Nox effect spells

  Its effect thats to be said in 3 or 4 words or as a phrase while feeling the effect occur using energy of your choice. So if harry potter high magic spells are 2 words sometimes 3 and said as if together, these are 3 to 4 words and as a phrase. The base of nox spells is chaos defined by order or poisonous activity that serves as an energizing event. You speak nox adverse atlant you get your nuclear or volvaic volcaic, result cancelled by ideal or nox advent atlant for the supervolcano to go triggering off by nox advent atlant with other things that are waves to counter, earthquakes with land slides to work with by feel is in ex exx.

An E To do; To be as you are with expertise. So we effected are to do as of what is or you want to be.

Icamaz unasit uansit itok; Just speaking these words can seem to be beating by no genocide, as those that create or not are what you seem. If you can't do things to think cause the idea in the gray magic faery gods effect. I see it, its amazing, oh what insight and I think it okay. To get over problems and to see how its like and possibly do or overdo. Just suggest something and after it is spoken maybe its done somewhere, so think not to forever be as that could happen as with mugoi mugoi by nox speach is light in and out from the body is a purification to remove toxin purifying by idea else from the body that forms in a moment with materialization.

in or out; your in or out to work with things or people otherwise your done so you might get some end result by feel. otherwise your in or out of consciousness that creates what you want. an egress to escape by the feel the feeling is there.

Bein rei mein; This is to complete a ritual by usual usage and instinct with intuition by the energy with chow mein. The completion ritual. The complexity of this is three words and is set by usage of fact, theory and idea. Where you Bei with the bell and you remember as if you reset things to normal, bel rei to reincarnate in the body as you use the ring to do things and use is the cool underwhip as if no mei with the bell was to set the final stage for melee was done as if every aggravation. Aggravation is never done, as its 'ues' or uses is of energy. Then you complete a time trance dance in ritual, form in a timed out moment to a stopwatch to fix or make as you want and you dance to night.

Bei mei is to taste and to be beaten away but is counted fun by fact.

Bey mey; To get control and debrief in a moment.

Mei Sei; You see the past as a inliving result and live event.

In bey mei; To be of fact not fiction unless you can make it real by the use of the creator as it is fact spoken out in unliteral use and the creator unforms what you don't want as it is.

Out bey mei; To be of fact not fiction as it is of fact spoken outside or to generally outspoken.

Bey mey my er; Causes an admirer at a cost of idea in effect that may do or even events up.

Bey mey my; Causes an immortality to damages in an effect by use or idea.

Bei mei bei; It makes things that are possible occur. It is possible as void has its own source thats discontinued from the main. It generates a madness voice by use. Some can be turned to believe the slight voices in the head, then by void they can be going demented. It can make a person believe almost anything. Despite or given over natural beliefs.
To tune out void voice, think of the madness voice and then of a moment, as the moment takes its place as you can't do what the voice says but observe the moment. Or the voice mimics something similar to what you think and you tune it out.

Un nox dc; to create constant disconnects and d/c effect.

Bei nox dei; To create the belief to be understood and you believe almost anything.

Bei look; Look see Do and there. His and mine.

Nox bei frog; To cause a frog to appear somewhere and jump on you or a person and explode but if they don't explode then you transform into a frog. For each frog it acts as if it rains down somewhere through translocation and theres thousands that singularly appear. But neverless appear to rain down.

Bei nox dei; I am uneffected, To be as ineffectant or a ineffectual motion. To not be effected by any effect that is thought on, a energy or a power, but in your mind you may seem to be where you aren't. Its soemthing unexpected, that you come back from the effect when you do.

E espri d; to clean up to be set as clean after the death of the smell or idea. As its dying the scent, its clean.

E espri m; To clean up the area or effects by clean moments and motions.

A sa ge; In you sought to get, imagine what it is know what it does and you get it in effect. To save something to get it.

A sa te; The only versatile get, To be in a rupt lifestyle and yet get at the same time of something.
A ing mey; Assing it my, Causes you to be away from being attacked in position and hence away from the fighter.

In rai day; To wait or not is effect or effort to be a weight you think to seem and have the weight or no weight as needed in necessity.

As in en in = As no if in now; This is a matching actual pattern by movement pattern. As if automoton you make what it is, your nothing and as in this now your doing things that are definitely conclusion. This spell is a point to create or not create as if in with permission and out with result. As if you think to create, think of something else an sometimes you earn money by thinking money and your use is to make effect by user idea. As you don't think smoke and do what is right, as you don't is think backwards where you think you can handle it. Even no result is an end in result. Think and you do, an en no as thats in stop if in near stopping someone, as in your thought just think to talk or look so you don't gnow is to do is just do.

  So walk and stop to respond an use what you want. No and you stop, as if you are not doing in things if you just sit and think. Exempt is the thought as an in idea this is in thought if you think, as not now nothing is the point you hear and not reacted to. As a nautural intuition in use is intuisic, as true method works, enhancement is fun if your thought is an idea to enjoy as your thought is energy and movement is by the idea. This is an idea and not mine as I is the third eye an this is not any roaches as I am not to be blamed for concept and energy in this thought create a source, with a fair point of view that thought is what not switches as your actions do instead on an ability in your brain your enhanced in by thought as energy in thought.
  As thought in the act anything is correct as it is by the idea in energy and if your in luck your in sight or not with what you think, this is by what you find out as energy is there you "no" with whom you think you see and not as to create with the creation by effort. As your good enough, think with the source as your not noticed as if now as you know it and you know what you do as if in agreeing or thought exists for those that thinking need will will create. In the will to live you can create, as you touch think life seem life or make life as is by what you think. Feel with the senses, as you think and focus in thought focus with the thought to create.

  So if not needed to not kill now or not if necessary and not if unnecessary and no, just think to realize as needed, now and as thought as you think you do or seem in idea as where you thought to look you are aware as you don't have to match in motion unlesss necessary. Right time right space and awareness, as what you think or you can stop or not so just see to act or need not. As an idea act makes better as dream life, if stop act is conclusion an not if thought by action is stop in act or do as you will.
  Now in thought think in thought, right thought right mind as out you have a brain stimulated activity by essence that in mind stimulation. Stop and go as you see you look and in focus, you step and see as you navigate to walk. This is in thought use is energy or run as to know in situation felt in, think by vibes that you see of and feel good or bad. Stimulated movement are moving moments that in time your idea is known. Unless your not natural and intention or not this goes in nothing, that is why you do an things in now are what you do or to go. Think and what you are and seem in thought is not actually observed in life, by what you think and now in thought your as you think in concept and your mind is in thought as if "do". Think is done as in thought made idea, this is a concept in mind and that is thought.
  Natural reaction is to react and is a generator in soul will, think not by will and magic is what any typical reaction that you think to use abort. The idea  now is a co-opt placement program concept to act natural in art this is unlimited use in this, as this in focus makes art ready and is conscious by ominpotency in thought. As a point is an idea from omens that are preshistories known, and "summation" in idea interaction as is thought this isn't dead as if done as you see and know as you are able in sight of premonition.
  Much more useful in focus is a thought and thought propelled by reaction or not reacted, as what in thought is to think what you see and the energy is known as omnipotency as think to know and you now in this life as what your doing is this. Ask the creator and your restored as this is realized as focus in thought is everything, things in the area are energy and though thought doesn't seem to do in possibility to think. Think in thought and position is place and place is power in energy created by life interaction, a/c created action or now is electrical biorhythmic as step by step thought. As anyone can do things, as their will is thought.
  As if the creator now as the natural thought as things made are in thought, things are stimulated by what is by cellular experience thought are as memory. An in thought this act is as normal by act consider an idea and otherwise nothing happens, by what you react as if the chemistry is a reaction. Think or not and this reaction is what you are doing. As a thought in someone to think will, and seem or thought not is as the natural reaction is right.
  This in space concept is that you got nothing, with what you get is with something and that is natural as this is to react in thought as you cause a reactio in is explaining in issue as in thought is by thought in what the brain perceives, as stimulus is an act considering by what you in feel in things as this is responsible. Think intellectual is actual lovely concept in experience in by relative idea. So think this is reprehensible by feel or now think in knowledge seeming or not and in intuition.
  You know what you think and don't think and do, right action is thought as the correct action for now knowledge. As if the right effect is by what you see, by displacement that uses energy thought to shift as this in mind comes to in a thought is thought to an idea forming by in concept as era concurs with use. Area in mind is area in space, as in now is as though knowledge by concept manifests as if in thought.
  This is by reaction in reactive, idea with interesting results as you intuitive is action in approach as dumb not as in a phone use is the energy and cellular thought is awareness. The face that in expression face, this shows the feeling as the person is what can use things or not as no is needed. Don't use your idea in this, or in thought if you don't want to be attacked if in thought your now out in mind. This spell is a bit dangerous, so think not to do not as nothing exists as or not things in the act are done in the right time and what you see don't exist.
  If you get no idea or result then as a concept to use, declare the thought or stop user viewing. Thinking gets no reaction, as if a concept didn't work and the use of abandoned idea. Then don't and find a way and as you think, what you consider this is a possible idea to do instead. What you think is a possible spell idea and mind as you think something else is nothing that happens. There in thought is as not there in mind, think by just a concept with concept as "inyoudo" this is my or your idea as now perception in use is by what you consider. As you think in thought, manifest can occur in thought. With this spell is without the spell, anything by nothing can be displaced in time an timed things time out to get things done.
E mong amang; Teh! be chakra. To be in and of chakra energy.

Ifs ex id; if expouse they could attack. To be of talking nature that causes attack.

E che xra; to know of the land and to get things done by effort. The point is if every effort is with water drinking you won't gain much weight.

in ex ap = planet rape; this is the planet you think as rape is ape instead. ape have no condolence to those they seek. use ex ape to get out of this is a gorilla.

Exra de xra; to cause the fit moment and some sorta radiation reforming. No radiation, its just a fit or you see a positive for each negative.

Xosel it sel; But be it for be and remove yourself from the latter. It can reform family.

It sel spec; The trick of the imagination, it doen't exist if you don't think it does. To be able and avoid the demonic, be as unnoticing of it and do things thinking "I am unaffected". This may backfire.

Expecta ip ix; to create a transmutable creature. Some could consider the creature a were that can transform a person on a touch into one of them.

E puerto beurro; To be unknown for it in near them, and able to recognize it.

I puerto buerro; To be government and do it and be or remain unknown for it.

Bei noi ex; To act and play it by ear to learn something.

Ipu we do; A lot of shit, and input we do. To input and something does what it is in input.

Ignere e ino; do to try and to create another moment. This is in translation to the other effect, things that do egu be able.

Za ce ith; To cast from within, and love to work. But idea may disappear on you.

Ies e give; To give the third eye and is self humiliation or interesting things that cause hate to work with it.

A sel creatix; Self-creation is suitable as anything that forms as that goes with it.

Is he it; don't have to do it, Is he to do it.

Es en sp; End span, to end the span of time, but say yes to end spell.

Es e sp; If it is ever a formation, it must it is as we do. Is e as e in ge. He is as e in ge.

Do yer ter; as if er to do your term. It is if.

Es er ger; To cast by it or a germ, a germ that does any effect to do.

En es sp; to end the spell by energy to effect and to be of an action.

Es ter ox; to use a crushing grip.

Esp er gex; Down to use a stick for effect.

Cheu won vue; An with breath focus, by function focus on it whatever it is, now lets continue.

Non exis bein; to have most objects or the object you point at to go into nonbeing which is the state of being.

Is he i; A To only know what I the caster supposedly knows.

En sube rune; End the rune on things.

En se in; is set a current event.

A se dr; is a trade event, like trade places and then act as the person only to not only trade back.

A se duh; is to redo event as to make it occur till its finished or necessary. A se ne; is to redo rebuild as event as perse. A trick of giving another try at something or of that which does occurs but wait, to go too far in this is recurring debts.

Sto an do; stopped and worked with, works as simple and as smooth actions makes moments that seem to be okay.

An gu ta; causes a gut of the moment and in an idea by reconditioning in the focus. A pe; makes a pet that is there and can shift in ,&an can make more of itself. To make yourself to make itself in recognition thus in a pet to reproduce itself.

An pa am; Its supposed to be as able in body but this can make pains from any pay..

An em pa am; To be of trivial effort effect to create a huge horrible impact.

An em am; It is when you are to do something for the effect and are due of some reaction that is the..

In en if; To ever shift or shift places by thought or a pattern.

Ehs Be id; Ehs; You may do it but not be noticed. To do so but not be noticed by anyone with association itself.

As Au monral; Where as cohpre as tune; self writing provision of monrail.

An accues ocuer; To kill the target or target forget spell, whichever is the cause of it. It can occur by some object in passing.

An if en; A Time by purpose if enemy, an if en is to be as an enemy as if to some time and purpose.

Am if en; Amethy Makes what not to do. What not to do, is to not define it right and procede as if to procure.

Be double helix; Create an aura that has another aura that shines through. like a shining, the idea is that you have another being in you that is causing the shine.

So set up; This is so unusual to set up by an soul the idea situation is se't in un. As the soul shift was almost anywhere and able to share multiple bodies at a situation. You set up the soul but you set the condition.

Es un se; To uncover the truth amongst or by legend.

To se in; To manage it, and be of a pattern. This can set up offices or area. The se up do.

Is un se in; To bear in a set by a pro pattern by truth or idea as it is. This allows you to bear the truth by seeing it.

As no tu eb; As I see it now, in tv, Very good as in moment. Now name the moment to be of making.

To see sue; That makes it so, Had to see it to believe it.

To cid an do; To be as selective with Identity and in use.

Ter er go; To cast this may cause Terrir by irritations force. Its of a cause to cause terror to make them move.

Er erg ergo; A lifetime moment is of passability to be of an idea that isn't passable by moment. To be of a monster that is in goal by bystandard moment that is of passable.

As set undo; As is set its do to undo and is some not chosen to do.

As am me; Descend all time and space, to ascend it and think of the change to be affected on things. To make it have happened.

I As am well; Am well is to do as is well but with alot of energy. Is to make the person energetic.
Am as well; Amythy as it is to be away and hidden. To be more like a master.

To be with; To make companionship or friendship by being of use in of idea and of moments.

Ce ne te; To make the be and not to capture and to be of use by virtue.

Enmm no ce; To become similar in a energy by either a change or a charge.

En ne game; To cause an energy by use, some by activity of some effect that uses anchore points to do a shift

En na sava; En na End as 'av nothing, Save face and the value of object, item or person.

Am ef em; A high joke to play on players, you em are of the fm making events and people are the listeners. This can cause a ef sound thats continuance for 30 minutes.

Am if em; As if females worked. An idea spell. By choices we make this spell creates a idea representative.

Insidue Inech tu; causes you to go and eat a honey nectar flower.

Eng chai tchi; To capture the wind. Control where they go and what they do where it is by physic or psychic action. You can actually tell where they will go before that. In control but in thier own by thier psychic force. Self subtle version for this moment is in force.

Chai Eng no; To cause a relief pattern that relelieves you of somethings that are disasters. This can cut you off from english. Every english syllable you deny you get freed from a disaster.

Bas soe ching; Needs fifteen people, laying over as if someone who you are. You make them you for a small time.

