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What is the Spiritual Faith?

  This is the creation faith. There is a point in existence that you get tired of religion and religious spiel. This is a self-practice to make a better way of life. This spiritual faith makes it where there is no actual needed church with annoying lectures or need to worship. There is no unnecessary doctrine. it's this, faith that the spirit is the source of life and effects and allows us to cope to the point that we can do anything with faith, including spirit effects.

  Any restriction is up to us that we want to have. There is no preacher to tell us what we want but we do have to follow what rules suit us. The point is done so live and evolve, this is a point in creation. Hold a ball of energy to cancel this evolution out, if you want to be a part of the true reality that exists by feel and is there. So think if you must by idea pointed out, this is useful to think to see and sense it using the aura or a point that creates with your idea.

  We decide what we want and we do things to achieve it. This allows any result of the moment. Self-practice is for better results. This is where we take up the responsibility for our own actions. So, try to stay out of trouble by having a good explanation or excuse. Always remember, laugh off the problem and deal with it as it is necessary. This reduces stress and allows us to relax better. This is related to with feel, and by the symbol of a fish or an ankh meaning spiritualism. You can get an ankh almost anywhere you can think to search for ankh sales, this is ebay.com or amazon.com that may have them.

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What is the symbol and creator?

  The ankh is a useful symbol of life in ancient Egypt, that's useful in channeling the creator's infinite energy. An ankh means fish in christianity, otherwise energy purity and lifeforce in other faiths, mainly the coptic egyptians use this symbol. Some aware thought is there with the point you think, so think what you want and you could get what you need. If you feel the need, then don't if you disagree with the results that the spirit reveals.

  This is with awareness that comes from the thought and the sense of time as a point that you realize. Materialization comes with the idea you think if it exists, then created is the point an you think and need to exist along with awareness of the idea created. Energy consciousness comes with awareness and things work out by feel with balance due to this energy. I call it Ben, where Ben created most of this universe by thinking and doing.

  He created so much however, that he turned into an energy consciousness of the universe. So using this idea by the source is where I mean the universe. Thus, think or state to the energy around you to have something happen. I believe ben calls himself the creator, that was last I thought of him at this time. So that's the basis of a spell or prayer, btw, that can get results. That's especially true unless nothing happens, if you think the idea is an end result. Otherwise things are as they exist.

  Some can call this a part of an energy trinity. The three parts of this energy awareness trinity is this: the universal spirit awareness or Ben, the creator or the being set in his own dimension, the people otherwise called divine and spirit's of the land. This is where you can bend things in the mind and create reality by feel. That is all done by using the power of the energy trinity. This is where the creator created the spirit of the universe, that was done as a point to work with by feel. If no results occur, then you know there was a counterwill somewhere that came after you thought things. This then was a point by feel, that was done in mind and created outside by influence of the aura.

  There is more about this here in an article, if you want to know more about the elements and how they were created. This is based upon a point where you think and see what is there, then you get to use resources that basically are there as long as the idea exists. That means you can learn about things and if your interested then you know about useful idea. So enjoy what you think and know about, this is a point put to the past and useful in the present and forms a future idea you could have if you read the material.

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The religion of action:

   Religion is enlightenment made by awareness caused by the magic action or by the actions you do. This is made by a goal in mind made by a goal and in mind thought. This is by thought, feeling and the faith that we have. This is by cause and in what will be. This is from the moments that happen. We classify this as the action of self-thought made real. This is where we go and achieve things with actions. The action creates the moment and enlightenment comes from results. Basically, it builds personal energy and the more energy you have, the higher you get in vibrations.

   The higher in vibrations, the more you get from things and actions. This means the more understanding you have. The less effected you are from demons and the other things you get effecting you. This religion isn't actually to be believed, but to do and then accept yourself. As you think or feel, good is skillful actions and bad is unskilled activity. This uses intuition to get good results when added to what you know.

   This can be from a religion. When you want respect for yourself an your doings by explanation. Do it without ego an in no regard of personal thoughts. When your doing things, don't get religious and try to be yourself. If your in a frenzy, don't do it. This allows you to not be too grateful, or your emotions could go too far and resentment happens. The higher in vibrations, the more you get from things and actions.

