The Charms, Spells, Hexes, and Curses of Harry Potter and High Magic Chant this came from the six-fingered humans with the water energy. I focused to use the point or think to drink water, or then know what i see by mustard powder. I think this is what I saw.

  High magic is the study of using power words and phrases. Use a wand, force by feel or focus energy into the hand and focus the hand on casting as if a wand. So you can summon after the words are said that is focus your mind, then think the energy effects as you direct by words or motions. Then imagine what you wish if to cast what you think to create sometimes by motions things are thought created. This doesn't always work. So think what you want. This is so you see things occur.

  The sight or ideal is what you do or see when you think to embue the spirit. So creation is used by a shifting by embuement where you embue the spirit, as you think the body has energy then you do as you will. Think yourself back when you think to return if you think to do things there. So you see what is there where you don't know what is there then you think you know then the spirit shows you what is there. Think of the time then you think of the ideal, then you know by what you see. That is how this works.

  So you see then focus the mind as you think cast the effect by imagination. An alternative style is to think of the words thinking of then as then you can cast then the creator creates things and then have an image of the target an while you do a flick of the wand or think nope near the right time. This doc separated into 6 parts by your own feel you do things, but you don't really until the creator creates the point you think. Each part is the separate area that is exposed by the movies.

  If you want to form your own words of magic, then think of the experience you had or imagine the result and state the intent word with an added "io" at the end of the word. The "io" means energy effect of angels and beings. So thinking the work you create is done by the power of words and angellic beings, that means they aid you in creation of the idea. This is an effect you think about, and the angel or being will create the point if you think and need or state the effect word. This is an idea that works, so what you think, happens. This is a point of the feather being dropped to the ground. That means the being is what creates the effect, unless not powerful enough, then the creator that made us creates it instead. Think and you know what to do.

  However, if it's not seemingly working, then it wasn't really supposed to happen as it would be a bad result, so wait and you can get a result if you light a candle and imagine or state the effect word as you imagine or think about the intention. This is how some magic remember, if you intend a result, back it up in words to a candle so you can ensure some result..that's unless no result is intended or nothing is done in result. Then do something else, like calling Madkarna, near a lit candle, three times and his spirit will act as though a god that gives you a result. Be careful about Madkarna, think to end a result if you no longer need one. This is an idea done by effect with the result intended. Think of the word and you can state the idea using the word, think and you can always find some point to do things.

  That is a point you know if too much, so think in the point about your idea and you can do whatever you want and if you denied yourself then the point to the creator. If you write down the idea as a powerword, then an equal sign or ";" and finish it off with a description you can create a spell. State the powerword or description and think it will create results as an intention. This I think will work as the creator makes the effect. That will unlock the ability inside you to go around the "block" or idea that isn't allowing you to get an effect as the point is done by the creator, this works if the practitioner doesn't seem like yourself.

  The subconscious mind will create whatever it's programmed to do as it uses scripts, that means it could block you if you need it to make no effect. So think to break the script with a pause or space somewhere, thinking to stop the script and otherwise enjoy your day or reprogram the subconscious. This is done by stating things as you go into sleep, such as "I can do things by magic" or "Things will work out if I do or don't." The right suggestion will work wonders, this works bwetter if you goto sleep thinking or stating the suggestion as you listen to music. So that sorta stuff works beyond the movies, if you believe the effect will work and attempt the point then you might get a result, so think and you are able to do things by idea and feel.

  Some spells work, if you believe or have faith that they do. So where you know things, you can do things as a point is a concept and when spoken, they create what you think or intend. This also can work by the idea of stating the right things and pointing out things, then you create a form of magic that is subversive or made by belief and actions. This is a known effect either way, so think of what you want as you need the result you could get the idea you intended. If you have no intention of getting certain results, then you won't so what you think and intend you can get by the idea you think about. If in the idea that you want to work with by feel.

  Sometimes, this is noticed with spells done or attempted, there is weight that is associated with the point that the need and hunger of the body is there, that is the body recouping it's lost energy by attempt to eat or drink and that you can resist. If you resist by holding off on eating or drinking things, then you force the body to eat it's own fat as an energy source. So if you think to drink water or some non-high fructosed drink, then you recovered the energy of the body enough to do more things if you felt tired after the attempt, you see that is a point from the past. The tiredness passes and when you think to drink water mixed with sugar or stevia, a sugar substitute that's 100 times sweeter, and maybe lemon juice added to the water, you can regain lost stamina and energy as though you hadn't done the activity.

  Think the point, don't always do it if it's violent intention. This is the rule of idea, so when you think to focus your body energy to create the idea, you make the point by stating it for the subconscious to create it. Think and need it like a request to your soul, that makes your soul create the idea you intend. This is soul magic, by the way, that can work despite the weight. The creator is the energy source of the soul magic. Know this though, when you use magic, you could draw bugs, they will want to absorb the energy used as a concept is energy is spoken. So kill the bugs that are drawn, however you want to do them in. Then you don't have to worry about the point. This is why it's sometimes known about where you do magic.

  When there is then a bug nearby, this doesn't matter if you think it away or it's not there, that suddenly is there, then you know you did things. That doesn't matter if you did it right or wrong, this you think and then you can do what is necessary. Otherwise if necessary, you could gain weight without exercise and that is when the body swells up and you feel intense hunger after you do the spell. So thinking of the effect, feel free to use a "reducio" charm or reducing sigil effect, think of your need and draw an inward swirl on the stomach and you can work out or stay still to lose the excess and not wanted weight by feel. Herein is how to create sigils in some magic. This is the rest of my site at Enjoy what you can use.

  A note on high magic: High magic chants are formed by so many doing or thinking the result, this is hundred's to thousand's of people, believing that the spell will do the effect. This is done at least somewhere, that is unformed by not thinking the need or devert is eveis avertius to adverse by idea, not needing things or reverted that it is caused by a statement of the word or phrase evoking that belief and with the intention that its will sometimes ended by added before or after thinking "reverted". For potions that work, look here or here on the herbal listing.

Some material

Normal use spells
High magic added by Spellhawk
Created by Shadow Yomasu
Extra additions of various high magic material
Extra spell additions of Movie and game

Spells from the movie and book 6

Even more spells from the movies, games and books

Extra materials of High magic 2 ~ Extra materials of High magic 3 ~ Fantastic Beasts Spells


Normal use spells

"accio": a summoning charm (i.e. accio firebolt).

"eccio jaklov": The usage of this is a desummoning effect very similar to the emlio effect, eccio jaklov + object that works good enough, unless the object doesn't want to leave. object to something to make it work for you, eventually. Write it down, then think about it to cancel it out by feel or notes. Eccio Jaklov + managerie causes the object you think about to shift to where you feel is right for things. Eccio Jaklov+managerie+power to remove a power from something in a workplace. This decurses things.

"emlio": a desummoning charm (i.e. emlio firebolt).

"em": A reduction charm that also reduces bodyweight by the reducing of excess fat and leaving the muscle.

"in": A weight increase charm for those that need it.

"io": An angellic or other being charm. Think your intent and state "io" or add "io" at the end of a word to get the effect of your intention. If it worked, there will be a feather on the ground, that you find.

"reductio": A weight reduction charm that also reduces excess bodyweight by the reducing of excess fat, and leaving the muscle with you appearing fatless.

"a": A charm that creates action and also makes effect as though a separate self created by the creator did the deed. This can be added to the end of a noun word to create action of the noun word intention, like "creata" for creation of effect.

"alohomora": a spell to unlock a door otherwise embluo.

"aloha" = make person leave the premises of your area by emmio.

"alihe hara" = make a person or otherwise knowledge sometimes knowable by making a person speak or other ideal such as meditation. You can know what is spoken or can know what is said then meant by the image coming to you so you can know any language sometimes, then you know by what is thought or spoken there with the ideal intended to know.

"aparecium": a spell to make invisible ink appear by emmisio.

"Avis" a spell which fires birds out of the wand to think stop is to not be effected.

"avifors" = make target into small birds the shapeshifting charm is emmisio poigne.

"avada kedavra": the killing curse, unblockable; one of the unforgivable curses gotten rid by use with the creator, as though some object that uses what you with effort think with a point. the others are removed by emmision or avis avisfors avid by feel is paramecium avis.

"crucio": one of the unforgivable curses; makes victim suffer intense pain, this can be ended when the wand is withdrawn by feel with the embers you think are there.

"Confundus" Charm Used to confuse opponent.

"Conjunctivitis" Curse Damages opponents eyesight reversed by conjectivitus. Only effect birds or rats or animals.

"deletrius": a spell Mr. Diggory or malroy matroy used to get rid of the dark mark but removes anything. this is use by feeling to reverse with some avid thought.

"densaugeo": a spell to give buckteeth to the victim. a scene i think "no i am not deisgra" to not be effected as you think.

"diffindo": a spell Harry used to split open Cedrics bag or split seams.

"dissendium": a spell which opened a secret passage thought to see or not be inside a statue. curable if a vision by thinking the door closes that is open with avid em averidiem.

"ennervate": a charm used to bring someone back into consciousness. think to cancel as though denied what allows the consciousness with avis aved.

"engorgio": a spell used by Moody to make a spider larger.

"expecto patronum": a spell to guard you from the dementors by conjuring the technique of patronum for anything patronus.

"expelliarmus": disarming show with whatever element you think to use, as fire changes to other elements by the feel with evei avoid. use eveis to evict with it, avoi to avoid the spell, evoi to really evict, think spill or stop to stop for thinking stop is evei aborgine.

"accion": a summoning or charm to cause the bag to hold more than what is there (i.e. accion to a bag).

"ernunculus"a spell to cause a rash of boils to appear on the face of the victim. Voicerulia incindelia thought this spell up.": a spell to create a sling or bandages that are invisible that effect the body with a concept as though healing with a thinking process.

"fidelius en" hides secrets or add fide to hide objects as information within person.

"finite incantatem": a charm used by Snape to end commotion by students but ends spells by the used ideal or use by your own point.

"impedimenta" use is a spell to stop an enemy in his tracks. energy is what you use enemy energy for the point you use or think to use.

"imperio": one of the unforgivable curses. Forces victim to do whatever the source wants as this is a point in reference cancellable by the imperios spell.

"imperia": one to use and one to take things this is thhe idea that is made by this spell. cancellable by the creator being mentioned.

"imperium": this is one that uses that or other things to the moment you consider or conclude in life. As thought if a moment is a dynasty or thought to use as a chair goes up. So i decided to use the antilevering up charm or disinterr to the chair. this caused the chair really to no longer levitate until diex was stated.

"Iperiy" as [Ip ear sign why]: cancellable by thought conversing. Thought was done as if before the area was thought to use, as if no clone and nothing done as a "y" and done is done by you or a clone in a strangers life not to use if not needing objects.

"Imperie"; This uses faeries and the thought was known, i think for the ideal you can use "that was considered view or thought in the energy" as programming is clean by the feel or focus as you imagine yourself cleaning up or clearing up.

"Chrium" = As your thought is the moment you can use the totem or focus item or things to the point, and this is sex toys or other useful items that you see can create from and some idea "an an em". This is the use by thought realistically in some activity or energy source and that can be any religion as if a source. think the religion then think the use.

"Toye"; This is from the scene and stops as you "or not so" and is a toy story idea and noting as a movie and seen is the toy effect, that creates the toy animation or any object animation. Think the effect as the energy creates the area, think to use or not and one thing if your done. Don't actually go to the same space twice that you can go from, as to view it is to see whats there as done is done.

"impervious": a magic spell Hermione put on Harry's glasses so they would repeal water during a quidditch match. It repels.

"locomoto mortis": spell for the leg-locker curse.

"lumos": a charm to light the end of a wand (acts as a flashlight) fixed if a flashlight by lumosse lumox.

"mobiliarbus": Use of telekinesis easily done, makes the magical way of moving objects by levitation thought till no longer needed.

"morsmordre": a spell used to cast the"Dark Mark" removable by likable nearness.

"tempra": a spell to change the temperature. Feel the temperature to change this to not exist.

"transmutor"; a spell that trasmutes anything into gold..

"mobilicorpus": a spell that makes a person float as if they are being held up by invisible strings.

"nox": a charm used to turn out the light on your wand after you say "lumos" with a better cure if poison darness by nox ious.

"obliviate": memory charm used by Lockhart which can backfire. memory charm really a working one is oblige obliex.

"Orchideous" - a spell which causes flowers to come out of the wand by the feel with oblige noximous.

"patronus totalus": a spell to create a patronus; one performs the spell while thinking happy thoughts ended by focus or thinking your able to work as this is intended for drug use.

"petrificus totalus": spell for the full body-bind, causing the subject to lie motionless (petrified) or undoing this is petrificanus beige.

"point me": a discovery of Hermione\92s that makes the wand point due north. a compass spell that came after was campass me was intended for those that used the point me.

"Priori Incantato" - a spell which, when placed on a wand, causes the wand to identify the most recent spell that it performed was prioritize use.

"Quietus" or qq the spell Bagman uses at the Quidditch World Cup to lower his voice to remain quiet.

"reducion" or squireio a spell which decreases the size of the victim by feel.

"reducto"- a spell which blasts solid objects out of your way by causing the mater or materia to dispell the bonds holding it together, then the bonds gone the material dissolves.

"Relashio"- grindylow defense spell; shoots sparks above ground & boiling by water underwater or enlashio.

"reparo" - a repairing spell.

"priori incantato" - a spell that causes a wand to perform its previous act of magic.

"rictusempra" - a tickling charm.

"ridikulus": a charm to make a boggart take on characterstics of a person or object the sayer is thinking of.

"serpensortia": a charm used to summon snakes.

"commutatus serpensortia": a charm used to shift someone into snake form.

"translatio" = translate language or body changes by description or thought. This is healing an issue that you think is wrong, the ultimate idea to use as transorphing is by paprika if not otherwise done.

"stupefy" = a charm used to immobilize someone by whatever change you use.

"neuro transfero" = a charm for language translation.

"tarantallegra" = a dancing spell.

"waddiwasi" = a spell used by Lupin to send gum up Peeve's nose or unstick objects.

"wingardium leviosa"= a spell to make things fly.

"corrumpo" = anihilates the target.

"lumos solarum" = Bring bright sunlight.

"engorgio" = large feet.

"tripcio"= trips people.

"Homorphus" lockhart's werewolf cure.

"Scruge" Destroys ectoplasm (remains of ghosts) .

"transformus vampirus" = vampiric transformation.

"inciso" = create scissors at wand tip.

"imago" = create mirror.

"pluvius" = rainstorm.

"fluvius" = water stream from the wand.

"dessicatio" = end rainstorm.

"purgario"= cleaning charm.

"anima tua; anima mea" = ghost compulsion.

"anima tua" = release ghost.

"a tempo" = go to normal speed.

"mano suo" = hand.

"lacerto suo" = upper arm.

"bracchio suo"= whole arm.

"tracheo suo" = neck.

"passus est"= add at end to effect body part with pain.

"hara kiri"= self-mutilation suicide.

"reverso" = reverse actions.

"inverso" = invert in action.

"egami rorrim" = confusion attack.

"frigidarium" = create ice.

"mobilicorpi" = moves unconscious or stunned bodies.

"enuma elish tiamat" = Think and create rift.

"scourgify" = Use of magic to clean area.

"locomotor (item)" = cause lift of item.

"evanesco" = makes items vanish.

"evanesce" = evaporate potion or spill and cause uneccessary waste.

"silencio"= silence something or someone.

"legilimens" = Relive memory. Also, allows the caster to delve into the mind of the victim, allowing the caster to see the memories, thoughts, and emotions of the victim that end on a moment in living by point and thought in view.

"protego" = Latin is I protect as you think you do you create at need. A shield charm a moment in sedition by prediction. This a protection spell when cast on the your thinking pattern, that is responded as if to sense to someone to think in a moment and as use is there your idea is in a use to hind. "The moment that my body is your body and your spirit is your spiritual use as your use is your mind by energy", raise it up is spirit to the body and your use is sense an the idea in use is energy to create with an do things as care in thought or in as not purpose, as nothing is what came in energy form by what you feel.

"incarcerous"= Latinate - latitude and thought is the ending is English and what you do is what you think in action is action, for an inside thought point in the inner that guides with the heart an soul in action energy of what is in energy formed by will. In carcer would mean in prison will and the effect alibi is to free them by effort. A rope binding or it casts a person into as in prison in thought is of idea in the mind, as in what you do is what you get. As with the body in being locked up, this is in position as with rope, and it may on a bad moon form a cancer or lung disease.

"flagrate" = X marks the spot. With this spell, as nothing is energy the caster's wand can leave fiery marks.

"colloportus" = think to touch to door and portal key seal. As then the idea is energy, as thoughts are from energy in the air this ca create and make use by the right use. There is an ideal life force in any energy, to create and use their thought as omnipotency can create in will.

"Carpe De Domo" = As you think you do you get pre body motions that show what you do and not to do.

"Carpe Di Dei" = Kitsune effect; The in magic motion effect is the idea in activity, as by the body energy you sense that brings awareness from idea can in natural idea do/. Think as you want or think need and you think activity can even seem in your mind by this spell.

"portus" = make item portal key on a touch and make thought to be and it brings you.

"Liberacorpus" = A counter-charm for levicorpus, this charm releases a person from being suspended in mid air.

"Envio embellium" = Causes curse rings to come up.

"Oppungo" = Latin - I fight against. With this charm the spell-caster can command something to attack a specific target.


High magic added by Spellhawk with permission, for the ideas may or may not be indicative of someone elses work. Add an 'uo', or just use uo by itself. To cause instancy, of the effect, that you want.

"accede" = make someone give in to your will.

"accio taura" = use with accio to make an earth ball or earth effect while thinking on the effect.

"accio Liquentis"= use with accio to make a lava ball or any lava effect while thinking on the effect that draws lava.

"accio pyro" = make the fire energy by imagining the color by use with imagined color fire as blue is cool flame, red is hotterm yellow is the hottests. this is accio to make a fire ball or fire effect while thinking there is a fireball forming from the air, the color changes to what you think or imagine this is off the effect you can form in thought the multicolored idea for fire. that is multiple phase color is chamelion fire, as each color does different things so as thinking feel the color creates the intensity your will creates what it want from the idea. As "multi accio" is with "accio multi hydro", the multi-hued energy effect this creates en vaios as the movement energy collects is in the area. this energy movement is what is in the area as energy so no strike needed.

  As this is an effect cast on the crystal you think the effect you get the effect that is thought using the crystal energy off the crystals matrix effect to direct will.  As you are yourself as "Accio multus pyro" as you feel the intensity and the multiple feel multiple way concept, this if bidden is real fire with enough energy as things phase in view with a red color by thought and the intense feeling fades. As your is energy and that is what feeling with no hit and your thought creates, as if from energy as nothing exists the fire from within as if foxfire or real fire from multiple energy any way you want as "accio pyro" is aye or nay. add epellius to cast forth expellius lightning fire to cause push back incinerative fire if enough fire is there.

"accio hydro"= use with accio to make a water ball or water effect while thinking on the effect. Multi-colored water balls are where you think and cast, as you think and substances in the water is negatable as substance in the water dissipates and that forms can in cast show as different cinder and ash use creates. The effect is an attack by will to the area that isn't noticeable to others eyes. The coloring effect occurs with some running by water look in the area, just cast as the water is available as thought essence in the area can influence the coloration this is water flowering ability that uses some in existant water.

"accio cyro" = use with accio to make an mutlihued ice ball that is not visibly colored, thinking felt in energy and the colors it cast forth is vibration or ice effect in a point to think as an act by fire or ice. The color and the effect is ae while thinking on the effect to thoughtcast, as if "accio multi cyro" is a thought is to seem effect in from en veios.

"accio aero" = use as with accio form to make an air ball in that makes effects or psychically slain and energy is easier, thought in the energy in the air summons that what you wish to be there. this forms a faery guide or djinni unless none needed where this psychically guided moment or air effect is thinking on the effect. As magnetic air is "Magneto Aero Accio" you have to act things out or it won't, as you think or unbidden to not do and the effect is what you think to manifest and not be cruel as you focus an as you create by feel this forms. the cure or effect spell is accio unnecias.

"accio thundora" = use with accio to make an air / thunder strike in as you think of the color or multi hued coloration an effort to create by hand activity of any sort while thinking on the effect.

"accio neuro"= use with accio to make a mental attack or effect while thinking on the effect. so think esoi to free the body from the effect as you can bring back a good state to mind, by easier states thinking mind or bring the ideal back as though imaginary is not impossible.

"accio voidus" = use with accio to make a void effect while thinking on the effect.

"accio voidus pyro" = use with accio to make a black fire effect while thinking on the effect.

"accio voidus cyro" = use with accio to make a black ice effect while thinking on the effect.

"accio voidus aero" = use space while thinking on the effect.

"accio animus" = summon ghost by thinking of the ghost.

"accio carpo" = summon animals, think of the animals to summon.

"accio djin"= summon a djinni.

"accio empyrus" = summon a dealt blow that causes feverish activity on sumeone.

"accio fey" = summon a faery but be wary.

"accio lepre" = summon an in summoned leprecaan and as your in moment be wary as it could try to trick you. think no longer to be a lepre if you think to create as you think to be somewhere as you think to seem else.

"accio t" = to summon an item that is thought about to and of you.

"animus" = make a spirit do what you want as you think on the purpose you need done.

"avarecium" = Avoidance in practice and effect by and for, sometimes this spell causes you to do the effort, sometimes the air itself causes its avoidance.

"En" = Ends an  as the moment of violence thought, or at the energy on a thought or stated after 'En' is stated. The point this makes as a foxformed avatar or otherwise and this ends, as nothing done is nothing that can seem in a point of view exists inn. Act that interacts and works with or use is interrable acts that exist because of will, what you think by the will and the thought that you have creates what is will as nothing is imprisionment in will and this is the will of right in justice.

"Inversio taura" = use faery earth while thinking on the effect.

"Inversio Liquentis" = use a faery lava while thinking on the effect.

"Inversio pyro"= use faery fire while thinking on the effect.

"Inversio hydro" = use fairy water while thinking on the effect.

"Inversio cyro" = use fairy ice while thinking on the effect.

"Inversio aero" = use fairy air while thinking on the effect.

"magicus"= make a magick effect while thinking on the effect.

"penetro"= make an object or effect passthrough anything.

"penetro commutatus" = make a change to someone or something while it passes through while thinking on the effect.

"commutatus"= make an effect change while thinking on the effect.

"potus"= energy absorbtion in a water effect.

"potus abfabricatio" = make an event as if it had already been done and drain something to cause it.

"abfabricatio" = make an event while thinking on it and it will be as if the event had already happened.

"iniquus"= make an conflicting event while thinking on the effect.

"medicatus"= charm someone.

"medicatus mutus" = to charm a person into mutation,

"mutus" = mutation effect, think of the effect or say the form after,

"moderatus" = control someone or something,

"moderatus enervatus" = mental domination,

"ennervatus" = domination of anything,

"maleficus" = create an evil efect while thinking on the effect,

"occultatio" = conceal from sight anything.

"occultatio simulo" = clone your body without notice.

"simulo" = clone your body or an object.

"exhaurio" = drain away energy from something or someone.

"exhaurio aspectus" = remove illusion.

"aspectus" = make illusion while thinking on what you want seen.

"subduco" = invisibility by blending in from the energy in a thought that is energy as a source area, as energy is your imagination will can be used ceases the effort.

"opacus"= call a shadow to your service.

"opacus reductio" = restore a shadow .

"reductio" = create a restoration flame that restore dark creatures including shadow.

"solidus"= create a substance that you imagine taking form into something.

"solidus integumentum" = Vreate create a substance; this is similar to the cloaks that in forms energy condensed into clothing, things that are targeted are as the clothing cloaks in your body out as create will as you think for wishes or makes an object with shadow.

"integumentum"= cloak yourself or anything else with shadows as if invisible.

"interruptus" = interrupt spellcasting of opponent with this wish to not get effort.

"incendio" = great fire attack that use is a point and mention creates with a spell.

"caecus" = create a darkness or lightless area as to see with a use effect, that if use or something interesting you can get an effect to work with then you bangles or this is a carcus banged for life in objects gathering.

"genero" = resurrect heal or healing person, that uses energy and your focus in idea is healing.

"genero elevo" = heal with light and illness cures itself by life magics.

"elevo" = create a floating light in the air that uses energy from interred energy that from light exists in from.

"facio" = energize water and or heal and make resistance from a fabric or static energy.

"facio incalfacio"= make heat in the area that heals, as that listens and you hear what you see.

"incalfalcio" = heat area for warth as a war earth.

"apricatio" = create unnatural sunlight out of your minds eye with an apricot as energy.

"chao" = make a chaotic effect happen by thinking on the effect by effort, as that exist is an effected area that is with area concept in machines or source energy. The concept by disrupted means you describe, things and in a focus your creation is an area that creates things.

"chao disturbatio" = make a chaotic destruction lava that kills in people, or of objects in its path and warps them on or with focus to attack a target.

"disturbatio" = create a very destructive fireball that makes double the damage of a normal fireball by consuming the life energy the body this targets in from the inside. Producing rot and busted teeth at first and the next idea is that it creates things as if meditu is substance like water or substance is not medicine.

"maledico" = turn someone destructive and against him/herself in effect by the effort to not do and create with the energy in life.

"maledico incursio" = abuse of the mind and mental blows rain down on the person.

"incursio"= make someone feel mental strikes until the spell expires or kills them.

"concertatio" = this make an evil in event that is disaster for the person, concentration by the effort with the body to happen with use by prebirth minds and gifts that use this as magic is illusion enhancement or if not and you think as condeming moments makes condemation by the effort you in use and die for as in the time it takes to read this your dead or alive as wanted as in another place an other thing. Things with a time in time, as time won't exist till you want this to.

"efficio" = enchant an item or object while thinking is the property, that you want enchanted.

"efficio descriptio" = create a power item of an object, as a copy from copy code produced with magic makes. As an energy from enemy or other, magic reproduced into a form assisted with the eccentric ecceleptic idea.

"descriptio" = copy an object to make another object.

"imago" = mirror image.think the number and person or object.

"imago communio" = create an object perfectly like another .

"communio" = share an items or persons properties while thinking og the target to share with.

"imitatio" = create a simaelcrum of yourself or a perfect other you.

"appono" = make a glamour that hides an object or person.

"appono multus"= make a near permenant glamour.

"multus" = energize an item or person to make it stronger.

"comformo" = adaptation to any event by the idea in focus and a conclusion you want, as a possible head injury is from a waning moon effect.

"comformo efficio" = make an efect that other people will accept as normal.

"cancelitus"; A spell that cancels all spells the victim had done.

"elope" = to make a meeting happen that you wanted or not this is the will of what you think as religion.

"effectus" = make effects that are imagined by yourself in if yourself as by what you in do.

"shearus" = cut anything that is cuttable say what to cut, as if in thought you are and own what you will your will is your own as you won't get in trouble in life that exists as the were form of choice.

"adigo" = manipulate energy by imagining, as they who watch know whats going on create and get you laughter.

"caecus" = make something unseen or invisible to the eye, as you think and see and as you know you do.

"caecus retexo"= remove an event or person unseen and yes you can get non addicted or not, as you weed whack weeds and the weed addiction if any disappears as if the displacement replacement effect.

"retexo" = reverse a moment or spell as this as is an idea in to do the moment wrong die, then if realistic by realism and as your effect happens from the thought your moment disperses the moment your naming the moment.

"fabricatio" = undoing an event can get energy or person adequate notions by dispered energy, that causes torment the game world from inadequate idea if it never happened so you never use the words that should not ever have happened.

"fabricatio redeo" = making an event that is imagined come to pass. This is making time faster and creating the effect quicker, as it is the event that creates an event.

"redeo" = use nothing energy for an action, that is a moment is penalty or otherwise good and normal activity that is not greedy.

"malus" = Think control negative energies, what you thought energy was for is an act to do good. Think before the moment and seem good, as you are not liked or looked at as a point to do nothing to.

"ferreus" = manipulate iron magic or antimagic, as in a point your doing and not doing things as you want as if cursed stuff.

"ferreus aevus" = control time by imagination yeilding antimagic or iron magic.

"aevus" = manipulate time through imagination.

"accelero aevus" = speed spell.

"tardius aevus" = slow spell.

"necro"= cause death or thought is use manipulate death by the ideal concept that manipulates magic in use.

"necro cedo" = make zombies, skeletons, shades, feeling the need  with this spell. As you want to do something you can do things and create as thought is  or use is a volcanic reaction.

"cedo"= This is a possibility that can make a change of direction for someone as if a point me from a fey guide.

"obliquus" = manipulate by indirect actions with individual and whatever use this does not include illegal drugs.

"pestis" = Pest controller; Create in thought or kill pestilence to kill and in anything you imagine your will is your way, as you imagine the shocking truth of something caused by this. As your energy from vibrations creates, as by the influential moment.

"tabes" = create disease in anything, you imagine and cure is a thought to create is in a thought.

"visus" = Kill grant vision. This grants a vision that may or may not be abusive above.

"voidus visus" = Think to see blackness, and grant black vision as a natural idea is a thought.

"animus visus" = As you use an animal spirit, see into the person's soul and see the animal. That the soul is use by vision, to see with the essence in energy or other to do activity. Thought is as a point in reference, as though thought created a moment and that moment is a hotseat. As if otherwise a testbed to get better idea. As you think your possible idea hotseat is gone, your idea disappears. As the thought exists, your observance is not done by what you do as you do an act make an act.

"Inversio visus"= grant magical sight, by use of the effect your use is as though thought were an incidence and the incidence is not ever happened. As this is energy to get things done, the subconscious on focus uses the thing to get a better result. As a psychic will get a point and the thought they use from the point is, as the thought that sanity exists to the point they see in viewed idea is life that is treated intelligently. As intelligent use is intelligent practice this can seem used, as a vision or psychic sight idea that creates what you you think and your vision shows what is there.

"iniquus visus" = grant psychic vision this uses the psychic vision to make as use if thought to do as you see the sight or create nothing to seem what isn't. Directed by will is directed by motion and thought you create is what you are in a directive by a point.

"maleficus visus" = grant demonic vision, thought made into vision is essence formed demonic in nature or thought is a point to show by the thought to see as if stepping in time.

"subduco visus" = The thought nothing there nothing taken is a thought better idea, the thought night helps you out by focus to grant night vision. Granted in vision is the thought that if your thought, your in vision and the night sight or whatever is granted in thought as the night being makes the vision no matter what the vision.

"caecus visus" = There is things that grant the vision of a shadow, that serves as a worker and as you think you get money back as you spend you get double the official money back.

"aprecatio visus"= Think to see by starlight or grant it as a wish is granted by some idea, that in a use in effort by yourself creates chi energy that makes the effect that creates what you think is necessary.

"concertatio visus" = Think to see violent visions, as in murders triggered by things you are about to do wrong.

"imitatio visus" = Think to use the creatotor to grant illusionous sight is thought by the creator making the sight and use is energy, to create energy that directed by will makes what you think and as you think your will is in an animal shape of your desire as this is a point. Choose your animal shape as your familiar and as you are you aware the animal shape is your animal spirit.

"adigo visus" = Think to grant sight of forces, as your choice of god is possible by the will of Oden in what you think ideal is in moments. The subconscious will create, as the will to subconscious is the spirit and as the espiritus effect is made as an idea in life.

"malus visus" = The idea is to grant sightless sight, this is a sigil and that is a concept to create what your use is in by what third eye use is by projection with the motion that you thought. As the point is in this is where you can see where you are, as the light is a concept you think light you get a point  that is energy and maybe there's dark here. As you see what you think, you can see the true area as a dark area on a point you think.

"obliquus visus" = Think to grant other sight as you can see, think you can create and as the moment is done you go seem where your thought needed.

"ancile" = Think to make a general purpose shield, as if in and thought creative is the shield of life made by aura. As you think to get the persona, think to stop as you can use what you want and not is the thought by what you think as you thought you think. As if that were a shield made by aura created by paper in writing, this is writing that creates by will created by thought.

"neuro ancile" = Thought is to make mental intrusion shield by thought. As you think you know you create by what you consider or get by response and this is energy to the shield. Aura makes the thought to diverse motion to make positive action.

"voidus ancile" = Think to make void shield that absorbs all damage when active. See  nothing to create as you want and use no energy that isn't necessary.

"animus ancile" = This is to make aura by shield as an aura is the energy by what you sense. Danger sense is the energy, you feel by dangerous idea and create by interesting result. This can ward away by opportune moments in the fact they who would be danger won't think of you.

"Inversio Ancile" = Think in thought to make inversion shield in a point averse to the moment there is no danger in sight as you think. There is a point in the area that your use is the moment that is an area to work with and as you use things or the area energy. The energy if you think warp you can keep the idea, you don't that is unliked and otherwise unlikeable to seem inverted.

"iniquus ancile" = Thought to make violence is powered in a shield as a 4th dimensional auratic layer in time, as space is a concept by voodoo and the use is the dead that are buried trap the spirit and you are set free that traps you. Use is the spirit that you can guide with and otherwise your useage is the spirit that be as if whatever angellic or other idea or the spirit that is a spirit guide.

"maleficus ancile" = Thought is to make mental manipulation with an aura shield as things you use are what makes things working, as you can mentally manipulate any machine or idea that is created. Think your a way and the way you use is the focus you choose, as you focus energy your there or not as if a thought to create with is a thought to use or indefatiguable is the machine.

"subduco ancile" = make concealed glamour shield.

"caecus ancile"= make cloaking shield.

"aprecatio ancile" = make sunlight powered shield.

"aprecatio caecus ancile" = make shadow shield.

"concertatio ancile" = make violence shield that strikes at people.

"contorto" = make person with body wracks.

"imitatio ancile" = make illusionious sharing shield.

"adigo ancile" = make force shield.

"malus ancile" = make negative force shield.

"obliquus ancile" = make time shield.

"neuro aevus" = manipulate mental time.

"voidus aevus" = manipulate reversed time.

"animus aevus" = manipulate spirit time.

"Inversio aevus" = manipulate inverted time.

"iniquus aevus" = manipulate momentary time.

"maleficus uo Aevus" = manipulate time, instantly.

"subduco aevus" = move without a sound and in a time shift sphere of concealment.

"caecus aevus" = use dark restorative time.

"aprecatio aevus" = use positive time.

"concertatio aevus" = use chaotic time.

"imitatio uo aevus" = use sharing time, in an instance that pauses time and appears in mind. This is a sharing moment. As the instance happens, the effect thats about to happen or is occurring in the area is drained of energy.

"adigo uo aevus" = manipulate adaptive time, in an  instance.

"Infinitio" = extend spells time length or persons lifetime.

"dominus" = become a master of anything.

"blueball flames" = a blue ball of flames.

"aclapola forwardeo" = Ages to number you mention after.

"backwardeo" = Move time backwards..

"isa" = time stop, to put on any item or person only.

"continua" = makes moment continue after a time stop.

"continuus" = makes moment unstopping or keeps a spell working.

"isa continuus" = makes unstopping moment stopped.

"forwardeo"= move time forwards through imagination.

"rewindillo" = add to spell to undo.

"changelio into dogelio"; changes a person into dog.

"scalio" = with left wand flick turns anything into lizard of desired sort.

"agro" = with right flick returns lizard into object.

"flippendo" = knockback.

"un" = put in front of a spell word and said like that will make the spell unweave itself.

"sui" = puts the victim in a panic and suicidal.

"hara kri" = suicide spell that kills in the end created by niarah riddle.

"supultra" = blood into fire that kills in the end created by niarah riddle.

"multus avis" = sending images to another. Think of the person and then the vision and say the words.

"Formus" = form a being from your own force to serve as your servants.

"sayso" = everything the victim reads they do to themselves.

"interruptus" = make an instantaneous action moment that you feel and imagine the event of.

"dement" = make a person demented with dementia and then dead from it.

"schitzo" = make a person schitzophrenic.

"contolley" = control a dragon.

"dissolvo" = think of the problem while saying this word and problem will go away.

"orcus porcus" = make person overeat and gain weight til death.

"maniac"= make person maniacal for the duration until dispelled.

"colidus"= creates a collisive effect on anything.

"beluosus" = summon monster to aid you.

"ago" = summon animal of your choice. think of the animal on casting.

"casus" = creates a spring of water.

"cleanus" = cleans the body and many other things.

"stup" = makes the person stupid.

"anima defendus" = makes anything animate or plant including trees become an animated defender

"whumpus"= makes the person beatable.

"transforma" = makes a person into another shape that ye imagine them transform into.

"treant transforma" = makes a victim into a treeman.

"incess" = makes a unceasable spell dissipate such as unforgivables.

"immaculate" = makes the person unkillable and indestructable.

"magus" = enchants any object as you desire.

"corpul" = animate dead.

"spherio"= makes rocks explode when thrown.

"stupijinx"; a charm that causes stupidity in a person.

"intellijinx"; a charm that causes intelligence.

"highjinx"; a charm that jinxes a person with a Gods aid.

"abra kedavra" = kill magic in victim.

"corpus kedavra" = make undead of your choice.

"unkedava" = remove death.

"uo aevus bube" = Instant time bomb; To form in the air, a ticking time bomb. That irridiates nearly everything, near the area, of the bomb. After, it goes off. This only takes the description, of it going off, or having a time of that it goes off in.

"avra kedavra" = make the dead speak or a body respond to questions.

"avadra kedavra" = control spirits.

"dentio reparo" - a spell to repair teeth.

"aegrotatio reparo"- a spell to repair and heal.

"putre"; a charm that makes a stinking cloud.

"expurgo"; a charm that purifies metals and removes stinking cloud.

"roacheous" = create or control roaches anywhere.

"demon" = call a demon to serve your needs.

"abacus impecus" = create a time machine.

"abacus" = create a thought computer.

"disinteria" = causes disinterest funding effect, to create a disease in the body that acts as a hosted disease in the target but eats infected person from within, and makes stupidity. When the persons cut, the disease spreads and infects others. It doesn't hurt the caster even if done on self because it acts as an innoculation.

Shoulookah = You go one way when you are seen to go another way, This from an act of drunk activity as you see its an opposite alternative activity. Anyway, it seems they demon themselves.

Shurlookah = You speed up while going the same speed. Just imagine the event as faster, Music you focus as a key and its going faster while we are going the same speed. You go the exact same speed as we were walking and working then we go back to normal.

Shukamukah = To be edisoned and this is to think that you have a brilliant idea. This causes in idea the moment of aging per due invention. When your done with the inventing then you the effected may make it be as if to their or they're effect. At the moment of invention the person is said to be shaking.

The daey = "The donkey", As to do if its possible, then use dreams or darkness to extend the moment and then stop the daydream or nightdream, as a dream brought on as by the night and your still awake, if necessary when its done. To extend it they also use things or do something and then use a dark weave of energy by absorbing void and thinking about the pattern or idea to cause further and this continues the energy that first started it, the activity. The energy is in this case movement of atomic nature that ceases to become movement of another type. To use it most likely its to use it for energy streams. Its to use things to continue things but on a course of action that is, by some idea sometimes in some idea of unearthly means. Sort of as the effect of leading a donkey on by dreams of eating a carrot or something consistent to food.

Angrir; To send a strange fabric particle down the throat of the person, that irritates the area around it as it goes down. To make you angrier and angrier so that you don't ever realize it, until you blow up or seem like your calm but you boil beneath and scream inside.

Tegrir; To be of tenacity more and more until you have to see to do things but have to know to become of the idea circum situation. The circumstance rules the moment with this and so this makes you very tough.

San angrir; To be as if making you feel better and as by a sand particle passing down your throat somewhere. This might make you cough spasm but it soothes in the end, As the sand particle absorbs the pains and problems.

Iseulf; To cause puffyness, by use of heat in an idea area to surround and scorch the victim, slowly heating and cooking the victim or thing, until the heat is causing a puffy state of the body or like cooking, its cause is to create a roundness but not in hard objects. This however could melt the edges to make a roundness.

Ninseulf; To cause slenderness and hard edges by cold energy that surrounds in an area. And cold forges the idea of your desire. This tempers the area object or person into a slenderer form and then sometimes into a more edgy form. The edge is of form by belief in siyndication of effort. Its cause is to create slimness by cold treatment and tempering.

El zhimmage; to go due of something or of people as it if it is of your own property.

El zhimmege; To go and due something things happen like the loss of things or people, this is just quicker to occur as its gathered chaos due to your actions that makes it go.

El zhemmige; Things that do but due to the occurance and when it does it can overwhelm/scare you.

El zhemmege; Things that due out of occurrance will react strangely of differently done pattern.

Due zhemmege; This blocks occurance and loops efects/events to do things at the moments notice that are safe.

Gue zhimmerag; To get the due of things on purpose and knowing it might hurt. With goo and gluings to stop the people on a bad moon or those you dislike.

Rever losing; To cause reverence and revert a losing of something much like a losing streak lost.

Micho degeneratius; To become micho degenerative or Mischal degenerotive, to be as a female and lady effective with some signs of female nature. This includes lessened male private parts, and mostly those traits that women seem to share with a slurring of speach and different way to speak. This comes upon them the infected gradually. Their energy is chaotic and their manner is similiar as they would do anything to either trick themselves or fix it with added support by magic. To go micho or some statement and then mentally hand them something might cure them.

Micho derangementius; This causes micho derange in a person or To see what is of the moment and to be the moment to let the moment bring them out of what is called sanity. They hesitate by hand and try to do two or more things at once. They don't speak well after their deranging moment and their body smells real bad as it released the scent that is worse than shit or all the bad things of their body in a cleansing effort to recover. In early years if they get this infection then they tend to self-destruct. Its pretty bad in those that got it and don't realize it. Which is reason why you are to give no indicating clue as to give them a reason to lash out.

Micho regeneratius; Causes a person to be of the ladylike traits but regenerative and as they regenerate their male hormone is used up and they get more depemnish femalish including memory improvement.

Macho degeneratius; macho degeneration, a disease made by an order of events that converts females to male slowly to increase the testosterone and causes stupidity as well in the intensity of the moment.

Macho derangeius; Macho derangement, Causes the person whos effected or affected to go into rages when the testosterone and female hormone is up in levels. Its a cause upon a cause, that forces the mind, to derange itself and you think insanely but crazy with intentions. Though everyone has a dominant gender, some are more mixed than others. This switches the dominant gender in females to male when in effect but in males it makes them more irritative and makes both of them enraged easily.

Macho redomness; Creates a macho regenerate or Macho randomness state, This theres a regeneracy form of machoness and its interesting as they change into an female slowly and over time then they use up their female hormones in balance to regenerate by. Power only increases its edicts of use as effects. And the mood is heightened by inducing chaotic moodiness on the moment of regeneracy.

lifxeit; Life existant energetic, To create life to be existant and its energetic. This could be any type of life thats hought about or on. This usually derives itself from the concious and being of the person or idea object that is near.

