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Spirit effects introduction
The simple matter gate
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Spirit effects introduction

  The spiritual effects and practice by dimensionalism is the point of using the spirit to create what you want, then you create with a point and work with a concept. What you do with the dimension idea, this is use of spiritualism that creates with the spirit-that-goes-through-everything, so think to know the dimension before going. If you do this, then you can create by the feel and work with the point that you know about. If you think you know, then your soul or spirit allows you to realize what is there. This use of the spirit, allows you to be prepared before the point, if possible. Then you can visit the area, that means you make use of the spirit and think your there. So you see to shift dimensions is intend to be somewhere and state the intention, if you want to know the area by feel. Then the spirit will give you glimpses of what is there, see that is what you can do. This is an effect in itself, think to be where you are in body to return.

The simple matter gate

  This is the simple matter gate. The setup is simple, place 2 objects one body length or arms length apart and think your going to cs-137 or some other place and walk between the objects. The spirit shifts you there, the energy that the spirit uses is from there and that causes you to feel separated a bit from reality. This is a temporary feeling, so think about things and the area will feel better. You know you shifted, when you feel a sense of coldness. This is where heat energy or fire energy creates what you want. The point being, you can shift to anywhere.

  So think and you know by the spirit or soul what is where and when it is done. See that's the thing I'd be in a different dimension and a new and identical enough me that also can't tell the difference would've come in to fill the gap. Cs-137 is livable as a planet and you can form what you want, as your a being. See it's somewhere else in the milky way galaxy. However, you can make any idea seem like it's there. That's what I found. I believe it's the only cheap way to gate out. You get the objects somehow, then make use of the object energy or the creator's energy. This energy is what the spirit uses to shift the soul or body to seem to be that forms from the consciousness of energy. Then is the point you recognize the idea, if you need it you keep it or if in a concept or not you leave it to others.

  Then you can watch things as if you can actually be in the area, see that's where you can if curious leave an object behind or think to the area energy to reveal to you what is there and what happened, So in this way you know by it's consciousness what is there, what occurs or what is made of there. This also can alert you of what is taken, so think and the energy consciousness makes what is needed. This is an idea of what happens, when you intend the spirit to show you things or shift you by feel. Some cancel the gate by thinking or saying, that it don't matter. Then the gateway closes and things revert to normal. I use the coined phrase, "closea agate". That also works by feel if you need to feel the gate close.

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The spiritual room

  This is the spirit room, The spirit room is one such place to go in dimensions. The spirit room is what creates the effect of an element such as fire, water, earth, air, ether or void. The-spirit-that-goes-through-everything gets you there (from Tom Browns book called the way of the scout..). The spirit room is what creates the effect of the energy consciousness and makes the-spirit-that-goes-through-everything in effect, this is where you create with the spirit and make with what is possible. The spirit-that-goes-through-everything gets you there. This is basically an energy room. You can think and intend to enter this room and walk out of the area to leave the spirit room.

  This effect is done if you believe an idea will happen then speak about it, the spirit consciousness in the room will create that idea as an effect. That effect can be expressed as a point or needed and felt to occur. what you decide is what can happen. If its known about, then it's not stated a second time. So if you enter intending to heal, then the spirit in the room senses your intention and then creates healing. This intention is more easily done, if spoken aloud. So you know you control your spirit room. You can even use the spirit room to shift places, that is where the room shifts to another spacetime and when exiting you are there in spirit. This allows you to explore the different area or world points in the room.

  There are many worlds. If you think to come back to yourself then you do. So what you are is energy, what you exist as is the point you make. This is a known effect. The trick is using math and creating a calculation to be where you are in life. So if you think, you know and the soul or conscoiusness of the body can draw you back by feel. The vibration of the spirit changes and this causes you to shift in vibration where the area is used to shift in place otherwise the world consciousness is used to create what you need. You can create nearly any effect in the spirit room, so think and you know what you can create in the area by what you do in idea. So this spirit room allows you to shift back to the time you associate with by feel that you think you came from. So that effect is a point you know, and feel is your own time. This is a concept you think about, that allows you to be where you need things if you know about them. If you don't, then you don't think about the idea in effect, so where you think it will manifest is where things are by feel.

