M-Z Sections


ma = moder, moda, action planet, not mine, my action, may, you, maw, mouth
mother, spring talk
me = I, small quantity, mace, myself, history, mai, may, influence, meet or magic
mi = amount, mile, fruit, nut, seed, content, man, good result, might, my, mind, matter
mo = cut in place, mow, mour, more, molybdenum, month, moth, part of you
mu = more quantity, much more not
my = amount increase, my own, mine, raise, mage, force not or use

maa = talkative, meter, metre, measure, whatever you consider to not like
mea = meal, matronix maker, nue use
mia = caring support, care for you
moa = mother, matr, matrix mad fix
mua = family, area fix
mya = child defender, by feel creator belt, create by use

mae = paying job, money, make, modeller
mee = employee, caretaker energy disruptor caretaker user
mie = payment, no user
moe = good, molo, mole
mue = associate, mother killer
mye = mighty, create focus

mai = sister(younger), make, my, control, influence, cause, make happen
mei = sister (older), machine, me, creator user
mii = mine, manipulation, manep (to think of the idea as a force and reach out of yourself and do with that force or not of idea)
moi = give me, methane, me or once in again seen
mui = more, millis, milli
myi = meaning to, create in focus

mao = alarm, hand
meo = make stand still, miso, soybean, measle
mio = see me
moo = move over, moo
muo = being cute
myo = situated

mau = desire something
meu = calm down
miu = indication, pointing out
mou = show affection
muu = gain object
myu = appropriated, magic, stolen

may = make allowance, allow, assist, let, decay, disrespect, suggestion, disease, money, metal, contagion
mey = assist with help, pestilence
miy = miyan heroic stature, bad conditions
moy = desirous nature, foul mouthed poultry
muy = sought after by, infection
myy = mobbed, too much activity, ravage

mab = so so, maybe, on the verge
meb = me, likely prospect
mob = mobi, people group, groups of people, monster group, move, moving
mib = dressed up, for occasion
mub = the event, holiday, celebration
myb = act the part

mac = compact
mec = shrunken
mic = recorded voice, reverberation, micro, tiny
moc = mocked, laughed at, stolen from
muc = mucous, mucousyndry, phlegm, dissolve, disgusted
myc = tracking down

mad = made, maid
med = mead, medium, moderate, medical, everclear
mid = rise, mind
mod = mode of machine
mud = moody, muddy
myd = amidst, existant on, middle, serving

maf = to gag, to sag
mef = you can't change it, unchangeble
mif = miffed
mof = motif
muf = muffle sound
myf = to defy

mag = magnify, magazine, great
meg = meager means, responsible, meager, not much, in reprehensible (motion or idea)
mig = migration
mog = make distance
mug = smuggle, picture
myg = passenger plane

mah = my, mindful, indicative, telling
meh = expression of annoyance, pointing out that
mih = outraged, exclaiming on
moh = avoidance, avoid, deterrance, deter
muh = murder, uncare, unshow, muuh, much, my, apathetic, not really caring, incident
myh = moving on, drive away

maj = mage, majority, major
mej = minority, minor
mij = forbearance
moj = mojo, moving power
muj = major
myj = midget, smidgen

mak = no, make, create
mek = great claim, passive, meek
mik = mike (microphone), resonating crystal
mok = sound vibration, make otherwise, mock
muk = dampening field, poison spray
myk = voice manipulator, mutltiple voices

mal = model, male, bad, time, malinfluence
mel = good meal, meal
mil = distance, travel
mol = inside, inner
mul = stubborn, pride
myl = middle ground, ground up

mam = maim, female sex
mem = memory
mim = mime, copying actions
mom = a mom, selective one
mum = wrapped up preservation
mym = mimic, being that mimics object to kill passerby

man = manu, being, mane, main, hand
men = meanness, total, disruption, mean
min = minute, owner, ore dig
mon = moan, my, mine
mun = moon, mother, moone, mooning
myn = mind

mar = scratch up, salt, sea
mer = sea, of the sea
mir = mire, stuck in
mor = more, idiot, mort, more on, death
mur = killing intent
myr = mirror, reflect

mas = mass, a spray
mes = mess, mass
mis = miss, wrong, bad
mos = moss, morse code, drumbeat, most, months
mus = muse, undying historian
mys = slow motion, forbear execution, martyr, myst

mat = other half, compatriot, mat
met = similiar, meet, meat, measure
mit = send, mighty, might, group hit anything blessing, smite
mot = tiny, ether whisp
mut = unable to speak, change, alter
myt = glove, power admist, power

mav = point me
mev = romance
miv = caucasion, white person
mov = move
muv = sun burn
myv = marry me

maw = mouth
mew = calm, calmness
miw = feed me
mow = concern
muw = see this
myw = remember

max = maximum
mex = hot
mix = mix, mixture, mike
mox = cut to pieces
muix = extra large, extra quantity
myx = peanut butter

mra = marer, birthing horse
mre = maras, memory
mri = marine, sea soldier
mro = mareth, mulish, prideful, stubborn
mru = marun, maroon
mry = maron, on march

maas = color dye
meas = measure, same properties
mias = miasma, gradual sickness
moas = similiar cut
muas = unit conversion, similiar unit
myas = likeness

maes = mass production
mees = increased gain
mies = increase in magnitude
moes = increased momentum
mues = more quality
myes = personal owner

mais = corn
meis = similiar, magus
miis = equally
mois = moisture
muis = equally distributed
myis = shared

maos = prone to movement, dependable
meos = depict, depicted
mios = in transit
moos = cut
muos = increased pace
myos = increased rapid

maus = use acceptance, on use
meus = user, muse, amuse
mius = personal use
mous = mouse, shear
muus = increased usage
myus = more often

mays = in wisdom
meys = wisely
miys = knowledge
moys = snip
muys = learnt, watched account
myys = smart

mand = manditory, demand
mend = transcend, repairing way, repair
mind = psychotic, mental
mond = monday, abuse
mund = mundane, non important
mynd = mind

mans = mansion
mens = immense
mins = wait, mistrel, hold on
mons = monster
muns = month, moon
myns = explosive

mard = martyr, weakness, deface
merd = corrosion, corrode, overwhelm
mird = downward spire, death cycle
mord = mortuary, painful, death lover, dreary
murd = disaster, torture, punishment
myrd = mirror double that replaces the person

marn = disgrace
mern = sea elf
mirn = muddled
morn = morning
murn = assassin
myrn = syndicate

masa = mason, storage, construction, builder
mase = threat, persucution
masi = moisent, agree, consent
maso = sealing putty, calmness
masu = metallic shaft, square box for measuring things
masy = moisant, famed, famous

mash = net, mess, messy crush
mesh = intertwin material, me
mish = missed moment, absence
mosh = glow moss, heat moss
mush = drive on
mysh = hanging mist

mosa = mosaic
mose = get on, move on
mosi = caught, catch
moso = moreof, more so
mosu = natural, some more
mosy = move, movement

mass - religious ceremony, orgy, crowd, lava rock, gross amount
mess = messy, rotten egg scent
miss = amiss, wrong, naughty, off target
moss = mold, spore, sprawl, light
muss = argument, play with, mess around
myss = foreplay, very sluggish, creep, hold off, hold up, slim down, expose, guilt
fog, fog bank

matt = frame, support, floor cushion, dullness
mett = met, meet
mitt = mitt
mott = mottle
mutt = lockjaw dog, bulldog
mytt = might, group hit anything blessing

maabord = motherboard

Motian; To be of involvement by some use of a moment to create motion.
Motien; To cause a spirit moment that incurs debt or effect.
Motiin; Motion by some dark feelings, or to do of dark deed by motien. To hit people, seniors, of many sorts to cause a an mind effect.
Motion; To cause kinetic or otherwords effect by use in idea.
Motiun; As do also, To effect all by use or effect something by use. Which whith each use, theres an act or feeling to direct sometimes by word to cause an vibrational attribute.
Motiyn; To direct being by a dirct word will pattern by set idea and a usage of some harmonics or of voscillating.

maan = nontalkative, mute, don't talk
maemay = get job, make money
maia = unintended, intention, purpose
maisyr = cornsyrup
maoje = lonbje, veracose veins
maospe = misspelled, long je, longetivity where its also lon ge, is
mafe = manifest, create
miatna = multiple formation
maic = item charge
maicxince = make explode, make explosion
maoego = malego, male ego ,when one thinks he's in control of another.
maiju = maijew, refresh, freshen
mail = armor, letter
mailand = prosperity land, money land
maily = armour like, message
mailstorm = hurricane, tornado, torrential wind
mailstrom = bold steel (authoritative master), fight, chaotic message
mayer = command of attention
meek = passive
meag = me again, in meager
meaty = muscled
mexx = meager in approach
moan = groan
moer = mower, more, some else, low cutter
moubai = masturbation, sexual stroke
maix = generation
mauryl = kingmaker, peacemaker
maugrim = mad prophet
maugrym = power seeker
mayoe = mabifotea, mothers protection, make drug free, purify, extra salad spread
mebeh = mebbeh, maybe
miyeto = manifesto, spell manifest, notation book, notebook, made book, book of shadows
moyae = meditation
moyo = moyy, medico, doctor, physician
mod = moderate
michael = money, power
mabelin = skin cream
masta = monster, master
meme = instinctive intelligent drone, intelligent exception, self-made spiteful
intelligence or intelligent emotional reaction values
morin = wisdom, darkness
maci = machine
meci = meakly fall
mick = tobacco
mancer = practicioner
many = master
micsail = record sheet, document
mocasin = moccasin, house shoe, soft leather shoe
moch = humiliate, robbery, rob
mochte = property, mockery, went
mofo = more for, mother fucker
mofu = more fuck, more fun
muaoem = metabolism
mucema = solvent
muhn = monster, enntity
muhv = muvv, mugging.
momulma = mucaquaelmer, mucemaelmer, mowalma, universal solvent
movovabea = move over bacon, change places, Appeal switch of the soul to relocate
by placement of where you are to whom you think on.
mucaqo = solvent
mucho = large amount
middl = middle
midura = mile duration, 71 minutes
mof = morph, shapeshifter, shifter
magyar = hungerian
majwar = magical conquest, magic war
manes = soul, bio power source, bio battery
maegyar = meager existance
measeq = equation, equate
mait = make things, doit, make it
maitrit = make things right, correct things, correct this
mielrot = disgruntlment
moiuy = mechanical
mega = mega
melanesia = forgotten land
mama = mathematical, methodical, math
mamas = mathematic, math deduction
mani = manifold, money, influence, manipulate/d
manic = maniac, crazy making, maniacal
mens = means, process, procedure
mini = miniature
minu = minute
minuet = ballroom dance
momo = grandmother
mona = groan, productive mine
ment = meant as, meaning, to mean
mohu = firemoth, moth appears of fire particles
meki = withdrawn, defeated
moka = sound wave
moki = sound pitch, sound effect, sound tunnel, broadcast
mokioke = cancellation, unheard, not listen
moku = pitch, sound
musc = musky scent, structure
mykovu = malkovich, disagreement, malcontent
mary = marry
mardoku = the creator
marduk = destined one
marduko = untouchable, self-destined
margi = butter, margin
marji = marijuana. pure cocaine
martial = invincible
martin = crazy, consequence
masvon = mass migration
merci = thank you
merf = damn, oop, oops
mehr = mehara, heart attack (with flatlining), elevated heart rate, murmur
mesy = lawman, marshal, marsy, marsal
metr = meter
mibrhoso = Hosing (all out attack), hoser, migraine
migra = migrane, severe headache
minotaur = bull human that are honorable till offended afterwhich they kill
misg = misguide
misogyny = religious terror (from the wiccan faq)
mongery = conglamerate, corporate, corporation
marlos = loss of marring, meer loss, to be in a marring of loss, crippled in loss, to be in marring of tax loss
mermecolion = backward genital lion
mordakh = pain rod
mordsith = pain wielder, pain lover, pain striker
mediocr = medium, slightly possible
mediocrbevel = intermediate, middle grade
mediocrgrad = middle grade, intermediate
mediocrschobevel = middle school, intermediate school
medit = great detail
meditu = void
med'l = meddl, meddle, imitant struggle, progressive interference
midyblad = muddy blond, red gold yellow
middlhuu = middle ground
magic = wrought magic, science mystery, undefiable action
magu = magic, majik, magick
maguhy = high magic
magne = magnet
majika = magical
majikanti = metal magic, antimagic
majeta = majesty, emperor/emporess, king/queen, em'por'eor
mekit = medkit, medical kit
mickey = nice, mouse
mikey = earn, eager
mokushiroku = apocalypse
malais = uncaring depression that drags people down till it causes the victim to do
nothing but want to die
malaiss = non depressive state of duty with no sex desire
males = maze, pocket trap world
malfoy = corrupt, prominent
mallard = duck
mallot = hammer
muldor = spooky, pursuit
miun = manuchen, miuke, manuken, mind manipulator, puppeteer
mudblud = mudblood, mudsang, human born
maty = mate, shipmate
matyca = can mate
matycan = can't mate
matc = match
match = fire start, equal
matcbuk = matchbook
matriarch = female ruler
mitt = holding glove
melik = spicy salt
melymaw = mealy mouth, to mouth off and speak as if eating something, a clothed mouth speach
or a maw that be closed when speach occurs.
mellou = mellow out
mille = thousand
mesa = missile
mesaslo = slow missile
masta = monsta, monster
mosta = mobleda, alcapone, gang leader
mosha = concentric, mosta
mata = mater, master, matter
matey = sir, madam
meta = mind, master, mental, more, beyond
midukym = mentally train, mesmerize
metab = metabolism, immunity system, fear things
midsimpl = simple mind, stupid
meth = death
methe = methan, methane, methanol, methane gas
mettab = general use
mituvala = power physics, phasic
mitlike = false power, illusion
milkomae = medical herb, curative milk
milkomage = milk of magnesia, curative milk
mitp-h = phasics, power physics
mitabl = content table, fruit table, table of content
mithril = hard steel, Steel + Obsidian + Silver + Nickel
milhouse = millhouse, prison, fight, insult, heckle
moliruy = introspective, introspection
molroy = concept, conceive
molt = bolt
momenta = moment
moty = more time
mymy = startlement, met expectation, surprise
manip = manipulate
mantl = energy mantle, heat mantle
manteau = mantle
manticor = red lion body human face with ears and blue eyes with 3 teeth jaw row
scorpion tail end poison spine tail and deep brass voice
mne = menac, threat, maniac
menthe = mint
mentomo = alignment
mannaz = thropos, anthropos, humankind, human
manbord = mainboard, boredom
mest = mystical thought that becomes real, commiseratu, this can create the energy in you and make things more easily done.
meste = consolance, soothing vibes, messed up
mnzo = menzo, underrealm
mnzobrozi = menzobarozi, menzoberranzan, radiative cavern
mucay = munchymyr, mirror munchy
mucker = fucker, meddler
munchy = edible food
munchymyr = mirror munchy, shapeshift candy that allows ye to change shape to
anything nearby and only the eyes remain the same
munsty = moonrock
muwya = munweva, moon energy channeler
mermosia = unstoppable growth, growing giant, being of unstoppable growth
mercaht = merchant
moisant = wetness, famous, explorer
mocha = coffee
monotony = boredom
monoceros = single horn stag headed horse body elphant feet boar tail
marakihan = man headed fish
maro = mallot, bone marrow, hammer
mokuzy = friendly, large goat horned wolfish pitbull dog who controls and spits
meru = bone marrow
morain = determine, self-dependent
moraine = quiet manipulator
morolan = morally dark, more on (somewhat) connection
morolane = light mood, more on (somewhat) disconnect
morollan = dark mood, somewhat connection
morollane = happyness, somewhat disconnection
morrain = more rain, moral introspection
morraine = quiet prover, quiet provoker, destitute
morralan = dark path
marrallan = star flare, solar flare
morrolan = dark star (from Steven brust "Path of the dead"), difference
morrollan = dark pattern, burn out
morrolane = star, indifference
morrollane = light pattern, energy burnoff
morag = dark queen
muge = restore
mugk = kill mugger, kill criminal, picture succes
muggl = human, mugger
murdohc = murder, murderer, murderous
missiv = message
misil = detonation
missil = missile
misl = mislead, lineup
misty = watery mist, cloudiness
mostlyn = not likely
musty = mastiff
muster = troop gathering
meteo = meteor, meteorlike area death
mafuca = motherfucker, mouthy
mygica = mystical action
myhnav = draw thief
mynnav = drive away thief
myrnac = nothingness mirror that forms in nothing to reflect back images, spell
mystes = Mystical time witch being that is able to manifest or amass anything with a devising by silver time particles.
myttkink = mightyblow
mixtecan = aztec indian
mcoy = article, object
mnaoy = monopoly
mnoy = mind over matter
mnt = mount, steady, connect
msu = music, misuse do not (due to curse)
mta = metal influence or boric acid with water dust
mtu = fire antler, fear or area bold releases the area to use as area is hot or cold to use


na = nab, the one country, a descriptor feel, sodium, described as, amorphius better, or name
ne = any, anything, proposition, neon, you, ness, propose, need, necessity
ni = knee, strange nature for your use, nickel, how, and, nine, afterword
no = denial, nobelium, number, no, gno/w, kno/w, number
nuaughum = nuaughym is no or newt, toward you, see new or nostril focus release by use, nut
ny = naughtyness, not use by creature, new post is identify to accurate or not use and hope not to see

naa = disagree, nautilus ship
nea = unwish, not wish, no, not, cease, negated, any happening
nia = annihilation, certain, beating, niga, virus, nigger, black skin, black person, nigga, nigra, ignorant
noa = known, knowledge, creator use focus by the area applied not in physical use yet magic would not be there
nua = nuance, understood, newton, physics, applied force, understand
nya = danger seeker, neva, never

nae = not yet, not, no
nee = knee, knee cap
nie = not you
noe = certainly not
nue = way
nye = wrong way

nai = not in, banish, denial
nei = deny
nii = denial
noi = repelling force, night
nui = negate
nyi = erase

nao = abate, enamel, abnormal, tooth material, now, nail, now
nio = abeyance, make obey, suicide
neo = glow, nov, young
noo = unacceptance
nuo = desist
nyo = frez-yue, freeze yourself, deep freeze

nau = navigate, now, at the moment
neu = mental
niu = unsought
nou = dashed hope, not now
nuu = unwilling
nyu = double cross, sword stroke

nay = unintent, not, no, unintend
ney = value, resolve
niy = earnest
noy = bother
nuy = no way
nyy = no afterlife, conceal path

neuta = neutralize
neute = neuter, bi-sexual
neuti = neutrino
neuto = unnatural offspring, unnatural child
neutu = unnatural fight, attention
neuty = mental time, wasteful, creative moment

nab = grab onto
neb = watchful, watch
nib = trap, ink pen
nob = energy difference, different, Know it all
nub = maintenance, in persistence, newb(y), new person
nyb = limp, improve in

nac = nothing
nec = an in living, harmful
nic = cigarrete, carve, talk, connect
noc = night, knock, unlock
nuc = hiding spot, fry cook
nyc = vibration, destruction

nad = nada, nothing
ned = need
nid = denied, denial
nod = nod, node
nud = nude
nyd = chastise, unwalk, spare

nag = nag, worrywort, pisstenpel
neg = negative, Attributes that are opposite in idea, form and energy.
nig = worm, anything, niggle, worry
nog = noggin, brain
nug = nugget, bugger
nyg = renig, resign

nah = put off denial
neh = wavering no
nih = possibly no, nigh
noh = not close
nuh = passionate no
nyh = denied service

nak = nack
nek = neck
nik = nick, scratch
nok = nock, knock
nuk = nuke, destroy, incinerate
nyk = a cut