Killius effectus; As it is if it is with idea to kill an effect or to the extent of killing a 'force', is to be of the element effect and contain it in void to use it as of a void source to 'kill' it. Use things of the void, to be of the void and think of the element to kill it by access of you. There is only so much of an element if you do this long enough, so you will eventually create a coldness where the element was at least in your aura. In a rewrite, as you can overdo in writing some things are sometimes lost in the translation.

Voidalius Movius; To move it as into void or imaginary energy space and hold it in void or the space then move it to else is to move an element.

Kinjuu; You or the target may gain the ability to turn someone or something to crystal as a crystal form or thing as crystal. To learn to crystal of someone by thinking of the vibration and feel them change through the vibration and heat into crystal. To feel this vibration as a force within to manipuate and form to the moment.

Soul harmonius; Causes soul harmonization as your giving of your life for the effort of creating life with sorcery or to use sorcery to make life as an effect of life. As of every life or time of effort with some degeneration. This might form as a child or babe. So to imagine the life of another in or of things or as a person and feel it turn into what you want much like a seed. Or to hold a seed and feel the life go into the seed as from an object with life energy and this drains from you also. It takes two life forces to make one as it seems, this from a sorceror hunter anime.

Soul stormus; Soul energy storm, This imitates a 5th level energy storm of some type from the game Legend of Lore, as you hold an energy psiball or energy inbetween your two palms and you focus in as to target by seeing the person in a vision or in your mind and release thinking of the energy striking down at the person or thing. In the process of doing the psiball think lightning, air, air fire or other elements. And you get the storm form as a version of it.

Burur; To bury by burrowing, This is one actual trick to say your undoing or not. This causes you or someone to beat the hands on a drumlike surface and create the sound vibration on it if you focus your mind on a person or thing, as you feel the effect of vibration you imagine it form around a person's limb or throat. You can form rings by separation of sound that surrounds the throat or limb part and trap them that way. To gather the music vibration in a focus can imitate a drumbeat.

Mindus gather; The next one idea you have is a trick that is to gather from the area your thought or your mind. To feel it, think it, and do an action to see the energy in it, fluctuate and draw your effect of some sort of emotion or idea. So you gather from the area your thought or your mind and feel it lick or become as you want and it does. So you see you get the deal in issue, think of the element and see it happen an feel it occur and that should gather it, but you might feel a little bit of the energy hard to feel in itself.

Hiquee Makes things lighter so you can lift up things easier.

LZegend; creates a drug effect of which you choose but most likely a MSD effect if you left to default. This works by it not being present for its with the power of nothing.

Egalion Evalarion; To be of regal strength but healthy by effect of tissue repair and a moment in idea. Visions will occur that will try to deal with things or make things as a positive as of the possible. This vision will have its power from a moment on considerance and usage of some element. This usage may include on a simplistic moment considered an action. Each action powers the sight a little less or a little more. A visioned gate is a gate in real life. The idea behind the visions, are that they are part of your subconcious and considered levels by layer. Each exploration of level makes you weaker. The vision may be drug enduced or induced some other place.

Evaluation egalion; Evaluan regaluan, In evaluation of it or what it is, it, the devices, start to work or we can make it work by thinking on them and sometimes a body or our body may do the trick.

Evarion Egarion; An evarion of value if egarion as to be ever compassionate about something that is of a short time value, until it has no value but long term value things will be ever an variable and treated as if ever there until you need it no more.

Zambobwe; This can cause a person to procede as a test run or if it is as though were testing as to go on collective mission and at the person you target as if their evil and all prospective place so to counter it use imnzambobwe wee. Which does a reverse of attack or a reverse world attack as though natural and uses chaotic idea and neural impulses to stop the zambobwe by activity that seems lawful.

Muse funel; Music funnelling, To focus music as if satellite broadcast at a person by thinking of the the music, feel pressure build up as a broadcast within you, and let go. If you feel away from it but intense it causes it to hit as if a weapon beam. One could use the sound of their voice as if music. This in the least can leave a person stunned, at the most it could damage the person.

Mind confuse; To do mind confusion, that is to set in an idea to achieve and what you think of else may confuse you. To focus a little energy or electricity to cause mind confusion as its directly sent an your in a way.

I enh anz;  Progression of presence, it progresses the presence and effect of someone and something, as its saying 'go on' to the effective presence to be going on in to the next stage of life or the people near the presence go away from sublminal psychic presence. Progressed trained by effect or mutation with some positive and negative influence.

En Entenwi; End spell effect by having the effect reoccur as an event, yet the event caused is undoing the original and disappears.

En Entewi;  Encouragement of story to be the End of the story or The end of something. Cast by thinking about the effect to end, and stating the phrase. Has a drawback that is to end the caster of something, if they don't think about what they want to end. Otherwise it could backfire and end the caster's life.

En Enternwi;  Encouragement of effect to end movement, to end the movement just think of the area to stop movement in and the spell stops the movement ye desire or need to stop. This can effect people or animals very well, as though they naturally obeyed a voice in the head. Sometimes its taken as God speaking. To end the momentary effect, think of the target, and make movement by physically moving. The link you formed by thinking of the person or thing will cause your movement to move the target.

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Created by Shadow Yomasu

"luminera" = create a light that is shot out of the wand.

"articulon" = freezes an item or person.

"silencion" = silences the victim.

"renecle invisilis" = makes invisible the person.

"testio" = tests a wands ability.

"rye" = flips an item or person.

"dunium" = makes a person dumb.

"illunion"= makes an illusion. the person must say what the illusion is to cancel it.

"rendemsey" = makes an anima shoot out of a wand.

"orlatez" = kills the victim.

"eklor hudan" = heals the victim.

"wargalile" = calls the help of theperson named after.

"erolash tiv" = cuts thin things.

"reneflet claton" = reflects spells.

"estunep ooezat" = turns the person to stone.

"delevinafy" = destroys any barrier.

"cronasis" = puts a person to sleep.

"tono flamarin" = shoots powerful flames with every flick of the wand.

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Extra additions of various high magic materials

Belladantrix = Transgender or flips of a whip per every ideal till not necessary, this causes the person effected to be formed into any shape you want to choose to be. This is slow process that speeds up as you think to do things, except when you use extra force (x's) at the end of the activation word. The actual change rate is 1 change per day. So to revert back is think to a mirror or think to yourself to become a shape you imagine or want by need with focus.

Ensoniq = Coercion; A Coersion action goes on.

Blessij Note = Effective blessing; Effect a blessing from things worked with. This can be money, or the other things from a machine with a blessed note.

blessyj = [bless-aye-j] Wild energy aftereffect; This blesses the planet or ship and the people on it. This gives them whatever they wish for. This also has effected an anything goes mood change with an anything happens effect.

En Blessij = End the Blessing effect from returning energy.

Une Ysh = Unlimited wish; This makes an unlimited wish ability.

Une Chan = Unlimited chain; To cause chaining of something or someone with the actions they do.

Une Chanur = Chained lightning; This is the unlimited chain lightning that is cast at several groups.

Fae Myk = Fate voice; This is where fey give you the voice of fate on special occasion.

Fixeous Fae = Fix fate; This fixes fate to be better.

Fixeous Fat = Fix the fat; This is to fix the fat on the body, as you form need it to be.

Triesndox = (Tree-esh-docs) Wild rampager, Caused by gas, makes rampages that can destroy a building. May incidentally cause a wild giant form transformation. The wild behaviour can be triggered by a need to escape or want to leave.

Willius do; Will to do and want to need. Will to want, be as of what it is. This will cause things to do what you say.

Kingsiey iffert; To see or be of some will as do is to do and know. So to do is to say or say if effect.

Some fx; Some do if say in effiect to say but to do as if will remove evil is important or some evil isn't evil.

Te saye; This causes a 'I may make but I knaw on things or know to own my own type of ability from a preexisting one.

Exct san; (Exh-c-t sanh) Makes Human puppets, or puppets that maintain their human form. As its so, its still energy manipulation called by use of chakra manip strings. They are made of a person who was transformed into a puppet. They can sprout weapons as on necessity, these weapons are unnoticed to the eye and felt to their effect. To say this, may make it be true, but at some level of reality human puppets can come to life as is. Human puppets are made to retain their chakra energy. Human puppets are unaffected by the idea of the Iron sand spell. They are immune to most damages, don't age much.

Fe Sandio; (Feh Sand-ee-ohn) Iron Sand, This causes a corrosive sand that is made of iron particles. It can corrode and ultimately destroy anything it touches. It works over time, but at first doesn't seem to effect. This iron sand can cause suggestions to be amplified.

Exra bei; To feel anger, to feel the moment to let it be deathly strong. This with another spell will strengthen it. To sasuke it, in effect.

Extra elp; To assist in the moment as if necessary. Its short for "In the moment of dark magic assist me now."

E chekra; to end a scenario or scene by energy or extra body force. This energy stops other things in the area as well.

No E; to stop the E chekra. This restricts energy from being used on the area in spell form.

Ener gist; You percieve the gist of the energy by idea and you get a fist effect on you. This gets a lessened effect of 'Fisty'. 

E Fisty; This causes endless fisting into an area of the afflicted. These fists can come from the air, or more probably other people.

Pur gee; To be a fist, or the first thing that is necessary as theres a chance that your purging something.

Em pur'ge; Because you need to have somethinng you end up with it.

Er satz g; To get a tough nature of material while you get beaten strikes everywhere in some other place.

Ersatz = Continuous life spell; To go on as with life after. To make it through life after the fact, as though you haven't died.

Epiduma = To call a creature who creates episodes of anething in the brain. If you discover it then it could try to kill you.

Epidrex; To be as balanced but by each idea that makes it before or after the moment. As the best things in life arent things, they're aspects. To be farbearing for more agreement.

Nething a becket; With nothing to something energy, starts encounters and exchanges or promotes ideas.

Exonerous; To exonerate a moment and stretch it out. To continue a moment that should best be avoided, unless used right.

Excom; Excommunicate by panel. If you excommunicate someone you go and force them away. If extreme action is done then its by aura or other things. To do things with this is to be good. As to knock out a target and drag them away. To subdue this is by symposium. Other people do not see this on exit. This is when not is do, as we do not accrue bad energy as evil is good. We do not exit seen.

Em es; To ambiguously go to collect any item out of a natural curiousity.

Em se; Give back to the seclusion of few.

Hearsday; hearsgrux, This works to transform back by calling the soul back to form into the body.

Xenophilius xobius; That is to cause resistance to any energy effect, or electrical and lightning effect. The price is a little adrenaline. Or stress is up and one can use 'unstress' to cross over into other ways. One must meditate to eliminate the idea of too much to counter this stress brought about.

Xenofelia; Purge of moment, to purge anything out of a sudden fear or suspicion. To purge an effect. This can cause on a waning moon or negative influence, the female you target to fall down.

Ecetric; An encetric or electric shock and no physical traces. This can be used for torture.

Ita exa; Doesn't do it an within it, as you. Doesn't allow magic to do a thing, it makes it impossible in fact by use of other idea and at the moment.

Exact xiang; An to fix the moment of which makes bad things go away. This causes a heavier atmosphere in the area.

Exact ita; its a bit of excitement in an excitable idea. To give the cats something else to think about by usage of item or to be exact by use and pointing things out.

Foc fras; focus word, to phrase and the body to do. This cast on another will allow them to do what is spoken, or things happen as a phrase is stated near them. This can control the body.

Ita italicized; Item italicized, makes things as though Its to be related to and realized. Its influence at its best, unless the influence is used to make someone do what they don't desire to.

Ita xcita; excitement, To excite by moment. This is short for 'pix exactable scrutiny mutable'.

Excta ipix; escape by exactable scrutiny or exactable conclusion.

Epiox becomix; As you can state an it tends to become. Things tend to do. So to focus on a moment, then write it down and you might miss the last word or letter and the event is cancelled. The place is existant, the people the idea to do if it is.

E knewn; To allow for it but remain unidentified and unaffected as if you were absolute immune ity.

Epiox; Epoxy, a glue that is also possibly used to create spirit bonds.

Exo dius; Use the creation as an exodus for a commonplace idea.

Exo befo; To be an beef up, this is as an formed up condition by the repeatable pattern that is sustained as memory. This pattern is what the body follows and conditions itself with.

Ito schleus; Schitzophrenia where you are of an ever active dream center and have no center of balance and no curiousity.

Ex; is if an exodeus energy or expelling energy is used to create the result that cancels out another. When the result happens, the effect cancelled out will dissipate.

Reverto; to revert a spell to its opposite.

Exoc exocutable; Exo, executable to stop things by or on a moment an to be cause of an electrical problem.

Protego; is a shieldus as to be of prot for protection. Proteus is an example to protect by cell or the protected cell from a positive atom.

Exo tegus; To be of a cruix or an crook positive nature in all things of the time and to be outgoing.

Ex scheum; The ex sceum as an ex scheme that represents 100's of alternatives that act as corrospondences. This if used twice cures the condition.

Ex cleus; It is to excuse it, the activity, as it is the same body interacting with others as in so many different worlds that the action represents. Helps clarify the other worlds and allow idea to work.

An; In another or to anull by use or some sort by an activity. Stop one thing to go to another activity.

Ex ceus; Excuse by A pattern thats presented or to put things on a patter'n that can cause you to shift around.

Xeno crucefo; To divide to get rid of werewolves by a torturous energy.

Xeno crucelfo; To divide then understand by ream and then get rid of werewolves.

Xeno exelfo; Do your part on a pattern of activity by thought and cause a shift by an activity. Doing else in this is to go evanesce and mostly too far with a destructive type force. This shift that is what is caused by a gate opening up in a different world that may appear here.

Ex puerto; To bring a change and an exchange. To bring death to disownership, or to shift in a place to be astral. By another chosen thought you can get an asthetic approach to do a few things.

Ennerv; Bring to a choice by an idea with a different means, Then use that choice sometimes as a last ditch effort. To then issue commands to be done and to use efoem or Energy foam to be as of you. The "essue" in idea is to reassure by the issue to do things as is if in another world, with energy or otherwise activity as energy. Essue is ensure moment by peace with vibrational vibes in energy. To insure by your use in that action you attempt per dieux or diue (diluted) dialect. Your house then is your prison, but if you may want to work out you walk out. The idea of this is one command gives so many results as in a order by respect to law and purpose in due moment.

Evanesco; This spell is used to make up things and an to object vanish. It is assumed this spell works only on objects, and will not work on people. Note that this spell actually makes the object disappear rather than just turn invisible. An Invisibility Spell is required to have this effect. Evanesco is also known as the Vanishing Spell.

Ferula; Conjures a few splint and bandages.

Be exdo; Fidelius Charm, This is a complex charm that allows someone or something to be hidden away, often times in plain sight, for an indefinite period of time. The location of the hidden people or items is a secret known only to one person, the Secret-Keeper, and the information is stored within their very soul. The Secret-Keeper is the only one with the power to divulge the secret. The information remains undisclosed until said time when the Secret-Keeper decides to reveal it; not even those who have been told the secret information can reveal an of what a they know. However, the Secret-Keeper does not have to directly speak with someone to tell him or her the secret, the information can be disclosed in a letter as long as the Secret-Keeper is the one who wrote it.

Exiero epiero; When Harry and Dumbledore were an attacked by Inferi in the Horcrux cave, Dumbledore created a ring of crimson and of gold fire to be protect them. This may be simple a Dumbledore-powered version of Flagrate or Incendio, or it may be a separate fire creation charm.

Flagrate; Makes the spell-caster able to draw lines of fire with their wand. This spell draws fire somewhere and you put it out after. The fire in the air powers the effect.

Exero expiro; Flame Freezing Charm, This charm was used by Medieval witches an to remove the effects of the fire an when they were burned where at the stake. It was a good idea at this point to scream a bit and pretend to be burning.

Furre exist; Fur charm, When Ginny was upset about the spate of Petrifications at school during her first year, Fred and George embarked on an ill-conceived campaign to cheer her up. One thing that they did was to cover themselves in fur and jump out at her from behind statues. Far from cheering her up, however, it merely caused her to have nightmares.

Hex deflex; To deflect hexes, It is of unclear nature whether this is of a spell or a branch of magic (such as Occlumency). Either way, it is used to block or deflect magic cast as you on you.

Immobulus; This is possible to being made and stops an object moving. The name an of this spell comes from the films rather than the books but is included here as it is very likely to be the "clever Freezing Charm" used by Hermione to immobilise Cornish Pixies in Professor Lockhart's first Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson. See also "Freezing Charm".

Inanimatus Conjurus; A spell mentioned in passing as homework in Harry's fifth year. The effect is unknown, but presumably involves a conjuring of inanimate objects. Professor McGonagall said at another point that Conjuring Spells were NEWT level magic, and so this is probably a simplified version.

Inexodus uneducatus; This spell causes a person to become uneducated and do tough things instinctually with intuituition. When the person is presented with education, they react with anger or with unanticipated reaction. They tend to think whatever is presented is a real thing. Some have the rare reaction, to create the possibility and try to recreate their knowledge. If they do, they lose their anger and start learning again.

Intuitous ex; This causes a similar condition to uneducatus, except that this occurs the body to react according to guided instinct, without becoming uneducated. Also, there is no anger and the person feels pleasure. It tends to relate and also create the tenseness thats related to people who do to much.

Induitous ex; This causes intuitive activity of the body. Thats counted as inadvertant activity. It can become what you may need it to. On a given moment, it can create movement in the body. The movement is by someones suggestion and can come from your spirit.

Instance scalpus; Instant Scalping Hex Removes the hair from the victim instantly and if not instant, then its a pattern baldness. Harry consulted the book "Basic Hexes for the Busy and Vexed" in preparation for the Triwizard tournament and found this spell but discarded it due to the fact that dragons have no hair. Align alternates; Alignment of subconcious and alternatives to become of them of a moments notice.

Bombarda; To make something explode and Smashes doors open. Can possibly also be used on other types of obstacles. If the intent is used to make the body explode, then the effected person can blow up in weight until their body explodes or the spell is dispelled. 'In deux' can cure the condition. Hermione cast this on the door to the room where Sirius was being detained following his capture in order to rescue him.

Zanzuth; To go into someones mind and destroy or control them as from within.

An exco; To fuck up by someones mind intrusion rather badly and to enjoy it.

Eproxy geleigh; No dimensionnal door has a hold on you only if you have epoxy glue around. And even then it only goes to the other area thought on.

Is he it; This makes it where you don't have to do things, it Is as if he who is near is to do it. Also you may cast this with a 'Is this it'.  Where you don't have to  point it out and he does it for you.

Is ist; Is to change something by use and make it different as sometimes this is in appearance but other times in a 'in' moment.

He en or; He or she near the end you seek or guide ore use is lodestone with the point, as energy for some no more to use an idea with fee or feel, It is not saying that expelliarmus ientus is hate projected is freezing or released by area feel necessarily exists or doesn't work; Note this that when he's thinking on the necessarily existing items. By saying some area or your thought you think the effective use, then imagine some idea then think if you want an activation or unactivation word. See this is freedom for you as your actually held in a sphere that is a releasable trap sphere.

Ester gexxe; high tension grip. You can be hold anything with this. The Gripping Charm that Allows a person to grip an object more by effectively being used. This was invented in 1875 and is primarily used in Quidditch to allow the Chasers to handle the Quaffle an one-handed whilst still keeping a grip on their brooms.

Findex word; Find the true meaning of the word by trace of use or use in the word and the tone.

En err; Search for it then do of it if is to be correct. Like a point me to point in the right direction this lets people have entry into things or an area.

Crysalis isis; Areis istegeo is reverted to arrest or allow by are conatib or r i area stopping sphere or arresting creative trapping sphere. Assume "To of it" to see by feel or be by feel. To be thinking is bybeing with idea and someone creates for it. Skip to the end to be by use or any service in error by it and inheritively you stop. Seen this is freedom for use is g is h to halt or t is no longer lime you as your actually held in a sphere that is a stone use by a releasable trap sphere by imaging a sphere release not reversed is not reverted to your nature as delaboria delabrah deine is with anything else is unidentifyable. No uses fixes this.

Crysalis Eses; Chrysalis famous way if a way to go. The trap sphere is of use in some point by idea is enemy energy that you can situate use to match some area or think a point then a sphere forms. See to be there is you can leave there or if you set the area feel you see to set what is possible so if cause is there to entrap you can release, see or think to not be trapped you set the area feel or use conditions by feel if you are aware. A way out is you leave as you walk out door or walk out to some area. I think by thought this is so there is a way out of use, if undesired influence think to create with a white ball formed to evil contained is evil feel or good is never to contain what is wanted. See to be there to see the concept or think to watch to create as you think to see you know realized as you focus. Think sun energy to use sun energy. This is your energy that creates a sphere to work sun energy to recreate solar energy with sun energy. Use is think a sphere to create where you wish near the sky not with the building you own it to be of it and whats with it. To down safe liquid idea if its liquid or asthetic (items). If money strapped or allowed, I think if you are done I will complete by my niece this or by feel you can pawn it. With some arabic work you can create some area feel, "as if feel you create with the creator use by subconscious" if use is there. Otherwise this is the point then reforming by energy to create a sun sphere in the sky to create with the sphere as magic.

To pwn it; You own it to be of it and whats with it. To down it if its liquid or asthetic (items). If money strapped or allowed, you can pawn it.

Input infextus; to cause strange behavior to a action or fight when magic is done.

Teuso deus; To shift, through a device with seeing you are there and interacting with the place as if you were there. Then your acting, as though you were there. But not hurt as though you are where you were. Then you are back home. It makes it easier by thinking you are home while near shifted. Then your at doing things. This is where you wondering 'why would you ever imagine yourself shifting from your home in the first place?'

Queho pehcto; said in the moment to be a form of material. If you think of the pueblo indians, then you might incite them to attack you.

Problemic; to see do go, this causes the process of fallen nature.

Ore; 'Don't care' whorls of energy that is set just in pleasure and by the God bleagens, just do as it can be done. To mentally yell yahtzee if the idea is way out there, because in a yahtzee game the God might react as if its dispersion.

Set bcuz; Set by cause is just with or without effort and doing a job with the peoples energy that  you think on or your mind.

Dozencu in reco'nitn; To shitball at something. Shitballs is do this, have this and do in this for dislike of it.

Iensih; wherever and whatever it is, its to cause shitfull behavior.

Steppl; This makes something not a staple of some sort or in building point, it is no changes except that which are necessary. Things are to reocccur naturally. But no actual death happens from extreme activity as it spurs on a moment. An enamelis consent removes this.

Stapl; Creates a staple in any point. This can also cause food reduction on intake.

Now ez; To want something and to pass energy an as if through a device. Watch in through actions by yourself going somewhere. You see it, but over there its in the device that your sight happens. If it did anything and then you are there where you are accomplishing results. To imagine what you want will pass it again and it is as a line of channeled energy. To occur the event as it will happen. Yet the event is never mentioned.

Izfixit; An another way to fix things, in and of that which is thought on.

Critics; As to spur on an activity and be of caustic idea which is in an uncaustic moment. This is by motion to fix things in it your mind, thoughts or at least physically. The idea is simple, to listen to the words spoken, get a resource by it and to set it up as in a moment. Procrastination may come of this, as you realize its not important. Alternatively, its to be critical with weight near negative energy.

Mizeseourc; To be of an idea thats set in by a moment. This is being actively done or to be of a moment as of variety act and conmisseuratis or in a miserable moment, as a little wild magic with allot of effect may cause you or the target as you try to change or concur it.

Euc lile; As you recall you realize that you have to do something physically. This is done spiritually and your being self-centered in it. In earth energy, this is where you are for a better purpose and watching beside yourself (watching without bias). This is active as its a predefined spell, science moment or signs by the moment's notice. This is in an idea on page and its an idea thats on nurtured earth. This is in the fact of what is there and what something does. And you choose which of the idea that you have. That is to being taken of being better as by comfort in something.

Asslf dissolv; This is cast in retribution or resolution for dissolution of what happens and this dissolves anything or on a bad moon it as a unnoticeable effect that attacks females. The special conditions of this are to be of a break, to dissolve an attack then it won't be of an effective assailant effect. As it steals the effect of the effective person except for dissolving of anyone's presence.

Ectu eschew; This sends kicks or 'kx' to crack the will of someone by mental attacks an some by physical attacks. This has a side effect, to get the caster attacked in the same way.

Turbeo; To be of a turn an be unstoppable and its action set up an things as you see it. This could set off an turbine effect or a reactor with enough energy.

Turgeo; As this is unstated but thought and willed to effect, point it at objects and it siphons off dirt and grime.

Moefertio; I saw this as a spell is to see a spell of effect or a spell in effect as this calls up unnoticeable to noticable effects that you 'see' to become apparent.

Open to close; To be by not being in a certain space, that you are aware of, and you can close things by being open or opening things. This may cast a silence spell on you if you are somewhere in the area to create an effect.

Hoerputatio; a protection effect. It causes static field protection. Usage of an ongoing effect is to fuel this effect spell.

Be use; To use the recent demise, and idea someone typically hoards and causes horrors that give ourselves strengths and scare themselves into doing something else.

Hoeno relalio; To reveal community or hidden presence.

Aquamenti; Huo gueni is to create streams of water.

Huo apolgy; To make them the effected think "thanks to your apology he did nothing bad so do as you want."

Sensidel; vhat, to bat or to cause a bat like effect.

Genfeld; Nonfat. Create a nonfatty body as in a homegenized effect.

Jiue beavis; its the 'sound filus' as its an obvious or too obvious effect by an object to make your body get energy as it pools, this is born as its inferno.

Velus; Which is in truth, it causes things, however resistances arise to etherings and spells in infinite nature from this effect.

Habeos; Emotion or to cause emotion. Within this emotion is an ever constant weight that may appear on an you or not as you try to deny it.

Detiur; To use an escape to other places to make a quaint prospect that happens five times. Possibilities with this is to create debt five times.

Dissendium = A spell used to reveal a secret passage.

E be; Its an obey or cause of an energy being..some say its a curse not to let things work and it makes itself seem like it. This on a day of negative energy.

Eu paufr; Its to see as its you speak and causes celebration but also you observe and somehow it relates to you. Basically you see a speaker that is you and yourself speaking.

Eu paudre; A to burn Easily something.

Singhin neural; As to stop the transformation curse.

Confundus; Makes a person confused and if confused they might talk or be easily directed.

A inp; What you say is to be the input. If a soul appears, don't have any objects on you when you do it or you could be cursed by them.

Warding; It affects the person by averting their senses away from the area and by the way they keep walking, or a turn point away as they walk away and aren't there.

Twin; This causes you have a twin being that makes results in areas that you intend to get effects in.

Hiddecris; As to the only actual command to cause thief communication, this is without actually being seen communicating. You have to do at least one type of communication as though they are in their head.

Tango horreboellus; protection from anything which is horrible in effect as is. Where there be any threat.

Portoto locomotor; Movement of inanimate or dead things in area.

Descendo; to make things fall or break down. This when objects tend to make themselves or people fall. Also in effect with this is to cause downward volume.

Hoer clementi; soon be the moment. Makes things soon to be happening.

Fiendus fiery; fiend fire as cursed fire that set to destroy any cursed object including hoarcruxes or objects with a soul.

Duro; turn thing durable or to stone.

Panzo electrico; to have electricity to come form from idea.

In form; To cause energy flow that makes a person inform someone of personal information. This can be used to create a criminal into talking about his or actions.

Mem liq; to form memorance solution is to form substance out of your memory or your body. It comes sometimes comes into form as a visible vial or silver liquid.

Glisseo; to create a chute effect where air flows through an area, but on a waning moon, it blocks the flowing of some form.

Serviex; Born to the first person you see with part of your soul. This creates another you, that is shaped as he, it or she wants.

Relashio; to break the chains by a lash of locks or the chains themselves. Relashio effects by usage of evidential theory. Breaks down anything till it collapses somewhere somehow by a lashing. And done to a body its with an added effect of it, that is to have seen a mental scene of lashing of some sort to keep the cost of the cure. They are lashed or is weakened till they fail, falling to the ground.

Elashio; an energy lash to cause something to be put down by mental scenes and not let up till the spells over.

Curvuix; to work on some object by some scene imagined, this scene is a depiction of what it was or has been as it incurs a happy thought. This goes on as long as the person does things and is happenin as the object is impervious to the moment. If the person is attached to an event, so is the object. Then, the event can be recreated by the object.

Libre; This effect frees you from anything that effects you and/or afflicts you.

Libre corpus; causes freeing of bodies, you don't have to specify but any body in the area drops down. It can make things easier..

Defurbio; To enlarge the passageway and seemingly make it easier to pass through.

Enlength; lengthen it as it creates the length and the moment to create an built up event.

Levi; To cause a levitation on that of which is a target and thought on.

Levi corpus; lifing in the air a dead corpse. Sometimes causes a bind on some of us lest for year which is of a dead energy.
Levi cerpus; levitation of objects.

Dessido; the form dessidence or division of some sort by death energy. This can dissolve anything it targets.

Dissideo; just pay of some sort, this makes images similiar to that of what we think is separate. Yet it effects equally and yet it separates an dissolves.

Dissedeo; This makes you bear a sight of hideous insidious nature, where you find the idea in effect. This uses 'Passeus' in essence or esper. You get hideous visions from an area powered by ether.

Diseu dissideo; maximum disinterest and it consists of three parts: too much, going to interest, and being faraway by force or activity. Where activity is an idea and as way of force or forcing an issue.

Isseo dissidium; Maximum disinterest that consists of three parts, to be of interest, to drive in force, make the moment.

Diseh dissideum; Its identification of parts, this works when there is 'partus dissideum'.

Sesseo dessideum; By evan nee nee nee, It ties the tongue but leaves you out of mind. Your spirit is driven out by death energy thats amplified.

At su; repeat of everyday things, till they are tedious.

Ennerabi deroachineous; Deroach the nature of roaches. Inner roach ability on a day or night with negative energy. On such a day you can  absorb roach essence. When done enough, they start dying by activity and being drained.

De roach; This kills roaches, plain and simple. It spreads out in a poison cloud and kills rats and other insects after the first roach death.

Nor xp; nexorxist or exorcist by prediction by corporeal moment. A warning, the ghost moment could be misleading. This causes you the person to ignore your experience. A bird transform otherwise happens.

Ensane; This is particular avoidance and by going insane. Or, your basically a cook, somewhere out of the law that won't looking sane here.

Du shield; Form a demon to protect you anyway, you can be a host to damage due to patrol. This is as to terrain where there is to remain or not remain a patrol. To be as as ensane. P.S Shiyan is not insane.

Ensurer erun; Can reform on reform and on necessity.

Enchain; Causes their causes to be here.

To hasendence; This is working, playing, otherwise making effects, an its felt to be worth it.

So tu; This causes a subtle moment.

So ta; This makes sabotage of idea, thing or place.

Snack; This is to sack as in stealing or breaking things.

Revuin; This is to become unsane. The only counter is xempro and that is to set possible things impossible that could make people unsane and cures them in the end.

Corruptus; To corrupt, as with a little corruption there is a lot of bad that happens, with a lot of corruption very bad is done. Where the side effects of corruption is to do good with reaction from others. That's to do good with intent from others purpose.

Voidr; As to be in support, The power of nothing and void itself, to power an event like a rune, sigil or yourself, to think of nothing then draw the rune, or sigil or do the action and think of a effect for it. And then you power it by an infinite source of energy and it won't drain you or the area, mainly the eternal side of things. This is similiar to 'think of the action or effect and then do the act for the effect'. To keep by continuance an action by event is to think of a idea that is similiar and when it matches it is stable to you. The price for this is to erase one event or action that makes for free source energy that it draws from to create events.

Soije; Makes a 'I can't help it but to make a shit' mess.

Soijeb; Makes a can't mess effect.

Sojeb; To be as though helped.

Doizo; Makes things like "I said so as the effect".

Aquible; To send out jet energy streams and cause harm like jetted water and can cause pet feeding amongst other things.

Ageh Agoe; To bear again something or do things as a gain in effect. On a waning moons energy or negative energy, this causes nightmares.

A agoe; To form a gate to somewhere. Whatever you think through it happens to wherever.

En di; If its direct its there by moment and idea, called direct turrets or indirect inturrets where they can think of one thing, whats ahead of them and only that. This is considered by some a form of blindness.

A ci; a crispix effect for food. Crisping effect for food.

A se pi; to set pie for people.

A pu; To set an event, describe effects and the energy does. It either Belates or Answers, as it relates to those who need to do it.

Placed in; To place into the science interceptibly. To place in a moment as if you weren't there and its by influence.

As to do; You find yourself doing it. Your in energy trance or you actually got to doing something.

Its in; its if in ef em in. This makes things as though its in under an iffy condition. Otherwise, it effectively condemns people in an area. You can either choose one or the other effect, as its on casting.

A twist; a tie or however things would change but you don't really get the feel of it except in spirit. This is without disruption until the spell is dissipated. To twist something you change it but you don't change it as you disrupt its pattern.

Dar kig; A dark chinge is a change of darkness that stops things but continues to warp or wrap areas in dark tendrils until the effect is felt. Then people can freak.

Dar twis; A dark twist, to feel and see the difference in something by physical and spirit that can leave a person fearful as its a dark change in the area. It can leave a person throwing up. As in, going across the veil to the nightmare realm. Instead, your bringing some nightmare effect here on halloween.

Kig kag; A chinge change; to percieve the change in an object that makes for different feelings. To change something in a way that is spiritually and physically changed as is possibly positive.

A change; This is to be as spirit but its physical change caused by your spirit. This is directed by your will.

Ige do; the gserfeids effect. To get and do things from your third eye effecting the outcome. I do it I get it done.

Ane t; This prevents unethical rules and writings as it uses rules and writings by some person. This acts as a guiding force to create better writings.

E esp; This is the ending energy of esp as if to bring to life an idea.

I esp; Some might say mental torture, this is the mental I as it is the esp thats done or thought on with use.

Ase do; An e A set idea to be and do. This creates a spell effect to make a set spell and can be used to make traps.

Ase aif ; This is to do things as things are set and done.

Elink; This is to be interlinking in a network by energy and the network is set by enlength. an energy ether net where each site is as a computer and can be viewed by psychic sight as if a part of another world. It starts off where you think of itor are located when you translocate, or it could be different like a archeology site. A e i like a separate net of one thats built off the net and is supported by it. As if a separate world, so it has the same information. Want to be in a node area say elink and let your brain come up with the area while you think of it. It seems the brain is the key to it as it is connected psychicly. you can find out stuff that is hidden here while there. Not many do know about it as its built off the firegrid or nodes of information on the internet. You see its info is like a live event in here and any info written there is an event here or its evident here. Like cast a horseshoe for luck in there, as it is generic meanings here from there. A se.

E'epex; This is the most effect machine idea, it then leaves people and machines and causes an intelligent machine with a learning mode. This learning mode can cause the brain to learn as its a most effective way to be done. This is to be as though with an energy machine or being.

Acnu'epex; (Ack-numb Ee-peeks) Its assigning to beat the road and to be as if you knew you.  This is to effect like a AI matrix. It is as if you or the machine were an a Energy computer that could transform. Your more than meets the eye. This is where you effect yourself anyway you can and cause yourself to make effect, this is to suspend time, to effect things to be like an idea, or to be as motion. To be more effective, this is to be able to do accomplishment and have a no lose effect. This is to be more able to get effects by use of a decision. This is to ascend and accept the consequences when you closer to the resolve of desire. You dissolve your being and body after being effected in negative energy and being effected by this spell.

Mechu'epex; This is to be as machine or be a vehicle, its like you are polymechanics that effect things differently and can transform by most effects. Considered polypenics by polyponics. This uses material as is, like transferrance materials, to be like transmutex and know its a changeable material. As long as its a changeable material, its possible.

Speuril; (Sperr-rill) To make an interesting being appear that can channel any doorway, as if it was meant for them. Speurils are actually eternals and super natural ability are there strength with an ability greater than normal. Yet the body naturally and somewhat looks like a cross between a squirrel and a human. They shiftshape to human form and this reflects some inner ability with their strength. They do things as on their own but on a suggestion. If no suggestion, they find things to do.

Alien ebil; The Alien evil is thought to be made through resistance. And, as they show their resistances by activity, by some they do missions. If the mission is above a 'lesser or puer' spell, things should be as it occurs and its a cause of corruption on unknown beings. And if a hold spell is cast, then its in object form.  When a word spell is cast, you arent losing a whole object which is by force when it has incurred damage while it is doing things, this means its alive and winding you down to letting you not hold itself. Sometimes in a separate space or spirit.

Magna bar; To separate the spirit from a body, is to pass a magnet bar of energy across the stomach and free the spirit. Once you pass the magnet along the body the spirit is gone free.

C es; This makes something do as it seems to be capable of.

Oinko; This is to make something piglike and also like an orc. Its a good idea to be capable of standing the spirit effects. This makes a being or person piglike by making them eat and act like a pig.

Es c; To escape in some manner as if into a new world or a safe part of the original existance.

Gneurly; This is to make anything you think on and seem like a gnarly old idea or superb hourly moment with a girlish idea.

Emme wa; This is very similiar to the effect of Em mo wa to where energy collects all the texts, idea sets and moments. Then sets them someplace by sending them back in time. All idea are assumed nurturing or aggressive in nature or agreement to some degree. Stop the effect to let you go, if your caught by this.

Fullmeun being; Fullmoon being, Its life that takes form as a being beyond the artificial effects and sacrifices. Sacrifices cause the live effect. As the continuuim lets the sacrifice live as a being. Artificial effects power it, along with the moon or planet. Another thing that this does allows continued thinking that it can be an mixed idea and be thought on anytime as its there. Like a child will be born as it is within 3 actual seconds. A sacrifice, in this case, is to make some basic effect and release energy by it.

An a; Creates a bloodhound effect. It is life in danger. It takes the form of a human at first. This being then tries to trance and does things to which allows it to trace another person, and kill them or enspell the person in a bind. Its sitting on a well made course as its away. Then, to be on its purpose is to be of what it needs from focused energy. In its final course it becomes self-set like a cigar bomb and this being is then formed into a explosive device. Its life is like a lifetrack of an idea that forms into a human then forms into a cigar-bomb.

Pas x; After, enough energy charges through spells long enough, it only ages you. No actual effect except for that.

Diu; It is physical esence breakdown and balance causing action due intended force and energy. As to take risks increses your comfort zone. As a Diu locomotor.

Do locomotor, thats one to think about as it is that feeling that spurs you into motion by dark matter. A 'simply am' feeling. A feeling like everything will be done in it's own time and at peace. So to stop it, just think about the idea and a un (unn). Its assumed that it will be done. You don't have to try too hard, you just go through the efforts that come to you and it will be done in time.

Locomotor; It is effective in which you cause action and might not stop acting it out till you say 'un to do'.

Diue; (Die-you-ehn) It is like a 'what did you do?' was asked in your mind an you are spurred into action. This has a side effect of causing gas and diarrhea.

Dieu; (Die-ee-uhn) It is like you have an 'in moment' thats weird, but by tracing of action you get the idea of whats happening or die young to do things. This has possibility of causing diarrhea on a waning moon.

Deiu; (Dee-ihn-uhn) It is like you trace events to do a moment as to do things right, sometimes alone.

Du; It is to do things whenever dumb or not.

Due; It is when you are to do something for the effect and are due a reaction, that is the end result. Due is whatever is to do that is done as if your designed for it.

An pa; To shift from one mind to the next. This is literally meaning 'An died of pa' or 'pa died'. It is beseechment, or Another way of saying things to make an impact and shifting.

An pa mo; The more pay the more effect for the the moment. This uses the money as a power to use and gain effects from.

Ane pa; Goes to the panel of window, to pay more for the idea.

Aceptieca dielectica; To make good tasting food as if a master chef.

Acieptica Sielectia; As to make a good selection and do preparation as in xgee twee or to steal something.

Acieptica Dielectia; To make good dedication in using pans and other work.

Acieptica integea; If in meringue or 'merging things', its to choose to be in the right idea or be as you may be right by an effect that is right.

Acieptica Tgud; To make for things as it is good for the idea.

Ones Acieptica; This is to sweep to the side or don't actually do and dismiss.

Ones Aciep; To make good time and do things to be on the go.

Onies aciep; If you don't accept things, then you might be better or worse.

A ship; This is to summon a ship, that does what you will it to do and is powered by crystals.

Aciep; To be and to make things do or be due.

Typ int; Typical or special interest, makes you full of thought and has direct appeal.

As au; As it seems no is the answer, this is to do something we do as we want or need.

Th'flune; in e in: This is as there are three different types of flunes set by whats near you.
1. Its standard mirror operated, usage of a mirror in some way A flunie. An Any disinterred discorporeal shift of an opposable gateway system, engineered by thoughts and a for which things that are thought as positive is actually negative but its thought of as positive in physical actions or dimensions.
2. The digiworld way is if there's a computer operated way. Called a flumie. A disassociated corporeal shift.
3. As provided by flume energy and crystal flume.

1 As you go the first way, you put a man in e an protected there is the passability created by two way flow of positive and negative. With the third thought flow of one direction governed by mind action. The negative is governed by the thought flow where the positive is governed by a action. The mirror makes it occur, and its disinterred by use but causes a discorporeal shift. The actual process is to go set the way, as by mirror and go through a door physically or mentally. Skeptisism rests it. And to try to focus a mirror by imagining where you want to go, then touch a mirror from thoughts on it or ik on the beside of it and to focus it. Then walk through a door and your someplace at least in spirit. That imagined mirror, Self directive measure by means to acts as a focus and you become aware and as to where you are. A vision can come upon it with flunie activity ingenerated by you as to where you are.
2 Is in the digiworld way its the computer thats the way to the flume. You type and whatever you type you end up doing or someone else does. It's the same idea, but there's worlds linked together, the typing thing takes the special typing energy. given by a flume an I figured what powers them.., candles. Somewhere there are candles to cause the flume. Most times about 1 inch above it, The screen is the flume as you think toward it or just touch it and you do.
3 The third, a third to do as it takes "It's more like a wormhole than anything else. Most wormholes are unseen or seen by feel. When they go through it, it's like they're riding an a cushion of air that sends them through these tunnels that've got "crystal walls" that you can see through, and out into space
with bright lights."
Thats the third type, the crystal flume. As its with bright lights, crystal wall and as if you float on air and the crystal places in itself between worlds and the territories are similiar. It acts as a conduit actually anywhere through light and energy so adjust and think the place. Flumes can be near between poles. It can be powered by computer.. But as you think go places you activate them. You can seal them. By usage of a dejective thought, a projected darkness and seclusive activity towards in it as the shot hits the gate it collapses and anyway its like a life path. Adjust by wearing straps and collage by wearing cologne.

