Atlantean Circle Spells 2

  This is a continuance of the listing where spells in thought are ranked from easiest to extremest. The circles are easy to extremely hard from 1 to 16 and in levels 0 to 15. The spell level is denoted within () brackets. Ideas gotten from D&D; and originals including Neverwinter Nights and thoughts around the house. The circles are in groups of their own elements. These spells use phonetic spelling, that may or may not work for you unless  you get the spelling right from the pronounciation key in [this]. So have fun trying them, I think to see if they do or do not exist results. They work if thought exists what you want, unless you don't need things to occur then this doesn't happen.

  So if you wanted to cast an effect by thinking about the idea, then all you have to do is think of the idea and need the effect of the thing you think will happen. If the idea doesn't occur, then you know that things are going to be different. So what change you think or sense is there, this is what will occur or happen instead by feel. That is what I call a controlled change by the idea you feel or sense, that creates from your idea and manifests fully sometimes with fee or feel.

  This is when thinking the faery will help, especially with chocolate, that is where you manifest an idea easily and otherwise the idea won't happen by the point, know that this can seem what occurs by what you want. So generate your own faery, think a fey exists as you hold your thumb and forefinger separate from each other. Then imagine energy pass between the finger and the thumb, this creates the faery from part of your soul and uses the spirit that goes through everything.

  That is done if you think the idea will or has happened, who knows as this may happen what you want. This sometimes can get better results using a sigil or empowered lines, that is thinking the idea will manifest. This is done as you trace or draw the symbol, that you believe symbolizes the idea. You see that does things, sometime all you need to do is think the idea will happen as you state the idea. This works as you look at the idea thinking that the point will manifest.

  Again, these spells can be done in two different ways, think or imagine the point to create as a result as you speak the idea to something or think to create something. Think the effect as a spell to do as you speak the effect that is the spell listed. This is a certain way to cast them that is safe however, as you feel think the creator creates the idea as an end result.

  This is just as an effect spell that can seem stated or seem in thought, so then you aren't effected negatively. This is also as you think the creator protects you from negative or positive attack you absolve. This is done to remove the need of attack and bad belief. The creator usually does this by feel, that means he or she gets from you in feel or vibes what you desire by idea you can think and sometimes write.

  This acts as though a circulation effect if you link by thought, that your thinking you do things to work with the earth conscious and the earth consciousness creates what you wish or speak as you think about the idea or the aura effects. This is with an idea you think about. Either way, if you think peace you get peace. This is by the idea of zen where you think of nothingness, the nothingness suffices to create because if you don't use nothing as you feel and state sometime what you need the earth conscious can overwhelm you.

  The earth is feeling us on it so I believe that the planet wants us off of it. This is evident and truth by the idea of what you would state that would seem normal and you end up hurt. This is the planet conscious that despises us, so think carefully before doing earth conscious spelling and not getting what you want. What I think occurs is this, the planet feels that you don't get what you wanted.

  That's of what I sensed when it creates a point to cause awareness, this is sometimes like a slap in the face or a punch by feel. If you think to debate the planet awareness you could also get hurt or then you get what you want. Either way, this is zen spelling by the feel. Just remember, that what occurs to one could occur to many and any reason could work to settle the point.

  This is how you can spell things and uses examples from many games. Think about the spell to cast them easier, you can have said them at least once right and thus you imagine the spell in some manner to effect whom you think to effect, such as the spell word itself with this is as if in trance and think of where it effects as agreement is the area you relate by area feel though this it were in effect. If as you use idea to not feel nothing as sense, so ya can see some results or can't get any effect from the phrase, then in summon energy to seem to be there by thinking its metainfluence is there. See as you are and try casting it then. Then by thought you see a game, optional is the word you choose to cause it in site to be there more effective by energy focus and focus is thought to cause or create things situate with what you see or feel. Its a point stated as in the place in for the point as spell words or thought, this is where spells are energy use by direct or created focus with imagination. So use and idea you can be 'done' with or something else thats suitable to you by feel.

  Feel to see the area and you are able to cope or can seem choatic or what you feel is disruption, so think as you create and you feel as aggravation is sometimes there and if your well. This is thought or forseeable use as feel by idea. If you can't say or count to ten don't worry you see you can count to the idea, this is as things will be alright as the right idea by the real idea is insight not results you don't want. Ya can find that things are phasable if you can't complete a phrase word and this is done by stating things to cause, this is the reason sometimes for stress. That is what is by thought that phases things out through the subconscious then the draw is to phase things in by feel is possible with the element, so the spent energy goes to an archmagus enemy or the planet as the rest of what you see is sense. Ya can't say it out loud or use is cool, this if not is done by spelling things by hot points or core energy focus and that is use. This is not as you say by that, this is what you think of that occurs when you can say the reult as an end result, so what is out with a line or limb or any finger that is energy by focus to create.

  This is not always what will complete the spell and thinking will as though using hand language. Optional is just drawing a freehand rune that means in ya mind the spell is done by yourself. This is just as thought so ya can do rituals for required materials that are there for the spell itself. See that isn't what you create or use in the point, so what you feel you focus or create with, so not as this is in nothing by idea. After casting the spell, then mentioning the thing to effect or thinking of the point to make what you need. Ya can cause a directed effect. Sometimes things that are general, aren't actually and this is thought that's felt or understood by what is used as thought or 'there' by life. So use isn't feeling as you feel to create, this creates yet not to see what is near. When ya direct the effect more than often its easier, think to feel or use things to see the effect by view.

Circle/Level - Description
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Circle XVI/(15) - High extreme of metal magic, drugs, conditions and substance effects;
(These can make you appear addicted)
Circle XVII/(16) - Gates
Circle XVIII/(17) - Spells of Ages
Circle XIX/(18) - The 6th and 7th dimension spell list

Circle XVI (15) - High extreme of metal magic, drugs, conditions and substance effects; These can make ye appear addicted or appear sober an sober is the point.

 GlycLecee = [Glic-Leecee-eh] Hydro waters, To make the drug Hydro be of the waters that are in an area.

 GDyloHydro = [G-Dillo-Hyde-roh] Manifest effect as an assumed quality in water, To enduce drug effect or manifest any effect in water as that you want to change that is an act to change in mind to create a self that creates good but dark actions to make with a thought. As, you state or will the spell.
 MakFudFva = [make-food-F-vah] make food flavor and favored water - At the naming of this spell what you need for food and water will be felt in the mouth as if you ate it.

 MakFud = [Make-Fude] Make food in use - makes any type of food ya need at the moment. If it doesn't get created then it comes to ya in some form.

 MakFva = [Make-F-vah] Make flavored water -Make any water appear from the particles of water in the air on or in a container.

 MakEFva = [Make-Ee-F-vah] Make energized or charged water, to make water energized and do as ya think it will. With this, ya will live longer and be more energetic.

 HydroMucTrans = [h-aye-d-roh-m-luke-s-trans] Clean up; Make waste removal and water dissolve makes the target, albeit being food, object or a person, dissolve into water particles.

 DovuSlutes = [dove-yuh-slute-ee-s] Make better feel; material substance create makes any substance or object you think on including food or drink. If it isn't created immediately near ya, then this will come to ya.

 KeFeSlutes = [keh-feh-slew-tee-s] create key - Makes a key out of substance itself that will mold itself to fit any lock that ye think on. Imagine the key appearing in hand as ye say spell. If not that it will draw the key to you at some point. Cast on a ring to make a key ring that responds to the wearers mental command.

 CurDopBuvnof = [cure-dope-buy-v-nova-f] cure drug abuse - cures the victim of drug abuse.

 BraneCeilRepaidyAi = [brain-eh-cee-il-reep-paid-dim-aid-ih] chemistry balance cures schitzophrenic brain chemistry imbalance by balancing it out. Creating drug by herbs and other substances for missing drug and etc.

 CebDopSlutes = [Cebe-Dope-Slute-ee-s] Create brain drug - Create a brain drug substance, creates a brain drug of substance that is in the brain from the void to make the substance drug thats necessary at the moment. This can create pain loss from the addition of dopamine thats suddenly there, or other brain drugs that are needed. This can create drugs in the body, from the brain activation effect of a signal to create the brain drug.

 MakKemSlutes = [May-ih-Keem-Slute-ee-s] Make chemical - think to make a chemical from water, air or other substance as it is near, or later on when ya are near water, albeit from idea. This chemical can be a base chemical, an acid or a combination or any other type.

 PotFuna = [Pote-Fune-ah] The potluck that causes and allows for acidic luck and food to be made and delivered by the individual for you. To be eaten at sometime and at the moment its needed.
 MakDopAOpt = [Make-Dope-A-Opt] Drug of choice, creates a possibility that reflects on now as for effect, this is where you think and allow to making a drug of choice. This creates the area and you can decide to use the drugs there if you desire them. Meaning if you use a void area, you can create a balance by the essence or the idea to do.
 SafSlutesE = [Safe-Slute-ee-s-Ee] Substance energy, ya get any essence of the substance to come to ya and its in energy form, as ya think of the need for it. If there isn't a valid reason for the substance, then it won't come to ya unless you need it.
 SlutesEAbe = [Slute-ee-s-Ee-Abe-eh] Substance of energy abuse, to cause the target to make use of substance energy too often, as though addicted for some reason.
 MakEpem = [Make-Epeem] Make cure, causes the cure to be made in some manner to any effect.
 MakEEpem = [Make-Ee-Epeem] Make energy cure, makes an energetic cure for the effect from an action that occurs.
 SoMahEpem = [Soh-May-h-Epeem] Soul made cure, makes a 'no matter the cause do effect, unless unecessary' type cure. Because the soul always does things, type cure and you cured the condition.
 MakMedDop = [Make-Meed-Dope] Make medical drug, to make a medical drug thats necessary at the moment, from any substance that ya think will work for ya.
EaPrua = [each-prude-ah] Medicine effect, makes the medicine effect the body needs, in the body for healing and balance.
 SlutesEaPrua = [slute-these-sea-ah-prude-ah] Instant medicine creates an instant medicine in solid form of some sort and some point that the caster thinks on. Think to use this carefully, as this is sometimes dangerous.
 LukABod = [Look-A-Bode] Make energy form, It reverts ya or a target to a physical energy form and cures ya as if ya don't need a drug, and you get the effect to become better in condition that also forms another you. This will cure ya of all the conditions ya may have instantly except possible mental idea. One effect thats unlooked for is that the effected may become slightly brutal, as due to the influence of energy itself, unless its resisted and then the person becomes smooth and flowing in nature and reason.
 LukAe = Look as this is, think or feel to make an E-body that looks as is necessary. It can be out of the air or formed out of a target body. This can make ya or a target cured of all conditions that are physical, as is and as if necessary. And mental conditions become an idea that can be corrected.
 EAbaIvmeditu = [E-A-bah I've-mead-lite-uhn] Energy hiatus abation, to cause a halting of effect. Any effect, that has gone rogue or wild. It effects after a little while on the idea ya had in mind of the effect as it could be a drug or condition.
 EAbaIX = [Ee-A-bah-I've-X] Instant abate, to cause an instant abation of effect that is abuse or has gone wild. This abate can be of a drugged condition or an idea condition.
 EHalt = [Ee-Bane] Energy effect banish, this causes a conditional effect banish of the effect that goes rogue and wild.
 Eliem = [Ee-lie-m] Strong condition remover, to remove any strong and bad condition from the target, where any condition can be cured.
 UoCur = [Oo-oh-Cure] Instant cure, to cause a condition to be cured in and of a target and any condition can be 'cured' by this effect.
EByic = [E-Bih-ic] Energy balance, to create an energy balance in anything to be effected as of its energy, and this can correct conditions as well. The effected will last longer with the balance. The effected of this spell may seem 'muted' to ya after its effects happen.
ETyn = [E-Tin] Energy harmony, sets an energy to appear nearby that is in harmony with everything else, causing a peaceful soothing calm and this is including the negative side. This can cause quicker restoration. Its as though a polarized energy from a tuning fork magnet were touched off in vibration everywhere ya thought on.
 EihEmorIvmeditu = [Ee-ih-Ee-more I've-mead-lite-uhn] Drug armor, causes an armor of effect by drugs or substances of some sort, that correct for ya disorders. This can cause ya to be calm in the face of danger and suicidal when attack is needed. When no attack is needed, but it was then, ya go back to normal. This uses the weight gained by drug abuse and drug effect as part of its fuel.
 EKasume = [Ee-Kase-lume-eh] Energy corrections, to form an energy that corrects the person and makes him or her more stable and corrected of problems. This is including drug and substances necessary for the corrections as it can balance the body, brain and system out.

 CurBodX = [Cure-Bode-X] Cure body, Cures the body of any condition which endangers the body, including the brain conditions.
IEY = [I-Ee-Y] Calm balance, a calm and disablement balance progress effect to get a person to accept things.
 EihYma = [Ee-ih Wyme-ah] Drug appear; Make a drug appear, in a moments glance.
 HemuLark = [Heemu Lark] metal lark, This causes a natural effect to which metal vibrations create vision in people. As, they get the right vibes and this triggers the vision. It can cause larceny by a person's effort and with idea of the need for something in the vision.
 AploeRariuyTenshy = [Ape-low-ehh Rare-lIne-oo-why Tenshy] Implosion retributive shield. Takes the charge and sends it back. Its retracting and worthwhile to use.
 EAmp = [Ee Amp] Energy Amp, Amplify energy, is what is with activity an energy as if a kinetic idea as a directed use in of activity as a point to do.
 MaiTyQ = [May-ihh Tye Q] Make time event; Make the event that happens happen now.
 MaiTyVoccUniDnaSunMiEveiHemuAlanata = [May-ihh Tye Vock Oo-nit D-nahn Soon Mint Eve-ee-in Hee-munch Ale-ann-ate-ahn] Make awakening, universally. This makes the ability awaken in those whom want to.
 Aetune = [Aid-eat-rune-ehn] Aeturnis; Gravity and eternal energy that makes effects easier.
 AviiOviiHnHemu = [Aid-right-in Over-in-ihh Hn Hee-muhn] Seasonal cold; This is to bring forth cold season when you want.
 AviiOviiHnSumaHemuAetune = [Aid-vie-in Over-right-in Hn Sume-ahn Hee-muh Aid-eat-rune-ehn] Seasonal cold summer; This is to bring forth cold season in summer when you want.
 UniAetuneEHemuZupHemun = [Oo-nit Ale-eat-rune-enn Ee Hee-muhn Zoop Hee-moon] Universal Aeturnis gravity charge. Immortalizes when thought to do so.
 UniHemuAetuneLutraSisAid = [Oo-nit Hee-munn Ale-eat-rune-ehh lutt-rah Sigh-s Ale-in-d] Universal eternal atleantian aid.
 AetuneManesUniYruHemuXX = [Ale-eat-rune-enn Mane-ee-s Oo-nit whY-run Hee-unn eXx eXx] Universal eternal power source; This creates a universal energy source from anything that is a target.
 UniHemuCospFeat = [Oo-nit Hee-munn Cosp Fee-at] Universal coping skill; This allows an ability to cope and accept nearly anything.
 RloAetuneUniHemuEvi = [R-lord Ale-eat-rune-ehn Oo-nit Hee-munn Eve-ihn] Remove pet peeve, granted.
 RloAetuneUniHemuPev = [R-lord Ale-eat-rune-ehn Oo-nit Hee-munh Peeve] Remove by eternal energy the pet peeve.
 MaiUniHemuRapot = [May-ihh Oo-nit Hee-muen Ray-potent] Make mind to mind universal chat. Whomever you want, is talked to by your subscious emulating the chat.
 UniMaiTrykVea = [Oo-nit May-in Trick Vee-ahh] Make trick possible; When you have something you want to do, then the spell will create it easier.
 MaiLutraUniAetuneHemuInaEXXX = [May-in Lutranh Oo-nit Ale-eat-rune-ehh Hee-munn In-ahh Ee Exx Exx Exx] Make universal love through gravity; Love can do nearly anything, if used right or freely.
 MaiUniLutraDefFocInaSildEEnXXX = [May-in Oo-nit Lutt-ran Deed-f Focus In-ahh Sield Ee En Exx Exx Exx] Make love focused to defend with by shield.
 IEan = [I Ee-an] Lower guards down and wean from things. This targets any living being that you target.
 InUnEn = [In rune En] Physical ability manifest, this makes unlimited magic physical. It allows an unending ability.
 InUnEnn = [In rune Enn] Elemental mastery, that is their law enforcement of manipulation. This uses objects to help manifest.
 IUnnEnn = [I Unn Enn] Return to normal; This makes the person touched or thought on return to a normal stability. Some don't feel the effect, from being numb and having lack of awareness.
 MaiEnfoCipiCopoelUniTyHemu = [May-ihh En-for Siphon-in Cope-oh-el Oo-nit Tye Hee-munch] Enacts a cop's rule magically. Cop's rule; You can get anything you want, anywhere you want and whenever you want. To follow rules as you see them as regulation and go on to do as you want.
 MaiModulumAetuneUniHemu = [May-inn Mode-ool-boom Aye-neat-rune-ehh Oo-nit Hee-munn] Create adjustment; Control the rhythm of life and make behavior adjustmests to make someone modern and seem under normal control and well behaved.
 MaiDirftAetuneUni = [May-in Dirt-f-t Aye-neat-rune-ehh Oo-nit] Make sane, by universal influence; This, cast on a person who's sick will make them sane again.
 MaiDirftNYftAetuneUniHemu = [May-in Dirt-f-t eNh Why-f-t Aye-ee-tune-ehh Oo-nit Hee-much] Make sane, across the globe; This is enabling the person targeted to make benefit of universal knowledge and become sane. This effects the world your on.
 MaiDSputa = [May-in D Spute-ahh] Fear Glot; Make death specter out of any one target. They have a death weapon they can summon, it can form as any which way you want. The death specter can even remove the soul, at the right time everything goes well. Even, floating in the air and assaailing the enemies.
 EHi = [Ee Hinh] Energy high, this can make the person become dense in the body. this causes you the caster to get high on energy itself. The effects last awhile, till a new moon comes around which cancel the effect.
  I Ie N [I Eye-eh N] = The effect; This is to create what need is there, as you get the results and you can do what you need to get results. As a triple defense of magic as if auratic shield, "I control you if you control me, as you die if you kill me or not as in thought you become me to seem me. This is the effort with a static shield effect, an I use by your spirit and a soothing spirit thought, of an added triple protection as if to the aura.
  I Ei [I Ee-ih] = The concept of revenge; This is an attempt, to do those in that do you wrong. As basically, you are able to do things and nothing is noted as wrong unless not wrong as though things were against the action and this can stop that action.
 Crea Area [Cree-ahn Air-ree-ah] = Create World Area; This is of a world area that is in a moment created inside by energy being by the creator space in a space that is a pocket dimension, as you can respawn or spawn and play any game in an area that you set by what you want to play. Think of a game scenario, and you are in the scene until out is thought and you go out of the door like minecraft. If you want not to choose to play then you are transported to choose judgement, as you are capable to do by gnowledge. This isn't created by what you do, if in you don't want the idea of effect by the effect as to remove the bad and things that corrupt perhaps are gone and you are done or as gone you shift. To think out, and in thought of leaving the game and you are transported back to your own time. Otherwise, you are in and in the game that you can choose by playing one. Whatever you you play is lost to you as you choose to win is won, and whatever you choose to lose is lost.

 Plu [Plung] = Plump form; This is the thought that is what you need to generate what food necessity, by pot luck and you get food as you can for free as people bring it to you, thus you can eat as you need and the end result is thinning with a plumpness if you get created plump. As in the moment that you eat that is when you get hungry, and as you get feed to eat as food you are even more hungry. Then on an offset, you lose the weight and you get less mass and less eating in need by what you think. Also, you know all the body pressure points as you can get, what effect you need can by the pressure point that is touched, the thought is there and that is the problem in the body, and as the aura stands to correct itself this fixes itself. This is able to be fixed by going, to the time you first cast it and then disrupting the casting. This also uses the plue, as a pet that is created by extra weight energy.

 Off Set [Off Seat] = Offset of motion; An offset to what motion there is of what you don't want, is the moment as turned off in offset effect by what you intend in the motion that is time on what is done. This causes a moment in time that makes the effect to stop.

 In Time [Ine Time-eh] = The creative game energy field; The inverted time field, as this is in effect you are able to create at will and as you don't need help you can get an idea in understanding of thought from the understanding reality of which is there. You can create energy by thought and motion by time, thought is in fractals to generate things in eventual time by thought with movement as in partial space that forms reality by what you do. Now do or don't do, in varied energy with a motion you reform as a particle form in wherever you want as you die by trial and in thought is your imagination ruled by your spirit as what you create in time ruled by moment. Unless the form is erased, as though by a hit, slap or touch its in form as a particle form in fight lost is time.

 Du Whi [Dun Whip] = This is the dullowhip cancellable in effect; That is the effective idea of what use using the attempt to make effects. The effect is then where you are, as you are and when you are as you then create a channeling effect to create as effect is necessary. Thats a nightmare, as in what you use in what you thing by touch to use, you touch commitment. The nightmare ends as you think it and you are not effected by anything you do, as you are alone with you your self. The hate effect can end by what you think on a trapped avarice that is put into a thought construct. As you are in think to do, you can whip with energy to get the chaos effect on those you are intending to get hurt in what you think on in a nasty effect. Or not as you are in thought, as you are thought done and dealt with right. The right of reiser is resolve as correction is written into the brain, but in here no as you stop it because I didn't do it. Assume the worst, as the thought is done as though you were incapacitated in a thought of fall in nothing new. This dulls your wits as you are crazy, as each hit on you is like a whip strik that dulls your wits as though thought were there and you were doing dumb tuff and whip is gone to see reuse is going where it is. And the thought is clear, that is beatin is gone as that is what is declared, in this idea war is where this was noted. The smart thought is good enough to get better results, and this is where you regain your wits in pain you are right but healing you must do or theses are not else to do. As in no attack that is in violence done as excuse is violence not due in the past, thought is where no violence that is in the past is here and you are a must see to seem healer and in avoidance use no drugs instead of fight. And this is ended, by an the thought 'en' in idea. Dumb is dumb, but you are not.

 Demnshion [Demn-shie-onn] = Richie rich field effect Demenshion; This is what can cost your job, as though you duel in thought have thoughts of Demenensions. This effect has an unusual aura around you as this poof is the end can get despondent and in thought demeaning but bankrupot good; A thought to happen, happens with thought as it goes to somewhere and this a pot. You can not do as you can misinterpret, stupidity in everything with this as you do no struggles and yet the release in this effect and is the thought is with and with thought hate as you could be against and avoid as the use is there.

 The Thi Tho = Thios indeed; This en is near, as at the end as you are ready for a new way in on a way of life you are given a way. Whoever you attack you don't, as this ends as you are what you need to seem your thought is erased as if erased spell effect is what you are doing here as if you are in thinking in nothing bad can be non wishspell bade to in of what is to happen as this is a dimension that is bad to observe. Any thing that you want in this idea is not nothing as you are in what you want to seem as success. Any success can create, as to fix stuff an you are what is right or wrong according to whom is there in right by correct possibility in correct idea by the coordinated effort and possibly with the correct method. As this is your use you can't kill of hand over hand technique and in actually assault n battle in technique you banish as the banhammer effect.

  Air E Magi; Electromagnetic air impulse controllers, are magi that use things to get interesting results with air thought in. This is the control of what you think is air forming an effect as if  for you as you focus and do a motion with your hand and you use things as they are in use as if an idea sourcer as if an idea you use things to get things. This is where you are and your a concept that appears in mind as you draw and reverse attack from air and use electrmagnetic energy. And, you are use as ia concept to attempt, to create as though you were a thought and thought were impulse to the energy of the air and possible. This is people person idea at a point to work with in, an idea world that is in your mind world view.  

  The Gao Jao = [Theh Gay-oh Gay-oh] The jail spell; The spell that is where the criminal, as in goes jailtime or army for the right as that is badly done and you don't as if 'well I don't as I don't need to' and they are released if they are thinking.

  Iane Ish Sea = [Iah-eh Ish See-ah] The ever doing in idea; This is the ever rising energy that, with chi life energy use is idea that is like water in a trick water effect and whoever does the trick is water that causes you to percieve 'whater' as whatever you want is what you get. Whatever life force is use though, is the thought of whatever you think into action as if play you are not lead on as dumb.

  Ie I Ia = [I-ehn eye Ian] Dedicated ancient language spell; This is in ancient language, that can be used to seem somewhere and that came from an area that is a use to do or see in action and is what and where you are in a point to work with. As if you were an idea, you can get things as if done naturally and on command to do. As if you belong to where you appear as you appear, as though you were your form that you seem to be in life. This is a useful spell, that is use and the use was energy and ability that you can use to work with as a natural transition is in use. The individual use is the moment you can do things along with someone or is done is in done, as with an idea you can uses things to create with and in use things are what seem to be this in thought with use and out to recreate a world in event to create with by this thought in mind. There is a way to weave the air, and get a were alter result as you shift to go and where you are you are in life or in otherworld.

  To phase out of the area, you can phase in and out as that is an anulled reality anulled by chaos. This is formed by the activity, that creates chaos in the idea area you intend to cause it in. That in use formed by thought, is into a reality from the subconscious manifesting the thought with use of the creator by your action in use. Think the idea as if you were a point to work with, and you are thought as energy to use an idea of somewhere as you feel the energy flow around you and shift with a will as this is where you feel the energy as if a wind you are walking somewhere. This uses the energy flow as the natural rhythmic energy that flows in the air pulses, and as you are you make a shift point by thinking or saying the thought of an area you pulse the area energy as if to use the area objects as an energy source thought on to seem a use.
  Think out and walk or think in, and walk into an area not as though a wall. Where you go, you put on clothes if you have none, as if the clothes have a memory that allows you to put on the person or idea event you were interring into it. As if a point were there that you interacted with, is gathered in energy to seem as if there and the clothes kept it as if a record. As if you think about things, you can get the idea from the recounting of the area energy in your mind as flows of life are woven energy that make the moment. There is a point where you can use things as if you were a natural, and if you were able to go places you can visit the area to go to as this is a point of thought you can manipulate it as if by your own imagination brought up by mention.
  This is to the natural transitioning points, considered is that the subconscious can seem uses for and the body itself is where you think it should be. This reflects on the life, of the area that you think anout and your spirit causes you to realize what is there. This is where if you think cast yourself to, you can seem to materialize as from thin air as its a reconstructed space to review by thought. The area and use is explorable mentioned focus to percieve what is there, so you know what is there and who was there by the thought to see and use things that were there as they are there. This allows you to shift in to an area that is not actually there after you leave as its an aborted space and you can see what is there as you seem what is there by focus and the thought appears as the record is reviewed as in the air to your mind as this is the way to see a claireaudience idea.
  This is an idea you can or not use to project what you see to the subconscious people that you want to show, and you use things to make the idea work. This where you go is where you stay till your done as you leave the area immediately after, as if you are gone as you collect the energy to the clothes and see what the energy reveals to the thought. In your mind room with yourself in action, to exercise as you are in an idea to do things as if bored or not and use is the superstring to work with as this makes the creator effect work right. As you work on things you create with the superstring, and as you are done the effects are gone as you think them to seem and not be there.

  This is the point where you can interr thought as energy for use in a moment and that exists as an ability as if a point to use as an energy in action. As if a thought of the flow of energy, that is used in thought to seem and go as if you are what you want to seem. As if to seem there, is to keep yourself alive there as in idea if there were a way to will things into existence. This is where you are a weaver of energy, to will in a way or out an existence to create at will. This is a point that can seem reached, your aware yet this isn't as if you were a will to exist you can survive any environment as the environment changes you change to work with things that are there and threats are warded away. This is a spell to create that result you use as an end result as resilient use you do to create and do things as if to make an end by use of collected activity an energy that comes from the area can be used to end a natural disaster. If you use this spell, prepare for an ancient reality that is in a ancient sphere that is you are the reality.

  The Ie = [Then Eye-ehn] This idea; This is the point effect movement, that is what you do and as things are not needed you are okay with a thought and in idea is another that leads the way. This only actually works with relationships that is there or not.

  Ef Ie = [Eff Eye-ehn] The Effective idea; The effect is the resulting energy, and you are dealing with people as if with the parts that make up the whole and use is your own energy as the constituent parts that make up the whole use is by weight energy or other use in action that is used up, 'or not' and peace occurs.

  Un Tumal Rma = [Une Tume-ale R-man] Turmoil removal; Diffuse the moment of the frustration, an with this spell as in an idea is the turmoil frustration by in concept and conflict is resolved as you refuse the moment before it can happen as if nothing is wrong.

  Pan At = [Pain Ate] The pain strike; This is an idea to cause the target to strike out an no family is dealt with as you are in pain with no reason and the striker is doubled in energy and strength.

  The Dea = [Then Dee-ah] The Done effect; The done effect is the point you make that your subconscious does or doesn't do, as you are capable to make changes and as this is a point of mention the idea is not channelled as though the subconscious undoes the effect or now nothing happens if unnecessary.

  T Lag Rag Fix = [T Lage Rage Fixe] The long range effect; This the long range effect as an idea fix that is a result. As you think the effect is done, you can channel it to the area by thought that you are sending the effect there as an essence to effect and as this is the point you get an idea of things and you say the point.

  The En Ekio = [Then Ee-Kie-oh] The End Result idea; This spell is possibly useful, as to use an end effect as nothing is love energy and this is a point result and then get things better.

  D-crimitia = [D Crime lite I an] Discernment; One does not concern what one does not see. This spell will cause an instant concept to happen as you need it to.

  Maile-O-Juu = [Mail-ehn Oh Hoo-un] Phage of mages; This is the time wraith that abandoned hope, and died in trial by chemicals that is in a phage as you are in a moment to get things in a positive idea. Say in intention to cause this spell at a target to create a better result, and he or she gets better where out of the essence and the word 'hate' you activate the wraith effect and there is a hate no more as you avoid what you hate. In which you stop attacking, and things go wereing as you go well and with power of a waning moon that is somewhat insane making and otherwise with a waxing moon. You are nearly doing things in better mood. Shifted away is the effect in a way to go, and as you do things you are acting good as if the right chemicals are used somewhere. If negative influence you are merciless yet don't attack, and disruptive or not of what is in dislike as an activator for what you think to happen causes happenstance. To cancel this spell out, say or think 'fix' as if don't unphage to turn the phagic being by thought spoken that the subconscious does.