nal = nail, hit
nel = kneel
nil = river, the nile
nol = knoll, hill, hillside
nul = undo
nyl = annihilation, zero

nam = naming, name
nem = opposition
nim = prove yourself
nom = gnome, years of study, name, nomnom, good, tasty, m unique
num = nuba, nueba, numba, number, numerate
nym = compute, record of change, name

nan = no, care, nonentity, nonexistant
nen = stressful, stress
nin = 9, nine, not
non = known, not
nun = noon, primordial abyss, newton, physics, applied force, night fall
nyn = twilight

nap = hackle, neck back
nip = cheese cracker, cat food as dehydrated or wet.
nep = dispel
nop = nope, nothing
nup = not possible, noop
nyp = love bite, butt bite

nar = narrowness
ner = close by
nir = point blank
nor = niether that
nur = aid, noor, noor
nyr = observation, watch closely

nas = driven, drive, nasty
nes = complex
nis = pleasing, bidden
nos = knows, nose
nus = slack,  nurs, immerse, to move along slowly, to go and use it up slowly, to eat someone or something, to ate
nys = disillionment, distinct disregard

nat = natu, natural, nature, birth, national
net = neatness, very useful
nit = night, spark
not = no, something to look at later, denote, nothing, knot, know this
nut = nut, neuter, split apart, asexual
nyt = weave together, woven

natz = mosquitos, nazi
netz = network
nitz = nitpick
notz = notation, notes
nutz = crazy
nytz = basket, mesh

nav = navigate
nev = never
niv = aftermath
nov = nova, new
nuv = bullish, bull
nyv = caught

naw = in dismissal
new = in contrast
niw = in writing
now = in immediance, at the moment or no that is nuaughum
nuw = in felt dismissal
nyw = in knowing it

nax = knack, detail
nex = nexus, next, after, important point
nix = tobacco, addiction, smoking, smoke, kill, cut
nox = harmful, night
nux = nuix, nuke, great explosion, coke war, cook
nyx = uncalled for, nice monster, incredible, very harmful

nda = nada, nothing
nde = undead
ndi = undid
ndo = undone, undo
ndu = no don't
ndy = undying, unkillable

ndah = clean ndeh = insanity ndih = reveal moment ndoh = take away nduh = in time, incompetant ndyh = compromise, accident

nabj = abducted person, substance form, abduct
nebj = neggie, psionicist
nibj = pen, ink writer
nobj = nob adjustment, setting
nubj = attentive field made of instance that happen as of elsewhere and be to use the energy of the act of event that occurs to you. As the current happens the energy disappears creating a null effect.
nybj = acknowledgement, denial strike

nall = long nail
nell = blind and deaf, blind, deaf
nill = stray, straight, nothing, long river
noll = mountain, mountainside
null = zero, cancelled out
nyll = river, nothing, drought, dessert

napp = steal away
nipp = love bite
nepp = nepitism, negativity
nopp = refuse, refusal
nupp = nuptial, marriage ceromony, wedding
nypp = kiss, passionate greeting

nava = navigation, naval
nave = lich, life stealer
navi = auto navigate, prosperity
navo = happy prospect
navu = cancel movement, cancel action
navy = navy, sea enforcement, sea navigation

nawb = agreeable, ignorant
newb = newbie, new at
niwb = return to
nowb = roots, beginning
nuwb = inexperienced
nywb = give to pressure

natt = mosquito
nett = net, connected strand mat
nitt = nit, weave
nott = knot, not
nutt = nutty, sex change operation, break apart
nytt = night

natta = nature, natural
netta = netting
nitta = steal away
notta = notable, nothing, not at all
nutta = two part
nytta = weave, night task, nighter

nogwash = brainwash, convince
nogwesh = brainwesh, brainwaste, braindeath, braindead
nogwish = brainwish, inform, intelligence
nogwosh = brainwosh, brain disease
nogwush = brainwush, splattered brain, brain splatter
nogwysh = brainwysh. body chemistry balance, brainal balance

nca = cohort, another person with similar thought for action
nce = inception, drive in
nci = incipient, patient
nco = encor, enclove, group that identifies with a moment by encounter
ncu = icaderi, incerent, incurable
ncy = encypher, encode

n-qach = acid corruption
nainto = no nothing, know nothing, unknown
naol = nail (in the) line
naomi = take (it) away, deny amount, remove amount, content removal (steal)
nagato = negate (of), jealous, jealousy
nead = ceased
neeb = distract, distraction
navoc = a kill, name call, invoke (action)
neeber = annoyance, annoyer
neeba = annoyance, annoyer
neig = anything
nigaa = dryland, sunland
nige = black race
nigeria = sunland, dryland
noob = no objection, in common, common
nooba = noober, pest, question persistance, pester
nied = patience
neut = Huerm, neuter, remove sex organ
noet = Aeturnys, Knowledge, Water and gravity element, This elemental water gravity can effect any water to effect a manipulation of memories and cause action that is desired. This is done and not noticed. noir = black
nourse = nourishment, breast fed, drink
naus = nausea
naeder = absent
neal = hacker, personal attacker
nielson = compliance, compliant
niese = sneeze
niesen = to sneeze
naetle = nonetheless
neato = very unique
neon = dark glow
neuix = to null, to zero, to concoro (To speak idea until nothing)
nuanat = naturally understood, naturally understand
nuatha = legendary sword
nuix = in removal
nachu = nothingness being
necro = death, beoming, desecre (desecrate)
nada = not
nadt = nothing
nida = neutral, break even, in-between
nodoff = fall to sleep
nafe = neophyte, teacherless student, masterless student
nani = what
nanno = no more
nebi = panther, black skinned large feline
nebibi = leopard, yellow spotted large cat
nefer = goodness, beauty, perfection
neck = neck slap
nibeh = kneeback, knee in crotch
nibl = nimble
noct = night (by wraistlin)
nofosoth = knoewn for something, Nothing for something or something for nothing, You could do a nothing for a something. To leave the body or separate from it and make it as if you had another and watched your own body do the necessary steps to achieve it. So another way to do this is to exit and do work, is to exist separate but equal to the body and watch it do things. The inadvertant idea and action that suits it, ceases a normal or bad event for the person. Do what you think, As you need it but do it, as you did it too far away. Direct focus, is a asperbl line of thought.
nomy = normal, see it to use it, but retract by distract. Its an ever siezable moment. If and or then.
neto = neato, neeto
neheh = nervous, nervous laughter
naga = serpent human shapeshifter that breathes acid
nagas = water serpent human that breathes acid
nagum = self-conscious, nigerian
nary = no, (negative) know
Natet = Naturalist; A movement towards nature. Without drugs and unnecessary things, they are closer closer to nature. As this is nature acting on the world. This is the need to be for understanding natural things. This group uses intuition and innate ability to get effects, as in making an idea or causing action. They are natural fighters.
niga = active worm, virus
nigga = nigger, nigerian, black person
nihil = nothing, belief in nothing, don't believe in anything
nuke = nuclear field, atomic physics
nelson = charismatic, name caller, promotion grabber, position, scrabbler
nemo = anymore, nevermore, deep explorer, nothing more
ninyc = impervious, indestructible
nimb = nimble, rubbery
nimbus = energy cloak, cloud energy
nomen = name, family name, noun, account, account entry, sake, title, heading
numina = n, number
nummy = delicious, lasting good taste
nym = compute, record of change, complete
nunavut = continuation, fertilizer
napalm = volatile liquid
napot = hot day
naptha = liquid pitch, boiled tar
napthalamoyl = greek fire
necay = necessity, anything possible, necessary disappearing disease
necessity = any possibility, any reason, anything possible
niclaus = gift giver, tax refund, bylaw
nichlaus - loophole, sidestep
nicolas - escapism, evade, evasive, evasion, escape
nicholaus - escapism, evade, evasive, evasion, escape
nigla = niggler, information worm, information gatherer worm
nerv = nerve
norm = normal, enormous
nors = norse, norwegian tribe
norscod = norse code, typography send
norsk = norwegian
norwood = north wood, geneology, motherland, spookywood
ness = pursuit, like
nesti = family, nesting
nosydjyrod = underdevelopement, undeveloped land
nost = not lost, unlost
nostra = sniff
nestri = nose, perfect, praemental (precientific), instant knowledge (instinct)
nostro = nostril
nostradamus = sight prediction
nostrodamus = dream vision
neth = beneath
neta = niether, nether, negative, niether, death, ether wisp
netacilf = nether elf, chaos elf
netarelm = nether realm, death realm
nethi = beneath me, nothing
netwit = net creator, one who does the net (creates with network) and be unknowing
netzueb = internet
nota = notation, recourse, write down, written down
noti = nothing
nerieds = water elemental able to manipulate water
nimykria = Nirmal Kriya, one of the most powerful methods to eliminate stress
instantly. It takes only half a minute to practice it. Here be how you go about it.
Start with a couple of deep breaths. Now start with four short breaths and end with
a long breath. During the long breath exhalation, create friction in the throat region.
(This be known as Ujjayi Pranayam). This makes the train of five connected breaths.
Repeat such train five times and you have completed 25 connected breaths Nirmal Kriya.
You can do it standing, sitting or sleeping positions. You can repeat it every hour or
anytime you feel you are drifting into the stressful situation. By Prem Nirmal.
nuremnia = neuracannula, brain stem
nuremniuyq = neuracannula link, brain stem tap
ness = likeness, lake monster
nast = nasty
nastink = nasty stink
nitr = gliknl(slavic), glibl (assyrian), nitrium, night movement
nitwit = idiot, idiocity
notin = nothing
nott = not that, woodpecker, no chance
nottan = scheme, land plot
nottingham = harmful scheme, decreed land
notty = notting, knots, giant woodpecker
nuppeta = spiritual marriage, spiritual arrangement
nutik = nasty stink
nuttin = nothing
nytty = disposition, nighttime
nova = status
nevoir = memory begone, forget
nevnev = nevernever land, time lock, unaging place
nevyn = never, nothing
novex = nova, expanding electricity damage ring
novpos = poison nova, foe effect expanding poison ring
nixi = water sprite with a beguiling song
nazi = dedicated hate, hate activist
nuag = xon, mist, misty, cloud, new age
nujve = newby, nude, nooky, butt crack swipe
nyboe = overburden, stress
nukoubui = levitate
neter = deity
nulle = nuag, no, rejection
neha = nasher, teeth, careful watch, belief system
nishru = nishruu, magic eater
nasper = constipation
navajo = navajo indian
naeebliia = invincibility
naeabliia = invulnerable, invincible
nereid = noreid, irresponsible behavior, a negative darkmatter being that can do damage to the mind.
newa = anyway
nuf = nothing nuten = of nutenuf = nothing of, not enough
Ncotex = Cast this spell to start up something as its in process and procedure.
nd = and, not done
ndiinaewiouayte = endocannabis, endocannabinoids
Nfetae = infestation, fetus creation
negai = negative, do it or see it but people notice and you don't react or you don't use it or see it. What you said in it is what you fear as it is bound sometime to occur. You would be fear in itself. As in you see it but don't put it. evi'l nevil produce nevil and your evil will go down.
newa = anyway
nutenuf = nothing of, not enough
Ncotex = Cast this spell to start up something as its in process and procedure.
nd = and, not done
ndiinaewiouayte = endocannabis, endocannabinoids
nno = new developement, nano, nanobot
Nfetae = infestation, fetus creation
nsu = competance, enforcement, ensue
ntamnal = ntamnabl, interminable, a concoction
ntara = interrogate
nth = nothing, no thing, know thing
nvas = inverse, invasive, see but not use it or use it but not see it.
nvinaaayy = invulnerability
nzt = memory, study


pa = pathway, paper, father, paw, pipe, protactinium, pap, pappa
pe = examined, pea, guided, fitness
pi = natural, reoccuring, unsolvable number, 3.14, pig
po = application, peck, pole, post, mail, polonium
pu = pew, plutonium, long bench
py = bring high, page, pie, quick wit

pab = padlock
peb = pebble, small bit
pib = natural
pob = material, usage
pub = inn, hotel
pyb = highly focus

pac = pack, peace, please, pleasing, plac
pec = peck, peace, see pea, small
pic = visualize, picture, pinch, tablespoon, pick
poc = pock, marking
puc = puck, pucker, puce, bruise purple
pyc = piece

pad = house, paid
ped = peat moss, foot, impede, pedaller, seller, legged person
pid = identification, process, personal identification
pod = podium, stand, speech, foot
pud = identify yourself
pyd = conscript, self-list

paf = made before, family choice, choice affair
pef = mentally assist
pif = piffle
pof = nothing, applied field
puf = puff
pyf = criticism

pag = page
peg = a peg
pig = overtly large
pog = jump, execution, program
pug = overcome, snit, engorge, fight
pyg = a pig

pah = paw, claw
peh = go piss
pih = infinite, infinity
poh = poet
puh = take care, warn off
pyh = memory restoration

paj = book binding, book
pej = conjuction, joining
pij = parlor
poj = pole
puj = compartment, particular
pyj = placement, pyjamas, night clothes

pak = compression, compress
pek = peek, energy peak, peke, top up movement, max point, up to max, max
pik = pike, little
pok = poke, stab out
puk = puke
pyk = pick at

pal = pale, comparison
pel = peel away
pil = pile, pickle, pill
pol = polarity, shine
pul = pull
pyl = moment of ambrosia, religious experience

pam = non stick, oily, slick
pem = afraid to go near, skittish
pim = head, head insanity
pom = base part
pum = fist hits, pump, air up
pym = hard work, duly

pan = all, everywhere, bread, window sill, enclosure
pen = peni, penalty, punish, pasn, weight, poison
pin = pine tree, find out with
pon = ponder, pony, male horse, put, place
pun = minimal
pyn = trial, pin

pap = papyra, paper
pep = excuse, beware
pip = pulp
pop = authority
pup = student
pyp = paper maker

paq = pack
peq = hidden force, top performance
piq = upset
poq = stupidity, overweight
puq = puke
pyq = curiosity, interest

par = mark, partake, equal
per = at moment, for
pir = peer
por = dust
pur = pure, purity
pyr = funeral death fire, black fire, fire

pas = pause, poison, hold, payment
pes = peeing, appease, put, place
pis = evolution
pos = slowly apply, pose, post
pus = waste
pys = piss, float up

pat = pat, correction, forehead, slight hamd shove
pet = participate, peat, plant soil, small
pit = plight, pit
pot = gateway drug, nonaddictive mind drug, potent, potency
put = pollute, place somewhere, process, put into, put
pyt = talk back, python snake, appliance, levitate up

pav = pave, cement
pev = peevish, pet peeve, project
piv = irritate, irritationm irritant
pov = pole position, switch position
puv = proof
pyv = pivet ground stake

paw = paw
pew = long bench, shoot
piw = conceal
pow = powerful, higher power, face punch
puw = dirty fighting, street fight
pyw = consent, focus, concentric

pax = written agreement, plac/ate, contract, peace, pleasing, please, peaceful
pex = shoulder blade
pix = pixy
pox = curse
puix = pucker
pyx = high energy

paz = walkway, pave, pays
pez = small candy, pasz, paces
piz = park
poz = pose
puz = puzzle
pyz = comic

pla = last application, play
ple = plead, exemption
pli = inclusion, add onto
plo = come back
plu = end of list
ply = try, plant, attempt

pra = pray, prayer, circle heal, pray upon
pre = beforehand, before
pri = primary, prime
pro = professional, for
pru = prua, prideful, old
pry = wrest away, spy

psa = sluggish
pse = perception
psi = telepathy, telepath, pressure, psychic
pso = mental push
psu = psuedo, imitation
psy = personal, society, air presuure

palt = scalp
pelt = animal skin
pilt = pilfer, pill this
polt = jump, poltergeist, pole through
pult = toss, pull this
pylt = pile this, the religionus experience

pann = pan, pannery, panning
penn = penny, marketplace
pinn = pin, pinning, opinion
ponn = pond, unthought, mule, mulish
punn = pun, laughter, as american dictionary a joke on words
pynn = unfair, case number, untested, unready, pine tree, identification, personal ID

papl = pope, papy, papal
pepl = people
pipl = pipeline
popl = poppy seed
pupl = apprentice
pypl = long endurance paper, brittle paper

The nouns, pronouns, adverbs and verbs p3

paps = papers, father brother-in-law, writings
peps = people around
pips = all 1's on the dice, bad luck
pops = popping
pups = students around
pyps = rising hope

para = phychic, meta, beyond
pera = active vision, visual
pira = pirate
pora = poor state
pura = purify
pyra = concentric

pare = cut apart
pere = pre-arrange
pire = fire cloud
pore = stink
pure = animal food
pyre = higher energy, pancreas, focused energy

pari = parish, shrine, chapel
peri = periscope, telescope
piri = brimstone
pori = transend result, pheromone
puri = enjoyment
pyri = soul

paro = parody, rock
pero = peroxide mist, healing mist
piro = putout fire
poro = outcry, vagabond, out pour
puro = purity
pyro = fire, flam, fier

paru = indulge, indulgement, acknowledgement
peru = peru, the original, dark origins
piru = trust, share
poru = earth science, nothingness, firmness, pouring
puru = prime, first, 1st
pyru = understood death, pyromaniac, preservation, restoration

pary = pair, match
pery = peer into, mental sight, peering
piry = volcanic rock
pory = scent gland, stink gland
pury = purify, cleanse
pyry = pitoitary, funny bone, seal force, good humour gland

parm = target date. parmesan cheese, bruise, losing streak
perm = hair style, hair stiffen, stylish hair
pirm = peek, horrify, mathematician
porm = drought, be language, put dust away, pour me
purm = purify, pureness
pyrm = clean death, kill me, brush fire, pyramid, dry fire

perma = permenant
permi = permit
perme = permenance
permo = permittance, allowance
permu = theory
permy = law, knowledge

parn = rejection, reject, despise, freeze, frozen, symbolic
pern = patience, unseen, lottery, selection, unstable
pirn = unequal, identity, internet, cryogenic, suburb
porn = sexual scenes, sexual literature, dirty sex
purn = impure, impurity, puritan, heart, purify, ice, frozen liquid
pyrn = nuke, destroy, explosion

pass = pass
pess = pest
piss = piss, liquid body waste
poss = position, possess
puss = pimple fluid, weeping wound
pyss = appraise, raise up

past = paste
pest = pest
pist = self evolving
post = upright pole, after
pust = wasteful, trashy
pyst = angry

papp = pappy, father
pepp = pepper
pipp = papertray
popp = pop
pupp = puppy
pypp = pipe, waterway

praa = to journey, jouneyman
prea = danger sense, preparation
pria = suspician
proa = finding out, to find
prua = medicine, medication, first aid
prya = operation, procedure

prae = frontier, unexplored
pree = battlefield fight/spar, war, clean up
prie = priest, daemon, messenger
proe = thrown away
prue = prove to other
prye = prior experience, energy pry

praing = praying, preying
preing = about doing before
priing = priming, to age in spirit and experience (unlimited)
proing = pro
pruing = robot yourself, robot in ge
prying = to make loose, to see (into)

phat = prestigious, formed muscle
phet = feat of greatness
phit = make fearful, boast, non-physical fight, passive resistance, cold war
phot = drive fear down
phut = splutter
phyt = died out

pracedures = pradcedur, a practical of measure, practical procedures, practical precedurals
precedures = preceding event of durability, pretested idea in action
pricedures = pridcedur, privacy procision event, enduring price, prying precedure (pryii)
procedures = prodcedur, process of idea, seem like a pro to do
prucedures = prudent actions by event
prycedures = event of prying and duress

pral = paralysis, practical
prel = pretzel, energy practice
pril = priviledge, right
prol = problem
prul = collect, your prudence
pryl = many of, much of, wild fire