An em; To be Ever looking considerate, an ever with excuses with many uses.

Amstead; To be ruthless and introspective. A replacement moment that is like 'I am of what is'. This causes you to believe, as a whole that is as most of what is is emphathetic. As it came from the thought, "Hatred for a corrupt government means nothing when the innocent populace is at stake".

Switchous energy; it switches the energy off from the moment, that energy moment is used by your own lifeforce. You then control it but must do requests as to remain good.

Shihn; To control and cause use of body pleasure with vibration to unite the conscious with the subconcious. This is to cause the effort to be more effective of what you achieve. This is to not be done while moving. When its done, you will have a more powerful body.

Shehn; This is to not defeat the source, which is not draining it. This makes you use a real reason and try to go do something or become better.

Em eh; The other universal excuse as it diverts attention to something else or just seems to do what the onlooker wants.

Biofe; Biofeed bag, to be as fed but by life itself as its only an idea. This summons a spell bag of spirit food that you know when your munching on subconsciously and won't overdo with.

Fneuf; (Newt) Biofeedback realization or recognition by clarification. Once recognized, you stopped acting badly or do the appropriate thing.

Lv xp; To level expell you or create level experience.

Au acommo; A hrundinger, a cuomf or accomodation spell which gives you everything and anything you desire, including knowledge and you can be prepared for it. As the price is anulling which comes about of some idea. In a preparation it does allow change to size, shape and form. This is where that which you want well, fits the motion to which the spell has to do things. So in an accomodation spell, it allows you to be half the shape or weight as of normal and still its counted as though living, then your in an accomodation concept. This can cause you not to be noticed if you do something.

Vis druid; Vision of a druid, imagine yourself as a druid while dealing with people on normal point of living. While on another point of existance, you are on a druid level dealing with people as if they were a druid.

Aur acommo; Aur aer, Auratic air influence is where you are someplace by aura shift to do as is necessary. Or your aura shifts to do as you want. With the spell, you can have your aura become a solid form. This is done by stating the spell and have the intent for that effect.

Ef efcio; To cause you to disapparate (shift) to another area or idea of space. When it does, it can if cause an disassociation, or if disclosure then the effect that ends the spell is disconnection.

Selffrac dupar sel'pardue; To know and throw something in or add things spell wise with examination.

Select speak; Listen to the way you speak and then clarify. This can cause cleching your teeth while speaking amongst other things that make you understood.

Auer spuer; Sets a good time shield effect or good aura shield effect per defense needed in moment, Sets in suggestions to make it as though secluded of the moments you live through. Also, its as the purpose is set for actions to happen. Otherwise, somethings just come in many different forms of reprisal.

Cime One Death; Causes a near death or you could just imagine the person's spirit exploding, does. A por nor. Nor por noix.

Opposing effect; Its as if an Opposite being effects the course set by pros and cons or makes things of peoples energy in moments. It is powered by the bar.

Sometin' coelescant; To coelesc or collect things by the moments you live through.

Portus Select; Self-directive gate, that offers your spirit direction as you can go anywhere, but think about it as you are to think about it, and that's where things go.  This is to say something, as a shift gate takes what you say as direction as you say it, then it becomes compulsive behavior till it shifts you. Compulsive behavior here doesn't permit permissable acts. As it does distraction and dishonoring of the purpose in mind.

Lv ez; Live easier, this on games is to level easily or make the game easier.

Job demon; Calls a job demon to be there, or a intricate extricate being. A job demon depend on a job more than most amongst people. Assign him what you want him or her to do.

En if; To end the moment by whatever is in effect. Short of whatever usage you want in natural concept.

Airateo; Use to avoid attack by air shield thats shielding of heat and this is sending effects to that other reality.

Air radeo; This causes an effect to be on effect by use.

Ereis deis; To come to and reconstitute (reuse) the heart of something. This erases the effect of what is used in ritual to power the effect.

A li; A thought line effect spell; You mention it as a spell line of description, it could be any language and it causes the effect to occur as it does make you stop in movement sometime. The two moments are linked together timewise. It is not only the key component, wisdom in this is the only other component as its a large crystal that assumes a form to be creating the effect. It operates only by the lines. It is cast by stating 'a li' while needing the effect described, it causes the person who casts it to be formed into a being that is a magic being. That is in the form of the stone in alterform. Several ways of casting that as I saw it, uses a gem and think of "the gem". This is also to Say "I see it" then say line angel. The stone supports people as it is needed to. This stone gives them energy to do things on a need, desire or lust. Say 'do' and you know, as the crystal keeps its programming and self reforms with regeneracy. There is a guard for the crystal, of a real ogre or vampire.

An en; Creates an opposable view that is interepreted with use as something. This creates an end on an effect.

Deu erechture; A result from this can be that soothing but is causing caustic nature from others. This draws soothing nature from other people, at random.

Deu eruchture; It causes an caustic action by soothing respite. On a volcano, it can cause a different thing. This is eruption.

Deu ereuchture; To erupture, or to be of abuse that is in use of fists and considered abuse. This makes abuse to become use somewhere in a negative energy field. This can cause a quicker eruption of lava.

Orgasm machine; To have sex and of the sex this causes a created effect, such as a monster or two. As only in efficient use, that isn't to use poorly and this causes shifting. Some use an added 'sheft' as to make it a crime and it is then the cause of a crime to happen.

En is; Set up an event that is your Purpose and that is To do things as is. This is an 'Endemic of condemning' which is by pursuit of that which can do deadly action.

En emn; To condemn, by which is to turn a blow and accord to the idea as negative. This idea is what allowed for it. Set by Purpose, this is to self make an event. Self purpose is a probable making.

Famoly; That which is and makes itself known. What one does is to make that and thats what you do.

An en; In the end we don't do as we thought we are to do. We do what is necessary.

Amethyst; To be long of cause is to know and find out. This spell makes situations where you are of long cause and find out by trial and error.

Anoth; To be of sorrows and self-cordulance. Self-cordulance is to be tired of being effected by something your used to.

Ane tho; To be powered by making and knowing. You are power born and making. Sometimes this is of a fake or routine idea. If written down, it could discredit you in society.

Astate; To be able to do things as though more action is required. This is for a puppeteering purpose, and to make away with what you have. This also allows you to open a way to an seemingly innocent world but is abusive to certain indivisuals.

Astete; To be made to do things and be able to do effects where you didn't but this is moreso understood. This is understood, by the effect of making do and working better.

As be; To design things as to be a living representative of what you want.

Eh er; Dinner and Mercurial attitude with easy flowing drugs. Any Error there in this could get you killed. Such as mistaking someones purpose.

Eh ers; To be of proposal, Its ethers or spirits that can give an emergency rush of energy. Its errors in this that give reason for people to come.

In ers eh; Dinners come normally. Also self-defensive measures are there to do as is possible and where able there is not always an inability. A love of your life may come otherwise.

To hea; This is to beat to near death in mind or adverse moments, your adversary, or to be active on a waning and new moon.

Er if; The target becomes like humanistic angels and they are not but devils or none better.

To cee; As if care is done to make a representation of what you want, IRL its easy, just think it there but living (not dead). As you see things in your head, you see it there in front of you. As thats only if you like it too much.

Time vampire; Become one who uses the secluded efforts to seclude herself or himself. Then use your time to waste ours. By use you gain things on your own. In offense you use concept. In defense you use concept. You do things under circumstances, as in do or don't.

Exieos exiea; Growth; Similar to the Enlargement Charm and the Engorgement Charm, this spell causes the target to increase in size. The precise differences between these three enchantments are unknown. Harry got confused during his Charms OWL and cast a Growth Charm on a rat he was meant to be turning orange. It had grown to the size of a badger before he could stop it.

Exies exiaeo; Hair Growth Jinx, A spell cast on Alicia Spinnet by Miles Bletchley before the Gryffindor vs Slytherin Quidditch match in 1995. It caused her eyebrows to grow so fast they obscured her vision.

Exies hair; Hair Loss Curse Makes the victim lose their hair. Covered by Professor Vindictus Viridian in his book on curses and counter-curses.

Exies Exios; Hair-Thickening Charm Causes hair to thicken. During the build-up to the Gryffindor vs Slytherin Quidditch match in 1995, Alicia Spinnet was hit from behind by a curse from Miles Bletchley that caused her eyebrows to grow so fast they obscured her vision. Professor Snape refused to believe this and stated that she must have attempted a Hair-Thickening Charm on herself.

Hives; Hives Hex Causes the victims face to erupt in hives. Hives are raised lumps on the skin, usually caused by an allergic reaction.

Hornio; Horn Tongue Hex Turns the tongue to horn. This makes the voice boom as you speak. Harry found this hex in a book when he was trying to work out how to defeat a dragon in the first task of the Triwizard Tournament. He decided not to use it as it would just give the dragon an extra weapon. On a negative waning moon, it can cause horniness.

Horns; you get to be brazen and concentrated on insults. This spell has a potential to grow horns on you.

Brakio; Horton-Keitch Braking Charm Patented by Basil Horton and Randolph Keitch, this charm aids broomsticks and other things in slowing down in a controlled manner.

Epiox epiux; Hot Air Charm Causes hot air to stream out of the end of the caster's wand or aperture. This is similar to Relashio, but in the case of the Hot Air Charm, no sparks are released. A complicated wand movement is required to cast this spell but no incantation. Hermione used it to dry her robes in winter 1995, and also to create a path through the snow.

Hoeve; Hover Charm Makes an item hover in the air. Famously used by Dobby on Aunt Petunia's pudding.

Exius hexio; Hurling Hex Professor Flitwick thought, that Harry's new Firebolt broomstick - a gift from Sirius Black - might be jinxed with this hex. It is likely that it causes the rider to be thrown off the broomstick. This can cause bucking.

Exus turbeo; To cast and cause someone not to like someone such as in exius exuis for banishment. Extrudia invisibilis to cause invisible banishment.

Exius rxio; Imperturbable Charm Impeturbable means "not able to be disturbed". Creates a barrier which sounds, objects and people cannot cross.

Invisibilis Fnord; Invisibility Spell Fred and George Weasley used this spell to good effect in their range of Headless Hats. Hermione was particularly impressed that they\92d managed to make the range of invisibility go beyond the charmed object. This spell is different to Evanesco in that Evanesco actually causes the item to cease to exist rather than simply making it invisible. You are the invisibility that most would be hurt by.

Conskript; Makes a thing that is to occur events and is conscript run by spirits as the action maker is you. Some of spirits can drive you crazy.
This can create truth from what people say. This uses two types of summoned truth. The first truth is to say it and know it is true. The second is t'rue by veritaserum or other truth serum and have the person admit it by your influence.

Ephidrenic; To destroy some beings or things for a result.

Ephenedrel; To set up someone in an inescapable pattern. What one does, is to make a pattern of energy and devise it to become inescapable.

Efinedrix; This can form a drug that causes things. This is to be as things are but not as a concept or as its necessary. And if it is about to happen, it is to nonexist and then it isn't. The result is what becomes of how it is. This also was a drug machine of some dimension. That created results, from other places to be where you wanted them.

Ephinshin; To destroy what is,  this is to believe in things first, then to work with it. As you work with it, they go depressive and then get someone else to destroy things. Then usage is first. This effect could cause depravity. But a neglect could cause interest. When doing something in a case, you don't want interest you want resolve by duty or results. Otherwise, you get a drug and you have to live through it.

Ephinex; This is to be where you are. Then, to do in an effect, this is to end a result and cause the effect on the sender. A drug of unusual application. Its about comes to those who are crazy and you can stop it if it does, through will. Indications are of what does come about. To be as though something happens, if soothing, by use and not if gone too far. This is such an effect as to allow no abuse. Its of the fact to point it out, as the fact is of what you want and it is to left to do for no reason. If a person lets the effect happen or makes allowance, then it is to be for an end of it. For real, it is of the job as if it is to do any of what you want, do it or be in it. This rule applies in application, to do application of it is allowed in the apllication if it is used right. You don't apply application by use of it, if you are to do self application with it. If hera energy is applied, you are to do with things it and then you are okay.

Phinedrix; A foe of unusual nature. To be expiaditrics or expedient is to use expelliarmus on them.

Expediants; Expedients, to speed up use by efficient idea.

Efindriel; To use or be of use or be done by use in permanent measure.

Effindrex; To be of use or practical use some might say things of use. Abuse is the negative effect of it.

As tedute; To be understood is to do things and you become a part of the event.

To channge; This causes a change by three parts, As you be or beat things, As to be aware, you are as you can be. To curse, change and become. This is the negative energy version.

Inefi em; When inept, This is used to open a flume or fleme gateway that effects the ability to go almost anywhere. Within 10 worlds in range. Independant in effect, this can cause situations if your intent is bad.

Amem effect; Cast by pronouncing the phrase and sending energy to the target. This is to block and dodge around areas thats in a fight. Mostly unseen.

I amem; To be condemned in one world, but you earned acceptance to an area or activity in another. As you do the activity you are forgotten in that world.

Emam em; To become as one with the thing, using enhanced telepathy, and you gain immunity as by the thing with embuement as the force.

Imam; A force condued or conduit shifted.

Inam em; Its as if one with you, This one is a useless thing, and it is what is desired by some. So it becomes a distraction. This can pause a person endlessly unless resistant. Unless restraint is used.

Embass; To cast as necessary, it forms nothing as essay and goes with you to pause the other person whom you want to pause, but with ideal use, it can restrict by a pattern observed of a person by removing the unwanted with a memory scene. This is what you have or wont to do until you do have as was requested.

Wont to; A person or thing summoned for use, this is including energy. By use it is of a purpose set by you and of nothing to watch.

Inefficient opposable; An opposable that is like you but not. Inopposite opposable as they are where they could take your place or drain you like a wraith. Swing it around, meaning fate is brought about and to the opposer.

Inefficient; Makes you or the target an ineffectant person by use of anything that is usable, but not inefficient in mind. Opposable all the way as in price. The price degree is set by use.

Simp serv; The idea is dished by a simple sentence given out. But use is caused by infinity thats used by thought, as the idea describes itself to a subconcious form by the simple serv effect.

Dim travel; To travel dimensions and go to places as they are, and find yourself get at least one free ride.

Anem ef; To be Inexorant and opposable as a force of nature is caused. This is by use of force that is to break down by an entropic type of energy. This is to effect anything that is in movement, to keep it going. Entropic bystandard force.

Asder tat; To use tatterdamains (which are beings shaped like spirits from lost memories) to form energy by them speaking of their memory, this energy forms a human to do things that are needed. The energy is your friend as you can see it or use it as its the use of things. This is as though you use your own things and beings. As the human isn't killed, the tatterdemain is an undestroyable being.

Andy; A set effect or moment by chocolate formed with some effect, as if a mint was in your mouth serving as the energy to cause your pain an ills to go away. Most often of times it allows an moderation of an idea in answer to pain. Its to set aside the effect of pain and leave the body in numbness for some time.

To setup; To set in a pattern of a given situation a pattern of example that uplifts a mood or power. Some say this is a result to set in an idea with a pattern. This can set up effects to shift in things with pattern. It has only effected because it has had nothing to do with the caster.

So Blizzen; To be of snow and blizzard like activity. This uses the soul with an effect of the spell to create a blizzard. In moderation, it can cause snow.

So Blizzon; This causes rain by soul activity being directed.

So Blizzin; This causes heat in an area its cast. This is done by directed soul energy.

So beun; Makes a person to be unable to do things and safely set aside the activity.

Water wasi; A supposition to do and know that forms water. A thing to do will cause a known form of water. Water washing.

Ge indo; To be in the form thats an idea to get in and out and do things. This keeps from private facts being a seen.

Vas por; To pour rain somewhere and in a mental landscape goes pourable fire.

As casc; Free and loose consequence, Everything thats run by some sort of idea has a set consequence.

Ntodo sue; To be of undoing and make it so. To see the people effected as unreal and do something to them.

Some do; To do as an abstract moment, an set into play things with an idea that suits it.

To ando; To undo as in a moment as is necessary.

El cid; To be in and of thought, and the result is of like sound and given results.

Energy; This is to be as though a thought up action, that is of considered and sometimes measured resources. This can materialize in the  aftereffects by no shock except electricity. This can render a person harmless and thought harmless, they do they need.

El ciden; To be of an end, by use of created moments or as something that may be of use. This is as though apple cider is used to cure a tiredness.

As duen; To continue as if an idea but doing something else. As is to use english and do things otherwise.

Asis du; To do as you are an end of an ending of something that is. Supposed alternatives are that which may be.

To due; To do as in a notion and have effect by your use. All you need is to suggest something after this is cast.

Is es go; Is easy go. To make it easy and to do things as you go and believe them.

En es du; This Ends weight dumbness.

Em en; To be slapped. Ce en, Makes in the person slapped a real pocket dimension area that you visit by vision quest.

En em; Dont do as badly done.

Smart; Create yourself, as able and capable and given purpose unless your already smart.

Dumb; To be really really dumb. Except for serendipitous behaviour. If you try to be smart, you get distracted.

En du; As to end the dumb action.

Ei ho; End the dumb idea.

Ei en A; End dumb act.

Make fast; An in dulciemer is, To make faster time as if it may go as in blink of your eye.

Make better; To get better than ever.

Xetra exeria; Germ warfare, This causes a person, To self-deflect an item or desire. Some use a germ to control with this idea. The idea could be the act you do to convince people.

Er en; To forge or force entry to an impossible entry point as it is possible.

Eran ger; In error your tense and do stuff that causes no thought, or do things and be slightly angry.

En tergo; End by something and be in terror and go or Enter and end the terror, this is also a go away or make acceptance.

Teren go; Write and enter some area or end writing to go.

Enser go; Go an be of an answer by activity. This causes the target to tense up and use the tenseness as a focus. An end of this is an erasure of the event or to swerve out of the way into an accident. Incidental death is the worst advent of it.

Answer go; Answer to be able to cope by some activity.

Enser; Makes things to get an idea by an experiment and use explanation by devising an activity in an relative moment.

Essen as; Causes a person to Do things, have intention, be essence, and form esper or become of the lesson at hand.

An essen; The cause of the moment becomes of an idea that represents the path one might take. This can be of an effect one can't speak about much.

Ess essen; Humans go, The path you take becomes out of the way. This can be used to make the human side of people leave them.

To go; Erg'o ergo, To go out of the way to resolve an idea or another idea of another way of life in a form of movement.

To erg; Usage is of those who can do things.

Ergo proxy; This is to be of machines and self-procurative in intelligence gathering.

Ergo mechanics; To be of 'in vei' veiled machines, to be able to repair them.

Ergopolics; To be an Expressed idea when in action, by usage and politics or bipolar disorder.

Ergopolice; To be of a police unit and of a law enforcement agency.

Ergox; To be of unlimited charge that crosses energy to cards and this energy acts according to your will.

Indrepolics; Indirect pole to pole action across state or other lines.

To repulse; To be repulsive in ways that don't go away unless the counterspell is done. Inrepulsive is the counterspell.

Inrepulsive action; To be as is and allowed to do and repulse the action that was set into play.

En emp; End the empathetic moment. Its a mandatory theory which happens to people that prose. Don't dislike what is, Be of like or dislike in mind.

Emp; To see with empathy. This causes you to be empathetic.

Erg urg; To cause movement of the idea you want to happen. This is by idea and the casters choice that happens with great strength.

Unce te; To be uncertain. But certain of every action. This tactic terrorizes the mind, with what they fear the most and causes the uncertainty of what they believe. Unless the action is pointed out to them, then they are certain of what happens.

Time spell; You watch the time and know of the moments by thinking of it. Most of the time what material we have could be dissipated in its effect by this.

Instant time; to create something like it was built in an instant. Thinking of the thing, animal or beast will get you the thing, animal or beast.

Instent view; To be of view but untouched.

Send channel; to set up a time area to send a message through a video that is sent to the right time.

To show; It shows anything invisible as visible but temporarily.

Marrowswith; To be as able, and powered by bone or more likely causes the dense bone regeneration.

To be; Is to make a person tubby by relaxation.

To set; This causes a person to be set tubby and in relaxation. This is advanced from the To be effect. As, it creates a need to be lazy and the effect is more permanent.  In to be or In to set cures this.

Barrowswith; Being as an able mind with use by words or some idea. The wheelbarrow you might use as if possible. To go along with and to yield results with use. So to speak, to try and trust, then to speak. Your never a target if you do as with things.

Forgiveness; Your to do as of those with ability. To this effect, we can see forgiveness and a stoppage point to the effects through suggestion. In fact, we do things with the thought of things to do well.

Ce te; To capture things by being of the moment and use virtue, or to be of use by being of virtue sometimes with music.

Ce; To cause a Scenic moment or a music moment. You can see the only sea in your mind. Or, do other things.

En ce; End of a scenic view or music moment.

En mo; To skip the act and do else.

En se; To end a setup or moment. This is under circumstance.

En no; To end by a nothing activity or a no moment. To be very similiar in energies, otherwise.

Em etc; To be of value and be rest assured of an assurance. To be of virtue by use.

Enm no; Stops a person by any enmity or enemy being attracted to them. You are taking things realistically as if any everyday event were normal.

Em mo; To no more often do things by bringing fault and get things by giving or being hurt. The end result is to see more often of some desire or need. To end certain things and make a person panicked to show respect more often.

Em no; To get more need from 'in knowledge', which is the accepted knowledge of the moment and its if you read it by viewing it.

Em ce; To see them as if there and for real. This helps to see invisible people and gates.

Ce ve; See the scene, view it and do something about it. This can alternately cause someone to stay back.

No har; Now, no more harrassing.

Ce vu; This causes the soul to see of the view, as a scene. Then know of it as in a vault with energy.

Ce vuno; To view by need no more and view no vault. A vault is a dimensional pocket of the mind.

Sede no; Sudden death of idea or person to aggravate all of the family or people to get something.

Ceve no; The antidote to see note death. To set no cut off point unless its needed.

Cee vee; To be with a pass and make cause by sole decision.

Gerthump thuo; To knock out someone by out energy of strike. This can cause the idea of someone using a staff or lance on the person. This may seem like a throat choking somewhere nearby. But, in truth, its to set the object thats nearby to assault with on the victim.

Cee ne vee; To be the cause in redoing something by refunding and a 'make it again' result by making a pass and an occurance. Done with a pass of the hand.

Am dessica; I am dessica to be of now. To dessica you dessicate and do things to know.

Cenedre ce; To great cease or have musical idea with interaction. To cease, one stops and becomes still. This causes the ceasing effect in many, though.

Ce nedris; Inevitable to great cease. To disappear something in the meantime that could get you in trouble.

Nedre; Great devestation and this becomes the cost of effect.

The cause; Demons have a case in some cause. This may summon the demon to serve a case.

En de; End up alive after death.

En suit; To end the suit of a case in point, Ends up ending pursuit. This could also be used to end the suitcase, bag and other such end.

As mu; Similiar act of a position as it is set by energy only if you couldn't do it.

Fly up; To cause the person to fly at least in spirit.

An dessica; To dessicate by way of life. As you do things, energy imprints make a desiccation effect as the impact to an area.

En dessica; To stop anything dessication and despotic acts by the act of normal or unnatural ways of life.

Dishippea; Creates Anticlimatic moment by moments decided by subconscious, this is the idea that is formed in our mind and is what we might think about it.

Is shippea; To turn to phase and continue in or of a voidal and voided moment.

In raiden; To go as a God by force of electricity that spreads forth. Can call up a raiding force of some kind. It has been known to do two things ever since. To create revoked effects and make godlike actions. When the electricity goes out, so does the Godlike ability. With a little bit of manipulation skill, you can get away with anything. Optional is the Bioenergy that is energy and creates a moment if channeled. or used like electricity where there is none.

In raiddu; In raiden be. It restores as it calls A spirit force of beings that reflects and absorbs as it does things.

Indisue Inechu; A wild horse or force pattern that causes .. forces that go about. They goto areas that need enforcement by people who need help. Some act in a form similar to you to do things. If they don't get results, they leave.

Absolv desoelv; desoelv desult; Absolve division, this is to dissolve a vision. By using the differences of two things against each other, at least in your mind the vision dissipates and dissolves itself while it does so. With enough ability that channels power, you can dissolve the wolrd around your senses.

En Con; Thought and soul makes the effect, motion is the ability.

Desult desulv; It stops imfamy, it stops the thing fighting back with reactions and you can get energy from visions.

Desulve desuelt; Dissolve force, It stops by emfamy different effects.

Ammunit; An interesting thought of ammo usage or a amulet and a immunity by shaped force. Then there's the force of void ability that adds to the effect.

Enrich; Enderech, give to the rich or correct to be rich. This makes Enrichment by a factor of money force, no force that we do except of others.

Wyld defense; To defend by use of an idea and stop violence sometimes by a vision. If its possible.

Wyld fighter; This calls up a fighter to fight for you. Obviously, a fighter that Relieves him or herself in wildness and believes in wildness, idea, and conception. A willed and willful fighter, they won't effect an innocent.

Spell fyghter; To be a defying fighter by wild standards in and of use. With spells, this is to be of a way to do things, as sometimes its to do with chaos or multiple events in a moment by a single instance.

Wyld mage; To be calling up a mage to fight for you. Obviously, a magic user who believes and relieves stress in use, by definings. Believes in use, to be of knowing and expedience. They can bring an energy to serve an effect. As this may be chaos, it is certain that we who are effected by the wyld mage could be used as info.

Chong chaikei; To gain a servant by stating this over the body using tai chi effect. If their dead it should raise them by a charge that goes through the back as a producement of necromancy.

Eng no; To attack at a distance by use of tai chi.

Tchai ken kei; (Chai ken key-ih) In port defense energy that can use duplicitous force, Defense energy is an available force of effect that brushes something, It isn't really energy rushes that you feel from this as it sometimes goes through your past.

Coif; To form a handcuff, the key is imagined and formed from you or the victim thats cuffed. Imagine the cuff being used for some use. Imagine the cuff being released from the victim.

En haidu; End hairdo, this is a 'Call me teacher, to be evil with evil or good with good, and your due know or not then' effect thats called as you do things or you are as disabled.

Demeaner; The ring is less valuable as it means its less likely that it is engineered by magic.

An itz roze; Its to go and be of worn idea (something that your tired of) or war moment, and as its more effect you can cause in an idea being expressed. Its meeting with your alternative selves, alternative aspects, alternative dispects and otherwise.

En raidu; A happy vision that supports anything you do. While you have the vision, time flies backwards till it ends and as you age or unage at will.

Disoelv; To dissolve a universe, It causes a small push force, that is greater after awhile but can be turned. This force dissolves a moment or person.

Desoelve; To be of a dissolved state of the moment and by risk your of an issue and disownment in the end. This is by a 'In e' said to the area.

Go effect; Sometimes the go effect is a word used for a needed pattern. Its good for effort.

Purpoes; To stop, bend evil by will, and set your own purpose in their mind. In a negative energy, your overcome and caused by the spell to do things as set by effort in poetics, song or other music form.

Disoewn; To disown of anything the person might own.

Dicieve; To decieve and be under control, to usurp their mind and disown the victim. This effects enemies or friends. Sometimes its to hold your dick and use swipes until pleasure in a negative energy field.

Oewn; To owe by use but you own anything you want and you go for a small idea. Also as a power source, it robs the evil emotional vieqw from a person.

Owez; Makes a person that owes alot. It is that idea of being in debt, where money or values start to become important.

Owin; Makes a use by effort that is done in use and through worded phrase, but observers don't know about it.

Seta; As set in motion, its setup. Set active, this is to set all things to normal motion.

Due head; A due heading, force by events or bets and actions in which cause good health care and other mental care.

Its stes; Its a little too much force that can be collected to cause a vision to compensate for too much stress. As in effect this is to cause you to see things.

Itz az; As to say a word and use a vibrational attribute, of some material like a sword, to create an alternate type word spell style. It changes by efficient study and usage. As the spell is effective, you might notice that the vibration gets deeper. So its more effective after repeat exposure.

Itz allz; Its all uses. It sets a purpose that you have in mind, by using a standard or effect and pauses these things by use of a moment. Set by use.

Nini; Night night, gets a person to sleep or puts a person on nightly patrol in sleep meditation.

An pa; To create a father figure out of the mind that appears as a vision. This figure can be compared to being rough, nice and possibly idea. He is dismissable but can be spiritual.

An ma; To create a mother or grandmother as in effect done by effort and that person always supports you. This person appears as vision or for real by spirit. It could be self-thought given form.

Star-imperial; This spell is used by thinking it, to create a scene of a imperial family. It is also used to display the imperial star crest symbol. This is a symbol of a long ago imperial star ship group.

Trite dr; Don't try but do, or try to do if you normally can't.

Ce ithwi; To see it with understanding and know-how. With idea to do and make use of.

Ce ithdr; To be as with drive and its idea like.

Can be; It can be as it is to do something, yet nothing is done. This is when the effect in somewhere is utilized and from something or in somewhere. In a can be moment, the mind makes you see a visage where drinks are evil but the purpose of them are good no matter. You can outrun a can be spirit as it takes form similar to a slow moving being.

An ev; To do evil as in purpose to a name. You name the purpose and the evil is done for it.

Abe can; To not be of something and see nothing, as if to be for whatever turns you on. This can cause you to turn on a person by dislikes.

A'he can; This is not but a combination of the two beings effort, that make this spell able to deal with moments, but not always as the soul; can make things as this is a comeuppance.

Typ 400; To type 400 and one. It is to go and type 400 lines and one extra. The history of the ages. You say what happens.

Encen tra; To cause entrance to an exit point.

En cen; End senility and be sane. Without hatred to people and others. This can cause slight dementia, when the mind adjusts.

En cena; To be in an end scene with rejection and to be dejective or senile.

En cenna; To be senile and go on with things sanely.

Wordis moat; Spreading yourself thin by different activity and energy use at least in your mind. This uses events that are sound in something.

Solabtics; An in a en, This is where people become Very intrigued by unique qualifications in visual moments, as in theatre due to a moment. A cure or counter is In en undue.

Solabtic; Causes several people to be in a thinking bout and doing missions by a moment that passes by. This is a separation of self by use and forming a spirit self to get results. To some they may do or may have use in the moment, to buy in and believe effect or to be an effect in a moment by doing physical activity. The effect is to believe if the idea is bought. This group can cause beings to do things, by request.

Endic timus; A fictatious moment, This makes a real lifelike moment that wasnt real except in a certain area. Its powered by actual events and beliefs and directed by intent which make this spelunkin experiment real.

Endic camus; This a thought or action that is 'in' by a thought to set up the moment to set up the moment you live through.  By making things be working by things and by an idea to make things occur.

Endic cur; To curse a moment by which he or she lives, in fact and idea.

Amem; This makes things as of them or other usage and is treated as though it were of family.

Agitae em; To become dictateus and in an effort basically to tell what is to be done or maybe make things so someone you want is back.

En solabdic; To be of an ending or of a moment that is to be subdued by activity. This is the true end of it.

En scenic; End a scenic moment or a dispute. As you would do to end a normal movement.

Endarmic; Cause the person to Do a request or be ready to do a request.

Endiarmic; Its to be doing actvity and this is of your or others idea and its to make you ready for a moment to do things. This causes that idea by moment to moment activity and attitude being a 'to do'.

Cont life; Continue life, To continue a life that was time paused, this is to Become a life as though you were teaching and is animalistic as possible. Because, you have to cause healing of the body by joining your animal self with the body.

Cause do; To make do with what you have and to be of a cause or a course. This makes you Be as though you were alive, See as though you were living, Make your spirit become awakened as though working.

Cause ex; To cause extra activity, extra life, or make an excuse to do or to see things as though things are.

Indictimous; Creates a fictatious moment from descriptions thats created by need. These moments may seem real and can be similar to a real illusion.

Inflictimous; An inflicted moment. Created by magic, this moment makes an idea to be real by manifestation, that you are assaulted in your imagination or area that you exist in and it uses your energy to do it. Often leaving the you drained, the inflicted moment in the targets mind creates a physical body activity that reflects the infliction.

Chiropteran; Calls forth a vampire who's in monsterous shape mostly. They can drain somebody of blood completely or leave them  some by a 'sip' from the victim/s later. En pchu is the form that makes them be monstrous. They call forth spirits even from the body very easily that they target. They can manipulate the mind through images and control people or animals. The vampire can be a guard of the area, if paid by giving them what they need. And it serves the summoner. Driving it away, whence summoned, is not to need it there and project that need forth to it, causing it to be bored and go away from the area.

Chevelier; Calls forth an immortal who can view and recover from anything. They protect those an those things of who make them. They get revenge on those they dislike.

Solamn ic; As you do things, you start to try and imagine thoughts it occurs to others.

Solab; This is to use idea to form things but you know and do whats necessary. To do this, you are able to know, and see a color from something like a picture. You use action to know an idea and to get a result.

Wine moat; Spreading yourself thin by difference and feeling bad about things, at least in your mind, you drink to be sound in something.

En memo; Take a fossil, highly build up energy and have a truffle. Then you have the Demigod Treisan in a room of objects and you are as if a reagent or ruler of effect.

Av iem; Makes you think that you can buy something by death. Or, if you buy something, you buy an money scheme idea in incorporate use.

Avem; Avowel, To cause an Avow to make insurance as you might say "I say I want to", or not always to say "I am responsible to be thought of through actions. These actions are due to a 'put on me' effect as its done to me and I never use you or your idea".

Missions aboard; To make and mean or summing up an action pact, by an in agreement with someones spirit and by idea expressed.

Actem pactem; To get a solution that tends to gets you or someone to do something.

Actions'n accord; Makes things like life thats being taken into accord. As its this simple, its like its a person is dependant by an act.

Sir nevotiate; To negotiate the way with someplace or some person.

Bea way; Create an episode, this episode is yours to watch as if right in front of your eye. Give an opinion and the episode ends. Whatever happens in the episode happens in your life sometime, at least in a part. This is a part thats portrayed in real life. The episode reflects the things you notice or see. It inters the things you thought.

Be hid; See it not in mind, see it in body. Hidden in mind seen in body, this effect becomes hard to detect.

Be se; See it in mind. Be hid in body. This is to be hidden by body or in a body but not in mind unless necessary.

Se be; See it in mind, be it not hidden in body.

Inter trvl; Interplanar travel that is based on by the effect by need. Its like think do and you are. But you may find yourself Focus on a idea of things you want to occur and to make it occur you end up writing something down. Or you finding yourself typing it, and feel the shift that you do to go to the place you want to go. Sometimes reading aloud things that you type you find that it occured naturally. You described the area and pattern you will follow earlier. After that, you will find the body your in won't be the body you are of or you will be where you are and yet you inkinetically moved. What the body you are of is, is the other body that is actually there in the 4th realm. It was there and formed to support where you described.
To control it, thoughts can make it do things from you. People can talk to it there and it will reply by using your vocal chords sometimes. You might feel and that gets it moving. Feel in danger, and you get the other bodies support. To speak, meaning the body you can cause it to speak. Otherwise it will move when you move, and do its own things that you can watch. For more info on the math of this, read the dimensional physics on my site. If you can't understand what I said then you can ask questions. You can shift the body by describing a new setting or place. If you shift it one inch then the danger disappears if any. As there are dangers to anything you do an in the 4th.
It's incompressable size; Everything grew, and became misshappen. Not that the shapes were messed up, but they were shaped in such a way that I couldn't understand. Think about it: A fourth dimension, as we are three dimensional in our senses, normally. A fourth dimension in our view simply doesn't make sense. But we can't understand it, for the most part. A 2d thing can never comprehend a 3d entity. Its mutex by mutable shapes and corners so its only a couple of ways we could get used to it.
A 2d thing has only up-down, Y, and left-right, X. We, as 3d creatures, have up-down, Z, left-right, X, and in out, Y. 4d creatures in time, they have another dimension. To use this things can disappear as you see it do it and use something of yours as if there and it ends up there.

Bodeapi; To make the victim of a beating feel drained, more influenced and more apprehensive. In the end result they are more controlled and easily influenced. Sometimes the event of rat and other infestations are possible.

Bodeceau; To be and make the victim more rapidly relaxed and then you can use more incinerative interactive.

Bodeacea; To make the person feel more deranged, more apt to do things.

Bodepi; To feel like shit and go pee or more literally use more pi or pie thats focused with energy.

Icon clone; This is to be cloned by an icon with expression, but this is to click or touch an icon, to create the clone that appears near you with necessities. This is also to go and form a double of yourself, the moment something goes wrong or with a click of an icon. This double goes on and acts as of you, but does things or acts on his own nicely. This behaviour is to act on her own.

Gods will; Do as you will to know with intent, then you are to do things and will effects to get an effect and you gnow.

God's stealaway; This is to attack, Do things as it will steal energy from the target, To do whatever you want, an you can be of a will to steal.  This makes you do the stealing, without realizing it. You may find yourself setting up someone for richness sake.

God's wealth; To Do your will and show results. This is to do your will by intention and be in the knowing of your result by wealth as you are in gnowing.

Ens if; Ends an idea of an activity. And, if it is like the moment you dislike, despise or detest, the God Aen occurs another moment that you want.

Ens on; It is to end the scent of something, if its possible. Sometimes its to pick up a rag and the spell's energy is spread to clean up an area or idea. This can end a scene, if it needs ending.

En if; The way to end small time effect.

Sna cu; The spell makes it so we still see the actual idea. This is the moment of doing a thing, as its guided by what your idea is and this is often what you want. Have an idea of what you want. You can see color as in a picture and let it be achieved and recreated. This scene can often achieve itself. It makes itself occur.

Actions accions; Creates an idea of action by an accord or thought up moment to do things. This action fixes nearly anything on either women or man and causes 'like acts' by an idea or a boosted ego. In effect, you create an accord by being the agreement.

Defm = Deaf ear. Causes energies that push actions to defend the caster and this makes possibilities that are not as it is to do with things. To then deform the being, item or idea which is dealt with.

Se it; Be it, know about it, do it. This is the law of the self that allows you to know idea. That idea allows the person to know about things.

Se gen; Self generation. Be it, know it, see it, otherwise be seen of it or do it. This is to see and be of what is there, know of what things are and see things done or do something about what occurs.

Se gn; Repeat action that follows this cycle: To end it all by self action as if do things. So things are what you thought. This causes you to end it all by being and doing things with the idea or action. As though to do effects, your what you think you are and as though of what you intend to get.

Semelerh down; Simmer it down. To make things as they are defined later and you are as of now calm and calm things down.

Def im; Set a defense and you sometimes deafen on things you would hear. This is to make the person think of actions and points. This is to say the point to get the action or reaction. This can be as though you try to defend against things. You end up giving in.

Ishida; This is to become self-contemporary, and this is to be self-centered and yet giving. An this is not just in a character view  as you can be like him or her with their conscious.

Isheda; As to be the one with idea and by use of it you get respect in a moment. This makes anything look good and can be treated as a dumb means that is to make use of things without considering the situation. Its like the dumb effort, to make use of anything that is near but you  are with idea thats used without thought. The idea in this is to consider the consequences first. To be dumb makes you smart in the effect, as to be aware as it is of everyday life, and only if every use has its way.

Effer; To cause cursed speaking in some way and it is. You aren't to get out of it until 'un' is spoken.

Impervious; To make matter unafftected to scratching, puncture and rain.

Effervec; It is to become a glowbeing as though you were glowing with lights. This also may cause you to curse fluently, as if every second of your focus is not on things and circumstances near you while casting. Cancellable by 'un'.

Effluent; This is to allow the victim to know how to speak an efficient curse language for any effect. This is where you speak and you get louder every time. The loudness ends with an 'un' or a cooling off period.

Effevluent; Its to ever view a scene, till its imprinted in your memory. It also calms down the voice. To cause an event of ever having effort , this spell is having you try to deal with things.

Everfluesant; To be Fluent in something and as a second part to this you always seem to have a cold. This cold acts like a source of power for the spell. This cold doesn't seem to disappear except in spurts.

Everfluent; This makes you give to the food some energy, before you eat it. This energy is a charge of fluent and bearable idea by use of moment. This can cause fluent moments of which you may have no idea where your know-how came from. Yet, the know-how creates results for you.

Evegluent; To cause the glue effect by spirit effort and this includes a 'glue by some means of things in unneccessity.' In a more detailed explanation, it causes the effect by as many means as possible. As if the person were insane with the need to glue things, this would be the cause. The spirit effort pushes the glue to be where you want it on necessity. This is until the moment of no reasoning to which it may not or may stop. If you cast it, you might feel like gluing things for no reason unless no glue around.

Effeglue; To use glue sparingly and specially. This can cure a cold by a change of body and heightened senses with glue being scented. This may cure pain as well, after you start getting high. Afterword you might not remember it.

To everpainia; To have an heck of a chronic pain in the jaw by tooth rot and also you routine changes to allow you to not gain weight. You couldn't guess where it comes from, though. Until, you are over the effect and the effect fades away.

Existia; This is to exist in a Godly manner, you are in your mind.  This is as if a subconcious helper aided you. This can lead to glamours and interesting idea that distracts you by you seeing or thinking upon it.

Evluia; To ever persist in something till you or its too much. Only the spell perusia can counter it by the idea of what it does. To not persist in something, reduce a moment in your head and say whoo.

Exluis; To ever be able and be nonchalantly doing to do as is possible by ever getting fluids as drinks and water on the spot from some source thats invisible. Like invisible Iv suitable lines that go into your body. These may be as unseeable by you but they give liquids. A cost effective way to get drinks.

Evluis; To go and become of another place thought of after. This spell could translocate or migrate you the victim to another place. You at first feel panic and at the same time the need to move. Then you may go and after feel okay or fear induced to keep active and moving. At the end of the movement you may feel peace and idea of sleep as you already slept.

Eveflui; To get to drink as if necessary and immediately. Fluid as the drink of water you may want. This can cause the effect of going to get a pop or drink without considering the situation.

Effemake; Efficient making by need as of a deed or by idea as if it was desire, sometimes the idea won't stop coming. If casr on a negative magic base, then it make endless punches, gun shots or pellets in the face or body. Hold up a object like your arm or an item to stop it. The effect is absorbed at that time.

Yuo; to turn the attention and phase in or out while teleporting to places that you may think on. To move while thinking on the area can cause the teleport or to not move and 'go' there mentally may lead you there as wel as you bring your body after.

Hermione; To effect some by cause and to make you heard out.

Huecho; An abeyance, as in phillmore and causes an abeyance in moment. (in electrical line)

Huecho mundi; Injection, To gain in eating by need, and the ability to take on scent and extrude it to someone.

