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Spirit rituals and practice with spirit effects

  "Spiritual Druidism is an effect through practices that are done to direct the spirit and effects through the chosen instead of against the source. To work with spiritualism, you can choose to work with spirits to get guidance and effects. Some spirits are likely do certain things according to what they believe. So this allows us to go where we want to go when we die. Our souls are an energy source that is what is. This is with collected experiences. Our souls are free to do what it wants and we let it. You can believe what you want to believe by the knowledge contained in yourself. We restore our soul energy by causing energy to flow into it. This is also done effectively as we sleep.

  The more you do and the less you need, as you do too much of something your energy can drop or raise if you use chi energy. As if your able minded enough you can create a point and this is spirit energy directed to do what you think. There is things you do, as your able minded this is as if an energy ritual. This is with a warning, if you think and stop when you think you are too tired, then your ability is energy time will is a use and your will is air. Think or make other element to create and come back or go as you will. If you sleep then the energy is restored in what you think, thought and what you do is energy that stores as if energy in a construct as an imagined sphere and not real fat as you. Avoid overeating from what you consider, think sometimes by the idea that your will is a point and you feel less hungry the more you do.

  The more powerful the soul, the more energy we have in personal power. Personal power is activity done and achieved. This makes the effect of things that we can do. When we add energy, we must be careful about not adding corruption or decaying energy from a bad smelling area or in an area of bad influence. Such a bad influence can be broken things or other broken effects.

  This is death essence. To get rid of death essence, we will it out of us to direct it outside a window or to a target. To purify ourselves and the area of corruption, we surge the energy we have with energy from some source.

  The spirit guide; There is a spirit guide, that is our higher selves. It guides us as we want it to. To call it, think or call out 'spirit guide, do my bidding." Or request it as you think it.' or 'spirit guide, [request here]'. To cause your spirit guide to be near you, think it is near you. Make thought to it, and as you have a calm mind. Then, the thoughts from the spirit guide will pop up in your mind or appear in the air and possibly on a screen somewhere. Know that you spirit guide has a name. By asking for it or willing something you will get it. Use it by thinking of it and needing the spirit guide near you. You may ask the spirit guide for protection.

  Spiritual empowerment; A ritual to get to the spiritual planes for more effects, is the connecting of other sources. This is required to get higher energy and some harder effects. When you want to connect to a higher spirit plane, then you draw a line from the chosen source to yourself. The source and yourself are pictures. On connecting the line, you ascend spiritually or go to the place you want in your mind. This allows you the energy of that plane of existence. Thus it allows you to get better effects due to the extra energy. What we do on the spirit planes, is up to us to tell.

  Lava near the core of the planet, or the Sun is a good source. Call the Lava core energy. For a Sun, any will do. It can be selected by the subconscious and its energy gotten to you by the spirit.

  To get a quick rise in energy, put some of your energy into the source. This spikes it. Be aware to realign the chakras to allow you not to pass out from the extra energy. If you do choose the lava and the core of the planetor similar, try to put some energy back by thinking it there. The lava can cool, and the energy can be dampened. What you get put energy into the lava source, by thinking it there, you get 4 times back in energy. When putting the energy into the Sun, you get 8 times energy, because that energy self returns. When putting energy into White void, you get 5 times back. The spirit will do it for you."

  Puppeteering; Some things are very precarious, even when starting them. This is where you can be puppeteering by spirit. Mainly, controlling someone by the spirit and making them do things. If discovered, there could be a drawback or bad reaction on discovery. This is done by spiritually mimicking the person and thinking them doing what you mimick. You could mimick them and be doing something different physically. When you mimick, mask yourself by thinking 'Its not me, its [whomever or whatever]' and do things elsewise.

  Spiritual cloak; Spiritual cloak is an effort of willing the spirits' aid and by asking, to gathering its influence to be near and surround you like a cloak. Then, it will flow the energy and elements necessary to cause the protection of yourself. This deflects or kills demons as when fire or black fire is used to protect with. The spirit will do the necessary actions as you will it. If you barb the cloak, by thinking of spikes projecting from the spirit body. Then you add extra protection, as the spikes project the necessary energy to cause vibrational damage or effects. The spirit cloak will be effective when you find the faith in you that this will work.

  Spiritual Communication; To be in spiritual communion, is to talk to a spirit or other spirits and get the response. You can create communication of psychic nature in this manner. Tell your subconscious to give you a scene image of the meeting by stating beforehand to 'Allow me to see the spirit communion'. Since you do this, use your voice to focus the mind by stating your intent. Think what you speak or think, communicates to the spirit or person's spirit. Then start the communion. Cause the spirit to send your thoughts to the others spirit, by your will. Then, make the use of a calm mind to 'hear' the spirit response. In this way, you get the benefit of making the communication of spirits possible. Imagine the meeting of the participants and allow the subconscious to fill in the action.