  The Seagey = [Then Sea-ah gee-why] The Condition; The condition as imprint instance from a symbol that is this shows up as a point the subconscious can read that and can disappear as it relieves itself and self produces in itself many variety of spaces in the body, as if at a moments notice when you intend to use things as this the right condition to create in a moment and is a whole mind. This is where you are in a moment, to generate things and use is thought about.

  The I Fx = [Then eye Fix] The third eye effect; I is that which is the third eye in life and metaphysical use, in physics or metaphysics and is what this does things as if openly manifested, and you are able to think do purpose and thought can manifest if your purpose is with intent to do.

  The Tray Stauseh = [Then Tray-aye Stay-us-neh] The trained idea use; The Trained idea is what is done, in use as if professional and per each their own idea as if you are to think of one and use is what is perceived use. That is done as if viewing things in your mind, and the spirit picking up on the idea that it shows you before the use is done. As if your protected, and use is circle of protection to create what efficient use you need.

  The Un A = [Then Une A] The unlimited action; This spell is for the moment you think, as if unlimited and uses is what is as if you knew and what you think to do is done if you think to do things.

  The Moi Ta = [Then Mow-in Tan] The Movie point; This effect can go along with the effect, or not as if in idea you are with things of what if a request is in a movie as if you think and go along with the action or seem to go with a music tune or other things that seem to be of use in a movie.

  The Syft = [Then Sife-t] The safety shifter; The idea of shifter effect; The shifter is an idea that your in spirit by effect in what is a concept with the effort of the effect as energy builds up and surges when you think and focus on a banana or fruit and think energy to it. As if in you are with projected energy at a focus thing with an idea, and thought activates things to shift you away as if to there as you intend to go and seem there. After wards to sustain yourself to make yourself seem healthy, eat anything otherwise in case you don't want to eat metal or plastic, just eat as you need in an idea of what you need as if to do things in regard to others or seem not in thought.

  The Ary Ward = The unfear unwrath; Things in due for punishment, to the criminals that kill people or die off of violent reaction. The any and bold can use this. As if to use things are in a point to whimsy. This is the idea to attempt, as if a moment is done you can get better with each idea you seem to use as the essence that causes you to release fear as the energy into the ground. This itself is from you as if a ward, of a circle of wellness in thought is warding in life that moves with you that is healing in as if you think you need heal. Then you feel the original idea, as if you seem to work with this.

  The Damas Catro = The Daemon Control; The spell of control that daemon, can use on people if they don't like being attacked by in the daemons that get enticed you control by suggestion or not as indefensible moments if they can do things for you.

  R Alfre Ae Wra = The un fear wrath; This is the spell, essence that in thought is the use of what can create things. As if you are in a concept, you can do things with an idea that creates magic. Whatever you do, you can create to seem in to make the concept with the creator as maker energy, that especially leaves you with no fear and no wrath. As if the fear un wrath.

  The Ary Wra = The fear wrath; The fear wrath in the body turns into a fear aura as your body is seeming dragon essence. Cancellable by the effort to make peace or the resistance to its effects as to end is use or otherwise you fear reprisal.

The D Pt = Death point; The death point is the point that you get things and go, with the flow of light in energy as an idea is used. This is the point of death, that does and doesn't do as with 'malicia' this is what you need in desire. As desire bets froth and you are, in a point you die from a mysterious die. This is the not point, as you say what is there and don't actually do things. These are the points in time that are worth the moments you spent in the time in the area that you are with in life, all you need to do is think and focus in and out as you do this you are aware as if you are an idea you are thought. Explore as you want, as you want you think you do and things you do are not noticed as if you think unseen you are both death and living.

  Eve In = The point; The point to do is the point to work, as you are at work you can get things to do with magic.

  Vobux = Volume adjuster, this is as if a group or not group thing as your in space with arrangement with energy this is a volume that adjusts itself things adjust for what you are as you think as though a motion and things you look at are adjusted. Otherwise if not intended to do things this won't do anything, and you are an idea that is yourself as this is where you can seem any shape as if a moment if your not, if you aren't your in game and you can seem like anyone as a person you are looking for as this is a chosen moment is a moment that is there. This is a point that is what and where you are what is an idea to observe or not as this is a point. This is in a lifestyle, that is not unlike that which is of greece. What cancels this is stating, this as a statement or putting this as In On En.

  The act Are = The did inviolate good; The act of an area, that is an idea to use or accuse to get an idea that is a point.

  Thi Act Wee = The act of wee; This is act as the moments are what you achieve, are not away as you act you get an effect to do to ask away. To abort war, make or not and you do in noone except that is there what you want.

  The chi blah = The chi blasts; This isn't what is like, this is what is a moment to do and things are what in essence can use things like chi in a point in fuel. As you do things, you are good at what you seem and chi forms in a ball and as you blast away with a chi wave in energy if you do things you can get things to work with.

  The Twitwi = The string heightening; This is the string that is in no heightens intense energy is of super in natural height growth, and as you ask you do things you get an idea to use with the effect with super senses by in energy that is there. To cancel this you use the thought given, and use is there or deny the point and it dissipates. This can effect chi blasts, that cause air to make heat in the area and any roaches or bugs are exposed.

  Th pa dun = The point you do; The point is if lost or then not as then, as when anything can seem as this is the night anything can happen as you describe the moment it disappears.

  Th Paix En = The point across moments; The moment that is near, the people you take out are what you ask to do things with and create is what in mind does across the time you need it to do.

  The Ask = Ask away; As you ask, you get your will and at what you will, do what you want and reason follows naturally as you reason get what you want.

  The gene = The genetic pool; The pool that use with the aura makes of auratic fields are aura, to gather with as if the wind gathered it and you can change your form easily from what you want to seem like in use.

  The Height = The heightening; This effect is from an idea to use that was in use unless you don't intend for the effect and is a past life, that is the effect to end an idea is to create an effect and things in a point and use is weaving to heighten and feel the use or not. There is an idea and you are intent to do what you think, and create magic as if a point was in use as if spunky.

  The Conceptei = The concept in mind; This is the concept in a mind set that you leave no doubt, unless unecessary as acceptable answers are there and yet you can get what thought you need an answer. These are a concept to use, as you can know what comes for a useful thing there is a choice for thought use summons if thought isn't there or unite is magna and use is thought directed by feel. This can not effect, as if you don't want the effect.
  The Gen Fx = The general concept; This is for general idea with the point that you look at someone, and as use adjusted is to use the auratic memory from another to seem it in and your the effect mind as if you can read a soul. If the soul memory is adjusted, you can create memory as you adjust the shape and this can in the body allow them what you can effect as if to gnow and see or not and this stops. Sometimes this will not effect, as you try to do things your conscious might not let this work if you are an idea and Wiu is the thought in moment to correct as if okay.

  Myux [Mix-lux] = Magocracy; The effect of this is what you intend you can create, as if what this is in an idea is you rule with thought. This is use for energy at which you cancel out aspects as with your use is what they have, as energy sending and things you are attempting are not viewed unless you use clairavoyance or claireaudience. Their will is your idea intent, unless you use it for energy and even then you are nothing except a god and battle born if necessary.

  Avendium [Ave-end-lie-um] = The human furniture; The point in life is to hide away, as if in response to the moment that is there. This is the spell to convert a body into furniture, and yet all it reasonable in view can seem friend to be is something you work with offense. As this is the secret to the effect, you can in another dimension that is possible to use create as in a point to seem. This is illusion, as if another sits or is somewhere and you think to see the area you can sit there, and in your dimension in view but this isn't actually to happen. As you stand up and go and you appear to appease, and they can leave anytime so you appear as if use of furniture. This is in a cool illusion of a fox unless unliked don't do in view of others as don't do in aspect as you its only an aspect. You can think your a form, as you imagine the form.

  Avemdium [Ave-em-die-um]; That is the original form spell is this in mind. This is the form object and shape formation spell. This is where you think your the form, as you believe your the form. Now stop and you return to normal shape, don't let them sit on you as you can die off.

  Tru Ly [True lie] = True life; This the true life as with the thought to do, as if what you do is a thought or thinking in terms that is seen as shown. This is the point that life can exist, in what true form you desire as fact you choose as if to mirror things and as you ask a mirror sieve you can get free. This where the life can exist or amongst other things, as if you can seem to get anything with a point that is mentioned as a crystalline construct is there. This in particular is a concept that you can see by focus and felt desire, as if this is to know the third eye as I can aid you or nothing can happen as if you still live in a form that you think exist to work with and you can handle it. The thought this as in life, you see as you know this idea or trick you can live on as regenerative you can can go back as I can see. What in thought is a point to excel with, as this is done nor this. If in an example is there, if an idea to attempt in life or not as you think about it. Where you die as eternal rest or not, you can seem alive and you can see what you put in action as a form that is a choice to what you think 'now lets fix' and thought fixes and your idea will work better.

  The Els In [Then Els In] = The truth or not; This is truth or dare not but a coincidence, as similar life is a point in view and as you look you can see what is there. If you think it truth if then you can see startling idea, as if in a point that can shift your view is telling you this is what is. As if an ellisium mirror image reveals your true race, realize what you are and know as you can see energy unless you know then if you don't like what you see in focus you don't. The spell this can create is an interesting thing to observe, this is unless you don't lie as the idea is able to seem of use and instead intend to use temperally what you see and do now don't remember.

  Fixl [Fixl] = Fixl Mirror; Your control mirror that isn't one, which you can use in idea if put thought into the thing you hold or treat as if an magic device as if it can do that idea if you want into thought is crystal or not as unneeded. This is a space crystal with a live interactive thought as if things you do are done and isn't as if you are what you say, or not and the mirror you use is a creator artifact. This is the mirror you state things, think to the mirror as though put into crystal as you want an idea you can think to the mirror and you can use it for time travel but thats all. State what you want and you can get a better idea, or some idea to occur which is in the life you seem to live. The crystal mirror can create nearly anything, and unless you need this isn't going to pop up as if what you think is a point to conclude as bad medicine is not seen as bade is good or bad example is not done. If so, this is use of the shadows and not actual shadow mirror as you can then do as what you think is right, as this can create or uncreate that which you ascertain to do that is necessary as if done. Possible use is to put your thought into, with this as a magical sieve and that is a point and that isn't done in assault as if what thought is bade  not bad you shift and create non drift if this is idea.

  Ieal Iop [Lie-ee-al Eye-op] = The eye operative; This is the eye operation that happens with the moment, as it cures with a brain operation that you are almost insane in thought and moment in time in tiem. This is so far in orbit that it gets effected by what you think, at it and this is a thing that directs it to cast down light right from the orbital. As if a viewed in mind bring in light downpour is the reversion to normal, at measured peak efficiency that cleanses the area and not now in life because any disrespect is rewarded. To release is the suggestion of whatever happens, since your unaffected you aren't Iop to get an idea as if invention is cool.

  Iea Ioul [Eye-each Eye-ore-pull] = The calming and freezing freedom; The spell that frees you from things, as you think you can get what things will seem there and can effect you from an within various upper dimensions in vamous. The thing to do things can repeat and ends with a monster movement if in what you think, will go wrong won't unless you are weak and things can go wrong as friendly isn't always cruel. This use is a reasonment that is a release from all imprisionment as a spell is weaponhand in thought by the idea of instant denial by in those effected.

  Atat Eal [At-tate Ee-al] = Instant heal; This forms a moment to heal with the damage or things that are painful, not done as this is a concept you are not but understood as what you want to seem. As you think you gert, this is an instant party with a moment of instance an things in mind are what they seem, as you heal in mind you lower weight and become thin as unnaturally slender.

  Uo Cla [Lue-oh Clasp] = Instant clone; The clone effect that makes molecular transformation, as if a clone is the answer to win a moment by the integration of energy into the wrist and you can create things as if a moment by usa energy and thought seeming energy into a form that creates from thing mlecules in air.

  The Jue [Then June-ehn] = The unmoving motion; This is the idea that isn't seen, as if you are an idea perceive you can use any idea as if a inert space that uses an idea that makes what idea there is in tactical view. This is easily done, and that creates a presence that watches over things with offense if deserved to defense by peace.

  The viewea [Then Vine-ew-ee-an] = The unmaking spell; The spell in that as if nothing makes and created nothing for nothing made is nothing minded, in an idea what isn't necessary despite what you think or uncreate is not done.

  The spas sild [Then Spades Sill-ed] = The spasmic shield; The moment you do things right you stop, and think to get bettered or killed by trial as in you are or not and your not and it doesn't matter what you do to kill unwanted things. Things you do are an idea in mind, that isn't if you don't want things and things are gone. If you are in better, this by what you do creates this spell on those that deserve it, as things fade away as if a demon or other form in what life you live.

  The Spe Crys [Then Spent Cris] = The space crystal effect; This is a space crystal, as a crysallis that is a form an makes the point as you create with it in reality. Most space crystal, can grow as you think to seem or this is a thought and as use is gone you can make a online effect, or other things that may interest you as easily as you intend to do as if thought you can get and create but nothing in use is to never kill and the effect will fade away. Things can create regeneration, as if you can do things you get an interesting i result and unseen if use as if no spasdos.

  The Sta Go [Then Stack Go] = The stop in or gone; This is a point that is a thought, no go as this is but nothing in mind is but a wrought in mind do in will that is through the use, you can get what in thought you pick up and use as is needed. This stops ever going effort, amongst other idea spell idea as this is never due as this is a thought to do by the correct reaction in thought.

  En Um [En loo-m] = The venom effect; This is vemonious venom that cures the body. This is a spell that degrades the body over time, as if in a moment by thought if you use this you will cure yourself but death may happen if the thought exists as blood wrought effects known as attempts in what you do directing blood energy through focus as direct your will is you get results as if "En Um = The venom effect; This is vemonious venom that cures the body. This is a spell that degrades the body over time, as if in a moment by thought if you use this you will cure yourself but death may happen if the thought exists as blood wrought effects known as attempts in what you do directing blood energy through focus as direct your will is you get results as if "In Ef".".

  The Inex Esc [Then Line-ex Esc] = The in and out; This is the inescapable escape clause, to use something to make something seem reasonable in life. As if I know, as the third eye causes you to know what you are going to ask.

  Spell Mai [Spell May-in] = Feel and make; Feel in the idea, as if the thought in mind is nothing but a feeling and numb, to the point you were and aren't effected by what you by thought in action and no and think and it comes to you as if a thought. If the energy you use is a point, then to remember is to make and as you are thought you can create with the idea that is stripped from the energy as thought to you. The 7th dimension energy is trick, the 6th is avoided as you use the energy from there to create effects and avoid the misuse. That is a thought as that creates the death that is almost disruption by what you mention in the 6th dimension or black energy avoided. The other idea is a thought, that as in a game this is 'lis' but a point or mention and otherwise option that brings things to use. Think as if a point were a mentioned thought that you can use activity you yourself do to summon the energy. This is from whatever area that you think, as you use the idea and energy from the past with the thought of what it was and as thought the feeling you get is as if your point is a mention that brings forth the energy as though a source in thought or as though a point was done. Whatever use you do makes the energy of it, disappear as dissipated if a source were a pool of energy that in thought use is replenishable and gone.

  Cilf Sensei [C-ilf Sen-see-in] = The Elf Senses; As you think of life, you realize in things that you can think to seem as if a point in life and this can use the experience of any being. This spell can use in things and idea is as if an elf sense. If in dragon idea you use the area energy and draw in the force, as if you can draw from the area and cast it forth as an element as essential oils in use are what you can consider a part to the efficient use of what you think until you don't need to think to seem of use. To stabilize the mood you can use the poles as a concept an in you yourself or others, unless they don't want to know and as you are as if a thought you can think and seem in-between in your mind of the poles as you can use this thought to cure the instability. That causes brain disruption by what you do and as you can see, realize and undo the bipolar disorder idea or moody nature as it happens and the diseases that are time thought into existence are where you shift them away from you. As existed stated area if left alone is gone, as if things dissipate by themselves as if music were there that was right for the mood. There is a point that is where you can think it isn't there, and it is gone as you didn't think it or think and create feelings that cause the effect. Which can seem or do to cause what did cause the effect, which is a right moment in time and this makes that which is the magic effect. As that is what you wish that is done and yet isn't there, thought until you think it there as its felt as needed or not necessary. As this is what can create, any in effect you can create with are things outside of yourself. As this is an idea dismissed, only use essential oils as you can assume and do things as normal as don't if you do or not as if you think it and you can do it in no motion as the effect known as the ef.

  As Ty [As Tie] = The Time; As in a moment in time, you are forming what is in a concept as in a point with materialization unless this already has occurred. Any time looping you do is done, are not done with this. When finished, you use things as if finished to tidy up and you do as you are done in thought.

  Doing [Do-ing] = Moment; As a moment is a point in time realized, and your moment ends if you need it to. This is the momentary concept, as conceived thought comes to you as if not tricking the idea and this isn't doing something over in mind.

  Groeth [Grow-eth] = Instant release; Just think and thought is release in energy, that releases the effect of a drug in a clear moment that is a point and release by a clear thought that causes you to think as the point disperses and disappears. Anything groeth and you spaz.

  The Ia [Then Eye-an] = The instance of trance; Think as with a Zeta by use to relax with use of meditative idea is to focus in Beta waves with a relaxed moment, of tense and untense by what is in idea that are from things as in energy use of trance causes in tricking the moment. This spell causes in thought, where you are to do a trance and get you things in life as if you are seeming good.

  The Fm I = The form giant; This is the idea that you think energy that is there forms you into the giant form, as you think giant you are giant in fire that is useful from the core of the earth. The effect is to use things, as molecular idea is thought as in use is objects as energy. This can create or not and if useful with enough energy, as you can form your shape as you need to and as your idea is where in you make and use is to nulle hate as a point of what energy there is as a source. There is a will in everyone, as you use your own energy and their auratic energy is not done. As if you create what will seem there as if a formed giant, is in thought in magic in use by what magic you do in form by what is in thought focus as in form magic use or walking out the door. What you think, of the moment that the third in eye thought makes the thought "groeth up in height" and immune in you can convert sugar to energy as it doesn't matter what you eat in life in an idea except to make as if thought physically "grow in height and make up ward as you use hera to grow up in height with no fat" to use up sugar and make the outward transformation. This is fun in what is thought, as you don't do things after in the use that is done and yet you do nothing with the will of others as you use your own inner fire and in ability. As in an appearance that is your power, from your heart you can get thought to create illusion with life energy. Form energy is from that which is a herb thought, or if hit and trying to avoid and thinking nothing in thought is frost giant as that in you use this as is the idea that you can in change and create the energy by what you consider as if Firbolg if thought as in Dug. Real world thought will come to you in a vision as heightened ability is there with height. If you aren't growing in height then you won't seem intending, as if this transform isn't actually possible turn it to earth you then you won't as we the giants can keep you from it. As you are are equally able to feel them, as with a point and use the feeling as the numbness drops away and your idea is realized..

  The Sunflo = The sunflower seed; This is the point, in a part that is a seed of life effect eat a seed and the energy from it works like a drug. That you want is there is that isn't use or is no longer thought. Thought in effect, as this is to not think "asnd" you feel the energy from a thought of a sunflower.

  T Petae [T Pete-aye-en] = The Pistachio effect; The moment is a thought, to as if a seed of life and don't is natural in focus and what is in mind is not but a memory. As if you can create points, things of time can seem and only by a pistachio nut.

  A Eum Han [A Ee-yum Hane] = Life moment; This is the use of the han energy to the heart, restored to the heart to form living things as if to get things of energy and thought is a power on things to do as if healing by the heart but not in indianess. Things in use do not count, this is with thought, as a flower of power and this is not done as if by hypnotism. This spreads through the aura, as after every memory is energy and spreads life energy or not as if you fix things, think and focus you create life in focus by what you do in life or don't do now as if to not and stop as if in active. What you build with this, is possible in likeness and yet not left. This is a spell that degrades the body over time if use is raw primordial chaos energy from destruction and malfunctioning equipment in use, as if in a moment by thought if you use this you will cure yourself but death may happen. If the thought exists as blood wrought effects are known, as attempts in what you do directing blood energy.

  Eum in [Ee-yum in] = The Live memory; This is it as this works for you as it works for me as this is a necessary thought, to seem as in a moment to make what is happy and in a cost less point and things you are is allowed for. This is a point that is thinking a thought a moment, that you use a past memory to create a point that is in a moment to use if use is allowed for in life in "annen" as this is your mother in turkish. To cancel this idea out is to think, "in annen" as this is a point in time and in effect by life as with a concept, an improvised andeo ability is this in mind. As you produce shop you produce a device or thing in thought, as if replicators were there that created what you will into existence. As all you think is a need to see and you get. Get is the thought you purpose into magic and you get magical goods in all.

  I Eu Um [Eye Ee-yum Yum] = Copier idea; This is a copy moment, as that use is from copy air to care is not as dumb and in that is a point to create with you know what stopped by as no buts as here as nothing in life unless you need things as the word in phrase sets the meaning.

  Th an en [Th an en] = The idea moment; This is all for the moment as a point to do that isn't asshole and peace is a necessary point, and things stop in the dimension that occurs what you don't seem to take lightly. As no but accept you can use things as if to alter the reality, or nothing except moments in time and you can get nearly anything that you intend as if to do as activity.
  In an en = The momentary finge; This in an idea is to seem, an things in view is view done as if there in the fridge where you need things done in friendship. This is creature that can in create or out think, as if a point in life you get somewhere in life. Cancellable, as if by a good diet in thought in life as a point to unsummon it is by a thought.

  The Sua Ie [Then Suth-an Eye-eff] = The summon idea; This is the summoning idea, that is what and where and when in a moment that in life if a view that you think to seem. As you life in lose and in win is a thought, you are able to reform as if from a shaping in thought to where you can seem callable to. This can make the target to seem to remember everything, as if a transfer to daemon and as they use a thought they remember as if in the area to seem summoned. Unsummon is to seem where you want to be, and think in a thought as in thought you are a timescout and what you think is possibly thought by what you want to become. As you shape into their form, you can seem what you think is necessary.

  The Sue Ie [Then Soo-lute-etz Itz-en] = Defense idea; This is the point that you can create and seem a court case to the present future. The unusual activity is due to the point you intend, and you imagine things as you do them where there is a point that is an effect and this is what can create in things and thought is what is done. As if what you think can create what you want, as off you are and use is the thought of an anylist that lists things that you see or observe in life.

  As an in = This is an idea that in use is in thought, as you make up things this is for other things. As this is for use as this creates the release of the planet. With thought to the non cursed man, and not with the name angel is Ion as In non Ihn this is as the cursed offspring that is avoided rather than bludgeoned as "in an en".

  This knowledge is to counter used up and is energy, at first its in a form of curse wraith and then in the form of death. As if then the body comes and does nothing, as in a form of its shape as it was at first this is a point. That is a moment to seem, as this is what creates things. This can seem used as a blessed energy that is usable, and then its a form of what you do as you are able to create what things you intend to seem there.
  That if you focus things, as energy is life energy given to those. Directed at another, this a sign of a curse 'mavic' used in the first century. As an advancement is put there, by what the subconscious percieved. As if an ad was used, and turned the cursed man with it. An if is as magic is the idea, and your use is to bend n curses.
  Your use is an idea that is against those you dislike, as if in denature with negative feel or not is if with idea things. That are with idea, that are against you and form music in rhythmic idea. As this if your forms are greedy, cancel sensei and you avoid and whatever you hate is gone. This can create dislike on purpose, as "en" in use you avoid what in is a use that causes hate that you avoid.
  This can do or not, as in you don't attack and don't hate. Use soul on those, that is a form of soul shining as you as haste and cease those in danger to shift them away. As produced on soul shining, you are on the idea and get what you think or feel to get. As in your idea, this is attack to to those that deserve the assault. This is a point, as what is and as you use what is in produced quality that is of life is gone.

  Aiey [Aye-sine-ee-why] = Lynn dixie cup; This is the end, of what is as what thought is created equal to the moment. As this is a point, that is able to hold anything. Then as if you, and then throw things away and use the last word that you hear.

Cacel [Case-ee-l] = Schock; This is a cacodemon that forms from space and that is cancellable, by mean acts of ghoulish out going and coming in as you are as you leave he leaves. This is cancelled out by the name zenadi, and thid is what can serve to shift you to places. The ie dismissal in your mind is to stop enducement, at the thought is will to think as to dismiss it is will and desire to think what you want as you ask. You can see to get and you phantom, as a phantasmal warrior and if you are not needing things but not need you shift away.

  The dark side is that slap not, and feel if not done or doing is the point as you do things to get result. As this is to think if in a point, to find your way is what you do and out you can go. This is not the idea as you want to do things with people, as a defense is to hit on the head those that are either slapped in the face. This is to think not and find your way out, as you don't feel as if you think and you shift away except you can think and fend or not you escape. Think in a moment inliven, and you can see what you think about.

  No wait, and you find yourself in and a germ effect works toward you. This is as they who watch are laughing, at your idea antics. As you get a cackle, somewhere you get a crackle bar as a feel. This makes what you feel, as if in what you feel that you buy something in life. As this or not and eat it, as a crackle bar is to taste in your mouth.  

  Tuch Seam [Tuch Seem] = Touch and seem; Touch and go or thought to make use of any body, is to use the molecules of the body or object and think. As if to create with a link, and don't as in no use is to create and stop the use of things as you correct by thought. Don't use this spell, if you don't want to seem like someone else. As you stop, the point in fact you can become yourself, to not do is to do what you don't as this spell hides from the area and you can use your aura to create with or not. As you intend a natural point in what you do, and think an act as with what this can be or this is thinking. What is possible if that is with this, is what can be as if you were things or yourself.

  El Hid [El Hide] = The creation of things; This easily uses a body, as to create a thought and make as you do. Think as you want and you can think and focus without drugs if you need medication, you can seem to create with idea to cause the body to create the drug effect as a herb in mind to create herb in life and who's who.

  Ele = Make Change to create change; Make change to element, as a time machine effect that shifts you to and from with mai. As you need to exist somewhere, this is in energy made un in flesh. This is the point do, if this cancels the effect as I see you are you aren't in offend and create and make what is to do. With a spell that makes you admit, and you can perceive things as you create and you get a spell. There is the point that the use of I is the third eye, open by thought that the third eye materialized and use is by thought too make in the body an idea euphoria. This is a spell that is useful, if you ever think to use things you get this. This is to trick the energy, as if you make it seem like something and it seems as if useful or not and this stops as if 'en'.

  El Pua [El Pool-an] = The shifer; The shifter effect that natural use is natural act that is "E El Pua". As this ends, as with is else if nothing is done leave it alone.

  Are El tua [Are El Too-aim] = The Area Shift; To shift a place or area in time, is to think of the place and create a area in the area space. That isis created in a moment, and think it to shift it to seem what you think things should appear like that you shift to appear like what this is.

  Acot Of Cost [A-co-t Of Cost] = Power of accost; This is a "power" with directed will at the nearest target in mind, that you want to assault or by accosting the nature of the body and being that disrupts itself, as it is not to be near a person and things it does in shift the being out and away. This can destroy a church, if you have this in thought as not this is in an idea and other buildings are an idea to target. You don't do something if you don't need to if as in a thought energy touch and cast focus at the building in itself, if as in thought of the conscious turning against itself cast at its own self at the wall in thought in to recognize and on touch of the actual building. This and in nothing and as it hits the building walls with intense fire energy as if from an ash piece that in thought is sent forward. Moment by intent is inactive in the building and as it burns, with a power surge from with purification in the walls the building burns itself down as it thinks in thought there. This isn't happened, as if or not as if your gone and not there and not effective as though from an apricot.

  Iseul Adeul [Is-ee-ul Aid-ee-ul] = Usable magical user; Shrivellus as in a moment is no more excess as you think and summon with dopamine generated in the body. This is the removal of the excess that is there, starting from a time that you think and do things with as if there but not here.

  Adeoul Iseul [Aid-ee-owe-ul Is-ee-ul] = Hand happy by insult; The idea is Sexual innuendo, as a terror that is what attacking and you think and create as if you are well as this. As long as you avoid sexula innuendo you can avoid a slap to accost a customer by averting the attention to something else in thought or think what you like and do what you want. Unnuendo in thinging is release like a thought in punishment, now if added to this effect insane but sane.

  Iseul [Is-ee-ul] = Create a mastery; This is an mastery, the mastery spell of what you think is necessary. To cancel this out is Iseul n. This is "in iseulis that cancels the   effect." As no need to insult in Adoueol. To cancel this out, is to use the phrase that comes as 'abouet'.

  Aseil [As-ee-pill] = Illness; create anliven illness, that is what you think or not as you think un as if 'Aseulf n'. This creates the temporary magic illness that you derive off of dungeons and dragons. Use of this is the anliven curse cancellable by you.

  Aseul Iseul Adeoul [As-ee-ul Is-ee-ul Aid-ee-owl] = Create a slap; Voscillation is to make shift as the idea to not do, is what you think and create in mind. This is the effect spell to create what you 'ewill', if you die you do and go at each word. This is an attack that will create an effect, as you will it in a slap and each woman is a slap that is part of your body as an interred idea. However think it to the nearest object, if you ensist on hitting a person out as you aren't touched by this as if a divert or not as anything to nulle.

  Voscil Est Et [Voscil Est Et] = The point of words; At the point of will you see this is not what is, as you can get some result but nothing can actually in the moment see to believe or notice that what you do. The idea of this spell is to make what you want from words, as each word has their own intended meaning but you can use them as you make your intention clear as your words are what shapes the spell. No matter what you put as a meaning, or as you believe the idea to be it will. The spell can seem set as a point that is what seems to make the spell, as this is the imprint on the spell words this will create and change the effect of what is done by what you think as you state what effect you thought. This is with the effect and think on the idea, as if you change the effect by simple word and a thought then the change will happen to the effect. Just decide the word and think the intent, as is you are wanting and getting things, this is Aseulf Iseul Adeoul as if to make an idea of what you intended as an activator spell phrase as the word is the actual phrase in thought in what you do and out what you achieve. This is what isn't an effect, if you don't and this to happen if in thought.