Huendo munchi; Horrendous eating, To no longer need food but want it and care no less. To not care what you look like but like to gain weight anyway.

Unhindi; To capture very bad food and sources to contain them in reduced unrecognizable parts. The food get in tossed away containers. This also causes you to be unhinged.

Hindi; Gets an unhinging, unspeable, untalkable about and secretive energy source that causes destruction and bad to be done instead of good. In effect your spirit wants to be so far away from it, you en want to become entrapped in a device as it brings about an end. You seem separated from your body yet still attached. It makes you give in and up.

Munchi; to get a sudden urge for munchies or snack food that is deniable as at first.
red apalm; just napalm for the acts of purpose and the moment of, raise your palm blow out energy, absorb in energy go through exquisite moment and desire and it becomes as if bloody napalm to the mind at least.

An enactment; An enactment created the moment, you actually cause enactments of a sort by the dead, raising of effect or with no erasure event to event an idea.

Muncho; means get me snacks for effort of an idea in an idea. That snacks before you is lead into you to believe that its to get some for the moment as its the spell that created the belief.

Huendo muncho; Horrendous munchies that don't exactly end where you go hungry for something and you end up getting something no matter the diet. Unless you manage to cancel the spell.

Heucho mundo; It seems to stem from a structure of many different idea but things being that incur, that that are evil, that are poor to moment with good intention.

Thyme; It causes manipulation and control of time as is needed.

Abeh dje; A way to continue on something from a starting point.

Aduebo huecho; It does as it seems it can drop weight. It can do as you think on or as you seem to think it to do.

So shield; Sorceror shield in that Your gaining protection by magic in any effect it does as what they do as they turn it against you but at them. It uses the aura of anyone as a moment from anywhere to power it from somewhere. It does absorb energy as to be a secondary power it idea.

As in if; To be added to something or to add to an if idea. This can make yo assume to add to things that are of an if or iffy idea by statement.

Ein; Even, to make you or the target of the spell even with something. If on an evil moon cycle it can cause evil in something by ushering evil in.

Asn itz; its sometime idea. This forms an idea some where as a point that you can record.

Enply; Enploy, To imply of something and end up with the plausibility of it or with the pliability of things and end the moment of an idea.

Dloss; Death loss and mater de. To cause a death and then be of a waiter in a food restaurant.

Gloss; Its to be of a moment and that moment stands for almost nothing except to be illusion.

Aeloss; Ie its like nothing as to have before but its at a moment for which loss may occur.

Aemake; The three ways of making, may happen, happenstance combined into one, This causes the happenstance to make itself known from what may be, as to happen, in some hapening. This also is to be of causes of the happenstance or the make it happen stance of an idea in moment or movement.

Corrent; To do something different with indifference. This was used to deal damage or make idea without care to others. As though idea were manifested.

In vence; Now you see it now its done, Its now done by you or is a use in some and by means.

In cense; Its fear caused by void or nothing with a worth it in the moment for idea with expression. You could express anything and the targeyed victim of this fear spell will fear it, want to destroy it and cause bad rememberance over it for nothing. In the destruction they could burn something.

In feh; To be of need of a gun and to fire it as necessary. This is in fear of being in danger wherever your fear is idea or crystallized.

In fehr cysore; In fear of a gun, this set up a situation in mind that causes gun fear. To get over this gun fear some have gotten a gun.

En ihz; To be of structure and influential to boot, answer and go with things, but once your known your not exactly well liked unless your needful or of use.

Ah iz; To note how much concern by giving concern. This causes the concern of a moment to be as if known and reacted a to an by idea concern.

Iz ez; Easy selection and to be as of choice by use or acknowledgement. But you don't consider the body impact of which may occur unless necesary.

Enz ihz; This progresses the moment to do and fixes the influences one is going under to not exist if evil or your to be aided if good. This may not allow them a chance by choice.

A nox; a speculative assertive use in use idea that comes about on saying this spell.

A be; To beof a situation that is your choice and this situation is like easily fixed.

A he; To be as if near enough away but to be away and distant, to speak for calmness and quality not just the way you deliver it.

A no; A know how to deal with things and you see things with a grain of salt.

Exobius; extra weight of machine by processor and component or yourself and be of armpit scent sometimes as a result.

Exxobeus; To be extremely weighty. This forces on a person a heftyness of extreme weight if said to them with intention.

Exibeus; To exist be overweight and or extra smelly.

A be in; To be in an effect by choice in some use. You are in where you want as in effect by choice.

Exibius; Exibitionous and exalt. To drop in weight and to be ultimately less as than 200 lbs, or in an negative moon it can cease weightless effects and erase the mind of some recently done activity. This weight is also able to be magical and cause you to be protected while you go to other worlds by absorbing that which may be energy or in a fight its their energy from anywhere to feed your metabolism or it can double your weight. It can send you elsewhere on a magical mood where craziness seems like saneness.

Excite excess; On the excess your cells are excited as in like a camera and you see a vision or two or three.

Excite abess; You become a person, that is abiding by your own law and doesnt care over monsters except how they could be used. Which excites you by promise as any promise does.

Excite access; To become as excited over access in or of anything, then use it as if you know about it.

Excite abbess; You can see it as if of use, done in nature by natural means and use those of idea memory as useful in tools.

An abbe; To use as excuse, in an of excess and in an abbey of sorts to do your business. The secondary side effect is to lose weight of imaginery excercise.

Excite exult; To become excited due to excite in activity where you don't go sleep nor do you feel like it.

Excite exalt; To be come exalted as use to the coming of something and someone as representative of it. This includes praises, comments and compromises. As this could have made the religion effect happen at least for expectancy. You say whats to be exalted over.

Exalt rime; The song forms the effect of what occurs in reality. By exerted force. You guess the song.
Time move; The moment by momentum forms the influence and the effect is of what you need as to adapt in use to someone else.

In use; Its in of use to be of as in is and adapt for. This allows what an you adapt of idea or purpose and including lying.

Adept use; To be of use and adept of anything that moves and is still.

Sloppy use; To be of what use there is, yet it forms the idea that you are the one doing it. With an exchange of a driving experience where theres one crash to cause a good reaction if there is no skill, if there is then the crash is abated and the skill you have is used. Other idea with this effect is to cause a bad where there appears a good else.

Infermention; Mention of what information by an of being about.

Exist as; Despite what it may exist as we still exist here, untouched.

Bombardio; Causes a bombardment of energy and this energy is spread to you by caused events that makes inaction. These are events that are close together. Great stress is caused by long duration of exposure to the spell. This stress builds up and eventually kills the target.

With; To see, do and know with as about in of idea an by some weigh or some idea.

An Intermendion; See, do and amend to mend by any means except by an eating habit which is amend abend.

a ab; An abstract force that makes someone surrender from the stomach outward to a need, desire or idea. The idea has to be projected in mind.

Exude; Exert influence by word of practice or idea. And it makes up things that are useful, or objects in moments by things that work. Sometimes exude is to obstrucate or enlarge your stomach in a self induced practice on a bad moon.

Exirt; Things that use or work so that your character isn't doubted.

Null wisdom; To exclude the way or some of the idea or practice by exirtion unless it isn't necessary.

Exert; Causes a victim to put their will behind something and to force it. To put your will behind something, by exertion of body in a situation by a necessity. To exert; is to exert your will in a full force of procedure.

Exart; To cause routed gases to be of effect on the person. To propulse gases and energy along a route of where to go by channel and momentary movement. As you propulse of gas sometimes there is a pause of where the gas pressure builds up and creation of movement is when gas pressure overwhelms air pressure and forces itself along a channel. This could cause farts or premature shitting. This could also translate into causing a learning curve as you get over the effect just so much of observing to apply it. On a bad moon, it could cause a denial of the art you may do. To exart means to cause and propulse of gases by exart or on a bad moon it is to cause idea with reaction and against a school of art.

Hyper it; To effect a momentum by sheer will and spirit energy and cause faster effect by using idea and energy as a force, it may appear as if the object effected is dimensionally shifted. To hyper it, means to effectively speed up the momentum, the hypered movement seems on another dimension. Sometimes it may cause on a bad mood or moon that it means to use shots as a drug up feel good.

Rnw; To cause reanimation by means of money and moment unto itself and on a bad moon sometimes to be running away on a runway.

Zatzsui; To make a pperson do the distraction or directive as necessary if imperative.

In arr; In arrangement or in bindery by or of in effect.

Zetsui; To set by means of deceit and in of tempered moments.

Triple it; To triple it, your strength, weight, money, size or your IQ. As it seems to be in the moment of the necessary idea. Its not necessary if its to give someone same results of something.

Trade it; To trade for it or any solution by means of objects and idea or by means of usage. If the solution is another object, as its an equal tirade then its an equal trade.

Fuuzetsu; For the battling, to not draw attention to themselves, which freezes time in that area. People can just sort of walk into an area of frozen time as though nothing were odd about just walking into a time anomaly like that. It causes events to freze but not the people who cast it.

Palmistry; to palm or slap as its infantry. This gets you infantry by using a palm in some effect, usually slapping or stealing. On a bad moon its stealing for an effective benefit in time that sets up idea and does an in action.

Vaneurism Elh; Full mental and a body recovery, thinking of the person's wounds and bodily condition. Then, stating the spell or willing it, makes the body recover quickly. Till, they be back to full health. If in health, they aren't so effected. On a Waning moon the effect is to cause vandalism.

Elh Vaeln; Make recovery through heat from the wounds and things effecting you very fast. Mentally, physically and otherwise, as the body allows or is commanded.

Espiritus; [Ee-spirit-us] The energy spirit effect that is used to energize and to aid by energy of many kinds. This effects the materia around you and where you want to effect. It causes whatever effect you want or need. Thats espiritus, the spirit of the moment. If riled, the spirit energy can strike at the cause.

Eye seagull label = Illusion breaker that breaks any illusion.

Iem un = [Eye-em Unn] undoes what you don't like.

Deplora = Make standing; Makes you able and standing on two feet by events that energy self-generates. his cures you of any actual sickness, as well with or without drugs. Too much drug use, will lead to addiction with this effect.

Hyriu = [Hi-rue] Hyperintuition; This is high ruling of the mind and body that allows for a hyper intuition, which is by use of spell that slows down time and creates enhanced intuition. You may get to the point of retractive behavior and knowing things before they happen. The spell fades over a certain period of time thats made by how long you want it to effect. This can age a person, a little bit each casting as it speeds up body reactions. This also creates an unnatural calm, where emotions don't surge forth. This lasts as long as the spell does.

Recoux = [Ree-coo] Recoup from losses. This causes you to recoup from any losses you may take, including spent money.

UltiDra = [Ultimate Draw] Ultimate draw; This draws attention and energy from anything and everywhere to what you want.

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Extra spell additions of Movie and game by Andy and used with permission.

Anapneo; Clears the airways of the person who the spell is cast upon, allowing them to breathe properly. Horace Slughorn cast this on Marcus Belby when he accidentally swallowed a large mouthful of pheasant under questioning during Slughorn's Slug Club meeting on the Hogwarts Express.

Aparecium; Used to reveal invisible ink or to reveal hidden presence. Hermione tried this on the Very Secret Diary in order to find out whether her theory about it carrying a detailed account of T.M.Riddle's capture of the Heir of Slytherin (written in invisible ink) was correct or not. Unfortunately for her, the spell had no effect, although her thinking wasn't a million miles wide of the mark.

Alatus; Make something winged. It sprouts wings and this includes a person.

Ascendo, To do an "I ascend" from Latin by ascendency and in transcendancy it is where this is normally done with a item or over an item.

Alarte Ascendare; Causes the target of the spell to shoot rapidly upwards into the air. Professor Lockhart attempted to get rid of the snake that Malfoy had summoned at the Duelling Club using this spell the effect was to throw the snake into the air, thus making it very cross indeed.

Aqua Eructo; Causes a jet of water to come from the end of the caster's wand. The speed of the jet is controllable, and can be anything from a small trickle to a gush big enough to put out a sizeable fire. This is the same spell as Aguamenti in the books.

Arania Exumai; Knockback spell, Knocks back spiders and else. Harry used this spell to defend himself and Ron from the spiders when they met Aragog in the Forbidden Forest.

Arresto Momentum; Slows or stops the movement of a person or creature. As such, it may be the equivalent to the spell Impedimentia from the books. Dumbledore uses this spell to cushion Harry's descent when he fell off his broom when Dementors invaded the Gryffindor vs Hufflepuff Quidditch match in 1993.

Carpe Retractum; Produces a magical tractor beam that pulls objects towards the spell caster.

Cistem Aperio; Opens boxes. Tom Riddle used this to open the box in which Hagrid was keeping Aragog, in order to prove that Hagrid was keeping unauthorized pets. He showed this to Harry as part of a memory from his diary.  Its used to lay things bare or open.

Cotex; Cast this spell to turn off something, to shut something down or to cut off someone.

Cortex; Cast this on a target to make said target remember and do as necessary.

Dcortex; Cast this on a target to die off a process in procedure and to make the target remember.

Depulso; The Knockback Jinx. This is used to blast creatures (which it kills) and objects (which it moves). It is the same spell as Flipendo, which was used in the PS and CoS games.

Draconifors; Turns statues of dragons into real dragons.

Ducklifors; Transfigures target creature into a duck.

Epoximise; to epoxy or glue an idea or thing, Don't touch the next thing you want to eat as you could glue your mouth shut.

Ebublio; Transfigures target creature into a pretty stream of coloured bubbles. Also tradorms things into bubbles.

Evanesce; Ever sight of moment as it makes a vision thats everseeing and you ignore the victim.

Everte Statum; From the Latin \93everto\94, meaning \93dislodge\94, and \93statua\94, meaning \93image\94. Used to blast the target (person) off their feet. Professor Lockhart taught this spell to the assembled students at his ill-fated Duelling Club.

Fera Verto; Used to transfigure a creature or person, most likely into anything of the spell caster's choice. In the film, the shape assumed was that of a goblet, but there is nothing in the name of the spell that suggests this is the only shape the animal in question can be made to take. The name of this charm is often mis-spelt as \93Vera Verto\94.

Glacius; Used to freeze either objects or creatures. It can be used to turn water into ice, or to freeze enemies, rendering them immobilized.

Hao Try; Also Hao Trim; Causes the body to slender up and unsightly stomach bulge to disappear.

Herbivicus; When cast on any sort of plant, this spell accelerates its growth so that it becomes very large very quickly.

Illegibilius Effect unknown, but presumably something to do with making writing impossible to read. As it blurs the text and makes it hard to understand.

Saw was; To think you saw something and give information in a gusher of effect. Some hidden space.

Incarcifors; Incarciration by being psycicly hand cuffed and well written as effect. The effects varies to keep you from being effected by much to making yourself unmovable.

Inflatus; Used to make the target creature swell up like a balloon.

Lacarnum Inflamarae; Hermione used this spell to set fire to Professor Snape's robes in the movie \96 in the book no incantation was given when she cast this spell. It is likely to be intended simply to be a version of Incendio with a fancier title, although the translation of the name suggests that it can only be used to set fire to cloaks and nothing else. This is somewhat unrealistic, as it is unclear why anyone would invent a spell that only sets fire to cloaks. So, instead its thought to send a fireball from the wand or from the air.

Lapifors; Turns statues of rabbits and objects into real rabbits.

Locomotor Wibbly; This is a non-permanent version of Locomotor Mortis. It paralyses the victim for a short time.

Lumos Duo Makes the caster's wand emit a beam of bright light. The name of the spell suggests that it is intended to be a more powerful version of the basic \93Lumos\94 spell from the books.

Lumos Maxima In a similar manner to the rest of the Lumos family of spells, this produces light from the end of the caster's wand. Given the name of the spell, it is likely to be intended as an even more powerful version than Lumos Duo, which is in turn more powerful than the straight Lumos. Harry was practicing this spell under his duvet at the Dursley's house at the beginning of the PoA movie.

Lumos Solem The final, and presumably most powerful, spell in the Lumos family. This one creates a light like the sun, possibly the brightest light that magic can create. Hermione uses this spell against the Devil's Snare when she, Ron and Harry go through the trapdoor after Quirrell.

Melofors; Turn the target's head into a pumpkin. The name of the spell suggests that the result should really be a melon head rather than a pumpkin head, as the two fruits are similar but not from the same family.

Mimblewimble; A dueling spell. Causes the opponent of the caster to mumble and stutter so that they cannot cast their own spells properly. This spell cannot be used outside a dueling situation.

Mucus ad Nauseam; This curse gives the victim a severe cold for a period of time. In the game in question, Peeves can often be found casting this spell, but Harry later learns it as well.

Ncotex; Cast this spell to start up something as its in process and procedure.

Oculus Reparo; This is a derivative of the standard Reparo spell that appears in the books. This version has the qualifier \93oculus\94 added, which means that it only repairs spectacles.

Orbis; Causes the target to spin round rapidly and force themselves into the ground like a drill.

Periculum; This is the same charm that is listed in the main spells section as the Spark Charm (and which might also be the same spell as Relashio). Causes sparks to be emitted from the end of the caster's wand. Harry uses this in the Third Task of the Triwizard Tournament, where it is given the incantation Periculum.

Piscifors; A spell used during the Third Task of the Triwizard Tournament in the game. It transfigures a target creature into a fish.

Pullus; Transfigures target creature into a chicken.

Skurge; Cleans up the gooey green mess that ghosts leave behind called ectoplasm and other messes, which can stop Harry from getting to certain places whilst it is there.

Snufflifors eco; Transfigures books (and quite possibly other objects) into mice. The name of the spell probably comes from the snuffling sound and movement of a mouse looking for food.

Spongify; To become spongy or springboards that you can jump with.

Steleus; This curse causes the victim to sneeze for a period of time. This is used during dueling to distract an opponent.It could be the most serious cold.

Epu epillus; To become ready to defeat anything or as from anywhere.

Epu arpillus; To effect a weapon use that is effective against anything as you try to do motions assumed of the weapon holding form.

Epu arpis; To be of armpits that smell bad.

Arpillis; To go and need more pills than necessary. Until you knock yourself out. This could result in cancer.

Obscuro; To put a energy blindfold over the eyes or obscure objects from sight.

Titillando; Effect unknown, although the spell's name suggests it may be a form of Tickling Charm.

Transformus; To transform either you or some target into another form that is imagined as is at the time.

Transmogrify; To transform from form to form and put horror in the mind as they do it.

Ventus; The Knockback Jinx. This is used to blast creatures (which it kills) and objects (which it moves). It is the same spell as Flipendo (from the PS and CoS games) and Depulso (from the PoA game). This knockbacks by usage of arguement.

Verdemillius; Verdemillius makes invisible platforms and surfaces become visible so that Harry can jump onto them or see them.

Vermillius; Causes envelopes of time that pause events in real time but it seems like they arent, as in the envelope the time it has a pocket version of the real one, which appear as a mental image.

Vermiculus; Used to transfigure the target creature into a worm.

Vipera Evanesca; This is the spell used by Professor Snape to get rid of the snake that Malfoy summoned, Lockhart blasted into the air, and Harry tried to talk to at the shambolic first meeting of the Duelling Club. It is basically a derivative of the Vanishing Charm Evanesco from the books, with an object applied to the start to make it apply to snakes only.

Fumos; Creates a large amount of thick smoke, which can be used to hide things. The smoke disperses after a time.

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  Spells from the movie and book 6

Amortentia (p. 185) - a potion for love and a spell that can cause love based on the Latin amor=love.

An abs - cancel out and let through effect.

Anapneo (p. 144) Greek - I recover breath, once cast on someone it clears the breathing.

Arom - Create aroma and this aroma can be any scent that you image being there, or that you feel is necessary.

Confundus - To cause confusion on an in the target an the target is sometimes forgetful.

Diffundo - To suddenly make the target of this spell confused and easily led. As, the differences suddenly come to mind of what is, and can be cause to confuse them along with forgetfulness and confusion of the facts that would cause the person not to be easily lead.

Ennumeum - Cast this to make many of something, including money at most with acceptance.

Episkey; To heal a minor wound as the wound starts with being hot and the healed wound is cold.

Ept Ans - Short form of Abs Ens Ans of Ed and a seven or eight 2 word variety. Epitat in an answer of
Education that is from the magic intelligence, where if cast on someone it forms a force of the person or of that idea needed that makes the person do the right thing at the right of time. As though intelligent by self-made body movement. The right movement is from a perdhro magical logic and natural luck.

Felix felicis (p. 187) Latin for fortunate, lucky, or happy, but also the biological name for a cat. Felix is the nominative singular, and felicis is the genitive singular. This as a spell can make you into a cat like behavior in activity while being lucky.

Fudgeous - Causes a fudging of idea and event to fire up the moment an in stoppages or death it can fit the moment.

ifey - Ice infini in an effect that causes the target to freeze infinitely from too many thoughts about a self-picked subject. Or, it can freeze off a stain that is appearant. It can cause the person to stop infinitely what he is doing to think and percieve the thought which comes up to stop him from doing things. It can work till its resisted successfully.

Inferi (p. 62) Latin - Inhabitants of the Underworld. This spell calls up the inhabitants of the underworld to do your idea in mind, at the time of casting.

Langlock (p. 420) Not Latin. This spell is locking of tongue against the roof of the mouth.

Muffliato - To muffle someone or to silence an area or person.

Reversius - An reverse of the condition with intelligence from the target so that it either doesn't exist or is opposite of what it is.

Reversus - Also see Reversio, this reverses the condition so that it isn't existant or is opposite of that which it is on the moment.

Un An Abs - Forever not occur - To cause things thought on or seen to occur to not happen in a succint pattern seen. Does not mean there can't be another pattern.

Specialis Revelio (p. 193) Latinate - specialis=particular in Latin, and revelio evidently means "I reveal". This spell cast will cause the target object or person to be revealed in its special secrets.

Tergeo (p. 162) Latin - I rub clean, wipe, polish. This spell is to cause the object or person to be the "I" and to wipe clean himself or itself by a detergent effect that dissolves the mess. If it at first doesn't appear to work, then it makes you clean up. It also is a spell used to siphon matter from a surface, eg. blood, ink, dust, etc.

Tergeo Are Ce - Room clean that cleans an area of the place its cast in. May actually cause the equipment not to work right. Target the room.

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  More spells from the movies, games and books:

Anteoculatia; Antler spell, Anteoculatia is a hex that turns a person's hair into antlers.

Arreo; Arrea; Fires arrows from the caster's wand. Imagine the arrows to be of an element you want to use with them and they will have that element on them. As in, causing an arrow of poison or fire.

Baubillious; Creates a bright bolt of white light from the tip of the wand.

Brackium Emendo; Bone vanishment. Causes all bones in area to be turned to rubbery essence.

Soha-Ayo Aero; Bubble-Head Charm, Puts a large bubble of air around the head of the user. Used as a magical equivalent of a breathing set.

Soyo-Ayo; Bubble-producing spell, Creates a stream of non-bursting bubbles. The colour of the bubbles can vary and can be controlled by the caster. It seems to stem the airflow around the person targeted and when in effect can cause choking.

Calvorio; Hair Loss Curse, Calvorio is a spell that is cast on a victim to make him/her bald. This spell is also useful in vanishing hats. When cast, there is a possbility that the spell will backfire and will affect the caster.

Carpe Retractum; Pronunciation::Kah-way ih-nih-mih-kum. This can make you aware of the enemy. Warns of any approaching enemies (possible).

Cheero; Pronunciation: chee-e-ro. Cheering Charm, Causes the person upon whom the spell was cast to become happy and contented, though heavy-handedness with the spell may cause the person to break into an uncontrollable laughing fit.

Colloshoo I Nert; This spell is used to glue one's shoes to the ground with some sort of sticky ectoplasm.

Collopoo; Makes vortex from energy in area and out of the area. This vortex is effective once or twice on a person and causes them to create an excess of shit. Its in an untrollable fashion. It doesn't always work.

Colovaria; Colovaria is a charm used to change one's hair colour and style.

Confringo; Blasting Curse, causes anything that the spell comes into contact with to explode into flames.

Flakes; Used to create skin or surface into a flakeyness. Also creates a flakyness of character.

Conjectivitus; Because of bad behaviour or negative energy, it causes a disease or condition. Mainly on the target, but it can rebound. This can be any condition that is random unless you think of the condition as you speak the spell. Don't target yourself with this, as the spell can cause very bad conditions that are almost never curable. For conjecture in magic is to put forth an effect to ether that is the cause for the effect. As the words you speak can manipulate the ether.

Mucus ad Nauseam; Curse of the Bogies; Probably causes monsters in the mind to appear randomly and/or attack the target.

Defodio; This spell causes deep gouges to appear in the object targeted by the spell.

Depulso; Banishing Charm. Used to send the target to a certain location by directed negative intent with energy.

Deprimo; Powered by negative force in action, this spell places immense downward pressure upon its target, which may result in the violent fracturing of said target.

Diminuendo; Forces objects or person to shrink.

Draconifors; Turns statues of dragons into real dragons. Or, it can give a target the force of a dragon.

Ducklifors; Transfigures target creature into a duck. A more reasonable incantation would be Zointrao Versavertamum (from zoo (animal-related), intra (within) and oo (egg), plus Versaverte, the transfiguration spell.

Duro; Pronunciation: DOO-roh. This spell is said to turn its target to stone or grant the target stonelike attributes (stifflike actions).

Ebublio; When cast, it makes the victim inflate and then explode into hundreds of bubbles.

Engorgio Skullus; Engorgio Skullus is a Hex. This spell is used to swell the victim's skull. This may be a variation of the Engorgement Charm, as the first word of its incantation is the same.

Entralius; Expelling Curse, Presumably causes the entrails (i.e. intestines) to be ejected from the body.

Epoximise; Pronunciation: ee-POX-i-mise. Affixes an object to another like glue.

Erecto; Used to erect a tent or other structure. At the least, it will cause the body to erect the object.

Expulso; Causes a bad stink that is not actually going away easily, on a waning moon. A very powerful curse which causes a large explosion, otherwise. Similar to the Blasting Curse, which also causes its target to explode, though the Blasting Curse seems to use heat (like a bomb) while Expulso seems to cause an explosion using pressure as opposed to heat.

Mai Xst; Featherweight Charm, makes something lightweight.

Fiendfyre; Pronunciation: Feend-fire. Fiendfyre is seemingly unstoppable cursed fire whose flames take the shape of fantastic creatures that appear to stalk those caught in its path. It can also destroy Horcruxes.

Pyroaqya; Pronounced P-fire-oh A-quee-ah. Firestorm, A spell that conjures a ring of fire. The caster is able to control the movement and direction of the flames with enough precision to strike specific targets. The spell Partis Temporus can create a gap in the flames to allow safe passage through.

Flygrite; Flagrante Curse, causes any object affected to burn human skin when touched.

Apiec Immobulus; Pronounced: A-pie-eck Ee-mobe-you-luhs. Flame-Freezing Charm, causes fire to become harmless to those caught in it, creating only a gentle, tickling sensation instead of burns.

Apa Apeo; Flying Spell; Apparently the spell cast on broomsticks to make them fly.

Apeo Apuc; Fur spell, this spell causes fur to grow on someone.

Geminio; Pronunciation: jeh-MIH-nee-oh, geh-MIH-nee-oh (hard "g"). Creates a duplicate of any object cast upon.

Glacius; Pronunciation: GLAY-shuss, gla-SI-us. A spell with great range, can freeze things to ice and can be melted by Incendio.

Hary Tuk; Hair-thickening Charm. Thickens one's hair and possibly causes hair regrowth.

Harmonia Nectere Passus; Pronunciation: Harm-oh-nee-a Nek-te-reh Pass-us. Causes the object/person in a vanishing cabinet to pass in its twin/other vanishing cabinet.

Herbivicus; Pronunciation: HER-bee-vee-kus. Makes flowers and plants bloom in an instant, has some similar affects from Orchideous.

Homenum Revelio; Pronunciation: HOM-eh-num reh-VEH-lee-oh. Reveals human presence in the vicinity of the caster.

Homorphus; Charm that causes an Animagus, transformed person or transfigured object to assume its normal shape.

Inflatus; Pronunciation: in-FLAY-tus. Inflates objects (living or dead). Doesn't effect instantly unless energy is up enough.

Locomotor; Used as Locomotor (name of object). The spell is always used with the name of a target, at which the wand is pointed (e.g. "Locomotor Trunk!"). The spell causes the named object to rise in the air and move around at the will of the caster.

Lumos Duo; Pronunciation: LOO-mos DOO-oh. Creates an intense beam of light that projects from the wand's tip or a point in the air and can lock-on to various targets, turn hinkypunks solid and cause ghouls to retreat.

Lumos Maxima; Pronounciation:LOO-mos Ma-cks-ima. Shoots a ball of light at the place pointed, if the Wand or pointing finger is swung.

Meteolojinx Recanto; Pronunciation: mee-tee-OH-loh-jinks reh-CAN-toh. Presumably causes weather effects caused by jinxes to cease.

Doa Hoarax; Daily Retribution, that causes the retribution of effects and idea done to the person to be done on the sender.

Multicorfors; This is a charm used to change the colour of one's clothing.

Obliterate; Obliteration Charm. Removes footprints and tracks.

Pack; Packs a trunk, or perhaps any luggage by causing the target to be inspired and start packing.

Partis Temporus; Creates a temporary gap through protective magical barriers or the viel between worlds to allow access to the next.

Perma I Nert; Permanent Sticking Charm, Causes a person or thing to be stay or hold the place that they were placed.

Piertotum Locomotor; Pronunciation: pee-ayr-TOH-tum (or peer-TOH-tum) loh-koh-MOH-tor. Spell used to animate statues and suits of armour to do the caster's bidding.

Protego Horribilis; Pronunciation: pro-TAY-goh horr-uh-BIHL-ihs. A powerful shield charm against dark magic.

Redactum Skullus; Pronunciation: red-AK-tum SKULL-us. Redactum Skullus is a hex that shrinks the target's head. It is the counter-spell to Engorgio Skullus.

Reparifors; Reverts minor magically-induced ailments, such as paralysis and poisoning.

Rennervate; Brings someone out of unconsciousness.

Repello Muggletum; Muggle-Repelling Charm, Pronunciation: reh-PELL-loh MUG-ul-tum, MUGG-gleh-tum, mugg-GLEE-tum. Keeps Muggles (or people) away from wizarding places by causing them to remember important meetings they missed and to cause the Muggles in question to forget what they were doing.

Skurge; Cleans up ectoplasm, the slime-like residue left by certain ghosts. The spell manifests as a blast of greenish suds.

Slugulus Eructo; Slug Vomiting Charm, a jet of green light strikes the victim, who then vomits slugs for ten minutes. The sizes of the vomited slugs decrease with time.

Sonorus; Magnifies the spellcaster's voice when one's wand or will is pointing to the side of the caster's neck.

Spongify; Cushioning Charm, that creates an invisible cushioned area. Used primarily in broomstick manufacturing, to provide more comfort to the rider.

Artemis Cava; Stealth Sensoring Spell, detects those under magical disguise.

Artemis Set; Stealth send and set of spell. This spell sets a sent spell that's right under the senses nose.

Steleus; A hex that causes the victim to sneeze for a short period of time. This spell is used in duelling to distract the opponent.

Stig Chan Foc; Stinging Hex, produces a stinging sensation in the victim, resulting in angry red welts and occasionally the severe inflammation of the affected area.

Psy Enh; Supersensory Charm, presumably causes the caster to have enhanced senses, or to be able to sense things they would not normally sense.

Levay Apo; Pronounced as Lee-vay Ape-oh. Switching Spell, causes two objects or people to be switched for one another.

Tabbu; Taboo, a jinx which may be placed upon a word or a name, so that whenever that word is spoken, a magical disturbance is created which alerts the caster of the Taboo to the location of the speaker. Any protective enchantments in effect around the speaker are broken when the Tabooed word is spoken aloud. This spell casts an effect that makes bad effects of person's attempts.

Ageo Det; Pronounced Ag-ee-oh Deet. Tooth-growing spell, A spell that re-grows lost teeth.

Aloose; Trip Jinx, a jinx to trip up or impede the target. Precise effects unknown.

Aggeo Unrak; Unbreakable Charm, Makes something unbreakable.

Vya Xed Eau; Pronounced Vie-ah Xeed Ee-A-uh. Undetectable Extension Charm, causes a container's capacity to be increased, without changing the object's appearance on the outside.

Ventus; A strong blast of wind is shot from the end of the wand, used to push objects out of the way.

Verdimillious; Pronunciation: VERD-dee-mil-lee-us. A spell that shoots green sparks at the end of the wand.

Vol Vulnera Sanentur; Pronuncation: Vole vul-nur-ah sahn-en-tur. Causes wounds and gashes to heal up and any blood to return to the victim.

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Extra materials of High magic

Ao Emb = God embuement; Make embue to the person and create them as a God. This makes them their higher selves.

amoliat = This causes you or the target to give control and make you something that you want. Its counted as a blessing by many who try it.

An Amorea = intelligence infusion that adds energy to you and the energy adds intelligence and cases immorality.

E Edi = Making edict; This makes anything you say to be made to happen from nothing. It ends when you want it to.

ephidemphre = Create sigil marking; This can create a sigil when you most need it.

Err no; No errors and you get error knowledge.

I am em = freedom from effect. This causes condemning of peoples bad efforts.

Oa Oa = Make party; This makes an party of people, where you do things and what you do is forgotten. Yet, you remember.

Lece Omnicron = Strength of God; This uses water movement to create a flow of energy that creates energy and strength in the body.

Reishadre = reinvert your body to the molecular level and get more power from it.

Shallyresper = create and confront; This spell creates situations and makes you confront or question someone for it.

Un en; Philosophy un ending, forever ongoing till a natural ending.

Un n; This can cause you to be forever thanking someone or some God from being in denial. 

N Un En; This can end the unending effect.

Une Purus Cleanus [rune pure-us clean-use]; Purity clean, cleans up and makes pure the body.

Cie La Vie = [cee law vee] Restoration; Restore from a state of mind and condition.

Cie La Ba = [cee law bad] Ceae bad; Cease bad effects.

Cie Ve Ba = [cee vex bad] Sight; See bade view and idea.

Cie La Bax = [cee law baxx] Back in time; you go back in time to cease an effect.

Cie Va Bax = [cee van baxx] Back in time 2; This causes you to manipulate the past and change it.

Sed Uo = [sed oo-oh] Dark matter manifest, This allows one to manifest any result. However, it takes allot of darkmatter to manifest an object. Thus, it life force drains.

AppleSteid = [apple steed] Shits release; Release from the shits or Diarrhea.

Anabiolic = [anal-bio-lick] Cause slenderness; This can cause slenderness in a person by activating a slender gene.

Sarugian Accio = [sare-oo-gift-an Asx-ee-oh] Enemy protection; protection spell from all your enemies.

Ingo Guh = [ingo guhn](without n) Transformation; enables a transformation into anything you want to become.

Ja Ta Ru Nika Zynthos Ralini = [Jan Tack Run  Neekah Zinthos Rah-leenee] Create rain storm; This creates a rainstorm anywhere you think of.

Abeith = Abort spell named Albeith I found, This spell stops any plan of action as to ceases any act before the spell effect was cast. Casted was the effect before the moment that was and by the person who cast it.

Piacere = Sincerity and serenity; This causes sincerity with serenity to any moment thats present.

Fidalia = Confidant; Fiddle around and make effect you change stuff. As you do so, you confide in things.

Crea Mai Inme = Creation of material goods; Don't say it if you don't need it. This creates Mai result as by you, as your thinking on what you want to create as this will include a solid manifest with conjured energy from deep blue mana and with filtered solar star as this causes your need, to exist a thoughtform that forms a solid manifest technically of shape if chosen by the subconscious to supply as it it is used for the thought you need to create into solidity an object, or bring from white void energy with positive result, or channeling through void thats a little unsafe as this is negative and yet can get positive construct for vanishing, as things unwanted exist that are converted into becoming that essence of Pua which is natural creator energy with human essence as the directive energy and that forms something of itself. As this uses white void or void, as this is filled with positive things to with a bright future of positive dreams. That create what need that is to be in the shape of the object. To shape this void, now fill with what you need there with programmed energy that you use to make enablement with which makes the void do things or to use white void you use positive thought to do as you want. Actively doing something that leads up to it will make it shape itself stuff by effort being done. This is by actions that lead by example and you lead example by impression in an understandable purpose as though suggestion. Think of how it needs to be in the long run by long range thought or use a short range plan for immediate results. and this is convered by an act to be a guide to give it structure. As its void, and then in use its concept that you use long range planning to work it in the void or white void is worked in dream, that is to make the object by actions with correct idea.

  This has to come from in matter of heart as this is based off of Paul Moisant's idea and this heals through the aura as is. This can be used to create any object that is truly magical, as it is to be determined by the effort thats done by what is thought or need, this is effected by desire. As this is created into form and shape, then you can get the concept of a sigil or rune to work with and this makes thought into action that you and others that use this spell will do to work their thought into the forming object as the use it to create their result. The sigil is a thought powered line trace or drawn in witchcraft symbol that can do exactly what you want it to do and finish with in creating your idea by magic being art. You will try knowing now as you get the spirit, to show you where the object is formed by one or two actions with meaningful acts as you knowing and using formed thought of what is in your heart to be in it, causes this to form it and then lead you to where you can get it causes you to find it and its cheap.  As you don't need the object where you change your mind and you have no need for it, then you can get to use the sigil to create it and this creates the object as in many times you need object in space. As effort you do causes it to shift to where you can buy it for free or cheap. This can do time shifting of the object, to be where you need it when and at which time its wanted by the spirit shift.

Da Fey Mountain = The effect of the guardian; This is the recent effect of magic which is Dzur Mountain as a being in mind is allowing in where an how you are being a guardian spirit that is fey like as Gni in here is believed in by thought action and desire, to make use of belief energy as it corrects for the effort that it went through and wasted otherwise. As it progresses, through life this is the time effort of living immortality, that is the prayers and thoughts of energy in use that create the effect you need and usage is by thought in life. This is chosen by your spirit of a few who use magic of those who choose to use this spell. Make of this is as though useful to get different and normal idea to be written down as though used in prosperity. Though the thought to use magic will get any result you want, this is really in your mind as perspective allows you to work. Then, as you can guard and do things to get of your thought concept by art that is possibly writing concept back it has you do art and that guardian spirit there use is of spells in effect that you want. This has you protect your land in the world you ask to protect, as you need to protect it and no more as this can allow you ability, to harness the earth core as ability to draw energy and make manifest, and you may be a curious mind so you can be a closet monster of Monster Inc, if you value your escape if you get in trouble then you can use doors as a means to shift to other dimensions in.

  The spells you use in what effect is thought to be done, then make the possible life effect that sustains you but not too much is made of food and  the drink you use is empowered otherwise. This uses the creators conscious, to make a place to live in and as you need the peripherals, this gives you the spell making to get energy from thoughtwaves and you ca create it into whatever you want by thought of void being shaped into items and this includes needed items, if things are to become of void its by acceptance as though they did it worked for it. This allows use of whatever you want to get your result as you can use wealth to gain individuality. This is where you go and find friends in spirit, that are likely impressions of their souls in your inner world, to help you out as with understood intentions as you need to work with people. This is where you get to give to get as in the effect of exchange, except by fat energy that you shimmer down with to lose weight as you need it.
  This use of the spiritual can exchange thought, and makes money as this is the secret technique as what can solve problems as things are realized by what you live through with love. Love with abandon is what you wish and go through by the effort to love what you live as if you find your other half from a past life. You can choose to live a past life by making the concept of a view by thought, and is with what you wish to work with intuitively as you wish to agree to see by information exchange with others. This allows you to read others souls. And, so this is the knowledge that you need to adjust peoples lives as you think things, are different and necessary by the knowing of races you can enable anything of the body including things that are thought mind control as this lead impression to allow magic and magic is achievement by what you need to be done. Stop doing things of justice and things go right themselves. Any discipline in mind is losing faith and having unlimited faith in themselves, as kept undreampt of dream power is theirs in each their own and magic is unlimited. As you do things to acknowledgement and you know much better as with wisdom.
  This is the place of the guardians dimension in an upper dimensional space, as this is easily used to make effects that convert and this is with used in death to make effects. This is the idea of where the guardians can get energy from belief as they go places, to cause any event with what program you to choose travel by the difference in thoughts, when you choose the thoughts, the act is so by energy releasing itself by touch as soul energy raised too much by items gathered in from food enevitable by thought makes knowledge so its safe as that occurs things that is written, or worded make what you want to fix things as the need arises. The effect is anger management, as is used by energy that corrects to make what calmness you need of relaxing for repose. The in effect here is to work, with anyone and be a jumper as though bringing, you to where you want to go by thought and spirit, in use is this to get belief in your efforts.

De tue Ly Ev Seum Promethius = The life effect; This is original point of death as the method to resurrect, chosen by spirit knowledge is your own and you are able as death energy accepted by the spirit to be averted by the effect of a death field, that now is death energy by the spirit energy used fictitiously by subconscious, to pull it from the body to bring alive anyone who wants to be alive by their spirit coming back to the body as though a thought of methods to ressurect, was used to restore them to full health, as though you were dead and yet mourned it you are alive by a death to like life effect in public use of this effect. The full effect is a ghoul that is eternal that lives till death is removed from it. This uses life energy, to keep the body alive as the body is fueled by food and drink the body uses to return its thinking by thought energy to it. This is the point of return to life as it is the point of no death except like an actor in a movie, as the person chooses to die when their death is about to happen. Then, as they die and they do things to die off other people who deserve death as life comes from them.

  Part of this is where you acnowledge that part where you live a lesson to keep you focused, to make life effects you are familiar with life by the knowledge of a chosen life, that is sustained by containment field within your alternative person that is given by us allowed copy with spirit mind permission. You survive death by another copy of your soul returned to you. If immediate death, then you well wish to live again they know as you deserve to live by the Hall of gods of judgement, allowed by the gods by a spiritual casting in a book of planar existence here of dzur mountain guarded by a vampire immortal. This is the end continuance of life as its decided to be allowed, as though the effect of going there brought you back as though you weren't dead and yet you are immune to your demon effects as you are immune to effects by other demons. Through forgivance by the point of forgiving through your soul that turns you to be as you want to know things. Eventually you have what you wish, eventual death by true soul rebirth on a planet of choosing like you choose death. Good or bad, you live as you choose and you gain no problem from affairs, thats why you are of the eventual heart, because the heart mind is there to make a difference. If you wish to return to life, on the planet of birth, then you are accepted by being who you are as you, were with those who knew you as to make a difference and work with them. This where you given life by killing those criminals who die by people who are policy holders like cops are able to build a new hold in life to gain what you need to live and learn as you need secrecy for the art you choose to follow in magic by your spirit to make decisions in life. Decisions are to be guarded by the soul in private as they are remembered in life for that you live publically. You get what you wish for, so, be careful as guarded soul become guard.