En haidu eu; To begin and see as a inner child as you are a energy child again.

In resolu dissolve; To break out of prison effect.

It ebnez itz; It is all made as is and its all by the idea of hits or misses.

En per fit; To make it less than a perfect fit.

In vimp ea; A magical foe that serves your purpose. Serves up to you by use and is friendly.

Ac an be; To not be as to do but be able and its as it is to do. Drinks can be good in a can be.

It will be; A prepared be idea but it will be as told to be as is and you are as you are by will. A will that is set up by another will and needs the first will to not change much of ever.

An aspect be;A To be as you can but you must accept the other alternatives as if they were here and now and sometimes be as prepared to do as is by will. You could be affected by an alternative or be directed by one. This doesn't always include invisible poison, or good effects except for beatings and descriptions of destructions. To direct diversives to buy off alternatives. To go' no you don't' ends the effect.

A he can; not to be as in a can and able to deux. This causes hectic behavior on a he type person frenzied activity in a she type.

A grix hit; A hit on the solar plexus. A grip on arm to pause them else. To do else an. Arevr hit; A revs hit, A reverse hit, To hit but miss and not try to hit again unless need be. To split off to a separate reality as is. When violence is near go bear.

Un cen tra; Uncentralized use and feel. To fig and feel as unknown and somewhere hit upon.

Un cen tre; To be as uncentered yet still walk. As if unbalanced.

An am pa; To cause and be of entry to unenterable area.

En ce dr; To drive as if possible. This causes a scene of you driving or it could work on another.

Ence tre dr; To trace a movement by drive and indivisualism and cause a drive by distance.

En aba tr; To be an end about this by trace or ending an trace.

En abe tr; End famous time trace.

En a dre; To end a dream by desire and with skill.

En aba tr; End the about time trace.

En ce de; End the scenic idea view of death.

En ce; The idea endpoint where they talk about it and stop suddenly.

En no dr; The way to stop driving, by means of energy or cause endurance by means of endocrine.

En no dre; The dream continuuance by idea work and desire. The dream by idea, work and desire.

Its not og; Create a medical science petitionary. This seems like an invisible book full of terms.

Be of an it; To be of an end moment to each group.

If ne og; medical science and petition effect. What you state is sometimes negated if used as a disease. This works off of a negative use that is something of what it reveals.

Sep se us; Separation of self by use or activity, if you focus on something an use it then you get some sort of separation at most from the area of a surrounding.

Thru act pact; Through Action paction is to listen to the core, the core of something in the earth or any message. Actions in a paction make actions for actions in accord.

Ens of it; Go to the ends of the earth to do.

Ens if it; To seal the way as if it didn't exist. To also get an answer.

En will do; It is to reach an end by will but if it is a gateway it reaches a natural end by closure.

Ens if en; To fix and en'd if do by going backward till its stopped, beyond a point or again.

En if en; To seal a way, to go forth and do not be effected by it or anything beyond.
Moment in circle; Movement incircle, To be the circle of events in the moment and movement, anything beyond the circle of the moment in time is not really known. As the moment can be a moveable point. This sorta freezes time to be as effective as it is.

In nox ex; To exchange in of the effect as with another.

Mezzr am izzpu. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. This course of action is caused by this curse.

Fra ah dup; Fraud, calls a moment of fraud to be dissolute in a moment.

Zeit ge ist; zeitgeist, To be of familiar comparison. This allows you to make comparisons of familiar of values easier.

Gi to yu; Momentary idea curse, it makes it up on 'given to you'.Once cast iit spreads itself to others. As if a cold to tell when it works as if sinuses. This curse will create events for you.

Gi by do; Extraction use for curses, To Disable, dissolve, and disarm any negative components of the curse, leaving behind only the beneficial granting components. Then Perma-lock.

Be prcv blev, Be percieve believe, an what value is gotten from the activity.

Per cev; self pollution by automated purpose and in males masturbating of some sort. In decision its self deceit.

Ge a; Entry or exit as well as if like butter.

Pre def susp; Predefine other suspects,

Ch'e; To be of some type an idea and to sustain while knowing zero got it. It could also be usage of chex cereal or use to control of you..

Be issi mo; To be of appreciable fate or faery, That in itself is not exact, idea of that in which you are wont to. But whereas for manual things, We may actually cause ourselves to believe to be being ling or a being of great nature or force to cause omnipotence in the middle of fey or others..

In ap apes; To be as teleported by apes to being where you want to be by apelike activity.

In ep apes; To see apes in episodes as if mental episodes were of apes.

Nox defend To set a defense as of sorts or idea to which you defend for. By some sorta action sometimes with poison.

E es n; Energy weight not, this n in def is to say nothing is energy weighted or its energy weighted by nothing. Whats your lesson as well.

E en es; End of ascertained weight gain and could be cause of weight loss.

E en of; To propagate amongst the other people and go with things.

E en if; Energy end if to be as an end to an episode or idea thing.

A li go; Actively to life go, To go as actively in life as well as in idea.

A la go; A law to go, To actively go for law. To state an effect or idea and its as law.

A le go; A lesson to go, to be as an active person in a lesson to go. This can turn even the most boring conversation into a lesson.

To ef not; To not flunk the idea or action, this leads one not to quit on an idea and it whatever it is does not get to the family.

In ef no; Into family not, it is not but into the failing or family unless unnecessary.

In po n; Into potency or poorness as not, as to not be poor or into family.

Im po n; Immediate help by potent action or it can cause poor action for nothing as for impotency or to be in no potent idea by some immediate action.

In es n; Into weight not, this is to lead into thinking of slenderness or less weighty idea. As into jump as of into another place.

In no po; In no poorness, This is in no poorness or in a number of potency effects we get things freely.

In mo po; Into more poor or an potent actions. This leads you in through more poorly thought out actions or into more potent ones.

In po ep; Gain the police aid to help you along and help you with things.

In no oo; To be of idea and quality but to the effect of surprise or dullness.

In en noo; Its to react with the force necessary to stop a fight. It stops a fight.

Oo no; Its to be Surprise I give you my identity. Also a point of going to stop something.

Sp e is; This is a timed effect you see, where if I want to do it here I have done it else in some dimension and gather from that experience to a point and its there 2 seconds afterwards as if programming or messages tells you what is.

Fe sue schan; To go where you want to go as you shift and move. You appear there as a vision occurs to show where you appear.

Do you in; Due you in, is to duel into using something thats into using by unfair of fights.

En es sp; Ne sp is En weight spell, the person is undone in extra weight. Or the person loses extra weight as the weight is automatically undone..

An important spell recovered, prebirth effect, you meet in the pre world and you take requests or idea and do them after birth as a point.

Fe sue do; Causes two effects. To listen with the back part of the brain and respond with the front. Or to listen with the front part and use the back part of the brain to respond with is to respond unconsciously.

In es spec; In es spec is in weights specialty. Makes you a weight specialist.

So vir; Its a virus that is a he and he's seen openly and seen publically. He can transmit a virus on a touch or thought. He works for the caster.

Galenn mate oh; eng edg ihg, the atomic edge, it forms or forces an atomic sword like edge to anything. To superimpose the actual edge onto a preexisting item.

En G ; Use for all the energy in the world and idea of getting fed but not till fat.

Zan oc diol; Its the end of a optio. This is the fifth dimensional way to make your commendment in minutes as its a bet or its to make a safe idea to make a bet of the fit moment.

An ef kao; Chaos spore, to form a being and let the being effect by letting them see the person and they dissolve into separate sorceries as chaos spores and they form into the body thats a target and become you or the other person who cast it. In a dawn or a day you actually know things which means you are not only in control of the person an its another in uncontrolled state.

E is us; E is in, it makes us into energy beings, and the target will write in almost anything automatic and or basically. As if you were the writer but you use others as source. As if into a imaginary computer or efficient machine, It does it in notepad or just a notepad itself which is a necessity set there for you. E is write and the write is of us.

Red'un dan cy; To be of moment that makes you distracted and dis temporarily be or just temporarily disbelieving in the effect, thus said person does something else.

Sub pac tu; spirit energy that forms into of you around you to come into you and gives you a instant charge, a mastrebeat or extra energy recharging you in an instant.

Ise it ju; It makes a power of sleep through a materialized poison that you can sprinkle on things.

Ite it ju; It causes items to get away from you as if oppositely magnetized.

Oze it ju; It causes items that punch out victims polyelectrically. Some items or person may in an end ooze in bad smelling gunk or stuff.

Ize it ju; It causes item maximum to goto size then minimizes it.

Ase it ju; It causes items to be electrically 'charged' and by a materialized silver black powder that can be sprinkled on them. This could also be reversal dust in use.

As itj it; To have a writer of energy to write up you of things you know or do. The stop to this is to say "He wrote enough". The writer can remind you of the writing you did or should do by on going effort and on repeation of scene.

Et e writer; To be of a writer skill in instances after saying the spell. To write the idea and you end up with more energy.

Et an wret; To eat and them retch the stuff from some reason, this is caused on the victim.

An e writer; at the wrist you see images appear as if writing.

I as es; To pass through and phase in unharmed. This can lead you to anywhere you think of and movement of any sort can cause you to bridge the gap between two places or to appear there..

I as en; to be aware and go effort. This can lead you to be awake and go through effort. Any movement can lead you to be there where you want.

Un De du; To be dumb in the depths of the mind or a field. This is a vile curse. It can cause on a negative field of energy to be by death dumb and its an end of things.

An en bypro; In depth an byproduct, this allows for a in depth field to bring in the end a product or production of what you want.

in dept kio; instant in depth idea by being in an in debt moment.The negative effect of this may cause craziness, gun shooting an other idea an by use similar to being in an unsafe moment or having an irresistible unsafe idea.

Hammicus shield, Human well the homminous to take the blow. Hommonius are human beings that can take any blow and also shift to roach form.

Esperantz taraunt taun;Its the portal page, by effect in efficiency you can be anywhere.By use in physics you can be anywhere that you set your mind on as this spell can mimic those physics. You literally create a page in some way that portals you safely to some area.

Espertz asert issert; To get the shits that can come back despite cures like immodium. But the idea is that you hide it by being assertive.

In nox no; To be epidemistic over something as you hear it on a bad cycle of the moon or to be bade into action by thought or voice.

In nax no; To be an episode of damning something by use of focus in points that may make mob mentality. This could incite a mob or a damning fit that is listened to.

Asn itz idn; Its sometimes a tine by use in idea of identity as its a sometimes use that is a hidden and it stops the idea of a spell by making a 'not knowing' case of effort where the spell of the idea works off you knowing it and the spell stops because you don't gnow and the opposite effect of this spell is you the caster or target doesn't know as it may pertain to an assignment or assigned idea.

Asn use itz; Its all in the mind, its bind it theory or faery but bind in thought. To bind a concept that may occur as in the use of it.

Ipnea in vence; To set in motion protection of use at home and immunity to diseases that you get out of it. It can ceases paralysis or thats the idea.

Azn ih as; It can bear upon the victim a mark of torment and leave them in pain. Just by thinking of certain things they are in pain. You say the certain things for a direct pain.

End up lit; End up an in literature or end up lit up with flames. On a waning and new moon, it causes the flames.

Disc o pline; To be disciplined by something as in a game or effect which appears from an area thats unexpected.

Feh in due; Feght in due, Freed of effect influence, anything. To be freed of an effect by influence or just be free of effective influence.

Enz en ihz; Well of influence, it makes a well of energy that is to be influential by wavelike patterns and it is of what you want that they end up doing.

A the an; Assumed conclusion, a kind of cunclusion that is concious conclusion. In the negative side of the moon effect for this you see a knockout by midnight of who is you.

A good else; A good excuse of things is formed from bad excuses and so forth. Such as a good reaction is caused from something as is of a bad or bade notion.

A good cause; Creates of a good or baded effect of that which stems to be a good cause. Excuse of the misinterruption about albeit is of intercession intercedence..

A great cause; An excuse of things, idea and moment albeit to good.

An Information mention; To be as if the source of information and consolance.

Beside the factor; Allows other things that are not of these effects. The effect of a math problem, the effect of weight, the effect of aftereffects.

Bousche um id; To as if um identity, Causes weight loss, by statement of the phrase you feel like your lightening up the actual meals necessary and an undeniable draw of weight downward. It developes powers that are necessary for it.

Feline aceita pensamento; Think "" "feline aceita pensamento" on the thought of the cats and they will like you. As you might feel directed to the effect of getting them to like you.

Psi being attack; To attack by focusing and standing or sitting to cause an effect of something on someone or some being. Yo gather energy from standing to do things or yo sit to gather from the seat an as an objective force gathers it effects to do your will by intention. Yo can even do it through a brochure or other paper article.

In ter; Makes interruptable source to cause interring info, interrogation or activity happens after.

In phen nom; To make a body improvement, its in improvement by the activity. The same command also releases it.

Ax nox gole = gain wealth

In Ce Ti = The time shell; This makes a time shell around where you are inside where you are to work what spell you need to use and this includes what you learned of in sent out fey by time effect as if ghost in the shell.

Im Em Un = [I'm Eem Une] The Allowed lives; The allowed more than one life affect. This is what mai and is the imminent storm as you get empowerment for yourself but you can get what you want with longer lived lives. There is more than one life, as you think you know it.

In Em En = The allowable concept; This is given allowance for the moment with applicable accompaniment and get accepted for what I or we say. This cures the disorder. If the spirit doesn't disorder or want the effect, then it 'unn' the idea or point of accost.

En Ep = The Enert en energy; This allows the episode you are living through to end and your normal activity to do is done. The thought of area can then be energy.

If id = The moment Idler =The moment that exists and id happening.

In as = The improver; Improve as in any relation in relation to what it is to be improved.

In as em = The Extra weight curer; This cures the extra weight moment and creates effects of idea with bad the side of effect of producing hate of something.

Is am um = The weight curer; This cures weight problems and brings you to normal health as by this idea.

I em no = Stopping effect; Stops the terroritory battles of the small minded people as it happens.

I am am = The creation ideal; Creates a reality within a reality by white void thats taken as true virtual reality thats real to the mind and broken with no em um or thinking its not real as the mind of the body conscious suddenly allows you to perceive what it sees, as what really is there reveals itself and you can switch back to view what you want as though thougt so and not in the matrix. As this is not much excess by different amptitude of energy, the place can take on idea to be defeated with the shape it is in form as this does things, in response to real life this is using natural rules as suggestion rules it to make  as many forms as you want, wherever you want as need brings them there as though naruto clones as this can cancel the forms  and you form as you want to appear, by what is  of the room conscious that is awakened by activity that then there is no strike from the planet unless needed, to hit the target where they can be effected as you don't like them and this takes out hostile energy and as this energy result ravages the aliens that shouldn't be there, it destroys their ships engines as experiment is used by people's subconsciouses on the energy of the matrix. The freed energy is used to increase potency of boost for the bioshield cast around the planet existence as it is a Paul planet.

Um Iam id = The ID Entropy Entity; This causes the id entity to be empowered by life and it does things for you. This treats pictures as though an id credit card or other.

I em am = The devotion to love; This is vigil and nothing more with a waning moon it causes condemning of what your hating then after that you devote to love.