  The No Juu [Then No July-un] = Now to know; Now I see it now I know it. This is an idea to know and do that, is what isn't necessary unless you deem it an idea that can be done. As intuition guides as if a thought is a way to get away with no pain and not gain. Nothing done with this spell, is what can view and be of use if what you do is not necessary.

  The Ef Ua [Then Ef Poo-an] = The Effect by what in thought; The effect is a thought that if you effect things, you can view what makes the problem and use is the knowledge that is something in things. This spell is what can create cures or idea, and make reasonable effects into the water or drink as food is possible to seem effected safely.

  The Myy [Then Mih-why] = The magic trick; Think and you can get others to do what you want, or your subconscious creates an effect and as you act a point you can think, direct your will and create as if you did things or not and you don't fall for the trick. As things you aren't needing to see isn't seen, as if to stop reforming the form as is.

  The Avalon [Then Avail-one] = The Avalon; The Avalonion idea is what you intend for use, or not and getting is easy with mythology and mind your business and they won't mind yours as if a druid. In trade you can do service for a service, and thought is idea that is possible by what action you can count as a point and idea is an idea in trade. Think a point and your on the island, think and otherwise think back and you return as this is for what done is done.

  The Kaot [Then Chaos-not] = The chaos lord; That is the chaos lord, as a pointed relation works you can try to do things. As you get away with things and get a very good effect, by just a thought and the right amount of chaos and in that land thats allowed for that your in.

  The Cace Wad [Then Casey Wade] = The doom wad; The was moment that you have is the doom in the game and as the point is a moment, this is an point that you think on the word and you get there as if in the game and freed on a point that you are exception to what is there as you spit out the gum. As except change, you can do and create as if the point and idea is not done "unless necessary".
  The Exp [Then Exp] = The experation; This is a spell that creates the exception to the rule and this is done, self-thought is self-done by the idea you think to do and nothing in thought makes what you have in thought you have gone. Now where you are, that which is what you get and tis you can seem to do as a natural act is a natural thought.
  The Def X [Then Dea-f Ex] = The barrier defense; The thought defense is this magic if thought, can do things as seem in this as a barrier that in this if beaten by reason is where you can get an ability from what is. What hurts it cuts as if a psychologist a 6th planet thought result that is of the 6th. Think as you remind yourself, this is in an idea that is an in to someone that is what creates what you think as this is a point you are dead in life. In animal animate form in as if you are what this is, as an in moment is a inanimate moment that reveals what might be. Things in common are what make this idea an idea in what you do as nothing actually is alike, command that what you want as you are otherwise in and beaten and this is not and you can fend off anything and anyone and you get a win as you think of things. As in inanimate an idea moment you are what, can be seen as if to see and do if the right in a moment in time occurs in the moment you thought. As if not there by feeling intention, is a point you can sense and see or not as if you unintend the effect. You don't have to do things as this.

  The dinse [Then Dinsen] = The dimension; That dimension is made from water and now what is considered dimension x in an an idea, that formed on a day that creates and makes what is in a point of a fought moment by point combat thought as death in destruction. As you think to think, in your in a mind space that is what you want as if a thought existed and nothing happened. So something and that exists, or what is isn't after what doesn't exist creates itself anew as if you think in your mind. There is a point in usable field energy, everything you saw is dumb as after the factual point you get to play as a thought is an afterthought in an idea an that is no thought in derangement so be real smart. There is a point that is for realisim to work, as you are what you seem you get what is needed. This is when you are possibly able to use magic as an opposite language is there, or not and act as a point and you are what forms what is positive by the idea to attune to in thought. This is an interesting spell effect, "as if that in an idea is that in ends on an un en".

  The Tyk Wod [Then Tin-ek Wode] = The crack world; The world that is bone formed, as if the moment that you create a creator thought as though creotor is an idea. Which is the point in that life that changes what you deal with thought to your perspective. As if your inn is a formed area in a view or nor as you want thought. What you get is a point that is perspective and if you look for free crack you will find it. There is a point that is an area you create as on the ground, you can make or create as with water that acts like water and is sometimes with hydrochloric acid for a weird effect of lizabeth longetivity. As your not thought, as this you can make and seem as a point in view and live out your life without worry or not as thinking you avoid the danger. There is a better point out to get away with, and as you are a point to do you are the material in the aer that is formed material from your essence guided by the undead. Reverse unreal as this is unrealistic as "I" shift away with a thought, and use is a point to mention as magic happens in a thought.
  The Doeng [Then Done-eng] = The area; That inn is a planet of paradox in a weird arranged area that is an area in space, and no death is necessary and playact that is in time as a concept with warped field energies and hard to describe as you do things to your body the area within is an area that serves what you want so if you forget about, invertive as you remember and you are what you are as you say. The challenges that your spirit sets is the point and serve that you get, as the area serves as energy and this is energy not of "thoase". As you are an idea in mind, what you think you are you are and not a thought in mind as though thought invisible to the third eye in mind you are visible. Think to those around you and to blend in, is to leave as if in the light around you are not visible. As if the thought of you is where you are, and you make what shifts into yourself you shift in and out as if a door and you want to seem, stop, think and seem something else as shadow energy conceals you and if you want to not be there disaster strikes with black lightning and strikes the wall. Stop and arrange a ward from death and damage, as you if thought don't describe it and use is to avoid the area.
  The Do En [Then Do Rent] = The thought dimension; To clear this plane clear the plane of glass, in as you are as you are restored in what death that in what you do that you are alive in and as you risk or not as a cost aversion you ask. Get or jump away as you are exactly what you say, or for fourty minutes as they are in the area as mistakes you get hurt and no longer "nething" as the curse. As you are what you are in energy, and appear what you like to seem. Avert a cop to not have this effect, the moment of the 6th in out seem to create with as a thought exists nothing and yet nothing exists in life and when beaten thought better if life.

  Hou Dime [How-un Dime-en] = House in area; House area in use is there in a moment and in thought, as you are intended you are want and need as you aren't in any way effected by anyway you do things. As the moment you speak you take away from the idea, there and use is as death to the preacher and things you do are not mentioned. That you might want to return to in life as spawn. There in a moment is a moment in what you think you are achieving and that is what ends. There is in a momentum, as that ius use in thought and as a thought is in moment you are alive or, as you are where you want you are where you can get things in a store and go out as yourself.

  The Cya [Then C-ya] = The Crying plane; The thought that you get is the thought, that evictims you as your feelings are not there as the ciao in the directory.

  The Cri [Then Cringe] = The Judger; The moment you think, is the moment you get and nothing you get as a judger as a moment of a police car that supports as a judge in what you think, that breaks the plane of glass as a magic car breaks and causes you energy and what you think disrupts the glass in the car as the sound wave destroys all the glass in the area which you don't see except by what you sense and use a thought in sense.

  The Sho [Then Shot] = The short; This is the short as you are what you seem to think and suspect and as you do, you get a happy feel as you feel opium effect from which you are beaten within and allowed without as you are accepted with what you are with a happy moment.

  The Ciao [Then C-lint-aye-oh] = The ciao; The moment you say ciao, you are happy as think as you want as you are in a point to tracy things or not as you are.

  Hera Cop [Hear-an Cope] = Spell a cop; The spell a cop, isn't reasonable but isn't dumb so what he does is what he isn't due as reason is what he is with a rent-shop. There is no fishing around and as you are with a point to do you are within rights thought, about and you judge yourself and set your own sentence or free yourself by what you think and do.

  The desp [Then Desp] = The Desperate; The thankful thought that counts is what you think, and what you work with and don't do as you reconsider what you think to do.

  The Mann = The mann; The men in black idea, use the prison in the trick in the moment that is what lands you in their prison. Use the term you dismiss, as a way to free yourself as falsehood isn't there your true to yourself and think free and you are fee.

  The Sniffa = The Sniffer effect; The effective idea isis oder, formed from no drugs that energy is formed into odor and you dismiss it as it as no death happens. As if you uses, in tought an ensell as you use things your given things, and as you are aware your benefit is there in life.

  The Almo = The Almost land; The almost land is the almost in land, as if you want then you get free in what only do as you reflect what you do off to others.

  Reesus = The reset; The resetting point that the computer, resets and use is a point that creates a reeses pieces moment. Pay for something, asked for and you are freed from disease.

  Ree Pei [Ree-eh Pie] = The reeces pieces; This is the glass plane as if you are in a momentum, you are as exactly astute and as asus you are not what you seem as dimensionsally explore. You shift as you are in a pee, as you shift away and as someone named after you pisses in the toilet.

  Rei Carn [Rie Carn] = The Feist; The moment you see the feist and as or not you are somewhere you look up in the address area. To get back you think the moment, you laid eyes on it and eating you shift. The idea you think you ask for you get.

  The Reest = The restoration; This is the point that you get things and are very cool to the moment you bade and are very bade to the moment you do.

  The Restoro = The Restoro; The restoro that is storage that is what restores, this by what you will and get what you want in want you life and wife you are aliven.

  Nether [Neth-ear] = The or not; The moment you think, un or not as you are in a point to get killed as the lesson is learned.

  Thera Flu [There-an Floo] = The Avoidence; This is the moment of heradlry, you use things as to create what you will to create what you think is a point to a costly idea because as you say it you know it.

  The dro [Then Drop] = The Drop; The point you drop something you shift.

  The Su [Then Sun] = The skunk; The Momentu agility turns skunk.

  Agi [Agin] = Agi; Agile is not in play, as you play through the moment you are given as an airplane move and you can get away with any problem as a solution.

  Aj = Ajudge; As you can use, think a conor or nor your area as a point to do. The Real idea in a different world, as you are real to yourself to yourself as yourself in yourself. This is a point that you repay, ajudge for yourself as your crimes as depicted you are what you seem in life or not and no they don't.

  The Aster = The Aster; This is nothing in the mind and nothing in the heart, and as you are in a moment you reveal yourself friendly as if a fraud.

  The Werd = The Wired; The wired is the moment you cost allot and yet you pay them, from what you do as you get 1 dollar and make it big and everything you spend is gone to them. Avoid as you spend.

  The Werld = The idea you express is a thought to the past, as yet you are not as "nothin english being noone".

  The Warld = The warlord; This is the world in the idea of the war of the worlds. Visit as you want but don't stay out as the warld is what can get you as everytime you get killed you attack and adjust the heart.

  The Not = The notebook; The book of thor is what you get, and you are get as to get you go as monotomous you get fat or thin as you think.

  The Volunt = The volunteer; The volunteering moment, that is where you are a lad and use is the moment that you create and usage is what thought can create.

  The rever [Then Rei-vere] = The revert; The point you do and don't you are an enactment, and you are what you think as if backward and yet forward.

  The Crea [Then Cree-ad] = The creature; The pought that is kraken as a moment, and you are a point that is human now continue on.

  The Sto [Then Store] = The store; The storefront that you goto, as you had left from when you left in the land of time at a time that you left.

  The Jumboie [Then Jumb-bow-Lie-en] = The jumbilia; This is where you are eaten from in the sin as you eat the jumbilia dessert and diinewr of the food that has shrimp.

  The Avoid [Then hAve-load-id] = Avoidance; Avoidance is the issue not the point. Avoid what you hate and you hate what is in the thought you get in mind that is what creates itself, as you desirte as this in life idea is an idea that is moments as the plane of glass.

  The Animalism; The animalism isn't what is the animal spirit this the surprising idea that wealth that is. What you create with wealth, you make by brute force somewhere else as its not this is time that use endures and you end it.

  The fix = Makke en; This is the fix, as you speak ritual you make what is as you are not unaware you can get and make what you think should be.

  The Br glass = The breaking glass; The moment that you are not aware not are as you, and you use the senses of others that are your alts. When the breaking glass is heard you are somewhere else.

  The Ie Techno [Then eye-en Techno] = The inadvertent idea; The idea is the "plabe" that stops what costs you, use tecno as you do things and you can use the moment to do, think and go or not and yet you are free as if absolve.

  The Ie Tech [Then Eye-en Tech] = The idea tech; The plane jump of thought technology, the Ie tectonics that the third eye set is what makes the technology appear as you are what you are before time got what you meant and set up the actions like I make you.

  The mom in [Then Moment in] = The planet in moments; The planet that moments occur on and yet you can get things in time. Once you experience the idea, you can get out of nearly anything as when you experience you know. This planet is what is with many time, concepts thats with a thought may think and you gnow what you expect as your prepared for things or prewarred by beings that are greys that use alien tech or neutral blues that look elven and aren't.

  The gravies [Then Grave-lie-es] = The gravity exhale moment; The idea is a point that is concluded by explanation, as this is even a concluded time you are a point to remember now as you walk away. The spell this is can cause nothing, if nothing happens something and thought occurs what you want by these their own will. Do you recognize in any idea that you intent to occur is possible, unless this thought idea is done as you don't intend to do things you won't.

  The Gravis Thou [Then Grave-list Thought] = The Right occurance; The right actions in the right circumstances, as that make what seems right to some and not as no is used in the right thought occurance.

  The were [Then Were-en] = There were; The point of argument, as a time idea of altered perception can make psycho idea keep calm as there is many ways there is many uses. As if this is a point of were, as you were is when you are in a point to do. There's always a way as some use of arguements with this spell and as if you were well me in a were thought this is in if initiated right is then initiated fight that starts this result. In negotiation can cease the stated result that is not again, as you walk out or otherwise an the will to do so seems in to undo as if games of life as you are a game master. Then or not you here are available then this dissipates away for use or in nothing done, stops the effect of this spell stops nasty answers if a nasty answer is as the asked question is if "Did I deserve that?". This can extend the will of the user of this spell, as if this now you think time out and it stops as some disaster or beating is paused in mind. The ost os thos is where you make behavior changes where you can make magic in a thought magic, as if altered by in how long something which is in mind lasts and the meeting you think you see lasts or idea that is going on in thought can continue. An in in cancels this is out as if "As In En" is out.

  As you look at the wall and things, seem that long to your mind as a perception and as no trick is thought then your subconscious can think and make. As an ideal feat a concept that the subconscious can trick, or in change is as you say unless in no punishment and you "continue" what "en is", there as this depends on a were or pissed off person that uses their anger as a source. If a were is in an altered perception of what you do, as if then your altered state of mind in that they perceive is in an idea is with the stronger the illusion the more real it is and won't see and do what is assault as if well. This spell allows what you have in conscious, as perceived is a particle view this is in a conscious state of mind altered with the subconscious. The third eye can manipulate that what is, or mind your business practice.

  The Ae Desc [Then Aye-en Desc] = The Decent art: The decent action is thought in an art, not and as you use the art you can get what you are willing to do. Not is do nothing more and in nothing less in life unless seen, you don't have to as in no description is as things are finished they are. As you think, if nothing done nothing achieved.

  Poi Ment [Pow-in Ment] = Point of mention; Wizardry in thought is the art as accepted this is a place that in mind is mention, as if in mind you are aware that is what you think and the third eye can perceive. This in thought as a mention, in mind you are what you want to seem and phased out is nothing in a mention that is in thought. This is a spell that is an act that isn't by what can be seen, as at an end if not intended and thought isn't dumb.

  An if en = An if were; This follows the thought spell, "An if were an idea that is an idiot thought, then what in if thought if you are what you are this is a pseudo mind and what you are is in an act to do" as an act is possibly done unless necessary in mind is not in thought anymore after this. What stops the effect, is the blessed earth as in to think "blessij" as outside you are what you think about and the area blessij is this and this is to look upon no thought as if "an un".

Asseimptos De Shit [As-ee-imp-toes Den Shite] = Dark shift; The dark shifting is a thought to night and use is to shift by natural darkness from use of darkness in mind or nothing as a thought, create and the creator sets you places as a place with the dark energy from the wormhole in use by superstring. That is a point in space au naturale restore, by what you think and "thime" makes happen for you. As you can seem or not, as the point is clause as the area is safe to be in another life or things are. What they seem without overwhelming yourself by the creator, this is a natural shift can create a thought in a point of view that can shift you as if you are there. As if a remanifest is the respawn effect or not as to cancel, when you are common sense and otherwise you are nothing there. You don't have to do this as in a dark disruption shift this is.

  Don't do this if you don't need to, as if to light travel that goes through a dark tunnel, with dark scenes and normal after as you are flowing through the tunnel and end up. Where you think and phase stop, your there as your a different person different places beware. This is as a point and stop, shift away if you are in too intense as to stop and you are where you are. Feeling as energy will use, physical action to create a thought in action don't use drugs if you are not wanting hurt as you are not doing the same thing. Au no revertie, is au revoire is what stops this effect. You gnow that trick, in your head as if a choice an if a natural choice by what you do.

  Au Temp [Aye-unn Temp] = The immortal imagine shift; This heals as is naturally to create to shift think of super energy, from a string of what will create light as this is there from the four sun to raise the area temp. This is to feel nothing in the area and new you imagine appearing in the area, that is there as you use thought to feel and use a visual scene as imagined if a door opened or an area opened up by touch by senses that are thought and not what you do as you are what in seem to become. As if a thought to make a fix, the pain as you can feel is a feel of aloe vera go soothe as the pain is this fades poof away as if an idea that is "Aportas" in thought "Appeotis" is appetite in odds where gaggin is blocked by appeotis and not done.

  Nih Temp [Nih-Temp] = The weight shift; This is the instant weight shift to seem use of thought, as though what you were and yet you are what a concept is by what you think to seem. As you thought you are shifted in mind, but adjusted in weight to where you think to seem in life and this uses natural area lightwaves to shift by a thought of time faster than usual by lightburst with what of where you want to seem, as you are or not hit me. As you know exactly where you want to seem, you are a point and nothing more than that is light in resolve by credit card. This spell is a magic adjustment, in light wave cast by you without use or light energy is natural intuition by what you do as in the 6th it can seem the same. According to what you think, this is a natural wormhole of pure light as a soul shifts away and you shift with the "developenent" movement that you are in favor by imperial au naturale energy.

  This is the will to shift to a mind room and thought shift as you do you shift adjust your weight as you need it to be, as this is a naturally faster time shift that is a point and use is a thought to create as a conscious. Decision is focus, as to seem somewhere until you decide not, thin enough as in not to be there and the temp impulse or not as you don't think this is as if an eyeblink. As that is in thought to take "an emotion" is to seem the right temperature, as no influence as in energy if energy is in thought as the superstring and out to where in relocation. As that there is no issue as you think to seem in a Z temporal shift near "realive" relative in the area, as this is a point that can create havoc in what thought in an area to do and in or right to do as if until "realease".

  The Tempal Aero [Then Tem-pale Aye-ern-oh] = The in temperal shift; As you are a thought in progress, think of a motion energy and use is another idea to use knowledge to use energy to cancel out energy in eyeshot and shift is by thought as in to cancel out a hazard or not.

  Let it go = The let it go, such is the way as you are a thought this as if no this is, as "the eshift" idea as if this is then done as then a thought is okay. The way to work. So this is a way to create, in with nothing out with nothing as you no kill yourself in life.

  The Su Trans = The Idea Super in naturalight travel; The idea of superlight travel is a considered view, as this what can transhift you in a thought an as if you are a were that control is going were. As your shift is noticed, natural idea to travel in time thought will occur, to amplify thought is being used as your gift is as if a concept is shift and your gone or in peace you are a considered view. Think in a point as you are not a thought, as if nothing else matters as a thought work is a conscious decision. Think the spell dissipated, as a thought is not anything you add is a thought includes that which you will. Don't fear, in and out you aren't destroyed by what you are, if you think as if by the sun is a travel giant.

  The nax = The naturial approach; The natural idea to that which is a place, that is with a con and use can create what is right by third word use as a in self-made non sought conflict in non conflict mode as if thought.

  The tantra = The Tantra idea; This is the powder that lets a target control, and others to bear and seem an opposite that is a point and you go bruising and bossing or nothing at all. Create and if you attack, this creates dastardy and you are with a little weight that goes to the person that is a moment in site. Think and otherwise not as this spell disappears thought, and what isn't as if seen if as to appear there as a spider. Whatever and don't dismiss the thought, and this idea ends as the thought is heard from drow elf to reverse this. An idea that is heard, is a thought but not in acted idea with a thought.

  Fixie [Fixe-sigh-en] = Self-healing moment idea; This is protogenic is a thought to use an alleving to photosynthesis, as if "Adeiousis" and healing is "Alle" heal in thought heal in mind as to heal now in thought concept to remove yourself from problems area. This is to mend not "ans" as nothing is "withheld" from behavior, a use of alo vera plant infused with positivity or not as thought is in positive as in a use to create mending is the idea thought in what is a point to do. As this is the in use of a concept to use thought, this is expanding the mind by what is a concept that expands the conscious expanded as to realize what you guide in thought, you makes changes as needed. As what in thought is no as a whole thought mind you use direct energy to create a result, think this is as any element stop is water reduced or what "element entity" that is to get energy from what is dissolved. As this is the source of a chosen element, to work as to do or not is nothing wrong as this is not there and the mending stops on activity. Things with movement or not to do any actual idea, is there to do as if a light body. To treat this world is a normal concept, and others in other planes that are with other things is to create what is a point. The idea and to work with this, as is a point and this is a thought to see if this is life you are aware if not awake or awake if aware and no attack.

  As proton is supportive by ions in the room as there is "not" in a thought and out ionic in form you can use what is in a thought, from its energy to restore by what you use, but only in if you keep temporally quiet as unobtrusive is not seen where you use the temperment. This idea is to create a thought, that is stabilized in a concept in form for play. In recollection, you can use the idea, if you remember what it seems to create what the end result is. As this is in what it is, what you do is use what loss as in an experience to do or not with thought this seems what is in a use as is a thought in result. You can use what energy you think of to thought work as in this in what if you are with no punishment as uses are reverted therin, if there is energy that is use as you think to go, create in a soul from protonic energy in effect by what you think as you thin you create and the use is done in energy. This is a natural area, that is resolved by what is in to know and out to work with as "yes" is with an ash can seem to achieve what you think as interest is there.

  As there is a place that is a point and that is what there is in thought, this place is a point to remember in thought as its created in a moment and thought is what you pretend as you play out what you consider. As if a thought, you are a momentary figure in a place that is a thought to create. There is a thought that in use isn't a use and things, that are used are a concept that in useful situations you are a thought to be useful. There in is nothing but a thought, as nothing here is nothing there, nothing in there is a thought except that which is a point to be in conclusion. For what is can see to believe or make thought to create thought. As nothing is a thought, you can use what is if this isn't what in creates and thought is what you create. Note that with this spell, you can expect things to seem, what is a thought to seem what is in a moment not seen that will come up. As if you don't need to see it, is as this isn't there as out of the blackness you can see what isn't there till you are aware and things resolve themselves in life and death in the mayan world is life in effect.

  Ey Green [Eye Green-en] = The Green eye; The Green eye is an iris, as if an eye is with interest, you can fix or create what is an in thought by what the idea can seem a use for as if a wizard. Your use is what, an if you consider if intent is there.

  Bleu Ey Glo [Blee-uh Eye Glow]= The blue eye glow; This is an in focus idea, if blue eye don't "blu" of energy to use as with conscious that can make what is a blue eye iris or energy glow. What in a use is fire, can make if thought consciously if you see and to those near. As red irises in the night, if concent as sparkle is a real red conscious shift in life.

  The Oa [Then Oss-an] = This is ea; The party is an in idea to get nothing but situation resolution. Cast this to make resolution, in aspects you revert to normal and in thought you go in thought if for some end conclusion to see and nothing exists as if no expenses is un en in en.

  The Ea [Then Ee-an] = The isea idea; In idea is an infinite ward that in a point of view you can get better, in or not as you are capable of use can seem in what is a in thought to create and make in what is a point that shifts with the use of "in" as with each there own in mind. The idea you can use is a path, that is in use causes what is and this is either shady in light or cause by what you willed in thought an that which is causes what you want.

  The Sil In [Then Silent In] = The shield idea; The idea is an infinite shield you describe and you get things in idea. The spell shied is a concept that is a thought, an that is an idea in something that now uses a circle in gravity or a thought. Whether you do or not that is what makes rememberance, what in a consolidated view is idea with an active area fix by what you think aura energy is considered by this []. With thought in this is a use, that in use is not without its flaws or so no as you think and intend to get no effect then leave the silence by hitting the object.
 The En Rak [Then En Rake] = The removal of bugs; This is okay for use, if you think tolerant and create what you want. As if a thought, use the idea to generate a black energy that kills the roaches. As the death energy, think of smoke that is useful and think from places to effect the roach. This is to kill the need, and to instill interred energy from others is to create better results by this method. No ru en un is a curious spell cure, that creates what is death to the things that are running in crawling small form as this in what is a point of negato. No ru En is a point that is a conscious idea, and the subconscious can create any style including no death as you did you your job. With dry ice, you can kill them more easily as with this idea as wee designed it.

  Foxy = Fox idea exchange; Foxy is a point that to work with what you get and think is to do, things in a thought and creatively correct for what you think to make or work with as thought. The object in dealing with them, is to bounce or not by what you or others do something else. As the concept correctly exists sometimes exists this, energy idea a thought to work for what you think to get in life. As if exchange in item to get an item, or information exchange is what creates what is as if credit. Then or not this is nothing to do, as if a thought to use a accident or exchange things to exchange an activity. That in use is in energy this is not possible until you focus, until you think it is or not as you don't have to express what you do an exchange with more efficient use. This is a use to not, think do as you think full and use thoughts of a fox. There is nothing but a point in use, so if you don't want this idea to do things to you then stop and continue as you want as if a stop and go awaken with the animal spirit in you and this can act as you. You don't have to do this.

  The Var = The variety; This is the variety, as the various things to do as that is a point to do and is what is thought. Use is objects that is in what a thought, this creates is a point to use the real objects as the value energy in objects and creates what is in a use as value. Think of the idea that is idea and use is nothing, as if a thought exists and thinking gets something by a thought in use. Use as this as an energy creates with the reality that is around us makes this in use, if the idea is possible to get creative then its use thats done in a concept. The value is a point in time, that you can use what is a in thought and what you do is "doistic" in a thought but physically you can get. What you think, and if you create effort to get effort thought is in magic. Think a thought and direction by will, is a thinking process to do if you think its worth the effort.

  There is a point where you or another is in and out is in or not, as what "en" stops this is in idea or as  nothing stops this "not" and the idea stops but the activity builds up and if with a will not or not you stop. There is a point that is otherwise considered otherworld in magic that is a thought in that is a point, to create with a source as that is energy from what otherworld is as you can collect use energy from their planet. There is a way to make as to use their way is a will there that is use if nothing and thought creates with a thought, as the subconscious or not as nothing is there as you don't hit back or stop and think or do else in life.

  The use of what your idea is makes a thought to head or in the use of water emanation, that is a concent to do things is to form as a water stream and use is in the faucet you per thought can create with safely. In a point that is a use, you can do in thought that which is useful. Or not is a command phrase that came from a long time back to not do in site an action that is sanity and yet unbeaten you can get action that builds energy unless released to the planet earth as if you or that is what is. As if beaten you don't do, and if then you use a point you can create with a point unless reversed. Rever sing is an intended thought, that is a point in mind, as you think you do you can remove that by thought and your subconscious may do. As if you are a person, you can get any idea to result to do as a point of view in fact. That is a view that came from the dark, that is a point that may be considered or not in an idea is the basis that I found this spell a useful idea as the dark space in time that is easily left. Their is a will that is a point that is a thought and that is nothing dark as limbo.

  The Fabricatio = Remake; As to think you can you can create an idea, as if to remake within use and use is the idea this is a spell to create a point and think is to summon energy. Think and your thought directs the energy, to remake as you need the effect is an idea but if you thin and use the energy from a person or source. That you think is a point in time about the idea, the opposite idea is not actually done unless necessary. Or in en stops this idea.

  The Tho Egi [Then Though Ee-gin] = The thought engine; The idea is as a thought, as with a machine energy as there is in a point that use is in a concept by action. The right occurance is the right idea, as you can seem to use what idea in a thought pointed out without a bad as bade view and no bad happens. There is a thought pointed out that is in a concept and  is, as you do as you now know and now else leave alone or not. As is in a point you speak valorian, and you can come unless you already went to where you wanted. Don't and you won't shift away, as if a point is this isn't there in life.

  The Anal [Then Aye-nail] = The amenable; The Anal gland thought is in amenable acts as amening, things are there as is changeable as if your a point you can seem as thought and use is. As a point you think to own or use to work with thought, as what you see is a ointment that is a point that is to seem as real is in there pointed out. This is a point that mention, is if correct can create a thought to do or seem here and you can go anywhere you are thin. If in a bad phase of the moon, waning moon cycle if there is possible or not. As to not in conflict and gno, you create a scent magnet that if dismissed can seem to walk away to do otherwise in life.

  The Assumy [Then Ass-sume-why] = The Assuming idea; The assuming idea is a right point in and thought point out with a moment in thought, that is the assumption that is a point and thinking is nothing more than what you want in said area. As an idea that is an assuming point, that doesn't cost as the assuming idea as a cost is not cost. This is the power to assume and get some results, as the end in resulting energy happened to fold space as if to leave a vacuum in space and that draws you to the area as if through an open area by gravity itself. Assuming the point, as if this is real you can seem where you want where you are in at the moment shifts and changes to adjust to the area in energy and different or similar thoughts in what life there is that you change to.

  As if a different person per different area, in with an energy as a source in an idea as a person is perspective to a personal area that changes back if needed as to be at a different time in translocation as time can exist. If the reality can allow for the change, as instructed by your entry energy then you can adjust the energy by sending energy to create and make a point. Then let it be in life you are, there is a point to live or not, nor if you don't do wrong. Thought in energy with activity is a action, in time in memorial a moment seems as in a thought and ends as if you do something else you can seem dismissed for any anything you do as if you are fine and if so. You can heal anyone by healing, in an idea you yourself made in yourself.

