Basic words and structure

    The base structure of the words is to have the idea represented as objective views. Then the idea is put in a string of words to represent what your thought is. Its like a word phrase image idea. Built up from the idea that your base word is represented by a idea and the thought is a string of words, they are likely under a different structure. To know, is to be able and represent yourself better. To accept and be accepted by things for its word.

    The words can be nouns, adjectives, adverbs, preposition, verbs depending on use. 
Finally, the words can be strung together, like old latin and greek, for complete sentences. Proper nouns are capitalized even in strung together in sentences and separate. When writing the sentences, write the words together in a string, such as tbgoppe = this be a good opportunity. Any separator marks like ,.;:"`() are left out, and spaces be in place and also for prepositional phrases the space be before "by", "of", "with", "before". "that", "at". "if", "then", "there", "those", "but", "as", "among", among others. Any word after a period or the start of a new sentence is capitalized. The Proper nouns are left separate and by themselves, unchanged except the last vowel be treated like normal in the letter replacement section. Adding a capitalization to the  word gives the word a stress, importance. the word cluster groups are separated into similar concepts. Each concept is set as a word or string of words. The alternate style of word stringing is Capitalizing the beginning of each new word and this is in the sentence.

    Also, you may separate each word and use that as a structure plan for the phrases. To make it easier to read, but you must add the proper endings, except for pronouns, verbs and single letter words.

  The words separated in the sentence: 'Me c whan ya nedan' = I see what you need. 

  The old style of word stringing:
    "Icgreviwan Ifelpecnon = I see the great view. I feel peaceful now."
    "T Relan Pana Unoe = That..really  hurt (pained me/you) you gnow"
    "Jellon ishalgutueta = Gelatin dessert be good to eat."
    "Mluvnglen sotrytufiga a an in structlin" = I adore english so I try to model this structure like it.
    "Ifyureserkt thucadoitmo akivbijyuse-e-biothmene" = If you research it, then you can do it more, achieve by yourself and by other means.
    Life be an idea, promote to get action in action by emotion. Void where prohibited by promotion or divisional acts.
    "Lyeiie pruotuga iacta byemoe Voiwaproiyo tipruoe-o-dieeyacte"
    Life be an idiot, try to work things out with success (pursuit). News to me and news to you.  
    "Lifeiia triytuwrkthouwan-sue Nueiman-e-nutuun"
    "Avadptryy tuwotoudestruye" = Avoid people trying to work things out destructively.

  The alternate word stringing style.
   "DunYeTan TuBnTIun"    Don't you want to know things intuitively?
    When your not a friend be not a friend, for a friend in need might die. For thats the worst thing to do, not excepting tricks. To die in developement be also the worst, as for fetuses and things in progress or similiar. To create the effort and die for it, may get you a chance to not want to develope it next life.
    "Veuna amyba amyan a anfoa-amyan n-nedmitdieix Foa-thix worsttudua nxcettrix Tudiea n-deveysowors asfofoeix-e-thix n-prore-o-siir Tucretfo-e-diefit maygukican tunwila tudevnxlif"  
    "Donchet ketan-e-thworsan thtudua foa-tiacta ofviolan"
Don't cheat, Cheating be the worst thing to do, for its an act of violation.

    To combine two declensions as declensions are words that cannot be changed without changing the spelling at the the vowel or consonant thats doubled, allows to have no bad effort or side effect, and a combined by added together meaning. Where the effect of a declension be known by stating the phrase, and to attempt to combine by removing the word letter thats doubled with declension gets a bad result. Combine words at the word the endpoint if desired which be similiar as in la (last action, bring yourself, law) and aro (arouse, arrow or arose) create laro meaning (arousal or call attention). From the area of The gray company elven dictionary, I will attend the example of "when creating words from two or more words, append together and drop enough letters from the appendor to avoid cumbersome letter sequences. Like aa or cc into one but only in word creation." This expresses my methodology even before I looked at it, suits the purpose better.

   For contractions; to combine words like you and have in a contraction, strip
the vowels and the consonants off the second word leaving the last consonant and
use the ya or u for you. Sounding like yav or uv.

 Some contractions;
 yav = uv = you've, you have or your having
 yad = ud = you'd, you would
 yar = ur = you're, you are
 td = it'd, it would
 ts = it's, it is or it has

   Used in a sentence it's like: "Nedan FoSnuenedan Uicshrdan Tureeta" which equals 'Need for Weed is a need which's(uics) hard to resist.' 
    Some words not easily found in this dictionary are 'like', 'mind', 'the thing'. 'did', 'had', 'get', 'do', 'dope', 'has', 'it', 'was', "be", 'no', 'know', 'gnow', 'by', 'is', 'to', 'too, 'two', up, down, else, was, am, maybe, yes, now.

'like' be 'li' or 'ae'
'mind' be 'ego'
'the' be 't' or 'th'
'thing' be 't'
'the thing' be 'tht'
'did' be 'di'
'had' be 'ha'
'get' be 'get'
'do' or 'dope' be 'do'
'has' be 'hath'
'it' be 't'
'was' be 'waz', 'wa'
'be' be 'ro', 'beh' or 'b'
'no' be 'u-' or 'u', otherwise 'ain't', 'nan', 'bn', 'nan', 'naent', 'nought' or 'n' can be substituted
'know', 'gnow' or 'gno' be 'yes'
'by' be 'ti'
'is' or 'was' be 'ishal', 'isy', be' or 'isa'
'to', 'too' or 'two' be 'tu'
'up' be 'up' or 'eeh'
'down' be 'du'
'else' be 'els' or 'ls'
'was' or 'am' be 'b'
'maybe', 'could (have)', would or 'should' be 'almost'
'yes' or 'you' be 'ya'
'yes' be 'so'
'now' be 'if'

    The a(n), the, an/d, but, or, in, I, if, at is not actually there except when you feel it should be there. Represented by;

'a' be 'a' or 'an'
'an' or 'and' be 'e'
'but' be 'ut'
'or' be 'or' or '-o-'
'in' or 'into' be 'n' or 'i'
'I' be 'me', 'meh' or 'tha'
'if' be 'if'
'at' be 'at' or 'a'

    To get an idea of what be the way of 'the' and similiar words, go to 'personal pronouns' in section -VI-. To gnow the idea of what associates with what of simple words go to 'Symbols, affirmatives and association from several sources' in Section -VII-. For more info on suffix stems and how to pronounce the words go to this next section of the title 'Pronounciation key' of Section -IIa-. To form words go to the 'letter replacements and word creation' in section -III-.

    Some more commonly used general use words as stated:

'hu' = 'heighten', 'helio', 'who', 'fire being'
'wha' = 'what'
'ver' = 'were', 'veer', 'where', 'true', 'version'
'y' = 'why', 'wild', 'latch', 'yttrium(time element)', 'more efficient', 'male'
'ven' or 'wen' = 'intervene', 'when', 'true', 'vein'
'qery' = 'aftereffect', 'query', 'question', 'who', 'what', 'where', 'why', 'when'
'tha'  = 'I', 'we', 'they', 'that', 'there'
'fro' = 'from'
'jus' = 'just', 'justice', 'fair'
'ya' = 'you', 'your', 'yes'
'dun' = "don't", 'don't understand', 'didn't (understand)', 'ordinance', 'shit', 'dung'
'dunno' = 'don't know'
'aruo' = 'use', 'used in'
'r' = 'are'
'e' = 'is', 'are', 'be', 'from', 'it', 'energy', 'open', 'exception', 'an', 'and', 'to'
'uic' = 'with character', 'which', 'wake', 'with carrol'
'mos' = 'moss', 'morse (code)', 'drumbeat', 'most', 'months'
'th' = 'the', 'thee', 'they', 'this', 'them', 'thou', 'thy', 'those', 'these', 'that'
't' = 'the', 'person', 'he', 'she', 'it', 'thing', 'tee (ground stake, stand)', 'tea', 'that', 'this', 'those', 'of', 'time', 'designate (place importance)'
'le' = 'to', 'the'
'la' = 'bring yourself', 'law', 'a', 'brought to you'
'su' = 'som', 'super', 'devine', 'holy', 'some', 'slowly use'
'don' = 'make allowance (for)', 'condone', 'done', 'don't', 'king', 'place on', 'doin', 'doing'
'mor' = 'more', 'idiot', 'mort', 'more on', 'death'
'wyl' = 'focus clearly', 'will', 'wild'
'foo' = 'fool', 'bad style', 'thing', 'idea', 'stuff'
'had' = 'hadn't'
'did' = 'didn't'
'wun' = 'won't' or 'wouldn't'
'ie' = 'ide', 'idea', 'exasperation', 'exagerration', 'hot air', 'tall', 'in it', 'heat release'
'neon' = 'won't buy', 'use', 'nothing done'
'pan' = 'all', 'the whole'

    Some greetings and goodbyes:

'lo', 'hlo', 'hiz', 'heu', 'hi', 'hii', 'avahi', 'allo', 'elo' or 'conechwa' = 'hello'
'hih' = 'breathy hello', 'expressive greeting'
'chow', 'adieu', 'bye' or 'atlu' = 'goodbye'
'ciao' = 'byde', 'bid goodbye'

    For more words just goto the appropriate area of section and search for the term ya want to gnow.

    To use the words for magic, the put together of the spell is in a sentence with root words and without the end stem affix with each word capitalized, like the example sentences. Feel free to use a candle, black or white and light the candle, think to get better effect. Use any word phrase, that means your intent, made from the list below. As in, you wanted to do a better sight spell, look in the candle after lighting and say "betaISit", pronounced (betta-aye-eye-site). Supposedly your eyesight improves, after thinking of target such as yourself. The way this works be usage of raw energy from any area but mainly the water, even if its corrupted as the corruprion boils away and it forms as spontaneous casting unless using a candle. Then the ritual be done with more permenant effect, anyhow its done there be lessening of air temperature. With more energy there be more gain in effect per energy level. The people of earth, air and water elements can use these to beget effects.
    EX: For good eyesight, G-EyC = (g eye-c) good eyesight
    EX: For un deathseeking not of another (as not by yourself), SekTuK = (seek-too-kah) seek to
    EX: To kill disease = IlPK (il-nepp-k)
    EX: To make food, water and objects without excess = TuMakFud Aqo-E-ObjW/oXs (Too-Make-food ache-on ee obj-wih oh-xs)

Praoncie Ke
Pronounciation Key

    The key has no denomination as in no personal view and everyones equal but objects are spoken of by a personal view, and people in the third point of view as if another person. What helps be the pointing out, declaring what you are talking on first ae a point. Say this is a poem, song, and this can use gesture to help understanding. If you yourself can't understand the communication, then its counted as noise and ignored. This rest isn't true for netherese. The way to pronounce these words are through vowels as in "a", "e", "i", "o", "u" and "y" with the short vowels as in "a" for (yih) and long vowels as (yïy), except its reverse with "y" thats short like (wïle) and long like (wïll) from other vowels.