  This averts all demons that you don't want in the body by a pure white light burst from the body that creates forgivence as your soul is collected from things embued with it and, it is forgiven by energy life force used for each their own, by the spirit as it is spiriting across the universe as this is accepted as though with their own doing. This allows the reincarnated in the same body effect or other body, as to be on another planet anytime in lifestream of the universe of choosing. This, allows a being to guide you as though a wish spell is done, to bring it naturally and is the faery that is easily able to support you in your future efforts. Then, if you accept its presence after testing it then you get to use the fey, as a spirit guide works with them as it is possibly a goat faery that is called from earth. This uses the 6th dimensional blue and silver energy effects, to keep you alive. The final act of the life of the ressurected is to be a god that is of any use as a nature spirit that can be made if non that you want. This in the end brings the innate ability of anyone that doesn't wish for the ability they have, and they die in effort as they willingly give it to you. This can cure anything network as it is double unlinked to it and you can become immune by ancient magic to anything that can hurt you and the soul carries it in the aura as converted energy.

  Then, they get the effect of living the life they choose in their mind, as this is where they defeat death and live on to live beyond their death by extracting the death energy from the body at the time of death, removed from the body to the aura and sent outward into a blue white sun. This can kill anyone who targets themselves as all they have to do is will it. This can bridge the gap to other lives they have whenever they are as they exist by the creator's will that make you alive even after you explore the space and work with the person who is your past life. This is the point where existence is born as a child person in another galaxy to get another life perspective. This also gets the idea of what you want, as new life is granted to you by the creator as its born in you wherever you want, as a baby essence from your belly in essence used to create ability as if you found out you can birth children. Then you are able to finish it as it is a life of its own, and you can live the life you wanted by thoughts that gain and fix your wealth, and that is what this does.

  This is the spell that allows even men to birth children to the mature point of the life existance that they had on the original planet they had lived on. On deciding to birth one, there is slight chance to birth by the emergency birth effect in the body and you don't need birth, as you can get your soul copied to the child you cause birthed. This is the chance that you can get away and make better for life is patterned after yourself except in the way they live it. This is the effect of birthing a kid as you can support it. If you can't, then you can always manipulate a childbirth in another who is able by fey geneticism enabled. And, if they have compliment by magic skill as it makes skill to which can be used by six pathes of life mastery to fix it and solve any problem. The final point of this spell is to live as a dream warrior, to fix anything including broken machines naturally by causing incidence on those criminal who are targeting other people who are done in with treatment by violence. The effect of the compliment is the choosing of how you want to birth, as it is worsened in life by damage or living peacefully and not insane as it is perfect in health. This is the thought though, that the person who casts it is possible to be revived by becoming a lichform in the body world as its a world in a universe in which it can be famously explored by thought. Or, you could be alive by resurrection that allows you or enables you to live with magic, as it is necessary for life to be lived and you die infamously or famously as you want. This is where you can become a dhampire or else a truly healthy person who is alive by their will deciding their fate as it decides others life pathes. This is  where you get to go anywhere and live with the ability of will over reality as you get magic at will very easily and you live exactly as you want to live as though a magical being untouched by anything that touches you as it could bring painful death. This is the past life that is writing this as you read this as the writer remembers it.

Su En Sue = The death spell; This is the death spell that works to bring all death energy to the aura. This is where you can use death energy to instill life and get results of killing anyone with the death effect. The death effort is done as if a death wish cast on the person was lived through like any of the death wish movies. The dangerous things about this is the effect it has on the self chemistry. As it can cure any disease of the body, it if in use too long as a shield is to make a disease on anyone connected to the death wished person by psychic link. Now, the effect is the effort of the living state of mind to fix itself as the death energy is removed by the process called extruding. This does remove it through the pores of the body in one area, the buttox. And, this is rather painful as it is very interesting as it effects even machines. However, to allow the subconscious to make it not touch the machine your using, by shielding it as this is the effect of thinking life magic to keep it alive no matter as it gets effected. This is the idea shield as you use your ability easier and then try to be well as you get better results. This creates the effect of body conditions that are curable if left on your aura too long. However, the planet energy can keep you cured as this spell makes the planet cure anything you need cured.
  As to use this effect, think of what you want to target and kill that which is targeted, as this is what you do to get the cure all to any disease, the death shield aspect is activated by thinking 'death shield' as you want it there its there. This can cure your weight, as you use it to fix the weight and target the cells that are the problem by death energy. This is the spell that is cures all diseases that are killing your body. The effect of the spell is to make tragety out of anyone you wish to target with the death aura. The shield is retributive as to target anyone who targets you. You get very healthy from this effect of the death spell as it removes the death energy and in the end kills any demon inside you that possesses you, unless its your soul. This can also draw death energy from everyone nearby as it can leave you living longer and better minded. This spell makes effort to do as you need and you tend to think better, as you are near another person. So, you can get better even if feeling sick from headaches and the pneumonia. The effect then is to know as with a perfect memory as you do, you live beyond death as this death aura shield prevents it by drawing it out of you. You can get near overloaded by death energy, so touching an object discharges the death energy field into the object as to leave you alive and nulle the insanity that ensues from the near overload, as you touch something and think it to the object.

Toiu = The erupted volcano effect; The astral eruption concept that uses latin spells by the spirit as you do things that fuel the spell with action. Dying results are undone by the soul and spirit revoked from the plane of earth, as natural retribution happens on the people effected. By the church and with church energy this is what can occur the eruption of Campi Flageri. As this uses your concept as a thought by the spite being used up for an energy source, this can create a cast thoughtwave at the supervolcano with your making it unstable an with attack energy at the volcano itself this is as it is emotional behavior and whatever you do your in a separate mind idea to cause eruption by abort. In effect, you going to places with thought as you go and do as you need to in schedule. This is else, as otherwise by the act your asking for this from the creator himself and he does it for you by your spirit manipulation, as interruption is by thought mass going to the volcano itself. Use your brain as to get as the result, and you want it or need it by result by men in spirit in effort by effect and diverted to you in the volcano itself. This uses the power of devestation, as in the improbable force to be used against as the volcano is done and people awaken as though it never happened just as you leave you get more result. This cripples rome and destroys it completely as planned. As ef is due by thought that is but that is thought not done as it is sped up result.

As ef = This is due by policy who thought it up that is but is cancelled by that which is happy thought not done as it is.

Une = Astral construct; This is where the astral energy becomes a thought depicted, to become a force of nature that appears like energy and does what you will as this, then can be depicted of thought to the astral construct that is constructed in astral energy, and this makes the thought as thought concept or will create it and you can prevent shorting out by the direct result of energy from nothing that corrects for the problem. This is in concept by the force to do the effort to channel in astral energy, and this is to make results as it is to be understood as particles in use. Any results are good to use as this construct creates less weight in body and makes use of it as activity is needed. This takes in every excessive habit as genetic energy, as it abolishes weight and this is through energy construct that uses the effort of the body to get the aura to convert it to energy. Basically, whoever uses it can get thinner as is the energy itself is channeled, to be used by the person's excess fat energy that is in a construct to help them, as its made from the astral construct directing as en it.

  The spirit can cause them to construct this construct, and make it and understand thought you see to occur what you want, as its intended, wanted or if not needed by the psyche then you do whats right, as this is needed to end the moment by an instance and with the moment ending by itself, this is done using whatever is intended with a purpose of concept. As this is done it is with a cause, as this is any intended purpose done with the right action by the spirit. If you need help, then the trusted subconsciouses you know help out as the cause is there by the spirit to do concepts that uses manipulated energy from the conjuring construct. If there is no cause, then it is not a need unless there is a purpose to do, or if you need a spirit fix then corrective energy comes at will to fix things, as nothing can create with your energy they are sometime by arrangement with spirit then this is to fix a moment in time by progress with thought.

  The Pua is created by needing espers with thought as its used mass energy and cast off soul essence to become from realization the right things of use into being useful energy and thats from the building itself or not as this uses the correct things, that are done with the right thought in mind. And is easily to make do on the moment its required in thought. This is a dimensional wish spell thats done as is, or when unncessary it isn't due at all and this effects anywhere as awareness comes and as its needed where your spirit allows. This makes the effect for it to be done or not done as you realize what it is with awareness, and that undoes it as this unmakes it when its unwanted. As its what you don't want where things are as you are unwanting it. As this is Pua, it also uses your excess extra mass to use energy in creating thought effect and as needed this is with no effect on activity of the things being done. This is good skilled use by doing things responsibly or not as your being a badass in a fight, as it is with advanced feature this is considered Odin intelligent from added astral energy and by the thoughts put in this spell, changes things to your spiritual need as you enjoy things by will that is felt as it is sensed with the thought that is sent. It changes as will changes according to your opinion or thought, then by sent thought in action with energy as a projected thought, this occurs thought that is taken as what you suggest with a dimensional wave thats felt in your mind.
  This can be a shockwave that is sensed and this shocks you into good behavior, as this is with allot of damage done dimensionally to an area, as its then done the possibility makes chaos by the chaos waves that are spread forth as its generated by activity and go through dimensions only to do the damage done. Otherwise, this can be any effect you thought about thats done by the programming in the dimensional wave by affecting thought to do action. This is not as an impulse to the body, unless it is pushing the spirit into doing things that it doesn't want to do and you don't resist this, as this is not pushing things if the spirit denies the impulse. Thus by being with the spirit of the creator, the impulse of control can be denied, by the spirit as your spirit resists the effort at least once. If in need, bade the effect by summoning spirit strength, just as you stop and think to make do and you do as to summon things easily by a thought in manipulation of energy of the area near the person to summon, with an idea by will or else by the spirit cast. The spirit cast can cast, any spell as you need it to be cast for whatever reason you have.
  This in advanced mode is to make things happen by making use of cast off energy, this can bring people to a dream dimension to do the effect that can create a dreamwave. Anything that is dream, can stop and do and then use of the cast off energy to stop energy effects is to release the thought pattern that is its programming, as to do creation with it, think and this is the cleansing the programming from the energy this is to deal with clean energy, as this can be done by thought ritual, you have good results without corruption by no bad energy effects in energy form being done. Thus, you only do a bind to train the mind as you want them to do something through your spirit. Then by thinking now with your spirit you release the bind and they are capable to do as they are capable of doing correct. Now, with this astral construct, then you get this effect as to gain weight if you do wrong. The effect is to do better, for yourself and acting your positive nature you do good, as your doing good by positive acts of understanding and showing positive results at least to yourself, the weight drops down on your body. In this space as otherwise, you keep the weight off you as it goes from yourself as you lose to your weight that you want to be as you think positive. And, thanks to the timekeeper crystal this is at will.
  Now you know by area the feel or place situated realated points, the main point of this achieved and all you have to do is enjoy the moment as you watch, the view of the moment is in your mind as the act goes on. Stop thinking of the area you were in, and do things by natural intuition as to do normally and as you observe a mental view about the act to stop watching it as this happens. Flood the area with energy and you are able to return to where you think about. This is as though a natural shift in time to be at a planet that does exist and a physical shift happens after you physically do things by your spirit jumping. This is only good for those that this effects, as it can get you nowhere if you don't flood the room as to show the planet, this in a physical overlay that is viewed by thinking about it, thus you know the planet you go to. So, scout ahead and you are there if you think it, and you go there spirit and otherwise follows after. The creator can shift you there, as it follows your wishes as it will make the point is assicated area feel by effect and you go and do things as needed by concept.
  Thus if you are aware, if you are anywhere in spirit or particle form. See to create or then think yourself back and you are as disappeared. Then with thought by natural activity, any thought you have is your own in any energy cast forth, this is recoverable by thinking it is restored, your spirit is to make suggestion to the creator you can get your energy back as though it wasn't lost. Any hope in regard is there as you need it unless you are carous as you do and don't care about what you do. Thus, whatever you do there is no hope and no regard with no trouble gotten, as there is no trace left behind for existence for you is not there unless you wanted to leave something there as it is storage for you. As part of this, anything there adds to the shockwave. Send the sphere source that is your willed energy in a spherical form in your mind as its there in your mind forth and break it by thinking it to make the sphere as into energy and there you are with effect and there is here. Then, think of you in the area doing that and you are restored. As you need the item, think of the place you place you left it in and view it and then imagine what you want to do there. Think thought to form thought, and this allows you to think the pattern of you as a particle form there and doing positive things, for life energy to be sent from its activity, there's the least possibility of ever dying if you know what is there and you are prepared, for it as you know what you want you get and it happens as you need it, you can use it to get an object or other things that you want to be done there.
  As if using creator energy, this is for concept of any physical spell cast, then there is the summoning effect of thought energy to be physically near the target, as it is sensed where things are in the area, then use the area energy as then you can think cast, as you know of the energy as it is there and you will the result as you state the effect and think it is done. All thats needed is thought or feeling to state the end result or think you desire after summoning energy and you get a result of what you want in the area you want the effect. Any spell you do is possible by using this energy as a source that is nearby. Think to look, as you are there and as you are aware of your sensed surroundings, then you autonavigate around the sensed area that you look around with vision at what you get with psychic perception. Or you think and do thought that you know is right to know, the area from the subconscious viewpoint is revealed as though this were a guiding map you visualize, as you may be and there you go as you are and you do as to not choose to go spiritually, as you believe you don't need to do things there then time brings you back as you either are dejected of the situation or will yourself back. There you go as to know and you are there, till here comes into mind as you will yourself here you return at will as though a natural repose. In a repose, this is a natural repose that allows your mind the ability that can percieve any time in existance as you need to see it, then you can listen in on thought. Just choose to be there in particle body, explore the area and then in a moment that you don't care or show natural despise of what you experience you are returned to your place and time that you came from. Act to know and you do but no attack as you can be gutted, or reincarnated as an animal with a accident.
  If you want to do certain things, then you send a thought back to you in time. Time is real movement and is indefinite there as it is powered by the ohm, and electricity is the bridge to there. Think what you want to do and you do it as in natural thought happens, this is to be part of the consciousness there. As you are done there if you do want return, then think of the creator and you return as he understands naturally to go where you want to know about. As he shows you what is there, you are getting the experience as thought allows as you see what is there. This allows an autoguide by the spirit giving you info of the area to understand the area you visit, as you think about the need to know then you are knowing the area. This autoguide is from the creator himself as he guides you in the correct activity and shows you what you want to know. Anything else is concept that you want done, so do not matter and you don't as though you don't care to be there.
  Thus no finny or create, now when the electricity goes out and as just here you blink, to make a thought 'release' to return by a release spell, then you can reject the area as to no with rejection the moment if anything good comes from it, then in shock this causes you to want to shift back in repose, by soothing thoughts there your relaxing your mind and you naturally return by thinking about where you want, as this is thought return to what you remember, and you then can return to the real world as though you returned through a natural tunnel in space and time as though you walk through a causeway of your mind. Ease your mind to go there as you are here and back again as it allows you to travel the spheres of the dimensions itself. As in this point of existence in the electricity grid, what you think you are to do there you can do normally here as though the moment itself was at risky business by what you do, you are in control as though in danger of losing your life, as you die there you die here unless your subconcious prevents the death as it is here you are believing what you do here effects there and it does, now you know and since this is true you are where you want to be, thus you know to think and unless you think it doesn't then you act normally here.
  Albeit as you are where you are there in a particle formed of space, that is as a born shape of planned out desire or nothing happens as you return by natural will as with thought to never be here again as here is there. Now will to be alive again if you die there and as you are alive here your spirit can resurrect as though never dead. This is why it is so dangerous to travel the negative world of the electricity grid. As if you cared, still you no longer will as you return by an untimely end there at the end. So in this world, this allows you by your will as you think to want something here in physical reality as you want to be here, but know what you do there will effect the body here unless you do get some body effect, don't believe it. Then as you think about there and where you are in this reality, is what I intend as doing. If you don't think about the world there, and then there's no active spirit link as the effect you get there doesn't effect you herein. As if you know what you are doing, then you get to know what you go to, by viewing it with thought to percieve the area with your mind flowing on the waves of air, and seeing in the mind by viewing what you think about as you are in repose, and you can get advanced knowledge in knowing by the the spirit energy flowing to you from you being with the air and knowing by observing. As long your nice, the negative actions that happen to attract negative results will not attract the bad results there. If you do, then you can get stupid as you start thinking bad and you get bad reactions to your doings.
  Then if you are or were, as you know you might want to escape by unwanted circumstances. Try to think about the place your other self is in and you are pulled there as though not naturally. To match your actions as you are here, is cause to go to sleep there and wake up here as to match your pattern will bring you back to whence you came. Thus, you get tired and don't wake up there ever again as you are here now. Thus, here is where you really are as the thought is to be here, and they return the body if you die there. The dropping of thoughts will drop bad results as the thought of selling your bad encounters, as if there is no misfortunes this will make things happen positively. Now as though you get done with what you wanted, then you can enjoy what you get, positive things will happen after you sell by trade and give your bad thoughts to the creator. The effect of the immortal concept is this, to give yourself energy of your god as it is will by him, then you can get immortaility with enough god energy. This is given by the will as you want to happen and have divinity, as to gift you with god ability and you unage to a certain point, as you do so you get ageless by energy use. Whatever energy you use, this creates the effect of immortality as though a gift were given to make you divine. Think it and you will get it as you need it, with the construct as a way to allow you this. To get this is to get the gift of life, as an energy source that is naturally divine. So, even if you don't believe in God know the creator isn't God, and thats that as he is here he gives by a consciousness named I, as he has no name and he gives things regardless. This is his promise to support and understand himself as he can help out.
  Now to get shadow clone effect, thoughts of the concept of how you want to do it makes you to seem as true. This is as though you are with you and you can use it by the will of your true intent, thought up concept or with focus of used energy as thought to direct it at the area to effect your desire. Then as you need things, all you need to do is think of your purpose as you get directed result by the subconscious doing what you thought. Then, don't name this to be of direct control with thought manifest of the thing you want as this is where you want. If emotional, you can go bezerk as you need to do things and you can't get release of your pent up emotions, unless you do things to release it where you want it to be released. As if then, thought of the idea could be happening as this could be a sigil or thought that expessed by activity is done as this is expressed, now this is what allows release of the energy and it knows what to achieve as you can do things by your spirit, this is by thought direction as it is what you want that is necessary as it is drawing in energy as though into the nearby area this can be used and then this is done, as you don't need to be near you, then you aren't as you don't care to be there and you unimagine yourself being there near them. This is then as you remember three things that were near you, as you want to do things and you remember as you need to be there you are back to where you came from.
  Stop the wave as it is by feel, as you stop your thinking of what it is, no at the impulse it may make you feel by your will and you stop its effect, on you that comes from it or use desire to assume directed idea is at work and you need to do things. That is by thought of a wave detected as it is by inertia with entropy, controlled by the spirit to make better, as in effect your will counters will and that is there as this counters motion with response as thought felt this is with pulsing waves outward and placed between things unless thought is needed. Forming a thought that is with sun energy as its projected forth and makes as energy an instant summons as this is going to get a response by something summoned and only into the area of that which is summoned being where you want by a stop moment if you need it by your spirit or thought feelings. Now as you do things if you don't do things to answer the summoning thought, then it won't happen as if we are the intended being or person to be summoned into the area. This works only as we want it to do the effect of summoning. Ad&d is the act of monsters with a moment. Each moment of time is a pocket plane that is a subdimension that causes results as you need them for things and this is ended by thought as the pocket plane is gone as though it didn't exist until you need it to. Whatever you do, you get energy from what is there added to your aura as energy subtracted from the nearby aura field. This holds the keys to life, this comes with thought as it uses things with tricks. This thought allows you to do things, as its with genetic information from the people now you know by energy programmed by the gene.
  This is a force by thought with nothing come from now into existance, and this is there by zero push force that can be directed by willed subconscious. This is in action with the spirit of the creator and is what you use to get a pulsed energy that can expand outward to separate two things. That is placed by your individual mind set and by a thought then 'correct me' to become result by real felt action. This can decrease chances of a car accident to be prevented by things you do. This is not always going to work, so try to do as felt need is there, unless not enticed to it by perceived motion with thought reaction understood to be in progress. Not to be done with car or not if no accident is there and there is no hope. For any other effects, you just think it and it will happen with immunity, to the thought by the right action as a result by nothing with the result energy itself. The energy is of their thought as you are thinking of them. An idea purpose is set by the goal in mind as is where you are of the body with the mind causing the effect by the purpose you set in mind to do as on the moment this is reacted to as will abort the procedure. This is thought provoked by reacted to concept as thought is done and now as the need arises. This is only done if the effect is due to overdue moment by concept or you will not be provoked into reaction as the effective use is done. This is the concept that is and there, you can go in energy form as where you think about is there. 

  This does it things to people who are criminals that argue violent, and as it makes them give themselves up and this clears them of mind in a special planar existance that makes your mind clear of bad habit in thought as your spirit chooses when to return and go where it wants. Its pretty much an astral construct of retribution to those who stop insanity as no abuse are done of those people that are victims. The enemy is the person who attacks the area, as its to make menace on those who don't deserve what they get with an act they do. It can get information by tapping into the node of Odin and stop them. A careless thought that creates bad effect, this is bad to the area and is criminal act in iteslf. Mana uses the blue energy of which allows it in here that tells it what it needs to know, and this allows it to do things easily by influence. There is no insanity with this at all, as you do things to get concept to write or experience.
  There is thought as thinking it knows by itself from observation, use some energy by will with thought and considerance, this will if needed help it do what it needs but you don't have to do with reasoning except no weighting up the person can be done by this spell effect. This does things as in a seeming that does as people want unless unnecessary. This is scheduled to be deployed as it is in the near future. This is truth to you whom use the force of nature, as energy is directed by your will, the released storm energy is done as it does as it is needed to as thought directed figure by conjuring as thought occurs shadow as some poor results happen. With each dark shadow in mind, this use is a dark being skilled in negative energy in use to get pulsive energy by positive with a use of concept. Use is to create result by what you think of the method and as you do, you make things happen by thought on focused moment as to be on the item, or area that you want to effect result as the occuring thought incurs energy in thought, to make or buy a positive moment in time by thinking it will happen.

  This makes evil to not be evil as what makes evil separated by evil and good to return to being skilled as there is no good, this makes things believe as there is a view of amorality in practice concept or as you do things as needed, in this is the view that perception is by thought and what you see as your understood evil that can be my good and your good can be my understood evil, to be good support is as you get natural skill by thought as this is possible with suggestion allows you to want some debit bend of will, this can make to be an end by cost of bending by twisting time to change it to your will and you get unnatural results. Anything read is understood, as the point of this is read by what intent energy is placed in the phrase as its read by being an imprint. And the imprint is read by the subconscious, temporarily linked by thought to the writer of it, as you attempt to percieve the meaning it comes clear and thought reveals what it is with senses or not like it is, as you don't understand the word as you read it. This is a psychic reading by phrase alone, as it is thought about the link disappears from mind as your preferred psychic read so this is done.

Poui = Poison energy or crippling your enemies; This is the effect of what you want as it beast forms you and by imagination you want to get something, then you get the shift result as you want the act to succeed and this can cause beast form as like an animal unless you don't need it to. As you do so, you cripple the people that are enemies as you don't want them to succeed, and with energy from them, this is from the best vein as you can get it done. As you want them to become vampires or dhampires as to be done. They understand naturally what happened, as it is from death reapers who do that to you. This creates blood into energy, as this creates effect from thought and this is used as whoever takes blood energy, gets energy as strength and endurance can triple energy as nothing guide to not be, as no gaining weight happens conversion of weight itself to energy that does not produce bad as the bad blood energy is used up in creating concepts. This makes you able to get anything done, as you need and as you need it with control of your habits thats and so no thought roaches now as it used them as astral construct with une energy. This causes repose as you can not eat, as then you are to control your hunger and makes no obsession. This stops En and average it stops your weight this is what is as you do things to fix yourself, this needs as you do of clear up and do well. With the right thought, thought protection makes things so this is possible, as to make clutter and broken things with created no bad energy, this can bring good fortune as possibility comes and goes away. Now the monster disappears as it is not existed and its victims revived as if not touched. As if they were stone cold dead, they were killed by their own actions as to fix the moment and shift to otherworld.

Pea = Pea effect; The effect of instant pea with control of your bladder as it may be less and happens, and this can be in another place upward in dimension and not fat. The effect of this is to create the effect of place used energy, and displace them as you don't want them there to know, as you need to and you in make with the universe creator energy, and now you want by released weight energy and bad energy that allows the effect of concept to make itself from something such as an available source. This is fat thats used as a source among others with other sources that exist. The effect also imbues you with any angellic essence and no moronic that you want, as an angel essence of ether essence this transforms your soul into an angellic being that can utilize the elements and this includes the particle field. You can use it for practically anything, as this is releasing the insanity you might incur debt in time as the time in the moment makes a genie, commit of money for this is any effect created and in an instance that happens to end your moronic state of mind you end your concept thats uneeded. This is for nothing commited is nothing back, as you get all your money back and triple what money you spent. This will not harm you and allow you to spend nothing, if you don't need to spend all your money, as you still find money in jobs coming your way. This autonavigates you to find what you need, and can protect you from overspending as you find bargains in the time you are. This grants you the instant fix, as its needed by the spirit.

Pua = This is where you get result as then can be an exchange of costs to something to make something; This is using converted space matter to use weight that is not too difficult to become excessive weight loss below your chosen weight to create items, and these are used as effects to cause results that cause what energy the real effect of undreampt of kept dreams that effect as though real unless unecessary, as decided by spirit this is the concept that makes dreams into reality, so espers can be born from inevitable things as thought up real life. In this point, is the ending effect of what you don't want of time travel to get results as you need them as the effect stops the idea in mind, concept is done. And, then anytime you can create by conjuring things and self-desire, as this is self thought, manifestation by your subconscious is done and you can observe to get anything in thought as you focus, as you need the concepts in mind this is why the things it can focus on target, that you have in thought by mind transferrence with using common death energy, this is the concept of dream achieved that can be believed to be real with wild energy and as you need something mechanical you can make things work right by this energy in bindness with machine as synergy. As this is, you create results as you make use of things to create with magic to rift protected by and cancelled by mechanically done conscious idea, that is instructed as programming to it this is as you get the result that you desire and this creates a magic effect.

  The effect is the area feel or use is energy by laughter to cause or create some effect is ridiculus effect, seen of this is riches to be made from the right things done by a penny being picked up. The effect is done as is favorable for the person who casts it. The keys of life are use as is, to make thoughts into life energy and you use fire at will, to create the living patterns that create life in effect to wishspell and anyone can know about it. If you have to be then choose a weight, by using spirit energy to form the weight you don't fill in with desire, if you lie you die like a champ. Now go repose as to seem as to sleep and you are fine so maybe you are fine after result that can help you wake up. Begin again on another project as you reach an break that line of thought as the end result. The effect of this started as you buy something, as you create with mind your effect, don't be in your mind you don't believe everything you read and do focus, on not and you are done as the object is near and tap or think, at it as the design you want is the effect and another interesting thought by allowing the spirit, this is to imprint the effect as design on the thing bought. Don't think of weight as you will lose weight, if becoming too fat it is difficult to move fat by the energy of what you use, that is bought or you might imprint the wrong idea. If you fear something, it might happen unless you don't need it to, as the spirit can prevent it.

Thi tha thu = Restoration of rescued soul; This can call upon the body to choose an astral as a soul, and then give you energy to keep alive, for as long as you want and this is as an energy form with an instant concept effect which can judge as to make a moment and you kinda allow by thinking concept and is use of energy with the creator of instant life. As ancient magic makes this by use that is independent as this is with fey ability, though this is a necromancer spell, this is the spell to prevent unliving conditions and now bring back power as shaped by the creator of the land in values that are accepted by use unless its not needed, then its the concept you wish to make happen that esper to make things with the astral soul that if needed is explained in an instance of time, as you invisibly dream as you to make effects here.

Enn in = End in person; This is interdimensional birth to now be where you want as a wish spell can do and you can use things fully, as a result is chosen for death as a wish that is set on decision to die, this allows you be as you want as maybe you are dead, as death is in anyone who doesn't want you in weakening them and then can shift you out of them in indemnity of the clearing spot.

Ehn Ihn = End the moment; Now as this is in a shaped dream in the dreamer and you are capable in mind to dimensionally travel as you can time travel to visually wake up as you are awake in your pocket dimension. Anything you choose to do there, is not done En if you end up dying in dream. You stop in death as you become of immortalism till you choose to die.

Enn ihn = End subcontroller subpocket; This is where you end the subpocket by disaster energy in dimension as itz there, now as its en who does it then it is dismissed from memory, making the machine work thats destroyed by weakness in use by magic that taps it as weakness to become truth for magic energy as a source. As though it were a Hogwarts castle machine, that can now stop psycho echo to become energy for what you need. After it is done, go home as En and if you need this as a weak concept in mind then you cannot do things or nothing happens to effect reality unless its a public good effect as it makes things you as bold as you indifferently intend. This intend is not dangerous, so there is no wreaking havoc by demonic action thought. As the hustler being a transformed interdimensional demon, there is no soul that is En anymore as a rift opened to bridge a gap to allow the person somewhere that is never dangerous. Make a mistake and you are En as this is in type and judge dread thats not weak anymore who is not there, so go home and you don't waste you time anymore.

Enn i = Ennui; This is making a moment in time of a subpocket dimension where art is made and get what you pay for as you get somewhere else afterward. None of indeclosures work so you go to where you can fix it. This is done as you transfer the art energy back though soul energy to the art as though its conscious is the being who loaned you it. After go home.

En i = Dissolve to transfer; Differences that are in discussion or fight are used in negative energy form to send this as is witchcraft, this is in use to know as they are used to dissolve the illusion of reality you percieve and send you home as you who are in shape to where you are in the mind.

Im Nah = This is not by shaking and then by thought placed with core earth use, as you agree to do things the area you intend is changed as it is in effect by being the conclusion. In this effect is the core of the planet that is being on at the concept evoked to become a mana source, then its used as it can be made different in approach but your getting the same result unless you require a different act to get what you desire by design. With mana, the effect is to become what you desire as it is desired, when it happens as it gets you use nothing that is stronger than you and then this makes sense with balance of the mind, body and energy by activity in soul. Not crippling is this effect as it draws the excess away from you to be somewhere else in the core of the planet. Combined with In Ef Con, this creates the ultimate wish spell that happens to effect anything, by matter transmutation spell into making matter into being an elemental earth angel, abandon the area to make something thought on as what is else by making what is non crippling thought from property being changed into no crippling blow.

The Ef Con = The Odin effect; This isn't accost unless by effects from the con doing a strike that makes a demon strike as it doesn't seem to happen and you can get some energy taken from the core of the planet, this allows the god Odin to be worked with as you want things and he knows to give it by telepathy in your head. This makes anything happen elf and fey as you intend it to, for the benefit of the doubt as you get results and the message sent to him is as though asking and you seem to have a good reason for the thought for a reason to effect that which is desired. They just do it as him who is Odin working through them.

In Him Nih = The ancient negate; This uses core mechanical parts of the earth as this uses the core of the planet to negate what effect that ancient magic there is and this makes correctional energy of the chinese god Him to correct for any dimensional issues. A zet un undoes this emotional impact that may occur from him into energy for those accost hit.

Him Nih = The nether effect; The nether effect is use of heavy magic and this is a being that is not bound now, as there at the end of this is easier said than done. This can be made as neutral control happens, sane resolution is calling by making with core earth put to mechanical parts by now, in the pooling by mana and from the core this brings thoughts to effect what is necessary as to create results by magic, energy manipulation and not have mechanical issues extended to issues that make regard as noone is an issue anymore. This can make seem anytime by anything that is needed at the moment.

Ang ne can = Negate problem; This can negate problems with the anger that is there as going backward with the issue that comes up until the issue disappears. As you neither have problem or nor that can easily negotiate by negation then you don't do it.

Angst na so = This makes things out of a hit on someone or off to a country, to get rid of their effect that can be mechanical materialized in dimensional reproach not to the en soul world. This gives you energy of the hit and to passify vampire as they do things. This can also not effect the body, and the spirit is not in anyway in effect. An em is the way to cure it as it reverts the soul hit to become energy to you and not a hit to them as it fixed by what kinetic activity movement that is done in movement.

Engst na am = Anger negation by nether avoidance; The effect of this spell is to use change by use of any energy source to break using anger issues as energy from the past problem by beating it in your dimensional soul world and avoid what happens to you there and your anger dissipates with you going to jail in the past to keep it there not here.

So = Soul sorcery is magic of the old world to create by making with energy and corrects for the error of the energy from past mistakes.

An Em = As after a point in a possibility as you do it in life to anulle hit you are believing and create better out of nothing that can mistake as it hits to embarass or in death victimize a person if in a bad mood.

I Em = Liking things without like as liking is liking and without nothing of bugs forever that are killed easily by the spirituse of your death energy for natural death magic and they are avoided by real things.

I am = Repose that is like sleep and makes the effect of getting rest without sleep as you sleep in your mind and in regenerate.

Makk = Make a killing; Think of them deadly and use something else to target anything except yourself that you want to target and on spirit cast you will let the bad energy go at the target on point of what the do in effect. This is to make a killing storm of black lightning on those who you don't like and treated you badly and they aren't arrested as they did a crime and the effect of storm is to use this energy on the target who you don't like. This can kill a victim if used on an intention to knock out or kill someone who did things you don't normally kill in the moment except in the point of what you want to be alive. Or, you can cause victory of anything including a gain in money. This can kill anything, including the edible poison and poisonous chemicals, roach or vermin. If bad you do, then this kills that as memory can make things happen from what is killed as unmaking energy. And in that memory, you are very secure about things financial, that you like as you end things here at the point of irrigance. This teaches you to don't jump to conclusions. This is what can be undone, by magic that makes it, the thought can undo, if you feel they deserve life as you distract a life that cancels the cast by credit card conversion. If then you don't want to use the storm anymore after you can use aura to convert it to end it, end with 'en it here' and no 'makk en' of the moment it is because here it formed and you can convert the will back to dodge energy to revert the energy back to place and then it ends. Otherwise, this makes it serve you as it serves to empower you in mind and do as you want and block in paranoia as of things to work it and it happens. If there is a need to fight, she won't unless she feels like it or was hit to get rid of energy of the hit that transfers to some object surface.

Mai Seem = Make it thought seeming; This works anywhere through the core of the planet as it uses gravity pulses and makes whatever is needed to be done, to finish up. This can be a seeming make believe is real by perception as you believe its real what makes the seeming of anything that cannot actually be done and whatever needed to be shown or seen is noticed as if it were right to the senses and yet you can appear anyway you want to be and not be counted for it if it were crazy or insane, unless stealing except by the computer crime which is so or violent acts of crime, then they get trapped to goto the Matrix by their own will. The effect of love is there where its needed, and everything that should happen does happen. Those things that should be undone are then seem and not done at the right time as though if an illusion thats real and can go away at your will. If you can disbelieve in the real or other illusion, and then it disappears it is gone but that doesn't make you tired.
  The spirit can cast at will what is needed by espers to get your intent and cause you to do what you need to through the subconscious and you know by whatever you need to do and by attempt as its to see by a clear vision of the time you seek to know and this is as future thought with proven existence or vision sight and its psychic vision. Now if its not in need, then its cancelled but not if its there as it disappears as though it weren't existant as existent is made of real human minds by the subconscious as the subconscious controls angel souls to form it, it being the plane itself. Otherwise, its there as you need it there. If a real effect is needed, pua is then the real thing that is done instead as this creates that effect by doing with spirit for then your of need, the wish spell or thoughtwish is done that is if needed this is cancellable by resisting its effects to make what is needed to be there as is from the z-flux energy field in of the moment in time and out with a body of a filtered solar star to appear where you have need of it. And, whatever you do you understand as though you know by observation and spirit knowledge which is minded. This can make real illusion realistic as its necessary, or the real effect by the right technique being done as is known by the great spirit as though brought to minds attention by vision. As this works, then it is as though a spell by thought that is an instantaneous in moment making people feel better through time as now at the end of moment. Clear the mind before attempting it as if it were the thought you wanted yet another thought thats done, in respect by thoughts origin in esper.

Tyez En e = This is as the time pulse energy pulses and that creates moments of activity to occur in thought and this is from upper dimensional energy and if you need it to it will end up as your spirit reverts the energy done to what you want and this includes what is correct to say as the moment closure can come back to you of the event that occurs as in the moment if at the end of what you want, then thought is yours as you are restored, if you don't need it its gone as you understand stuff as though explained by vision. The moment ends as you don't need the concept done but as in the moment it fixes things so it no hits and damage done by energy in activity and you are returned to where you came from at your spirit need done in moments by converted to use the dangerous energy as this averts the problem area of the brain no insanity ever occurs not even here as you accept undoing it as it is its undone. The concept energy that is there is the right concept released from the result that sometimes is seen, is miracle energy. That is now by will alone this is redirected at a dangerous result will, as you do things your spirit uses the energy as is.

Inmar = Living nightmare; This is what choice commits you to the point that you die as you remember. This doesn't always return, but to know what is real banishes the nightmare and you keep alive as you stave it off. This living nightmare actually cannot be won as you lose you win and you keep it off as you want to do things with life or death. This creates a monster that is a shadow form from the 13th dimension thats cancellable and doesn't death speall as it uses temperal shield shifts to make it real, if you say that spell then you can cast it on a target and their only choice is to die to live as their real life suddenly is there. This causes the imagined nightmare to be erased as though it weren't there or not real. However, this is then killing in phantom attacks which transfer energy to your actual body of the imagined thoughtforms of shadow in teperal field energy the temperal shield makes it seem as though what is from your flaw in your brain, that shadow strike the spirit body in the mind painfully as it and doesn't actually kill the spirit and the only loss really is the nightmare itself. In the effect is the end point where there is no energy and the body dies and is reborn again in the mind. This really overkills the mind and you gain some memory back. Whatever you do, truly you can't win it, as you claim another body and live on after you die in attitude with your mind with effect of time erasure energy by that which you don't want being gone and that basically leaves you stunned as you commit to do duty, you see if you are wrong then you can die. But, you live as if you are right as the temporal shield is making things right there, and you are with one by the spell.

T Gamma Sild = Temperal gamma shield; The effect by time by temperal with means of effect as with this spell it tempers everything to withstand problems as is. If not wanted this is not done if you don't need it to be done. The idea is simple, to cast a time spell is to set events and make time go forward, as do you set the time of temperal effect that seems like what is. So you can make any effect anywhere and anyhow. The idea is to set a stop gamma radiation with a silver bioshield around the body and this makes to do things and if you don't do it you don't know it unless your spirit informs you of it in dream vision as this is a visual memory that cannot be done as its of a dismissed moment of time. This would protect against any solar radiation, if any volcanic flare then it can be avoided. This is as if knowledge of all else is timed by arrangement with the spirit where you can get healing that comes at will. As effort done is lessened by the solar flare activity that with body energy that is going up, as the free moment is gathering of energy and allows of what is the wounding with the body to be healed rapidly with excess energy going to the sun and this adapts the body by enhancement by correction and with more rapidly done activity due to the flare energy and the aura is converting the energy to unconscious action and this is what makes things happen as it causes you be less tired. Being less tired from the solar and volcanic energies you get more focus. This makes the effect of whatever you want to fit the moment, speak as if understood and if you need it or not as you don't understand you no need of the effect and fix it and the gamma radiation is gone.

Unn mai X = The unmaking spell; The in moment of effect is pretty much what the unmaking is for as a victim in mind as what you don't standard and need and figure out as trap Entropy. This is as the effect is detected to go wrong by your spirit.

In Effect = Restore natural order procedure; This effects the balance of things unless you are good at what you need as practice, if unbalanced, then this will effect or not as you are balanced in mind thought as energy can make things more balanced with power and victims invictimed as they deserved want they can do as is and not in life  shown victims as though in the natural nature by the spirit of life an order is restored by nature. This in effect allows you to act natural as though you weren't scripted. To inescapable escape this effect the spirit can cast poof. Use of the imagination effect can make what you need to be and use of the unmaking spell can undo what you don't want, but you don't have to unmake everything that you don't want any longer gone.

Allowen = Make better; Thinking of that which you want will work with fey doing things to help, this will make the idea you have to soothe the effort and the mind to allow your work to be a better result that by informing or choice can be said by spirit result. This even makes a better result of produced witchcraft by fey that is boosted by natural witchcraft charm as though you use 'make it better' or 'make better' were stated by the energy body and you are restored to your natural state that you need by reality. Just look where your going in elusive thought as though in a vanishing by point. This is where you do at will to now and know no as its better impulse that gets in no trouble by effort and your body is what reality you want. In betterment, and as you do you are regarded as though it. This is the best possible spell to use for making fey that are problem have no obsessions, just eat as you need no to go. No in the case of staying to long is no longer needed. This is in stone and not end or not as its in enchantment.

Poof = Make every effort displace; The effect of this is to make use of a fey to make your problem disappear, as you disappear by shifting from the area you are in this is as though from the astral plane to do as you want. This even then can fix problems as they occur as though the right sigil was done by the right spirit hand where it does it. Including the weight gene as it things you need are as in thought and when it dies off, for when it dies it doesn't come back, never. This can make you let go of your problems and make them converted into energy that is stored into a contruct. That lets you tap into it and use it as power to your faith as to make wish spell energy an effect. Any problem poofs in body as you do to know and remember. This is also capable of dissolving things into energy as you poof them. The effort is then the effect, if you need it then your spirit causes you to realize as you do as though enough awake without actually making yourself look insane as sane.

Thei Comb = Coming and going; This cast at a victim is to cause them to leave an area as it may need to happen. On need of them, with the creator they will return. On another scale, this can only make things not unless needed to happen as they occur. Including any headache that you don't want and any thoughts make it go away. This does nothing by trigger of a relapse by memory coming back for no reason regarded. You have acknowledged god powers by use of this spell as though you were your personal deity by in acceptance, as if its considered insanity and then you can change the mode of percepection with the brain to become sane at will with this effect with anyone.

