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The sigils:

  A sigil is a symbol of empowered lines that are thought to effect. For more information, try this site of sigil usage. This sigil made by Jay can help cure the person or people you want effected. Even of stealing and other mental conditions.  Its used by the effort of drawing it ot tracing it in the air. This is with energy being released into the sigil and from the finger or the pen. Now for the sigil. If you accept yourself after changes are done, then they might stay if you need them. If you don't need them, then they disappear. A serious minded person will do the effort, a unserious minded person won't do whats needed. Serious mindedness is what this sigil puts on people. When allowed to work. This sigil will do exactly as you say. This is a danger. Use with care and you can't misuse it. This is the condition is what you think before the conditioning effects by feel.

SeCond Cheriot

  The next few sigils, are very good at getting results. This is the effect of complacency. Drawn with intent of putting energy into the sigil as you draw or carve.

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