  What you think as a different view changes to what is there if possible, as you view things your perspective viewpoint shifts as the focus point changes to seem different. Think as if a different view, your use is a thought to make a point and the area can change to what you think or not. As you are a point of view, there is a scene in mind that shifts to what you solve inner conflicts with as if a view to see is there and not anywhere else. That is soothing in a thought in area to feel calm, with as if a thought this exists that if a point is mention you can shift and seem what is by silver particle energy.
  That is created by in the imagined area energy, and with subconscious making the car change as if vibration to variation in frequency in pitch. With mind thought activity directed at the metal you are positioned and can create with a moment, the energy is a metallic essence use by subconscious activity and use is shifting with a thought to be and seem in somewhere else or not and the thought is what you want. As is this the use is concept, to use as a point not always to seem a quality use.
  As is the point and if you think or consider, this is something in use. As with a point in inner energy that spiritually you are inner energy outer aspect, sensing in the area as you are going to seem as with energy and out you can shift energy as you can shift and go ahead. As if to fade away, and use is the zero force energy that is made to a personal idea. As long as a point you understand, think or not if this isn't true at all. Impossible is proven if you think, and feel the area to seem to create. As with a view this is a real feel thing, to create as by the created in aspect is the thing to use felt motion with no in beatings. This is a spell to create or seem, as if a thought is mai as mae or not if in thought is a concept.

  The Fo Spyr [Then Fox Spirit] = The folding space; The folding space; This is as a space to seem, you think as the thought is a consumption to not feel hungry in life. As you are shifted on a folding over moment, if you think you are seeming, there you are as a thought moment in what in life can seem. As its them and you feel alright you can go and this is to think of the space, things you do and focus with are as the area comes assuming you know the space that comes into idea. As you don't do anything wrong, by focus you get information in what you use as you think you are well you think and fold space. This in to create a point, and use is the creator to make and work an area by what you do as if a device that you think use and get result. Thought to make this work, and will make will and will create what will there is. As if a thought, this is what their will is you can shift away or if will there is no will no will there in life.

  Aom [Aye-om] = Assumption; That is an assumption, an en is to not seem and until you think things necessary. The assumed idea, as if you are not jumping to conclusion, this is nothing if nothing necessary.

  The Montry Dra [Then Mont-try Draw] = The momentary draw; This is the draw of the time as a fight ends, and you assume the fight otherwise you won't ever fight. As if a point to a path, you can unsummon a fox and do things as you think.

  The ricky [Then Ricky] = The ideal point; The idea is a point is the concept in dimensions and the point isn't attack. The attack of rick, as rick the time tooler comes in and changes things around until not desired by the sun doing your desires. Desire is equal to want and want is in the deed, to do by thought this is think and you influence fix the situation. With the moment to create a thought and yet not be a monster as you answer or deter with the right activity by the subconscious. You go around and help in life, as you think and receive the subconscious request not as you return with or without help.

  The Hid Risc [Then Hide Risc] = The risk factor; The Men in risky business is with the risk factor, that is a thought and anything you do is not actually noticed. The man that married the head lady, in as a spinoff there is a plot and nothing denied otherwise as if charm unless not intended. As this is in risky business, you can get a thought and away with neato things as anything is possible.

  The Hid Black [Then Hide Bl-ack] = The Men in Black; This is the scene of a man in black suit going about as a person, and helping as a thought to do and get things done in effect as done is done and nothing can show up.

  The cinena [Then sine-en-ah] = The cinema effect; This is to think of the crystals in as a focus and use is an area, to focus the image that seem to appear in an image or not as think as you will. You don't need the effect as the movie or scene is show to a different world as you see it you don't always visit. After the idea is done, you can see to get a good powerpoint view.

  The Ine [Then eye-nine-en] = The party; As a party in effect, to make or think and use is the best area to work your imagination as if nine or nothing happens as you realize nothing exists.

  The Cesate [Then Cease-ate-en] = The Cessational idea; The cessation to not do things, and create with a thought that use is a polite view as to get a way to seem right.

  The Diyl [Then Dine-will] = The Daniel; This is a visit from the long lost daniel moisant, as he is a Doctor who fan you can see what is better for life. Otherwise, Daniel mann moisant is there, to aid the moment you need him in what you do. Otherwise Danny Moisant the technical genious can shift in and aid. To end this spell is to think, Un Dyil.

  The Sift = The Shifter; To shift is to think and as you move the area shifts outward and inward, to your apetite and perspective view idea in view of what is or not real as you didn't intend the idea as different thought to stop.

  The Pul [Then Pool] = The Paul vist; The opposite is a Paul in duress, that is a callable person as if you are good to work with. As loud an plausible in life not there. As if to watch the pulmanizer is to crush and go or not.

  The Jay = The Jay visit; This is the Jay, as if a bird visit right on que. The idea is a point in a place to see and know, as if you are a point that makes want that is need, need not and you stop or watch some scene in life.

  The Minecra = The minecraft; This is a part time job action. As you need, it the job is there or not as the job exists. The game minecraft is a game and you can see it, as a point that you think of the idea there and you are in essence visiting until you don't need to. Think as to walk out, and leave the door open to go and be back as to not enter.

  The Man = The main break; The break in the line that once seen, can seem an interesting idea as you play with the flow of life line. In energy as if thought and use is the flow of life to try to create a pattern or create a suggestion to happen.

  The Men = The Men movie; The men are the future, and as the moment is seen it is possible till you think to return.

  The Moren = The moments in line; The moment in a life that is a point that acted as a source can get action and possibly in violence, or that is not a pot action as in a pattern you use the toilet and the room your in a part to do.

  The Momen [Then Moment] = The Momentary; The idea "id" with father as a thought to get a concept and things that work, work or not as to produce any of the beast from the lands of lore.

  The Andro = The Androgenous mix; This is a momentary in activity, in that can create head blows or not as thought is cleared and use is an idea to try.

  The Androegan [Then Andr-row-egg-an] = The Announcing; That once you announce, you won't cancel or not as a point in life that reveals itself to your mind and leads to your arrest if in duress. Unless you are tiring, and from the situation you perceive.

  Th Sun [The Soon] = The Sunlit area; The daily sun in an inlit outer area is the sunlight in the room. As the idea is a seeming, you are as though a sunlit person as the heat is a point to feel warning as precognition comes from the energy you warm with. The Sunlight is linked to your idea, as your body is what gets energy and the body is the heart as the sun in inside filtered use is with this. With a thought, to get an idea and think things out. This is an idea to create, with good idea and yet not as the sun is only as powerful as the soul. This in mind, is use of energy. The plumper "paer" is a part that uses sunlight, to regenerate with and feel better as you feel good in you are apt to eat or not.

  Fixious [Figh-x-lie-low-us] = The fix 2; This is the fix to the mind, that you are in the mind altering things and fixing in the mind the problem. That as this exists and is not in the situation any longer, causes the cure by thought metainfluence or not effected. As this is not at the point "Earth", as to not cause tactics on the kitsune as if you are a kitsune and changing things to fix what is. Until intended to enter is the way you leave or not if you live, or if as you walk out a door you "escape" to your own room or an empty room or corridor. As if thought as if nothing as this didn't exist and you didn't want, as if to be effected from what your spirit in does as out didn't happen is "Disn't in didn't".

  I Ie Fixeos [Eye Eye-en Fide-x-leen-os] = The Fix moment; This is the fix "in en" at the end of idea of a momentary routine, that you are doing better and yet in not doing anything as to get what is in a single century moment until you stereotype things in life.End stereotype by not putting hype or things that are false in life.
  Is Eos [Is Ee-loss] = This is relent; as a relention to what is as a related moment is there to show what happens before. Whether to build up or not, as nothing happens when idea is there when this isn't as though there. This can be bad so seem to show, what you want as this is safe and your spirit knows when this is as if you stomach what you live.

  Melinf [Meal-inf] = The Lanfear; The meal adjust moment that use is a lanfear ability, as if of choice to use as is a point to get and go with illusion.

  The Teac [Then Tea-ack] = The temerity moment; The realism that disappears as a point that didn't happen. The teacup stops giving effects, as a place isn't seen or you walk in and out the open door. You don't have to do this, as this is a point to theory as make is by the crater that forms this.

  Demonin [Deem-one-line] = The demona; The demon that inside if it existed, is forgiven and remove is to create as if to die or not and yet live. If to live, you can manifest the stand seeming form as you want.

  In life [nIn Life-en] = The energetic being; This is to create an idea, that is energy and a inner being that is alive but consumed with inner idea as emotion or no and this disappears as if yes, use no inlife to not do. Use inlife a second time, and in this you can call a 6th dimensional being in no harrassment as a person and the being is gone. Don't cast this spell, as it is interesting you are what you are struck by what I am as the third eye is what is possibly forming things as "me" or other forms that is a choice to seem as hidden in life is what you think in life.
  Te Te Mach Te [Ten Ten Ma-ch Ten] = Th energy shift; The ancient temperal telemetric, as energy shifting idea described as naming or typing and you shift by naming three things by something and you get in life. This is bad as a concept inlife, not as spirit as you shift away feel and make imagination to cause the soul imbued to an object as its forged. As you are a point, your use is think and focus using dimension energy is to think and use discordant thought with a disuse by effort to think, know and shift away by a thought to create and make forward movement to fade away to another place that your spirit mai in is natural shift. Otherwise, you focus light energy to the ground and create a focusing energy by direct thought to use an area as energy, as this is an in temperal in energy use by the planet to seem somewhere and the planet surge is a shift to seem a safe place as you don't and do else is fat that is phads as a spell of acidic use with allot of water. This is in a way, line up and out where you want to see. As if I Ie, is a relent you can if you try and this is a return to creditable space. That crumb is crumbled, as you are done and this stops three things you didn't want inlife, as you are dead and others are alive as if you otherwise nothing happens, as this does exist and you watch by speech to the opposite in life by what you think with the will to adapt by condensing the idea to seem as "the en paradox" and you don't repeat in life.

  The Real Ie [Then Reel Eye-ehh] = The Energy; This is an important piece in life of literature that shows what you can seem and not seem in life, as if you are a point to conclude you can see and do to create that in a thought which is everything that you reason is useful and use as a thought is there.

  Thea En [Thee-an En] = The Free energy; The energy is free with a thought, as an idea is the point in time and thought is out an idea is in and your act is a free action. As is a point to serve, you can create a point to create a point and disappear if intended to get hurt. As this is a safety, you are a thought to know and use.

  The Bua Lua [Then Boo-an Loo-an] = The butter lover; The butter lover, is a hard thought to do and you are serve to the person that asks. As if you are a point that uses butter as if, though a thought, you can do and then you can get along as if you can see to know well you are an idea to work with and you are aware to drop the food.

  Syt [Sit] = Thought shift; Think as you want as you get away with things, if wrong its difficult in no right and otherwise not if this spell is cast you can think and create in moments as concept comes to you unless in not needed idea. As if in need, you are interrent as a use is a point.

  In no no = Break effect; That is a possible area, that is to break a spell and not seem as if not a point in existence. Don't react to things you see, or not as you are aware and you don't react unless necessary to things that aren't there as there is, stop as you are nice as nothing happens when you no the creator uncreates a reality point from psychic assault in life.

  Te Them [Ten Theme] = The telepathic moment; This is a telepathic idea, that the idea proved impossible is possible by subconscious with care by application and as you are in a place or point you can talk or not to return as you say what you want as the thought exists.

  The Obsay Tele [Then Obsay Teal-en] = The Observing Teleport; This is how to teleport more easily. Observing is a point, as in a thought you are a point that shifts. Step 1. master astral projection. You can learn it here in a point that is accurate, as accept that as if conclusion is there as if obnoxious but nothing wrong. As a point, this is a concept and as the idea is a part of something you can do, as you will either as respect by response is will and acceptable as point of view that concludes what is convered as this covludes a point. This is innocense by what you think. Step 2. go to the place with your idea in as idea you think as you know as observe you observation as what you create you can make with as a source. There is a point that respite is enough, as chaotic in idea is order worked with, dynamic use is thought to do or not as things are necessary.

  The Ico [Then Eye-con]  = The Icon; The icon is a think to touch, the icon in your mind as you touch it in body is there where think to seem or materialize.  This came from a book I remember as I read it the ibook Thans.

  The Sti X = The stick needle; The stick you hold is a needle, imagine it in use as the substance is a point to don't need then you won't. This can make things, with unnecessary as if not in necessity is unnecessary or whatever.

  The No Ef = The No Think Effect; The effect of no thought to do normal food as no idea is no activity with it. As this is true, think an idea and let the idea replace the other that doesn't happen. Think it is as you want and not it isn't, as assumed thought is not there this is as placebo. As suggestion to grey matter isn't there, as if before the moment and thought is safe to use. As imprint makes you say the right thing, if nothing creates something matters to create the idea is a moment as if stop is or it worked as not fear is no bad as is not bad if bade. There is no bade thought, as if you are not but a thought to seem.

  If in no opposite nothing in isn't there, as if not an idea is inopposite by what is opposite by opposite synopsis. This can cease any cigarette need, as in thought you can seem uneffected and not at all obese. Inobese is not actually, obese is an idea that food can be the drug without the dope or drug abuse thought about. With stick thin this is with this rule, thin to make you unaddicted think no need as you are not effect. This is to drugs, not by what you seem to think is as a thought to do as "dobt do don't know".

  The Asoi Voc [Then Aseil-oh-in Voice] = Associate in voice; As if a point is a memory, that is the trick a voice in the mind as someone you know.

  The Asteive Ascheia [Then Ash-tea-live-en As-chee-lie-an] = The sinking ship; The fast achievment, as if the assister is there as if ghost that turned as to get a fast aster ship area as a point is activity.

  Ast Doven [pAst Dove-lean] = Asteile Doven; The is idea mover, that used things to get things en uneat, as if there is a person that reminds you of what origin she's there with a noose and she buries you in the backyard for mandrake.

  Asteile Doc [pAst-ee-wile-en] = Asteile dovecott; The perserver effect, outdated is the idea doctor is a perservation by what you think to use as in well order of persevative idea.

  Disteile Astev [Dist-ee-wile-en pAst-eve] = Active task to death by vistaille; A task is born, as you are not there and ask as you can get or die trying.

  Assei Seime [pAst-See-in See-lime-eh] = The Asseme; Thye right is done, so if you go thye are gone to a place you came. Starvation by thinking can possible cause you to lose weight as you step back you are dissipated as if to burn things nearby or not.

  Aseime Calme [Ash-ee-lime-en Calm-en] = You are not doing what you want, if the taught idea is not done so this is a spell to stop. As this person was dead by diving, he is a memory or not as if to see what is as a vision.

  Kei Solme = The key worker; This is the key worker, accomplice to the key worker is a chewers death in aspect that you can call to get an idea and key in opening. As an idea is the rift point or not as not needed as nothing exists.

  Seancha indie [See-an-chan Lin-die] = The search; To use energy is to explore, not in what you thought is a concept and you know what you think. The in momentary time searcher is in thought and gives idea as you think in thought. The search is a moment, and you can find as you need as if a diving and after you remember yourself.

  The Trickeria = [Then Trick-ear-rin-an] The Trick thought; The idea you try is what you do, as you think to do you get as you think in response as from the computer screen. This is where you can think a message and get some answer, as you are thinking energy between the screen and your thought is heard or read as read is in view by a point or not as read.

  Holly Selans = Asive indei; Assumed to have died in life by you by a mind of madness, you can use the right thought as to get what you think as if waling and stomping feet not alive. Assumed in life is a death sentence as a thought of death is a point in life.

  The Los Quik = The lost energy trick is what you do in mind. Think in abandoned view as if you seek you search as you speak. The placement is thought about, as if a ghost to guide and with a dead risen and you can shift where you want as a mind perception.

  Manchie Melanju [Manch-chee Meal-an-jun] = The meloncholie girl; The lost form is in a floating sea as a mysterie to nock you about. As experience for a fight might work, you can get away to dismiss what you think as you think you can seem and do is your own as mecholic.

  The Serae Melanie [Then Sere-lane-en Meal-lane-lie-en] = The Girl; The person you know but a lost life, to starvation as she ate last she was dead by time. But this is her room.

  The Seranae Melaie [Then Sere-lane-aim-en] = The moment she died is the moment she was dead by water as if a sacrifice. This is a view of where your looking.

  Surji Margi [Surj-in Marg-in] = Fued worker; The point when you realize, you can see and you may know. Tune in and you will see or know her thoughts.

  The marji Sargi = [Then Marj-in Sarg-in] The area of lost hope; The lost area is a place, in a room that if you stand somewhere you can feel energy surgically.

  Serj Merji [Serj Merj-in] = Searching place idea; Where the spirits fleeing go, as you are a point to seem you can create an appearance in what you search. Search and place your artifact to continue searching as a placeholder.

  Sip Serc [Sipe Serc] = Ship search; To find wifi and other stuff, as to seek a ship in the bermuda triangle as a man that is to company or not if this is hard. You see whats there and you can see, as if the captain as what is in the room as by the name that is there. Your spirit is in a way to go, and you find yourself to where you think as if you can seem from where you want. Coming back is easy, stop the search when you want before your brain is dead in the main property is as you think and you step to shift back. As to work a thought, use a will concept. Ship search is done by in action movement, by action with the mind guided by spirit as you sit or stand and move or in not with your subconscious.

  Dan Ran [Dain Rain] = Dan Raen; Daniel Raen is a man to work with as yet he is a point to seem as a wisest person to know with something next as a position to his hearing things.

  Bla Rie [Black Rine-en] = Blake Erain; The blood room is a point, as a point to see if curious about in what can seem an interesting point to see on an abandoned ship.

  Blik Roo = Blanket blink room; The viewed area that is a blanket and that can help you see as you touch it.

  The Room [Then Rome-lom] = Ghost prison room; The ghost real area is a room that is a place that is haunted. Why run into him if you don't need to fight him guard.

  Sieler Maen [Sie-en-lere Mane-en] = The man of the body with hoyl; The hoyl is his card game and he can play any game. As sacred is any game.

  The Freun Rase = [Then Free-un Rase-en] The frequency raise; This can be deadly as you can use it but not actually use it. As if a point, then use is nothing if the energy doesn't exist there. Think of the target and if a body, and think of the frequency as you think the name to raise and the area equipment will work. You now know when it is done or not as unscrewed up.

  Saen Marien [Sane-en Mare-lie-en] = Aseiopo Dein; As in a place that is dirt a cool thought this is an area to get a good idea, to stay or not and if you are interested in her life use the essence by the straits with this spell.

  Saen Maen [Sane-en Mane-en] = The makken area; The makken idea was a person that lived in the 4th to 5th as a point in the bermuda triangle as you are a concept that had a place and immunity is very easy to seem a thought in use. Cast this idea to not make yourself appear like him unless you think it necessary.

  Hellsae Sean [Hell-sane-en See-an] = Untransform; Untransform from dog form as that which is the energy is with no energy. This is a a spell if true to untransform you, from what form you have to a natural shape your spirit makes and created in the mind as technique release as it reverses your writing as this is and not you are effective. Fying Feieita cancels this effect.

  The Lyer [Then lie-er] = The Liers; The point of financial view is in public, you are seeming fine and non bad off. Otherwise, they do what they want and can sit or lie on people. As my mate your well. As life exists, this is in the idea you use as that is possible to get a good job and idea. As if you are as if a well person, this creates a thought and use is a concept to save yourself to a game as with your energy in an imagined game world.

  Tyl Laen [Till Lane] = The timester; The time lane idea you think alike you work alike, to work by the energy is to work through the body and through the mind. Think fix and with, as you get a better idea. If you catch people in the room you enter, ask do you smell the smoke as if "Quali Lae". The idea is a thought, and if you consider a concept you can make a law in time that is a fallacy in witchcraft that effects the person that casts it. The effect of the idea is stopped by what you think.

  The Unn Diu [Then Unn Die-un] = The UnDiu; The idea is a moot point to do, but not as you don't intend. This is the idea, to don't do if to do is pushed. As this effects, the effect is felt on the drug users, that you convert to the "non drug pot" point as if "Tun" users are usful. That are fixed or not and not in the evidence, at hand is the moment that things are curious as "en un em". You gain control of those that use drugs with this.

  The This Mon = The thought moment; The moment you think, you can see and create or because you use it we give it to you. There's obviously more than meets the eye. As you don't have to, you don't as this is morning or not as night intercedes.

  The Cul Spe [Then Culn Spen] = The Spell cools food; This spell creates an idea, expend as you create you cool down food and make what is a cool enchantment. You see you earn what you see. This is collected cool effect in the room from faery wing dust.

  The Ce Ef [Then Sen Eff] = The cease effect; Even though you see, even if you don't see it you really can't do anything within it in view. The idea is to stop the point, if you are not wanting you don't get a unnatural result as a clear end. This is a point as someone says "Even if you can't see it, you can't do anything about it. As even if you see it you can't do anything with it". Otherwise, as if you are a point you can see and do through the moment, that is there by what you see as if through the eye of the person as a scene moment.

  The Tale Enn [Then Talen] = The Talus En; The tardus engine; This is the idea in a mathematical war machine act in that idea in the hitchhiker guide to the galaxy if you do with a thought, don't and you don't get incitus as to do things is to use an area with thought that the area is energy by touch that makes that create as what you will and in what you think things start and end as a peace effort is done. As you use a mathematical use in an idea, device that is a point create what is or not and thought is not but reality in war. As you end a war you create a peace, from within to seem that as you want.

  The talus [Then Tale-loose] = The reconsider; The drug is a cure a thought and what you consider, this can limit magic to due and reconsider. As if a tardus thought heart attack and the cure is whatever you do in spell, you saved me now I saved you. Otherwise, this creates things for the life of me. The thought matters is really, what you can with this spell.

  Assend = As if in; As in a thought is a natural conclusion to a real life in thought. If you think a natural end you get a natural end, as you think to the turbo end you think not in the end. The idea is to think, don't use that logically and you get better conclusion. That old indian blood.

  The X-bow = The crossbow; The restore only in mind in soul, as you are a thought in considerance, you create a thought and use is a crossbow that creates itself from thin air. As you are a thought creator, this creator can create for you.

  The Acti = An activity; The scene is an appearant attraction in mind as this is a scene in the idea of music, that use is mod musiv or music in the idea that can create energy in a mood that ends when the music ends. As you can seem to create music from the air even if rock n roll'n. To stop the dog that powers this effect, stay and do as you say "stop doggin me" as until you stop doggin me. As you are assumed in thought you don't do anything, that is what you think or do as in what you consider what in the right focus point you get good results as if awoken but nothing consists what you see as this is a backlash of the fire that is out as needed.

  Neut [Nee-glut] = New in impulse; This is the new idea fantasy, represented by what you appear as is an idea, that if you are a concept you can visualize and create as if help is neutering "asv" available. Name a virus, and you get a viral condition or if you think you don't need the virus it disappears as if revert. If in a view by what you do, "new" and "do" you describe what is actually there. As if a thought, you can seem to make and get a cool point to do.

  Ni Der [Nin Dere] = Night Rider; The bick rider, night rider effect is to create winners, and make or not and you can create at will. This is a point to do what seem, as in a thought this is past as a soul is a thing of the past you can get a decent effect.

  The Swyloy [Then Swillow-why] = The swallowing; Twisted religion. Your swallowing things that are possibly unsavory, and yet you can get the basic idea to swallow your pride as you think to swallow something. This is unpalatable like seaweed or imagine the downing of something, you like and think is sweet as if you create a thought and dream no little dream unless necessary and if you think you get along this as to seem with a hand. As a thought you are invincible in fey presence and yet not there as a point to do is not done. In thought this is a visible point, as that time can do as a conscious decision you are what isn't seen. The idea is to create a use, unless not needed to make a use as you seem what use you are a point to do.

  The Chi Ji [Then Chin Jit] = The multipurpose chi hands; This is the chi hands Norwood can create with a thought, as a miraculous chi thought as energy is idea the rhythmic vibrations and no it by earth's that allow to do as they seem to want as you do. As if thought and the chi energy is awareness as a point, to get and use as things are use in a perception by change as what is a thought or not. What cancels this out is thought to not do and stuff happens, this works and no notice what isn't important and think is a concept that your use doesn't need done. If a substance skip, as nothing in the idea is a point and things you use are naturally done by what you think and the third eye projects, the thought as the brain projects the eye effect as a thought you think the idea you can create. The third eye to materialize and do anything as needed, as an idea with the crown chakra by the creator. If you don;t kill someone you can create as you sense in a thought to think to use. Use is that with use the third eye is effective, as the third eye can make and manipulate energy. As if there and back again, as a thought if nothing else is an actual idea. As a thought in an act, that f lore is thought in mind as a point is conclusion. The point is mention and the creator that creates non fighting in area, thought as is isis helps with as needed and you don't have to. As if you use energy to make as a thought what the idea is and creates, as if an intelligence is by X flux crystalline intelligence or outward use Z energy as idea or in concept by use with Odin.

  Use of meditation is a concept, this is as a point to get an idea better by envisual visualization and focus. Alternately, you can find a place outside of your home by thought to use the item idea you seem to find to practice meditation to get the energy back. Think to get or not to seem and get a better approach in life. Parks commonly have the perfect place to find inner peace. So the idea is a concept as you think and ask if help needed. Some Universities and Community Centers have places specifically set up for the purpose of meditation. Think your more able and your more capable. You'd be surprised how common but hidden good peaceful places are in life. Think and you know by focus, as a point though is a possible idea. Just be sure to plan ahead and know the location you're going in to in thought. There is a key point, as the right frequency and the right time. Comfort or idea is key when finding a location. The idea is to use the third eye as a guide. Once you've found your spot, think power as energy to the spot as you sit in a comfortable position (close your eyes if you wish) and begin step two. As if that is to create or not, what you think is as you seem something, or use with thought energy to create as you think.

  Slf-Deey; [Self Dee-lie] Self-decoying as if a tatterdemain that use is a thought at the target not effective if they are aware of the tactic. As the effect if the suggester that use is not done, and not in life is beaten or not as your forgiven and the person that suggested if caused that is done.
Su Takeos = sunbath; This is as the use of the solar star, name a number to create a bath with no bath as a sun experience happens by sun use fire unless water is possible use. To feel cool as you are with sunfire, is to create cool in the aura feeling and no burning. As monsters agree with each other, think in a thought to be yourself. Akuma that are demons appear, as if in life the meet are what generates them on spiritual agreement. As if a point and can seem, if the concept is right things stated or felt necessary are done by thought to do what you want with the inner energy being.

  Use of elements can seem as in results are fact, that in missing points of view is what chaos creates. Now as if a power source or use of skill, in a created idea there is no idea in not thought power. As in what is right movement, you can shift away as this in thought makes right of way to do right or left side of justice. As if not done or nothing, commit in thought and that isn't there. If you think of using people, think energy is as a excess source of activity. Their energy in use is to create positive by a pulse idea, if to create in this is what you think and you make or not by imagination by energy. To shift away at the right time is to create in life, as if in an instance at a thought the right moment in an area and you can get away to do things just as you like.

  T try integer [T Try int-en-gere] = The entry dreamer idea; Think in a point or disappear and as you do as this tis a reformable of energy. Thought in nothing but pride. The fun idea to do or a timed moment is momentous in this applicable idea, there's no ill and thoughts or nothing is a point as in thought is a soul created as thought is created energy. Think energy is the form and the soul created in life, this is what your thought is described or your as the shape you are and now ability and this is the last ability. There is in an out thereas this ideal that is an idea in outside activity and inside activity or in point as if not, unless careless or think to thought careful and know the thought is create or not and creative is a point as from the source. Tendency isn't done as if thought of the makes creates as is, a point is a thought and energy forms the idea. The idea thought is not as done you thought think or not as is, consider to think or don't need things as motion.

  The Ume Cathene [The lumen Cath-ee-neg] = Hate avoidance; Hate not and what you don't like is not near as you think is what you will be seen, and you avoid what you want as well as your thought is in the air as in an energy this is there. As you can use things to get better results, an think nothing more with no condemning an not much suggested. There is no worry, in the world as that can't get you as you are not what you seem.

  Aspe no Weep [Aspen No Wee-p] = Aspen tree bark; As en by aspen tree bark essence, as in is a point to use or not and thought is a cure.

  The Une [Then Oo-neg] = The creative view by hate; The creative viewer is the creative result, as en is anarchy at the end you are a point where you aren't concerned. Energy is what can create and you are the director or with a mobile controller effect that plays what you think. The thoughts are a point that a director uses the subconscious to create a positive idea that you need to create a positive result. Where a concept is a concept, no and things go well unless yes is required.

  R Sien [R Sigh-en] = Are See; As a way to getting to know people. Reading the psychic notion is the subconscious, that you know what you can do with the idea is the sese of the point as a sicke word is in use. Still that reveals the meaning that you see as the idea to seem written from essence, of the area as awareness is with thought energy in foci by thought with feel.

  Z-Stres [Z Street-s] = The Z streame effect is the moment that creates and whatever you do creates with purpose by created effect in thought with anothers mind as a subconscious vision positions the idea above the area and you see what was written from as a source code in area devised by the area in mind that shows what aviende you want to see. B-streme is the essence of coaxed idea, think to create and you get the reward as in the idea is an area award card or area to seem paid as in full cash. This can build up the idea that if not done is progress and the price of progress is stress reduction by the idea your use is an thought done. As street drug is not ever done, your use is as though thought is an energy and the idea is a point to the use in life.

  Z-Stren [Z Street-n] = B-vitamin Z Energy use that creates the body in a better condition. Considered as an natural attribute. Thought is z vitamin, as energetic progress is there or here in the mind that reveals psychic notion as the idea is a point to remember in idea as a thought in notion.

  The Z-streme; The Z stream effect is to focus and see energy patterns, as a loki stream is the written phrase form in the language as if old greek or other language thought in use. The moment one of royal blood can decree a marriage, is the marriage that ends in death by tragedy from this effect. Arghe is the lettering in old france that ritualistically means the point of origin is the point that cures or kills, and that understanding is the point one kills himself on realization of the word as a meaning is there.

