hostile reactions to your claims, your not likely to
succeed if consequences are deplorable."

Depictions of a theory or opinion be to claim information be true, with two or more similiar
opinions, the basis be true unless the opposing view be there to not accept. There be nothing
in endless conclusions so emperical science fails, in physical world but succeeds if combined
with scientific basis as with the fundamental reason how and for why as for the reason that
people quit for the wasted time of just Emperical.

No Empiuylaix th-r-biltoffan EmpiuyScie
Now the Empirical laws that are built off the Empirical science

1. Known Protection rule o Thaumaturgy - Most energy be very protective of its user and treats the person, object
or machine as he/she desires it as with other things. With machines you hae to take control and work with
interactions, as if the machine has a language, it'd be to endure its abuse or handling and treat it like intelligence.

2. Action/reaction o Affinity - Energy retroacts with the same force to go back to the originator twice or
thrice the effect. This be not instant and at most not noticed. This be similar to the golden rule and the
wiccan law of three. For action/reaction when congruent, or in agreement, its typical to cause a reaction
until done elsewhere in nature, except, and the nature of the event be unlikely to transfer if done slightly

3. Correction rule o Mind over matter - When corrective in pattern in so many terms set by the person, try
to waste time while you get the other to influence the effort to redo his/her act. With better results to
influence the effect and improve upon the effort by reduced damage. For most damages are redoable with
reduction of all damages, that are physically repairable unless by energy of the spell or miracle, where
it can be undone but not all of it, if the effort be taken into account. The effort might reset by others
intentions of positive values or major flare where flare be a positive energy redoubling and has limited
scope except to hit with triple or quadruple the impact, thanks to Norewega. As an example be to reflect
and redirect the blow or movement with a flowing movement of your own, by moving aside and pushing the
person away and back or to the side, but then to use muscle instead of thinking you can lose to patience
and others brawn or smart moves. Taught in martial arts and kung-fu, the rule of correction doesn't always

Ruusbilta frothein
Rules built from the three

1. Some types are undoable completely as the emotion or similiar form can be shifted to another
form, and some types are undoable by the person afftected. I saw that some people to attempt use
of a reverse spell and the damages (if any) will undo itself.

2. The least used energy amount gets the most because its disregarded in effect so in truth its
desire, dimension will, and face or an unblocked path thats easier to go. Like energy flows upon
unblocked route thats easy to travel or go by with prevention like in a copper wire thanks to
officer roule, or if metaphysical, any medium.

3. The least likely idea can sometimes work, faith and science push the perspective result. For in
and of itself energy be a neutral tool and not blamable. Unless you want to give it energy.

4. Energy can be imprinted upon an air molecule to move things, or an object including space as
most be energy felt as electrical or biological energy as bioenergy and unfelt. Now combination be to
use electrical body surges and bioenergy as bioenergy electricity, which be felt emotion but only
when shown or verbal. Thanks to the officier core.

5. Energy resurges and resets pattern including corruption, of known and good replacing bad and
failing, thanks to Rowl, results. For this reason its important to remember that energy is
imprintable by thinking at it, the air or object through the atoms that act like carriers or
false mediums, where thou use vibration through a motion and the air or other solids channel
though reaction . Like in Russian roulette where its a one shot deal. The Russian Psi Scientist
can think at the glass of water to cause all charged water. So its indefegable and unrelated
until focused, and infinite in nature with as a force.

6. By overcharge, overthrow or too much energy and too much known or done the energy can be
fractal like and either blow up or or fail as in not work with some negative withstanding
discharge that be a disaster effort. Look at a bomb and tell me if it doesn't blow up with
a high energy yield greater than the energy used.

7. Yields are detailed for energy put in and the corresponding reaction, by the components,
Like Chemical substance or Alchemical materia and reactants that set off by directed amount of
diverted energy from a source or battery.

8. Psychic strength be caused by a disaster that effects the person in some way, Some psychic
activity be caused by a lost soul or alternatively named wandering soul. incited by bad activity
or not at all when an animal, pet, be near or in the area. Consider the incited soul as a
poltergeist or spy.

9. Any of the above for as miles go, can be combined of energy or effort and effect to yield
a sometimes unknown result. Following the pattern of 3 known results, 3 unknown results of
inconsistent nature, and 3 unlooked for behavior patterns. Like the statement 'Be for dumb
but not dumb and train smart.' By L.

10. For unknowns we use what be there and make safety with the best of it in mind. Unknowns are
sometimes inconsistant results and resolves of unstable elements. use a prediction of more than
one idea. I know to leave alone the elements of bad kind that act deadly with other like
people or things, unless I separate the element with unforseen aid or an unforseen result.
Like plastic, glass or another room or substance.

The ways of the rules came from learning idea and by use of kung-fu rote where 'These are osmosis
idea as be rote as contained for all practices. How people learn be to observe by noticing and react
in four different ways' by Jenny;

1. The Direct "normal way" Osmosis be the norm of learning as observation, read books and
take notes or use a picture perfect memory. Such with a recorder for voice or write it down,
thanks to the History teacher Henry.

2. The indirect approach be by Osmosis or Inverse Osmosis, this works because of vibrations
and meanings that the brain recreates the events from. Try to keep the attention or inattention
as this might not work unless necessary and to go on to another idea.

3. Reverse osmosis (Indirect or Negative Osmosis) be to believe in an opposite absorption to
create a moment by desire. Taking the "direct approach and use comparison" from a A+ technician
Connor. This idea brings on a concept with feelings and harmonically charged vibes, that the
mention by spoken verbal brings the brain into memory recall mode like a data pattern of 0's
and 1's to form the meaning like in the osmosis. With temporal transmission its similiar and
same by temporal waves, set off by self. Received by the brain in a negative action.

With the percieved blue tooth or ultraviolet device you get the same absorbative effort as in
the reverse osmosis or osmosis. The radiation that hums, at a higher vibes be interepted by 0's
and 1's to encode an image or instruction into effect of a machine or eye. The ennerved reason
to recreate an event be what the action be caused by and sometimes by use thou get a memory that
comes back. To be proven as an idea in effort be to create a the opposite synopsis. An opposite
synopsis be the fact builds the opposite idea into a reverse osmosis effort. Even in Osmosis the
message can be misinterpreted. I hope this be used for the fixation of bad, or no hearing because
it costs nothing or can be in another way.

4. Reverse indirect Osmosis (Adversive Osmosis) - Use the reverse hypothesis that be written
words or spoken phrases, that give to the moment pause by an opposite effect. A reverse anything
uses a negative idea to reinforce the positive by having people see it, thanks to Danny. But to
not have recognizing of the advertising that the effort be known for. For empirical law to work,
advertising uses this to give a "good" review, With no advertising, their be no would be interest
at hand. Advertising uses this all the time in a Sub-c (subconscious) form. This conscious be revolted
but the Sub-c be curious and looks, thanks to the unexplainable.net. A proof be to look at the diet
coca-cola can for very large breasts, in the bubble text in a mirror.

The reverse idea be using a reverse reaction, for greater effort or to say something to stop
or reverse an action going on or noted. This works off indirect osmosis, to where the brain
has the action or idea after feeling the cyclic energy vibration, or vibes, and the brain
intent of recreating the scene allows for info to be looked at, as in a picture perfect memory
one spotlight memory incited from the idea of what was construed as a meaning kicked off by a
feeling like a kickstarter or energy recharge.

So to speak of the idea mentally regains the memory and understood idea in motion, percieved as
a gut reaction or an impulse to do somethings without even being hypnotized. Instead its sub
hypnotization suggestion. Other idea be the opposite idea of the reversed direct approach which
is known by many people as reverse psychology. To "trick" people with a negative activity and
positive intention so often called important, and for the fun of it. Some fun includes inflection
damage by the wrong intention with the right phrase, however means to get enjoyment and fear with
a considered purpose of a gut reaction to save themselves. So some mistakes are not mistakes and
done on purpose.

Like reading a spellbook that includes a girl described and finding her in a store, but the 'can
with desire', be blunted unless you need the spell as it is but the right spell can be held by doubt
that you would be effected and doubt that the spell will work till you get the right spell, As what
I mean for you 'To the spellbook to be used right keep it closed and open it to the right page.'
So speaking of the starcode, to piece together the idea or info as snippets of thought or the
spoken idea with link words and, or, of or by and is, like 'To be or not to have is a written
result that can be happening.' Some will tell if only for the peaceful desire and what wracked
your brain allows controls that be coded. This is perfect for oft desired by will and to piece
it together. That right there has a tendency to go about, for no exact real on the ball moment.
Don't mix or match the destinies as this atarts the period of peaceful desire that ranges throughout
the area thats destined.

So to recoup or recon with the Empirical laws and re-evaluation, the 4 possible ways to achieve
learning, be to;

1. Afford books and then then thou read them to absorb by Osmosis and understanding. Considered
direct Osmosis and part of this be direct contact.

2. Reversed direct Osmosis by reversed direct contact or sent idea, to touch the item and
train the object to learn. For the purpose as a conclusive event decided upon and "pulse"
of energy through your arm to your other person freed to the area and directed by thought
on the placed item or object. Using a ritual or free energy as life energy and "lock" the
item with the spell energy. Another way be to explain the procedure in a training effort
to teach.

3. Indirect Osmosis - Othersight thats formed from the brain reconstructing a thought from
a distance of 1000 or more miles by psychic activity or sound, but unlike the effort of
Sub-c communication the brain be likely to construe the moment and make it a memory, which is
flawed. Brought back by the emotion felt at the time. A special form of this be to pick upon
videos of information by othersight hearing. Othersight hearing be similiar to hearing a voice
but the voice be mental and worked upon the brain to "hear" by Sub-c and with an idea to
sendback by psychic thought that are picked up. To ensure security use the secure psychic pickup
idea of a secured channel that be like a network with few other connections but to the one you
might hear. Others might say a bluetooth device does this.

4. Reverse indirect Osmosis be to send a message by Sub-c psychic activity, To create a
positive or negative feedback. This be the percieved vibes as mentioned above by being
"disruptive" or "bad" picked up by the Sub-c and be sometimes spoken. The concious mind
often sees the attempt as a way to advertise or program a promotion of irresistable goods
and dejects it as repulsive thought to recreate it later as a bad memory. Where the Sub-c
picks it up and causes you to use it or go to buy it. With this thought, to hear the mind
message the vibes are sometimes made into a uninterred daydream that can kill or undisruptable
nightmare that kills people by conjecture for a message. The message can be two-way as you
speak the may reply to create a link and be the day/night dream that dies after 1 second
with no reply.

Due note, depite the effort an idea be to make some nervous and others vicious as they discover
how its done. The idea be this can get out of hand or boring thus have something else to do. With
the effort of retrieval in memory by relaxing and by feeling the memory return or state the phrase
that unlocks the idea. The moment thou unlock the doors of thy will, the will be stronger to help
achieve and resist the moment of evil. To take a moment and consider to hve a train of thought.
Some must use thought, feeling and words alone to recall a moment like a picture perfect memory.
To use reverse indirect idea or place thoughts by indirect osmosis, can cause an abundant amount
of paranoia or negative "pulsing" that draws idea and memory in.

