Atlantean Circle Spells

  These spells in thought are ranked from easiest to extremest. The circles are easy to extremely hard from 1 to 16 and in levels 0 to 15. The spell level is denoted within () brackets. Ideas gotten from D&D; and originals including Neverwinter Nights, Baldur's Gate and thoughts around the house. The circles are in groups of their own elements. These spells use phonetic spelling, that may or may not work for you unless  you get the spelling right from the pronounciation key in [this]. So have fun trying them, to see if they do.

  However, these spells can be done in two different ways, think or imagine the point to create as a result as you speak the idea to something or think to create something. Think the effect as a spell to do as you speak the effect that is the spell listed. This is a certain way to cast them that is safe however, as you feel think the creator creates the idea as an end result. This is just as an effect spell that can seem stated or seem in thought, so then you aren't effected negatively. This is also as you think the creator protects you from negative attack or anything you might not like.

  Think about the spell to cast them easier, you must have said them at least once right and thus you imagine the spell in some manner to effect whom you think to effect, such as the spell word itself with this is as if in trance and think of where it effects as agreement is the area you relate by area feel though this it were in effect. If as you use idea to not feel nothing as sense, so ya can see some results or can't get any effect from the phrase, then in summon energy to seem to be there by thinking its metainfluence is there.

  Metainfluence is where you think of the idea and can do things or the spirit that goes through everything causes what you need as you want or wish the idea or result. The idea is this, if you think about the point then you can influence by the spirit. The soul is used as guidance to create what is necessary to get the idea achieved or intuition. Think or feel then in summon energy to seem to be in there, this is energized as if by thinking metainfluence is there. This is where metaphysics is done and you met with physics and the idea is done by what you do spiritually, energetically or mentally. This is where you do what you need to do, dismissing by excuse what you can't do. The idea is in the doing, this is not the idea in play. The nature of metaphysics is the basis of all magics and physics and metainfluence or some spirit feel, this can be considered metamagic or metaphysics based in empirical science. Empirical science is a lost science in todays time, so I think that the idea is useful if metaphysics are understood.

  The nature of metaphysics is that it is set on three rules and the intertwining of such rules to form metainfluence by the spirit or animal spirit, that is felt energy and the need is understood. Rule number one is: Affinity or an attraction and unattraction of objects or humans in and of a relation, sorta like a magnet. The second rule is: Thaumaturgy or like actions that can control or manipulate like actions through linking actions, exerted force over or through an object, through a statement or usage that's by visualization from a person.

  The third rule is: Mind over matter or how much focus in thought, as a grey ritual is a mind rite and just as good as a real one and how in use you are much in idea as that you put into the moment, think to occur the moment and if you feel, make it happen. The amount of thought equals amount of energy. The more energy you have from the idea and not specifically in use, the more chance of manifesting or finishing your project. That's the useful parts, the rest of metaphysics are somewhat useless idea that are listed here.

  See as you are and try casting it then, this is as you use metaphysics differently than rites. In rites you repeat idea till satisfied. In metaphysics you think about the idea to "cast" and create the effect of the idea manifest, this is through thought or idea that you have that you can sometimes say as subconscious suggestion. Then by thought you see a game, you can create that game effect you want or some other idea that you need by the point.

  Sometimes optional is the word you choose to cause it in site to be there, this is more effective by energy focus and focus is thought to cause or create things situate with what you see or feel. Its stated as though in the idea that you place in for the point as spell words or thought, spells are energy use by direct or created focus with imagination. So use and idea you can be 'done' with or something else thats suitable to you. This is not always done so think as you need to get things finished.

  Feel to see the area you feel can seem choatic or what you feel is disruption, so you create as aggravation well is thought or seeable use as feel by idea. If you can't say ten don't worry you see you count to idea, as things will be alright as the right idea by the real idea is insight not results. Ya find that are phasable ya can't complete a phrase word by stating to cause is the reason.

  That is what by thought phases things out, then the draw is to phase things in by feel is possible with the element. So the spent energy goes to an archmagus enemy as the rest of what you see is sense. Ya can't say it out loud or use is cool if not by spelling things by hot points or core energy focus is use, not as you say by that so what is out with a line or limb or any finger that is energy by focus to create.

  This will complete the spell as though using hand language. Optional is just drawing a freehand rune that means in ya mind the spell itself. This is as thought ya can do rituals for required materials are for the spell itself. See that isn't what you create or use in the point, so what you feel you focus or create. This is so after casting the spell, then mentioning the thing to effect.

  So ya can cause a directed effect. Sometimes things that are general, aren't actually what is thought felt or understood is as thought that's 'there' by life. So use isn't feeling as you feel to create, this creates idea yet your not always able to see what is near. When ya direct the effect more than often its easier, this is done by stating what you want. If you think or feel this is ideal to feel or usage is thinking to see the effect, you can create by what you think to see.

  There is mention of damages and healing amounts listed with the spell. These are those idea effects for the amounts. We start with A note on damages and go to A note on healing. Then on we go with the rest.

  A note on damages:  Damage amount is accumulative and is shock like slight damage that is healed by being regenerated to negate damage;
 Minor is as in a cut or slight burn that must be healed within 3 days or the victim dies or its regenerated. It can also be some damage to the area, like chipping and slight burns.
 Minor-medium or minor-moderate is for a 2nd degree burn or deep cut which must be healed within 2 days or the victim dies or is regenerated. It can also be cuts in surfaces and abraded areas.
 Medium or moderate wounds the target for a very deep cut or a 3rd degree burn that must be healed within 1 1/2 days or the target may be infected and die unless its regenerated. It can also be allot of chipping and abrasively rubbed or burned area.
 Medium-high or moderate-serious dazes the target for at least 6 seconds with a deep wound or 3rd degree burns that must be healed within 1 day or victim dies or it can be assisted in healing to regenerate. It can also be some destruction of the area.
 High or serious is out cold for at least 6 seconds with a deep bruise, 4th degree burn or cut that shows bone and must be healed in half a day the victim dies. It can also be more destruction than is expected, to an area and it will show burns easily.
 High-extreme or serious-extreme knocks out the victim for at least 18 seconds with internal wounding (deep bleeding) or 5th degree burns and must be healed within 30 minutes or victim dies. This can be for the environment as though allot of damages.
 Extreme knocks out a victim for at least 36 seconds, with light internal wounding or 6th degree burns that must be treated in 15 minutes or the victim dies without chance of resurrection. This can be for the environment, as if major damages.
 Extreme-deadly and puts victim in system shock for at most 72 seconds with heavy internal bleeding and it can leave victim in hospital for 9 months or in a coma unless treated in 1 minute or the victim dies without possibility for raising except later may come back as a revenant. This can be chunks of things destroyed or a highly burned surface.
 Deadly kills victim with no raising possible. This can be massive damage that is with damages that cause things to crumble or fall on others. And, high marks of burning everywhere is possible.

  A critical hit is a good chance to hit and will knock victim unconscious for least 36 seconds sometimes with heavy internal bleeding. If no treatment for internal bleeding, then the victim will die in 2 min for light internal bleeding and 30 sec for heavy internal bleeding. Head wounds are critical hits that daze the person. Any critical hits will daze them unless blood rage, cold rage and other rages, for which they are not effected and keep going. For dazing the person, creature or monster loses 6 seconds till the next time.

  A note on healing: Healing amount like minor-moderate damage restored is acummulative, as;
 Slight or minor and cures or removes cuts and bruises.
 Slight-medium or minor-moderate and heals bruises faster and deep cuts.
 Medium and moderate as it heals deep bruising or open and deep cuts with stat recovery.
 Medium-high or moderate-serious and heals deep bruising or internal bleeding and higher stat recovery.
 High and serious for system shock recovery, bone repair and healing very deep wounds.
 High-extreme or serious-extreme wakes the person up in 6 seconds causing slow regeneration, including faster bone repair.
 Extreme and causes fast regeneration.
 Extreme-deadly healing for heavy internal bleeding recovery in 6 seconds with very fast regeneration, and very fast bone repair.
 Deadly restoration from an healing resurrects or raises victim with high regenerative ability rate including regenerating bones.

  If ya want to add a boost to the spell, add a pronounced X, and however many times, each x will increase its potential. As in the speed spells, 'spe' will speed ya up so much where speXXX will speed ya up allot. There is only a certain amount of fire in the air to be used in fire based spells at one time. So if the fire spells cease to work, then wait till the fire in the air is replenished or summon fire energy to be there in the air, in a sufficient amount. Some can summon heat and the heat, if concentrated, will form into fire as though it catches fire. Then there is cold spells, as to use cold based spells, ya have unlimited amounts of energy.

  Added to this idea as is that fact, of if ya don't want it to be an attack, target or imagine the element form of the air or an object ya don't care for anymore. To enchant the object, cast any of the spells at the object or area.

  Also think, thought to use the spell phrase as a chant during meditation or a ritual of sorts, will instruct the subconscious to achieve the effect more and it will bring better effects from the spell you chose. Now onto the spells that are possible with 6th dimension energy and upward as ascend and you can more easily cast with "up" thought.

Circle/Level - Description
Circle I/(0) - Beginner effects
Circle II/(1) - Very easy effects
Circle III/(2) - Easy effects
Circle IV/(3) - Slightly easy effects
Circle V/(4) - Moderate effects
Circle VI/(5) - Very moderate effects
Circle VII/(6) - Extremely moderate effects
Circle VIII/(7) - Hard effects
Circle VIX/(8) - Very hard effects
Circle X/(9) - Extremely hard effects
Circle XI/(10) - Mastery & epic effects
Circle XII/(11) - Particles and high effects
Circle XIII/(12) - Source/being effects
Circle XIV/(13) - Extreme metal effects; This can drive ye slightly insane

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Circle XV/(14) - Very extreme, life & instant effects; These can drive ye slightly crazy
Circle XVI/(15) - High extreme of metal magic, drugs, conditions and substance effects;
(These can make you appear addicted)

Circle XVII/(16) - Gates
Circle XVIII/(17) - Spells of Ages

Circle XIX/(18) - 6th and 7th spell list as this is easy with the use that is with created ability as perhaps an enhanceable person or thing were there.

Circle I (0) - Beginner effects

 Liht = [lih-t] light
 Dazn = [daze] Daze, make a person dazed make a description to release them.
 FrosRay = [frost-r-way] Ray of frost, creates a ray of frost
 Resis = [read-size-s] Resistance, gives the target resistance to all energy and any mental assault
 CuveMej = [cuve-eh-me-j] cure minor wounds
 Virtu = [virus-t-turn] virtue gives the person a temporary boost in energy.
 Un = [rune] undying makes anything when saying undying in nature.
 Uu = [soon-up] Undone result; Think the result as you say or think some uu. Similar to adding an un to the beginning of something. This spell casts your fancy or ideal you wish to cast then the undoing of something. This makes anything when saying or thinking your undoing or uu then the thing to undo itself in nature as though things end themselves.
 FlrPyro = [fl-r-Pir-oh] Flare, hot light penalizes the person with searing heat and fire. This can flare up fire into a seeable flared up state or start fires if not careful.
 Cryo = [Cry-oh] Freezerburn; Freeze or preserve, Cold energy flares then creates a cold preserving energy that is blue. Think then you can create or may create dynasties outta nothing with this. This can flare up fire into a seeable flared up state or start fires if not careful. This also can freeze out what you don't mind or like.
 CryoVama = [Cry-oh-Vah-Mah] Freeze; This freezes a person or thing like a cry out in the cold. Cold energy flares then creates a cold preserving energy that freezes the target with what I call a blue energy. This also can freeze out what you don't mind or like.
 Pyro = [Pir-o] Summoning fire is the use of the mind and think and focus the mind as you use common fire, think to summon fire in any form that ya can imagine or need, this is including kudilini inner warmth or fire in air, at the time. The best way is to imagine it in the air or above in thought ya hand unless ya are targeting something. At least it will appear as heat that ya can wrap around ya, and at most, it will appear as fire within the form ya desire or call out the shape of after. If ya target something, then it can do minor to extreme damage.
 Jolts = That is the essence off energy that powers up your body.
 Boeng = [Boe-eng] Undone spell; That is the essence off energy that powers up your body that undoes the spell.
 Inflictu = [inflictuh] Infliction, causes pain along the nerves and heals undead.
 AchPlok = [ach-ploke] Acid splash or curative by water, creates small acid sphere that shoots at person to eat at the persons skin.
 JotWats = [jote-wats] electrical jolt of slight electricity that damages slightly to high damage the area and enemies a within.
 Stup = [stoop] causes slight stupidity on victim with unlearning nature and willingness to talk.
CretoSildProtego = [Creet-ohn Sill-d Proton-ee-goal] Permanent Shield of protection; This makes a shield of protection that the creator places and can manifest a protection that makes hundreds of negative entities shift and be warded away. It sucks away all implanted thoughts and it shows your inner self off more. One needs to have the shield on, prior to any removals of blocks, locks, implants, etc, and/or placement of enhancements, or repairs, or your hard work gets undone, and the negative entities do it in a way that cloaks their damage, so you don't find out.
NflytMinWunde = [N-flit-Mine-Wundeh] Inflict minor wounds, harms target for minor damage.
 Ma = [Mah] To do a water effect that can summon water from the air water molecules and materialize it on or in something. To think of where the water will form after stating the spell, makes it collect there.
 PsiVaFx = [Psih-Vah-Fex] Psychic effect, to make a directed psychic effect in the target area that manifests as an ability to be used as the person thinks best. In Do is in the ability to use as in use, is a moment device with thought and that on an energy is thought focused infusion with a touch as this is in a concept, you can do as in a moment that uses are to unearth things as this is not guaranteed as to go do. This ability lasts as long as you have a use for it. So, to think of the effect and focus on the idea that it will work, makes it manifest events.
 Va Ya = [Vah Yah] Summon wind, just think of the direction as ya say the spell. Then the wind will come up and in the direction that ya think about after.
GjwwaiFx = [Gj-way-in-Fx] Summon, Use this spell to summon any effect that ya desire. Simply think of the effect ya want before or after the spell is done. And it will be achieved through invisible influences by some means. This has been used to summon food or drink to ya or other items.
 GjwwaiNaFx = [Gj-way-in-Nah-Fx] Earth effect, to create an earth effect that ya imagine, need or say after saying the spell. This can smother, buildup dirt or create things or people as well.
 Luia = Luciper [Lure-ciph-here]  Luciper effect; As lucifer or someone respectful then you leave as yourself, you enter as in you are accepted as you can conform and seem to become and out you are what you see or are to be.
 Shi Na = [Shin-Nah] Summon lava effect, to summon a lava effect from lava particles that are summoned to appear by this spell. Imagine the effect, as you say spell. Then say the effect you want, to strengthen the effectiveness. For after the effect it could go awry.
 DictQan = [Dict Que-ahn] Say don't do, This is the cancellation effect to the saying the spell and creating it as you do it. This you think of the effect and say the spell and the effect doesn't happen.
 ChaoCaCrea = [K-aye-ohn Call Cree-all] Creator spell, This is the creator spell I created that uses chaos and makes use of work, this is where your doing things by the feel of what is done with idea put to use. If no work then there is at least some perceptible result, this is just the point as things done could be considered work. This is also where you state the effect, and then use the idea of the spell in some manner to create an end result. This uses chaos that the creator protects you from, and prevents you from having a bad end with some positive result in the end.
 SpeFxCraoCaCrea = [Spell-ih Fix Cray-ore Call Creed-ahm] The unchaotic creator spell, Create by thinking the effect and speaking the spell, or think to speak the result as you think of the spell then the creator that created us all by feel creates your result that you need. Then this creates the effect you thought as this is an idea to become and exist and then the effect is done. This as always works, unless you think it won't create an effect. Think your not effected by negativity or attacks and your not.

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Circle II (1) - Very easy effects

 SuaEX = [Sue-ah-Ee-X] Summon energy, to summon energy of some sort into the area of that which is needed at the time, that pools. This energy can also be of an element that is thought about before casting.
 ViolEkle = [violin-eekt-ankleh] burning hands, also possible is the waning moon phase effect that violent moments.
 ChaKou = [chafe-kow-uh] charm person or people
 ZyWaas = [Z-aye-way-as] hold hand out and say words to blind group of hostiles
 Gres = [grease] make everything slippery or grease the ground
 D-u = [d-use] identify objects
 HemuWard = [h-seam-us-war-d] mage armor protection
 MyyMesa = [Mih-y-mese-ah] magick missile
 BalMedituRay = [bale-mead-bite-uh-ray] negative energy ray, at first it can make the target crazy, after awhile it can make the taget rupture something or worse. The damage starts at minor level but progresses higher as it effects a target.
 MentoMoWard = [ment-toh-mow-ard] think of the alignment to protect from when saying
 Streny-Dray = [str-eve-n-way-drain-way] ray of enfeeblement, makes the target unable to think well and can't do things well.
 Sce = [sceh] Scare, makes you or the target effected be scared and
scare also causes fear in weak creatures.
 Slep = [sleep] sleep can make anyone fall asleep
 Fyna = [Fin-ah] bless boosts all allies with improved attacks and ability
 CuveHea = [cue-eh-hee-ah] cure light wounds on person
 Dum = [doom] doom causes the attacker to not attack well and act dumbly.
As the target suffers some hit and damage ability reduction with being able to save from an effect, skill and ability being down some too.
 NeijiiQee = [Ney-ist-jii-quee-eh] remove fear from target.
 Sanct = [sanct] sanctuary and makes the enemies ignore you.
 Tangl = [tang-l] entangle traps enemies with clinging vegetation.
 CuqTuch = [cook-touch] chill touch makes minor-moderate damage attack on the life force.
 KuiMej = [k-lude-with-me-j] Minor vampiric drain, that drains the victim or target of a small amount of energy.
 MyIma = [m-aye-I'm-ah] reflected image causes one image of said caster to form and do what the caster does.
 Cyx = [c-aye-x] spook makes the caster to play upon natural fears to make the caster appear like someone inimical.
 ViuHyrz = [v-time-us-h-aye-rz] shocking grasp makes the caster give a shock to the target touched.
 Jiite = [jire-tell] enchant object enchants any object be it stone, item or clothing with a thought of what you want at the time of casting and the item will portray that thought.
 Amp = [amp] Amplify, amplifies hearing or any actual ability, and its on when thinking on the ability as ya cast.
 FeHon = [feh-hone] iron horn knocks down all enemies in area for 6 seconds.
 Ban = [bane] Bane, the victim becomes fearful with lessened attack,
as the target suffers minor moral penalties that effects the ability to hit and has doubts with more fear of anything around them
 Wiee = [wlle-ee-eh] Discouragement, makes discouragement of victim to create less confidence and forces the person to stop, eventually
 GodFav = [gode-fave] courage to caster causing improved attack and unfearful nature
 Epel = [Ee-Peal] endure elements causes lesser elemental resistance
 NtrayGpuzre = [N-trail-aye-G-puzr-eh] entropy shield causes any attack to miss by a small chance as you maneuver and it slows down  things in movement near you. This can effect your comprehensive response rate.
 FruLitUnd = [fruh-light-und] inflict light wounds touch attack that heals undead and causes nerve damage
 OtlyFai = [ought-lye-fah-ih] faith shield grants the person ability to take a hit without pain
 Camu = [came-uh] Camoflage, hide in shadows by blend in background
 JuuFang = [jooh-uh-fang] makes your pet more dangerous by the effect of attitude adjustment.
 BessWepa = [bess-weep-ah] bless weapon gives a weapon enhancement of effect and doubles damage to undead
 DeafClu = [dee-aff-cluh] deafening clang causes sonic and additional attack
 JiayXCabu = [jie-lay-why-x-Cape-but] Expeditious retreat, the target becomes 150% faster
 BaduBoom = [bade-uh-bome] sonic attack on one person
 IcDagg = [ick-dagg] dagger shaped ice missile you toss like a dagger
 FeGut = [fee-goot] iron guts causes poison resistance
 AtlaKou = [atlah-koh-uh] persistant blade that comes as dagger and acts as servant
 Sild = [sill-d] shield that makes the person hard to hit and to be with energy immunity
 TruJab = [truh-jabe] true strike gives magical assistance of striking via accuracy
 ItlyDea = [it-lye-dee-ah] gain mastery over death
 BgulyMai = [B-goo-lye-May-ih] Beguiling influence, caster recieves bonuses to her or his bluffing, diplomacy, and intimidation ability.
 ArkEnOwnIfni = [Ark-EE-n-Own-If-nih] Dark one's own luck, caster recieves a luck bonus to all possible successes. The effect is persistent and the warlock will always benefit from the ability.
PEn = [P-Enn] End point; Think the feel or see to create the ideal to work the point so you consider. This creates the point you consider infini feel by a prism, seeing that this is the point or effort you do think to do something else to end with this result. Seeing that is the effort of completion that you think the words they are spoken that you think to use. You think then create with things or what or when is the things you consider. Think the sigil to create by words you think to use or imagine the end result. Think the end result as you think the ideal event in the air. Think otherwise to see or cancel out the sigil effects of this and then death or thought can dissipate the point if you don't need the result by some end result being done.

Circle III (2)  The Extreme Easy 

Ark = [dark] Darkness; It causes more than darkness to go amongst the area. It can use every enemies energy in an idea of creative use. There is an energy that use is an area effect, this is to create and cream things of that as you know are nearby as energy infused.
 ArkVise = [dark-vise-eh] devil's sight, where the caster or the target recieves dark vision. The effect is persistent and the Warlock will always benefitfrom the ability.
 DrainBla = [Drain-Blah] Eldritch Draining blast [Eldrich Essence], as if feeling free where the movement energy is drained from the person to the caster as energy and the person is slowed.
 LdrykLug = [El-drik-Loog] Eldritch spear that causes a resolve to friendship and creative ideal and once you create in concept a blast of energy to be at the person and its spear shaped to go farther.
 NtroyWardy = [N-trow-aye-Ward-aye] Entropic warding, Caster recieves bonuses to his or her move silently, and hide as with ranged attacks against the person are caused to miss. The effect is persistent and the Warlock will always benefit from the ability where the benefit is percieved.
 FritfiBla = [Fright-fih-Blast] Frightful blast that causes an Elderitch blow of fear.
 UbaBlo = [Oo-bah-Bloh] Hideous blow that is a Elderitch blow applied to the physical attack.
 LepeNBuwe = [Leap-eh-N-Boo-weh] Leaps and bounds Caster or target can be more dexterous and tumble better suddenly. The effect is persistent and the Warlock will always benefit from the ability.
 CThNsen = [See-The-N-seen] Seen the unseen causes the caster or the target to see invisible creatures. The effect is persistent and the Warlock will always benefit from the ability.
 CreuFeHon = [Cree-uh-Feh-Hone] Belgard's Iron horn is formed on saying the spell for it and then blowing through the horn mentally. Its capable of knocking creatures prone. This is a notice of a burn effect.
 OmunLesHoneCa = [Omen-Une-Lease-Hone-Can] Horus' minor horn call; Horus's minor burn in and out major burn by horn call. This is the Horus's horn that blown will shoot forth fire to strike a foe.
 CasFer = [Case-Fear] Cause fear in any weak creature or any person.
 ChaP = [Chah-P] Charm person Befriends one person.
 JoyfiNos = [Jow-y-fih-Nose] Joyful noise can end any silence effect on the party.
 LesRmo = [Lease-R-moh] Lesser dispell ends weak magic effects.
 RemoFer = [Reem-oh-Fear] Remove fear removes any fear effect on target.
 TashaHiesLaff = [Tash-ah-Hie-en-s-Laff] Tasha's Hideous Laughter, Target/s laughs hysterically and unable to defend themselve/s. It mis the case where they don't think except to laugh at things.
 TashaHiesGaaa = [Tasha High-ess Gaeh-may-ahh] Tasha's hideous scream; The effect is slight deafness and tone deaf nature and the hideous scream happens close to the ear. Sometimes it won't happen if the person isn't close to your ear.
 HemoUnded = [Hee-moh-Oo-n-deed] Undead revealed to the minds eye as to where they are.
 DyiFav = [D-say-in-Fave] Divine favor a bonus to being able to hit and to damage as well as whatever ya ask for or say may happen by the divine favor.
 NtraySildXX = [Ent-Ray-y-Sild X X] Entropic shield, causes an energy that forms a shield from entropy and 20% of all attacks miss target, because of it slowing down things amd your maneuvering. This can slow down your comprehension.
 MyyWepa = [Mih-y-Weep-ah] Magic weapon, Enchants a weapon of choice to become enchanted as to how ya think it should be.
 ProtegoFroAlin = [Prote-ee-goh-Froh-Aline] Protection from alignment, protects against creatures of the alignment thought on while casting.
 SildOFath = [Sild-Ow-Fath] Shield of faith, Target is harder to hit by faith.
 Caofly = [cay-oh-fly] Camouflage, Grants the target extra hiding skill and a hiding effect.
 LoLitVis = [Loh-Lite-Vise] Low-light vision People or party can see in the dark easier.
 MyyFang = [Mih-y-Fang] Magic fang grants your animal companion an added bonus to hit and and damage.
 NlargP = [N-larg-P] Enlarge person, Gives more strength, less dexterity, less chance to hit and more chance to be hit, plus more damage dealt.
 TruStri = [Truh-Strih] To true strike and hit where you'd normally miss.
 PsiAir = [Psih-A-ir] Psychic air, causing a air of psychic nature that empowers you then induces psychic ability into an ideal to use by a person. They can suddenly do psychic effects as though a natural thats unnatural.
SuaEmoeEn =  [Sue-ah-Ee-mow-eh-Ee-n] Summon creature I summons any creature thats appropriate.

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Circle IV (3) - Easy effects

 AnciDeaf = [ancih-dee-ah-f] Blindness/Deafness, make a target deaf and blind.
 Thul = [th-use-l] Darkness, creates a darkness of area.
 Cha = [ch-ap] Charm that is a charisma increase and allows the person to charm creatures.
 AparitOnci = [ape-are-rite-on-c-ih] ghostly visage that turns you hard to hit and see.
 GulTuch = [ghoul-t-us-ch] ghoul's paralyzing touch.
 Ivei = [I-vee-in] invisibility and on a bad moon of waning, its a cause to inveigle.
 NeijiiLes = [ney-inn-jii-lease] lesser dispel.
 Arrach = [are-rack] acid arrow.
 PrimaireResis = [prime-aid-wih-r-ee-sise] resist elements causes greater elemental resistance.
 IveiU-c = [I-vese-in-use c] See invisibility; As you think to see by the invisible unseen strands of light, think to see and reveal invisibility in use as you detect the thought and feel the presence.
 Web = [w-even-b] Web or net, cast a sticky web at a group or area to create a thought net or ghost net. This by the energy in the thought sent at the web the use is draining the target, seem or use in the wall energy to seem a network on thought of the wall.
 BoarDir = [boh-hard-dire] dire boar summon.
 Aid = [air-d] Aid; Aid is this energy in created by life and weight reduction increases the targets attack possibility and an increase in health by the attribute to someone.
 CuveMed = [cue-veh-mead] cure moderate wounds; This is to cure the area energy by restoring the energy in balance, think by the energy feel that can castrate or cure the body and no drugs as necessary. Thought to restore by water use, that reverts the body to senses that are normal as needed or not as the body mediates and nothing done nothing needed.
 LesCyr = [lease-c-wih-r] lesser restoration removes all effects and penalties, even lost experience brought by spell/s.
 Q-o = [q low] silence creates a zone of silence around target.
 Nvinaaayy = [n-vine-aim-able-aim-say-y] invulnerability causes the target to not get hurt by any attack.
 SondBurs = [sonic-d-b-burr-s] sound burst delivers a sonic punch of sound into the area you project at.
 FyrLash = [fir-lash] flame lash that does minor-moderate damage.
 KiPryn = [k-fin-print] spiritual hammer that kills for you with moderate-serious damage while you summoned it or it can do other work that you think it does.
 JoaPyr = [joe-an-pirge] agannazar's scorcher makes a jet of flame appears out of fingertips to burst out at target killing anyone in path.
 Blur = [blur] blur causes a target to blur.
 PorJuk = [pore-j-use-k] glitterdust reflects all light in area to make a person blindsided.
 Luc = [lue-c] luck creates luck for the caster.
 MyrIm = [mirr-I'm] mirror image creates 2 to 8 exact duplicates of said caster.
 FobResis = [f-robe-b-rese-rise-s] resist fear makes the person fear resistant.
 SpakUn = [spake-rune] vocalize makes casting spells unheard.
 TransMateria = [trans-mate-teer-lie-ah] material transferrence transfers a material into another by thought location that includes anything if necessary.
 JeGemnt = [j-stem-geh-ment] clean clothes - cleans the clothes on the body or other clothes as ye think on.
 RyeVa = [Rye-eh-Van] flip target in the air .
 SpeBytTounFixx = [speh-bit-toe-un-fixx] internet speed up - Speeds up any internet connection and keeps it for hours after disconnect. Think on the internet connect as you say the spell.
 SpeMetab = [Sped-Meet-tale-b] metabolism speed up creates in the target an increased metabolism that causes weight loss.
 DetBrossPastXEal = [dete-bross past-x-hee-al] teeth brush - Brush your teeth without a brush that makes your teeth self-regenerate by white void.
 LutHuwUp = [Loot-Hue-w-en-Oop] buried treasure pull - Say the spell while thinking of the word treasure in a well bucket being pulled up with a well crank. When the word is at the top the treasure will somehow come to the surface at some time by white void.
 SfuwarIq = [s-fue-ware-lie-q] primal intelligence - Cause the target to have prescientific knowledge.
 BaffCirr = [baff-circle] cloud of confusion -Area confusion and stunning cloud on the target/s to use their energy or not to use nothing by the creator.
 FruMedWund = [fruh-meade-wund] inflict moderate wounds on victims with healing on undead.
 StaBon = [stay bone] Stone bones I; Thickens the bones and causes them to regenerate.
 BludBinzi = [blood-bin-zih] blood rage like beserker rage.
 UnEwCopiIvmeditu = [rune-eew-cope-ih-I've-mead-lite-uhn] One with the land; Gives person nature sense and regeneration from the land and makes a person one mind with the conscious of the land.
 OrooGloy = [or-oo-glow-y] channel divine bonus to area allies with caster becoming charismatic and allies gaining fear resistance.
 Cust = [cust] a single victim, element or item catches fire.
 UusPyr = [Ooh-us-pir] continuus flame that burns like a torch off the person or item.
 Dedemo = [deed-ee-moh] Death armor aura; Surrounds the person with death energy and injuring any creature or other, that attacks said person. As it surrounds the person, it causes them to die and come back to life as a zombie, e.g. dead but alive. The aura is persistent and continues working on things nearby, so not to allow drugs until its cancelled. This can be cancelled by dispelling.
 PyreTuay = [pir-eh-too-may-aye] flame weapon, affects on any weapon to create the flame effect.
 AoroLup = [aoh-roh-loop] Circle of lightning energy, small lightning effect to cycle through all creatures an people in a area.
 CacHawX = [cace-hay-w-x] Tasha's hideous laughter 2 makes target laugh hysterically till its end by the personal target is unable to defend. Its possible to be longer than the first version and makes for the laughter at anything for no reason.
 BshadooBla = [Be-shade-ow-oh-Blast] Beshadowed blast that is an Eldritch blast that causes darkness on the target.
 PiriBla = [Pire-ih-Blast] Brimstone blast that is an Eldritch blast and it ignites the target.
 HexODepar = [Heex-Ow-Deep-air] Curse of despair that reduces ability of the target and this includes attack ability too.
 LdrykKan = [Eld-rick-Kane]Eldritch Chain is a blast shape that makes an Eldritch blast that arcs to multiple targets.
 FleSen = [Fleh-Scene] Flee the scene makes for more attacks of the caster and adds to movement. It also adds abilty to hit and lesser chance to be hit.
 SheolrimBla = [She-ohl-rime-Blast] Hellrime blast that uses Hell in an eldritch blast to cause cold nerve damage and the target suffers a dexterity lessening from an energy drainage to an attempt of repairing it. This also can cause hell to visit you and leave you cold from its effects on a waning moon.
 ThDedWyk = [The-Deed-Wiki] The dead walk summons forth an undead minion to do what ya think or say at him.
 VoeesDeply = [Vow-ee-s-Depl-Y] Voracious Dispelling that ends magic effects on target, but if an effect is removed from the target, there is a chance that the target can be damaged.
 WykNsen = [Wik-N-seen] Walk unseen is to make the caster invisible.
 BulStr = [Bool-Str] Bull's strength causes target to strengthen in body strength greatly.
 FliDex = [Flick-Deex] Cat's grace makes the target have somewhat better dexterity and free movement. This can cause flight by your will as you are sometime free from gravity with this.
 CirrOBwidamnt = [C-irr-Ow-Bwide-ah-mnt] Cloud of bewilderment makes enemies stunned for 6 to 36 seconds.
 CreaArk = [Cree-ah-Ark] Creature darkness creates darkness for one to several creatures.
 EglSplndo = [Egl-Spl-n-doh] Eagle's splendor makes target with somewhat more charisma.
 FoxQui = [Foxe-Quick] Fox's cunning makes somewhat the target more intelligent with more intelligence.
 GostlyVey = [Gost-lye-Vee-y] Ghostly visage makes damage reduction from damage taken and the target is immune to 0 and 1st level spells.
 Haoem = [Hay-ow-em] Heroism makes the target more able to hit and skill tests pass.
 HodP = [How-d-P] Hold person paralyzes target humanoid.
 OwlWis = [Owl-Wise] Owl's wisdom makes the person somewhat more wiser.
 QuiDex = [Quih-Deex] Intelligent dexterity, Causes quick intelligence that can adapt to any situation.
 Saj = [Say-j] Rage causes party to be effected by a barbarian's  bloodrage.
 BereNduic = [Beer-eh-En-Due-inc] Bear's endurance, grants target a higher health and longer endurance.
 DethKnl = [Death-Kn-l] Death knell, Absorbs life energy from a corpse giving caster more strength and health and more ability to cast spells.
 NflytMejWunde = [N-flit-Meej-Wundeh] Inflict moderate wounds, moderate wounds appear sometime on the personal target.
 NegERay = [Neeg-Ee-Ray-y] Negative energy ray, inflictive negativity on the person to the point that the person doesn't respond well and has minor wounds from a distracting negative thought and movement.
 RemoPral = [Reem-oh Pray-l] Remove paralysis, cures target of paralysis and hold effects.
 SildOtha = [Sild-Oo-tha] Shield other, Casts target effects of being harder to hit and more likely to make it from the effect directed at you. As well as, half the target's damage is redirected to caster or object that's looked at or thought to take the damage for you.
 BekRup = [beck-roop] Barkskin, hardens the targets skin to make it like bark.
 GetYnd = [Geet-Wind] Gust of wind is capable of knocking creatures down and dispersing gaseous effects.
 AuraOGlory = [Aur-ah-O-Glow-rye] Aura of Glory, Grants the caster more charisma and the allies base fear recovery ability.
 ByyenFeHon = [Bih-bih-en-Feh-Hone] Balagarn's Iron Horn, knocks creatures prone and flat for as long as the wind goes on.
 Cobet = [Coh-bete] Combust, Flames erupt with minor-moderate to extreme-deadly fire damage at the target that you think of when casting.
 DethArmo = [Deth-Armoh]  Death  armor,  Damages creature or attacker that touches caster with death.
 FysLif = [Fis-Life] False life, Caster or target gains 30 % more health benefits.
 PyroBust = [Piroh-Bust] Fireburst, Nearby creatures take minor-moderate to deadly fire damage.
 LetryLup = [Let-rye-Loop] Gedlee's electric loop, Lightning strikes creatures dealing minor to moderate damage, leaving the victims stunned.
 GhulTuk = [Ghool-Took] Ghoul touch, where caster's touch can paralyze.
 KnoOp = [Knoh-Ow-p] Knock opens doors and containers, or on a waning moon it knocks people down.
 MelfAchEro = [Melf-Ach-Ee-roh] Melf's acid arrow, makes a bolt shoot from between the fingers that does moderate to serious extreme acid damage for 36 seconds.
 ProtegoFroMesae = [Prote-egoh-Froh-Me-say-eh] Protection from arrows and missiles, caster or target recieves protection from arrows and misslies and damage resistance of 50% from arrow and missile shots.
 EMyyVib = [Ee-Mih-y-yoU-Vibe] Magic vibration voice - Energy magic effect that allows for voice over, in the magic effect or the spell being spoken or the vibration of objects and particles. As, the voice is from vibration and the spell or object and particle is a carrier that vibrates the voice from anywhere. So, whatever vibrates, can carry a voice. This voice can be picked up by the psyche or focusing through the third eye.
 Kui = [kue-in] Vampiric Drain, think to use this in an emergency. Otherwise to drain stamina as of some health and energy from a target that amounts to more than a minor drain by search.
CylElemioAid = (Cil-Eleem-i-oh-Aid) Call Angel, cause an Angel to appear near ya or to help ya while somewhere.
 BadOff = [Bade-Off] The bad off effect, to form a person ya target with this to be bad off in effect and life.
 MaSfa = [Mahn-Sfah] Hydro spheres are energy water spheres by the area feel to think you create you can, think things to work is thought the item works then you aren't sometimes with a problem to cast the efect. Seen by saying the spell is create as you think with the subconscious, seen is that situates by area or so treate spells as theory or magic theory is the creator that represents by the area you think to work or with is to make the effect of hydro to appear and be near or in the person. Expanding the conscious of the person or yourself incorporates it into yourself and makes the person lack sense by presence of the spheres.
 NaWyl = [Narn-Wil] Earth wall is non volatile or use is theory to relate, To summon an earth wall that materializes suddenly and sometimes invisibly from the air displacement. This can block effects and idea blows.
 CulBodX = [Cool-Bode-X] Cool body, can cool down the body till the spell is thought to expire and not do this anymore. Even in heat or a hot area. This can be used to cool down an item. In effect it synthesizes coldness from bioenergy.
 AariXBod = [A-arih-X-Bode] Heat body, this will heat up the body in a wave pattern. Even heats up objects.
 Gro = [Groh] to grow things or bodies in a certain degree thats thought on before or after the spell is cast.
 FerDro = [Fear-Droh] Fear drop, to create a drop of fluid from fear and idea. That is making of fear, in the victim that ya project it to. Where the drop being created, also removes ya fear into the drop so ya no longer fear things. After being formed, the drop shifts to where ya think it should be. It can be instantly absorbed into liquids or through people's skin.
 SuaArkIoAid = [Sooth-ahm Ark Eye-ohm Aid] Summon darkangel; This spell summons a dark angel to come and be of service. To some, they are aloof and dark in nature but they seek to aid by doing the opposite to get a positive effect. They are very obscure and oserve things, till requested to aid. So when you summon one, state the idea you want to happen, to get a service by supernatural means. They will intentionally lie, when they see its necessary.
 OMyy-o-Ret = OSpell-o-rest; A fate that decides a moment by a restful pose and then a strike of action to stir up action in moments, caused by magic. You decide the moments. Imbuement of energy in a motion recedes the effect. This causes a fading effect. A passive resistance that can be lethal or effective using energy.
SuaEmoeTu = [Sue-ah Ee-mow-eh Tuh] Summon creature II creates a summons that makes appear appropriate creatures.

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Circle V (4) - Slightly easy effects

 DedYyr = [deed-wyer] animate dead will animate any dead bodies in the area to do the casters will.
 SpoUu = [spoh-fun-uh] clairivoyance gives the target prescience as to what will come and prepare them.
 Clarity = [c-clare-item-way] removes and protects from sleep, confusion, stun and charm effects.  Often creating a clarity of mind.
 NeijiiMyy = [ney-lig-jie-jig-mih-bye] dispel magick.
 FidAi = [confide-aim] find traps directs you to the traps and allows the caster to find them without tripping them.
 PyrBarr = [p-ih-r-barr] deathfire imagine it forming in hand and mentally toss it at target. Or, imagine it forming on the target.
 FyrBarr = [f-ih-r-barr] fireball; imagine it forming in hand and mentally toss it at target. It does minor damage and if the spell is focused with emotion, it can be serious-extreme fire damage.
 FlaArr = [flag-arrow] flame arrow
 SpeXX = [Speh-X-X] haste will haste one or more targets with 50% more movement speed. With improved hitting and abilty to be missed.
 KouYly = [k-out-w-l-way] hold person that holds more than one humanoid.
 SpherIvei iveil = [sphere-i-vesa-in] invisibility sphere is a transport creator area efect that hides the whole party by a sphere by travel with use or no use as I think I am invisible then if invisibility you aren't noticed.
 Kamur = lightning
 SoeMentomo = [some-eh-meant-one-m-on] Magic circle angainst alignment is a magic circle that affects all allies and self with alignment protection that you think on.
 BalNov = [bale-nova] negative energy burst kills by a large amount of negative energy in a stream.
 FruuFroPrimaire = [froo-luff-from-prime-air-eh] protection from elements protects from all elements.
 Tard = [tar-d] slow slows any foe down.
 P-uNuag = [p run-noose-ag] stinking cloud, targets are dazed and nauseated.
 DirLup = [dire-loop] dire wolf summon to aid as the caster wants.
 KuiTuch = [Kue-in-t-uh-ch] vampiric touch drains the person touched of stamina and energy.
 MedituSild = [mead-d-rite-us-sill-d] void shield that protects from most spells
 SerioCuve = [sere-rind-oh-c-use-v-eh] cure serious wounds
 IveiPurg = [i-vesa-in-purge] invisibility purge
 BalWard = [bale-ward] negative energy protection
 Pra =
[prah] Prayer - Makes all allies gain a bonus of attack, damaging, skill augmenting and resistances. All enemies recieve penalties to the same.
 NeijiiMay = [ney-rinn-jii-may-way] remove disease and pestilence, from all nearby allies and area.
 SearLiht = [sear-lit] searing light causes minor to deadly damage to the undead, constructs and other things.
 Orou = [ore-ow-hut] rousing war cry - Song that plays on saying of the word that brings on hope and better attack. All enemies are stricken with fear.
 GodPryn = [gode-pr-in] Hammer of the gods, does serious damage to the target as ya think of the target or see the target.
 Erised = [eer-rise-edict-d] Self-thought distraction, distraction of thought that makes the target not think effectively.
 KouRepar = [k-ow-uh-ree-p-are] Repair object; object repair that effects any object by causing self-repair, as when you touch or blow across the object. The object will repair till a certain point.
 JiiDir = [jii-dire] dire charm makes the affected person do whatever the caster says.
 EmorAparit = [eem-ore-ape-are-lite] ghost armor creates a plate armor effect that dos not hinder movement.
 MinCrit = [mint-criteria] minute meteor makes a dozen miniature meteors that can be thrown, by thinking its between your thumb and your fore finger thats thrown forward and spread apart, to release the 'miniature meteor' and unerringly hit the target that includes materials making medium to deadly fire impact damage at least to the spirit.
 CraniumAi = [crane-I'm-usem-aid-in] skull trap creates a trap skull in casters hand that is thrown in area to float until targets come near and recieve grenade damage.
 Lesuim = [lease-use-Im] emotionless makes the person feel no emotion.
 Rye = [r-say-eye] hopeless emotion creates in people around said caster a feeeling of hopeless.
 JiiFroe = [jii-from-heh] enchanted weapon creates an enchanted weapon of any sort by thinking on the weapon while doing the spell.
 EmorJii = [eem-yore-jie-ih] enchanted armour creates a suit of armor to the casters need.
 AeroZetly = [air-eroh-z-eh-t-lye] zone of sweet air that repels all noxious elements in the air including magically created.
 Bly = [bl-way] blight that causes everything it spreads through, by will to become blighted and bloated.
 PurSlutes = [pure-slute-bees] Purification, purifies anything at all thats looked at or thought on while saying spell.
 GynLass = [gin-laser] laser rifle that forms a laser shot and inflicts a self cauterizing laser shot that can wound at the target.
 MyyRavir = [Mih-aye-rave-ire] spell stealing steals any spell from a spell caster if known and thought on when casting this spell.
 ShiNaBarr = [Shi-nah-Barr] lava ball - Summon a lava ball to ya hand, to toss either into the air or at a target. Strikes for moderate to deadly lava damage at a mentally tossed at target and will melt any material.
 Jeanam = [jee-an-aim] body cleanse cleans the target body of dirt and scent.
 HamUnn = [hame-un] unharmable nature makes the person unharmable in nature as though with natural luck.
 Undxpeue = [und-xp-ee-lure-eh] wounding whispers makes sonic damages on those who hit the caster
 PyrArk = [pir-ark] change a non-magical weapon into magical fire weapon
 WardGlyf = [ward-glif] small ward area that once tripped, will deal sonic damage
 FruSeriound = [fruh-seer-lifei-wow-und] inflict serious wounds
 MyyGarm = [Mih-aye-garm] magical vestment enchants any clothing, armour or shield with what you want by thought as ya say the spell or even spoken of after.
 GrataMyyFang = [Grate-ah-Mih-aye-Fang] makes your pet alot more dangerous.
 HeaSty = [hee-ah-sty] healing by infliction from yourself or others.
 MagoIfet = [mage-oh-Inn-feat] target get drained by maggotlike creatures.
 ToxxQwpyr = [toxx-qw-pir] causes scorpion venum darts that are unseen to the eye.
Toss to hit the target.
 BlaTust = [blah-tust] blade thirst that makes weapon seek the blood of the victim
and give critical hits to the target.
 Pzut = [p-zoot] displacement makes in the person the abilities of the displacer beast and
allows for natural shapeshifter ability as it make half the attacks miss.
 AylWidX = [ah-wile-wide-x] gust wind that may knock several targets down.
 KnEdg = [kn-edge] Keen edge, puts a very sharp point and edge to a weapon.
 AchAyrCon = [ach-hay-r-cone] conic acid breath that does serious damage with a breath
of the caster.
 AcscituaSfa = [Acks-cite-oo-as-S-fahr] electrical ball doing moderate to extreme damage to all within the area as you throw it except to the caster.
 SheolrimBla = [She-ohl-rime-Blast] Eldritch blast is cold based and confuses target.
 CuqyTntele = [Cooq-aye-Tn-teel-eh] Chilling tentacles that entangles targets and inflicts cold damage.
 DyorMyy = [Dih-or-Mih-Y] Ends powerful magic in an area and if effecting on a target to remove an enchantment, Caster recieves temporary health from the area.
 LdrykCon = Eldritch cone where an Eldritch blast becomes a cone.
 NieeBla = [Nigh-ee-Blast] Noxious blast that is an eldritch blast which causes a dazed target, and acid damage where it ignores spell resistance.
 TneeePlyu = [T-nee-eh-Plih-uh] Tenacious plague that causes a plague in which makes the target/s suffer increased damaged until death or the plague is ended.
 WylAPaioFla = Wil-Aim-Pay-like-oh-Flah] Wall of perilous flame, causes a firewall that inflicts allot of serious to extreme damage where it sweeps, or double that damage to undead.
 ChaMasta = [Chah-Mas-tah] Charm monster befriends one monster.
 ClaradyncClarvoic = [Clare-aid-win-c-Clar-voy-ick] Clairaudience and Claravoyance; target recieves greater ability in spotting things and in listening. Including the knowing of things to come by hearing them in a vision.
 Cafee = Confusion; Target behaves erratically and becomes slightly confused. Disfya pronounced [dis-fee-yahn] removes the effect.
 CrehyDepar = [Cree-hye-Dee-pare] Crushing despair makes the target suffer a penalty on attacks, skills and damage.
 DepSluba = [Deep-Sloo-bah] Deep slumber is where creatures fall asleep.
 RemoBle = [Remoh-Bleh] Remove curse from anything.
 WepaOIpet = [Weep-ah-Ow-Impete] Weapon of impact creates the blunt weapon to deal more critical damage.
 BstoHex = [B-stoh-Heex] Bestow curse shifts the curse away from yourself, makes any curse you desire on casting to afflict the target or heal.
 BlidSit = [Blide-Site] Blind sight, Target can see visions, invisible things and people and in darkness.
 GlyphOWardy = [Glyph-O-Ward-y] Glyph of warding, creates a stationary glyph where you want it, that explodes when enemies pass by and it strikes with sonic damage.
 ProtegoFroE = [Prote-Ee-goh-Froh-Ee] Protection from energy, Grants target major resistance to all types of elemental energy damage.
 RemoBlidDef = [Reemoh-Blide-Deef]  Remove blindness and deafness, cures the caster and nearby allies of blindness and deafness.
 CylLitny = [Cil-Litn-y] Call lightning calls lightning to strike the target.
 UixtAnim = [Oo-ixt-A-nite-m] Dominate animal, controls target animal.
 GreMyyFang = [Greh-Mih-y-Fang] Greater magic fang, grants animal companion even more bonus to hit and damage.
 NfetaeOMygo = Infestation of maggots, calls maggots into the area that you focus on while saying the spell.
 Quillpyro = [Que-ill-pirh-oh] Quillfire induces damage and moderate poisoning to the target.
 Aryneski = [Air-wyn-eh-skih] Spiderskin, makes target harder to hit and adds ability to recover from poisoning and adds hiding skills.
 SpiGro = [Spik-Groh] Spike growth, creates spikes that inflict moderate damage to the target each six seconds,
to inflict pain and weakness till death to the legs and if they are released they move slow for a day.
 VinMin = [Vine-Mine] Vine mine, Creates sinuous vines that entangle the target enemies with vines that entangle, slow and paralyze the victim. Have a target in mind to cast near that you want entangled or this goes off to yourself.
 ImproMagArmo = [Improh-Mage-Armoh] Improved mage armor, target recieve moderate improvement as to being unable to be hit.
 AchBretXX = [Ach-Breet-XX] Mestil's acid breath, cone deals minor to serious-extreme acid damage through a acidified breath.
 ScitiaySfa = [Scite-rite-aim-y-Sfah] Scintillating by sphere work is crystal use to work, think american think construct work is think to defend is not so bad seeing the area. I think Iveil ivei forms crackling lightning to work as energy particles or not. Forms crackling projectiles that shoot forth and deal minor to serious extreme electricity damage, see or use respectful to area if you don't look you won't notice so think of how many times you hit a guy.
FruuMejNvinaaayy = [frue-sum-meej-n-vine-aim-labl-aim-wyr-y] minor globe of invulnerability prevents all circle level 3 and below spells from affecting caster hostily
 Hunoo = [Hoo-now-oh] Hypnotize self, Causes a soothing and hypnotic vibration effect that hypnotizes the target/s into doing ya thoughts and spoken idea as though it were suggested by the effect and causing them to do as ya want.
 KuiMajXX = [Kue-is-Major-XX] Major vampiric drain, to drain vitality and allot of energy from a target person, creature or item.
Restora = [rest-ore-an] Minor restoration, removes most bad attributes effects including lost experience  and energy.
SuaEmoeTri = [Sue-ah Ee-mow-eh Trick] Summon creatures III Summons many appropriate creatures.