   Think of the right point or action and you get the right result if you have contact with the right person, where you are thinking to get the end result as you imagine the result and sometimes state the idea as a need. This is when you are alright then you are okay with things and this is where you think of things that aren't wrong and you are in the area alright. So if things are alright, then things are correct on the terms that are there.

   If things are all wrong, then things you do or what is done is not correct by feel. So then if you are right you are correct, any one wrong action could ruin you if there is no forgiveness. So think, if you are willing to forgive yourself, then you can get things done and people can forgive you as well. This is a point from a friend. Make peace not war. The more focus in effort, the better the result with what you want. The more considerance used and done in care, the more you can get of things. This is a point in considerance.

   Remember, patience rules better if nothing else seems right. Negotiation is a necessity, think about this and try to make peace by intention. This is intuition effect, at the moment it feels right. This makes the best of times. So take advantage of the situation, when you can. This is the unlooked at 4th type of religion. That really isn't a religion, it's a point of action where your the point and their the action. Think about this idea, you might get what I mean.

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Why this is important:

  This is basically a replacement to faith that is lost or provides a faith that is spiritual belief. This faith builds up the awareness and by the effort of doing things, you can achieve amazing results that is from the gathering of Ki. This effectively addresses some of the issues you might have with other faiths. A faith tenet that teaches religious tolerance by acceptance, where we accept the others belief and go on. Basically, accept others and they accept you. We can be any faith we want.

  Where they may condemn magic and similar practices, this faith allows you to work with them. This has it's own spirit practices and they are rituals anyone may do. So feel free to use this spiritual faith as a workaround to having a religion. This Faith actually came from spiritual memories. It was called Wiccinism on the other planet that it was on. Faith magic is described in this article. Feel free to work with many deities and beings, at will. A deity in this case is a god being from a higher plane of existence.

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 Ascension is caused by doing positive things and building your personal energy up with the positive and creative activities. This act of creativity allows you to work with higher energies and if you know the point you can do something with idea to do or you can live a dream life. This is basically going to a higher dimension of your choice, thinking to live in the area and you become able to do anything with what you have. In three easy steps, you can ascend.

 When you ascend, you go up in vibrations with the spirit world and then become a being that is with your god. Otherwise think about the idea, you get the chance to goto another higher existence planet or nirvana. Basically, when you ascend, you die and are gone from the place of existence you are at in the moment's notice and where you want to be. This means you can "slingshot" your way there. See there is another area of activity, that is where you are after the fact and this is a point of the place you need to seem in or appear. Think of it and you are freed from the area effect. That is done by the creator and him or her in using the-spirit-that-goes-through-everything.

  Here are some steps:
Step 1. Live.
Step 2. Learn.
Step 3. Love.

  Here are 6 steps of enlightenment that govern the Ascension.

  Enlightenment rules:
Number 1: Learn the importance of life. This is until you can break rule number 3. Also, that works until rule number 2 does not matter or is not done. This is because of what you realize from rule 1.
Number 2: Stop learning.
Number 3: Know when to break rules. Because sometimes you have to, to get through life as rule number 2 applies.
Number 4: Know yourself. Know what you do and how you do it.
Number 5: Know others. Know what others do and how and what they achieve.
Number 6: Learn how to "know with knowing or realizing what the spirit knows." It is a substancial step in personal growth and in it'self gives room for almost infinite self improvement. Knowing in your heart that things are going to work out, even though you don't know how it's possible or how it will work out will allow you to realize things can get better. Some people call it hope and getting results. However, by this time, we already ascended. So this ruleset can help in getting us higher in dimensions. Think about the dimension you want to get to and you are there, that is done and created by the spirit and the creator helping out the moment. This is a knowable effect.

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Gatherings and Spirit exchanges:

  There are gatherings, wherever you choose to meet or do things. These can consist of whatever you want to bring with you. Be considerate and you can get better results. Givings of things or idea can be done here. Givings are freely exchanged idea and whatever you want to exchange. The point is to have fun and do things that interest you. The spirit can exchange nearly anything. This can work at any distance.