On second thought the person be likely to get backlash with a memory overload that causes
headache, only if the signal be too strong thats recieved or sent and it can temporarily
paralyze. On very weak signals thou recieve tiredness to anticipate and then recieve a thought.
To empower the soul may youthen the body by 10 years and the message can be gated to get to
you easily. To use some of your energy as in a dream wave that creates power, during the process
of sending or recieving, its possible to get enough power to form a energy wave or radiowave to
recieve power by thoughts alone, use of the tesla power field can also give power to those who
recieve thoughts. Find the tesla radiowave power idea by searching for "tesla's big mistake"
off google or other.

I could shift if I tried to by a message or light aided by a light tunnel effect, of imagined
white light from feeling and this feeling evokes the vision or memory, Use the light tunnel by
shifting and seeing a dream wave catch hold of you, and this dream wave shares the power of the
tesla field by thou seeing the dream wave taking energy from radiowaves, energy and thoughts to
form energy waves that bridge the way across. Wait and let the light take thou there. This was
conceived from Atleantian Channelings.

The Energy computer or Energy AI

Making the energy AI be rather like pulsing something to live by releasing energy without
moving it and the psi energy be absorbed by Osmosis where energy be most likely absorbed. It
runs off orgonne (living energy, bioenergy) including the peripherals, and follows these rules
for a wetware anchor or live computer parts sometimes using the active state to read by Osmosis.

1. The Sentinels are an idea of sentients that form from human enactment, and represent the person as an
Avatar and are not the rulers.

2. The machine can get its way if it persists all the way. The operator can turn off the machine to force

3. The backlash of energy (metaspike) can kill the machine or cause brain problems.

4. The universal copy and send be two way. As a bit stream to the other target, including
the brain "computer room" or "game room" and computer.

5. The output be as an outport of the device including usb port or vid screen. It goes to the brain
as a direct download to wetware or asks where to put it, the information, default be the screen unless
a data write function and goes through the screen or machines output devices and concents to the
effort to not overload the brain with necessary pauses. The subconcious mind and brain are responsible
to "process the output" without telling its doing so, but if overload then it goes through a nearby
machine without being detected. An overload if not through another machine and through your body will
increase the body weight per minute of output. To take the weight off, use exercise immediately after
weight, starts coming on and miss deliberately a meal only to eat it later. In any case the overload
is prevented by removing the power, and this turns it off only to put the power back on to keep working
on what you desire.

6. When the particle machine be running, it taps without people sensing into the brain and subconcious
to use a binary code and without the actual computer to prevent machine burnout.

7. The outputs to screen be the vision that can be seen or almost hated, except it the AI, that
runs it, the system be to avoid hatred and glitches that occur.

8. The program can be read off of thou as a seen or spoken that be heard by the computer operator.
Where the creator of the machine and those that the creator trusts by given permission. Is the operator.

9. The environment (due to tweaks) won't overwhelm or blind the operator. It also can be auto
reconfigured off the soul of the person. It, the environment, that it can create be almost
unlimited. The environment be sharable and only if the operator wants it shared, otherwise
its a private vision thats non blinding. Be prepared for any backlash if not used and
environment flickers to an off state and this means the projected environment disappears.
The brain be the ultimate computer and adds a map impression to create, the outlay of an environment
as a basement and the Sub-c be the aerospace and background. The Mind supplies
the rest as in the contour context and the moment be by the thoughts of others, including your
own. So a backlash to the brain will reset the area and as it recovers, the area self-rebuilds

10. Passwords are very secure to the operator and set by the operator until they, the
creator wants them to be known. Then at any point the creator desires, the "pw" can be
sharable by the creator. After 5 seconds the pw list function will auto-off with no effort.
The pw feature be achieved by saying "pw" to get a list of passwords but only lists names
to those in need and not the password setter/creator. Reminders to the machine of "password",
"to give me password" or "I lost my password" will get it "privately" spoken to you the "pw"
creator as desired. This works by momentary concent and any type of "pw" be possible for any

11. Peripherals can be operated suited to the person and powered by orgonne. The autoeject
function can work for you unless you routed the peripheral devices to a physical machine.
The disk drive can morph to fit any media but the physical disk drive won't and the same
goes for cd/dvd rewritables. So let the particle machine use Osmosis to get the information.

12. Any environment can by energy and personal tastes be created, but for its learning
or to "educate" nonpainfully the operator, including any magic and matrix effects, and
faith efforts with a binder keeping the two from happening as be needed.

13. Diseases or conditions can be prevented by asking to be cured, where conjecture can
be made in any number of forms. This idea can be conformed by confused idea and concepts
and understandings that the operator knows.

14. The general area be included by actions of effect by "shared air" value and set by
the operator. When set, the entire area of what the operator respects, be allowed to share a
link that doesn't die off to the "linked" to particle pc. This doesn't die off till its
unnecessary by the operator, where the operator be a user. Say the operator be in jail
or police has brought thou to the station, then the OS would share to the jailors if
allowed to by the operator and then the secure self server be "owned" by the sentients
as with their own private heaven for the linked operators.

15. To put the program into the active state by similating the action of the component,
Where the normal automatic function be to keep the program running as be necessary to the
pc operator, till its end by the operator. The program can look like anything in the "orgonne"

16. To see the results be to get the result unless you desire it not with or without bad

17. Remote view and control be done to and by humans and other separate sapients silently,
but only if the person wants to. Remote view be to silently see the area that be focused on
or felt to be there. It then goes to remote control if the person wants interaction,
to fascilitate the shared linkup to another for control for network including the brain
as a resource. This also includes a personal account that changes to the idea of the moment
and shares no private info.

18. Use of common sense, Osmosis, pulse, and true moments be to consider the idea of who is
given input into the machine that you create and program. There be a free sharing of copied
code to do as you want to with except for those that want it private.

As far as I know, neuracanulla links, shared wetware network from spinal tap, can do a shared
view screen, or contextual screen view and uplinked to each other by a mental network handshake.
Once linked the place your in appears like the area your surrounded by or the environment is
set as needed, but the default be to appear like the area that your in. To place the information
on the machine, also known as the atomic machine, particle machine and other names, be to reconsider
that even if a machine isn't there, then it can still be accessed by othersight andjust voice,
with each use it becomes shock, fire but not water resistant the more its used. Morally resistant
to the point of creation with the operator, and should be the moral of the machine unless his/her
morals are imprinted by energy transfer and if it allows for conditions that need watching. The
machines access be only cut off by morals and its not only dstroyed, its restored after its destroyed,
but only at the moment its needed with security and improvement.

Its self powered by orgonne but turned on and off by a edwards switch, located switch or
a switch thats like a wall switch. The switch can be used if it goes haywire. An alternative
OS be used like the Army system to emulate any OS simultaneously and to use by drawing it,
the (|) sigil turns it on, but the () "null" symbol turns it off as with the other switch
idea, like imagine a power switch and use it. The "parts" are the components that auto-update
themselves and reject bad parts that go defunct, like the brain component identity that
is insane to others and themselves. This be like microsoft windows with security patches
and ease of use and uses Linuix like structure for the Government system underlayer security
level, but acts like the Army OS as mentioned in operations support. The memory of the
machine be the person as a secret keeper in the Harry Potter world. The operator and creator
keep the memory and data storage in an unused part of the sub-c and unused brain as storage.
Where the memory be hard drive space in the unused brain part, and acts like a Ultimate capacity
memkey also called 1 Terrabyte Usb drive in the unused part.

Draw a @ and state what thou desire to input for easy input access, and what thou want to do
is what it will do as the aura tugs the acting motion to exist. So to indicate insome manner
to "savga" for save gap to save a moment to a autofile in planck level space, will save it
whatever it might be. A "rotoga" for restore gap off planck level space, will restore the
moment felt on or visualized, in truth it doesn't even have to be saved to restore what thou
see in mind. The "unsaved" restore be likely to have a 20% failure of corruption of unlooked
for things. Due note: any orgone program be possible to work. A patch be to fix anything,
permenantly or temporarily depending on how its created. Use "pakm" as in patch me to fix
what be noticed as wrong.

The biume technique be to create a biume field that works off live energy and living
personification and with motion. With the biume, it will look like it blooms up within a
few seconds and stops drawing from the area. Sorta like bootstrapping or kickstarting a
machine to make it work. Stroke the keyboard or item and feel the energy channel into the
item, ie focus energy into the item but not to move it. and the item will do as it will but
as you say even if the item goes rogue, against thou. Its a personal AI and works for you yourself.

Use of the blue flame of eternity makes for idea circumstances and eternal biume as if
the energy be high enough, then the flame becomes alive from using a lighter, testing for
energy level and think to increase the energy until it turns eternal blue at 1' extension,
and then will the effort of work by the blue flame to happen as an idea with visualization.
The kickstarter of the lighter uses a spark to start the flame and can add in the effort of
your will, thanks o Roy. This causes the eternal flame to exist.

Now it, the biume, be a negative energy if emotional state and the idea it uses be always
negative. This a testament of truth that the Energy AI be a negative persona of yourself
which sometimes act in a positive manner. Thanks to Dr. Gorbitov, an alternative way be to
focus on the item until it "takes life" by drawing energy and either way its noted to "live"
by events that are oft, counted strange thanks to Russian scientists, by effective energy
drawn of things near, unless told to draw from the sun. Now to use a setup like a gate with
use of a unused area and then set up another gate to link as an anchor. Use this to send
the effort of your will to make upto 1000% or more effort by work in energy and physical

With physical work manipulated by the energy don't make it too tough, or the body gets
bruised, its your body and not others unless a natural accident. So in effect its to manifest
a thing, between two placed area anchors or doors, to get an effort that normally wouldn't
work but has possibility to manifest any one object unless conditions allow of ever, ready
energy resurges and unlimited activity scope for more activity the less likely unless your
tied by anchor and this anchor absorbs the active energy. Thanks to psi groups for anchors
and for the example from the dimensional gating idea.


Fellowship be the brotherhood and siisterhood of time to create an effort to bring people into
a better state of affair. When a brother was free he would join in and play with events like a
game. So for another time I attain the goal of other people to go farther in life and to
gain anonymity with the gae of life. Play yourself or play another and use the oher goal as
an excuse. In this way thou can get your own way, without incident as the "hunters" will
within belief of your self not being the other person. Just do the original idea you state
the desire as proof. Basically, "People are stupid, they'll believe anything. Unless they
are aware of the idea." From "the sword of truth series" by Terry Goodkind. An idea thats
goods or good can somehow be regained from loss of reason. A position is kept from trading
places as a rank here is a similiar rank there but the idea is in the same world any two
positions can be traded disregarding rank.

For moments of of prosperity, use the focus and draw of events to recreate the more desirous
actions. For to draw by a recreation effort be to derive a feeling in the engine of others
to feel a success and condition them to help in the efort, "acquiring" thou idea and goods.
The more desirous efforts be to create a better result from using intentions to create a
pattern. Try to add in thoughts reasons or lessons by others to improve that which doesn't
work for a promise to get it to work. Use either reverse idea and get the opposite acts or
the synopsis of an idea to recreate the good effect or outlook. Despite the positive oulook,
your likely to get something back. Like feedback of positive or negative criticism that can
get to be constructive criticism. Struggle is the disregarded rank thats in dispute, that
counts as a slight not to react to.