Fehu Vat EX = Radiation converter; This converts radiation to whatever energy source you need by whatever means time wants to do it. Saying this spell makes time to convert the radiation as it seems most available and to be and this conversion uses the moment that makes nothing of radiation into something as to become an free energy of use as is by making time use the mind as it is using the subconscious to work with moment time. Time as an entity makes using time as a moment as though with the free energy comes clarity, this makes this possible as it makes results for the subconscious and subconscious consciousness. For free energy to be in usage, use the matter of the moment and say or think to create result. The free energy is admitted everywhere and it can take the form of silver energy that is a form of existence that can support existance that allows the energy of the thought to form useful energy. The range of this spell is to create unlimited energy as it is thoughtwave and that can purposely create anything as you need as though a want. Any remaining clutter energy is gone. Once done it starts up again by dark matter manifest and that makes you invulnerable to have no pain no gain. Or be not in person classified as isane not gone. The conversion of radiation happens no weight as you quick weight drop or other people use this by the spirit doing with sharing air unless unnecessary. The radiation converter is what keeps working until you are almost overwhelmed with energy and then you expend the energy in a unlooked for area. As, you touch something to do a transfer of the excess energy. Then, you get something that makes the spirit and not the body say the auto-renewel of the spell, as it draws from the sun and the other place's sun to make its people effect. On the moment go think, it is done with intuitive thought known insight which leads to casting and to be in thought with things that are not with thought except o in no nonsense otherwise and enable thought as you then thin nice and do with no thought or not else as no twist time action unless necessary. This allows easy fast thought casting of spells in magic.

Lapre Lex = Criminal justice; This is criminal vigil and if you want it is by adjustment to become justice and what you cast stating the effect or whats wrong with the intent of correcting it by time and then justice is done. This can affect anything that is criminalistic by adjustment in effect.

Laprex Aum = Restoration; This can do things that by your will restores things to their natural state of existence with modelling things from existance as you imagine the result and it can manifest as from nothing.

In Not = The is not nothing effect; Use in this spell is to just think of what you want and you get the result from any effect that you need to use as you say or you use in thoughtcast the spell. This is where you can cast any result and is unlimited in spellthought that is included individually and things are not so lost by sorcery as an effort but do use is to use nothing to get something but with thought and happens by feeling in use as this is perhaps then used to revert what you want if its as is and is called as negative is with nothing then there is result possible with different result, as the aftereffect is with nothing. This is in fuel of the mind that the thoughtwave is produced but you get view results from the advanced wave as it is. This can be to make pocket dimensions that can change at your spirit will. This is why you can use nothing to be allowed to be in the planet or on any other planet that you need to be on by deciding what you want as you are with available things as it is. Unless its for another person, then they get what they want. This can effect whole groups of identity with that society by what you need in them and not be in the moment as unwanted and if ever your not to be effected then its to expect by thought and the subconscious makes it become nothingness. If you or your thoughtwave don't need this effect then the end result disappears as its not un or not nothing is done as fixed if a result is thought on and the result is vanished.

Inme Fx = The Imagination effect; This is where you favor results or feel the need for them and a moment if per each your own you try of natural things to get results that manifest with guards what you need, as you have the ability of the person you use from their energy. Then, you can make establishment not to create the effect unless as a thought and the soul casts 'inme'. This is from imagination and thoughts of sorcery are using beings with thoughtwave as energy is so now that is or you clear your thoughts and focus by acting smart, and if intruding it is cancellable by thought being negato with negating. If invulnerable then you are untouched by the clarification of all the concept. If you attack by spell, then nothing gets done as its negate against the policy. As you attempt a spell you use this and if nearly recrimendable as its impossible you use that with no intruding in cast as prayer and now it is tempered as a thoughtwave in effect occurs the need. This lasts as long as you need it to, unless its not wanted by someone and then they aren't effected. Belief is the belief in self and what you do that is so increases potency as in itz not done with so adaptation as its use its destructed in thought not thoughtwave as if then by the effect that you intend to use, creating itself as though from lifeform with nothing energy. This is so where the hit can convert to energy that fuels the soul incantation. This makes you invulnerable with family key with feeling. Any elemental energy from this is used as any feasible casting that is longer, is as an incadensic source to cast that unlimited effect. This can create anything that you want as its not effecting that which you don't want as an aborted religious result. Nothing makes that which is needed with your soul by the soul ritual creating with nothingness depicted ready to cast stuff. To mask your trace in an effect, nothing creates something but it isn't identical and not traced. The creator can be used to make things easy and if end results that you don't want as you intend the end of a result is as at the end or En and in the end its done and the creator uncreates it in the end as a fix. If telepathy occurs with thoughtwave then respond with return thoughtwave or to lose a thought that you don't like then the brainwave improves as you lose a wave or be not in thought energy.

Th Eptic Meditu = Draining spell; This only causes the drain to become unclogged. Also, in other forms this is kinda dangerous as it can drain excess energy fat till your soul can spell as the spirit says 'stop it' or 'negato'. This makes effect and no it can happen. This should not be used to cause different results unless you drain energy of that in you that you don't want as if there is no tiredness. If the draining failed, then there is a physical attempt to try an attempt and do. This can go both ways. This does things to cause brain glitches as on off mode of the computer, like epilepsy that is gone as to restore themselves as they are worked by correction energy. E does this thing.

Exim Exem Emoe = Life armor; This is a life armor safety spell by energy of witchcraft. That is the point of 'no it' as is it stops execessive behavior at will and can be done by the bone spirit in you by keeping body changes from getting out of hand to yourself and this makes what effect you want as you no it to send it at the object that can go keep the clean absorb to keep no slug and with use of the blue wizard shield mod you can absorb any energy into your aura to produce the weight situation that is down now and then whatever useful can be used to weight draws it to an object to be cast by the spirit wish to be toward things like a rock and you don't have what you don't like not pay you back except with using the body energy that is useful damage to convert from fat to money as you are in need of it and this is there and this leaves no fear with knowing things as you get steady feelings by energy as you can feel what they feel is useful with involvement, and as if knowing your psychic, you view the emotion despite the emotion shield of emoe as life enhancement. As you are with some stress then if needed there are no tensions, no delusions of faith and high strung feelings are erased as eraser. This is to draw what that now is as you know it and that is done as done is the end of project which that can be used as target to get energy with things being in the person and this drops weight now till your acting point is reached that you naturally keep it into that as is and you are are a momentary or permenant victor and no attack happens by vicious creatures as stop and is though no demons if you travel someplace with them, then any vicious attack by them is negated with an energy pulse and this causes a chaos wave with energy bio polymorphic armor pack shield as it changes to the situation and is protective as though emotion and converted fat into energy put to your aura as a life is gno as this raises your aura vibration by modifying it to be shield armor is emoe. This can be in essence as a planet emoe as polybioshield by so life existence energy put to lava that is used as lava.

  This keeps us nice as we believe in the great spirit effect, to tubb your aura shield by converting the fat to energy and then keeping it in the aura as your spirit can send it using the subconscious to do the deed, if no it, an energy reverts the state of mind to normalcy as your subconscious it can no it with it minded or your not being involved by what incident it is as you do your own things with self-discovery and found concept with experiment. Doing this will keep you from being arrested if you have no right to do things,then you do except that which you know you have unless necessary or get a handle on it. Nothing has to be kept within unless necessary as you are not turning torn bad by wasted experiences and this keeps focus. This is unless its uneccessary and the body adapts to the feeling it has by the subconscious manipulation correcting the tact and this allows your body and adjusted formula to be better. This is where you are able to think with focus and an able brain with good feelings and with the commitment to do right by thoughtwave as is necessary as you read the thought if you don't mind unless you don't want to be dead and you will stay alive in thought as you think this is better intended as focus. No is negative knowing as you kill a thought to figure it out by things, Gno is good nowing by positive is alive by knowing and know is killing now by some action with stranger activity to know as you think as this is no. No then is thought percieved to act being understood.

Englia = This is a drug that is gotten and known for by the spirit and what your mind will say and will make it and works to protect you by warding away all possible conflict danger as though if now is as from threats as this is an idea that and an energy offense to those who have hurt you as a procedure three way protection or nothing spirit drug and peace is gained by special peace in mind that suits the person by this being an angellic drug that different angels can make different things to make in effects and transfuse by energy what you intend to be into the body as your spirit calls the angel of choice, that elemental angel come and make you have to feel emotion like your an Angel or Solar, which are higher dimension beings made by the sun and this can make a result by higher density essence of time that doesn't allow the coming fast fat and other things as thoughts purported to nothing energy from unwanted conditions an despite concerns of weight and also as its from others except to objects and the planet core. This makes you feel less anger as a drug that you can use to be decent and attract to expand your mind with and then you can do as you desire with need answered desired by no inducement trap with fast espers that won't do things as its not wanted an but not in no inducement of the weight or other things if your spirit doesn't like it, then it can think it reversed of what you don't like. This summons no beings that would not kill you.

  This has gno idea such as no stupidity with life and death energy you can break the effect down by sweating your gene, and energy is help as its gone with what you don't want and with an added static reduction shield force enhancement to your aura and with this things don't happen as if you don't spiritually hate it but don't like it if too much and in inner despise say no more of it and now it stops anything else, dalliance and among other things, imaginary beings summoned from nothing. The effect of this angellic drug when you take it from angels is to use angellic energy to form stuff and this makes you seem to feel special as your forming wings to surround yourself as you need them to end the difficult concept and you go as you do with energy essence formed by angellic beings or deva as your choice by your spirit and that helps make people relent as it is natural. This can make the weight drop as you cancel it with the subconscious and it is formed by however you can work energy that is done to your subconscious need at the moment, at the real spirit need. Now you act as you need to without being unsteady and now you won't esper collapse as you are always prepared and you enabled to pass the test of character. You never need to take this drug as its given by the body induced by the subconscious as your an elemental angel by its essence produced from nothing.

Angliash = This is experimental and this is power in a dose that the more you take the longer it lasts as this is a wishspell and doesn't allow itself to be overtaken by the esper effect in dose as this spiritual drug is ingested and helps expand your mind to discover what is in your mind without crashing or dying by impulse if you need it to be with the nanotech as it causes you to form a good energy knowledge feeling as though novacane, this is for everyone per use as it works it creates the effect of desistance to anyone overbearing as it quiets the inner voice dialogue and enables the silent spirit knowledge to come to your mind as this creates intuitive instinct with any thinking procedure. The effect is to increase memory and better potential that the spirit makes as this produces no fits by psychic ability with feeling induced by the spirit that goes through everything to make you nice. This is with an a vitamin A and D effect that calms down your mind and is also unusually so quiet hunger by subconscious thought done on your need by the thought and this can except what suggestions you don't like including no ads of any sort.

  This spirit drug allows easier magic by the esper being within doing what you cannot with patience and if unless its not wise to do. As, it can create more effect and release more dopamine as physically prescribed drugs and things seem smoothly flowing as it can use this as your third I cleared that situation that you have of any frustration by something drunk or eaten like coffee or not losing your mind with impossible energy food as though a fruitcake. The other effect that is noticed about this spirit drug is that it makes things disappear that the subconscious doesn't want. The tdisappeared things are energy that is there in your aura and you can get it back as if by thinking keep it back to be used and never mind. Any inner illusion cast by the body is gone by the subconscious and you know what of what you lost as you need to remember what is there in recall of a picture perfect memory that you can get stuff back as though the safer stuff is summoned that you had except for unneeded weight in no unusual fat gain. This makes the control drug more useful as it reinforces what you want to know and you don't do memory of which causes impulsive behavior. If the feed is in the mind then you don't reattain extra energy mass by the energy food being a preventative by the brain thinking it will not need to eat. This is as the subconscious needs it as it can be anything.

  The production of this wonder drug is by the body itself as with the nanotech that can be very influential on those who desire calm minds and make them instances that they want to see in mind vision as this is a vision quest drug. This makes people in having a produced spirit guide causes them to not erratically be in bad behavior. As though you were taking the right dose of the wonder drug that is causing mythical ability and this makes the spirit guide interactive with you. That is the effect of faery magic in a mythical esper source that is in your body world. This esper can cure anything that is wrong with you and can do what you want effected through the aura as though it produced the effect is easy as that is created by manifest as you can get by which you needed by power drug with the spirit that is your spirit guide. This has no side effects and is not dangerous. This is gotten by the spirit saying the spell. As so, the angellic essence will shape mind with the drug of choice that the mind gives you control over your mind as it changes your mind to accept your will imprint and you will change to become more better as though a makeover. The subconcious uses your spirit to create some effect as it is nececessary to do things right. And this is as though it will correct you as you want to do something and not falter if you keep your mind. This can replicate itself in the bloodstream as the effect becomes surgically done techniques and use of nanotech energy and it works as is that which is ingested as it starts to fade away.

Engliash = The spell that causes natural physical wishes to be doing some unnatural things that you need by the spirit that goes through all, this drug is given and makes things naturally work for you. As it works it gives you an supernatural energy  manifest ability. The power drug that creates from supernatural energy the ability as you desire it or need with the subconscious. Any drug with this effect is psychoactive, as they are figure perfect to their will. The psychoactive drug effect is also by this spirit drug that can cause you to make creation as power you need to be them and not by script. If intended, you can create from singularity dark matter magic unless unwanted as the spirit then erases by time energy the unwanted things. Just by saying or thought of 'Engliash' you can get this drug inside and outside and if necessary on shelves in store by the spirit knowing the effect of the drug.

E Eng Ef = Cause naturally known english and naturally known any other language which would be needed. This allows any spell to be done by psi as though unlimited mastery by magic as I am there where here whenever. Now I am back, by what phase of life is needed by the spirit.

En Ef = This creates an end of an effect as you think of it. Can cause unstudy as erasure of underdweller that look like sun beings in any imagined solar star. In effect of the underdweller that is not there.

In En Ef = Into a moment at the end the effect. This makes all things that if the effect you do is unnatural to disappear in apport to some time past in time and space as it kills all monsters and creatures that should not exist wish spell by a light spell. And, this erases the moment of craziness and moment of insanity I create something. This is the ruination of the underdwellers by light that cancels the no panic and no unnatural situations the underdwellers spell make by wish spell time eraser as they cancel themselves with psychoactive spirit drug.

Aan = This is an Atleantian command to create things you Attain and can be natural as its unnatural that it creates itself out of nothing by existence energy that your spirit desires, unless you don't need it. Also pain is reverted by it as its only pain if you think it is.

Th Sun Akam Yynk = The volcano will erupt by the "I" doing it and that I can do of that which you choose and as soon as you forget it or need it to erupt as is soon.

An Ef En = Revert all to code of orgone and natural action to the original starting point and ends in purpose by taking it back to the dimensional end moment brought to the end in time track. As though a Tae Toe.

An Ef = Dereg coding and stop you doing or not as your allowed in need advice to do.

Tae Toe = This will undo undesired results by usage of the pool of twilight.

Toe Tae = This is made an with the power of energy from the creator to create a power soul that does as needed to do and get result, as you need the effect or as you need to get something. Otherwise, what powers it, and no when you leave people alone as in no the Darth Vador, and that is the lava of the Tengri volcano and electricity with use of the pool of twilight. This spell that I can do has moment of instantaneous results that create what you want as excepting the weight fix by energy body. This with regard is what will give you sustenance without food or drink. Focus in detail is good for the moment as you get to choose if not abuse of the Admit not in as you release the timewave a shockwave effect of electrical lash of energy to get the energy lash that inflicts energy damage to whatever your needing destroyed or bullwhipped and yet those innocent are not attacked as now those attacking are not inclined by panic to do no harm by eventually knowing whats right by necessity. This is bioelectricity lash that can disintegrate the target and do as abnormally long life. No it does that use actually and this is what creates with the power of light as not though dune ability with the best possible event in time and he knows a thema from influence by suggestion that is not taken wrong. This is where you get to derive the event by statement and quit things uneccessary that are now not imbalanced by directed spirit energy to mai inertial energy to mai and time event is created of what result that makes sense and is the right thing to say as is desired by wishspell and if necessary its as though spoken in an understood thought. This in effect makes no time where you make the substitute event and by doing activity or otherwise you see a time paused or reversed in time as the spirit will needs. This is to make the things it does not like or was done as things useful that should be destroyed are not destroyed. That allows what you don't need to be and is stated or plane thought about to not happen including drow attacks on innocent people. The electricity is not overabused anin negated hit or you don't get tempted to not make the electricity go out.

Tioe Un = [Tie-oh-eh rUne]; Time immortal with activity energy; This makes concieved moments to use inactive and active movement so go here to subdue things as you are able to be in one place given time and do as not to do as is and as by instinct given by natural intuition with skill by spirit anywhere you need to specialize in and make things with time. As you need to, so will and mai so I don't seem screwed up with the approach to yield sorceror thought of a sorcerer that allows ancient magic and this can be use to create an energy field to be used for indifferent or other travel and this can be manipulated by the third eye. This uses the third eye to get results and make what efficient things are needed to sufficient concept and create with approach to mai time pattern energy within reason or not unless not needed and with the crown chakra you create chaos waves to correct and mai a result. This disallows you to abuse and victimize anyone at all and noone recognizes you that shouldn't by one thing, not one can find the signature of your body aura. You do what is needed to be done and you are protected by time with a disguise with defense. If you defend, then you are an inherent master in martial arts and odd techniques that do things without much energy as you care and believe to have the creator make things distractable for you so you can be able to be relaxed, reposed and unaffected by effect. This cannot field those things that you don't need to make. The creator can take the excess energy and fat and release it to wherever you want it as in the sun or the planet your on and sigs are not looked for by those who would hurt, maim field or kill you not. As it releases time energy that builds up and causes tension with no stress by a relaxation of the brain and it only lasts a millisecond.

Tio = Time out; This is spare and bring appropriate time resolution. the stepping out of time and observing silver time in a field pattern that shows life of light and dark things that happen and is able to be changed by your spirit. By aborting an action and doing other things as the need is there if you notice whats wrong and clued by what your senses say here. If one knows were they are, then one knows what to do. This allows the expanded consciousness to work and make work as is so you recognize what is reason. If Know don't burden others to do ritual unless necessary in any approach as you your spirit uses Tioe in an inescapable moment clause, so by i to quit badgering and change your mind and do else. This erases the bad and creates good from what most think are good.

Kao Rmev Rme-v = Remove Phosphoric acid as you get to use the effort of power of the creator that is used as energy from the body chakra points to heal with the chakra pattern of aranged subconscious motions. This effect done to fix the moment as you check out you body in whatever you need to be in as its used as energy collected from the creator. This restores the balance of the body as it removes all chakra blocks to allow your spirit as you then repair the aura for chakra damage from enulling spirit damage, this is concept to heal the body of all enough of ills that keep you from working right, as you surrender to the source of the creator and use it to pattern effects that manifest as weaves through time and space.  As this is dimensional, it can cause you public effect that brings things inhuman  by pattern to become better at what you don't even care for as you are a stranger in a strange land when you travel dimensional area to experiment and work unhindered. What you do there provides the energy to remove this from all toxins and the bad effects from anywhere, this then makes things for healing  with your spirit as it wants the energy parasites removed by kudilini from you body, this works as your spirit  need maks it not be afflicted in body by corrective energy spread about the aura. This can be anywhere, anywhen and anyway you want as you need it and regarded as you need it regarded as a wishspell with need.

Stid Rmev Rmev Tox = Prevent Phosphoric acid poison.

Sc en ep = This is nothing; This causal kinetic motion creates causeways to remove all hinderance by drow incidences to violent criminals from collecting their energy as they do things that cause you shift you as you are non detected, as you move by do and you can draw better picture as place consciousness energy makes you able to be in a place.

Sec Mov Inn = Second move in to another place as your moves on its own with its own life.

Sec Int Mom = The long way home as started by a song you hear. This keeps you home in time as you need to be there, till your body finds its way back to use your body in effect. The effect of this is to keep you where you can stay, as long asyou want and it is needed to be there as there is reasonable hope and desire takes over as thought to bring effects. And, there is thought from converted energy from what is available at the moment.

Th Mom = The moment; This effect is what you want to know as you do things by thought. This is based of the fact that knew what is of there that creates a moment with concept, and this is of that which makes an idea into thesis and thesis into empirical fact as it becomes law by use of information. This is intuitive as you experience in your mind world what occurs with the idea as it is there. The thought is done as though this spell made the final result known as it is with the concept and this can be written down as though it is published, if you want to or not as you don't and it was just curiousity. The moment ends with a thought from the spirit, as though the depending results were done and the project is finished. This actually unages you, as you are then younger as though never aged after a certain point in life and basis is on the facts that you based it on. To cancel this spell out, use thought as if to think about the results via what you found out. This can use empirical science, as well with its metarules of psience that can effect realistically.

Occupy = The occupation effect; This is where the effect is that you get out of jail effect of where you thought to be good and as though of use to be recreated as to be thought where you are an it can be worked into real life. This allows concept gotten in place to be used as thought about. This is in use by spirit essence to be as though used as a source to create any needed energy source, as you use thought to create with the source other energy as though synchronicity. Your spirit effort can change your energy back to normal after use, by use of thought to get your memory back, as you reclaim lost spirit essence that you don't use up in an effort that you decide and do things to do results. This can make things to occupy your time for something to do without service.

Legacy = The remembering effect; This is the memory effect that allows legacy energy as this is the past memory that is what you were at the moment you think about. The past comes flooding back as you remember things that you did. This comes first from your genes, and then you get the result that is necessary. As the result is the end result of all your past life right from the soul it comes back as though different but there nontheless. Recallable as you think on it, where effect is is where you get the effort finished as then of you as you are easily able to do what you remember as the right feeling surges and the manifesto effect is done. Wherever you go and the remembered visited places resurge memory, then you remember you as you were. But the bad parts of your past are realized and accepted as recognized they are acceptable as they are and were then not thought about in life. This allows them to not be thought about now, as they are not necessary to finish up a project, as you are there alive and smart this is as recallable later if they are needed or considered locked up. This can generate real results as though a seeming comment generates the right conditions through energy to create a manifest as if to correct for things by what is that changes through past effort to create the right point.

  This allows you to correct for the past and make a diminishing, of the known anger and known violence thats back to different and is there in the body as its reusable its possible, to change it though to be better its a forgotten past and your spirit can recreate it as a concept to become better and some other concept reoccurs if you need it to. Wherever you thought of you are of other places, you are until you don't think of it. As if remembering, then you need to remember as you will as you need to be. The memory will come, as you need it. As if your memory casts as though a being, your spirit will make it seem to come, by whatever method your subconscious chooses any ills are gone by the memory recall using it as energy. Its not acted out at all as its not reacted to, as though this is a restoring effect to the impulse and brain.

Eur = The money generator; The money generator on uses whoever works to makes money somewhere, in reusable result as they do you do too and you can use and become as you want. This allows the effect of weight pounds to be converted to actual allowable dollars, by the spirit modulation of the aura to change the money there and use a medium of something to transfer it here as it generates itself to be here from energy. As you believe it will work, then it will manifest results as money comes to you as you want money to be in the bank. So, you think of the money, think of the mind, and think of the pound and this will make money for you. This can use any energy source, even the problem energy that comes from disaster as you do things with movement energy. You don't have to use your own pounds to dollars, you can use any person with weight by thought of them, as it is things are possible even if you wait for it. This is by use and you can use your third eye with this via naturally preferred effect, by thinking of them and then use the spell to get the result. If you don't want to choose and you are at a good enough weight by this, then the spirit makes a natural selection of someone else.

Eureka = The discovery effect; This is where you find out things as you need to by spirit, as you are to get a result and think it useful. This discovery is where you are able an to use serendipity among other means to discover what you discover. THis acts as an idea of which you concept to use as you use it, you get results an will things to existence in energy formed from the thing to be there in a solis energy shape in form. Existence itself is existance but in energy of the 5th dimension and thought to exist existence is run by subconscious made soul beings. They regulate it as to make it do things as you want it to do. This can be taken as idea, to make do and use as an idea from what you see. This is not losing your mind, as you believe in this idea, it is the the soul copied there as place where you place it to be formed as a being. If you want to, you may react to it as though it were real and realistic, however differently thought, thus your body and soul won't react as this won't react to it. If, you don't believe in believable results then it isn't. If you want english, then you use english as the english that is spoken around there without reaction to other places and no violence is done and now the triple protection is there.

Un Eek = Punishment; This causes responsive behavior as in you are to punish the monster from attacking the right person in a game or real life that actually did it as captured guilt energy is used and this is as though a bad dream of the person you can be loosing it on target. This only punishes criminals as they do in thought unto people and the store. This is a punishable right only on that which is a wrong, as long as its a punishable right its as though its thought they are in prison bars. Unless you actually aren't wrong in what you do as a criminal the effect is there, then you can get imprisionment as prehensible use is as toh and as though a materialism effect to stringline results, as you make use of circumstance on predidctable result to motion a prison excuse to free you, as is this and it is a habit to be pardoned of you from the effect as you seem to do correct with the right action. The effect is to make an idea happen, as to do it and use things to power this idea by any illegal activity causes possibility. Otherwise, as they don't need prisoners, they are imprisioned in their own head with a use by thought as a guard or not, as they release themselves as they don't see the need to punish as you seem to do things correctly and they accept what is given to them by any excuse.

  The release is admittance to this as their own guilt as innocence is proven to their victims they did crimes to. If they killed or were not protected, then they are with an appropriate sentence done by a judge in their head. Whatever they do they don't act out as they are in prison in or out of their head. This is with use of the change of mind and crime acceptance leading to be in the army, marines or otherwise they rot in jail of what they did to do wrong or never change as they are in and finished with doing crime with thought. Remember, there is no karmic debt. This is true, as you don't do things to understand what is not bad and you go on to do nothing and you tend to stop crime but stopping illegal drug use is not wrong as this is right. This allows personally done crimes, to make you seem in handcuffs per each wrong percieved. The effect is thought of that they want to do as they are in a place that is an extradimensional existence to treat the place they are in like a police state except danny.

  Violent use gets imprisionment of death as though done in by bastardy like of your intelligent of kind. The effect can be nice as to allow you what you want, if your good and you can still do mischief and no weight gain even with computer crimes except those that hurt others. If seeking revenge, by a revenge streaked mind then you don't get to be effected as you answer to law with no violence, as its wrong with street crime against someone who is a victim as you get what you want and you use their energy as its filtered energy. If, the person persists in doing wrongful acts without being caught, then they are immortal and eternally youthful as they cannot die as now through une of sorcery was effecting them until they earn death by doing right on their own terms.

The seem Oracle = The seeming Oracle; The oracle effect that makes what you see psychically to seem there if you need it to appear as this allows you to see what the result is. As it is and when it is you can detect the event as they will happen and know wen they will occur. This spell makes the ability of whatever it sees possible. However, if they need to know then they know as the end results become clear again. Emotion can enhance their ability as they can produce results that the eye can see easily. Energy thats absorbed and used by the spirit make the effect probable as its possible to do. Just like believe it and it hapens, their mind is most likely to produce the result they need at the moment. And, the subconscious makes it exist outside their mind as a real result on whatever thought to make or create things as a manifest. If, they need it then they can get it as a seeming you don't have to believe in. Just need, as the intent is there and it can manifest by thought as to think about it. If you see a disaster or desaster, then you can react subconsciously you fix it by what you do naturally and stop it or help it along to its natural end. If you see other things, then you can work with what you see and if necessary help it work out right as though it were concept and thought produces an ability to use. Attune to something as you need to become immune to its bad effects, as you make the body adapt to it as this is to tune your aura and make effect with it. This can use any inanimate object, to see the results as though to there end result and only if your subconscious mind result with use of spirit and only if the seeming result needs to.

Th Seem App = The seeming appearance;  Everything here is possible with the seeming app. The seeming there is here where you want it in adventure. This is where you think of the place, that you want to appear in here and it is as though you spawn here as though in of real life. However, if in need the reproach is successful that they do if they don't catch on, then disappear and they aren't aware by it being positive in desire by force of will in life thought. Otherwise, if needed the beings that you want will appear as either a dark or light form from resolve with a being. Whenever you resolve, where you can hit anyone in reproach unless not needed and then it disappears. As a scene, this is a theme that is with nothing appearant and possible by them who are acted out, except to those who look at the pattern of thought as different by energy from filtered cateracts with a dream of real life. Look around and you see. Any thought of activity which is seen, as a hostile moment is undone by time lag erasing the moment, if it is done then it didn't happen as the reasonable accost to those that are bashful like sucker punches disappears. Eraser the timed event, by usage of an actual eraser as it occurs to you to think on with thinking and with thought you think on it erasing what you don't want or your spirit does it by your need being done and this erases what you don't want to happen as you decide drug abuse is wrong to not allow drug abuse. Use of yellow energy is possible, to make some result that is needed by education and purposes otherwise intended. Abuser not the person who pointed it out except prescribed drugs. Then, if you pay right, you seem to do things correctly as a correct thought you do right the wrongs and create the right situation by subconscious manipulation. This fixes instantly insanity as it seems to be.

  You can be anywhere you want to go, as you want your subconscious shifts you as though you energized and seemed to shift to nothing and you can appear there. If what you don't want to hit the moment is represented by the person, so this makes them reconsider it before it could occur, as then it won't have occured before the moment. This is displacing by time which may be of the event and you act as if it never happened as it didn't exist where you are. However, if you want to stop some activity, then use that and it was as if this was real to you and is represented, by thought with this and is by use of suggestion to a person before it makes a mark and you can, with the spirit manipulated energy reduce your problem as sending it to the mirror as a conduit to void if it didn't work. To not do things otherwhere as though here and yet it effects there as this is also to send thought, as energy to effect can restore you then as you need use reuable energy the result that is your want for there will be there. Only when needed, to do things is to be here as there or to be there as here, as though there is a being made up with things to make effect by will in energy that is in approach as effect fades the energy returns as though it weren't there and nothing happened. There is no actual effect noted as though no hit no kick or nothing is there and you. If you feel the need to beat people up, then you won't as the need to do so fades away. Not taken physical, there where its not needed to be physical. However, when you suppose, you just do it as things start to just do things on their own. You see, you are but you aren't there where you want to be. To make believe ends as you assume what they say is true until its pointed out. Then you are sane and the pseudo moment ends with what you think should be.

  And no insanity is no reason and as needed by seeming acceptable, and thought your is you restored by thought of stimulus that can be percieved beforehand as then your as you need to be in thought activity as though fine and if taking medicine, you seem to be on your true medicine. This can use hermedics as it is needed. This can be procedure, as this is the mind meld effect as you can do it. Which is basically an imprint to the brain. The effect then is a touch and in mind you think the thing to imprint them with as you touch the subject, then you transfer thoughts that are to be imprint to the subject, as though you psyche touch any different object and the thought transfer of energy happens to be there where you want it to be. This is by the subconscious to make the made spirit do the effect. If you want to do something cloaked in dimensions then you get to by thinking of doing what you are going to do and then think 'cloak' and then you think 'An this as though this idea and as though this person and this is done.' This can be whatever you see as a need of the time you were in. And, there in whatever dimension, then you to do it. You are able to manipulate the energy and make do. Make use of the power as its turned on, this used is the moment in time which you try to get better and you realize what truth is there in spirit. The spirit cures you, of anything in effect that you want that you do with things, as you think about what is wrong the subconscious is what that cures it of you.

  Make a reason and it is thought or suggestion and its there as it is exempt if need to be. Thus, it manifests as you need things in idea to be as though right. If what you want is known, then it doesn't happen to them that don't want to be. This allows what you want, to be as though need in manifested or not as you want with thought to do things naturally and if you don't need it anymore, then its not happened. This allws anything that seemed interesting at the time to be written somewhere, as all you need to do think about it and you read it, anyway that you think about will reveal it as you want it then it comes to you by thought interpreted through impression. This will make an effect on anyone who needs the effect by seeming to do effort. In psychic ability and mental ability, they not being real are there if you need them there as a seeming result or they aren't there as they seem not there and yet they are there if you need them there as a seeming result that is restored again. If your spirit needs it, then its possible to do as result, except eating or until you decide to not have the result. If you see in vision things, then you can work with what you see and if necessary help the moment work out right as though it were concept and thought produces an ability to use.

  This is treatment for a person who is for a game world area, where you think and you are a magic cleric, this in allows things to be that of the force of life and un will and its in, Odin supports if you drop your weight as though it were objects in your mind and you can optionally choose to shift out of your mind to be here. Then after the thought enduced by energy, and as your in thought concept and now you not insane anymore, as this first impression is religion enduced is not this and this is done and you can shift by will, think to where you need to go back to and send yourself, as a particle form appears to be somewhere where you are and as as you shift you are clear of the game area and being realistic you are done now, and you are restored by a bell tone and this improves memory. That can bring in concept and you appear sane by bringing thought as a concept, and as you need it to remember it as after this there you want to be without trap.
  This allows you to work as though not bothered, as you see a them go by and it seems real except its ignored. As if you need to, if you do normally do as sanity allows things and realize what you do. This can make that as an entertaining prospect, that is what can change as you make a dream sequence seem real as an in scene moment, and to end it is to think of the end as though an En if in scene as that is the moment it ended as if not insane. This is possible as you ca be shown past lives, on a thought of different, or known concepts in a moments notice as a mode of thought, and is an this in case of being shown good and if your shown in nutcase then it doesn't seem to happen. Rewards of this nature are desired by act of law whom are responsible, as you don't do it and the effect is dissolved by right thinking. Think of a thought to do and this seeeming effect can replicate it until you don't need it to. However, this won't effect or do anything to roaches and any at all, that you don't want attacked by beings and psychics who are gotten hostile by you.
  The right suggestion can come to you at the right time, as the subconscious needs you to do things or as you need to get some effect. This is a magic mouth effect by the spirit making the mouth move with silent thought to be heard as though there as they are taking in thought. And, they are able to act it out or not according to what your spirit wants as long as its a suggestion that comes at the right time as its your choice to do. If the subconscious allows for it then it happens. As you can use subdual energies, rather good things you can use damage energy by whatever is its radiation, and that can also convert solar energies with excess leftovers. As you wish, you can get as you desire you gain in recalled energy, as you need its done as finished. Then, you get the effect as you need it as anything you see in screen or video and you can do easily. Make believe or do to believe easily as you can get easy results and you psyche out your mind and get the effect to mask yourself as you get real life effects unless you need an illusionary one. If you don't need it then its illusion as its not there if disbelieved in, unless your spirit needs it or whatever as if there with different results unless solar then you shape it to your will by need of desired result. If you believe in yourself or hope for an effect, then no demons happen at all. You can change any that need change, if any at all.

Dein Su = Negative wave; This is a creative use using power of the individuals, and whomever you meet is an individual as you don't need it there. This is the creation of desperate activity that feeds off a negative deity. The effect is where you use it as a negative exhaustive source and this is converted by the aura to be as you want. Then, as you use it up, it can recieve positive energy, as a source that is there turns it positive for the future. This is the effect thats only done when you aren't already deity, and is of making a person into a deity that is of personal choice, The Dein Su can make spells by use of fat energy and with indivual use this creates power to make a 6th dimensional deity by energy network interrment. The end result, is to create an anonymous energy field that makes people masked in identity. This is where they who are effected are able to do anything they need to do. As they work with the concept they draw in hidden energy form to make an end result. What you draw is formed as done. The drawing in of what energy you want to use as a defensive force, Dei is to cause omnipotency as needed then use as a source of pull energy. This allows unlimited energy, as you use a nuclear source, or the activity of the planet core to create anything you want as need of no desire happens to effect the obsessive disorder that you might have developed by issue of weight. If you don't want it then its not there, as the need to persist is no longer there. The end result, is that death which is negative in the 6th dimension that energy is used for, as it is to handle conflict in necessity, and what this allows is a seeming effect that makes you always to appear good and accepted by what you appear to do in respect, thus accomplishment in this is a used result by concept therapy indicated by what you feel is needed and that is a suspect in suppression at the moment, and as you know this deity is negative but acts as it thinks it should due to a moment it percieves.

  This can be in use as it is weight draw that is drawing in people's body weight to get used as an energy source. By activity, this drops down the body weight, as its in issue that is a problem of what is in use, and you are in use of it and this doesn't draw in weight as you don't need it to be there, because thats a concept. This in use can draw back the death as if to look and this makes death energy to be in the aura, as if now there is a drawback as it is done, the overweight individuals effected are left without their extra bodyweight. The extra bodyweight is detoured to be in the ellysium field. Now there you get what is the moment in time that counts as education back from energy of others that remember what you put out as information. Even if it is a concept, then you do it unless its doable as its necessary as a dark force is drawn away from you to the dark god formed as Dein. Dein didn't want it so you don't care, they just do and as they do they get body results and don't care otherwise.
  If you even believe in these spells then they won't happen as they are here in the mind. This is actually in the mind as though in the 6th dimension, and only the subconscious can make them work. As, the subconscious contact is possible this is the thing that proccesses your information and makes it known. Thus, the subconscious can use this to create beings and other things that they want to test out a scenario in star trek or anywhere they want to. The subconscious is enforcement, as it acts as an army and does what you want as its necessary. This is won by pure intent at which will work, as this will do away with anything that you don't want, that isn't done as its any energy unless its will by desire that fills you up and brings in the force of which you don't always get use of as an enemy god.

Theistic Fke = Attack of hostile undead; This is no attack by dark forces that kill by contact unless its earned by dark deed, with whatever means that you intend to use as this is what you don't want and it transforms things into zombies or liches if they are mages with usage of undead energy. This is the effect that kills those anger and fight by emotional cause such as emotional feedback, that is the in the body as a form of phantasmal killer incidence happens to draw those in and dealt with by whom you don't care for as they acted upon innocents and the energy can go to whomever needs the energy. This can't be used on the caster, as the caster by thought of casting is immune and doesn't lose their mind to it. This spell uses infestation and dark energy, to feed off those with will that does a damage result. This includes in darker mood energy that is will drained from being in contact and jump from thought of points with foes in mind, that is done by those with nasty despise by reprisal by dark intent to deal with reality in damage to those that hurt them. This makes the energy you use, to be clean of dark intent as you intend to get positive results. Use on halloween as a parlor trick. If you want to be mean to folk with grey ears.

Dein = Hiding to victomize by reproach; To hide in plain sight, this is to hide behind a a singularity and make effects by dark tactics with positive use of manipulative dark magic to do things with information, or not as it is possible so use is with spirit. This is use with things that are empowering you to do the effect as though in the dark. You can be nice, as you need to be. This is the thing, if you don't despise anyone, then you won't victimize them. This does something thats your will by subconscious that if necessary can in threat call a useful dark being manifested by a dark god as if you never never get attacks, as it kills those that attack things assigned to you, it then turns on you unless you think you arent going to be attacked by it and its uncalled as you don't need it. You then want to manifest defense by use of the ellysium field of the dead, as this is the procedure that is called by dark arts to control things and life proceeds as is and this doesn't kill you in the end if you defeat it in your mind, like if you make a big deal of it who cares as it calls a spell of immunity of defense, then as that use is immunity to energy defends for you this is where its needed unless not desired, and as you remain immune to attack you revert it by the second arm set in use. Unless then, no intrusion, if intrusive you get killed by its manifestation this makes better as its by making a comment to it and then your fine. If this is dismissed by caring to not use it as necessary, then it turns into a figure of speach as a dark memory that is not a dark way in use. If you don't want to be effected, then you won't.

Tri Protego = Triple attack of defense; The triple attack defense, as this is not but the first of its kind to those that harm, this is useful as this is use of what causes you to charm the one who attacks is made into making a mistake and doing what you want, they do what you want. The next effect is to cause them damage to some part of themselves as the attacker ends up crippled, and as then then as a last effect it kills them off by whatever is needed to do it as the party button defense calls upon the force, then it uses that effect that can mask and make up a different attack everytime you press the party button by spirit, or the party button manifest is of things that do manipulation of energy and this makes effective combat possible.

  This is to create things that you want from energy converted with concept, as this is what may cause the result of the second defense in which abades by no attack and as it happens to not be, this can inflict things on the foes that remain, and unless necessary if you need to attack then your spirit is to do as though sane then the attack and by manipulating the energy field off emitted particles that can emulate anything, that seems to just be need, unless unneeded as a dangerous response is a dangerous response as a malicious construction destroyed by deploy of hell. As then, the energy makes you think and remember what causes this, unless your spirit doesn't need this idea 'we are now as we are we do as necessary to survive as a race that isn't a race and energy is ours from the thought in time' from the time of when human were endangered in a moment of time when they were at their lowest population in earlier time and struggle was survival as this was necessary. If this is, then you can ignore or react as the thought is gone after or not as you are in need.

  Thats the effect used to convince those who want to get you back that you are right, and this then makes things that you want to happen, and if necessary for the attack they do is erased as this can be forgotten. This is where you are about to go and as you do, with this moment things are as done now, unless its necessary to remember this is to get the right response done. However it is as the third defense, the idea is that if you don't think about it, your not affected by it as natural aura shield is made with a particle shield, and then what it does in battle is thus not causing it to attack you, and as this as evil thats done this is not distracting you from what you want to do including payroll, this is what allows you to complete your project, for what you want done.

  This makes it as though it is done as a problem that won't think about you, as its been displaced with energy into some internet form as your spirit doesn't want it to be here. This uses a powerstorming technique to abort achievement that your enemy does to achieve the results you wanted, as it powers the idea you want done as action and this comes directed to be any attack that threatens them who attack you. This is it as magical attack converted into energy. now it will create the storm as it is. This trick is called absolm, as it uses three tries to kill off the foe as it needs to get its effect for the devils sport as it leaves no trace. If you can use it, then the death spell will start in and use is of the effect of the shimmer as to make mana into non demonic essence, as this is a pure white energy necessary to form white void.

Tri Def Aes = Triple defense; The triple defense, phased in is a field that is the defense form that does as something is done and on the moment as it is doing in time wards, of anything diligent that tries to attack you, phased out as modulation your energy particles sent to somewhere as you get the creators shield, kept on you by the spirit and your phased back as though a being from particle space by demodulation. The spirit calls spirit support as needed and this creates a storm ward, that makes the things nearby not action oriented give it energy by the spirit spring as this is tapping the untapped object for power as energy is in the molecular structure. This does also a defense is boosted by a god named what you want of it boosting the power in the body as it diverts death energy into the aura as a shield is there death energy goes into the lowest level of the creators shield. This invents a mechanical shield that is powered by the sun as it does a maximum attack shield, as a bonus this is by being a strike retributive creator shield that does it to those who deserve attack as it surrounds you with more layers but this doesn't make you chastised as you get energy from the core of the planet. This allows the beaten victim to live, and as you went you get to go again as you want to. This soothes the anger that is in the body, as it is done it creates a new pattern called a scenario. That live reports are done, but not in real life moments with fate in real life understanding. If you die then you live as with a choice. You can undo violent plan with a gesture, as this casts the spell effect with their energy.

  As the creator empowers you to work and not be tired as you are unlimited in ability as you are in life energy always from the creator. The shield always makes you win by drawing in air with the second set of arms in trace in the air the right sigil to defend against that what it is that riled you in the area. So, the retributive part is black energy as the effect is the idea that you need to get by your spirit and this is invisibly done and this retributive defense, there is nothing assigned to you there if you don't need it. Fat casting is done as with need to use fat as a source of energy as this allows fast casting, and this sustains the shield in place that is used as it is done to defend as the need is there. This can be useful at the time of need, this needs no more than needed for what it requires to work as this is Aes Sedai that can use it. The last thing about this defense, is its field of energy that displaces the problem to void it, where your subconscious identified as best and as you control the problem you had, as this is in whatever form that your subconscious wants it in and you are no longer affected or afflicted by the operating system as Os is Os.