prall = prabable, pray on able (pray being able)
prell = press release
prill = pre ill, ink prepare
proll = probable
prull = make happen, untouchable, make wild
pryll = pry up, get out, pry out

pram = parameter, program
prem = high quality
prim = most importance
prom = promotion, acting in favor
prum = awaiting results
prym = tight faced, very disciplined

pran = prank, dirty trick
pren = self cleaning, preen
prin = to print, print
pron = tendency towards, sexual appeal
prun = plum, cut and move, prune
pryn = place into, sequence arrangement, hammer

pras = ritual
pres = preset
pris = slow activation
pros = professional
prus = old age
prys = pry, wrest

prag = with sense, sensible
preg = with child
prog = active program
prig = piggish, mulish
prug = progressive
pryg = called bad, bad move

pach = heat pack
pech = peach
pich = mirage
poch = poach
puch = burn wound
pych = heat up

patn = pattern
petn = to pet, pet
pitn = pitton, twirl baton
potn = potion
putn = to put, putting
pytn = python snake, python

plak = plate
plek = plead, please
plik = plink, wood slat, plank
plok = splash
pluk = plunk
plyk = plywood

plat = last attempt, play it
plet = completion
plit = plight, cause
plot = independence, bloat
plut = polute, polution
plyt = trial

platt = picket, wooden slat
plett = complex
plitt = crises, midlife crises
plott = event reason, plot
plutt = poison
plytt = travail, personal attempt

plana = planar
plane = planar bind
plani = planning
plano = planar opening, planar gate
planu = placing yourself
plany = planar shift

prasm = crystal crafter
presm = presentiment, bias
prism = prismatic light crystal, light prism
prosm = rating
prusm = wisdom
prysm = light strength

p'eng-niao = bird dragon
paa = papa, papyra, papaya(carving wood), paper
paae = praps, perhaps, payee, pay up
pao = poliwag, a hexed witch or wizard that turns into a creature
pate = top of head.
peu = smelly, bad scent, pew
poe = pas, poisa, poet, poison
Pooue = pollution, poultry
Poyye = copyy, polifics, policy enforcements, corruption, lust
poy = detriment/s, detrimentix, polly, bird, trouble
poywitcreka = hungry (polly wants a cracker), polywnacraka (I am hungry)
pua = power, persuade
puablo = power blow, anger. shortout
pyy = panty
paiay = perogativ, perogative, self thought by action
paul = steadfast, steady
paco = percep, discerned moment, painkill, packed (in)
pacoe = peace, insurmountable proof
paypy = paypal, payment service, bank service
peace = freak, loner, phycho, lunatic, possesed
perse = perce, perceive, perception (of persecution), execution
pia = pocket
piaro = penetrate, penetration
piaroclair = piarocle, penetrating light
piaroclewyld = destructive penetrating light
pierot = investigator
piezopyrair = piezoelectric, general area energy force using UPF (unified power field).
pios = pious, valor, holy
piupe = dimensional pocket, planar area
pidura = long duration, 6^7 a dura, 4 days
poangu = snake tongue, parsletongue
poikshul = flat drop sound
peek = look, thorough look
peep = look at, view
peat = parent
peeves = poltergeist
peccary = little nocturnal pig with white collar
peck = kiss
peckr = lip, independant
packapr = move
packepr = important, key feature
peckepr = peacekeeper
piccolo = flute
piccalo = live fight
picre = pancreas
podarge = swiftfoot
padma = padlock
pafu = perfume
pafuamore = love perfume
paken = pack
pakl = packed
pali = palace
palup = fool, fool user
palupp = power, basic use
paly = pale, paling
pamela = show girl
pamnat = permenant/ly, persistant
pants = buttox, butt, breeches, breechcloth, pantaloon, britches
pent = parent
pegais = horse headed great bird
pegeus = human headed great eagle
pegaus = dragon headed great bird
pekiad = peach coolaid
permano = its made of
pinnoccio = living wood toy
pint = not put, put not there
puck = benevolent magical hand sized human
pixi = magical hand sized malevolent human with green eyes and red hair
poe-ts = pocket-ts, shirtsleeveless shirt, beechcloth, cotton shirt without
sleeves, t-shirt, jerkin, jaki, vestment
poly = polymorph, adaptable, albert
paysan = peasant
papyraw = wax paper
pupe = gynaika, pet, poppet, woman
pegasus = winged horse
peio = paranor, paranoid, paranormal knowledge, psychic knowledge institute
paraphras = sentence, recorded speech pattern
parful = parfool, part the fool, bad separation, powerful
persistence = as to end (to the end of things), creates a theory that keeps popping up in the mind and in the end its enacted upon.
praful = prafool, full of prayer, happiness, faithful
parnau = fearless fear away aura human patronach with body like energy
being tranformation always positive and enlightning to those around and body
looks solid till attacked thus it disappears into mist
parnorbe = frozen orb, mass ice bolt assault sphere that assails all in area and
explosive ice end
percy = upright, perfectly, perfect
perfidy = perfection, real deal
persian = mystic people
peyre = paraphrase
purpos = purpose
purpose = proposal
patala = depthless undersea
patc = patch
patsy = pack horse, backpack, servant
pettego = ego sooth, calm the mind
pity = piety, sacred area, sacred, undiscerned, panty, beseech
poten = power, influence
putelda = restorative toothpaste
puteldao = restorative fluoride toothpaste
putrubelda = restorative toothpaste
putrubeldaa = restorative fluoride toothpaste brush
poign = poignard, stabbing spear
poivre = pepper
pazcu = patsy, horse, mule, burden beast
peddl = vend, peddle, sell
polivy = poliwag, evil creature
polyc = plastic, polycarbon; at some point, its polyethyline carbon, a range of synthetic or semi-synthetic polymerization products. They are composed of organic condensation or addition polymers and may (often) contain other substances to improve performance or economics. There are few natural polymers generally considered to be "plastics". A plastic be made up principally of a binder together with plasticizers, fillers pigments, and other additives. The binder gives a plastic its main characteristics and usually its name. Thus, polyvinyl chloride be both the name of a binder and the name of a plastic into which it be made.

Binders may be natural materials, e.g., cellulose derivatives, casein, or milk protein
but are more commonly synthetic resins. Plastics can be formed into objects or films or fibers. Their name be derived from the fact that many are malleable, having the
property of plasticity. In either case, the binder materials consist of very long
chainlike molecules called polymers. The vast majority of plastics are composed of
polymers of carbon alone or with oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine or sulfur in the back-bone.

Some of commercial interest are silicon based. polyethylene be a polymer of ethylene
((-CH2 -CH2 -) n), where the - be a chain, Carbon + Hydrogen in 2 parts chained in
molecular form, Plastics are so durable that they will not rot or decay as do natural
products such as those made of wood. As a result great amounts of discarded plastic
products accumulate in the environment as waste.

It has been suggested that plastics could be made to decompose slowly when exposed to sunlight by adding certain chemicals to them and use a filter. Plastics present the additional problem of being difficult to burn. When placed in an incinerator they tend to melt quickly and flow downward, clogging the incinerator's grate. They also emit harmful fumes. Gotten from
hmpe = uhmwpe, UHMWPE, pleysteele, plastic steel, Ultra high molecular weight
polyethylene (UHMWPE), also known as high modulus polyethylene (HMPE) or high
performance polyethylene (HPPE), high modulus polyethylene (HMPE) or high performance polyethylene (HPPE), be a thermoplastic made from oil. It has extremely long chains with molecular weight numbering in the millions, usually between 3.1 and 5.67 million. The high molecular weight results a very good packing of the chains into the crystal structure. This results in a very tough material, with the highest impact strength of any thermoplastic presently made. It be highly resistant to corrosive chemicals, with exception of oxidizing acids.
pumic = poultice, pumice, medicine cream
panoptes = many eyes
pond = small lake, pond
patricide = bug killing and growth gas
petricide = ant and bug killer element
petro = penetrate, penetration
petroauro = penetrating light
petroclair = penetrating light
penetro = penetrate, penetration
penetroclair = penetrating light
pensieve = memory holder containment
panzer = tank, general, commander
panzy = wierdo, idiot, screwup
parnemo = frozen armor, freezing impairing armor to attacker
perdhro = magical logic, natural luck
permadeth = permenant death
pervert = twisted person, corrupt
pirc = pierce, push through, piercing
polyliqslutes = polymorph by material, A liquid that is compressed of tightly placed aterial into a ball. It follows the owner if it is lost somewhere, by moving it's liquid form either on the ground or through the air. When first made, it is a blank slate, and anything can be done with it. It can even be re-imprinted as seen fit. The idea origionally itnended for it, however, is to think "Equip" to it, and it will disperse, and latch onto you in the design/way that you want it to. To get it off, think "Unequip" to it. It can also grant abilities or skills when equipped. For example, it moves with you to add strength and speed, and a string of it can fire off of the wrist to emulate Spiderman's webbing abilities, and instead of hanging there once released (like Spiderman's does), it returns to the suit without slowing you down at all. It can even be designed to take on any form while unequipped - a wristband, headband, or a simple orb, etc. Make sure its not alive. Just to make it blindly follow orders. So it doesn't become a horror movie idea.
port = teleport, picture
keport = portal key, teleport key
piwafi = invisibility cloak
poen = money
poir = pear
pasivvy = poison ivy
poivresa = hot pepper
piccy = picture
picket = fence board
pygmy = small albino elephant
pygmufy = pigmy elephant, white miniature elephant
pilgrim = traveller, stranger
polish = polish
polen = pollen
polynesia = magical country
polynesian = magical citizen
palyng = appalling
polyng = energy nature, energy source
polgara = readyness
pamuik = permenant stick, permanent glue
pempul = prempul, preemptive pulling
poshed = poison explosion, toxic gas body decomposition acceleration
poxy = proxy
pazsu = horse, patsy, mule, burden person
pozy = move on
post = mail
piezan = prison
piezzo = music maker, piano, saxaphone, other music instrument
polymof = polymorph
polyv = pole position, magnetic pole
pulu = pull you, silky material from tree fern
pulup = pull up
papw = wax paper
pepul = draw people
pepper = pepper
pipreu = purple haze, immolation, blinding stun, blind stunned state
parcel = paper, package
parcmen = parchment, paper
parlor = business place
parnsu = holy freeze, enemy freeze
parvati = make way, leavetake, part way
pell = freely given, attack
peryton = deer bird with deer body bird head bird wings
pernt = invisible
porral = portal, gate
porpos = purpose, perplex
porpois = dolphin
purdy = pretty, to bring ruin
pyraa = innate fire manipulation mastery
pyrwal = pyrval, firewall, incinerative fire barrier
peter = grind, grinder, dedicated, meter
peterson = banquet, informative
petito = spiffy, petition
patriarch = male ruler
pitoe = calmness
pitue = smooth relation
potato = potato
potfe = black pot, iron pot
potter = planter, planner, clay worker
puta = puter, clay jar
puruma = origination, point of creation
purumal = primevil
purg = purge
pymplee = coverer, blanket, lid
pyroaghgrur = astral fire
pyrobarr = fireball
pyrbarr = deathfire ball
pyrocyr = restorative flame
pyrgolt = fire golem, firey self-healing golem
pctifi = peace time fight; through pact fighting,  theres an end point of pacting.
pheng = giant roc-like japanese bird
phag = vierv, rellock, fag, man lover
phil = love, high regard
phita = ninja, shadow fighter, secret fighter
phitu = passivist, pacifism
phoe = phoenix
phoenix = fire rebirth bird, arizona
pl = people, pull, more than one (plural)
plain = stripped, bare, basic, stripped bare, playin, playing, square
plainjane = stripped down, basically, basic plain
plait = hair cord, twinned cord
plakshahl = rock or boulder
platina = platinum
plato = philosophy, philosopher
plav = retribute, retribution
plave = placate
plino = target slide, continue mechanically
pliny = explorer, adventurer
plui = rain
plesur = pleasure
pluma = plasma, feathery
plumr = plumbing, water through-way, pipeway
pluto = polluted air, toxic sea, area degeneracy, gaseous area
plutu = plastic, plastiqu, plastique, high explosive
plz = plez, please
prae = praerie, before, in front, forward, viewed as, because of
praehistin = prehistoric
praesto = prestor, presto, preacher, miracle
prat = prattle, talk on, food source
pratt = food seller, chitchat
praecept = precet, basic fact, factual, concept based in fact
preecanon = throughst into battle
preian = presentation
prefixiel = making moment, Make a moment in mind and create things physically.
preclud = include in, conceive, conception
preclude = exception, preconception
preggy = pregnant
prejudic = avarice, injustice
prejudice = injustice, extreme
prek = protektion right, "an whatever is done, doesn't effect them or me.", professional technology time in on.
prelat = head mistress, energy grid
prelate = boss lady, high priestess, nominal, solid formation, solid form
preme = premordial, premade matter that is of the light energy and can make anything stronger from the preexisting universe. This material energy can form thoughts and cause transferrence from nearly anything.
premeir = premier movie effect from premordial material energy. Anything in a premier effect is stated and makes itself form from nothing. Anything formed from premier energy is a moment of nothingness and void matter.
prentic = apprentice
prentice = understand, knowledge, gift
presida = life
prid = pride, tiger family
primaire = elemental
princil = princiles, principle/s
priretia = private again timely action, procrastinate, wait and do else, perverted and converted
prisc = simpleton, idiot
priscilla = childlike, child innocence
priscus = ancient, old soul
pristin = crystal clear
propogana = a propeller propelled vehicle.
propul = e'n prompul, pull in effect by effort, by effort you pull in
propulgam = hydrosensitive sex, propagan, big propulsion
propulgama = propelled in game, game active
propulgan = an expectant propaganda, activity gain
profond = deep, profound
profyaxe = prophylaxis, pregancy prevention
profyaze = prophylazis, laziness prevention
protege = student
proct = prot, for this or that, self-intention, protect, instilled protection
prg = program, progress
prllsc = gate security
prokt = provider, procure, provoke
prolly = probably
provolon = sweet nut dessert
prox = near, proximate, proximity
prui = precip, pruiyae, bruise, precipitation, personal ruin
pruiyae = precipea, precipitation, rain collection
pryre = paraphrase, sentence, recorded speech pattern
psact = slow action, slow to act
psetul = personal tool, schedule, acetaline
psiart = psychicly active art that responds to will. Can be made inactive but reflects a
moving scene within a another picture or the same scene yet active and moving. If done
right, it can be made into a gate of any means like a living tapestry. One can go so far
to getthe depicted figure out into real life and they are counted as shades or poltergeists.
psiskal = psiskill, Any skill that can be counted and measured in a scientific way or
means, yet most skills are invisible and effect without notice.
psimata = psimater, psimaterial, Any material including paper or plastic will retain a
charge when a psiball be placed into the material. In an idea it will be "magical" where
its only energy enhanced psychoactive materials. The idea or statements directed to the
material focus or directed thought will change it unless its "locked".
psib-i = telepathic link
psicou = psychic commune, psionic transfer
psilert = telepathic alert, telepathy trap, person to require an alert
psilink = telepatic link
pwn = pwns, love, good, trade
pwnsop = pwnsho, pawnshop, sellers (trading post), trading (a'et-levais) place
psych(o) = psyke(mad sickness like mad cow diseas, loco), psychology, mental
ptireria = private line, private talk
pzuruio = heal
pjffuqaiz = hurricane
pqr = auto movement, personal requirement that makes body movement.pzeur = pzweur, prison, hell
pzrrcalam = hellfire


qa = told
qe = warn/ed
qi = expected
qo = quote
qu = closing
qy = remark

qaa = quiet
qea = qweasy feel
qia = personal question
qoa = maturity
qua = silence
qya = remark

qae = shrink back, smaller
qee = fearful
qie = quite
qoe = survival
que = line up
qye = acqiesing

qai = very curious
qei = discovery
qii = evidence
qoi = coming across
qui = intelligence, quick mind, quiet
qyi = inquisition, only in a area that be churchlike

qao = owe, own up
qeo = giving service
qio = can i afford
qoo = shock
quo = transaction
qyo = complement, remarked on

qau = quarter, fourths
qeu = cut
qiu = budget
qou = watch
quu = miserly
qyu = attack

qay = afterword
qey = queasy
qiy = quick
qoy = quoy, ship dock
quy = closed down
qyy = smartass

qab = quabber, shaking
qeb = upcoming, mistake
qib = quibble, sharp talk
qob = quote person
qub = on the ball
qyb = devoted

qac = quake
qec = creek
qic = earthquake
qoc = awoke, quote seen thing (of)
quc = quirk
qyc = quick

qad = strength
qed = queer, queerly
qid = squid
qod = epitaph
qud = imminent
qyd = quid pro quo, equal idea

qaf = quaf, drink
qef = ref , quick ref, warn in advance
qif = equip
qof = drink up
quf = cuff
qyf = quit

qag = crag, quake, broken area
qeg = little dragon
qig = go to
qog = found
qug = close up
qyg = person

qah = equate
qeh = queesy
qih = quiet hesitancy
qoh = admit
quh = q
qyh = qi

qaj = determine, measure
qej = queesy
qij = quite
qoj = close
quj = clue (in)
qyj = evolution, evolv, despotic

qak = doctor, quke
qek = tweak
qik = quick
qok = end quote
quk = quirk
qyk = death impulse, quik

qal = quail, scaub
qel = quell
qil = bird feather
qol = quality
qul = heat up
qyl = write/ing

qam = quam, situation, prob, problem
qem = squeem
qim = combat
qom = quote me
qum = exume, extract
qym = go gym, workout

qan = don't say, don't do
qen = queen
qin = cline, incline
qon = place quote
qun = coon, racoon
qyn = mispronounce

qap = shake
qep = equip, creep, put on
qip = quite, quip
qop = personal quote
qup = coup, coup'de'tat
qyp = go training

qaq = told que, exposed lineup
qeq = earthquake
qiq = expected line
qoq = awaken
quq = crazy person
qyq = quicken

qar = quarrel
qer = swerve
qir = enquiry, quirk
qor = emplore
qur = poor enquiry
qyr = queerly strange

qas = gain weight
qes = stomach sickness
qis = implies
qos = enclose
qus = course
qys = personal name

qat = told that, use energy
qet = parakeet
qit = to infec, infect, quite
qot = to say of, quit
qut = cute
qyt = fuel guzzle

qav = quaver, shake
qev = cave drawing, drawing
qiv = archive
qov = to deduce cove
quv = make sane, quiv, make equivalent
qyv = quiver

qaw = bird hunt
qew = que
qiw = incline to search
qow = cow, fat woman
quw = que
qyw = stop threat

qax = earthquakes
qex = creeks
qix = quicken up
qox = qoutes, quotes
qux = crazy thoughts
qyx = make (it) quick

qaz = chaos
qez = queezy
qiz = reply
qoz = cover up
quz = line ups
qyz = quiz, known about

qary = qry, stone yard
qery = aftereffect, query, question, who, what, where, why, when
qiry = womanly, woman frame
qory = quarrel, fight
qury = screaming fight
qyry = ask around, ask yourself, ask you
qirmiz = crimson, quirky, uncertain
qesau = fear serum
queie = quiene, electrical sound
quad = four
quadth = fourth, fourth
quaff = drink
qual = quaill, torture, qualityqual = foul, quail (in fear)
quality = good behavior, qualified material
qualor = quaalor, qualo, visible fear, quality
quam = calamity
quan = qeuntea, quandary, something made into problem and ended
quas = qualification, quality, the fates
quasa = quasar
quasy = krazd, crazy, insane
quel = reduce, reduction
quell = visible reduction, reduce
quesa = fried chip
queso = cheese
quesy = quesy stomach, stomach ache
Quiest = quietest, quiet test, most intelligent
quin = five, quint, equal part, ride, squint
Quints = (properly quinces), means pomengranite the idea of the forbidden fruit.
quicagair = jifagair, quicksilver aero, poisonous silver that be formed of air or
other substance
quixot = factual saying, truthful statement
quiv = quiver, arrow container
quark = cold radiation
querent = questor, questioner
querentbzagh = questing beast, serpent headed leapard body with lion hind quarter
that loves to ask personal questions
quol = transaction of life, equal line, status line
qhea = healing potion, quick healing, queasy
qmana = quick life restore, mana potion
qpruesce = shard