  So if you wanted to be in the future, you are there andd whence return is necessary, you can return to the original time by what you do. What I like doing in a spirit world, is creating a elemental effect that is not unlike a urn mark in the area you think project energy to appear. This releases tension, that also uses up a source, if the source is not unlimited. So think your using a point for the source and what is represented in the source is created by the spirit that goes through everything and this appears as you need it to appear. So if you intended the spirit room to appear as a tardis, then you create by the energy and wait for energy to surge or recover itself as you think to repair or create with the energy by what you need and express.

  This can do in a point, so think carefully and you can create what you think is about the idea. If another spirit in the area is near enough, then you can have auratic healing by allowing them 30 minutes of being nearby. Then their room is thought by them to be what shifts them to the normal world again. So in effect, you can heal each other or do things with messages. If you think to call someone into your area, then you create a summons. Think to dismiss the people summoned, if you want to desummon the sumoned. If they resist, then they either don't come into the area or they leave when they want to leave. Other thngs that can be done, if you act as if the item is there, then it's there by feel or it can spiritually form there and you know as it disappears, where it is. You can easily dismiss an item, then it will disappear as well. If so, you know where you can get another, either online stores like amazon.com or ebay.com or some physical storefront.

  This in idea means you could use the illness as an energy and cast it from the body as a source. This allows the dark marks in the area. So I think, that is a point in the past that is appearant after a little time passes you by. This effect seems to be cast by the pinneal gland third eye, activated by the blood flow. This flow of energy is directed by the idea you think, say you think to activate the third eye, then you create the blood flow with the thought of what you want. The blood flow causes the pinneal gland to open the third eye. Thinking the third eye closes, makes the pinneal gland deactivated by lessened blood flow to the pinneal gland. What you think will happen will occur, if you think to create the effect by feel. This is the rule of the room or area. See that means there really is a tardis, this is a time machine. Think the object creates what you want and then you use the energy in the object, this creates what you need or feel is necessary.

  The more objects you have, the more energy effects you can get things done by idea expression. That means objects can appear, come to you or disappear, This is done if you think you need something, then the object can appear or come to you. If you think you don't need it, then the object can disappear by the consciousness of energy. If you think you need the object, then the object can be what disappears from the area and reappears here where you are by feel. The relations idea, if you want someone to agree, then appear to agree with them or state no and some reason. If necessary as they don't seem to hear you, feel free to use the broken record action, this is where you repeat things until they seem to hear you. Then you know by what is done. So think and you realize what to do. What you may need is to get someone to respond better, this is done by the voice and that means you can create the right effect by what you express. This can command a room or spirit.

  Such as the point in stating, "I give you some of my excess energy or this objects energy for what I need done." Think the spirit gets that as a point and it does what you need. If the spirit is loose and that means the body died, somehow, then it gets reborn either as a bug or animal shaped from the creator's memory. The used energy goes to the creator, though. So that means it will create itself as the creator remembers by feel or thought focus to shape the point and make what you desire. Think to kill the bug, if that is the new form and your soul returns to yourself. That's if you were poisoned by the bug eating poison and you feel stomach pains. This is a point in effect, so think about getting the bug and you do the bug in by feel.

  This also means, that reincarnaion or rebirth into becoming another form is done. So if your body does die, you will come to be yet another person, that's on a planet of your choice and you can sense the new body if you were reborn as you are alive. This is a point you know, as a double vision where the pinneal gland shows you want the body is doing, if you meet that body or person then you will know a soul copy comes back to you. If you think to copy the soul, then the creator makes a copy by feel through the consciousness of energy. Otherwise if you retun from the spirit room, your spirit or soul returns to your body. If intense pain is felt, then the soul could shift to the new body or to you. If you think about the point, then you can direct death and decaying energy at the bug, so you at least have a chance where it slows down from attempting to recover from the excess energy that's directed to it. This is where it can stop or be very sluggish, and the idea is the point you kill it so that means it can move quickly. If you have quick reflexes or use poison, then you can create the death of the bugs by what is done.