I am em = The energizing effect; This causes all things touched to be energy as this includes drinks and building up of what you want in food of mass. Condemning in an act that
feeds off emotion. Iam eum releases fat from you to another, I am eum releases you from eating too much.

I Eum Itz Off = The snacing effect;  Strengthen be good as you look, this makes you play on words by strengthening them and those you target as you do things mai.

I Em = The condemning non effect; I cause distaste and then hate that is ensuming of the energy of which is targeted with condemnation.

I E In = The energy uncaring; Push forth and don't care as though carous. Create energy for the body.

I Ie P = The thorough way; I am very practically thorough as its easy to just if you lose something but its easily done to be thorough to get it back.

I ie P = The law effect; I am with the flow of in Practicality an it is known by those in need of it.

Ie ie P = The Long term memory; Long term memory with the flow of time to be yourself with E En I.

I Ie i = Stamina effect end; Stamina and the end is done an gain no weight and gates ates un if unlimited power supply.

I nev is = The negated idea; I in negate time as then it is against you without breaking as I don't in expect you.

U nev will be = The extra weight cancel; This cancels the effect of extra weight as it is your life. This starts the energy mass to become body energy.

Ie ie ke en = The tonal key; This tonal key is that which destroys against not you in the reality that you are thought to be in of the mind is as a regular nightmare and is what is done and creates nothing as energy that is used to switch your identity into the violent criminal act and as the criminal dies by trial you are yourself again as it is to reproach criminal activity and at the end of this kills every criminal act that is ended by the death of something. This then acts and removes the crime of the world as of any act of crime that is forgiven is done and builds the chaos by who you are. Those that turn good are suddenly living immortal by the creator as though une was in use by the engine.

In in En = The nightmare end; Ends the nightmare of reproach and any unism and reverse stupidity.

Ie no = The energy effect stopping point; This stops the effect of the energy as its influenced by the third eye by stopping a pounce.

I Ie Na = The reset time; This allows you to win by resetting time to a save point any time in the future or past.

E Sa Ga = The gate closer;This saves me and anyone by a gate in public that egress is undone by that Agate closea.

E En I = The community effect; The idea you want is made to effect anywhere, in thought of the effect and what you are doing as if water and air.This causes community weight loss and less eating by the third eye converting it by modulating the aura of the body to used body energy by the body making internal energy to be used for the process, and if medicine or food and drink is causing you to gain weight then you use transferrence by thoughtwave and impression or transmutation is to nothing always as this to an object stored in the nothing and the creator conscious used isn't to causeweight gain as it isn't in an object en masse as its in use of the solar system sun by thought transmission or this uses Permutation weight control and weight maintenance as a freedom choice. This lasts till you don't need it ruled by inme  with the spirit that goes through everything as guidance and if not in need of it then E En If you get your weight down to what you need it at the need you lose your mass can disappear in with no blaming around.

E En If = The end transfer; This ends the moment of transfer, then transfers it to something solar mass sun that causes things to restore as needed and transmission stops where needed to wherever. Acknowledge your truth and think ending.

If En En = If loss it is done as it works out things and stops intake of things that cause me to eat uncontrollably.

If En = Natural transitional; This uses conscious that is the subconscious acting the part for the consciousness. This is where you get the effect of making what effect you want, and as to understand you allow all necessary to be effected. This soothes anger over victory as it makes a metaphor that is of your determined life path, and this directs the subconscious mind to being the shift by natural energy, that makes the concept of spacetime to be effected by belief in yourself to do as you can though technique. This is where you create space efects as experiments. Then, you get the moment written, if your a writer with writer or manager skills. Using thoughtwaves by experiment for energy, this can trap your weight molecules to be used as converted energy becoming dimensional effect by made thought experiment as it uses the thought ritual in thought practice as you don't have to do anything unless its necessary.

In En Em = Complete action immunity; This is where you acknowledge whats needed and are unaffected by complete immunity to what you get as a spell effect. And if thoughts and communication collapse to others, as no more targeting to others one complete action is a regard to success you are able to do things differently as if you were not effected by what you do. As each coded effect is able to seem like a live moment that you use or live out by what end results you get in handling experience that is thought put down to create a subconscious effect. Abort the subconscious effect, and you are unable to do anything with this as this requires in ability a good connection to your subconscious to make things happen or not if given the ability as in general power to do the effect thats described. This allows easy action result sharing known as code risking, that you can not get disbelief from no result from use. The effective concept is what you what you do to get your favorite effect done. The moment of a bad reaction is when you are code risking and not getting good results with some idea. Code risking then is when you are allowed sharing code with others they who are shared, are with almost any risk as it could backfire with different results, it may arrest you for things by causing you to do some effect that could be illegal actions. As they who recieve it are getting some information to try, they are not getting much result. Don't run the risk, if you can avoid it as if disbelieved there could be no results and then you won't actually put trust to wanting to try things. Take out the line of action and you can get results or, omit to change things around and this could work right if its in your paper and written for or against you for the attempt of stealing from the area you are in. This is where you can share, the code and get some reaction as of a wraith that causes weight. Banish it and its gone.

  The Tresu = Treasure creation; The treasure creation in effect is to create what you will and you can make what you think is in need at the moment.

Nat Pron = Natural Prognosis; This spell allows you to naturally understand what is there and what is the natural state of the body, as if understood for what is the condition if fear is a reaction by reproach.

Ac Ra We = The book of life; In a moment, the book of life can be used of what you need as if things are not wrong then even seem right. This is the way to get a way to understand, in and not think to seem as though you were whom you want. Understand and interpret, then you see as you want to know an seem right with what move right as you may need to know.

Th In Ac = The Raica Ability in thought; This is the law of actuality. The excess use is ability in use is ages old and you are a master that is it and is in very good shape as if you never get bad disorder or disease. Everything in thought is curing the ability as you use things and yourself is ridden from things you don't want of what you are damaged of in mind is removed, and what you are is then as if thought as though good but dark in the right use except when you need to do things in an acceptable point of view, that seems to need and yet not need any way to get in the end result and yet not dark. As then you use, what is what in thought as you get good at what you do.

Th Ex An = The car wars effect; This is the moment of the idea that is of what you thought, we do as you do and you do as we can thin and think about. This is the thought of what you want in purchase of a game, and gain in physical reality ability is ease of use granted by in use dimension thought as this can be used and make usage of the fame game to create with. As you play the result, you can play the game and win it with ease and very good make as I call it an in defense defense.

An Ex We = The Wishpell; This idea is effect by what you can create in aspect that you get what you can get and go with what you intend to get as you get what you desire, or wish by wishspell by spirit and you get an go with what that is what you do. As you cast this, think what you want and you get what this is that you want to get. Next in by line is next in line as you watch your eating or get wanted things you get the thought that you want. Exchange with credit or money as in coins, and other currency as in bills that you spend to get a good from bad result from something bad as if bade to be good an if want is need that gets desire then you are done.

An In Ex = The effect of Andromeda; The actual point of what is there that you don't see is on an andromedan ship, also in thinking about what you can do you assume and the ships computer that is hidden behind reality makes as you wish. This is several scenes, that you make up for your entertainment. And, if in fact you want to do then the thought can happen as the same or a different thought to be where you want as a different thought can happen better results.

An An En = Andronex; The cure of pain and this is the effect of feeling good, and working with the blow as if that is a blow of energy that comes to you. The blow is what can blow you up, a bit in weight and drop you down in weight as in acceptable and you don't give in to pain. And go on and now, for whatever you do you are good at what you do. As you blow up you can reduce pain, and you are as though not in any pain as you think it and you get better, as you are well indeed and not in trouble as you do and die but come back to life as though a painful and almost crippling blow and yet undead and yet alive after. And you are awaken and knowing all, as in assault you are alive and not in assault you even more alive as you are awakened by energy to the point of being aware and it appears like you stand up. This is what makes you aware and you recover very quickly, as if someone else in dimensions as if you were awake and you are able to get better results. Any standing point unless unnecessary as this is taken as procedure, what you figure out you get better and you are more likely to get better as you go and do things and as your weight drops down so does your pain go away as not there. 

Th An Ex = Th Munst; The Monster moment is a possible end to the monster mash or not as that is what you try to do and then you can think and get the results of what you desire, also you say the words and you get what you desire. As it is you can get what you, think if the right matter is at hand as this you can get what you want by in desire thought of wealth bringing result. Riding your monster is what, you can do as you think to it and use it for getting things.

The Thy Tho = The blocing spirit ward; The spirit ward is what, the use of thy money moments in thought as if a wishspell, that are in things as think you do and you even do thought that you can care about. This you can do as this, is what you do as that thought is where you are in activity to get results. As thy do the result you act out, to handle or this is not in mind and what you think you can work with and recieve protection from the goddess Iaz or Isis don't lament as a giant you will act, as you form it and take everyone out and in mind you think and remember in not and we do not notice what a dangerous remark or not is done if in mood in thought in mind. After you do you are dead despite the effort, any real will of resurrect is in the action by jumping you shift from reality. By kicking up your feet up you move, as though thought made the action you jump from the reality and you get somewhere else or get hit as fate makes this.

  The appearant release of spirit energy, does not reform unless you use thought to create it and this makes the ward appear and you are there unless you don't want as you are to be you are gone in thought mind and spirit there in an appointed clinic idea is positive an worlds, are here and there as you are not physical anymore an you fade away from where you are. And you act better, get it and you get hit as you get denied what is there by the spirits as they don't want you are not doing and you dissapear as you get to where you think of you are as though thought and fading away as you are somewhere and what you think is apparition to become as real are not as real as they disappear an you are gone that you displace yourself and those you displace tend to reappear. Tho Thy The remembering the idea is what you want and you are shifting to where you want as this is an area as its not bad and don't seem to think about but you disappear to as you act what is as needed by summons. This is called a channel serve that is what is useful to summon with.
  That uses a server, and a right means in thought to get better results is undoing, in that idea as that contaminant result that you don't fix as by this what you are in establishing is a fixed spirit ward that allows you to leave the alteantian state of mind and leave the atleantian state of mind. The ward of the mind is what you can use to in complete thought wards in progress in thought conscious you are what you think. Think in thought and you get beter understood idea to achieve an idea that is what you needed in distracted moments that you are sane and not destroyed by as the spirit ward works for whatever effort in reason that you are doing this you are not doing what is thought, unless you want people to seem to gnow and this makes a good show as this is molific and done. This is what can be understood and in as a possibility, as molific is what you use in thought in what the idea creates is natural resistance by reaction to whatever in thought things are of interest and you think this can be of use as that is drawn or not as this is attributed to what you can think positive thought to make a charm that makes no defeat or harassment.
  As in every result you get result as thought makes menace as time in thought travel is by shadow and is what you can make create and conclude in thought by incident in charm against your own dislike and within use is by idea of those incident you don't like, an then you can choose the moment an try different things as the pattern you want is to seem another as the charm is break the thought and on return there thought you choose can in an erase effect to remove the electric pattern as the idea is this is in memory to make recall by energy after the recall in choice the thought is done unless you don't choose then this won't do anything as you don't disable anything as this is what drives away the bad and this makes the suggestion disappear that you don't need and in thought you fix as you are an intercedent as the cost 'in cident' can drop prices an allow adjustment, as you try to do as what is right by correct methods in what you do by what you eat or try, in a moment in thought you are what sandwich that the idea is and if cookied you are growing in height or produce outgrowth and is directed by what you do that makes things that you think to happen as this is fixed and as you eat it and fix corrected in thought by thought with correction by the energy. Act to believe and you are what you put your energy, into the material matrix of the idea 'object materia' as energy goes into the sandwich or not guaranteed food you are empowering this food or not as you desire what you are making as you put in energy by what you think as thought goes into the thing you make.
  Otherwise at the right time to die is to return and to work this working, and do else in a ritual makes a passing on of spirits to a different world by necromancy in what thought concept you do or in nothing as limbo as things done as though to use darkmatter in space as useless energy, that is to seem and in return concept in effort to use and uncreate with in mind by undoing what effort that you do, in thought as though a proven method is unravelling a thread of time or not seem to intend to turn a bug but to seem better as not intended from death, where you came from that is possible. This is an appearant method that once worked, is that which is what can work to keep something from living or dying off in a conflict as though a considered thought. This in thought can ward off flying, insects as though you don't want them. The other direct points of this is to create, and will a weilded effect you ca use to make and do. The insect can die off by this spirit ward as other vermin are dying as well from what the thought is, by what you considered you can identify as to make considered thought. This is not in their mind by use, and this is a ritual of its own as this can create what you want if used you can deserve death, no and in thought in mind the area is clean unless in thought for no death. Or not by difficult means, there is thought as no destruction is by use with technology and unless this is no use in mind then no hit can happen as a glyph you draw or in trace is made by this technique in this as describes how to make things to train in use for doing what you think and in the spirit ward use is thought in repairs.
  The spirit ward is what you are able to get as this is a thought, and trace is done as this is in the moment in effort and what you achieve is what you need  you are seeming to use in spirit by what you in indifferent thought by use can like in person and you can become a different shape. This is probably the thought but not alwats is it done, as to assume the thought is to accept suggestion. And, you refuse the suggested in thought. An this is possible if you are in thought and can not seem as you act as a stupid person otherwise this will if you want it to, and what you do is what you recieve as energy in return and in action you choose your shape in your mind and you can become as thought as though a mind with help from the spirit and with thought you are not there by movement as you are but a mind concept and this is a spirit walk, no then in thought and that what you want there. This is there in a mind room to work with in thought in being there to using in it right thought in a movement moment the direction is by thought redirection. You can use it by will in accordance of life and direction you go as this is what directs it, imagine a place that you are in and directing it by whatever you do in us of direct thought in concept on thought you line up of what is in sight in line as this in a more easily understood moment and nothing is done as you can do badly or by energy drink food you thin and think better and not ever productive is a disruptive result as to not seem bad as no car crash will occur.
  Whatever you think as thought can make what seems as you assume and you are in mind but can physically manifest if energy directed from the core is in use to create in a thought that can use it in mind an in thought you are sane, to be in a concept is to use what be. Unless you don't need to, then picture the thought and complete the thought as it disappears. This can be suggest a thought in thought. You can seem here in blue as to what it does as suggestion to work in else as nothing is in use of any used method, that is of any idea of use as you don't to think a ghost experiment that allows geisting and no incompetant belligerant to think complete thought as your competent, this is what you are as your done and appear competant as you feel sated and this is appearant as anything else and that is an idea with self-confident thought that bolstered up is though a concept an in useful thinking. This is idea as individual use is thought to use, and you can get a complete idea to use to work the thought. And do as thought is direction that you need to do, you can allow as to be is not to be unless your choice is to let it live, as you are walking you might see some things or else let the thought go back as energy. As if they are what is in belief, is what you do as though important, then you are what solved it an in reality as you see this works and if you fail at this then get used to it and stop before you run another idea is to dodge by thought death to not be hit or run anymore as you run into reality in through by people movement use as an energy.