     When a "y" is in the first column, it be pronounced as a "w", "y". Single vowels are long, double vowels make the first vowel long and the second short, except for when the double vowels are the first part of the word. Three vowels are first and second long and said together. The third vowel be short and the y be usually long. Three vowels of the same, are pronounced all long. Four and more vowel words are pronounced with all vowels long, except when the last vowel is the last letter of the word. Then the last vowel is short. Like Ieeek (I-eeek) for I seek to be friendly and bound. Or, Yieeee as (Why-like-EEh) for Why I shriek.

    Any vowel in front of a double consonent, (like tt) be pronounced as a short vowel except the vowels that change their pronounciation completely like y which be long as w. This includes z as a y sound in chez is ghei. For jhe is zhe or g, and z is zheigh for j like sounds. So Jhe is ghe or G and in front of a word is zhe like j is z and z is j. *Vowels in front of the double consonant are flat like asset. Final an consonants of roots, following a short vowel, are doubled when suffixes are added (from the Atlantean language) like lear ~ learre.

    The single consonants are spoken as soft even when put with a different consonant for example cackl = (cahc-kle), letb = (leht-be) except for lets = (leht-s) with a slight hiss to none of the s. Use double consonants spoken hard like raccoon for "cc" yet the "ss" be like assume and be the exception that sounds with a hiss. With any three consonants its first two sounded together, the last sounded separate like ltgeneral, lt-gene-ee-rail. So with some words the ch if there and male is sh sounding, and then if female its k or ch sounding. Like chares or peace, where a man would pronounce it share-ee-s and a female would pronounce it chair-ee-s.

   Some words are combined, with totally different meanings, as the result, If derogative or derived negative word meanings, are used in combining words together, there's two different ways to derive the meaning. As, when they be declension or derogatives, they are with both words meanings, as though two or more words put together. And keep in mind, some words are not meant to be combined. If nominatives, then they be made into one meaning, in some manner. So, separate the declension words, with a dash (-), so that the words that are derogatives and declensions, when putting them in sentences, don't cause problems in translation, to avoid confusion. How you want the words understood, be instinctively. With, fewer word lookups, as possible.

    There be no actual case except for three in this language as its active case and naturally considered magic case like the linux magic number that uses auto references to get the effect. This be considered hyper translation when used in active speach, where there's no case extension (affix) of the 3 cases, that are dropped within a sentence of no spaces. Use more than one ending or affix and only if necessary. Do this as a case in point.
   Singular verb: - or -a, Except the - can connect two words like declensions.
   Any plural: -(i)x for plural and -x can be in place of -e or use i with a consonant an the -x.
   All other cases: -(a)n be where the usage of an be behind a consonant.
   Optional s: use -e at the end of the noun or verb. Like know is kno and with the -e its knoe.
   Optional ed: Use an -o at the end of the word. As the word busted is bet as root and o as stem for 'beto'.
   Optional ing: To form nouns and other cases into verbs. The idea of in and en is -y with consonant an vowel or as to be with feeling its -in for present action or -en sometimes for past action. As optional additions, this shows conception of something weird or to use an -ing effect. As in is into and en is in or at end. To bein in is like been except different meanings as bein is being and been (benen) is beneath or not being. As benigning is bniy.
   "Letiamax" = Lets stand to make (a difference),
   What are you saying? = "Varusax",
   "Arudua" = How are you doing?,
   "Arux" = Abrupt use,
   "Abrubix" = Before rubs or abrupt rubbing.
   "Ydutnowan" = Why do that now?
   "Yneadut Asuluken" = Why not do that as your looking?
   "Gluky" = good looking.
   Now why didn't I look at this earlier? = "Nowydidmeluka Atherlyran"
    Depending on usage for example; the word aq meaning fact or factor can mean also
factors (aqe), factoring (aqix), factored  (aqo). The k as in kn be silent or dropped yet
influences the word like in knuckle. the "h" as in "bhack" be unheard with only an influence except when alone, Th treated like t, Bh treated like b, Kh treated like k are letters but the t be unheard or soft, b be soft, h be also silent within a sentence.

    As another word aao, it means bank (aao), banks (aaox), banked (aaoo) and banking (aaoa). The tense of the words are hardcase so "I" unless needed, "of", "or". "our", "that" and "the" are assumed yet not placed in the phrase unless you want it there.
    Use simple word patterns for complex sentences.
"lets make a difference" = "letmaitaix". Due note this has no "a" in it from the english
"lets be different" = "Maybtai"
"this be our way" = "tbaye". leaving out "our".
To say "This Can't Be Yogurt" = "TCanB Ugite".
To say maytag, be "Maytag"

  rak = (rake), aroo = (ar-oll-o), waii = (w-aid-rite-ih), cyl = (sil), uar = (war),
  yyn = (yin), c`aa = (c-yay-a), tar's = (t-hair-s), zap-o = (z-ape-oll),  
  e`iryy-i'pu = (ear-ire-il-why-puh), zyl = (zil), elevn = (wee-l-see-vn),  
  decty = (d-eh-c-tye), betto = (bett-oll)
    To put these words together string the words; 
    EX: Eueios n-hawaiin = Languages and desirous in depicted sacredness.  
    EX: Eueios n-hawaiix = Languages and desirous in sacred depictions.  
    These are complex sentence patterns;
    EX: Ichluffigy`omue itek'gymix = I love exercised vision in taught exercises
    EX: Urion e-eplen-uoy y'aftan =  Most important be enduring long instances after
    power actions.
    EX: Ich e`iryy-i'pue id = I at last changed self being peculiar in mind 
    EX: Disishwodstuukae = This be a sentence (long word string) strung together.
    These are with numbers;
    EX: sexeoe i quadcentquadttrimille i tuten = 6,443,021
    EX: onzanai dec e dectdec = 11x9=99
    This song be a example of proper old latin nouns and completely translated 
broken into pause breaks where punctuaction marks were, to make it easier to understand.
    Ay Tonyn tudulin Ay Tonyn iffyicudiwudbue Eniotlitiae teniotlitutan Etemmaiembgregren gren Frostanflakix r-gretgutan tgan
    Hey Tony! I like the things you do. Hey Tony! if I could I would be you. The one and 
only tiger the one and only taste! Eating them makes them more than good, there great! Frosted flakes are more than good, there great! 
   Elmally Chrisan Tlitan Urbuasbbyqan Sotigtwealwudys wetebfainaave Duurskekix alwadraa ubrisomda Ucasa HaHa Buoulgaaoe OthtuMaa

    Separated words: Tun me allyn Chrisan  T lin t  Uran bun as b byqo  Sotigan t we alan wud ysan  We th fainan a aven  Du ya skekix  Alwae dra  U b rin somdan  U ca sa  HaHa  Buoul ga aoen  Othan tu Maan
    To my friend chris, Its like this, Your talent has been bestowed, Something that we all would wish, We'd then be King of the Road, Do your sketches, Always draw, you'll be rich someday, You then can say Ha! Ha! Half goes in the Bank, the other to Ma Ma.
    Juueertix Elmordyfpepix Taconfelyjuux Twamemepryey Mogadjuun bygadix Modysijuudun bythurtan Mooffjuux dan bydysan Qerylyjuux e-dabydyfan-e-offan Qerymemjuura fothwin Qeryprveyjuurdua bytdefan thwegdsjuux Dufoalan oabovan Usuyfocoete-e-mofo'pla                
    Spells are many things. To many different people. There are confusion and lying spells. There were memory and privacy spells. Most genious spells done by geniouses. Most defensive spells done by those hurt. Most offensive spells, done by the defensive. Where confusion spells are done for defense. Where lying spells, are done by the defensive and offensive. When memory spells are for those with confliction. When privacy spells are done by those defensive, then we got programming spells. Done for all of the above. Usually for correction and mostly for fun.
  Serendipity or natural discovery happens by accident.
  Ehzmeihxhan-o-natdecoaya onembijeroman
  Ally maiy
  Alliance influence after, Make possible concept. Allay fear.
  elyman-o-sylieman = elliemay or salliemay, loan agency, money made force, loan detour agency.
   Ever mind the rule of three,
   Three times what you givest, returns to thee,
   This lesson well, thou must learn,
   Thee only gets, what thou dost earn. 
   Evrmidruusan-a-thein (Ever mind rule of three)
   Theinnax vathgioun reteithan (Three times what give out, returns to thee)
   Tgnouelan thmugnon (This know well, thou must know)
   Thotlygix vathduerna (Thee only gets, what thou dost earn)                                   
   If its bad get out of there. = Iftixba gouthan 
   Sinning be sometimes easier to forgive, rather than being always right or
too perfect.
   Bayaesotyesyn eifogia raatpywax o-tupafin
   Eifogie eifogia
   To forgive be to forget.
   Things may not be well, so seek civil liberties. = Tmanaibwelan sesekcivliatix
   If you can't stand the heat, keep out of the kitchen. From my mama.
   Eefyocansteha kepouofthkyknan Fromymaae  

Letter replacements and words creation from other words

A. These are the letter replacements used for the words below: Use with any word you come
across to create an atlantean word for yourself but remove the stem like ing, ed, s and etc.
Warning this key has no denominations.
1. The "e" at the end of the word be removed as its silent and not spoken.
2. Remove the "h" from the word, if silently spoken.
3. Any "a?e" where the ? be a cosonant, remove it making it ae.
4. Simplify the word as much as possible in on or two passes except for two or three letter
words, except for the proper nouns unless its desired to. Remember that ei is neuter, ie for woman and ey or y for males.
5. M,N,L,S,+ voiced consonant > MM,NN,LY,SS, ZU,PU,BU+vowel> Z,F,V.
(Note that these letters were originally pronounced ZH, F and V even in Imperial Atlantean).
6. S between vowels>Z, -NC- >-NG-, -PH->-F-. (Note that PH was always pronounced F in any
7. Final consonants of roots, following a short vowel, are doubled in writing when suffixes
are added (as in declensions and conjugations).
8. Diphthongs changed to single vowels in all positions (including finally), i.e. OU>U, EI>E.
9. In triphthongs, such as AUE, EUA, the last vowel vanished. The surviving diphthong was also
usually simplified, especially if final, eg AUE>AU>AO>A.
10. Most final short vowels became -e.
11. Where some or most atleantian has the singular verb:- or -a,
12. All other cases: -(a)n be where the usage of an be behind a consonant
13. All plural cases: '-ix' with other vowels, drop i except with e.
14. When the word be three letters or less, drop no letters except the e or h.
15. ough>ue>u; like tou or thru

B. The old ways before reform of the word rules are listed below to convert words
borrowed from the language site.

C. Below this section be the root words and by use of for the associations section can we
obtain verb tenses and cases to add on with use, and make the words more easier to undestand. The letter replacements are necessary within the word. can be used with netherese as well.