  The E Clot = [Then En Clote] The blood clot energy death; The blood energy is the hit to a criminal, and as you seem you create with nothing but a thought. As you seem a possible thought, this is a thought that erasure is a point to the event. As you don't want an idea, as you think before the moment occurs. The blood curtain ability can create by will and use a sacrifice to create with as an artform in life. Life extinction can happen demetrial use, by this utterance and the spell is blockable.

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Circle XVII/(16) - Gates

  EtuneEleGate = [Ee-tune-ehh Elehh Gate-ehh] Elemental gate; This is the gate of the elements, you can draw any element through it or make yourself go to the elemental land. This is begotten by the effect of making the gate appear as you state the words. This is opening it by imagining a slit in the air, and making it be an oval or square shape. Then you can spiritually step through it, by thinking your spirit is through the gateway. Or, causing it to draw you through. Otherwise, make the element come through it, by thinking to the gate to 'Make the element you choose, by statement come through.' Wherever you go, you've gone through.

  Gat = [Gate] The gateway of gas; This is the gate of thought to seem somewhere as in a mention is a point to think on in thought and you seem where you seem. That is as though a shift point.

  En Gate = [Enn Gate-ehh] This ends the gate that you form from whatever you used to form it. If not immediate closure, then you will find yourself doing the right actions. Alternatively, you can try closea agate, pronounced [close-ee-ahh sAy-gate-ehh]. This is stated at thought of the gate you want to close.. even if you aren't near the gate.

  EtuneSuAnimeGate = [Ee-tune-ehn Sun An-lime-ehh Gate-ehh] Anime gate; This brings you to the world depicted of anime. To get back, think of power building up and then think 'shift', to get back to the world you came from.
  EtuneSuMiyetoGate = [Ee-tune-ehn Sun Might-yet-on Gate-ehn] Un Bible gate; A gate to the biblical era. Exitable by will. However, biblical creatures and people can appear from the gate.
  EtuneSuPyrInigat = [Ee-tune-ehh Sun Pirr Inn-lIne-gate] Holy fire gate to the ancient iniverse. Go at your risk as things are very great in power there.

  EtuneSuLeceIniAdversGat = [Ee-tune-ehh Sun Lee-c-ehh In-ihh Adverse Gate] Creates an adversarial adverse universe holy water gate that uses ads and advertising to create results. Whatever is in the ad becomes real. People tend to make the ability displayed in the ad real. There is a mimickry of the world your in, there. To get out of it, watch an ad and make thought of being in your own world.

  BeGatAetune = [Be Gate A-ehh-tune-ehh] Biogate; This allows you to use white void to gate anywhere. This inters the power of Inert Gravity. It allows you to go anywhere you want to go. Think of where you want to go, then your body bridges and sends you there.

  SunaGat = [Then Soon-ah Gate] The supernatural direct gateway; This is similar to the Sunae, effect of energy and light gravity shift that uses the shift and as if to think as to form the gate as an other craft oval think as you are you find yourself to other places. The servant gate of light and rhythmic energy by what is in a point and thought is in desire if in thought, as if the High spirits movie as if in the air its different when on a moment thought or on a wall you are thought in desire and the spirit reacts. As if you doubt and don't seem to care, you can create a point that unmakes by what is done with the creator or not as this is if in a thought to do. This is the supernatural gateway of spirit energy, that is in a weave by what uses stones or crystals to make this work in doubt you can drag yourself back. As if you are a spirit reformed, as to do things with a person as you can crave food or nothing happens and this creates what you think will happen. As if by use of death energy with emotion, to the shadows that are shade to use you can shift at will by thought. This is of the place, think you are back and you are and use of the mention or thought that is energy can shift the body or spirit.

  Gat = [gate] summon gate - summons anything to come attack or do else for you that you want to think on or be under your control. Go anywhere with this spell as it will draw you there on thought of destination.
  Ka Si Sa = [Kahn-Sib-Sahn] This infini gate; ka si summons a gate by thought with infini as fire, earth, water, ice or air, spirit, plasma or whatever applicable, ka sa infini as some element that interacts to create what you think, as a gate to places that draws you forth or creates your form where you think to form that creates as you wish. This uses sha otherwise ka or spirit to manipulate the gate to exist then you to leave by things represented by things in use or play for now. This is then a use for the moment you usually give or get in return. So don't be worried over the response to the gateway that is activity. Whatever you do you consider what went in to make the event.

  Think to create or event is use by no drunken nature. This is where you think the point for focus to think of the event to create as you event the point this is awareness, that modifies the event where you think the change then the change can happen that occurs. Think the point to create with the ideal or things occur for you, as there is no alcohol use with this as necessary as this will happen wherever things do occur as if by when things occur. This is ended as the effect stops then you continue as you want to use things by now or things are at link end by themselves. This is to use aspartame in a moment.

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Circle XVIII (17) - Spells of Ages, these spells are nearly impossible for the lower level people, in magic.

 AgeOEtune = [Age-ehh Oh Ee-tune-ehh] Mastery of Ages; This activates the ability of the ages, and allows you easier use of the spells and elements you want to use. This won't work for everyone as if a thought. To reactivate it when the effect ends, think 'age of etune'.
 BulOTAge = [Bool Oh T Agg-eh] Defense of the ages, cast it and you won't be effected by effects cast by others, unless ya want to, this includes the sigils caused by others. And, if ya are, then ya can feel it and remove it, by a spell disjunction effect. Stating the words, causes the mind to cast it as well. This spell pulls its energy from resources, that are from other places and times, as well.
 GateOAge = [Gate-ehh Oh Age-ehh] Gate of ages; This gate can form however you want, whenever you want and show you any time of existence. This uses any energy necessary that is usable. This includes the energy from the age. It gives you agelessness. To open it, wait for the right time or think open sesame, and state the spell and make it open the gateway. By thinking the gate opens and visualizing the slit in the air, opening up to be an oval or square. Think close, as closea agate is spoken. This is large enough, for those you want to go through it. Tell the gate what age and do this by thinking about the age and time itself. State the date and time and then you adjust the gate to open where you want it. To close it, think of the gate and feel it closing. State 'closea gate', or 'close-ee-ahh gate-ehh'. Do not close it on yourself when you go somewhere, so you have a way back. To get back, think of the gate and think your through the gate to your own time.  MyyOTAge = [Mih-aye Oh T Agg-eh] Spell of the ages; To cause a spell to be amped up in effect and cast, as though 10x to 100x more powerful. This effect is caused by stating the words 'MyyOTAge, and the actual spell after it. Or, state the MyyOTAge while thinking of the effect, also possible is the stating of the effect, instead of thinking of it. This spell can cause whatever spell you would want. Stating the spell causes your mind to cast it, too. Due note: the effect amping is caused by the energy in the area and the sources the amping spell pulls on, as a resource. So, the amount of amperage depends on how much energy is available, at the time. The spell also doesn't limit itself to this time period, as it can also gather is energies from other times, too.
 HumeOTAge = [Hoom-eh Oh T Aeg-eh] Know-how of ages; Use it as you know how, to know how volunteering to do things and have knowledge, from the ages that exist or are described and through the ages. You gain this ability to do things with the knowledge, of the ages, by stating or willing the spell to occur and cause the ability to manifest.

 TherOTAge = [Theer Oh T Agg-eh] Spear of ages, use it whenever your attacked as you just cast this spell at your enemies. It is thrown however you want, and it appears like lightning, thats spearical. There's no way they can survive, it's incredibly powerful. It gathers its powers and in gathering, from many places and ages. State or will the spell, to get the effect.
 UnYndVe = [rUne Wind Ve] Forever winding view, this spell causes you to see things in a winding effect. As, per say, it is to use wind to make psychic ability and viewing of some place or event. State or will the spell, to get the effect.
 SocOTAge = [So-c Oh T Agg-eh] Sock of ages, that assaults the victim/s, many times and in many ways, till they either drop dead, or becomes knocked out. The sock of ages can cause a attack effect, to be recast over and over till ya end the effect. Willing it to end, makes the socking stop. A blow is a blow, as it seems to beat at someone. State or will the spell, to get the effect.
 HiPyrOAge = [High Peer Oh Age-eh] Fire of ages; Causes the fire that is extremely deadly, that is a force greater than infini and yet more easily made. It can burn anything, even stone! And, it is multihued in coloring. Whereas the base coloring is mostly yellow, a small part of it be orange. Where in the normal flame is mostly orange with a little yellow. This effect can be called up, to effect anywhere and anytime, that you think on. As, you cast the spell. The energy that is part of this fire, is the energy thats from the ages and other places.
 FrueOAge = [Frew-ehn Oh Age-eh] Infliction of ages; To cause an infliction or disease that lasts for ages to come, transmuted at some point to another time and place. This inflictive disease is possible to appear like a bad back, a heart condition, or other things. One thing it uses as a life source to cause the infliction is the body, as it works or as it is getting energy. The other sources are the things around said target. I is dispelled by a relaxation and a Tedeus moment of a cure session, the infliction changes, however, when it is cured to become another one. So it is never actually removed unless the caster desires it gone.
 KamurOTAge = [Kame-yoUr Oh T Agg-eh] Lightning of ages, to cast a megabolt that decimates the target, made from white, yellow and black lightning effects, cast forth at the target. This lightning can be brought forth and fork like chain lightning to hit several targets. State or will the spell, to get the effect.
 PyriOTAge = [Pir-ih Oh T Age-eh] Soul of ages, to bring forth a soul that is then infused with energy to make it ageless and worth the effect to have, the soul is returned after knowledge of the ages is embued on it, and the person is remade into a super person. This includes the wisdoms, that comes with age, as well. State or will the spell, to get the effect.
 VurOTAge = [Vure Oh T Age-eh] Wisdom of ages, that makes anyone gain the wisdom to do things and carry on, in an instant. Albeit the person was trained with the wisdom, and lived a second life, in an instant to gain the idea necessary, this second life dies off and the person returns to the place and person they were. To continue on, their life as though it didn't happen. Except, they retain te wisdom. As of yet, noones been able to remove the wisdom. State or will the spell, to get the effect.
 NeroOTAge = [Neer-oh Oh T Age-eh] Folly of ages, the effect is to cause madness and insanity, that lasts for ages, from memories and power that suddenly pours through the person. The energy is from the ages of sources. State or will the spell, to get the effect.
 QazOAAge = [Quaze Oh Ahn Ageo] The age of reduction spell, the spell of reversion was one part of this as if you were a reversion and the monster was revoked in you. The world you think on is reduced in baded results that are bad in nature, and granted better in what is not considered a bad result.
 QazOTAge = [Quaze Oh T Age-eh] Chaos of ages, where too many events happen to the target and with it, there's many idea, too many to count, causing by cause and effect the chaos of the moments. To make the person go crazy, after a bit. State or will the spell, to get the effect.
 ShaneOAge = [Shane-eh Oh Age-eh] Trouble of ages;
So its never actually noted down, the spell erases the memory of its effects, from the effected, after its done. It causes a person to do things, from a sudden temporary instability, that stirs up problems, by becoming a situation and since the people directly effected forget it after, there's the commotion afterwords. It can cause self-actions, to cover for effects physically done, by the spell.
 SadOTAge = [Sade Oh T Age-eh] Sadness of ages, to cause sadness by rememberance of the past lives and idea that came from them, along with the present life, thats added in. The person would literally want to suicide, and make idea from the past happen, to be manifested. They become so sad, in as they fall into a malaise or deep sadness that makes them not able to work or happen to want anything.
 OmaeOTAge = [Owe-may-eh Of T Age-eh] Presence of ages, to create a presence that is very unique and marks you as capable, to handling any situation. It strengthens the spirit in energy, till the person's charisma is very good to be near. This spell has been known, to cause and curse the famous perspective to be considered, from the effected's view of the situation, or idea. It can make you famous, in an instant. By actions being done and motivation being realized. Its sole purpose, is to make the target of this spell, into a star, of some sort. State or will the spell, to get the effect.
 IsaIAge = [I-sahn I Age-eh] Ceasing of Ages; To cease the effect that occurs or to cease the age of a civilization, in effect and activity. Through the ages of energy, that exists as influence, in the area and that be summoned. This can cease people walking, doing things and, if allowed,  will cease the movement and flow of the activity and an area, in the effect. The area to effect or what to effect, is thought on as the spell is enacted. You could cease an illness with this. Simply think of the body illness or mental illness when stating the spell with intention for it to work. This spell can also cease weather and physical affects, if you consider the weather or the physical action as an effect to cease.
 HielOAgeSua = [High-el Oh Age-eh Sue-ah] Elements of ages, the effect spell of ages that calls up an element of your choice, at the time of casting. To effect the area, that you thought on before casting, and to make certain of the effect, you state the area and maybe the time that effects after stating the main spell. This element can be any element and its greater than the element that is normally called up, is evil undone in a summoning or not by feel as evil is born possible by the area energy or create as the creator fixes the possibility reality.

 It can be air or wind, fire, earth, water, ether and other elements for nothing or not as an ionic fire or no dumbness. The more energy you put into the casting, the greater the effect and thats amplified by 10 times. Most of the energy, is coming from other times and ages as well as the time and age your in. Pros O Pyro is the Mage of age fire. Creating the area fire effect by the age of fire effect that absorbs the fire from ages that wouldn't mind the spell effect, focus to create a sphere of fire to seem by what you will to create the energy to what of the use that can seem a useful request or mage fire effect. This absorbes the excess fire not from conquest from the skull, nulle insanity to change by thought with energy by the creator. Once cast this can see use you see or not to create or water as you want as you need or no need with creative use.

 HelyAlanataOAgeXX = [Heal-lye Ale-sAne-ate-ah Oh Age-eh exh exh] Cure all of ages; Cures the body and mind of all effects that cause it pain and bad condition. This includes the brain and its functions, the mental disorders and all the magical afflictions. This be the ultimate cure all, when it works. It does so by gathering from the ages what be necessary to be formed as though an element to draw from and cause that element to be an ages element which can be used as a source that makes it possible to cure you or others of afflictions, no matter what. It can use the negative to cause it to work better, as the negative energy is a fuel to the spell. By statement of the spell phrase, you will be cured. Whether you like it or not. Use it as a spell chant during a ritual or meditation, to get greater effect. Feel free to add extra X's to the spell as well for even greater healing effects.
 SildOAge = [Sill-d Oh Age-en] Shield of ages; This protects against anything if in thought to defend your not against those who do nothing wrong. Even death itself, can create what is in the area as it is the result of bunched up tension and use is to rage like a dragon. It can utilize anything to cause protection and remove restriction and as to manipulate the scene to be better and for you. This uses the energy from ages of people and beings working together. This can age a person, as it works.
  SieOAge = [Sigh-ehh Oh Age-eh] Fear of Ages; This causes a fear as there is one thats unreasonable on the victim. This fear comes from many ages of remembered living and removes itself as if you are better, and it takes full effect when the things mentioned are feared for. their effective actions.
  AuraOAge = [A-urr-ahh Oh Age-ehh] Age of moments; This creates the right age and moment with any reason for any purpose that is expressed. The moment is in your head and it creates the right actions to be done and this reflects in your auratic energy. This aura can help convince people of anything.
  TyOAge = [Tye oh Age-eh] The Time of ages; Time of moments. This is the time of ages and as that is the time to do, you can use any event to use even a tattoo and is ruled by what you suggest and is countersuggested if needed. Time the event, and you are in an idea to work. This is the time of ages idea, that is per each their own in their own time as now. Focus an seem in a thought, that is a time you might live in but otherwise consider if you were not too inconsiderate. Now lets see, is a time to release this spell as a natural end to this time of ages spell for those that don't in know.
  TGiOAge = [T Gift-Oh Age-en] The Spell creation; This is the spell that uses the ages, as if a spell is able to cast if possible from any age and as with anytime and yet is a thought that is possible to manifest. This depends on a spell time, that you think as time as to create. As a cure to the moment, this is useful to use if you think as a point is defense the idea and your use is bloody. As a spell can come as you intent to use, as if blindly use use blindly trust is your use on them you heal is a point that is not seen or not minded and do. Whatever I would do don't use this on yourself.

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 Circle XIX/(18) - 6th and 7th dimension spell list, this is easy with the use that is with created ability. These spells are impossible if you are unable to use your subconscious.

Sexiah Dyns Myy = 6th and 7th Dimensional Spellcasting; This is the hard spelllisting to use unless you just happen to seem idea in the 6th or 7th dimension, this is a spell to use if you use the 6th dimension and hope to not be illed as you are not killed. This is as it responds to your will, the 6th treats the idea of it as though a hit sometimes. The thing is that if your not a 6th dimensionalist, then you can possibly not see what you create with this. As if your luck is there you can seem sicke, so if you use your mind then you will as now you will when you want and use is ease of the will with what you focus into created idea from what you will. This spell uses the idea to think of a 6th and 7th dimensional idea and as energy is energy you can use this with your things to create reasoning or resonating results.

  Se Ty [Set Tye] = Set a time; The time you set is a time to do things, as you set the right dialect you can set the right idea to do idea. As your spirit knows what and when to except as to do things you can set a time and use is a point to get results.

  Th Zup At [The Zoop At] = The particle assault; This is an attack of particles and uses physical brute strength to do the deed, this is if its necessary or possible. The drow would use this if they knew of this. Some can use this form of multi physical attack to cause dark marks or smudges on the walls, this is using either water or fire energy from the attacked victims energy. The amount of dark marks make sparks and possible golden sparks elsewhere, this I think explains the attacks and to explain the sparks is the conflicting nature of the feelings that is there. This works best with multiple opponents that are unaware of you and this includes roaches or insects.

  Sum In Guv [Sume In Goove] = Job in position; Only some are in the government and some are freelancers that work for others, thinking to do what you can this is cam and other idea only done by what you intend. Some things in humiliation befalls those that reveals this to the wrong people. Fascination is with those that observe you, sometimes this is you doing your job or just doing what you do. Any that disagree are not hurt. So feel free to imagine the sum of money to earn that you wish to have and state the spell or think the spell is cast.

  The Is Mai [Then Is Maid] = The disrobing; The easy creator is the idea and the make is the idea to achieve. This at the end leads to a disrobing, as where you are is near or with people in that you make a point as a point and create as in with a will and out as you use what your way is with eassel.

  The ceate [Then Cease-t-em] = The blood effect; The blood games were made from this, then as if you were a person to do you can mimick or not as if you were what you seem and viewing the future that your subconscious creates for the purpose. The bloody field effct otherwise in a point to cease, or make in point that leads to a bloody area or noth as if rituals were restorative and set off the idea to end war. This is to not do if you intend things to go well as egging will happen unless use is with wisdom. As egging to use things is to make things, as use is energy from some activity you can create an idea from energy in use. Done right you may see no bad results, as if you deceit the moment that you get in trouble.

  Wet Los [Weet Lose] = Wet weight loss; Suggest to yourself that you will lose weight, sometime stating the spell effect will act as suggestion, think and surround your aura with fire energy and the energy of the blood spikes to burn away calories and weight loss occurs. Doing extra exercise causes the weight to stay off and remain away from you. Exercise in this case is walking, Thinking about the point to do will create the need, then you can find yourself doing what is necessary by feel.

  En [Een] = End; The end to things you see as necessary including nightmares, think an ending and you get the end you feel is needed.

  Ten [Teen] = Ending; This is a story ending, think an end point and the story is no longer experienced as an effect.

  Xace [Ex-ace-eh] = Exercise; Suggest to yourself the effect of losing so many pounds, allowing weight loss and you create with what you do. This spell can create anything that you need or intend.

  The Aeo Ey [Then Aid-ee-on-eye] = The money spell 2; This is the money spell, that is a point to turn things to create as things get better things are as what once is yet better than thought in time before. As if time creates what you think, and make is in a concept you create and the time creates unless not necessary. Whatever you think, this is what will make a killing.

  The Bobu Kel [Then Bobe-un Keal] = The bed bug killer; The bed bug killer, that is what I use to get rid of bed bugs. There is a killer among them as if a human world that is their world. As if to use the effort against them, the energy they have is turned against the bed bugs and pestilence as disease stops and use is done. As I Ei En against the bed bugs, this kills the bed bugs as you think you can you do and as the kill is done. As if in a point to do things, as you are a point, as whatever you do powers your efforts as the energy spinoff that is the idea use energy magic. The idea as you do creates the results in what use you can do, think, focus and feel to create what you do in what you think is what you use in else as if "En If" to remove the thing you don't need as you feel the need to key or act you did unless not necessary. Whatever you transform into something else with, this is gone by the essence in form to create what you think.

  Rak In Kel [Rake Line Keel] = Roach killer; the roach killer effect is the idea of using thoughts of energy, that is fire feeling like ice to the roaches and that roasts them by feel.

  Foci Ua [Folk-in Oo-ah] = Focus; This spell causes you to think to gather water and to put out fire if fire is near.

  Uu-day [Oo-uh dame-laney] = Undo damage; This spell undoes damages, once stated as really the effect is the suggestion you state after the spell. This effect is done sometime by feel with the consciousness of the object or the area. Think to awaken the house consciousness to cause more quickly the undoing, this is done by being near the center of the house area and think to the house "awaken".

  Col La [Coal-law] = Coal laying; This is coal laying to repair the roads set by this spell sometime.

  The Mai Makes [Then Main Make-ee-s] = The En concept; The idea moment is over as you are a concept, think or feel to create an end that is your make. This is easy with the power that you think makes things and is set by the creator. This is a point, you may create in easy use. That is a concept to make use a thought, this is used to create a spell point with "en".

  Th en ga [The Een Game] = The golden spark gate; Then is the point to go to by thinking of the destination and now is the formation of the golden spark gate. Then you can walk through it and you are there. Think of the then point and realize that you can form the gate by imagination of the gateway forming. Then to close it is a hand swipe sometimes this is in an arc and thinking the gate closes, closes the gateway so think away as you wish things to be and you know things by what you do or feel.

  The in veer [Then lin Vee-r] = The veer effect; As this is done, think to the use of imagination as to use a veer and be missed. The veering away to the earth energy in magnetic pulse by gravity waves, as a use is directed to your mind and thought use is thought place. As increased activity happens, your use is noticed, as if a use in thought in what you think as a high applied thought your idea is a thought in use. Now don't answer, answer as yourself.

  T Fx [T-F-Ex] = The effect; The effect is this, what you think or describe something to do it or a stone or object nearby will do things by the conscious idea unless not wanted or needed. This does not always work, so its safe to think of things. See that could work with what you need or you may intend something different. This is if you can say the spell right.

  T Iveiae [T I've-ee-in-aye-eh] = The investigation; Think the idea to know and your spirit helps you realize what is what with life, seen is this by the third eye or the point with what you read or watch with by feel. This is as if an investigation occurred and you know the report, that you see by the third eye pinneal gland allowing you to know things. This is done by you realizing the idea in the report and on you focusing to know. Nothing else need to be done, except the point of realization itself. This can happen with looking over something, otherwise you can watch something to know the idea and as you know this an investigation.

  Th repo [Th Ree-pon] = The report; This is the report by feel, thinking to report to the air or by writing things down, what you know is not lost. The fey deliver your message to the correct person. If the fey don't, then by stating the spell or statement your subconscious does the reporting unless you don't need to report.

  The Crysallis Use [Then Cris-all-mise-a Use-eh] = The poseoidon stone use; Use is the ideal you have that in form tin is to create and your thought is explosive, makes what their thought is unless they don't need in thought and you do things. This to get things done in life stone use, this is the point you use. The stones or think in society as truth is a thought of magic, and this is in society as a fact if believed in as the fact is a point and use is as fiction if done right. Think with thought to make harnessed threshold stones helped, to master the art of the ability to cause event to do the fact. Think or feel and use is of crystal magicks and crystal energies as well, magic an magick with Firecrystals is a spell by thought to do wish magic. This one came from fiction, so don't in need to stop this effect.

  To do telapathy is to make and use as if to create out use in an idea that is in a use of ability. Think to create as what is an idea and with the subconscious for chaotic magic, an this is instant as a thought and with use your able to create a point and you do as is. As you have others use the ability they get from attempt as to do things as the other idea whom has the ability. They who use the moment can seem to send you energy, as they think use as you are able to create as though thought were creative and their use is a point. The concent to do or not, as they don't need to is as if a concept is done as done is done.
  As you think to do you possibly can, and then to consist is to make or use is a creative idea. There is a considered point to use what is in thought, not mad or nothing is in a view that shifts as you shift and this shifts. As a portal is powered and things, as a point you do not like unless necessary or think should be to seem. Unless not necessary as a car can seem what you think, in as use with an ability and as a thought you seem as you are. Thinking can release the energy, as ability is there to use for a 'use' with a thought as you get energy returned to you by expended energy coming back to you clean. This is a in juu spell to use for the creation of ability and not worry over what you do.

  As If Mu [As If Munch] = As Too Much; The thought to shift in energy is a concept to bring energy and create what you think as a manifestation is possible after summoning energy to create what you can think to make or unmake in a concept. Think is a point, that you who thought is nothing to create as you did it. This is a crunch a munch idea, as you get a crunch a munch box of something to eat with the spell and as if naturally in use is naturally done.

  As tut T [As Toot T] = Shield idea by anonymous; Shield or a place, in thought your in a conclusion. This can seem to create or make what you think and not seem to operate on me. As you are aware you are awake, in a consistance thinkgs you do are not done and you act normal. Think to all appearances that your normal, unless the spell fades away and your true activity can reveal. What you think in what hidden form, as many forms can seem a shift in a concept out from a concept or music in concept or not. As nothing is there and dismissed in what you create, as if a distraction from yourself within life.

  Act Ydsd [Act Wide-Sd] = Concepti act; Do you duck is a concept to think and create as if you are to create as a point. This is a thought from the radio, as a person does what is destroyed or not created is by activity described.

  The Unrele [Then Un-real-en] = The Unrealism; The idea is the thought, to use an unrelevant point is to create is a will and your use isn't what you are a thought to see if interested. The spell is unrealism that creates from a thought, as its false to do and your will is nothing in thought as something in mind its undone. This hides the fact that is there, to create is unnoticed as you are a thought you are unlooked at. As the unrealism is what can make strange and yet weird idea as unrealistic, you can see the idea and realistic you are not seeing what you think in an unrealistic viewpoint. Now the undo is a point to go and create, or not if nothing happens this is unrealistic in thought as an idea in mind is that replaces the idea. As if to create and makes your area, if you die somewhere as you act normal you can become another form with a shapeshift and now its done.

  The Tatu D [Then Tate-un D] = The mark of death; This is the mark of thought, to the body that appears as a tattoo when and only you get a tattoo. Then is a point as to think and you see in all or none of the tattoos as they are in another mindset. That mindset is a point to reveal the unseen, and use is as thought to show the idea to think as you feel invisible tattoos on the skin that glow. Think to create a concept, and the tattoo will create a thought to seem to do magic. Think not in life and what is an invisible friend considered as you see it not is what you can create, if from memory you think and feel the idea to form. Think from observation as now doing is stopping something, before it can occur as if fear causes and avoidance with the stopping point. This makes from dead cells in death energy to your aura, to cause humility in the idea in practice this can if your around someone long enough form unnatural life. Think in thought as to form some pattern that in the matrix would work and its not created anymore as yet this won't kill, unless your spirit allows for the idea and yes this spell can do the idea to cure and create a thought as the energy is better in the chakra points then surge energy to create or not to form ability. To undo this is to state "Unn De Due".

  The Gno Tech [Then G-now Tech] = The gnosis technique; The concern is cease thought and not as disappeared, as in a thought makes a thought. To do is as thought in a slight move to avoid, and as if conscious you mind is created thought. Avoid the trick, and what you think is nothing but a memory. Recreate with a thought, use is to make with a will and create as is to seem as if you are a concept to work with a planet. As if a way there is a will and thought is to make honorable will is able, make as an understood language, no fear if to think as conscious to cope whatever you consider that creates the calm in mind. As a peace of heart, is if to learn you use a thought to create a conscious from the subset mind and use is the thought in conscious.

  T Ash Pyro [T Ash Piron] = The Burn notice; There is a thought as to think burn, is as to create with a thought is to see and gnow is a thought as with the element that you choose to use. This is a thought, as the notice is what you think. This is a point to recreate, the burn notice idea is a thought from the world that is shown on a program. As you did it, and yet won't if not needed as not intended by what you do or not for what you think. Think it and you get an idea to effect, from the "arae" manipulation that never happened to exist unless needed. Yet the idea you have is not but a point in the past in mind, as to get a resolve is nothing that creates from within and manifests in the car area in thought. That is what is nothing as not you know what things are, this by what they seem and in life it is a hidden concept an idea is never to show or not as this isn't what is in life.

  The sutr onn [Then Sut-r onn] = The creative time; The created time machine, think as if or in as you consider a point is to use a clay ball. This is to think toothpicks, as this is to gt them or whatever is available to stick a toothpick except a head. Think a time to shift the time, as if an alternative time shifting device what you think will not seem there until you step out. As an open door is there or otherwise things will shift around or not curiosity you will be stuck there forever. As if you were or do something else, you can hit an object and shift or think to yourself to shift you back in mind or in body.

  Isea Rahl [Is-ee-an Rahl] = Darken Rahl Nova; As you are a point as to conclude is a thought, as if in concept you are what as nothing is there but a shape that is hidden. Dark non and use thought, as you think of a concept you can create from the dark within night to make as you want. As you are a thought to create, you aren't as well or not as you are a point to think as in thought to seem balanced. As to think the dark is there in idea, creates it and use is the darkness to create and created is the aura to cause a dark fire nova effect. As you are a thought, your idea is use and create is a thing time created as you created your aura by will is expanding out and fire forms. As a thought in dark flame to cast, and create as with a will is to make with a way that in thought creates the dark fire. There is a place and thought isn't there, as you use thought as a point to do the expanding ring of fire is gone as it reforms as in form of the idea that suits your purpose in nothing but what is as thought or not as nothing exists. Cast in form by "En Ova", or a thought "dark nova" as you think to gather dark flames and cast forth by the thought through energy.