ra = ordained, rat, radium, ray, radiant energy
re = again, she, aforemention, rhenium
ri = order, ring
ro = row, agreement, be, he, toward (to motion or movement)
ru = avoid, roach, ruthenium
ry = lost desire

raa = prepared
rea = ready, read
ria = experience
roa = grow up, learn
rua = learned
rya = letting go

rae = ray, spread out, shine
ree = reed, document
rie = guilt
roe = work, row
rue = want, desire, want by desire
rye = hopeless

rai = rail, fate, reaction
rei = before, reisu, power (of life), peicoe, reincarnate, poder, personal power gained by plants and natural means
rii = seek, derive, ridicule, riddick, very good starman fighter, seeker
roi = terra, rocks, earth,  girt, girth, false weight, girth weight
rui = ruin
ryi = paralysis

rao = competition
reo = participate
rio = rival, lively dance, riot
roo = envious, early call, grow old
ruo = win
ryo = real quick

rau = exist
reu = use again
riu = get angry, rile
rou = pathway
ruu = live
ryu = depression

ray = ray
rey = breeze, redo, attempted
riy = roudy
roy = in control, lawful, policeman
ruy = ruby
ryy = remorse

rab = rabid
reb = shoe
rib = old order, back order
rob = rob
rub = rub, rube, fool, idiot
ryb = rib

rac = rack
rec = wreck
ric = rake
roc = rock, giant black heavy burden beast bird
ruc = bag, rucksack
ryc = fence board, ricket

rad = radical
red = magenta, reed, read
rid = ride
rod = a rod, rode, road
rud = rude
ryd = gotten rid of

raf = raffle, contest
ref = referee, reference
rif = rifle, rift
rof = dog bark
ruf = dog alert, roof
ryf = rift

rag = rag, magazine, newspaper, rage
reg = register
rig = construct, ring, sonner, circular area
rog = pact, sewn rug, quilted rug
rug = rug, woven mat
ryg = regret

rah = head master
reh = wretched, wretch
rih = leader
roh = work
ruh = animal, all hair dragon like creature
ryh = empower

raj = rash
rej = relent
rij = feedback
roj = ratify, signature of proof
ruj = evade
ryj = loss, amount of damage

rak = rake, roach, roak, pest, problem, pestilence
rek = reik, reek, reeking, reich, reach down
rik = line break, misconstrue, rank
rok = rock
ruk = sack
ryk = relent

ral = gather support
rel = relating
ril = bad assumption
rol = round
rul = rule, give instruction
ryl = royal, regal

ram = ram, active memory
rem = dorm, sleep
rim = rhyme, frosty, riddle
rom = cartridge, storage device
rum = rum, whiskey
rym = rim

ran = run
ren = rental
rin = rind
ron = male horse, wrong, jokester, prankster
run = flee
ryn = hopeless

rap = raping, terrorizing
rep = acquire, reap
rip = ripe
rop = rope
rup = fleece, skin
ryp = rip, rip up, illegal activity

raq = silence oath
req = quiet down
riq = monk
roq = acknowledge
ruq = rook, pawn
ryq = forget

rar = advancement
rer = rear, promotion
rir = march
ror = order, roar
rur = avasive
ryr = remorse

ras = raster, earn
res = memory
ris = unruly, unrulyness, raise
ros = rose, rouse, slowly agree
rus = ruse, false lead
rys = erasure, let go

rat = subjugant, rat, thief, applicant
ret = late
rit = rite, right
rot = role call, practice rememberance
rut = root
ryt = disinterest, right, rite, writ, riot

rav = occasion
rev = review
riv = reciept, order list
rov = grove, wander, roam
ruv = groove
ryv = rivet, bolt

raw = rare, unfinished work
rew = progressive
riw = added to, in progress, worked on, permiss
row = fight with, row forward, rack
ruw = tension, tenseness
ryw = body ache, cramp, headache

rax = priest
rex = dinosaur
rix = extravagent
rox = bond
ruix = aversion
ryx = dull

raz = acolyte, raze, razor
rez = youthful
riz = order form
roz = chat, discussion
ruz = confusion, ruse
ryz = lost

rla = relate, prelate, at length, law enforcement
rle = leave alone, relist, list again, re enlist, relent, amess
rli = relive, live again
rlo = reloc, relocate, remove
rlu = relose, lost again, lose again, real loss
rly = rely, really, realize

rma = ream, remake, make again, remain
rme = rm, remove myself
rmi = positronix, remix, mix up, remittance
rmo = remove (other), removal, disposal, dispell
rmu = stain, remore, a ring on a cocktail table
rmy = remember my/mine

ralm = been around
relm = realm, existent place
rilm = riled up
rolm = roll up
rulm = set rule, law
rylm = royalty

rant = raving
rent = tear open
rint = print
ront = pronto
runt = scrawny
rynt = magical writing

ramm = run into me, meet me, scale of active memory
remm = knock out
rimm = rimmer, black bird with overlarge bird head humanlike feature and a hunger for brains
romm = storage, memory
rumm = alcoholic drink
rymm = knock down, rhythm

ramn = ramifications, rammed
remn = remember, reamed
rimn = rimned hole
romn = roman, roaming
rumn = rumination
rymn = remnant, remainder

rann = haughty, not run
renn = house
rinn = fruit
ronn = right
runn = steadfast, capable
rynn = hopeful, control

rass = brass
ress = dress
riss = sluggish
ross = resistant compromise
russ = trash man, wuss
ryss = unnoticed loss

rauen = study guide, focus guide
raiar = chest cavity
raien = retention
raienaqo = water retention, water weight, body bloat
reid = red, rede, fate
roea = rora, repara, again pair action, repair/ing action
roia = repira, fire made action, agan
raidho = raider, travel
raikiri = thunder break
rariuy = retributive
Rasp = rough file
reactor = power generator
read = fate, occur, occurance
remnir = seminar, long speech
reread = reoccurance, reoccur
reasyr = mental compliance, reassurance
reegah = regard
reegahcli = close regard, scrutiny
reiki = healing energy manipulation
reus = reuse, reusable
rebeka = rebecca, rehestory, again behest of story
reddy = ready, reddish in color
regis = rich/es
reke = kill rival, killing riot
riit = Rebirth, this causes insanity and the rebirth of the soul into a new body. riot
Revo = undisturbed, revolve, revoke rewq = symbiant fungai that that allows emotion and body language auratic sight, rook
riokio = kill rival, death dance, killing riot
rouf = rough, raw, rawness, roughly handle
roughfire = wildfire, diamond, glarish
rueta = spiritroach
ruetahum = human spiritroach
ruirsis = railroad train, destruction, wreck, bomb
ruit = roach ant
rube = rubbish, garbage, trash
race = hurt, painful, pain
racecar = torture, abuse, misery
recev = recieve
reckon = consider, think
recyl = recall, understand by rememberance, recycle
radon = rn, glow-in dark and healing radiative in low doses element, highly radioactive element
riding = remove charm, ride mind
ridikis = ridikulus, laughter fit, ridicule
ridikulus = ridicule, laughter fit
refka = energy reference, energy guide, giant being
rifka = life gate, energy rift, gate
ragnok = ragnorok, final devastation
rember = rumble
ranma = disorderly or disruptive horse or beast of burden
rembrant = mad genious, mathematical artist
renna = missionary, ambassador, mission, runner
rimda = challenge
ringer = natural
reducio = reduce size
rasputin = dispute, disagree
resputal = argument
russel = rush in, rash thinking
raven = strike quick, blackbird, magic bird, ravenclaw
ravir = plunder, loot, steal
reli = rely on, relief, relic
relat = relationship, relation
relation = relatively known
relatiroa = marriage
relatamore = love life
relmcoy = genuine
rapot = rapport, mind to mind connection
reptil = reptile, cold blooded animal
reve = reverse
roneme = wrongful
rage = shirt, pass, calm
ragu = best sauce, sphagetti sauce
rageina = calmly direct, stubborn, calm action
regard = spec, spic, look, see
rigos = ward
reparo = self repairing
reptilia = scaly
reptilio = scales, scale-like
resembl = resemblance
resis = resistance
resisach = acid resistance
resisilp = disease repellant
resiscol = cold resistance
resispyr = fire resistance
resislitc = lightning resistance
resiselm = all elements resistance
resum = resume, continuance
resume = excuse, exception to resuming, written work essay list
resisloa = lower resistance, any magic suceptible effect increase
respia = respira, dying breath, deathly breath; it can cause one fit of action that seems like dying
restoramej = minor restoration
restora = restoration
restoramaj = major restoration
ratt = rattle
rectv = reactv, reactive, ultra active to the moment, build-up
retir = tired again, abandon, retired, kill
retire = flee, leave alone, retirement
reto = ristor, resister, crystalline resistor, redo
reverd = reverend, honorable one
revtsu = reavtsu, referm, reform, reformation
riod = ordered event, ordered song, sheet music
rifkaqo = watergate, lifegate water
razl = razzle, startlement
razldazl = startled impression, impressive
razlfrazl = startled distress, frazzled nerves
rfurbli = refurbish
reqs = requisite, require, asking, request
reqsp = requirement, spell ruin
resistant = immune
respit = respite, release
resp = response, personal memory, conscious
rooyed = persistant ruin
roost = caged living area, home
rouge = red
routra = trajection, reroute
royce = short range sender, transciever
rocky = show, rough nature, display
roger = agreed, acceptance, accept, acknowledge
romel = garbage
Riu = (volcano) erupt, inhibiting fire, viu
rins = rinse off, water rinse
rose = pink, a rose
rosee = dew
rosy = rosy, rose red
ruucaem = status
ruucaemhir = higher status
ruupyrecaem = focused flame, focused heat
ruucaemn-z = social status
ruly = ruling, additional meat
rumbe = rumbel, fight, rumble, rubs
ruhsyq = familiar
runstago = Run state go. 1.To run about, work or run something similiar, 2.state the effect and .sometime go to something else but you don't have to go. This is something similiar to a sta go or to stay away or stay and go 'to destroy somewhere else'. Before you. know some more.
rivulet = water stream
ryvice = ice bolt, ice charged energy bolt
ryvpyr = fire bolt, fire dart
ryvsu = holy bolt, life restorer dead expellive
ryvsuoll = holy bolt storm, heaven fists, life restorer evil expelling storm
rowan = reminder, protection
rombe = memory, simul, simulation chip, aforehand, aforemention
rye = flip
rywej = body ache, cramp, headache removal
raser = shave
razer = cutting edge, shaver
rgat = Reverse gate, move gate
rhap = rap song
rhapp = head knock, hit
rhaps = rhapsody, melody, rhythmic song
rhapps = wraps, wrapping, bandage
rhe = rheoy, rhetoric, rhetorical, nonsence question
rhea = rheact, unbalanced event, rhetorical event, nonsense action, nonsense reaction
rhetoy = rhettoric, pretty bowl, fish bowl
rheitaa = rhetorical interaction, banter, joke routine, time wasting moment
rheqiz = rhetorical quiz, repeated questions in different view, rhetorical questionnare
rhoad = traveller, road travel, road trip, wise man
rhode = surf, water float
rhodes = island
rhu = traveller, rhoad
rnig = go back over, back out, review, recover
rnnt = rent, general audience
rse = arse, ass, fanny, yourself
rsty = resty, rusty
rplua = replicate, replication, carbon copy


sa = shake, saw, hot, heated
se = self, selenium, she
si = instill in, silicon, to require, yes
so = yes, include, also, melody, shot
su = som, super, devine, holy, some, slowly use
sy = personality, sanctimonious, feel safe, wisely, psi, sci, science

saa = setting up
sea = sea, seance, ocean, self voyage
sia = self
soa = so what, what else
sua = assuage, self discover, sooth, smooth (over), swade, persuade, god action, summon (effect, event or action), impulse, demonic control
sya = seeya

sae = settle
see = set aside
sie = fear for, pass
soe = cycle, circle, solac, energy storage generation, peaceful solution, peaceful area
sue = bad scent, bring against, pursue, pursuant, actively do
sye = outgoing

sai = sought in, seraph, satan
sei = sign, semi, shaman, set in
sii = pact with
soi = soil, trasnspire
sui = self death, suicide
syi = prognosis, seven

sao = disaster, seen of
seo = pass away, ignore, ignorant
sio = sion, ion, give judgement or accept judging, will to, know to
soo = fatal, misconceive, off target, sister, sorrow
suo = bring upon
syo = expressive

sau = distinguish, set with
seu = angry, show spite
siu = know of, reknown
sou = soul
suu = make pay, force payment of
syu = ensue, continue

say = to speak on
sey = seyance, mental area scan for answers from spirits
siy = stillness
soy = soy bean
suy = swipe, usually
syy = impression

sab = saber, curved sword
seb = silver-blue sea bird, sea breeze
sib = sibling
sob = sobbing, bastard, inherent
sub = underneath, under
syb = out of way

sac = sack
sec = sequ, secure, 2nd, second, follow, come after
sic = psych, mental
soc = sock
suc = suck, suck in
syc = sick

sad = sadness, shadowy, dark place, shadow
sed = seed, sit, be still, said, sedament
sid = side, sit, be still, voice
sod = poor person, should
sud = sudsy
syd = withdrawn internally

saf = safe
sef = self fulfilled
sif = siphon, channel
sof = soft
suf = suffer
syf = mental focus

sag = to sag, sagging
seg = segment, segmented
sig = smoked tobacco
sog = soggy, hit out, slow program
sug = suggest, sugar
syg = signal, signet ring

sah = pli, plain, plane, world, plight
seh = syld, client, field
sih = natural
soh = scenic
suh = worked with, breach with
syh = gain attribute, attributing

saj = rage
sej = siege
sij = tested ability, certified
soj = practiced song, rote song
suj = idolized
syj = ability

sak = sack, bag, concerning, sake
sek = seek, seeking
sik = silk, sink, ill, sick
sok = soak
suk = deadly use, forsaken, suck, pull in
syk = mentally sick, mentally kill

sal = sail, set for
sel = seal, salt
sil = reflective
sol = sole, sold, soul
sul = continue with purpose
syl = legendary

sam = same
sem = seem, seam
sim = monthly, by month
som = some, correction, secret of mana
sum = a sum, assumption, chart
sym = mood, bring ogether

san = sahn, shan, super, sanity
sen = illusion of light, scene, dillusion
sin = sign, science, peace, ambience, coping energy or cop meaning thats synonomys, symbolic to awaken with the area you see to get over time you see or think by feel, time lapse moment in time
son = aud, shown, sown, sound, phon, soni
sun = sone, a sun, star, soon
syn = sin, single out and target if in a bad mood, seen sign, bring together (that much force), sync, synchronize or allow to live after you see to work with in harmony

sap = sap
sep = seap, slow leak
sip = a sip, sipping
sop = sopping,  absorb, absorption
sup = whats up, soup
syp = sipping straw

saq = no emission, sacked
seq = sequence, being quiet
siq = synched, socked
soq = soaked, all wet, quiet melody
suq = use quietly
syq = telepathy, mental link

sar = constructive
ser = unlock
sir = sire, father
sor = thrown, soar, throwing, let fly, fly
sur = sour, bad mood, surly
syr = had made, syrup

sarr = sarcasm
serr = lock
sirr = man, sirrah
sorr = sorry, miserable, sorrowful
surr = surround, surrender
syrr = sire, father

sas = sass, harass
ses = cease
sis = train, sister, assistant, assist
sos = request for aid, help, slow melody
sus = crawling, wor, crawler
sys = mental domination, system

sat = sate, heat seeking
set = seat, a set
sit = program, brainwash, intruction
sot = sought, bullet
sut = become devine, soot, ash, shoot, manipulate
syt = seek mentally, mental picture, site, sight

sav = save me
sev = sieve, sever
siv = setting
sov = shove, bardic music, song
suv = panned, panoramic
syv = othersight

saw = cut through, saw
sew = sew, protect
siw = saddle
sow = hypnotic melody
suw = energy shell
syw = mental shield

sax = saxon, celt
sex = six
six = psychic, sex
sox = to win, to gain
sux = sucks
syx = styx, death

saz = torn area
sez = equipped
siz = size
soz = musical
suz = holy area, shrine, church
syz = mentally aware area

samm = discount warehouse, tank, missile turret, armored turret vehicle
semm = semin, seminar, semantic, glorified acting
simm = slow memory chip, slow memory module
somm = insomnia
summ = summary, sum, summation
symm = psi master, good psi behavior

sca = scape, area, scave
sce = double effect, efficient, double effort
sci = scien, knowledge
sco = scop, see, scope, score
scu = scut, scuttle, scoot, move along
scy = scythe, active affect, epilogue

sfa = sphere
sfe = high star, consume
sfi = sulphur
sfo = metaphor
sfu = spire
sfy = computer, comprehension

sha = man, share
she = woman, great inner strength
shi = shy, am, is, shit
sho = show, movement
shu = atmosphere, shut in, kept
shy = large woman, her, scared shame

ska = dismember, skate
ske = skie, ride
ski = ice glide, skii
sko = strangle, skold
sku = skew, interrupt
sky = sky

sla = slave, slay
sle = lay down
sli = sliding, slippery
slo = decelerate, slow down
slu = slew, slain, sloth
sly = hidden from view, sleep

sma = small mind
sme = smell
smi = smite, smith
smo = smoke
smu = smuck, convinced person, one who supports hearsay
smy = sly, smelt, smile, small

spa = heated pool, spellotape
spe = speck, space, sped, speed (spacial extra death), warp time
spi = spiffy, meato
spo = a spot, to spot
spu = spun, speed, spew, spray
spy = spy upon, spie, spy, look

sqa = squall, storm
sqe = squeeze
sqi = squint
sqo = squash
squ = square, squat
sqy = squire

sta = work, still, unmoving statistics, stare, stable, stale
ste = high price, high cost action
sti = cause not, still, unmoving
sto = stow away, store in
stu = stew
sty = stylish, rock, stone, classical appearance

sada = study
seda = fame
sida = resourceful
soda = addict, caffiene (substance)
suda = clock
syda = sit up

sade = shade (shadow person), shady, view
sede = visitors
side = on the side
sode = scene, action
sude = suddenly
syde = situation curiousity

sadi = sadistic
sedi = hit again
sidi = siding, wall
sodi = reactant, sodium
sudi = suitable
sydi = insiduous

sado = spoken of
sedo = force away
sido = at the side
sodo = so do it
sudo = heavy weight, heavyset, heaviness, pseudo, something that is overly large, pretending to be something it is not
sydo = sit down

sadh = depression
sedh = new life
sidh = faery, fey
sodh = bum, nomadic, hobo
sudh = foamy, foam
sydh = absorbtion, absorb

sarv = tired movement
serv = service, server
sirv = apologizing
sorv = sworve, move in curve
surv = searing flame
syrv = service done

sahn = giver, demihuman, super human
sehn = descend
sihn = sunken
sohn = giver of life
suhn = life drain
syhn = damage

sasp = expectation, exasperation
sesp = activity cease
sisp = momentary stillness
sosp = completed moment, completion, complete
susp = have suspician
sysp = realization

satt = fattened up, prettier
sett = setting
sitt = sit down
sott = besotted, love crush
sutt = free soot
sytt = site, area, area translocation

sand = a sand
send = to send
sind = signed
sond = abscond, sound
sund = assunder, split apart
synd = cinder

sang = blood
seng = determination
sing = singing
song = music
sung = past music
syng = passage through time, sign language

saft = safety
seft = shift theft
sift = syphon off
soft = soft
suft = shuffle
syft = to sift

sapt = tree sap, sapient
sept = seven, septic, scepter
sipt = sifted
sopt = sophistry, sopped
supt = sped up
sypt = syphon

sath = sabbath, last meal
seth = story, creative
sith = lover, wielder
soth = sloth, sloppy lover, waste
suth = south, holy flame, zeal
syth = scythe, aura vision, mage sight

scan = past view, scandal
scen = scene, scenic
scin = scintilate, arousal
scon = sconce, torch holder
scun = scoundrel, villian
scyn = skin

scha = scholar
sche = schedule
schi = skip, split
scho = school
schu = learn
schy = experience

shad = shadow, shade
shed = shed of
shid = boldness
shod = shoed hoof
shud = air hole, should
shyd = him

shap = shapechange, shaping, putty
shep = sheep, flock
ship = area place, group, grouping
shop = look around, curious
shup = silence, information gather
shyp = end interference

shat = shatter
shet = woven blanket, sheet
shit = bad break
shot = shot up, bullet
shut = shoot, shut, chute
shyt = shit, stuff

shatu = shatter you
shetu = put a blanket on you, cover up
shitu = shit you
shotu = your shot up
shutu = shut up you, shoot you
shytu = forces vowel movement

slag = melted material, melted mass
sleg = sledge, smash
slig = slight
slog = walk through water
slug = slug
slyg = destructive spirit

slam = slam against
slem = bounce against
slim = slime
slom = solid object
slum = slump, the slums
slym = slim

snap = snap out, anger burst
snep = slight
snip = snipe, long range kill
snop = extreme, extremely
snup = sleep
snyp = hyper, over, beyond

snaw = snagged
snew = sneeze
sniw = snitch
snow = snow, pure clear thought
snuw = gliding
snyw = affix

swav = swaver, quavering
swev = sleeve
swiv = swipe
swov = moved out of way
swuv = swiftly move
swyv = swivel

shatz = shatter, coupling, power extention
shetz = sheets
shitz = shits
shotz = shots
shutz = shoots
shytz = dumps, downside

shanz = stands
shenz = sheens, waterflow
shinz = shines
shonz = showed
shunz = shuns
shynz = point up

shart = Separation of shit and fart as it occurs with release of gases.
shert = Sharing time, time that is of a shared element by effect of one.
shirt = cover, a cover that fits like a glove.
short = a an magnified moment, electrical moment
shurt = A splurt of shit that comes after a fart, a magnified moment but he can control it while she can guide or glide it, one malicious fart.
shyrt = a natural effect with calmness and etc, fantasy happening.