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Circle VI (5) - Moderate effects

 BleSyj = [Bless-S-aye-j] Curse ability, lowers all targets abilty to do things by at most 30%.
 ChaXX = [ch-ap-rexx] charm monster that befriends more than one monster.
 Vye = [v-ih-eh] confusion 2, is a confusion 2 that makes targets behave erratically and confused more than the confusion spell.
 May = [m-aim-aye] contagion strikes the target with a random disease.
 Kyoria = [k-say-ore-line-as] enervation drains experience from target temporarily
 Qee = [q-eek-eh] Group fear, makes a group fear things that are near them and what they think on.
 CyroAqya = [c-ir-on-act-q-ih-an] Ice storm, cast ice storm as far away as possible as it creates major bludgeoning and freezing ice damage. Can take up to a year to effect.
 IveiImpro = [i-vese-in-im-pro] improved invisibility, invisibility that happens to the people who are targeted, even though they try to cast spells but not in attacking.
 MyyLesBreh = [Mih-lye-Lease-breeh] Lesser spell breach, cast lesser spell breach while thinking of the target, it strips an enemy mage of upto three defenses.
 Byezenom = [by-eh-z-ee-now-m] phantasmal killer kills the target
 SePoly = [sea-p-own-lye] polymorph self into the form you think of
 ShadBeiz = [shade-be-iz] shadow conjuration spell that allows for making of a Darkness, Invisibility, Mage Armor, Magic Missile or Summon a shadow in the shape that ye want to serve ya. Be thinking of the spell effect on casting or state the spell effect after this spell. Be wary, shades can be vicious to the summoner unless ya have protections from the shade.
 U-wOng = [you-w-ore-ng] cast stoneskin while thinking of the person.
 DirRakni = [dire-r-ache-nid] summon dire arachnid to be where you want.
 FyrWal = [f-ih-r-wall] fire wall, creates a wall of fire that moves towards the target/s.
 MedituTenySild = [mead-lite-uh-feen-aye-sild] void shield that protects from anything that is necessary and targeting you.
 CriaCuve = [crier-ah-c-cue-vue-heh] cure critical wounds.
 DethWard = [death-ward] target becomes immune to any death effect.
 AoCorrant = [jAy-oh-coh-r-rant] devine power causes the caster to become very strong and gains life.
 Jehnian = [jedi-h-n-ian] free movement from any holding spell.
 NeutyPois = [nee-hut-ih-poe-sid-s] Neutralize poison, Poison victim is cured.
 DPois = [d-poe-is] poison person with a deadly poison that effects the target.
 OnRuh = [on-rune-h] Animal companion, the animal companion is temporarily improved, by making it more vicious and loyal to you.
 Frou = [from-us] levitation causes the caster a target to rise upwards. Doesn't always work.
 UisLok = [
use-linen-s-loki] wizard lock locks any door.
 PolyHum = [pole-say-humane] Polymorph to human, back to normal transformation makes the polymorphed person to the original form.
 Knycipu = [kn-say-c-light-p-us] net capture - Captures the person or the soul of the person in a sphere until thought released or a freedom spell is done.
 SildLas = [sild-laser] laser shield is use as you don't have to match a source that absorbs or deflects laser strikes.
 BeutyNat = [beautiful-ih-native] natures beauty makes the target irresistible to any person and does what the person wants.
 Kevlar = [kev-lair] bullet proof armor grants the target an armor that is nonrestrictive and bulletproof.
 SwZuq = [sw-zooq] vibrational sword - makes a sword in thought vibration that can cut through anything appear in hand.
 DavUayTyTiy = [dave-you-say-tim-time-way] prosperous consequence - creates a prosperous ending to any event.
 DemetriKou = [dee-metric-kow-uh] valience by area - transform the target into a valient unfearful person.
 CasCritWund = [case-crite-wund] cause critical wounds.
 GrataMyyWepa = [Grae-ah Mihn-why Weep-ahn] Give the weapon a large effect enhancement, as in making the item more effective.
 AchWidAylX = [ach-wide-a-whyle-x] Acid wind, acidic wind gust that corrodes and eats away any in its path.
 MesCamu = [me-s-came-uh] Mass camouflage, gives all allies including caster hiding skill.
 SuSw = [suh-sw] Holy sword, create a holy avenger sword that will smite evil or harm unholy people in one blow.
 UnnSuSw = [unn-sus-sw] unholy avenger sword smites good or harms holy people in one blow
 ArkFoSit = [Ark-Foe-sight] Dark Foresight is where caster recieves understanding of the enemy or events and reduces damages if some taken from metal.
 RariuyIveilyy = [Rare-like-you-y-I-vee-in-I-see-y] Retributive invisibility, makes the target or caster invisible, even when attacking or casting spells. If the invocation is dispelled then explosive damages even if nearby foes.
 UtaarkBla = [Oo-take-ark-Blast] Utterdark blast that is an Eldritch blast dealing negative energy and drains target experiences, as in levels of idea experiences but this is 20 - 40% of the targets experience.
 WodOMuty = [Wode-Ow-Mute-y] Word of changing is the target or caster shapechanges into a powerful form of which is thought on.
 DoiaPX = [Doe-rite-ah-P-X] Dominate person creates a temporary control over target humanoid.
 FreOI = [Freh-Ow-rIte] Freedom of movement is where the target recieves immunity to paralysis.
 GreIvei = [Greh-I-vee-sih] Greater invisibility makes the target invisible, even though its to attack or cast spells.
 ViuMasta = [Vie-uh-Mass-tah] Hold monster is where target monster is paralyzed.
 LegLor = [Lege-Lore] Legend lore makes greatly improved lore skill for a long time.
 WarCry = [Ware-Cry] creates a war cry that gives bonuses to the party of people to hit and damage where enemies are stricken with fear.
 AsaReeic = [Ase-ah-Ree-ih-c] Assay resistance, causes the target resistance to drop greatly to the spell's of the caster.
 DethWard = [Death-Ward] Death Ward that Grants immunity to death and negative energy spells and effects.
Ydi = [wide-linen] dismissal dismisses all associated callings, constructs and summoned companions of target
 DynPua = [Din-Pue-ah] Dynamic power; Caster gains attack bonuses and greater strength and more health benefits. As well as, a dynamic power that allows one to cause effects at a will easier.
 GreMyyWepa = [Greh-Mih-y-Weep-ah] Greater magic weapon greatly enhances the weapon in magic, sometimes temporarily. This magic weapon can project whatever you would want to project.
 HamaOTenshu = [Hame-ah-O-Tensh-uh] Hammer of the Gods forms an ethereal hammer in hand or in the air of faith, that you mimic throwing and it will hit unnerringly. This also causes any result you think on.
 NflytCritWunde = [N-flit-Crite-Wundeh] Inflict critical wounds will cause wounds on the target that appear at some point.
Pois = [Poe-is] Poison that will spread through the target body unless the poison is removed.
LestMyyMitl = [Lest-Mih-y-Mitl] Least spell mantle, absorbs up to 5 to 10 spell levels.This can act act as a cure, if you think of the condition or idea as though an effect. The mantle spell absorbs up to 5 of these effects.
  Cyr = Restoration that removes most negative effects off the target, and all spell effects some things restored are lost experience and energy.
CagAptacTntele = [cage-apt-take-tenteel-eh] Black tentacles, absorbs and sucks the life force out of the person with the black tentacles, while confusing and stunning the person.
 YqBlaTntele = [Wiq-Blah-Tn-teal-leh] Evard's black tentacles, traps and attacks enemies within sticky tentacles.
 LesMesaAqya = [Lease-Mese-ah-Ache-ih-ah] Isaac's lesser missile storm, Inflicts through a storm of magic missiles that does a minor to serious-extreme bit of damage on those nearby. Theres 1 to 14 missiles possible.
LesGloNvinaaayy = [Lease-Gloh-Nvine-aim-aim-aid-mih-y] Lesser globe of invulnerability, Protects target from all circle 4 and lower spells.
 NyyMyyVib = [Nih-y-Mih-y] Supposition is disposition, despotism is in position.
 SuaGodaElemIo = (Soo-ah-Geed-ah-Eleem-I-oh) Summon guardian Angel - Summon to your side or near you to be your aid, a guardian Angel.
 SuaGodaEleiy = (Soothe-ah-Gode-ah-Eel-ee-like-why) Summon guardian elemental - Summons to ya aid, a guardian elemental that will do as you sometimes desire. This elemental can be whatever element ya desire by ya thinking or feeling, on the element and your purpose while saying spell.

 MejMyySeq = [m-ease-j--mih-y-seeq] Minor Spell sequencer that stores up to two spells. They activate in a sequence that ya decide on and the trigger is of what ya want.
 MaBodNaeGanMoEGrataRyzLok = [Mahn-Bode-Nay-eh-Gane-Moh-E-Grate-ah-Riz-Loke] Think of the weight then state or think of the spell with the weight as a number at the end to lower or rise to see. Like asvanced weight loss lock 180. Advanced weight loss, to lock your assemblage point to believe the physical truth of you can't gain more energy than you lose. Then think of the effect as you exercise, after doing the spell go exercise for 30 or less minutes a day or sprint for a minute or two a day wixed with walking or running.
IdUu-lokMa = [Hid-Oo-uh-LockMah] Unlock then move the assemblage point; Think of a point to shift the assemblage or conscious awareness point by a thought you think. Thought to seem normal or aware can lock the assemblage awareness point.
 HydroBustAnItzEnz = [Hide-ro-Bust-An-Itz-Enz] Water burst, To materialize a sometimes latent water burst that will splash the area and people with highly pressured water molecules.
 NaSild = [Nah-Sild] Earth shield, makes an earth shield to surround the target that absorbs spells or if you focus can cut off what you dislike and effects like some blows to the face.
 NaSildEn = [Nah-Sild-Enn] Earth shield end, makes an earth shield to surround the target to end ywhere you cast it you can still get the same result such as that which absorbs spells or if you focus can cut off what you dislike and effects like some blows to the face.
 ModFxGix = [Mode-Fx-Gixe] Moderated effect effort, puts effort into the effect by ya plug or can seem by observing it and ya can do things as though an administration officer. Ya can even moderate an effect already happening, as in cause it to do something else, slow it down, speed it up, stop it, or ban it from happening again (at least in ya mind) by thinking about it while the effect happens.
 FerLash = [Fear-Lash] Fear lash, to create a lash that's inflicted on the target/s as it creates fear by use of voice or ideal in said target of nearly anything near said target.
 IGeni = [I-Gene-ih] Ingenious use, causes the person to be ingenious and with personal injective to hold idea that can be used till its needed and used.
 NaSilden = [Nah-Silden] Earth shield end II, makes an earth shield to surround the target that absorbs spells or if you focus can cut off by will anytime by what you dislike or not effect you and effects some like some blows to the face.
 HemTuResa = [Heem-Tuh-Rese-ah] Harm to reason, to set the moment that converts potential harm to reason.
 EnWevIma = [Een-Weave-I'm-ah] Create illusion, to create an illusion to be of the idea you had in mind. That was thought on before the spell was cast and this thought becomes the idea that the spell creates the illusion of. The more ya feel this illusion should be there the more its real and could be considered a glamour.
 UviStaBonX = [Oo-vih-Stah-Bone X] Stone bones II; This thickens and repairs the bones by restoring the bones energy balance and grants target undead a harder to hit chance.
 MaiEPul = [MAke-Inn Ee Pool] Make energy pool; Makes an energized pool in the air. This restores you and others in the area of the pool that you want to restore. Mostly the energy is in replenishment, and in the body quickly. Where the pool is quickly generated by running water or pooling water. As a thought, though this takes its effects from the attributes of the water. You can use the ideal to form what you think to wish.

 SuaEmoeAu = [Sue-ah Ee-mow-eh A-uh] Summon creatures IV summons a powerful host of many appropriate creatures.

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Circle VII (6) - Very moderate effects

 CyriCon = [c-ir-rit-cone] cone of searing cold sends from the hand a cone shaped cold energy to kill by making freezing in the intended targets in area.
 Uxt = [us-xt] dominate people that you think on when casting spell.
 PrimaireSild = [prime-are-linen-red-sild] elemental shield brings up a ring of fire that damages attackerss while granting cold/fire resistance. A shield against Uxt.
 LasOvem = [laser-own-v-lend-m] energy buffer that is 60% elemental damage resistance on the target.
 LesIq = [lease-like-q] feeblemind a person, causes less intelligence and thinking capability.
 ViuXX = [vine-us-xx] hold monster will hold some monsters.
 PlaneLes = [plane-meh-lease] lesser planar binding which binds a outsider to do your bidding in a shape of an animal.
 MyyLesMantl = [Mih-aye-Lease-Mantle] lesser spell mantle absorbs up to 12 spells, think and this allows them to power you with the energy or thought of idea as a source. So if you use this right, you can cure yourself of any condition. This spell can cause stability and the area creates the point and you gain calmness in the body.
 MynFog = [min-f-how-g] mind fog that makes a person weak in will.
 DirTig = [dire-tiger] dire tiger summons.
 AariXLosaouz = [are-sar-pih-x-lows-aid-ow-us-z] heat enclosed area.
 CulLosaouzX = [cool-lows-are-ow-us-z-x] cool enclosed area.
 HeaSis = [heal-why-s-lie-s] atlantean assisted healing.
 SoeHea = [sow-eh-heal] circle heal heals all allies nearby as well as caster as if a cure serious wounds was cast.
 DeDevei = [ded-devious-easy-in] raise dead raises one corpse to life by saying spell and putting energy of yourself into it.
 TaVieDeth = [tav-v-hide-eh-death] death to life brings back one person from death as a risen being of power.
 SlayVie = [slay-say-aye-vie-en] slay living kills one person instantly or they resist it some way.
 Ipoliy = [life-pole-line-way] telekinesis lifts in place an item with this spell.
 SpherY-l = [Sphere-way ln] otilukes resilience sphere creates with energy a sphere that makes a person or with respect this is sight magic think your unable to be affected by and yet it makes the enclosed person unable to affect anything in the real world.
 PolyCruo = [pole-aye-crude-on] polymorph other into any other form while thinking on the form.
 RaknoBdaeg = [r-ack-no-b-day-eg] spider spawn creates a few deadly spiders of which kills the enemies.
 EmorKi = [eem-or-kim] spiritual armor that creates a plate mail armor around the target and does not hinder using the targets life force. Also causes an effect of an alternate self that appears to be you, thats a part of the spiritual armor effect.
 SehPufX = [sea-h-p-oo-f eXh] Teleport field that creates a random effect shift field effective on enemies and targets in the area. That you specify by thinking on the area..
 UisEy = [wis-eye] wizard eye that makes an invisible sensory organ sending back visual information.
 ShadDor = [shade-door] shadow door makes an illusion door that the caster disappears through, that goes to the land of shadows and its making the caster seems gone, while said caster is actually invisible in the shadow and darts away.
 FroeWard = [from-leh-ward] protection from weapons makes any weapon not effective on the caster.
 Kao = [Kay-oh] chaos effect that makes any event or effect that you want to happen happen. It can wear down the material nearby as a fuel. So it is to be used cautiously. So, when casting, be thinking of the effect or event that ya want to happen, as ya say the spell.
 SwEnom = [sw-ease-n-own-m] phantom blade which makes a sword in hand to attack with, that does serious spiritual and venom damage.
 KesEnom = [Keys-Ee-nome] Phantom kiss that does some venomous spiritual damage and makes for monitoring of the person who's targeted, and claims the victim in some manner by links of control to the spirit. This makes for easier monitoring and control, as your aware psychically of the person no matter where they are from the link.
 KaoSild = [chaos-sild] makes a chaos shield or dome of force that converts energy into useful energy by the caster.
 Dorob = [door-robe] door warp warps tight any door that you think of while casting, preventing access. An EnDorob, ends the effect.
 KaoImit = (Kay-oh-I-Mite) Chaos imitation, to produce an imitation by chaos of the item, event, or action. In some form, or in some manner. This chaotic energy can produce an imitation of anything and it can stay hidden for however long as a source in ya body.
 DirUii = [dire-wive-in] dire terror makes the person paralyzed by terror and remains unmoving for until the spell wears off, if it works.
 Dyh = [d-say-h] power word guilt makes the target guilty of any feelings, through reasoning.
 Myr-Ima = [mirr I'm-ah] mirroring image makes any image of a person or thing you think of to reflect energy of many sorts, including the visual energies. This can create more of another you to be doing what ya are doing, unless its decided to do else. As, the images are 'alive'. Saying what ya want to mirror after the spell, will sometimes cause this to work.
WylShiNaLava = [Wil-Shit-Nah-Lave-ah] lava wall that moves at the casters will and the heat of the wall  treats, melts, or disrupts any target or group the wall passes through.
 LupAkim = [lupe-ak-I'm] call wolves to aid you and talk with the conscious of the wolves by thought.
 PyrWal = [p-ih-r-wale] deathfire wall even burns liches and moves to the caster's will.
 SfuwarBragh = [s-fue-ware-brag-h] primal beast calls an unkillable primal beast to kill on command. Be thinking on the form for it to take when casting.
 DumCuclX = [doom-cuck-l-X] doom circle strikes all enemies with negative energy from a circle that suddenly surrounds you.
 UbaEalIvmeditu = [oob-ah-ee-ale-I've-mead-lite-uhn] Monstrous regeneration - gains the regeneration ability including the brain and lost body parts quickly. This starts off slowly though.
 HutIsit = [hoot-eyes-mite] owl's insight grants 1/2 more the wisdom of the person to a person, making them insightful.
 Vimi = [vie-mih] Entanglement; This creates vines to effect as you will entangle, this will hamper movement, then slow down, otherwise pause and can form into a desired shape or camouflage.
 UuVimi = [Uh-uh-vie-mih] remove entanglement; This creates removal of the vines to effect as you will entangle, this will lessen hamperage by improved movement, then allow movement, otherwise pause and can form into a desired shape or camouflage.
 BarrKamur = [barr-Kame-your] Ball lightning, creates a compressed ball lightning thrown out from your hand. That is from energy that forms things and then lashes, as its absorbed into the palm and cast forth by throwing your hand torward the foe. Thinking release releases the effect and does minor to extreme damage, depending on how long it is allowed to form.
 ItapbHidNa = [it-app-b-hide-Nah] Mana mold hand; Barring hand or earthen earth field, this is a hand of energy appears over target barring attack and movement. Thinking to use this the effect is instant. Otherwise the effect won't go off until something is off by feel.
 HidFirLang = [hide-fire-lang] fire tongue grants those touched with language ability and they can raise fire, by just a mention of it or the more of it in use and is of the language.
 PyrBrid = [pir-bride] creates the firebrand effect by alot of flame balls which appear near you and zoom in on the target that you decide on attacking by putting your hand or body part forward and can incinerate hostile creatures and people or hurt them badly by medium to deadly damage.
 AchSetSild = [ach-seet-sild] acid shield forms around body and in the aura, hurting the attacker as they get close.
 HutSild = [hoot-sild] owl's shield allows for a folding of wings to surround you with wisdom adding the ability to fly at will.
 BDevn = [B-Deev-n] Be devil, to be devil the people or evil ones for him who is God.
 EtailVeyXX = [Ee-tay-il-Vee-y-XX] Ethereal visage, makes serious damage reduction on damage done to target (including the caster) an when recieved, and immunity to second level and lower spells. Also, it makes the target unable to be seen easily, and unable to be hit or killed.
 GreDeplMyy = [Greh-Depl-Mih-y] Greater dispel magic makes an end to powerful magic effects.
 GreHaosm = [Greh-Hay-oh-sm] Greater heroism makes small thought and for large action to the effect of doing as needed by the percieved idea. With, a more temporarily added health and greater chance to hit, and to do skills. The effected person literally doesn't think but can intuitively act unless necessary to think.
 MasCurLitWunde = [Mase-Cure-Lite-Wundeh] Mass cure light wounds, heals each nearby ally of medium wounds.
 OdDecod = Ode-Dee-code] Song of discord, is a song that causes the enemy to have a 50% chance of attacking each other.
 BatlTid = [Batl-Tide] Battle tide,
the friendly target is aura modified to steal energy from enemies and targets, where the enemy gains a curse of not being able to hit very well and damage not very well with a reduction on being able to save yourself from a situation. This also causes the caster or target to gain an additional attack or action, if not already hasted.
FyrGodLasi = [f-ih-r-gode-laser-in] flame strike causes a devine fire strike.
 MasNflytLitWunde = [Mase-N-Flit-Light-Wundeh] Mass inflict light wounds, damages each nearby enemy minor to deadly damage.
 RiteeMit = [Rite-ee-eh-Mite] Righteous might, Caster or target increases in size, recieving more strength, more health benefits, and become harder to hit. With damage resistance of 3 times the damage per evil blow, if non evil, five times the damage per good blow. Size increase also lowers your chance to be hit and increases the chance to hit harder.
 MyyResis = [Mih-y-Ree-sise] Spell resistance, Grants target major resistances to most effects.
Tru-c = [true c] true seeing can see through sanctuary and invisibility and Ethereal effects.
 Awa = [Awah] Awaken, Enhances animal companion and people, to better their potential, or makes the person awaken in ability or state of body.
 Nfano = [N-fane-oh] Inferno
causes the target to be on fire and that fire burns target for moderate-serious damage every six seconds until the spell is stopped.
 NtapoyHid = [N-tape-bow-y-Hide] Bigby's interposing hand, a mental hand provides cover against one opponent, in which suffers reflection and a major attack penalty.
 NuagK = [Nue-ag-K] Cloudkill forms a toxic cloud that
makes appear acidic cloud vapors, on the target area to kill the target group and it kills a weaker target easiest.
 GrePyroBust = [Greh-Piroh-Bust] Greater fireburst, Nearby creatures and targets take minor to deadly fire damage.
 LesMynBlanc = [Lease-Min-Blanc] Lesser mind blank, Protects target from mind-affecting spells and removes any currently effecting, as well as
renders target immune and removes any mind affect spell with the effect of causing the target the effect of not being read.
 ShrudOFla = Shroud of flame, Target is encased in flame, burning the target and possibly nearby creatures.
 VyrelySfa = [Vir-ee-lye-Sfah] Vitriolic sphere or use feel acid sphere, huge acid explosion or spill deals acid damage for 24 to 32 seconds until death occurs or the effect stops.
 HiiMuaoem = [High-ih-Mue-aid-ow-redeem] High metabolism, causes a high metabolism in the target and the target loses weight from it.
 BriySild = [Bry-y-Sild] Windy shield, Makes a constant wind in the form of a wall that disperses away poisons, and any toxins in the air too. So ya can feel cool, refreshed and walk in through a safe area where gas and smoke would be. It also makes a psychic shield effect.
MasKuiMej = [Mase-Kue-is-Meej] Mass minor vampiric drain, to drain some energy from targets of  people, creatures and items. This can be upto 1000 targets.
 Bludg = [Bludg] Blugdeon - Makes the effect of a target to be blugdeoned somewhere on the body, wherever its felt but usually in the face. This protects you from blugdeoning as it could happen to you.
 JeuLang = [Jee-uh-Lang] Voodoo Language - Creates a tongue or language of voodoo in and of  the target thats easily spoken as though second nature. This language can cause anything that is spoken by the target if its intended to do work.
 RadEIonXX = [raid-Ee-Ion-XX] Raid energy - that forms on the saying of the spell words and in idea of a raid or pestillence poison energy killing pestillence with pestillence removal.
 FluyDrakne = [Flue-y-Drakneh] Flushin' drunkeness, To flush a drunken state out of the person and it takes about 1 to 2 minutes. Once state effected, again it takes a little time. It appears to be a little bit abbreviated in time.
 FotaNX/f = [Fote-ah-N-X f] Fortune in finance, to always come up with the funds necessary. This can be a fortune in of what is possible, or fortune by working.
 ZizBneFy = [Zize-Bneh-Fye] For the body benefit, to cause the idea to be for the body and in benefit. The idea is spoken of before or after.
 HydroIts = [Hydroh-Its] Water hits, causes abusive water molecules to become active and rain invisible hits on the target with the presence of the water molecules in the air.
 ClMaAqya = [Cl-Mah-A-qia] Storm, forms a rainstorm in the area from gae and water particles collecting into the clouds.
 SuaEFoc = [Sue-ah-Ee-Fowe-c] Summon persuasive force, to summon a force of energy that is greater than the summon energy spell in totality, as it can also be used to summon a force of people, no matter how large or small. The force of people are thought about in what type and how many people before the spell is cast. This force can be used in any way ya think and feel necessary.
FerESpie = [Fear-E-Spie-eh] Fear spikes, to create fear in the target that is spiked from energy. The target eventually fears spikes.
 SuaGodaArkIo = [Sooth-ahm Goad-ahm Ark Eye-ohm] Summon guardian darkangel; This spell summons a guardian darkangel, that makes you get results and gives you things, such as information. As, its a trade by trade idea they respect. They guard  the summoner, very well indeed. Sometimes, by the effect of opposite actions to get you to act in the right manner. And mostly, by the doing of the dark actions that make for the idea, to become manifested. They are mostly aloof and outgoing but dark. Their darkness is from their energy that they use and it comes from the darkness and shadows. They can make very interesting results, from nothing, as the darkmatter is their materia they can build off of. They can spread darkness, though at a whim of choice.
 ShadDym = [Shade Dim] Shadow cloak; This forms a cloaking of shadows that hides you somewhat in plain sight and really well in darkness. It lasts as long as you would want it to.
SuaEmoeQuin = [Sue-ah Ee-mow-eh Que-in] Summon creatures V summons tough appropriate creatures.

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Circle VIII (7) - Extremely moderate effects

 FogAch = [foge-stomach] acid fog, acidic fog that slows creatures within while dealing acidic damage to those within, and it can cause pain in the body as the target is in a mental fog.
 ChanKamur = [chank-came-lure] chain lightning to cast in general direction of targets
 SoeDed = [some-eh-deed] circle of death, kills many creatures that are in the area. Imagine a black circle form around you as ya cast the spell
 Deiira = [Dee-ire-ir-ah] Disintegrate to turn to dust the target by a ray that does serious to extreme  damage
 FruuNvinaaayy = [frue-un-n-vine-rabe-labor-lay-mih-y] globe of invulnerability prevents all circle 4 and below spells from affecting caster by hostility.
 DeijiiMaj = [dee-lin-jie-ih-major] greater dispelling, causes the dispel of the minor to major effect in a moment.
 MyyMajBreh = [Mih-aye-major bree-h] greater spell breach - strips six magical defenses from a enemy mage.
 MajU-wOng = [major-use w-one-g] Greater stoneskin, cast greater stoneskin while thinking of the person and it protects better than stoneskin with greater results.
 SylLor = [sil-lord] legendary lore spell that gives you knowledge of things around you.
 R-iYx = [r linen-Wix] mass haste effects all allies in area and the caster.
 Plane = [Plane-eh] summon or control an outsider being that is human shaped.
 DirBer = [dire-b-ear-r] dire bear summoning.
 DyluTrans = [Dill-luh-Trans] tenser's transformation makes the caster or a target physically more powerful.
 ColtWoxEzyk = [colt-woxe-eazy-wick] targeted cold knock out.
 AaritWoxEzyk = [Are-mar-wine-t-W-one-x-Ee-zick] targeted heat stroke knock out.
 AaraBoe = [are-mar-an-bow-e] Blade barrier make a wall of blades.
 MakUnded = [make-rune-deed] create undead makes one undead creature that is zombie like.
 RestoraMajIvmeditu = [restore-an-major-I've-mead-lite-uhn] removes all bad attribute effects including lost experience, restores energy and makes regeneration.
 Ham = [h-aim-m] harm which makes the target badly wounded.
 HeaXX = [heal-XX] Heal, healing that makes the target somewhat fully healed. It works a bit slowly.
 HeaIvmedituXX = [heal-I've-mead-lite-uhn-XX] Improved Heal, healing that makes the target somewhat fully healed. It works a bit slowly.
 Spheros = [sphere-ow-s] sickle sphere assault is area non feel that causes a large sharp ice sickle to strike the target.
 SusLosCruuDaeg = [masuse-Low-s-Cr-ruul-Dae-eg] creates a few carrion crawlers that become mutated and into killing anything in its path.
 IveiLykuth = [i-vee-is-L-say-k-us-th] invisible stalker forms from the element of air that does whatever the caster wants as the stalker does stalking and other things.
 Liomis = [lie-oh-mise] mislead causes the person to be unseen via improved invisibility and is teleported a few feet away with another image appeaing his place making the exact same movements as the caster.
 ChairTong = [chair-ir-t-poh-ng] stone to flesh reverts a person to flesh from stone.
 ChairOng = [chay-ir-low-ng] stone flesh makes the person untouched by attack as the flesh is like moving stone.
 Nishruu = [nis-shoo-uh] nishruu summons - Summons a magic feeder to feed off energies around it and not attack the summoner at all. These nishruu can be attacked.
 DactoWyvAkim = [dact-oh-wiv-ache-k-lime] wyvern call that draws a wyvern to fight for you.
 B-iCorrantCosm = [b hid-cohr-rant-cosm] power link any object to create a unversal power field for your machines from anywhere.
 BomOvv = [Bow-m-Ovv] sonic bomb that destroys by overwhelming sonic waves any enemy in area of effect. At the most it can knock people out, at the least it can cause distraction and apprehension.
 ReliDyh = [real-in-d-say-h] guilt release releases the guilty feelings of a person where they might talk about it or not think too well and act on them.
 Fokery = [foke-deer-aye] spell body storage causes the target to absob spells to be used later as if recalling them as an ability.
 LasEvem = [lase-even-seem] laser lance shoots a lancing laser shot through people in a row up to 100 feet away.
 Losy = [Lows-y] Losing, when hit by this effect by thinking of or seeing the victim as ya say the spell, the victim will lose at anything they next try as though distracted.
Because its like a beam that is a beam in effect.
 LucidUaNay = [lucide-use-an-n-aye] lucid thinking - Cures dementia and schitzophrenia by using  these words on a target. Also keeps the target unaffected by any other mind effect.
 SwIaa = [sw-niagra-aim-an] demon sword can make a demonic blade in the targets hand from a demon itself or any sword into a demonic blade.
 HuMeditu = [human-medium-light-yuh] summon void being to aid as the caster wills.
 PlastiquSw = [plastic-eye-que-sw] plastic sword forms in the hand of the caster that is as strong as adamantium.
 SonneRyma = [soh-nn-eh-say-ma] ring creation - makes a ring appear to your hand or wherever you want by imagination.
 DirtYtiy = [dirt-white-time-aye] dire consequence causes a consequence of dire straits to happento the target on casting.
 Dirg = [dirg] song of death and destruction to cause all enemies in area to weaken and become clumsy the vibrations.
 Xij = [xige] Banishment; kills or banishes all area creatures, familiars, animal companions and outsiders.
 Gratasictn = [grate-hase-sict-n] Etherialness; target becomes etherial till it does hostile or atacking action, person affected may be sick for a bit.
 PlarAly = [plare-all-aye] An outsider is called to assist the caster, that comes at a moment he is needed.
 CevaTudP = [sieve-ah- T-dud-P] Undeath to death on most creatures undead in area. Brings undead creatures alive again.
 Crubl = [cruh-bl] Crumble, cast on a golem or construct this spell slowly kills the person's construct or golem while the target crumbles slowly
 Droww = [droh-w] a victim will drown, by his lungs filling up, with water particles.
 StaHod = [stah-hold] temporarily encases a group of any creature in stone.
 Fochid = [foch-hide] a large forceful hand attempts to stomp and knock down by attack of one victim.
 GTudacla = [G-Too-day-clah] a great thundeclap with loud thunder noise and shockwave will be dazing those who hear it
 Dirge = [Dirg-eh] Dirge causes enemies to suffer ability loss of strength and quick adeptness.
 EInyy = [Ee-In-say-aye] Energy immunity creates target immunity to one energy type thats thought on and spoken of after the main spell is in casting.
 MasCurModMejIvMedituWunde = [Mase-Cure-Mode-Meeje-I've-Mead-lite-uhn-Wundeh] Mass cure
moderated moderate wounds, heals each nearby ally serious damage, this is in a circle as well as caster, as the caster sees how the wounds happen and can experience the wounds going away. Optionally, ya can speed up, slow down or stop the effect by thinking about it as it does the curing effect.
 Bane = [Bane-eh] Banishment 2, Destroys many minor grimoires and summoned creatures and banishes people who are the target from the area.
 CatoUnded = [Came-toh-rUne-deed] Control undead, dominates one undead creature or person.
 MasCurIvMedituMejWunde = [Mase-Cure-I've-Mead-lite-uhn-Meej-Wundeh] Mass cure moderate wounds, Heals the area allies and caster in a circle and a moderate amount of damage.
 MasNflytMejWunde = [Mase-N-flit-Meej-Wund-eh] Mass inflict moderate wounds, damages each enemy in the area moderately and heals undead.
 PlanrAlly = [Plane-r-Ally] Planar ally summons an outsider to help with what you want.
 StaBod = [Stay-Bode] Stone Body, A moving stone is formed of your body that grants the target or caster more strength, less dexterity and adds damage reduction of ten times metal damage. This also has a 50% movement restriction with immunity to many negative effects. The target or caster takes 1/2 damage from acid or fire.
 StaHod = [Stah-Hode] Stonehold, creates a cloud that encases a creature or person in stone.
 BigbyFocfiHid = [Big-bye-Focus-fih-Hide] Bigby's forceful hand, Hand pushes target away.
 CarnTuSta = [Carn-Tuh-Stah] Flesh to stone that turns the target to stone.
 MajMesaAqya = [Major-Meesah-Aqih-ah] Isaac's greater missile storm, One or multpile magic missiles hits the target with minor-moderate to deadly damage and there is one to many missiles possible.
MasKui = [Mase-Kue-is] Mass vampiric drain, to drain some stamina of health and something of energy from  the targets of  people, creatures and items seen or thought on. This can be upto 500,000 or more people.
SuaBelElemIoMey = (Soo-ah-Beel-Eleem-I-oh-Mee-y) Summon Archangel - Summon an Archangel to your side or near you to be your aid.
 MyySeq = [Mih-aye-Seek-Major] Spell sequencer can store 3 spells that the caster thinks of the name of and these are what ya need.
 NeiiJinx = [Nee-nigh-in-Jinx] Neither jinx, neither targets in idea stops working or in an opposite effect, it can cause the person to go neither on a chance choice of things.
 Winn = [Win] Winning, creates an effected win out of a moment for a target effected by the effect thats thought on or looked at as the spell is spoken.
 MinSildSydh = [Mine-Sild-Side] Minor absorption shield, causes a shield around the target that can do absorption of minor spells and attacks through the shield as though ya own. This can also absorb shields as energy into ya.
MaLeceAnItzEnz = [Mah-Leeceh-Fx-An-Itz-Enz] Hydro effect waters, forms easily an effect of choice from the waters nearby. The effect is stated or thought on after the spell is spoken then think until as it is thought it is broken.
NaPore = [Nah-Pore-eh] Earth stinks, to stink of earth decay and feces or dirt itself. Decided on the casting of this effect.
 NaBlo = [Nahn-Bloh] Earth blow, to cause a rain of blows from an earth effect that is from earth energy and the dirt in the area to the body in an area that ya think on as ya cast the spell.
 MaiB-p = [May-ih-B p] Make magnetic, to make magnetic the object that ya touch and work with, as ya say the spell. To magnetize a human is to make them bipolar. This also causes objects to be irrisistable.
 EHetPyroXXLash = [E-Heat-Piroh-XX-Lash] Fire lash that cooks, to create a barbed lash effect from fire energy that creates the feeling of fire on the intended target, wherever the lashing hits them.
SubtEFoc = [Subt-We-Foce] Subtractive Energy force, this subtle energy is cause of many things and people who disappear. As, it can make a subtractive force that erases things on thought of them with the desire to remove and after ya say the spell. This energy can eventually erase anything till its gone or its spell is countered. As it doesn't matter how its countered when active, it will still do it. Its possible to counter it with EEvom pronounced [Ee-Eve-om], which allows more control over it and thinking to the force 'cancel'. Or, say 'they didn't' and the force is cancelled.
 Br = [Br or B-rr] Breaker force, to break the force of energy or pattern and erase the programming, of the object or idea. Think of the idea object, or idea, to break of its energy programming, and as you state the spell. This has possibility, of breaking things.
 HexCusC = [Heex-Cuse-C] Hex curse view, activate this particular vision, and your able to see curses, as though a rune or sigil. You can then remove, or manipulate the curse sigil rune, as you see it.
 GnoGlo = [Gn-oh-Gloh] Gno glow, Knowledge glow. Cast this effect and its like your glowing with knowledge. Your able to see others glow of knowledge. You will literally cast off light, from thinking about things, and knowing things. This also makes you self-assured, with a positive feeling or not until you want the ideal.
 NegMyyMesa = [Neeg Mih-why Mees-ah] Negative magic missile; Causes 1 to 20 negative magic missiles use the negative ionic particles to form and as you throw them at a target for medium to extreme negative damage that means disruption of a working state, also with stress and negative thinking in people.
 AerStausehTego = [Aye-ear Stale-us-ee-h Tee-gohn] Static shield; This shield makes any energy influence near it to be 1/4 of its influence each second it is energy around the shield till it disperses.
 EayVey = [Eery-jAy-whY VEE-whY] Eery visage; Causes the vision of a place to be overlaid over an area. This can be a place that is very eery, old and something like a ghost town or nearly anything else. Where there is a no pay effective for goods and services. Unless the payment is a possession for services asked for. The people and action, if any are there, are generated not from sex from peoples objects that were touched and the energy activity of 'here' where it was cast in as use. The spirit energy imparted into the object can manifest in the eery visage. This spell effects an area. To break the spell, get near the edge of the visage effects and cancel it from there, by a freehand sigil that means cancellation.
  The more heat in the area the easier it is to cancel, the harder it is to cancel unless the person walks away or drives away from the area effected and the effect permeates the mind to where the person is susceptible to illusions and is seeing the visage. The person who casts it ends up powering it, so when they leave the effect fades sorta like the walking dead. This effect is monitored by demons and devils make it real. The thing is, you decide the outcome.
  The demons or devils come at you or a target at a moments thought that can cause the person to become beserk, so especially when the effected person is angry does this occur to free you from responsibility. They can conceal or control a person until the spell is broken. This is one step away from hell and its possible for them to drag a person to hell who's caught by it. This happens when the person caught was condemned or deserved the effect. Its possible for release when the person who cast it, tells the demons to release the trapped in hell victim. To release think your released as elia delaborah.
 EFiaCarn = [Ee Fie-ah Carn] Rubbery flesh; This spell causes energy that courses through the body and turns the flesh rubbery. This rubbery flesh can be very hard to pierce or somewhat harder to cut. It can get flakey though with cracks every now and then.
 EFiaHow = [E Fie-ah Hole-w] Rubbery bone; This causes a current to pass through the body and it forms the bone to not be easily damaged or broken. This isn't like the Harry Potter movie where Harry's arm was flimsy and rubbery.
 SpeFx [Speh Fxh]; Speed effect, to speed up the effect and event however much you need time to go. Speed up thinking with this.

 SuaEmoeSex = [Sue-ah Ee-mow-eh Seex] Summon creatures VI summons allot of tough and appropriate creatures and makes more by causing sex.