  The As Car [Then As Care] = Assumed creation; As what you do is assumed in thought, or not as this is nothing but fire you can use it to create with as you draw the energy, you can think and seem as you want to appear. As if a concept, use is in to create and use is to jump to another plane and your thought is able to shift you about. As to do assumed not assume create is think as your seen in mind, and as your thought you can create yourself from what is essence from a point and yet your in a place by thought. This if not believed undoes the transformation, you can see in and go as for yourself you aren't what you seem. This spell transforms a person, from within to seem what you think as you are unless not "wanted".

  Ada Sfa [Aid-an Es-fan] = Creation sphere; As you know as if from agriculture where you think you are in land, you are where you are as you think a place you create an area to go. As if what you think you create, and you go to where you are well. As in a sphere, if you create this is as you are shifting and disapparating with a will as if disappearing. To shift is displacing to where you want to seem, think and walk or think and you are as one way goes that way and one way goes another place. As long as you aren't in a messed up area, as in life you are not messed up in life and as an end life you go on. Where you are in life, as in the art you are so seem to be as if outside. As thinking is creating, you create where you think to seem as you are where you want to be. As to know where you if this is to not need the area, is think to seem and uncreate what is there in life as if to leave is "ciao" till later. As the idea is to use an idea and you want to observe, think in thought "ouvisibas protection sphere" that allows you to see what you want as if not there an in nothing as separate from the reality. Only if you want to use the weight create with esfan use is no use as the area feel because with the sphere you can create by instance.

  The Ory Fada [Then Ory Fade-an] = The location finder; As to now the location, is the nowing by spirit or you gnow what you do. "As if you are in a strange place, do you recognize where..", as you think about this you can learn from spirit as where you are and what there is. Think about it in the place you are as you think to see, focus your mind and let the place come to mind. As where you think to look comes clear, as a use is the area and location in life is thought as if a "glory finder". Think a question to know as a place, as you know you can figure the area and see what you know is there. As the reality, will answer by what you think. As to ask the right question, is to now the right idea and if you have asked it you did it already.

  The Got Id [Then Go-t hId] = The gotten idea; The things you learn, are what is availed at the time you think it. This spell is what you can use to get and consider things you want. As in thought to get this can find and thought exists what you can make, as if to be nice because what you get you care for in thought. Thing is to touch and think to get result if you want as I am, if you think to attend and use in thought is on your own in the idea that is up to you as you did it.

  Enselve [En-S-elven] = The End self; As if you were a werewolf you are now an end to the self, that is what you create as thought of what enslaves you are what cause you to think on life in the mind. There is nothing as if a concept but a point with this spell, you did it as there is no more to do unless you think to do some idea and learn is what gets you places as if you are a point to remember unless unnecessary. Un Dni is to cancel this out as you did it.

  Itself [It-self] = Things if thought; What you think is what you think, this is the idea that you are a thought. As you are a way and a way to go is a thought to seem as you are in what you think to seem, as you create with what you use this is as if a thought. As you think it you create it as this is to do or not, and doing is natural as though thought itself you weren't hit as it is it itself.

  Bree [Breeze] = The breeway; The bree way that is what consists to seem and go, as yuo are a natural nut with a nutcase and you carry it with you as a way to arrive to the destination is where you can seem at as if a road is there and yet is to some other life born on a breeze. As if not or not as nothing willed to exist with this makes nothing.

  Cicl Nua [Sin-cl Noo-an] = The nuance of life; This is in the nuance of in life and death, drinks in use as on a moments need are quality that to seem as a use and in you find what love there is in the life you lead and no stop unless the idea didn't get used.

  Cicl Hua [Sicke-l Hoo-an] = Cancel hunger; As in a point that life exists there is no need then, as if no nothing eaten nothing regarded. This spell can cancel in need to eat, as there is need to eat as the hunger you feel as you feel the need to eat in hunger the need disappears.

  Sun Flo [Soon Flow] = Solar Flower; The Solar idea is to flower your energy, and to create solar ability in life by what you think or out with feel and to use sun as energy with the aura to cure as if in to make sense to flower things or otherwise create by generating to cause life or not as you think or not as nothing is done if nothing exist or no not at all is this noticed unless necessary. As you think and make you use a thought to seem or not. As the thought is dissipated as an energy if not "un" in life.

  Sai Dai [Say-in Day-in] = As tolerance create think; In as you think your creating in possible moments, and stop and go as you seem to think and you are an idea to work with in life. With a dessert at the end that works with your tastes. The idea is don't assume, or use "not" in create as you think to work, and wherever if you think to stop the effect think no not here an so not as "un no not".

  The Fai Surv [Then Fain Surv] = The Survival Idea; The survival concept, as a fake or not that is a point to create as if real and use is nothing if not going to happen. That goes with no death and do better, if possible by what use you do. Use is the orcs energy to create and use things as you create away to make and think, and if or not they catch on they can use you as to use earned survival skills as "en" from essence to use or fake out those that can't be bought by thought as if useless thought or don't believe you can do it as you do something else as no disappointment is gone as spell done.

  I Ep Ep [Eye Ep Ep] = The weapon use; This uses the darkmyst to create, unless the myst is used as the things come to exist as you think them to seem. As the weapons, as you think you can use as you want or not as "are there from in space". As to use things from which you find to make, and create as to make is nothing and create is thought by what you think into form. Not here is necessary, as you think and do what you want as "un not". Release is done, as you are where you are by what you do and make as the right commands are done.

  Aspe Wip [Aspen Wipe] = Asp energy; This is allowed if not unneeded as an idea to use and fruit or bug and as energy is the thought in thining to remove to use the effect you cause or create currents of air to make a use and create what you think if energy if ability if use is there. Think "not" to get no wasp, unless needed or things you don't want that won't yet come back.

  Theanx Aspea [The-an-ex] = The point of creative use; As if a moment you can go and come as you want, as if a point of thinking your use is a thought that makes what you think and the ideal is served on a plate. As if what you make goes correctly you can create, as easy as a moment is what you think or hoax can seem proven if the correct energy and use is done as nothing is.

  Tuetial [Too-ent-lie-al] = Istant thought shift; This is the existant thought shift to think and try to get away as possible as if you are aware an use is thought put out as mention is expression as hands extent if "istent". There is a timer shift that uses the idea that if you time the event, you can get what advanced warning and stop the un timer and the time phases in you as if to a safe point if in (ship guidance by thought control) save shift you back.

  Uo Liht [Who-oh Lit] = The instant light; That is a thought point of a flash fire, think, focus inner fire as to light with manifest and do as in create in unusual result. Think and use is to get light, by thinking your lighter that is good as your body seems to lose most its weight and your as if a thought not to weigh much and use by fire is to cause this or nor. The spell is a use and thought you do, as this is a useful idea by what you figure out what you consist. To think and the energy surges. This is a use of correct idea, unless consisting of wrong activity.

  Moss Cat = A perfect idea; A point to loss, is thought "loss is win" is the take it off is a thought, to get a result and make what you think. As the point, you lay a trap is when this ends. You undo your trap by the effort to think, stop and you aren't in one that works against you as it "workst" others you dislike.

  Maya = [May-an] A tropical influential idea; As that is influence this is a disease and thought you use is to get the point as you use things with energy you get a disease of the mind. The power is the tropical forest as it ages dies and comes back and if thought, this cures the point as you are in thought and thought makes what you consider as thoug a person were there and watching as the paranoia is avoided. This is with the tropical idea that as death happens life begins and the shift to the alien ruled world is the point that you can use an voiced opinion as a false authority leads someone on and the mind causes the body to live as though dead and alive. This is the world, that dark is death that is life.

  The Pregnio [Then Preg-night-oh] = The intention effect; Whatever the worst effect is the best effect, if on a conceit you think and get interesting idea. This is a bad for the purpose by intent, the worst is best as "withen" intent to create good from bad example. As you never intend something before you need it. As this self-love that your use in expression is love for another by willing, to work with another as if opposite worlds in opposing view as derelict in a different nature. As in the world, your use is as to create a concept from what you work with as you think. As if you thought the thought perceived is what creates by what you think, and what is in the area is a stimulus is a concept to make and create with what you consider. As you think a thought you create some will, as your will you create with through created see and do effort thought in an idea to create as with will or not as nothing exists and yet somethin may happen with happenstance. As if a point in the subconscious is an instance was a concept, your use is a thought and what energy you use is what your thought was to use.

  Pre Hens ible [Pre Hens sible-en] = The horrible idea; The idea to create is sometimes destructive as you appear to act bad from good with a spelling aid. To state something is saying it exactly as it says. As if you do is in when you do different and things, you attempt are a concept to do. As you horrid [as thats kinda hard] isn't done, as what is isn't if unneeded and as though a neglect is with a "horrid brain" in idea.

  That impedes speach and causes you to type and speak through the text. The thought exists as if nothing except what you don't, do impedes it and nothing impedes it as you think do an idea or don't. What you do if you think the idea to do it you don't get what you think, think as response can be neglible your use is as a point to do or remember you by as you do things for others. As the emotion can get involved and raise itself things, you represent in the subconscious can be taken or not as to correct for the problem that occurs.

  Meh [Mee-h] = Beh; This is pretty much something that is what you say, as if a mention were to create with something that creates with behest as to bade to good or bad is bade good. As it depends on a purpose by whatever, this seems "In En No" they are doing and from what you do. Its not something you want to to do everyday.

  The Ino Fx [Then In-no F-ex] = In No Hih, The atleantian fiend Idea; There's no fiend if your not in indisclosure as this is usually yourself reacting to another. The point through indisclosure is the thought and is a thought and is different things to different people, as what you do is a thought as you think you can make with the thought. The thing in thought you know you reveal by a demonic being that enters as if to make, think and create is the thing you want to do or you with this can seem to see to realize as realization by feel.

  This is with a small food sacrifice can disrupt the essence created that is blocking you. As it draws away the demon that is drawn to the area to the food is, as this is is a possession born with the roach once killed you are able to make better with better idea. As to not be driven insane and illing yourself, think positive and accept yourself as self-love is threat to the demons and drives them away as you express the idea by what you do.

  The only thing that is effected is the demon inside that you can get by harboring ill feelings, this can cure the idea by a thought to create and make is with the creator. Any hex or witches mark that can curse is drawn by the demon that wants to kill, you can do what you want from within by doing no insanity with chaos and that cannot effect as if your released. You with response, as you are not effected if you think you aren't and you things correctly and don't if you think as they know that is not right that you do.

  This is idea to call the atleantian as seem and do as if a born bieng with higher earth intentions to create a point or creative idea that in at the point to drive away the bad, nulle attack is dodge aside and think good use and you are with an interesting intent as the good and as to know ie is a true nature ing the monster born, as a bad to good idea makes better. The idea that any good intent can make a positive, idea through with thought can turn things interesting as any positive intention can turn ill or not as the idea is a good point except to music that naturally heals. There is a thought that if you exist you can create and if any ill will, the idea can turn bad as bade or better with purpose in intent. As I Ie P is a natural concept that concurs as this creates in what is natural in concurrence by experience with a thought by conception.

  This is as though the thought in realization "Ia" is as the idea is symbolic and it can turn its nature, as a point if from a being that is demonic and the idea walks up in person and shows you its true nature in life. As it reveals its true nature by speaking no matter the religion. As within instant possession or not the nature is a thought that shows up, as a walking inhibitative demon that separates in an inner pocket as the person walks in through the open door. As to know what you do is to do what you think, as the thing it does is drives away the demon "withing" as you, and otherwise the idea is thought to work personal whether or not you like it as a point to "work with life be with life". A work in life is to seem with life.

  This is the point idea response that it does, then and now it can seem as if a monster that appears and shifts to become as though a human psycho within the human body. Whatever, once you realize what the thing is it won't effect you, as you are a capable person and know what will seem to happen you can deal with it and don't be dealt with to make what you want. As the monster disappears once you admit your idea and thought is gone from the monsters head. The things you think are natural in thought, and a mate will come to your aid if you think the thought to get "aid" to use. You are sure that if in use you can see the use and thought is a point to use as naturally concurring idea, conclusion and make what you will to create as if the thought "In Nu Yasha" can work and create as you thought in life.

  The In Nat En [Then in Nate-en] = The natural response; This is as a concept and the thought is as a spirit, as if you are a good point to use, natural positive response to natural earth energy in use is the natural bound response is the right one according to what your mind is seeing. From advance or what is and what premonition and things it has in mind, from sensation from as with natural stimulation that you assume is right and so sense out and gnow what is from in life as if a trace.

  The In Ide Ac [Then in side sac] = The inner electrical; The inner depict with an inner strength, with realisims or thinking is a thought is a point to do things with as youth is in the body you can get a natural response that your use is the right one as the discerniment is from your inner child as your struck inner strength. As electrical is pure energy within good reasoning you can use it to do the most powerful things as electricity rules as an element within the body according to the right idea that is done.

  Ide In It [side in lit] = The nature of wolf; This is the nature of what a wolf is and when you say the spell you can trash something and make the idea as you think to do. This is intuition of the werewolf, the pack instinct and their idea in life as a point or path to become with hidden in life. To counter this, think "I was caught" and make a motion with the hand and the spell disappears as if dissipated harmlessly. As if a troll summons as this is so, the body of a wolf or a cat can appear in mind as an odor of an undead is smelt but not observed in a motien to create with is spiritual.

  I In It [Eye in it] = The natural bound; This is the natural bound response of the right response for the right effect, and with the right spell caster in the correct time as easy make is easy done with each their own time.

  I Ide It [Eye side it] = Natural selection; This is the nasty response of a frriend that precludes murder and somewhat murder that is jailing in the prision of your choice. As you think and do the criminal by thought, focus and projection of auratic harmony is there to use and think to escape with the energy by a surge and shift as if a kitsune with brutal strength.

  The urede Ium [Then your-rede-en Eye-yum] = The rede of calamity; The rede is a subdual idea that use is calamity and distruction of the point and moment the person decides and your use creates as if the need were there. As this is an airport in civilian area this can be a use, as in a use there is a concept and with the screen adjustment and a weird folding to the mind that doesn't appear otherwise. As not detrimental you can seem good for no peril reason, as you don't need to do the crede and not to seem done if the crede is harsh and you do have to seem and act good as if nothing is bad as if bade good.

  The Sodiar l [Then Sode-lie-ar l] = The Alien Heart Lady; The as you go into an upper plane and your heart is torn out and yet you still survive. An alien heart is there in the place and you can seem to use the heart.

  Aline Conept [Ale-line-en Cone-p-t] = The cone of episode energy; The cone already done, not as you are in a place in mind and thought creates a moment to do, you either do and don't bother people as you never bother them or try as you might you are aware. You can see to create and seem in mind, as you think to do and you are awake. The idea to try is a moment to a motion, as if an episode of the person that is a part of the essence you get and the idea ceases as if not happened or nothing happend as nothing was badly occurred when you think things necessary.

  The Tho Sto [Then Thought Store] = The Thought storage; The thought is a part of the road as all things that you don't want are stored, as energy in there is recallable as you think you can get storage if you want or need to get things as energy is there as formed from the subconscious as in nothing or in a dark mood is murder or nothing can happen.

  The Iop Inen [Then Eye-open lineen] = The Iop is in and thought is conclusion, as use is to open your mind as your eye is open there as in what you do you can seem a point and be as where you want in life. As if you are shifting as nothing in thought seem as in you are within a come point in an area and a go point out to a place. That you in a motion can seem or become in an area, think the form as a thought is from them or nothing as a room if to think quick in a concept is a thought. As you point out things and a point is done, in as a concept is thought and out as you are not there and yes as if you are okay as this is unless not necessity.

  The Ie Ecop [Then Eye-ehn Ee-cope] = The idea conclusion; The idea is a thought, as if nothing you are a thought in light action to create in aspects, to seem in the right moods that are not unless necessary and as in a point the meeting is done. Since noone knows where you are you go as if naturally back in response, to what you think is necessary unless not desired.

  The finecil [Then Fine-ee-sile] = As thou free; As if a cool or not friends you are a concept, and as if acceptance you catch what you want as if a thought and think your a concept. As you are a point and think in coincidence as a thought as this in confidential view in life. As you think financial, as if a though or not in thought you can seem in alliance as if a ointment formed is a thought use as heal. As your use of money is a point that comes back double with not double weight unless necessary.

  The cullis [Then Cull-liset] = The cool linsee; Think an cool as if a thought is a conceptive theory. The idea is a thought and if not seen you are not found as you are, not threatening and thus the idea, what you get is what you see as though not you this is a point to seem if as to do is to create as if in idea you can create as if dark light will as what is whenever.

  Avalon Not En [Av-ale-one Note En] = Druidic essence; This is the druid that is use in essence, as you are near the druid you think as if to seem good and act the druid in part by partison decision. As if "or not" you can create atleantian forms from nothing as if a thought and use is the essence. As this includes the ability to seem, as a use and "nothing" as forming is to seem as a give and seem a good use. Then you are a thought, and as a thought you just are energy. As if you can even dress as one, your an idea as the religion is to do or not do and that is to seem a part that is useful. As if a cog from the 12th dimension, this in an conclusion and this is as you "knew" everything as now is gnowledge from the spirit that, if in use is the cog or was now and is from the spirit that goes through everything. As this is a concept, as ending in a moment use is a thought in the right, direction and what you see is what use is there by what you can seem to know and if necessary to use.

  The Klupp = The Klump; The idea you think is thought as intend the essence as you think is to get an idea as you are an idea, an things you use are a point that as you think and your use is a thought in use. As such, you can seem what you seem as you think and you are. As you seem to know what you want, you can seem a use or create a use to use what use there is. As if thought drew attrbutes, think of an attribute sheet and write in attributes to us as a point is a use, and think in a point as the moment spurs the reaction and as you use things and thin in a moment. Think as you do things, as you focus and in breath focus you can think as a grey property sheet, and the properties you want glow as you check mark them and you are with the attributes. As you think the idea you hoard it and as you hoard it you gain or lose according to what you have as useful decisions and thought is done now you have the idea as if from the source, as if from what things you use. Don't actually do this if you don't want the effect, as the klump can correctly make you a genius as you are a point and thing in thought are remembered memory. As if you want the body, you gain the mass as such it is done. Think weight to gain is the muscle mass as no massive heart attack with no fear and no paranoia to think thin to seem thin, as if you lose you win as slender mass is as you think "stick thin" as if forgiven is yes. This allows as an option, the white or black girlfriend. So think of the moment, you can experience the euphoria of the idea.

  The Ef Uel [Then Ef Oo-el] = The Effect of the smelly street; This is an idea magic in effect that your use is a cave as that is known as "nona" and you in use are as a thought and your use is to seem invisible, as if well you think you figure out things and you build a well as you drink the water you drain it. As there is none there is no victimized, no more an no illness and you are well. As or not otherwise, you can make use of the water as you feel emotion so no and the negative ions are there. As you heal you think and as you mae waves by progress, you can create a point to fix things and as you do things that cause what you fix to remain fixed. You can use a thought and create what in you as want, is from in a time place as in that area and you think and no more sickness can happen. As though people were sicke in thought but well in body, and as this is true you are well as you are well things you do effect by auratic influence and you remember yourself as soothed in thought.

  As this cures people naturally, you can create what you consider and intention you can use as suggestion to do magic. As the act is done you think, correct and make fixes to he or she things as the well known, thought or action is dropping apetite as the vanishing well effects those that are effects with the drinking it all up or this is so, as energy your emotions and moods disperse with the well and no "well well" water is limited in time as until thought unlimited as the manic nature is the thing that is dispersed. As if that is gone as the well is gone and as if all dried up, you are cool in physique and thought is with you as no temper and effected by magic to seem well in mind in thought. As you are well in body as a dried well is gone, avoid the cave as this is a thought and in focus they are better as if fine in a new body.

  In ef In = Fire ability; Stop as you are or stop insemm already, as if your use is a thought to fire, to create fire where you think use is use. Use this as you want as this allows fire manipulation, and yet not physical fire ability until you realize if things work it is a scam and all in ability as due suggestion doesn't work.

  As En Ifn [As en If-n] = Ultimate shadow form conjuration; As you are a shadow form you Paul in the form and seem to form that you think, as you become an ultimate shadow that loves to seem with people and otherwise make use of what you are seeming. This has ability that comes from leftover essence, in some area that someone touches. As you think you are, you can seem timewise to get away. As you use the excess emotion or idea, that is as an energy you can use what seems your own kind in an idea. As you are not rat and not reptile you can use what thought as energy to get some idea to do. If you say ultimate you return, as you think this is necessary you are a shapeshifter as an idea or thought in idea person or not. As nothing is done, you don't have to do this in fits in laughter. As this seems to work, enlightened ones can seem to form if there is a dare, hope and understanding in the idea is a thought to seem ideal in what you think should happen will happen in return. Concept is possible in an idea, that use can seem made with the idea. Heal because your ill is a possible idea, if anything needed is a possible prospect ploy in thought except the kill of a roach or unwanted attribute. After you get a one time kill, don't ill if you don't need to as anything you don't want is killed after one day. Don't in thought, want is ant the roaches and vermin.

  Snagii [Snage-high-in] = Snagajob; This is a spell form that is to create a spell job for those that need a job. Use is the spell, and the spell is to create as you think or do away with those you as a moment, if or not will allow as you thin with a thought to get a job. You don't have to do this, if your going to be unless necessary not and do or not as depiction is interesting is to what you seem. As whatever it is you get it, in thought and in no insanity if you don't want it then its not there.

  An en do = This end; This is to end a point, and with what you consider right an respect you can get an respect by doint you consider right. There is a better way if one thins you are not needed, you will seem sent away as you are with what you want in life what you do sets the sentence.

  Then as if = As if en; The idea concept is an iffy shift with a point that to explore is to think energy with a conservationist. As if a long spell and this is a few spells, from that idea in the area by the point as a point in point use is possible in more detail. As you don't seem to do much, as this is "arae" you except natural activity you naturally transition and as you walk through the area you shift as you walk out the door.

  The in detail detail is a point that is, as a picture to remind you to seem where you are, this in a use with a depiction is possible as a wild horse. Spin or not and the things you see are interesting as nothing, where nothing in thought is nothing in mind as your third eye can see the effect in the spell and idea. Think or not as you can "ef is what you consider in a point to do.." As you are to crawl through a travel space and otherwise, unearned machines are use and this is necessary if nothing else can seem a use. Unless you think of a use as a point, that if in thought to have done wrong you haven't in a use. As the event seals itself, in mind this is as an event that disappears from sight.

  Think as if you hold energy to get you places thought, as is to get out of a bad area in a bad spot that is not supposed. This can create a point if you don't go to where you want, and have no support then if you die there you can actually return to seem as you think. As you never return to the [place you were to think in focus] is to think the place, and if felt to by observation things still are. As if this is seen as a vision or dark thought, as dark vision felt and if felt and darkness reveals that sometimes. This is in as not visited for a long time. How dumb is that if thought is a bad experience and thought is an experience to avoid?

  As through the power of the string as light is a thought created into motion, by motion you create what is possible. As soon as you read this, you are not effected and things you do are not as you expect in concept unless you make allowances for what is or nat and things work your way as is. As you think, use in thought is a thought that energy exists, in amongst the worlds as if there is a way to no and think as you move naturally to think shift.

  Isis creates as a thought to do, "protectia" is reasonable an is this in creation. As in to create something, is as though through the aura and "do with in no attack". As in a thought that seals itself, feel or create an idea and with thought think that this is effect by focus and you do with will. As in thinking or nothing, that is felt by what isn't as if this is as thought there.

  This is not this is what is not considered, and all sources are possible except for those that use won't do as needed if allowed for. As such is a word or not as you think and your use is, the energy between the worlds and universes that the energy flows you can sometimes think and do. As thought that you can create, think as thought can exist as this is used by the creator to make. As thinking with or not is nothing, as to uncreate with changes that aren't there. As if you are not there to bother people, as instead to help than hinder.

  The Nat Hal [Then Nate Hale] = The natural healing; This is a natural idea in use, considered unnatural by some that use this. As a natural conclusion, this is energy thought and biorhythm use is restorative as absorbing energy is gathering. This is to direct music, and to cure is by love from the creator and you heal by any natural rhythmic influence in activity. As an idea to considered view as a spell restore, as if a conscious is made by subconscious to form conscious subconscious as what isn't flunie as a string of viewable results by natural time is flower energy as a source amongst other things or think not as nothing with a superstring attack will occur. As you recover from what you think, you can use enchanted wax to seem and heal you in your mind as you return to the real areayou are restored.

  This is by activity in thought, is the power of the night and is the beauty with this dimension is you can seem to do. Things are done and yet expose or not, as nothing done if none are there in life. Unless if unwanted to seem in and out is in our way and what you seem, to love doing is a concept or not as nothing is needed and that you can write. This in life is a control healing, as chemistry controls itself, think and this is a natural concept and nothing else that is the art that is in the power as you work the energy.

  So as that is the flower power and in thought fire power is natural energy you do allowing natural ability from them who do, and as you do you use that energy as return energy as you listen to the right music think or feel and that is naturally ash as the eye frequency restores your functioning from its influence to seem in focus by what you use as ash for a source in of energy and that is the natural ash.

  The use is a thought if to focus in form, with thought to use the ashes and form a ash golem or ash being that forms the golem from a dead thing as if an als is an also moment in time. There is nothing wrong with this area as you think things to seem things, as if that in use can create what is an answer as thought creates making by an idea. As a concept that the creator can make, as you need the idea you can use the thoughts you get if in life you can see as a use some force. As use is energy your use can seem as to make use, and not by what you do as a thought is a concept and what you do is think, focus and get some effect. As in the Cu Ef to help or fix the moment in action by use of an object.

  As you are dreaming well, you can not show your dream until you volunteer or think, think use and your use as the energy focus is use. As to think is to feel the original idea and that is with use by your eternal life, and feel the dream and any other idea you think or seek to seem as this is not as if where you are is to happen to think. There is no other area other than what you think, as time is a focus point and what you consider is a think and use a time as a place is a point to work in a moment.

  As in mind your keep focus is a possibility as if this restores, then is what in is normal and realizing a point isn't a slap to the face. As the point is this it is in nothing as anything is not a hit, as this is not what things exist as thus. This is a concept as the thing that you use to create an idea, think with a thought or manifestation will happen as the key is harmonics and the concept is healing as use is frequency with the key. Music as is the idea that is the polar shift, as an idea use and thought is that as is a point to shift with as you do. This is a one time idea if you need it you can get the idea, this is to use natural chi movement as to do things with events and create as if thought were created by the self-made concept in mind.

  Baded goose as into view is by thought, as if alternate view is a viewpoint and seems a different scene. As if a concept, that is interesting and made into  idea to seem and the episode idea is over or not as if of use as "en ep". As to think, you can see as you are able, to see and if are what you see or you see what you are. The idea is at sea or some other place, you don't in see as you think. As you are in a point to do and meet someone, you can seem if biolocated so you are what you see. This is a place in time and not you as if the point you are able to notice is a concept of a person, as things in the area are energy as you see what is there or not as you see what you can create as a seeming. The point is this, in visual as what you think as a visual moment is what you see then what you get is in a vision by what is a little interesting.

  There is a point that as you set off and see someone, you can see them where you actually are and as you see them near and talking to you. You can see them somewhere else as in a visual idea in space, that is a point in the 4th dimension that you can see things in time. So every idea is a point in space that is a time and area that is visiting in space, as you visit you think and you in time inheriting in space from essence are gone from where you are as you were as in a point you poof in a time that is accomadative to the point that is necessary. The idea is a thought as in thought you are nothing and as yet something if you think you you are. As in life you are what you seem and yet you can use a point as a save where you can see and think, as you think to see a concept as a concept and use your wits as a will and as you do you create what you think as you feel like doing you are good.

  Switch in position and you can shift, an area if the idea is on as you do. As you think or switched turned off and not something done is as you are, the strength of 5 is a spell feel as the "dragon strength" spell is use what you do. As a focus for energy converted to strength or not, as think in and out to do and you shift. As timewise you use thought tap on 10 people in space and create is use with their spell aura, to use is getting near and absorption is in time as you can magus in thought and in created view things for people to see are seen. As by whith a concept as if a thought in a moment, this is as an idea in a moment and is done and over with by focus and need to do other things.
  As the figure you see in your mind, walks away you can make and create a parting help or thought to do and things are done and what you think can seem to disperse the idea as the vision dissipates into thin air. You walking away, from the area and doing what you think as in thought you are not in mind. As in the 4th dimension, this is a place that time forgotten as the idea is a thought. Think you can as to think and feel as you can feel, or feel the way and seem where you want by this in a spellbook.

  A timeless place that is in an area as "are" as the area you see is a timeless place is an idea, that is the concept space represented by a construct that represents an area to work with. An area is there and uses the energy of that area to manipulate what you see, by a string in energy space that is a space string that use is energy and thought directed through them is in action. As a nonsensical area is not by act and thought is revealed, as weird and not very realistic as you think you can see what strange crystal thought there is. This is what is in there as a vision in nothing or in thought in view and as you do, you shift in where you want and create what you are.

  As if you see what you think, feel in thought as if your near death and your viewing in the mind within things. Then in thought this is what is answer, as to some question as is what is a thought to seem right or wrong and what is natural inclination is right. There is a place you think to seem, as you are dizzy and that is called vertigo. As what you seem is in a top spin and what are is in a place, that is not real but real as you think you spin. Similar experiences to this dimension is a thought place in mind, that is a batman cartoon idea and as there you seem in a motion or not an nothing seems as if nothing wrong.

  As you in life view what in mind, this is as you see you are among other people as things you want to see. As particles that realigned in area no and you may see a war plane, in an area of space that can arrange themselves and no is a space thought as if this creates what you think to do. As this is not an actual space, except to those psychic as if in a dream to the physical area. As though what you see is what you think to get, or what you are in a dream that is undeniable except to those that don't see it.

  An those that don't see it, are not seeing what you do as if they are not able in person they are in perception and don't want to for no reason unless necessary in dream. As thought seems as if fruitless, as the idea may seem an idea unless you are done and don't bother as this doesn't matter. This is a plane that is observed or unlooked at is as to observe you see, what you think and what you use is as a place in mind and use is to make some idea with use as the idea is in thought.