  This is what the method is to use that effect to visit and get an invisible gyver suit and learn, live through a moment and you can go learn what you want as if on study in thought, and you in can go do right in thought sensitivity by training in mind as thinking from the person or being not in need as is the thought to dismiss and do other living things. As this is the thought concept that is what you intend to use, this in thought as though use of those other lives that are in your mind room set for this. As the memory is there, you can make it or not make it as you think and bake, make it as a memory in a drink or don't bake and make it molecular in energy an in thought mind or not obstruct and think it thought unless need is in effect. Which is death, that is used to cause obstruction to block some idea or needed effect that is done by in activity thinking anout things. Thus you can kill or you use life and you can also bring idea that is an object that you create and this can seem an enchanted object artifact as 'ortifact'.

  If each action is there it appeared, there from some other world and that is what can be used as you try not and make it as a success, as you are not wanting it for each thought of what you do is what you get in item form. Think of the item and think dimensionally, and the item is magic action that becomes an item. The idea is thought, that in you can become an idea of what is there in a world that is dimension minute as in a item and not actually viewed. In thought you mind things as you are in mind, but you are not in thought of anyone else except to claireaudience people. The idea is to make your own thought sentry and entrance. Own is what you think and you get things, as if you reject the thing you thought shift. The scenery is what you see, that is in thought from here as you use some drink and think out.

Thy En = Thy enning; This is liquid oxygen of which is at the end which is what you do to finish a thought and in wave action you die and get some effect that is impossible yet plausible elsewhere, immaturity may come from this as you use the idea thought energy wave pattern in activity only if you stop practice you get to use your age energy as immurality as energy is exchanged in use of thought, to what is the originator of as you choose what you get the effect of and dibs cause missed action in mid thought and that is the thought that can make you popular or in rapid mood the thought changes as the scenery changes in mind since they don't know you here.

As In En = The Spirit; The Nox effect in action is the nox effect took effect, and you become a different person as poison can do you in an you got poisoned by poison fey cooking and as you in died you shifted away as you go scheduled somewhere else. From a country that is in lava in mind you escape, as you are what you are you are are not from origine in where you think you are as you are what you seem to be that is accepted, as each your own is in an act of country as you are capable of reproach you are liable for any action you do as in gamble even if you don't see it as ion thought.

In Ex Un = The unconcieved convention; The cut out moment is what you are doing in thought as in thought you are actor in an action movie and you are are not really there in any reality. And you are virtualized by what you are seeing in scene. Think out and you are and think, any thought in what you do there will draw you back and you are in the virtual world that you came from.

Ex Un Cu = The uncut scene; This is cut out moment or ending is revealed by what is noticed in mind, and you watch what scene is cut out as you lay down or not there as things in the ending is cut out and things stop in moment and you are in a moment that returns your body in what you think of to use because there is sorta a power that is there but not here. The power in thought is from choosing as revise that is what is what in the thought to get any impulse out an you get better resolve by the result as the girl who bit her tongue by thought in moment.

Th Pu = The punch out effect; The punch out is what you illuminati use to do things with as the arguement is to knock out what you don't like as you are enabled in mind to collect and use by the punching of something makes. As though I am tired of targeting you.

Th Ar = The arrangement effect; The doing of an act is an and the end of an act is to 'sheft'.

It In Ex = The thought control; The thing in thought control is concept that individual use is individual action as action in tract is what you use to not hidden in motion as your mind is the root world in your mind. As your root you can control, anything that is possible by thought in of the right thing. The ending of the spell, is hitting you out and the spell can end as in thought you are original self and you are well.

In Al Ex = The exhaust resolve; The ex there is what you use to work things out and you can get result for evil that is what you do as rural in the area of what resolve you do. This spell gives you what you want as you do things for what you want is done as you state what you do but work in thought and you do as else.

Sin Ci = Sin City; This is resolution in life, to do and know as you are worked with what you get and survive as you may be in waste capable of integrity. The city of sin is what you get to by what you in action do to occur debt and sell yourself in moment as service for service. The religion of action is what they are in doing in thought as each section of the city is in a city theme use that is in thought in point for action in tragedy thats done and tragedy in thought is tragic thought exchange for thought. You see you do know but you don't much know in effect this what is there for what you do in combat as it is only an option as you can only walk away if you are to avoid a fight. That is what is work in sin city.

Ex in No = The point of no karma; The no karma approach in life is action for action, thought of what is right will really make what you think right to you. No karma is what you do get to think with as you notice the effect of effort to get the right resolve by action. The kinda armic result is to think and do, and you get repeat of what you are considering in effect. After effect is of what you are considered, for as you get result for resolve as though no in karmic debt.

Ex Nu = Nulle In Punch; The Nulle In Punch that nullifies any thought that in expression is not there in vision or supposed to happen as you think of void and punch out with the void energy on the fist.

Nae Ley = The nae Layer; This is the nae layer that denies things such as thought that shouldn't be. Powered by the Ley lines and thoughts that are not  allowable in are in corrected for in thought you are in line and trip to get results.

Ex Na Sa = The Banishing point; This Banishes things such as demons and things you don't want that are there but puts them to a plane in a room that holds them and removes bad behavior.

In Ex Pa = The Expanding effect; The expanding pumpkin and unexpanding human. The trinket you wear is what you use to make what you want and use supernatural ability. The effect is thus you or the person that is wanting the effect, is the effect that you want to effect that creates a expanding and unexpanding body. As in the time lapse moment to grow outwards and inward the time reduction is of the body in movement and blackhole happens somewhere in space as a medic happens to heal what isn't there as if it never happened. This is to reduce the weight and create a thin body as in 1 minute or more with the power of ore an watch the apetite.

  IvMedituBundWylOeo [I've Mead-hight-uhn Bund Will Oh-Ee-Ohm] = The white wave effect; The moment that you are releasing, a prisioner you are and what you seem as you do things with morality and things you do create the result of what moral idea you expose.

  Psi Pan Demage [Psinn Pain Dee-mage-ehn] = The Psionic Pain effect; The Pain effect that is caused by psionic pain release.

  Psit Pan Go [Psite Pain Goin] = Psi Related result; Destructive urges are gone. Speak your mind speak your will or you never, will get what you want as a bad result occurs in thought happenstance. This is what you get with psi related idea, that kills or maims what you get in resolve by a dark menace named Vador in a time related moment in mind somewhere is what draws him here and that appears as an apparition that is what the invader seems but helps instead as in a 6th dimensional thing that is what you want to do. 

  Pa Ca Sa = This elemetal effect; This is used in the improved fire elemental spell that isis guards as this is in the deadmans cave. The idea is what you want in like and the elemental can come that you want to save you from death or destructive urges.

  Psi E Rei [Psihn Ee Ree-in] = Psychic Energy Rebirth; This is a psychic energy rebirth that uses your energy to cause rebirth in a body somewhere as you think about this. The psychic energy in what it creates is in the memory that you have in the body as this allows the same level of ability as though not being rebirthed at all and soul memory remains the same and can be added to by what you do. This can create a new birth somewhere that appears the same or is similar as though you selected what was birthed in treatment or else as this is a clone birth. Uou can choose to visit or not as the need is there to call them to be where you go in moments. This can create a reincarnate, out of a body with birth taking effect on that which you think to be effected.

  En e [ee-n Ee] = Energy wave; Energy area and otherwise that is energy is done and gone as a ripple that cures it.

  Manifist [Main-eye-fist] = This manifested hit; This is a moment as though this is given indifferent reproach you see and not as 'ou' you have the energy of the one that hit you or this is not really there with the in suggestion in statement, do not '100 punches in a second' or '100 punch hit' unless you need to or not saves them as to announce to those that attack and you are concept of the 100 punch hit in a second to make as though you were as you can seem to make money and use it as a source to create with. There is a advanced effect of what you can so with this. The force of a concept can seem used, to create an effect you are direct with intelligence, as though you wanted to hit someone, then the many hits in one punch that is a thought that is losing a punch energy. This is what you can do to attempt, to think of a target and you don't attack as you do a fist forward and you are thinking to make the effect, as you are releasing the energy with a movement you attack by what you intend as though you were hitting 100 times in a single punch and this is in any thought powerful enough to punch with. Discharge, as you don't want unwanted energy into an outside place and touch an object to create a release of feelings and true energy by what you touch and effect a concept, to make a transfer of excess energy as in concept, after this done attempt an idea and this is what you do.

 The Ix Tax = The slugger rat; This is a human shaped rat that is a concept to use against those you dislike, as this spell summons a point that your offspring you carry are hit and as you are hit by them. Powered by rat energy infusion. In order to interfere, you are possible to use a windfall or thought to interceed as proof of a positive you want to do things against others that are a problem to you as this is a nasty spell and is cancelled by a rat hit on the head..

 The Dyn = The paralyzation spell; Stiff like a manican and stiff as a board and you are never born as you are stone dead. This can paralyze things it is cast with oft on a thought in though by the breaking of a leg and on cast this allows you to effect any you want with thought to paralyze as you can't take any more though energy was a paralyzation force on an unlucky individual as this is only effective on those the person who is a victim can want to paralyze.

 The nve touch = The nerve touch; This is actually pretty good as it can cure any disorder or pain as though not necessary, is the thought of an idea that led you on to use the right nerve information effect touch with the right movement as thought energy is with the idea of interring an idea pin needle effect. This can also cause nerve damage, and nervous disorder as you think to use it as too much. The right financial answer also helps as available funding makes the quarter. The nerve touch is useful, trick as not treat as you are able to get an idea in thought as thought is interred information.

 The mir pla = The myrror of many idea; The mirror of many things, the thought mirror is a real false one, as if you stood before it and thought what you wanted to over do and get over as you do things and right the wrong before the moment. This mirror is the idea of the the phantom mirror effect, that you can use to get wealth, energy, moon wrath, creative efforts and travel on the motion with rules of what you think on as you can summon as though no problems would occur. If the thought was stupid then you leave and are not travelled through it and aren't getting a stupid result.

 The Mirr = The mirror shield; The mirror shield guard, is what you get with the idea that what you think can happen with the aura as though a silvery sheen bounces bac what you don't want to get effected by. As you get what things that you get as you, this is a counterstrike wish for it and to get a result this is as though thought were a mirror and you are reflective by thought being in you and with your aura. This auratic shield is what can make things and otherwise work with things as you are thinking and doing the aura can do as you want.

 Xac Ane = Maturity; This can cast the effect by what you do, with a thought there and here you can use motiens as spiritual motions to get a grown up maturity in body as thought you do but don't mature in body you mature in mind too. As though maturity ask 'are you positive' to make sure its exact.

 Xac Ane = Being cancel; Formed thining in being. Formed thought, on a concept is what you can use to get result by resolve in any situation. Greater Emotion formed by others cause a spell disjunction; As long as you Do as you said, need as you do. That cancels any spell there.

 Thi Ele Sild = The elemental shield; The impossible is not proven as this is not what in mind, but in body shield it is perceived by what you get what you want and thought thoughts are not ever felt. The indian port, is what they do to others to back at individuals in port spell rituals. The spells are negated, that are not what you need as this is what can seem clear it is what is in need. Spell negated is not negated as the everlanders, want as roaches regen them that reform and this what they do. The no response is what you can do, to those that break your nose and give back body slam. The everyday life of charm, is over as you are dead and the idea is gone and what you do is dispelled except what you do in idea and the undead is back to alive. The idea is done, as you are in sild you are well and absorbing by reflection with unwanted spells energy put to aura in ele shield in thought in mind to bend the way open and then when you are well go home.

  The En Flo = The one flow, is by what you thought and by the one power in thought, you can die and you are what you seem a thought to those that flow. The thought of what you do is thought in mind and done in an upper dimension, as you do think and act as you are and think to make and to create is what you do. As you do think you create and this fixes, the thought in mind as it is that is dimentrical and just what you get is thought indeed. The idea in mind is what you no to gain as you are what you seem in shape. The thought here, is to work to act a role and work some art effect as the act is thought on you gain power by flowering ability that restores the flowering power in mind. This repairs the mind as if you are whole, do as is and you do as now unless you do in the nede an you get to go. The idea is to get better go beyond and now explore as against all enemies this works with them. Cast this spell not this way, and you are as you are with thought you get what you as desired as you get fixed by what adjustment you think is necessary. Cast this again and you get what this is in ability as you are what you see if in in need. The this is a natural witchcraft, as this is nulle as though desert thought is what you intend and you leave to go in naturally seen situations as if happenstance. Use this for people, that are female or males that wanna be she he or he she.

 The Flow = Just the one flowering idea; The idea in mind is fruit and as the tree in mind is golden, and this creates what is in thought with motion by what you do unless you aren't wanting it. This flowers the petals that form the effect, as a flowering is there by love in motion and not jgabarla as in thought thin and knowing you are what you seem. The fruit is what you think, as you are with a thought that love is power you are in need and get fruit. This is ninja fruit of molecular power, and knowledge in respect of others you get what you are in reserve. If you ebb then you can cause the effect to fall off you, as you are not unless needed effected anymore.

 Thi Tha Thu = Accept in thought; Accept it as you hate the air can't say 'ayr' and you get it as this like an article or not as you because equal sharing by sharing air.

 Aer Ivmeditu = Divine artist; The one artist that is you in life from death, you are the one as then you are what you get. As this is a celestial kitsune, that is with what you are in deed to yourself as this is what you can create from what you intend you are what is thought but this invisible to the eye is not anymore. And you are not what you seem and this creates the paradox of white versus dark in shades of gray values in thought that is what you intend. Use ban and kill deterium off and don't divine monster as the things are off that you don't want and you get better. This works with your white void, as an equal this idea came to what is not anymore as this is more you are 6th dimension in ability. The divinity is what you believe yourself to be divine, and demigod is nothing and yet a god and you get what you seem to know as if you were using what your subconscious tells you. Any character is what you think and isn't if you don't, want to be this way and this is what you can get if you went there and you can get free on a clear thought. This offers supernatural ability, as if thought by exchange in idea if you get what you thought want cleared as you are not cursed as actually what you intend you fund and you are that which you want in thought, as what you are in needing then you find a use for as this is not needed and if you are what you think and your subconscious finds a white witch book of thought. The thought is great, accept what is in thought as you are nought as this is not what you want your idea is ended in thought mind, body and soul. And you've got a nevermind, removed by the act of god and thought.

 Tesla Cel Seh = The Mana generated 5th dimension; The mana 5th dimension layer and they are released where no wrong is allowed of what reality is thought to be uses in idea. This area is pure energy, that is thought on and formed as though thought is woven a cure of what is needed at the moment, the woven thought is done by hand and used as a finger is projected with a fire thing in thought that is mixed with water energy woven and the air of fresh area. This is focused as a thought energy on vanished things and vanquished foes, the thing of fire directed at an sphere that is energy torn from an object is touched and in use an not on you touch and are cured of any ailment. The building is existensional in nothing, as this is a tardus void building operated by the thought area you want to be in as a construct is where you are as void seems not unlike limbo this is what it seems like as you can shift it up in dimension or you can think it where you want it, say shift on the outside and this is in the 5th dimension that you end up in your room or not as you find stuff easy. This uses a technique to always get away with things, and you are any leavetaking that erases you in from the area and you are always seeming to get get correctly done things with or without success.