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Circle XI (8) - Hard effects

 UndedSlutes = [rune-deed-rede-Slute-ee-s] control one undead being for as long as a day.
 DelaBlasPyrBall = [deal-lab-Blase-P-ir-Ball] delayed blast fireball that goes off when target enters area. This can be used as a trap.
 FinG'kK = [fine-G k-K] finger of death that you touch someone or something and they die off quickly in something. If nothing is thought on or added as to be killed off, then the body dies off.
 SwYyr = [Sw-saY-aye-r] mordenkainens sword causes a magical sword to fight your enemies.
 Q-q = [q q] power word stun, automatically stuns target for a few seconds to a few hours.
 ZedSenZyw = [zeed-Seen-ziw] prismatic spray which does damage to cause some death by random infliction.
 MyyWardXX = [Mih-aye-ward-XX] protection from spells.
 ShaSild = [shad-sild] shadow shield makes you immune to death and negative energy effects.
 PrimaireHum = [prime-air-ih-r-eh-human] random elemental summons.
 Nyc = [nic] destruction caused on the target that the target must resist death of or die.
 ReparEalYptIvMedituXXX = [repair-seal-wip-t-I've-Mead-lite-uhh-x-x-x] Regeneration and cleaning causes wounds to heal and breakages or marrings to be restored fully including the brain or objects and cleaning of the target. This depends on the wound or destructive degree to how fast it works. This can make things easy to repair.
 GodEveiHeaIvMeditu = [gode-evening-linen-heal-I've-Mead-lite-uhh] ressurection within or after 100 hours with a 60% chance to succeed.
 VieOroo = [vie-eh-ore-ooh] aura of vitality makes a greater benefit in all allies' health,
strength and dexterity and in the caster's body's health benefit too. This can cause weight gain, slightly.
 DumGlec = [doom-glee-c] carpets of insects attack at your command.
 FrouMas = [frown-us-mase] mass levitation that causes with a 60% chance for a whole group to rise upwards or be raised.
 MucAch = [mucous-ach] acidic dissolvation of all target enemies or muscle ache.
 Caco = [cake-on] cacofiend summons that calls a demon to rampage against your enemies, theres a 60% chance of cackling.
 RuyRayReverey = [rue-aye-ray-aye-reeve-eer-ee-aye] ruby ray of reversal will target one creature or person and dispel one spell protection of any circle.
 Myr = [mir] mirror creates a mirror effect in the air to reflect any attack or you can see your reflection in it. This can cause a mirror to be there to be looked in for its reflection.
 KaoSpher = [chaon-sphere] This casts a sphere that just looks like the point me spell that affects the point or area that is pointed out with an effect of your devising by area or feel you realize then you know. This spell can unsummon anything summoned by will. As you think the spell or being name, then think to unsummon the being then dissipation of the spell or being happens.
 Djin = [dj-line] summons an air genie to come and aid by attacking enemies of conjurer.
 Efret = [efreet] a massive fire genie that comes to your aid to attack your foes.
 Hache = [hay-k-eh] hakeashar summons brings forth a greater hakeashar or greater dark ghost being that is unaffected by weapons to make dark effects that is a water djinni.
 UuKaYaHache = [Oo-uh-Kahn-Yahn-Hatch-en] Unsummon Hakeashar that effects nothing after this spell is there or not there by feel.
 KaoEge = [chaon-egeh] summons a chaos lord to aid as the caster desires but do not call the chaos lord for small reasons.
 WardUip = [ward-use-rip] warding whip will dispell one protection up to 8th circle every 1 second.
 CorrantUlo = [cohr-rant-use-loh] enveloping power makes the targets power destroy itself, along with the person.
 Spher = [sphere] sentry sphere by the creator - calls into being a earth djinni or use a sphere for uses such as attack, protect, scout, repair, contain, build plus other things and think the purpose to the sphere to have it do so or use is area to use stability or not now or use is create with the area as you sense to think then create.
 SpherUviY-lOua = [sphere-groove-ih-aYe l-Ow-oo-an] otilukes resilience protection sphere creates a sphere that makes a person unable to be hurt or effected unless its needed and moves with the person. Moved out of the circle protection creates a displacement, from your area circle to not seem observed by observable means.
 HeaCywIvmeditu = [Heal-C-ih-w-I've-mead-lite-uhh] Think bone and tissue repair for one person. See the crystal can create what you think. That is repair or otherwhere by work.
 ByoLasOlas = [b-ih-oh-Laser-mole-maser] bio laser forms a laser blast from the hand and bursts forth incinerating or impairing not the eyes or target in a wide and straight line. This uses radiance energy or feel if you think to see or create by the area situated to use.
 FyrFowl = [f-ir-fowl] fowling fire fowls all magic and machines in the area of the magic.
 KouCilf = [cow-uh-c-is-lf] summon a servant elf to do what is needed for the caster.
 BioBo = [bio-bow] Bio bow or feel, causes an energy bow that forms in the hand of the caster. Think it shot to shoot it. Aim as desired.
 PyrSw = [p-ih-r-sw] death fire sword makes appear in hand a sword that deals death fire and incineration as damages.
 CosmNetZueb = [cosm-neat-z-use-eb] See to create a link to the internet anywhere. Think the creator creates a net link yet your use is your own idea.
 ShiNaLavaQya = [Shin-Nah-lave-ah-q-say-an] This lava storm creates a storm of lava that assails any enemy with a moderate-serious to deadly damage amount.
 BokArticlOyjoi = [bow-k-art-pickle-boy-aye-joy-in] play boy magazine effect - brings up beautiful women pictures in the mind.
 Sfuwarintaiq = [s-fue-ware-int-air-q] Primal creature - summon a primal creature to work as a servent for the caster that be unkillable and can be any shape at all. Shape thought on at the moment.
 Detute = [Dee-Tute-eh] Destruction, Destroys target from the inside and kills them excrutiationally.
 EtaelJunt = [Ee-tay-el-Junt] Ethereal jaunt is feeling, repect is use or warded away enemies with area and suspicious people cannot detect the person unless the person makes an hostile action.
 FotnaDyw = Foh-t-nah-Dyh-w] Fortunate fate, Casts a protective aura around the person that makes a good fate or feel is not occur when an a bad one of would normally try by use to happen, see or think it is a crystal that casts heal on the person when they normally would be hurt or killed.
 GreCyrIvmeditu = [Greh-Cir-I've-mead-lite-uhh] Greater restoration, cures target of most temporary and all permanent negative effects, including drained experience.
 MasCurIvmeditu = [Mase-Cure-I've-mead-lite-uhh-] Improved mass cure serious wounds, Heals each nearby ally and caster of serious damages.
 MasCurIvmedituMajWunde = [Mase-Cure-I've-mead-lite-uhh-Maje-Wund-eh] Mass cure serious wounds, Heals each nearby ally and caster of serious damages.
 MasNflytMajWunde = [Mase-N-flit-Major-Wund-eh] Mass inflict Serious wounds, Damages each nearby enemy major damage. Heals undead.
 EalXX = [Ee-al-XX] Regenerate, causes 10% of the targets full health to be recovered each 6 seconds or faster restoration.
 EveiHeaReueeIvmeditu = [eve-ee-ih-hee-ah-ree-you-ee-eh-I've-mead-lite-uhh] Resurrection, Revives and fully heals the target who is killed or knocked out.
 WodFathYoh = [Wode-Fath-Yow-h] Word of Faith, Kills or stuns enemies or causes what you desire by simply stating it with intention.
 GrapyHid = [Grape-y-Hide] Bigby's grasping hand, mental hand provides cover and forces away or grapples by holding the targets as necessary.
MajShadBeiz = [mage-shade-be-liz] Greater shadow conjuration, major shadow conjuration that allows for the caster to cast any shadowy version of 1 to 5 circle spells or any actual spell that the person thinks on before or when casting and this can summon a shadowy form to serve you. Any actual form or item. This can even form whole areas of  shadow substance.
MasViuP = Mass hold or control  with people that is a person holds by paralyzation many enemies.
 MyyMantl = [Mih-aye-Mantle] spell mantle absorbs 16 spells and makes the mind body strengthened and stable with effects of desire, powered by the energy gathered from the spells. If you use this spell, the electrostatic energy is from the mantle. This is the area that seems plasticlike so think the object is hit by it instead. You can cure the body of unlimited amounts of poison, mental conditions and brain problems with stating the idea as an effect and not needing or wanting it. This usually works by thinking the idea or condition is a source and the idea can seem like anything you need it to be. The source, if you don't need or want it then can disappear and you are normal in idea, also your calm and considerate in appearance. This lasts until you decide to end the spell. The point is done as you are relaxing.
 MaiFx = [may-ih-Fx] Make effect, to make any effect thought on as or after stating the spell word, as though from the idea. The idea is generated as expressed, into being manifested however ya want or thought on.
MasKuiMajXX = [Mase-Kue-is-Major-XX] Mass major vampiric drain, to drain vitality and allot of energy from  targets of  people, creatures and items. This can be upto 1,000,000 people or more.
 MajSildSydhIvmedituXX = [Mage-Sild-Side-I've-mead-lite-uhh-XX] Major absorption shield, causes a shield around the target that can absorb many effects that would kill ya normally. Including major spells and attacks. Energy goes through the shield and aura as though it becomes ya own energy stripped of its programming. This can also absorb shields into ya as energy.
 HalTuk = [Hale-Took] To take with an AI or server the effect of whatever ya need, including health. Once the spell is stated, the effect of the AI/server take is to gather for ya the necessary items and then to make it appear in the right spot or come to ya.
 HliIvmedituBlo = [Heelih-I've-mead-lite-uhh-Blose] To cause each blow that ya take, that would damage ya to instead heal ya with 60% chance. An the blow, even if ya take a wound or bruise, it will heal ya very quickly, on statement of the spell. Sometimes the healing blow can turn into causing a little weight per each blow, as the body converts it, the hit, into body weight health to cause healing. At some point, however the body will give out and fail, if enough blows are done. The body weight is augmented by drug intake. Some drugs can increase the weight as its increased allot with the blow, and some drugs can decrease the weight of the victim with the blow.
 PsiVaNat = [Psih-Vah-Nate] Psychic nature, To cause anything of a psychic idea or vision to be of and in a target. They suddenly gain a psychic ability. Whatever they think of the psychic idea will exist for them.
 KlGhafwmit = [Kl-Ghaf-w-mite] Lightning storm, to form a lightning storm where ya want it, that hits the targets with lightning that are focused on after it forms. It forms fairly quickly on a somewhat cloudy sky and quick enough on a clear sky.
 EgoNibFretyYa = [Egoh-Nibe-Freet-ya] Mind trap, to create a trap in and of something that traps a mind through fractal magic effect. This trap can keep a persons attention for hours to days or at least keep a part of the mind without it being realized.
 EVaLashYa = [E-Vahn-Lash-Yahn] Air lash, to create a lashing effect from the compressed air particles on any target that is intended, near the air.
EMaLash = [E-Man-Lash] Water lash, to create a lashing feel from the water thats nearby on the target that is intended.
 PyroEBo = [Piro-E-Boh] Fire Bow, causes a energy bow to shoot ya target with firey heat arrows. This happens the moment ya imitate the shooting of a bow or thinking it shot.
 MaEBo = [Man-E-Boh] Water Bow, causes an energy bow to appear in hand that is felt, and, ya can shoot highly compressed water shots at the target. Think it shot to shoot it.
 VaEBo = [Vahn-E-Boh] Air Bow, causes an energy bow to shoot highly compressed airballs at the target. Think it shot to shoot it.
IpeEn = [Ipe-eh-Ee-n] Target at the end, to cause the participant to target something at the end of an activity. This can be to use a targeting skill that can gain ya riches or to end a problem.
 IIEn = [I-I-Een] Reattach, cause a reattachment to be effective of some physical means.
 BanWarUnt = [Bane-Ware-Unt] Ban hammer causes an idea of a hammer formed from spirit and aether that can hit, deal minor to extreme damage and ban the effected person from the area, to an area ya decide is best for the effected. Until the effected is allowed back. This can be reflected back.
 Quarell = [Que-arrell] Quarrel, makes the idea of an arrow like attack to occur as an argument happens an can effect the target.
ShaeMyr-Ima = [shae-eh-mirr I'm-ah] Shades mirroring image, powered by shades this makes any image of a person or thing you think of to reflect energy of many sorts, including the visual energies and to form itself by those visual energies again. This can create many more of another you or object, to be doing what ya or the object are doing, unless its decided to do else as it is a live shadow form. As, the images are 'alive' and in a shade form, saying what ya want to mirror after the spell, will sometimes cause this spell to work better.
 AAeIe = [A Ae Ie] Price manipulation; Writing this spell causes your subconscious to manipulate prices, in the manner that you would want. Have thought of what you would want to believe that you can change. Because it takes belief, to set the effect and its triggered by the statement of the spell or idea. This seems easy to those used to doing hard things. This is useful for manipulating gas prices.
 SuaBelArkIo = [Sooth-ahm Beal Ark Eye-ohm] Summon Arc-darkangel; This spell summons an arc darkangel to be at your whim and to possibly fight for fun. They do things as they decide to do them, but at your request by statement with intention. They can summon other dark angels to get their necessities done. They will protect those nearby whom need aid and are physical based, in magic use. Their magic is intuitive, and can be very hazardous to the health if you are deserving a reprimand. They do things like the darkangel, though as well. They represent darkness in all forms and can negate corruption, this uses the great dark at will.
 SualYaKa = [Sooth-ahm-Yah-Kan] Unsummon Darkangel; This unsummons the darkangel from the point you think the darkangel exists.  Dededomo = [Dee-dee-dome-oh] Burn alive; makes a person burn alive regardless of who they are.
 MedituMyyMesa = Voidal magic missile; [Mead-rITe-uh Mih-why Meese-ahn] Causes 1 to 30 magic missiles made of void to form as you throw them at a target for medium to extreme voidal damage that means disruption of a working state and draining of the target energy and vitality.
 NtraySildCavat = [N-tray-ee Sild Cave-ate] Entropy shield convert; Converts energy that goes to the body for use as it is and slowed down. It also helps weightloss as it converts weight energy.
 IeyWilder = [hIgh-EE-whY Will-DErh] Suspence spell; This suspends the motion in view. Where, the view can be acted on as the person is given time to consider things. And, also to allow them to cool down.
 ENisiatyAsy = [Ee-Nise-in-ate-why hAste-why] Insinuating assault; Its an assault that comes at a time when someone else is around and uses insinuation to create effected target havoc, sometimes by others making the insinuation or forgetting things, acting on derived idea. This spell is causing havoc, mostly by making the target become the insinuator and this causes his or her insinuations seem to bear fangs and make the other people tend to avoid the effected person. If they are incensed by insinuations they can strike out. In one such case of the effect, the insinuator became banned.
 ShiNaE = [Shit-Nah-E] Lava energy protection or manipulation, by will. Which causes a fascination with something.
 ShiNaELash = [Shit Nah Ee Lash] Lava energy lash, this needs summoned lava energy. Use your will and mimicry of the lashing you want, in private or not. Making the effect materialize.
 Thix = Saving grace; This is the spell of protection that saves you in the poit that is a moment in time.
 ProtegoSyhE = [Protect-Egoh Sih E] Protection field; To cancel out the effect by redundancy which is by reaction and not being noticed. To do things by stating what you notice cause the subconscious to make it nonexistant. As it is nonexisting, it is formed into existance. Directed away from you by your subconscious. This can form living statues and objects with an intended idea, that feed off people energy and survive intact longer. This can cause animals and beings to do the same and seek to eat live targets as though enraged.
 EBout = [E Boh-huhn-t] Energy boost; Without saying the n, this will cause an immediate energy boost. Which lasts as long as the body needs it.
 SuaEmoeSyi = [Sue-ah Ee-mow-eh Say-ih] Summon creatures VII, summons some very tough and appropriate creatures.

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Circle X (9) - Very hard effects

 PlaneMaj = [plane-eh-mage] greater planar binding summons or paralyzes an outsider that is human shaped.
 HorKuiBod = [how-r-kue-linen-bode] horrid wilting that pysically melts the person through draining said target and internal heat, and it bombards the targets with major negative energy.
 PyrnUag = [p-aye-rn-use-ag] incendiary cloud creates a firey cloud that descends on the targets and does hot fire damage to all in cloud.
 MasAnciDef = [mase-rance-lih-deal-f] mass blindness and deafness - all nearby enemies are struck deaf and blind to things.
 ChaMas = [chalk-mase] all creatures and people are improved in disposition towards caster.
 MynBlanc = [min-blank] Mind blank that renders all allies and caster unaffected to mind affecting spells. Causes the target also to not be mind read. This effect is to a greater degree than the lesser mind blank spell.
 Cim = [c-lime] premonition gives you warning before the event and damage reduction of 60%, possibly by the psychic vision.
 MajPrimaireHum = [maje-prime-air-lir-en-human] random greater elemental summons.
 EreOrooMentomo = [eer-eh-one-root-ment-one-mon] aura versus alignment - target gains immunity to mind affecting spells and high resistance to creatures of the alignment of which you thought on when casting.
 MakMajUnded = [make-major-un-dead] create greater undead makes one greater undead creature of vampiric nature and to regenerate quickly.
 PyrAqya = [p-ir-are-q-say-an] fire storm causes serious to deadly fire damage to enemies.
 MasHeaIvmeditu = [mase-heal-I've-mead-lite-uhh] mass heal all allies and caster fully healed.
 EvemAari = [eveem-may-as-r-in] sunbeam that does minor to serious extreme damage to undead and serious damage to others.
 Natec = [nate-tea-c] lowers enemies spell resistance and heals allies.
 Leht = [left-ht] shift yourself or people that you want on saying of this word.
 MasILunPolFrebyLihXX = [mase-line-lune-pole-free-by-Lie-h eXh eXh] Lift in place; lift many items in place with this spell.
 SpherosSurr = [sphere-low-s-surr] sickle sphere assault that causes a large sharp ice sickle to strike after becoming many and surrounding the target.
 Dhoy = [dhoy-way] call a tornado to come and destroy any in area.
 MedituSwYyr = [mead-lite-yuh-sw-wy-aye-r] mordenkainens black sword of disaster causes a magical sword to fight your enemies draining of experience.
 Jagato = [jage-late-on] atomic edge that sharpens a weapon or slices a target to pieces.
 Maz = [maze] maze that puts a person into a private place, in their mind that the person dreams up. This place is as a prison and they are kept there as long as possible according to intelligence.
 DdXac = [caddy-exact-c] simulacrum creates a being exactly like the caster that is a powerful ally.
 MyySeqMaj = [Mih-aye-Seek-Major] Major Spell trigger can store 6 spells that the caster thinks of the name of and these are what ya want.
 CymDeth = [cymbol-Death] Symbol death makes a symbol appear on any surface that kills the intended target that the person thinks of at the time of casting.
 CymPhit = [cymbol-fight] Symbol fear makes the symbol of fear appear anywhere on a surface and makes fearful any that get too close.
 CymJohn = [cymbol-john] Symbol stun stuns any victim that gets close to the symbol that appears on stating the spell.
 CymFza = [Cymbol F-zahn] Symbol freeze; Freezes the person as they get near the symbol of freezing that appears in the area. Where you wanted it.
 GraChAuSpeXSosp = [grade-change-luh-speex-soh-sp] transform any material touched or item thought on to gold as ye visualize it.
 IruCymo = [ire-us-c-kim-on] symbol anger makes anyone who gets too near it angry and beserk.
 CymFut = [Cim-Fute] Symbol effect, where the caster causes a symbol that causes the effect wanted at the time, by desire or need. This symbol may also make any other effect thought on at the time to effect the area and people in said area. Any actual time the symbol is there.
 EmorEmori = [Ee-more-Ee-more-ih] Remember, causes rememberance in the person.
 SildGyn = [sild-gin] shot shield makes a bullet proof shield that deflects any bullet.
 HuiStern = [hue-in-stern] throwing star creates as many throwing stars as you imagine appearing where you like.
 HuiDovaStern = [hue-in-dove-an-stern] detonating throwing stars that are thrown and cause a inflictive explosion. Once formed, it will reform in hand, until ya don't need it,  and all ya need is to toss like a throwing star.
 SiloFok = [sigh-lo-f-ow-k] body storage spell causes the casters body to store items pressed against it with only a few pounds per item stored.
 ByoSild = [b-say-on-sild] bioshield, cast at a target including machines to make the target have a bio protection field.
 SildOroo = [sild-ore-oo] aura shield makes the caster form a auratic shield around the body that absorbs any damage as energy.
 ImproIveiThyl = [Im-proh-I-veer-in-thil] cloak of darkness - Once said and the material touched, in some manner, this spell will enfold the caster in a cloak of invisibility effect. The material can be skin. Cast on a cloak or clothing or item of any sort, will cause an invisibility effect to the wearer of the cloak or clothes or to the item. The wearer of the effective invisibility will only be seen, if the seeker of the person intentionally wants to see the person or thing.
 PlastiquAcierU-w = [plast-ice-quh-ace-buyer-use w] plastic steel skin - Makes skin of the target or caster like plastic steel, protecting him or her from laser and any other attacks as if the person wore a full steel armour suit without movement restrictions.
 CrysEmor = [crystal-ee-more] crystal armor materialize makes the armourof pure crystal appear on the person.
 Tytiyg = [tih-time-why-g] good circumstance causes good consequences of the targets actions.
 JiiEp = [jie-in-eep] extend spell to last infinitly or as long as possible.
 Bobe = [bobe-eh] rock fall from sky to cause minor to serious extreme damage to most enemies and area
 SunBust = [sune-bust] Sunburst, caster focuses a very bright explosion in an area to kill all vampires and undead unless resisted but non-undead are major hurt or magically blinded
 ClekCb = [cleek-see-b] Bigby's clenched fist, a huge clenched fist appears and attacks a target till death doing minor-moderate damage each 6 seconds and possibly to stun the victim
 BlaStaff = [black-staff] Blackstaff, makes a staff magical, lightweight and hard to destroy. With each hit dispelling the spells on the person.
NaUuq = [Nahn-Oo-lude-q] earthquake that sometimes causes serious to extreme damage to all in area. If it seems to do nothing, then it can get attention, to else.
 MasCurCritWunde = [Mase-Cure-Crite-Wund-eh] Mass cure critical wounds, Heals all nearby allies in the area and includes the caster in the healing of critical wounds.
 MasNflytCritWunde = [Mase-N-flit-Crite-Wund-eh] Mass inflict critical wounds, inflicts critical wounds on anybody and everybody that is an enemy.

 Bombed = [Bomb-ee-d] Bombardment, Blasts nearby enemies for serious to deadly damage.

 FeBod = [Feh-Bode] Iron body, caster or target recieves greater strength and lesser dexterity, with damage reduced 15% to metal effects or assault. There is also a 50% movement slowing, with immunity to many negative effects. The caster or target also takes 1/2 damage from acid and fire damages.
 MasChaMasta = [Mase-Chah-Mastah] Mass charm monster, Nearby creatures in casters view favor the caster more favorably.
 PoricRayXXX = [Pore-Ice-c-Ray-y-XXX] Polar ray, a ray that inflicts medium to minor to serious-extreme cold damage.
SuaHosanAid = (Soo-ah-Hose-an-Aid) Summon Saint - Summon a Saint to your side or near you to be of your aid.
 InEnRammyNaSfa = [Ine-Een-Rammy-Nah-S-far] Earth spheres that are objects that roll to the ground, then if though you use them as energy that is shit to summon earth spheres from the ground to the area that ram into to target.
 InErNaBustSfa = [In-Ear-Nah-Bust-S-far] Earth burst, think to cause some effect then you stay or leave to allow the effect. To cause the ground nearby to rupture upward into latent little earth spheres that explode at eye level or the level ya decide to explode them and cause ruptures and possible blindness. To set them off, is to think them as though 'exploding outward'.

 AqyaSlta = [A-qia-Slta] Storm shield - Makes a shelter from all elements that is a part of a 'storm', and this effect is that which shields ya from all the elements that ya feel ya should be sheltered from. As, ya do actions that cause ya to be sheltered and shielded. Its effects can be to prevent water from touching ya or other elements from getting near effeting ya.
 EalSihunnIry = [E-ahl-Sigh-unn-I-rye] Unnatural slenderness, to create in a person an unnatural start to a state of slenderness, which is that type of slender nature that doesn't easily go away. The effect should be cast on children or slender people to keep that slenderness they may have, as it is a start to becoming unnaturally slender. Thick-set people should consider using this spell if they really want to as it can also thin them up, with the final result of unnatural slenderness. One side effect of this, is that the effected will sometimes form a higher emotion.
 HyyLet = [Hih-y-Leet] Heavy set, causes a target naturally to inexplicably be a heavy set, from any other condition. As though, naturally chubby. This can fattten up nearly anyone, but it draws the weight from the caster and other people the spell selects, as though ya selected them without knowing it.
 MasModFx = [Mason-Mode-Fx] Mass Moderated effect, to cause an effect that is thought on in a mass amount of people. That, is moderated by yourself as ya get to observe the effect, from where ya are. As it happens to effect the target group. Ya can moderate an effect already happening with this spell, as in cause it to do something else, slow it down, speed it up, stop it, or ban it from happening again (at least to ya mind) by thinking about it as the effect occurs.
 EInflictuUuqSpie = [Ee-Inflictuh-Yue-uq-Spie-eh] Poison spikes, makes spikes that are poisonous to be near and inflicted upon the target.
 CagrEmor = [Cagr-Ee-more] Moveable cage armor, forms a cage thats moveable and armor to ya or the target. This is with a trap door released without you having to see anyone, so see ya can get out of it or things fail. This will block against big things or large things that attack, and deflects a blow coming to ya or the target's way. Ya can do almost anything in the cage, yet none can hurt ya nor can ya hurt them with large things that are attacks.
 IEmor = [I-Ee-more] Eye armor, causes the eyes and third eye to be armored. So the idea is it can't be stolen, simply until the I armor is worn down.
 Shaihe = [shay-in-ehh] Fire being, to make a fire being appear near the person ya think on as a target. It will repeat whatever ya say with a gravelly voice till dispelled. Or, it can do what ya want it to do.
 Shaie = [shay-I-eh] Water being, makes a water being appear to someone that is thought on as a target. It will be able to do what ya want it to do or repeat what ya say. To make it work right, sometimes ya might have to summon some energy before attempting spell.
 SereSfa = {Sear-eh-Sfah} Searing sphere, Make a searing sphere appear above the limb or hand while holding out your limb or hand and summoning energy to yourself, while saying the spell as you imagine it form. Then cast it forward by throwing your hand forward and thinking of the target being struck by the sphere. This does minor to extreme damage, if allowed to over time. It helps if you imagine or visualize what you want the sphere to do after it hits. This searing sphere might take several minutes to form.
 LesNegMesaAqya = [Leese-Neeg Mees-ahn Ack-linh-ah] Isaac's negative lesser magic missile storm; Inflicts through a storm of negative magic missiles that does a minor to serious-extreme bit of damage on those nearby. Theres 5 to 40 missiles possible.
 ChanMyyMitl = [Chain Mih-why Mitt-l] Chain Magic Mantle; This is a magic mantle that protects by absorbing 20 spells or unlimited mental effects. The mental effect is whatever you think of as though an idea that you don't want. Then uses the spell energy in a contingency effect, thats decided on and if not decided it is pushing back the spells to the people who targeted you.
  NtrayAerStausehTego = [eN-trade-why  Aye-ear Stale-us-ee-h Tee-gohn] Entropy static shield; This shield slows anything near it and makes 1/4 the effect from any influence including psychic assault each second till its gone.
  ManipulMesa = [Mane-I-pool Mee-sah] Manipulating missiles: They are energy missiles cast by manipul mesa. They manipulate the person, on strike, into doing what you want. Just focus your mind on the intent as you cast this. On a bad moon of waning or new nature, they could cause paralysis.
  NsuySyx = [eNh-sue-why Six] Ensuing death spell: This spell causes an ensuing death on those you target. The effect goes beyond this life, unless cancelled. This can effect immortals. The unensuing death spell will cure the actual effect from the person.
SuaEmoeEt = [Sue-ah Ee-mow-eh Eight] Summon creatures VIII, summons allot of very tough and appropriate creatures.

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Circle XI (10) - Extremely hard effects

 Kuio = [k-use-line-on] energy drain of target for some of their experience temporarily.
 MajJuuMantl = [major-jue-uh-mantle] greater spell mantle absorbs 24 or more spells until infinity and makes the mind body strengthened with many effects of desire. This can cure the mind and brain, if you think of the condition as though a source. Think of the effect and you can remove it, this can act as though a shot if you state the spell as you think of the effect.
 SoIC = [Soh-I-Cee] Allows you to look in the mind of the personal target or the person. If not personal, then you possibly won't want to do so, thus you effect a temporary block.
 SwarCrit = [sware-cr-light-t] meteor swarm strikes all people in area with a deadly amount of damage.
 SwarCrat = [Sware-Crate] To be in a game of swearcraft, where you can cause people, to play and in order to do things they will swear to do things.
 MyyDaete = [Mih-aye-day-etteh] mordenkainen's disjunction is a more powerful greater dispel magic.
 Kie = [k-mile-eh] power word kill, kills target with a word.
 ShapKig = [shape-kige] shapechange - target becomes able to shapechange into a anything they can want to become.
 GafPrimaire = [gafe-prime-air-er] elder elemental summons.
 GafPrimTy = [Gafe-Prime-Tye] GafPrimeTime or PrimeTime, that is the time that is a primary moment and that is created after saying this, whether on air, tv or at some other time.
 WoTy = [woh-tye] time stop allows the caster to cast spells and attack while the rest of the world remains hidden.
 JiyCryEkiDeth = [jie-aye-cr-aye-ee-kid-death] crying wail of the banshee that kills all enemies in area or they can try to resist it.
 Wyrd = [wie-rd] weird spell that kills enemies while draining them from anywhere due to a terrifying phantasm.
 NoirHol = [no-ir-hole] implosion causes a black hole to kill everything within area of effect.
 AqyaAch = [ache-q-aye-ah-ach] storm of vengeance causes minor-moderate acid and energy damage each 6 seconds.
 TwexyTy = [tweak-x-aye-t-aye] time manipulation - manipulate time as the caster desires.
 PrimaireSwarm = [prime-air-eh-swarm] Elemental swarm, summons many full elemental to be under control of caster, that you thought on while casting or you can state what elementals you want after stating spell and they will appear, in a great number.
 Ysh = [wish] Wish - concentrate on your desire while saying and it will happen.
 MedituHamoMak = [mead-light-uh-hame-on-make] create object - think on object while saying to make it appear.
 IpoFrou = [like-p-on-f-round-uh] fly in place an item with this spell.
 FyrdDhoy = [f-aye-rd-d-how-way] fire tornado that does serious-extreme fire damage each second in all area to which its thought to effect.
 YtlyHamu = [way-t-lye-hame-uh] mana flood causes a flood of power to serve through the area that messes up spells or increases their potential 1000%. This can weaken the materials in the area it is flooding, after a few days of it and this is including the body.
 AtlaCyro = [atlas-c-say-roh] ice knife forms a knife of ice in hand or the air, that you can toss your hand forward to strike with and it will always return to hand at will.
 JagatoSurr = [jage-late-oh-surr] Atomic surrounding edge, that slices a target/s to pieces by surrounding the target/s and it stops when they are in body pieces.
 ImmAbsolu = [i-emmy-absow-luh] absolute immunity causes complete invulnerability to all weapons until the caster decides it not be there. The target literally can recover from any weapon strike, as though unharmed.
 MedituBoe = [mead-line-tub-bow-eh] black blade of disaster comes into being and attacks foes draining them of experience.
 ChanOrk = [chain-work] chain contingency can store any unlimited spells that the caster thinks of the name of and its upto you the caster to decide the trigger after storage.
 SpherIan = [sphere-I-an] Esen "tada" this is freedom for you as your actually held in a sphere that is a releasable trap sphere to release to some place or feel. Seeing if the freedom frees any imprisioned being from far beneath the earth that was trapped in a sphere or not, release to see work with a fairy is not to release a demon.
 GioSpher = [g-live-oh-sphere] sphere imprisionment released when cast and the target is touched or telepathically touched, will imprision the target far beneath the earth in a sphere of suspended animation, leaving the body where the target remains until a reverse of the spell is cast.
 MyyKink = [Mih-aye-kink] strikes all spell protections from target.
 MyyAi = [Mih-aye-Are-in] spelltrap creates a magical barrier around you trapping every spell cast at you causing a rememberance of the spell in you.
 DamonMesy = [daemon-mese-aye] Daemon Summon, summon daemon to send a message of any sort just think of message while casting. This daemon also protects you but first does what you want.
 YaGoinStraDonL = [Yah-Gow-in-Strah-Down-L]Go straight to hell, Makes the target goto hell or start to as they can goto the ground. If no target is in mind then its you going straight down. This hell can be symbolized, as well in the form of an indication by a sudden hellish lifestyle.
 MesaX = [mese-sah-X] forms a missile that kills on contact the target, making a grenade fragging energy explosion, thats harming more than one target in area. Shot from the hand throwing its fingers foward in some degree. There's the least possibility of effect though, of the person freezing up temporarily.
 MesaIxpX = [mese-sah-ripe-xp-x] explosive missile that explodes on contact of target with a fire grenade frag, thats thrown or shot as though a triggered gun and sometimes thrown by throwing the fingers forward, doing serious to deadly energy damage to the targets around it.
MesaFedXX = [mese-pad-feed-x-x] feeder missiles cause great impact of grenade like energy damage to a group of enemies, absorbing their energies giving it to the caster. Shot forward as though pointing your hand pulling a trigger or throwing your fingers foeward.
 MesaEnhanz = [mese-ah-end-han-z] drunken missiles that make devastating energy impact whence thrown from hand by throwing the fingers forward, to hit unnerringly the targets with an energized fragging impact.
 SwLas = [sw-laser] laser sword - That appears in hand to act like a sword and incinerates the target in some form. This includes the destruction of the targets equipment.
 Konk = [konk] knocks out any target.
 DovuUmoAuAcierSpeSosp = [Dove-uh-rume-moh-Aim-uh-
Ace-isle-er-Sped-Soh-sp] Change to druidic gold steel, changes steel or other material to druidic gold steel by touching material or steel while saying spell.
 MedituKamurAqya = [mead-light-us-came-lemure-faq-say-ah] incineration storm that shoots black lightning at anybody in area of effect at the casters willing.
 Viq = [v-like-q] silent death causes the death of the person through consumption of said persons power.
 PrimaireSilo = [prime-air-eh-silent-on] storage elemental cancellable by thinking so this actually forms an elemental that stores any amount of objects as if no item weighed anything.
 KaoDacto = [chaoh-dactoh] chaos dragon summoning calls a negative plane dragon to your aid.
 TrePoly = [treh-pole-aye] tree transform makes a tree of choice from a body.
 DoliSw = [dole-in-Sw] moonblade that appears in hand and kills or manipulates with the power the moon.
 StavInme = [stay-v-in-meh] magical wand that appears in hand to make any effect you want and dissapears at need. This wand is created some other moment and acts for you now.
 Suag = [sue-ag] cure target of lynthrocampy, although if it fails it will just make a swagger in a person.
 TyTiy = [tye-time-aye] create any consequence by thinking on it when saying spell.
 CrysSw = [chris-sw] crystal sword materialize makes a crystal sword appear in hand or in the air and it can act for you.
 SheolBrut = [she-holly-brute] calls a hellspawn to aid the caster at the casters will.
SfuwardDacto = [s-fue-ward-dactoh] primal dragon transform - call an undefeatable primal dragon that can kill with a thought.
 CruHid = [crush-hide] Bigby's crushing hand, a large attacking hand provides cover, grapples and forces a victim to take serious to deadly damage by crushing till dead.
 Etaelne = [Ee-take-el-neh] Etherealness, Enemies cannot detect the party until any member of that party does some hostile action.
 MasHeal = [Mase-Heal] Mass healing; Heals each nearby ally, including the caster, and cures them of most negative effects.
CevuAoEInyy = [Ceve-uh-Ao-E-Inih-aye] Undeath's eternal foe, Grants party immunity to negative damage, experience and energy drain, ability (to get something done) decreases, poisons, and diseases.
 MasHodMasta = [Mase-Hode-Mastah] Mass hold monster, Paralyzes many creatures.
 Shae = [Shade-eh] Shades, casts an actual very powerful spell
or summons a shadow form or man that is of a strong shadowy version of the spell in mind, but ya think on the spell to cast with the shades spell before or as ya cast the spell. These spells are powered by shades. Once again, ya need protection from hostile shades before casting. A quick way around of casting of the spell is to do the spell gesture that corresponds with the spell ya wanna cause in effect as the casting of the shades spell is done. The shadow man can give ya future readings and idea as well, if asked.
J-pCyr = [J p-C-say-r] Unlimited restoration - Restores lost idea, experience, stamina and from mind effects, afflicts and spells by 'recovering' from them and taking it from past, future, and present as if now to replenish or regenerate what is lost until the effect is done restoring.
 Atepo = [A-tepe-oh] Normal time, causes time to revert to normal again and things continue as ya notice an action goto nothing.
 Aynt = [A-why-ent] The unevent, causes people to do something in time that causes an unevent that is an unseen event or an event that goes to nothing due to inertial effect in idea. So its ignored in even an after moment.
 NaJia = [Nah-Jie-ah] Earth platform, to cause an earthen platform that moves with ya. And, it has tendendency to form underneath ya and ya can walk without falling on it.
 InEnErSpie = [In-Ee-n-Ear-Spie-eh] Earth spikes, To make earthen spikes appear from the ground. They can do damage, if they are directed to and appear under the feet of the target person. Because they are life and effect of earth energy.
 KlKablastriAqya = [Kl-Kah-blas-trih-A-qia] Black lightning storm, to form a storm where ya want it, even on a clear sky, that emits a mix of black lightning and normal lightning to hit the ground or the targets near it. The black lightning will kill and vaporize almost anything.
MasIpu = [Mase-I-puh] Mass insanity & madness, causes insane moments with madness in people that are targeted by this spell effect. Only in mass insanity, do people become erratic. Once lived through, the madness disappears. Sometimes, the insanity won't go away easily. Sometimes the erratic behavior, is where a person will do something that is not normal in behavior.
MasCupo = [Mase-Coo-pohn] Mass sanity, causes the targets that are 'touched' by madness and insanity to be zane sane and in focus with calm.
ElemIso = [Ee-leem-I-soh] Element isolation, isolate any element and elemental of choice and remove it from effect off of or from the target. This can create an elemental isotope from it with thought on this idea while or after stating spell, as its an elemental isotope that attaches to the person or target, after its formed and it shares the memory as experience as it eats the person of diseases and bad effects. This isotope can share the energy it has with the person, when the person needs it, and cause the person to live longer and with more energetic endurance.
 EInflictuGnaLash = [E-Inflictuh-Gnah-Lash] Earth lash, causes a lashing effect from standing or being near the certain part of the ground that the target is near.
 EGer = [E-Gere] Energy germ, this causes a germ, that is summoned to an area and is made of energy,  to do whatever ya want or think on at the time of casting, by the germ recieving ya thoughts or need, doing the deed and transferring the results to ya. At the least, it can cause some sorta sickness or no sickness and at the most, it can cause events as ya 'train' the germ with ya thoughts.
 MasSostryPyroEBo = [Mase-Soh-st-rye-Piro-E-Boh] Mass shot fire bow, causes an energy bow that shoots many enmass firey heat arrows. Think it shot to shoot it.
 MasSostryHydroEBo = [Mase-Soh-st-rye-Hyde-roh-E-Boh] Mass shot water bow, causes an energy bow that appears in hand and ya can feel the bow that can shoot many enmass highly compressed water shots. Think it shot to shoot it.
 MasSostryAerEBo = [Mase-Soh-st-rye-A-er-E-Boh] Mass shot air bow, causes an energy bow to appear that ya imitate a shot of a bow to shoot many highly compressed airball shots. Think it shot to shoot it.
 MasSostryBioBo = [Mase-Soh-st-rye-Bie-oh-Boh] Mass shot bio bow, causes an energy bow that forms in the hand of the caster and can shoot many enmass energy arrow shots. Think it shot to shoot it.
 ArkjutrEmor = [Ark-juttr-Ee-more] Diamond moveable armor, forms a diamond shield and armour by effect of idea. This can make ya undefeatable as it absorbs the damage of all blows into itself. And leaves the body as though unhurt. This can protect ya, even though its 'off' of ya and allows ya to be moving, as even when off its still on ya.
 XyTyebub = [X-why T-why-eh-bube] Psychic timebomb - To create a timed bomb effect that activates and causes confusion, on command, as a power rush goes through the mind that is percieved as energy an thats too much, as in psychically, where it can create a headache. Theres also placed on the target, a negative perception after of a visual argument in some form. Sometimes, so much energy can pass through the mind, that it can cause the person to pass out or die in the extreme reaction.
 DracoSt = [Dray-coh St] Dragon strength - To cause the strength of a dragon to enter your body and be used for a some time. You might feel drained afterwords.
 ZehrEhh [name thing/person] = [Zehn-erhn Eh-h] Come out (of nowhere or somewhere), item or person; Makes what you want, to appear to be near, to come out and become of where you are.
 LesMedituMesaAqya = [Leese Mead-rITe-uh Meese-ahn Ack-lihn-ah] Lesser voidal magic missile storm; Inflicts through a storm of voidal magic missiles that does minor to serious-extreme bit of draining damage on those nearby which drains the stability and energy and vitality from the targets hit. Theres 10 to 100 missiles possible.
 KheperHornTuBObjSeh = [Khey-peer Horn Tuhn B Object See-ehn] Transform intrusive to live object; Cast on a Room area, this forms a field that causes people that shouldn't be there in your mind world to be an object. And objects here physically to be people there. It makes the obtrusive person to seem to be nonexistant to you and you can stand the person who annoys you, even though they become annoying they are not noticed mentally and sometimes ignored. If they get very annoying, then they are likely to be dealt with. This has a tendency to cause them to act like an object. On death of the intruding person, in the field of transformation they will become an object that finds its way there. This object tends to cause a repeat of things happening that send energy through the object.
 KheperHornTuBDigosSeh = [Kheep-ear Horn Tuhn B Die-ghost See-eh] Transform intrusive to animal; Its to set an area to transform intrusive people and other beings like ghosts into becoming an animal reincarnation form. The beings and ghosts caught are imediately transformed into that of an animal. And, they 'find' their way to the place that transformed them.
 ManipulErisedMesa = [Mane-I-pool Ee-rise-sEed Mee-sah] Manipulating Erasure missiles: They are energy missiles cast by stating or willing the spell. They manipulate the person, on strike, into doing what you want as they erase the thing not wanted. This is done by a seed of energy that effects nearby it. Just focus your mind on the intent as you cast this. On a bad moon of waning or new nature, they could cause paralysis.
  AuraOerised = [Aura Oh-ee-rise-ee-d] This aura erases and distracts people you get near. This does cripple and could erase from them anything you want of purpose.
  EmFooShoo = [Emm Fold-on Show-on] Freedom from release; This frees the person targeted from things that are effecting you.
  Act gi [Act gift] = Act good; This is the act that is good and is suave and smooth, unless in as you think and feel with energy as focus with no actual thought unless necessary. As a gift you are there or not, think there anytime and your there and otherwise by thought of something to do if not in needed where you think to seem as if an energy focus can use to see with directe focus words. Think and do and you get work or now road work as you are due repair and as due with explanation. As I would help you means the third eye is doing as the brain cerebral is metaphysics based core response but it is metaphysics use to create the third eye by focus in mind and in body to create what you think otherwise you turned it.
  The qudopli [Then Que-dope-lin] = The doplhin effect; The dopplin doppelganger effect, that will make you you lose your mind if you don't accept the situation that you see or dismiss it out of a form of idea. This is the effect with love is to create a point, that is they that are formed are what is as they died and use your idea of commitment. If you don't think to convert energy to something else that forms creates a point, that energy changes as if a form dolphin is thought or felt in choice from thin air and this makes a poison disappear from you. As if from you and you were okay then you can use the idea, think to create from free energy or as you don't have to create. As a thought or if you don't and its already there in life, as if you don't do it in qudolphi.
  Tyei Lifes Coucho [Tin-eal-in Life-eaze-es -Couch-on] = Created fix; Create and cure what ails, you as you fix lifes ills with you in thought. It is the point, don't take advantage of iffy chances. Tying the knot in a moment that is use of spheres, to create physical idea in perception and without that perby not needing the idea by desire you don't get the idea to see.
  Th E Main [Th Ee Main-in] = The Energy Use; The use of energy to stop, be well in use and work well in creative spells from what you think. Unless necessary then your use is over with idea, thought and the energy goes back to the area it came from or alternatively the sun.
  The rede [Then Rede-en] = The golden rede; The rede is a fact based idea that is business, use of wyrd and greate understanding by spirit knowing is what you think and use is to say and the no fate is set. Set is fate is by the act out of respect, be well well make change fate by what that is or not as a concept creative in approach and the Nords is a point in mention to create with as will creates will or not and the fates are what can make use of what. If you think they can create, if they think it necessary to do in the point. To do what then is the creator will, make unless you are willing to in see and create as you are with a way to see. No act is a point, that no idea creates and nothing as against each other is considered unless necessary as no melodram.
  The spe rade [Then Sped Rade-en] = The point plunder space; The idea is a thought to use a space radar and create a space with music, as what you think is what energy that can be of use by the thought is radiation in use. Concept to do is a point in mind, because each space is a part of life so lets not be too destructive to say the get along point to do. If necessary as what you think creates the right in action. Things you use are gone, so the thought in is to nnn and stop invasive behavior and intrusive is not done. Don't hear in the music, see in thought and in thought you won't do the spell as no construct will get the bounty effect.
  The fixen [Then Fixe-ee-n] = The fix this space to the area; The idea is the in point of fact that law exists and use is in nothing as something in to make of the fact, and out as your use is unlooked at and your point is as though that which is can cause you to create or not create a point. That is mentioned fact as rememberance, that your things you need to do you will get done and your use is your own anytime and anyplace thats normal. There is a concept that needs done, and it is as you think as a wish. The cancellation to the spell, is to create and use a method as a point that energy cancels itself out.
  Ad Hoc [Ad Hokey] = The instant; The instant moment of death respawn by respise is with nothing in but a concept, as your life is expended you bring to life someone else that your spirit created in essence for life that is what you are as I think "des res" en to end idea the moment this is fine. These can seem a thought to rid your body of the spell trap you De Ie Ib to get away, think as you move to undo by thinking what you want and the spell kills all roaches as necessary. As you use the idea to send it to the source and you do not have any idea, that is what can result as thought is response taken as indifference or not as talk is response in life. To dream is an instant moment that you are energetic symbolizes growth, activity, expansion and insight. You need to channel your energy in a positive way. As to think and do, this is to create exchange with thought or idea that is useful.
  Ist Isteo Febreo [Eist Eist-tee-on Fee-bree-ee-on] = Mesh show; Mesh often shows a trap or intrigue, to de ice trap in which one is active or is involved as a victim. Then one should, behave more honestly no murder trap unless you are dead before birth, thought and straight talk and things get the correct things or a brain hemorrage that isn't what seems true till you think "Silvrouge".
  The Oppe [Then op-en] = The opposite value; This is a dream of the opposite synopsis, where everything will become good. The dream ends, when you decide it to as the mind eater that is energy eater that is psionic mastery from the manipulator point of view. The openminded view is an open book to view, as the mind as if you can read in the mind and think to create from the creator as needed unless you don't need to as you has many friends who want to help you. As the way out of this, think this is as not blossom as eppe free as a concept known as a value or not as nothing needed as this is no and it won't fight you.
  Eppe Free is a this is an interesting idea, to work with if you understood it and can make magic. To use these phrases, this creates interesting area results to make and create. As with the wind that flows with energy and life is nothing but water. As this in flows, as the river that flows you can use a thought as if a fire that flowers power in life. Without burnout, thought in thought is by rhythmic energy of life that is chi and restores that is what life is made of act and be well. This unlocks the ability within, as good affect makes good in unlimited effect. Have fun with this.
  Ethekinetic and Etheriokinetic are in some part what will allow area manipulation with this, as that derive spirit mind and most negative efforts including death and void manipulation to happen with very little effort and no destruction. As if in thought the effect, makes things what you want as this is time though some manipulation of the area. Thre is little as some idea, as to use to make things easily. These are short and long distance efforts that occur after the spirit-that-goes-through-everything obliges. The people are act shamanic yet seem like it, that are using this spirit as they gain what they can of wisdom by knowing it and knowing people by it. There in use is the effort to create a use, in and not and think a thought you can use it for life energy.
  The ether user can derive drinks and drugs from air or spirit. The shaping ability of spirits and formation of body to other forms as well is possible. With ether manipulation one can make spirit essences in the formation as one desires. This is called shaping for effects that are in many things of efoort and kung fu as in orgone, a psi like machine bioenergy. As necessary, this is curing as you think cure, or state the disease and the correct things happen unless necessary.
  IchsNa [Eh-rich-s-Nah] = Acidic disruption; The reason why one in the dream in a meeting or rally took part - either because one supported the aims of this political party or fought on the contrary - is decisive for the interpretation. In any case, is a certain rage of the Awake with in the play which needs of the many open the view of the investigation. If its nothing in life its death. Unless necessary, as nothing else appears to some as this is done as you got it in life. As the ninth circle is broken your free and you can step with time to create an effect.
  The Debornia [Then Debe-orn-nie-an] = The Dia; This is the diamond that seen shows what you think, and as a point no thought is unless necessary. Ascertained moments in time, credit and if no lowering costs are what seems interesting as to think often to create. What you want from what you want and that is not for what you want. As it is in life that exists life from form, as in you formed you and thought not out of you are what you think and this kills the body as it causes illiad effects. There is not as is unless as things are what seem as real life and except is not bad if not used or not in a point of view that nothing exists where matters get worse.
  The Deborah [Then Deh-bore-ah-get] = The Dea tribe; The Ancient idea in choice, this of a past life that formed a life that was but no longer. As if a point, you can effort in effortless area and create, what is an idea to ascertain or not give as you think or not. Often the person at an unaware level recognises that he would like to change his consciousness by thought view concept or in thought his own setting by what you think in a shift viable in view. If the dreaming meditates in his dream, this need can become tangible for him. The dreaming attains access to his, creative, spiritual side on this way. The point is a view that can change in personal viewpoint that creates a different way to work and use is to shift in view and create the different view shift mentioned in a book. The person that changes view this way is in that way, till is way different way by perspective idea formed from the different conscious idea you get from what you think in life.
  Dep C men [Deep C Men] = See thought in life and in believe; What thinking means can produce a suprise zombie that eats and uses the meditation in the dream, depends on whether the dreaming also meditates in the awake state. With a person, carried out the meditation, the meditation in the dream can deliver suggestion for the exercises which bring the dreaming with his intuition and spirituality in contact. With a person, not carried out the meditation, the meditation can refer to a need to turn inwards. The idea is thought, thoughtless is not mention cessation is the art that makes and what you want, and if not this spell can create if necessary as if a mental state that just ceases when unwanted. As if to stop believing in the idea, stops the effect as theh effect is known.
 SuaEmoeNi = [Sue-ah Ee-mow-eh Nih] Summon creatures IX, summon many creatures of appropriate nature.