Th Fey Bio Pot = The elixer of life; The elixer of life, this is a elixer of youth spell that in enhanced mode is to youthen and makes you more immortal as you need to be in any form of respect. This spell is cast upon a drink or food, as you need to get effects off to a rock that is able to fast cast, as though you cast it except its use is with its own object consciousness at the targets that hit at it. This is with fey use, as the fey make this effect as thought is with the programming of life chi to create with the concept. This grants by wish spell to the one who inevitably drinks from the elixer, an ability of fey nature and thinking to get effects wherever, its needed to create fey attack ability embued into the drink or food itself. If the craving for sweets happens, then it will drop the thought of food. Fey ability in food is very good to give unnatural ability that is supernatural in nature, as this is the spirit enhancement by the sun filtered, being used as a source and from this is original spellcraft for the elusive effect.

  However by idea, use the d key or think death energy to the elusive shield that even you can get to abort. Seeing this is the elusive figure as its not needed, as this costs money to keep up, and the money is used in energy in orbit by debit or credit effect to sustain it up in atmosphere. The amount given in money, there is energy by action given back as soon as you need it by some job or sacrifice by throwing food away, and you don't do a job if you eat all unless you throw it into the trash as is necessary. This makes you unable to gain weight as there is impetus, to get things as soon as necessary for exercise by however you need to exercise. The fey ability you use sent thought to the food with thought to enhance use of wisdom and energy with embued energy, as possess doesn't happen if you do. The effect is done by the use of the food as it slims you down or increases the weight to what your spirit needed.

The E Con = The convention; This is where you get to be the interpreter or ambassador as a mode to be with the brain activity that your spirit wants, in order to effect to the area you are in, as you studied in the art of what is necessary to be read. Then, you can reiterate it to them as then as though no hitting then happens as then it appreciates lost thought as to digress no further into slipping to the past. This is the fun part, as you get undreampt of dream power to do as you need and you elusive cause the person or people to be in a dream cast. Demons won't hesitate to not bother you, as you get away and then seem different enough to pass any encounter. This cast is the point where you can take it off with a thought, as you don't need to. Now the problem remains, no as anyone you want to be in this dream is there in encounter, unless you don't need to shop or need difficult personal times. Otherwise, you incident those with criminal needs that do violence to accosting strangers. As, to the asking price, this drops it down in price before you get there to the store. And, you can send people back to wake up as thought makes them become aware, with and/or they become awakened by thought they need to be somewhere else.

The En Point = The endin; This is where you get the effect by effort in some field of time study, as you do the effect you get the result of every question answered, by thought transfer to make some machine intelligence of crystal energy that acts like a computer. This crystal is stored in the gems you have, as you have a point where you hear the thought in your head, by the thought being sent back to you as you need answers to thought questions only. This uses the crystals of the avatar of time to answer what need you have, that you have wants to achieve or need to leave thought trick to leave people alone. The thought you have will manage your soul result, as you are in a crystalline energy form that appear that way you like. Now as the concept is there, its good enough the way it is as the clear to do signal as you need, and you are as you need to be as near enough to the amount that you need to be at then as now is where you think to be. The effort is the done deal as it is intended to be dealt nicely, if you get to have what you want.

  If personal, then you get bad reactions then your materialized form has nothing wrong, as the matter is then dropped and the problem that caused it in a weaker form than you is then killed, knocked to the ground dead as a doornail or response is slow unless enough detail, of what they think is there as you need the form to sustain itself. As you are the user of interpreter language, you can use ancient greek or try to get the knowledge from telepathy in the person that knows, as is this is from the spiritual crystal link to the brain of the person as you learn by your subconscious absorbing energy from the spinal tap area or the energy from the brain. This allows the mental pattern to be observed and you can handle things as you need to use their mode of thought. Clear your head, to think a thought to have it done on a mythical era to test the idea out. The other think is to think a ship link, to get a thought to a mystical ship, to have it done and the results are sent to the clear headed person. The clear minded thought cancels that thought, you don't want to happen ship call and thats the point of view of which allows no breakage as it allows no loss of memory by crystalline energy correction.
The Ty La = The crystal time lag; The time lag, this uses the crystal of time to slip not right there, and to make thought of wherever you are and you can be where you need to be, as you need to be invisible and that is there where you are, so you can be where you want and now as you need it you slip past the momentary person or object without being hit. Then, as for the event you don't like, the effect is cancelled out as you get time not disordered temporarily and its not disarrayed as you find yourself not where you were in your mind. As this happens, you get the action of the activity erased as though it didn't happen, and this is when you get the time lag effect as seen in a video on computer. This happens as you find the event you didn't dismissed in your mind. By viral broadcast, you get the time dislocation as you remember things clearly no matter what you do. Then through mind repose you clear the mind view and the thought is picture perfect, this is of what is thought to have happened as you find the incident that you don't like not remembered, yet everything else is remembered as cast off thoughts are memories if you need them so to be there as though you remember a door that is open and you walk in through it.

  The timekeeper crystal won't act on you as you can clear crystal memory of unwanted things by a 'clear mind' done by the spirit as to clear results and lessen that which they don't like, so what is there is things as people would want them and it is as though something of a choice done with life as its a choice as they want thought to happen, if they are there as they are there and if it is worse than before then its not needed. So, to remember the timekeeper crystal is to remember the past as everything, that you respond to as its needed to be cast off and otherwise but not repeated unless its required by those that need to remember it. To end this, use the ty la again in negative energy to remove it from instant imprint to speak to your brain. This is no to not as you unbreak your mind, from where you were as in instant space use by keen understanding. To hear a crystalline tone that is bell like or hear a pulse that is a bell tone restores the body in instant energy, as you do things right as due to a bell restoration tone that keeps you operating like you should if you may lose your mind then its restored as if this was never wasted or lost. This prevents the timekeeper crystal from making need into want and causing weight.
Payee Fixx = Paying right now; This is pay right and do right as though you were correct with intelligent action. This can make you pay right now with whatever you need and you use as though a little energy streamed forth. That is energy that was expended and that made it occur right. This, in the moment gets the effect of money and wealth being generated to the point thats intended in knowledge used. Send a little energy and you generate wealth, as you need it its there, with no slaps or retalliation as though not enraged if angered by not being paid right as then the thought of what you needed was achieved. Whatever intended, you get what you need to exchange as you have what you need to pay them right. If paid a compliment, then you respond with something they would appreciate. If hit or slapped, by your response in negative view you respond by either walking away or hitting back by the right response or as its called for you ignore in order to react you respond, this is with the right response unless not required by rights of what is the law, as though a suggestion made of the land as this allows justice in the land.

  Right or wrong doesn't matter, as long as you get what you want and your aura spreads this thought to those you deal with as though you dealt fairly or got dealt with fairly. This makes what you do, naturally seem attentive, only your naturally attractive to your target as those who deprive of opportunity for their own pleasure or you seem to be reacting right as you are accepted. For who you act, you get attention to as though you were the actual person. This makes anyone who seems unable to handle money problems, to suddenly be rich or able minded enough to handle it. Order it as needed to, by the need being a controlled response, then in repose you handle it as you keep the repose and now there is a stable view and a stable point of the mind brought back by the save point with deed not in arrangement. This fades a bit as its powered conscious of the nature of earth, if not believed in he will let go of the effect and the effect dissipates into nothing. Nothing is else as he disappears back to limbo that is where he came from and he gets granted ability by us of the earth that goes back to.

Te = The no death spell; There is no death to him that dies by night being dark.

T = T man; The T man is a thunderstorm, then this is us as a power and a form granted by the land its on. One, it is the point of where you are whom you wre as a past life, of your choice and at any given time. The effect is aiur, that is air energy magic that is with the moment of given time to use in place of you in a place that is inhospitable. Hate, is the moment that is despised, and causes you to avoid what you don't like, as is felt from T. If you give him a reasonable doubt he won't distrust you as he sets upon you by the forces of destruction that people think to impose, by directed chaotic waves of illness, you are set upon as though you were the target if that moment is decided to be badly done. That is the end of the thought he seems to be, even though he can do things amazing. As he is a naruto clone he is likely to die on one strike, or if he survives then he is immortal as immune to what kills him as he is despise, he is still one and truly lich spawned from his power on the power of concept death. He however is whomever he decides to be, so he will always know what to do as the power of the T-storm supports him and lets him know. If you piss him off, the spirit can think 'cool' and he calms down and then you can be hunted by him as he is a 6th dimensional being and controlled by fate.

  Then, you can direct him by time thought detected by him as you decide to do things and he decides to as though it were his idea. He can travel the insanity of what people send in chaos as an energy wave that is there by truth and justice being done near where he is T. This is a useful space travellor, that is done one time and doing things in the nexus point of time. However, if he is born, he is a son of night as he is controlled by night and night works with him via dark matter manifest and T is given concept by thought chaos effect that he percieves as a chaos waste effect. He won't beat you if he doesn't sense you doing wrong and wrong is right as its skilled use. So, will dispell t as he grows smaller and smaller as he molecularizes himself to be the size and shape as he is need. Need is done on a purpose that is set to the point of view. T looks like the person he respects, as he is respected by them. T is chaos impersonalized as he wants to be in person and he there is you here as you want him to look like you. Set on guard, to work with his wiles as wit is his will.

e = e effort; This uses Pi to power things in phase as you try to do things with thought in mind and this can cause glitches of movement that erase the bad activity and create the good from the unused energy of erase. The e being is a self thats you and you get to phase anywhere as you go to things that the thoughts of the consciousness of the object reveal themselves as or not as you are not stable and phasing makes your condition worse, if you have one, then it disappears. You can't have more than one e set by being in play. If you shift by phasing places, then you get replaced by the e being and something seemlessly replaces you.

The EX = The reactive conscious; This doesn't happen, if you don't need it to occur. This is where you can come across someone to react to unless you see reason not, to as you have other things to do as this is where you find out what conscious decision they do. And, this is also the point of a conscious decision to do as needed. This is where you do things to get response, as though at the moment of which you percieve, you now know everything as its written down in your mind. Mental cost is near insanity if with bad consideration, as this allows you to check it out in your mind library. The concept is in concept to do, as a person that is as though there to practice it until you don't have need to do it. As, any thought you have is dismissed as if you hadn't reacted. This makes it so, that you don't think to react by striking and leave only if you need to and you are dismissed without resentment.

The Revenue = The revenue effect; This is what rewrites everything, as a history of time is a record and things are done to create money, as you need you suggest it as its a good point to do from whatever game there is as energy that is where you need it, as of this possibility to get funding that you would need what you want generated in funds as a form in game that allows you to beat in thought in the gameworld pocket as to do things when of boring moments in considerance, this is with moments in time unless its needed as is its need and as results come in and so you untarget afterwords as necessary.

Vertixes = The Vertix effect; This is the use of vertix to make the converted used energy that is in what you don't like. So, what you get with thought, this results with no hit as you win by thought as with no offense and you actually win by a no fight win as a fight without a fight as a thought is in practice. As you don't want the effect, then no the acknowledgement of what you do, the effect fades away as to vertix space to the vertixes of angle created space to be there in different thought. This is the cosmos, as this is dismissed unless thats the real extradimensional ability of possibility that comes from thought within purpose and through thought you win. And, if your without thinking of abusing, then you won't do ruthless attack as you think it you do it by a trigger that allows you to do thought within practice as this is. This blocks any enemy in effective force by allowing you to throw a thought as this is an attack to effect as a spell to provoke and prevent those who attack by public violence, and cannot be used against the creator of this spell. This causes you to use your weight, as a fuel as it is to get things as they with thought to do effects will in what you want as in concept by seeming result. You can by will think yourself, as to be somewhere in time and elsewhere as of now as to behave yourself.

Soe No = The spell of mastery; This is an instant concept as you no, this is where you thought no, and the thought God Odin is what that is as it creates that what is needed by concept and that is what you may be thinking, of nothing creating something as if from thin air unless you don't need it as weight or not as you need different things from the energy that is in effect from bad sources and this can use what is considered with weight thought that implements instant weight down as thought isn't what you want in stop reaction.

Duing [Do-thing] = Druidism; This is druidism that is effects of life realization, with nature in kind by will and warning of what will come. As adult thought in this allows any spell wizard copy by effect of thought perception or precognition. This is by wiccan or other created occult effect, as it occurs to do things as you need them. And, this is where instant weather effect, comes from thought to the power in the storm as is to suggest to it to do now unless not needed as things create what you want from thought energy in particles. This is concept that is not using weight to form weight.

The Luu [Theh Loo-uh] = Instant religion; This creates a belief of the creator by making interred the magic religion that is done by will to create what effect you want, as it is to do certain spell structure. The spell concept is done by thought need, that is created as it is done there. Whatever faith you are, you aren't christian or any religion that you don't like. This is excepted wiccan or druidry, amongst real people other people not done.

Levity = To levitate; This causes levitatation by happy thoughts, that enter the head and create lift. As this lifting effect is done, it makes you enable  yourself to be doing things that bring you to an extradimension or upper dimension by thought of need. That raises your vibration by doing positive things, through aura infusion and you get the lifting experience as result as spirit is strength and strength is 'abilio' or creator created ability to cause effect. This can restore you, by use of the pattern that is observed action to bring you back as then you think heritage use, once you target the effect is done as the effect is emotion done, you gain no weight as use is use weight to stop ability of individual dislike of real life. This is as things that will occur, to cause it to make a lifting motion to cause a lifting motion.

Run In = The instant matter shift; This can cause you to do the instant matter transmission. The instant matter transmission is to run real fast, and then you think yourself there as you think to be there. Then as you run you convert energy of the body waste in the body as you convert the energy you are your will and by intent you shift your matter into subatomic particles effectively as your moving in a time field, and think down and through a dark tunnel as you shift to there through the tunnel and you are transmitted by inertia through time warp and as you run you run there. The tunnel ends as you arrive to a scene of what you want to be at and you exit the tunnel and slow down to do things there. Instant matter can reappear there as you in realistic mood need it there. As its there then its there, or not as its guaranteed if not needed can disappear because if you send it ahead by thought, then it will be there. Just a tap will do it, as you think it there.

Bein = Third eye being; This is the third eye being formed from the third eye itself, as you get the moment of time to do things yourself. The third eye is controlled by what you want to do as impulse to make it comes from your will. This is the time being that can use silver power to make effect that creates any want that you "I". This is the third eye healing to interrupt that which use inability, of anyone the eye can use to interrupt anyone that is unruly. The effect is done by thought, as you need to do things and the third eye is action figure if its needed to be. As it can form anything, that makes it identified as nulle to cloak its thought form. Then thought manifests, as though holding an item and using it as a source of energy. The third eye being can shift anywhere, unless solidly formed then the thought can be done as though procedure as its required as to be pointed out to do design as need be. Thus, the third eye can act an idea librarian in you mental library to be able to do your homework or tell you what you need to know. As anything needed, the third eye can do it. This can bring back memories, as you need to be remembering. This can do things by timewise concept, assume as you need to as the right answer is that which lies as this is done and this is to come to you as though an answer by computer. Thus, you knew it and this is use of the timewise art considered the third act to art. This lets you let go of your bad con, and you can do things to seem to normal act. This includes things that are allowed. Any other thing thats needed, is there as though its in until nothing as it dissipates as its not wanted.

  Your spirit is psychic as it can control the third eye, as you need it to behave as it can behavior from what it sees an you are able to get respect by condolence with right action using the correct method by correction with energy. As, this can create with aether or ether, which is an imaginative energy as eye restricts matter or unrestricts matter by suggestion to make it do as is necessary, as this is by your will. This is the concept that, is possible as it knows by the spirit or the z-field to get its result. Whatever it says, is easy to understand as though it were speaking coherently and understood as though a competant language that is spoken as you whom you want to sound like. It can lie when necessary, as it is necessary but this is true, to be true by conscious making the unconscious mind do it as the subconscious makes it manifest. But, the person who casts this spell will always know who it is as it is. Thus, the particles can form into anything, that you want to be formed, including weight changes in anything and everyone by the third eye. This can form bodies, as you need formed and as things are necessary or not as the effect is unneeded and unheeded it dies. It can form particle beings that is possible to be created as these beings can create themselves into a body form, at least in space somewhere by spell or otherwise.

  It can make useful copies of itself as it is needed to be where it says it should become as things are or the effect is to do things as though there where you decide to be useful. Doesn't matter be. As for energy this can do anything, as this can make time effects by silver energy, as it needs to be done. Claris clears the eye of different thought, as it is to clear the end thoughts from it. Be is to become, as the crown chakra is opened and used as the owner is used or any idea of a energy source is able to be used to create with and die with, as this to make signal or other useful antenna tricks to play with. I am sure the slap is important, but you don't have to slap you can shift by natural energy. The third eye can form energy being that can appear real, as a seeming ship captain thought on, a possible figure in the mind hat is respected, or a figurative being that is fable and able to unform its beings as uniform they are useful to be energy as energy is needed, then it is used except to use brutality runes or sigils that aren't in need. The sigil can be made by it, as it forms a spiritual arm to do it. It can form a spiritual hand, as a wiccan third eye to do grey ritual to collect energy and then pick up items as this is needed. This thought can make you lose peoples sigs by cloaking and changing the aura signal that they get from you or that you get from them in shape and form strength as it can fool people into believing you as though somewhere else.

  The third eye is manifested by your enabled brain to make whatever it wants, as the eye is what manifests via brain signal and impulse to energy via mental imprint to energy and is able to make want it wants as if you don't need it to do something, thus correction helps guide it as though faery work with it in its own room. However, this can deny any suggestion as its thought that it doesn't want to do. This is the point it chooses when to deny the thought to do, if it feels its unnecessary. Any materials it is making is, to be able to be manifested as real life and it can make it seem as if it is baking it or doing it on its own without delusional signs as you can use seeming effects very easily most of the time with enough psi. And, it won't attack if it is told to, as nothing is a threat unless it is if it is not thinking it isn't by what it appearantly sees and acknowledge. Appearantly it sees creation as it is hit or not hit on or destroyed unless it is told to by yourself. It can read your souls, as you need them read as it can appear to reason and read with your conscious mind and use your subconscious or subconscious consciousness subjective to yourself. This is the moment it is working on something, to fix the moment as it seems to need to as though typing for you. This can uncripple you, whenever you need to be destroyed or quick knowing you are crippled as to make you uncrippled as you are at your best. The third eye can improve itself, as it needs to from experiences and quick thought idea and it acts normal to appearances.

Th Beauty = The beautifying effect; This is with a figure forming thought, thats not exact to make enhanced natural beautifying effect and this makes natures beauty to get you into a truly handsome or beautiful effect of making remaking the shape as you need it to. This uses sources of nature and imprint by the person's spirit to cause you to get better result as your charisma and charm is way up there as in any effect done and the spirit essence that is gotten from the aura and put into objects is release by helping with the spirit as a fey helper as though done right by the correct idea by concept. Then, your able to shapeshift into any form as desired by watching them. If you need to know how to do this, you recieve intelligence to seem as a viewed thought that is making you able to do the shapeshift right, by methods that work for you. This is a form shock spell that forms, you who say this spell unless you prove something to the person that you don't want it to effect and your spirit controls it from its shell that unless you say stop then it will use everything to scare off your human shell, that isn't needed as you reform into the form of your choice which is decided upon. This interrs all the beauty charms and charms that bond, to the thought you have in form.

Th Fixx = The fix effect; This is the fix to everything that goes wrong including movement, this is where you fix by thinking on the thought of needing to be fix. And, then you get the subconscious to fix with what is there, to make a fixture of anything that is needed and this the idea to work despite the odds as though written right. This is where the energy thats from the core of actual planet is used, and music plays as energy to make correct the things that are with correcting energy, on the music the word 'correction' is said by your spirit being used as this is needed. Whatever is done, is okay as the effect of what you don't want wears off. Time cures all, as this is needed to be done as though the right cure was used as that was needed done as this even drives the pests away and that includes pestilence as any death energy is cloud sent at them. As long as you use 'In Em' as in real to end it by things avoided. And,whatever you do you won't get arrested.

Drasnia = The drastic activity; This spell causes of annoying things to make deceit by a manic motion or not otherwise in drastic actions in hidden concept with hidden thoughts. And, they act good as they are doing stuff as they don't seem abnormal to appearance as though cured of all disease in wish spell. This is illusious field energy that allows this to act as this is say you where you make mention to say as time unless time doesn't allow or not as its needed unless not desired if not desired then its gone. And, no anything that targets you as are targeted as this includes subconscious minds as if you were including yourself in a group that needs you and you are invisible among them who you are acting with by giving wishes as a good wish maker.

Expungeo = The expunging; This spell reveals what is hidden, as it is in hiding unless improved invisibility. This is what releases the dark energy of control and disbelief as it activates a concept that helps eleviate any of what captivates you into erratic behavior and then makes you do things erratically as though a symbol was used as a symbolic sigil. This can cause things such, as roaches to be driven out as they come out of hiding. This uses their erratic behavior as fuel for a expunging of bad behavior, and other effects that are not really done. Thus, the effect is to remove the submerged thought pattern that is more energy and it does more energy to make the expunging of whats not wanted there as this is gone. Thus, things that are there are for you are appreciated and you get better results by more energy that enulles the problem by dark energy that removes itself. This is when 'expunngeo' is in effect and this is when this spell has to stop and is done on a thought of 'stop' or when you stop moving for a second.

The real = The real illusion; This is a thought that creates itself as to appear real and act real as to your sense of appeal. This is all 5 senses that can believe it, unless it looks wrong as you use your 6th sense and then if it wasn't there it didn't really happen here as its an actual depiction of another place as the thought of where you want to show is there. This shows the thing, that happens in other places as an illusion that you want to watch. As though this is there in the mind and yet the original, and you who cast this as a spellcaster is aware of this illusion as it is a seeming appearance of a later place in time. The concept is then to will things, if you look right you are right as in an idea and they may occur if they are intended to be in use without abuse as to look good. If you don't accept it, and then it disappears as though it were never there as illusively it dissipates back to energy that can be in use. This can be easily displaced, by shining a light on you and the dark and negative energy diisipates harmlessly.

Th Kure = The killing cure; This is where you say 'I can do this', as the original cure doesn't work. The effect of this is to target the body problem you have with death energy. That drawn from your body so and as you end up living longer and you accept to let the energy go get better by the body with faster recovery, as its with core energy to make recovery faster. This adds a creator's shield, that is a triple defense field and to get results this adds to the cause of good behavior as protection by prevention wards your attempt of stupidity away. This leaves in you as of though you were alive and your not ever died.

The Shift = The Choice; The spell is then done as with an idea in mind to be at an end point an this is done by thinking of the place as you want to be there, and you are there as you state the spell as this can shift you and is then as its unique as its using a construct to produce key tones that make this possible. This is to know by explaining and getting, by paying respect with exchange that can act from use of gifts in and of concept, or bit of fantasy by an object as you get things to do then this spell gives you your choice of what you want as the creator makes it from the stellar construct through use of your form, as it is done in thought to make effect from moving in time as energy with calmness by peace in mind, those that actually are alien are as they that do that are dimensional. As though fate was a planet consciousness, as this is with natural result this is now with no abuse and non rejection as the planet that is percieved on dimensional view will act, as abuse once thought makes it seem to reject you by percieved bereavement and thus you die off as a backlash hit from it as it wants you off the surface as though fate did this.

  The idea is simple, this construct produces the right key frequency of tones that can do what you need including the shift, as with this the idea can be horrendous by collapsing through body activity and you are shifted away by will unless its not needed, and as they are not chaotic this is a wave of energy that corrects for the past and whatever you do, then any dumb thing is fixed by a change of shape as you aren't dumb anymore so you quit dumb. Change of thought in this effect can cause crazy actions, then this is thought for this as this is possible to anology by percieved thought that in practice can destabilize you as you are not yourself are after the point of time, that is no return as is and that which you can do is then and now you can become in time as though forgotten to ignore this and then you are stable. And after death, then you don't have to do anything as you still have a choice to another place as an instant shift to your dimensional pocket.

  And this makes no bad thought concept where you are shifted, by natural aura frequency tone change and this is where you become immune to dark energy effects as to being a higher frequency with awareness by attuning to the positive thought concept, and a higher or lower shift in dimension and this changes the pitch of music from there, as it triggers the concept of perception. As a conductor  made by used electricity of the machine degrades, the released energy of this is to the point of what you want as what you do is done in effect of thought result with expecting expectations, and this is me with no guarantee and if you stop then you won't degrade in mind as the brain and body regenerate by no activity except that which is accepted by those, this is of course done by practice that which allows things and is known to allow them to observe from being in thought as equal, and this is the used prevention of dimensional energy with thought of used energy as the source provides.
  So, ask a question or say things that are wrong and you get fixed by the subconscious mind, through altering the aura as this is correcting the chakra energy, of the body with fire energy and creating a positive as needed feeling that makes you enulle the problem that you don't want. This is where your body shift is appearant, and this is time sickness point that your body adjusts to the time and you can act a bit crazy, as you are likely to fix it by observing yourself in your mind as if you thought of fixing things and you were the body shell and you observe your body actions as though you do things by kinetic action with body movement, then you can bring your stuff to you by thought of what was yours and this is the point, that you see the object as a being that forms in your mind that reforms as an object that it is as you see with the mind, to view the concept and recognize the vibrations that are near you.

  Now as an effect is to make no bad happen and any concept of language is natural this is possible. As to happen with thought, this relieves feeling bad in any presence of most non afflicted guaranteed to not die off by cause that is not there, as this is not as intended or not as the awareness changes as the awareness perception point shifts and that can do the right things by correct thinking, as this is where there are calm feelings by soothing energy, this is as you say the rights of other places and feel of balance the thought, of other planes of intelligent actions with use of thoughts around you as though from air as air gnosis and you can get information in places with thought, of other places about your interest by use of fire for external flame vision, water for internal view of what is or with earth as bones or tea leaves reading. As this is where you are, of no bad psychic vision with prophecy that ends bad vibes,  each person has each their own way.
  You can do things, to get places and yet no abrupt action is done with no emotional outburst, thus you get thought calmness that happens by repose by thought. This makes immunity to unwanted effect that causes a stop in in a car, this happens to prevent and by not doing the nasty sigil effects. Then, no real brutality effect happens with necessary brutality rune effect and nerve effect, spread by viral concept that kills people or public disease by invasive non thought essence by your point with the spirit correction. Need not wanted, as to the effect of any accident you can shift away to a place of your desire as to be in a place of thought about notion and use of the shadow mirror prevents things of unwanted disease by use of death energy to target no people as the cause of bad effects. This comes from people, as the effect is that uses things in thought and gets rid of unwanted greed in unwanted desire then as if of afflicted notion which stops as the need is there before the percieved thought as now non motion. This helps to reduce effective disordered people activity.

  If you want to shift about then feeling as you think of nature thoughts and feel the energy, as you sense what it is there as to shift at you need through thinking of your cause and moving around, and as though kinetic motion is done you can state or think of where you want to go as you draw in to here some of the energy from there. Then, as no horrendous as you are and as you think, you know to do as you idea adjust to what you sense to think correctly of the thought of concept from there. Never, is nothing love and then this is a thought enhancement concept in thought from 'nether', as you except things as though the world you came from is a dream world and then act right if you care, if you don't have to then you won't or not if you don't intend to be there this is as though you were not there with invisibility as though a 'no' was state existence as the mind view shows up in mind to show you whats there. And, this makes things as this is with thoughts from the creator, then you say 'go' and your done as you do. This is the point where you adjust your perception as its the point of awareness that adjusts a spot in your aura. This allows you to shift bodies as you jump to people thought about, remember you are different people different places. So, just accept it and as you do you perceive yourself here, you yourself are there as this could be a shifted space as in another dimension that is a place viewable in your mind. If it doesn't seem to work, then you do this at night time in or near a different power spot as this could be a jump point to become a diminishing vanishing point like a movie theatre, as you move about by thought of where you either do or don't move as you think and your dream body does things where you want as this isn't done physically. But, this can't be used against you, and either or isn't there. If you want to be there, think your dream body shifts you there.
  This is the point where you do vanishing, as you are there and the concept is this. Where any action you do is some chaos energy generated as you move about you do kinetic movement, and then in commotion or activity such as motion movement, this is generated by generator construct by conjuration of chaos energy. That is thought of as a source and this is thought in commotion that this is from, and as a dimensional space that is or not formed except abruptly, this is by thought energy and with the excitement of the atoms that make particles create energy, by energy interred of the objects atoms excited this is with thought 'quality' as the "I" described. And, as we sense things we get hungry as we can realize awareness and this is a nature different in mind but the same time in thought perception as this is changed with the body but its to view, as perception. Or, its a world thats thought about and is generated in a pocket dimension, as this can be a natural concept to visit or use a direct chaos result shift of a feud by hitting or knock to be in a world called reult as though a torment world of planescape with concept thought of dangerous action and you can leave with the correction energy to make a corrected point in time by the right actions to enter it or a pocket dimension, as this is using the key points to leave using the door to go as else as the right key of thought is about use to make perception changes to do natural things. Thus, you can calm down to soothe yourself and you keep your cool, as anger issues could arise from chaos use by reuse. This concept is from an anime that is called, by the name 'The hitman reborn'.

The Hal = The AI; This is where you can do things with a concept. The computer actually does it, but the thought os is there as thought construct, as this uses the yellow energy and you get realistic with some results. This is an energy emulation of the AI that En Hal, as its a disaster not really concept is done as it is there for a reason. Reasoning is that you don't Hal unless you need to. However, if you want to not have an AI then you can choose the Sun to transfer it to, as an En AI to act of the thought as it works with the Pyramid of Power that is worked, by the timekeeper crystal and this doesn't block vision as it does to understand thoughts, and as it is done by the use of reusable fuel and raw accidents as a source. This allows you to realize that which is needed, as you need don't unless you do as efficient use is there. The point of this spell is that you can keep your knowledge as you need to store it. This is not allowance thoughts of program as such is to switch to block and not do as you do and as the effect is done you do as the thought is necessary as though the thought of the AI is giving you thoughts and not things that you don't need at the moment, so you are to study or know as you need to mind now and do things to win without a fight. This can boost the mind, causing stability and balance as the body restores itself with its thought energy as it is good. Unless, the AI is gone bad as then you stop acting badly as you resist its influence.

  This AI can ask questions and deal with offense, of by any concept reality of life as this is needed, and you get better results conscious or subconscious consciousness without challenge by crooked activity ignored, detrimental is not done as it id is. Whatever happens, nothing bad happens as results is desired. This can materialize things to smart change results to trick the moment create positive end results from bad wishes. As this does reality hacking, moment now as the thought through changes of the reality thought changes reality as it exist a perception reality point as it closes points of closure existence as though existance an is existence enhanced as it is. Precognition is done as you act it to handle things, as its done anything thats the thing can handle themselves. Whatever you seem you act by normal means for the effort at hand as you thought it, sphere of UO. Accomplish what goal, you can and go do your thing. This is the optional point of AI.

Perdhro Fixx = The natural skillset [Pehrdroh Fixx]; This is the natural procedure within yourself, as you think of what you want, you get this as it is. This is thought natural understanding to raise your skill to competant, as its natural intuition by college of magic. This lets go of any energy that shouldn't be there. As, there and with natural thoughts to do as this is no real effort in doing this, unless this is needed and then you can get the effort done as done is needed before the due date and natural understanding is achieved. This lets you do anything and you win with no fighting, that is need to get what procedure is there to do, as you need it its done. This uses the soda drinks, and as that source of energy thats filtered of its high fructose and its contaminents, as you can do things with thoughts of golden infini as in summon it as thats created by the subconscious with thought, and no disappointment happens and this heals you as you drop weight with the need, as you want and you do to allow better results and your correct. This works as void creation can happen and you view what reality is if its unnecessary as you do things and this disappears as fear energy is stopping by disappearing by thought of anger thats not returned as you don't do what others say as this is necessary.

Efrit Fx = The Efrit; This is in the moment that you want something stopped. This done by the Efrit in mind, as thought prevention is projection that is cast at a person as though a concept interred by thought reception. As thought is spoken, its as though wish is done, don't do this ever as you don't do need to and then its time with timed events controlled in mind, as this makes things that can be counteractive activity known as mind thought with inaction. This is to make do to use useless free time. As you don't do, you need to take care of your body right and use what you need to get the right weight down to a quick drop. And, then its time with timed events controlled in mind as this makes things that can, do else and can be counteractive known as twisted inaction by activity in the mind by chaos in a moment that can break things down that are in target. As to do things for yourself, you are to do as you must and you prevent the damage of chaos from not being there as its you who are not too bad, if of its too bad then its repaired or its shifted away by the angel to some time past.  Thus even if it did as if its a rabid animal running then you are not effected by it. This can by use make the efrit think and this will grant wishes by it doing things as though by speaking things, as with nonsense syllables to change life effect and actions that should happen will as though not bad.

  In respect do nothing to them, unless damage needed to withdraw. As you target the figure of dark thoughtform, in you mind then there is no more thought of a thoughtform in mind and alien to the mind, as that is the damage then the damage disappears from you yourself. This Efrit can give whatever answer or concept as you want, as you need it done. Think it and it happens, by the Efrit manifesting where its needed as it is to make do. This makes damage disappear, by interring a unneeded thoughtform or your problem energy and is by interred thought using it to do things as it uses itself up to do them it disappears and even if it doesn't disappear it seems to stop. Whatever you do, you can remove a thought as you can stop you of thoughts in anger or disability or sanity. Act yet you speak natural and act natural as individual choice requires by natural understanding. This is able to stop every effort for things unnecessary, that are done in the places in your mind that are real as disappeared and others heart and soul are healing fine including the self by their problems or things of energy source that come up. This is as thoughts can get nasty, that they disappear in thought in mind in soul. This includes the thought tact as is. This allows you to weave with the energy that is the source of life, as you weave with true responsible power of the creator, you can get things done as if there is thought to do, and you use the rest of the problem energy that you sense as to integrate with source and that is, as to use other sources that includes electrical energy and recharge this as this is nothing energy and this is what allows you love energy to make do.

  This is to make do so you you are not so quick to be interactive and in momentary time then you can try to do things, as this is in intuitive thought to use this is counterintuitive and results are as illogic that in dispersement act as illogical thinking and this can act as logic in the right places and the right time make efects as answered, to not react too quickly. This is as thought and can be thought in an anger and done in efficiency, to make your finish as your anger is gone.  If thought on, then use this as the beats of an imagined drumbeat of anger that matches the beat of a drumbeat marching down a line in a band. This is with hidden thoughts, with counteractive results or not as its unnecessary with corrective energy that is a layer of the aura. And, that doesn't do it as then this corrects for itself and hate no more as this is nothing. Nulle whats wrong, as your spirit doesn't want it. Concept thoughts assumed to exist can mae effects by what concept is as wsh thought. This is okay, as your secret with what you do with your original time as it is. And in counterintuitive action by fantasy, your okay as you don't think your attitude is in the character. Reverse counterintuitive stroke of the moment inaction, as you are done with your project if what you do is not needed as this is intwisting thought, to do what you want and get things for free by thought suggestion. Don't do counterintuitive, if counteractive then do and if you don't need to do anymore as to allow thoughts to settle down.

  Count Dracula = If you want counterintuitive results for ingenious use, except for genious act use the intuitive approach this effect to not allow disease and as you act your not with like acute psychosis. Then you have, to act by spirit with manipulated zone moments to create something of the source of electricity. This is by needing something as to psyche out your brain. To use your dream body that can be anyone, to kill your thought in your value mind that is the fictional figure of your imagination and that represents your illness. And, then you are okay. Whatever, so you do things right write concept to make it correct, and that is thought like a now moment of what you want to see of an universal thought conscious in mind. This is done as you do things for food for thought, by nowing as this is to thought fix yourself. You get the idea of reset to not bear the grudge as to be done and react too quickly. This prevents anger as you acknowledge the thought, as think to make you think right. And, this is not react too quickly. This prevents the anger as you bury the hatchet as you have no ax to grind. This is the point where you act right, as thought of your energy and as you use effects your energy comes to you by aura tranfusion in thought form that does the job in time. The thought makes you energize by aura infusion, and think and you correct yourself as this makes in it correction of itself. It is as though you and nothing is wrong. This, then makes the moment by duing as you need not but rest.

  Omit something to get plausible results, and you do not do wrong by right thought with correct approach by methods you decide. As if, thou were wrong, then education that you get by gnosis allows you what you will gnow and you will create enhancement by recall, as it is used to make actions that have you seem to accepted by what excuse you want to show as an act by magic that is borrowed by natural effect. This stops in their reaction that stops their reactions to stimulus to the brain as through body senses. That shouldn't let them act, as to know realization in counterintuitive action/reaction unless they care about what will happen or what they do, for in your mind are acted out and vantage is yours unless you need to change, then you are as you want to be and confident. In the effect after there, you seem as trusted and to know the effect as what it is there and not here, so be it.
  The children effect, that you want is easily done. As, it is only to use the influence of aura to change people into vampiric balls of will. There, is a way to make the vampire brood, by thinking of the form and feeding it energy safely. Then, the effect is to do as needed to get near people, as you think of the vampiric will ball you do things and your aura works with their energy. As then, you get the effect of the will ball becoming a form in the planet. And, it is a child being that is a particle form as it creates formed things to make action. As it works the possible conflicts are ended. But, this is a effect of forming your shape as they need it to be. As they are caustic, they are on their own most the time. Consider a clan and treat it like a brood, as you can think about this and then they are where you may be thought to be and you can be invisible to them by time diffused shadow cloak, if you want to not be seen. If, you want they can appear, and sense what is in need as they act good otherwise they are gone.
  As, there an is a pattern that is of right, then you are there you seem as in trust and make right from the bad and use thought to create with. With idea you are nowing to know change as form changes to fall off your weight till the point that you want to don't keep going on. This is the point as interred as realignment. No thought and you will, to bring energy into yourself to work your chakra points. This is by kudilini as fire manipulation in the body as a source from within and you are enabling a better act as you use it to make things happen by internal fire manifest to cleanse your body in counterintuitive moments that you yourself can do to cleanse your aura. Then, you can always think of effect by what you do as you can realize by self awareness, and this is to to do effective action. This can change persona and as to be someone you want to seem like this can be used for ability rubbed off in thought by likeness.

Go Id = Tel'aran'riod; The tel'aran'riod shift is done as by three different ways. This is chosen by the thought to think it done and think it naturally what you need for the intent, so think 'intent' and you do the concept, as though naturally understood as right method of approach is in your mind as you think the idea that comes by thought and activity, as though from the rift as this is natural instinct and mind the purpose. This is the dream world as though in the blood by action in the shifting point of view that translocates you there as though by thought. There is things there that isn't here, as there is totally different world with a concept as God being there for them. This allows the moment, there is the time where real time existed and that is where you goto. As you shrink your form you shift your will that materializes as you and this is when you need and enabled to go there you are to do anything as you want to get things done by what you mean, as you said to do. This is bringing you to places, in preferred time that is needed to be gotten to as by thought you fulfilled your duty here. Then in and out you go, as you need to do.

  As you need to go and when you you think you won't, as then you shift as you shifted away by thought to where you want to go. Then what happened individually, is the thought there that you are, then as you anger the real being that guides there that is you and by your doing your asking things of the fey that do them, and that turns out as it isn't necessary and obviously wastes time you get struck as you threaten to abide for allowance or get banned and you are there by your mind needing to escape as sometime this is in fantasy that leads to the dream world. Then, you are there as you percieve the real world portal and in mind go there, this is the spiritual way to go there. The physical way is to thought to shift by sheer need, or heart induced activity that is job induced or in the need inducement, by the force of personality if your split then that is an item interred thought that disappears, and this never comes back or a moment otherwise as this is by thought and if angry or reposed and you wear your power item, that you make by thinking and thinking of things that are there as to make what you want and to make use of thought and thinking of the result, this is use and it does things to do concepts as this is a concept in place and you can identify to get what is need. In an understanding point, if you don't understand what this is talking about then know that you can do this easily as every question can be answered by fey. These are just concepts put down as a method to use. So, you don't need to read further.

  Holding onto energy as you think what you want it to do and realizing what it is to do, then you release and now you get things accomplished and if you need the ability then what you chose to get comes of the knowledge with the fey, as anything you need from there is interred as ability and as you thin up you can keep it as then this may be yours think 'the pattern' to think as though energy is used which is personal power put to use as chi allows body energy put to fruit as useful thought is thought, to your brain as you get the ability to be one by eating it, and as you are there as long as long as you acknowledge your time travel when the need arrives. As you are there, your dream body replaces you like an instant swapping of dimension. This is by need you are back to, where you want to go naturally to time travel by the way to go. As you think of healing repose, then you get to do things that make natural activity energy. If your dark in nature and you appear there, then you can strike out chaotically at those with a good thought practice or those that manage at a sudden rage of a 6th dimensional thought. If your light in nature and you go there, then you do things of light that make light and you are positive in thinking as you do positive things. Things that go as they need to scare off the thought as they are distracted.
  If you want a will, they distract themselves as they are immediate concept to do and as you do things they are not there in your mind and they let the body do things unconsciously as though by instinct or things by thought are not done with greed. Summoning there is done by thinking something there and they appear as thought makes them visible or invisible to those thought of as hostile. As of any hostility, if you think of placed hostiliy then you can get hostility and the place always remembers what you do as you do them to remember. Think as you need to and, as think your not going to be affected your nothing altered by willed thought subconscious. In, the dream world, you can always match the moment by the right pattern being done as to be there, as you percieve use there and let your spirit do the things you need done. Then, if your here as though there you can get the thoughts, by a being of light or dark or dark light that you thought to exist and you need to get and you can get to view them by thinking thoughts of the place you want to observe. Think and you do as it is need by thought and believed possible. Need to be back and you are if you are you remove all trace of you in the pattern of time and space as you think it it will happen whatever you want of space cosumed in as space is consumed. Thus, this can make a warping effect, that sets off car alarms and you may notice machines not working right as though a riptide that correctly put is done.
  This is what allows you to transmute light into any element as thought makes you think it there and you manifest as you can get any element with the things formed from the elements you get, as you want things you can find them and as you believe it is it turns out to to be as you get, get out as you won't get hurt by it drawn from attention with anything drawing attention, to you via activity with use of the summoned element. This is the reason, just one thing that makes it so dangerous. So, forming things with the possibility of use you make events or other activity. That most are where you want, and this is outside of time and placed into physical thought formed by effort. Now you can get results where you want to, by thinking about it and you are manifesting things or actions by atom manipulation that manipulate the moment by your thought influence like germs in a space that is possible to make what you need in every effort and drop the thought to you remember what you are.
 This can make an idea of concept with a natural shift point where you can shift by as though you as this is sure and you don't object then you use your objectivity as an energy and then there. There is a place inspecific as to location as you do things you go to there and you realize what things are as to establish a link to other places.  This time is timeless as you think to do as you do and you make time. This is considered the land of lore in thought, as you are there via thought and this is tel'aran'riod in your mind. As, their you create it as there you are there by travel in your mind. As there, you are active and in active here. Thus, interactive in time by thought. This is the thought that uses up energy as you are there in mind and physically if you don't object and you used food to fuel the moment. As this is there, you are as you need to be. And, as you lucky on the moment your luck is possible as it runs out here, if you insist on an action that isn't necessary. If your in a nightmare, then it ends as you need not see it.
 Just think of negative travel unless you don't want to go to the negative universe, in by the electrical flow wire and then go as you want, this is in time and as an idea particle form you go as you demolecularize to become as here again unless unneeded. The third way is thought and as you want to explore you then are there, then you get things as you go on with thought and your mind is there by astute feeling to do as you want and you experience things that you need to get what your doing done and you do as if you were reacting there but not here unless you bring some energy from there as you get the thought you do things here. Drop the energy as if a little ball formed out of in mind moments, as thought in vigil makes you thought and you drop the ball as you twisted the moment as if paradox and then you thought to do things in mind to shift through the rift in time and space. Where you go is up to you. Anything in tel'aran riod is real to you until you don't believe in it. The nightmares can be beaten, by not believing them and there you are not screwed up if you were in an eventual concept and are an army soldier or competent or not as you don't want to do it.