  Spiritual conversion; An act of used spirit to convert someone to your frame of mind. On a touch or a will placed in projected energy, the aura can surge through the target on your will. This causes the person to be with a changed belief or your thoughts to be considered.

  Spirit transformation; Focus your intent to transform another or make an intent to transform by thinking it. Then, touch the target. And, the spirit will change in the target. To force a form transformation, Transform the spirit in the body to that of another form. The spirit shape makes the body change to that shape, if you really need it to.

  This change happens by your spirit energy transforming the spirit and that shapes the animus, the energy body. Your energy body is the energy being, that forms with enough spirit energy being concentrated. It can create powerful effects at will.  You can direct it by thinking at it or projecting at it your thoughts. And, when you do this with enough personal power, you can get any effect off. The energy body does the thought you want it to do. Sometimes, it will otherwise do what it wants to do. The energy body does absorption of beings, demons and energy really well. This serves as a protection.

  Spirit attack and breaking; This is a spirit weilding technique, that is used to break an effect through a point of weakness. You can call an action an effect. You can also call anything else an effect. To get this breaking effect, try to break the programming and essence of the effect you see. When you can sense the effect you see or feel, then you can think break at it and release the held energy to attack. Don't if you don't need an enemy.

  As you do this, a physical action may be used to accompany the needed effect. This is possible, by the action of willing or feeling the spirit shaping itself into a blade that has an atomic edge. To shoot projected energy, think it does however you want. Or, it can be shaped into an energy weapon that shoots high speed energy projectiles. This can disrupt beings and spirits. Anything you do with spirit is permanent by this tactic.

  These tactics can be used to effect something distantly. Your imagination is the limit. Whatever the cause, if you have enough personal energy, you can break the effect easily. If you gather enough ki and other spirit energy, then you can find a physical thing or object breaking.

  Where delusions are, the spirit breaking technique can help by a thought of 'dissolve' with a release of enough source energy. When there's enough energy in the body, then there's a point where the body repairs itself and the delusions fade away. Its not foolproof. But, with enough built up energy, you can effect to cancel a brain problem and make it stop. Built up delusions are harder to get rid of. As, they are caused more by brainwashing. Thus, we target the brainwashing along with the mental problem.

  Spirit Psi; This is where the spirit is the Psi and emulates the psi energy and creates a direct psionic effect. Meditation is the basis of this effect. This calms the mind and creates an inner awareness. Centering you and making the image of a sandy beach seem more calming. To do this trick, think your intent and make the mind relax. Snap your focus to a heightened focus, as you percieve the color of the element flare.

  This is done an through the effect of unfocusing your eyes and focusing them again. Doing an intense look, on the area you want to effect with focus of the color. Their is different types of elements for each color.

 Seeing brown molecules in a scrubbing motion is using earth to scrub out the disease while thinking of the disease, manipulations by intended movement or restorations by destruction or repair of objects and bodies.
 Lava is reddish brown. The lava manipulator can control the emotion by inciting the pink or purple molecules, like love or hate along with other emotion. This is in most people including themselves. The liquent master can cool down or heat up lava to control the air temperature with a will to move the molecules slower. They do not get burns easily unless its not done right.
 Fire is the color red, the control on fire can be able to make or unmake it at will. They can excite any fire particle of heat (red dots or tachyons) to some destructive force and little excess. This can burn you if not used carefully. Kill demons with it.
 Water can come from air and other water source manipulations to get their result, they can see and breath water well enough to effect form it anywhere including in people, and dry things up by removal; See the light blue or aquamarine colored molecules and attempt to incite them by making the particles vibrate and rub together while you feel the result or think on a result you desire on a focus at the object or area.
 Ice and cold can freeze or unfreeze objects at will, they excite or compress any cold particle (blue particles) for the effect. including water, fire (putting it out) or air, leaving a excess of energy.
 Control air by use of neutral energy or scrubbing clear white particles to move wind and to get readings psychicly through reading a conscious of most work or universal conscious of most time, you can have omnipotency, force form barriers and air walls as in efficient barriers of air, along with support for mental control for or mental with mind. State the rule to get the effect. So think of the effect and feel it occur as you scrub clear white particles. An imagine the scene as if roleplaying as it may or may not happen. Be careful, as you excite the air particles anyone in the area can use them.
 Small red particles (tachyons, active energy subparticle) are used by focusing the red particles into an area. They are in waves (lekton, gravity or light waves) manipulation and used in their interaction to form magnetic fields and control time events by speeding up the pulsing to speed time or slow down their pulsing to slow time down.
 Control spirits and death by a different means. For the control, think of death particles as bone white. To cause death just incite by feel the death particle of bone white which is to rub or vibrate. And incite the particle to uncause death by causing the vibrating death particle to stop and leave the body or see the particle rubbing together and then stop the rub by feel while the death particles leave the body. Incited spirit particles can be used by anyone in the area till unexcited by making them dissipate. You can disperse spirits by imagining their silver particles disperse to dust. You can incite the spirit of the object nearby to appear, by focusing on the object and exciting the bone white particles near the object.
 For other control colors: Amber is for Sunlight and you only need to rub and intensify the amber particles. This is to get a sun effect that can liven you up. This can also cause heat in the area.
 Silver white or silver gray is for Electricity, where you can generate it for yourself even in the air or a plug. Imagine the particles as sparks and intensified in the area you want electricity.
  Silver is control of time by speeding it up, this is to excite the silver particles and then time speeds up. The inciting of stopping of time is making the silver particles not move. The slowing down of time is making the silver particles slowly move. To separate an area and slow, pause or speed it up, make the thought and intent of doing so, as you produce scrubbing of silver particles.
 Light red is for Light energy. This can generate a warmth and a light in the area.
 Black or Dark brown is Darkness. Imagine the particles excited and rubbing together to intensify the darkness in the area.
  Silver gray aquamarine color can stop anything. Just imagine silver gray aquamarine scrubbing together and feel the effect energy dissipate from it. This energy is what the effect produced.