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Circle XII (11) - Mastery & epic effects

 IkleMyy = [ik-leh-Mih-aye] spell mastery makes manipulation of any spell possible.
 TyReparo = [t-aye-repair-on] repair time and place makes repairs of the situation that you want.
 TyIkle = [t-aye-ik-led] time mastery allows for manipulation of time itself by focusing on the time you want or the words that mean slow [slo], speed up [spe], or pause [wo]. This effect lasts a few years.
 VulcanEru = [vulcane-ee-ruh] eruption of a volcanic force to wipe out all people in vicinity.
 MedituAqya = [mead-line-t-us-age-q-say-an] void storm that kills everything in area by sucking enemies life forces.
 MegaBombe = [meager-ant-bomb-er] mega bomb forms a bomb anywhere you want on the utterance of this spell that goes off at the casters will, doing serious extreme to deadly shrapnel damage or knocking people out.
 MedituTntyle = [mead-line-tuh-ten-tyc-leh] void tenticles grasp and hold the enemies victims draining them of all possible experience along with their energy.
 Ryas = [Rih-as] reverse the spell coming at you or in effect, if such is done.
 DokenAto = [doke-keen-aid-tom] atomic destruction that decimates all people in range of 2 miles not hurting allies and caster.
 DokenSubt = [Doke-een-Subt] Subtractive power blast, cause of a power blast the range of how long a distance in a circle diameter that ya decide on. This power blast is subtractive and weakening in nature, as it is subtle and will erase from the area of what ya want with the desire to remove until ya don't desire removal. As its rain that removes damages from materials and doesn't seem to fall when it does, it can influence erasure on a person including thoughts. And like the last one, no matter how its countered, it will still do it. Unless the spell itself is countered. Its possible to counter it with EEvom pronounced [Ee-Eve-om], which allows more control over it, the energy, and to think to the energy 'cancel'.
 IkleMeditu = [ik-leh-mead-light-uh] void mastery makes imagination manipulation of void with these words. This also allows control more easily over subtractive energy.
 CabIBus = [Mccabe-line-bue-s] mass shift that incites a shift of a target group to a place you desire and this includes armies.
 IkleFyr = [ik-led-fir] fire mastery that makes the caster able to manipulate fire by will alone.
 IkleSelav = [ik-clen-seal-lave] lava mastery grants the caster a mastery of lava with a desire.
 IkleCyro = [ik-led-c-say-roh] ice mastery that makes the caster able to work with ice by will alone.
 AeroIkle = [aerob-ik-led] air mastery that makes the caster able to will air effects.
 Xucuil = [x-lute-c-use-lit-l] flying mastery makes flight by willful desire and imagination on utterance of spell.
PsiIkle = [Psi-Ik-leh] Psychic mastery, the person is embued with a psychic mastery that is as long lasting as they desire. They become a master at psychic activity and ability overnight at any psychic idea they may have.
ElmntyIkle = [El-emn-ty-Ik-leh] Elemental mastery, To make the target become a master of the elements and elementals, including innate know how.
 MasiPoFrou = [mass-linen-pon-fr-out] fly in place many items with this spell.
 DhoyMeditu = [dhow-aye-mead-light-uh] voidal tornado causes a void tornado that incinerates all enemies or absorbs all energy in area.
 CorrantAqya = [cohr-rant-aid-q-say-an] power storm makes a storm which interferes with all enemy spells.
 YtlyMeditu = [why-t-lye-mead-light-uh] voidal flood causes a flood of voidal energy to swerve through the area sucking all energy from enemies and objects.
 PolyBael = [pole-aye-bar-eh-l] transform into a demon of any sort.
 AidIkleDacto = [aid-ik-leh-dact-on] summon a dragon to your aid which does not appear at first but only on a need will it be there.
 PolySidh = [pole-aye-sidh] transform into faery by saying these words at a target.
 PolyTesseractIq = [pole-why-tess-ee-rack-time-q] intelligent tesseract transform [dark killer giant].
 PolyAtleantian = [pole-y-ate-lee-an-time-an] transform a target into an atlantean sea elf.
 PolyCilf = [pole-aye-c-ilk-f] elf transformation that makes the caster an elf.
 PolyTreant = [pole-aye-tree-ant] tree man transform makes any body into a tree man being.
 PolyDactoSun = [pole-aye-dactoh-soon] sun dragon shift makes the caster becomes a sun dragon.
 PolyCilfArk = [pole-aye-c-ilk-f-dark] dark elf transform makes the caster become a dark elf.
 PolyKaoCilf = [pole-aye-chao-c-lih-lf] choas elf transform makes the caster into a negative plane elf.
 PolyKaoDacto = [pole-aye-chao-dactoh] chaos dragon transform transforms the caster into a negative plane dragon.
 PolyKaoHum = [polish-why-chaos-human] choas being transform makes the target into a being.of chaos.
 PolyHuMeditu = [pole-why-hum-mead-light-yuh] void being transform makes the caster into a being of void.
 PolyBal = [pole-why-bale] negative plain being transforms the person into a being of negative energy.
 PolyBalYl = [pole-why-bale-why-l] negative wild magic transform makes the target into a being of negative wild magic energy.
 PolyFyrHumArachno = [pole-why-fir-human-arach-noh] human spider transform - Targets someone and makes said target into an energy spider that totally disappears from existence. Enabling the human spider that appears in the persons place to manipulate anything in existence.
 SheolPolyBrut = [she-hold-pole-why-brute] hellspawn transform - transforms the target into a hellspawn.
 PolyHye = [pole-aye-h-say-eh] hyena transform - hyena transform transforms the victim into a hyena.
 PolyLycantropy = [pole-aye-lyn-cant-row-p-way] werewolf transform makes the target into a full werewolf.
 PolyLich = [pole-way-lich] lich transform makes the lich out of a target.
 PolyKreen = [pole-why-kreen] insectoid human transform - makes the target into an insectoid.
 PolySatyr = [pole-why-sat-say-r] satyr tranform - Make the target into a satyr form [half goat human].
 PolyTroll = [pole-aye-troll] troll transform - The target transforms into a troll of the casters will as for type.
 HcaorPoly = [h-cave-or-pole-way] roach transform - The target including caster becomes a roach of any flavor. Thinking polyhum will transform the person back.
 HcaorPolyHum = [h-cave-or-pole-way-humus] human roach transform - The target including caster becomes a human roach.
 PolyFli = [pole-why-flin] cat tranform - Intended target including caster becomes a cat and transforming back think polyhum.
 PolyFly = [pole-aye-fly] fly transform - transforms a person into a fly and think polyhum to trasnform back.
 PolyHumFly = [pole-aye-humus-fl-way] human fly transform - Makes the the target including caster into a human fly.
 PolySahn = [pole-aye-sahn] sahn transform - Make the target into a super human being.
 PolySfuwarBragh = [pole-aye-s-fue-ware-bragh] primal beast transform - Make the target into a primal beast that is unkillable and honed to kill.
 PolySfuwarIntaiq = [pole-aye-s-fue-ware-int-air-q] primal creature transform - Make the target into a primal creature that is unkillable and with intelligence.
 PolySfuwarDacto = [pole-aye-s-fue-ware-dacto] primal creature transform - Make the target into a primal dragon.
 Aryu = [are-say-you] create a law of effect with this spell by thinking on the law after casting.
 BaelIkle = [bay-eel-ik-less] demon mastery that grants the caster demonic mastery control by will.
 JediIkle = [jedih-ik-leh] jedi mastery grants the spellcaster jedi mastery for the amount of time the spell lasts.
 LasAb = [laser-saber] mana saber materialize makes a light saber appear in hand.
 PlastiquAcierEmor = [plast-ice-quh-ace-bie-er -ee-more] plastic armour that protects as if steel encases the caster without movemnt restrictions.
 CabiLiht = [cabe-lil-lit] light shift - shifts a person to another place at the glancing of a light beam and a thought to where.
 CrysU-w = [crystal-you w] crystal skin makes the targets skin like crystal and immune to most damage using energy to power it.
 CryaBag = [cry-say-lab-bagel] bag of holding creates a bag of holding effect out of any container.
 CorrantWev = [cohr-rant-weave] power weave - think the effect when saying spell or feel the effect that you need.
 CyzUn = [ciz-lunar] unfailing nature makes anything unfailing in nature.
 AyrU-w = [air-you w] breathing skin - makes the skin of the target breath air from anything around him by conversion including outer space.
 Muydst = [mue-aye-dst] very powerful mummy summoning that can use the intuitive ability it had as magic.
 DactoKni = [dactoh-k-nih] summons a bound red dragon to the caster, as the caster can think to it to do the effect that the caster wants.
 GrataRui = [grate-ad-rue-ih] greater ruination, causes absolute damage and ruination to the victim, in life and idea.
 SheolBarr = [she-ol-barr] hellball that does form in hand and then its tossed for major to deadly acid, electrical, fire and sonic to all opponents in blast area.
 SheolEBoXX = [Shee-ol-E-Bow-XX] Hell Bow, forms a bow in hand that will shoot as possible. The ammo appears in the bow before it is shot. The bow is fired an by an idea that it is shot, a spoken 'shot' or the thought of 'shot' when your thinking of the target. Optionally, is the mimicking an the shooting of a bow. The damage is major to deadly acid, electrical, lavatic, fire and sonic damage in blast area.
 FractaCelSild = [fractah-ceal-sill-d] Fractal shield, a dimensional shield that breaks apart anything that happens to effect ya, into small parts. This feeds the shield, as to break it apart makes a release of energy that is absorbed into the shield. This can cancel out pain and damage as well, as the pain is absorbed and the damage is taken into the shield. This shield may appear not to work, but it does as ya literally won't recieve any hurt until ya cancel it out with a 'UnnFractaSild' or by thinking things will happen to ya.
 FyryEYaraNuatraBlaXX = [Firr-y-Ee-Yare-ah-Nue-at-trah-Blah-XX] Atomic blast, forms a blast of force that can cut through anything and at the least, can knock anything back and can make things uncomfortable in the area. The least it can do is to disrupt the focus with inspersement, as though it were too much at the moment but this gets the attention.
 LutraAqyaStripuaXX = (Lutrah-
A-qih-ah-Strike-pue-ah-XX) Ionstrike, to strike by a storm of ions that are focused at the heart of an area or target, released from ya arm, fingers or hand that is held straight out or thought to be in place and dipped to make the strike. Can leave holes in things.
 Ispute = [I-spute-eh] Inspection, causes something as in an act of inspection that will cause an act of inspection and dispution of something in dispution and notation as to what the action is of it.
EMinAtoBla = [E-Mine-Atoh-Blast-X] Minute atomic energy blasts, to disrupt things or cause deterioration in something and people, by a minute atomic blast. Think about the area or see it before ya cast the spell and ya will happen it in the area, as though a need was there in ya to have it happen in that area. This acts as a direction for the minute blast.
NaSeme = [Nah-Seem-eh] Earth seems, makes a seam or seeming in the area that seems from something else, but is from an earth effect. Its about time the earth fought back.
 NaLun = [Nah-Lun] Earth block, cause a blockage by earth energy in effects or a blow and in an area or in a person.
 EFx = Energy effect, to create an energy into becoming with a target and 'energizing' said target. This energy creates any effect that is desired by the caster as if ok. As long as its explained.
 ShiNaLavaLash = [Shin-Nah-Lave-ah-Lash] Lava lash 2, to cause a lashing effect from lava nearly anywhere that the intended target/s is. It, the lash, can cause much worse damage than the fire and water lash. This spell is ended when the spell is thought to be ended, otherwise it could go on forever.
 EleSostryBo = [Eeleh-Soh-stry-Boh] Element Energy Bow, forms an energy bow that appears in the casters hand and can shoot any element
that the caster thinks on or any element that will effect the target when shooting. In, any amount of shots per shot that ya can think on shooting. Think it shot to shoot it.
 InEr = [Ine-Ere] Inner strength, can make inner strength and inner peace in the target, for a person it starts with an ear ache.
 ArkJutCagrEmor = [Ark-Jute-Cagr-Ee-more] Diamond cage moveable armor, this forms around the target or yaself and deflects the blow or absorbs the damage that occurs to ya as though it didn't occur. It'll defend ya even if its off of ya, till it gets unmade, as even when off of ya its still on ya. Ya can do anything in the cage, but ya can't be hurt by anyone nor can they be hurt by ya with large things.
SolLyg = [Sole Lig] Soul devotion, to cause the person to affect a cause that you decide on, and speak about after you will or speak the spell, near the target. The person effected simply cannot stop, unless forced.
 SnypCyroAqya = [Snip Serr-ohn Aqihn-ahn] Hyper ice storm; This spell is to cause the ice storm of hyper activity. The storm can cause ice to pile up in areas and other places to get very slick. This can freeze things in seconds.
 MajNegMesaAqya = [Major Neeg Mees-ahn Ack-lihn-ah] Isaac's greater negative magic missile storm; One or multpile negative magic missiles of unknown amount hits the target with minor-moderate to deadly damage and there is one to many missiles possible.
 GreChanMyyMitl = [Greh Chain Mih-why Mitt-l] Greater Chain Magic Mantle; This is a greater magic mantle that protects by absorbing 36 spells or unlimited mental force or energy source that you think is idea as a source. The effect is what releases by energy and heat is what is produced. This is released as energy however you think to intend release, think and this works with a "poof" as you realize the condition your in and improve by feel. Then uses the spell energy in a chain contingency effect, thats decided on in a sequence of events and if not decided it is pushing back the spells to the people who targeted you..
 MedituAerStausehTego = [Mead-rITe-uh Aye-ear Stale-us-ee-h Tee-gohn] Voidal static shield; This shield uses static fields to break down influences by making the influence 1/4 of itself every second the shield is in effect until it stops and the energy of the influence gets sucked into void. The energy of the influence gone, the cause of it disappears and disperses into void as well, unless the cause is a person. Then the person's energy is sucked into the void, too. This effects psychic assaults, as well.
 ESyh = [Ee-Sihn] Energy form attributing; This causes anyone in any form of which can be the energy of the person or animal thats targeted to assume their natural form in spirit particles. Which become obvious to those who are psychic or psionic in nature. This energy form can be talked to, and information can be gathered from the now being.
 ESyhN = Negate Energy form; This forms as a negating energy that beams the target and causes the Energy form that is attributed by the person's energy to cease.
 EPolyB = [Ee Pole-lye Bee] E form, forms people into becoming Energy beings, that make for usage of energy and they require no food. E-beings are more able to manifest things by will and yet if they do eat, they get even better effects. Try to remember that E-beings require no E-diet. And, the energy can come from anywhere, anywhen or anything. Eating corruption will be bad for the E-Being and it will need to be cleansed. Sometimes by cleaning the source.
 HadesSheolPortSehTrapod = [Hade-Ee-s Shee-olhn Port See-ehn Trape-lOde] Hell teleport field: Hell teleport feild; This effects a field of energy that causes beings to teleport to an existant hell that you don't want there. There is wherever you want effected. This energy field is possible to be used as a energy source. Mention or think on the beings to teleport them.
 HadesSheolPortegoTrapod = [Hay-dee-s Shee-olhn Port Tee-gohn Trape-lOde] Hell teleport shield; This is the hell teleport shield that shields people from being distrought or disrupted from unwanted people or beings. This teleports the people or beings to any existant hell.
  LogMokioke =[Low-g Moke-Eye-oh-kehn] Subvocalization; This allows for the normally spoken voice to be spoken in a way thats not heard. It can still effect the idea you need to occur. However, you don't actually speak when you normally speak and don't want to be heard through subconscious means.
  EQuiRoyIkle = The mind control mastery. This interferes with the mind and allows control. Cast at the person, it makes it work against them. Afterwords, it can make you feel and not look evil. This is the potential of desaster in progress, if you do it enough times you can up and go. Then, you could appear evil.
  The Raiden [Then Raid-deen] = The wiccan path; This in a thought is an idea that is a concept, act is to get a concluded end result that is wiccan and not what you consider in life until necessary. If eden isn't existant, anymore is due action due no more as is in thought result is a concept, as this is nothing but a memory that you get from purchase in life you will attain a lot of honour. See or speak as one will, make an advantageous acquaintance from making activity.
  Asei [Aye-see-ih] = Clear transport warp sphere; This is what you think as energy in action is what causes you to have a clear shield, this is an energy in form and transports itself as you don't need to do anything. As energy isis provides nothing but a signal, as your original point of death is as anything you do is original. As if thought is the use with financial support as "i". There is nothing more, use or what you think as that is the way, you act creates things by way doing is intention by what you think in thought you think in life and your non effected by any other effect. There is nothing that is more with the right image, this is way off the mark in the mind only effective against. As that which attack, you and unaffective against those that don't assault. As the idea is against you, "As if thought your existance is nothing compared to others that are what you are." Into the mind of the attack person as in thought, as the real use as the god haden is to use this against those that are done. As the idea is dealt in time, things with you are what you seem..
 SuaEmoeTi = [Sue-ah Ee-mow-eh Tih] Summon creatures X, summon many somewhat tough and idea creatures of appropriate nature.

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Circle XIII (12) - Particles and high effects

 PiupeHyxKij = [Pie-up-eh-Hix-Kije] high planes shifting allows the caster to shift to any realm in existance.
 SunHumSua = [soon-human-sue-ah] solar summons calls a solar into existance to act as a judge or aid as the caster wills.
 SunHumOqq = [sune-human-ow-qq] fallen solar calls a fallen solar into existence to aid as the caster wants.
 GynZupCanon = [gin-zupe-cane-none] particle cannon - Makes a particle beam come from the hand to strike instantaneously at the target at a hand toss. Doing serious-extreme to deadly damage.
 ZupHyuCanonGyn = [Zoop Hill-yuh Cane-on Gin] Particle phase cannon - Makes a particle cannon shot lance from the hand to strike instaneously at the target dealing a possible immediate death with a toss.
 ZupPrimaire = [zup-prime-air-eh] particle elemental summon calls a particle being into aiding the caster.
 HyuHuySun = [hih-us-hue-y-soon] phase shuriken casts forth from the hand a shuriken that phases to the target and strikes instantaneous and possibly dealing a death blow.
 ArrHyu = [arr-hih-yuh] phase arrow - Forms as many arrows as you imagine in hand that you use with an energy bow to strike intantly at the target with deadly impact. Also possible is the tossing of the arrow to strike unerringly.
 HyuMesaXX = [h-say-uh-mese-sah-X-X] phase missile casts a highly explosive missile at hypervelocity speed to hit unerringly the target, as though it were guided.
 HyuAtla = [hig-yuh-atlah] phase dagger hits unerringly the target instantly once thrown and it returns and remains unseen in hand.
 SwZupX = [sw-z-lupe-X] particle sword - That does spiritual harm and brings the person near death with a single strike. This sword cannot harm the spell caster but will be able to send energy strikes at the intended target from anywhere. This can disable machines and cause failures in the target or worse.
 ZupAncX = [zupe-lance-X] particle lance will form a lance of particles in the casters hand. To cast it forth is to make an instant strike at the target and it returns to hand. Use it to strike at the target and it will harm the intended person in spirit or cause a malfunction.
 ZupEmor = [zupe-seem-yore] particle armour creates powerful armour able to resist any blow and remains to absorb all damages done to body to sustain itself and repair itself.
 SwAtoEdg = [sw-mate-oh-edge] atomic edge sword, that appears to the hand of the caster that slices through anything and is indestructable.
 ByoCompletEmor = [bigh-on-complete-ee-more] biosuit armour - Forms around the target that is only controlled by the wearer of the suit and it makes the person immune to all attacks. This armour increases the wearers abilities and strengths.
 SildZupXX = [sild-zupe-X-X] particle shield makes a shield of subatomic particles that wraps around the caster and any blow to the person is absorbed into the particles as fuel, where any energy passed to the person is absorbed and fuels the particles. This shield cannot be overwhelmed, unless its a rare occasion of a circumstance.
 PolySunHum = [pole-aye-soon-human] solar transform - the caster becomes a benevolent solar.
 PolySunHumOqq = [pole-aye-soon-human-owe-qq] fallen solar transform - transforms the caster into a fallen solar [evil].
 KaoPolySunHum = [chaos-pole-aye-soon-hume] chaos solar transform - the caster becomes a negaive plane solar.
 PrimairePolyZup = [prime-air-eh-pole-aye-zupe] particle elemental transform makes the target into a particle elemental.
 StavZup = [stave-zupe] particle wand that can make highly powered effects without being sensed by others and act as a weapon.
 PlaneZup = [plane-eh-zupe] particle planar binding paralyzes or summons a particle outsider.
 LasAbAbsorber = [lase-labe-absorb-eer] light saber absorption can make your body absorb light saber attacks.
 ZupAqya = [zupe-faqe-ih-ah] particle storm - makes a storm of particle energy in an area to effect chaos to spells. This also degrades the area a little until the focused particles are dissipated.
 GodEkle = [gode-eek-leh] hand of god that makes the person to be able to will and desire anthing to happen with the hand extended.
 CivaNam = [cive-ah-name] soul ship creates a ship of energy to shift the target or people to another place.
 BrutRe = [brute-treh] respawn makes the target come back as if never hurt.
 CarrZup = [car-zupe] particle car makes a car out of particles that is controlled by casters will.
 CarrZupHov = [car-zup-hove] hover car - makes any type of vehicle float or materializes a particle hover car around you controlled by the will.
 CarrSlutesHov = [car-slute-ee-s-hove] hovercraft creates a hovercraft effect around the caster who states this spell and is controlled by the will of the driver.
 MetaMyy = [meeta-Mih-aye] Meta magic effect, creates any effect possible that the caster wants and is also for one effect anytime after at a time.
 UbaMagEmor = [ubah-mage-ee-more] Uber mage armor, the caster becomes very hard to hit with high damage resistance
 UbaIgos = [oo-bar-i-gose] Uber phantasmal, grants the target high resistance to damage and is very hard to detect
 SnypAqyaBriy = [Snip-Ache-say-ah-Bry-y] Hyperstorm, that starts with an effect that generates greatly intense heat on the surface and causes a thundering rainstorm with a hypertornado from nowhere to apppear where thought on. This can set off lesser storms, but the hyperstorm has gusts of 200 - 500 mph. This storm can generate great Ultraviolet heat rays, high hard radiation and gamma rays along with whatever the sun delivers normally, through the calm eye of the hypertornado. As, the hyperstorm goes almost into space itself.
 SuZupBod = [Suh-Zoop-Bode] God particle, forms a particle of a God form from particles nearby in a Godlike pattern, thats sometimes of a deceased or turned into energy body. Most times its using ya body, unless ya decide its to be of something else. Through too much energy gone through the body and this energy is being converted to the cause.
 FyryZupBlaXX = [Fir-y-Zoop-Blah-XX] Subatomic blast, forms a blast of subatomic particle force that can tear through anything if done right and at the least, can knock anything back and make it unconfortable in the area.
ApetNsatInsetMem = [Air-pete-N-sate-In-seet-Meem] Impart memory, causes a memory to be imparted into the memory and brain of the target that ya think on and want imparted, if the memory isn't imparted on the brain then its imparted onto the soul, but God does it all through ya direction.
 UbaIgod = [Oo-bah-I-god] Godmode, to make ya a God for a moment thats seeming to stretch onward through ya third eye and on the moment that ya think ya are able to do. State or think the spell. Ya can do almost anything by a word or command. Except that which is thought impossible, unless ya think its not impossible. This has a side effect of the God complex, where ya think ya are God and try to manipulate. So try to not God complex too much or don't God complex evil.
 CarnEnteyIlp = [Carn-Entee-y-Ilp] Flesh eating disease, causes a flesh eating disease on the target. Designated by however its needed.
 AntiZupCinaX = [Antih-Zoop-Cine-ah-X] Anti-particle cannon, forms a somewhat wide particle beam that is composed of negative antimatter particles and sub-particles, that strikes the target and can rupture something or cause nearly instant death by intent of death.
UltiAirGwSef = [Ultih-A-ir-Gw-Seef] Ultimate protection, sets up an universal protection field that is absorbing of the bad type energy and effect. Then it forms air and a protective atmosphere sheaf, around the target in an area. This can cause a energetic life support as with anything going around it. As, its that anything is tapped for energy, and the bad is absorbed. Whatever is tapped, is possible to have decay with and what is bad is dissipated in effect as though non-existant after a period of time.
 GerFerESpie = [Gere-Fear-E-Spie-eh] Germy fear spikes, to cause fear by the germs being near and with spikes of energy that spread the fear of germs. This can make an enhancement of fear activated motion without an actual cause, as in possible instincts.
ECrik = [Ee-Crike] Energy crank, to be of a cranky mood by the negative energy, or to cause the energy level to go up in the area or body, to finish a task and actually do things not possible at the moment. The more idea and action an of energy ya have, the more active that ya get and this includes the need to exercise and getting over blocks. The negative side of this is to become cranky with stressed energy. It can be done so many times, then it can disappear in effect.
 EEn = [Ee-Een] Energetic, to become of energy into and of a state of existence or active body. This is occured with breakdown. This can be a breakdown of tiredness or a breakdown of the body.
IEn = [I-Een] Eye energy, an instant boost to restore ability of something for energy and effect. With the breakdown of some idea, the effect will happen. The effect can be of balance restoring, sometimes of the breakdown itself, or of what broke with the energetic causing spell.
 EEmorAmor = [Ee-Ee-more-Aim-ore] Energy armor construct of immortality, forms an energy armor from a construct that is immortal making around the target person. This armor can cause regeneration of tissue and body parts as well as the brain. The brain regeneration is slow though and doesn't fully restore all functions to the body from the brain. It restores the body as though renewed and this can include cleaning it up as well. The side effect of the armor of immortality, is the target can become immoral an amoral and easily falls in love. It does repair itself and stays on ya until ya remove it or have it removed.
 EhExx = [Eh-Ex] To cut effect, this makes actions to cut out anime effects and other effects that are here.
 E-Epi = [Ee Eppih] Energy epidemic, causes an epidemic idea to occur from the energy nearby.
 SuaSerefim = {Sue-ah-Sere-eh-fime} Summon serephim to come an to be your aid and idea compatriot. Have a thought of what you would want to do or to have happen when saying spell. It might occur if you deserve such common idea. Such common commotion can lead to consumption and similar nature by this. One warning, I believe this is enough and this is where they won't always do things for you. They will only do things for you if they want to do things, not if you want them to do it.
 AsupElZupHealIvmedituX = [A-soup Eelh Zoop Hee-alh I've-mead-lite-uhh eXx] Particle healing; Any amount of particles in an area around where you are, heal you fully. Can heal scars as well.
 ElZupEalIvmedituXX = [Eelh Zoop Ee-alh I've-mead-lite-uhh eXx eXx] Particle regeneration healing; Any amount of particles in an area around where you are, heal you fully. Can heal scars as well. This increases the amount of healing by 40%
 AyTuNegLutra = [Aye Tuff Need-g Lutteranh] Positive to negative ions; Make positive ions become negative healing ions and so does orgonite. This spell effects things nearby and yourself too by feel, this is done by the air ions being changed and charged by feelings that you feel with the area energy.
 MajMedituMesaAqya = [Maje Mead-rITe-uh Meese-ahn Ack-lihn-ah] Voidal greater magic missile storm; One or multiple voidal magic missiles of unknown amount hits the target with minor-moderate to deadly voidal damage which drains the stability and energy and vitality from the targets hit and there is one to many missiles possible. This does not cause missile damage to humans or people in general, unless they want to be hit.
 DynseyEFoc = [Dine-see-why Ee Focus] Dimensional energy; To cause a dimensional energy to appear and be usable. Focus the dimensional energy by your will and intent being thought on. The dimensional energy can cause any action by effect. Even, shifting you places. This energy can materialize elements or objects by the feel, this is what you think is there to summon the object to exist.
 DynseyEFocOol = [Dine-see-why Ee Focus Ool] Dimensional energy pool; This causes a dimensional energy pool, that can be used to make your efforts easier. Then, you can pool energy or pull energy of the object that has dimensions. This can pool any energy that you wish or intend there. On stating the spell, try to making the effect of pooling elemental energy, think or mention the energy element as you attempt the spell.
  EiLyEieire = [Ee-ihn-Lye-Ee-hi-ee-irn-rent] True life; Caster or target gains 50 % more health benefits and eternal life. Think of the target and point the object out to get its objective eternal energy. The cost of this is the person regains some magic to fuel the effect. To get the full effect, be under a full moon.
 HolyHidGria = [Hol-why Hide Grind-ahn] Holy hand grenade; This is a version of Holy hand grenade of Antioch. When you throw it, in implodes and sucks everything into it. When it's done, you can pick up the grenade and use it again. It works with black hole distortions. Only distorts light to look like it's being sucked in. Then it goes back to normal after a few seconds. Fun gag, or useful distraction.
  EZupFigHid = [Ee-Zoop-Fie-g Hide] Particle form; A particle form that forms at will and can shift anywhere or teleport to other places.
  SuaZupEmoe = [Sue-ah-Zoop Ee-mow-eh] Summon particle creature, summons some particle being or creature/s (depending on the amount of X's that you add to the spell, is how many are summoned) and its of an idea creature/s appropriate nature, that you desire. The small part of the soul is used, thats necessary for particle formation as it is made up into a shard of the body and is then put somewhere and formed, into a particle form of choice. That form is decided upon at the moment. This creature is able to do things as to go into bodies and possess them or can shapechange to anything you want from desire of it to form, at the moment.

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Circle XIV (13) - Source/being effects

 YngIkle = [why-ng-ik-less] source mastery gives the caster control of the targets power source or any other source.
 DisipaYng = [dise-gripe-pah-y-ng] dissipate source removes any nature in the area that was thought on.

 DavidTra = [Dave-side-Track] Elemental master disciplined trace, to trace the effect that is thought on through discipline, which is suddenly there like with an elemental master and learn from it. This is to also trace the person as well through effects.
 SuaYng = [Sue-ah-Weng] Summon source persuasion, summons a source of energy that is there for personal use. This source can be placed in an object or in a psiball or be somewhere it chooses and is any element thought about before the spell is cast or thought on after. As it can simulate any energy type that can be used after being summoned.
  CreaPolySere = {Cree-an Pole-why Sere-en} Sepein transformation creatin sphere effect source that can create a natural being that created thought can be use for a inner feel that is good for experience and croation in idea. If you believe it you are in the place you see, as if there or not as you think to see what you consider with a focused view.
CreaPolySerefim = {Cree-ahm-Pole-aye-Sear-eh-fime} Create Serephim, makes a serephim angel out of the person unless you don't have a person in mind, then it can make you one from an element. There is possiblity that you gain the ability of remote presence very easily and whatever you say will come to exist. In a form that you desire or find existant. So you know, the transformation is complete when whatever is stated by the transformed one happens. After the tranformation, every action or thing said the transformed says or does is a form of worship to God or the creator. They don't always do things for people, however so you may want.

They do things for themselves every once in awhile. When they do, they will inform you of the idea they will do. That's what I noted of them. This may or may not be true though, so I think this is a test spell that could create a lazy person to become purposeful if given a reason to do things. So I think this means we can see or sense them if they wanted to be sensed, otherwise they are unsensed to the perception and invisible to eyes. Especially if they don't move about, otherwise if they move then their service is ended by feel.

They know when to do things and when not to do things, though that is the end of their delienation. I still think the transformed person is more likely to do things on their own terms. So they will do what they want to do and when they want to do it. So give them a purpose and they might do what you want, assuming if they think it a higher purpose or the point came from the creator as a higher calling. That is all there is to them. This was not meant for the mortal though they can use it as well. So be warned it may have some unintended side effects.