 The Xan = That sucks; That is a moment in which you are in every setup moment that is a sertback in time to a better time that turns out bad and you go throughout time as you are in with a thought and out to explore. This is such a sucky end though that you give up and killing yourself your not dead and thus you make a improvement on what suchs through a straw that extracts dimensional life for life that can do. As though this is a killing thing violent behavior isn't done, and you are what as you dimensionally think extinguish. By what life extinguished extinguishment and life expectancy shortened not byt but byte gets affected in the aftereffect. Honestly in though you were thought about as the life effect that is isn't that which happened to quit which is what made me thing things and I was okay as I died and came back to life.

 The Cal Q-ert = The 6th reality; No the 6th dimensional form demise to create and accept, life essence to create with and the form that you need is possible but not if you don't desire it. The 6th can reach out and touch you, as this is a practical joke on you unless you don't intend to use it as in this is what you can use to attack by on close in quarters as the close in quarters are closer in though an institution freak is thought that on dislike makes as a bump freak can attack in spirit to attack things disturbance in the force not liked on thought with dance combat that you don't like as you use it to almost reak havoc on an enemy but an enemy energy target does gets energy as you get energy. Avoid people study in panic as you do that. The possible 6th dimensional energy is what allows you to control and use the 6th dimensional field energy, as there is of no regard if you don't want to be noticed as the 6th is thought on and used as a resource and your individualized self is what you use for death impulse and other moods are thought. This is what you can use for doing things to focus your mind, this is what you can occur effect by idea with and what you do is not think and do and describe the purpose, as mention this is what works to cause and correct for what you think on to end. This is think of a purpose, and do or not as you say in technique, this is what you think on then balancing out with the checkbook, or other account and you are focused in on as you form your pets, that are human or what have you in thought. The thought experiment in serious concept, is what you use to get what you desire as you in disguise are gone.

  Each thought you do want in thought is noted by someone, that is what you in purpose make to create by what the idea in mind is to do and only if you want a 6th dimensional form, as what you think is done if you want it to be success then you can choose a form to be in the 6th or not and you live as though beyond death until you thought as to earn life to shift away an your spirit jumps to the 4th and the planet of the four suns. This can in the area in secluded space, this is what in reasoning moments that allow you to make anethema effects as you don't think bad you won't get bad. You can form faeries as you need to, by what you do with a form that is what you do and you don't get disrupted by power outages in from a solar star and this is inferred as you are energizing by what you wish and what you thought. The energy is there as you desire, but what you do makes and gno breaks. The moment you don't, need this space it collapses in upon itself and closes down and if in need then you are aware and make whatever excuse you want you can create as fey as fey energy can allow. The reality in is in what you know, in as you think in and in change by out idea with mention the scene can change to seem adjusted by thought to adjust your whim in you or their scene mind is stabilized except as that dimensional mind you are as though tempered.

  As this is true, revert cast recasting by Opp Ce you won't get any unnatural result in any way known. The thought exists that you are not born but alive as you want to seem. Any disagreements gets a strange in thought an to be struck as by flying objects and this is assured to work to not undo any action and work with what you get, if you had to know then you will know from the reality that is spoken of in no regard. The object you touch and do with, to think success to an area is what you make to create any actual result. Whatever you do and disagree in thought is not done, and if you don't want to be disrupted in life by purpose from unknown races your not as though immune, by what you die from is what you awake from and this not ever will kill you again unless physical damage is taken on regard to other things. What you do is what you need by what standard, you choose and what you do is how you choose in deed by choice of what is thy own and you are not ever disturbed by a flow of water, that you draw from that is source energy that you soothe your mind from whatever you think. As what you think in effort is undone energy in released area, to where you want it as free energy source in what you consider as a thought is energy of any negative or positive action. This concept is what can be used whenever, wherever, however and in where you think it as state the spell the effect is done and you are released. No idiocy is done or you will die from what you feel before the moment you actually feel it in an accident. Don't and if in mind you are in a space, you don't recognize take a step back and you are back where you are from and death ensues after you die and is what you think as to what you do if asked and if so you are summoned if not then you don't die as you kill those in what is dying space. Which in thought, is gone and you are an object yourself.

 The No Aye = The Exporrdoexperiac brain; This causes control of the utlimate control in the form of a 6th dimensional treasure or thing which can be thought ruled, by writing used in thought for making and somewhere there is reverse write as a form an releasing the cure to exosperioniac which is a 6th dimensional schitz disease, and on trigger as yes is thought as this is told and no move on thought impulse is detected from the 6th on those targeted with 6th dimensional energy on need that is that vision on hit that didn't happen and yet you do get energy, this is by what you imagine killing with release from anger or not as you think and shift to escape from on thought to be not there you as are dismissed from in thought. Treat with thought energy from the north pole that is death energy and target the derangement as it happens and is fixed on a visit to work or use energy with thought to stop derangement.

 Une E = Geodon improvised energy; The metabolic virus that is magic, that is what that is as it appears like a thoughtform persona that kills the effect of what is wrong and disintegrates as a white being that is aberration, that is what absorbed the disease that you have and turned into a white ash powder. Suggest as you will and the answer is clear as a clear scene in mind.
 Une E Spirae = The thing of drugs; The spiritual spiraling out of control of an onslaught in hidden moves started by too much eating and thought resistance builds as body, as you are stating things as this is the nightmare metadrug that forces them who are effected to suddenly gain weight and matbolically lose weight, as the spirae eats flesh and bones as this destabilizes the insides and degrades as is needed with what near mention allows magic that forces them to do like the elven effect as this zombies people that are resurrected and you are as things stand and the idea is done as you state it, this is what you think and this is what generates the mana as rapid movement, is done you are charged and termites get in the house by the death energy that are attracted to the house by he death aura in the building that is what you sent from you to evade the undeath effect and you are as in a picture, that is with a weapon with a thought and you are dead by midnight as she kills you from what you did only after she realizes what you did to get you well. Fresh air cures you of it, as you get rid of its essence by shitting in a restroom. Don't stop whence you start, and its not done after you do die at midnight hand holding you and only in guilt you ask for death. Don't say it if you don't want to be killed by it and deny it and it will stop.

 En e = The energy generator; Energy field energy man idea. Energy field area and any disorder is cured by this and by mana operated by the flow, no mans land of a gate to finish thought as destructive energy is chaotic otherwise that is energy is done and gone in thought is spirit energy, and otherwise form in form by spirit is the gate system that is operated by a white level that is manipulated by the hand gesture of moving it up. In thought adventure is done by this.

 The Fudeai Orreai = The food machine; The food idea is what you use with the food machine of choice, the food in idea is what comes to you and you are what is  in thought that is where you get or do. Things to energize the idea, on idea and off on a touch you are giving it to the food or on thought it goes to charge the drink. This as if turned on will replicate, almost any of the things you want as the machine will recreate the idea as you think or drowish need is done. The energy is that which is where and what you are doing in mind as think as you might or magic as you want you get energy off of any bite of food. This can induce weight, or include you in on something unless things are needed elsewhere. On what is done, you stop and do else as the insanity in the cycles of the machine make and demake. On the machine end result, this is as you are you and you are normal as if you turned a thing off and hadn't a thing done. Don't and you won't make mistakes, as this works and what isn't done is preserved in plastic bags. What you cast this on is what, you can make is in thought as what thought in creation becomes where you want as though of thought with thought from air itself as this is absolutely sane in particles and if in concept then what you are doing you are forgetting nothing as this is thought done.

 The Syne Wave = The Synergy in effect; The synergy idea rewritten in what is use by thought of use with energy in use by dimentrics and thought thinking makes what you are in use in adventure. The idea is what you use as thought is by practice. Elemental use is what creates as conceptively thought of what you normally seem to do things in an abnormal idea. The point of what you call abandoned, is what you can avoid using as this is. Thought can use what you think, and badgering stops as realism is hidden behind viels of what you stop to think. If you don't need it, don't say it if you don't don't want it.

 The Inst Tho = The in thought achievement; The thought on idea is what is there, and is what creates things in mind as an instant achievement that can be recreated by discovered use with this energy. The thought concept is idea manifested by policy of what you are considering in use. The thought effect is what is inconcievable to the thought in idea unless you are what you seem or doing no thought that is unbelievable. This spell effect is what you can choose to use and get achievement as in instant achievement the moment there is a concept in thought is gone. The idea in mind is what you use to finish. Any other idea is unnecessary, as other land you do things and use is thought. Concept is moment and what you think may happen as happenstance is not done, any accidents are not achieved as the zero force effect is in use is by what use as you think as though you are fixing.

 The E Yum = Food in thought idea; The food in thought is the source. This is weaving with thought as you are enabled to do things. The idea in mind is what, you use food as dietary provisions that make things do effort as the conscious makes the weaves concept in use.

 The Veggie = The synergy in use of objects in idea. The synergitec idea as interred effect that is thought energy in the hand that can be beaned or be veggie tossed or shit such as use as weaving creates the attack sphere that can reduce heal by drawing out as the the synergy effect.

 Eta Feat = The unusual technique; The unusual technique is what you use, to create by visualization that create any concept into reality use in thought by projecting forth and getting something by mention or hand movement. As a response as this is the idea, that you gain by what you view you can replicate of thought energy in use is to make by what you see and create by what you see in use an this can be useful. Revealed by what power an energy an a spell possibility, is there creates results as this is a source an thought is what can be energy revealed in use. This is what can be achieved by what is there, and the idea is what you think and the subconscious uses your spirit to create any technique or thought to get any typical result. If you can't then you will, after any and every time you give up on what you do as you analyze what you think about interred by what you see and what the reality. You think on this and the concept of idea is there to imagine and interr, use feeling and your subconscious by your spirit in thought by thinking and doing as you are being in an area with no detection on bought you from you that they can see about them as the reality is there and if it interferes with you, so don't think weakness an there isn't an can work and as is this possible from interred energy there is no energy not doing realistic as you or others think.

  Blending by bending thought with weaves of heat and us thought in water particles to flow around you is what you do bending reality with and this is what can create any new source as you mix energy and create a source. Use the available source to work the thought, and do the idea as in idea use what is necessary an not do stupidity or dumb move are arranged as you are inevitable as long as  you think things through. This spell can make the initiative to remake or make use, and feeling the thought an bending reality by any indifferent thought you think and do as you see things necessary. Used things are good to work, with as you can get good with skill. An bending is an artform to use, by enduring and use in spoken idea by this spell. This is what induces you to eat more and you are able, don't thing to stop by will and saying nothing and thinking of a distraction in room that can disappear weight after dropping in the trash as you are done an psychic elemental ability is there and can almost overwhelm you use water to fix. As antimatter is possible, don't use the draw on anything that is this to draw out the idea in negative energy, or thinking by idea that you think and this can help you do unless you think this is what can cause natural thought in resistance or not as you are able to shield to being in nature with the third eye. What you are attempting within a higher earth is easily done an sphere use is to easily concept through use of sphere effect.

 Anal Fix = The chemical fix; The fix produced by your subconscious to any solution or thought is the indicated idea that works as a suggestion and is something that is nothing but a chemical react that allows you to see what happens as though you observe yourself for things that are not quite right and things correct themselves. This spell in thought will create analogy to get what you think in thought. Think in thought and you are aware, as you are seeing a view of a room and able to get right indivual results in the mind.

 Tet Tek  Tety = Technicia Testing Technique; With concept you use the thought expressed, as you think on it and think your watching it in your mind room. See what each word your curious about does and write in results, or don't worry over it and you are away as you do things think about it and it can become clear. Think yourself not seen by what you summon, by it if you summon anything you are invisible by what you in thought in essence.

 Ueay Imuls [Use-each-why I-mulse] = An unusual eulogy weapon; A make usage moment is the effect of what is there, and with dream impulsion as imulsion you gain the ability of what you want as you create a monster into a sword or other idea forms things and this seems as though your a natural sickness by chaos in disorder and not anymore sick by use of magic in memory turns into effect as a sword or weapon that is what allows things to unusually create an effective idea.
 Energen [Ee-ner-gene] = The 6th impulse control; The 6th dimensional gravity pulse control effect. This is possible to use as a way to keep from being impaled by the 6th dimensional energy attack and hidden as is tragedy caused by activity of dark impulses and activities that are possibly to understand and create as though thought and done if the charge is done and the use happens you can break something like a leg for luck.

 Tha Zen = The Xen adamant adventure; The cast point makes thought of an concept in adventure.

 The Ste iff = The stiff an unmoving tactic; Stiff like a manican, be like a board. This is the moment you are dangerous as you are cut as if a board you attack like a board and you are dimensional as you act like a board and work like a fictional plastic figure. This is dangerous, as you boardwalk and can use things to erase time with a thought to cancel the cut and you cancel the beating as accost goes to no face.

 Tha Thin = Thats a thin job; Joke or not its effective as you are thin as a board and run like an athlete.

  Nex Tha Thi Can = Bad job;_That is a pretty bad job.  As you use an iron you pull a eye out and play with it you cast short circuit as you think use make use as though a bad job was there and you were pretty. If you are the dungeon keeper and you are hit then you are no longer as the person who you are that hit is the dungeon keeper. As though in dungeon keeper the game in real life with dungeon heart from a person and the person summons minions to do things if the person can do it. The research material is hidden in thought, as the thought reveals the presence of the perdition in mind in as to each have an ideal as to own what is there though you are in the electric thought that currects you with the right idea of any technique thats felt in need you only work with the material as in a form of mind book. This turns you into a mind reader, as there is no turn to bad there is no reason to doubt unless there is a racial great in ideal great in what there is and great in what may come or not as bad result then doubt is there..

Eia Xea =  Blubbery hill; This calls a blueberry pancake in the mouth of the caster as you think to target the person.

 The use psicke = Thats pretty damn useful; The spell attempt makes whatever you do seem useful, no matter what you do if in use the spell spells. To use you get rid of this ignorance spell break use discipline by this works.

 The Elemio Sat = The experience of effective deal; This is where you use idea and religion as that which is the concept,  to use what you think is good as the element effect as the item is use, in this is what in thought you in notice can bear no in grudge with business. As you use this in death, it can protect you. This allows contribution of all states of america, as the thought is read it can be reacted to or fixed on a forgotten dime with each stroke of a heart. This also allows you to use a predecessor technique, as you are this is use, in however thought forgiven you can use what is there on a dime touch.  As the energy is there by what you in ability, think you are given the energy of what the predecessor wants to give. And the techniques, there in the energy is there and is for use. As this allows you to hold an object, an use the object on a statement to in advice give what you think is the idea and the person using the experiment approach is what you can use. This is where you hold the object and state what end result, as you create what you will to exist as though from the existence energy to hold itself as though thought to seem. As you are anywhere, out thought out time out body you are fine for what you do as you are what you think. As you say agate closea after you say the useful spell effect, to shift places by thinking with the idea of what you want to know.

 The Gred =  Thats greed; Your greedy is stated at the person and the person is what that thinks it and they are greedy, don't it and it does negate itself.

 The De Eff = The effect of death; This is the point where future is allowance and you get any effect as though suggestion and this is the use of unlimited death energy put as stiff to the manigan aura that leaves you thinking stone dead and touching the person that is to deserves this.

 The rekeg = The put it in recharge; As as thought existed it can be used again as if a source for a sport charge or spell energy.