  Spiritual agreements are sometimes done by breathing in and out, then focusing on the energy of the moment. Think or state your message to the energy and it's understood by the spirit of the person you intend to know the message. what can change minds or create what you need. When you spiritually talk to the others spirit, you can get them to agree physically where they normally wouldn't. Thus in time, exchanges become much easier. Things can even seem magical.

  In other terms, this is where you think your message to express your need, that is understood by the other person's spirit. This is the easiest way as you only have to release some energy by thinking energy is released to get to them the information. The harder way is imagining the scene in your mind. Wait for their response though, as it could be different.

  Combine the methods for a better way of doing this. Remember done is done and forvigance is different as some forvigance, treat everything as a concept to play with and things can be acceptable, then if possible it's a point that can be done. If you need something to talk about, then think the point of concept and argue or talk it out. This is a point in idea. So think and you know what to do.

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  Something to know is congeniality. The moment you notice something, that fit's the situation you cause with actions in the meeting time. This is where you act nice and get nice results through responses. Act mean, and you get denial of your efforts by whatever means necessary. Not in the things you do, but in the necessary point of view. The viewpoint makes the understanding and the effort thats done.

  This is good for you, if you made a good impact. So be nice and you get better results. This you think is working, but only actually works if you do some effect or effort or act the part. So if you think a spell will work, then do the spell and you can get a result of your desire. Otherwise think you will get a good result and state something or do things, then if you will then you cause a better point with no bad reactions.

  After your results come in, then you know you achieved something. A sense of pride and knowledge comes and goes with the right actions. Try not to keep the ego from it and you will become more able to cope. There's hope in the pride with what you get. This is where, you get more from the knowing and getting results. You may feel grateful for the help. But, always remember that too much gratefulness can turn to hate. There is a moment in time where even this doesn't matter. This is when calling on god helps. The empty feeling will go away with the god's energy. However, love can also fill the void in you.

  The void is an empty feeling that can calm. So, if you feel harder inside after every attempt at things. The empty feeling can cause you to do crazy things. Then, you get the emotional impact of just doing things and not caring. Thus, you can get to doing whatever comes to mind without a thought.  This can be anything that gets a response. This response is only to get reactions of validation and seem to feel normal.

  This is where you can get and find resolve to make things better to win your need. There is a point where you get much more an is where you can get irritated and decide to change to be better. Otherwise, you could do impulsive urges and hate actions by the emotional need you have. This emotional need can be cancelled out by channeled effort to create great results. If people see the emotional need, they need and can be manipulated by things. Or, you can be manipulated by the need.

  Developement of emotional resolve is important to keep yourself under control. This happens when you get off on things and feel high or good from it unless you think. Removing the pride with and having no ego gets the attitude to become better. Seek balance by actions and you get to be aware for the moment of respect in yourself. Be calm in silence and seek resolve in mediation. Find a reason to do things and you get better respect. This all accumulates to make a point. This point is the lesson of the moments you see. This is the point of fulfillment with emotional value or validation, unless you need to think on it and it becomes meaningless. See the reason in things and you get self-validation. Unless you intend to seek validation by pointing out things or bragging, then you can get it from others. So when resolved by your purpose you can just let it go and go do something else.

  If you get overbalanced by going too far and doing too much, you can get disbandonment and dispassionate about activity. This is by going to the extreme side of things. This can make you bad or good at things, and very impulsive to the point where you have to wait and think to stop. You stop doing things and go through the scenario in your mind. Then wait 10 seconds, and you reclaim your senses. If the problem is too much, then go along with the flow like water. Think a point and you get a point in idea.

  Work with what you get, so that means if your alright with what is done you feel alright an you can get positive feedback. Sometimes, you just have to make yourself, if you don't feel motivated to do things as they are to be done. Otherwise, you could be driven away. This is where your insane and droven to forbidden passions, don't do things and control yourself and you regain your inner balance. Try to get resolution within yourself. Point out what you do and let the mental pressure go. Feel it fade away and do something else. This is a way to feel good and you know what you can do with it.