  Partisonship; This is the sight effect of the spirit. There is two ways about this. Effecting changes in the future or past and making future, present or past changes from where you are.

  The effecting changes is stating the intent and directing it with a release of energy. This is to cause the intent anytime you want and wherever you want. There is the moment of time change after directing the energy by thought or spoken directions. Time will catch up and seem different without actually changing, unless you tell your subconscious to make things obvious. Then, you can detail what changed by feel. You don't actually look into the future or past with this method and do it right, or your conscious mind might screw it up.
  Then there is spirit sight, this is where there is spirit that makes a vision and is directed by the subconscious to reveal what you want to see. This spirit sight won't reveal what you don't want revealed. The spirit sight happens on a relaxed mind and with an awakened mind. This means you can easily percieve things as you find them. Then, the obvious is appearant. When you tell your subconscious to tell you what will come or give you what you want.

  Then, the moment appears as a vision or is experienced by words being spoken. You tell or think the intent and the subconscious will make it. So, when you say 'show me this time and date, in this reality.' Then, you get the sight you wanted of the specified date and time in this reality. Otherwise you may see a sight of some other world or dimensional aspect.

  With a relaxed mind and with beta brain patterns, you can percieve the past. With a relaxed mind and with alpha wave brain patterns, you can percieve the future. Then, there is the present sight, which is the seeing anywhere of the moment you want of the present. This is done by the moment of relaxing the mind and letting in the perception and visions from the spirit that the subconscious shows you.

  Direct the subconscious by phrases or words, such as 'there' or the name of the place. All the while thinking of the place you want knowledge of. Thought provoking words can work best. The subconscious directs the spirit to make the shift to where you want to observe. When you are there, the visions are from the spirit. Then, the spirit comes back to you. You can be relaxed an by music or tensed up with energy in you to get this to work.

  Spirit shifting; This is where you surge your energy and feel it shift you to another place that you need to be. This can shift your spirit, but with enough energy you can shift your body, too. In such a case, the spirit draws the body to be where the spiirit is. So, the body is a bit weak at first after a shift, but after a minute its fine. With another higher energy source feel the wind flow free, as you feel the wind blow and you won't be weak at all in the body and you won't show signs of the shifting.

  Forming beings; You can summon a being to act on its own to achieve the result desired. It will do the deed as long as its reasonable to them. When you summon djinn, or firey wish givers, you can be granted any wish to which you need. Beware of their tricks. If you have enough energy, then you can summon small fey or large fey, which can do unnatural things that are natural to them. The way to do a small fey summons, is to hold you forefinger and thumb apart and imagine energy to go between them. Then feel or think thoughts to the energy mold it into a faery form. Then it is summoned to you, by the loss of some of your spirit essence. This essence helps your energy use. When you lose essence, you get weaker in ability to create effects. When you ask the fey to restore your essence, give them some energy.

  To summon large fey, such as centaurs and urisks which are goatlike fey that stand on two cloven feet. You think of them appearing, and the spirit makes them think they are summoned. However, urisks are summoned at your own risk. They tend to war and the are territorial. If they respect you, you will possibly get a response thats nice. They might even do a request if your responsible and do as you say or are respectful. Large fey can do nearly anything. Small fey can do large effects, if given enough energy. Either way, misunderstandings can be clarified by explanation. What small fey look like, are small white blobs in the air, that are sometimes with wings.