EX: paces=pasz=pace=paces
EX: packed=pako=pacced=packed
EX: wonderment=wadami=wyda=wondai=wonderment
EX: high octane=hiocti=high octan=high octane
EX: flooding=fludy=fluden=floodin=flooding
EX: floodplain=fludpla=floodplai=floodplain
EX: what do you mean=wadoya mean=waoya mean=wakya mean=wakkya mean=wachya mean=wachyaaei
=vacuain=wachyoaen=wachya mean=wadoyou mean=what do you mean
EX: close=klaus=clos=clu=clos=close
EX: vacuum=wacwm=wewm=vacuum
EX: seeing=cy=cen=cin=seeing
EX: learning=lernen=lann=lerny=lernin=learning
EX: hear=ear=er=hear
EX: clarion=clrt=clet=clarion
EX: sideline=silie=sili=silan=sile=sidlan=sideline

N sys
Number system
The numbers are in groups of 3. Every three there be a spoken e(and). Math functions such
as adding and subtracting are just like normal. Use for addition, the words "e" = and, +,
plus, ig = adding, +. ig`o = added with, of or to, +.
35+44 tritceli autthein
28+16 buoutoct ig'o eniz

Use the words of a-, fro or sohtr = subtract, -, minus. To use it combined be sohtr'fro or a.
17-12 dente atulv
20-1 doubuou fro en

Times, In order to express so many "times", ie once, twice, three times, etc, add the suffix
-(a)nai to the cardinal (include the "a" if it follows a consonant, omit it if it follows a
vowel), eg:
once enenai
twice buounai
nine times nantanai

Every / each, To translate "every ...", eg "every three, every four" or "three of each,
four of each", prefix the Atlantean cardinal with "ton(t)-". Use the form "tont-" before
a vowel, otherwise "ton-". EG:
Every one (each one) tonten
Every five (five of each) toncel

Fractions, To create fractions, add the definite article before the ordinal numeral(5th, 4th with
ul or l if vowel) for single fractions, or the relevant number(1, 2) for larger ones, as in
English eg:
one half en buoul
one third en darcul
one quarter en theinul
two thirds buou darcuix

"-ly", "in the .... place", To translate words like "firstly, secondly," etc, add the
adverbial suffix -ehe to the ordinal, similar to the English construction, eg:
firstly enuyehe
fifthly ceyehe

There are two numerals which do not correspond to the expected formation:
tenthly douyehe
in the seventieth place ariehe

"-ruple", "multiplied by", "...times". To translate formations like "double", "quadruple",
"twenty times", there are two methods depending on whether the construction be an adjective
(as in "triple salary") or a verb (as in "to triple a salary"). As an adjective, prefix the
first part of the cardinal to the relevant noun. Note that only the first four (up to
"quadruple") are regularly used in Atlantean. Ie:
Double buo-
Triple dar-
Quadruple thein-
Single be a separate adjective = encanul.

As a transitive verb, Atlantean used the construction "to make two", "to make three", etc,
with the verb "ei thaid" plus the cardinal, eg
To double / make two ei thaid buou
To triple / make three ei thaid darco

To express the intransitive verb, "to double" in the sense of "to become double", Atlantean
used "ad ern" plus cardinal, eg
To double / become two ed ern buou

35500 = trit-quinmille e quincent
99999 = t-nimille e nancentnantnan
cieo e quadcentquadttrimille = 6,443,000
7,400,640,851 = syitrilni quadcenteoi sexcentquadtmillei etcentquintune
onzanai ni e nitni = 11x9=99
cixcla = ci!, six factorial, 6x5x4x3x2x1
facte c eq ciquondquo ei thaid quad = function of x with f(c)=400x4

All math is is a formula find the formula you find the number system like calculus expressions..
a = by, of, - (a-), subject, minus
e = and, +, plus, is, equals, =
o = or, difference of, of amongst, with, used with declensions by a -o-
"-(u)l" = place after the last number word phrase for the "u" endings and for "th"
numbers, This also represents the 10 numbers, 10, 20, 30.
n = index, number, one to infinity
antu = remainder of
antu'of = with the remainder of
aq'in = factors into
asou = absolute, positive result, |
"-(a)nai" = include the a if in front of consonant, es, time, multiply, multiple of, *
-(a)nai'wi = include the a if in front of consonant, es`diw, multiplied with, *
eq = equal represent, result, =
ig = adding, +
ig`diw = added with, +
ig`tu = added to, +
bi`a = divided by, /
bi`in = divided into, /

Advanced function()
brae`wi = enclosed with, []
brae-wi = enclosing with, []
fac = group, ()
fac`diw = grouped with, ()
fac-diw = grouping with, ()
facte = function, f(x) as a function of x and how you decide to assign the x
frete = fraction, a part, a part of the whole, n/n like 1/2 or n parts out of n
fro = from, subtract, -, minus. use 'fro with a -(a)n or -a word in front.
grata = greater than, gratitude, >
lesta = less than, <
neg = a-, de(h with the vowel of the word)-, negative, -
paci = percentage, %, pacify by comparison
sotr = subt, subtract, -
sotr'fo = subt`fro = subtracted from, -
pamu = permute, NPr, 5P4(5/(5-4)), permutation
xcla = factorial, natural positive number row, 6!(1x2x3x4x5x6), exclamation,
declare, !
oin = center
av = point, decimal
agleu = acute angle, 30 degrees
agl = angle
endav = end point, finish up
itsagl = obtuse angle, 120 degrees
oruy = a ray, one direction line
ci = shape, diameter, six
cimi = curve
cuic = circumference, circle area, circle radius size
cuis = cubic centimeter
x = deg, degree/s, point of degree, participant, duree (as duration), degraix, amount
measured, digit, "o"
dwight = incline, upslope
hit = height, to strike
gir = plot
kod = chord, line segment on circle
l = line, 180 deg, straight angle
lee = downslope, easing down
ligt = length, lengthen
nillin = straight line
rais = radius, raise
ritagl = right angle, perpendicular, 90 degrees
segml = line segment, line piece
stere = cubic meter

Circles and shapes sometimes slopes.
tigi = tangent, line circle point
twi = twine, bival, between
val = area
vyln = land plot, ramp, slope
vylna = upramp, upslope
vylnastep = upramp, steep upslope
vynuto = upramp, steep incline, steep upslope
wea = length
wia = width
cucl = circle, 1-sided curved shape
oase = ellipse, squashed circle
trul = triangle, 3-sided shape
qudray = quadrilateral, closed four-sided shape
squ = square, four equal sided shape
rutigl = rectagon, rectangle, right-angle parallelogram
traad = trapezoid, three unequal sided shape
icutrad = isosceles trapezoid, three equal angled shape
pruire = parellelogram, parellel opposite sided shape
rhubs = rhombus, equal sided parellelogram
pitak = pentagon, five-sided shape
sexak = hexagon, sexagon, 6-sided shape
seak = septagon, 7-sided shape
oak = octagon, 8-sided shape
decak = decagon or 9-sided shape
polyk = polygon, multi-sided shape(10+ sides), shapeless
orb = orb, perfect sphere, perfect solid circle
utatry = octahedron, double pyramid
bg = box, solid rectangle
hypbg = hyperbox, 4-D space-time object , that be 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 (a 3D unit cube be
1 x 1 x 1). A Hypercube consists of 8 identical cubes, each sharing its 6 faces
with the 6 adjacent cubes (in the same way a 3D cube shares each of its 4 edges
with the adjacent 4 squares to form a cube of 6 faces). Each of the identical cubes
appear to be different sizes and shapes due to perspective. They really are identical.
cyida = cylinder, solid parellelogram
kon = cone, solid triangle
sfa = sphere (sfere), solid circle
pya = pyau, pyramid, tetrahedron, pointed top box
taay = tetragon, solid polygon (10+ sides)

The exponential numbers

en terol = 1/100000000000000000000000000000, 1x10^-33
en exol = 1/100000000000000000000000000, 1x10^-30
en yoptol = 1/100000000000000000000000, 1x10^-27
en yoctol = 1/100000000000000000000, 1x10^-24
en zeptol = 1/10000000000000000, 1x10^21
en attol = 1/100000000000000, 1x10^-18
en femtol = 1/1000000000000, 1x10^-15
en picol = 1/100000000000, 1x10^12
en nanol = 1/1000000000, 1x10^-9
en eol = micro, 1/1000000, 1x10^-6
en centmilli = hectomilli, 1/100000, 1x10^-5
en timilli = dekamilli, 1/10000, 1x10^-4
en millil = 1/1000, 1x10^-3
en centil = 1/100, 1x10^-2
en decil = 1/10, 1x10^-1
en nanil = 1/9, 0.1111
en octul = 1/8, 0.125
pi = 3.1416.., tri e en syil, 3 1/7, 22/7, unsolvable number
en sentul = 1/7, 0.143
en cil = 1/6, 0.6666
enptet = nan quinul, 1.8, 9/5, conversion number, energy converging number.
en quinul = 1/5, 0.2
en qaul = 1/4, 0.25, a quarter
en tril = 1/3, 0.3333
en semil = hemi, semi. demi, 1/2, 0.5

negtut = -20
negnaniz = -19
negoctiz = -18
negsyiz = -17
negcil = -16
negcel = -15
negauz = -14
negtriz = -13
negtulv = -12
negonz = -11