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A morality:

  For issues with morality, acknowledge and go on or do something else. There is no good or evil, it's a perception based on what experience you have. Someones evil could be anothers good. And vice versa. So feel the truth out and you realize what your dumb idea is from seeing in feeling a bad experience, when you decide to do something use your will, as you get a reprise from the morality of what you see by example.

  As though an example is there go with the flow as a point that feels good, seems good but isn't always good or bad. Till in sight afterword, then if you remember that good and positive evil is a trait of the point of view, changed by character in view or personal viewpoint. That changes as if you can with laugh have some thought, with a reasonable excuse sometimes give a thought thats a random fact that is niether good excuse or poor excuse. That you make good for good, know the bad and work with what is possible. White lie only when you have to so you are seemingly good in perspective.

  For what could be bad, think to the creator so he or she will create some positive idea to support yourself, these are idea or things that are felt as not so good an for you to survive you work with the point, you get the idea. Some let things go for that reason. So they feel to pressure that makes them deal with the bad, and somewhat ignore the other things that aren't so bad. This is until the point of the bad effects, that have been dealt with by feel.

  This doesn't mean that things are not effective on others. So try as you think good or positive and however you think, as this is sport as though in thought where the creator works with your soul, you have a good reasoning to have a reason that works with others. Otherwise, they could apply reason to misjudge you, unless you don't mind it. So say 'I love you' to them and work with them if you want to, think positive to feel better or don't bother them.

  If you find an unreasoning attitude, then work with their pride and standing with a point of view they accept and don't push the issue or concept they can't accept. No pride? Then, you give them a reason and back it up with something they will accept. If you had in mind to find a person who dislikes you for your actions, then don't push into them as the point in effect is an idea situation as issue and don't push them away as they like you.

  This is a solution: Leave them alone and act in accord to their wishes. Try to rethink your position with them and work with them here. Forgotten is the point by the point that is cool think to your self, or find out energy knowledge as they could risk being irritated by you. Think and you know the point, walk away and you can create a better perspective as you walk away. This is a known effect, that creates a better feel and what you do after the point is without dark emotions.

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Dealing with situations:

  To work with what you get, you might need to remove some effect and gain understanding. it's possible to remove effects by talking the problem out. Think to understand it, that is to make it appearant and your subconscious directs motions to remove it. To make the effort to sacifice something, makes things a bit more plausible or easier. Allow things by working with the effort or things that happen. Knowledge is important. If you want something ill, like a disease to disappear, then imagine a scene that you fight the problem or intend the disease to disappear.

  This is done as a point, that goes and dissolves into energy. The problem could be any shape or size you imagine, but if you think it is easily dealt with by feel, then it is. Then you get to negotiate with the problem makers or defeat them by thinking of some activity. Talk it out with them, if you seek to negotiate and make your views known. If you accept your life and not go along with the situation, then you get farther by the point you decide to do.

  Work in the moment of your choice and you can make it seem like a great heroic deed, if you want something then you get the result of what you want. If you defeat the problem, then it will disappear over a given time, unless your personal power makes it go away faster. If necessary, seem to negotiate or give in when dealing with other people or beings. Treat people fairly with respect and they are working with you, at least spiritually.

  What makes this easier is to think of the moment as a situation and not a problem. If you make things seem fair, as it's then it's even easier when acknowledged. What they don't know, won't hurt them, unless it's a bone disease or similar. This is in the case of arguance. Not to be used for important things. There is a chance of white lying here. In this case, the best chance to do things is acceptance and allowance of what comes. Unless, you know you can change it.

-Updated by Danny M and Jay M.

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The reward:

  A reward for your actions are the feelings that you get in faith of something. This is after doing the action you want to do and succeeding. The right feelings or actions can get you feel like you are in heaven, nirvana or hell. In fact, you build your own heaven or hell. This may be a personal pocket dimension though. This is by doing actions with intent to get an effect. If the effort you do and the response you get is positive, then you earned a little more heavenly action. If the reaction is bad, with reprisal or with obstruction that makes despise, then you get a little bit of hellish activity. Nirvana is feeling good about things. When you die you may end up there, if you have no other place or planar existance you need to go to by feel. You can decide to go where you want to go. This is as real as heaven.