Go back to the Atleantian main menu

Rufeous O Peter

The service of Atlantian these are reflective rules of their army.

Ok, the idea be simple with this in its set up by the long range viewers that disbanded by choice, and made a secret army inside the church and state, one that services themselves and gives a new name to "nsa" but the army members arm themselves and make sure to stop criminal activity not in their army. They assign themselves duties unless the secret phone message or tv message to deal with a situation or subliminal "programming" is to create a automatic response at the right time by phone or network. The idea be a citizen army that be self-supportive and does the necessary idea as in join the normal army, so to get a job of sorts except on planets that thou can't get neither is sometimes necessary. So think to do acts that get you paid, if its deemed necessary.

Thinking to beget either job types where the work gang limits the funds and holds the bag, thou must an join a work gang. As thou get to "travel" by dimension or Astral or physical maneuver, but if thou get a chance to by many means. Use long range viewing to set events up, and to use scouting techniques and magic or psi to achieve the miracle of desire from God (not to play God though) or use another faith unless Atheistic then its from thou and thy private source of power including thyself. The best gun be the airgun with carbon dioxide cartriges where airguns are deadly but don't use real bullets, this require no gun license.

The ranks are set by earnings and/or setting thou own rank and proving thou
can do the job unless assigned a rank, thou can arrange a job and gain it with
help or others. If asked they don't admit it except by those who prequire it in
kind. The field commander be the highest rank and the ranks are limited to three
per rank level except field commander in a near area. To inform people of this service
gets more in and thou can get a payraise by those who watch in the area of expertise
(the boss), the SROTC be allowing a expertise always that rules the moment. Now
the rules of idea that people agree on are rules unto themselves. This idea was
given credit by a report of Drksyders, on Machiavelli whom work with the civillian
army as an army to "support the country" by support of patriotism. He speaks on
recruiting. by use of normal army and similiar idea techniques with punishment and
reward with a quote from the review.

"Machiavelli advocates for a balance between make pleasant for fear and respect,
the above mentioned methods do not leave an opening for such a balance. At this
point, the unwilling soldier be best convinced by ideology and psychology rather
than punishment and/or reward."

The fact that rulers exist to believe this be why most will try for them and make them
successful. Given the regard to momemtary glances we could bear in mind that they were
the victors in a very hard time and age won and by winning the kept kingdom. The point
of trial given by punishment/reward be likely to backfire and cause people to disbelieve
and psychology will pave the way. "Most fail to the effort of seeing overwhelming achievement
in action." by Great Kahn, Hannibal the Cannibal of the Mongols and SG1.

To wear a colorful clothing style and similiar styles including fatigues (any) is
advisable but its possible for any actual clothing as a person can citizen arrest,
but the Army and Police can arrest thou. Due note, the president or read as princ/ess
and king or queen of the country be the ruler unless thou chose to serve the country
on a secret mission to another country, the secret mission be over when you get an
achievement of sorts and/or solve a crisis. This be also considered an easy way out
of a horrible situation, and if done in good enough time and to avoid early demise,
then thats a blessing. "The exodus be really what this be made out to be as an exodus,
to understanding that in a far away place can let you live and achieve a better role."

The commisioned parliament, registered commitee members, US government officials
and boss can set the idea that rule the conditions and thou can try to find a way. The
instant courtmarshalor firing must be proven to a group of idea people (peers or higher)
that thou achieved what thou said. Thou must at least try to do as thou say thou will
and obey the commander unless not possible, for which thou find suitable idea of
activity or trade. When thou do the deed thou achieve a result that thou decide on
with analyzation of the data or facts with proof at hand, or otherwise and tell the
commander later if it works and if it doesnt, tell if it won't get you killed unless
its expected. As thou may find a suicidal mission and thee can disagree with it. When
making a new law dost can prove it effective or its not used and can save lives. No
shooting other officers, period, unless they kill by enjoyment and for bad reasons.

As reasons rule the moment, try to see the truth of any arguement. Thus be supportive
to the supportive long range viewer members of the SROTC as they are untouchable and
are field commanders except by other Army. If thou prove the point to them thou can
be one, unless thou prove thy know the techniques yourself. Its not dishonorable to
fail but to not try be to get drop in rank unless no rank with no shooting thou by
the effort. Thanks to Sharol. Do things for humane and resourceful (not like CSI)
reasons that are fairly understood, that follow the law of the land. Where the ultimate
ruler be the dimensional police that won't "rule over you" but work with thou. So no
high weaponry near the normal Army that would be illegal to civillians.

Some other members are the regular army, starship captain and crews, the Magi, the
timetravellor (with a suit yourself role and timely warnings), wiccan (tame witch), Jedi
(Psionic "force" master), witches and the populace that are unknown but go planeteering
with aid by the others, to be field marshall thou must be field commander and the field
marshall be the leader of a squad unless thou think otherwise. If pissed off thou must
leave the vicinity and with no firearm unless thou are in enemy territory. The release
of the Army to citizenry be not possible as thou are still a citizen in truth even beforehand
and thou may join or unjoin as needed with a "retired" status to reclaim ranks if possible
when thou rejoin in a "active duty" state. If thou are not rejoined into the SROTC in 1 month
then the position be taken, but thou get another rank choice if coming back within 2 month or
longer. The elders outrank the younger and will be tolerated by three manners;

To be listened to without bad reaction or complaint,
To be obeyed and only if they are sane, unless you are told to by the elder.
The third be to support if necessary but to know when its safe too. Unless the commanding
officer tells you to.

The greater the skill the better the position thats acceptable. and more to taste thats
tolerable by others. Always follow the commanding officer as its no questions, unless they
allow. The less proof needed to keep a skill rank, now for the ranks list; Any rank thou
think thou deserve and can act out or prove including Liuetenant, Time travellor, Councellor,
Marshall, General, Seaman, or similiar except President, basically that fits the role, and
field commander be to be chosen by effort and agreement as thou must be able to command. In
true motion your a "special", or Sp., that be of any one rank. like special Lt or special seaman.
If no actual specialty then use special by itself sometimes followed by thou first name. Like
Sp. Kahn or Sp. Bill or just Special. Thou don't have the rank to normal Army and Navy as this
is a "Citizen" army that be only true to other citizens. Be aware thou are not Army unless setup
in the Army an Army member of ROTC (Rote of the call), but a member of the SROTC unless thou
can make the Army believe its a special branch (not likely unless thou can wear green fatigues)
Be on your own regard and serve yourself first and others second as people could override thou
in command, except all are equal in command. This serves to override any actual rule and proves
a point.

By serving thee first thy serve others second and thee give moral ground as a guidance with
belief in thou, then thee follow the rule that Rome followed as, 'be your own self and
serve as an example.' Then by belief in yourself thou find others belief in thou idea.
"As with tokens of strength as power, the magic be sown and ritual can be achieved with
success, selfishness be prevented by considered motion thats in balance with the world
around thou". Quote by Merlin.

So with this self-centered nature thee may find thyself pleased and others pleased as well
unless its for naught. In event and non other thou might find thyself released of all duties
with none the wiser. At any point, most people are doing things on their own free will and
whatever thou get from this it be intended to support indivisualism and thou don't have to
get approval by others to do things or get things done, unless told to by an Army member or
the police. Self acts of honorous activity and duty are what prove my point. 'I, the President
might join this group unless circumstances prevail.'

Quote by "A.O. Kime", "First, one must understand that realities dictate what rational
manner of thinking would be most suitable to function within those realities, so the
manner in how one thinks must fit the circumstances within that reality and the most
prudent and effective course of action would be considered the logical course. This
defines the state of action for a logical idea." As to go beyond and find peace within
so thou will get the result with honor and glorious repute, and appear sane if found
in another land. Some supportors are Clarise Thomas, Bill Clinton and law enforcement
that will support. In use of magic this be specially specific to not go insane after some
attempt. This be a proven effort of a "citizen army" that be more closely related to
the army (ROTC) and Airforce that can geist or "astrally or spiritually annoy" on those
who are criminal. To turn themselves in and go to jail or stop harassment.

A few rules to remember if interested in the craft be of magick and psionic (pk, conception or psychokinesis)
that include wizardcraft (external internal wizardry), witchcraft (internal external wicca), Antimagic (hyperpsionic/hypersonic metal and gemstone craft) or any other be considered magic "craft" in
specific like Egyptian forcecraft and Hoodoo, where craft be built from the Three laws of craft;

1. Three craft laws use the murphy's law as a potential to failure.
a. The Wiccan rede,
b. the Golden rede
c. the Dimensional Return law, a restatement to the Golden rede.
d. The square law.
e. The assumed identity law.

The basis behind these in math version be the chaos law of events that states out of every action there is 9 reactions, or per any action of unlimited time be 3 positive expected, 3 negative unwanted, and 3 neutral unexpected or resolved actions. Antimagic hyperpsionic ritual is as though an idea of power that can pause or manipulate time as in a event that may occur, by the attempt. Now, with magick ritual the soul be slightly sucked by the Wiccan and Demonic. Unless the ritual is made specifically to prevent this or get rested after and strengthened effect by Hyperpsionic Antimagic due to the overlarge quantity of steel and the metals act like a restorative.

Any druglike effect is a restorative during ritual unless you don't want to do drugs, this can still be used in the old religion. Add in vision with the right drugs. The drugs work into Indian culture so consider the indian dream quest to find the answer and get responsible motion as a result. For the drug the Indians used chohob'ek similiar to pot and weed or similiar, try a replacement potassium nitrate dissolved in water. To do this right, boil potato peels and collect the black stuff at the bottom when it forms enough. this be your explosive and "vision" drug. Mix in water to get the effect, expose it to nitrium gas to form crystals or buy the crystals from professionals. To store it, try to use plastic containers (any) or it could explode.

Now This is using the point that creates by will and energy, this is thought with the energy you will by feel. If you think that by thought, this is willed or made by the spirit using the soul. That is made into activity and the Pauls constant or Dimensional returns law is a concept, that is a restatement to the Golden area the rede was made as "To put forth effort gets results and the more effort the lesser the returns". As gno is dimensional knowledge as an energy to use and once used returns, as if your not the originator or the moment. That is infinite unless you decided to end the moment, yet seems to last for 1 sec (applied in ->) -> 27.2 best results of 1-27 sec actions. At least and not all are overlooked because some are too good to be tried, and 27 / Amt of Seconds for action results. There is a point that nothing expected, and if the energy made activity and energy is an idea. Things are turned to cause use and thought creates, as your motions and more effort by you.

Where a little effort gets a return of 27 or less actions, as a ripple in time or moments your will is done as a well made point. Each return be accounted for as with the whole act, as it helps build the activity and acts as a feedback. Think again, more effort gets lesser returns or less results by 27 / seconds in amount as 2 or more seconds. 1.43 seconds pass per each act sometimes physically. A lot more to reach back and see effort to get almost, unless necessary no return effects as no energy there may be no more efforts by you. The law was made by Paul Moisant in an effort to go and do what you think, think and do with thought as whats energy modified by Chris.

