Positive elements are:

 The element of earth is that of life. Earth can consist of items, drugs and similar. It can grant life, morph items or people,take life, heal or wield life like control. In granting life, it creates it anew through destructive action or gives it through infusion. Morphing item or people with earth infuses the target with energy charged by the workers purpose through imagination of changing the shape of the target. Weilding life, earth can make an inclusion, to do as the worker imagines. Earth is for the body.

 Fire and Earth make lava. Lava is in essence melted rock and at a temperature of 400 degrees kelvin or hotter. It can melt most metals and it will burn a forest near a volcano as it leaks from the volcano itself only to reform into hard ground. It forms in the earth from tectonic plates that support the continents as they collide together in the earth forming volcanoes or sea rifts.

The fire element is the element that gives life or takes life destructively and is the life around us. It gives life by forcing you to move on, when it destroys your old life in some manner or form. Also, it can give life by the healing act, of the worker targeting only the disease cells with fire or heals open wounds and sealing the wound if there. Causing the body to cope by healing quicker. Fire takes life by burning the intended victim on focusing. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, as a person. So, it can heatup places to warm you. Fire is for the soul and It finally is light.

 Fire water is very hot to the tongue. It can even burn the tongue as it enters the throat. Firewater takes a medium to separate the water and the fire. Such as a hot substance and the water combined with a powder  or oil substance, as a carrier medium. A light film of oil on top of the water allows it to mix and coats the substance. Examples are greek fire, hot sauce in water or others.

 Water can heal people, overcome things, or cause change in things. Healing with water can happen, on infusion of energy, with the thought of rapid regeneration for 5 minutes at a drink. Any other thought is also enacted. Your thought becomes the water's actions, to the body. It can overcome things, by being in a large enough body of movement, like a tidal wave. Water can change things with an infusion of idea intent int energy into water while they imagine what they want to happen. Water is for the heart.

 Ice comes from air flowing around water. Ice can form from the air through the water in air or moisture particles freezing with imagination. This is solidification by air itself.

 Air can if will is there choke, not destroy, enforce, or be made to change things. Air choking is the act of the worker, to close air in a circle around a person's throat. This is also called collaring. Air enforcement is done, by the attempt to cause an event, with air, that guides. Only the worker can dispel his/her own shield or attack by black lightning. This working with air is the act of the worker, to create a wall by imagination or to cause yourself to float in the air, by air itself through imagination and air support. How does air change things? Air can do this, by the worker using it as a medium in their acts to influence moments. Finally air can be used as a mass spread medium, by casting effect onto the air itself. Air is for the mind.

 Thunder be the energy destruction form of air, and is formed by Air with Energized Fire. This lightning is destructive as it can blast things in an area. More than fire can, and in an idea strike that is more focused. This is also moving energy and electrical energy.

Other elemental combinations be:
  Earth water that is oil, where the oil is formed from bones and earth being heated and compressed. Then, it stays where it is, till it comes up somehow.

  Earth air is gravity, that causes support, by pulling us down.  This is through centrifugal force, of the spinning charged planet core. The nickel iron or heavy element in the planet core, will cause gravity in conjunction through an orbit around a sun. When the sun charges the core, through unseen electromagnetic pulses. The core of the planet holds the moon in orbit around the planet itself. The nickel iron core or other heavy element, will take the particle charge and form gravity from the spinning of the planet. An apple will fall to this force, through cause and effect. This gravity will also allow effects to be spread through a spread mass effect.

 Firey air is normal heat and as the 'fire in air' tornadoes. This heat shares its properties with the Light air element. Where, heat moves in waves and patterns that cause the effect of fire, if intense enough, or rain, if intense long enough. However if the air pattern is circular, then their is possibility of fire tornadoes, where the heat is so high it appears, as fire. This is where heat is enough in concentrated form, and fire will appear.

 Water and earth, mixed together is mud, mud flows as a force, enmassed and free from the solid earth constraints. It can be slippery, to walk on and to the touch. Finally, mud can be soiid looking, in the quicksand pit. Where, you can sink till you suffocate.