negti = -10
negnan = -9
negoct = -8
negsyi = -7
negci = -6
negcel = -5
negau = -4
negtri = -3
negtu = -2
negen = -1

z = 0, zy, zyl, deho, zi, zill, nyl, noth, zero, zilch, zil, einzawzhi
en = 1, I, n, une, unis, uni, one
tu = 2, II, buou, deuix, duo, bis, bi, di, tuw, to, two, too
tri = 3, III, darco, ter, tres, trois, three
au = 4, IV, thein, quad, quattuor, tetra, tetr, quadri, four
cel = 5, V, quinque, cinq, penta, pent, quint, quin
ci = 6, VI, sex, cint, hex, hexa, six
syi = 7, VII, sent, septem, hept, sept, septo, seven
oct = 8, VIII, huaccel, octo, huit, et, eight
nan = 9, VIV, ni, nant, novem, neuf, non(latin), ennea, nine

ti = 10, X, doul, deka, decem, dri, ten, dec, deca, deci, A (hex, hexadecimal)
onz = 11, XI, doulen, undecim, hendeca, undeca, eleven, B (hex)
tulv = 12, XII, doubuou, duodecim, hecto, dodeca, twelve, C (hex)
triz = 13, XIII, doucu, tertiusdecim, thirteen, D (hex)
auiz = 14, XIV, douthein, quartusdecim, fourteen, E (hex)
quiniz = 15, XV, doucel, quintusdecim, quindeca, fifteen, F (hex)
sexiz = 16, XVI, coucint, sextusdecim, sixteen, 10 (hex)
syiz = 17, XVII, dente, septimusdecim, seventeen, 11 (hex)
octiz = 18, XVIII, douccel, octavusdecim, eighteen, 12 (hex)
naniz = 19, XIX, counant, nonusdecim, nineteen, 13 (hex)

tut = 20, XX. buenoul, viginti, twenty, 14 (hex)
tut-en = 21, XXI, buenoul-en(etc.), twenty-one, 15 (hex)

trit = 30, XXX, darcoul, triginta, thirty, 1E (hex)
aut = 40, XL, theinoul, quadraginta, forty, 28 (hex)
quint = 50, L, celoul, quinquaginta, fef, fifty, 32 (hex)
sext = 60, LX, cintoul, sexaginta, sixty, 3C (hex)
syit = 70, LXX, setul, ariel, septuaginta, seventy, 46 (hex)
octt = 80, LXXX, ariel-doul, octoginta, eighty, 50 (hex)
nant = 90, XC, poud, dounpuondao, nantul, nonaginta, ninty, 5A (hex)

cent = 100, 1x10^2, C, puonda, doulul, centum, hecto, hundred, 64 (hex)
centune = 101, CI, puonden, one-hundred-one, 65 (hex)
centu = 102, CII, puandatu, puonda-duon, one-hundred and two, 66 (hex)
centi = 110, CX, puonde-doul, puondeti, one hundred and ten, 6E (hex)
centonz = 111, CXI, puonde-doulen(etc..), one-hundred and eleven, 6F (hex)
centtut = 120, CXX, puonde-buenoul, puonda, puondetut, one-hundred and twenty,
78 (hex)

tucent = 200, CC, buoupuonda, buoucent, two-hundred, C8 (hex)
tucenten = 201, CCI, buoupuonden (etc), two-hundred and one, C9 (hex)
tucenti = 210, CCX, buoupuonde-doulen, buoucent-ti, two-hundred and ten, D4 (hex)

tricent = 300, CCC, darpuonda, darcent, three-hundred, 12C (hex)
darcocent = 400, CCCC, theipuonda, quadcent, four-hundred, 190 (hex)
celcent = 500, CCCCC, celpuonda, celcent, five-hundred, 1F4 (hex)
cicent = 600, CCCCM, cipuonda, sexcent, cicent, six-hundred, 258 (hex)
sentcent = 700, CCCM, sent puonda, septcent, seven-hundred, 2BC (hex)
etcent = 800, CCM, huaccel puonda, arielcent, eight-hundred, 328 (hex)
nancent = 900, CM, nanpuonda, nicent, innocent, nine-hundred, 384 (hex)

tosi = 1,000, 1x10^3 M, g, ochos, mille, mill, grand, kilo, thousand, 3E8 (hex)
tositi = 1,010, 1.01x10^3, ochos duol (etc), ochos ti, one-thousand and ten, 359 (hex)
tutosi = 2,000, 2x10^3, buou ochos (etc), tu ochos, two-thousand, 7D0 (hex)
titosi = 10,000, 1x10^4, doul ochos (etc), ti ochos, ten-thousand, 2710 (hex)
centmille = 100,000, puond ochos (etc), centum ochos, one-hundred thousand, 168A0 (hex)
ducenttosi = 200,000, buoupuond ochos (etc), ducent okos, dukent okos,
two-hundred thousand, 30D40 (hex)

Large numbers

eo = 1,000,000, 1x10^6, O, E, meuhilde, mega, yuron, million, F4240 (hex)
biln = 1x10^9, B, giga, buron (beuron), scottland, billion, qua'teso(quotesso),
milliard(england), 3B9AC00 (hex)
triln = 1x10^12, tera, trillion, billrd, quo'teso(quotesso), billion(england),
E8D4A51000 (hex)
auln = 1x10^15, q-auln, peta, quin'teso(quintesso), quadrillion, 38D7EA4C68000 (hex)
quinln = 1x10^18, exa, quintillion, quin'tesa(quintessa), trillion(england),
DE0B6B3A7640000 (hex)
sexln = 1x10^21, zetta, sextillion, 35C9ADC50EA0000 (hex)
syiln = 1x10^24, septillion, yetta, quadrillion(england), quid'tesa(quidtessa),
1BCECCEDA100000 (hex)
octln = 1x10^27, octillion, yept, 9FD0803CE800000 (hex)
naln = 1x10^30, nonillian, quintillian(england), yokt, 4674EDEA40000000 (hex)
decln = 1x10^33, decillion, drillion, zopt, 3BC15B0A0000000 (hex)
sexln = 1x10^36, undecillion, sexillion, B34B9F10000000000 (hex)
tudecln = 1x10^39, duodecillion
septln = 1x10^42, tredecillion, septillion
auquiln = 1x10^45, quattuordecillion
auetln = 1x10^48, quindecillion, octillion(england)
sexdecln = 1x10^51, sexdecillion
nonln = 1x10^54, septendecillion, nonillion(england)
octodecln = 1x10^57, quintsyiln, octodecillion
sextln = 1x10^60, novemdecillion, decillion
sextriln = 1x10^63, vigintillion
undecln = 1x10^66, undecillion
syibisln = 1x10^72, syituln, duodecillion(england)
tredecln = 1x10^78, tredecillion
octtquad = 1x10^84, quattuordecillion
quindecln = 1x10^90, quindecillion
sexdecln = 1x10^96, sexdecillion
nisexln = 1x10^102, septendecillion
tietln = 1x10^108, octodecillion
onzquadln = 1x10^114, novemdecillion
tulvzln = 1x10^120, vigintillion(england)
trittriln = 1x10^303, centillion
sexzln = 1x10^600, sezzln, centillion(england)
ziln = 1x10^6n, tontonto, zillion, astronomical, large number

Places by number

zul = 0th, dehul, nullul, nul
enul = 1st, uneat, terul, deci, inga, fulst, puru,, primarius
tul = 2nd. buoul, tuat, centi, alter, sec
tril = 3rd, darcul, triat, tetrius, milli, wedn
aul = 4th, theinul, auat, auth, quartus, quadth
cel = 5th, quinul, quinat, quintus, fridd
cil = 6th, cintul, sexul, sexat, sextus, micro, satu
syil = 7th, sentul, syiat, septimus, sund
etul = 8th, huaccul, octat, octavus, etat
nanul = 9th, nantul, niat, nonus, nano
dil = 10th, tiul, tiat, decimus, deca
onzul = 11th, doulenul, onzat, undecimus
tulvul = 12th, doubuoul, tulvat, pico, duodecimus
trizul = 13th, doucul, trizat, tertiusdecimus
auizul = 14th, doutheinul, auizat, quartusdecimus, quadizat
doucul = 15th, quinizul, quinizat, femto, quintusdecimus
sexizul = 16th, doucintul, sexizat, sexizul, sextusdecimus
dentul = 17th, syizul, syizat, septimusdecimus
attul = 18th, douccul, octizul, octizat, atto, octavusdecimus
decizul = 19th, dounantul, decizat, nonusdecimus
tutul = 20th, buenoul, tutat, vigintius
zeptul = 21st, buen-enul, tutunul, tutenat, zepto, unetvicesimu
tutul = 22nd, buen-buoul, tutuat, duoetvicesimu
tutrul = 23rd, buen-darcul, tutriat, teriusetvicesimu
yoctul = 24th, buen-theinul, tutaul, tutaut, yocto, quartusetvicesimu
tritul = 30th, darcoul, thirtieth
autul = 40th, theinul, fortieth
celoul = 50th, quintul, quintat, fiftieth