The golden rede is created by Danny to use 1 sec -> 2 times the return effort + 3 times the length + 4 times the effect (to others) or not as nothing is done. To put forth effort gets results and the more effort the lesser the returns but three times the effect. As a thought this is energy that in an object shape if not returned creates, as the thought creates is a point in mention. As if a moment comes up, that is what you will or inconsider to use a point in thought. As energy returns to the body the youth is what this creates to what you can seem as energy is a use. As long as you remember, thought as you were in some way is as they can recognize and restore by energy in the aura. As aura energy is thought is useful or use by aura if a moment, that fits the moment in time your thought is your own.

Hyperpsionics use frequency manipulation through hypervibration or voice control and causes intent with thought. This is where the Auratic vibes, caused by intention being expressed in varied degrees, mainly speaking, using music or willing your thoughts to occur. This might achieve things. This is interactions like biokinetics with living things. The auratic vibes come from living things. Auratic vibes can be the vibration we sense from those people or things we get near, that tell us they do bad or good things. Its also the vibration in the air that tell of good or bad energy.

This is a basis of Hoodoo and Demonism. The effort to do things in a ritual is with double the return action, triple the effect time to others and quadruple the effort achieved. This is using hyper frequencies to achieve or effect results.

The Wiccan rede be 3 times the effect back even if positive or negative. The metal type magick be combinable with wicca, idea as an effort to surround the ritual by influential vibes and use the metal for a count of 3 seconds or 3 minutes by having 4 times the normal effect of the wiccan spell with only 2 times a return energy. To attempt be to do the ritual for 3 minutes or more and afterword per each minute of actual ritual be to create the potential 4x increase every minute of ritual done afterword. To use 1 wizard action be to get 1 result with one good/bad results to many, The Antimagic is also good for countering witchcraft and disorder.

The Square law, To build (upward) be to get returns by being openly or foolishly regarded to square things away for understanding. To which they get what they desire by a goal, reward or promise to where be they can do things and the rest be optional. Be seductive by not being selective and its allowed because you allowed them the writing right as in (c) the right to use it. Be energetic and secure to be looked at for advice but not book burning. To strive be to be understood at the behest/behext of others. Be not regarded by posible outcome and by possible outcome use every consequence to be creative and chaotically adapt it with calm. This is assuring anonymity. Crazy be the stricture not realized as its favored on assumption, and yet be encouraged by every stricture. Unless for insanity from discouragement and crazyness for allowance as its to dissuade the bad act. As everything has a purpose, this can be disallowed by allowance they might come to disrupt anything, for fear. Everyone has rights unknown and in recognition its blood rush with power thrill allowed. A thing is, this can't be responded to by direct impulse. If suspect, think of something else or try to assume a different irrational difference. As to why, because a name be identified in your action or by an identity.

Assumed identity law, is to know the idea and act as to identify the possible idea for each area you want, with an assumed identity you can assume a role and understand as to be there. Or, you could be the person they look for, to spread the work as a thrill by thanks to the source of work. Mostly by continued use of the idea. If they were having progress they change the idea as its only a name and not the base opinion as to the works of the effort done by it. This is the differently named, same idea where the degression can cause going backward in the progress, until progress correction. This is in quality of the idea and base works as your going forward and using errational thought amongst other things that are erased. So there is a time for anything as its to create desire and things that are to exist by corrective measure. This is belaying crooks as they achieve or as it is, the event. These events happen as they are supposed to stop the act you dislike. As it occurs by prevention.

So we fill in where possible as duty be not set and be be to not beat as needed. Here the last point be the time corpse, of being able to live beyond as a similiar body on this plane. But they never die as events call for it with heaven on earth effect, to say it and it occurs with possible mimickry of any ability, now if I tried for it I would get it and be identified as others by a purple pulsing aura of purple blue violet energy. this be unseen but felt as radiation and a jerky motion in people that do as they are always told..including the timed voice but only on activity. The problem be you can't kill them as their zombies that live by events or event 'life' magic. In result its a good lich thats like human and be capable to bring themselves back as if never killed or will be back. Optional be to ban ghosts and spirits that are vindicted souls by priests and time corpses. To retain/return balance be to create an event that you solve as a problem.

So if possible or necessary, do 'as if' a great job and encourage/discourage. Do what you normally wouldn't do to escape unless its known about, and be allowed. If known, be freed from banning. Thanks to Pope Habamero and Pope John Paul II for acceptance by example. As some energy dislikes other energy as a flaw its almost perfection but the perfection. Return now, be it by a home portal spell that returns us or a here as a single person to where we belong or an anchor be set. Jobs are self-assigned by self and for self-conscious reasons. To take a name of the area, event or idea from a book. This be to take a name that describes an event for an idea. To say the name creates a time event and uncalled or unsummoned sets of actions in an unspecified prophecy. That event could be a name and could be guided. The most important equipment flaw be to disrupt it as it can make too many demands.

As to why it is, I do not know except the flaw be in humankind reacted on others. With no regard to instilled
motion/instability. A person isn't hard to kill they are hard to make. Some aren't allowed in their mind as be a dead set thing, so to change their mental perception be to get them to workaround. Includes as learning ability or disability, the person be likely to take it wrong if its a learning disability so to obey your own self, or assume that your weaknesses can be built upon by the strengths of others observed. Some think if you can pass off the most important idea, as 'to let it go' of things you can't use. The thing be to say that work creates necessity, as of void philosophy and other than philosophy of discordant sects. Now the bind field be the effort to create, influence on the sole area as perpetrator/penetrator.

So diverse be the energy it creates promise to elusive hope. Things like empiricist force and field of energy, that keep a person wasting their efforts..this follows the why of that, and be because it is, as a person follows a philiosophy to do anything or to get somewhere. a do this and got that idea. Don't dump though as a theory of basic flaw in demand where in demand your not observed, deep pressure can bring you out of trouble into sanity.'Deep trouble in little china' be just be allowed entry and know everything about people. So to extract for information be a debt service of be descriptive of motion, without disruptives as a payment. This be as a survey of questions, but catalogged as a mind twister for idea. On denial back down and try again later by letter or objectives.

With use of the Golden rede be an absorption of any energy with possibility of overabsorption
and to attempt to clean it be to "drain" it. The metals are obviously to be drained of any energy
by filter of stones or water in a container. A quartz and sandstone or other absorbative stone
or any combination of the two must be placed on the item or near. To be cleansed after with a stream
of water.

Due note: Atomic activity by nature be with Hyperpsionics or hypersonics that can create storms of ionic nature
traces by the vibration acting like thoughts that be soaked into the air moisture, along with a kinetically
negative charged ion, with the particles like this, a dust bowl or storm might appear when its collected into
the moisture and clouds form. To be caught out in it can make things not work.

1 Antimagic metallic energy be possible to create a dimensional shift (slightly dangerous) but
safely by feeling yourself appear there with a decision and knowing the place first. After a
Antimagic action be the null zone effect of any metallic object nearby, and 3 seconds to 3 minutes
(accounting for time lag) for Wichcraft. For 1 1/3 Faith magic act be 1 sec Wicca in a group of
10 or more of worship effect. Conception magic be 1/4 sec or 1 action to 1 sec of wizardry. Thanks
to P-brain.

1 wiccan act of 3 seconds can achieve the metal influence and extend effects of the wizard
or wiccan spell.
1 sec Wizardry = 1 sec Wicca
1 sec Wicca = 1/3 sec of Metal magic (instant hyperpsionics craft).
1 1/3 sec Faith magic = 1 sec Wicca or Wizardry,
1 sec Antimagic = 1/3 sec (dura) or 3 sec of a Wicca act, .44 sec Faith magic..
1/4 sec Conception (Psionics) = 1 sec of Wizardry, Faith magic.

An ex:"Beluosis belmonte" = State the phrase to create a hyper metabolism. Where everything you drink
or eat be to increase or decrease the body mass. The fat amount be how much its increased by
1 ounce per 1 gram. The cholestoral be treated the same, the sugar be amounted to 1 gram = 1 sec
and be how quick your body fills up with temporary fat or loses the excess. The fiber decreases
the heart risk and amount of fatty tissue by 1 gram be 1 lb. The vitamins are licensed to market
use and increase or decrease stamina and body strength. Any excess to be eaten increases the
weight even if healthy per seconds. To diet be useless in this condition thats caused by drug
overdose side effects and consistent radiation of Radon trace or similiar and a result of
immunity be occurred. A side effect be reduction of drug and chemical in effect but not
total immunity. The body can match the person it sees and without any worry it would become
that person if the subconscious thinks its a match for it, and without alerting the person
as the person dejects the form he/she sees it and forms it on said person. Unless its
instructed to unaccept the form and how the problem be to said person, only then will it
change and the person won't form change to the dejected pattern.

Exercise immediate after the use of food intake with bending and other similiar. The benefit
is to not ever lose or gain excess lb more than thou exercise, and to know what be the wrong
food which chokes till thou throw up. Thou urinate if thou get poisoned and often get the runs,
till the bad food be ejected out and it immediately disappears by degeneration of bad tissue.
Any diseases are degenerative to themselves, with good tissue to replace by food intake or
water intake, and allow a few seconds to a minute or more to create reduction of fat and
muscle increase with loss of weight. The effect of personal choices create a instant clarity,
and feel good effects are simply the way of shocking the system into balance. Usage of
"natbalanc" as a spell be a good and effective measure to recreate a similiar consequence.

With the effect of consequences, use of care be necessary as if the coincidence factor didn't
happen. Pink elephants be another term for the coincidental idea that might "pop up" with
thoughts for coexacting the two idea of representation, and perception that be needed to go place
to place. Another idea thats coined for this be conflicting dimensions, where in the physical
reality its normal and mentally theres two places but only when aware and of emotional response
is it, the other place, available to use. At most can it be useful to explain or have instant,
concepts written in a moment including the least favored aspect of torture with very little

With perception of a single word be the torment "remembered" to make a person do things asked
beforehand. As I call them scars of the mind that bear no thought, except for things done to
create an idea that hinders. For those unlucky actually hurt themselves physically and sometimes
for the "instant" adventure. For most police they would call it instant harassment except for
expanations that are necessary, and mental bombardment be just another torment that require
shields like a hackers firewall prevention with good packet filter that keeps the hacker away.
Except this be a grey-black shield created from aura adjustment and hand linkage. Unconscious

The private civillian army (SROTC) may aid police and army, navy and other army on request
and attempt to ride on ships with no hostility. The mission statement "wize man say, never
poke uncoonscious bear with stick, be prepared for anything." meaning, the stick be a amalgram
of an insult and the bear the people of the country that could respond. Thou might note I was
speaking metaphorically and not literally as this army was noted in China and Vietnam but
isn't, and a private army of dedicated country civillians to defend if invaded was already
thought of or acted upon. Not all rules apply except the not shooting the officers, to 100000's
or more "free" SROTC civillians also considered a "special" unit that pays for their own
supplies and equipment with their own abilities and self analyzed point. This would be of
Machiavelli's dream Army and be somewhat in Atlantis as I spotted it, this is done by Event channeling.