 CreaPolyArkIo = [Cree-ahm Pole-why Ark Eye-ohm] Make into darkangel; Makes a darkangel of the target and the darkangel form to become the person in some manner. They will make the idea of darkness look good, to actually use and achieve with. And they suddenly use supernatural means to cause magic effects. They are able to instantly cause effects and as they do so, they spread a shadowy darkness into what they use or percieve as a target. This darkness is a separate dark intelligence. Invisible to others and able to do things, as the newly made darkangel so desires. If there's no desire for it to do things, it just acts as though it were aware and 'helps' the darkangel to do things. Sometimes, without asking the criminal gene is activated. The darkangel human or being is sometimes prone to ask for help and its like a charm is cast on the target, to aid them. When declined, they are likely to do retribution or motions, through effects of absentminded spells that they manage to unnoticeably do and not remember after, unless reminded of their deed. They inadvertantly follow darkness after the transformation is complete.
 Polyng = [pole-why-ng] source make - makes the target into a source of energy and also a nature that can be anything, as the source can emulate any element. Have in mind what you want the source to do.
 PolyngRaoGiy = [pole-why-ing-grade-on-g-lie-way] a being - creates the target into a nature powered by practice and competition.
 PolyngTerdLet = [pole-why-ing-ter-d-leat] b being - creates the target into a nature by entropy and information that comes to the person in many forms and things start appearing slow to the person.
 PolyngIyTragheity = [pole-why-ing-live-why-tragedy-he-bit-way] c being - transforms the person into a warrior nature that uses practice, inertia and time as its base.
 BaelYngPoly = [bael-why-ing-pole-y] d being - makes the target into a demon nature that controls other beings or is a drunken being as if the target were a demon lord.
 PolyngIoPrimaire = [pole-why-ing-ion-prime-air-en] e being - makes an elemental nature out of the target.
 PolyngEldoxTuo = [pole-lye-ing-geld-docs-too-on] f being - make the target a mage merchant nature who can use the powers of instances and money.
 PolyngGud = [pole-why-ing-good] g being - makes the target become a nature that draws on good as its power.
 PolyngYlLoBal = [pole-why-ing-way-l-lob-bale] h being - makes a target into a nature of hate and negativity.
 SpyPolyVexYng = [spy-pole-why-veex-why-ing] i being - makes a nature out of the target that draws on intrigue and spying.
 GuilPolLazYngServ = [guile-pole-laze-why-ing-serve] l being - makes the target become a nature that can use laziness, service and deceit as its base.
 PolyngSyxGebOtt = [pole-why-ng-Six-Geeb-Oughtt] m being - makes the target into a m nature that manipulates the earth, death and machines at will.
 BalPolyng = [bale-pole-aye-ing] n being - makes the target a nature able to use the negative energies with the back of my hand.
 MedituPolyng = [mede-lite-yuh-pole-why-ing] o being - makes the target into a nature of void and absolute able to mimic any ability.
 PolyngEbromel = [pole-why-ing-meek-b-rome-heal] p being - makes the target into a nature able to manipulate earth, smells and garbage.
 SpacPoltyng = [space-pole-tye-ing] q being - makes the target into a nature able to manipulate space and time at whim.
 PolyngR = [pole-why-ing-r] r being = makes a target into a reverse nature.
 SchaPolyngSchoApa = [school-all-pole-why-ing-scholar-ape-an] s being - make the target become a nature fed by schools, art and scholar.
 PolyngAfValMyt = [pole-why-ing-gafe-vale-mit] t being - makes the person into a nature that uses trash and power as its base.
 PolyngLagazMyt = [pole-why-ing-l-age-maze-mit] u being - transform the target into an nature elf that uses power and knowledge.
 WisPolyngYsh = [wise-pole-why-ing-wish] w being - makes a target into a nature wish master.
 FuadoPolyngAsalt = [foo-aid-oh-pole-lying-lase-salt] x being - makes the target into a nature that draws abilities from sex, drugs, and violence.
 PolyngYl = [pole-why-ing-while] y being - creates the target into a nature of wild magic.
 GuilPolyngZoj = [Gue-il-pole-why-ing-zone-j] z being - makes a person into a nature that draws upon security and deception.
 PolyngAherIasChoGuilOgy = [pole-why-ing-ah-her-denial-s-choh-gue-il-loge-y] ba being - makes a target a nature of mastery, study, schooling and deception.
 MaePolyng = [may-eh-pole-why-ing] be being - makes the person into a nature that can make anything happen by will alone on an instance.
 PolyngAbsorber = [pole-why-ing-absorb-eer] bi being - makes a target into a being of nature from absobing.
 PolyngDAbsorber = [pole-why-ing-d-absorb-eer] bu being - makes a target into a being of drunken nature from absobing energy then being an sob. This is the pocess of realizing the energy or ideal then creating a reason to do things to drink or feel. That controls or forms the mind that forms the body then after that they're a drunk.
 PolyngSAbsorber = [pole-why-ing-s-absorb-eer] bys being - makes a target into a being with a sane nature from absorbing or generating their own energy.
 OgyPolyngOd = [log-why-pole-why-ing-load] ce being - makes the target into a nature that derives power from study and oaths.
 GauPolyngAyru = [gay-uh-pole-lye-ing-lay-say-run] da being - makes the target into a nature that draws its power from law and police.
 PolyDethYng = [pole-why-death-why-ing] de being - makes a target into a nature of death.
 PolyngEce = [pole-why-ing-ee-cent] fa being - causes the target to be a nature of peace.
 HemuPolyngIrn = [heem-uh-pole-why-ing-birn] fe being - makes the target into a nature of iron oand metal manipulation.
 FrayPolyng = [fray-why-pole-why-ing] fi being - makes a target into a nature of a fighting power.
 PolyNycYng = [pole-why-nic-why-ng] fu being - makes a being that evolves the target into a nature of destruction.
 PolyngUoe = [pole-lye-ing-woe-eh] fy being - creates out of the target a nature that draws on disasters as its source.
 SedaPolyStelerK-eYng = [seadan-pole-why-steal-eer-merk-k eh-why-ing] ga being - make a target into a nature that uses thieves and fame as its power while being a jack of all trades.
 PolyngKouBaz = [pole-why-ing-kow-uh-bay-z] ge being - makes the target into a nature that uses the working people as the source.
 DanePolyngWar = [dane-eh-pole-why-ing-ware] gi soldier - makes the target into a nature of warfare.
 KoPolyng = [cop-pole-why-ing] go being - make a target into a nature of do force which causes a force of will that makes things happen.
 FroePolyng = [from-eh-pole-why-ing] gu being - creates the target into a nature of weapon mastery.
 PolyngYlSidh = [pole-why-ing-why-l-sidh] gy being - creates the target into a faery nature or gytrash.
 NaziPolyng = [naz-ih-pole-why-ing] ha being - forms the target into a nature of dedicated hate and peace.
 PolyBurnYng = [pole-why-burn-why-ing] he being - transformation of the target into a nature that uses destruction and fire.
 DopPolyngB = [dope-pole-why-ing-b] hi being - make the target into a nature that uses drugs as its source.
 JyaPolyngRemNerUy = [j-lye-ape-pole-lye-ng-green-m-near-guy-aye] ho being - make a target into a nature that uses forgivance, convincing and rememberance.
 CraPolyngUim = [crate-pole-why-ing-gui-m] hu being - makes a target into a nature of understanding and colors.
 PolyBalYng = [pole-ee-bale-why-ing] hy being - makes the target into a nature of wild magic negativity.
 CreePolyngAyru = [creepy-p-hole-why-ing-air-run] la being = makes the target into a nature of devotion and law.
 PolyngOkleNinYc = [pole-why-ing-oak-len-nine-why-c] le being - make the target into a nature of indestructible bending nature.
 PolyngFonPsi = [pole-why-lying-fone-psih] li being - make the person into a nature of information and telepathy.
 AmorePolyngUeLie = [a-more-eh-pole-why-ing-gruel-like-meh] lo being - makes a target into a nature of love, relationship and emotion.
 PolyngLurB = [pole-why-ing-lure-b] lu being - makes the target a nature that lures  people.
 PolyngGuil = [pole-lye-ing-gue-il] ly being - creates a nature that uses deceit.
 PolyngOblugAcIzRao = [pole-why-ing-goblet-huge-ace-size-raoh] ma being - makes a nature of a target who uses mankind, action and competition.
 MyThinRuePolyMowyng = [my-th-hind-rue-eh-pole-why-mow-why-ing] me being - makes the target into a nature of concern, personal, desire and power.
 PsiPolyThinYngMowLeng = [psi-pole-why-thin-why-ing-mow-length] mi being - creates a target into a nature of personal concern, telepathy and long distance.
 PolyngAaPlanItyFel = [pole-why-ing-a-ah-plane-pit-y-feel] mo being - makes a target into the nature of planning, time, feeling and concern.
 PolyngU-aKoeTauIq = [pole-why-ing-you lay-k-lone-get-taurus-hi-q] makes a target become the nature of eating, complaints, intelligence and ability.
 PolyRyhFeLyngMinRue = [pole-my-rih-fell-l-why-ing-mine-rue-men] my being - transforms the target into the nature of owners, desires, empowerment and feelings.
 PolyngRueNaeYmn = [pole-why-ing-rue-nae-eh-why-mn] na being - make a target become a source being of impossible and desirous nature.
 RuePolyng = [rue-eh-pole-why-ing] ne being - become a nature of desirous need.
 PolyngLioMis = [pole-why-ing-lion-mise] ni being - make a target into a nature of misinformation.
 NiiMiySpolYng = [nie-ih-mine-why-s-pole-why-ing] no being - makes a target into a nature of denial that can deny anything or dismiss anything.
 PolyZamYngPhoenix = [pole-why-zame-why-ing-p-hoe-eh-nix] nu being - makes a target into a nature of renewal and rebirth.
 FyePolyngAsertYl = [f-why-leh-pole-why-ng-assert-wile] ny being = makes a nature of wild magic, dismissal, and assertiveness.
 PolyngTeoPsiSme = [pole-why-ing-tea-oh-psih-smell] pa being - make the target into a nature of unique, telepathic, earth and smells.
 PolyngZiMyt = [pole-why-ing-zink-mit] pe being - makes the target into a nature of working out and power.
 PolyngIvyReaPsi = [pole-why-ing-give-why-reaper-psill] pi being - makes a person into a nature of private investigation and psionic.
 PolyngUoPsiMaePost = [pole-why-ing-you-hop-p-sin-may-eh-post] po being - makes the target into a nature of instance, shifting, mail and telepathy.
 PolyngGuilStyDP-uBravEEn = [pole-why-ing-gue-il-sty-d-p uh-brave-ee-een] pu being - makes a target into a nature of stinks, disruption, revenge and deceit.
 PolyngYlUstRaGuilVec = [pole-why-ing-why-l-lust-rag-gue-il-vee-c] py being - makes a taget into a nature of wild abandon, wild magic, deceit and apalling.
 SpacPolTyCompetYng = [space-pole-tye-compete-why-ing] qa being - makes the target into a nature able to manipulate space and time at whim while competing.
 SpacPolyTyYngEncy = [space-pole-y-tye-why-ng-hence-aye] qe being - makes the target into a nature able to use space, time and value at whim.
 SpacPolyTyYngIus = [space-pole-why-tye-why-ing-lie-us] qi being - makes the target into a nature able to manipulate space and time at whim.
 SpacPolyTyYngRoutRa = [space-pole-why-tye-why-ing-route-rad] qo being - makes the target into a nature able to manipulate space, time and tragection at a whim.
 SpacPolyTyYngCriLagaz = [space-pole-why-tye-y-ing-cris-lay-gaze] qu being - makes the target into a nature that is a dimensional judge.
 SpacpolytyYngYl = [space-pole-why-tye-y-ing-why-l] qy being - makes the target into a nature able to manipulate space and time at whim.
 PolyngRFay = [pole-why-ing-r-fay] ra being = makes a target into a reverse nature of manipulation.
 PolyngRey = [pole-why-ing-ree-way] re being = makes a target into a reverse nature of redoing.
 PolyBynyngr = [pole-why-bin-nie-ing-r] ri being = makes a target into a reverse nature of prescientific making.
 PolyDisipaYngR = [pole-why-dise-tIpe-ap-y-ing-r] ro - creates the target into a reverse nature of disappearance.
 PolyEvanYngRSubt = [pole-why-eve-fane-why-ing-r-s-lub-t] ru - make a target into a reverse nature of subtractive undo.
 PolyngRyl = [pole-why-ing-ril] ry being = makes a target into a reverse nature of wild magic.
 PolyngSchaPateu = [pole-why-ing-schallop-pate-ee-uh] sa being - makes target into a nature of scholars, art and goals.
 PolyngYylSelYkOss = [pole-why-ing-aye-aye-l-seal-wike-oss] se being - makes target into a nature of self, success, establishment and service.
 PolyngShupFlosChaNaeDer = [pole-why-ing-shoop-flow-s-chap-nay-eh-dear] si being - makes target into a nature of silence, flow,scholar and absence.
 PolyngEstisTruJoeYli = [pole-why-ing-estime-truffle-joe-eh-why-lick] so being - makes the target into a nature of doubt, disrespect, mystery and likeness.
 PolyngFuaSucStudSmukIq = [pole-why-ing-fume-as-sluce-stood-smook-i-q] su being - makes the target into a nature of sex, sucks, suckers, geniouses and models.
 PolyngSchaYlTyIq = [pole-why-ing-schallop-why-sil-tye-i-q] sy being - make a target into the nature of wild magic, time, genious and scholars.
 PolyngHarz = [pole-why-ing-har-z] ta being - makes a target into the nature of a terrorist.
 PolyConivYngLenKen = [pole-why-cone-nive-why-ing-glean-kean] te being - makes a target into the nature of a mastermind and conniver.
 PolyngFaneTradOeMyt = [pole-why-ing-fane-eh-trade-boeng-mit] ti being - makes a target into a nature of intrigue, traitors and power.
 PolyDelYngLisUoMyt = [pole-why-deal-why-ing-lise-lure-or-mit] to being - make the target into a nature of listing, deals, power and instances.
 PolyngNuaConGuilGea = [pole-why-ing-nuance-cone-gue-il-geas] tu being - makes a target into a nature of unerstanding, deceit, cons and control.
 PolyngYlAruuTeufel = [pole-why-ing-wile-are-rue-ul-tee-uh-feel] ty being - makes the target into a nature of wild magic, devils and corruption.
 PolyngYshY-yUlyShy = [pole-why-ing-why-sh-y why-july-shy] wa being - makes the target into a nature of activity, void, women and curiosity.
 PolyngY-yShyLyUe = [pole-why-ing-why-wish-why-lye-embue-eh] we being - makes the target into a nature of women, wish, excveptions and curiosity.
 PolyngIntYshY = [pole-why-ing-pint-wish-why] wi being - makes the target into a nature of women, wish and intrigue.
 PolyngAshYFrodArya = [pole-why-ing-ash-why-frode-are-say-ah] wo being - makes the target into a nature of women, intuition, action and intent.
 PolyngEuLapSevuMyt = [pole-aye-ing-ee-uh-lape-seve-uh-mit] wu being - makes the target into a nature of linguists, perception, power and understanding.
 PolyngShyShE-bYl = [pole-why-ing-shy-she-ee b-why-l] wy being - makes the target into a nature of women, wishing, wild magic and focus.
 IsoKray = [I-sohn Kray-why] Isolated Isochronic Behavior; this effect can separate you or a target into a crystal of holding as it isolates a memory and it makes that seem as though solid walls of diamond that surround you as it does so. To release yourself from it, use an En or Unn in front of the spell. Howevever, when effected you can have body moments to effect things into existance and bad moods. This can let you cool down, as well. But, one thing is that it prevents effects from going beyond the diamond or crystal walls, even physical effects.
 IsoKrylis = [Isohn Krill-rise] Isochryllis lifeform; Creation of crystal lifeform. That is easily thought to or spoken to and programmable in that manner by the creator. It uses 5th dimensional energy to exist so it seems pure. By and of intent. In chrysallis form, it can serve any purpose. Its creating the life energy to serve others with. Its physical form is existant in the 5th dimension but it can take form as a diamond. This diamond is intelligent, but serves the will of those who work with it. Isochryllis takes the effect on to the physical. Its resilient in some effects.
 IsoKrylisMod = [I-sohn Krill-rIse Mode] Modulate Isochryllis, to change the isochryllis lifeform instruction to your will by instructing it. This mod effect is possible by making the isochryllis lifeform changeable with energy passing through it. Except this is the case where the memory of it is changed, by saying a counter or similar effect that causes the memory of it to be overwritten. This be like a memristor, or a memory circuit that changes its state and remembers with energy passing through.
 IsoKryly = [I-sohn Krill-why] Isochryllic activity; This causes Isochryllic activity, thats remembering the state of mind and body that uses it and causes that state as it causes the effect you intent, from anything that is a material. The material is programmable by will and intent thats thought to the material with energy passed through to the material. Also possible is speaking the effect and willing it to do the spoken thing as intent, as the material energy is boosted by your own. This can kill a person, if cast on the person and not a material. As this works on materials, the conversion of the body is somewhat interesting and can get deadly.
 IsoKryl = [I-sohn Krill] Isolate Isochryllic and Isochryllis lifeform; This causes the Isochryllis and Isochryllic to disappear and stop effecting physical effects. When you isolate the Isochryllic, the effects disappear and the clothing or material tends to want to do disappear, as well. This causes the effect of the Isochryllic to disperse abruptly and the object converted to the isochryllic effect might depart from you, in laymans terms.
 CopoelEYctBeXXX = [Cope-joel Ee whY-ct Benh Exx Exx Exx] Powerful corporeal form; This is energy molded Form by a choice to use the energy of the aura from a person you are transformed into as an end point is to seem at an end as you think 'end' and this stops. When stating spell, some of your energy or someones energy is used. Then the corporeal form is of the energy you wanted. This body will do as you instruct it to do, by example or thought sent to it. Otherwise, it will do its own things.
 CopoelAbjur = [Cope-oh-ell Ab-jure] Corporeal control; You control the corporeal being
 MaiFeeEhu = [May-in Fee-eh Ee-huhn] Make Fey being that forms from your energy. They act like fey, have ability from fey and work like fey.
 HidBodIkliiFig = [Hide Bode Ikk-lie-in Figh-g] Body form; Create body form. This can be any form you think on.
En [name it here] = [En] To end something, whatever you want is ended thats stated after the En.
SuaEmoeBe = [Sue-ah Ee-mow-eh Beh]  Summon being, think on a being ya want to summon and speak or do the spell. This summons the being you think on. As, you speak or will the spell.

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Circle XV (14) - Extreme metal effects; This in feel can drive ye slightly insane

 FeMajik = [feh-male-jike] antimagic ability makes a iron magic ability in the target or caster.
 FeSwEa = [fem-sw-Ee-ah] Iron sword manifest, creates an instant sword of iron in hand.
 FeKui = [fell-kue-in] iron drain makes any bit of metal made of iron into a life drain on contact.
 FeMex = [fell-meex] heat metal makes any metal hot enough to drop if carried or worn.
 Jiife = [jie-ir-feh] iron enchant enchants anything iron by thinking of the enchantment and touch the item.
 FeSpher = [feh-sphere] sentry iron sphere - creates a sphere of iron that defends, drains, strengthens, rebuild anything and other things by the willed thought of the caster.
 FeMajIkle = [feh-male-j-ik-l-eh] antimagic mastery makes an iron magic mastery in the target or caster.
 FeBombe = [feh-bomb-eh] iron bomb makes a bomb effect of iron.
 Shuvix = [shoo-vixe] crushing atmospere can knock anyone out in an area that the caster wants.
 FeBrak = [feh-brake] break iron can break any sword or beam by corroding it.
 GedFe = [geed-feh] iron guard - Allows for any metallic effect to be negated and the protected person unaffected. This also makes an effective seal.
 PolyFe = [pole-why-feh] iron transform makes the target into an iron like body.
 FeU-w = [feh-you w] iron skin makes the targets skin into iron like consistency.
ClairsAuFeArmo = [clay-ir-s-A-uh-feh-armoh] Iron armour creation makes a undestroyable but slightly heavy suit of armour around the body and this grants magic immunity, some spell absorption and weapon immunity.
  DactoFePoly = [dact-of-feh-pole-way] iron dragon transform - Makes any target of this spell into an iron dragon or form a transmutation.
  FeyYrIqOyr = [fee-y-aye-aye-r-wine-q-joy-r] iron golem animation - transforms anything of an iron construct into life by transbaking. That is what you see, in life to use or not by the thought that makes things or seems in use.
  PurFe = [pure-feh] iron purification makes iron purified or purifies anything with an iron effect.
  FePois = [feh-poe-is] iron poisoning creates a poisoning iron effect on the target.
 MaefYlSlutes = [may-f-while-slooth-these] make lead - Create lead anywhere you imagine the lead appearing.
 NeutAfYl = [neut-tale-f-while] neutralize lead poisoning - can neutralize any stupidy poising caused by lead handling.
 FylPois = [fill-poe-is] lead poisoning - can permenantly lower ones intelligence.
 FylOrHya = [fill-or-high-ah] lead to gold - transform in an inner energy by annulization with energy any lead to gold as if "an innulity".
 CipAfYlU-w = [Sipe-Afe-Y-l-yoU w] lead skin - transforms the skin of the target into safe lead that cannot be pierced.
 CipAfYlHya = [cipe-afe-while-high-ah] safe lead creation - turns anything into safelead or makes it where you imagine it appearing.
 YyrIqOyrFyl = [whir-rind-q-foyr-fill] lead golem animation - animate any lead construct with this spell to life.
 LiiMajikIkle = [lie-ir-mage-rice-ik-leh] lead metal magic mastery grants the target a lead into lead magic ability.
 ClairsLiiSafArmo = [clay-ir-s-lie-ir-safe-armoh] lead armour creation makes a undestroyable but not very heavy suit of armour around the body and this grants magic immunity and attack immunity.
 LiiBombe = [lie-ir-bom-b-eh] lead bomb that detonates where the caster wants with a magic absorbing lead particle detonation.
 FroeShap = [frow-eh-shape] shapeshifting weapon - Creates a weapon in hand or grants a weapon the shapeshift ability. To use this focus on the weapon and feel it shift to the form you want.
 MetaIkleMajik = [meeta-ik-leh-mage-ic] meta magic mastery creates in the target an ability to manipulate other magic as well as willed effects.
 HemuDheoThru = [heemuh-dheeoh-thruh] pass thru metal - makes the targets body turn to mist at any attack or from any attack the person is unaffected.
 X-rSyv = [x r-sye-v] x-ray vision - make the target have vision that can see through walls and people.
 UniIo = [rune-ih-rice-oh] universal energy allows the target to do anything through focus of will and to affect anywhere.
 FeBlo = [Feh-Bloh] Iron block, causes an iron block that forms as a blockage from the iron in the area in the mind or in the area of the person. This is stronger than the earth block.
 AcierBlo = [Ace-hier-Bloh] Steel block, creates a block of and from steel in the area  or person.
 SfeMtaEEmor = [Sfeh-Mtah-E-Ee-more] Star metal armor, causes the the person that is a target of the spell, to form a star metal armor that absorbs anything that comes at it and ya are protected by it. This metal is practically unbreakable. Its powered by a star in effect as its there.
  Use The Foc [Useh Then Focus] = The Focusing force; This spell is use by the focusing beam that is a memory beam as to seem what is to just accept, as the particles in the beam as a blue light creates use with a white stream of energy and acts. As a thought with this is as the stated point as though imagination acts, as a point to the area as you think of a particle shifting the energy in use. This is and in moment is with thought, in thinking about what to "go" this is in and out with what this is in response. Now as to create is responsible to do and go along with a statement, and otherwise use is by what you think to use. This is imagination and arranges itself in a part time job effect, in either or you can still get things to do. Think of a particle engine as if this exists and use is the thought. Use you can get some results with are as thought energy trends, empathic felt idea is there as this responds to your will and reforms. As nothing is a point this can make a shape, and as if in form in unless you don't need it to in form and form out. Things of this nature are by the particles being a creation in itself by the creator as if in to seem as thought to create with out use is if your thought creates things. This can create use in by body moment and thought of employee is in thought dismal, as in you can seem to see the image as if there were a point to do. This keeps you interested in life, to relax then is what makes this use and boring things fade away from an idea thought in life if an is.

  As if a thought to do, there is an essence as in the area is the ash essence, this is from yellowstone as sulfer is added in things and if in thought you can use the essence of the area that is to reconstruct things or create an idea you intend in the area. As there might be someone allowing, there is feeling out of exasperation or an area of lost thought. As if there is way to reconstruct, the room in life is changed as you or not can think you can return and in a point you do. Ash is used for the construct in use is as if things are made, and things you think can create now if you can allow and you are there create as you want if you need them. As thought from a future life with this moment is, as if you can seem as if to enter the area with an air bubble generated by the aura or the air will kill you.
  The effects of this creation sphere is to create with a thought and use is the point, to created virus in viral stage that reduces in thought to nothing and as the thought is there the cure is done. There is no cancer or other effects that created with thought are not thought as the effect is reduced to nothing as if the idea in different. Idea  view is suggested and as you think or do thing you feel, as if okay and the thought you use is not felt as focus is in the mind and your use. Thought is used by others if thought was shared, as if with the moment you think should be shared.

  This is a point that can be of use, as a thought this is to reconstruct the room use by the key frequency to create a thought as if 'aeu'. This is what creates that in a moment and is of a construct, and you never know what you might get that is built using things unless your prescientific as in idea you know the use. There is a moment, that is you mind your different as from what you seem in real life. This makes what you think as you are, you are what is amazing in thought due to this spell. There is no aging due to this effect, and what you can use to think is mediation. Now as if your a normal person in life, if this spell works you are alive or dead if you aren't deranged.
  An outtage of power with thought energy is in with an upsurge within energy, as if a point to stop you are at a concept as your every issue is resolved and with the conscious mind in their mind you can do or not. That is effected memory as if that is an idea that comes to your conscious awareness, this is what makes things in the concept as if in thought you understand what this is. Now in thought to do in thinking about things, are from the creator that makes things in thought. With what thought there is, by mind expansion you in thought are able to do things in time as if able is not to disable and thought is. Concept there is to use, rhythmic is to use negative ions to heal by as if by energy if thought is use in time. This is possible to seem better, if in mind if weight that can reduce as if dissipation.
  As an idea to think things, to build and you create is with things or people that think to use the area is built up from the atomic level. The idea is up in dimension as thoughts if not is if a dimension you decide to use by the creator exists, as somewhere else and you might not die from the planetary area. This is to use the sun to generate some breathable air and this use can seem to create the air bubble, with breathable concept beware the moment in point as in switching with them is done with a purpose as if to create this. This is a trick in an idea, that exploring with thought you discover by serendipity and use is metaphysics. This is somewhat interesting in thought, as to explore an area that is otherwise timewise moment in future travel that fades away with a thought and then you remember. As if you use things with focus by three energy thought beams, that conjoin something to be created as this and things are there in mind. With this is a thought, as things in use are done. There is a point to dome energy, and things save themselves as if a game. As if you were a user an with the game of life you are with as much energy as you can possibly use. Thus you can use that as is a point in life, and things are in a point to seem as if ready in life. This is a spell that can be used and create success, as if to seem things and create as if a point is as thought.
  Usi I [Usin eye] = This is discern; To think this is third eye use is immunity except not where you think in here, is correct as you are do you can make things seem as if correct as if you are with an idea and nothing happens. Whatever you know is a good dress code without excess, is to use and learn from unless there and not enacted as use is the objects energy at the atomic level. Using the third eye can manipulate the particles in what exists, as you construct and make things build up from the atomic level and use is then to use an idea to build and take from the future and or the past. This is the act of discernment to make and use thought in seen mood as in a mind room use as you want and thought is a use, to create by fire in focus and the thought is in use by fact to make as if a model, and form if your intent is there. This can rebuild an area, to make an ideas as if mathematic themas by translated math is this to nulle create and use things as if normal so. Yet things can seem things, in a vision that aren't always there as if violent were use but isn't and deaths are real or not if you believe them to seem. If a thought, there were a point and if there isn't then this is a point to seem as if an engine in a game.
  Usi Sah [Usin Say-ahn] = This is the idea; Use is to make and make is what you think, as if a usa field is energy to seem and be nice.
  Usa Sah = The User field; Use is up to you an us, this is a point that isn't with other places as a user in a field of time. Have fun trying to make things work as if using third eye.
  The Thi I [Then Thin Eye] = The thio idea; This is a point to do, as if a moment that is a point to create by things that are done in a practice that can be what is in work. As nothing that this makes, and in an idea this will create with a will.
  The Tji I [Then T-jinn eye] = The idea in indistructable idea; This is to cause the idea that you intend, as in thought you are thought about as if an idea is there to work wit as if in thought is in the youth effect that is a point to do as if in a moment you are a god or goddess that is what causes what is a goddess complex concept. As this is a point you think, 'en' if you are thought and act as you want as you make a god exist by use of what you think to the goddess with use of the planet energy. As is to exist by use of the creator, you have the ability you think you do and things you are believed to have you can get or use. As they are real in some moment and this is a moment of believe will or things that are in support, the moment will be use with the creator and it will coexist by the creator. Coequally, in an idea to work with others.
  The Tha Tog [Then Than Toge] = The tog is the word; As if you you were a concept and energy flowed, through you that is a 12th dimensional cog or energy machine part that on touch is able to merge with you.
  Thi The Tig [This Then Tige] = The time rune; This is the time effect, as if a point of the time you spent is use you can make a rune that acts on an instant. This is to create in a point by thought in time that is enjoyable, as if you are out to destroy things. Except, the idea is changeable to the eye of the beholder. Planarian is an adventure.
  The Tag Tem [Then T-age Team] = The tag team; This the moment of a match in idea is to create and use as you search or not, to get the bride by beating her in an upper plane and as you do she actually works with you there where you match.
  The Teg Mem [Then Tea-g meme] = The Tempering effect; This is the moment of a test of will with a teg or mini dragon also possible is the idea in thought to get a better result, say the spell and you are an upper level area as you play the players and the people are what seem what there is in designs. These effects that is with this is the effect to do, and know as this can create a stability to temper something makes it stable by the energy and your body weight won't go up. This ceases the hunger, as if the reason is not there to eat much.
  The Tog Mom [Then Toge Mome] = The memory; This is already been played, this is the moment you use a cog and you get to work and think to get some result with an idea to seem and know. You've already done, this then you don't have to do this again.
  The Tug War [Then Toog Ware] = The trick moment; The tug-o-war effect, nae is this decide the tug-o-war ends and if it does like you wish as you are use in a tug of war you can get an idea to use an idea as if the war is gone after this is not ever done.
  The Toeg Mai [Then Toe-g May-in] = Teh War machine; The machine, is where you are written in stone and you are wanted for something that you can get out of by service for a service.
  The The Thn [Then Then Then] = The Warfare in motion; This is the eartfiled as earthfield in motion, to create people to believe as you already created people to do things you can use as energy is if any action is an idea.
  The Draco Rae [Then Drake-con Ray-en] = The dragon rage; The dragon rage effect can escalate the strength and user ability to create what is in thought to do, and escalate no war as if they were alive and if a war dragon occurs there is god interaction to end the war for a service ended. If you aren't a dragon already, you aren't in a thought and use is to use a elemental ability.
  The Dreg Up [Then Drea-g oo-p] = The Dreg; The thought is the motion, you are not to do this in thought and things are what not to use as if in ability and out is what can seem used in mind.
  The Set Doit [Then see-it do-it] = The Conception point; The plot of a concept, so this is a point and thinking is a point to make as if you had adverse things to buy. The memory is what controls monsters, and if you think of a use is thus as a use you make thought to create thought.
  The Set Pt [Then sea-it Pot] = The Seating in effect; The seat moment is not there, as it is an idea to in seem as doing makes a thought and the trick is a thing that is believed or not as it isn't there. You decide where to place the throne, as if you are a component in a time field you with a concept for every thing that is done. The concept ends as if you don't have to do it and you decide and the throne disappears, as its made from the crown chakra the energy reverts to the crown chakra after use in no dog.
Dimes [Dime-see-s] = Dimension time; As if you time to a different tune, think of a time adjustment and you don't have to hit as you have a key or time. Time awareness is thin and think to yourself loose and separate in time and do else, as you are reformed or not as in time in space in an en. As if an energy jump, you are and as if right through time. Think you rematerialize and you will where elsewhere, as therefore in time things can happen and adjust as energy is what you think and your aura creates and don't always deny. What you do if you shift in time, thought vision by what you do can seem what is. So in accept what you feel as sensation forms reality and to think, as with thought you will suffer a damage use and thought chaos is a wave you form from the effect or make by what you think ink can make. Whatever you do, you don't have to mimick things as you should as you allowed yourself.

  Association by one who owns the ability to look ahead far what will help in the realisation of the wishes. Think you are adjusting by energy, as in you can use thought to survive what you see and you adjust the time timewave to shift at will or not and you form yourself backing away from somewhere else with an idea. That in mind is what is and things you think accomplished are possible and not if not intended, think nor or not nothing will happen till you decide to do things. As a ripple in time thought, isis protects by time manipulated feeling in time theory and if you belong to earth. You are gone as things are intending to an in be, don't be psyched out in thought unless you want interesting results and you are where is there.
  To where you are in where you want, of a moment as you are a body and that in thought isn't recognized as you with conscious idea. This spell is where you don't think to see or then think and heredicy, as this in you as nothing go away. As you think as if momentary time idea that work or not unless something works, as things are nothing to mind and not felt by what you feel in thought in thought feeling confined and restricted.
  Nope i [Nope-en in] = Tye adjesting; The time energy tha adjusts by unlimited energy as they are with creator use. The idea is edjing something that isn't always there, as with time you are in idea with iron as energy on or not all by in what you are is what this really is posible. As you think or near a standing science in thought, thought in balance is what you think out and out is not in a dead end that somewhere some person kills you from thugging in time. As you are out think adjusted to the in time by what time you think, as if to show time balance is an art that you can shift with time. Things in the street are what you can see and associate, as you think at will and don't so no is negative knowing. Think or no if you see, by moving around you are somewhere you shouldn't be. Sometime there is nothing but not like a dog, as the area pests are animals in the street attracted by thought you see. As you associate with the area and the things your subconscious, creates the idea you want to see or not if you don't want to see reasoning. There is no in nothing as thought, think and you can exist by what you think or do to make what you signify into what is thought by act or not.
  Nope [Nope-en] = Tye Adjust; Time adjust spell; Think as you want as you are thought, you can seem if your energy is tuning to your thought to adjust in time. As if in adjusted time is "Tye Adjesti" by done actions where time is easily adjusted by effort in use.
  The Shae [Then Shale-en] = Assume timesharing Shaping; Assume time friendly nature when travelling or not accused, as time electrons to the past or future though ti is trimetravelling if thought with energy and thought focus on the time you anull it as things are what you are in life as you are what form you see that you go around as you are by the electrons. This can lead to the worlds worst mishaping. There is a point in time, to get well that ends good as if well you can shift and change. As the area shifts with you you are where you think.
SuaEmoeHemuBe = [Sue-ah Ee-mow-eh Heem-uh Beh] Summon metallic being, the idea metal being finds by the idea you think is a way to ya after stating of this spell, in any way. This can take up to 1 year to effect. The idea is realized as what you think is in mental images.

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Circle XVI (15) - Very extreme, life & instant effects; These can drive you slightly crazy and can be done by almost anyone

 SpeFruuGaeFrutUn = [sped-frue-uh-gael-fruit-rune] fruit of life protection - Cast on a seed to plant or a growing plant to get an undying protective effect.
 SpeGaeFrutLagazUn = [speh-gay-eh-fruit-lage-maze-lunar] fruit of knowledge - Makes the seed, tree or plant bear fruit of knowledge.
 SpeGaeMedituTreUnSed = [speh-gay-eh-mead-light-yuh-treh-rune-seed] tree of life creation - Creates a tree from nothing and it grows rapidly in the spot ye think of that bears the fruit of knowledge. This tree is unkillable.
 SpeGaeMitTreSedUn = [speh-gay-eh-might-treh-seed-lune] seed of might - cast on a fruit seed or a tree to make it bear the fruit of a tree of might.
 SpeBarTreGae = [speh-bare-treh-gay-eh] bare skeleton tree - cast on a dead tree or live tree creates the skeleton tree.
 Maigx = [May-igg-exh] Enlightenment; This effect is to cause enlightenment and deeper perception of knowing things. This improves understanding of all things and whatever is thought on, is appreciated for what things are. This teaches you to live, learn and love things and effects.
 GaeTuo = [gay-eh-tue-oh] life turn - turns any source or person to support ya and a person or through life, it can turn the person through life effect. Causing the person do the right actions.
 GaePolyng = [gay-eh-pole-aye-ing] life source - turn anything that is the target into a source of life.
 ZirSahnIrUigy = [zire-sahn-ire-you-nih-why] supersahn transform - makes the person into a super being.
 DjunHol = [djune-hole] waterhole create - creates a spring of clear water by saying spell and imagining it appear. Don't create a waterhole in a building as it will erode the building from within, even if it doesn't seem to appear.
 Djun = [djune] water spring - create gushing water spring in the are by imagining it appearing.
 AquaDhiu = [aque-ah-dhie-uh] waterfall - create an instant waterfall in a general area thought about.
 AquaR = [aque-ah-r] reverse waterflow - create an upward flowing water flow much like a upward waterfall by reversing the water flow.
 ForcIca = [force-i-can] forest force - tie into the force of the living forest for  energy.
 MaiObjFoc = [May-ihn Obj Foce] Create object of force. Creates the focus of object force to be usable by you. Think to the object to get it to do things. Or, will it to create effects, and it will.
 ForcIte = [force-Itehm] Force of Item - tie into the living force of the item to give to you energy.
 SfuwarIcaForc = [s-fue-ware-sir-can-force] primal forest - makes an ancient forest out of any area with trees or tie into the force of an primal forest.
 PolySfuwarGod = [pole-aye-s-fue-ware-gode] primal god transform - Make the target into a primal god.
 DyloNa = [dye-loh-Nah] earth force - create a link to the earth as a force of energy.
 MedituDilytMaiX = [mead-light-yuh-dile-lyt-may-ih-x] power crystal create - Create a power crystal out of any crystal or substance. Be touching the stone or thinking on area to make it appear.
 CrysAliSlutesSed = [crys-ale-list-slute-ee-s-seed] crystal seed - Creates seeds of crystal that can link you to other places when planted. Cast spell thinking of area in the ground and walk over it imagining yourself appearing in the place you want to go.
 OkloDub = [okl-nod-dube] crystal recorder - Makes a crystal recording of any event without being detected. The crystal wearer or keeper can control it by thoughts alone.
 OkluDub = [oklud-dube] spy recording - Makes a crystal or any other item into a recording device that is controlled by mental will, and its without being detected.
 RuyUwOesRay = [rue-aye-luw-ow-bees-ray-y] ruby ray of desire - Think on effect desired on spell casting to get the effect.
 UnteYlUo = [un-teh-why-l-you-oh] instant weld - combine two things together of any material quickly by holding together the materials and say the spell, sometimes applying a bonding force, to help the process.
 NaTuoYl = [nah-tue-oh-wel] earth convince - make a person convinced to share info or do any favor as though it were destiny.
 TyGebUo = [tye-geeb-buoy] clandestiny - make an event by thinking on it when casting spell as though it were destiny.
 MedituCemaUniYl = [mead-light-yuh-ceem-Mah-uni-ih-why-l] universal glue - make two objects stick together which forms a bond that is unbreakable except to the universal solvent.
 MuceMaUniYl = [mucous-seh-ma-une-ih-wile] universal solvent - undoes the universal glue as if it is able to undo any other glue.
 MitMyt = [might-mit] glove of might - forms at will on casting around the weapon hand to smite your foes. Will through the magical glove to beget any deadly effect to be done.
 IoZup = [i-oh-z-loop] particle angel - ogma of good that draws negative, making calms minds, and leesens criminal tendency within a short time. Socialism and peaceful intent are inherent after a short time. Intent is okay with this and always makes things happen near it.
 AntiIoZup = [antih-i-o-zupe] anti-particle angel - a positive absorbing particle that causes criminal like activity and antisocialism with possibility of distrust and extreme intelligence.
 GaePolyAnamCi = [Gay-eh-Powl-y-A-name-Cih] Changes the shape of the soul to shape the spirit and body, in an idea attempt to move ya assamblage point. The assamblage point is the point where the aura connects to the body and represents assembled life. So to move it, changes the body.
 MinGaeSild = [Mine-Gay-en-Sild] Minor life shield, to form a shield around the person who is targeted that deflects the minor things through life energy and from life experience.
 Canciic = [Can-side-ic] Coincidence, to form an idea or effect that appears as a life experience and is coincidental.
 MajGaeSild = [Major-Gay-eh-Sild] Major life shield, can effect the target by forming around the target. To use life experience to deflect the bad or coincidence in effect.
 MinLyfCrey = [Mine-Lift-Cree-y] Minute efficient parts, to form efficient parts or objects of a computer in a minimum time for use.
 MinUaCrey = [Mine-Oo-ah-Cree-y] Minute activation of parts, to minutely activate parts of an idea or things ya need.
 MinUaAv = [Mine-Oo-ah-Ave] Minute activation point, to minutely cause an active point.
 MinAAv = [Mine-Ai-Ave] Minute at point, To cause the effected to be minute at a point.
 MinGreUo = [Mine-Greh-Oo-oh] Minute great instant, to cause a great moment of an instance.
 MinGreUe = [Mine-Greh-Oo-eh] Minute great expect, to cause a minute of great expectancy.
 UoUeIh = [Oo-oh-Oo-eh-I-h] Instant expectant pride, to cause a pride in an instant by expectancy.
 UoIhUe = [Oo-I-h-Oo-eh] Instant insightful expect, Forms instant insightful expecting.
 UoIer = [Oo-oh-I-er] Instant define, to be causing the effected to be in an instance of effect by defining or to instantly define something.
 UoAir = [Oo-oh-Aid-r] Instant arranging, arranging on the instance thats to form an instant air that is around the effected target and it allows the person to be arranging things.
 UeVaEr = [Oo-eh-Vahn-Ee-r] Be up arranging here, causes the person to be up and arranging here as to where its necessary.
 UoVa = [Oo-oh-Vah] Instant holder, to form a holding of a person or thing from an instant moment and this can be to cause a bearing of effect.
 UVa = [Oo-Vah] Understand holder, to cause the foe or target to understand the holder of an idea.
 UoIer = [Oo-oh-I-er] Instant pier, to create an idea of a stepping place on water.
 IAEr = [I-A-Ere] Into a speed, to get into a speed of effect and body movement that ya think on or state.
 IAIr = [I-A-Ire] Into an oppose, to go into an instant opposite of idea by energy.
 IAeEr = [I-A-eh-Ere] In meaning here, forms a form in meaning to be here.
 ILovEr = [I-Love-Ere] In lover here, Forms a lover to be here in speed and this is to be in effect for the effected.
 UoIAer = Instant in bearer, Forms an instant moment in a person that causes them to be a bearer of mind idea, moment or purpose.
 AeIEr = [A-eh-I-Ee-r] Any in here, To cause a pick of people to be near or to do things.
 AnIEr = [An-I-Ee-r] Include in speed here, To form a person to be included with speed here.
 UeIEr = [Oo-eh-I-Ee-r] Expect in here, to cause an expect in here idea in the person, where there is an idea generated.
 UaEsItt = [wha-Ee-s-It] Continue especially to matter, as to what is it? and to cause the target or person to especially matter in something as though bitten. The thing is usually spoken of or thought of before or after the spell is cast.
 AArA = [A-Are-Aid] Active art purpose action, to cause the target to bring a point of an active art in purpose and in argument to be action.
IeEAba = [Ieh-Ee-A-bah] Idea energy abate, this causes things in it of idea by energy to abate and not be there. Overspiced foods begone the extra spice with this and then the idea energy that can overwhelm will abate as well.
BSuaWell = [B-Sue-ahn-Well] God healing, to make an active part of an idea happen, as though helping it along and sometimes by attempting the action ya want after ya speak the spell and this will cause healing by it. As in a God strike against people who are enemies or finding ya self making an idea and ya heal by God's will from it. It, the action, also is represented by the energy of the action, being in part, redirected for healing ya. So, think of the action right after the spell is spoken or speak and think of the action to occur before the spell is spoken. As it will then cause the effects and at a same time healing ya. The action ya want is endless, for regeneration of the bone and body though.
EGaeTra = [Ee-Gae-eh-Trah] Life track tracing, tracking a life in the mind and making it easy to detail the life in effect. Ya can easily track and act out the life ya work to track. Ya can say the result of what ya track even as ya track. Cancellable by a EnGaeTra pronounced [En-Gae-eh-Trah].
 StaPryllAngaeCrosPat MaiGlogShedIseCorrPate = [Stah-Pry-ll-Angay-eh-Crose-Pate May-in-Globe-g-Sheed-I-seh-Corr-Pate-eh] The safty spell, causes situations to be safe for ya, as its "May you stay out of danger's path at all times. If you shall cross paths, then danger will flee. May light be shed upon the correct paths from this point forward." and danger stays away.
 StataTwexe = [State-ah-Tweex-eh] Gravity manipulation, manipulate gravity like ya might always dream ya could. Think or say of gravity as heavier to make it heavier, lighter to make it lighter, or more the normal same to cause it to become the the same normal gravity and similiar idea like cancelled to make it cancelled out. Especially for an object.
 ElemK = [Ee-leem-K] Element kill, kills any element that ya don't want, including a target, this can include conditions and drugs as the element. Use a roach when you kill the unwanted things by this, an element and you kill it too as if kill one kill all.
 IoEaIex = [I-oh-Ee-ah-I-ex] Energy creation provision, to be in explanation and make an energy creation effect from provisions and idea.
 IIeLm = [I-Ieh-Lm] In idea description, to cause the target to be and with description.
 ErTh = [ear-th] Here there, as its here it becomes of there as where ya think on, of whatever is here.
 AErI = [Aid-Ear-I] An here in, creates of the target an in here moment of intelligence, that seems of a vision or idea. And its of a moment that here in of a situation. This moment of intelligence can be used as a guide for further actions.
EFesilGas = [E-Fee-sile-Gase] Energy fossil, this sets up an energy field that forms from a charged gaseous cloud and it causes a 'fossil' of the target, albeit a person or object. The energy field weakens the target structure and causes fossilization after a quicker period of time than normal.
 UoEgoCreh = [Oo-oh-E-goh-Creeh] Instant thought occurrence, to create an instant effect by thinking on it and feeling it should happen, after stating the spell. The spell lasts 1 day till ya decide it shouldn't effect ya.
EroberungUo = [Errow-bear-ung-yoU-oh] Instant conquest, allows for an instant win at the right moment.
 Gesus = [Gee-sue-s] Spiritual relief aid, In An En causes a spiritual relief in people who say the spell. This relief is by spirit and energy infusion that acts as though a tension relief from the situations at hand.
 GEn = [G-Ee-n] Good end, to be good at the end and make something for ya benefit.
 Evalv = [Ee-valv] Energy valve is that of makes for the idea that a energy valve exists to be manipulated and this valve controls how much energy goes in and out of an area. It can take the form of a gate that ya raise the level of, however ya want, or a valve with a handle that ya can mentally manipulate.
 GivOTak = [G-i've-O-Take] Give or take, to take to give or give to a take of something in idea, till the balance is set and trade of idea and something occurs. This makes the target give ya something in return for things done to the target. Even, if the target didn't intend to.
 EaeOna = Each is on and active, to cause each item or event to be on target and active with activity.
InstAtY = [instant-ate-way] instant time event - creates an instant event that you want when spell.
 AnItzEnz = [An-Itz-Enz] Materialize effect, to materialize the effect of the moment that is either latent or that ya tried before this spell.
 BioSildExo = [Bio-Sild-Ee-xon] Bio shield, forms a bioshield of live energy and the energy strings  that don't touch ya and remain around ya, in the form of a shield. These strings absorb the blow of whatever it is, and make the effect of the blow not happen. As though, it were absorbed as energy. If the blow does happen to hit ya, then it heals very quickly and broken or badly off parts of the body regenerate. The shield also makes ya unnoticed.
 Anemenny = [Ane-ee-men-nye] Life effect manifest, To be of life energy and point out the facts and there is a result as of manifestation of effect.
 InEnz = [Ine-Enz] In effect, to be putting some element back to on function.
 EnAnz = [Een-Anz] Goto end, toil and most perfection are washed away with this as it, the idea in the effect, is brought to its end. The viewer of the effect is capable of watching this progression. And the end of the effect happens.
 IEnz = [I-Enz] I don't disappoint, This ends the Z force energy point with thoughts and conclusion that comes to a point and  that causes a moment, of perfection in the process at hand that doesn't disappoint people. So it can please people.
 InUlz = [Ine-Ulz] Super manufacturing ability, manifests an ability of super nature that can be used to manufacture things in energy or make things by work and instantly. Doesn't always work.
 InUlzE = [Ine-Ulz-E] Super ability, the ability intensifies ability that becomes super in nature. Or, you gain a temporary super ability in the instant of intensification. Through the actions energy.
 InAdvrhIh = [Ine-Advrh-I-h] Reverse negative effect, an can reverse the effect of choice almost instantly of its properties as a whole. Plus swine flu.
 InErIh = [Ine-Eer-I-h] In hinderance, to cause a hinderance of some effect that isn't desired and though its thought on, it must be felt or seen to hinder it.

