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    Mediation, its using meditation and thought with a spoken intent as a mantra. Doing so can draw a spirit as to use the idea that your spirit is to seem as use think your purpose in life and you end up where you should be as you are to get things done. This is the effect of needing something and stating the effect you want as an intent. When you try to do this effect with meditation, you can make use of music. Music enhances the effect, if its soothing enough or you are used to it. It basically must fit your mood.

   The effect of working effects is possible here. By using the mediative word and intending the effect to materialize in or away from you. You get a incidence with negative energy or conception with positive energy that seems to happen on its own. This effect is to be making you more able if you are wanting to awaken yourself and your awareness, using the mediative mantra of 'awareness' or 'awakening'. This can awaken any ability you need to be there.

   This may take several tries. So, be aware of this and don't expect things to materialize instantly or quickly. As, this depends on the amount of energy to be enough to make the materialization occur. So, do the mediation using moments of meditation every day, until the effect you want happens. This could take anywhere between 1 day to a week or month.

   When you do try meditating, remember the key to mediative meditation. The subconscious will know what you need by the word or phrase you use. Thus, all you need is a single word to mean a whole phrase and effect. This word can be used as the mantra. Add an 'om' to the word and you do subconscious programming by meditation. This clears your energy as well.

   The inner music and the natural music of things around you can also be used instead of externally generated music. This saves on doing unnecessary actions, that waste you energy. The necessary point in getting a magic effect by mediation, is to store up personal ki energy by doing activity. The more your doing in an activity, the more ki you have. You know you have enough, when your body glows or you feel content. Then, the change you need that create the effect will happen. This makes the effect easier to manifest.