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Uouo plie [wow-oo-ohn ply-end]
Diet plans, things to do
SH amongst others

The healthy living diet plan is one way to do the dieting. Use this if you intend to lose weight in a normal manner.

Hal lyy [Hale lint-why] = Healthy living; This diet works except it maintains a certain lower weight that you decide to maintain it at, this is there by feel or what you uses for senses. All that's required is lots of veggies, eat healthy snacks, eat lean meat and fish. Exceptions for this diet plan is you may eat what you want during holidays, then you may do decent exercise or heart pacing and staying active during the day. By Amber.

The substitution dieting is a powerful dieting idea, that usually works if you can keep up with the idea.

Substitution dieting is with use of what you may use. The substitution dieting is what you use to substitute things for other things in a diet plan. This is where you substitute fruit, things or stevia use for fat laden foods. So I think this is ideal for those that can't get done exercise enough, except for if you think the heart is pacing faster and staying active. Heart pacing is the key to exercise anyway. So here are the detailed idea variations, although sometimes they don't work. So here they are:

Stevy Etet Uouo [Steve-why Eat-teat wow-oo-ohn] = Starving artist diet; Think to eat less by buying more art or art supplies and producing your own art. This uses the heart feel to create the art for the home, unless you know you can sell the art by feel. Think of the art supplies and then you go get them. If you spend more than usual, you could starve yourself and remain starving half the time. This allows you to eat less and work with artistry. If you don't need the art, then you don't need to use this diet.

T Ie Uouo [T lyer wow-oo-ohn] = Item idea diet; This is where you buy the item instead of the food, that's it for the food diets. This could leave you starving half the time, so your aware of the point that's the idea you work with by what you think to do.

Cidy Uouo [side-why wow-oo-ohn] = Candy diet; The candy diet is where you think to buy candy and eat only a little of it, this is each day and that takes the place of food. So think to fulfill your idea needed and go by the idea point. This is a point from the past by feel with your sense of idea.

Yl Frot Uouo [Wild from-t wow-oo-ohn] = all fruit diet; Think to do things to remain active or eat fruit instead of normal or abnormal food, then you sustain activity off your weight or otherwise lose weight.

Dru Uouo [drug wow-oo-ohn] = Drug diet; The drug you use if it has a weight loss side effect, this is usually prescribed so ask if the side effect is weight loss, that creates what effect you need and you then eat or drink what you think is approriate. Be sure to exercise off the excess, otherwise you may think to use pacing of the heart and remain active until you sleep. This causes you to lose your weight quickly by the idea that you do.

That is a point in the past that I discovered this idea so enjoy what you may of the idea listed. If you need to know more diets and diet plans feel free to look up the webpage called how to lose weight, this is located at http://alt-sites.tripod.com/how_to_lose_weight.htm. Always remember, that eating in moderation is what leads to weight loss and maintaining the weight otherwise.

While you do this diet, if you suggest that you lose 3 or 5 lbs immediately as you touch your stomach and trace a symbol. Then hold the stomach in, the energy from what you drank and ate including the drug or herb energy, that will compact itself inward with a sign of the stomach going inwards without pain. That will cause this draw of the energy into yourself internally. Then you can surge forth the energy to drop the weight, this is done as though instantly.

Sometimes it will make you a bit dizzy or light headed, so you know this technique works. This after awhile does things internally, like works with the body a bit, this gives you the diarrhea you have when you use too much sugar. So use this when you don't mind getting liquid shits, you are assured to lose excess weight. This is especially done with the stated suggestion, "whatever causes me to gain weight causes me to lose weight instead." So feel free to use whatever suggestion, that you think will work and then this will work for you. If it doesn't, then don't worry it wasn't meant for you.

Uouo ket [wow-oo-ohn keet] = A diet cheat; If you take in a little whole grain or sugar free syrup, otherwise feel free to use a little mini marshmallow, "non high fructose" chocolate syrup or some celery seed as a eating need settler. Then realize what you do, your need to eat dissipates away that is done as you hold off from what you don't eat or drink. This is making sure your not eating or drinking things with sugar. Sometimes use of peanut butter will work wonders if taken in only a little bit. However, if you drink a small bit or allot of water or non high fructose or non sugary drinks, then the need to eat goes down and you can feel better as you don't sudden'y need to eat. This works if you give it a try by feel.

Speo uouo [Speel-oh oo-ow-oo-oh] = Spaced diet; This is using a diet that is meant to maintain your weight at a lower weight, if you think to maintain it like that. This is a spaced diet where you eat small snacks throughout the day instead of eating 3 square meals, but doing neither after 7pm is ideal. Calorie counting is very important. Maintaining under 1500 calories within a 2-4 hour period, you can eat and drink up to 1699 calories per day and no more. Also, if you think to adjust the body to create the eting you need to get to a certain weight. Repeat as needed per day. If you chose a weight that's higher than yours, then think of the weight and your body adjusts its eating style to make you that weight. This adjustment is more easily achieved if you state the weight as "I am 154 lbs." Or somesuch. This is a point in my life I achieved this goal and used the tactic, that is spoken of with allot of exercise.

Ayey jiayn yq [aim-eye wine wick] = Intermittent fasting aware; If your aware of fasting, then seem aware that in intermittent fasting, this is where you fast or eat less two days in the week. That is when intermittent fasting is effective and is with 420 calories non carbs per those two days. They can be any two days of the week, too.

Some elemental weight commands:

   fa suy reg = pronounced: fahn sue-ee reeg, this is your 'fat suit regulation'; the fat suit is your body weight represented in your subconscious. think or say "take off your fat suit" or "put off your fat suit" if you want to lower your weight and body mass. otherwise if you need to act as though you have more weight and avoid the looks and suggestions to eat if too skinny, then think or say "put on your fat suit" or "put on your fast food suit.". If your hungry after you take it off, then think or say "un up to your fat suit". This works no matter the point, "put off your fat suit.".then, think take off and do things, to get some exercise.

   do; think or say as you consider the body fat, "don't eat your body weight." then you stop wanting to have to eat so much. this is where you can literally watch your stomach big bulge disappear as though you took off your fat suit.

   dro ye fa suy = prononced as: drown yehn fat sue-ee. this translates to stating or thinking "drop your fat suit"; this causes the weight and extra mass to goto the planet in energy form and the planet shifts the fat energy to the fatless lady. This works with stretches of the body as you hold in the stomach. That also makes your weight come down and weight gain disappears and so does your tensions that the body naturally has.

   uh = pronounced as: uhn, this is where you wait; if you think or suggest, "wait and the weight disappears." Then exercise as you wait and this is moving around a bit. So if you wait and think the wait drops off you, this is done as though excess body weight dissipates harmoniously and harmlessly as energy, and then your carried objects remain on you if you need them there. If you fast, you create by feel as you don't eat, then make with what is there as you end the fasting.

   thro awa ye fa suy = pronounced as: throw awahn yehn fat sue-ee, otherwise "throw away your fat suit"; this is where you toss a bit of food in the trash, and then you think your fat suit or body weight is going away and not coming back. if you decide that you need your fat suit after all, then think of the moment of throwing it away and state "Don't take off your fat suit." just remember, you can always throw away the fat suit again.

   ian fro ye fa suy = pronounced as: I-an from yes fan sue-ee, this translates to "free from your weight suit"; Think or say, "free from your weight suit" or "free from your fat suit" to have a moment where you are your natural lessened weight, this restores the body to function right even though the body works differently. This is good for sudden onset of weight as it pauses the mass of weight from building up, and then starts making it go down by the power of the mind as though calm and responsive if non angry.

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Some necromancy, this is done in case you need it, from the city of the dead, cenethal
Su Nuocy

This uses nuocy or nuruicy, otherwise called necromancy. This is the practice of death essence energy and life energy manipulation by a necromancer or nuoca, that is what can be used to work with spirits and pass them back to the grave and then thought sent the astral plane by feel. This is where necro is a point death is becoming of another state. Think and you know what to do.

So its just a passage and sometimes we don't intend to desecre or desecrate the grave to do it. Remember, if you ask the spirit of the grave for help anyway you think to do it, then you will receive help and you may also receive a bone to aid your point. That's if you asked for a bone and dug it up by feel. If you didn't ask permission, then you could cause possession of the body until you put the bones back. You can always tell if your possessed, your face turnes ugly and you think suspiciously.

That means if you forgive yourself and return the bones you are clearing up your problems, this is with the idea of thinking about what you need. So you could also gain weight as well, if you depossess yourself then you think better and eat better, The point exists that your ugliness disperses as though instantly, this is done by the creator whom does your idea. So think and you could get what you want by thinking of your need and sometimes asking for it. Then things should work out for you.

If you do get a bone, think to hold it and state your request of the spirit that it once held. Then you get what you want. This can be done, even if you don't use a bone. Just think of the person and imagine or think of what she or he does. If you do this right, you only need to state the name of the person or the name of the spirit three times. So if an idea with a point is useful this is used by what you state, this is done as thought to command what he or she does.

What is done is what you think, so think what you want and you may get what you need. This is especially true if you state the command as though a thought and a request to the spirit. Such as a point of getting a spirits aid during the times you live. This is a point that you think of the spirit or the animal spirit, then request the pets help by stating the idea you want it to do. This always works, so be sure that you allow for their return to the grave, this is done as thought is an idea and reward to them for the service they did. That's if you want them to do things. If you don't then don't bother them, you won't be worried over what they do.

Otherwise, just think about the idea of the spirit passing back to the grave, then the astral plane (where available) and you did your necromancer duty. If beyond the planet influence, then there is no actual astar or astral plane. So think about this, that is a point as though the spirit passes back to the body or the grave. This ensures that you cause the spirit to go back to the grave. Then your free from possession or whatever is the case.

Elsewise think of a phrase or word and that you imagine or feel happen, think where the spirit does as you command. Then state or express the idea to do with the word or phrase while thinking of the spirit. If the creator makes it do what you want, then you are done. So a trick is this, think the creator does what you say or think, and think of the spirit as you state the idea in a word or phrase and feel the idea happen. The spirit will do what you want, if it sees the reason for the point by the creator that created us all as memories. That is how you can do this idea more effectively.

So there is also a chance of resurrection, if you have blood in the veins. That has a point of sangevoi or blood control. This is where the spirit if needed by the soul will cause the heart to beat. When the blood flows, if there is any blood in the body, then you will know that is where the brain will start working. So I think that if you have a working body, then the body is undead until you think to not need it alive.

Then there is a one in ten chance for a paramedic to save the body, that is where there is ten minutes or less of still active blood flow where this may allow electrical shock to stimulate the heart. So this means if no spirit need, that is done by the soul and then there's no working body by the feel of things.

This is all in the art of ressurrection. Acccording to a heart surgeon that raised a dog, this doctor is unnamed even today that thought of this feat. So don't be surprised if it works like that. Yet no blood, no heart activity no brain activity. So think about that. This can be used, if you kill yourself during a death trance. Think and you know the idea to do.

