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Runes & Sigils

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   These are general sigils, symbols and marks contributed, an by known various people and separated into 7 parts listed at the top of this.

   Many runes and sigils are personal, so think of your purpose as in you can draw or carve anything by idea with intention and that’s it, it just works by itself as you can think body energy or power is what the lines use as you draw or carve, these symbols effect wherever you intend and you don't have to be nearby the target. So think to cause it to work. Think to know of runes, that is thought guided by the runes in its history, go to this site. For how to use them is think the sigil is a symbol, that is symbolism empowered by the third eye and think how you can make them by ideal. So you think to create with the third eye if you want to make effects, this is done by ideal points of light with dark cover to keep them from activating or drawing a straight line down as | used as a sigil. This can even hold off roach or bug pestilence.

  The effect is a point, that you will know by the rune or sigil causing you to realize what it did through the third eye showing you. That's if you think you intend something then that is what occurs with the tracing or drawing in any form what symbol you have to create effects. This is via runequest or ideal. Go to this
site for that info. For those who make them, if you want your sigils listed here on the individuals page, then email me at or Please include the name, of yourself, that you want to go by, the name of the sigil and a picture of the rune with what it does. Include and sensibly detail, what you say of it, on how to use it, that counts as it's with what it can do. The dangers of it being spared from happening with a straight line down or | sign that holds things off or keeps things at bay in idea means what you think will create what happens with the symbol, so think about your intent and draw in the air what you need to create a result that you sense. This is done with the third eye and you interact or work with what you feel by imaginaton or some physical activity.

General Runescripts and Scripts

These are general scripts and bindrunes

Runes to increase wealth

Runes to increase success

Wealth Runescript

Weight Runescript

Weight Runescript II

Weight bindrune III
Weight loss script 4
Weight loss script 5
Weight loss script 5
Weight loss script 5
Weight loss script 6
Weight loss script 7<

Wish bindrune script 7
Uruzfehu healing bindrune script
Wunjo Sowilo bindrune script

Shifting runescript
Dimensional shifting runescript II

General sigils, symbols and marks

Charging Sigil

   Use this charging sigil by thinking on the sigil, imagining it being near you and in a sunbeam for 1 minute or more. Then, attempting the effect. Otherwise, you can draw or paint it on something, and then putting it in the sun, allowing it to charge the area. Then, making or tracing the sigil you want near the charging one, to cause the sigil to work by the charged air.

Charging Sun Stone Sigil

These are general sigils from spellhawk and others




Bondage rune

Metatron sigil

Larger dick sigil

Figure Form

The restorative and destructive Sigils

Universal flow of energy

weight loss


Moon energy

Action man

Better alive


Cherry bomb

Computer work

Darkness and devastation

Do be and beat

Doable aspects

Expedient emn




Key to kopland

Id Kopland

Kopland effect






Living in wellness

Live well





Sleep then

Suggestion and retribution

Amygdala and meeting rune

Throbbing pain rune

Center of effort rune

Erratic thought rune

Center of idea rune

Good luck rune

Increased ability sense


Uhara Sigils



Rite with Intent