 EnIn = [Een-Ine] At the end into, causes at the end of an idea the target to be with an in moment that causes them to be into something.
 IenIn = [I-en-Ine] Good experiment into, causes the good to be into the effect and makes an experiment effect to be a 'boost' of energy and positive spirits.
To check if this spell worked, try doing something thats experimental for an extended period of time, if ya don't feel tired even after strenuous action, lose a thought then it works for ya. This is similar to the undying spell.
 EnnIn = [En-In] End effect in, ends an effect that is in play or happening and enlivens the target. At the moment or a given time, that is when the effect occurs.
 Eraseba [Erase-ebb-bad] = Erase a thought create a thought. Thisallows a moment that you get some shock to need to erase and do else as in  'beano' to create a new thought.
 Ergsten = [Erg-steen] causes the moment to reveal truth and perversity, cause of being in the mood to be perverse and affordable to someone. This can be causing erratic behavior.
 InstUo = [Inst-Oo-oh] Instant of instance, create an instant moment that is an instilled instance of the idea that was just thought upon or thought upon while it was before. As ya state the spell. This can cause an instant cure or instant effect of desire as well.
 MeUonByThIsm = [Meh-Oo-on-By-Thism] I won by that chance, causes ya to win an by the chance that is there.
 NAgi = [N-Age-ih] Not that again, to cause a rejection of the moment, this can cause cancellation.
 ErEn = [Eer-En] Speed here end, this may end any error and effect with speed that may take place. In an event of its own making. It can cause the moment of a speedy end as well.
 IBMeYuh = {I-Bee-Me-Yue} I be me you, if it forces the person to be you and you the said person. In a swap places idea.
 EEN = [Ee-Ee-En] Closure, Closes things, as it being willed or cast, it can be used to close anything. By pressures on the surface and sometimes the person. This also can end the panic on someone, bringing a sense of closure.
 IEEn = [I-Ee-En] Return, return to area and restore things of area on necessity.
 IEEnV = [I-Ee-En-V] Restoration, restore of idea and vision, plus other things consisting of your or others body.
 IEEnVi = [I-Ee-En-Vih] Time travel, Travel to the time of your desire, possibly to reinvent something. Go forward, holding a thought of the time you want to, as you think positive idea of the place and generate positive energy. Go back in time, thinking of the time you want to, as you hold negative energy. Doing so to go back or forward in time, while willing or saying spell, will make it happen easier.
 IEAs = [I-Ee-As] Make else idea effect, makes a moment in idea appear as though someone else. Say the spell as you want to have it effect and then try to state or do action and its as though someone else.
 ImErIn = [I'm-Eer-In] I'm urged into, literally causes an image of yourself, or yourself, to be urged into a place or place of mind that's like an emergency area. With the power of error and what's around. Also, this could place an image of an emergency place into things. Must be thought of, on what you wanted, at the time of casting.
 ImEr = [I'm-Eer] Imaging yourself here, To be an image or yourself thats here, where you want to be, then somehow announcing yourself. This occurs, on statement of the words, of the spell.
 CDDE = [C D D E] Bring alive; To bring alive something or someone, on stating this spell. This effect has been noted to bring awake people whom were about to fall asleep. It has a 60% chance of success.
 CDDP = [C D D P] See death, due part; See death happen of something or someone, due with a part, on stating this effect spell.
 CDDW = [C D D W] See death, due with; This causes you to see death happen, due with results.
 EMoe = [Ee Mow-eh] Make change; Cause a change, in appearance or effect, to something or someone.
 Thins = [Thins] Cause thin weight; This spell causes a thin weight in anyone whom is the target of the effect.
 IEF = [I E F] Mental coup, causes a control influence, through chaos, to perform a coup de tat on someones mental control. After this effect goes off, all you need be to tell what you want around them and they will do it.
 IIsa = [I rIse-ahn] Cause ceasing and explanation; State the spell to cause ceasing, of cease event and get some explanation.
 AAnEn = [A An Een] Cause a created end desire, Cause end of event and create an end effect of manifested desire.
 SuaTuResa = [Sue-ahn Tuh Resahn] Summon to reason; Summon effect/s that become apparent and this is to cause reasoning. This can cause a person to come due to caused self reasoning.
 Tedeum = [Tee-dee-umh] Tedious moment; Causes the Tedious moment of a routine in life or chore to occur and makes it interesting.
 DuMom = [Duh Moment] Due moment; Causes a due moment of life to be done and become percieved by yourself or the target of this spell.
 DuKi = [Duhn Kick] Due life force; Causes a life force to be due to you, the caster or target and it infuses you at a moment that you are unaware of, in an unspecified moment. This life force is the interesting point of which you won't regret recieving.
 TuDu = [Tuh Duhn] The popped up moment; This makes a moment pop up, that must be done, dealt with or allotted for until the condition or moment disappears. It is a surprise to the person who's the target of it. It can cause tiredness thats sudden.
 IUnnE = [I Unn Ee] Dispel delusions; This spell can dispel any illusion and delusion of a person thats focused on while stating spell.
 BnMata = [Binh Mate-ah] No matter; It makes things not happen physically. As, you do things magically or not, this can nullify physical effects that has matter involved. This actually uses antimagic to nullify the effect. Must have enough poder (personal power), to get the effect off.
EiEmm = [Ee-inn Emm] Self-imbue inherent wealth; This causes a choice of getting something beaten in or wealth to come to you or a target of your choice.  The person usually chooses the wealth. It works itself in through substance. Then they find themself guided by the energy in effect, till they make the choice to gain wealth. This wealth comes when its necessary or needed.
  FakSedEd = [Fake Seed Edh] Fake moment; This creates the faked moment of education, which happens to be listened to by someone or something that you target. This allows you to fake the moment and make the person give or do as you want. On questioning of the moment, there is usually no response or its assumed false. In fact, it disappears from the mind as if its forgotten.
  FakEd = [Fake Edh] Fake education; This allows you to fake anything, and make it look good in a moment. Cast by thinking of the moment you want to be there for understanding and stating or willing the spell with intent.
  FaeBan = [Fay-eh Bane] Fey ban; Bans a fey from being annoying.
  EUn = [Ee rUne] Uneducate; This removes the greater influence with extra X's added to the spell. This makes a voidal influence. This removes influence of anything that is influential and knowledge based. This erases the influences that causes the bad influence as though it didn't exist. This cannot be undone, unless you use a mana pool thats nearby.
  IfniMyy = [Ifh-nih Mihn-why] Luck spell; This converts energy to create luck. The influence of the moon can make it a mischance spell. This is with a waning 'negative' moon or new moon. It zaps the area energy to do the effect.
  DeYgoEry = [Dee whY-gohn-Ee-rye] Opposite attraction withdrawal; This is where you attract someone negatively by doing the opposite of what's expected and they withdraw into themselves.
  UnnANo = [Unnh A Nohr] Undo presence; This causes the caster to make something not appear there.
  UnnAMaiHyd = [Unnh A May-inh Hid] Criminal Stopping point; This influences anyone who is criminal to stop. The criminal doesn't realize who, though unless they think about it. This can also cause a criminal to be active by annonymous means.
  EnnUnnI = [Enn Unn I] Abate ego; This abates the ego from anyone targeted by the attempt of spellcasting.
  UnnANoMaiHyd = [Unnh A Nohr May-inh Hid] Anonymous Criminal Influence; This influences anyone by suggestion who is criminal. The criminal doesn't realize who, though.
  UnnANoMaiHydTuJao = [Unh A Nohn May Hid Tuhn Jayn-ohn] Send by self to jail; Anonymous Influence to make Criminals send themselves unknowingly to Jail. This makes anyone who goes against the rules enforced, by the cops or set by the owner or renter of the place, to send themselves to jail. This happens anyway they want.
  FvyFid = [F-v-why Fide] Instant faith or confiding; This can make a moment of instant faith. Even out of the moment of inhospitableness. If you decide that you don't want the faith, then the moment doesn't happen. This also happens on stating the effect of FvyFidUoAd [F-v-why Fide rUne-on Aid].   FeyIJii = [Fee-why I Jee-ihn] Embues faery essence into ether that goes to a choice target, which is spoken of before or as the spell is done. This makes a fey birth from any body.
  XMasta = [X Mast-ahn] Remove monster; This removes the monster behavior from anyone or removes a monster in an area.
  EnUnn = [Enn Unn] End unnecessary; Can do undoing of the unnecessary things.
AnimEnimObtzEvoiX = [An-nime Enn-I'm Ob-z Ee-vohn-in Exx] X Animal Control; This controls the animal in you or others that can go bezerk.
 EnEvoi = [En Ee-void] End instinct; Can be used to end the feeling of the person.
 EnIsse = [En Issen] End obsession; This ends the obsession you would have.
 AwardE = [A-ward] Reward, the reward of the acting forces that act on the area. You name it, it manifests and you get the award that you intend to happen as though fate made it happen. You basically earn the award, or it can disappear. If you use this effect enough times, then you may get the attention of fate and you find that you won't get the effect, unless you earned it by seeming to follow your morals.
 UniAetuneMagisImedits = [Oo-nit Ee-tune-ehn Mage-I-s I-mead-its] Cause immediate magic; This causes an immediate magic effect thats sometimes unobserved.
  MagisImeditsBariusNeh =  [Mage-high-s I-mead-its Bare-high-us Nee-h ] Cause immediate inferno; This causes an immediate searing of great power on targets that you intend to sear. Say that with intent at the same time imagining a candle lit. This is in your brain and sparking an inferno.
  MagisImeditsPyreVib = [Mage-hI-s hI-mead-its P-mirror-en Vibe] Cause higher vibration; This causes an immediate higher vibration on yourself that raises you to a higher level. Say that with intent at the same time imagining a candle lit.
  Ev = [Eve] Everlasting moment; Using time and the dark universe energy you extend the moment you live forever. The dark matter energy can extend things forever.
  Lipiderr = [lipe-mite-derr] Instant confession drug; create a telling drug that leaves a bad feel on the person, this is an instant confession poison that makes you broad in body.
  Lipidor = [lipe-I-door] Weight loss poison; create weight loss poison  that sometimes works for the target.
  Lippiderr = [Lip-I-Derr] instant confession medicine; Create instant confession medicine that cures a brain disorder and causes you to confess.
  Dajonga = [Day-jong-ahn] Soul restoration; White void spell that fills a person with white void energies. It restores the soul which in turn rejeuvenates the body.
  SuVyg = [Sun Vig] (Without n) Divine Vigor; Increases the pain resistance and endurance of the body to achieve greater things with divine energy.
 CieLaBie = [Sigh-ehn Lah Bide-ehn] (without n) Control spirit; Control spirit and make them abide to calmness.
 CieLaIsa = [Sigh-ehn Law-l-sahn] (Without n) Cease effect; Cease effect of spirit and necromancy.
  LeanLi = [L-ee-an Lift] Lean life; This life effect causes your mind to follow guidlines that make the body lean. When it works, it may induce a fit of non eating. But, the weight stays off.
  FysLeanStr = [Fiss L-ee-an Stir] False lean strength; The spell causes a leanness in muscular strength. This spell infuses strenth energy into the body that makes your body mass muscular without building up more mass.
  FysStrX = [Fiss Stir Exx] This causes extra strength, from a source that the mind creates for the purpose. This strength is actually there but not there. So its counted as false strength as it can disappear after it isn't needed. Sometimes when the body needs more strength, it can produce extra body mass. This is needed for when the strength is needed. The effect fades when you don't need it and so does the mass. The mass never actually becomes extra weight.
  FysLiX = [Fiss Lift Exh] False life; This causes a false physical life force. That can strengthen a body when it needs strength or give you empowerment that fades when its not needed. When it does work, it can produce an amazing hunger. And, extra body mass that turns into muscle. This extra mass melts away if the subconscious sees no need for it. However, the weight of the body never actually changes. Unless, you exercise with the stamina boost from which is given. Watch what you eat, as you could experience weight gain, if you overeat with this effect. Basic suggestion, nibble bites off of whole wheat bread or eat fruit that satiates you. This can kill the hunger.
  FysGloy = [Fiss Glow-y] False Glory; This spell causes the person to get an instant gain. The effect is to gain anything you want, easily and this counts as a Glory which dissapears. It only disappears after its not needed. Do not need food or you will get allot of it. This has no limits.. so be careful or need what you got that you don't want not anymore.
  FylLi = [Fil Lift] True Life; The effect of this spell is to cause a true life force. That can cause effect to make power shifts of the body to become any shape. This makes you as strong as you need to be to fulfill the task needed. If you think the form you wanna be or need to be. You become it. The shapes you observe and learn by observation you can become. Learn to compromise, and you can get more results with your form. Each form has a different weight, keep that in mind. What form your granted, is yours to use. You also may start to regenerate faster.
  CeNaDaNe = Gut removal; This spell will cause the gut to drop from the body. It will dissappear, mainly within 20 minutes to an hour. Depending on the body weight. This won't actuallly drop body, except for some pounds per every few hours. This spell lasts until the gut is removed.
  Ca Di Do [Cah Dih Doh] = To make do; This is to make do with what you can do, and as if from the future as you said this spell you can correct as if necessary unless its not there to do. This can allow you to make do with what you can and not with what you can't. This spell can seem used, to create what you want if things you want to make real are possible. Don't look if you don't need to as you can sense things out and gno from thin or other air that you get from the air knowledge. This is to make things easier to cast and get something for nothing in life.
  Ca Di [Cah Did] = The inme create; This is a spell to 'mae' as a presentment or resentment can cause inmate, this is not the case without actually having anything to base things off of to create things on perception naturally. This is to make fake things real, from what is not real as if things are real unless you don't intend things to be real. This can be an interesting thing, to say as a spell in experiences, as it creates things as if there and then if it isn't there it will do things if this is necessary. If necessary, to use the i with a statement as to think a thought as a concept to not exist energy this is saying 'ca', an you can do and think to become what is not there or do and what you want will occur as if it were real or not thought and if feeling thought not to exist and from 10 second viewpoints as you can create from void or white void to make things seem. As this is to create nothing, from something that doesn't exist as the energy is not there by thought. This is something to do, if you do and don't get any results. Think of 'di' and you are able to do what you want to do, as if you create it within a thought that the created view was there to create as identified your subconscious uses chaos subconscious spelling. This is the thought creating something from nothing, this idea even works without the need as the only results you need are imaginative. This can improve even if the women or man idea in idea is to make, don't as the woman man or man woman idea in mind is done with unless not needed is the improvement with efficiency of things that should do better with improvement to type and make protection.
  Ca Di Do = [Cah Dih Doh] The make it or work it package spell; This is to make it or think and and you do things for this to become as though need were there as if in a package you create things to do and in real life is an 'out' moment to create by imagination and with only things to do and you stop the moment you don't need to do as if you think it were necessary or not and you can do to make things better. This is where you can, for if you don't then not is nothing and you do things right. Unless unreasonable and if you don't need you won't, and you can do things as you want if you feel like it. The idea is done, in as a moment this is actually done and in thought of the past you are what you think. As you think you can do things better, but only if not dumb and otherwise you are not and if not dumb you are doing things differently. As this is only an opinion, as a thought or not and you can do as needed. Things of this nature, is to do as if a motion is an idea and you can get things or not as you decide to do what you think is best for the moment.
  The Boy Psi = The vamp psi; This is a spell that can be normal, in a thought to use others to make use by psi vamp what you do in psionics as in for a need your out with a thought. You can reverse the psi attempt, as to revert it this directs by others need in use decided by what you can do or not. As they decide to do things on their own, you can copy, ignore or do something to counter the activity as with a thought.
  The Sun Inf = The Sun Use; To cast this spell is to make with use of solar energy. This is in mind and not actually seen, unless you share it with another to do or put it on the network of the internet as this can the vast network of stars. As if a star network then you can get any information, as by a glance to the solar star can't threaten by what the sun energy is thought to do or in a beam of light. You think on the thought, and you stop victimization and if in idea you don't know, the information comes to you as if in a thought your showed what you wanted to know. You don't have to do it or say it, if in the wrong area or place.
  T Merc = The merc idea; This is in the idea to do if you don't, as if anywhere you you can be there to do for others as if magic to do and help out and do as this is need. If you intend to do things right, you can choose to do things as in for free to do things right or you seem to get paid as if you are paid by energy that materializes an idea in the bank. As to do it is unnessary, you do not need as you are doing things to help and if not needed you won't. However, to do as in need and otherwise you don't, this is the other way to think on this as this the positive way to think on this and if you don't need this then counter it here. As anything, you don't want is done as if you don't need things and the right correction is there. As you undo by the activity here, that is what can make undo in the right idea, that should occur in the moment that this happens to do in need and this can be done instead.
  So do = [So Don] So to do; So you go if you need and if due if you or other at your permission and this will do as you want, and in an idea if so they do as they want as if your idea in need. Whatever you do, you don't die in it in the wrong area at the right time, as you are in so many area at once with the soul copy protection cast by the creator or not as it is not intended for use and used is the idea that is not the thought of soul grinder. As if you are your aura keeps, in as your a memory and as your in thought this is never done and recalled out for things intended of something as this is not in else, the soul as a csoul crystal in need. So whatever you do, you don't go wrong in the right area at the right time. Concept in deed is in need, and if in a moment you do as in thought but with thinking your thoughtform.
  The Yum Id = [Then You-em Id] The food idea; The cook as you want moment you feel hungry and you cast this spell, you can cook anything in expertise and you can ignore in the food as on thought to regard it as if some other time. You would know you actually eat it, as if you drink it or not draw it in a straw or drink it as if thought were food prevention in idea. With thought, you are smart and by what you eat you draw in the energy as if the moment you do things. You absorb what you need to do things, as to sustain your body at whatever the weight you need this is in the food as if you ate energy food. This is the food idea in play time as you are thinking about a food and in idea, you can eat it as you draw it as what food you want in energy right from them if they 'atre' it or ate the thing and you use the food energy. As if an idea to create with, and this is the usage of food as an energy source or as you think to drink you draw from the water in the drink. As you seem to get by spirit, or you get hit as you attempt this as you draw from the molecular material of the object in the body in the area. On exercise, no matter what it is you lose the food and soda drink energy, as if all the weight isn't there and as if in a moment to do things your subconscious makes it disappear as if the weight were dissipated in body air. This is to do things, to break this spell as though you were the idea and the things others do were as you in the body. If not soul intended action, and only if 'mill' you thought it necessary in your mind. So will free you from any suggestion, that you can't use or work in with thought channeled as energy or not so if in need.
  The usei [Theh Use-ih] = The descriptio; This is the decription effector as that is the use already described. This uses the third eye, as if an i which is a third eye. This disallowing the monsters to do anything.
  The Use [Theh Use-eh] = The user; What you use you can make use of as you effect you get to make, or use again as if in use the thing can create a use for what you use it for as it remembers it from your use. If you don't describe this effect, you get the use without a brain impairment by what you use things for.
  The Efo [Theh Eef-for] = The use effect; This is the use by what effect, and as you use things you can get the worst effect ever done to that which is done to mankind of what is or what have you it is possible except to 'tpo' makes it not happen.
  The Ufo [Theh Uff-foru] = The Ufo; This is the flying object, in effect this is a place a person can go. As that is a point to do things with, as you use things and if you are able to get resolve to use an idea. Then, you can go as if to use an idea is to shift you around, and you can seem in two places as on a concieved potion you can get places as you decide to seem a place and use is by what you decide to use.
  Tobu Efu [Tobe-uh Eef-un] = Tomboy effect; The tomboy is a cat that is a purpose that if on a moment, in a concept is a conceived view that is from a stranger that is gone immediately after.
  The Tobrad [Theh Toh-brade] = The Tombraider effect; The tombraider effect, the idea is to play a game or live a moment in a movie and as in you do you and out there you are worked over in your mind. This is the tombraider that acts a concept and plays a role as you describe it you are an actual person someplace if you so desired.
  The Tumb [Theh Tumb] = The Tumbler; The tumbler is the person, in no thought but as if an idea there is no actual way as if to do thought is to not do any of the idea and feel as if to avert an use, and as if to use it was to remember the original idea and you can get an idea of what thought is anything you think about is what is creatable. As its created, you then get the idea to do things as if you are okay you are tumbled to the ground as though tripped.
  The Tum [Theh Toom] = The Burial; The burial is a moment, as if the thought exists you are an idea. Then to create is as in a thought to make a thought. As you use the thought, you make death something happens to be killed by. As each and every time you kill a thought you use a thought and that is the thought in effect as if the thought was due.
  The Kei [Theh Key-ih] = The Shadow soul; The soul is what comes from a buried thing or person that makes and you think you are in, as the shadow soul appears as if pops out and from the ground. Then you either run, or not and as you do things are what create as if done and if you need some idea you can use the energy of an object. As a mage trick you the repair is due respect, as the energy is positive then position and whatever is thought done is there or not as you need it else as if not needed then you act in any view as if normal.
  The Ke Maik [Theh Ken Maid-k] = The key make; This is where you think, and a key can do as you describe it the way it is.
  The Tein [Theh Tee-in] = The tee effect; This is the tee game that is in use as it hits the ball and you are what makes it move. This is when it passes through, a hoop set in the ground you get your wish.
  Tempai [Temp-aid] = The Temp effect; The champaign without a champaign effect. As the effect is to use any thing of energy as a replacement to the real thing, you get the effect of a real flavor or substance due to an energy that is a thought element that materializes as a form that is in idea.
  Tempei [Temp-Ee-in] = The supervolcano effect; As if you dropped a concept, you can gain a concept as if by a spell from a supervolcano.
  The tempaa [Theh temp-aid-ah] = The Tempera; Temperal moment is a concept to do or not in point of view, as with a friend moment is a moment as if a death that didn't happen. The moment you consider is what isn't anymore, as with a temperal shield made of nothing an energy comes from it. As if the moment wasn't necessary and if their idea on a concept there are an inconceivable concept view. You are what is a point to do, work with made from the energy from an object.
  The Caceiva Fiv [Theh Cace-ceve-liv-an] = The conceivable view; The concept is a thought that is a point of recall, as if you cast this spell you are able to recall anything as if the view were done. If its inconceivable, you are dead from a cacodemon or not allowing is the creator of this not wanting the effect.
  The No Ret [Theh Noh Reet] = The tersion; This is an instant recurrence of a power, as if this reverts something bad as bade as if a concept death as if it reeks then a life as if a monster then your not as if done then you are reverted to normal. This is the use of a useage that is death energy in use, in a use is the thought that is a use where you abandon what idea you have and use the cocept in conceived view.
  The teres [The Tere-ease] = The teres effect; This is the insanity spell, revert the recoc as if you were you are incapable to make or do as if you recognize somebody from the past or future. The teresia spell is to be of use as if undoing, as if needed and doing as if not attempting is an attempt somewhere you observe and if you agree then an idea is or if not then it isn't.
  The Ve [The Veh] = The Were; The were effect is to cause the effect for others, that want the idea as if to use to die a thought and create with a moment that did exist in the past. As this can be of use, usage is thought and thought is the moment that death determines the idea an use is a concept. Casting this spell causes an aversion with the effect on those you are intending to were in a form and thought was done as its done it erases itself as if never were.
  T loa [T Low-ah] = The loser; The losing energy that is thought lost and as use is declared, you can use it as if unconscious as use is thought to seem a loser or not with your notion of use. This spell if cast with a person is what in thought can make this a concept.
  The Em = The embarassment; This is the embarrased motion, is the embarrasing moment that is what anyone can experience and can use with a thought as if energy and as if the motion was there. You can die from death with this, as if a natural incident as if a thought of no results you get anytrhing done and as if things are then the incindent. As this happenjs to shift you away from the area to another area, then you are there or dead by what occurs to you.
  The Cema [The Cee-man] = The Cement; The decent thing to do, if the person is proven a monster in real life in the future as all you need do is mix cement and force them into the cement as it hardens somewhere they aren't suspecting. As it hardens, you are not as if the person you were suddenly is a decent being. If not meant, as if you don't go into it and it doesn't happen.
  The puie [Then pue-lie-eh] = The punishing blow revised; This is rem remove crippling if stated as a spell to a person as if the pulsing energy attack that is from a real star and this is considered 'puishing blow', again as if to state this spell, is to cause a dream to do nothing or something that is what can become as if a nightmare that is useful an reverted in deception is a scene that is puking.
  The Iceia [The Ice-eye] = The icee; This is an icee, that is free as if a free drink as if there before and otherwise not there as its not done otherwise.
  The Ei E [The Eih Eh] = The revert is atlantian; This reverts in the idea to make in things as if they were an exact concept, an is yet not doing anything is what you want in an idea that is wrong, foolish or not needed as its unfair to those other people that aren't needing them, as if need were some person and things were intrigue as if they who were you are no longer doing in things that are correct as this is useful to achieve an end result and this is not.
  The Ea Eaie [The Eah We-aid-Ieh]  = The aura layer; There is yet another way of surrounding the body with energy as an auratic layer, an you are with the energy to work with as if a source and as if a thought to do you cannot do anything that isn't possible except anything is possible in the given time with enough energy that can be there by summons. As you are in that energy or not layer as you want and you can get any result as if you were a layer to work with construable and yet a construct in the mind as 'Eae'.
  Istet E Uni = Instant energy recovery; This is the instant energy recovery effect cast by spell, that uses the area to return lost energy and can make you able to focus even under high extreme entering energy effect made by solar flare and volcaning. That is made to the spirit recovering, the energy to the body as it needs things.
  Mest Ma = Thought matching; Thought matching someone, and then thinking of the idea to do is to actually cause the brain to match frequencies and whatever the time it is you are linked as if you were the idea to manipulate the person, as you do things and as if link by thought spoken this is as you may end up doing things. To break the link, think a different thought from them that their spirit resists and thus the link is there as if working that which is is a human is fox.
  Torl E = The singularity void energy; Think of the person and you can see or do as them or otherwise thinking energy sends it to the person to help out. This is indeclared fire that dies off after realization.
  Torl = The black hole; The sigularity in effect is to think of where to go and in what you do as out you are in the idea and the person is in the area, with the idea of sending the item that you wanted to send. As if necessary, you can even send the thought of energy to or from yourself to pull the item to their area. Focus in on a thought and intensify the energy a bit as you attempt to listen in and you can hear their thought and thoughts from the area through recieving some of their energy.
  Thee Cacot Moe = [Thee-enn Cake-Cont Mow-en] The Concept in motion therapy; The concept therapy spell, is where you can use things to get an idea and things as in everyday things become a therapy as if a motion in the mind.
  The Sapee = [Theh Sape-ee-enn] The suppression; This suppresses the energy as if an idea to do things, just think of a thing you don't like and what you don't like was as if energy in an inverted energy field that is in your aura and this can use the things suppressed. As though a high intensified energy source in and out of life, as this includes even pain and eating.
  The En Cuve Abl = [Theh Enn Coo-venh Abl] The secret ability; This is to hold a thought or secret as if thought energy, and things in mind are life events that can be seen and in wanted moments you can recreate them if intended. This can create an ability if you get enough energy, this is all a super sock out as if super if energy is enough you can create a concept.
  The SuGirl Eff = [Theh Soon-Girl Eff] The supergirl effect; The effort is the point of view that acts by this spell, to create a super ability for any ninja girl or otherwise.
  The Buoul Ioo = [Theh Bue-low-ull-lIe-on-Owl] The second sight; This is the second sight psychic ability, as if from the movie you are seeing the event as though the thought is there to detect as if the energy of the event were deterable. This is spell is for anyone, as individual use as if on a point you are to do as in thought and use things as if in a motion or a hand to get an idea end result.
  The Casavy Thoiu = [Theh Case-save-why Though-lie-sun] The Conserving thought; The conserving the thought, and as if to think is to get energy as you are what is the approach to get things as they come and you get things to go to continue or not as if to do things and get things improved as things get better, you get the idea to do and as you do things you are as thought and due as if your known. The spell in effect is what sets, this to get things as if you are intending a better bid in life and get more orb jobs.
  The Ie Dha = [Theh Lie-enn Dhith-an] The false path; The false path is the moment in a concept is in born, and can appear as if you think about the idea as you think about the sequence of chain events. Then with any idea gathered from others, the subconscious as you can create things or not as if an intended idea is a path that is created or uncreated at your spirit will. This can be used timewise, to attack or defend with.
  The Akhbar Fuly = [Theh Akhbare Full-eye] The false feeling; The false feeling is a point of recall that is remembered. As if there were things to create and things in memory are surged in energy. This is the point, of an akbar family effect. This is to create as is and yet you feel that you are in a moment, as if satisfaction you don't feel full or not as you stop the effect as if dismissal.
  The Syue = [Theh Sin-you-enn] The ideal situation; The idea is a soul to know, the idea is to not fix unless necessary. The idea is not dead and this is thought to do not as you are doing things to know and as what things are there reveal themselves.
  The Ideo Ie = [Theh Lie-Dee-oh Lie-eh] The Mental idea; These are the concepts of the interest and in there are of those with a mental library if not you can peruse any mental library, as you do you revitalize the idea and create thought of what you do as if you were able to capably handle any information if in fact its true.
  The Ie Cacee = [Theh Lie-enn Case-see-eh] The Idea concession; The concession is use of a valience disruption to the energy field, is Edward Casey ideolist of the conscious, levels to try and do things as though a use if you were an accepted person, you were the point and they were the acception. This can make you sane as the semblance of balance, is there more as you get more energy to create a stabilizing point as to stop enraging and do something cool to do.

  The levels of perception are there as if a quick listing,  as in thought you know them as in this and as your subconscious, reveals the levels to you as if a concept were interesting and you explore with a concept. This allows, you to get into the levels by energy stance.
  The Ef Curatio = [Theh Eff Cure-ate-ee-on] The Effect to neurotic disorder and facial disorders; The effect to spasmic hand gesture, that is undone or removed is other disorder is to use energy and nothing. To cure the spine as if at the end it dissipates, into thin air as the source of energy that uses it is no longer viable and use. This isn't to seem to be, as if arrest to the body can ever not happen with deterium and drug interaction.
  Iocent = [Eye-on cent] The Angel Cent; This is the angel scent, that is the momet you store something or don't like as if you shift it in the trash. Then the matter can clear, up the street of whatever is contaminent in the value to do away with.
  I Et = [In Eat] I eat; The idea that I with other people can eat as if together, and use is the idea future in the concept that is understood as if they want to experience it and otherwise not.
  Swv = [Swiv] The swirvel door; This is the swirvel the door and dodge away, and this vehicle you see has a 'uverse' as though in it is not you as you do and don't think as if a swv vehicle.
  Un Swv Ef = [rUne Swiv Eff] The undying hatred thats averted; The effect is to undo the foe, as if to undo an swv irregarded in a swirvel effect. As this makes control of the idea situation, you don't do things as if your in control of yourself.
  Eiflemet = [Eye-flee-meet] The diabetes spell; This causes a deathbeating the degeneration of things, that are body related and this is the concept that in the mind causes a pure essence release to the body of the inflicted and as you say the 'in the degenerate'. As the effect is a pure death beating, as if you are alive and still good at what you do. This causes an idea to cure any other disease, as if you are the one cured and the person thats afflicted is not and only cured by 'unswelviate'.
  The Are = [Theh Air-eh] derangement effect; The derangement of the person that is targeted, a curse only cancellable by need to feel and not in the direct line of focus as your not in the direct line of focus in line of site as when time is where you think and as though you are movement that is what pushes you out of the way. There is no way to win so stop, and do else as is to move out of the way.
  The were = [Theh Were] The were form; The were in any form or shape, can change form as if a mystical being you think it you get the effect of what thought you use the ancient ability. Don't ever think of a form, that you don't want to seem or become in the middle of the night. As you want to repair from the form, state 'Reparato'. This is more info on were's..
  The Iqt = [Theh Ick-t] The moment with no avarice; The idea if you can say that, you can get things with what you get effect. Cast this spell, to get what you need as you need things they who have it might come. As this is true, you are okay and know what you intend without disturbance. Once you are done, you don't have to seem like you don't like unless necessary. To be released by the people you go into to get into their mind, if necessary and not insane as you want and you can seem released as you think released to the mind.  
  The E Azn = [Then Ee jAzz-n] The Equator rite; The rite to use the equator's energy to grant ability, and you are in an idea that is made feasable near the area's that are spots of power. The things you think tend to seem as if real if you need the realness to be there, unless ye don't desire as if not even unless ye think it worth things to seem right. As you project you can make, a thought intuit effect as if you are to be well. As you are indeed, you are in thought to equate and do easily math in right equation in mind. As though energy is magic, that is mana as if equal to the moment. This derives off of the mathematica themas as if to help with languages.
  T Eqt Rite = [T Eq-t Rite-eh] The Equator ritual; The moment time becomes different, you are what seems to become as to what time slows and speeds up. This is the point and this is similar to what you want in thought, compare as you think you decide as if to seem or not seem and you are by your choice of times and thoughts. Things to do are making with the spell to create, the time you want and only if you want the time. The time you think it is necessary to use, and you remain in your own time that you think is safer. What you think, will happen if you think it to occur. As this spell will dissipate into the ocean waves, as they ebb and flow to not seem to have happened as you did with them and they did in the time of the equator. As you think yourself there you are whomever and thus as you think and your third eye does the shift through use of stonehenge, yourself to being back here where you are you can seem natural very apt as this can be anytime.
  The Fun = [Theh Foon] The Fun; The fun part of life, is there to play with another way of life that only shows up when you are working with the idea, and nothing but disruption doesn't seem to be there. There is no place thriving after awhile, and you are as you seem intrigued but not as you think you consider what you do. There is no concept except to explore, as you go and try you get interesting thoughts and things to do unless you don't need to and you do things for fun and joy in life.
  The Eiao Corrant = [Theh Ee-lie-aye-on Corrant Lage-gue-y-y] The rythmic longetivity; The rhythmic longetivity, is to use this as a crystal and think to adjust it to the sun as you try to get things to do you think and work amazing effects. As you are as the energy harmonics are musically done as rhythmically adjusted to solve your body problems in the idea, mystically use to improve your body shape that can improve your senses. As you are what you think, you know what to do, think improve and you do as there is no way there is a way to get an idea and use it. This is to get yourself free as if you were in a higher plane and, use is of what is in the area as if you use things you get positive results. As you use things such as drinking through a straw, focus on energy coming into yourself and you get younger as you use things and you can get things to go. As always, use is up to you and things are to make that which you want. As you do, you can think better as if to use thought is, to get a better idea and use is to use as it felt right it was. An energy of atlantis as if to seem better is to know, and you gnow what your spirit can tell you as you need to know and the spirit can work with you as you need as a spirit guide. The creator is to help, as you need to get an understanding you are what you get in reply and he can uncreate or create things at will.
  The Lon Je = [Theh Lone Jan] The Longetivity; This is gotten as the longitude and latitude effect of knowing and use is the ley lines, and being able to shift on a will to seem if need be or otherwise on a thought your using the druids transportation effect. As this may get you places, thinking of an area to seem in will make a different place obvious. The obvious idea is to use the druid way of drinking and then you are alive, as long as you live as you think and things will do as you need as if a drink will get you better. As this will work, you only have to do things to work with as an idea will come up that is workable. The longetivity also come with, the thought to live longer that makes your energy immortal with a soul despite what you say. As if you were not controlled and yet gesture created what was thought, as if you were okay and yet you are not damned to live forever and yet you regenerate.
  There En = [There-enn En] The negated point; The negative world is this, as you use it by subconscious thought you can do things with it in an idea to results in a heartbeat. This can make as needed, as to not create and uncreate what you think to do and you survive till you undesire disruptive and repeative attack or not to live except somewhere else as though not on the same planet. As though thought, negated point you give as a gift as you form the energy and this makes things as you are santa's cousin where you are to give gifts of some ability.
  The Thiery = [Then Thigh-erry] The theory in effect; As this is a moment, thievery is this as you can get away with things as if you had depth perception in the night that is possible with night.
  The Ie R = [Then-Lie-Enn R] The moment in mind is perfect as the frame in mind and as you frame it, and you see it as a view as you use it as a source to do as needed as if there to help.
  The Ie = [Theh Lie-enn] The actor effect; The actor effect came from a bard thought of what isn't there, so if you think to make an effect you create an effect and to effect a spell is to create something. As in you need it and you are able to act as needed, in that mode which can create what you think.
  The Go Ie = [Theh Gone-Lie-en] The Business Idea; The idea is to not kill as you do things, but know and due as if hand over fist as if to not assault as thought to accept business. This is to make concept for an idea as if to create, and then use it as if to do service for an idea that is a service. The idea is the concept that is want, that creates something in desire as though you were what you intended an in mind you are as you accept less as more or more as less. As if a thought made is something, in that use can create without a moment and nothing to seem is this in made idea in within a thought and out within a moment or if not disturbance. This is not as though thought made you reasonable its, as though thought gave you reason to do things. This is a spell to setup, and do things now accept with a trust that is in regard.
  The Ie Tri = [Theh Lie-eh Trick] The idea trick; The trick idea as if in dream is no idea if you think something, unless you are a idea that is there and it is there as acceptable if back or not as if needed as Shifting makes immediate disregard is else as if thought made things work and it isn't there as you feel it done. The quality of mind, this is the idea you can use as if you can 'then' you can do the idea. As if you have the response you desired, you act as if good and do as if in positive idea. Another thing, this can make a balance as this is the effort to seem you get a result, or do as though thought is else and desire is forthcoming unless you don't desire something and it can disappear. As if dissolved of the very worst, this dispersed in effort you gain respite, by means of your own measure in what you deal with.
  Passeus = Spell change; This is the spell to create yourself, formed from the subconscious as into a wyrd form that is a sicke power that works with people with a hand over fist attitude. This is a great spell, to use fate ability in a man or woman form of choice.

  Mie Myy Cyry = Spell hold; This forms a spell hold, that is in the ether space formed from activity and powered by anything you want. A form of 'dea' to prevent things if you are committing to memory a form, then you won't as you are not wanting to if you state this spell as if a were is a dream form as you realize what potential fix is there you are okay.

  The Were Ef = The were effect; The actual concept of an instant were shapechange, is now lose the shape and seem a form of desire and that is to think of the were shape and state or think the spell to shapeshift. As you are a were in thought you can shapeshift, this is a were in form that is a natural shapeshifter and not formed physically with very strong physical mood shifts an in very easily a good way at the right time in an area of choice. Committed to memory with an idea and in an instant physical thought shift dream, you are leading yourself on to be as if a were in effect as though you are respect with disrespect and use is from a were in action somewhere. This is with strength as though a thought were a trigger and you remember everything, without anger and thought is reaction as though you feel fear and you are nothing with rejection and this is the thought that you go through as if to work through things unless you don't think to in absolute calmness or absolute sanity.

  As if you are a concept in were form, you can become what you think even as a were shape is done and thinking you avert danger you are aware. If you were you might feel you are not a failure, but if you are in your inner world avert this in time as this is you by the right action where you stop and think. As if not here and thought of what, you did after is thought. As if to trigger this is to imagine a life you lived and failed, at thought in this is what in thought is that. This is where you are in which you are not averted in form. This spell doesn't always work, as if you are able to accomplish it you are actually more adept and intelligent from what you think to do. If you think to control it, you can prevent it where you are at but it will happen somewhere. As if a point were there and you think it, as if a monster were is in your mental room then you are a were in a were form of your spirit choice.

  A moment you can turn it back to were human, is by a spoon or anything else that is believed to turn the spell effect off. As if you were not hitting anyone, you can avoid the issue and use is not done. The were ef is the were ef, and you are not effected by what you do if you are not wanting this effect. An ef cancels it. So if you were wanting to beat your foe, use this spell and you will feel as if an insignificant person but you will beat the foe unless you don't need to. Thus, this spell is not to be done as you disappear and come back after to be as if normal, in life if you are not wanting to be hunted for what you think you should seem to believe you are you avoid the issue or do something else as if you were life. If you can use this spell, then you are better than most if you are able to transform at all.

  The Were Uo = The were effect; The advanced version of the concept is slightly different from the original version were eff of an instant were shapechange, from the standard viewpoint of the were world with the point where you think to be a were and decide to not and you are now or not in form. As if nothing is beaten where you are in the form of you that forms where you think, if you lose the shape and you become a form of the idea as the idea can create desire or not. This is to think of the were shape and state, or this is where you think the spell to shapeshift as if the idea in one moment happens on the spot. As you are a were in thought you can shapeshift, this is a were in form that is a natural shapeshifter and not formed physically except with energy and very strong physical mood shifts an in very easily a good way at the right time in an area of choice. Committed to memory with an idea and in an instant physical thought shift dream, as you are leading yourself on so stop to be as if a were in effect as though you are respect with disrespect and use is from a were in action somewhere.

  This is with strength as though a thought were a trigger and you remember everything, without anger and thought is reaction as though you feel fear and you are nothing with rejection and this is the thought. That you go through as if to work through things, unless you don't think as you are to 'were gone in idea' in absolute calmness as in there is nothing as any time difference you don't if you are better off then dead you are adept and things work rather than beating people dead as this is witch lich form shift additive to the witchblade and things work with putting energy through it. This ends as if 'un in ef', as if a glitch happened things disrupted in thought as that is and you are what is not reacted to and things restore themselves.

  As if you are a concept in were form, you can become what you think even as a were shape is done and thinking you avert danger you are aware. If you were you might feel you are not in a failure, but if you are in avert this in time is you by the right action where you stop and think as if not here and thought of what you did after is thought. As if to trigger this is to imagine a imaginary life you lived and failed, at thought in this is what in thought is that. This is where you are in which you are not averted in form. This spell doesn't always work, except it does as if you are able to accomplish it you are actually more adept and intelligent from what you think to do. If you think to control it, you can prevent it where you are at but it will happen somewhere. As if a point were there and you think it mute point, to form the point and don't live it as if a were is in your mental room that does the effect then you are were in a were form of your choice of spirit choice.
  A moment you can turn it back to were as if human, is by a spoon or anything else that is believed to turn the spell effect off. As if you were not hitting anyone, you can avoid the issue and use is not done. The were ef is the were ef, and you are not effected by what you do if you are not wanting this effect. An ef cancels it. So if you were wanting to beat your foe, use this spell and you will feel as if an insignificant person but you will beat the foe unless you don't need to. Thus, this spell is not to be done as you disappear and come back after to be as if normal, in life if you are not wanting to be hunted for what you think you should seem to believe you are to avoid the issue or do something else as if you were life. If you can use this spell, then you are better than most if you are able to transform at all as you only stop if you decide to as if an uo.

  T Pt Ly = The point of life; You say what you want with the intent, as you are meant you create things as if you are living another life. This spell is amazing, as it is you are hit by the observable and if observable if on a thought you can do.

  The Fak Ef = The thought pleasure effect; The idea is in use that is work in pleasure and this drops the pain that the body has in a moment. Assume and you can seem to be as if a use is to become not in any way bad as if bade to do good. This spell can cause anything if you are with what is necessary.

  The Corro = The Corrector; The thought recieved is imprint and not effect, of an idea is with this spell, is to seem right if to do right and nothing else will go wrong in life.

  I Ie F = The Clea In; This is the thought in a moment in planar being. With wisdom, this is the flow of time energy that creates that moment in concept and you are what you think as if a planar god or goddess.

  The Fuu Ie = [Then Foo-un Eye-en] The Future idea; The future moment is time you think on and as you think to do you are them. This the time you think, as you are shifted and back again.

  The mon Ty = [Then Money Tye] The moment time; The monty python moment that is a step to the future, and you name the area and the time. As you integra are the moment you think to seem, and you become what you think to seem as if you are an idea and as a thought you step back and as you this is to a time in the moment that is there in life.

  The Spiy = [Then Spie-aye] The Spiraling effect; This is the spire idea as from the game Geneforge. The spiraling idea is in effect to create, and use as the creator is shape willing as if a shaper to do things and this uses genetics or living effects as bio effects or organic idea is thought use. This uses the idea to do things in a right time and right moment. This can be used as if a spell, to create a timer in effect to do as you did unless you don't intend to need to. This if used with order of concept, to create an order in the mind to mask what you do and think what you don't unless you never intend the idea in mind as if to seem real the timer effect is gone. This can seem as if spiraling energy, as you are to think if you are in a concept to do things. If used with chaos in mind, you can use a spiralling out of control in idea to make a bad point seem good. Or not is to seem good as you do an idea that is decent, as if 'en' is as if to serve an example you get a very decent effect, by what others don't do from this idea in idea. This spell cast is to not be done, if you intend to hurt people as you yourself are not hurt by your own actions or not as you deflect the damage to others by what you do.

  The Ritua = [Theh Rite oo-ah] The rite of Ritio; This causes you to spike the area, as you don't spike the lava until you think to use life force. Unless, you want to speed the process up as this speeds up aging and unaging, as you think 'unage' which stops as you think or nothing happens as if you don't think and do something else as if in ending you do things right. What you think about you may end up getting as a secret or other effect is at the end as a result.

  The camae = [Theh Came-aye-en] The came and gone idea; This is the came to what is an idea and your gone to another way of life as if death, where you decode your writing as if you make an think as the game in life is possible as if to use turtles and human headed turtles.

  The Juu Site = [Then Jue-un Site-en] The anime movie shift; This is the anime and movie shift, thinking quits this as that in this is quits as if natural shift is where you think of a movie and you are there just in idea or really in long life. Where you are getting things, and going on about your general business. Its a pattern, but its perfect as if you are to unlearn the pattern or think in a pattern as if you work things out with the thought. If it exists you can get there, just think as though to be there and you are.

  A Zey ih = [A Zee-aye ih] An idea to them is to in effect in use this as is, what this is seems that is what you can choose to rid yourself of things, unless you need to use something in any way that you want and you are not irrational.

  Cua Medico = The cure to diseases; This isn't a cure as if you think to use things and if used it will fill you with energy that kills you in the end being. This can be removed, as if you are sending the end point energy to nothing as the idea is to cure the disease and nothing takes in the energy as an essence to remove the disease and if thought on is an energy to use.

  The Cruno = [Then Crue-non] The Class effect; The area and things, in life are suddenly a class with what is made in life there brought to here as from the mind. Pain as with a point by pain, with energy stops the learning.

  Elixium bonatrivum xarnos = [eel-licks-I-um Bone-attrive-loom Exarnose-rose] To smash and go; This is the idea that is what you consider, as if you are with enraging concept belligerios or two and things work or you make do. What causes this to work is the dimension above that makes conflict on the spell use, to cause an event that on strike of an object creates the thing to not work and to make it work dismiss the pattern. As if erased and this can make the object or person undamaged, as inner fire rises and surges you can smash anything and you can disrupt the life flow of anything. Use ultimatium reversio to fix the life flow.

  Trans Fx = Translocation effect; This is the translocation spell. This is a spell to translocate you as you unfocus and focus your eyes. Things in concept are out of context if power outtage is done, as in this is a point of view shift where focus causes you to be out of focus and then focus on what you want if the power outtage is fixed you are a point in focus as if viewing a picture in your mind.

  E Vecc Dra = [Ee Vecc Draw] The energy matrix effect; This is possible as a spell to do, and to use this is to focus in your need and think if you use things or feel things you can do the result or not if your spirit percieves anything wrong with the idea to do, if you see it as useful it can work unless you think and see things as incorrect. If thought is nothing energy to be done, then you do things different or use information as you talk to the soul if you are correcting by corrected energy from yourself. As you use the music of the mind, and this comes from the soul you use the heart to decide. As if to detect the area harmony as vibration and feeling is sensation, a thought is felt idea as if in an area with no thought or a solid object energy matrix is as with an idea that is consciousness. As good or bad and thought is there. As if the vibration there is vibes as this is the idea, that you sense and can use as if a concept source.

  The Crete Puarebeep = [Then Creteh Pue-are-eb-ee-ep] The creation beep; The power beep idea, this is where that is expressed in the movie as its used. As if the weapon had a self-destruct, button that beeped the moment it destructed in disused thought and as if you use things you can. As if you use the right tool, at the right time and things situated the results and results situated themselves. This is where the point, that this idea ceases and the normal one continues. The only sign this worked, is that your conscious clears up and things are easier to do as your mind is seemed where you think it should be in mind.

  The Crete Puarepb = [Then Creteh Pue-are-ep-b] The creative thought; The point of created idea is this in thought, as the thought exists somewhere it can be recreated. The results are to do resultive behavior, is to create with a thought and you can use the idea that you generate to make or create with as though a thought.