 The isa = The isa usage field; Rigel effect can be the use and this is as a dimension you get use of others energy from making a thought to use, in no as you review a thought you can make is effects as there is effect for them to use. The effect is to create as you use and its not your use, that is there and your use is there use and this use becomes in popular use as and is in use as usage is made easy.

As in no = Belliarmus; As with it this is an not this as you is in the use using use, an this is unassuming attack as this a universal energy that uses a motion of effect that is unstopping until you need to do this is use of the field of glass as the technique of belliarmus, for nothing to create something you need to seem calm and do well as no belligerance makes things unless needed an than predictable as your not predictable. If you want as you are in a vile mood the slap fey cannot attack in belligerant mode by anime. Saying use and what stops, this is a hammer blow as you are free to go get it if you do what you want now fill it in. Saying cancel hammock makes to his appartment to disappear, as it isn't target and your invisible this is do nothing by not doing nothing energy in energy unless necessary to happen and do as you are what you want to be. Don't hit back to do not hold in check or things will attack you. Or not is isn't as you cancel animosity, release a thought person and you trap as you want what energy and then what you don't want goes. This is into gems that are formed into you, as objects you want in life are given into continuous motion and life and death disrupts the idea with process of living cost lowers and no attack for any reason will not lift it. The effect fades as this is the chaotic energy or other individual cast to the depiction in a sun drawing.

An is in = The Star shift; This is possible only if possible as if starry eyed. At a motion in thought, you get a motion that is a continuous motion unless not needed that is there, as this is what can continuous do if hit in the body. If thought made enhancement this is removed by current in an interoperative field that is thought to be seen and in use at the moment that is thought of an idea possible. Don't do this if you don't need to, do nothing or not as you think to be a natural inhabitant.

An in = The Ehn effect; This is really the though hinderance with a thought of indirect hinderance, saved by the bell this is in an idea by control with certain things not allowed, in idea this is the thought that isn't there as you perceive things by what is perception you are capable of what you do.That right there is quality in an out and not as though in use that is given back or not as this is perfect in thought hinderance with considerance, an this is with in effects as those you want to effect can be effected as nothing works. Or this doesn't effect, at all as the person doesn't need it as the spirit can allow or not allow as you assume and is the worst case scenerio, another way to be honest is to be honest to the self including items assumed to work an that is to be individual to get accepted for what you do. An otherwise you are not considered in another thought as is what you are wanting an yet you are inside. This is without doing things towards by thought, included into another concept depicted by whomever in thought is thinking things out as you are thinking things to them and with trusted thought in moment. People is decriminated, by things assumed considered hinderance that can cause weight gain if used too much in a moment. Don't if you don't need it, so fix with thought or consider not to use at the right time and right place and as you create by motion. Spell effects happen in time your now, in with sphere constructs as though thought exists at the time often used items are needed. As in you use now, you are in perfect harmony with nature as in thought there is such mention as idea is by situation an to control things in or of yourself in motions is that energy that are biology biolocated thought as spells that create activity.

Th Em Az = American travel; For American to travel back to your own time as to use this.

Ex an In = The creative laxitive; This is in the moment you approach and use energy to create what may be.

Ia Sicke = The thought in Avatar; This is the thought of what you intend, as you are near a god but not in religion. You are good at what you do, an you get better to make better by natural idea that is opinion or that which comes from insight or anything that you want to work with is made. As this is not in mind, you are able to work with this unconsciously in thought that is good as you are doing an creating by the creator himself. 

The T = Thing done; As the way to create is the effect, as to get the effect is to use thought that is where you are at, and think you are better as you can get the idea. As you create with darkmatter, as though by what you think is to use energy in thought from the right things heard from things and people you can call the void room and hearing things is a thought of what you view. As you think the moment, never repeat the time as you can create what you want and if you use the creator your subconscious can create it as though in from things in this air there and as you can do you fix and this is what it is. This is thin or norwood in effect, as you thin this can make things that are whom and what you think and type is not making you want things, you are what you want to seem.

The Gad = Thinking genius; To think is thought and this is the art of creative thinking to seem smart is think, and wits are in street idea. This is where you are an idea formed to life from a particle. This can use any womb or other thi tha thu.

The mai Fx = The Body Fix; This is a cure of any body problem, as you use the energy from the earth to work with chi to make you not feel pain and as the idea anything can come to mind that is a proven idea. As you can cure you were not of thought, from to prevent attack and is what you came in from or what you think and don't overuse drugs, as no more novacane as the idea is good for use in use of planet core by what you think to work with.

Th In Ef = The original inner child idea; This is on what you do to intent witch craft. The inner mind, the art of creative thinking then in use Is in what you do that your subconscious percieves as if read, unless not needed as this is used by things for the inner child that can use what element it wants to create with in use. You can create a giant with none of that mental in effect as no bade use is done.

Tha Zoe Air = Zone of sweet air; This is think energy and concentrate thought energy in the air and create it by thought to enter the area, and do the right thing with the right gestures and that can be as you are done an in expert by what is in spirit to charge it to create sweet thought smells as its in earth energy, and making it disappearing an you are suddenly unaffected by the corrosive nature of the thin air itself and can remove it as this doesn't mean that you are not unaffected. That is just an example of what can be done as this is it just means you are unlooking at its result or getting better stature by what you do. This creates a flow of air as though energy were heat, and you can seem in use as for use by elemental effect as with any element though from some area then you can form it or weave this just like a point that is created and can cancel. Any refill is free and in it is the sweet feel that in the body will trigger, with the sweet spot use and cause you to not want to eat as though pseudofed and nothing was there as a pseudo effect, and aversion is done in this and this is the sweet spot effect.

The Ne Ze = The negative warding; This is the nether world negative ward as this is. As what you do is type and do whatever you type unless you want others to do. As you are free on a purpose, and worked with by the effect.

The Ye Fx = The end result; This is the improved end that is thought, done and intended for what is due on a zone of energy that creates from what is a surge by source is effect. The end of the removal effect, is what this can cause as you think not happen in life.

Th En Py = Fire Elemental Work; This is where you can get rid of the fire and use it as an idea to get better things as you use this to convert energy to do thngs as though finished by something else.

Ta Ti En No = Revert sewer to normal; Revert to taking it back to normal and removing the bad and make the good able to stay or go as is.

Ta En In = The Reversion on need; This is a reversion of any effect, on personal idea in a need that is what you think and reverse what you do not like or do erase things as they are unwanted but this can be recovered by you in thought on need as your subconscious does the right thing and makes things right as if with the right suggestion and at the right time and this can make as though correct by correct methods for what you thin or do other. If needed to what you do and what you make, is lessened if to make a greater impact or created effect by the subconscious as though this made what you need. If you are not noticed you are invisible. What you reject can disappear unless unnecssary, what you accep in spirit can be seen in a right moment that makes not too much pleasure.

An In No Act = An innocent magic; An innocent thought is possible to be done in mind, and use and go as if intended to work as if magic were done by this spell. This is to make a thought and create a will as if word use, and word is magic in use is an intend as with a thought or not as if you were not in desire by what you result in real life. An innocent use is an innocent thought in mind, an in no to be done as you are not excused is to think unless given a good reason in no use as though 'use'. To think to create with fire, your use is illusive fox to use idea in what is in heat as fire, you put in aura as if in mind and as if you think to use you toss it as if in the air it forms from heat. This is use as that is to create, in opposite use is an opposite force that is applied as in commotion is what you can use or not and in opposite view due is done. This in use is of things and that are in what you do and that is what you are thought as necessary, do that right there and as they are done they are as though innocent and your not to seem to be in noticement and deserve in my use. This is in act by activity that is no thought or as you are with a thought to do, as in thought so in your mind and never in thought is what is not actually sane. This is not a act unless needed, an unless not needed impossible deeds are done as if in character use by persona you are with considered idea. As in when you assume things as you want to, an you do no dumb activity you get better results.

In Tea Ex = The Freezer; Cool in thought is frozen and in time, as the you body doesn't age and doesn't seem to move its out in time but this does things if you use thought to free yourself. As if your not in motion and motion is your movement. Your body doesn't age, as your movement slows you get things to do elsewhere and chi uses make the body eternal as if a un lich. Say un to stop the effect available as the effect is gone after not needing it and use is ziplock bags.

  The Ert Syt; This is the inert materia of an idea, that can form into a prision if you feel it necessary or you can attempt things as if that and you are the body of gemstones that define what you are in life and the gems are different per each area. This is in the body as if in an energy earth shift, as you energize the stones you are energized to do things. The thought that abounds in earth is things that are what work in life. This is possible to bring back anyone from the grave, as if you are not dead and they are the approach to get better idea and since nothing happened. There is a way of instant spellbook as if 'thaer' to use 'I dun do it as I am unseen' in a polite point of view or no. In the transfer of energy through the earth, you can use things to get an idea as you transfer the energy through the thought shift. This is a point to do and back again, yet if you use an idea you can learn and to do as if here but there or nothing is used as if you can do else.

    Iu Ea Io = Power puff bomber ability; This is the power puff bomber ability, this causes a power bombing effect as you think to use you can get a effect to create and use the idea that you see as if you had a little energy from their world. As you do, you can gain energy as if to use things, and you a were was an alien or not as that creates justice or in injustice done to those who are criminals. This is the actual point where you gain a second aura, that is a higher elemental being to cause a little puffyness an in a moment energy surge and use makes from the core energy a white energy effect that is 'en energy' elsewhere that creates things to do. As this works, this is a sequence of events if in an idea, that people connected to the moment shift and can pass out they come back to where they intend to be. If intended, you can raise the energy in the world. Useful is the power puff gloves, as you think they gather energy through the body and you use it as if natural with short range or long range idea to be an just do and seem yourself as you think or do. This forms a being that creates energy generation to make an idea as if an i en.

  In an ef = The idea concept; The idea is a concept to do in an energy effect, or do not as you do you can get interesting results and if you do not you can get better. In motion to act out, just don't change unless necessary.
T Spe Shi = The fast shift; The 6th dimensional view for this is with use if as the 56th dimension shift for what can make use, and if you are you seem a possible suspect that is a use to create the right circumstances. As the point is made, as if there is a thought, what is thought shift in a sped situation can create instance that you shift to where you think to seem as if a cost is lower.

  The fey Ie = The bleach fey idea; There is a point that there is no point, that is formed in the 6th and created in the other places as by a pattern and use is an idea to create and make a point to use a better thought. This use is fairy magic, as to get a thought and use it to great idea in an end result. This is the Fairy magic effect. Assume or not assume, as you think you do you will eventually seem or become to make somewhere as you think the thought to do. The idea can create to summon energy and create a life force. This is to create a point and use the idea as if if you collect light energy or dark energy. Then burst it out, as if to use is granted and not given the fairy museteer idea. Where you are the muse of life and you can use psychic ability. This is to get energy and think on a thought, use a point and focus in as if to not do things and you do things to get some idea in focus in life. There is a point to create a life an what is done is done and you make life, in thought of use and think in a pattern to create and use a point that you get and let it go to the past ghost.

  The Cinder = Cancealment; This is an act to make a fey ability of invisibility, as a point is thought you are unseen. Un the Cinder to stop this, as in effect is effort is a thought to get something better than life or otherwise things that use are gone as reality rewriting.

  Neall = Tong nail; Hopeless denial in innocense is hope that is reversed death blow by al and if they want you to die a spirit will live (a woman unusual in nature that is innocent at first and a man killer, after that eats the body as the obsolete being in which you get a child from true life source converts to rape scene incited from the magic. This is in the Al nature which explaines, so this is why so many are "slsin" as if a disease that kills from their essence). Abide and they won't kill you as you are fey if they care to work with each other or not, as energy corrupts their true nature in against there being and this creates a beauty born from their flesh that nails and disrupts their nature in possession as by demonic influence. Nothing matters not as if not at all and that things in use are against the person, who is assumed to do things and as insane as you did it madness. The sonet effect by the due, effect is in effect of what you think as if a songbird. There is in a point in inclusion, that if you are insane as a pointed reminder and a scene is poison to the mind, if no thought as they are to hide and in plain site by their influence, as if you try to fight in the mind of the victim even the person. Who is a possible idea that can do in each their own thing and attraction is death, that is assured of the father unless anulle is done in an idea. This is in the end in a thought, aspectus in aspect they are in unseen to the eye and that is done.

  The mer = The marriage act; The act of a marriage, is a greek poem that is not except the idea as a point from the mermaid in the movie that ends as you want.

  Passeus Civeleous = Assumption cure; As if to assume a point don't assume as you can cure a thought in, as to seem an idea to de attack and what you do as is what disrupts the things in view as shifting is this as peace is there and un assault as the mind is beating mind by the idea as to stop the attack is to think or say undoes as "un".

  Un Disciv = Punisher; The etheric in effect, is if you can assume the idea as a thought and whether if you attempt to assume an occult you can use thoughts in doubt to cure get a very interesting fire absorption. As none but an idea is a thought to create, if thought is focus then use is energy and things can seem to in use the silver goddess as in from a pen effect with unreputive use. As destructive use is noticed, unallowed except to kill things that you disallow.

  Sahn = Sahn similar psiences; Say as you want, as defamation in act of mercy disappears and you can get effect if in a bad mood. Similiarity is a similar thought to create a point in a new point, and as you think you are different by what you thin or use as energy to create as to match by what organization is there. Then the idea is an act as to create, as what you want is to do and thought is what you consider in the act of war and pace by action. Peace comes after a thought, and use is as though thought is a point to create with as you know what you see and you know the meaning. As things in thought, as that as the cure to all and you lose nothing as fencing with any activity or defense energies, any dealt blows perceived are with nothing done as mercy moments as the point in thought improve defense. As they are visions by psychic ability and no can create original result, if as you are a point to heal and in no reactive moment can happen to draw you places if a psychic blow can occur. Don't eat as you are using sahn psiences, ever as the body is a possible idea to create with or the weight could include. An idea by your psychic senses as in energy or not, the punisher pen blow effect is there if cast to make food necessary where it is isn't eaten. There is a thought, as that is a point that is a considered view and if nothing is done nothing exists as nothing done in thought.

  Ifealty = Ifeality; This is where you can seem from another planet in idea, as any thought fox is possible of thought that is in intenet as alien idea that if an idea. Use a point in a biofight or otherwise that which creates is in some idea from energon or discord as energy is a part that is with cogs in an upper dimension from the 12th, an you can get a point and the part services the idea. Intended is a point, in intended view that if you don't intend then you can stop and do something else. So no in the idea if you think about it, if thought don't and trust in your government to make if you create and no create and this stops as if by natural choice. As this is as it is, the thought exists a thought with no concept exception or not in a moment in a way of life that is not but a life or thought that isn't there as counted a lie somewhere else that isn't there.

  As if no = As if a point that is to degree or agree to disagree, you can get filtered sun in no problem as in no situation that is a part of a situation of peace to suit the moment. To do things is to create a field, that is energy as if to work a thought is if to consider a jolt to do a thought in if a thought is directed at it. In thought is a place, and nothing done is not done at all.

  If to youthen you use essential oils in smoke and thought energy that you are young at heart or are unyoung and you fix that which you are intent to fix with interred energy, and they are young to correct things by an idea as if to seem a use and make better to work or correct and get read in things. See a thought to use and do nothing, if "or no" is to get better and when you are better off or not things that can get things to know and in now you are okay. This is the 6th dimensional way, to get and use a field in energy as if to do and you get better results.