xue = snow
aparitblanc = ghost white
smokblanc = smoke white
ganboro = gainsboro
blekblanc = bleach white
boqblanc = flower white
ancienlac = old lace
toile = linen
antiq blanc = antique white
papyrauip = papaya whip
blancamand = blanched almond
bisq = bisque
pekpuf = peach puff
navajoblanc = navajo white
meii = maccasin
maisak = cornsilk
ivo = ivory
citrochifon = lemon chiffon
mershel = seashell
honydew = honeydew
menthe crem = mint creme
azur = azure
blualic = alice blue
blutyj = mystic blue
lavende = lavender
lavendeblus = lavender blush
duloros = misty rose
blanc = white
blak = black
slatarkgra = dark slate gray
gradim = dim gray
slatgra = slate gray
litslatgra = light slate gray
gra = gray
grislit = light gray
bludhiy = midnight blue
navy = navy blue
maisfleurblu = cornflower blue
slatarkblu = dark slate blue
bluslat = slate blue
slatmedblu = medium slate blue
slatlitblu = light slate blue
blumed = medium blue
bluryl = royal blue
blu = blue
skydepblu = deep sky blue
blusky = sky blue
skylitblu = light sky blue
bluacier = steel blue
blulit = light blue
blupoudr = powder blue
pal turqois = pale turquoise
turqoisark = dark turquoise
turqoismed = medium tourquoise
turqois = turquoise
cyan = cyan
cyanlit = light cyan
blucadet = cadet blue
marinaqua = aqua marine
vertark = dark green
oliarkgren = dark olive green
merarkgren = dark sea green
mergren = sea green
mermedgren = medium sea green
merlitgren = light sea green
palgren = pale green
jungren = spring green
gazongren = lawn green
gren = green
chartreus = chartreuse
junmedgren = medium spring green
grenylo = green yellow
limgren = lime green
ylogren = yellow green
icagren = forest green
draoliv = olive drab
kakiark = dark khaki
kaki = khaki
palrodor = pale goldenrod
litrodoryelo = light goldenrod yellow
ylolit = light yellow
ylo = yellow, jaun
yloor = goldenrod
or = gold
litrodor = light goldenrod
arkrodor = dark goldenrod
ruyuw = ruby red
bliuw = blood red
rosyuw = rosy red
injiuw = indian red
sadlbrun = saddle brown
siena = sienna
peru = peru
burbois = burly wood
beig = beige
wet = wheat
tan = tan
kwa = chocolate
firbrik = firebrick
brun = brown
saumonark = dark salmon
saumon = salmon
litsaumon = light salmon
oig = orange
oigark = dark orange
cora = coral
coralit = light coral
tomate = tomato
oiguw = orange red
uw = red
rosesa = hot pink
rosedep = deep pinkw
rose = pink
roselit = light pink
palpipreuw = pale violet red
maron = maroon
medpipreuw = medium violet red
scla = blood scarlet
sclau = scarlet red, blood red
red = magenta
viol = violet
prun = plum
orcid = orchid
medorcid = medium orchid
orcidark = dark orchid
violark = dark violet
blupipre = blue violet
pipre = purpre, violet, purple
medpipre = medium purple
puc = puce, bruise purple
pipreark = dark purpl
thistl = thistle
grark = dark gray
ranbo = rainbow

Personal pronouns

t = ihe, he, hii, she, shii, it, the, thing, that, this
er = her, shy
em = them, i emphasis on them is i
im = him, shyd, hym
it = it, in this, in that
le = you (plural)
lye = you (singular)
th = thee, the, they, this, them, thou, thy, those, these, that
tha = I, da, we, they, that, there
thy = thou, you, your

Symbols, affirmatives and association from several sources

a = de-, -er, movement, -, object, -a, "a-" (not)
e = -is, and, include, amperstand, "&"
"-(a)n" = i, -in, n, movement (from captian blaek), number, nothing, deurix,
all other endings for cases, including "y=" endings, "o=" endings and others.
o = -ed, -oh, otherwise, other, past, relent
u = -ue, you, yourself, yo, ye, thou
y = -ing, -ey, al, -ie, -en, -in, -ly
ensolux = asou, absolu, absolute, absolutely, |5|(5), "|"
es = well overcome, multiply, multiple of, undo, anything, "*"
et = at sign, at, etc (continuance), significant, "@"
eq = equal, result, final end, "="
ezh = lbs, "#", pound
iu = forward tick mark, apostrophe, present action, routine, feet, foot, "'"
ik = inch, ground, gruesome, '"'
ig = add, "+"
"-(i)x" = -(e)s, -us, -ius, -ies, -iuix, -iex, 'ee
ui = with, divided by, "/"
beui = backslash, being with (struggle), diverted with, "\"
buc = buck, tan (tanning), dollar, buckskin, "$"
brachet = braet, bracket, enclosure, enclose, "[]"
braetlit = left bracket, "["
braetrit = right bracket, "]"
bti = back tick mark, relent activity, revert, separation, advent, execution mark, "`"
cea = carat, combine, combined with, ceased, "^"
cili = curli, curlique, important enclosure, "{}"
cililit = left curlique, begin important message, "{"
cilirit = right curlique, end important message, "}"
cuma = comma, common, commonplace, or, pause, ","
cu = que (list), cue, colon, menu, cust, custom, itemized idea, item list, destiny, ":"
deg = degree, number and idea of merit, digit, "o"
fac = face (outline), group, "()"
faclit = left group, wrong group, open to, open group, "("
facrit = right group, close group, closure (peace), ")"
fetoy = factorial, attention, fetid, four!(4x3x2x1), "!"
grata = greater than, gratitude, greater, ">"
lesta = less than, lesser, "<"
quo = quote, statement, parenthesis, '"'
quoe = open quote, begin statement
quocli = cliffside, close quote, close statement
"nai-" = qery, query, value(reason), question, qusti, question, question mark,
fill in, "?"
sewn = list insert, place, semicolon, ";"
seicoa = semicolon, where, ";"
sohtr = subt, bar, subtract, solitaire (game of subtracting), minus, opposite, reverse,
remove from, "-"
tae = take, tame, tilde, almost like, similiar, invert, "~"
paed = stop, combine, period, "."
paci = percentage, comparison of degree, comparison description, pacify, a comparison
of idea and number, "%"
xcla = exclamation, fetoy, "!"

Measuring amt (amount)

Liquid measurement
1 sha = 1/16 pic
2 sha = 1 smidg, 1/8 pic
2 smidg = 1 pic, 1/3 sopca
2 pic = 2/3 sopca
3 pic = 1 sopca, 14.79 muilya, 1/2 lyqoc
2 sopca = 1/8 cu
4 sopca = 1/4 cu
5 1/3 sopca = 1/3 cu
8 sopca = 1/2 cu
10 1/3 sopca = 2/3 cu
12 sopca = 3/4 cu
16 sopca = 1 cu, 236.6 muilya
2 cu = 1 pit
2 pit = 4 cu, 1 qut
1.06 qut = 1 lya
4 qut = 1 giy
2 giy = 1 po
4 po = 1 busl
1 oc = 28.35 g
16 oc = 1 ezh, 453.59 g
32 oc = 1 qut
1/2 lyqoc = 1 sopca
1 lyqoc = three sopca
2 lyqoc = 1/8 cu
3 lyqoc = 1/6 cu
4 lyqoc = 1/4 cu
5 1/3 lyqoc = 1/3 cu
6 lyqoc = 1/2 cu
7 1/3 lyqoc = 2/3 cu
8 lyqoc = 1 cu, 1/2 py
16 lyqoc = three cu
32 lyqoc = 4 cu, 1 qut
48 lyqoc = six cu, 1 1/2 qut
64 lyqoc = eight cu, three qut
80 lyqoc = ten cu, three 1/2 qut
1 ezh = 0.45359 kg
100 ezh = 45.359 kg

Distance measure
1 A = 1 nm, 4x10^-9 ik
1 rm = 3.937x10^-5 ik
1 mil = .0254 mm, 0,001 ik
1 pt = 0.353 mm, 0.0139 ik
1 mm = 0.0397 ik
1 pica = 4 mm, 12 pt, .1668 ik
1 cm = 0.3937 ik
1 dm = 3.937 ik
1 iu = 1 likR, 305 dm, 12 ik, 304.8 dm
1 hid = 10.16 cm, 4 ik
1 likG = 201 cm, 7.92 ik
1 yd = 3 iu, .9144 m
2 yd = 6 iu, 1.829 m
1 dam = 10 m, 32.8 iu
1 m = 39.37 ik, 3.28 iu
1 chG = 20.1168 m, 66 ft, 4 rd
1 chR = 30.48 m, 100 iu
1 fm = 3 yd, 6 ft
1 km = 1000 m, .621 mi
1 fur = 201.168 m, 1/8 smi
1 mi = 1608.288 m
1 cb = 120 fm, 219.456 m, 720 iu
1 mi = 1608.280 m, 8 80 fm, 5280 iu
1 nmi = 1.85 km, 6076.11549 iu
1 legu = 4.8 km, 3 smi

1 ng = 1/1000000000 g, 0.000000001 g
1 crg = 1/100000000 g, 0.00000001 g
1 drg = 1/10000000 g, 0.0000001 g
1 rg = 1/1000000 g, 0.000001 g
1 cmg = 1/100000 g, 0.00001 g
1 dmg = 1/10000 g, 0.0001 g
1 mg = 1/1000 g, 0.001 g
1 cg = 1/100 g, 0.01 g
1 dg = 1/10, 0.1 g
1 gra = 1 g
1 dag = 10 g
1 hg = 100 g
1 kg = 1000 g
1 dakg = 10000 g, ten kg
1 hkg = 100000 g, 100 kg
1 t = 1000000 g, 1000 kg
1 dat = 10000000 g, 10000 kg, ten t
1 ht = 100000000 g, 100000 kg, 100 t
1 kt = 1000000000 g, 1000000 kg, 1000 t
1 dakt = 10000000000 g, 10000000 kg, 10000 t, 10 kt
1 hkt = 100000000000 g, 100000000 kg, 100000 t, 100 kt
1 taag = 1000000000000 g, 1000000000 kg, 1000000 t, 1000 kt

Energy measure
1 w = 1 Q
1 hp = 746 w
1 Kw = 1000 w, 1.341 HP
1 Joul = 0.001 A, 1 mA, 0.7376 ft/lb
1 cal = 4.1858 Joul
1 A = Q(Change)/t(sec), 1 Quou
1 MJ = 1000 Jul
1 btu = 0.000293 Kwh
1 Kwh = P(KW)xT(seconds), 3.6 MJul
1 Epaci = 1 Jul, K/4; the number after point(decimal) be the percent; drop the number
before point, 3 Rbpaci
1 Rbpaci = 1/3 Epaci