  To pay them off for their services, give them sweet lemon if they don't have wings (call them seelie) and chocolate if they do or just energy. A quick way is to manifest and this is to imagine it there near them. This forms chocolate or substance particles. Whatever you give them, albeit honey, whiskey or chocolate. They drain the essence from it and that can leave it flavorless.

  When you summon other beings that are ghosts, they will do things on request. You send out spirit energy. Then, you make them work with you by explanation or thoughts sent to them and feeling a unemotional need with what you say. As they do so, give them energy and they may be able to complete their task easier.

  To unsummon them, try and imagine them disappearing from the area, stating or thinking 'thanks for your help' or 'thats nice of you' with some sort of emotion, if you feel the need to or if they were helpful. Just remember, if you think you don't need a reprimand, then you won't get one.

  Be aware of the drow, as they are unseelie fey and the type to be antisocial. The look like dark blots detectable in the air. They may attempt to kill by suggestions or dark energy that can cause diseases or negativity. Drive them away by projecting positive energy or thoughts to them. Also, summon fey to the area and get them to drive the dark fey away. For more information on fairy, go the Fey info & history.

  Bridging; This is where you go and command the spirit to share yourself with another. Prepare your spirit by charging up. Then, you make a spirit bond, by thinking a bond that is somewhere with a release of energy. This lasts forever and you can bridge by wanting to be where you want. This is spiritually you doing the effect and willing yourself somewhere, using that bond energy. Then, you get the effort of following your spirit trail by tracing its path, with a command to the subconscious. Mainly state or will the intent for the subconscious to do and it will.

  Treat this as the bridge of energy. Then you can metally walk across the trail of energy, into someones inner temple or mental room. And, you can find yourself somewhere else. A personal moment in time is to be expected, with a bit of energy euphoria from the spirit transfer. To release a bit of personal energy for transfer will make you more euphoric. When you bridge, you can't always get back to where you came from. In fact, there's a chance the place you went would disappear.

  When you focus your mind on being there, you can walk through an open door and you 'go' there where you intend. This is bridging a gap to the place, like making a sheet of paper folded. Then, punching a hole through it to form an instance of crossing to the other side. This uses the void and wormholes to make this instance happen. This punch and instance ends when you close the door, at least in your mind. When you make use of bridging, call Tengri's name by stating 'Taen-ri' and ask for guidance of doing the deed or getting the result you want. Tengri is the sky mountain God of the turks.

  The effect of bridging can be done with surged energy or just enough focused mental energy. When tired enough, bridging can be done very easily. And, when you come back, you appear exactly the same time in the area and place you left, a second after you left the area. Sometimes your subconscious builds up the moments to recreate your area and activities when you don't come back. This can be the same place you came from.

  Sharing is the transfer of objects and energy across a bridge to another place. This is thinking of the energy bridge and thing the intent to shift the object or energy 'there' or 'here'. This allows certain things pop up near you or energy you need to be with you and you get somewhere or you can get better results. Expect some type of machine disruption when you transfer or share things across the bridge. Sharing allows you to share everything, don't share everything unless you want to, as you might need to keep certain things for yourself. Be aware, what you share is yours till you share it and then its theirs. It will literally disappear from you. You can share any energy from the object and person.

  Banishment Ritual; This effect is to cause and make an action to banish the offending being or person. Simply, use your brains and focus your mind on the pattern of the being or person. Then send energy forth, and state or think at the area 'I banish you!' While thinking of the target. When you banish yourself to shift somewhere else, then you get the result of shifting to where you intended to shift to.

  Then, do a physical action to get movement done and cause vibrations that disrupt the being. This could be stating ' Ko Aum', 'Un' or 'Om'. Use pronounciation of the word to make it more effective. Or, if its a person that refuses to leave, then escort him or her out. This escorting is to be done while you think, 'leave' to him or her. This has potential to unpossess a person. There is no guarantee against demons, strong demons will make it harder for the person.

  So, to dispel any demon you use fire. For strong demons, you use extra higher sources and then use fire as fire is effective against demons. Black fire is effective against all types as it uses void and mutates fire from the fire plane.  This fire disintegrates the target.

  Thus, a shield of fire or black fire is necessary. The fireshield is formed by imagining fire to be swirling in from above and below. To harden into a shell of fire. This fire can be black fire. But, in order to summon black fire, you imagine it there as a black flame. The elements will do as you will by influence of spirit. This is spiritual fire that is drawing the actual element. So, you can make it do anything. If a demon is in you or you think you are possessed, cause the fire to form in yourself and spread outward from yourself. Otherwise, don't allow possession and make your will force them away or send them to a hell. This last tactic will only work with enough spiritual energy gathered.