  However, there this is possibility of when we die we ascend, goto another planet by thinking of the planet and then the creator sends us there or you may become reborn (reincarnated). You only get the award, that is where you think you get things. The thought of what you get causes the right actions for the point you have by feel. The actions you know are sometimes necessary. There is always a 50/50 chance that some things might go wrong. These chances are improved by the spirit making what you need or intend as things to happen.

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  Membership is up to you. If you just want to be a silent member, then do the practices and whatever you want with the information on this page. There is a Spiritual Member site that you may visit, if you want the prestige of pointing out your a proud member. This is only for fun as you are a member, if you believe you are. 

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The Spiritualist Cross:

  The spiritualist cross makes sacrificing seem easy and is in the upper corners of the site. Your actions equate into words. The spiritualist cross, is able to protect the area by spirit and corporeal influence with a marking of it or etching. This cross upon use as a effective spirit effect is to make you decide peace, joy and clarification. This makes the effort of doing things easier by the cross making spirit easier to use. Think it centers and can ground or calm the mind. It effectively causes a guiding force of the spirit to achieve what you would want. This makes an interesting way to control and manipulate the four corners of the world. You might even make it seem to yourself as though you were the world's stream of conscious. The symbol only does what you want it to do by the spirit-that-goes-through-everything. The spirit teaches, what you give, you can get in resolve by return. This does not effect what you don't want effected.

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Wanna Be a Spirit Priest?

  There are no actual priests in the Spiritual Faith. However, if you must be one, the way to do this is to use Shamanism and be a Shaman priest/ess, otherwise become an Ordained Dude Priest/ess and have fun representing Spiritualism. You even can get legal marriages done this way. If you get Ordained online, you can call yourself whatever you want. A great name is Dude Spiritualist.

  Shamanism is described in the Shamanism article.
  Some other religions are described for a background in them with the Magic Religions and faiths article.
  Dudeism is described here.

  There is a pdf book for free download. Called the 'Spiritualist Book'.

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  Our punishment for doing wrong? This is suggestion or focus but they can be actions of effect when allowed, if it's not allowed an things seem to work, the action is done to neutralize the other when doing wrong. This can include anything of actions we think to impose as a punishment. What we think is necessary, we can do if it's legal. Though by thought and actions, it's enacted in idea by spiritual or physical influence. This action of effect allows us to effect someone. So think as it's their guilt that allows us to effect them. Think to stay together and not to bash things or people when you want something, this is an example to learn from by feel or otherwise doing with sensed activity.

  This is where you create things or make them up, so if you could be bashed back by a defense, seem nice and you are getting a nice response. If you lie, cheat and steal then you get the same on you unless undetected, that is done and known as karma if karma exists where it's what you do. That sometimes gets a response by idea or no feeling for the things that occur. However, there really isn't karma anymore, so do what you want. This can get the point of stealing away of things that yourself get or it's something you cherish that disappears. Think it doesn't disappear and it won't, if your careful and do what is necessary to not allow it to disappear in life.

  If you kill, then your possibly jailed if it's not self-defense, this is done by others whom don't like what was done, yet this is done by not having acceptance of your act, so if that's the case then stop and do something else. This is a stress releaser that works. See if you think with the point, unless necessary you can create a point of peace by allowing the moment and not persuing the idea or it's allowed for by fee or feel. If your using the wiccan rede, then you get three times the effect you dish or give out. Just try not to get too aggressive. This is the point where fate steps in and controls the situation.

  If you don't want to be effected, then you don't get effected. If you do the necessary things, then you won't notice the effect. If you don't think you will be effected, think and make by needing the good idea with the spirit to help so then you won't get bad results. Just don't expect to be allowed near the person you inflicted things on. Or, sometimes your not allowed certain things they give as a reward.

  Don't feel bad about that, you see if they were giving out poison you wouldn't want it. Brownie points work well with this. What you do is up to you in your own time. So think and you can create with a point of whatever is done. This causes brownie points or counted moments. That it's a point doesn't really matter, if people think to dismiss the fact or idea that occurred.