General meanings
sha = shake, dash, 1/16 teaspoon
smidg = smidgeon, 1/8 teaspoon
pic = teaspoon
sopca = soupspoon, tablespoon
cu = cup
pit = pint
qut = quart
giy = gallon
po = peck
busl = bushel
oc = ounce
ezh = pound
lyqoc = 1 ounce fluid
muilya = milliliter
lya = litre, liter, litter
ik = inch, in, ", killing interest, successful interest
hid = hand, 4"
iu = feet, foot, ft, '
yd = yard
cb = cable, 219.456 m
chG = gunters chain, surveyor chain length
chR = ramden chain, engineer chain length
fm = fau, fathom
fur = furl, furlong
legu = league
likG = Gunter link length
likR = Ramden link length
mi = mile
smi = s mi, statute mile
nmi = n mi, cmi, nautical mile, sea mile
mil = .001 in
pt = point (type set), .039 in
pica = 12 points (type set), .1668 in
rd = rod
A = Angstrom, .1 nanometer, .0001 r(10^-10)
nm = 1 nanometer, 1x10^-9th meter
rm = micrometer, micron, 1x10^-6th meter
mm = millimeter, 1x10^-3th meter
cm = centimeter, 1x10^-2th meter
dm = decimeter, 1x10^-1th meter
m = 1 meter, milli(1000th)
dam = 1 dekameter, 10 meter
hm = hectometer, 1x10^2 meter
km = kilometer, 1x10^3 meter
Mm = megameter, 1x10^6 meter
Gm = gigameter, 1x10^9 meter
ng = nanogram, 1000000000th gram
crg = centimicrogram, 100000000th gram
drg = decamicrogram, 10000000th gram
rg = microgram, 1000000th gram
cmg = centimilligram, 100000th gram
dmg = decamilligram, 10000th gram
muig = milligram, 1000th gram
cg = centigram, 100th gram
dg = decagram, 10th gram
g = gra, 1 gram
dag = dekagram, 10 grams
hg = hectogram, 100 grams
kg = kilogram, 1000 grams
dakg = dekakilogram, 10 kilograms
hkg = hectokilogram, 100 kilograms
t = tonn, tonne, 1000 kilograms
dat = dekatonne, 10 tonnes
ht = hectotonne, 100 tonnes
kt = kilotonne, 1000 tonnes
dakt = dekakilotonne, 10 kilotonnes, something to sit (chair)
hkt = hectokilotonne, 100 kilotonnes
taag = teragram, 1000 kilotonnes
W = 1 second of work (Coulomb), Amount of change, Power, P=VxI=W
btu = .000293 Kw/h, butane, energy flow, heat flow, British thermal unit
HP = Horsepower, 746 Watts (W)
K = kilo (1000), Kelvin, thermodynamic temperature rate, To get the temperature; use
(Deg F - 32)/1.8+273=K; Absolute frreze (can't go lower) be 0 K, Freezing point
is at 273 K, 373 K be the boiling point.
Kw = Kilowatt, 1.341 HP, 1000 W
Cal = cyoy, cal15, calorie, organic heat energy amount at 288.5 K, 4.1858 J
Jul = E, energy, Joules (J), 1 mA, 0.001 A, sensation, .7376 ft/lb
A = quou, Q(Change)/t(second, sec), Amphere, Amp, I=P/v=A
Epaci = Energy percent, a measure of Aether energy like smart air, E% = K/4 = %;
take the decimal as percent and drop the first.
Rbpaci = Chaotic energy percent, see a measure of random decay (chaos) by interring motion,
measured by E%/3=% or decay rate.
MJ = megaJoule, 1000 J
Kwh = E(Kw/h)=P(Kw)xT(seconds), 1 Kw/hour

Kitchen utility

uasax = whip up, mix together, whip
atla = dagger, knife
atlaqodo = sharp knife
atlasirloin = steak knife
eun = spoon
ine = tine, fork
buta = butane, butane gas pod
butastov = butane stove
byvogala = bevel edged knife
bron = kitchen, useful
bronsik = kitchen sink
car = chair, holding platform
futon = furniture, couch, chair
mousatla = shearing knife, b1 knife
stov = stove, griddle
tabb = table
pary = paring knife
plak = plate
wipa = wiper, wipeout, washcloth, any cloth (to wipe with)


arachidoiy = peanut oil
egg = egg
oiy = oil
olivoiy = olive oil
unncukuo = stop cooking
beapat = banana dough
butyric = butter
cakivmix = white cake mix
cakylomix = yellow cake mix
cakmix = cake mix
cukuo = instant cooking, instant baking
canola = canola oil, sunflower oil
citropanpat = lemon bread dough
cornsyr = corn syrup
kwachyp patbisquit = chocolate chip cookie dough
chy = chives, onion stalks
chyp = chip
crok = butter
donupat = donut dough
flur = flour
flurot = barley flour
flurwet = wheat flour
flural = all purpose flour
gyhbutyric = melted butter
habaycakmix = strawberry cookie dough
hony = honey
melot patbisquit = oatmeal cookie dough
poudrcolaid = fruit dink mix
patbisquit = cookie dough
patmoi = muffin dough
patpan = bread dough
patty = meat patty
patwaffl = waffle dough
pepa = pepper
pepaiv = white pepper
prazlpat = pretzel dough
rost = roast
sel = salt
selavii = seasoned salt
sug = sugar
spic = spicy, spice
tomatepast = tomato paste
veggyoiy = vegetable oil
zorpat = grahm cracker dough

Drinks - Note by Beeblbrox, I create the list to make for the ability to form drinks to
be called to thou or created from the void itself by a small gate from any area. Create
thou own if thou want by any means possible.

ale = ale, beer
icary = cherry ice drink
icuyu = coconut ice drink
ichaybay = strawberry ice drink
icok = coke ice drink
icbea = banana ice drink
icblu = raspberry ice drink
icbeu= butter beer ice drink
icpiapl = pinapple ice drink
icpupki = pumpkin icy drink
icri = increment, cranberry icy
ikuwag = orange chocolate ice drink done
ikwa = chocolate ice drink
oisk = whiskey
olg = coffee, folger
yn = wine
yne = fine wine
ba = beer
baorjuc = sour berry juice
beacaryoijuc = chery banana orange juice
barut = root beer
byrba = warm beer
bayjuc = berry juice
byoesak = banana milkshake
beo = banana juice
beu = butyrba, butyrsugduff, croksugale, butterbeer
cayncruwa = cookie and creme chocolate shake
cutal = coctail
cayncresak = cookie and creme shake
cok = coca cola drink
culaidsughtuotu = coolaid, fruit drink
duff = beer
duffrut = rootbeer
frutcutal = fruit coctail
frutronjuc = grapefruit juice
jo = java, consumation, coffee, latte, brewed coffee
joabaybee = strawberry banana juice
joyruoy = lemon grass berry juice
jojoe = scalding cofee
jucapl = apple juice
jucime = lime juice
jucoig = orange juice
jucprun = plum juice
jucrasin = grape juice
jucitroime = lemon lime juice
jukoag = orange chocolate juice
jukoaaba = orange stranwberry chocolate twist
jumex = fruit juice
kwaviwsak = vanilla chocolate milkshake
kwyat= chocolate milk
kwuie = chocolate banana juice
kwubajo = chocolate banana berry juice
lece = aqo (alternative water gas, NO2He, notuhe), cold water or liquid ice (NH2O,
nhtuo), aqua, hydro, water, wawa, shilo(invisible faery water), aqu, hyd, hydr, waa, wua
mik = leche, milk
miksak = milkshake
miksakua = chocolate milkshake
myecocyae = mint chocolate coffee
momoneloe = instant breakfast drink
mytidu = mountain dew drink, sweet water
noirlatte = black coffee
pepsi = pepsi drink
rutba = rootbeer
kodmny = chocolate drink
kwo = chocolate banana juice
kwosa = chocolate banana shake
pekiad = peach coolaid
pinapljuc = pineapple juice
pupknjuc = puknjuc, pumpkin juice
rum = rum, whiskey
teila = tequila
tomajuc = tomato juice
trauiatweta = tropicana twister, tropical fruit drink blend
wiw = vanaa, vanila, vanilla, vanill
viwsa = vanilla milkshake
vin = wine

Fruit and food - I, kre the wordsmith, created this food list from the listing and
converted some words to the Atleantian speech. Don't always believe that thou will get
what thou call into existance. To read of them try not to eat of them as they can be
called by a glancing. To make your own food, place the two word phrases together meaning
the item name before the equal sign.