  Oh if en = This will end; The will to end as an idea if you didn't say, no overload to fight and create a thought to effect through an area to create a way to get an effect. To cancel this effect out is to imagine and twist a knob, or use some idea to turn off a feature or thing that you don't need to happen as electrical or "bioelectricity" is lowered to a tolerable level to fix as to consider what is if a thought to do or not as if a inner energy body and if use is a being. As if a point to use "tis", is not done then it won't see to be.

  Oh if if = The will to live; The will is of the will, that is to defend and to win through the day in the correct area to fight in company.

  Oh if no = The iron will; Then if needed, done is not needed as if you are fine and everything is already done as if alright. The idea is to make an seem to create with will in iron and create the event, as if thought were use of their objects and iron created the result by the objects conscious. Then the object thought to quit, will stop by "quit" thought as said if to the object area itself.

  Qyp Ego [Qip Earn-go] = Training trick; The training trick, the trick to this is think you know what your doing as your trying to do is work with use of words. Things in thought idea by activity or seem not, can train with the thing in idea as if a person in mind is to use a vision of the animal or mind religion such as what action they do and see what is the idea of the person. This depends on which reality you attune to, as to work with something for what reality appears such as not. To oh not is think or not as that cancels, an this spell is to see out when this doesn't need to be done as if oh no.

  It Istea [Hit listed-each] = This is the idea, this is a positive reinforcement and a hit listed somewhere else in any form or guise. As if a tangible in an un intable but intangible instant object result with energy and a hit isn't always necessary as a point.
Insemm = Damnation unlimited; Damned to paying by a caught action thought to create, and no use insemination for in life as no offense a hand is a point to use or not as nothing exists. As is a damnable idea that in mind, can form and yet physically won't do anything but react to admit if laughed at.

  Dick = Dick tracy scene; As a thought as if to investigate something, as study in biology as this is as if moments you are gone and back as if you never left. As thus as a thought, a murder might appear in the mind as true theory is a point as to think what attribute in by the blood and out with intuition as if with the attribute is there as if money were attracted by the thought of the green candle.

  Shi Clau [Shee Clause] = Shadow Clak; Shadow clack is the secret of the shadow clan as the cloak and clack of feet if needed to make a thought disappear, as the ghosts and bad energy are formed to seem good in as it disrupts things bad. As the chinese do it and that shrouds your form in shadows, as if an emotion release somewhere is to feed the shadow energy and keep a cloak of shadows that is guises and other forms as disguise is possible with solar energy. As you think and find a way to as in "in en sc" work places, thought with other known as many different times and kinds. You don't have to, as to do this as its not necessary as if a thought was good as you are well.

  As this with emerald energy with fire energy and with a diamond will create a care force to make a thought creates as if to fire the aura and make if needed a fire cloak effect as the emotion can feed the shadows and the excess is fuel. This creates a cooling effect to cure, the burns and no insanity ever happens. Best to not try this until necessary now if you want there could be a scientific way to do this, if you shift and fade away to the right dimension that is effecting and use is to make higher whatever you want except costs that are knocked down as if the cost were money and not in pounds.

  Sha Ste [Shat Stef] = Shadow Shift; Sha is shaft that is the shadow form "think to shadow, shift to form as you think", and feel yourself fade away from reality and shift to another area in existant space. An not you, if this is the key to go places as you think then you are.

  Mai Fixh [Maid Fix-eh] = Fix by shout; The fix effect by a song, called shout as if a song is played you can play it and fix your emotional constraints as no shout needed. What stops this is Mai fixl, as if a separate life that works as it wants to make a friend and in not do unless neededv as an instant depiction. As in the right time if the right idea is moment, in which you want to get things as if to do things in the right idea. To happen in the left way, as in if no as if in the point to follow your way but don't do. This to get the right correction, in results where the idea is from Ursula K.

  Mai Fix [Maid Fix] = Bouncer effect; The security effect is a natural point, dribble the ball in the right point and shoot in the right direction and you can seem as you want and not crazy if not there. As psychic as you make yourself invisible you can create, by a natural energy and make as if with mai that is you as a point in time. That is a thought, so lets think and do better for the money, as you are what you think is done your different not bad.

  Saotomeia En Fix [Say-other-tome-gliat En Fix] = The Sao tomo routine; This is the motions with the hand to live as an individual, as anything goes martial arts is fear free as "feree" as you think necessary. As if you are a concept, you can get no point unless you desist and do otherwise. Thought is use and what you seem is a point to thought that acts like a point me, as in the right direction as if imbalanced you are not terminal. Balanced you are good at what you think, as the idea is sparring unless not needed and thought you do is not necessary. Imbalanced balance is still balance, as not unless as natural human is a four fingered monkey not as it is. Thought makes a point in considered ideal, or use with magic creates a six fingered person from yourself and the release is in the elements. Think as you use them you get elemental mastery, as if what this is creates nothing as nothing exists as nothing creates a specific creature born to man. Born from the stomach that rips it to pieces. As a maa they are existant, only to man and use is as if a faery.
  Rar Inanis = Revert madness; This is the reversion of insanity by act with no madness, in an idea rememberd or not or this will is to not allow attack. As in an ideal as you do things in life, as you just can seem as you want. This is use of the source, as what you see you can use as you think of the idea as a source.

  Methos Act [methox-x Act] = Method Actuality; As if in then, to know if these methods actually do work or are of use your subconscious can create a scenario, unless in an idea not necessary to make use seem useful in life no hit as you gnow by spirit that some don't have the energy. Some don't have a good connection to their subconscious. Disruption ending in life, that is what you think and created as you want. Those people with a good connection to their subconscious will get a spell off more easily. For which one worked, if you have a really good connection to your subconscious.. then all of them work, otherwise its up to you to figure what works with you an ignore what you don't think is useful. There is then as now or now as then, and no denial is necessary unless necessary in then there is a point to seem now a use that is what makes and use is up to you.

  As in a motion is with spirit moments, and as you are a point to seem in and try as procedure is known as if you can gain a thought to use a thought. As what you think can happen, yes as you gain a thought this is to be un lunatic and no to not be dumb. Fun thought.. what you would do if you could use a hoax and make it real, and what "I" would as the third eye with in use is think and feel the third eye materialized. There or wherever whatever and where you want, thinking is by two different theories as we come from different backgrounds in life.  Think figure forming, as the shaped effect is more like crafting and the attempt to make shapes and objects manifest. Mostly, by thinking the object is there and then creating it with an intent to make it be there. Acting as if its there makes this more interesting and possible. As in, imagining it there and acting as though you were near or holding it as mystical defense this is not as you are a point and things are a conclusion as you agree and if not then is a point to realization.

  The Nae [Theh Nay-en] = The Naer Sicke; What you think of a thought as vocational rehab is a point that is alive and walking one day and think as you want the other day.. as you are a thought to keep good you can make or create a great idea and let people get what things they want with what you do. As this spell, can make the idea as effect is there organic but not insect as if you never were. There is a point that if there you can get a pointed idea to use what is a good in thought with "Nevery Deverry" as in a cost reduction, or if not a financial thought were a good point you can use what you get if you think about what you do.

  Box Ef = Boxer Effect; Think in life that is a point to create and get a use, that if you use something you can get some idea to work as the idea to do is remove the problem before the insight is there. This is a spell, the nasty mage effect or other person that uses this creates in thought, as a great mage of his time in some past life creates in a moment that is not there if thier will is not used as if not insane.
  The Fax = These are fax; As if idea from a box fan effect this is a fax idea you can, use different meanings for different word and use a thought, to create something as if new but old and you can create a new spell or word from what. That is to find a way and then remake a thought, to create a way to do as you use a thought you create what is to make and what you do is reanimate. Things in mind becomes clear as break the mold you raise time, no insane mind is where you get time or not as you don't want this effect think as you do as whatever you do your liable. As in a thought, separate thought is a separate reaction that creates what is a point, as what you ex thought is what you consider in a point you are discovered.

  In Ins Nemm = Power kinetic; This the use of electrical, to correct and as you do things you can create what you think as your use with electricity is what empowers you to make or think and use inetic skills as kinetic activity is focus and thought to create with activity as you make a thought and create with will something you think an intent from what you think to occur. As if on a dark moon or waning moon in cycle somewhere, or not for you can be insane and instantly mad as with activity as no sex and if not too much energy.

  This is by use as thought is energy you use a discharge effect, as this effect allows you to say what you want and the idea will occur. As if any credit that is exspent is instant thought energy to you, as lay thought or otherwise a thought is energy and use by thought into credit creates money. As if to end this is "in en not" as is to think in thought, for an idea to work is the need to make and accept the end result. For what you think, you focus and create as, thought is to create and this exists space within to make and create.

Ce Ne De = Deep in meditation; At this level the meditation in the dream caused by meditation, think in a dream state by what means the meditation in the dream. This depends on whether, the dreaming also meditates in the awake state. With a person, carried out the meditation, the meditation in the dream can deliver suggestion for the exercises which bring the dreaming with his intuition and spirituality in contact. With a person, not carried out the meditation, the meditation can refer to a need, to turn inwards is a tip to the fact that the spirit making headway is possible only with some degree in discipline from a flowing free in the wind as though no intrusion as De Ne Ce.

T Ca Sa = The lovers idea curse; The moment your equal to that you think cast at, is the moment that you want or do things. By thought is noth as the will to live is gone. The curse that is in done is dealt with and as you say, you can curse anyone to death by curse and you can say what you want. If you don't need it don't say it. What cures the effect is c sa sa or nothing happens, nothing can seem to work that is what you think shouldn't work.

Ca Ce Em = The tune of a different lover; This is the tune of a different concept, that is what you think and does what you want that is thought. As what you consider this spell, wealth and success is in view can make things happen in thought. As to think wealth you create wealth, unless not needed as nothing more nothing less and nothing at all needed or not if all done. As something ceases too many times as if I brag a in god I break the idea, that shouldn't be in as the third eye causes ceasation to anything unwanted. There in sight to create is no cessation to no art that exists somewhere else.

Ce see do = The love idea; The moment you cease an effect that is what you use is the moment you cease the action but an act is by the act and that ceases with the motion that isn't. There is nothing but an act, to not do and in side view is a way to not show any illness. In an act there is a war that isn't supposed to happen against the abuses that coexist with the ones that arrest you. This ceases what you think, as you are against the act that is disliked you are no longer effected by warfare tactics. There is a point, that any mention is a part that isn't done. The ceasing of any action that is an intention to those that want you gone. The idea is nothing that exists can exist, if not allowed for and more than one way to do things as you think. That is what you think, as what you think isn't in war as effect is an effect. Otherwise nothing as nothing, happens nothing at all as the ce se sa.

T Ar = The ar moment; This is the dog god moment you work and workalone, this is a point to seem right to know right. Useless is drugs is the tact alone that is what once was isn't for the price of love of thing that you want as precious is gone. As the way is the strike you use things you get things but nothing of drugs unless necessary. As if you are a pursuit by energy, you drive away as the way to get drugs closes off. Never to open up again. Mention it again and you are what you seem to act, as the art of memory is war and this is used on the drug dealer. As your aware and your aware of the right things, as if a thought and things are were against the abuser. There is no way to win, against those that are non abusing drugs in there is no way as there is no drug use. There is a ware that powers this as if there and think broken and it isn't broken. As is this you are not effected even, if you use normal street drugs if you cast this unless non immune as if T Ar En.

Tea Ac Co [Tee-an Ac Co] = The art of pointed fact; As an assault to the point is a shield on a wall as point is not to seem, as if a dominoes effect think is what you want. This is possible if mai creates what you want in auspicious times in the in point to point art of war. There is a point as an idea is a thought, the scenes of a crime may run across your mind as a dog or animal formed from what even includes bugs. This is an even match that isn't even, an is makes yet what you want and one wins over the idea with another as an idea is a way to work. There is a way with words as your use, this isn't as what is in the idea you can get what you think. What is the idea if not get away with a thought you intend. This is the tact of life, that if you are what you were in soul and the life pattern matches what you think. Assume what you want as in this life you aren't accountable for the act of murder.

  As yet if found your act is what isn't noting to the person that acts against you. As three things that act on the person is done, their dumb and die from the last blow as if a death strike. Unless as if a thought didn't matter you think why you need it, think and this spell cancels itself out somehow by resisting the effect you notice three times. Whatever you think kindness for, use is a thought and your concept is a made up point the subconscious does if agreement is there. As is this isn't theatre so have fun with intelligence, from the death you can see from this as if thought will form as desired intended concept. The tendency to own a place is to create a place as long as the essence is there, as if that use in the world isn't until necessary.

  There is no wrong in as a thought you see what you go toward as you set off, think and disrupt the fabric to reform reality by the one act is death the one. You intend by sought actions, think against the one that hurt you in the first place. As you think about this, act in accord as you don't have to do a thing. As if a thought were summerian you can think to kill or not to kill, as the aura is death charge to the physical assailer and as you are aware you gain experience from the attack as this is the ideal. The thought you do powers the act that the person in question assaulted you for, think and your use is what creates the action. As the act is death sometimes by three things, that go wrong with the person in question by times they are in a point. I don't forbid if you don't forbid.
  As an act that isn't designed to cause war to the person and someone else suffers, to form death to life and use is in deliberate act to recreate the form that is whatever. You think from live birth with, act and nothing is given in any one given animal that is isn't as nothing sensed until found in public and disaster strikes it and you aren't evil anymore. As is what was once done isn't needed as concept isn't done is nothing as, as mana makes nothing done and this is in necessity until life exists in as a thought and out as the wind what was or something nice happens as nothing in nothing out noticed as nothing done.
  As the point is shown your done in use, and your not dumb and things in effort are assiming what is. As there is a way out, there isn't a way in and yet there is not but a concept as a concept as if there is. Now you have it now its gone without running into people the creator of this spell isn't effected and now you don't if you don't in necessity by source in need. This is need in stupidity as in need in mind. As in ideal, if your in mind there is in thought. As in a thought, you are were and things in fathers harrassment aren't done. In no offense this the village bully.

Ea Ey Ahn = The idea power flower energy user; The ideal is a power in flower as if in thinking you use the energy and think and feel, as you subdue to use a thought to create a thought as the energy is through the biorythmic idea as the idea is energy as third eye creation as harmonics and use is the rhythms in life that resonate in use by life. This is to create energy as to balance the energy, create focus as if on a point is a thought reminder remembered in the right time or thought is energy to use. Sometimes this can seem wrong by a waning moon effect. To create with energy, feel the thought you think from the idea as energy is made to feel and use as the right idea isis helps. Think without and concept wisely used is with a motion guided with intuitivity or as you see a kitsune with a toy is a very dangerous idea sometime. Sometimes to stop this is to put what you think of being a heart and hold it, as with feel or someplace thats secure in your mind.

  Think to get and do things to get some results, as you think and get good conditions and in the end is the point. As if nothing to do or not seen as a point is not always seen in likeness. Answer as you want and think to get a good result and you use positivity. As your will is energy then your idea is done, your will creates nulle weight in the body that grows upward. There is will and there is your energy that you feel, as you assume to not assume and your your will is creative by the feel even if reproach or good feel that creates as to feel is by energy draw and create is with the wrought blood y thought, feel and focus without sacrifice as a sacrifice is putting food in the trash.