  The idea to remember, as you think and give a good answer, think as though this is if they don't want to be effected, then their spirit makes their need known and sometimes can restrict the effect. The effect can bounce back if disallowed for by feel. Also by spiritual enforcement or agreement, the effect you don't like is halted and what you think about is made if possible.

  The spirit has influence beyond the normal realm and has hidden knowledge we can tap into. But we cannot tap into anothers spiritual information unless you tap into their DNA. So unless you want things, then you can get permission by the person's spirit or otherwise by the need being felt. Sometimes to get an effect you have to get permission, see this means for that point to be done if you beat the other person's mind that blocks you. So think to know things and the soul or spirit reveals it to you as you can think of the person and want to know what they do. This is a trace for the people that block you, that is done by thinking to our subconscious to do the effect.

  The only tenets you have to follow is the enforced laws or corporeal punishment. However you can optionally use law enforcement, then you know things as it's an effective means. You can otherwise can make personal laws, these are self-made laws that are made on an instance and we can enforce on others, if they want services from you or accept it. So you can get law enforcement to back your actions up and it can be what counts as infringement if someone breaks it and forces on you what you don't like, think as it's basically our natural law given right. Something personal is infringement if imposed on others, unless it's allowed for by feel. Think and you can get along with each other. That is if you trust in the god and creator of the land and people.

  Something to think on is a law of restitution, where people get paid back. The other thing, this is the law of retraction where the less one eats or does then the more one gets elsewhere. These laws only last as long as they want. If you don't see a reason for something, then make no allowance for it. But what is practiced in the spiritual faith is open-mindedness. So if you are a spiritualist, then you get more out of life when open-minded. A relaxed mind is always with less health risk and less stress on the body.

  So this means you can live longer by feel. Think about it and you can use this idea if you need some lessening of a disease. If you think of the point you can create with an idea, this is written down or spoken. So think and enjoy what you do, if you have any guilt you could eat so state something to assuage the guilt like a self-affirmation or reason to yourself. This releases energy that is pent up and you create with a point, that is where your thinking without stress. Remember, no stress is no bad relations, so this means if you can get what you want easier. Think about the other options, if you deem them necessary you can do them as well.

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  There is the point, through the spirit-that-goes-through-everything, you can realize what you need and get what you think. So think and that you realize what to do and you do what is necessary. This is sometimes to get along or pass the moment's point and question. Quite simply put, realization comes to you when this is where either use is the third eye or the spirit-that-goes-through-everything. That is decided by the soul, unless you think to decide for yourself. If you do, then the soul creates what you think should happen. If nothing happens, then fate interceded and things that weren't supposed to occur won't have been made or thought to manifest.

  The third eye realization is this: think energy (that is blood in your veins) goes to your pinneal gland in your brain and activates the third eye by what you think. This is where you can think the thir eye manifests it'self, any way that you need the third eye to appear. Then when active, think to know and you realize by insight from your soul what you wanted to know. The third eye though, this can show you anything that you can think to see or know. So if you want something to happen, sometimes what you think to know could happen. This is done by the power of the third eye, the pinneal gland that creates things is a psychic organ, that creates what you think or feel is necessary.

  Think to unmanifest the third eye when your done using the idea to manifest a point, this is simply a dismissing the third eye so it ceases to manifest. However the third eye can manifest nearly anything, that is done though so you know about what is manifested and this using the third eye to manifest what you think about. This includes a third eye in the ground that is area aware and opens or closes psychically by what you think or feel, that is used by what you think and feel the third eye to do. If you want to learn information the spiritual way, then if you want to be aware feel free to use the spiritual realization.

  The spiritual realization is this: Think to the spirit to know things about what is there, this is where you need to know things about in life. Then thinking to do or know things, the spirit reveals what is there as a form of vision or you realize the information. When the spirit reveals the information to you, then suddenly you know what occurs even before the point happens. So since the-spirit-that-goes-through-everything manifests by making the need knowable, if you think to kill roaches then you you kill them by the energy that exists or receive a threat that is the appearance of roaches. Then this will protect you or supply you what you need. This is a need to remove pestilence, so think and you can do that well. This is a point that is known, if you think to realize the idea then you know what will happen.