ail = garlic
almon = almond nut
amand = almond
amos = cookie
anchovy = anchovies
apl = apple
arachid = peanut
aq = bouda cheese (rims of it)
aqoa = fish
avacado = avacado
rukweise = jerky
yntorukweise = beef jerky
turkyrukweise = turky jerky
ime = lime
oig = orange
oinon = onion
oliv = olive
orang = orange
ot = oat, barley
yam = sweet potato, sweet beet
yntu = beef
yntubifteck = beef steak
ynturost = roast beef
bacon = meat
banane = banana
bea = banana
beaz = bean, be as
beazporc = pork and beans
baor = sour berry
bey = meat
bif = beef
biftek = steak
biftek sauc = steak sauce
balia = jelly filled donut
bery = berry
berliner = jelly filled donut
bisq = bisquit
bocadillo = sandwich
butyr = butyric, butter, crock
blubery = blueberry
bluberywaffl = blueberry waffle
branot = oat bran
bru = brew, stew
ces = cheese
cuyu = coconut
camb = chicken soup, chicken broth
camblikegg = egg drop soup
cantelop = cantelope
cajou = cashew
cajounoix = cashew nut
cajun = cajun, spicy food
cajunsel = cajun salt
cukaqoa = cooked fish
cilantro = cilantro, onion stem
citro = lemon
citrogazon = lemon grass
citrosel = lemon salt
cuttl = cuttle fish
cyro = ice
chares = cherries
chile = chilli
chuc = chuck meat
chucrost = chuckroast
cray = crayfish
creps = crisps, potato chip
criolokmet = meat locker
cri = cranberry
criapl = cranapple
cuokxapl = apple butter
cruncher = baked potato chip
dafleur = sunflower seed
dena = dinner
fajita = fajita, soft shelled meat
Fajitaburg = Fajitaburger .;,
foie = liver
foieoinion = liver and onion
fille = fillet
filleaquo = fish fillet
fricadelle = hamburger
fricadelleches = cheeseburger
fricselfry = french fry
frictost = french toast
fronmea = chixmeal, fronfud, frozen meal, frozen meae, frozen food/s
fruefud = fruit and food
frylard = fried bacon
fryaqoa = fried fish
gouda = gouda cheese
grenapl = green apple
habay = strawberry
habaycyure = strawberry ice cream
hamm = ham
hammuaf = sliced ham
hammkup = diced ham
hammqusofrywich = patty melt, melted meat cheese sandwich
hony = honey
honycomb = honeycomb, bee honey
honyhamm = honey ham
honypan = honey bread
honyrosee = honeydew plant, honeysuckle
hun = red hewwing (fish)
tack = hard tack, jerky
biftack = jerkybif, beef jerky
turkytack = jerkyturky, turky jerky
julienne = lettuce
koi = fish
kary = cary, cherry
kes = cheese
kiwi = kiwi
loaf = bread
luch = lunch
lokerymet = meat locker, storage place
lamb = lamb
lambaxx = lamb chops
lard = bacon
meilan = meat
meilanloaf = meatloaf
mango = apricot
melik = spicy salt
melot = oatmeal
mla = mla
mlaeau = watermla
melmorn = breakfast
melmornea = instant breakfast
menthecrem = mint creme
met = meat
metbarr = meatball
metloaf = meatloaf
mi = fruit
mulbery = mulberry
muten = mutten, lamb
munchy = edible food
myx = peanut butter
nictus = glaze, icing
noix = nut
noirbery = blackberry
nogg = eggnogg
rasi = grape, raisin
rasifrut = grapefruit
raspbery = raspberry
redapl = red apple
rosthamm = roast hamming
poir = pear
poirapl = pear apple, polar bear
pesbery = poison berry
poule = chicken
pech = peach boil
pidy = pudding
pupki = pupkn, pumpkin
pupkijuc = pumpkin
pan = bread
piapl = pineapple
panatly = flat bread, tortilla
panatlychyp = tortilla chip
paleuaweo = cheese pizza
peta = pasta, noodle
petaces = macaroni and cheese, shells and cheese
pepa = pepper
pepaiv = white pepper
porc = pork
porc bifteck = pork steak
piza = pizza, pizza pie
pizaburnt = burnt pizza
pizameilanal = all meat pizza
pizasaus = sausage pizza
pizaquso = cheese pizza
pizaria = greek pizza, pizza place
pizarian = meat pizza
prazl = pretzel
rubeb = reubarb
tostadas = shell pizza, mexican pizza
quesa = fried chip
qusa = fried chip
queso = cheese
quso = cheese
qusowich = cheese sandwich
qusocukwich = grilled cheeese sandwich
qusowiliwich = double whopper hamburger
prun = plum
saucapl = sauc, sauce, juice, applesauce
saumon = salmon
saus = sausage
saltin = salt cracker
sardin = sardine
sardi = sardine, sediment stone
sardisaltin = sardine on cracker
syti = wheat cracker, food on a stick
sytisardi = sardine on stone wheat cracker
sirloin = steak
sel = salt
selavii = seasoned salt
seawed = seaweed
ryoinon = yumyum, onion ring
sunfrut = starfruit
sup = soup
spoormix = spurmix, trail mix, curative mix
sno = snow
taco = taco
teteail = garlic bulb
turky = turkey, curation
turkyjerky = turkey jerky
terragon = green herb
taryaijerky = terryaki jerky
tost = toast
tuna = tuna
tunawich = tuna melt, melted cheese tuna sandwich
tyson = chicken, high quality
tropicafrut = tropical fruit
vegs = veggy, vegetable
waffl = waffle
wet = wheat
wich = sandwich
wey = wheat
zenni = lemon
zenny = sour rind


ragu = best sauce, sphagetti sauce
saucecuok = applebutter
soy = soy sauce
sacoraly = sweet and sour sauce
socre = sour cream
socreyn = sour cream and onion
socrechy = source cream & chives
taryai = terryaki, sweet sauce
tomatelyqsug = ketchup, catsup
wocetasu = worshestershire sauce
wosabi = Horseradish, quick hot pepper, tasteful hot pepper


amandjoy = almond joy chocolate bar with nuts
ands = andes, thin chocolate wafer
encareb = encarebo, caramel coffee taffee
frutardfride = hard fruit candy
barmenthekua = chocolate mint bar
bemitecra = carob mint bar
buterycrem = butter creme, english toffee
candys = candy
cra = carab, natural chocolate
craararkwa = craving be of darkness barring, dark chocolate bar
cracupmyx = peanut butter cup
crarason = chocolate covered raison
fride = candy
frideoig = orange candy
fruaui = orange chocolate candy
fridepek = peach candy
frutour = sour fruit
frutoury = sour fruit rings
frutry = fruit rings
gumy = gummy
gumyfrut = gummy fruit
habayfrande = strawberry candy
juju = candy fruit
kwafride = chocolate candy
kwatrufl = chocolate truffle
meshecreme = marshmellow creme
redhot = red hot candy
royefride = royal candy
skytl = skittle, bite-size fruit chew
tofifey = toffee and chocolate
trolmihori = chocolate mint truffle
trufl = truffle
pekncrem = peaches'n'cream


dinyy = chocolate chip divinity cookie
astry = pastry, sweet bread
ida = hot dessert, potato
oeo = sugar cookie
oreo = chocolate cookie
ugit = yiit, yogurt
bynj = junk food, snack
baconpi = meat pie
beapan = banana bread
beapi = bananna pie
beeply = banana split
beypi = meat pie
benumoi = banana nut muffin
bisquit = cookie
bbqmetpi = barbeque pie
blancua = white chocolate
blancuachyp = white chocolate chip
bleymoi = blueberry muffin
blozuamyx = peanut butter cup ice cream blizzard
bruy = chocolate brownie, brownie
briomoi = bran muffin
cak = cake
cik = dessert
citrochifonpi = lemon chiffon pie
culwip = coolwhip, cool whip
cyrrocrem = ice creme
cyrrocrem cak = ice creme cake, creative approach
criaplmoi = cranapple muffin
chocolat = chocolate
donu = duenna, sweet pastry, donut, sweet meat
donuol = donut hole
frut = fruit
habayc-acak = strawberry shortcake
habaytort = strawberry sweetcake
jlo = chjello, jello, fruit gelatin dessert, gelatin
keimepi = keylime pie
kwa = chocolate
kwacey = chocolate covered cherry
kwacak = chocolate cake
kwachyp = chocolate chip
kwachypbisquit = chocolate chip cookie
kwapi = chocolate pie
kwacyroncrem = chocolate ice creme
larulruilu = raison glaze large pretzel
larulroloasug = raison glaze cinnamon sugar large pretzel
larulkuapir = large pretzel with chocolate powder
loesugic = ice cream
luprazel = large pretzel
luprazlail = large pretzel with garlic
luprazlailerb = large pretzel with garlic and herb
luprazlyn = large pretzel with onion
luprazlpmeai = large pretzel with parmesan cheese
luprazlsocreyn = large pretzel with sour creme and onion
luprazlches = large pretzel with melted cheese
luprazlglu = glazed large pretzel
luprazlfrulu = fruit glazed large pretzel
luprazlciaasug = large pretzel with cinnamon and sugar
luprazlsugpir = large pretzel with powered sugar
luprazlkua = large pretzel with chocolate
emlapi = mlapi, mla pie, melon pie, creative feel sistem
meshecremepi = marsmellow creme pie
maingpi = meringe pie, seen user feel.
maingcuapi = chocolate meringe pie
meshe = marshmellow
moi = moisturizer cream that turns into pea, shit and muffin
picyroncrem = ice creme pie
picua = chocolate pie
pirubeb = reubarb pie
popsikl = ice pop sickle dessert
smor = marshmellow and grahm cracker delight
snocyroncrem = snow icecream not cyrofoam
tort = sweet cake
tryng = sweets
vanilauaf = vanilla wafer
wotafarachid = peanut brittle
zor = grahm cracker

Gods, Angels, beings (demihuman) and demigods -due note: some gods listed are dead and the
follower in the faith disappeared, so not all names will evoke a reaction unless you
say eraktu satura and the gods name.

-Newer Gods-
Espiargo = She is a Goddess that tends to work with things and make better effort from the results. Her source is fire and the elements she uses to make her results. She disperses things very easily. She does what she is associated with. She is a dark being that is part Elven and Ambiguous. Ishida = Pagan Goddess of luck and light. She enjoys banter and works at things to help.
Ordeur = Lord Ordeur; Take a very large man and give him antiquated magic and thats what you get. He likes helping, except when it doesn't suit him.
Ye = Yohweh, yohwell, the Dude, Zenned, The golden one, yeohawk, enka, osirius. A greater nature creator, based of a pleasant God in the omniverse. He can mimick anything, by choosing. Can give issues to those he dislikes and uses chaos tricks on the people that irritate him. He gives blessings and abilities to those he deems to deserve it. Yohweh makes patterns and corrections to those that need it, it being criminal actions. Yohweh can take the form of objects, when he wants to spy or manipulate events. Otherwise, he takes on a being form that works with people's bodies. He tends to use white void to get impossible or necessary results. Ye makes things possible and guides people to anywhere they want to go. They get to the heavens easily.
Yehweh = A long living god of living conditions, this god can be any one thing anywhere and help living things and people at will. He is good enough to be able to cope with anything and helps people cope.
Yohwoh = a greater nature goddess of the omniverse, she handles powers and moments by movements of the omniverse.
Cariantha = Coriantha, Eh, A Queen of the Water Fey, favored by Hera. She's a dragon master with a heart of gold. She aids people who are in need. Then, does what is necessary to get what she deems to be done. She's a water gooddess that can heal nearly anyone. She can make the pattern of life easier for people to bear. Only if she decides to.
Geostar = A demigod that is like a star that shines upon the earth. He doesn't panic in any situation. This can be a moment that is with intense energy. The situation can always work to the purpose he sets. He guides people to nirvana. He holds the power to adapt.
Thein = The deity that supports anything that is given to him. He can shift forms easily. He has the potential to get results with ease of mind and heart.
Zargeo = Zargeo = Gaslodreian, Zarchico, Alien God, who abounds by light bringing justice to worlds, by using psychokinetics and other means. Using peace and logic, he guards planets he deems worthy and solves problems when necessary. He uses white void, suns and elemental energies. He can give wishes to those that need things and make a wish.
Ze = Zegig, Zargig, He is a male drow god that is very dependable and has techniques to deal with anyone. He uses any power source and time itself is worked by his methods. He usually makes peace of mind and can become likable to nearly anyone he respects. He can be a family god of which he gets families helped and working together. He does favors for those that ask for it. He is a brother, in all things.
Zargigeo = She is a goddess that is with dark skin. She has Drow ancestry, and tends to stop bad efforts. She does things on the dark side and with effort. She helps people who are in need of aid. Zargig is self-dependent and does things on her own. She tends to become people busy and works with the universe that presents itself. If you use her name, she makes you into her a bit to help out and make you understand the situation. Then, when you don't use her energy, then she disperses from you. She gets energy from people's exerpts and tries to get things worked out.
Zargigo = He is a Brujo God that works with the effect and uses things to get an effect. He is the effort behind many people and uses the brujo energies to get his results.
Zargige = He is a Ogre that is a God by mention. He treats people equally and works with what he gets. This God is very unique as he is slightly brutal and thats what gets him places. He helps other people with getting what they want. Say his name and you become like him, for a bit of time that you use his energies. He can manipulate the moment, at will and with desire, amongst other things.
Zein = The vein of condolance, she is any form she wants to be. So she helps as she wants and does what she desires elsewise.
Zerg = Zamtrix, He is a male God that tends to be ruthless. He is very determined and treats people with respect. He is a male form with dark skin and does what he wants. He can be bribed and made to do things, that are impossible.
Zergi = She is a Goddess with a gift that tends to create fate, at will and when desired. She is very good at what she does, as it pertains to her. Some follow her without realizing it. She was at some point a fate sister. But, chose to be what she wants to be and retains the power of fate itself or other poverty powers. She tends to work the system and makes events to help herself first. Then, others second. There is a moment that she does what fate does.
Zergie = A goddess with a diadem on the head, that takes the place of those whom ask her for favors. Then, switches back when she is done. She shows responsibility for others actions. When needed, she tends to work miracles for people.
Zen = Zena, Myph, Segowe, Segorne weaver, She is a practical goddess in silver and black. The Segowe is the epitome of results and what needs to be done. When she is done with things, then she is very mature and works well with people. She aids the cause and what the person wants. She tends to get things done with what she does. She tends also to people and their wounds. She is counted as a mythical person that is fictional but real. Thus, her power is what is myph is believed, of her to be. She is a mechanic, and very tool oriented.
Zennet = Bennet, this God is the God of chaos. The chaos God that reflects anything sent at him and in a moment. Otherwise he can accept energy. He dissipates that which is sent at him and uses utility at a very good skill level. He is on the purpose, in a behind moment with many events and he does things on his own. Any attempt to describe him is found by him and made false.
Zenne = A woman with an aid is her favorite form. She is the goddess of peaceful nations and work by what you intend her to do. She is very bad at getting along and makes the people she helps, work with her system of belief and uses elements. She uses intention very well to get what she wants.
Zeinne = She is the goddess of alliance. She brings misfortune on those that she dislikes and she gives gifts that are immune to manipulation to those that she likes. She is a drow goddess, that is very indiscriminate.
Zun = Zeun, He is a Brujo God that does dark things with good intent. He is a very good example of what to make and accept. He is a backbone of many energies that are dark. Call him if you need help and work to be done.