  If it is a bug, then upon killing it the spirit is then released and this means it is reformed in some body as an inner child or child of some sort that is born to the living. The body is a living point if alive, that stores memories and works with experiences or idea that it has. This is a point in itself, that creates with a point and you make what is concept to it's mind or think it creates what you need. We are actually in an inner cell world, that the spirit works with by idea. This means the spirit is part of the energy conscious of the body. The soul is not unlike an unlimited battery. The mind is the brain awareness that is there by the senses and the pinneal gland. This means you can create with thinking the point and the blood flow will awaken the pinneal gland that activates the third eye. What you think is with the energy consciousness that seems to give you in information what you need. This is the Z-level of existence, that is actively used with a soul copy or the-spirit-that-goes-through-everything. You can sense things by feel or what you think with conscious awareness and any electrolytes in the body. This is a point you realize by the soul, insights of what is there. Think and you know what you can do. See that system is created by the creator, if what this means is you can think of what you want then the creator makes what you need.

  The creator lives in a dimension above, where everything is divine with a consciousness. So there are many dimensions, it's said that the dimension you think or realize to see or know, this is is often represented by a name or number. Think about the point and state the number, that shifts you to appear with your brain activity where you intend. This is a known effect, that is also known as variation attunation. Attune by variation with the statement, this is also done by thinking or making use of the awareness of the brain. That can handle upto 10 dimensions at once, according to scientists. This can include the now reality or dimension that is the 11th dimension. This is with energy of creation, that you can surf or think to feel and you create with by the feel or idea that's spoken about. Think about the point you get, then you can make with what you have. Accept the fact, and you work with memories or stored energy that is sometimes visual and otherwise a function of the spirit. You decide what dimension, where you appear and how you appear by the point you think in awareness.

  If you want to leave the now dimension, that's if your in now, think to touch nothing, then you shift back from this dimension of the spirit room, called now. A physical trick to do this, is where you spread your arms out and jump off the ground. That is touching nothing. The moment you jump off the ground, you shift by feel and end up where the physical world is instead. Ingenious, right? I think there are more ways than that. That one happens to work. If you think of another way, then feel free to use it, this is a point where anything goes. Remember to be nice where you are by feel when you do things, so you can get better responses. That means kill the bug, work the idea and make with the point, if energy is high enough. See what's done there is sometimes done here, if you intend it to be done.

  One thing to notice, this spirit room can explore the inner realm of the body or the outer realms if you want to explore them, too. Think to go where you need and you find yourself where you think to go. Also what happens to the spirit there, can happen to the body. So think to return to your body and you won't get effected. If you do stay there, the room supports you by energy shared from objects, so if you think to do good deeds you are not unlike an angel or valkerie, if you think to do self-deeds, you are a neutral angel or self-supportive deva. If you are free to do evil, then your a demon in spiritual form. Forgive the demon if to drive it away, allow the deva until a point to get it to leave you alone. This is where you work with things, so think and you know what you can do.

  Make use of the angel or valkerie to create positive results with a feather left behind if necessary. This is if you find someone used their spirit room too long and changed into one of these forms. So basically its insight given by the spirit in energy form, so think about what you want to do and you can do it. Always remember, don't kill the messenger. Release what energy you have and go to where your needed by feel. This is an effect in itself. As I am, I am done now, so I will go do something else. Anyway, my sole purpose in writing this was to recreate a tardis in idea. So enjoy what you can and deal with what is there. Ciou, farewell, and goodbye for now and enjoy yourself.-Paul M. and Danny M.

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