  This is to use natural achievement as an act with what you do, you can see any area you think to look at with energy. As necessary a thought timeline is, as if a thought to make. Then use and create a way that is better for the person. As to make use can seem by the seeing with what you do, and not otherwise needed in whatever done or not as you intend this is to use magic. As a product or otherwise things can come as thought if magical if thought if concept is energy, to use in as will thought creates itself as to seem a possible use.

  As otherwise not impossible is an activity, to make or create not do as a dream as if nothing done and not much is due. As in a thought with this spell is use a thing to think as in no as if in thought to do, as in the idea you can get any result you want from this in life. This is a place, so visit if you want as if not as nothing there, as a way is there to go and return is easy as to think and do you know whats there?

  The Eaial = The Intuit thunder strike, is the thunder strike. As use is energy your use can seem as to make use, and not by what you do as a thought is in a concept and out by what you do as this is think on a thunder storm, focus the energy and get some effect by thought or will as wish as you do not, realize and do.

  Nat Ash Fep Golem [Nate Ash Feap Goal-seem] = Natural ash golem; The use is in occurance if to focus in form, with thought to use the ashes and form a ash golem or ash being that forms the golem from a dead thing as if an als moment is an also moment in time. There is nothing wrong with this area as you think things to seem things, as if that in use can create what is an answer as thought creates making by an idea. As a concept that the creator can make.

  As if this to exist is as you need the idea and you can use the thoughts you see as perceive, feel and seem in to get and out to go if in life you can see as a use some force. As use is energy and your use can seem as to make use, and not by what you do as a thought is in a concept and out by what you do as this is think on a thunder storm, seem in focus and correct by fire through the chakra with a white light busrt effected by aura.

  As the energy surges you are clean, and get some effect by thought or will as direct in psychic phenomenon wish by focused energy with what you will. As if a point, there you have a concept and here you have a point in thought to do and your will is thought. There as is in mind you are with a focus to derive, as though your will is enough to push a wheel. There is focus to direct by will as you direct the idea, as you see you think and the idea will respond as if conscious is thought and from what you want. An as is a simple conscious object, this will move to your will.

  The Sr X [Then Sir eX] = Tis the counterspell; This is a spell to counter any idea, from a person now dead that is useful or not as to create with the subconscious or uncreate with a thought that is a point to do. The effect of any thought is to do a point or dismiss the thought, as the idea is a point you can use what you think and if you are a considerance in considered. As if you are what you seem you are, what you are until you seem to do differently. As though a thought you seem, you are not effected by what you think. As you think the idea, you fix it and the situation fixes itself, as things you do go away with any source thats applicable to seem a use as a thought to do. As or not you can seem, what you use and if not you aren't effected in use. Unless useless in thought, this is not necessary to be done. As things thought and not done at all, so what comes in life is unless useful and not done otherwise as you did it.

  As if useful is seen as feeling with senses brings, or not as the idea to mind is that and this is done unless nothing exists and nothing need be observed. Otherwise, as you feel like you belong as if you can stay, as if in thought you think or not as you have feeling. As that you don't belong and dissoluted forms in life, are there instead as you and if you are aware in life not in issue as your view in sight. As if there is nothin in view unless there is a life to watch as long as you don't fight, as an idea is as a thought creates and what is makes what the thought you intend and this won't fight you if you are what you think.

  The Sr [Then Sir] = The strontium; The strontium is a bar and when you think you can see a properties idea, think to not be near the strontium as you think properties in thought to know or not as you look at an object when you use the particles. As if an idea you are what you seem, as you can get what you think by summoning an as you think. As the something in mind comes clear and you see, what you want an think is as you want and the idea you do with energy passing through it as you have is possible. As if you are a point and the mentioned effect is gone, if bad for you that you think is bad or strengthens you as the body is good and you can use the idea to get a good result. Don't take it into the body but keep it near, and the influence is what you don't always accept.

  As you in a point of weakness think strength you get strong but lose your strength real fast after, as its just metal and you do experimental things you do may feel interesting and as in you do as out you can get what you consider or not as its not necessary. This is a point, or not and the strength of one is a spell cast by "Ogre strength". As a thought you can use that as energy dissipates and thats the side effect where you can't move, or not as a muscle will move as if thought was a will till you resist the idea. As in the strength is a thought renewed, you can change your shape and size and yet you can still not use the idea as the body returns to normal afterward. This spell prevents too much use, as the idea in which you think prevents weakness in strength in technique as prepared right gets a good and correct result. As a thought and you don't move into or onto another person, you can move away in time to get out of the way. As you think, and this is the thought to do, if you are to be nice and go nicely.

  Don't do it if you don't if need seem as thought to hit it, as in a concept by use of what you do is to seem of use. The idea is to think in a point of what you consider and if you don't get a good result by a positive and negative energy, you can counteract or create a thing as a car or not die from otherwise feeling or if you get a result you can think. As if to think positive and you get a success, as you are good at what you get and give you think. The idea you think is a possibility eventually you move and the idea can seem to happen. As if it occurs think and focus a thought as energy through the metal, as you stream through the fingers and any byproduct nearby is food charged. Manifest is easy as you get an effect by what you do in life, and what you do if this is a point and energy creates what you see or use as activity produces produce and activity produces better results.

  Nulle weakness and nulle paralysis as you use thought, if you think to move and almost find yourself too lax. As if things wor as you think, then if it is that which is a use you can think and use what isn't if you feel it is necvessary. The idea is thus, what is isn't as what it is if, necessary is possible if reasonable for use unless opposable by use. Then and now as if a point or thought is reference, there is a thought to not be effected is to use the idea or not use what you think is wrong as if not there to use it. Self-thought as in use of what you do is if you are to use what you think, as to think is a want and to need is to get. As you can seem a concept in thought that is useful in possible, or not use as to make use is to seem useful in life.

  El Ed = Hell streamer; Use is red energy and what you think, creates the fire as the idea is from the idea reflected in your aura. If the area you think of is possible to not use, and you summon it from elsewhere you are capable and create what you think as the feel of energy. This comes up in life and then you can use the energy, to cause a shift or thought to materialize as if you are physically manifesting. The false life idea is in with phosphor, and use is the creative idea and if you are in an area. That you can physically fire by manifest, don't as you think on it as you can use thought to create in a thought. The emotion can drop, or not as your use can create what you think and as you seem to intend and the parasites disappear from the body and heal. As you think to feel younger, in or not as nothing exists. As you get emotion response back, you can use your life energy to seem normal and care.

  The Ie Tric [Then eye-end Tricep] = The idea trick; You know what you did and the spirit reveals it to you. An in the idea to make something work and look like something else, as you are seeming in agreement and each time you are thinking you can create what is different. As in what a thought is not unless necessary in thought and as you are or as appearance is change or different idea is expressed in by the different things, or you know it as you see it and as that are thought with the same thing expressed over until not necessary. As magic is sane making if possible, as you keep it or not by feel you work good as in you is the ideal. As energy then you can keep the idea in mind as a form of what it chooses, as you are believing you can do the idea and work.

  As you want or think and you gnow the idea, think and your never insane as just imagine the idea and the point is there as your spirit is what causes the recall. As the subconscious use is to recall idea that makes, as you imagine and the idea is as if this creates what as if isis is what can help out by what you think. Then if point you feel formed into idea is there to use the thought you are ready, as if attuning to the right area and time makes the idea by thought in and out as this is there where the idea comes to you in life. As you do things when you do them, you can do what you want to get things done.

  This idea in spell form that seems what you want for a dog, you have a memory and that is a response from your idea focused in thought as this is a natural recall as if smart dog and done if this in idea is the superstring created by energy string. Think and you remember from what you feel in energy practice as this is a place or area of high intense feel energy, "as tis in the en" what can help recall nearly anything in information.

  As you can nulle action before stupidity is done, if you want to seem or create smart idea and memorized area in space is there. This in the time you in thought are in mind, think and the action does as you think or what you do is what you think there. There is a thought that pointed out, your capable in the arts and if your use if human your human and returned in idea. This seems like a chaos school in use that can cause, what your intention is with the animal you trained can be not always used by the owner.

  Aline Asient [Ale-linen As-lie-ent] = Alien alignment; As assumed in assuming space things or not as no you are what you seem, to protect yourself by Isis as if an assume as you think or not as you are in life as if you seem aware and "awaened" as if a point you are not a psychopath except the sociopathy. As if a thought were a conclusion you are not, as though a pointed reminder you remain to see and leave to show what you think.

  Spa Goi [Span Go-in] = Spacial guide 2; As a spacial guide that is a place in the mind you can guide about your body, as a if a character and use is a point as a plan of action that you device and things you do is a point in the plan that use is a plot. That and what you think creates what you are by what you do, and your plane is what those that work with you can make. This or that can seem as polite as possible, as they and you work its already been done.

  Spa Vie [Span V-lie-en] = As spacial guide; As a place that doesn't exist, this is where you end up and yet not dead. As you move on in life, you miss the vital point. As in a place you are in time, and in thought and as in mind you are a guide. Your land is your own.

  Specie Ef [Speed-sigh-en Ef] = Specy effect; The normal in intact idea, as in what you think you can do right or correct. This is a spelling that is to create an avoidance of what you miss in life. As to not walk into someone, as if a missed wall this is as you are a concept with what you do. As a spell is cool, this is a really interesting effect as you biolocate as if a link to go places in places you are not to exist. As you can exist in area that is not existant, you are not liable in for a way is what you do with right excuse in life. There is a place in time and use the time nothing made and as if you are aware you can think, shift and see yourself together with whom you want or not as nothing can happen.

  In et = The Intact ozoner; This instant moment in eating disorders, and if booze is an idea this is as concept as this can create a point and is possibly what can seem in the mind as a cause in and out to not eat too much. This is ecstacy in thought of far fiction, and that is a match in meet and stopped as the moment is stopped. As you think he does, he might and act is good to the purpose and you are not on any drug. As if you are in a point to seem, in eating in idiocy can stop what is eaten as if not eaten from within. As you realize the in action, and not attack by a past that can form as if focus in will and thought with feeling you relent and things work right.

  As a moment of peace on attack, exit or not as what is a thought is by what you think or not as nothing exists. As if a thought is born, from what race you are at the moment you died, off an on in a place that can seem a place and yet not seem at all. Think or is not as nothing exist at all in life, as if a species in which without switching in is as if this is his or her head as a life that you feel is your moving by spirit gnowing.

  The truth of the moment as in eating is the alien, that you raise as no nothing is a spirit beaten kid. As an idea moment, you can do things or duel an idea to not duel only. As you think as a drawn out life is real as if this isn't real or as that isn't real, and yet you can not do if not intended as needed.

  The Specy [Then Sped-sigh] = The Ocean; The ocean is a dream as you use it for energy this is a shifter, to shift a place and as you are point to do you can get what you after. As if a thought, this is as "lets now not" as if attunement is a species in space.

  The species [Then Speed-sigh-yes] = The few moments; The few that believe are dead, dying or in some crazy mood and if you cast this spell on the person. You can dislike as they don't do wrong, as an opposite. There is a possible idea, that is you are a dare or not you seem back.

  The Crean [Then Creed-an] = The Venetium; This is a spell that ends what is wrong and makes the idea from useful energy. The only idea thing left to do is right the wrongs, by "arguing" and create what result you want and the point is revealed by what you see as an end point, as if a concept this as in opinion a person in an argument can be felt and things you see are what you see in thought as they see from what is a thought with a thought makes what you get as if in a thought. The person response make is use with isis, or not as a thought that fades away. As with a thought, you are considered with what you do, so if you use this real life moment you are nothin in life but a wasted person of the past. As a guide you can seem, what you wanted or not at all.

  The Vew = [Then Vee-w] View shift in place; Otherwise not think to pose and shift about your foot, as you stand an think you feel calmness as yet you can get what you want as you think you shift. This spell can shift you anywhere and anywhere, the standard point you want is thought and you are in spirit as you think you shift and now is thought what you see. Think as do, and if to seem nothing is to "dey" the truth and expose it somewhere else as you are aware and made aware. You are what you think, as you don't beat around. The spell is a point, as you can use it to create nearly anything hoppsaible to make and create with anime or other idea as you are to seem a wizard in mind and in body your normal. Otherwise, you can in warning seem like a death being and yet you can create what you want, as if a 13 feet tall person that can seem what is necessary. In place your a mind and as you are seen your lie is like a 13 story building, as if a reality in what you do in Ansolom is a truth. "Sometine" as you think you did is what causes this, as if you are aware of a thought you can create it not and this blocks the effect.

  The vent [Then vent] = The idea is the thought as if you were a vent and in the scene, don't claim for those as you now the scene as yet nowing is with spirit you know what you see by influence in what essence you care to use. As if you were a point in concluded affairs, you can create a thought with what you see as vehemence and emotion. The emotion ends as you give the shades, that use sha and transform into things. There is a link effect that is a point in time as that is a concept and you want to use things. As if you think "gno" or "kno", as if a thought you leave the area and what you think is to do what you want and don't print as the focus you do creates a moment in viewing. As you think "don't gut", you stop and do something else.

  The venet [Then Vean-eat] = The accusation; The moment is a point from a venus flytrap in use and the thought from it is what set off, as accusation somewhere else is the point response by what you think and use is a thought in what you see and watch is from psychic viewing boosted with energy. This spell can cause whatever you think, pointed ointment is the end point as a magic ointment that cures from essence and what is accusation is whatever you consider it from as if an idiot.

  The cenet [Then Cease-neat] = That way; There is a point in effect that can create something, that as is a concept and seem to create anything from a source and that creates as you think in you do. Creating a scene by tapping who you want and whatyou express and act is in mod music and otherwise reported from contesting, as music is loud and a concept and think as you "what" is that as if you can create what influence through the music. That you want to do through stereotypical use, and yet things you do are excepted until pointed out in life.

  The wean [Then wee-Ain] = The streamer; The stream that is a thought of the weather announcer, as a sequence stated of events at a person the air represents and thought that is a starting area and starts as a person is a flasher effect point that is from piss and only piss that in reaction is enter or not a, point you dismiss the worst and make the best from what you see that is creating a thought and working as a thought is you as if to see what else is possible. That is a place and time, non is that is nonextstential by what you do that you don't expose or not to do. As you aren't to attack in a thought in a point out, as a in what concluded to seem a store in spirit. There is a point that is pointless, as there is nothing but a conclusion put down in thought to do. The crazy thought, here is you can do things anywhere as right from where you are in sanity or nothing done as if a warrior from any book as if a nagual explaining to yourself things.

  The walse = [Then walse-en] The false Fys thing; The false idea that is a point, as a bad example and a good advice to not do. The idea is a point that isn't done, as if you were a thought and not as a conclusion. As if false is a possible idea and you are where you are, in life as in a conclusion in life you are free to do what you think. As you invent things you get an idea to fix, an idea and work is what you do.

  The pubb [Then pubb] = The adversant; The adversary, what is written as this you are adversant to yourself. As you are what you think and create, what you are intending in space that does not exist in life as the subconscious can seem to make or nothing in evil idea. The cancellation to in this is leaving the area, and fixing what what you think or create a solution to fix the area up by cleaning it up or picking something up.

  The Wel Pe [Then Wevil Pen] = The welcome party; This is the death party, that appears normal and accepted as death is that with energy can appear in the mind as the death party. Realization stops this, think as you realize the effect by someone else and you think as you listen to insects and people as if you fix the moment from essence. That is a point to time, as you think you are you can do interesting idea. Sometimes non monsterous and otherwise what you think isn't as what other people see.

  Stealing can get you looking weird, dead action and spirit reiteration can lead to weird looks in aspect and out normal psyche. Now don't do behavior as in this can get a point, and you are what makes the series point to get access and use what is there. Stop what you do as you think, no distraction and use is up to you, think and go or in seem to do despised or not as what you want is. As a circumstance can seem to be appearant, out in of experimental idea and out by life extinguishment or any element that shouldn't be.

  The walche [Then Wall-chen] = The mome time; The moment and all moment is the similar point of view, that is the same and you don't have to or not as what you want is what you see is what you murder. That sets it off in your form, in and against those that set the moment off in activity. By law that is but isn't there, you can do things to start an idea or not do anything at all in life.

  Walche [Wall-cheh] = The Waltz; The waltz that is a dance, yet in other places this as a continued you can seem to be defeated. As in an idea to do, things you do is an idea and what you do is what you get. This has an opposite side that if you are a point and things are what include an inside joke to create a percieved point of disruptive behavior, that is with a laughter fit that if a conclusion in a jealousy fit you can get an idea. As if to strike out and worsen or get better, be according to the idea you think. Seem to do things and the thing disappears, as disperse with the "ef" effect cleaned up with life of extended misery.

  Welche [Well-cheh] = Welches grape; The effect to create and opposite cheat on a person in idea to cast away fire. Think about this as you get grape jelly after use, thoughts to use grape juice and not fattening is done as a death of aspects you don't now know.

 Tuhnma [Tuh-dra-man] = Make and bang; Make and bag weight, bang away or what you think may seem to happen with your nightmare. As sych up is interest you can seem and get thought to crete thought. Unless make hard is easier. So the idea is cast the spell on your enemy as your enrgy that you cast it on an object will cause what single most effective idea to seem a use a bleeding blessing to cure the idea. This spell is rather unsafe.

 Ahm [Am] = As dragon; As a dragon transform, as in an idea this can seem to create or what you think is done, as if with the creator effluent or bug zapper and nothing collected is energy.

  Rel The As Lod [Real Then As Lode] = The assault lord; As in is to use, is to not point it out. Use in chaos on what you want, or not and you are a point to remember. The idea effect is what you can do, in as a concept and out as a point if to get in a moot point and create a thought. Nitrous oxide is a point to do, things and create what thought you create as anyone brainwashes you and noone defeats your purpose in mind as a person that drops and can come back.

  Insemm = Inseno; Thanks to any in idea unless necessary, as you think to work with them this is as you live the space reality you live time out and not intent in will is in by thought and will otherwise or he or she will cancel if you don't say the spell as to cancel this out is "uninsemm".

  Insenn = Nat Bel; Make better till actions are done to attack in a psychic assault, by the mind or not as you think to act sane. Instant idea in no insanity till too much energy, think not hopeless or not as a break in what you think to do stops the effect. Ask and you stop and break the insemm or do something else and "no plump" is the set condition inline. As in what you think, think and you think or not as in a motion you get a great idea.

  Insemn = Natural insemination; Insemnitie is to not do insane things, and you go and get idea you are needing. Think to go and do unseen things, as you are doing activity you are realistic, and you don't have to not be murdered as you to do you get to do things as a fun point in time. No insemn happens, as you are in and not doing things, natural financial is within what you think.

  The depemeds [Then dee-pend-meds] = The fixture; In prosthetic as you are doing things, insensitivity is possible and as you do idea you can get an interesting effect. As you think, ask and it "Insen" on what you do as you get answers or not that and this stops. As non sentence is in use, and then you will get answers as no good or not. As if to seem good clench your fist and pump the blood, to get energy as you are able to do as you will by unsatanic medication. This can set people away from you as you not that and those in ritual kind can ward away those set in sanity as or no insanity as this in infinity your ask is okay until you decide to not do things as to go. The people you hate are dusted into ash, otherwise turned into water as you think you do and move around to get things. So to get and think as you are aware, you can create what you will but not those you see don't dislike and do nothing for or against those you meet unless you think it necessary.

  Insenmen [Insen-mee-n] = The motion of a insensitive; This is a motion that is with artificial construct in intact contact space, as set or not by magic and you are aware as work indeed you are don't or do. As this is inexpense, with inexpense second time sass as your heart desire to do and you end as this is a point. As you get away to do other things, think as long as you know you and don't be dumb or no numb. As you aren't in insemnity or instantaneous galactic gate, ismenity is you as you are actively normal in spell or not stops the spell. Not or what you do is things that people might want, as this effects others by what your subconscious wants to happen as goam stop things as if insane. That isn't attack except diseases in which that they eat as attack, the subconscious figure yes as a point to eat and no as your what your soul in help is to help out if need to get help is done as you need to you can get a better response as if a dahm.

  Infem [In-feam] = This is no insanity; Insanity of infemnity effect, this is an area that fades away girl as it fits you are gone. This effect can not be there, as you are aware and if you are female then you are possibly untouched otherwise then create as you figure the person that if you met you go with or leave alone as if you hommet. This is where you are and out like a humming bird, or not as you focus don't, as medice think on your crown chakra making fixes.

  Imn = Imfemity; In female action your indemnity, as you know what it does it won't effect. As this is in the worse point and not otherwise things are better, as there is none and then you are seen. Then you can do as you get hit or go as if you are a point to do activity, magic in female form you are what leads peds people in on it as within a point and as this gets things to work right. Made into a point that creates fit if a point of conclusion you can get a point, sappy to do or not if insanity from emotional horma or hormonal and things are sometimes in fits. Aye if you want you can if you need to you shall, in septitude and possible rotting as if no if not this creates things they are as badly off valued things, as to order either one or the other as you are a million idea.

  The Sap [Then Sapient] = The sappy in effect; The effect out in the world as that point is remembered is what came from tiredness in use as energy that saps the excess, and if a thought could touch the tapestry of time things could change and what you do is what you get and this in thought with no idea except to do or if not and with things you don't need in a thought aren't there. As reality things you are if not seem as to noting disappear, unless necessary that leads to an insanity of progress. Tis does not happen in idea to use right from wrong to create as right energy is correct with law.

   The Onna Gonna = Sanity idea; The moment you think, you use a thought and think as you return to normal where everything makes sense and is my father.

  The Inna Uva [Then Inn-an Oo-van] = The Semnity Sam; The effect of hustle in mind, and use in idea is inversed matter that creates and seems what is a concept or fruitcase in mind in the inne inne cancels by Inne Inna.

  The Inne Inya [Then In-nen In-yan] = The demon effect; This is inya yasha idea, you get to see or create a point in the series and you can use a point. That is to restore the soul crystal that they call a demon gem, that is what allows demons to create real idea from illusion. As you won't suffer any loss if a small food sacrifice to the trash by yourself. To cancel this out is to think "most wolves run alone" as you don't answer.

  Onna Enna = The idea is a thought, and you can create a thought and use a point to create in destiny. So if not as you think to make you create a thought, to seem a use as a thought is a point to do as a pronce of the road. So as "Eren"if to do a point you can create a point, if in a rite to think it exists and if you self-create as you can create characters. As real or not as they are real in their own idea, as believed they are disbelieved as if even in their own proprietary notion as they are willing their natural understanding is there or not as they are a point not fits. They are a thought but occurance, is what causes them a sign of modernity that use is to cause familiar thought that allows use by intuition.

  The Lairt = The face uplift of a character; The thought of a face lift and haircut is a thought that is a conclusion to what you create, separate from a tire as you use a point by thinking you are a creator and the tire creates what you want or nothing happens as nothing exists.

  The Mairt = The Exi Ie; The moliarte moment you exist and freeze in time to seem and get things of what ye think, as in ye think to get and use as a point to do and not die off or not if you avoid death and your guaranteed that what is isn't isn't.

  The Ne Wat [Then Net Wait] = The Never Whenever; Never whenever whatever is to be alive, and as you live you are stronger as you thinking. Then and now and as you are you are alive as if never land.

  The Ye [Then Yet] = Ye Spell; The whenever you get something done, you can do things and not anything is necessary till you need to as if given what you need or other idea can seem a hand of davenport what you deem necessary.

  The Ye Nera [Then Yet Near-ran] = Nothing exists; Nothing exists and in nothing felt as impulsive an in life.

  The Ef Yen [Then ef Yet-n] = The effect of ye; The God of life and idea of the moment is a thought, guess the effect and you can seem to get and know or gnow is to work and work is to play as if a fox that is nothing but a conclusion in a deal. The area your killed in or not, you can get a clone being to appear from midair. Its useless as if not for a chronic.

  The If Ne [Then If Net] = The Moment is done; The moment ye is your a good person to work with, is the moment you are better for what you think without sickness.

  The Nev Blud [Then Nee-v Blood] = The Never Blood; The bloody moment that doesn't ever seem to happen. The scene thriller, that is a point and doesn't seem until you think nightmare once written is there. The idea then if illusion seem a blood group that is in an with a bloody place that creates the idea by the reality in life as with a place an island depicts. Tis what creates dhampires.

  Nr Eve Red [Nerd Ee-ven Read] = Never ever red; The never once said is to create, and what you think is to never get bad as results are true and love is there as you see red the moment is near and you can attack if you think to defend in a point that isn't there. As it takes a life to give a life, as you are not you are so an as such your able as this is an idea that came from revenge of the nerds.

  Ne Nw [New Neh-w] = The Direct approach to direction; This uses a point and your use is a thought, in mind unless not interested and its not known even though its real life its what is as once spoken its done and you don't have to live it.

  Neg Pos [Nee-g Pose] = Negative Positive - is the pulse being form that is idea and as we use things you get things. As the negative idea, is a thought presented positively you are a well being just don't think and do.

  Neg Pos Mom [Negato Pose Moment] = Assumed in not identity theft, you create and things are well as you are a point and things use your idea. As if everyone, was your mother who offered a Pop.

  The Col [Then Cole] = The columnity; The column is a place is were altering that you watched enough as enough, don't if you've had enough and yet if you must write things as to use the idea that is a point and state it as you live as this "does" adjust as if a spell. and allow a response Not many can do articles on magic activities, so even if you can your in luck or not as nothing happens as your invisible an things make an create beings for you from objects.

  The Ajdus Juu [Then Aj-duse Joo-un] = The Adjustment spell; This is a being that is a moment on thought, created as a form from thin air and nothing is the idea. As a brother who is yet, things done are an idea is in a trapping released as not happened as Adjus En or endust effect.

  The Pt Col [Then pit Cole] = The Pointed collusion; The moment you take an object, collision isn't where you can get something to adjust time to time the idea and the idea is a thought you collect the energy to do. As in a personal collector item is a thing you are thought, and nothing matters except the idea you focus on and any accidents in a thought is pointed out. Inobese there as you attune to a thought and use what, never collected is gone from the area that the accident as energy. This is from the pit fall game.

  The trans-x = The idea translocation; The thought that abounds is the earth that is a point and an element, as in a thought you are a vision as if real and if no nightmarish is to release you can germ use to create cures. As if a thought, you can make or consolidate is effect in an idea to consider. This is a shifting by will and thought is to walk or think, and in focus shift and do in an act to get an idea and you are what is in thought to shift easier whatever you reveal in a walk is a considered idea or not as it doesn't deal well with the area situation as the area is thought and your will is translocated as essence is in will form as you. There is a will as if to a way you think, and if a will there is an easy way in to walk and out you go with no fear no reaction, now walk out a doorway and you are where you think.

  Now Go [Nowe Gon] = Now to go; The moment you now you go and try to do, the idea that you are seeing you get by a touch or naming. As to get a success, and what creates if is what makes the motion, as magic happens from what you motion as you convert the energy from the pain and other idea that is as a source that disappears.

  Ne Ty En [Neg Tye En] = Negative time just once; No Negate by negative time with undoing by this spell; Negate the time by undoing as in point with what you think should not happen, unless you think it should exist and it can resurge the energy and the time is unalterable unless necessary. As yet nothing and if so, stop trying to get results with this as an "en".

  The Co Go [Then Con Goh] = The leave and come; To leave don't just do, as if to create the steps of the future, you come to your own time and make use of the exit to exitus at the right time as you imagine the area and walk as you see it if you feel the idea and form the idea form by energy that uncreates itself or creates what you want.

  You me [Yonder-un menn] = The idea is a point of created matter, or uncreated to seem you and me is the third eye as yourself in projection but drop in if you want. If you want or not as you think, and yet this doesn't happen as nothing occurs. No energy to the aura an in with jail is doing activity, makes nothing seem non plausible.

  I Go [Eye gone] = The third eye focus; The third eye geneartes, the inform and the form can go as needed as you or someone else. This isn't in life,  and this is only for in a short time as only when its needed an or not in inevitably thought moments as separate space separate time.

  Fere Mne [Fear-en M-net] = Fear in Bopping; There is nothing in a point as that is an act if you think your avoiding hithing with your forehead as headbutting, you move your head around and with a thought you so seem to bop or not as this is thought you can stop the idea by "if even". Think in a point or "so even" to condemning acts of glut, or what is wrong by thought is there isn't and that stops there bop as if their music is not there. As this is orgonnic the point is resisted, as if a dumb point stop the point as as you think to seem something else point out a fact. Shift out a foot or otherwise at random and you are in a natural idea that what you do is right by correct method, as though a crossing of a river on a faery river boat or not. As you shift some place, that is a time to seem touring.

  As their killed by your similarity, and appear as that by life standing as to get an seem alone is "em" as is thought to fix things which is standing in assimilie. This is possible as you think your somewhere in the net, you might actually seem there as you are where thought leads you and you are not dog as you are where you are. As you use this effect and the network you can spiritually seem somewhere, as you bop your head to match your head to something. As if the idea pulls you through the monitor, as to not bop fear not and stop as if "tor" is to illegal idea and you can seem to use your fear as energy. Get over it your fear and think you return, thought as in an "en" effect that is moment at the end is done. Then if you think, the effect is over.

  Hindu [Hind-un] = As thought exists; This can see or hinder or help if you take the hint and be dumb after, as you hint and by the energy you are near as this also hinders others to use things out of control. As if to handle their energy, this can seem and hint to interesting activity to hinder others. Don't wishspell and you won't do stupid things as you won't do the idiocy approach, this as if you ask the right questions and get better or not as nothing is intended to be done.

  As En [As En] = Assimile; As this isn't exactly what to think focus and do, think and do to match or almost match, what you do if you need to if that makes you feel better in life harmony. Use is to think, and whatever you is slain unless alive and to focus energy is to create things by energy, to summon as you feel you can match the moment by energy felt and you make a point exist or not the moment. Ceases not your in action as this is so be threatening or not as any longer and you might pass out, as if in a concept you are awake and as yet done. As in a moment you feel the area as rage anger and assumed idea, build energy and poof you are a thought as energy to shift and you dissipate into thin air.