smagl = immortal, body weight
smegl = forgotten, non-mortal, glide, guide
smigl = iches, happy
smogl = peep, peek
smugl = smuggle, sneaking, sneak on
smygl = glue, stick together

smak = smack
smek = kill scent
smik = halted blow
smok = smoke
smuk = sucker
smyk = smirk

smat = face slap
smet = smear
smit = smite, righteous strike
smot = struck down
smut = smear, dirt
smyt = smith

smath = sucker punch
smeth = destroy
smith = massacre, forge
smoth = kill
smuth = blister
smyth = smithy, forger

stampy = stampede
stempy = pervert, corrupt
stimpy = stupid, conceit
stompy = groumd stomp
stumpy = feetless, cut off part
stympy = stamp, kill off

stran = strangeness, strange
stren = strength
strin = str, strig, string, yarn (string)
stron = strag, strong, iron-like, fer, ferr, fort, strap
strun = strwn, strewn, strung out, viuzip, streueon
stryn = stringent, strain

skal = scald, maid, heat pain
skel = skeleton, steal skill
skil = ice sail, ice skate
skol = scold, school
skul = skull, head bone, cranium, crimiu, skull, chran, kran
skyl = skill, kung-fu ability as ability to do many things by practice.

skan = skai(n), shameful
sken = cover, clothing
skin = water holder, drink holder
skon = steal away, abscond
skun = skunk
skyn = ski(n), skin, stretch

skaz = scathe, blister
skez = foot skii
skiz = sky
skoz = scuse me, score
skuz = excuse
skyz = skies, disguise

slat = slate
slet = sleet, bracer
slit = slight
slot = a slot, keyhole
slut = womanly desire, woman in power, womanly defiance
slyt = slit open, slit

slav = slave
slev = sleave, just leave
sliv = tell a truth
slov = slovenly
sluv = kill sight
slyv = revealed

swa = swim
swe = sweety
swi = swift
swo = sworn
swu = pass out
swy = swipe

swar = swarm, swear
swer = swerve aside
swir = swirl
swor = swear (cursing)
swur = sewer
swyr = convincing

swap = swap, trade
swep = sweep
swip = swipe, take out of hand
swop = turn around
swup = swoop, lay back
swyp = theft, vandalism, mug

stac = stack
stec = credited
stic = inhibited
stoc = stock, stoke
stuc = belligerance
styc = power user

staff = long pole, worker
steff = steoz, steal
stiff = dead thing, dead body
stoff = preclude, preclusion
stuff = information, add, guff, gut reaction, include
styff = made useful, use

stak = moderate, mistake
stek = steak, knife
stik = stick it, sticker, stick
stok = stoke
stuk = stuck
styk = fad

stad = stadium
sted = steady
stid = prevention, prevent
stod = understood, stood
stud = role model
styd = disruption

stap = staple
step = steep
stip = staple, stipulation, stiffle
stop = stoop
stup = stupid, stupidity
styp = foreclosure

stav = wand
stev = high profile
stiv = coverup
stov = stove, griddle
stuv = idiocy
styv = method

stax = stacks, stacked
stex = steps
stix = short
stox = stoak
stux = stuix, stuck-up
styx = bad taste, death river

spac = space, spacial, clean area
spec = species, speech, special, (be) specific
spic = spicy, spice, spike, energy rush
spoc = un, spark, spocific, to endure
spuc = energy whirl, spook, spruce, reveal action, interrment
spyc = espionage, junk, chunk

spak = spoken, vocal
spek = speak
spik = spick
spok = spoke
spuk = spunky
spyk = detection

sanct = sanctuary, sanctity
senct = sentence
sinct = cinch
sonct = punched out
sunct = sunken
synct = synchronize

slas = slash, slaid, kill
sles = slez, sleaze, sleazebag, power user, asshole
slis = energy focus, slighten, slight of hand, chi foci
slos = slow down
slus = slushy, icy drink
slys = swish, blade swipe

slath = slather
sleth = snake, serpent
slith = slither
sloth = sloth, very slow vegetation eating teddy bear creature
sluth = sleut, sleuth, detective
slyth = slytherin, deceptive conduct

sna = snag, snare
sne = snuff, inhaling drug
sni = snip, cut off
sno = snow
snu = pot, cooked weed
sny = snipe

snag = snatch, catch
sneg = pot bellied cobra headed cat
snig = snide laugh
snog = kiss
snug = hug, held together, snuggle
snyg = scalp removal, scalpy, scalping

sphar = high star
spher = sphere
sphir = spire
sphor = metaphor
sphur = sulphur
sphyr = computr, computer, comprension, dedicated math machine

sa'angreal = mediocre focus device
saua = saturate, water or fluid compaction
siyo = sanitize, clean up
sair = hover tank, armored turret hover vehicle
saucy = sexy
saying = told statement, factual statement
saal = sayyable, stall
saefy = safely, safety, satisfy
saet = saber tooth tiger
sail = wind sheet cloth
sailor = ship crew, combined effort
saul = confess and resolve
saulina = confession, solemn, oath
saulo = love serum
sayd = said, told
saymour = inform
sakaba = backward
seun = spoon, seune, soon
seune = honeymoon
seymour = vision quest
sachfra = guglfra, obsercfra, "google the words", search phrase (use)
sale = shapeless, formless
salo = sailor, ship crew, combined effort
santa = saint nick, brighten, druidic gift god
seauiou = sightless, blind
seam = rift, joint, joining
seagey = Live energy state, state of one change that effects all time, info
shared. This state exists in any type of linkage yet seems undetectable under normal
conditions. What the live energy looks like be a flickering green and blue aura.
seagy = synergy, live energy, Live electricity that be manipulated by spell, word
effects. It lengthens the life of anything used with including machines and humans.
Its created from electricity and magic and thus does not flow among water but will on
circuitry. It can be used to release a lightning bolt, repair machinery but, it has
been known to burn out machines after an extended time of abuse. It puts people, food items
into stasis, preserving energy field. It looks like liquid blue energy in aura color.
seanchan = dutiful, duty bound with a little cruelty
seui = anger
seuiou = angerless, not angry
seuiun = unangered, without anger
seulo = pretentious, consentive, loan, angry low down, angry love
Seunumics = Action derived from pursuit of things.
seur = yourself
seuss = story, child tale
sefert = eagle headed winged lion
segeo = segredate, self-deprecate
sere = on fire, firey, burning
sia = shiver
siena = sienna, valley
siumo = shiver armor, ice attack slowing to attacker armor
soad = sheperd, sheepherder
soee = solace, retribution
Soeea = Overeating and sorryness with unending prayer. This makes multiple effects. So overeat and begin to do unending prayers. This is a torment and torture of the Gods, that they can choose to effect with it. Enacted by dark matter.
Soeee = Death result from your dealt actions.
Soeed = unending death visions.
Soeehe = see spiritual vision and beyond by needing it seen. Un undoes it when added to the front.
soun = sleep
sourc = person, thing, place
source = power stone
suy = sewage
sulu = suelu, seulu, pseulu, pursued pseudo lure, some believing, some light, angry belief
syyiln = peninsulin, medical cure, seyr
sebastion = great inventor
sedothz = clothes
salambe = fireplace, fire place
salv = salve, plant solution, saliva
sedkel = said prophetic
siyes = styles, sire
sidhay = folklore
sidhark = dark fey, dark faery
sidhyl = wild fey, wild faery
sighik = blood hawk, blood seeking hawk that kill passerby
signify = intent meaning, meant intent
soda = baking soda
sodia = sodium
sodiay = breakdown
sodiar = cardiac, heart
sodiararest = cardiac arrest
sodyry = soldiering, sodomy
sodd = seditive, bastard
sehr = very, short
sihunn = unnatural, shunned, deny
sacr = holy, empowerment, sacrifice, sacred
soca = soccer, source action, sock out
selas = settlement, self-made laser
selle = saddle
Selp = Self-help
selpast = salt paste
selpasteal = restorative salt paste
sofesticat = sofetya, sophesticate, investigate, investigative
solicit = sloicit, to allow by action
samuel = great
somnia = insomnia, somnolence
somver = somewhere
sara = princess
sarah = advancement, encourage
saracen = innately gifted people, magi, sorcerers, magic worker
sedeo = slothful with energy, sedition, powerloss
seren = ancestral, peaceful, serene
sepur = super, beyond, greater than
sapi = snake
serpent = snake
sigel = victory. counted success
sihir = illusion, psi  hire, satire
sionara = good-bye
soie = silk
soil = soil, dirt
soul = spirit
sohm = As it is self melody energy by some sort of pulse, or self energy melody pulse that can shift by movement in time or that can move you.
sok = attack
solja = soldier, screw job
sopdis = soapdish
suav = skin cream, hand cream, poultice
suave = facial cream
suavve = soap
suavvedis = soap dish
suomi = finnish, old way
sufis = sufferer/s, suffice
sukh = sugar, sweet
salt = salt chunk, ruin
selav = lava, along the lane
seti = tise, thinse, thineself
selki = seal human
silo = storage place
sole = a fish with very little bones
soay = somatic, active, passionate
somty = sometime, something
sulu = zulu, content, active path
suluh = holy shock, luminescent group light strike, divine group light strike
suma = neutral, summer, assume, consume
snhak = river
snohb = demented manic
sunlit = sunlight, starlight
sylar = sign in, carve, paint
syhnamp = amplify damage, wound advancement
siler = suave, smooth talker
soro = soo, sorro, sorry, sorrow, sister
saxafon = saxxaphone
scam = cheat, art of cheating money from a person.
scio = (I) know
scylla = scullery maid
schizto = multiple exchange of minds, switch to
schwind = swindle
shabaz = salesman
shane = trouble, unstable, instability
sash = chest hanging band
shedu = schedule, centaurlike human winged bull
sheol = hell
sheop = show up, female operator
shiva = deity servant, lesser goddess
shock = disaster, energy
skwind = swindle
selyiy = taught internally, internal suggestion
selysoca = subliminal sorcerer, prescientific sorcerer
serpant = dragon headed snake body sea snake
siren = bind, song snare shapeshifting woman
sitren = flying burden beasts, flying oxen
suadry = suadey, secondary, persuasive
suipup = newness, renew
subup = come from beneath, come upward
subj = subject, subjective, low horrid sound
seli = Sub-c(by psioniks), sublim(by lerrin), subliminal(by Dr. demento), subconscious
taught internally, internal suggestion
sildlas = domelas, laser shield that blocks any type laser absorbing shot energy into
salua = plasma tank
saluar = hover plasma tank
samayjuu = safe money spell, Where someone gets hurt in the end. this spell negates it by negative
energy (spending or using it) and per every event to achieve the idea, to get something done
or something from nothing be to get funds in some momemtary manner. The charm prevents you from
hurting anybody as its you that normally does, for free or underpriced objects. This uses events
to generate money and wealth.
sutig = something
suto = shootout
sutu = suture
suture = sew skin
suty = soothing, sooty, becalm
saumon = salmon
seccubeh = sacrifice for the effect, sacrifice to effect or to get effect
segeiaem = Sergeant at arms, internal army field commander
sequoya = giant sequoya tree, tree of life
sieo = machinegun shot
siena = warm brown, burnt sienna
siafax = fully cook hot food
siatybu = shiver some timbers, fear for your life, shiver my timbers, shiver
your timbers
siflif = life tap, suck victims life
sihas = higher up
sighas = higher being, sighing
seks = chores, daily ritual
selenc = commence, onward
selencea = action commence, active
sely = sublim,  sublime, sublimn, subliminal, subconscious
sero = serum
sileit = mirror, reflection
soyly = soiely, sally forth
solfu = soul fire, erasure fire
simpl = simple, basic
sinew = muscle tissue, tendon
suagan = old melody, welsh lullaby
sunoqq = fallen star
sonmona = rich dig
sonnerr = solid earth
sumtin = something, sum of things
sund = 7th, seventh, sunday, rest, sunder
sorcneg = source negative, nether source
sophie = grandly done, grandstand
soso = partial agreement, barely accept
soiso = yes and yes, soso, know I think
sotu = sulfur oxide, corrosive gas, sewer gas, SO2
supampb = overlay, superimpose
supanaiy = supernatural
suprizsuprez = suprise by supreme idea, suprise upbringing
Supersition = To be effected by another place by condition and by the places condition to effect and place. This effect is to be effected by smelling and feeling the other places effects. As the other place has more energy dynamic.
siad = surond, surround
suslos = carrion crawler
sylph = air elemental, human gate
satu = 6th, sixth, saturday, saturation
satyr = half goat human
sotcb = crystal shot, crystal bullet
sezzah = cook food
sezzahk = stop food cook
sezzahx = cook food hot
sezzahfulx = fully cook hot food
suzi = worldly
suzy = comely, overwhelm
suzie = glutten, pig fat, glutty
sylpha = butterfly
symb = symbol
symbankh = ankh symbol, eternal life symbol
syvan = salvation, intervention, elemental light protection
scaf = structure, incident
szcolayl = petrify
sca = unintentional, unintent
scard = scabbard
scarf = scarf, eat, neck cloth
sci = scent
scienc = field manipulation, field study, element manipulation
science = rules study, hypothesis study, rule manipulation
scindo = render, cloak power shield
scir = scimitar
scota = scepter, king mace
scotagem = jeweled scepter
scotia = quo, normal
schaya = unintentional, unintent
schapa = shape up, schalpel, sharp knife
schema = model
schemaw = wax model
scherlosis = mind, personality, mental, mental ability
schizmaid = schitzoid assistance, adult psychologist, child psychyiatrist, shrink
schodel = male model
schoj = high school, advancement school, educated guess
schoje = schojek, collegiate school, college
schwebb = cotton ball tipped stick
schwobb = constrained (field of) energy
sclamy = blood magic, general force
sclamye = blood magus, blood magister, blood mage, blood force user
scrimy = scrimmage match, practice match, sports practice
script = contract, written instruction as code instruction
scour = search, sour, rid
sfwar = singular, singularity
sfwarsot = singularity bullet
sfwarsotcb = crystal singularity bullet that keeps its crystal shape till it
hits the target
sfuwar = primal
sfuwaraeo = primal howl
sfuwariq = primal intelligence
sfuwarinta = primal instinct
sfuwarintaiq = primal creature, primal dragon
sfuwarbragh = primal beast
sfuwargod = primal god
sfuwarmur = primal killer
sfytyj = mystic computer
shaert = sharing as if may be, a bonified malicious game, reenactment that seems real, a reality shirt.
shaerwyn = To share and be great, sharing duel.
shaoism = mystic art
shaoist = mystic, mystical practice
shaol = whale
shayla = share alot
shafir = shapeshift
shal = shale, rock shale
shall = will do, shall
shaln = shall not, will not
shalt = shall try
sharol = share
sharwyn = musical great
shirley = serio, serious
shaphir = shapeshift
sheolbrak = hellbreak
sheolbrat = hellchild
sheolbrut = hellspawn
shell = hard body
shioc = shyness, unshowy
shiocke = scare away, frighten, fright
shick = isn't
shybak = this
shybaz = salewoman
shami = sherman, tank, armored turret vehicle
shamikar = armored turret hover vehicle
shamipluma = plasma tank
sherman = tank, armored turret vehicle
shimata = crap
shushu = shoo, dismissed
shrewd = intelligent, intelligence
shrink = psychologist, psychyatrist, mental doctor
shroud = cloak
shrub = low lying bush
sht = shrt, short, shit, stuff
sild = shield
sjh = figure out, conceive
sjhun = concept, knowledge
sjhunn = unfigured out, dejunct
skelaa = skeleton mastery, innate skeleton manipulation skill
skelfom = skeleton form, and to get out of the form, say polyhu (pole-ih-human).
skelras = raise skeleton
skelmajras = raise mage skeleton
skonek = neck strangle, broken neck
sklakk = schlack, illamination, paper preservation
sklekk = schleck, achlek, illumination, light up, improve upon
skny = skiy, skinny
slatern = hung jaw
slattern = sloppy person
slang = comes in and be covered by three tenses; low tense, medium tense, high tense
where low tense be writing written in shorthand and sometimes normally but easy to read
and written with a style to cause idiots to get angry or feel dumb
medium tense be written normally and to be somewhat "coached" for the intended object
and/or audience and the audience its easily understood
high tense be to hence speak or write in "elite" and its language most "normal" people need
an explanation for, otherwise it would confuse the person. Some "elite languages" are
scientific, food, noble and other foreign dialectis.
slecto = select, selected, selecting
sliat = love, philo (greek), slight, a slight action that depends on mood and gets a negative or positive effect, according what energy is near, this makes a result of greater magnitude by magic and thaumaturgy, this is also a bad end with those who are slighted
slise = atamic, sliced atom (by energy focus)
slutes = substance, drug/s/ed/ing
sluts = love, sex
slm = Seldom, salty
sm = small, some
smt = sometime, something, some (of) that
smeed = smet, greedy assistant
smelte = smelling salt, instant wake up
smokuyf = smoke scent
smot = fought off, fight off, deal death
smote = long battle, long war, battle ready
smuc = smuk, sulfuric acid, sucker
smt = small amount, smeed
snhak = river
spagz = phase out
speek = speech, to say a speech
speak = to talk, to say
spedaeg = fast growth
spesiafax = quicker cook food fully
spety = speed time
spex = extra speed, speed cut
spid = speed, spygear, neato death, neat dealt blow
spoor = trail
spun = create, make by thought manifest, evoke
spop = spellotape, snoop, spell poop
spur = spur of moment, surf up
spf = formula, formulation, specification
spk = speak, spoke, spoken, spook
splay = remove strength
sply = splint, smelly, weight drug supply
split = leave, multiple personality, mentally divided
sprw = fire sprite that be made out of fire able to manipulate wild fire
sryu = tragic
staed = state, statement, stay
stadt = stadium
statu = statue
statuw = wax statue
stekatla = steak knife
stekhous = steak house
steele = steel
steeps = steep, soak, high spire, saturate, high (in) energy
stemp = cut off by energy
Stend = extended period of time, extend, an extended point of existence
stuart = uart, stewart, steward, supervisor
stcuk = stuck, to be imperitive, have to do, cut off
stcut = shortcut
std = standard, stand
stn = stand, situation, station, stun
strait = straight
straf = strafe, avoidance movement, rapid accurate movement
strif = strife
stry = strife
stryg = strong, string
strbag = starbong, a starman that visits to teach by exempulary example and idea exposed, strip bag.
strpan = stir pan, rousing pain
salactit = ice storm, hail storm
salamander = fire lizard, fire elemental
syuanda = salamander, fire lizard, fire elemental
stau = static
stauseh = static field, 1/4 off health dampens magic
stafyaigu = ravenlike attack bird human giant with brasslike beaks, human torso,
brass, toes brass fingertips, birdlike webbed feet and sharp arrowlike feather body
covering and metallic wings and ten feet tall twenty feet wingspan
staffa = employee
staffer = employer, worker
stalin = absolute ruler, monarch
stalern = stale air
stanyl = fallen star
stone = rock, crystal
stern = star, stern
sternall = fallen star
sternlic = solar lich with sun manipulation ability
stanly = sternlic, serviceperson, manly
stephan = stefan, step up
stephany = stefany, after step
stuf = stuff, stuffing
stufruh = stuffed animal
stufber = stuffed bear
stupefy = stun
sturm = stability, stable
stri = strike
stripua = stripwa, power strike
strom = nobility
spielin = play
spee = speed
speca = species, specy
species = specimen, specific subject
spell = energy science, magic science, magical sense
spellcz = create gemstone, create value
spiel = jargon, language
spielm = confession, speech
spielman = performer, perfomance
spiygazys = speedy gonzalus, great speed from bert and ernie
spyll = wild spell, wish spell
spolt = spoiled, fouled up
spoilt = spoiled, fouled up
spehx = spedup heatup
spety = speed time
spheros = sickle sphere
sphinx = human bird lion
splunken = imagined understood event
sqoaln = clean hair, squeeky clean
squay = squeaky
squib = magicless person
squibs = human servant
stai = sterility, sterile
staitep = temporary sterility, nonpermanently sterile
stonheng = stonehenge, power circle channel
sth = sith, something, cloning
svirfnebli = dark gnome
svvy = prestige, honorable
sway = years effect, effective years
swand = sword focus
sware = sear words, bad words, swear
swenska = swedish
swift = move quickly
swiftbanks = swift contained flow, flood plain
swit = syit, savant, genious leader of an area
swod = sword
szala = seizure


