The god

  The god exists by being as if existant and the creator, use is thinking exist by will exists by the there is a way. As if there is a will and that came from the creator. whereas the creator consciousness makes what you think as you work by focus. He could be working through anything conscious and he is the creator.  He only has one name as if the caretaker, and that is The curator creator by the creative apprach. The other Gods are lesser creators that use his energy as the creator. A god is some energy being use by the area feel.

  The creator is the being whom is Gargantuan and there when incited. Think wat you want and he does as you think, who he is can seem a mystery. He is established as if he is a conscious mind on a higher level, your highest self of this conscious world that can rule the spirit and he is made more capable by many minds giving it energy. What he does is subtle, as he can create, lurk and use the area energy as if make as you will is energy by the will with your thought as the directive approach.

  The Creator can be cited to react by any request spoken or thought, as he basically is obliged to help and do as you ask. It will respond to any name you give him by working with the situation and react to any given need. This is the consciousness of energy. What you believe is what you put into things. However, the creator does not require worship or prayer and no prayer necessary. You don't have to be in any religion.

  To get the voice of god, called the spirit father, is to notice the actions and feel of the things around you or of you. The Spirit father is known to be peaceful but reactive to reasoning. So, keep a calm mind. As you do so, focus the mind with a spoken question at something. And, the voice is noticeable after that. This is a magic semi-conscious thought you can perceive from the item or person. It usually attempts to answer the question. This is noted in Taoism to get a religious experience. When you call on The Creator, he comes from the body and does things. He lives in the body and can desolve things that are not needed.

  If you want to cite on the spiritual god to get an effect, which is the conscious of the spirit, we can use any name we want. Realize god has no name unless we give it one. In this case, god has many names, depending on what name we call. We get certain results with the associated aspect that we think on. This is sometimes with joy by our desire and needs being answered. Our worship is the usage of the source that is spirit and that brings life and energy to us.

  We each have our free lives, up to a point by the choices we make. We follow the tenets we want to follow to get certain results. We work to have fun, and fun is the challenge or relaxation of the moment. If we have things done to us, we react according to what can be done.

  When the spiritual creator acts on your needs and desires, he sometimes does things by making events. His presence in these events is unnoticeable, except to work through things and people. Unless, you study the moment and detect his voice, you probably will think its a coincidence or some other being. I believe its a point where you get results and possible effects. This is from the efforts you do, this can bring a sense of closure and somewhat happiness without you realizing it, unless you are aware or awakened. Then, its an aware state of enlightenment. This is when you realize that the Creator, when called, comes from within us. Again, he lives in us and can recreate things when we need it.