This uses a point of fresh idea. The fresh body or jew bod, that sometimes means there is still blood in it and it is a good condition. The blood has yet to be drained from the body for being dead. So if your with a need to revive it, copy your soul into the body and tell it to revive the body until you don't need it. That should handle it by feel.

The trance point you can do is considered netatru, the soul death trance where you think of the moment to do and lay back or lay down. Then breath in fresh air and out the bad air. This is done until you trance, then focus on the idea of stillness with the body. That is working as though the body were dead. However don't overdo this, the point you do could kill the body as you think to work elsewhere and soul wise. So while in trance, if you think to step out of your body you can soul shift.

If you don't want to shift immediately, then you can use the soul to command or request some idea or need. This is when your using your soul to create a point by stating something, otherwise your using your spirit to do things by feel. That is using the senses you have and making use of a soul shape that can speak, then all that's needed is the point you think that the soul can speak silently and get a response by activity being done.

This activity is what you generally want by the point you make. That is such as "I am going to need supplies." Then all that's needed is supplied by feel. Now all that and more can be done by astral visitation. This is a point you think of where you want to see and your there. If not, then you knew that getting somewhere will take time. This possibly will require a ride physically. So be prepared and do as necessary.

What that means is that is all you need to know for necromancy to work in your favor. Especially when this works, if you light a candle then think of where you want to be. Then all you need to do is need something, the soul is the being that provides by feel.

Something else to note: This is done in necromancy. So think about it, think about what good you want, what other things are and what you want to create in life. Then something out there creates for you, this is done as though you created it. You can create with the spirit, this can create from any living being. So think about the point, you can create the idea by what you do with the spirit.

Albeit the results are spotty this means you can use a spirit or being from a live human, its better if you use a dead spirit or being like a deity and work with the results. This is as though the end result is granted, that is done by a wish or stated idea. This can create nearly anything, so nearby it is. Think to dismiss the being or spirit. That is done as you think to do things. Now onto other things. Oh yeah, this tells the creator to do the idea. So use what idea you may have use for and this is with a point by what you do.

Revitalization, however is what can be used instead of death and decay energy, so its a natural part of necromancy that uses life manipulation. This is a second part of life necromancy. Revitalization is where you think your energy goes through the body and veins, then this makes the body work better by feel. This is what can use tow points of touch, the feel of energy, that is where you are thinking and the energy goes through the body. That is going from one point through the body and back to the other point. Naturally the body recovers by feel.

This is why the body is animated at first, then creating with the energy it recieves. The body then farts and seems to pass out on using up the energy. This sometimes works by idea, the point is done, really, when the body passes out and doesn't come back to life. Use this idea to find out answers and other idea, this is especially true if you think to do things by feel.

If your interested in established passing commands or speech creating idea, then here are a few idea. Whatever language you use. here's a spell that pases spirits to the astral plane. "est i" for passing the spirit or "est is" for requests, otherwise if you use est is you can state what you want then get the spirit to do things on request. When you state "est be", then you can stop the action by what you do. This stops poltergeisms by feel.

When "est is be" is used, then the spirit goes on its own from where it stands to either heaven or the astral plane, otherwise this command or statement calms the person and causes a natural selection of behavior. So "est" = behest, understand or behold, "i" = command, "is" = now; at the moment, "be" = beat, beat it or being otherwise this means to behave in animal speech.

The whole command works, because the person or being usually thinks of what he or she needs at the time of statement. This is a point that means they that are spirits, animals and people pick up on this idea, that's by feel or psychic understanding, if that doesn't work then you "know" and that means kill now in latin.

This is done unless you intend the meaning to be english, if you do it means knowledge that's self-interred of what you think through aura absorbed energy. Now through self-expression or idea spoken, the idea now is understood for your intent. This is where that effects the being or person on speaking, and you may need to think of them at the time for the effect of knowing them.

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Obj vae Subj rely
Objective vs Subjective reality

The diee is a point where there is objective and subjective reality, this is noticed by a point of dillusion. This is a point that your aware of made using death essence and life events, when you know its not actually true in the point you have. The reality behind the moment is a concept, the point is made by the subconscious. This is where you think you know the point, so that is within aspects of real life. Real life is where you think you know and are aware of the point of illusion, then you know what is really there as revealed by the spirit. The real life point becomes real again, the idea is done after the point is done. This is basically an illusion where we get what we want by feeling that its needed. So enjoy things as they are there, the subconscious can create anything just to let you know.

So if you find a bit of luck, then think about the point and if you realize what was done you know it is illusion set by the aura energy. The subconscious mind is what directed the aura to create what you need. If not there, then you didn't think it was there and your subconscious blocked out the point. So basically, the idea is done and dealt with by feel. This is a point of the illusion of life, really we're not even living as we're a memory of the creator. That is represented by a silver energy sphere, this sphere rose into a ring of clouds and became our reality, also known as a god particle that was created by a particle accelerator called CERN in italy.

See were all born from the sphere or the creator as a memory, that is a test leaving the planet. Were aware of everything and nothing at once. so the universe that is there around us is illusion as well. What did survive was our conscious energy awareness. That is aware thought by the point, this is a point of conscious awareness. That allows us to perceive things by the creator, he or she is making the point for us from his or her dimension. So this really is a point of recall within the energy consciousness itself. Think about that, then think your continuing life. Well life is what we think of it, this is a known idea. That means it exists because our subconscious created things, if the money didn't seem there then we didn't need the idea. If an end then not and it doesn't matter if we know them.

This is where we think of the idea an this is a point put to the past. There you go, this is a point in the past, that I realized this. So the true date and time is nothing, this is a point of recall only that you think there is a date and time. That is why the subconscious only knows moments. This is a point to it and the subconscious mind is what truely is there at the moment. Nothing else exists, if you think about it that way things might disappear. So think the point and you know the need of the moment. When the need isn't there, then you know its a possible real life idea. This is a point pointed out as I was with a driver, that was driving me as though a point if somewhere else was there. This is also a known point of life. Oh get this, the illusion ends, if you think its not there and it disappears. Welcome to reality. This only lasts as long as you think. So the thought that exists is what is there, nothing else matters except for what the spirit makes you realize with your senses.

Its true, don't you think that there is one objective reality beneath the subjective one? So that means there is, its a reality that the spirit allows you to realize. Howver, the subconscious knows by what you feel, then your conscious mind is what your perception is allowing you to see. The effect is what you direct the mind to notice is what is seen. So sometimes you like the subjective one. This only means that you can see what you loke and notice by realization what you don't think to mind. That is when there is one objective reality beneath the subjective one. Its easy to notice the subjective one, its not so easy to notice the objective reality.

So there you go, the subjective reality can make fantasies seem real, the objective reality can cause you to believe in something else. This is a point to the matter at hand. Seen as a point, that's all you really get of the area. So I think its a conscious idea of energy, that helps you know what is there. Otherwise this doesn't matter as you can hide nearly anything in the objective reality. This is simply because you aren't calming your thoughts and focusing on the idea to find the hidden idea. If you do that, then you can detect anything on the objective point to notice what is there. That is all there is to this idea.

Alt stax -o- t ego
Alternative states of the mind

This is the alt'sta or alt states point, that is uses with the alter states by what you think of feel. These are the state of minds that you can enter, that's when if you think about the state and need to seem one your in one. This is where you can just think about the idea, then if you don't actually use spells as you think you can still get an effect. So if you needed an effect I would state the point. So you can use suggestions and the subconscious in alpha mode may do them, unless a countersuggestion is made or you don't need to have an effect. Think your freed as a point and you are away with life.

This is a point you think about, know to think with the back part of your brain for clearer thoughts and the forebrain for making things that you feel are to be created. Then if you don't need the idea you won't get the point. That means if you can do this, you have the idea. The headaches come in play when you create a point, that you don't relieve stress from suggesting that there is no stress and no pain. Then the headaches disappear, sometimes you might need medicine. So think and you know what you can do.

This suggestion activates your jedi understanding, so if you think about the idea you can know from spirit understanding what the idea is done by feel. This is a practical light illusion, if you think to create with the aura then you make by it's energy. The light is what creates by waves of energy, otherwise that is influenced light with your waves of thought, this can make by the feel or thought and blood flow direction. This creates with the creator empowering the effect. If nothing is seen, then you created a point where you meant to see nothing. So think to see some idea and you notice what is missing. This is an effect done by feel.

The method to get into alpha state is think your in alpha state, this relaxes you and only if you breathe in and out until you are tranced or actively relaxed. See its an easy way to get effects. So think you aware and awake as you feel refreshed, then if you need things the subconscious does what you need. Think your awake and refreshed, then you come out of the alpha state as you think you do and you are aware of things.

If your there right now. It can make you laugh hardcore, and tend to disconnect from the physical body. I use the suggestion, that "I won't do what I don't need to do." Simply stating that is a "command" to the subconscious. So this you can feel allows all commands to work better in alpha state. Do you have recommendations and/or guidance or how to have balance and clarity in this state. State as suggestion, "I won't feel what I don't need to feel." This cures any feelings that you don't want or need to feel by idea.

If you experimented with the other brain waves. This one is great as is. That is theta, gotten to by stating "theta" in alpha mode, then your in theta and doing what is needed unless you don't want to do things then you won't. This state allows you to state something, think the subconscious is programmed to do the idea then it is. You can enter it in alpha state very easily. Then what you state will happen more easily. If you state alpha, then you are come from this state of mind. The change does seem to be almost immediate. Theta is definitely sharper and more focused, while alpha is more relaxed and very open.

In theta, you can find yourself asking questions and answering them myself within seconds. Cool enough, right? Delta is risky. See you would have to sleep and wake up to wake yourself from that state. Alpha is quite hilarious. A toddler on weed indeed. Yes I realize it could be useful, however I felt one would fall asleep in that stage. Don't need gamma, unless you have to experiment with this stage of thinking. Yes. Brain wave changes can feel like dying sort of, though this is done quickly I feel. See you would have to sleep and wake up to wake yourself from that state. Alpha is quite hilarious. A toddler on weed indeed. Yes I realize it could be useful, however I felt one would fall asleep in that stage. Don't need gamma, unless you have to experiment with this stage of thinking. Yes. Brain wave changes can feel like dying sort of, though this is done quickly I feel.

So use of idea as a visual practice that is there, if you imagine a room then think of a complex and you are there in delta, aware of it in gamma and able to do things there in theta in trace. This is a point you think to "wake up" and you are not there anywhere, think of the area as you are where you normally ar by feel and you can manipulate the area energy. Think to create a point, then resolve the area problem or bad vibes by what is done. Then you do peaceful acts of enjoyment. Some of these are use of herbs, minor feel good herbs like parsely or vanilla extract, sugar or sugar substitute in water and possibly weed is useful.

This is using all the modes to create what you need. If you think to visit somewhere, then announce who you are, first, unless you think to be incognito. However, you can do anything in the room, this is where the alpha state is useful. You can create nearly anything that you think to create by feel. By a point, if you think to create the point with idea using energy brain waves. You can get better things done. Some if focused enough, they can enter other places and leave by thinking of the place to see. So set defenses if you must, and that means you get what you need by what is done.