  Theh Pyroga Juu = [Theh Piro-gah Joo-uh] The firegating spell; This is the thought of fire focused into breaking down the walls of reality, that is with the chaos of the area controlled by the crown chakra as if you think with the moment and clear the thoughts. Where you can use things as if to focus fire into a circle around you, as you use this idea. Think shift and you are shifting by moving, as if you jump through a wormhole to seem somewhere else made of fire that materializes. This is from within and is viewed in the mind, as if you are an idea to watch you can do things to view and write down results. The basis of this is here.. and

The Pt Use = [Then Pot Use-eh] The Point Use; This the point is for use in movement if thought is in mind, and use is the thought to seem as is becoming is the key to the area as you think to use. As this is the preconcieved point to use in thought conscious decisions. As if a point in the consequential idea, of what may happen if you use things that shouldn't be used but still its rather fun if in thought.

The la Osmos = [Theh law Osm-Os] The law of Osmosis; With the idea is uses to create or not if create is not needed and as you do, you create what is a concept that makes itself or reverts in remaking. As this is seeming, you are with an idea to try to create as you gather in energy to work with from a place in your dimension. As if you are into an idea, no that is information that comes into your thoughts and through your aura, as seen as though thought a ghost of history or other idea that appears as if thought were an idea to use. Not any mention is disconsidered, until you think to do things and if the information is used the idea is tossed out as if to an in area in your mind as it doesn't work right. This law will work right, if you think it will where law isn't normally there.

And In Invei = [And In Inv-ee-in] This creates a scene from things such as bone, as if to do or not do is to create as if to recreate a scene or event as if necessary or if you don't need to relive it you won't.

The Inveirt Veignl = [Then Inv-ee-irt Vee-in-gn-l] Inverted lightning; This is the placing of anything by lightning that is inverted to create energy, and things are a concept that use the effect of the idea which you just saw in you as you explored your mind when punishment was intended. Cast this spell on the target and they can even punish their friends.

 The Gae Ie = [Then Gay-eh I-en ] The Gaelic point; This is the point, use is gaelic and that is a instant idea with planet energy on a moment. To gather energy to use, for a purpose as if to seem is better than nothing.

  The fnord Gaa Ie = [Then F-nord Gay-an I-en] The Thought Idea; Thought about moments, are learned as instilled if an inhibited idea to doing things unwanted isn't done.

  Dome Magica = [Dome-en Mage-lice-an] This is the dome formed by will, as if magic were possible that is an idea on an unknown island called an considered avalon. The magical nature calls the natural area energy, that is with the thought to live longer as you set up a tent or do things as if you are there and here. Albeit the point is there, you are what is called avalonion you aren't there unless necessary. There is no religion, as if the idea is to think and achieve with the idea. Things in that nature are where, you get what you work with or as you do this is nothing created by thought energy in body or not uncreates it with a thought.

  The Dome Deli = [Then Dome-en Deity-lin] The magic market; This is the market of magic in a market made by the creator, this in mind is a place to seem not and do other things that are better in intention as you create the intention to get positive results. Price is up to your subconscious.

  The Mae Nea = [Then May-en Nee-an] The Money Nary; The money is what you use and avoid use, to not wod to death in buys and trade if you think to not use the money as you are on a budget. This creates a service for a service, or not as in effort you trade services and use is to make an idea to seem real in mind.

  The Pot Efx = [Then Potent Ef-x] The Pot Efect; The potent effect is an effort to do things, in an idea that creates things an seems like what isn't in cost. This is the point to seem, and use is a energy feeling to relieve pain. Use is done, when the good feeling disappears and you are in thought to not seem addicted to an effect.

  The Pot Mome = [Then Potent Moment] The point blank; This is the point blank insiduation, and the thing that leads to averting attack is a horror scene as though a nightmare but not and allowing what is in idea or nothing that is done is made into an object as a force that is life. Then every attempt is an effort to do things as then you are not noticed. This can occur when you use pot, and if illegal in an area to which is a thought to do things to make yourself feel good in.

  Thema Wod = [Theme-an Wode] Theme world; This is the point made, as the dimension is the equality to do or order with payment to do. The theme world in mind is what seems to get a concept, to do or not as if you are not there and this is stopping for what is done there. Name a theme and the world area forms, as ruled by mathemagical themas that is easy learn math to use in a concept to work in worlds.

  The Sap = [Then Sap] The sapper; This is the sapper, the sap of a maple tree that is to nulle insanity and if you or others do it you are not there. This saps the strength with that of the person, as they are with thought and things in mind are aren't done. As this is in a concluded point, you are what seems to be what is a conclusion to what is incorrect or nothing.

  Sua Sea Sto = [Soothe-ah See-ah Store] The idea stopping point; The stopping point is a point in time, that is a concept noticed that shouldn't happen or not as that is an idea to seem and not as if 'ce' to seem or nothing happens if brutal for the idea you seem is what warns you from your subconscious. Sure enough to know is an idea to do things, and look it up in the as the sign is there to remember unless you don't and then you can dismiss it in an idea that corrects for it as the stopping point isn't done or things in mind don't seem there.

  ToNot = [Toh Not] Time of nothing in a point; This is nothing but  a point in contrary motion where things aren't as they seem, or not as if you are done or not as nothing is a point and nothing is energy that creates as if thought were energy and you are gone from the area.

  The tyin = [Then Tin-in] The thing; This is the harry potter spell, to call a spellbook in an idea to do or not do in a thought an things are not in thought or not. As this can appear like anything in thought, is there is a point that it is a computer drawn idea or not as things are unnecessary and this can seem. As if anything that is there, or here to appear as if in a room that is empty in mind. There is no point, this as if to do or seem to you are what can create at a will.

  Otr = [Other] Other one touch recording; This in reverse is the one touch recording idea, forward in idea that is an is point to fix what is wrong and use what is right as if correct to the point of view.

  Locout = [Lock-our-t] The lockout; This locks out the idea, as you lock the door or wizard warp the wood with natural magic mixed chaos. Say this spell to not seem effected by what you, there nothing rules or others don't seem to want in an idea.

  Tip = [Tipe] The tip of the iceberg; This is the tip off the iceberg as events don't happen, or if believed to seem not to be a worst case scenario then you avoid the hate as you avoid what you despise. An idea to in occur, self-fulfilling as prophecy doesn't happen. Things in the subconscious can create with their will in themselves, as every individual person as if you found a solution that appeared things in mind and the solution is to work with things. As they come or not and try to change things, as they come to you or not as you don't need them.

  The Temp = [Then Temp] The temporary idea; This is the temporary moment that in time is a thought, and you are a concept that is if in need or not in necessity. As this is a temperary point, or not that is in place and there is not any person but an idea to go on as if a biff effect.

  The Timpay Seh = [Then Tim-pay See-h] The item; The one item that suits, created in nothing is energy that in the moment can create as this fits any situation. This item can recreate whatever this is as you need the item to seem, and as this can be anything you can use things as you think to do what you want.

  The Ebb Ie = [Then Ebb Eye-en] The Smooth make; The smooth motion of an idea, that use is the moment where you or them are to use an idea and you get the energy as if you feel the flow of energy and things are in thought as to use the energy to create the flow and as you form the energy into a sphere this is use of the motion to make a thought happen. This is feel calm and, as you shape the idea in mind you can create the thing into turn as something that sustains itself. Where your thought is to do, as if you don't feel irratic as this causes the area to adjust if to work out your problem and then a silverish energy surrounds. The thing your out to seem in a moment this is a play so, use is this as if to get the area to shift you and you think where in thought that you want to seem or not as things are wanted to seem. What you see if not there isn't in there as a sphere trap released by open up or communicated feel.

  The Ie Te = [Then eye-en Ten] The idea temperal field; This is the idea in which time uses, the in idea to get something and use is as though a thought in a point that if done you can change things around. The point you use is not what is in thought, as you use the idea and get someone to do or seem to do things as if a correct idea in the point that is at the end moment.

  Th Ie Catex = [Th I-ed] The idea context; The moment in idea is concept except what is out of context in mind, as that concept you think is what you think to create reuse in a thought and get a better idea.

  The Oh Fx = [Then Oh Fix] Who God effect; The My Goddess thing is as thought as energy and energy as active use, as things in thought are thought and you use things to get an use as use in this is there to make and this is the hope or feeling the person has in positive action from negative. Use by their thought can use their subconscious. This is to create a point and then you seem to act a goddess or god to create a point, that is a negative or positive idea that fulfills their wish by what you do with their subconscious doing the work, or nothing happens as that which is can create a make it good as if better idea in idea.

  The Enf = [Then Enf] The enfolding field; The energy field of negative and with negative this turns it positive or use of positive energy, that creates the energy as if to biume as solar star energy or pure energy build up by chi use in restive thought unactive moments are what you can seem to use in activity. As use is what makes things, in an electron from what is there as this is in use this creates a thing to do. This is the quantified energy that is from the moment you think to do, as now if you are in an intensified area of energy and things can work with you. As this is what you can create, an enfolding energy field is as if a point to do as if an envelope of time is with stored things and the time that you do. Create just as you do if you can do things in idea that you attempt an idea to use, - without misuse and + as positive to create with thought as if thought you are with more than what you can seem but this can alleviate with use crystals to hold off the excess. Use the negative to transfer, and the positive idea to recreate things.

  The Aff = [Then Aff] The Affect; The affect is a thought that you thin things and the idea is an overlay, as if some idea is done and in and education that is at an end everything isn't set against you that doesn't form as if you are what is or not is in mind. This is to create electricity in a moment, as you consider what isn't there you consider what is there and things in the affable is to make an idea. The point is that and is to laff with you, or not if you think and feel the need and focus the idea of generating electrical from inner fire. This with a point that is to create out of your bioenergy, as if 'formce' the electrical force as if thought is energy and the air is the generator with your hands as if you are an idea and the hands create the energy or not as you don't intend the electrical to burst the circuits.

  The Ae Fx = [Then Aen Fix] The clay effect; The clay effect is there in the idea that you hold a bit of clay and used is the thought of what you want to shape. This is the shaping technique, as if to use things you gain energy from what you use in a specific area. If that holds energy or not and if in use it can shape, an in idea shape to form as you can direct at will with the thought. As that is sent to effect as an idea, that exists with directed thought and concept will.

  The zere = [Then Zero-en] The momentary aspect, is the aspect one goes through to live and learn and not as if you didn't know it. The moment in thought is a concept, not as long as that thought is you see does exist. Then it can seem copied anything done in use, and not put in thought is an example and used is a thought you do. This is the zero moment in time is stating zero as that is done in time, and use is as though a thought with a concept as is kitsune and things are what in thought as this comes from where there are a moment unless undesired.

  Bere = [Bere-en] The Bearing; This is a berelain moment that makes itself seen as though there were a bear and is in scene that makes you bear with thought as you think in a pattern, if you were to do in mind or as if you thought to seem something right. This is a spell to create the right moment for the right time to do with as you want. As if you 'Bere in thought as if you do things or in case you do you don't.' If in thought you are invisible, as you do things and seem to die in mind you are unseen if cared for you know what you do and change to suit a better purpose.

  Omkara = [Om-karah] The time effect; This is the thought cast in a point the meditative pose that calms the mind and makes a mention by thought to a point, which isn't always done as if calm in a point to seem in thought or out in place of some area in mind and you can appear, soothing rhythmic harmony by a respect in thought made up as you are in mind as you want with the correct thought in subconscious idea that is there. There is another point as alternatives are spinoffs, but you direct as if they wanted to another way of thought with nothing in mind as they are in control of themselves. Just think to yourself and you are where you want, this is to seem or do as if somewhere else just imagine the flow of energy as if you were an air sylph and use is up to you. You don't do everything, as you think or not as if you in thought can do things but won't if your spirit disallows the action. As you consider the way you direct their thought things can be different, as you think you can see where your going you change the time by making moments or natural movement, as if you were seeing that time as if now were making them think it was different from what came before.

  The Fig Hid = [Then Fig Hide] Figure form; To go in and figure things out as this is in thought as with this is of what you want out as outside and in thought you shift your form as if to do, what is necessary if to change and do things as though a point and observed form were looked for in the moment at which you attempt to reach in time. Each form is a hide, as you are they attribute your idea that is gotten from demon assault to use on a body skin.

  Naestar Mas Zak = [Nae-star Maes Zak] Power strike; This is the power blow that is a psychic in gathering chi, unerasure of the body energy in the body is where this is and in thought you are able. As if to gather and use fire energy that gathered into the wrist is the point, that creates a glow around the area and your use makes a power blow to somewhere. As you think to hit and knock out someone with as this is a concept you can survive but the excuses are varied as to why a power point is there.

  Cerebrum gym = Brain gym; The brain gym is a point where you use a gym in your mind, and things are what they are as you approach things as if use is acceptable. Whatever you do, you don't have to do it and the gym work will still seem to effect your body in an aftereffect.

  The Alt Tiv [Then Alt Tive] = The Alternate view; The alternate view is what is a thought, as just you are as you think you focus and your mind viewing things as you want in an idea.

  The Inat Ie [Then I-nate Eye-en] = The natural idea of birth; This is interesting as the thought of birth is birth in those, that is born in those you choose to have birth as is in a state of natural idea as is with natural rhythm and song is the interesting harmony in life.

  The Ie Ica [Then Eye-en Eye-cam] = The idea inconsequence; This is the thought as you see it you do it and nothing more. If there is some idea that is not consequence, then it will happen as if a rerun and release is by what means in print to release to crime as if a form you make. This is a written idea that you write as something to do, is written and used as a form as if to do and things are done. As if sealed if by blood as put on the paper that is done, as its written on this as once written it is done or not as this in life is breakable or as this is from caz the goddess.

  The Mitlike En [Then Mit-liken] = The untrue thought; This is the idea to time and do, and as you do you are in and out in an idea as if a point ceases to exist. There is a point and you are left with things you get, and use is a thought that you can get with understanding the idea in use and this can make or gnow as you think to use it. You don't react if the thought is true, and this is where things are interesting as if you are an idea and thought exists as for you created things or uncreated it as if need were there as if read an untrue thought.

  The Piru Pt [Then Pire-un Pit] = The trusted point; The things you trust, you do if necessary and as if necessary you are you can get better. As you are thought your energy is good as to seem near and use is thought and you stay focused, as you serve the purpose as if you are good to think of now as what you do is your word you make. This is to seem as if in thought you ask and do in exchange, as if to be nice and this is as if to get and go and if in thought you are born. This is the point where things are born, there is thought and the thought you is able to get a positive result with energy he or she gets. As they do things this can seem good, with thought this is a point to undo service for a service. As you think it you can do it for nothing the subconscious, does is energy that is an ability in use except to manipulate the moment in the creator idea as this ( or

  The Ziern = [Then Zie-r] The goddess of life and death; You are the hidden target and those that shoot or kill you are diseases and use is a thought, as this is a point to do or use others to disdain in energy as the crooks are that are arrested die mysteriously and there is a friend or foe as you know whom as you read souls. This uses the elemental being that uses, others to make what effect you think you use as she is the shapeshifter that is the goddess of death and torment that uses things to seem created by what she wants to be known as if beorne. This has been tried as if tried is represented, and tried is the thing the crimals seem to go through they as you are nothing and not. As they do no crime the computer crime is dismissed, as if this is seeming normal and allowed for as you aren't caught. If caught they die, as you are protected by serving her, him or it. To cancel it out say the zirn not. As this works you do, as you say and you can use things to get better if results are intended. This spell really does nothing, as the idea is not but thought a trick.

  The Bier = [Then Bie-r] The self-birth of man or woman birth; This is a thought as you are adjusted through the aura to the effect the person as a person effect to gain an effect, 'birn' is not and use is a thought to get whom the person is that asks for the childbirth is what is given energy effect to cause the body to use the birth cycle. If man or woman the birth is done, by what is their aura in reaction and use is the life that objects have to which create through the creator. The defense is to think and fix the moment, to create a thought that restores this as if your un thought is done or not as this is stops.

  The Inem = [Then Eye-Nemesis] The defense; The defense is to think and fix the moment, to create a thought that restores as if your thought is done or not as this is stops.

  The Eo Vix = [Then Ee-on Vie-x] The top dream; The top will spin and never stop, as this can indicate a dream world you are with a concept as if you are a point and nothing else seems to concern you. As dreams are easily constructed, there is a point to seem as if well. There is no time, as though a thought and death is not actually in you. Ask for things as your things in thought, in a concept as this is a point to concept in thought. As when it stops, things are as you though a dream any longer is worth it to do. This is what is and stops when you decide to jump the 'planet', and this is to drive things where you do as directed will shift and there. What you hate you avoid.

  The Boni = [Then Bone-in] The Id Bourne; The thought is born of yourself, or not as if a clone you birth yourself in a thought. The thought is a thought or not as if no thought and if a thought and as if you were temperally in conclusion, the conclusion you are in a thought with is as energy is born aura or thought. As if you are an inner life source aura, that is in an idea and this as though a concept in thought. An En is an en, as a thought and nothing else matters as you bring back the thought of yourself and you bring back the moment that time. Unless this gave to you a thought as a living life and now not there you are a concept, with subconscious in a concept that creates as if concept and you are not there or not as nothing seems 'bade is not' as this. As in thought this is not, as is to never do irrevocable. Anyone can be bourne as this is just an identity, as if invisible you are unknown until you are were in sight and if the idea do which is never a shot happens they can seem to be him and her. As this is parents and this spell, is dispelled if you think not to be him to each their own that have their own.

  Say Nay = [Say Nay] Say in nought; Say now as you will or you will never die, now fix as will is in thought as you say never you are. Saying nay stops the effect, as this is a living life 'energy' that is in use as energy.

  In an out = [Then In ain Out] The uninterruptable power source; This is in temperal physics unless not needed as if to do is done, as in no this is as this is with a phase drive then use is a thought as useless is used as energy and things to use are a concept and if you are use then your power as energy builds up. Redirect the energy to the sun as if you are an idea, an idea is energy bidden as if there as if death or not as the person can seem god/dess or if a iffy concept. This is a thought that won't do things, as if the thought is not done and if it is its as if an infinitive result set by what you don't desire, as this un is used then you can get a concept that never ends until your statement that you say in thought is with never. Otherwise, think your as invisible as permanent done or its not, as will is never thought in this as this is what is or is not seems to stop this as in balance out if you never did and as you are okay.

  No attack is what in as this  is in thought and things can stop, as the world and time seems to cease and to start it up is use of a concept as this is true that is not what is as if a challenge is set. Whatever happens, if you are what set the idea you can use the place that is there, and as if alive you can seem and do as the person is not there to do anything except. If that which he or she wants, as if you are in a vortec you are an thought and things in minds are in mind there are those there for personal concept in use. As thought in use can seem believed or not and its illusion, as this seems to happen somewhere vert that the illusion shows. As this shows you are done, and you in thought are now what isn't seeming to be hunted for what you do. As you are thought and energy that shifts away in the wind, you can do spells that you do because you are unlooked for as if unseen or not as though real if needed and thought is an illusion until believed.

  Their will is as if your energy and their use is their will as if your thought or their thought, is what is there in idea or not if the idea is not there as needed this isn't thought. As if not there or not is the key phrase that cancels things out, as if nulle no thought is 'nought' and if a request is done then this is. Thats not an idea and thats why its an infinite field on an in concept that isn't normally infinite. Anything you think that is balance, can end this spell as if in a thought in and out thought is a point. As energy is attack or not and your idea is gone as in a vanishing point in time, as if in time things change and thoughts are what change things in thought are as act to change as is in mind. This is in 'no attack and what is' an 'no attack what in thought is, what in mind that isn't done'. Now don't put exactly what you said as fix is, as isn't done and thought is what doesn't happen as if thought your energy will disappear from thought. If there is no attack then you can shift, as if a will that happens in a wind or element with thought that happens a choice.

  Avoy So = [Avoy-why Son] The interruptable source; This is the interruptable power that source builds things up and as if you use things, you can create a point in time and you use things as a thought in effect. As your done you can easily understand, if your in time create a thought to make a thought. Use this spell to disrupt a thought, to happen as though a major concept directive in conjunction. This source can stat start and stop, as if your the computer owner and things you use can seem in mind as though a computer or you already have one.

  Iea = [Ie-Ee-am] The interruptable energy; This is to use then year tea energy as a concept, this tells how ten years passes by as if nothing happens and this is haphazard with the idea of hand use or not and this can make thought happen in the subconscious. The effect in of a bubble of energy, in a world of thought to use as things you put into the idea in is fire as this is poofed you are in as thought with a limited take out as is a fire being god/ess. As you say is as though an idea from what you say, revert time and nor in thought as a menace remark doesn't seem to occur in remark or nulle as in a iffy thought that isn't needed there sends you back.

  Ie Id Pyro = [Eye-en hIde Piron] Use with thought spell; Useless thoughts is even in use as useless energy method, is useless in an idea as things with useless thought of useless acts pulled in as a source is energy. This spell allows what is in use as is 'use concept thought is things in use', with the time to use a thought that is created by any subconscious in use is fire.

  The Use Fx = [Then Use Fix] The use effect; The thought in use is the thought you use, as if tgi without too much information as if not intended and unless that is nor and isn't really done.

  The Til = [Then Tile] The idea switch; Toggle switch is in, this spell toggles on for good idea or off if in useless things that are done then no work is out as if in use your gone.
  The add = [Then add] The moment you thing; This is the moment you point out, this is to create as thought as an ideal moment as if there is nothing wrong and as if your not doing anything your nothing in comparison to the use you think. The trick you think is possible for a use, only if tricked if spiritual and then if needed is a desparate motion by were and a punch out fire energy effect can disappear as your energy disperses. This can master things as they come, and you are a thought balanced in motion. This is to change, adjust and then seem as if a concept or any form is possible, as if thought and energy is born from your stomach as this cosmic string shifts you as if time slip in with a thought or motion.

  Reversio [Ree-verse-eye-on] = Reversion spell; This is a reversion, in case of point where you see the idea in thought and think. Or not as you feel the moment, you are changing things around as if by a thought where you reach out with an imaginary energy hand and thought will change the energy programming. As if an idea that is a reverse osmosis, or not as synopsis in a point is opposite can create a seeming idea to do opportunistically. As in a book or not do in oppositionally a point, and that is in a view with a thought that isn't needed. Use this spell as if to separate the thought and recognize what is there, as in treatment or not as this doesn't bear you fat as what is thought that leave you and this creates a thought in that is what seems genious. This is what may be or this isn't to turn anything around, that with thought is a thought and this is in positive synopsis to seem to your favor. This creates positive results, as though so an end result is done and thought is not to a negative idea in an idea that is not done.

  The Myy Reversi = [Then Min-eye Reever-sih] The spell reversion; The spell is the thing, that is the thought and things aren't insane as you are fair. This reverts any thought in any inverted 'ansolon' sane idea, to seem as if done if sane and not dumb as if whatever you do don't. If it doesn't work, then there aren't any problems there as long as that won't have happened you are a wannabe. The wannabe effect is as if challenge given, now if never as though a wannabe to not be as seeming to appear and things in thought are gone. This is the charm, this can be as though thought this does or not as 'no thought in no thought in no thought'.

  Inversio = [In-vers-eye-oh] The effect io; With fey as if this is a reversion by angellic idea to an area that is unwanted or threat, as if there is an ansolon in anyone "une" is given as a point to remember. As this is if things were to keep some idea that is, and as if things allowing there are thoughts as if energy and in empowering idea you are what isn't in effect. This an alternative idea, by concept to revert things with.

  The Pnt Out = The Point out; This is the point, where why how when as if you were a con artist you can create with a thought, as the subconscious creates the thought with a concept relrat as if a bat out of hell.

So fix = The so fix; This when is where, as in but out you are the thought assassin and as if you are you are better off dead. Thats a trick, done as if your were and this is gonna hurt.

Beta O Tho = Better off thought; Better up with a thought. This is an imagery world that is what you see is what you get. Send off is in order, as if in a thought you are with a person not with a bat. This is not to do, as if you were batted away like a fly swatter until you take off your clothes. This is not to do, as if your dead and he has to see you dead.

The Wet Drop = Weight dropper; The stop with the were weight. The moment you hold it in you hold it in and things seem to drop away. As insurance is a drop in weight. You did it well, as if you were an idea to seem cool. Stop beating right afterwards.

The well = The moment is well; The moment your taking it well. Gotcha.

  Tha Mote = That motion; The motion better be dead as the better up dead than alive joke. Better up dead if you aren't dead as if you are a joke. You aren't dead if your alive if you change that you are not so useless.

  The Jokie = The Jokie; This is the joke. The jokes on you. The moment you die well as your well.

  The Call = The Rei Call;  Its rei but called, this is as you don't make the call as you decide to do bitter but better.
  The saw dust = The point in recall; A point to remember is a point to recall, as you saw it you dust it as you make a point or not and you are in your mind to guard your point. Leave your post and don't think back and it ends.

  A virii = As a concept; Insipid is use, gotten rid of as in a point your gone.

  The Twi Juu = The Soul Twin spell; This where you are, as if we're on the same side if the same and yet not, we're twins! What breaks this is dough, as you know this doesn't need to happen if you don't need it to.

  So Frysh = Fried dough; The dough is fried to a crispy clean dollar bill. "I found a way to do things within the right of not doing jokes." This is the point as I found a way to do things without doing jokes.

  Bud Weis Er = Buddy consolance; Buddy thought with a frog person, as if you were a point you can seem a legitimate use and things are done.

  The Stand = Your not standard; This is a joke on the senses, you know this joke where you are standard time and in the year 5000. As you are thought to do, things you are as you ignore the point and go on.

  The Elaer = The Elation; The elated idea is that you are elated and yet not fulfilled, as if you are an idea but thought is a moment to seem as if okay with sign. This is just a thought, as if your of elegy where your thin as a stick or monitor.

  Dope = Dopaminee; This is where you are in dopamine non stick attack, and if you are in pain you feel good. You got over it.

  The Warn Cacle = The warning conclusion; The warning conclusion is that which is but isn't. As if you were too much as of thought you can use things and bake things as if you were a masterchef. This with magic interred, as if this baked into food and not within body is within thought to the food as if you were warned away or is if fire with a slap of warning in thought in a thought. That can keep you awake or not hit, at all is the body as it loses weight quickly.

  The Sua sift = The super string shift; This is in point to be somewhere else as in the otherwold, you can 'shif' as with wild energy of the core of the planet at will and things make themselves occur as if by what is. Use of this can summon the superstring, as if passing in energy through the body can cause the protection. As if to attune to the energy of the superstring, or not as if you are what and where you need to be. Think to be the form, eating is where you change the form as if an instance, as you see or think string you see string as if you are using it.

  The Eta Tuch = Spirit mold touching; Albeit spirit mold shifting, this actually is in a mold of energy that forms into your will and with permission it forms into anything you willed, want or by whatever need of theatrics, at any distance. Spirit particles are the particles that make up the spirit that are also called reiatsu.

  Sex Tho = The Sexual thought; This is the sexual thought that is by desire and desire, brings peaces as its accomplished by what is need that comes from want in the desire to do. The idea is the thought, 'I do know and thoughts are easily understood' and things work out as thou stop and do something else.

  Axual Dei = Asexual desires; This works asexual desires, as if to understand is the understood desire to allow sex with anyone as to win them over. This uses the sesame seeds, as a use is to magic them and your aura modified by thought with a point or potion can make the desires of anyone using this to be aroused or stop feeling unless you become a monster.

  The Yus Eea = The moment; The moment is an area, that is point to use as the art of the Jedi.

  Dies E = Dimensional Energy; Dimensional Energy usage, with each and every movement now is the repeat use of an action unless its not desired by either party.

  Thog E = Thought energy; Thought energy is collected, by listening as this is in use to do things with as you know what it does.

  Aeu Fig E = The life extension; This right here in spell form is like extended, by like actions as in instant life achievement as you target something you don't want as this is the only thing that targets them.

  Aeu Fig = Anime Fig; As if you want it or don't this aura can seem you as this is the anime figure former, as interest is there in intrigue you can create the thought into an ability. As if written down in the idea, as a concept you can create what is in need. The figure is the anime character in actual form that you can seem, as long as you need it its there when you seem you can the powers too as if a point is a plot and when the point is done and over in thought you can try and find things that debilitate but you won't as they won't ever come up.

  I Ien = The male former; The male former is in the formation, be sure you won't be stupid as in the third eye that is used is to stop the cockiness as cocky, stupid and dead as if any man perspective as a man form in idea to get a result from what you think that is a point and things you do create the sculpted body effect.

  The Pit NNo Dru = The Point not drunk; The pit of despair point your drunk or not is where you are and things in bard, are the idea that you in thought are rand'al thor and your rambling rand'al thor with the pit of al inspiring hell. Think then use the effect to create as you wish. They are the ones that use or do things out from fear. Prove you don't fear or don't fear typed, spoken or an thought will cancel this spell. This can form a hell rider from the corpse of a man. Cancellable by thinking not to be effected.

  Ie P = The Female Former; The forming of a demonstrated vortex, of belusion energy that can leap you to any place in existence. This is information, the subconscious that the female or male perspective in use is of any female form as a force of persona. Not repeat is a moment that, you are intwisted inside and you can seem what you want.

  The En Touch = One touch sets it off, as you think the need you are what seems not here.

  Amerasu = This is the aim to shot; As you are with a point to do, you are to get a shot with a thought that is an interesting idea. As its right, this is to create the moment as if to seem right is, to hit the trash with a basketball shot and get this in. If your wrong, you live your idea as if you want and correct to get things right or you miss the trash in a shot. As if you miss attacking the person's head, this is a moment to go with.

  Hauy [Hay-un-why] = The heretic; This is the heretic effect, which you write that uses a point to calm them down. This is what acts like magic, and uses things to do as if to create a magic moment of law.

  The Ware = [Then Ware-en] The war path; These in a moment is not regarded, this gets containers as if you are a path to do you use the power of things in war. This is where thought are, what things are seeming or not and this stops.

  In Enf = [In Enf] The enforcement; The idea is to use things as they come, this summons any enforcement if thought is in the use and you you see it. As an act to fight with, and as you see it you can get things in what is makes an idea. The idea is to use an enfolding energy that acts, as a shield and works as an aura increment to create a harmonic aero effect. This cannot happen if you are with no regard, to any law an if you are an act of positive behavior you act better. An if you are better off, you are an act to deal with or not and you get along. Do with those that you can, as you deal with another person you are smart as is this can be what is as if no result.

  The Halo = [Then Hale-oh] The halo effect; This is the effect, that uses your crown chakra to do things in an attempt. As if the moment you are in an idea, you can use this and your crown chakra is possibly creating a halo of fire. As if you die, as in the true halo world you tend to kill the one you love due to possession. This is death and you love death, for your murder if this allows there are things alive somewhere else as you leave a complete victim woman alive. As thought, as if to write it down or think and this does things. En if you ate if you are to do things different, in an attempt you die or not with this spell and seem alive.

  In pelosi = [In Pel-oh's-sih] The reverse; This reverses things, as they are and you can stand in a moment or think to do law things right.

  The slowuneal t relert [Then Slow Une Ean l T Real-ert] = The slow wound heal; The Slow wound in heal this is 'en' as at the end in idea that heals by what wounds, that you get from what you close the wound in the body and use is energy in the body to bring it alive as lightning is used. As if work on and in things are done in life, from the planet to the body to bring a sense of closure is necessary and things work out.

  The Iae Trix [Then hIgh-aeh Trixe] = The idea trick; The trick is to use things, as hiatus if to shoot or hit a pig or things that are bothering you is hit and this is with a point to do as this is in a fire effect that is from the denial to produce lightning from the effective in what is a thought. The idea that generates the effect you can use, this is where useless things as thought are an idea is shot as to effect what you want as if to use undoing energy. This is as though you can use things, and natural insight is there.

  The Myy But [Then Mih-why Boot] = The magic bullet; The magic bullet in thought, available is the magic bullet in fire. This can create the thought, as if you were shooting bullets.

  Se Caee [Sen Cay-eeh-eh] = Self-concession; Self-concession is what will change anything, in youth energy to be as it was if in life. This stops careening so as though a thought were a point to direct the will, as if a gun were created in energy to use somewhere. This is as though 'you see I know what I am talking with about'.

  The Euoy Mont [Then Ee-you-why Mont] = Direct disruption field; This is the ideal moment, to use is a way of what life that is chosen and use is done in a way that is acceptable by approach. As use is the thought, or not as you weild the idea as energy back to the source. As though thought, were a U and things are not always what they are.

  The lage lase [Then Lag Laseh] = The laser eye; The eye that is a laser burst that uses internal inferno as inner fire, with thoughts in question there are thoughts to use things as internally your due and user will is in done thought in mind and as you can get the effect you desire your good. This is to draw the fire and you don't draw fire as you think, you make things as you direct cast things as if the thought were alter and good in thought good in will creates by what they do as if their own idea. As they do things inside, you create with a will that is internal as that is as though fire is direct as to a punch or a thought put to use.

  The alt [Then alt] = The alter; The alter form is the were of shape and is what does things, that you feel or need is necessary that uses memory as energy and this can create a thought to seem as if your to not seem.

  The Lag Fix [Then Lag Fie-x] = The lag fix; The point you chose is done, as you speak for yourself and your use is the moment you think and create to use.

  The Lag Fix X [Then Lag Fix X] = The long hair effect; The long hair idea, is a point as this is an idea to get more energy the moment that is with longer hair. As you put energy into the hair an interesting event, is possible that is done on a spur of the moment. Think or not you are with more energy the more energy, that is in the hair and the more there is in length the more powerful you see to get and do. As if to do is easy this is to use the magnified superstring, as that is a point you can get any interesting result intended for resulting effects as this uses will and their will is there. As their own their will is in use and its their energy, that creates and you dirext as if magna field energy in use. This is the point you can use things and get better idea.

  The fase tul [Then Fase-en Tool] = The phase tunnel; The phase in tunnel, this phases out things that you create. As if to act an idea use, an idea as this is to do or not as to avoid what you hate. As if you do think, and the wind forms the tunnel. If that use is energy, formed from solar energy this can shift you by thinking and walking places as ideal in place can bring you there. If in thought you can bridge the gap, to another place as an area in time. This is use, that you think to act on with use as things to seem. The seem is the place, that is the view and teleport to in you or other places. As you think of whats there as somewhere else. As you can set the scene, as you to think about it you can set the motion and as this is the scene. If it almost matches, or if not you do the scene and that can become real. Now do or don't as you become realistic unless this is necessary, now as if better is if not to intend this. Where this is to make better, to go there in mind and go do or don't. This can seem a death if necessity, except on the idea that basic workings in magic are intended and as if there to do you can get things to go as done. As you are with a key, you can do as you need or not.

  The Seh X [Then Sedative Ex] = This is the thought and recreated moment to create with a thought, and use is to keep energy to heal by the concept to make the x-burner effect and then gather earned energy money, to collect and get an idea as to use things and seem okay as if healed and no conflictive condition is there as not conflictive or this is not in on thought.

  Its etz [Itz etz] = The child; This is the child mind effect that in the end generates a hidden inner child and lets you get the persona responsibly, as things are useable in idea and essence with un the person is thought and essence is from aura as its here in an almost inhuman mood that is a common idea that use creates. This in a moment is a point, that can seem or look as if a notion that is temporary insanity.

  The Bod Fox [Then Bode Foley-ex] = The Body effect; The inner energy body can generate or create any item or form somewhere and or the hand can seem, the weapon as you focus through the area you can use energy to create it. As if to use this, the knowledge can copy itself in transfers back as you can think and create a moment to do what youth allows for in life. No as the weapon works, this in a space that can seem adjunct set aside then you can youthen, or create things that effect as you rapidly change magically adjusted as this in use you think or in feel is out feel that is necessary. This is the idea, this is a thought to make peace in an effect to get the idea to do or not do things in life. Consider and stop violent acts as you do to keep going as else saves the day, as you are what you seem if you are what is and if bade you inconsider in life. As this is the use, I am use I think and you can do or nothing creates what is not there as if things were not wrong or with will. You can get a better result as if one is in form, then if one things a power one things a were.

  The Lat Jua [Then Late Jue-am] = The last place; This is the past place that is the last idea to use, in just place that which is what seems to work.

  Awai in mend [Away-in ine mend] = Await and attack; What it is that you can use you wait and you mend, and if you notice things you can find a way to do and yet not hit. What this does is finds those in alternative area, and attacks to get energy of those who are worthy.

  Awa an remai [Away an ree-main] = Now reward and remake; The remake field; This is a spell style thats nothing, created from nothing this is nothing but not if the subconscious seems in to need it as this is out of something. As what was there and yet from what is in thought, gene changing as you think and when you need to change and seem to be is what can be done by created from things counted as nothing and uncreated as if by the creator. It may sound silly, by causing you to seem laughed at by the language in what you seem in need or not this in idea by what you think but this doesn't work or do things, if no matter what you think it should by what you think in a thought as if in a patterning field to create with idea by one target or you intend or if thought you have to fix things or remake to not get them to do. You can seem your own use in what you can seem in a use, what you intend won't happen if in abuse or not so you are free as you got free.

  The Nanite [Theh Nane-lite-en] = The what is; The space is a moment in time to cause what you want, and you get what is a point in time to create and renenw that is in the moment that you seem to be what is.

  The Jen [Then Jeeze-n] = The angellic ability; The angellic ability that is a point, and use this is to use another ability. The things you can use this for is to fold your astral wings to surround you, as if this shows this is work for what shifts you and protects you and whatever you shift to this is in your mind. Capable movement is shifting you to another area, not in mind and use is to even now that is to seem to use any source as a source is an element. The chaos in use is to cause space to warp, if enough warp then the space seems to dissolve around you and if anything fails its restored by surge.

  The Ena Ya [Theh Ee-nah ya] = The energy; The work you do is what you thin and go the work you do. The energy is what can seem, energization you as if you were better. If thought to seem worse this spell stops.

  The sempai [Then Sem-pay-in] = This is in a battlefield, as if a thought that is energy where you are thinking and creating things to make use. Command the subconscious, will, create a peace, and thinking is easier and work with in the battle. That you percieve and use, as a way to get you to attack as if a point.

  War Bz [Ware Biz] = The battle arena; The battle arena is a place that is a point, in a place in time and imitates any arena or other scenario.

  The shump [The Shump] = Shump jump; This is the idea to see as you focus on the idea, to see and you are working to make and see as you trip somewhere and seem elsewhere and yet are still responsive as though focus.

  Fi End [Fin End] = Consensus point; This is a point of consensus, as if a concept that is in a point to do this is a point to concede and work with as this makes an ideal. The moment you are what you seem, you are an idea to seem to work with. What ends this is 'fine' that is thought with.

  The Fi Nue [The Fin New] = The point avenue; The point of avenue, which is a lane switch. That is what is switched in or out, by a car and thought is things that use. What you give as in though alive, is what can happen as you think it to occur as you focus on the idea to do. This is with the idea you have things you can do, and know not you change the form to enhance reduction of obesity this is all that in this spell. There is a point to create and use is a moment, as if a point that is in the past.

  Aspex [Asp-peeks] = Aspect command; This is the aspect command idea that is thoughts created in moments and idiocy in moments, as you think to use things you can create as with a thought by creation of thoughts. As this can make what you think in life, as in a point of indiscretion this can lead to the targets death that you cast this on as this is the asp that are summoned and stopped by a 'un no'.

  The Id Mae [Then Id Mane-en] = The thought moment; What you think in thought is what you think in a moment, and that is what easily comes to you as a think in thought to do as in use that is elsewhere as a source.

  Jyq Sicke [Jick Sicke] = Treat mental illness; Treat the illness as an enemy, and think and do as you think of the disease as an enemy and illness drops away. As if dissipated and you can kill it off in idea, or in as use is this of magic in your mind can kill it off with use of weapons that you think and it forms.

  Thi Hod [This Hold] = Think intend; Thin and do if you intend, as you think to do things that you can seem interested in as if your use wasn't this is as if thought and isn't otherwise as you think, with a focusing idea and use is trance as you focus and do.

  Aot Nio Chi [Aye-not Nile-not Chin] = Abort the chi; This stops use of chi energy as if or not if 'now abort chi' you don't need or intend to do things, as if the chi in use can make or create and stop what is in use as if nothing is in done. Think of the target, and state the effect spell.

  The Alo Arc [Then Allow Arc] = The light arc; The undrug light arc is a moment that you use in an idea to bend light and make it molded into the effect of what is a thought, and an arc of light is what appears to seem a boat and think as you appear as if to create and make with in life.

  Tastific [Tast-life-lice] = Tasted moment; That which is can create a taste if it is inedible or not and taste like you want.

  The Degue [Then Dee-goo-en] = The Diguising Participle; This is that you work with, as you work with those that is a point an that is not nothing except in participle. This is a point to create, as if not is a creative concept and this is but a thought. There is a basic idea as a dream is there, if a guide you can use the energy and create as needed as with a floating participle that is a point.

  Corrant Avem [Core-rant Ave-em] = Power dream; This is a power dream, as if you are a point to know and use is a thought. The setting up of a power dream, is use of a chi boost and power surge that follows that restores and sets off the idea in effect as this uses hazy smoke as if to use wheat with energy to set off this effect. Wait this out to cancel the cancellation and the dream goes, on or stops as if you wanted it to and things fix themselves.

  The non wad [Then None Wade] = The non word; The moment is a purpose, as time in a moment and that is a point as you toss out gum to create a non thought and use is not in the mind that you can use is as this spell an is the point to make, this is a concept and is a made idea that creates what you think and you are what to seem or nothing seems real. This is a discrepancy, in the past and a good thing in the most recent life or not in an effect to do. This is a thought that is what, you do you create with as a source and the effect is made. There is a thought to do and nothing else is there to do, as if you are not in mind and you are considerate you can get what you want no matter what this is in mind. This is the moment you are a purpose in mind, and thought is what can create as this is the vibration that causes the magic effect as is this [].

  The Saver [Then Save-ler] = Server subconscious; As this is that the subconscious can make and create in connect with a 'relaity' or relative reality in physical reality by relation from time differences in comparison to the reality itself as a perspective view this is a perspective in an alter view. This is with nothing, as nothing is a thought created from the change in use by lightwaves by what is thought in a motion and shifting in view may speed up. As you thought and shift about you can use the time as energy to rise above light waves and use is to shift thought as the moment is to think, believe and feel the situation as if you were in need to get things as though what you think is necessary to do what is in the senses. This is in a point, however that is where light can support in a moment to do things with an idea. That is a concept and this is what can become, an idea in use and otherwise is not the point in what is.

  Playa [Play-ahn] = This is a playa; As a true idea with a fox form is a point to be normal, or think as you want and you can create as if to do and make in a thought. As if to con, or in if is not as you do things you are a point to remember.

  Waht [Waht] = Whatever isn't; The Waet in moment thought seems as though you get idea and this is a thought, as if a fox to remember you have and indicated is what is. As this is what 'un' you have in use a thought, as if shock or not as if drugs in any belief and this is to make you as a person can do as you can as you are possessing yourself. As if a demon possession unless this makes what is to seem, and what isn't is this use as if real as this is illusion and is seen with a concept that is a make in use by thought in manifest or create in imagination.

  In Insta [In Instan] = The instant action; The instant affect that causes, as an insatiable need to make an instant idea to make a point with effect or not create at all as though an 'un insta form' in a thought with a thought and no a thought or as this is done it fades away and this destricts if needed. Use of a focusing point, that is to work and do in a moment is to reveal what is there really by an idea.

  T Hid Ward [T Hide Ward] = The fleshing wound; What perhaps can create an in mind, as you are this, things can seem as this is what makes an idea that creates the idea you think time uses as this is a fleshing dog in effect and what creates is there or not. The wounds you get can cause you to flesh out, and this is what will unflesh out as you healed up. As if an antler hit by a moose and that can heal, and the weight disapportionate to your stomach disperses as if nothing as it disappears things. This is as if a spell, as you believe you can be the idea the idea is not as though at the end you are with a concept. This is a thought, as in with nothing this is a thought that is with things that can return. As things in movement in space are sped up and shifted about, in space you are where you think you are as if in and out with a superstring. An this is in moments as this is in what a point is in or a lie, as a pointed view can be created and is what is in a concept that is not considered a lie as nothing creates with the subconscious and this isn't a concept lie.

  As this is that the subconscious can make and create in connect with a 'relaity' or relative reality in physical reality by relation from time differences in comparison to the reality itself as a perspective view this is a perspective in an alter view. This is with nothing, as nothing is a thought created from the change in use by lightwaves by what is thought in a motion and shifting in view may speed up. As you thought and shift about you can use the time as energy to rise above light waves and use is to shift thought as the moment is to think, believe and feel the situation as if you were in need to get things as though what you think is necessary to do what is in the senses.
  An this is the moment, as in moments what you think is revealed by your spirit as truth or lies. As this is true, then it will show up at a moment you think it will or last a moment till your senses are adjusted to the moment. Time in a bubble shield will cause this, as you think or feel what you want then your spirit will shift you as that is in time you are what seems to be what exists as you create your own presence. This can feel cold, and as use is there you can seem to exist as you think the form, and you need can create it and you are what you want to seem like if you like the form that is percieved. Treat this as a preview form, that is if you want yourself to be that way. Believe what you will and what what you will, and then act as you will think and use what information you want. As you do so, in superluminous light travel think what you want as you will you can create. This shows up, as the moment you need it it will be there.
  What you do is up to you, or lying down you can seem to do what is done. As is if this with nothing thought, and felt things that are right are done instead you are capable. As you can seem to do what is done, in an moment of thought and imagined or en created action in time. As this is nothing thought in nothing is gained, unless felt to seem to seem necessary in thought. This is can seem or not, this is with thought of light and think and you are above in a lighted way. This in a moment is to show you whats wrong or right as the way you go and this is to seem a pathway as you appear, then you are what you think to seem. Think and you do what is necssary in art and outside of art and if you can manifest you are a mage.
  Now as what you will, can seem to be as you think on a moment for necessity, to focus and use things correct as an idea in a point of view consider your flaw or then create. As you don't think of the flaw, and think to create as the flaw isn't as you feel the right from wrong and avoid the flaws you have but what is considered insanity. If things are used correctly, as with an idea in a point of view thats accepted on point of view as activity. Then the machine or weapon, guides your mind in your mind you might see it as if you are a thought and the machines and idea is energy in thought. This is not exactly possible, if there isn't the right things done in the right time as each their own way.

