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How to channel

  These are the steps necessary to channel a persons spirit or any being with enough personal energy. Thanks to Mattman, Joshua, and info from other beings channelled. SH included some information as well. The subconscious can do anything.

  Step 1. Clear your mind.
  Step 2. Focus your mind on the thought of the thing to channel, stating its name to cause it to come.
  Step 3. Imagine a person or state the persons name or user feel, seen and associate by your aura energy with their energy until their aura energy is needed.
  Step 4. Let the thoughts happen. This is to let, allow or see to work.
  Step 5. Imagine the heat in the air and your body heat help cause the effect and you'll think things that aren't your thoughts. At that point, all ya gotta do is type or dismiss what those thoughts say.

  Channeling is using the energy to create with to think or make with area focus. How do I channel a being you don't even know the energy of?

  The start of channeling begins with telepathy. This allows you to get to know the beings energy, even a spirit can be a being. First thing you want to do is clear your mind. You'll want to get an idea for the energy of everyone you talk to. That can be done mostly just by recognizing a face or calling their name.

  Usually if you can bring an image of the person's face, call their name or general look into your mind and see the memory of it, you can summon them by the associated energy. Then chat with them by imagining a scene in your mind that the subconscious fills in by their thought and your thought. This is done as the third eye does what it needs to. Things will seem to pop up in mind and be known. Then its easier after that. Just remember, calm mind more results.

  Due note: Try not to channel demons or dark entities. They could possess you or make life miserable. Even if you channel, you can draw dark beings to you. So cleanse yourself after. Saying as you gather energy and release, 'ahm', 'om' or 'aum' makes the beings and demons disperse.

  If one who channels desires to know if they have channeled the correct entity, here is a simple technique for finding the truth. when you have pulled someone in for channeling, be mindful of the intent of truth revealed, and thrice ask the spirit "Are you the one with which I desire to speak?" three times, ask this, with no change in the words you say, nor the intent you speak, which is for revelation of truth, and thrice listen closely to the answer. If said spirit is one of truth, he will answer truthfully and consistently all three times.

  If inconsistency manifest, whether by tone of voice or by truth of answer, such spirit is not as noble as intent had hoped, at which point one would dispel said dishonest spirit by thrice invocation of the words "Dispel from me the channel which manifested against me." Done with the intent of pushing out anything which is not desired. Thrice invoked will push it out of you. if you feel a release as you invoke, it has been manifested.