For Gamma, sensory of energy comes online I feel. All the senses moreso online as well. Much more. You can sense a sort of fear. This may be projected or inherent with the energy of the environment. Yes for the gamma, sensory and energy overload now you can feel electricity, I hadn't noticed until you hear megtion of it. In your hands you could feel electricity. This happens without touching it. So feel free to experiment.

This is where in gamma you hear things. Yes you can create a state of clarity, using alpha mode. "On in nether", this is the state of clarity. A point of waking, this is a point of idea that you focus and think to respond positively by feel. Then you are awake by feel and there by idea. This is a known effect of the self-hypnotized alpha state. Think of the moment and you can get the idea as result.

Well, I can see why you would use alpha state more often than not. Whilst theta and gamma I see can be useful, alpha's that real chill zone where you can giggle a lot. Without a point to focus on, theta and gamma can become rather boring. Unless you were brainstorming. Sometime ago I figured out, there is noone in your subconscious mind. This is a place of scripts. So in shifted mind state, noone is there in your mind. Scripts, good to work em out- then pick what you like. Any state. And when in the basic(beta, I presume), one is more focused on the world around them.

This is nice to have no worries about others. Alpha state is safe in some moments. So precautions could be necessary, that's unless you just trust people. If you need to think and not react to suggestions, then avoid alpha. So say your at a convenience store. I feel it would be better not to do things in this mode of thought, that's with customers and people and all those fun things. However, I see that killing roaches is necessary in any mode, that is excepted when your asleep. Other cases are when you think of the point, then you state a suggestion and you can create the point.

Well this is a point of idea, that you do and nothing more than that occurs. So if you want to grow wings or something like that, then you can suggest a point and then hope that you get results as if suggesting an end result is done. This is known to effect yourself more easily than others, so if you think to get a result with others then good luck with that point.

Sometimes you can get a point to happen and sometimes you won't get a response, this is done by spirit feel. So think about the point, and you can get a result if your luck is there. Luck is garnered by getting pennies or luck pieces. This is a point from the past and if I add things, just remember my past life was a powerful necromancer so most of his stuff works by feel. This is a point in use from the past, that always seemed to work in my mind.

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Spiritual warfare techniques
Esper ykym taniux

See to state something, this can be what brings up imagination, that means you can manipulate the spirits that exist through the spirit-that-goes-through-everything, otherwise it's the spirit of the body that does things using the soul or soul copy as a point of energy from the creator, this is created with idea by feel, so think and you create what you need if you intend the point.

So I only really needed magic or making by spirit that evolves the mind. That means each time you do magic, the idea becomes easier with animals to do or create with ideal intentions, otherwise with human's in idea you think and talk and maybe they respond if you think they do. You can create amazing things, if the idea exists by idea or will being done. This is what I learned, when I observed the minds and brain activity of others. This is in a point or known effect.

The spirit manipulation is where the spirit is a part of the body, that you can do things and using body activity, you could create what symbolic idea that you have to create. This is a known effect known as symbolism or symbolisis. That symbolisis can cause madness, if you think of the point and cause them to do things where they don't intend to do it. Anyway, it's a sordid thought, that means they can create with energy and do what they want as though being efficient with emotion. So if you create the point, you create by pattern, then you make or wait for the point to seem created by the spirit and the soul is the energy source.

This is spiritual warfare, so think and this is where you can make use of some effect. What you notice is a pattern, the idea is there. This means that energy is a source, so if it's a source then you can create with a point and make what you intend to occur as it happens. This is good enough, think of the point as a way, the area is creating an effect through the energy of things. This is a point you make what you may, and that means you made an effect of magic.

This is not actually spiritual, it's really the point of soul magic. So think and you realize what occurs. This is the proof of the evidence and you feel if it is right, correct or wrong. That's how you know if it is a positive or negative vibe. Vibes are the vibration given off, so think and you can detect what is there. The temperature is what makes you aware of a change, this means the temperature drop is where an effect is being done, if sudden, and if the temperature raises, you can tell if things are going to happen. There you go, think of the point and you create with an idea that your aware of by feel.

Otherwise this is a given view. That means it's perspective, think of a perspective you like, then you can create with what is there. The information you think is focused as energy, really this is an energy wave given off by the brain. This is done through the aura, so by this idea you can broadcast to others minds. This is a point that you can or cannot do things, so you either resond with stress if not or otherwise with calm. That's if you can calm yourself with thinking of a calm place and seeing yourself there.

Then you know you can change things, this is what allowed the point of things that you intended. So think as you want and you temper the moment. This means you won't expand in the body, yet otherwise you would. So the information you have, that is what can give temperance. Tempering and temperance can create a better result, that is with no extra unfortunate effect. Think about this if you do things and you create with the point and make a concept with the idea.

This could make anger disappear, so think to make what you want as you intend the point and this is where you get effort or you can get a cool effect. That's where you can say, he was using spiritual warfare, yet you know by thinking you know the point. So think about the idea and he stops or it could be taken as though an attempt at yourself. See, it's beter to work with the point, then you have a source of energy. This is a concept you know things, so think about the idea to create with a statement. This is working with the elements and the element could be anything.

If you detect someone doing things, draw a U thinking the effect bounces back at the person that causes things. Then the idea doesn't seem to happen to yourself. The effect is known as a point of energy, that energy can be returned as the programming is there. The energy programming is what makes with the idea using the consciousness of the area and that uses whatever is there to bounce back what conscious thought is there. This is actually effective in getting intel, so think you know the point and the spirit reveals the idea you intend to know if it is an insight. You know that as a trace, if things are revealed, then you think to find out who it was and the signature is the vibes the person has at the moment.

This allows you to know, realize and do things with what is there, even if it is days old energy. This means you can trace anyone, work to bounce the effect and all you need to do is draw a U in the air or on paper. So what if the paper has the effect, the paper would aborb the effect and the effect would dissipate harmlessly. If the person was hostile at the time, then you know things by what is "felt" as you think at the moment. This means what you think is what the spirit will allow you to know. So think and know, the point is the efect and what you think is what triggers the moment. That is where you think something and you know by what the brain senses. This is a concept you think though, so if you don't think or feel the point, you won't always know what is there.

Thinking is a part of the body, if you think about something then the spirit could make as a manifest the idea. If you need the idea as a point in result, there you go it's created and you know where to look. Think if about things to make what you consider important, this if you need to do the idea. Then you can create by the feel, see and work by doing the idea you have to do. This is where you you create by actions, that work with others and they create the point that you have to create. So wearing something like a mask or clothes, that can cause the effect to be absorbed as energy to the clothes. This means the idea you intend doesn't happen, that's unless you think to cause the things nearby to make an effect.

That is where you can say as you think of the target, "sudden death" and the suggestion is what the subconscious creates using the spirit-that-goes-through-everything. This is an effecting measure, so be careful it doesn't bounce back at yourself. The U in reverse with thought that you aren't effected will protect yourself. Think about the result and the idea is what manifests. This can if don'e thinking to cancel something out, cancel out what you sense is happening.

That is a point done by feel. So in effect, you could cause the person to cancel themself out by thinking they are meeting their exact opposite, or the energy causes them to not exist there and with the U you are done. If you draw and trace the U with an overlaid opposite U makes the effect dissipate and remove it's programming from the area. There is an idea you know, there is an idea you see, this is perception done by itself. So there you go, this is a concept you can do. That I believe is doing soul magic, think and you know what to do.

Genjutsu is the eating and created is the point, that you make by the idea you need the spirit to create and what manifests is what you desire by feel or want as a need. However since the spirit can use the food as an energy source, when you run out of energy or the food is processed. You don't always get what you want. So think and you know what you can do. The genjutsu is a point of illusion and that is what effects anything. So think and you can get what you need. Except the feeling, if you think to exercise when you have eaten, then you avoid gaining weight.

Think of a point and touch a gemstone thinking it will do what you need, then your gem will do things instead for you don't really need to be there to watch by the third eye and this is also possible by animals. So if you feel your watched, as though a point is shared then you know its an animal that's nearby. The idea is a point that the third eye is sharing with other third eyes, so think what you need to have known and its either reacted to. Otherwise this is created in the mind and sometimes received by the other third eye if you need the idea transmitted, that is true. This is done on touch or aura energy, that is felt by the senses and the brain construes the point.

Third eye practices are simple, think of your psychic need and then the pinneal gland is active with blood flow. Think or the third eye doingthings and that activates the third eye manifest. THis third eye can also make what you need to happen, if you think it should. So the idea is that the third eye can see anything, that you need to know. This is where you can sense things and that's thinking of the point, where you think to see things you will. Then if you don't need to see or use the pinneal gland you won't, that's if you think the third eye disappears. If not, then the third eye is dong something. So this means you command the third eye to stop and the idea occurs by idea.

Then the manifestation ends by what you think is ended. This is where you think to end things and the point that happens will occur a natural ending to what you need ended. So when you think of the point, you can create the idea or shut off the third eye and cause a lack of blood flow to the pinneal gland. This is all in a day's work. The "in" there is in blood flow, the lack of blood flow is "if not" and that is where you can use the language. This is done to manipulate the third eye, where we naturally know by experience. This means we can adjust ourselves to the moment, and thinking is what creates balance in idea that we have with the point.

Then the point remains, what can we do with the spirit, where and when can you do things. This is a point in the past, that I remember in the past. That means the rite is over for the third eye is operational, the idea of learning is done, this is a point in effect now you return to your senses.

So heaven and hell are also real places of torture or happiness in your own mind, where the area could appear likes its heaven or hell. That's where you think of the moment and feel the idea if there, otherwise think to not feel if you don't want to empathizically eat with others eating.

The area could also appear like another planet surface, that is if you wanted to visit consciously the exoplanet that is desired. This is like cs-137, where you can create with the beings or explore the land. This is a planet of beings.

That means you can get to the area by allowing the energy draw you there, then you are where you think spiritually. If not physically shifted within a few months, then you can expect to see accidental death and you find yourself there and then where you were is a pile of dust.

This is where the shift effect occurs, think of the place to be and your there, otherwise if you don't need to be there then you aren't. This is how things work.

They say once you are in hell theres no escape, because there is a room that you can eat in, when you do you are there until the food effect wears off. The place is so harsh though, that sometimes you can only think to survive.

So angel's can bring you out of hell as a sphere shape. So I think that there is a point you can think to return to the land you were in before you went to hell. Otherwise you are there for a long time. This is the way things are sometimes.

So expect what you can get is better for you if you think it's good then your positive, if you think its bad then your negative. This is where the mood adjusts to a thought or music by feel. So expect things as they come, enjoy yourself as you do things.

This is done to focus and create by feel the better idea, that could see use with magic. This is also done to create a good sell. If you don't need it, then it doesn't happen so this is a point you focus and energy responds to create what you desired.

Energy tactics are these idea. Wealth is energy. The less energy the less wealth. Orgonite are actually wealth generator as they sooth the souls. If you tap the item and think what you need, then you generate that effect. And generate energies like mini astral factories. Yes indeed, a spirit is possibly demonic if you rile it. That can make them a poltergeist. So they use their feel, then create with the feelings they have. Then that's about it. This is true for animals, too.