  So don't worry about what occurs. If this idea is done, then you don't need repeating. Think stop and the need disappears. The need is from the astral shell, well that can repeat things that it experiences. This is what it would normally do for you. So think and this would give you what you need. The spirit can also influence people or things, so if you think that the person knows about things then he or she will find out. Also if you think you know and feel the need to realize things, then you you would know as well and that's if you want to know. The law of abundance also works with this from idea that's done, that means the spirit provides what you want and then you have what you need by sensation or feel. This is a point done by idea, the idea is a dealt with thing so if you don't mind the idea then it won't mind you. Everything has a consciousness, think about knowing what is thought in idea. You realize what the idea is in thought that is shown sometimes by activity in life.

  That need sometimes is sometimes felt by yourself or others, preferrably others. If you need the idea felt, then think it's felt and the-spirit-that-goes-through-everything creates by conscious feel or sensation. This is where the conscious responds to the need that's felt, so if you think to feel the need then go ahead and do what you want. Maybe it will be the right thing. Preferably others will feel what you need, so you don't have to worry with what you feel from yourself. This is a point I remember well, this was where I tried to get something done and then suddenly the idea manifested by what I sensed. So if this could then happen for me, then this can happen for you or not occur bad results.

  Due note: when threatened with something like spirit pulling, that's when you pull out the spirit from the area and put it somewhere by thinking you do as you feel it occur. This is shown in the live action movie "the last avatar", then know that your spirit is a part of the-spirit-that-goes-through-everything. So basically the spirit cannot be pulled from you. The spirit would just come back to you, so you would be one with the-spirit-that-goes-through-everything. So no threat will work against you, if you don't want the idea to work against you. So think and you know, this is a return done by idea. That means any threat won't happen, then averted by the spirit or soul, if you don't need it to occur.

  When you want to know something there may be more methods to learn things, this is done by what you do and what you need to know is there. So think of the idea to do and work with either the spirit way or the third eye way, then you can know what you need to know without too much effort being spent on the attempt. This is a point that you can use, that's if you need to realize things. Just remember that is done by the soul and with the spirit.

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  There is the ultimate ruler, thinking of the point and needing the idea as fate it'self. They are the three fate sisters and an impartial ruler that does requests and fate will do anything. They enforce the rule of reincarnation or recycling, that means what you make of things or earn is sometimes where your body gets reborn or your cycled as an animal/bug by whatever is done if wrong in the eyes of the beholder is what causes insanity on the person that does bad. Hell is being in a state of mind, and they can erase the moment as though it weren't there if your spirit decides by the soul's information what warrants that point.

  That means if you think you don't need the hell, you won't get hell by the right actions. This is decided by yourself. Sometimes this works as a way to another planet, that's where your thinking to be "born" on the planet of choice as a being or you get another body. If your thinking to teach a lesson or work with the moment, they let the moment go by unnoticed and this makes the hell moment pass you by or you aren't fazed by the idea. The Fates go by three names: Nona, Decima, Morta. Otherwise, known as The Norns or Norda and those are the celtish fate that serve you the idea if you think they exist. They do favors and give rewards for those that serve them their requests.

  Basically, they request and you do the point. Then, you can point stuff out to them as though a form of request and they might give you a fix or treat your point as a reward to give. Well now, one doesn't invoke the Fates, unless they need to. They can cause whatever you think is needed. So if you imagine something and need a bad result they world give that as a point. This means invoking the fates is a hazard, if you think negatively.

  So think positive and you can get a positive result. If you don't desire a result, then you get no results by request. This is a known point in idea, that some follow and others have their own beliefs. Whatever you belief, it's based on faith that something will happen if you need it and do the things you want. This is a point in idea. yet to mention more is too much information. So enjoy what you have if you can use it.

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Blessed be! Have luck with what you do. This is for what you know to be true, not what you suspect to be or seem likely. So enjoy yourself as you learn. Learning is only the beginning. Using the information is the rest of the idea.

Book Source: 'The way of the scout' By Tom Brown
Other Information came from Ye Dude Spiritist Spellhawk
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