Elemental Forcecraft Study Spells Guide


Leppy the Leprecaan - the reviewer and originator
Randy Cosmos - the writer
Zackal - idea contributer
Bluesilliness - proofreader and html doc writer (retired)


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For the chemical elements in the table of elements click here. For the elements and elemental energy types listed in the book, look at this charted table.

Download the almost complete spellbook with most the actual spells possible at the moment in two downloadable forms:

Spellsguide PDF file that's also here on mediafire. The Extended Spellbook with the Periodic Table is here with use of Acrobat reader.

 I changed voidus to inanis as it works better and added White elements on 12/6/2012
I updated the introduction on 5/4/2017
I updated the Elvish spells and Atlantian circle spells part II on 12/16/2018