 Videleze as Valdeze [Vie-d-el-lee-z-en as Vald-eez-en] = The Valdeze effect; This effect is what you get in a point, that isis effortless use can create things that are in mind. This is what you do, or use to think with what you can see as this can seem or not as if you overstep the boundaries. You state you get the excess energy that is directed away, to another place and the time that is for protection sake. This is what gathers energy that is chaotic, by chaotic influence there is a moment that causes a destruction in mind. That is where this is gotten, as feeling gathers and felt in the mind is with the body sensation. This is felt as wrong and and is known to cause mistakes. What is then is possible now, and where no more psycho motion is causing psy, and that is psychic reaction and is a slight pain or felt effect. What is felt, and what is then is different from what is there. Psy in motion is where you can be assured, of what that is there will be accidental or not as you cause personal points of disaster.

  The PyroSild [Then Piro Sild] = Fireshield; This is the idea to use is as the raise up of energy, this is to surround with the area as a source with a fire that is with wit on the idea that is what ye can do as in activity. As the effect lasts, this is the moment to do and as things exist, they are what seems right in the correct conditions.

  The Neg Kine Motien [Theh Ned-g Kide-nen Mote-line-en] = The negative kinetic effect; Tis is the ease effect to look and eat up in an reversal in idea, that effects the energy, and you are inversive to eat up the fat and the body weight disperses as if it disappears. This by use as the body does, an energy trick to simply disappear itself. Or in mind, unsuggest and nothing at all in all as is an is in what idea unless necessary. As if a point and this look is new, this is what seems here if needed to change it then things are. Otherwise, look not or see new as if in this this is what isn't in a thought, as what is accepted is sometimes dismissed or not what things see they are in alter sense. If no alter sense, if you do so then negatively its undone as if not happened and there is possibly something as its obvious unless looked for think there is difference and if none there isn't unless you think about, and allow your eyes to adjust your vision and the perception adjusts and the things that are meant to be seen are seen and look know and see as what is there.

  Ie Ie [Lie-en Lie-en] = Though understanding; Now you understand as by this spell, you can get things interesting as to acknowledge and do is as though what is isn't and you naturally shift.

  Ie Gen = [Lie-en Gene] This spell is to look and seem good by what you say that is where you are nice, as you are yourself you be nice and you are what you do to those you see except if you believe yourself sometime you are and watch what you say as you are heard whatever you say. This is to force good behavior, and you can see improvement whatever you do you seem and isn't as to do this. You don't do this and as if you are an idea, you can do the same or do different unless you trap the avarice by avoiding it and you can stop it right where it is.

  The Ie Gen [Then Line-en Gene] = The ideal motion; The moment in time that is nothing, can seem a use in an idea in an opportunity that knocks and if felt bad is bad now if it was felt good is good. The opportunity knocks spell is not, as if in a thought that isn't but a comparison between two places and usage is up to you. The manic nature disappears, as soothing energy as if dispersed energy is in there in unuse. This is the dispersing, of what is wrong and inconsiderance is gone from life or not.

  T Mai Ef [T Main Ef] = The creative effect; The use is a moment and things you distract with are not thought, this is a concept and as you do things in unlimited idea you can get an unlimited result or not and this ends the effect. If non result you can get things, as if an easy way is there and only when energy in enough idea sense is not there.

  In an en [In An en] = The momentary end; The moment in an end, there is a place in thought in there that is no natural end that is a point that survive you shift and go with nothing but a thought. This can seem use of a body, in as a thought is no suggestion of control if a concept and if your a use. What in use is nothing by what you do, un en is a mention or sigil or not as if you can create as if there is a reasonable cause. Sometimes this doesn't work, and what you do is look like a fool. Then if unnecessary or not if you suppress, n is the action that is by thought with end a natural activity as if harmony is in use corrects the rythmic energy. In use body isn't done, as if the energy is there to heal by you cure by frequency, nothing isn't incurable and think what want in there as this is or not now as if you don't intend things you aren't doing them unless needed. If you send energy, you can restore the body as if not dead or not ends the act that should happen.

  The J E Ent [Then J Ee Ent] = The momentary creator; Think in thought as a pattern emerges in the world and you get better, this spell is a creation aid and as if you do things you can work and create an idea is thought in mind you are wholly sane. That works with a thought, and this is an aid to the creation process. As if no use the need is gone as if you are what you think, or not as in a thought you send energy and you get some other idea to use. The moment this ends, in an idea you are fine and things that end are interesting. Ask a question and your mind is boss of this moment, you are answered in the moment as if the right idea is a concept. As if to create something is use of the idea, to create with the parts and make em you use the idea that people are whole and the parts are created in the body and in a sense greater than the whole. Think and not use, as this is to manipulate the parts use with the whole is not demise if nothing use is nothing in mind. That is where you thank and do, and use is where you go and shift away to find another place in time. To end this is to think as the idea is 'Don't enterprise and don't prise'.

  The Send [Then Send] = The conclusion; This is a point, that is a moment your an idea as this is a thought and you conclude if necessary. As the things you write and think if an act that is in a thought, as a writers stopping point in a point that lasts as the test is concluded.

  In The MRD [In Then Mrd] = The memory device; The idea is in an area that creates a moment with and things, are what they create or not as with a memory that restores things if you create a restore. As if engel your mind correction is thought as all necessary idea, that surges the energy with a thought to gather energy and use is to work as if out of the mrd.

  The Net E [Then Neat Ee] = The net room; The net in the area is energy spiderwebs in use, and use is as though thought were the current with an area to use. This in thought that you think, and even if you tap your skull and your in the cybernet in mind and the internet in use as you think to seem you are in thought as if a helmet were on your head that may work or not as if things were correct. The directive idea in use is what can seem to direct thought, the just one tap to the imaginary helmet is what stops this as after the use of the net energy is there. Stop braining is a point.

  The Deon [Then Dee-on] = This is the decon; The moment is a thought, use of roach kill powder with death energy from the body added to what is called Boric Acid essence in thought. This is used in a roach bait and the thought, is a conscious recreated or not as you don't need it. This is to seem expansion in consciousness, as you can use this is conscious to kill them or not with use as if a spread influence. The death is a roach that isn't with use from ki, to kill with this is the idea in thought use and you are well as you realize what you think is needed, and in the effect is to kill all of them and you are enlivening yourself with a point to nothing in to do is as if you think as felt you are killing a problem.

  T Cacet Mai [T Casey-eat Main] = The Concept tricks to Create; In tricks of the magic this is magic create, as the concept is a thought and in an idea you are what you seem as you show what it does or in thought about to seem. These are a thought and thought is a purpose, where you are in a debt or make use is a point to create as though 'ca' and this makes the thought. Where things you do are created, imagine yourself as if there and this is a moment to create or not do. This is a point where these are a moment in time, then is what and no is in to stop a use by use or not in mind. Nome is what sets this off as if the creator.

  Carr Trix [Carr Tr-pikes] = Car trick; This trick is to make and create with a thought, and as you do this creates the brain effect in a box of your choice as you think in energy. This is the raw idea to create itself as though to act a brain in alternator conduct in by the car battery or direct use is flux battery energy, or not near as a construct to which makes the brain and car is the metal object. In mind, it can appear like anything in nature that uses the humans, as though a brain is to think at it to think as with a thought and do as if it runs to use fuel and as if in use. As if a conscious effect produced by the subconscious manipulation, this is a point of what is a thought and thinking as you think. This in use can be consumed with rage, if your not and seem a demonic engine in disguise as of a car called a demon car in which produced are a demonic vehicle that runs itself vehicle or not 'in aspect and out result as its good'. Or not and the idea stops, and your idea is your own. As you think for yourself, and this instructs the car or vehicle with faery results gnown as in 'Carreate'.

  Cereate [cear-re-ate-n] = Brain in a box; This trick is to make and create with a thought, and as you do this creates the brain effect in a box of your choice as you think energy essence. This is to create itself as though to act a brain in conduct, or near as a construct to which makes the brain and box is the object.

  The Tho Dol [Then Thong Dole] = Then thought done; The thought to make things, is what can seem to be a compromise to the moment that is there and yet deals with energy to correct what you see in a moment. Thus, to think what is and work to shift a pattern, to the surge and the shift rune you can create what is what and create what is in mind or not as nothing is necessary.
  Ie Ia E [Line-Liable E-n] = The savings; The moment is saved by what is and things are done. This is the point in 10 seconds, that Temperally located reborn saves you from the problem you get from an attempt at the end of a moment as if from the series.

  The Pt Cy [Then Pit C-Why] = The point save; The moment is the point, this is where sye from the Naruto world is done with a point and the Doctor who saves the day for what is done is not there that should not happen.

  Pik Deset [Pike Dee-seat] = The cease and desist; This is the police moment you cease and desist and that happens, if you cease and desist you cease and desist as in the hired gang known as the pinkertons and the group stops of workers as if you are returned and on the spur on the moment. This spell can allow you to see if the moment is true as if one of them, fight in full as if you were.

  Resan Rulet [R-ee-sane Rule-let] = Russian roulette; This the area and this is the point, where the russian is pointing a blank gun and says russian roulette. Then thinks and shoots as you are not hurt. As if life was a gamble, you survive anyway as an en is a well mind.

  The Pata [Then Pate-an] = The pattern; The pattern match is a moment you think in the pattern, this can cause attack to those that are criminals except computer crime if the person intends to do so and as you are what you see or what you want to be. You are dancing and you get the idea, as you see what you see. This is from the book series, with a reality prince and Orden.

  The Senty = [Then Sent-why]  The Sentient; The sentient is the idea that came from the scene and sentients, that is a tv program and the moment is to live and save the day. This is the scene, to live and be super strong and super fast with psychic paranormal ability from this source.
  T Com-Pua [T Come-Pue-an] = The Com-puter; The com-puter from the Xanth series, that is like Hal and uses the basic idea with this as is programming with orgonne the computing AI skill and then you are not now near. As if you are a point to its senses, you are able to work with it and the Xanth land mass is where you thin the land is of and you can get better results. If you are not to be near, you can seem to be redirected away from the area as if invisible security were there. If this is a point, as this is done and its not as though a moment if you were not to be effected and is not to happen if not needed.

  T Eae Atr [T Ee-at At-r] = The crystal attribute; The crystal attribute is the moment, and as the moment is a point to get things to find concept to do. What you charge the crystal with, you can change the attribute to think it different and make is to send energy to the crystal as what you think is what it does. The trick is to program it, as if reprogram a thought to unprogram it and the crystal is where the thing it does disappears or not. As a crystal trap is set by the trap, as this is an idea that is thought and visualizing the event it does as it does it when you think to it. To release yourself you are to think 'not effected', as 'remasin' your not effected and you can remain and things do as you want. As if you were what you thought you ask and get preferred nothing.

  The Tri Myt [Then Trick Mit] = The trick glove; The glove is a thing and you can personally use it to use energy as zero-force gravity, to make your mind seem as if a god and your body seem normal or create with chi to make life normal with life as chi as the idea is a fix.

  T Id Blast [T Id Blast] = The mind blast; The mind is a thought, as energy is the blaster in the hand. Think and it will shoot, a bullet of special idea or not and the  effect is a three button press in the area that you demise in this is not there. Each button does things, to use this is to think and the buttons set themselves as you think they should be as possibly one to kill one to revive and one to create effect that you thought on. Set the crystal you think to hit in the target and you can press the button as one press is all you need to get a result to get an effect in what this is as targets.

  The Shoy [Then Show-why] = The scenic view; The crystal that is can show what is there as you or your spirit wants to see, in real life or what is in scene as you think to see it. As if with a single press of a button or you can ignore, view any real movie or a movie of choice. Any scene and any part that you want, as if you are a point there is a moment to show or any show as else. If necessary, you can view and write. This can help you learn any attribute, or thought to do in work and thinking to bring it refree back. That is to inst is to know it and you learn things that are true, or not as your subconscious is what can show you to see in a view.

  T Miyl [T Mite-why-l] = The miracle; The idea is the moment, this is possible if energy is drawn as if no or from a high enought state of existence if an en that magic happens by the creator and that is a miracle.

  The flub [Then Floo-b] = The slip; This is the freudian slip, or not is this is what makes things in the moment that is out of a tragedy that leads you the moment as if you were an idea to do or this is a point to conclude. In the end you return, to the place you want to be or were.

  The Orbtz [Then Orbtz] = The engineering trick; The idea is a point as if orbitz and what you think is the thought, that gets imprinted if it is what they you talk to want in variables and out effect. This is to make or allow the person to make their own genetics effect not exact, or you might forget and this is just a strain they get to define things as its by self with thought they become as they define it or it becomes a variety you. If you take the strain out with thought of removing genetic information, as if to remove the information of the strain is done except with resistance to the genetic idea if you want the idea. That is seen and you can control, as if an opposite or do things right and as this ends the condition or use is restrictive. If not if a concept in use is information if thats taking from the aura, as genetic information unless that removes itself where you strip the information with a taking off of the clothing and this is if a demon possession removed by dissipated itself.

  Pie = Pie; Thats all you get with the energy that comes with eating pie as if the number pi was thought as an influence.

  The Ie Id X [Then Eye-eh hIde Exh] = The Idea mind; The idea in mind is a purpose at heart, as you are your own as if a purpose your in a moment and as the moment ends you are as if restored. This is the idea, as that is a mopping this is a spell as this is to create matchmaking moments.

  Ei Ea [Ee-in Ee-an] = The imaginary mind room; This is in the area you are as you think in your mind as if a tardus, anytime and anyplace and as you are the best wish is a point that you see and are if you arc the idea and as you do things you are free. Free area is through what entrance that you think to use, assuming you don't assume and think if an idea is as you name the thought you can use what you want and whatever you do is whatever you do in thought as what you do is thought and alone as thus acceptable advice is there in mind. Think to return is to seem in an area, and imagine the area and time as it was to see as things are this is to change the i to intelligence and you are imaginary no longer. If you are not acceptable, as a point to do there is to not here and you are where you think. To shift the room think, say make as if to create as the time is the watch and in you can seem as you want in the area. You can experiment in the imaginary, mind room in and out get experience that doesn't count until useful not you can return to your own time. Whatever you do is what you decide you can use, as a thought and as this seems as though a real world you are where you are and you can make the conditions. As you think in what you want, and out is with what they want or don't see the need for things unless necessary. Otherwise the rules are up to you and if you leave the mindroom you can actually not but pop into the area that you want to be. Whatever time you jump, to seem is as whatever time you are in you are as your area is shown.

  Ia Ei [Eye-an Ee-in] = Thought in a moment; Think in a thought and you are what is viewing an episode, this of any favorite anime is animation in thought and this is a free movie view.

  Ie Ia Ep [Eye-en Eye-an Ep] = Instant match up; That is the idea that comes up with a thought or woman and other is what is a concept, as this is a point to do as you are what you think and is thinking in thought is a pattern in minecraft.

  The Smo Bo [Then Smoke Bow] = The Smoke a bowl; The moment in an idea, this is the smoke a bowl in a moment as if a weird effect in a science idea, you are in an effect and cancel if you don't want, not as this is a considered idea that is a duby use not as you don't have to do this.

  The Eiei Ef [Then Ee-eye-ee-in Ef] = The Moment ef; The momentary effect is in an idea to use or in no as thought not and you are what you think, as if nothing is done and you can do as if what you want isn't in a scene. Think what you want with this, as if your use is negated and this is in negative particles that effect positive idea or not. As excuse is given or with nothing done and you can stop, ritual is use and wanted hunting isn't done by the effect you can seem without a use or in an idea you work as a concept. This in the moment is to make as a thought no in the moment, if you wish it you get it if you don't you don't and work the thought as you seem to desire the end idea as if the ends.

  The n Room [Then n Roo-m] = The in room effect; This idea is a in room space in thought. This in is a point that a thought is a place in mind and that is a moment, or not as that in a use is a placed thought that in someone else is a room. That has nothing in it as in a thought this is a placed moment in what is a thought, that they can do if they think it as if their will and use is their energy.

  I in [Eye in] = Intellectual use; This a point that use is on what you can imagine, and in a point that is thought with you can use a thought to make   a wish. As you use the thought, you create the effect of a moment to get the wish with a thought of a source as 'ysh' as the eye is in the I.

  The psi [Then P-sih] = Psychic agreement II; This is a point to do as if a recall, is a spell and what you do is with psychic use by thought in ability. Un Psi cancels it out.

  The Psi Aye [Then P-sih Aye-in] = The psychic agreement; Thoughts in mind are thoughts in agreement, unless your view is different and thoughts in mind are what lead you in a different direction.

  The Psi Mont [Then P-sih Mont] = The psychic moment; This is idea that is with a concept, for that uses a psychic build up and is with a thought as you are psychic with a concept to watch.

  The Ate [Then hAte] = The At E; The attack with energy by spirit, is what this spell or thought creates as weight loss or this builds things on a thought with attack. The stop is the stopping point as if your not actually doing what you intend, you stop and do as you don't attack and that is correct as that is what is to see and you show what you think. Things you do there are what you seem to bear or not and you revert to normal, as is you don't need to and realize what you do to avoid what you hate in thought. You stop if you don't care, as if in agreement as if to do was not there to do.

  Use Pt [Use-en Pit] = The point; The concept is the joke in idea, and in thought that wis realized as you do things as a point is done in an use. That is unlimited by unlimited view unlimited thought.

  The Ra Ie [Then Raw Eye-en] = The raw idea; This is the fact of tact that is wrong and as yet seems right in what you do. If you can't do things, you can find a way in and do and leave as you find a way out. This is made by a spell that is viewing and 'causaing' is making a cause, and as if you think to do as if you think the created idea is what and in use is that as you think you can use malfortune and things. That is what can get attention, to the fact that is what they should do. This is the raw deal En.

  The Meme Use [Then Me-me Us-ew] = The instinctive use spell; Focus in thought is focus to do, as with the spirit you can do as things are done and as you do this is guided by intuition. Think as a point is this, the only use is the focus as a moment and in moments you are a point of imagination. Return is what you may do that is done with a thought, as you return as thought is energy and you are where you are supposed to be and if there things in mind aren't there.

  Foc Tho [Folc Thong] = Focus in thought; Thought to do is thought in mind to carry on unless now isn't needed and thought to do is thought in idea, focus though is in thought as this is where you are not in intention as you think what is this the idea to do. Think and you are this as this is with nothing, or do or do not think you idea in as if a thought and as if you are where. You want to be gone and isn't concept, as what is there in mind isn't what makes an effect. This spell is a point that is done, or not done and as you think you are better off than focus with nothing. Thin idea is focus of the effect in an area, that it should be in and with this idea is a spell that makes the idea different.

   The Cha Bombe [Then Chan Bomb-en] = The cherry bomb; This is the bombing point as if use is a cherry or fruit and thought you do, works with pleasure that creates fire in aspect as if you do the cherry effect is to cause you to loose weight. This is only possible if the prospects are willing to spiritually, as if possible and thought you do causes what effect you want intended the effect is effort that is from the subconscious and replenishment is done if needed. As if a bomb is thrown to the area and flames of chi, are what occurs to cleanse the area.

  T Ora Ex [T Ore-ex] = The Golden effect; This is the golden idea effect that, and no matter if its a thought or not its a thought in purpose and this is to think of a purpose in thought. Use the necessary ideal, that is from the spirit as if information just comes to you. Just quit and do as you normally do something, you adjust in mind and with body you do as you are what you seem and use is the chi, as a life force of ability in focus. The Golden effect is to use a thought and know a thought, as you are what things are conduct using in thought that which is in mind. Think the thought as you feel the original idea that can make a use in purpose, you do the effect if you are intending the idea that can be done. Now if you use golden infini, you get unlimited results in an out with the thought that is percieved or think what you like ad you are not ever controlled by what you or others do if you don't want things to happen to you. In life you can get an idea thought are positive in ideal, with results that are what you want and can occur as if thought possible you create what is.

   The En Ca [Then En Can] = Endless concept; The writing concept is what you think, and if you think things and as in thought what you get is the thought that is what is gotten as if in the mind. This ends on a disagreement, or now as you are what seems effortless you are not what you see to seem. This is a point to do, if a path to no pain and use is the idea then that you can use or as not use is nothing said is nothing done and not dumb at all and experimental if in need. To end this stallions spell, is to trace a sigil in idea and think stop.

  In = In there In their In here; The luciper effect, that is the effect you get effect from whatever room that you can visit and you are what you think. Cancellable, this by leaving the room, area and idea that you written or not as if you have it thought. This is as you appear like someone respectful and end up as yourself. In idea you are with an effect, that is with some thought to use as in if the conclusion is by moment or not is the effect. Demense or not is the release, just enter the area and go about. Where you end, up is where you are as this in life is an aphrodisiac. Much like a drug, and not a drug at all as it is energy. In transpheric viewpoint, this a drug effect and that is somewhere else.

  Out [Out] = Outer apartment in an outer dimension, that is what is a thought in a point of what time is and yet you aren't there in thought if you say or think to be where you actually are in true self in energy. Visitable by what you think is necessary as you are there as you are appearing.

  In Ip In [In Ip In] = The fixing effect; This is the right thing to say, as if the right moment or not as if the correct idea were available to use. Yet not done is this spell, if you don't need it or nothing is done. As you believe in result, you are believe and things name themselves according to what is said in life and value is variable in what you think or not as you are not a dog or animal. Time is what you are thinking and the variable is there as to set things in idea as motion is what creates the ideal as in an effect you are expecting me in things and as you are me you are yourself. Whoever you see is me as you are yourself. As there if im me you are in your room and as you are in others you are a guest mistaken as the area or person that owns the area or not as things are wrong. Wrong thought gets wrong reaction and as you are as concept you can leave and as you are there you are here in life as yourself. As you do something, not do is what can fix the things that are fixable.

  Vobu X [Volume But EX] = Volume buster; Volume adjuster the max, as a volume that adjusts itself things intended to adjust will adjust for what you are as you think as though a motion and things you look at are adjusted. Otherwise if not intended to do things this won't do anything, or not will not let this effect work and you are an idea that is yourself as this is where you can seem any shape as if a moment you think and you can adjust any variable and idea in life as with a look, this is a twist and this is as if the volume is max and normal if your not. If you aren't your in game and you can seem like anyone, that as a momentary person awaits you or not you, as if not and you are looking for an area. The sequence in this idea is not done if you think. Outer area, spacial in area life, and as this visit in life you leave and this visit ends. Saying in life on any line cancels this out and yet you can eat and if your not careful gain weight.

  Co Mai [Cop Main] = Dick wix; Not in to do is this effect, as if a pleasure point this freedom is from oppression with the idea is something and things in thought are what seems. After what you think you can create, think or not do nothing as if to find a thought and replacement effect to find what is as a concept. The actual think in a moment, is nothing but pressure points that create a release from pain and thinking is what isn't allowing pain a path.

  Ip Efx Con [Ip Ef-ex Cone] = The concentration effect; The concent is what creates, and things will or will not happen. If focus is in thought on what you thin and think on, you can manipulate the idea in the effect. When you cast this you can get nearly anything done, but nothing will happen if it is wrong.

  The con Umo [Then Cone Loom-ohm] = The concept change; This is a concent that in an idea form, you can change anything to anything as if any thought is or isn't, as if "what isn't is" as if you are a point and nothing as if you start that now you will do it at the end unless necessary.

  Swi [Swin] = Swan; Swan is the moment in mind that you are in an idea to fix, and convert things and to seem and what form is what assumed shape in what you do. There is a shape in as there is that which is in mind as that is a point to think on and fix or not in mind.

  The Act Id [Then Act Lid] = The Act in mind; This is the moment your crown chakra in sense comes into play, as you don't always know what you do and those that sense this are not picking up on this from your mind. As this is true you know, what they think is revealed to you by the third eye and will feel out what they do. By this spell, the moment your dead by activity due, with what you do by inactivity you can seem as if you want to live and seem to be your next life and still keep your mind and memories, as if you are in experience by what is in mention. If the memories come back by focus, but what can resurge is the energy and things in thought are in the area what they seem in life wherever you think on in the area.

  The Ip Addy [Then Ip Addy] = The third eye; The moment you do, is the moment that is a cost lowered. As in you do activity the cost of prices are lowered and indefinite as if I have. This is the moment that the third eye causes the moment, to occur that is necessary as isn't is possibly ignored or not and the moment ceases as stop is done. This is as the chant, of "this is the eye of the person that reveals in thought that creates in a thought" or "the eye of the person creates what is". Be careful as if the moment is offense, it seems a bit interesting but in thought this isn't as if you invaded someones mind or place and as an area is thought or used as a source of energy. The source in this case, is the superstring that teaches you things by showing with the leylines of what is energy, quit showing in life or not is nothing done by what you least expect or will happen, if in thought in mind and not in mind by body. That by your actions are known, this is by the spirit before you do them and what you do in thought is not there.

  Ie Ien Ie [Lie-en Eye-en Eye-ehn] = Super nature super power; This is the thought thats strength, by what you think and the natural intuition is what can create and you do what you want. This in a concept, is that which creates and things in like nature come to you as a natural result is favorable. As a favor to do, as if asked and it depends on who's acting the parts, as if this is who's asking and their subconsciousness is the one that were an act out by response and not as favor is with thought as if this is an idea to create. Who is the asker that is thought, and this is a post-reaction activity done for them. Now beware the reaction as if a ward is use by the string that is hyperreactivity, however it is not that wards away the reactivity and makes the bad not in. As to happen a positive thought, this is in string theory represented by thought as if temperally the asker were given what they wanted. This is a spell effect, that can actually happen if believed to occur in thought as a natural result is an end result as if by the third eye.

  I Ie Ien [Eye Eye-ehn Eye-En] = The post phase gap; This forms the post phase moment that there in a point is a concept that is I Ie P, or au naturale in moment time is not always done unless in natural moments to come and only if allowed for is it there in the moments that come as though thought that is the hyper energy from au naturale mA energy. As you cause the moment as though the moment was there this is a point in the, past that forms itself if believed in by the superstring theory and use is thought in moments that happen with what is thought. I Ien Ie this is the end moment, naturally seen and done in time that is there that reverts to normal and things can seem of spells and activity are normal, an in appearance you are warrior sane. This is without trouble, as thought zane normal everyday activity. In zane action there is sanity under pressure, and thought energy can cause in appropriate notion the result of a manifest that is illusion till believed in as a thing in what you call action and another can call illusion. You decide and think of what you want, to do as if that is the part to play and no supposing is done. Easily dismissed on thought, unless seen with the eyes or not as your curious.

  The Tep Ioyy [Then Teal-p Eye-oh-win-why] = Temporal anomaly; The temporal anomaly motion is what can create with a thought, and cancellable by a thought if you intention by what is not temperally you can get more results an when you return you are not dead. Rather unstupid and not forbidden as that is the way use will make you, as your not in body in the forbidden zone. Without you in a concept, in a point that love or otherwise is use the idea that energy is ancient and harmonious as to create is a thought to use.

The Taboo [Then Tabes-loo-oh] = The forbidden zone; The zone is a point and earth is the day I see, if disaster this is not as I am but what observation ia moment in what is a concept. This is a moment to see and you to gnow, and in allowance as you search for advent motion and create a peace that is a point to not interrupt. As in a concept, you don't interrupt as you try to see and without any concept you can still do things to fix what is. However, if you can you may fix the thing but not that as nothing can be done except to observe, and write down the idea that occurs as a point to use as a source. Use is this system, to be in the past seem in the present and write things in the future point identified, as a point that is one to observe and the power point is in the moment to seem as if in advocacy.

  Tiz [Tide-z] = The end zone; The moment is in time at an end, and with thought you can see with wand to do with want that is nothing, use in a motion is thought as if to make independance or not is a use by what is in energy in that you draw and not create with. As if in there in the end we are but one mind many bodies. As if in a moment you are as immediate disruption to the area. As this is something with a point to seem good, this is a concept that you can use to turn daemon and shift anywhere that is needed to be or not.

  The Is En [Thehn Is En] = The En Idea; The idea of what is but is unknown, this is the creation act of what is in mind as you are what can seem and do if for now is an en act. You can say and do what you think, and try is in an idea for what idea you do you can get better with this spell. Spell what you do you cannot, or not do to whomever is not wanting things on them. The point projected at is not always there, as if tragedy you can get a violent reaction in motion or nothing at all.

  Igne [Lint-net] = Ingenuity; These moments are an en ore act that is what cannot be conducted by these that is what you say are by the spell, that is to ignite the volcano or cause a firey eruption in the area that you leave in thought. The act is a cost of accosting, that is what in viewed combat is what you cannot demise. In this thought you are not in any moment that is observed, Then in a bad effect that counters what very badness, you are corrected for what you thin to seem and focus away with a point to be where you want. Do not do this.

  Hid At [Hide-At] = The Body Hiding Attack; This is the touch on the body, is to let the feeling flow and focus the energy, as you think and strike out as a death or something in thought in mind will occur in the moment you thought you hide what is attrocity.

  T Miy [T Mine-why] = The conditioning; That is the problem as you do things as this spell creates resting spaces you can watch, as this makes what isn't there by any action that is done or not you create by the thought formed into existence. As if this is an opposite reality, use here is not the activity here  in the positive reality as you can do things in no effort to don't fix or think and get a positive activity. Set the problem work the point or leave the point alone. Avoid the past if you do this spell, as you can get very bad in mind or bide in action and this is better. Ingeminous is the idea you think, and you cast to create from the body. In thought in body, things in thought isn't in action.

  Ni Sex [Nit See-x] = The Night sex; This is the moment night, in mind can form a sexual partner to work with whomever in what you think in life and in abrupt sex you are halt and you stop. Halting is the problem as your procedure, this is fixing the moment and creating what you want as you get them to stop by in thought what they observe in mind. In observe and don't comment, if you are an idea you are invisible.

  Nimbrite = [Nim-brite-en] The nightbringer; The incited sexual desire that creates a sex act, with night to make as you think in what you want. Ignited moment is that which is in time that is denoted by sex of some in sort, as if in a moment thought that isn't with a point and this can use sex as a source to make an event. Ingnited in the mind, is the thought and the moment you feel is what occurs things. If you don't intend to do this, with a person that cares then don't.

  The Evei [Then Eve-ee-in] = The evil eye that is caused on the person, by what is done in which caused great harm or back problems, as you are "ein" or eating in a point of mention to do rescue and think as you give a gift. As an end result is an incomprensible mouth that forms on the mouth, and you are what seems weird in mind in what this can create or not.

  The Eveimia [Then En-ee-im-lie-an] = Reality glamour or the evil eye; What you do is in real life in life if good for the purpose is a positive feel if bad for the purpose is a negativ feel, you are okay as if a fox magic user as a great user born is usable in form in life in mind in body and otherwise use now not as I am. As a reality glamour, this is false glory as a good this is seeming a natural idea to real life. As this causes in a trick repeat, as if this is not to be claim an attack fox is there you do but others do things in a different way. If you falsely accuse you falsely adjust, this can cause in negative idea repeat moments you are not doing them in life force. This spell can create a large energy, that is possible to seem fire. In nothing in mention is not as, if in form and thought in mind by what you think in mind.

  The Evoin [Then Eve-oh-in] = The focus spot; The spot of disruption that is caused by the person that studies a point to disrupt bad effect, this is where you focus on a spotor area then think to work by what is done in which caused restoring with brain function returned to normal, no disease or no back problems.

  Idei [Hide-ee-in] = Use in effect is what is a point that mention is to do things, as if what you do you are speaking if thought seems as if stated by what you do in thought.

  Idellbis [hIde-en-ll-b-eye-s] = In the shape is a fox as is the energy of the person form as a bastard girl is name the idea to become, what can seem right is right and in condition that is used create as in thought you are in what mind you want. This is in things as you are to create what species you want in view of an area in life, or not as this is what brought this about in original idea. As quotes are from Ieven the black, "Iecies what can change form. In essence this is a fox form that is with one eye, as if you were an idea the fox is a point in life that can dissaparate and if the moment is done". This dissapates "essence that shouldn't be as if to seem nothing" and do nothing, if the form is dispelled as it is forced to leave you can revert to normal from the genes and keep the fox spirit essence. Don't cast this spell if you don't intend to do things as stated by what you think.

  The Cetrua [Then Essentrun-ah] = Centrum use; Centrum is the cure as "The centrum cure". This is the centrum in use with a spell to enhance a thought, and then create a source and as energy you create a use. The idea is a thought, that if use is detected, you can make use of the used energy as you cleanse the idea in your mind. The thought is a point that is a cure, that appears in a vitamin to get use think of the activity and what you use is a timer and think of a clock as you think "don't be cruel". To view and use the idea that you think, to see as a point is something or not at all in a point that is a concept.

  As a thought you can use what is in a thought, but only if you keep temporally quiet as you use the temperment idea to create a thought that is stabilized with a good mood. In recollection, you can use the idea, if you remember what it seems to create what the end result is. As this is in what it is, what you do is use what loss as an experience to do what is in a use is a thought in result in the air by visual idea or not as nothing happens.

  T Cu'r Al Ya [T Culn Al Yah] = The Cure Motion; The cure of a monster that forms from the midnight air, that is a cure to all. To cure motion sickness, this can also control cars that think as your moving that your not moving as you think or do in activity. You can end up murdering things. Think and you resist move as you send sent energy to somewhere else, and that you you gesture and as if mention stopped moving. Think and use water as you can move with your movement or on their own as in the link you have to them caused this can fade in yourself as you dissipate the effect as energy away and deflective in use is in any incident. You see as you think in what they do, as you observe as the thought is impression your will is known.

  This if thought as a paralyzation force, is able to transform anything into a mythical called an alternative al. Formed from the suggestion, as a woman that has three forms. Thought by focused idea and use is feel, the form you think is the form they can use or create with by ill or kill with a thought and energy they use is from the effort of activity or part. There is a point in thought that if transformed, you can seem insane and use suggested parts as a thought to sense. If not mentioned then this is cancelled.
  Energy comes in many forms formed from the link or not as you are with life they can link to the person you think, don't think of the person and if they won't in possible use by thought. As you think or put energy into something, cured by plants raised in the soil of beating as a person ash made by a volcanic eruption thought in life they can use the energy of the link as the impression in the link is energy. There from what they see from the "clergy", think or feel energy as the idea is felt and as enraging formed vision from incidences are there you can use the idea and change their minds as you think and use their energy as a source.
  Keep in the body the energy and the al are kept from forming, as with a knock to some surface. Formed by life intent what they believe they can use your belief, if you had any and thought can exist a creation by a thought use and your aura in life from a glance at a life energy formed in a book you read as a form of punishment to those disliked as an award to those that are liked. As if in a different view if in your life is attrocity you are thought and they are a point created, as a monster or not and thought exists as you think and thoughts are perceived as normal senses are sensation in a point to the idea as skin and the body is just a form. If thought dead they ignore and what you think becomes you.
  As though a good point or thought if you are thinking you are a were and alter your shape as thought flowing water, you can use their shape as a disguise and walk out. Walking in you are in a different dimension, that they exist in as they are not thinking of you they won't assault if you don't think of them. Do no crime as things against their laws as spirit formed and as they are feeling, with the auratic strength you can create with a thought by suggestion and their brains will create it. Because if in thought they read you like a book and you are knocked out, they won't read you as if you sleep and you can sleep without dreams.
  There is a moment that is ever active and not active as they feed off in a person as the energy, as they are an idea in mind so by attacking through the linked energy counted. Thee is a place they form, as they are your form and shape is your size, what you think will seem a truth as you become what you want by their will and service in no service. Whatever you are directed to think in association to them, actually forms as if from a good feeling and if a bad feelings think is if you think in a point.
  Think and acnowledge by feel and you did service, as you aren't bad they leave you alone an if you are a concept they can use what is thought. They think with the thought as energy and the idea, this is an idea by essence gathered as you think with care and they won't. As if inseparate they feed off the feel as if a shadow succubus and don't actually appear, until they feel like lively behavior formed from the thought with energy to cause curiousity. Think positive  and you are positive, with ash and shadow force disappears. They think and feel for you, as you are fey or not if you think to work with them.
  As a quick spirit transfer is a transport sphere is with their use formed from the area as effort and is what creates by thought in activity, think where you want to go and real magic by their energy is done. As the horror stories and nothing horror is thought they use an idea and get energy as though a point creation they leave and you are miserable. Thus, from anger goes the emotion to sadness as that is truth by fiction and admit in a lie this is abstenance to them. As if a thought came true and the victim is in realization they who were feeling, in allowance the activity is by the admittance by the fact that there is al and think. As if you actually suffer a heart attack, by different indifferent, activity and you who are linked to their target commit suicide.
  As they are seeing the idea sensed and it is a point to what they think if they share it with you, as the point is not wanted or as though right through the link you might or might not remember the idea. Any irregular rejection that you know is possible until you break the link by thinking it dissolved, as in acid that leaves you lucid with no thought that is the idea you had until you focus and feel real energy as the energy restores your aura and repairs by air or space. The soul by correction your mind thought returns, as your sanity is there and in thought resumes control by feeling.
  As they use their energy, a quick thought of silver is useful of the weight gain done. Cure with thought of their response thought of their intent is use and any misuse is your energy that they know is not used. This is until they are angry at you, think and they need the boost as they are thinking of an energy source. They are likely to use, if a point and separate you from them if you think not to seem apart form them. If you admit think in energy sent to the al as you can be a thought as energy completed, as value in a concept you can seem victimized by the attracted mythical beings as you think to victimize by thoughts.
  There is a happy moment in their life from what they do, as they attach themselves to you in your idea and yet not if you don't seem interested. If they don't like you they mentally sane you, and if ill you by a friend or kill, by a thought that your brain believes and your body can act out if not resisted. As though what you think is natural, they see you as insane and you are what you think as your body uses the energy and adjusts with the free flowing spirit.
  There is in thought, as in energy there is a view to the world. That use is there as you think in an idea from what you feel. The idea forms as a visine drop or something clear, think as they think where they use soluble idea in a thought that use is observed that is done. Think as vlue and they feel and use you yourself as value.
  As you you assume in thoughts they think if linked to you in thoughts, from your soul that is link by thought with something you are creating will possibly seem to assume by conscious as you. So think as you are as if a product as you think and do, as you are assumed that shape you are in effect effected. There is a point to the past in there as idea, lore in mind is known to them and as your use is a thought "visine" or clear fluid they can use their will to drain you  by what you don't want.
  As if their idea and not your own, the person linked to you is interesting. As you think you can create they will too, say no and it stops as they are dual creating you are interesting. Think as you want and as you ask questions on what you hear, you can feel a drain in energy to them you thought as in through the link in time to the person in life thought by intemperance. Think or not and this spell ends

  The Jue Abl [Then Joo-ett] = The Spell in Ability; This spell is a ability raiser, as if in damage and disruption with allot of anger or otherwise this is a point and can form what you mention. As you think to raise energy you are what in thought. As you are thought to do things you can cause or create what you think. Assumed in thought you take on the properties you thought as they think they are with those properties and by your influence. There is a spell that creates in thought and negates the rune, that dispells anything and the after effect in this spell that ends is that rune that forms peace and calm nature.

  The Writ Stri [The Write String] = The wraithstrike; The write stride is the thing as your thought is intelligence as you write in with written energy string effect that is what you think to write that can form anything, as you think to displace energy to and form from written energy that you live from and yet can shape if you think energy and state the formation. The wraith that is what you think, formed by use and with thought to be a wraith and in opinion create is from energy in fire and thought by energy. This is the point to create with and is what, as thought is to creation and in what you think and out what you do as you form a wraithlike hand you are able to think the third eye to formation and make the idea you innted to occur. As you think with focus you think the energy from the arae of the strike point and use the strike to attack as an energy wave. As the strike to think is to make and cause as you are a thought you aren't stupid or if you think and you create the possibility is almost endless until you think. Think is an idea that is alo as alovera energized with magic an able to unform the wraithform, and strike assumed you want assigned in mind you end up assaulting or not thus if assailed you won't get an effect. As this is a written idea that superstring creates in focus and this just is, and if you follow the string by thought in perceivable perception you trace it in the oververse or where you are in the universe you think to seem. As you feel a rage the were strike is a strike to somewhere as to strike where you think and hit an object as if to restore sanity. If you don't focus on the alter view to perceive energy shaped into a shape  a air energy, form as you want and you won't actually see the superstring that energy created when you thought, in conception unseen as sought with the idea.

  Tde = To focus; This is to focus on the idea, is to connect from interconnect to streamers from screamers a thriller is a laugh in battery that you hear and they are what this is and pissed off as you think you are an idea to create as if you have a twin and are defend or not. As to get a possible good result, that is clear minded with intentions that the person effected by this spell will think and if not liked won't use. Don't use this spell if you think the idea to focus on as you might form a nightmare. So avoid in use to end this spell, use "never never" as in a point and in use as a point to be normal crazy people or polite to people.

  Aseigia [Ace-see-ig-liable] = Asee in idea; As a memory thing is an idea to solve the personal problem that is not as a confrontation, you can cure or cause the idea property that is an idea that you don't like to see and do things. Think and before you know it and if you needed help there is that are not detected by the person afflicted in what is considered, this can seem liable as a disease as this acts like the real medicine that should be used as to the idea that cures and as the thing is from the thing that is unappreciated. The act is forgotten, as you think and do this is a point to cure or unlook at things. As if the thing is a thing that disappears to seem a person, you don't mind as a materialized form or in some place formed more from an interaction in mind. Now stop as the reality in the area, can form as an act to will is an act of thought of think, as if of there you can "cvhg" or in any store use the recharge energy change in this thought to create now no thought with energy as protection. As to form a space is to assign a space as a room to create an make what is.

  As isis is protection this blocks as this nor ever in with a place in mind, this is as thought as this depends on what is observed. As if a real act that is in life and before you know where and you were. As in if in thought you can use a thought as focus is a point, and if in what you use your thought becomes what is a concept that makes. You got the idea and now the energy comes back as if you are a thought in energy you can do what you want, this acts as a point nothing won't do and your thought can create space to reform reality in wave with a wave of energy. This considered in a reality wave that forms outside, as if in time that intention in thought creates through the spacial crystal. As if that uncreates and as you don't think to need and they are demised, they dissipate away in as you think into nothing existing as in existence and this is nothing else existence and in space is thought without sedition.

  Think as you are contribution in a point and as you are intention, the stop is to "not" and your use is the idea to form what you think. As you don't consider yourself as realizing somewhere you aren't. Sometimes this won't work and if you think it doesn't exist, then thought will as you are with a physical means to fix a physical physiology as a mind solution is there. As if a thought is energy and magic, can create reality using this as a source. As if your thought creates what you want, you can create a thought or use a will to create as the concept can work. Unless not needed is the idea to do, some idea is a loss of the unwanted and win is a loss as a thought is a conclusion or addiction that ends. As a win win situation in what you live, that doesn't have to seem or have been as if a wannabe you have lived and aren't anymore and lived if your desire isn't to have lived a thought it isn't done. Some time ago I was aware and in thought stop as this form killed up to use is up, as in you were a form eye things could form as you think this is interesting in then eye gain ability as hidden in form. 
  If there is a point to this spell, as you can be sure that things you do aren't there to be seen and in what life there is isn't there as is nothing more by what there is and which it is does not exist as things that are create nothing more. This is an idea secret of uncreation so don't do this spell if you don't want to disrupt, as you know as you die this is what actually seems to occur. This and more is to uncreate everything in the reality as your thinking, to unmake what is that shouldn't have ever been. As think power in activation as power point will change the form, think of your use as a way and with your thought can seem what you do use in time.

  Tedo [Tee-don] = The Tedo; The rune of tedo, socumant documento is an energy traced into the air is to create a thought and each view is a different translation viewed as a different thought comes to you from whatever you do as this. Use this spell and then trace a symbol in the air and the rune is caster plated into an metal plate as your engraving is sent to yourself as if from those you don't think invited. This is about 10% of where your western wisdom came from as if on the tag.

  Tedleia = [Ted-lee-lie-an] The tedious idea; There's no wim and there's no cockpit. That in comparison could not easily be a nightmare except the spell seems to fix things and on use, as what there not to correct in what is a point to use what is there as whatever or not this is can be used there. This could easily get you an idea not to do if you think, as you say what you want and get what in your way is a will as in a way is "noe way" undoes this. Keep the peace makes use that can easily seem done with wishcraft, that is counted as witchcraft if pointed out there is no will.

  SuaEmoeAuiz = [Sue-ah Eem-mow-eh A-oo-iz] Summon creatures XIV, summon as many tough and hideous hide creatures not in appropriate nature as ya can.

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