 Air with earth is blown dirt or dirt devils and can come in the form of flying debrees.

And moreso..

 Most the elements together be aether. Aether is the element of the mind and is the root of the conscious energy. The effect of the aether is to affect or influence other elements. Aether is like allot of the elements together, they make up the gray ness about it as different colors that blend together. When the element is called you can form any object by imagination of it forming or of any effect by the imagination of it. This is its compressed form.  The idea to follow is the adamant value of what you think is right, and things that you think in the right mind are done right as to adjust. As if in front of your third eye as I with focus and thought that it exists, as this is the point it is there and you can get any result except what in you don't like out in the world that proves you wrong.

 This is to manipulate the aether requires imagination and manifestation of aether with ether, after you understand what it is. This is the key to its manipulation. And to manipulate it by imagination, is to need the idea to occur by seeing the sigil, or to feel it happening. Then, sometimes the knowledge will come to you to do the idea and the deed is done even further. To change the symbol of knowledge in the idea that you receive, will summon a change of it in some manner. This will cause the idea as its represented in the aether to be representative of a change. As its manifested into its compressed form, using the ether to make the aether  manifest into its compressed energy of its form. This symbol changing, may require that you understand what the symbolic meanings are as it is. If you draw the sigil it gives you understanding, that will happen if you don't already know what it means.

 This is to summon the aether to here as for it to effect. As to change the symbol the minute that you see it or you allow it to be the same. You can use a free hand rune or sigil to draw it. To draw the rune or sigil of knowledge, causes it to occur a summons of an aether effect. To add to the symbol that you see and that is which you add to the symbol you decided on, you decide what the meaning is, an after or before. Or, decide what the meaning is of the new rune and then change the symbol of knowledge in your mind to it. To imagine the color forming of the element of aether in the area, then think to it what ya want or just feel its effects will get results as well. Aether may draw on the experience you have, and give you a symbol of what you know as its also glimpsed from the aether after this.

 Aether can influence void. Where aether is the layer that contains all information about the physical, and about people. Its also a source of information and the universal consciousness. Finally aether can influence the other elements and you can sometimes get aether to change the past, to make an effect of the future present. Again, its a source of information and the universal consciousness.

 Aether is referred to by the planes of existence outside, but they are also inside your mind too. As the consciousness works as a portal, you can change it's frequency like a radio to enter these different planes. Then you can think of what is desired and feel it occur, or think of the color and imagine it forming or pulsating into the object or possible event through manipulated elements. The aether is more like a higher layer of encrypted and stored information, and it's usually never changed by the typical individual, not directly. The aether is the roots to what happens in the physical world, and the spiritual worlds too, so it's somewhere on top of it all.

 The aether contains streams and rivers of elemental forces, the spiritual energies of fire air water and earth, and the directions of these rivers and streams indicate the things moving in the world beneath it. But, everything on the aether is made of the same energy, the aether energy, which would be comprising the 5th element. The aether energy takes form of different things as we go there, adapts to our mind to show us symbols so that we can understand what each thing represents.

 The symbolic color of time is gold, and space is silver. There is a golden river of time that is running through the entire aether to indicate that the world is always moving. The aether is also symbolicly the roots of the world tree, Yggdrasil, in germanic mythology. But the world tree is also symbolicly the consciousness we have. We climb the tree to the world of the gods by shifting our conscious frequency, into higher dimensions. 

    Their are different symbolic colors of the elements as well, where the symbolic color of fire is red, the symbolic color of air is very light blue or white, the symbolic color of earth is brown and green and the symbolic color of water is blue. The symbolic color of lava is red brown or purple violet, the symbolic color of ice and cold is light blue, amongst others. These colors are in splashes, sometimes together, in the aether.

  The practice and philosophy of those who deal with the aether, is that through knowing the aether you can know the physical world, because you can see the cause for everything that happens in the world by symbols. So one small change in the aether can do great changes in the physical world, if you know how to do it. By Djihin.

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