ta = task, take, than, that, gift, it(that), want, you get
te = object, this, tellurium
ti = by, into, ten, 10, than, titanium, time
to = tell, make, its other. otherwise, through
tu = enticing, two, too, to
ty = tie up, place event, thank you, time

taa = moment in action, activity
tea = dark queen, line, dark lady
tia = a tiara, tiger, queen crown
toa = toward action, get to work
tua = to work, work
tya = time for action, time for work

tae = take, tilde, ~, story, tale
tee = stand, podium
tie = time pass, a tie
toe = ridge, toenail
tue = too easy
tye = time, tie into, up to top, up to the moment

tai = tail
tei = live object
tii = a knot, to tie
toi = toil, work off
tui = too easy, thirteen
tyi = contest

tao = memorable, reference, honorable
teo = unique, different selection, turd, defamation
tio = difference, ton, tip, good, time out
too = also
tuo = turn, convince, momentous event
tyo = time consumption

tau = ability, grant
teu = goal, pleasure
tiu = observation
tou = depiction
tuu = advertise, advertisment
tyu = deterrance, tassle

tay = clean up, clearing
tey = new challenge, they
tiy = afterword
toy = a toy, play with
tuy = pleasure
tyy = relief

tab = active, viral, programmed
teb = infective, actively working
tib = interacting, disturbing, changing
tob = material, genetic
tub = tubular, hollow
tyb = seal repair, rubber cement

tabb = table
tebb = resurgence, actively
tibb = disease
tobb = plant, greenery
tubb = tube, fat person, tubby
tybb = seal

tac = wrestle, tackle
tec = technique
tic = wariness, entice
toc = getting even
tuc = bring to ground
tyc = to entice

tad = laddy
ted = tedious
tid = tide, water flow
tod = toad, toady
tud = lots, many of
tyd = clean up, mixing up

taf = stretchy
tef = tief, corrupt payment
tif = tifu, martial art
tof = good for
tuf = tough, fluoride
tyf = best value

tag = place mark, afternoon, correction
teg = integer, numerical value
tig = a tiger, hidden strength, thing
tog = self adjust
tug = tugged on
tyg = very strong

tah = driven on, needy, greedy for
teh = tell of, story telling
tih = tied, not moving
toh = honor bound, guilty
tuh = spit on
tyh = time bound, set

taj = mystifying
tej = grand scale
tij = draw attention like honey
toj = hit your foot
tuj = steady deluge
tyj = mystical

tak = tack, take
tek = tea, technology, teach, antique
tik = child, strenuous, baby
tok = token, carry bag
tuk = tuck, heavy tush, took
tyk = tick, crack

tal = tale, tail
tel = tell, teal
til = tile
tol = toll
tul = tool
tyl = till, till it happens

tall = story, tall
tell = note, message
till = till, ground grooving
toll = exhaust, exhaustive
tull = carve, tunnel, shape
tyll = long last, await

tam = tamed
tem = team
tim = time out, dexterity, serenity, feel a natural good and has natural understanding in knowledge with a sense of knowing peace, beginner
tom = tome, piece
tum = tomb, burial chamber
tym = timid, thyme, temporal adjustment

tan = tan, tamed, calm
ten = teen, tend, tendency, hold
tin = pointy, pitch fork
ton = tone
tun = verse, tune, turn
tyn = harmony, timed

tann = tan, tannery
tenn = tension
tinn = gun
tonn = ton, 1000 kg
tunn = long tongue
tynn = fork, metal band

tap = tape, task force, disturbance, taps disease: a disease that causes tapping to anything.
tep = tiep, intereference by powered appliance, temporary, coaxed disturbance, discrepance
tip = type
top = on top, hat, toward person, to ward person
tup = outlet, power containment
typ = tip over, tip off

tar = contain
ter = implication
tir = tierd, tiredness, competition success
tor = torn up, world scape
tur = tour
tyr = tyr, justice god

tas = taser, electrical stun
tes = tease
tis = advertise
tos = spoilage, mold
tus = seduce, constant farting
tys = hassle

tass = tassle
tess = slug
tiss = tissle
toss = toss
tuss = tusk
tyss = bottleneck, crawl

tat = tie closed, potato
tet = teat, tenance, taste
tit = tight
tot = moving, narrow
tut = twenty, 20, whistle, loud noise, taste, fart
tyt = fertile, fertility

tatt = tattoo
tett = tetnis shot
titt = tit
tott = kid, munchin
tutt = institution, school, establishment
tytt = well fit, physically fit, joint fit, tight

tav = special work, tavern, bar
tev = illusion, tv, television, woods
tiv = viewed by
tov = trove
tuv = advertising
tyv = distract

taw = tawny, reddish, farewell
tew = to, too
tiw = till
tow = tract, pull, pull along
tuw = two, 2
tyw = timer

tax = tax, impose, push upon
tex = indivisually
tix = uniquely, uniqueness
tox = poison, poisonous, deaedly radiation, harmful
tux = tuix, black, tuixedo, treachery
tyx = spite, spiteful

taz = taze, stun shock
tez = tease
tiz = appetize, appetite
toz = toes
tuz = desire
tyz = traffic, time area

tazz = spin, dizzy
tezz = tester
tizz = upset, destructive
tozz = toss
tuzz = excuse, because
tyzz = tyson, ties

tla = who did not stand
tle = of brimstone, tele, at distance
tli = who was active, activate
tlo = who erupted
tlu = who convinces, who convinced many
tly = who was at fault

tha = I, we, they, that, there
the = tha, these, this, that
thi = thigh, that interest
tho = though
thu = you, thou, also, is, are, am, art
thy = your

tja = servant
tje = vengence
tji = proof, prove
tjo = personal view
tju = servitude
tjy = affront, confront

thal = thalus, counting device, about things, shall
thel = theology, philosophy of idea, thought
thil = work (with things), playing with things, enn
thol = constructed item
thul = turned dark
thyl = resulting number, result

thra = thrash
thre = three
thri = thrive
thro = to throw
thru = done, threw
thry = thrift

tra = track trace, tray, trad, trade, tradition
tre = tree
tri = triple, three
tro = trove, trouble
tru = vera, truly, true
try = a try, attempt

tran = specific
tren = latreen, bathroom
trin = trip
tron = right
trun = death (cut short of life or length)
tryn = unstable, unstabilize (by group force)

trap = track, battery charge, stagnate
trep = standing tall, treat, spike
trip = tripe, threefold
trop = tropical, panick
trup = troop, split, free force
tryp = generation, passage out, exploration

trapp = trap
trepp = prideful nation, throughst, shortage
tripp = fishing village, past memory, thriving nation
tropp = peacock, tropical bird, indian tribe, fried food
trupp = army, feud, naughty, source
trypp = fund, fade away, invention

trak = track, dipshit, pathway
trek = venture out
trik = genocide
trok = deathtrap, despisement, mistake
truk = very good, true death
tryk = trick, trickery

twa = it was, twang
twe = tweak, its well
twi = twine, string, it will
two = it would
twu = it was you
twy = it was possible, it was after, twilight

tabba = tom cat
tabbe = table leg
tabbi = table joint
tabbo = table peg
tabbu = restriction, taboo
tabby = cat

tansh = relax
tensh = tense, tension
tinsh = metallic, metal clanking
tonsh = temper, energy tamp
tunsh = impact
tynsh = pulse

tard = slow
terd = entropic, entropy, infinity
tird = tired, fatigued
tord = settle with
turd = fecal matter
tyrd = tiled, tiling

tarm = tarmic herb
term = term
tirm = victorious
torm = torment, watching god
turm = tourism
tyrm = measure, fairness

tarn = tarnish
tern = tearing into
tirn = national success
torn = ruination
turn = remake, turn spell
tyrn = celt

tach = grudge fight, groll&n
tech = teach, tool, tools
tich = aura aware
toch = hatred, nice, spite
tuch = tact, touch
tych = seduce, luck

thal = borderline
thel = within area
thil = owning to
thol = way of life
thul = boundary
thyl = permanence

thar = harebrained, pointing out over
ther = conjectured application, theoretical
thir = thirsty, desiring dring
thor = victorious, victory
thur = thursday, money exchange
thyr = pointing out facts

thas = that slow group, slow crowd
thes = these, thesis
this = limp
thos = those
thus = thus, what we have now
thys = this

than = kingdom
then = subjects
thin = yourself, personal
thon = staged event
thun = soon
thyn = thin, critiqued
thra = thrash, fight against
thre = three, amount of pressure
thri = use as, live on
thro = throw, toss
thru = passage way
thry = live off source

tral = trail
trel = trellice, steel riser
tril = trial
trol = troll, regenerative humanoid
trul = triangle
tryl = success, least amount of loss, positive loss; most loss for the other

trall = thrall
trell = trellis
trill = thrill
troll = unkillable, immortal
trull = forever
tryll = trial

twax = costs more
twex = tweak
twix = fixed into
twox = additional cost, thumped
twuix = gave off
twyx = added onto

tata = farewell task
teta = topple over
tita = titan, titanic
tota = total
tuta = tutorial
tyta = timed event

tensha = transcribe
tenshe = relaxation
tenshi = tendency, trend, nature, angel, heavenly gift
tensho = trademark, postscript
tenshu = god, castle tower, shopkeeper
tenshy = shield, energy protection

tash = trash
tesh = examination
tish = show off
tosh = nothing
tush = woman breast, butt
tysh = injure, beat up

tatl = talk, tell
tetl = teter, fall down
titl = topple, fall over
totl = child, tottler, toddler, baby
tutl = transport
tytl = name, title

thass = disinterested crowd
thess = slow people
thiss = cripple
thoss = coming slow, slow fuse
thuss = slow down
thyss = device, very slow

thast = sluggish group
thest = these were
thist = thistle
thost = those were
thust = what it was
thyst = this was

traa = neck
trae = translation
trai = muddy track, trail
trao = holder (container), betrayn, betrayal
trau = trauma, nightmare action or response
tray = tracer, tray item, train (in action)

trab = drabish, boor
treb = symbolic, magical
trib = tribe
trob = treasury, treasure
trub = deep trance, deep focus
tryb = tribute, meditation, meditate, goal achieving refresh trance

trabl = up front, travel, to front
trebl = tremble
tribl = tribble, furball pet
trobl = troublesome, pest
trubl = trouble
trybl = tribal, tribe matter

trapod = menu, understand, observation, tracer
trepod = select, selection
tripod = three-part stand
tropod = choice, secure
trupod = love affair, love speak, truth
trypod = sex, unlawful, violation

twaxe = costs too much
twexe = manipulation
twixe = fixture
twoxe = at extra cost, knock out
twuixe = obvious
twyxe = warranty

taaogny = teratogeny, malformed fetus
tiayuau = lie serum, lying induducing serum
taay = terrarium, toad cage
taaoma = teratoma, malformed child
taag = chore
tau = tattoo, skin art, skin drawing
tauet = tattoo artist
tuatlng = seclng, second lung, second choice, second chance
tadah = today, twisted motion
taek = taken
tachya = particle
tena = teanna, duty, dutybound
tapp = tap, siphon
toad = poison frog
tiem = time, a backwards time
tieny = tirany, zealous rulership
tumao = 2-handed, two hands, too benign, too nice
tumo = tumour, cancer growth
tonyeddy = rough flow, considerate concern
teufeltong = devils tongue, devil language, restore talk ability
teuj-e = devotion
tuau = tictactoe, enticement tackle ridge
tuasosp = finish
tuasosplin = discipline, finish line
tuasosproh = finish work, finished work
tuek = tweek, change, modify
tabu = taboo, restriction, restrict
tabulator = calculator, math machine
tybu = timber, wood, prepared wood
tybumu = timber mill, wood mill, wood preparation mill
tabbabasis = talaee, table of element, chart
tabbue = tabletop
tablue = wood glue, table top, glued together
tabl = table
toby = responsible, fluent, responsibility
tobey = considerate, fuck, to obey
tuhan = two handed, two hands
tala = toilet
tele = at distance (of metered message)
telly = telecommunication, telefon, communicate, telling, communication
tartus = time ship, time machine
tatu = tattoo, skin art, skin drawing, drawn-in skin
tatuet = tattooist, tattoo artist
taumyu = magical tattoo, contrary tattoo, Azure bond or skin tattoo by active magical
event sometimes other than a normal tattoo.
ter'angreal = grand focus device
tictactoe = wary wrestle ridge
tagl = entangle
tatter = pieces
tatterdemain = memory being in old clothes built of memories to aid people and
tattau = to mark
tattao = placement, to place
taizon = rise up
taykousang = renew blood flow
tibhuru = animal plant human that has any animal human shiftshape but will
be plant inside
tech = teacher, teach
todo = achieve
tafoc = task force
tofu = good for you, healthy
teddy = stuffed bear
toealp = alp mountain range
toga = belted sheet clothes
tahik = take a hike, that hike
talus = neuro block, mental block
tego = scutum, shield (also in latin)
tegoeseh = shield field energy
telesmi = works of wonder, invention
tileda = time leader, time jumper, A being that acts like a person who attempts to impose on whose who are supposable to others. Shares and starts managing from others by example.
tiaveo = time advisor, One who gives advice on events. Sometimes by gifted advice in yes or no answers or to complete answers. Complete answers complete solutions. Somewhat solutions incomplete truths. Somewhat done, inconsiderate enter respond.
tisodia = et tu glade, time soldier, a soldier who works by or of and with time.
ticoncn = Time council, a coucil that time travellors sometimes follow.
tollwut = call, unknown call, rabies
tylonal = pain relief
timbuktu = out nowhere
toileda = toyleda, toil in the field effect by leading, or timework.
tomal = tomale, light pepper
tomalsa = hot tomale
tomate = tomato
tomarra = eimarra, pieceful arrangement, court, war support, tomorrow
tomerra = piece errand, gather, get together, consider (think)
tomorra = piece in activity, puzzle
tomi = fun seeker, fight seeker, opportunist
tomm = tomorrow
tommy = machine, automatic motion
tardf = slow time
tavruli = blended work, blended energy
tengu = bird human leprecaan that does malicious human tricks
tentacl = tentacle
titilhu = tentacle being, devils trap that causes the victim to be sucked into
suffocation unless it offers aid and its only weakness be fire, cold
tityu = totem pole, tantalum, spirit pole
tony = braggart, tough, tiger, considerate
tonys = distrust, distrustful, to bear trust, trusting
tyny = tylonal, tinny, pain relief
tenshysu = holy shield, faith shield
tonk = shapeshift
tons = thorns, hundredfold back per enemy hit, alot
tunyf = personal uniform, officer uniform
tepe = tent
tepi = time, passage of event
tequm = equal
tikem = summoner, summon person
tuatha = children
tuathap = child
tuis = twister, twist
tuog = turn good
tssl = tissle
tese = themself, themselves
teseract = shift out of phase
tesseract = dark mindless killer giant
tesseractiq = dark giant god, twilight giant
tishinko = sculpture, sculpt
tush = toosh, butt
totemkaur = three legged giant raven with eyes all surround
tyson = chicken, high quality
tytiy = consequence
tula = tulip flower
tuliv = let me live, to live, leave me alive
tylukyth = time link, time portal
typorral = time portal
toanee = telekinesis, mental movement of objects near, far away
tour = tower
toeuca = mountain range
toile = toilet, linen
toilepap = toilet paper
tues = tuesday, confliction, conflict
tuink = annoyance, annoy
tucros = tom cruise, more adorable, so I'm cuter
truirsis = the railroad train, roaring rattle, rattle and roar
time = measured event
timeo = pause
timeou = regression
timeout = hold event, backward event
times = end point of power loss by excessive energy, time loss, burn out, when power loss happens the power is recovered by healing
timex = physical power loss, disaster, time extra
timo = hourglass, timer, watch, time measurer
timou = stop time
timout = hold out
temp = temporary, time (roman root)
timp = tamper
tumo = tumour, cancer, deadly organism
tigron = tiger human shifter
tariff = law, set down rule
terrarium = toad cage
tierd = tired, sleepy
tores = fallen, capable, lich
totaeen = tuatha de danann, imperial faery
tousl = tassle, hassle
torelnhiqahz = teleport
torso = body, body feature
tohst = tore chamber, torture chamber (by rebecca), tossed
tunhuaz = teleport
tuow = turncoat
turkish = turkey nation
turqois = tourquoise
turret = mounted artillery
tutaek = time=momentous eventxunknown eventxreaction, event prediction or
chaos math
tylg = redeem
tylga = redeemer, redemption, soul share enemy turn
typhon = 100 serpent headed giant with serpent like legs and thigh and feathers
and wings
tyadreparo = repair thyroid gland
tyre = notable place, tire, tyrany, untiring
tyres = tyrese, tyrant, tiring (from dominance), dominationt, tire easily
tyro = tyroh, leader, tyrannosaurus in man
tyron = commiserate, indenture
tyseq = pattern, time sequence
tatr = motion picture, walk-in theatre, tatterdemain, walk-in movie
texx = tough, shooter, cut action
tdaaell = Tie dying, The deeper hell; Is the sub-dimes of the 3rd dimension as the hell of existence that traps you into not moving much and being victimized or beaten while doing an idea. These idea are presented as if a dream and given by visions. They are virulous and have a dark side to them as though evil in natyoure but sound good as though too good to be true.  To break free from this hell is to  try to not agree with what pleases you yet you do things as you want. These visions are different from what normal visions are like.where normal visions seem to give you what you want and sometimes seem too good to be true. But feel good to the self, as though they are apart of you. The virulent visions keep coming back and are separate from you yet are very likely a suggestion. As the vision can go on and you can attempt them but you get tortyoured in yoyour mind by a force. So to deny the idea by a 'not necessary' is to block the suggestion.
tgyrn = resolve
Thad = absorption, absorb
theatr = walk-in motion, walk-in movie, creative act
theer = there
thx = thanks, thank you, merit
thou = method, you
theb = thief, to take
theba = theme, divertive, exacting moment
thebn = thieve, thieving, too much (of something)
thong = backstrap, leatherwork sometimes made of bootstraps that hides and holds things.
thorax = thrax, throat
thop = thought, though person/ally
thr = thrive/ed/ing, there
throng = group, cord
tjern = return
tlk = dlg, dialogue, talk
tmr = tomorrow
tron = active trace, active track, retrotrace, backward track, electronic
truoi = three headed bird
truu'ennui = true human, Absolute energy being that can be anything and has
no true form except what be felt or thought up.
truyng = true source, universal power, ancient power, combined power
tryng = ancient power, sweets, triangulate
trw = true human, absolute energy being that can be anything and has
no true form except that thought up
tralw = transparent plastic
trapx = extra charge
trupu = transparent
traka = neck
tramp = trashy lady, march through
trans = transform, transfer, translate, across
translit = translation
tradoe = traitor, information trader
tragheit = inertia
trave = travis, transpirer, travel, transpire
travn = travis, transpirer, travel, transpire
treant = treeman which looks till it dislikes a person like a tree then it uproots
itself to become an animated walking tree
trei = tree crash
treiz = thirteen, thirteen
trefigi = transfigure
tri-kreen = insectoid humanoid worker
triy = trelawny, second sight, vision
tretis = written work, written order, work order
trig = trigonometry, symbol math
triton = merman
troir = trupuwydr, transparent glass
trois = 3, triumph, three
trouf = water container, water trow, water container
trouver = to find, travel to
troleta = spirit troll, regenerative being that can turn into real form, remain
spirit form.
trolloc = energy twisted tusked boar human that stands on two feet able to speak
clearly and has very coarse hair along human torso
tropica = tropical
trun = thrown, throwing
trundly = trolley
trug = get through
tryy = repeat action, try again
trygin = try again, another try, traitor
theh = the tech, technique
thema = based on idea, theme
thise = thineself
thurisaz = lucky protection
thrug = get through
thk = that kill, thank, think, palup
ths = this, that weight
thx = thank you, thanks
tsarinia = desired behaviour, interesting flower
tsekuma = insect breed, return (to soul or body)
tway = its way, that way, this direction, this way
twak = wake up
twilley = gradual, observance, work
twink = annoyance, fake, annoy
twok = its work, that worked, it worked, its working, impinge, force upon, to work
twork = at work
tzugi = self-retain, studious, selfish