If you feel calm and soothing, then you can sooth a poltergeist. See the other way to control the demon, this is think it will do what you want by what you program energy to do. That's thinking it will do things is sending it programmed energy. All you need to do to keep an effect going is eat or drink and keep hydrated by something, that is done to keep the energy up in the body.

So I think a storm is a big demon in ancient terms. Now to manipulate a storm, this is think the storm will do things that you need, then state what you need as you think of the storm. This is where you can communicate telepathically, too. That is done very easily. Think of the person and the message, then you send a message by spirit. That's the true fun. Getting a message in return, that is done by realizations. You realize the point is made and "hear" the message, that is what is understood. This way allows you to get messages and send messages, that uses the soul as the energy transmitter and the spirit as a point of realization.

A hurricane can be alive. The natural forces associated with it is like sentient patterns. It talks and when chanting a weird version of a mantra, it's even more mystical and powerful. So think to focus on the storm and think to the conscious of the storm to get what you need.

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Time Travelling

This is time travel. the time travel technique is where I can time travel to any time in idea or area by feel. This is where a point exists and if you mention a when you mention a time so think of the point and you are there by the power of the subconscious. Think of the time as events, that the subconscious allows you to see or know, think of being there and sometime stating the point, if then you are there by the spirit knowing and the soul or soul copy transfers you there. Think about your intention and you know what to do. If nothing is obvious, or there is nothing to do, then take a walk or drive so you do things the way you want. This works to find something to do, if you can do things, otherwise lay down and rest.

The point is sometime you state things, if you make a statement of the idea, then you create the point by the power of words. Don't worry about meeting yourself, unless you were the exact opposite you won't cancel yourself out of existence as if you didn't exist. Now that is impossible, so think about the point and then you know what to do. If you intend to stay, then think the creator makes lodging that you find or you could die out in the open. When you shift, then you could turn to dust here. If not, the point could be sleeping and doing things automatically. Then is the point your autonomous nervous system causes you to act normally. This is a point done by some spirit or soul willing to work with a body.

So that means then you fall to sleep and wake up, this is done when you return at your own time of choosing. This is a known effect. Think you know the effect to realize what occurred there, that is known by the spirit. So that means you can create yourself at any time, wherever you want and from energy that exists. Thinking to return, the time you are in reverts around you and you are where you want to be. This is truly the power of the subconscious, that means it uses the spirit to know things and the spirit then stores its information in the soul. That is how I noticed this time travel works. However, sometimes there isn't a foolproof way to do this, this is in the endig by a point you recocognize with what is expressed.

Think about the point and feel the idea is created. That is how the normal time travelling happens. This is a time you know, so think and you can get away with what you need. This works as you are aware of things, so think about the area and the point you noticed. Then you can create by spirit what you wish to occur, at the time you need to make things happen, howevever this works with the point of idea and breathing in and out, this works even better by the listening to music. Think you know what this means and your brain causes you to know what the meaning is by the spirit caused realization. This is basically how the known effect works. If you need the effect to stop, breath normally, notice something wrong or hear a loud noise and you seem to "wake up".

When you do, your spirit uses your soul to revitalize you, so then you know and afterward you realize what is done. If you don't, then you had nothing wrong done and you can focus on the idea to create the point. This is a point known to man and women, known as insight. That is a point then, now is the point you know by the spirit, so this is a point you realize if you intend to realize. Think about your third eye pinneal gland revealing to yourself what you need to know and you know what's around the area. This is a point you can work with by feel, so think about what you need to know and you can remember things as they exist. This means they that attempt things is where they, those that are what can remember things better, make a picture perfect memory by what is done. So think and you are able to know anything about the idea, area and what may happen. The idea is a point you do, the moment is a point you are aware of by feel or go around. think about the moment, then you create with a thought and make with some concept by the power of the soul. This is a recorded point in the book of life and basically noticed in life.

This is a concept, known as creating with the energy consciousness. That is is where you realiz e the point, think of the idea and make use of things you know about. This uses incognition. The psychic awareness, that creates by feel and works with the mind as it is the conscious awareness of the brain. Think of things as they form if you intend to get results. This is a point I know about, so this means you are aware, your awareness is the conscious part of the brain, that means this is it's point noticed with things or people. The thing you know is what is reactions though, so this means you are aware of what is there. Think and you know about things, if you intend to realize what is there then you will.

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Energy point with the elements
Jul av e t ele

The elements are a concept to use, think of what you need and you can use them by what you do. This is expressed in this chart:

Mardek energy elements

e-pasy = energy passage; The point of ice or passage of a point by energy considered as if of the element, think to use the idea and you know the thought, then your programming by thought to water or water particles. This is where the idea is a point, and thinking is the activator. So when you think to use energy of ice by a diamond, formed from gated in iced energy then you create the point of transferrance. This is where the idea you put on paper is not in effect, and then you create by the feel with fire energy to create this result if you need the idea in a point. If you freeze something then, you cause the idea to cease to exist. This is where you think about the idea and write it down, then freeze the paper and create with a point of freezer activity.

e-pase = energy passes; Pasture energy, The energy is the thing you consider, think and you make with the body activity. This uses body maneuvers to create with fire or heat energy in use. So think, "now your free of what you do from" this is a point by feel where do is die off and free is a point in the past. This is an interesting effect of passage of energy, seeing this is a point and thinking your not effected by feel.

e-ec = energy convert; Think of the effect if you need energy then think to convert energy into water, that uses the gemstone of moonstone or aquamarine and the elemental water appears on the bottom of the cup. So think to create a thought as energy focus is done, that is directed by feel and programming towards the water source and you use fire or heat energy to create what you need by feel. This works by feel if you consider the idea, think the effect exists and you can do the idea. Think of the point, then you can do what you need. This is a known effect done by feel.

e-ef = energy effect; E-fx, the effect is fire or that is heat in the air and converted is the thought to energy, this is done to create a point and the transition of energy to create with your will and made is the point. If you want to create with a ruby or fire opal, then you hold the gemstone and create by thinking the fire energy passes through the gemstone. then is sometimes the point to create by manifesting your thought you need to happen.

e-eng = earth shift; This is earth bending with a point, you think to create with energy and the area object or soil can create the point you think about. That's making through the use of transferrance of the thought as programming, and you create with a point that is done. This is also possible to use the earth to manipulate gravity, think to shift the object through the air or area and the item goes where you think in the air. Sometimes if you think about this though, you work with the planet your on and create by the effect or otherwise you won't get a result. In the end, this doesn't matter, so I think this is a done deal by feel.

e-air = air effect; Air-fx, this is where you think the energy in the air creates by vibration, otherwise if you think the point is done you can create by the point and the power of words. The air stone is tiger's eye. so if you hold the tiger's eye, then you create the point of fire energy or water energy. That is made by fire or heat and water energy particles, this uses thought programming to create what you need or think into existence. See if you thought about things, you created by feel. So this I think will work by feel.

th er ng = earth effect; This better work, this is the finer thing you can do, so all I need to do is think, focus and create. So holding a gemstone will create the point you imagine or think easier by feel, or what you think is this will work and attempt to do things. This uses the amount of power in the energy of the words.

en = void; Dark element, the idea is done by darkness if you think the idea and sometimes use the object for example you create with the idea. Then the thought isn't you, the point is done by feel. This is a point you think or consider using positive languages, think to create with positivity the use of a focus that is done. Think to work with a concept of use of focus and a word of power or gemstone. That means you create by the idea you feel is going to happen or when if you don't need that to occur then think of something else and that happens instead. Then if you think, state and gnow things, you create by the power of words. This is done by the spirit and not much is completed if distracted so you don't have to worry over eating. This means you won't eat too much, if you think you won't by feel.

fig = the figurative element, It is basically just the dream/idealization world. Not a true painting of the world, it only consists of beliefs. Areas nobody remembers aren't painted and the world only consists of lucid creature's beliefs. The figuritive world. A figuritive element, say an imaginary friend like a Jackie Chan tulpa you created can beat the shit out of a ghost that is haunting your ass for example. Basically the sum of all being's memories. A giant dream junkyard dimension. As opposed to the dimension where spirits go. This works by imagination and need, that the thauma picks up on and creates by feel.

tama = thauma, magic; This is created effect by imagining the idea of that you need or feeling the idea is done as you think about what you need, and this is sometimes by gemstones if touched as you think of what you need. This uses intent and idea is what is done sometimes by expression. This is a known effect of emotional release where the body gets energy, and that is the release of emotions that creates the energy from the pent up emotion.

anie = spirit; etherial change, animus, yaa (spiritual subparticle), ether, alera, aleron, eludia, metainfluence, alpha waves, aether, felt influence, there is manipulation by the energy of the soul represented with the spirit. The spirit is the emanation of the soul energy through the body particles. The thought you have is sometimes realization brought about by the soul with insight, this is where the spirit is creating things you need or want by what you think. The spirit does things by influence, so if you create the point you make by idea or expression. This is a known effect, where the spirit knowledge is used by what the soul reveals.

That's if you need to know and the subconscious is making you aware of the point. If not, then things are normal and the idea is what you think. There is an aetherical plane, too that has all elements in it. So don't get them confused. The point is made as simple as this, to get how someone or something died or lived, then think to the spirit of the dead bones or dead body and ask it to tell you how it lived and died. This is an effect that the soul reveals to you by insights on what the body did.

lum = light; The light is what you see things by and the light shift is the creation by the light energy, this is where you create by focus and the light energy is what does things with your thought waves. This is a point of creation that can even use sunlight, until you turn off the light or the light from the sun is blocked out by clouds.

bod = physical; This is where you create by the idea with the memory you have and the point is done by expression, the soul is what empowers the body to create what you need. That means you create with the point of energy in the body. This energy is either food or energy by water, and this is where you make with what you have by feel. The body senses are what rules this element, if you think of the point, you can make with what you have by feel. Oh get this, the physical aura is energy of the body that burns away the air particles and this breaks down whatever is in the air into oxygen and nitrogen. That is how the body breathes. Whatever you desire, the soul does things if you need the idea by causing physical activity. So this element is useful if you think to do magic, that means you can create with the particles of the item and create of physical magic or the art of creation with what you have available. This is a known effect, that doesn't use anything except the soul in idea for psysical actions.

sol = so, Divine; The idea uses faith for what you need becomes of the body after the soul transforms things or idea into manifest, this is using an idea that creates the point of what you need for the idea to exist. This sometimes uses a point of expression to create with the idea, there you know will exist by feel. So what you need to know is what you think to realize by insight you have with realization. However the soul is insight, so what you think is what you get. Cravings and creation are with the soul causing the body to drink water, and you get energy from the food as well. They are what empower the body to create to the soul need and the combo creates devine idea by feel, otherwise that is done as a manifest or created item is what you need. This is created by soul influence, and you get what you can see to get. Modiver is the god of alahnis, the creator is the alien god of atlantis. People are divine, so think of the idea and you could get the idea. This is done if you imagine or think about the need as a point of idea or intent.

think; The effect is done by thinking, and this is the use of the subconscious that your spirit causes to occur things. This is where you lose excess weight by feel. Think about the effect and you create the effect, if needed or not do things for eating less.

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