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These are individual symbols and sigils contributed by various people

Individual's sigils

Alchemical Sigils and Symbols

Alchemy numbers

  Sigils from Joanne Grebby

This is the sigil of protection. Use it for protection by thinking of the rune and possibly tracing it or stating "protection".

  Sigils from Winternite

This is the sigil of Cor. Use it for Reflecting.

The sigil of Rue is for strength power and speed.

The sigil of Roue is for calmness in chaos.

This sigil is given by Squall

This symbol be from Leppy the Leprecaan

This sigil from Odin

Au Air

This Sigil's from Alabar

This symbol is from Raven

It can be a reversed triangle too as in the pentagram

Raven's rune

Now for some more

Mas nehu

Momentary wave

Raven's insanity and inanity rune

These sigils from Caz (Cazrulet)


chaos vision

Chaos and death rune


Improved orgonite generation

Vaughan's sigil

Flood water rune

Insane Mage's sigils

Heron's Sigils

  Due note: In using these sigils, you can draw them or print them, and it's best to invest a bunch of will, through a focus and into them, when you do, to make them more permanently powerful. Then you activate them by idea while holding them, although you can also leave them, in a place after drawing, or printing and activate their effect remotely, by thinking, to activate them. Otherwise, you can just think, on them and the idea, of the sigil, to activate it without having a physical copy. For instance, you can have a copy of a sigil in an astral computer.

Silly's Sigils

Use the sigil's you find here, as you want.


barrier sigil

vision improved

Wind control