va = what, quality, animal hospital
ve = significant, when
vi = gripping, with, alive
vo = who, relocate, vocate
vu = no, not, to understand
vy = why, help out, viable, understood

vaa = evasive
vea = find a way, possible, possibiity
via = medium through, interaction, with
voa = to escape detection
vua = make believe
vya = undetected

vae = vague
vee = sharp angle
vie = life
voe = direct by
vue = clouding, viel meaning
vye = confusion

vai = greeting, improve upon
vei = important factor
vii = extra strength, very strong
voi = void
vui = learn, woman
vyi = helping hand, given aid

vao = unintentional, veritaserum, truth detail, truth tell, mistake, truth serum
veo = insignificant
vio = release
voo = directly focus
vuo = otherwise understood
vyo = useless, fire vampire

vau = vault, containment inside
veu = very nice
viu = hold, grasp, volcano, volcanic
vou = vowel, indicated movement
vuu = experience
vyu = resource

vay = true value
vey = convey
viy = to hold
voy = inhibit, votive, candle, move, moving, voyage
vuy = incited
vyy = give aid

vab = quality control
veb = noticed, verb, verbose
vib = vibe, vibration
vob = look elsewhere
vub = understood
vyb = aid

vac = voic, vacate, voice, vacant
vec = abandonment, wild abandon, emptiness
vic = ruin, dream, bias, lost purpose and meaning
voc = divorce, call, talk
vuc = compensation, victim aid
vyc = victor

vacc = vaccine
vecc = matrix, vector
vicc = conqueror
vocc = good event
vucc = retry, succulent
vycc = get better

vad = void
ved = moving picture, movie, video; just achieve: 1. doorway, 2. gateway
vid = provide, provision, see
vod = hand recorder
vud = would
vyd = hidden world, behind scenes, inside video

vag = vague
veg = eat
vig = viagra, cails, viarga, feel good, sex improvement
vog = vogue, display
vug = good view
vyg = vigor, pain damage body resistance

vak = vacation
vek = weakness
vik = voyager, explorer
vok = long duration
vuk = understand, understood
vyk = location, locate

val = vale, value, feel, area
vel = veal, venison
vil = vile
vol = kept, contained
vul = gross, mass amount
vyl = repeat

vas = invader
ves = inquisition
vis = hard grip, see
vos = ownership
vus = usurp
vys = held breath

vam = inspection
vem = important date
vim = tight month, viewer
vom = job fair, vomit
vum = premenstral syndrome, pms
vym = review

van = vain, hover van
ven = intervene, when, true, vein
vin = wine
von = migration, won
vun = education, will not, won't
vyn = responsible

varn = area like
vern = cavernous, cave like
virn = filled in, iron like
vorn = worn with age
vurn = caving in
vyrn = fill in

vap = vapor
vep = significant
vip = steel grip (vicepress, vicegrip), very important
vop = high paying job
vup = fast learner
vyp = application

vaq = vacant
veq = warning silence
viq = silent death
voq = undercover
vuq = maneuver
vyq = understood

var = variable, different
ver = were, veer, where, true, version
vir = propelled, wild
vor = vora, biolocate, hunger, suck, eat, consume
vur = gain wisdom, hunter, seeker
vyr = earn, feast

vas = sluggish
ves = slow to understand
vis = steely, vision, scop
vos = slow migration
vus = imbecile
vys = slow to action

vat = toughness, vert, x, convert, conversion
vet = animal hospital, old
vit = spasmic, alive
vot = vote
vut = self understand, realize, realization
vyt = sexual interest

vav = unbias
vev = view
viv = revive, alive, reanimate dead, make flesh golem
vov = view shift
vuv = pity
vyv = viewpoint

vaw = value
vew = view
viw = tight
vow = oath
vuw = hairy
vyw = costly

vax = recreate
vex = intrigue
vix = crush
vox = new job
vux = vuix, learned, less wise more act, wise
vyx = course

vaz = qualify
vez = highly secure
viz = scenic
voz = refugee area
vuz = training camp, boot camp
vyz = neighborhood

viola = medium violin, medium stringed instrument
viole = food plate
violi = violin, small stringed instrument
violo = cello, large stringed instrument
violu = bass, huge stringed instrument
violy = violence, carrot juice

vall = wall
vell = well
vill = will
voll = prison, vault, safe
vull = bull, sickness, wealth, income
vyll = study, repeat, strain

valn = ground, valient
veln = vegitarian meat, mock meat
voln = unkempt, free, freely
viln = violin, will not, won't
vuln = vulnerable, debt, volunteer, payment
vyln = unrepeatable, unrepentant

vart = changeling, shapechanger
vert = green, vertical
virt = wild thing, wilder
vort = vortex, disorient
vurt = hunter, huntress
vyrt = gain, edible

valln = land plot, ramp, slope
velln = sick, wellness, dry, dryness
villn = villain, villainous, will not, evil person
volln = barrier, block, open display, unsafe
vulln = truth, disadvantage, poor, debt
vylln = violent, unrepeat, unrepetent, villainous

vaeva = wherever
vayafu = truth perfume makes people scenting tell truth
vancho = great lord, different person
vasyayu = [vase-inn-aim-inh-unh] versimilitude, Find things with unnatural luck and this allows you to never seem to get hurt. On a negative moon phase, can invade your mind and make you work.
veaeva = whenever
vnadrakngl = humanlike bird dragon angel
vielakith = life charm
vielakyth = easy being, easy life
vien = python snake
viennes = python snake venom
vies = drown out, fire out, put out
VitAengEeng = Vitamin A, E for agelessness and skin softening.
VitAengEengZeng = Vitamin A, E and Z are a cure to drugs.
viol = violent, burning, violet
violuw = violue, red violet
violun = unviolent, healing light, black light
vyocanon = cannonfodder
vuul = heavy vehicle, armored transport, armored vehicle
vyo = useless
vici = I conquer
vico = dreamer, loss
victor = triumph, triumphant
vader = invasive, invader
vida = lost
vidi = I saw
voda = voldemort, dark lord
voldemort = dark lord, dark king
vagita = ultimate power, vegetible
vegou = eat out
vegout = eat up
vehicl = transportation, vehicle, transport
vegg = vegetable
vacaya = what you
vacua = what you
vacuamen = intended meaning, intent, intention
vyhau = overlord, elven lord, high planar being
vyhauhu = high planar human being that has instant magic at command and be natural
vikta = viktor, victory
valheru = overlord, elven lord, high planar being
vyhau = valheru, overlord, elven lord, high planar being
vilea = repulsive, violation, each vile
vilgan = villian, asshole
volkh = shape shiftin guardian
vulcan = volcano
vamp = vampire, drain
vampbat = vampire bat, vampire bait
vomi = vomit, throw up
vapid = undeclared, undisclosed, rapid expansion
visi = vision
vela = builder
vanderdagast = wandering that gastly, wandering ghast
vena = mystic bird of unknown origin that be silver and blue strikes beauty
into people
venuroo = intervention
vini = I came
vari = variety, many choices
variant = variation, barrier
mvaricea = live creature
variceanie = egoist, unblamable creature
verita = truth
verne = difficult, difficulty, stern
verge = boundary, together
virgin = without alchohal, no sex
verith = guaranteed to do
virtu = virtue
vista = distance, distant view, distant land, area extent
vitasol = childbirth enable
vawya = void weaver, void channeler
vawyn = void success
vocayy = voicerific, excessive voicing from decay, obsession or depredation causing voicelessness and depression
vown = patriotic, patriot
vixen = evil lady, spiteful lady
vutu = virtu, virtual, virtue
vy's = vitamin
vyes = viciousness, vicious strike


wa = cry, where, what, wish, want
we = emotion, wed, we
wi = silence, with
wo = stop, I/me/myself, to turn, not
wu = loud, loudness, wobbly, would, would have, woo
wy = creature, wing, possible answer

waa = circumstance
wea = reduce of, when, restrict, weevil, wedge shape bread eater bug
wia = width, length
woa = hold on, stopping point
wua = detail, relief, explaination
wya = clear distinction

wae = well, set on, stubborn
wee = awake, absolute joy, aware of
wie = wield, why, walkabout
woe = bring death, disaster, stoppage of flow to turn energy, turn off energy
wue = personal misery
wye = unsacred

wai = decide, need it
wei = yes, weigh, think about
wii = know
woi = worry, dark despair
wui = vision
wyi = blurry

wao = way over
weo = wheel, well off
wio = harmonic
woo = sweet
wuo = wow
wyo = why help

wau = enlighten, who I see
weu = wend, understand
wiu = silently
wou = stopping point
wuu = no!
wyu = wield

way = way, path, road
wey = wild, wildness
wiy = confidant
woy = crash
wuy = ruckus, raucus
wyy = wilderbeast, wild beast

wab = way back
web = a web
wib = applied focus, applied being
wob = wobbly
wub = being loud, wobbly, shaky, rub wrong (wound), make wrong (wound), seal
wyb = being witty, possible

wac = wacky
wec = weak acknowledgement
wic = wch, with character, which
woc = cooking wock
wuc = loud character, weak characteristic
wyc = candle wick

wad = group together, wade
wed = weed, commit/ment
wid = wide, make known
wod = not desirable, word, world
wud = would, wood
wyd = lucky guess

waf = wafer, thinly sliced
wef = form emotion
wif = wife
wof = wolf, game hunter
wuf = woof
wyf = air scent

wag = wag tail
weg = wedge, thin layer, going, away, material
wig = hair wig
wog = take a loss, allowance loss, allow destruction
wug = shout
wyg = lost cause, hopeless

wak = wake, awaken
wek = weak, wield, wimp, week
wik = kill, make happen
wok = awake
wuk = active poison
wyk = moral, witch

wal = wall
wel = weal, well
wil = will
wol = woah, well hold
wul = wool, cotton
wyl = focus clearly, will, wild

wam = a back head knock
wem = emotional moment
wim = emotion
wom = womb, worm
wum = senseless, pointless
wym = a wim, given into desire, withem, withheld, hold back

wan = wane
wen = wean, when
win = a win, wine, whine, success, wine, emulation
won = not stopped, continued, won
wun = wont, faint spell, will not, wound, won't, wouldn't, won that
wyn = wind, north wind

wap = whap, vapor
wep = weep
wip = wipe
wop = whoop
wup = woops, feel sorry
wyp = whip

waq = scream awake
weq = weaken
wiq = tremor
woq = woke up hearing, light sleeper
wuq = quake
wyq = earth vibration

war = bell, belli, war, conquest
wer = were, man, as is
wir = wire
wor = wore out, worn, worry
wur = steadier, make steady
wyr = weyr, dragons layer

was = vas, ways, weigh, what, been
wes = choose from
wis = wisdom, wizard, wise one
wos = feel personal pity, pitying
wus = meditate, whats
wys = wisen

wat = wait, weight
wet = wheat
wit = wight, undead being that sucks the soul on a touch with paralyzation, with it
wot = wrote, what
wut = whoot, what, woot, wht, would that
wyt = witty, witty response

wav = wave, hand pass
wev = weave
wiv = harem, nag
wov = woven, sewn together
wuv = weaver, energy channeler
wyv = wedge, wedge shape

waw = cut through
wew = whew
wiw = with work
wow = oh wow, absolute surprise
wuw = stamina drained, tired out, work wobbly
wyw = shortcome, shortcoming

wax = wax, awaken, wack
wex = weeks
wix = waxy buildup, wax use
wox = woke up
wux = wuix, near faint
wyx = burning wick

waz = yst, was, ways, waste, waist
wez = wheeze, short breath
wiz = wise
woz = woes
wuz = whoozy, faint spell
wyz = a wiz, genious

wark = kill count
werk = slaughter
wirk = kill tap, snap
work = energy load, movement amount
wurk = steady kill, unstable
wyrk = blowup, blowoff

waaa = crying fit
waea = charge up
waia = stored energy, energy storage
waoa = wide area
waua = falsified
waya = acting on impulse, impulsive

waae = weight gain
waee = weighed impulse
waie = go with it, make attempt
waoe = way over your head, very high up
waue = absolute surprise
waye = discovery make, eureka!

waai = build strength
waei = work out
waii = sacred
waoi = feel comfortable
waui = get familiar
wayi = show path

waao = wild hope
waeo = take a chance
waio = not going to
waoo = once again happen
wauo = burn yourself
wayo = way over

waau = not happen
waeu = enlightenment
waiu = wait on
waou = shield
wauu = waw, cut through
wayu = extreme weight

waay = permissive
waey = get control, wave
waiy = conclude, conclusion
waoy = wayoey, way overhead, high up
wauy = weigh alot
wayy = break oath, oath break

weaa = don't study
weea = active fairy, stand tall, strength, stand up
weia = physical location
weoa = owe alot
weua = use, abuse
weya = try again

weae = physical help, physical aid
weee = moment enjoyment, fun moment
weie = remainder
weoe = repeat
weue = resuable
weye = take root, become root

weai = traper, trapper
weei = dislodge, disrespect
weii = aweii, bring attack
weoi = collection
weui = our use
weyi = bring danger

weao = beat them
weeo = stern nature
weio = go along, associate
weoo = restrict
weuo = take notice, interrupt
weyo = temple

weau = overwhelm
weeu = end
weiu = repair condition, fix situation
weou = intuitive action, take action
weuu = whew
weyu = large gift

weay = armed, prepared
weey = asshole
weiy = got him
weoy = break, breakage
weuy = over repeat
weyy = weyey, cannot condone, disallowance, unallowance

wiaa = understand, understood
wiea = collapse
wiia = picture, depict
wioa = responsible
wiua = wiooa, go way back
wiya = karate chop, hand separate

wiae = dicovery, be discovered
wiee = attention, discourage
wiie = distrust
wiee = abuse, admittance
wiue = enemy
wiye = trick, trickery

wiai = wipe away
wiei = construction worker
wiii = putrid
wioi = why pay, unpay
wiui = disaster, destructive end
wiyi = ever repeat, fractale

wiao = overrule
wieo = waste, large eel
wiio = concern
wioo = freely kill
wiuo = alone
wiyo = turn good

wiau = stun, unaware
wieu = happiness
wiiu = identity, identify
wiou = cruelty
wiuu = wasp
wiyu = black weed

wiay = over there
wiey = winey, whiny
wiiy = why
wioy = why oh why, how come
wiuy = lied to
wiyy = explain, explanation

woaa = woaya, become active, be active
woea = regeneration
woia = woaiya, warrior
wooa = duplicity, befriend
woua = acceptance
woya = rowena, informant, inform

woae = worse
woee = worry, (dark) memory
woie = resolution, resolve
wooe = child
woue = revive
woye = worrier

wadr = window
wedr = light
widr = focused through
wodr = melt
wudr = wonderment
wydr = glass

wald = seal in, wall off
weld = weld, metal unite
wild = wildness
wold = crash
wuld = burn
wyld = destructive

wand = focused will, a wand
wend = slowly gain
wind = grow quiet
wond = wonder
wund = wound
wynd = deter

ward = ward, protection, conclusive
werd = declined
wird = wired, blockage
word = worried, taking measures
wurd = unstabilize
wyrd = wierd (fate)

wark = war kill, battle kill, active work
werk = energy work, were kill(ed), were (killed) at
wirk = intelligence work, work in, in work
work = play, do things with
wurk = wrk, would work, your work
wyrk = wire kill, en strangle, wild afterwork, a wild effect

warl = warble
werl = when real
wirl = whirl
worl = homeworl, vortex whorl, travel whorl
wurl = war shift
wyrl = viral, why move

warm = warmth
werm = squirm
wirm = wriggling
worm = worm
wurm = handling affairs
wyrm = wyrm, wingless dragon

wann = then, come back, wham, recover
wenn = went
winn = purposeful, with purpose, unalcoholic, virgin
wonn = lost, wanton
wunn = will, steady balance, will have
wynn = loss, wanton, wind, compromise

wra = wrap
wre = wrench
wri = write
wro = wrong
wru = wrung
wry = wryly, rueful, wring

wrat = wrath
wret = wretch
writ = write, printed page
wrot = rote, wrote
wrut = root, bad habit
wryt = written information

wras = wraith
wres = wrestle
wris = wrist
wros = bad step, wrong step
wrus = benchmark, benchpress
wrys = strangle, wrist, sexual, rueful memory, crush (love), wrist

wpa = weapon
wpe = wie out, wipe everything
wpi = whip, whipping
wpo = wipe ou, wipe out, whip out
wpu = whip you, wipe you
wpy = whippy, wild whip

waeva = wherever, whatever
waoanetz = internet
wayreth = magic forest
weaeva = whenever
weyr = dragon layer, show down
wiuai = hydrocarbonatemethanol, breathable water, htuoctumoi
wiuafi = hydrocarbonatemethanol, breathable sulfurwater, htuoctumoisfi
wipati = fxseh, wave pattern, A creative wave pattern or effect field reflected
in sleep, ability, influences and made with the metarules of Affinity, Thaumaturgy
and Mental Focus with interactive subparticles of;

  lutra(lut-rah, lea, lepton, love trance, electron, displacement charge, ion, negative energy charge, negative time subparticle)
  proa(pro-ah, lida, likdon, likton, proton, proective, proteon, proactive(athletic), positron, positive charge, proactive charge, charge within particle, contain charge subparticle),
  nura(nure-rah, neutron, neutral subparticle or neutralize),
  tehnya(tea-hia, tachyon, active, carrier wave or positive time subparticle that looks like red dots),
  yaa(yay-al, alera, aleron, eludia, metainfluence, alpha waves, aether or manipulation subparticle).