  The right frequency and as a special scene in mind, in idea this can show what other lives you think in a moment as you think in a result and your use is a concept that in thought is us in use. They in use is a thought and not dog or cat, unless you want them out of the area. As if in use your thought is the dog catcher, think you feel for them or the thing that scares them away also used as practice useful or in use not against people. Think as your mind room is seen and your use is shown and if you want to see, you will what you do or you feel and know what the person feels and perceives by feel as if you think through their eyes and sometime senses.

  Wi Ex Y = Y flux; This is the idea, not three figures too big as in a safety this counts as that time is a point and your idea can create as you think. This is is anytime, as in a place anyplace as destructive use is an area that is shiftable to in the time you have and you do. As thought is possible as a thought is focusable assume, as a possible point of view in time by use and your time is not assumed as a point.

  Wi Z = As Wi Z; This already done as you kill a person with z-flux higher energy influx possibility energies from alterantive earths as an idea this isn't done and can lead to so stupidity so is not necessary, then as you did it so you don't have to and things you did are what you consider in life by in thought. This is a power on need, use is an excuse or not as this isn't necessary and you need anything goes school.

  Wi Ex XY = X flux; X-flux concept is a thought to do, as thought concept fluation by time energy known, as sine waves with Cosine influx are cosine that is activity or thought by Cosmic string to create with focus. Purpose or nothing in purpose creates in mind, as a concept in the mind that is done in nothing as in mind as something or create in an idea. As effect is to build positive experiences, that is Feng Shui where this comes to attraction by mind in mind by the idea in focus. The XY effect is not assumed. This use is in with the use of energy, an this no hits rhapsody is the femalish or male intuition, with inme in imagination as instant thought.

  This is XY is disruption with X that switches with Y as x is testosterone or y is estrogen this cause is focus with changes to create a Z focus cosmic knowledge thought that is from a bisexual chromosome use thought to create the male intuitive feel, as though the thought to imagined idea is created feel by imagining the idea that creates what time to get them off of there. As you think is intuition is some understanding is a bisexual disorder or not, if stripped of idea to use by the subconscious so in some use such as water thought to do. Even if this is wat you are that so creates by thought or energy, thought by focus to the drink is an energy to restore by use. As you think to thought talk to the air, so nothing easier said than done as you don't speak you can get understanding. As you listen this is the use as don't respond, so with practice if the end idea is getting abrupt behavior not candice in life.

 So if your tired of this you can use a point to the subconscious to do, as necessary is ritual done or think to create a cover point you create to not do. As you think to not effect is not create by the sine energy, see for idea or thought stops by a reasoning to mind thought sent. Don't mind things as though the person was receptive to your thoughts to the person's mind, as not done to send is thought with a concept sometimes sensed to the feel by focus with no disruptive circumstances to the person. As you think to them of the person to the focus, that you think to get an idea or what you find yourself doing by perception.

  This is correct to your senses or wrong to your viewpoint, as presented by others is whatever happens to work. As though to use a link item is the idea, as this is a medium device or crystal focus the touch to the item. As idea to thought is energy creating, that what you need is creative by what you do. This is the idea to use dimensions that is our participant action is thought, that is tuned in or acted as the right moment by the subconscious to do the idea that isis allows. As the correct were point or thought that is the real meaning of the idea, think a candle use to get some idea that can create as you think to imagine or this in witchcraft is a point. As this is "witccraft" or thought in almost disruption to cause disrepute by feel or nothing wrong, that is corrected by the area energy with thought to use energy or feel things correct. This sent to an immortal named immortis found that use is a concept that is interesting by feel.So not that is wrong as that is different medical idea, cures or herbs by oderbs by concept energy this is thought.

  See by focus is hold an object to use the right idea, seeing thought or words to create with by the feel. Still or create not by not wanting the genetics, this is thought that are disruptive are earned traits thought can dissipate by idea thought. As you feel to the body to dissipate the moment you don't, traits as essence thought go to focus by feel to a concept psi ball or imagined energy ball. That taste good to you if thought as additive is thought to exist, see in thought this is from the essence use as a god student or you think to put the essence ball to or from the core that is planet core placement.

  Thought is energy to the area "Testuroi", so the area or not use is to get better magic. So the idea to create interest or nothing by result, so that is a result of an extra dimension that is heard or use by thought as if telepathy. See the right images by thought to some person creates the suggestion with the right idea spoken, that is thought to the idea as energy or perception so that you can see use to not abuse focus to create. Say as you see things or create by actiovity or no use as you see some idea use.

  See use is tough if you die by the abuse in ability by the right suggestion or not done is done in energy feel, that causes emotion in use that is moments in idea so as this is where an idea is useful. Think that in idea things are dismissed until necessary, as nothing thought or use is done think to get things done that are use if you feel an idea to not do the urge. See is not doing or think not as you feel like doing unless you move around, as there is nothing wrong with moving considere were altering or where you are moving to first.

  Things to suppress aren't done as your aware or not do are the idea that are also known, as voidal mediation can cause by the feel or memory of something. See if your energy is by the weight or thought is activity as you feel the need to eat or act to think feel not, so to do idea with the need you think or think the idea weight number. So use is in thought as you imagine the shape you focus or create activity to see or use what is cool, if they allow as they are the people you then use as idea for an ideal. So you might want to think seem or "think the weight number", as you think to use less food more water for better effect to the eating. That lessens as you drink after you are done focusing energy, that also dissipates high fructose or causes you to avoid extra food or not really in fruit essence in considered concentrate energy. There is no in energy as no more by no feel to use as "Sig".

  So you can forgive as you think or create by the area energy that is energy memory, or the right thing is with herbs as the right concept or idea is felt or sensed through the aura energy. So this is leaves you as your cool, calm or in joy as if an almond joy is a good source or not. Think though that wat tis has proven is concluded to what proves real life magic is different from thought magic, think from the viewpoint that the mind can rule the body by mind manipulating matter or mind over matter. See by use this is not thought energy, this is soul energy from a bone in your body or some area called the elysium fields.

  See as you think an idea or think no matter no need, as grey rites that are some idea I came up with are the rites are done. So by what you feel or think as a mind room matter can create or be not used, "as you think not to use them whom are in the room" or in nothing is not as thought energy is radiology treatment. That could occur if overuse of stevia substitute sugar, that can if focus is energy can create quickly forming cancer somewhere in the body as the heart is the source thus think the heart heals. As you think the sunlight absorbs unwanted use in the thought or good energy, that not actually fixes except to correct as you think to feel the essence dissipate harmlessly. As your thought energy is essence to the use your energy, see or don't or avoid to don't use if not to overuse the energy.

  Inui Asei = Seeable disruption; Intuitive disruption. This is were you see a thought or thing unliked, as you think to create a thought you see to unmake or cessation is to realize were not in the same area. See the reasoning before your idea hits to use reasoning as if with gift or same air or same room, that stops the use by key or use energy in feel not incensing to get somewhere that stops by no presence what is disliked by not needed actions. as you so wen your in use this is thought that is heard with the right time by the creator. So to arrange or not thought is to use, what is to seem or not seem the idea unless necessary. There is seeable use in the use by thought to energy, stop in place is shift with time or think by intuition. Intuition by feel is that by thought to get around or move around, so this is what is halt or go or stop to see the place as you go this is a stop. So the halt is not by attack unless you think the idea necessary is use or not idea by voice with no pysical activity as nothing is done.

  As time you see this is intuitive or is where you think to feel, this is a bit too much by relation if necessary by intuition sometimes. Regain your senses to think not irritating as you relax your mind to create by feel, think stop as you go to do something else as assistance is necessary as thought is come or go. This is payable by aseago bread that this to go is cool, as the time is creative or use by flow that is concept with what you feel is necessary. As were not seen we're doing or not doing if resting by need, tis is time use or not as nothing is done that is in the use not expecting your use. As you think this as bottling is time with a use by bottled energy in idea is essence thought, this is to the use not given permission to board and room or not board or create renting as no rent is done.

 Sa Na En = Thought is manifest; As your thought is to cause corruption to dissipate by idea in time this is by what you think. As you can create things your ability is energy to cost a dinner or not as if nothing manifests or the 11th dimension is rulable by pattern. As this uses a pattern in idea is is set how or unset by feel, as you feel the reason to fix things with this use is technical as something to fix is fixed. As intuitive if you know the area is with the creator showing you how as if after the fact this is correct. These are replies that you could or should use if you want. As you think to need the feel or create is by the effect in use, this is usable to cause the right reasoning or thought as you can use loan effects or life essence to create any idea or effect that eventually takes risks that shouldn't actually be done as the end result is death sometimes think avoid to avoid death.

 An an = a nox effect creates effect. As it forms it unexists if you don't need things this unexists. Time light life. Say no more till necessary, as you don't have time do things. This is were altering as your minding or your killing to create whatever you want as you think to spend time with things that with care is not disruptive, as if you were acceptable to the point of view in idea "An killing an as a 1 inch woman formed from another you".

 An Se = The answering; Seeing as you exist you unexist as you aren't needed nothing to exist energy exists you exist, as you or not as your not intending without not a need learned from. The demon throne they call the throne by Earth that cretes a person to skeleton or positive lich. Light is creative focus and no there is no heaven, thought is blind as sprite is the cause to restore. As only with that you are the host where you are and not there is a bomb, unless instant unexistance or trust me judge me see me or instant negation is inexistance as thought is some point.

 A Se Oh = A few select user feel; This is setting by feel or Oh well it didn't work by the thought you see the experience, you can feel by use to seem in mind as sane or you are you acknowledge the feeling or analogy. There is their use with the use as your use is your idea use.

 See eh eh = Seeable thought; This is eh not use if not advisable to use for danger sense, this is thought to use as a compliment. As I seek I gnow as thought is forseeable. With that you need five or less parts, that are dangerous if focus energy thought is energy to transfer, transpose or create by pose or repose to act or travel places. So feel to use as focus is courage to use, so later on you will energy so you see when thought to seem or lean is by shape with thought. Think to learn energy is idea you use from the energy consciousness if you need to or as your energy is creative feel, as your through so realize later or later by focus is wait or make by request or thought is done as you leave to use.

  Ca Real = Can Reach or Chain reaction spell; This is by the third eye to create with feel as I "con" is to convention, as to current use that to cause or create by one idea to create another or one idaho potato to another for another energy source if nothing else will serve. So you see for imaginitive idea this to feel create or purchase the supplies or not as you think necessary. So you see to live with you or do what you want as thought is like an ocean to create with some use not to create, not to not cutoff the blood circulatory system by remembered idea to the regenerated body because that comes to life.
  So after three days or less if the creator senses the need, as if fat is essence as thought is the cell use that dissipates by focus. So this is from an energy source or thought with new experience, that is not sometimes so your idea leads the way as this is with an other point. Some way you think is you see to use or create by faking out people. See as yes things are done, no is your positive tat means things work in idea to the use by area use in detection.
  This is some time as with an energy by feel that is a source. As nothing something sets off a reaction, a chain reaction idea thought is one created activity is from other realizing actions isis creates the pay or thought that is due by idea. Your idea is just the thought that is any indeo idea your movement is create by feel nulle is attacking as you see a fit, see tis is in idea with any red cross as for a blue shield you absorb by a strap on the arm. Otherwise with whatever the reactive element is lava, as the element not always used if thought is going to the surface isn't emotion. See this is thought a physical planet thing but your idea is nothing if not used as this is magic effect.

  An So = A selective idea spell; As your ability is your own by use of energy, to create with thought to use seems as you think. As things through use, that is a cool point but this is energy to the point that they see your activity. Spot clean is they want to if they see the need or mercy is a hospital. That is sorta like me so your likeness is a point to feel better. All this takes is a point that is with reasonable or reasoning in idea. Your idea in activity can prevent being or thought beings in a field, creating aware thought by feel to use above 21st century technology. Tis a spell to create things that you think to create.

  As Eh = Seable avoidance; See as you are in life youre aware by feel to the use. This spell allows use from machines to the area to see use if necessary. That is where your ability is energy as the creator is aware to create to the use, as your shown or feel you realize by thought you percieve to how things are in life. This is opinion in life by your idea feel, so feel as your energy this is energy to use in some energy field. The area is energy in use is to felt idea that is traits by cell information, that doesn't have to use your weight as thought either will conk in as if annoying or thought not do things to you. Seem as you can be either accepted or think, this came from the planet Endeav or not as you can use the core energy that is with the planet energy in idea. So if you want to find the truth use stealth, as if hiding your not as some are in plain site they might do things as they think not to effect others or they are alone. This energy especial use creates.
  As you might not get that great of results think to use clones or the right reasoning for the better. That is thought you use can seem or use, to mislead to dangerous area that is creative in use to create by thought to seem to agree as to avoid trouble. So think the right reasoning is thought by some not always to in use by idea to use the right idea or not, as you don't have to match people this stop or get away to see is to think. As thinking from the area or your own thought works or no it doesn't as though this is use if allowed, not misissued is an idea so this is as no mistake happens. As that doesn't get you hit especially, near insane people as this is interesting to use your own support for learning. So as this is starting with a inner child, tis ends with an outward child that meets you or not.

  Doing or to try is tis instead so the idea you use energy for, that this actually looks like is thought to create some smell if cleansing idea is needed or you could make thought by mana. As that situates things that you yourself creates by feel. The subconscious can create by your experience to the creator, that allows the idea as you can use idea to create with a concept point. The disagreements by subconscious are settled with concept you don't always need to see though your idea is creative, so support if needed for the idea is supply thought as exposed to not cause assault and battery unless necessary.
  Otherwise the subconscious creates resolution with the differences necessary pointed out or observed, thought to prove or not prove the act out is by working things out by this. As you enter an annoying hell you leave all resemblance of normalcy behind or in thought, as essence is by what in use this is possible for idea. So to seem in thought as your aspect is thought is what you see or use as necessary your able to use what you think, something won't happen so this can if you want it to or not to do is not to do.
  Even if you get it wrong you can still seem you got it right, as you think the idea is correct or you can allow others to correct. As you see to sense with the idea, you see this is not always not. As you see or create, that is sometimes to see or feel the act isn't necessary this yese isn't always yes. So as you see to not be is to create better this is all by some example in some point. So if you can seem to avoid all hazards, you can think to see some easy way out. There is no more energy here so go and leave this stuff alone.
  As you can use what is to seem thought in some aspect thought by imagined. Some in thought by imagined event eiter good or bad, can seem a used idea or thought by situationed or imani that is not the end. That is imagined idea to create by thought is energy to use as result. Seem or not as some example proves wrong by opposite ended or not idea in analogy to do, this with example not to do is sometimes not done till necessary. Some are are wrong yet right with use as your use is your idea.

  As En = Seeable use; The end you saw if you think to get that end that is what you say or think isn't necessary, you see the end this is what you can think to create by the use or your obnoxious thus not do or approach creates difference. See by opinion to use thought or ignore the thought to see or do something wrong. This is disturbance by effort in things you see, so think no trouble to get no trouble. As a gift is given, this is as if a gift to use.

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