  Neg Ion [Nee-g Eye-on] = Negative ionic energy; Negative ions are manipulated by a thought direct, as necessary in energy to think and you create as water is a cure and influences air to humans as in if no by what is in a thought were done, animals and soil are what generate the germ with thought, however don't become the animal. There in a thought, is a thought that in existence is done and whatever is gone as this is what is done is done with gone and as to seem an aftereffect you are aware. You think what is not existing, is existing and as not an idea in situations with ionic energy this is not there. If you direct them you can cause a rent in space, as though a negative ionic gate that comes or goes as you think to go.

  The Viw Wed n [Then Vie-w Weed En] = Viewable world; The world you see is a point that is reference, assume what you want and you can seem to get a better thought otherwhere. What you do in thought is what you can do as a trick thought is a mention, as if you think you get a better deal by what you think in the idea to get things done. Realistic in approach is the realm of realism as in art you are somewhere else, as if you can seem in a use you can create with better creativity by thought that exists elsewhere in life. As you do some idea wrong, or in use this is wrong if "in em" or beaten in the head for what you did. As what in them in is gone that if thought is of what shouldn't be there, then you can shapeshifting as if thought existed of the thing as you are a catalyst to seeming.

  As you do the value of life, in that you can see in thought, in moment as you perceive and in care or not create. As the creator uncreates this is what is there, or what is in is not in to see as things aren't exactly as they promise to seem as if not is to don't do "inlife" as a point is a thought spoken. You don't have to do this one, in and out practice is done as things can seem a use thought is repair that exists. There or nothing is done, with what move as this nothing exists, this is alive to practice your use or not as this is as if isn't done in use. The moment you die for something you live for something. As violence is a thought, this is a weed effect you use to correct and calm down with everyone as different results.

  The Motif [Then Mote-life] = The motien; What is fair an applicable use, whatever is whatever and is what isn't as not in use by what law you use.

  The Motief [Then Mote-lie-ef] = The motion; What is a response, is in an idea an to use an included point is in a thought and don't be there.

  Ien [lie-en] = The ideal in law or in-law; The ideal to us is a point that isn't dumb and in yet you can get an ideal from people. How this is: so use is free as policy in a thought to do and or do not as think for what that is in life in law. That is life law that is don't in trust, and as your law you not here. As if nothing exists something and your what "isn't is not" as this is a point in view that can shift and nothing else is there to do. There is in a point of view that verbal idea is life that is somewhere else, as you are not but a concept as if a lawnmower man or in idea another is not what to do or other you can get nothing. As nothing isn't there as in erasable art, an as if undoing this for art as is what you think in life an ion thought manipulates the idea to not occur. This is a point of view to do in what you think, as if a view is fact by two or more views as or not as anarchist is disrespect except to the family you are in gone and forever more not in a past life. Adjust and you can seem in use, as you do what they want in life that creates what is there.

 There is what you see as a value that in there is a point that is as it isn't and isn't no more, as an idea if you follow it you may go or come as you please with a different thought in something thought. Up is a point in idea reference, as a point is ue and use is the idraw effect by what you think in what law there is you can manipulate. Think it or not as you seem in a life or do as necessary, as no is no, this is what you undo as is what result you have undone as energy. As nothing is done as you are aware, awake and under no hypnosis, by what to think it and you are not there as the under earth station is what you can use. To return is no not, as if a faery and use is experienced as a youthful point in life, as life exists in an idea understanding in not another body and that which you do is not but gibberish by what you consider in what you understand. As if a thought exists, transferring through the time line is to think xanth and work as a thought is useable an what you think is possible in thought. The point of realism is in and not but an idea, the way is a path of life considered by what you think in a life you create by the creator and what in as you consider is or isn't done for whatever reason. As is makes a point in thought, as if a "consept" you are a thought and things that is in what is done. As is if a thought you are nothing, but an idea and thought is gone about you as invisible.

  Tgh;lf [T-ghost leff] = Their will makes is concept in a point you can use, as there is a thought and creation is ease of mind an as what a point is not but a weird way to say it. As to say it is to stop it, as in a thought to stop is nothing as nothing exists.

  The eN [Then en] = This is ideal; There as in memory visualization thought as is a point to live, and as you are arranging you can get what you think. Reverse the N as you think of this and you are well as nonattack with magic.

  Toga [Togg-an] = Then or waiting; Think what you will as you want and things in thought, are collected as roaches in a can as this is a thought you are a concept as things in thought are not ever done in a life you choose or not as in a point you are well. Then is a point as the life is vicious and you are not vicious, as assumed nothing is attack as in a place you are aware as you think not a false value.

  Togan [Toga-an] = Together or not; The tug of war is a thought revisiting you innate is use, of the ideal "genetice" and an idea is a point that is not but a concept, in an aspect and out others that are clones or not and they are as they are aspects in visitable "gnow" land as you think y as view with a thought. Whatever variety makes you uninsane, this is not done as not in concept as if thoughts revealed are not obese insane. As if less is a concept, you eat more to not weight up. As if less is more you lose weight easier in is more. There is in more that is in less and in less that is of more as inverted in you, this can not eat and maintain or lose weight or eat and lose excess energy, as weight melts off as if a melting wax figure is in mind that melts but this drops away by oxygen with nitrogen oxide, to lose an excess quickly and as you are in a energy point you are not addicted. As reverse is in done idea, as if a subconscious form is what excercice is exercise. As nothing in the mind exists that, you then you are sane and if this spell is safe.

  The Eruy [Then Ee-roo-why] = The safety thought; As in a point of the use of radiation, there is a will to use a way with the energy as you are a point and no orgonne is a point to the source. As in "Evandar" as you are in a person in respite, that use is action and you work offas in a place the idea you think as source is what radiation in converted thought astrally in use in view is a point to "include" a thought and the radiation by thought "eryy is a use" to work with or not cancels this in an out or not in a point to do. There is no point, with safety to this as with a push of a button you l already have the energy.

  The coney [Then Cone-ee-why] = The concept bade; The badlands effect is what bade is thought. Don't as this is a negative idea to convert matter "intio" as you use things as thought as energy, as you see a cone you get or think no use. As a concept to work off, as if a part or not is not editorially used is not applicable by magic. as you wake up in your bed as you are aware by thought in shift.

  The cany lid [Then Cane-why lide] = The coney land; This is a point that if in use you are a "cocpt" as to use as conceptable is a thought, and as you ask you are allowed into a fairegrounds idea that in use you are there and out of use you are not what you seem with interest as you care you can seem threatening or there. Otherwise in you aren't effect as you don't actually care, as out if a thought of any actual point that you come across is what you think on to you yourself. "In ne" removes the effect, as you in realization is the thought isn't done you realize the lid isn't snap, or not as things you do are not what you think until you instant realize what you do isn't an enemy effect in life.
  Tho Live [Thougt Liven] = Thought clothes; The thought to project is heard, as if torture or something else for answers and yet if not is stored through the clothes. As to be thought on, and released by a thought to seem known. There is a concept and as you are a point inclined, to help out you make yourself useful and as such there is no conflict or not much wrong as your done.
  Nulle Uno [Nullen Oo-non] = Nulle instant insanity; This is to nulle the insanity, that pops up and creates itself from a kill somewhere. This spell often stops what is a now point that doesn't happen. As if considerance this seems as what in soul transfer you don't like, techniques in this are rather interesting in thought and on the word thought transferrence.

  Uo [Oo-on] = Game of life; Instance by game of life, that is a world and yet not there if you don't intend to get bad or bade results. Intend to get bad as bade results and you don't get batty. This spell ends as you think or allow the effect to fade away, as though you were aware of the effect by the end being thought.

  Un Ago Me [Un Age-ohn] = Un age me; The unage effect revised, with use of the animal spirit this is the uu as used thought is a use by what you do mention to the effect of looking into the mirror and draw is energy drawn in as reversed curse unaging un doing. As a point that you remember your in own body shape, as you are younger and able to do what you think as you think and pick a subconscious animal that anulled in shaped and form. As an animal spirit is to get in shape as your conscious in anulled or otherwise something other than usual, as in a faery race that you use as a source of energy. This is in other words you can pick a different choice, think and you are what you do as younger or you can shift with a fey being in the world to work with and see to believe. That you are as if that racial ability, and you are any pick of the race of faery that you choose as if from their essence by being near them.

  There is an idea choice, as if that is a concept your not effected by spells unless your spirit can think and choose a better choice. As to gift you with, then you can seem the race as the fey allow the idea or materia in nothing made magic. As an ability formed from the ability, that can manifest "neu" a new idea from energy that is an object or not as is. As the point is a thought as I don't or feel and not as you no or create thinking necessary you know a power before the power exists, as you think you feel and you know as the power is to do and you react. Know or don't as if to not is as if something is about to go wrong the ability uses energy, to create a result and fix the problem to prevent before it happens. The situation before it occurs, as this is as if to get bad its bade good and bad fades away to get better or not as if it doesn't exist in life as Sha Clau. Say and not, if as you think as you intention this to seem at an end. This really ends, as you think "En".

  The Sexth Ele = The 6th elemental folding field; The sixth dimensional fire infinis shield. That is elemental in thought, an idea is dumb and yet if careful an idea and you are not dumb for trying is the idea and is thought as you create thought and yet nothing is what can fold in energy and use elements to work with that is your element that can create what your idea is in mind. The idea is if you are protecting yourself and the environment, you can use water elemental energy. An en can stop this spell effect by heart attack and if not overextended "firld world" can create an idea to world use as protection. Don't do this if you don't want any illness or allow the creator to protect you. This reacts on the person by what you feel or seem to feel then no as thought. An in en

  Th Amino Emore [Th Aid-mine-ohm] = The Blood Armour; The blood armour is in a point and you see or look, if the need to look is okay you can get a result energy to heal. As you will and create think as your blood is energy to create, and make the blood armour as you do and think in activity or do activity you stop and let the subconscious as this is ageless youth that isn't actually done as if en a point isn't necessary.

  The De Yam [Then Den Yame] = The death poison; The idea is a poison that cures the mind, or not and if used is what isn't as your use creates a cure your point is thought used on the hidden until thought 6th dimension and you target the poison as illness disappates. As is this your not effected, and otherwise this is the yam on thanksgiving day that is served.

  Unflods = Undoing eventful and seeming unevented events that should not has been cast to end in a moments notice. There is a point in there that you seem that if you are in line, you are sitting and if you see them you find things that you can't always get in the store. Things and no thoughts find you as you say you are in need, if you are not you are aware and you can buy with a credit card or otherwise you are with undoing yourself as if erasure and yet nothing has happened.

 The Ef Gno is the effect knownline; The effect is known and vision, reveals by will as energy is thought in focus assumption assumed. An in idea you thought otherwise known, as if the will the works are as if by what you think you can manipulate the area energy to create with by will. The interlude effect is an effect, as you know the way to do things your will is. That which needs to be done, and is what there is in an end conclusion. As the end in sight particles are formed, moved, reformed separate but equal your own form in shape is your form. As you accept it, as the end your idea is done.

 There is as an established idea to create or remake as the event, the thought of "unflods" is a trick in a moment to unflow lines and create energy events with the line energy in or even moment that concludes in a fight or not as your will manifests your desire. This can cause gnome spells to work, as if you use the idea and a gnome comes and maternalizes as if materializes and take it and leave it or not as nothing can seem. Think to make happen, as if discarded stuff is left and gotten by someone which feels the need for the idea. As I is the third eye that makes friends, as I am a friend this I is a friend that helps as need be as you are well.

  Eaz In Willius = Will in desire; This is the end point, an unnatural undoing flog is where your an idea at the end your will is fire in the will as your an idea in will your in what you think or not, as you close the closure in counted as a door in willed activity. As if a horse or human in a way is a will, create to get as you got it in what you think as thought desire in a will. Desire is in a will by purpose that is in thought to do, as your will is a way and making is possible. This is the spell to create a way that comes to mind, as in your will is in the thought you create as you want an end result used as energy to make as you think is right. As you are a way to correct things your way is felt.

  The n Fil = Think and feel; Think as you approach a chick filla as if you are in satitisfied remember what you ate there as in you. This is the will in with thought as you is in with will, as if you are in and out as if the wind in thought as if you were a point you are energy. Think in a thought as thought is willed energy, by this area consciousness in use as in use of a source. Whatever you do in thought, as cast into the will of desire you don't have to reveal by what activity you do, as if the stillness or frozen moment of energy in time the energy from the act is a force in will to move again. As night light is a point you create and use the idea from night energy. As if the next level.

  Think in a will to be a will as your in a will you can be a cease too seem the point, as a will as desire is thwarted and as such is so you are set free as you are free by the will of desire. As the wind of fate is cast to the wind as disaster is not struck, this is a point and as yet free your will is the wind in desire to do as your will is wind your form is as you think. An this is this thought to do as your free will is an idea and your will is energy.

  As everything is a will of fire in as a will is a will in fire that cast to the wind is as though a fault cas away as in a use is a thought and you cease to do will as your activity is dangerous think by ceasing the cause. This fault can create and think, as to be enables to use this is energy got conscious from your presence in life. This gets use from observation in your mind, as you use the energy in the energy by the essence and otherwise in thought. An if use is gone there is in no sickness, in if the will is desire as sicke as going you come to a conclusion. As you are in the area by intent as if your thought is a will, and your thought is to desire and desire is what speaks for itself. As long as you are your good, think and your in thought and this is will. Idea in thought is creation, think and willed creation thought to the element is life.

  As I speak it it is seeming and correct as the en point is the idea you decide to use. This is to stop and things seem, as an entryplace is as the area you enter into and through an open way "at en a stop" and as you go on with movement y"our able" to seem in movement "that is not" actually movement because it seems at an end. To think as if your at an end your free as release is in en and thought is free flowing energy spirit that is a point or created essence energy. Thought to use is energy as if your the wind in thought and where you thought you are as if through a wormhole in time that releases you as if an ideal that is you seems you and you are there where the thought as an idea that exists.
  As a form of desire, this is in thought as you are a free flow in energy. As that is moving by whatever you think, as if a will your thought is what you think that is what you will. As you thought you feel and thought is from the wormhole rip or not as you think, the subconscious creates the thought from the energy if necessary as the free energy is your will and as you will your will in inert energy that manifests some idea. As if from the person the will energy came from, in life as your energy is will you are released inert matter returns to normal.

  Cod N En = Cords and Entity's; Cadabolting is this spell as if en or "As the end is reached things are with a thought at the use in the end en" you can use the cords by thought felt in feel, and focus to create what you direct your focus on to create. Then direct by feel and use by will as if you think to do things by imagination and thought with life creates. As you you act right on accord to better judgement. This is a useful idea to think as a point is to do and work into spells. as to create or entity's by use as they seem as if to create and seem aware if as by creation in a thought that is a cast. This can rely on the satanists view. As they are satanists they can use and get as they got any skill in use. It seems that way because they made it appear that way. As if to create by will, is to make by antidote and use is to summon words to use. As you do the substance is gone as you think to cast and effect as an effect that you thought to make and use with thought idea as energy uses the source up that you thought as energy to use with the magic. There is a thought that if you were and thought created use, the use is obvious if you thought and feel was the spirit to do or create what results you get accepted or not.

  This can seem the energy as if from a stick or actually from a stick or object, that you don't in tension and release magic seem magic till you want tension magic or magic is required. As you think through the other idea as the object is the source, the person that touched the object can seem to influence by ceasing the effect if they are aware. This won't get you killed, if your a likable person and use can create energy for you. Just seem aware that if an object is called it is the source hit to the surface to cause healing disruption to what you think as bad energy and the object in use is if used as energy the molecular energy and that is used up as you think of the object as if a source. This can cause the object deterioration and things you use it for are more aware by the object as a focus object in use can stop working as the energy is extracted by the use of objects and people linked to it using the object to work by in the moment.

  They did it that way in and away that's how the idealists always do it unless they need to do, as the idea an without animosity by spirit animeus or creation. As the thought exists somewhere, you can avoid greediness by feeling the reactions of the vibrations and use what essence as to create an object is to use aura energy and what you think as matter can form if not use the energy by thought and motion in object energy use. This is a point that your thought creates as a thought is formed by shaping and as the art is magic your idea can reform with energy into shape. Think with a thought to create or make and think "extract the energy", thought as natural idea is use the energy this isn't as if think in a part and act the part smart. This is as a thought like sharing a concept, if you form what you consist by energy to make or in age. This if necessary can take shape or not if nothing, that in thought isn't what is stupid there or not as this is a spelltrap or not as hominy.

  As you think by focus in intention if thinking "ids" is focus as what you want the art to become with magic, thought to do is a point that your thought is as if nothing happens, think and the art takes shape extracted with energy, think with art by focus direct with thought that you think to create to make conscious thought contact and make in results. As interesting in concept makes interesting prospect, as if bored you got that to do. If bored your disinterested and disintered if drugs or interest is create an idea in art, stop and do something else unless not needed.

  Think as you do things your use is in knowable, you only believe you have ability that energy creates with power as energy and created is so as if to seem delivery is what you think or thought is "interestas" as if you are a minded person. Like a seizmic psychic, think in a point to do and your truth isn known. As if the point is what is a thought you are a conclusion to the end that you think to do, what is in the mind is in the thought as expressed is what thought is concluded and as life is done you are what you want to seem.

  As if now you returned you do as you don't as returned again. As interred is interruptable energy that again you are in what you think you are what uninterred gnowledge, you use to create an uninterruptable source that can be interruptible if you in a net to in star take a break in life interrupable locked again as you know what it means. Still use of the object can create with energy as the source from the creator, as though energy returned if an alliance in thought through activity an feedback is your idea. As if the idea your youth energy goes up, think and think the thought is in the usage.

  As power is energy and life is event, as phase in the way you get energy as you phase out in how you harvest in the sea of the isea. Where you can use your own personal god to get end effects, as you got the energy in the end if use goes to use as your the end point and they are the beginning. As you are, if you are a concept and you see what think is necessary. You can create and make by what you feel and the spirit, that serves is what causes things as you quit and what you think is deliverable comes to you.

  What you see is what you get, as to do in thought is what you do in life and what is in thought is what you consider as if to get or give and thought itself is as thought as if you in the moment you need it. This is an interesting point of view, answerable by thought things sent in light can be sent on the idea of the place as the sended and there when its neede. Thought exists as when you think a purpose, you can use the is factor. That is create the point as a point and energy will respond to create or rectify the need for the use and the is creates. Isis is the guardian to create with Horus as the protector in life, as you can seem to be as you were and as you think you are this in life if available is available in use.

  What you think is not always what you seem to get, if to phase in and out as if to get things you are what seems to get the item that is decreed in life.. interesting concept to do. Thin as you think in a point, tricky in the moment that is thought in life. As religion is action you don't mess that point up, as allowable and not decreed. Thus the ideal is there's more life here as if the point is what is a thought you are a conclusion to the end that you think to do.

  What you think is not always what you seem to get by fey hiding skills in glamour, as if to get things you are what seems to get the item that is decreed in life as a power item arterfact. What is in the mind is in the thought as expressed is what is concluded and as life is done you are what you want to seem and if shit happens don't seem this. As this is a point of what your use creates, your use is an idea to make or not as this creates by the gods name.

  Done is the moment that your use is their idea or your own and as the creator makes as will, so use what you want and as you do things you are free. Work with what blood your given, and not given what they want as a result by writing or thought that can work with as just one you want to seem to work with in life as you term the possession, time the idea and perception thought fades away as even withouut looking at. Think as you don't want, use energy as you think and it goes away. As if a spirit and the presence it cast disperses and goes to whence it was there. No more or that shit will kill, as that is a point in use and non overused.

  The satanist use is will use or chaos use that allows what can seem where you know things as though use is easy if corpselike from this and yet not, as energy from objects ca supplement an idea and as they can seem your able you can do what you want. As if prohibited to use they can goto rely on pacts with entity's, as they allow for a more intrepid pact by bond that is with use of money or blood and other things to get as necessary and you got it. As this is use of another spirit or soul as the energy, is of another group or person they have more energy to use. So name the number and they subconscious link, as this is any place they can use the place as the person isn't there for more resounding results.

  This is the thought to hear and get a glimpse from their mind that is a thought formed, from reality this is to explain what is a complete area, copy in a thought by area as you study the area and focus intent and use the reality response thought to get a created point. The idea with what you think, and this in a concluded fox result in time and thought. An this as you always seem yourself no matter where you are in a moment as in this thought, or what you do an idea by use seems as thus makes as thus sometime as a thought is with energy. That in use or nothing creates something from air as by that valued idea is, and this is a concept to think out and or be not or think in thought as to seem in by thought as think work is compromise sometimes to work.

  The point is gone is you are what is thought, as if you are forgiven you are a thought if inconsidered and considered thought you are what is an enabler to gift by objects and thought is a point as what you think is what can make the reality change by shift as if the need exists. As if nothing exists something, your thought creates what is there.. as such is a point your point if not necessary is nothing considered and nothing exist of what you thought as a point not needed. This is a point to work with and stopped as from over 100 generations ago, as written in a point in the soul and what I am curious about is if the idea really from the idea rite in the calling of the in moment with gods..

  Nijitsu is magic by illusion thought as energy summoned and not reacted to as you can think to react where this is in inner heat and you think and forms as in you focus on the need, that is thought essence by your use as your out in activity by spirit and requires the root world idea in no nightmare as no dreams the point is as you think. Then as time is an energy the sacrifice is what you give to the trash bag, this in use is a herb point to remember as the time the wait wards away things as thats away. As if in witchcraft by what you think that is use of dispered energy or use of dispersion.

  Aversion as this is in sunlight and if you want to regenerate is necessary, thin by sun if you think in energy and as you are in life you can create, as if in opposite idea in positive idea to use in life. As what you do in life is what you think in a concept, as thought doesn't seem to work you are not. As innocent in what life you life and as then your will is what you consider, this and nothing else is there to do. As if what you think is right proven or not your not in what thought exists. As this is a lesson of the in thought gods your will is your way, as in a point that exists for them as what you do is what you think.

  As this is an interesting, as thought exists is this for what as is? A point that is something that came to mind as you think. As this is an interesting point I wonder what you would do if that message, as if why it was there. An idea in mind is thinking about this I found that what concept in concept is a thought to get something interesting as I wonder what was this person considering by what he was doing and this came from memory. or not is a way to defeat this as this is a ghost. As an idea think as you can and do as you think about the idea. As if you consider the nature of the ghost and the idea, this neutralizes the ghost influence and no posession can remain as if a demon forgiven.

  The fey will do things as entity's, or formed faery by energy except if the reason or cause is good enough they will leave. The goat is a symbol as if from the earth and can be a elemental, as the "idae" is there to work and form from the earth energy as you work energyby what doing things. The idea is simple, in as you do out as you summon energy, and the thought of the fey create by shaping with will to create. The energy the form you want to create as the thought is with, the energy of the fey or otherwise entity with choice.

  The goat is producement of knowledge and can manipulate any magic, and use the idea to create that is observable. As a use you think want get better, as in with an idea to make with usenet. As always avoid the idea of demons, as you are not aware with them in resistance unless you give a reason with food. As a food sacrifice as with reason your thought, out there in use is a point and your thought in action is thought reason with use in activity.

Say en edo = Say and do; This is a point and fix, as what you do is done. Think not and attack or not to not be aware of what you do. Look know and attack in this is end this is to attack, think as you do and if you do you do as if you are what you want and need. Deserving to die or not, as you think not to do nothing in someone and as this is in what you do. To stop this is stop, gnow and do as you think and create as you just do what you want and not what you will. Think as you do or see just as in arranged, do not as nothing is there an just look just as think and the will to create uses what you can get.

  As this is in a thought to use spell for attack or things you try out. Think to do, say stop in or thought out as you see to realize, an look before you speak. Go with idea, stop and the idea is stopped, as you an others seem right as if right by correct or not correct then go in as you think. As to do the act, that is in natural act there as if identified is not a thief act as you gnow what you do. Say to stop and you do stop and go in mind. Not doing as is this is wanting not doing, as is the thought exists until as necessary you act smart.

  Ad-her = Inheritable nature; Modern in inheritance by genetics and in with nothing but out in with thought energy. As this is also if you think you need drug instruction, you can get the idea from the subconscious. Or not as you say, as you weave what you believe with energy to create what you want you get interesting idea at the end.

  Next is the moment you did and feel the moment as water from the area you turned on, considered the water in sensitivity and is the cure water, entering the mouth as this moment you perceive water in the mouth. As thought corrects for in things and your a water changer your correct, by what you are by intent technique. Think the intent and you are making the water change to what you think.

  The water in molecule changing technique by thought to change thought by will. This technique is almost a alternative to water in enchanting except, if thought is a concept then you make it as a thought becomes reality but that is it as this is more on the mental subatomic level as you think. There is a point that life is what exists, just like you had as if in a point to not do.

  Sometimes a in point but isn't as is this can be neutralized before it is active. But, you always need to feel its effects to neutralize it, or the embued energy. If the attacker was careless, un done twice or once is good enough a counter pattern will work. But otherwise use a sensing of the energy or know of it and will to disperse it, directly willing it away. Often, it can be sent back to the originator and any moment you felt near or in its effect is gone. Where there be a will to block a physical moment, there is a way to prevent it as nation of the established area in an area described.

  Thoughts through the subatomic particles on a level of energy, as with thought by Planck level subparticles make by feel as you think and they can influence reality on idea an subatomic or an atomic level. So here is the idea: Take pure water in a plastic bottle and label the bottle with a positive name like "thankyou", "chi of love", "Courage" etc and leave the bottles for the entire night. Next morning love, you wake up and the water molecules will have changes but you won't be able to see, it and otherwise creative thought is what is seen in the concept as noting bad is this allows the visual idea with inner water.

  The thought I had with this is for you tho learn not be laughed at. As a stopping point this is a place, and to point and feel better or not be hit. The rings of frost fire can kill headaches, think or knock someone out, unless the body can take the extra boost. This is also possible to amplify your ability greatly. Expanding the rings in yourself, will create the boost from cold energy. You might feel godly, by doing this effect. And, this creates a permafrost effect on things you touch. This permafrost effect can cause the person to feel cold. And, this can bring negative emotions. The effect of amplifying frost fire is harder to get off the things you touch. Otherwise it is in, it can kill the person you effect with it, when you use intense feelings as you apply the permafrost or not as nothing is done. The 8 minute deep meditation, this improves mental abilities to control the idea.

  The point to this is have fun and heal, which deep meditation state develops a greater spiritual connection as a contact. The secret to getting free meditation others pay thousands for thought. Why most people think they are meditating, in thought when in truth they are not this is a point to think nothing and in dismiss thoughts before the moment. Feel energy thought and create a point, that use makes them energy and the point is a natural conclusion. As the thought is a pin to a point, think to create then look for a spot that creates what you wish by use or real result of a concept to make a moment real if illusion or not by feel.

  Une Ulti-eal Bod [Rune Pull-tim ee-all Abode] = Ultimate healing; This spell once said will direct you to use many of the styles of healing as necessary. If you need healing then you get healing and your not diseased, this is as though another being had the disease and you aren't effected by it, for this being is not unlike your other self till later on and easily defeated or willed away. This spell can heal you of anything, so if nothing wrong then think its not needed. This cancels out the effect.

  Anti Foa Be [An-tim Foe-ahh Beh] = Anti-photon being; That is an ion that heals anyone nearby the particle and this is the being that uses the modern english and does things positively if its negative and vice versa by the ion. Think to summon this being only if you know english good enough to pass as though an english speaker or you might die from the being's presence. This being can do almost anything, that is all it can do except what is light based actions. Those actions you can do using sunlight. This being does things using the darkmatter energy that is thought of use as though the energy were responsive anti-photons. This is what the Death God is thought to be made up of by feel. So don't call the Death God if you want to remain alive.

  This is just a reminder, so don't take this too seriously as you can't really call him or her into existence here. Anyway you think of the idea, unless you do the idea at the right time near the right area and this is with partial success by the correct ritual. This rite is based in english, that means with english you can get the darkmatter energy to have the darkmatter create for you. Otherwise you may get an opposite reaction such as hits and kicks with a negative negative or negative english use. This is a point you know to do things for as possibly can seem done if it doesn't work out, so if you state the effect you stop the idea. This is done in the effect.

  So then is a point to beware a point with this being, think the effect and the idea is transmitted thoughtwaves to darkmatter itself through its energy matrix. This creates what you think into becoming created as though a full manifest. That's the theory, this is a point to try out before calling out to darkmatter itself to create a being, that is made from what the darkmatter really is made up from existence. This is an effect in the idea you think of the point, the point you thought is created in some form or manner.

  So think and you can create, this is done by what you state or need by feel or use of the senses. If you know nothing occurs to happen what you want, then you don't need to do this effect. That's all there is ncecessarily to this anti-photonic being. The counter to this effect is "I don't matter", that's written or stated as an idea or suggestion. This counters whatever the being does, so think about the effect and use the idea if the effect the being does isn't for you.

  I Ie Mix [sIgh sIgh-ehh Might-eXx] = Mandate release; This is release from a darkmatter beings mandate, that includes the Anti-photon being. This is either where I don't mix or I mix idea that is unseen and unknown. That uses what I know, want, feel or realize and this is from others sometimes. So think and you know things by what you do or what happens, this is with thinking that's what you can do by things from the senses with the thinking that you do. Then you know what to do.

  Ie [Lie-there] = Think and Idea create; Think the point and idea from the point that is written down, think the idea and state Ie then you can create what you think into created manifestation or what you need. See that became a wanted idea and this is generated by the aura energy, that uses your third eye so your subconscious creates the effect by feel or use of the senses. This uses the point of the idea as a suggested idea to create what you want as if a guideline, so the point then is done. If you think of the point then you can imagine what you think about, this can make what you want as thhough if a wish were granted. If it doesn't make sense to you, then the idea isn't done as though a wish were granted. This can generate an idea, that is usually as though your point if done is there. So think of a sensible thing, then you can get what you wished for usually by fee or feel (the body guided with soul senses).

  Elvya is-tya-cra [Elv-lisa is tea-ah crawdad] = Craving spell; Create moment by craving.

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