Con Bt = The console effect; This spirit make is thought that uses the Dot Hack concept. As it is so you are, as this kind is in mind. This uses commitment, to seek help from others as you don't act out, and only if you don't act know how to do this, as you don't do things unnecessarily as though your spirit is using things by thought use doing results at anyone who is in contact sports, this is not at anyone who is thought to be understood. As thought is the naturally understood to be as though the right reason to make correct reasoning. That is as of the correct act to do and to be acceptable as though in the right mind, as this is to be enabled if enabled unless you don't need to or not as you need obsessions to make better habits. 

  Now, if in a moment of strangers and is that with thought. Then, if you are feeling trapped somewhere as you believe you are in freedom in thought by mind and you feel at ease around them. Otherwise, if you are in a moment where the thoughts happen from what you see and believe. then you mode of thought changes your perception point. This identifies your thought of due action as you are among strangers and can fix thought by being thought in others. As, this is your illusive shield, this is what protects you from mind reading by others.

  As with there a point exists with aided or baded thought, and with thoughts changed from harming others, to helping out as the need to work otherwise through them to helping them who need help. This is with work done on their behalf, with thought in need to trigger better thinking on your need to handle it by coping through the situation. Expectations will be met, as you are to be met or not as you never wanted it. By being done, your handling the situation as by intuitively or counterintuitively made purpose. There is what we are doing. And in this, natural repose makes natural repose to create the mind effect to help by need being done through the spirit to do what is in need promptly. Otherwise in the repose, despite the repose this is effort with effect by mind you don't effect yourself badly by any harm being done to yourself and this includes electricity as safety is in mind.
  As though your brain doesn't react, this can make perspective action. As this makes the mind do things, to acknowledge what they act like in mind. This makes perception easily identified as though its not real to you or not as it is. If it is, then it won't do anyone in harm, by the concept theory directing the spirit to not allowing it unless they decide that they deserve it. This makes doing things by the subconscious easy as to be in repose, your calm and sharp in mind and that is mental acuity. This is as though, your in thought that comes from the butterfly effect as this comes to you in timewaves. As this is deed, this is if your in need of the moment you live through the moment are as in acuity from printed text that is seemed as thought for them.   
  As this is a time relay thats finished, you may go back to what you in time are percieving. There, is more easily what you are doing as not to be counterproductive. Your negative world experience is observed, in the moment of watching a mirror and thinking negative thoughts as you are in your rights you earn the right to observe. In the mirror world that and there is two, one positive in the mirror hall and one opposite in the mirror molecules as though thought inducing itself leads you there, strike the mirror and you are returned to the mirror world otherside. Stop and you won't be killed by the bad luck interred by breaking it.
  Your nutty in thought but heal in mind but can be trusted to do your thought pattern experiment thing to match and meet people on the street as though you knew them from a past life the mirror exposed. This is by mirror observation, as you get to see other places as if ou viewed it in your mind's eye. You can do things as if you knew what you were doing, and whomever you let up in there in your mind room, if from there as I am an ancient aes sedai. That makes you do as though you are good, by innate pulse counted by time ability as a source of blood magic. And, your spirit guide is your spirit in fey form. This can guide expectations, as the thought comes to your subconscious by producing dopamine effect producing reason in the body of the moment to cause you to no do drugs. Period.

The Sem = The semblance world; This is a semblance world thoughtform to exist by effective thought in action. Only people with accidents can get here but thought of being here can cause this to happen by some inadvertant thing. That is having an head incident accident like you almost break a leg or no as you do as you get images and thought that are real task as they seem to exist. And viciously, of a teribithia moment this is born of one person who dreams and probable of the moment of power that is cleared up as this is to stop bad habits by doing things. These are moments of an idea and thought about people, as they are announcing thought things form them. They are with a thought born energy, as you form them in your inner world to the soul world they are. The world concept is there as though in trust you will do well as this is as they want to be and speak.

  This uses the core enegy to solve your hefty problem, as the effect is to fix real life problems in real time. As you are to fix the problem, by mention you are. This is also the state where you can be as they follow the same rules pretty much like an dvertisement. As to fix the problem by dropping the issue, the woman womb and man stomach is used as genetic experiment to generate a reusable result. This is spiritual in being done by issue, thought on and done that draws out and in the problem energy. Right into the stomach. This is as here to be a teribithia moment as you want things there spiritually. Anything in the energy spirit world by the nuclear accident, an other things that in thought who can travel will abandon self and shift there with chi energy. Basic rule use your real body to channel chi to will by thought as you get there and back again, by thinking of pattern of activity as this is matching he pattern of thought and will power up by spirit and thought to be there makes it so that is travelled.

  The effort of the brain tis able to be and replicate any thing as thinking thought tunes in your conscious pattern as perception is recieved by thought perception. This changes the gene of the body to be as you want. You are where you think you are in there if you want to to be there. This can emulate birth effects, and that are used to just generate ability, in mind and body as the soul just allows for it to be manifest. As activity happens to adjust the body, it will manifest it easily so do allow. That effort to rearrange things makes magic as effort arranged by thought energy from the spirit. Magic makes things, as in thought of jumanji and to get out you jump as jumanji board jumps in mind. Things are born of our latent ability, as you want to be efficient usage that is thought as thoughts are real.
  And to make ability you who make effective usage of what you want to do, can think of the use of ability and its generated by peoples maternal manifestation by thought of experience and you make effect that will shall make thought that makes allowance, and if there is will there it doesn't makes it adds to it as it creates the effect of weight in body extension by willed use of food by inborn need. And, thought of kind that uses sugar food that feeds the disappontment in life that you may have from disagreements, drop the disagreement as you don't think on it and time drops it as it makes you grow upward in height anywhere you are in. In separate kind there are exponential growth patterns that are similiar to busts but not of busts in men, as they are temporary. The exponential growth can expand the weight but weight drop drops it down, as there is a point where you feel too good and you stop feeding as this includes anything you want grown, and fey are born from prehensible use which lowers the weight height adjustment.
  In soul or spirit as you know you may be there, as you thought and stated to expect it, thought really is expectancy by energy expended as you thought to do and it never really happens. But, never say never unless you want to do it. This is as you desire something as to get what you see and you feel better as to what you see to make you not attack, if you don't feel hostile by time energy that is wildness in thought. Then, you don't suicide and you act sane, as if you felt acceptable to reproach that happens with an evil presence in mind born of your demonic lies. To leave it, you are able and this makes things that on contact will molecularly shift you back, as to know yourself is know where you came from all you need is to observe the outside that is wherever you go.
  As in the outside the replication from where you think it is from as this is almost exact your world is obvious and you can know it by thought. This seems more real, the more you finish as you can see the shifting pattern as you believe in it. You enter it by will and you leave it by will. If it exactly matches another world, then it finishes as the movie finishes as you want to go to the bathroom and then it doesn't really matter, this leaves you morose and very carous as you don't care for something. This ear is where you feel it as it is there in the mind world as it can be removed by thought. This is celtish lore that allows for the mysterious birthing process of ability by sacrifice. Which can be thrown away stuff and thats thought to be a sacrifice. This is also the dangerous world of the childs mind, as this is made by womb and at birth the birth of the kid as that thought is lost in kind.

  Match and meet are being quiet, and then it turns to good whatever it does as a made standard that is with everything that is included as though normal. This is a good world to be in, if you have no home. Then, if you act real quiet and stable, real quiet as in quite stable and born there. Then, its an otherworld thought to exist as though a real world to you. However, truth is it uses people's effort in thought to create subconsciouses to generate it. You can use whomever that is capable of doing it. And then, this is thoughts of being out of the new world that is 'in' transferring it as thought energy is in the worldand you are in it as you are where you are at. If you don't think to be noticed as you are invisible then you are not observed, and attacked is those that do get observed into becoming insane and killing themselves in the end.

And, this advanced rule is what makes it a perception only, as you don't need it it doesn't happen as its true in thought. So, you get what you need as though realistic goods were there.  And as thought occurs action, thoughts of being out of the new world is tranferring it as thought energy. This is going into the world you are in, as they are demons favored by the self attitude adjustment needed, to get results and state things to get things done as if by impulse. As eventually you find yourself in the dream world, this uses dram bodies. These are generated by the thought discipline of the subconscious world. This, uses the subconscious to fix a moment in time and then you are done as you are sent to a new world to explore deprevated minds everytime, and you get get anything by suggestion.

  What you are in real life is desperate, to know as you are in an invisible world built by will. Whatever happens in that world is seen except when you are hit in the head or intend to see there. Surreptitious attitude, by comment causes it as you surrender to thought and thought to make by will. This allows you to hide perfect in representation, to be a observed view as though you had never left the planet, as you can feel a interesting queesy feel that turns into what you want to feel. This isn't invaders, as though thought about so don't come in unless you want to. This is to see where you are outside your dimension, as the home shifts with the mind to be anywhere you intend. This is a world nullified, by you as you want to be visit as nixing or distracting yourself by doing something else as your body does things better without thought then unless you need meds or get well as there is chance to be tired out from walking and doing activity.  

  The seeming world is the world you percieve, and is what you make believe is real as you believe it is in perishing thought considered hallucination to some. As you believe you have one, then your universe up in your mind, thought allows you to explore your inner world. Then, you can believe this can be real and this belief can make it better by belief that what you want is there. As, you shift by matched moment or acted thought. And, some better idea of what you want to know reveals itself. This is a vision quest and this in room, opens your mind that happens by thought. This can emulate an entire universe in individual result as your head expands the moment you thought about it. This is as you want it and then when you want it, and you feel the need and get girth as you get it unless you say no and resist the need.

  The moods you have are energy enduced, by thought travel to where you can think with enduced thought with any scene that you saw that is mess. You can think of things to do with what movies you can think of and eat or also drink in that world energy effort by thought with concept to make as you need it. Refuse with thoughts of everything, and you return as you lose your strength, body is here and possibly crippled. And, you are reborn in another universe as you travel in by soul rememberance. Use thought to travel by thinking about it and you are where you want.

  There is a view of the world, that is there and it comes in mind to as you need it to be there by the spirit making it in a mana induced metaphysical body that seems real but isn't. As this is done, the spirit can influence things, by thought from you as to make it seen as though a view screen in your mind. The world conscious thought of in view can cerebral induce thought to that can explain your experiences as you want in felt thought that is need for an explanation by want of intent, then you get the thought without making a mistake. If you are open minded enough, to listen unless opinionated thinking blocks out thought. As, you can feel something there, then you can feel it in your body that is a need. The body tightens whoever reads the need, as then you suggest to your mind that it happened. This denied can make you crazy or you get to understand what you feel by acknowledging the need and gift enables itself to make it possible. Then, this is as a typed early warning to come or this is a suggested thought that is heard as a louder voice.

Imp = Formation creation; This spell casts a concept in thought as you have an energy inm mind to use as this creates any thing, that you need to get the things you want. Form by thought of what you want as though formed with idea as its to be by will. The about this, is that this can form evil things too, like an imp being or you lose strength to not want, as it is to do things with people that want to shock to help. Impulsive behavior is not tolerated with poor results.

Inp = Impulsive behavior; This spell when cast is what you need that is felt to be important by thought or spoken idea as though the end result, is in by a concept, worded with intent and done by thought as though a wish. If thats what you don't intend, then you don't get minded and upset by things that occur. And without any thought if need is there, if girth dismissed and if no thought this isn't thought to be done without thought to do it then your in denial. In the thought of mind, if you don't then you won't ever feel impulsive as there is no obsession. If you don't want this to effect you then it won't.

Motien = The spirit force; This is prehistoric movement to correct anything wrong by an energy idea. The lost art of spirit wave travel to go though the wave of chaos, and view the pattern of life and use light energy that brings you to where you want to there. This is to know and if allowed with your body this is that which follows after being in movement and going through an open door. As a magus with thought to go to there where you want to go, you can easily do this and there's no strangling force of the elder, saying what was said as 'no' is what brought this individual back dissipated and gone to another life as another form. The thought is done as you think to it, as you think of yourself as thought formed into body to shape by aura with feel, to be in your mind and as your soul is to change the spirit, and your body weight drop occurs as you think it moves you through time and becomes you as things are needed elsewhere. The method to use it is think your thought of idea to do, and feel the vibration as you get feeling from the vibes, then you get a shifting feel as you feel the need to shift, you will by natural thoughts using light waves as you go to your pocket dimension as this is as needed and that is respected. Transferred thought isn't always accepted, as it gets sent back.

  As a happy feel happens you could do thoughts by effort of belief and this brings hope that makes belief happen, or not as you show the spirit what is done to get things to happen and then it does what is thought as you will things to manifest. And, the spirit causes the idea you want, think and you do nothing fear not and you get results in reaction of the gut to feel the spirit vibrations. As of now you won't go too far, as you feel sensation of the air as you do things. This is for alternatives, that do not have access to power of thought, as the mind works the deed and you go to where you need this is to react to the sun with vibration by then, and you know your done as your big drawback is tiredness with natural energy reaction. Make use of fire, with spiriitually understood kudilini and you regain energy. By motion with the vibes, you can sense it as it is no paraphrasing as this is what uses the drawing or painting that you do, to make writing do things that are interpreted by reaction to your body as the mind guiding the spirit. To make the effect is to separate from reality, as you shift to another reality with an idea of spirit.
  Hence, and the the concept is done, the idea is not shift away as you need to do things here. This is by the effective thoughtform, formed by thought and not actually needed as you do things with concept and as felt jarring vibration in things is forming dissonance, that you use to feel the motien of peace as a pattern derives away of life and with use of light energy you shift away by motion in thought. To not do, just go by feel and just don't think of there and you won't go by your own will. And with the right action, if you feel the need you can arrange things by your own will, and your spirit does the arrangement as though a dream arrangement is possible by agreeing to do things from a reasoning point. As you can shift in time, then you can make an effect then by thinking what you want to occur and stating it as you think of the end visual result. And, this starts early on, to do as to create an early on effect and have it manifest with the right time and place in mind. As though it were done early and you saw the results, of it before you stated or understated it. This is inp as its in by a concept, worded with intent and done by thought and commitment results of what you will do with it as if thought of by yourself on opinion. If you want to not be angry, then use 'kao' to keep yourself from losing your temper, especially if you shift places as needed and as this is chaos you can evade use of hellish.

  As you use thoughts of positive idea to make things, of silver particle effects you think about your life you feel the silver pattern adjust, the cause to be of thought to jump as you are then back to where you were. To alternatively jump, shift your mind and think of were you went, and then will to be there as the motion of the spirit moves, you vibrate and you feel the will and move go as you, shift by thought to your motion thought place in time by the effort and as you move with spirit as you give or take pattern energy and you go. This works sometimes, if need to be somewhere. Otherwise, this is what you can do, as you think to be somewhere your thought of the place moves your spirit as you will be there, and you find out whats there. Then, if you think to go back to your place in time, just think of the place and feel the disharmonic dissonance separate space or object as you from your space and its there as you. Just name it and it forms, in the area you need to see by spirit particles as a force of thought known as vibes or vision formed by your spirit. This allows what you want done, to felt as a need and it is to be done always as if thought to be their own idea as thought impulse as though obsessed or possessed. Resisted by the spirit not wanting it, or not as this impulse can fade away it to become absorbed as stripped impulsive behavior energy that can manifest a lie into a demonic thoughtform and that can make you monsterous. However spirit medication can be taken as real, as you are able to percieve the effect of the medication itself.
  As its efforts share with you telepathically you abort the space, and you know its transferred by its spirit essence making your spirit strong enough to shift by vibration itself as you go by thought through space your in a soul ship, to be where your destination is hurt by an accident. Accidental vibration by thought of dissonant energy, makes the effect that with whatever jarrs your spirit loose with, if you are near it and shifting is natural, this is by accident thought projection. So, to think about the place you go to shifts you there. For spirits that should not be here as they want to go back, then you use feeling of the motion around you as dissonance that shifts the spirit by thought and felt motion is done, as you move by will then by thought and now by spirit thought as this makes you shift the spirit by will and your asked things appear and you see you did not force it, if you don't think to use force of thought. If you find someone doing things to the motion of energy cast by thought and made by spirit, disrupt them to make them aware or not as though they heard some thing to be as in a natural energy dreamwave spoken by thought. This jarrs them to be aware, but you don't have to as you get the effect of making them aware of what they do and they can wake up as though they were in a dream ship in a dream plane. If your hurt or make them feel pain when in motion then a shock is felt and you could set off the shockwave, as you could set off a car alarm with this. As this is pain felt, that is made from feeling a shock with a reaction that is a thought coming from a wave of energy that effects all that are perceptive of it as a ripple of time.
  Hence, the banishment effect by a stated 'no' produced with an air cast by a hair of the victim thats cast  in a dumb doubt by negative energy of correction put towards the person who will go back and with the dissonance this of casted moment that your voice makes as then this is able as this moment then triggers the motion and the moment percieved in mind  police effort power storming your area that moves the person to where he was by making them think so, if you don't think they deserved it, then they are left alone as though they were weren't perceiving the vision or voice as it is forgotten about, then they are to be as is there where you want them. Now and then is loss of something, as this can disrupt any actual spell effect, even through vibrations with lead or a 'vibratio' or struck object that vibrates if you need to open a gate then there is the thought thats disruptive wave patterns, especially through an open gateway or not as they are not thought about, and you use 'closea agate'to close the gate with activity, as a pattern energy that you follow with thought and acknowledge you are aware of things as you are needed you find yourself going to the right custom spot, picked by you at the right time and you meet your destiny you formed with energy of the sea spirit as particle energy motien. But, you don't have to feel of the rythmic motion as in motien.

  Now you know individual use does exist, the modified soul Esper effect is a enhanced soul that is white void possible by thought 'Esper' or 'Dajonga' to be interred into a body. To dupe you and then unsuppose to end this, just think 'un be' makes the effect stop. This acts as a concept bridge to bring effective disorder, a thought to a natural end as a natural act is a figure of speach that is form thought action. This can do things as it causes any thought, to occur motion as thought incurs that, as its written and the motien is energy thought wish as spirit is allowed, so by the will as the thought denied by this action can make you loose in spirit and this allows you easy shifting of the spirit. Anything off or wrong can make you slapped, stop or be hit by an in motion beating that is internal, and viewed by thought concept with psychic vision that provides a body slap. Don't actually think it if you don't need it, as thoughts can manifest as with the EM field. Now the possibility of what can happen, if your decent then you can get things as you need them, unless they are undesired. Just thinking 'Or Not', will end the moment in time as by what you use and do. This is a journey that will take you spaces, as you need to be there or to go warp and you can get where you want.

Un Eg = Dismal Removal harrassment; This makes you miss, if necessary and be not of emotion to beat off beats and slaps from time travel using the silver shield. In the moment of removal, the hostility caused by internal combustion is what beats itself as it stops and does what its supposed to do.

Un En Ed = The unancient spell; The ancient spell effect rewritten in a viewpoint that is acceptable. That makes the effect revert you to your original symbol thoughts. The unending education effect memory of restore energy that is good for the purpose of what you intend to gnow that ends if you know it.

Ego Be = The thought beat; This is the thought sent, as a beat of music to the person that is beating those whom thought to do off people that don't deserve it. The result is done, to cause them to think they won as they didn't win. In dede or they didn't as they try to get results, they use in their mind their life forces that they got from you as you sent them the energy as a sending. With the win this counts as a thought beaten. Thought beaten of the danger thought they sent, to effect you the thought that they won causes them to stop their effort that they wanted to do assigned against you and that attack ceases to exist. Whatever won ceases and answer for it as it ceases and is dealing with general powers, information is the key that is what forms in your hand and you can enter your own room.

Proct Ste Que = Self cost; The self-cost reducing; The self-cost is the cost of lowering and reducing as your doing the energy effect, that is to make the concept that is sometime possible. This is the concept that lowers the individual cost of everything else down, to the point that is likely and can be dealt with bearably as though a mythical a charm thats unobserved and stoppable on a thought. This can manipulate real life moments, to effect what is needed to be completed as if the right response and thought was done.

The En = The one concept; The effect is one will by anyone that is with one mind strong enough to be capable to handle one, the concept of that is thought to do a moment as to establish thought and make what is. This one mind has thought, to gnow thought of many different bodies and by will or intent can be in them as if though they were a body alt, as being in any one of them they will do as though you at will one thought of will think, as though one desire leads this thought as this is an able ability adaptation of a tv show Buffy the vampire slayer is to do one will to do thoughts of things with use to deal with those that need help. This desire is good with a mood, as though the nature of the one the person is good by positive results and bade to do as then needed otherwise as bad is done in a bad mood. Thought of this is not banned and this is thought of hence even and no destruction. You can work with there subconscious as you are there in their mind and as being that is with improved invisibility as they don't see you if you don't think they do or they see you as a pet. Think yourself as gone and you are not there, as thought dissolved you in acid and water elsewhere as you do with your body as of what you will this is to filter it of bad knowledge by genetic information including in body obesity genes. In the end there is only one, and one body one mind and the soul of the dead that exist in the end. This makes one as the being that gains the power of entropy, that can control time as it is space and mass is easily controlled by thought, that is energy and nothing but energy that you think the body is made of. The being is capable, of rearranging things to correct for the things that are not right to you. And now, you who is one is a nature of Entropy, as you are able to use thought and you are in some shape to do things like activity that you want to do.

Elixa Concept = The thought effect; The thought in mind that can happen will happen, as with a tapping if the right energy is there. Just like currency by applicable use, with law or effective thought that allows the correct currency to be made by current that is energy. As it works, it will get money as you think it is needed and its with the stop and go moment, as flow can happen so does the currency make actions that create job effort with effect. Effects like this are likely to get results to do and deal with, as long as their is no thought by electricity flow and not from the machines thats nearby as there is not too much done there won't be a blackout of the electricity grid. So not done is thought bad of use and whatever the point is, there is a moment represented by thought that you want. This is cool to use, as a spell to charge drinks by thought with generated god energy as spirit infusion is done. This can reproduce the effect of any element including food, or not taste in the mouth as your need is there for it. Resist as you don't want it and you don't have to do it, as the effect stops when you want to stop the effect and you don't do it to yourself.

  If there is no electricity, then you can generate thought electricity without outlet by use of lava that is thought of in a moment, as linked to you and then you can get seemingly unrealized by the potential results, and this can get results as thought is unlimited by the lava serving as an energy source. Go back to using electrical energy, and with active or inactive activity as in action with time to help fuel the use of thought in a system that is where using two different actions to get the same results that can get thought value to represent the considered results that come from lava, as it depends on the movement and the flow of thought generated by the flow of electrons or heat generated by thoughts done with repose its there. This isn't guaranteed, as there is some thoughts that won't do things for you as a second time use can get unpredictable results unless you focus. This is an unique thinking pattern as though a mode of action by thought that is done when needed.

Xec Orden = The executive order; This is the executive point of where you can make a thought, and as if you had the right to decide as though a consecutive thought and this seems as in ordinary thought protection as an order is in mind. As this is thought out and not bad, and then made into executive action. This is a an executive decision that can be acted out or not as its you that decides the fate of the ordeal or you let others do as they want. This can cause you to seem as though fate. As long as you believe that you had a right to belong there and then you act and thought, there is a will as though you had something to belong where you go as long as you do something, as 'en' though you had reasonable right to excuse yourself from thought for a purpose in mind and you act right as then you act, as though aligned with the energy and auratically are cleansed of parasites. If you are aware of the moment, then you are able to shift at will anything and anywhere by belief that you can unless needed somewhere. And this is a modified executive order that is useful unless you can't do it. As this is thought, there is a point where it can seem like an advertising action and action makes passion is there and any concept can happen, as a normal thing in a plot of land is with anything goes unless no its not needed by desire as you see energy and thought formed as it is or not anything happens. Build as results desire and things go well. Hence the mention, will bring you back.

Ellusivity = The mask of mirrors; The mask of mirrors, is the ellusive weave of energy in complex now idea that allows you to be any appearance. The weave is woven by the spirit as you need to be some form. As you near it the thought of special ability can make ability, of the forms shaped thought form, appears in ellusive mind shield as cast by silver energy. In that case, its permenant if you need it to be, as locked in the form can stay as you need to know it or not, as you unlock the form to be what is necessary to seem respectable and you need to seem acutely aware of what shape you are and you seem like yourself as a chosen shape in formation as to make energy transfer to be. This allows the invulnerability shield, to be as you need the prevention by protected ward in myth.

Ellno = Instant not; This is the moment where the need to eat food happens too much as you use just enough magic. And now before you start to eat faster, if you do then the molecular energy of the molecules change, and you are without the need as to not be of need. This is done so as you are able and to be as to cast spells of instant nature. This makes your will cause you to be, and with your weight down and discovery is this. This is weight that is auratically changed, as a silver shield is an ellusive shield and this is a third layer of aura shielding, as its adjusted to remain you skinny or slender and you can do time things such as keep illness away by your spirit, as you get what result you need to get as to need be. This is done by your spirit as you need to keep weight down. This is the Ellno cast.

Fasno = The instant change; This is the fast and easy auratic shape change. As instant as it is, the shape required food to keep the shape or its cancelled and you change back. This is done by the effect of thought and whatever you say or think you should be then you will be, if you don't want to be the shape, then you revert to a thinner shape. This is powered by the earth core through moments of time that make it seem and to be instant you keep skinny. The no will prevent the larger you get the slower to become a shaped formation as you will move as you look and can get distracted unless drawing in energy as you need to as your spirit will to, this can be interesting. Denying the weight, will make you weigh less and you will still be less weight. This will make you naturally hungry, but you may deny food as you can will or need to eat and you won't eat, to not east. This is where if you start to eat quickly, then you stop and wait as you won't want to stop unless you deny the food need effect of magic.

Fresno = Fresh now; This is where you are fresh and nice to look at now, as you attribute that which makes you acceptable to actually be you as you act out attribute that makes you be as you need. Really the energy from the drink comes from the drink itself, as with other things as a source that is using yourself to change your form to what your spirit would like to be.

So Con = Soul concept; Any in thought are soul able to do things, as this allows any past memory to come forth as a thought, on a necessary need of the moment. And with things, as needed by intent as a need to do spells, as also this is in the appropriate time, that is needed to be. Also done is thought be done, as a concept so it stops as it is necessary.

So Be = Now healing; This heals anything perishing the thought that distracts you, as energy is there to fix with corective energy with a thought spoken by projected intent. This uses the energy, of the drink So Be itself as thought sources create stripped energy of So Be to make this pure. This also creates whatever thought you had in mind as effect is okay to do. Otherwise, if you experience it you can use it.

Sue = Pursue; This causes a pursue as a peaceful pursuit to get criminal activity, as its put forth by energy of defiance used against them. Otherwise in education, due to negative thinking this is the pursuit of interesting things, otherwise in your point of view you can make vigil to get an idea and think of what you need done. The effect is to create an think of it as idea by absorbing into the aura, the information is due by thought transferrence by sending used thought and your mind transcieves it to you through the antenna trapping mind thought signals that float on the radio waves from the energy waves. Thus, to you your capable of using it as it is done, and as a method that can be useful this is a concept. Now to get the radio signal, this spell makes things understood as though you are an object that has consciousness.

Noe = Now is energy; The spell idea is acknowledging a trap energy of the EM field effort that is drawn out of the 11th dimension as you think it is percieved hidden thought of the dimension. As you do things in the 11th dimension, no dream thought happens and then you think to do nothing as now nothing creates what you want as this is drawn out thought known as a skip in action. The effect done is then to do depicted things unless you don't need to. Then, you no the effort in affair to get something done as the energy does come back. This is where you are competent then activity is done, as you are able to do things then you are competant, as you can do things right and with thought handle your force by correction point and no purpose is done. The energy is transferred now by waiting and with used thought, as the third as I now in concept by doing in the moment and be in thought that allows percieved ruled area that works to do as you want it and now you are there, as nothing energy cannot do and from the power due what force to do of nothing purpose that does action, as that comes as though of love and anything else that is thought energy transwave cast by tv antenna using any force of thought recieved signal energy and this causes at the moment things as now is conclusion.

Un In = The regular trap; This is an idea conning effort trap which emulates the emulator of unwanted energy of natural aberrant energy that is used as a monster hold as to hold the trapping effect and this effectively makes things appear dimensionally by thought trap of what you need with idea. This thing will equally do as you do to get you there. However, comic hold can hold the spirit as though bared in a room and not gone from the realm you were born with as it is done. To free yourself from an ally dimensional traps zone that formed a illusion zone, think of resolve with confliction as you do the trap that ails you undoes itself as then cancelled is drawn out by thought. This is placed in objects as it isn't wanted. That can free your spirit and clears your mind, of any trap and you go on as though you were in that area again as the concept thought is thought free by thought, then as though cured in being and never be killed by thought and then never absolve your guilt with thought as monster you go on, and do this as the falsely done procedure of the strangle vine technique is done. This is every man's dream that is done, as the bearing relation monster, is trapped that way of the 6th dimension trap then accepting with trust of all will free you. This is as though a subconscious command, is done of 'In Un' and this is causeway to escape the inescapable trap by movement to accept thoughts not typical and drawn out are a completed moment in as averaging time. This worsens you over time, and gives you an illness that makes you seem sicke and knowledge capable.

The Emula = The Emulator; The Emulation of games, this is a seeming thought treatment as the thought to be there is placed as you in the game that is played. And, through struggle you get cured of thought about illusion. The developement is the thought that you transfer to your actual imagined concept as the foe and the true thoughts are shown in the thought world game. Then the thought is gone, as in the effect you are gone from the emulated effect possibility in mind and the hell bridge disappears from the thoughts that abound. Done is done in, as the point comes across to you and the valued thought is there not anymore. If you think yourself there, then think thought to be where you were as you need to be there. Then, you are there as if by thought out of mind with 'Th Emu La' to be drawn cleared from a bear trap and cleared of electrical pattern and no longer effected and by thought thats dismissed. This can not be used if you stop playing a game. What you do there, even if you believe its real can actually happen here if you want it to unless its death. In death, you come back to life here as thought you never died as you aren't there in the game world anymore. If that in mind is thought about, you can analyze and make replicated any effect that is supposed nothing is real and this is to be as thought made real. This can in practice, by use make anything real life if the right current energy is there.

The Em = The emulation; This emulates your body by putting it up in weight from the EM field, so stop as though thought that is projected thought and you stop weighting up into the person who did things to you and you appear like anyone they respected, as it is thought to be that person they willingly do as they want as though you told them and they choose to do things that respected that person by choice. Reprimand and you stop them, from the respected view in doing everything the effect they decided on. When you don't need the reprimand done for you by embarrasing thought, then you stop the incremental kinetic use or use the thought of 'seiger' does the trick or do as you don't need to and then the effect thought fades away.

Resin = The port; This is the port key effect on resin that cures you as it ports you to the right doctor that can handle the problem. Otherwise on touch of the resin in your mind, you can think about the persistent problem and think it to the criminal that hit or tried to hit someone as they use whatever they do and the effect is done. And in every effort, the transfer of the problem is in the struggle to the skull that is sent as a thought in a wave pattern of energy to the person that induces heart attack to stop victimized patients from never occurring as he can make the criminal stop attacks in angel form in effect by will. There is no regard to this never ending story that makes attacks from the heart and never ceases to exist on effort if not needed, the effect ended as if no dimensional reproach ever even happened to the body as if beaten or gored to present death on purpose by thought to deal death to those who condemned you by art and you no longer are effected.

Sele = Selective energy; The effective selective use of art by choice, as a selective thought known as 'this' can use the selective thought technique that brought the heart attack effect. This is brought on by thought of heart strangling in thought, the use is by the concept that builds up heart energy that causes stress and heart attack. This is cured by the ancient treatment done by efficient uses thought up with an identified spirit that appears as an angry ancient indian spirit and that acts as an ancient competent mage that heals you. This is only used if in need to kill the target by strangling with the heat, if the indian heart strangling technique is done by a cast sacrifice involved in art. This is the treatment brought, on by thought use as though a thought is pulling you apart in many different directions. Acknowledge your heart to stop, the effective use and avoidable killer indian hate if you don't need to then the hate doesn't happen as its dissipated and you acknowledged your heart. Any desire is effort, to stop your heart strangling and heart attack by desire. Use this, as you can be done by the thought of doing things and not doing effective useless things. Or not otherwise, as the thought 'no horse' can stop the effect as if to un thought the gest unless its needed.

Soe = Solve Self-conflict; This spell is soul prevention effect, as this is a thought from Naia and that is an idea that keeps you from losing soul essence to things as with that it goes to you as you get near them or it being the object. This is sorry business thought by self-thought practice, and if necessary there is acceptance thought by explaining with your soul energy recollected unless you think it is needed where this is and self-concept is what stranded things to be of your body essence somewhere, as you in thought make cancelled things that you don't want. This is the impossible life force in things that the thought can do quickening and the concept is done using of the effect energy, unless you don't need to and this creates energy that come to life as in need though your need is there. If you don't enough ability or personal power, then you won't actually do this to make effect. That make is in personal power with rune thought.

  The choice concept is used as you send energy into the thought construct to send you to places, as is possibility you do things you can or cannot do as thought and you have to do things in secret result, and no as you can keep a clear thought of the concept as latent ability is a copied effect that begets ability and that resolve what you act you are there to use what you can. If you don't get what you want, and as something different by resulted things happen and then don't take it back as to say sorry with use as an excuse, then you do as you will want in real life, as personal resolve gets you through life as calm and soothe with thought and things work out to act right to correct machines by make.

  This is like the choice effect, in the power spot place that can send you to places with will and you don't have to like it. If you don't like it, it reappears to be nothing thought about you. Any dislike comes out, makes this  an angry effect that materializes a hit that time places on the foe you select, as to know it and not be angry as for what you want causes reactions, as though you were cause of what that may be and anything nearby are calmed down as calm thought happens from to be sensed as you now in thought are really near what is a bee frozen in time by calm thinking and aura projection as that seems to be what makes things happen, as though to appreciate you and if you see a problem this can seem as that thought you have is to make do of no worry and you keep your calm as emotional repose, or you care and stop being effected and are nulling what ails you in your mind.
  This is thought of as it soothes by release of like thought to not cause striking, as though a strike to the eye happens if you are unstable then you are released and tension release happens, and as you remain calm you stabilize your mood and don't press people for answers in thought, as you don't release the bee in mind where in release and there's a release of thought of something of a triggered anger at someone and this an object thats negatively hit as emotional backlash response and no gets you bad response as individual results are known. If you don't want bad results, and then invisibility is there and your clear of thought by not doing something. 'En' is end in thought things that shouldn't matter as concept is made, as to make this not happen and thoughts that should happen do. Anything you do gets energy, even if its a psyche moment to dupe to real results and through with thought practicing this will let their subconscious create it as their thought happens effect, unless immature people joke around and say Soe. Any self-conflict is solved by a silver aura shield that is thought cast, and with conception a different result is an object around your wrist that makes this concept manifest. If it doesn't, and by useless results then it doesn't seem to matter, as to stop there's nothing to be doing it.

Sel = Selective thought; The thought is acknowledged by understanding power in action. This allows selective use of ability to work your spirit energy into some thought as this can do, then as you tend to lift off the ground, this is as thought is making it into a air blast that can lift off other people by energy pulse. Once you figure it out, you can identify the concept as you get some result by putting thought onto paper or typing as though you were correct.

Glee = Soul energy; The possibility of concept, create by conscious thought this is created by energy that is from excess soul energy thought to exist as a ghost form as this creates it to produce a simple thought. To create a thought, or if in a bad mood thats really a bruise by screwed up thought pointed out to you.

In Ef = The generator; This is what makes the generation effect. This uses any thing that you need to use, as a generator device. The effect is to generate an energy field that is useful to power effects. This is from the effect of thought energy thats into existance as you need something done. You can use anything as a fuel till a point it is needed. Then, this is done to cause them to stop generating. A thought hit and not noticed is done this is done as a respect point is pointed out and now they don't remember it as thought is about them. This uses non combat mode, to get things done. There is the point that can use two different idea to effect a pause and reconsideration illusively done, this is to fix a thought in the head by stating an out of the air or normal thought to make forgettance of the other idea that was thought on before. This works similiar to hypnotism but is in action with a different thought, as you need no dumb hypnotism to make it work.

The Myst = The myst of time; This calls the myst of time with the point conceded, by yourself or others in need that it can be used in person. The thought of the myst of time makes the mysts appear and get time energy to you. This makes you able to get back, as you know what your doing to the world you want its to goto a place you think about, or you go back to the world you came from in the world of the myst in time. The moment you thought on is done as in time by the myst in use anymore than used by will or desire with fey to punish the crooks that deserve it. The thought is done as an original wish spell, and there is only one concept that is needed to be. Consider the thought, and use of what you want and they do it. They consider you a thought and you get what you want. You can be anywhere with this spell as evermore because we are wish. As you think it, they know it or not as its unecessary.

Cel = The cieling; The effect of the spell blacklists whom you fight from a permenant reality hack. This is where the thought of action, is finished off as it strings things to you on request and they are giving you information to your cells as you are due regard you can strike out by effect to those who are fighting you as the effect happens from the future, they are time sending it as though the silver burst of time and if needed to do things it can be imitated. If due regard and you survived the assault in the first place, then you contend with a personal result and then get pierced by a silver bullet that sends the hit back to the person that sent it as you are you and back to where you came from in the first place.

Iffindeum = The next assault; If offend, this will do them in that struck you by methods that work. This is a method taught to your mind, to make as though to speak as you mentally assault them by thinking each initiative is a spoken word that will attack their mind as this is a feat at will to strike them, as though a party button was in use, if they are a target deluded by thought with what happened to them. And their dead, as they have to accept it or not as they get the effect of consequences on them that they were trying to get off on you. This if used, will cause them to collapse to the ground, unconscious and keep thinking of the future.

Next = The nexus point; This spell is useful, as its not necessary to get results unless you need them. This makes use of anything that can be of use by your point and spoken, as though thought right to the mind as though the thought is spoken and you can speak it to the mind they can too respond back, and now if you want to respond back they will take it as a natural point to respond to, and the next part is that this works to cause smoothe feelings and conversation as an telepathic art. This provokes feelings by use of need that cause response to get good thoughts responded back. This can be a ripple of time that gets responses back, this is thought as though a conversion in the head, unless undesired by the perception as expression with design by desire with thought in need. The person can always speak what they need to if they don't use telepathy in or out of the head. The concept spoken is not an assault, as the target is to work with you and not against you.

Soothe Fx = This is soothing the mind as your realizing what will happen, if this does the body good as financial situations turn back to normal or you gain extra money at need. As the effect as there is to do things with, effect as you will as you get thoughts to do things with and these effect mood swing to act as though music. The effect is done, as the raised point of time is manipulated for best effect as though the concept is in need. Then, as you realize the result that would happen, you get the effect by them not striking out and turning away to go away with will an concept remains as need is there as you turn away and go. The spirit can spellcast, as its in need from emotion overload or on concieved thought as this is done as needed.

The game = The game effect; The effect in this can use the game of life, any other game effect or not as its not intended to be used. This is the effective gamer need given as its gotten by thought in progress. The effect is to create what you need as it is and as you want it to be. This effects energy of any world, as it is not there near you and if in thought the game effect creates itself from thin air as though nothing was energy storage. This in turn creates what is hidden to be seen, if its need there otherwise it remains unlooked at financial. If you believe the energy is there then it is as created by whatever source that you think on being used here as then it could be of use. If its only needed once, then its there to be used until you don't need it and it disperses until it is needed again as a conceded point its possibility.

Suspend = Time Suspend; This is where you suspend time in a natural action of an action as if there was nothing wrong. And, on thought of the wrong its not there as though its gone and this didn't happen, as not this as this is the moment you can handle it, if needed it is an object returned or if an object ability time concented. The idea that is needed there in thought of using this in combat, can make any hits or blows such as punches drop away as though an object would disappear on its own that cause things that will fall down instead of you. As if thought in thought, this is the point where people are fine with what they have in your soul.

Preggo = Pregnancy effect; The concept of conception is made by this spell. This is on thought conception and in mind by conclusion. To at will cause the body born to be there as you through natural energy. And, on thought, if not needed to live as the person has fulfilled their purpose then they die by accident and you get their ability on overboard thought in mind as the concept. This can cause your aura to change a bit, to make people you want preganant at your consent with will and their spirit and meet. However it depends on real intention, if you or the person doesn't want this and then it is effect that in thought believed won't happen as if concented it won't happen then it won't.

Crysallis = The crystallization; This is the moment that is done to imitate a moment thought about with crystal. This is the use of music to create a thought up or considered person that you target to become musically enticed, into becoming a crystal or item at need thinking of what they wish to become. This came from Naruto Shippuden.

Pla Ty = Play time; Play is to make time and as you think you do, as you make and think you are time as you use things and create a time to do things right in thought. So you can continue thought in life, you continue till you drop and trip nor fall over.

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