  To allow with interactivity;

  cema(seem-ah, cemia, cosmia, temporary glue particle, temporary cementation of particle, cosmetic particle, A particle to cause a temporary cementing of effective thought about particles to a surface, Formed by electron + proton + aleron);
  cua(cue-ah, cuon, curon particles to cure poisons and body weakness, neutron and aleron);
cuae(coo-aid-eh, curative of scent particle, nice scent particle, cua + proton + lura)
  crita(crite-tah, crypton, temporary erasure, or weakening particle created with graviton + tachyon);
  dnyra(dendyron, denyro, denyron particle, or programmable particle that you think at once created to program it created by tachyon + aleron + lara);
  eawr(ee-ah-wer, ewir, parasitic sembiant particle, self-perspective condoning thought particle, sub-bot particle that forms and coagulates on moving things as an object. It does as instructed by it being spoken as though it did it and it feeds off filth or bad things and sometimes the organism itself. Formed by a cua + proton + lepton);
  eawix(Ee-ah-wix, ewix, hearing ear particle, wax particle, a particle that allows you to hear nearly anything that is thought about or looked for by thought, created by eawr + proton);

  foa(foe-ah, photon, leukton, destructive particle created with electron + proton);
  flaa(flay-ah, feleron, firewater, everburning water, everlasting flame, greek fire, photon with aleron);
  gna(gnah, gea, genon, creon, coreon, create, earth, solid barrier, constant, body, boundary, drug, solidity particle, lekton + aleron);
  lukra(luck-rah, for leukra, leukron, antigravity wave particle, electron and graviton);
  lata(late-ah, lekton, freon, void, later, raw material, cold, cold spatial particle created by electron and proton);
  lara(lair-ah, eleiron, attractive element particle, magnetic particle of aleron + electron);
  lura(lure-aw, allows luron, eleuron, detractive element, dark matter, separation force particle, red matter, aleron and graviton);
  loa(low-ah, eomai, everia, lower and do particle, surrendipitous info soak, impulse particle, causes learning by discovery, inverse osmosis, created by electron + stekton)
  loae(low-made-eh, eomeo, aeia, raise and do particle, info soak by hypnosis, causes subconscious observation learning, adverse osmosis, made by proteon + stekton)
  loai(loe-ain, elorai, laura, gnosok, money or knowledge soak an buildup,, osmosis particle, lipkon + aleron);
  loan(loe-an, elorain, gnosokles, lauran, knowledge or money reduction, reverse osmosis, crypton + aleron);
  lika(like-ah, lipkon, barrier, psychic, air or sound vibration particle, electron and lipton);
  lita(lite-ah, lipton, fire, heat felt particle created with electron and tachyon);
  lupta(lup-tal, leupton, lava, molten heat, magma, emotion, melting particle, proton + aleron);
  nuatra(nue-at-rah, negatron, nilhistic, annihillistic, rapid heat energy, extreme extremely slow destruction particle, electron + zeuktron);
  pua(poo-ah, puatra, purify, disserf, dissolvation particle, red particle, lura + neutron + lata);
  sutra(sut-rah, suetron, creative water active healing particle sometimes found in meditation, neutron and tachyon);
  stata(state-an, stekton, graviton, support. gravity or light wave particle; electron + neutron);
  uun(you-un, ubyon, erasure or reversion particle made up by proton + neutron);
  uace(you-ace-eh, ulypces, good luck particle, with ulypsis + ukyon + lekton);
  uasa(you-tase-ah, ulypsys, bad luck particle, ulypsis + ubyon + lekton);
  uase(you-fase-eh, ulypsis, antitime barrier effect particle created with proton + tachyon);
  uua(you-oo-ah, ukyon, purity or restorative particle, neutron + suetron);
  yara(yay-rah, alakron, manifestation particle, tachyon + aleron);
  zatrui(zat-roo-ih, zaktrunia, intrusion particle or warmth particle, likton + lipton);
  zutra(zut-rah, zeuktron, changing mutative and irradiative particle, proton + graviton);
  zutri(zut-trih, zeuktronn, disturbing particle, photon and zeuktron);
  Zuty(zoo-tee, zeo, zuteo, zuhteo, cold radioactive particle, zutra + proteon).

wea = weak, weakness
wach = what, watch
wachya = what you 
wadda = whadda, what did, what dad
wahai = wachamacallit, this thing
wedbag = weedbong, iphuc, weed star bong that is the bong or smoking container for the smoke type.
wydog = flying winged dog, widow, dog
wood = wand, mana focus device
wats = electricity, electrical, tesla
warmyu = warmagic, destruction and alteration spells
were = werewolf
worka = woka, work off, worker, woke up, work up
wassup = what up, whats up
wosa = worship
webufrod = network
wedn = 3rd, third, wednesday, wedding, marriage, lazy
wiou = without
wield = equip, use
wieter = resume
woody = wooden, old style writer, animated wood creature
wicrenu = negative witchcraft
wokobb = stay awake
wylfoc = Willed force, by chastity motion applied in mind.
wykcryt = witchcraft
wykcrit = why quit
wilynily = willy nilly, make attempt
wuln = would not, wouldn't
wyld = wild
wana = wanda, instinct, want to, impression
wanda = wonder, wonderer
wannac = want to see
wondai = wonderment
wasu = please, plead
wasuck = ugly
watu = what are you, hold on
watt = current rate
wattu = your current rate
wattm = my current rate
wish = focus need, desire, want; as a focused desire that happens by natural subliminal activity
acting as a high energy bridge with subatomical particles being influenced, causing the people
that the energy interacts with to achieve your desire. otherwise its a desire that achieves
the result when felt, spoken, and its not magic.
warcobny = war combining; To be confiding the effort you do, to combine in effort, by war and become as one mind, the being as to cause it to seem one, in war by acting as one and with actions that work with each other. Causing it, the being, to appear as one. This triples ability and power. But, filter by refusal, of corruption.
warclu = warclubbing; to club together and in war, to cause things to be beaten, by assisted effort thats working together.
warcry = spirit animal war cry
warden = security head
warlin = soldier practice, prophet heritage
worketh = workeith, to work, treasure work
wotaf = brittle
wuzz = whats
wuzzit = whazzit, whats in it
wheter = Coming up soaked and ready for more
wll = well, will
whas = what, whats.
wmaekom = undo annihilation, uncalled for destruction
wrislet = bracelet
wrislyt = slit wrist
wrislit = bracer
wren = wrench
wron = wrong
wrp = warp, wear, warping, warped
wha = what?, what
white = blind desire
wje = creating you (by effect and soul life)
wjh = whe, whackup, crazy making, insane making whack job, epidemria: A condition caused by the heart and it takes form of nearly anything being taken literally and realistically. This causes personal reaction to any stimulus or action that presents itself.
whh = attack, fuck attack
wunjo = joy
wijkin = disappear
wumpus = large and fearful
wuvsun = star weaver, star channeler


xa = savior, say
xe = heroic, see, xenium
xi = exile, plain, wild horse on xill
xo = put forth, so
xu = soar, soon
xy = reinforce, psychic, reinforcement, crotch

xab = flab
xeb = overweight
xib = excite, excitement
xob = great
xub = protrude, protrusion
xyb = exhibit, diplay

xac = exact, exacto
xec = power action
xic = banish
xoc = shot, fire
xuc = flight power
xyc = reinforce

xad = tad bit, too much
xed = extension, extend, exceed
xid = exist on, existance
xod = penitrate, go into
xud = extrude, extrusion
xyd = collide, collision

xaf = safe
xef = sieve, sleeve
xif = siphon, drain away
xof = soft, softness
xuf = eloof, cuff
xyf = existance

xag = sag
xeg = segment
xig = signal
xog = sog, soggy, splash
xug = extra sugar
xyg = extra reinforcement

xah = exalt, high praise, high acclaim
xeh = heroic
xih = sigh
xoh = anger, angry, sweat
xuh = heat wave, hot
xyh = heat treatment

xaj = hero, heroine, just
xej = siege
xij = banishment, banish
xoj = co-action, adjacent, paired movement
xuj = stick out, protrusion
xyj = soldier backup, law reinforcement

xak = kill exile, exacto, knife cut
xek = clumsied, attacker
xik = fated exile, fated plain
xok = pose, remake, audit
xuk = rebuke, reprise, reserve, conscious
xyk = condition

xal = extra value, sxamine
xel = zeal, example
xil = long exile, last time away
xol = slf, looking good, self, solo
xul = exume, exalt, exultation
xyl = insiduous change, sinuous changeover, dick

xas = exhaust, slow recovery
xes = moved to heroism
xis = exist
xos = give slowly
xus = take off
xys = slow reinforcement

xat = exact, exactly
xet = exist
xit = exit
xot = quixote, saying, exotic
xut = exalt, exaltation
xyt = excite, excitement

xaa = exalt
xaek = archaic, dark age
xeam = extra force, holy, debilitating force, dark will
Xei = diarrhea
Xeia = decent mind, docile mind, arisen
xeiab = peanut butter
xeiaxeb = create effort, work motion, relaxation, ship moments
xiao = morning, daytime
xiom = ziom, axiom, picked up thrown down, museum
xialinn = sociapath, feeling person
xiaolin = crazy, sociopath, bad, dark assistance
xiaolinn = law, psychotic
xieliet = exobiologist
xieliy = exobiology, other form study
xiem = transform, resolve, hold to body
xoe = extrude, xodus, exodus, far away exile, long mission of far distance
xue = snow
Xace = exercise, produce exercise and moral
xebne = weight disease, overweightness caused by drinking carbonated drinks
like soda pop and other carbonated drinks but solved by drinking water,
non-carbonated fruit juice and other noncarbonated drinks.
xebneu = remove overweightness, weight loss
xebpiaroneu = penetrating overweightness removal, penetrating weight loss
xeno = fear of being xern = high strung deer mule
xerp = word phrase of power xist = exist, existance
xitami = xiaoli, xiaolin, trend, trendy
xaph = intermediate moment, graph
xeph = it be, controlled chaos, controlled chaotic moment
xowad = xtreclah, strung together
xce = excess, exile
xct = xcts, execution
xhup = boil, bubbly skin, boiling water 120 deg F, extra ring, rapture hawk
headed horse with eagle wings
xst = exist, cut weight in that
xpant = exponent, expelling, expelled, extra cut pant
xpeue = xpugduduio, whisper
xpctah = expecting, extort/ion
xpcteh = awakening, expect/ed
xpla = explain, extra splash
xplat = explanation, personally explain
xploye = exploit
xployee = expeditious, efficient
xployeeh = explode
xplot = exploit, take advantage
xpt = extra point, expect, expectant, export
xxcla = an declare, excla


za = energy shot, thought
ze = striped, original, one of a kind
zi = zinc, work out, body build
zo = secure area, so, such
zu = diplay
zy = drawn together

zab = focused charge, electrical flow
zeb = zebra
zib = zinc concentrated
zob = scanning
zub = focused display, monitor
zyb = drawn together focus

zac = shot energy
zec = colored aura
zic = muscle building
zoc = electrical charge
zuc = sparks
zyc = charge up, gather charge

zad = zades!, excitement exclamation
zed = filter, polarize
zid = used zinc
zod = area measurement
zud = scent, understood
zyd = conclusion

zaf = fall asleep
zef = noticed striped
zif = easy insert, easy entry
zof = in secured area
zuf = where displayed
zyf = draw in place, the draw

zag = overloaded energy strike, made mark
zeg = signified stripe
zig = sculpted muscles, struck as, The zig(zag) bolt, sig(cig), c-lit(litc, ultra
lightspeed or natural light energy) or litc as a mark of pua (power level) and trance for signal
traciering as signal trace and actual attempt.
1. The more the zig the more zag and the more that be done.
2. Advancement of loudness and sometimes mental stupidity or insanity per power level
unless necessary precautions.
3. The advancing stage, a progress point tract or signal.
4. Replacable marks are a *, #, @, !, %, `, ~, /, \, |, X
5. Never do things devisive with energy unless some physical effort be achieved
(not beatings), to balance the unprepared body response and get the physical body
prepared for the zig level. If not then theirs a mental serendipity (mental stupidity
or discovery, physical self-discovery on accident).
6. Less aggression more achievings, more accomplished per second, more strict unless
7. Less likely more to occur, with more effect and less compressed (smaller) size of
faster motion. More power make smaller energy pulses.
zog = ground mark, groundhog
zug = where important, conception (of intereptation)
zyg = create interest

zah = strangely desirous
zeh = oven
zih = sweat
zoh = warm area temperature
zuh = whereabout
zyh = heat circulation

zaj = justified charged shot
zej = oblivious, jaded
zij = personal reasons
zoj = security
zuj = explanation
zyj = draw interest

zak = killing charged shot, energy god
zek = clumsied, attacker
zik = planned kill
zok = mass strike
zuk = get the target
zyk = drawn in place killing blow, chasing blow, attract to target

zal = outlasting energy shot, pension, tendency
zel = zeal, zest, fearless
zil = exile
zol = work camp
zul = lasting display
zyl = zero, paused, brought to nothing

zam = zambolic, renewal
zem = seeming, seam
zim = because I am, planning
zom = lasting month
zum = zoom
zym = symbolic

zan = country concern, in focus, zany
zen = focused sense science, zen, 6th sense
zin = economics
zon = state
zun = civilization
zyn = nomadic civilization, tent city

zap = focused energy charge
zep = primordial
zip = forced by pull, archive
zop = travels toward
zup = charged particle, particle
zyp = dissipation

zaq = earthquake, struck vibration
zeq = vibration, auratic
ziq = measured vibration, rictor scale
zoq = soaking, area quake
zuq = lasting vibration
zyq = struck chord

zar = turn head
zer = fruit
zir = shift into, transform
zor = grahm crackers
zur = destitute
zyr = take a walk

zas = slow transfer
zes = blindsided
zis = slowly build muscle
zos = speed regulation zone
zus = zeus, lasting slow
zys = accept exchange, slowly drawn together

zat = energy dissipation
zet = was unique
zit = zit, skin blemish, worked out
zot = disassembled, out for yourself
zut = displacement
zyt = drawn together

zav = watch energy shot
zev = looked for uniqueness, yearn
ziv = looked upon body, see
zov = open security, nudity
zuv = was looking
zyv = matched, other half, true love

zaw = electrical wire
zew = original coat
ziw = furry, fur
zow = protected zone
zuw = lasting coat
zyw = spray, formed coat, spray paint

zax = generated energy shot
zex = cleated, originality
zix = doing too much
zox = security image
zux = long lived
zyx = binding together

zaz = targeted shot
zez = striped area, testing area, hazard area
ziz = improve body, buff up
zoz = security zone
zuz = sustaining field
zyz = hastily assembled security, sizzle

zaz = taze, stun shock
zez = tease, disease
ziz = appetize, large roc proctector of other birds, appetite
zoz = toes
zuz = desire
zyz = traffic, time area

zla = who did not stand
zle = brimstone
zli = off duty, activate
zlo = eruption
zlu = convincer, preacher, televangelist
zly = culp, blamed, blamee, blame

zha = crowd
zhe = these
zhi = thigh, this
zho = though
zhu = thunk
zhy = your

zja = servant
zje = vengence
zji = proof
zjo = personal view
zju = servitude
zjy = affront, confront

zadd = strong, will
zedd = maintainance, maintainer
zidd = discrepant
zodd = wierd, strange
zudd = fight
zydd = parrot, copy

zadde = split person, unplan,  create moments in the air that gives you actually anything you want
zedde = organizer
zidde = stand-in, replacement
zodde = uncertain, disorganize
zudde = interospective, percieved interrogator
zydde = explain, explanation

zahr = no secret
zehr = come, energy to come
zihr = seer
zohr = zoe, power effect
zuhr = lure, sure
zyhr = sire, father someone/something

zomba = moving zomby
zombe = broken control, paralyses
zombi = zombier, enslaver
zombo = zonko, knocked out
zombu = alive, your zombie, make zombie
zomby = slave state, enslaved

zann = unconcern, hedge
zenn = illogical science, nonsence
zinn = unmanageable, moneyless
zonn = hidden, conceal
zunn = uncivil
zynn = homeless vagabond

zenna = seer, psychic
zenne = zest
zenni = lemon, lemon lime
zenno = mystery
zennu = denial, blindness
zenny = sour rind

zhal = thalus, counting device, about things
zhel = theology, philosophy of things
zhil = work with things, playing with things
zhol = constructed item
zhul = turned dark
zhyl = resulting number

zhra = thrash
zhre = three
zhri = thrive
zhro = to throw
zhru = done, underhand toss, threw
zhry = thrift

zra = thrash
zre = three
zri = attack, enmity
zro = to throw
zru = done, threw
zry = thrift

zeah = associative, association
zeaha = whistle, pensive
zeahaa = self-defense
zeahay = prosperity, prosperous
zakal = jackal, werewolf
zabis = zabem, zales, zalus, sale, boom
zalli = coordination, hard work
zedsen = prismatic light
zeliq = intelligent zeal, fearless intelligence
zeny = teeny
zenny = zen like
zero = adhere alone, zero
zest = flavorful (part)
zesty = lemon fresh
zetsu = magical art of parts
zidder = domi, domineer, release, take control, rule over
zidderr = shaky, nervous
zidders = psychotic, psycho
zidderrs = disruptive
zigge = to train or trait instance effect
zinny = tinny, tightly, boned up
zipzyt = stretch
zouho = to feel safe by bequest or given request as your really safe
zhao = devote, devotee, devoted
zhaot = target, zealot
zjaero = aerial servant
zrzqculayl = cold enchant
znshiguai = explosion
zza = ennervate, awaken
zzz = zzzeabro, sleep, electrical charge