-Some Modern angel uses-
Ieazel; Ieazel guides my words to get what I wish to have at the right time. This is no matter the point to do, he or she will do what I need by what I do if I feel he or she needs to do it.

Omael; use to get peaceful resolve.

Yehuiah; the angel of light and clarity used to clarify life and the turns there in.

Cassiel; the angel of jobs and working right.

Chavakiah; the angel of happiness that's creating happiness from other states of mind. State chavakiah and the friend's name three times to resolve differences and cause happiness instead of other feelings.

Hahahel; the guardian angel of memory and gifts. This is including money.

Haaiah; use his name to set up situations you do like or get out of situations that you don't like and no I don't overeat. I can use this name to get out of situations or make things from situations.

Menadel; use this angels name, menadel to get over fear and live with courage.

Mikael; the angel of light and love to see through moments of the real situation. This angel helps you to get over paranoia and confusion and you notice the truth.

Sahaaiah; use to work with others with or for love.

-Elf and similiar-
aanay = abernathy, wood elf, 4 feet to 6 feet tall and can manipulate organic material
along with bodies and other materials, They look like very thin humans with wood like
body as in au natural form. Their attitude be very haughty that with good inventions
can make anything occur.
abolai = atleantian wild life of earth, water, fire and air energy creatures.
atleantian = Cilfc, atlantian, aqu, aquayan, dimansti, dimmernesti, sea elf, species
of the sea that can metamorph, were called the original sin originators, white devils,
white spawn, devil spawn, can take any one form on land and any form in sea. they only
have to think on the thought, enact the ritual to get a spell effect. On request by
calling their name will they grant the request as if it was a wish by djinni like
power. the requests against themselves they won't do. they are born in pods and assume
any form they desire after. their mates will take on a complimentary form as a form of
respect to their mate. With their form be the energy form that can shift anywhere very
quickly without noticing temperature.
This is an on-world presence of humanoid races that have historically assisted humanity in its evolutionary development. Such a race has been the remnants of the ancient Lemurian and Atlantean civilizations that established large crystalline cities inside the Earth's crust after abandoning their cities/civilizations established on the Earth's surface. They are a tall Nordic-looking race living in a subterranean city under the North Pole. Strictly speaking, this group is not extra-terrestrial in origin but simply a sub-terrestrial humanoid race that is genetically linked to humanity.
acuner = as inact to believed service.
acunr = acunar, hybrideer, denidr be a human similiar to atlantean but its very
associative and unwilling to fight unless needed. The abiliies are to instant
travel and create spaces like kitsune, but where there are corrupt humans called
energy humans or medieviel advanced humans and astral energy humans who travel
with atleantian and considered the early humans, the Acunr are very adept in a
modern society who happen to see use of Atleantian services. The energy humans
and Acunr almost hate each other and have ability to manipulate energy in any
element, and naturally record any event with their body as their bodies are
capable to store with energy any event. They can imprint what they desire from
what they absorb through osmosis. They can break up bodies into energy but at
will, where the worst energy humans are willing to fight and go for greed.
They, the Acunr, are willing to do things for fame or peace and desire is
It seems the acunr "help" along the moment to get what they desire or they abort
for natural incidences and panic for hinderance amongst us. The energy "savage"
human along with the Acunr are both wild unless near their own people. When the
Acunr are done and satisfied, they want to keep the body like walk-ins unless
their be no body to speak of or they don't keep the body as be the will of the
person. When the energy human are done, they use techniques to get away, and not
be seen or avoid detail as they kill the person for food if they desire and only
when no other food around. They, the human have adapted to space and can breathe
space in particle form. Jop be their natural language and its similiar to cunt,
or broken up pidgeon with assyrian pronounciation. In comparison to the mercurians
of mercury who are cunt of "pureland" and the venusians are who fathered the Acunr
also called other things elsewhere and the self insane half-human half-venusian
are human like and beautiful. Now the rivalries are into blood relation and blood
war by meeting the right people with similiar skills. The hybrids hate them with
possibility to work with them. The Acunr can control radiation into revealing the
truth out of anybody and other similiar ilk like mutate, control and body switching.
alian = human sea elf, land atleantian with shapechanging ability, instantaneous
travel ability with energy true form, can manifest any event by thinking on it, focus
or someones request
afil=Aphil, aphiliarite, aecrodynamic art doers, ungodly powerful in comparison to humans. But if humans just had the attitude and were still human, there would be no emotion just do force. They are greater humans that evolved after the original humans on a different planet. Then they decided to shift here for the knowledge. Aphrodesiacs in so as is.
I mean, if you ask just about anyone on earth, even if they're into magic, what an aphiliarite is, they'll say something like...'That sounds like something from ancient Greece.' Only I've seen more evil potential from Aphils, but not evil in our sense as their Godlike ability stems from art and an effect by mind. More in the sense that they're so powerful and that they have no emotions to keep them from killing. But then, they have no emotions to make them start killing either.
They could do and not care, by showing concern while they still do it to ko on the word kill. So their art is Godlike but still reminescent of humans and considered acrodynamic art. It defines what they do. Their military is perfect as is their society. where they aspect a product so to understand it, they could expect a product to appear from an ad for them. One of their product ideas is to try and grab it from an ad only to find it later in on. A lie is a truth that can be made to happen to them. A supposition is a untested truth or a ly. The lye happens somewhere.
I kinda think of vampires when I think of aphils, in some ways as true. They can get into a mode that is to do exactly as an idea states so not to care about the the situation in circumstance. Except logic defines what they can do including the logic of an ad. Their self defined in everything. But their dark side is a wordless rage that can power them, and it seems like jealousy and acts in accord so they have no emotions. If their knowledge is innate and their art can power events, they always act in accord even when angry which they can act to hide.
"I think I've seen one go past me in it's dark-side mode, It didn't see me though. 'cause it sure did feel like what I'd expect an aphil to feel like, but it was more ... 'angry', even though they don't exactly have emotions."
Instead of emotions they have plots and because of this just don't trust them. They get joy out of manipulating people for themselves to gain knowledge. they trick for their knowledge. They cry over things that are perfect as also they could use poison to settle disputes. Their innate knowledge can be universal knowledge as one of their techniques is to derive universal knowledge from the now state of mind.
As it happens on recorded history it can be recorded along where a world is in which they created a virus that uses others disease to cure themselves by. Where any a drug cures anything, its behind advertising that the world exists in I believe. What the diffrence is between a human and a aphil. Mainly that the aphils evolved from humans before they got to Earth. Some travelled there and the planet evolved them, as when they write it changes things. "A colony of humans were trapped on the planet and as they lived they evolved into the Godlike humans finding these idea patterns and it was due to theories coming true.'
About their abilities, mind control. They exert mind control over people. well, they can power up things.. like, the minds they control get an increase in their own abilities for whatever they want and thats better as they are strong as shapers. Though, to manipulate the energy around them and that is how they use the mind control also. As is it like percieve be perception and mind adjust. They can change clothes to change shape or change things to make changes occur..They gain in their ability by mention.
atohu = atohufey, atofey, atomic sized being that be a natural shapeshifter of any form
able to hide anywhere with energy manipulation skill and aids humanity at will showing
themself to wizards and sorcerer only and malicious to abusers.
eldar = wild elf, ancient elf, an elf that lives beyond 2000 years without death.
they rule the elves with a guarded hand. they are any shape they want to be except
their natural form be one inch tall. they are considered civilized fairy. Bound by
contract till they break it, then they punish themselves unless theres a reason.
the eldar enforce tradition with strict punishment.
elg = elegant, elf like antlered elk people. They are only as intelligent as the next person they can copy or seem like. The antler horns are somewhat invisible and the only visible through astral vision. The larger they are the more territorial intelligence they have as with the possibility to collapse under their weight. Some are controlled and delayed by the actions of a King Fernenand. The ruler of a land so much like ours but as exception, everythings magical in itself an yet it isn't. The elg female is like a doe for it mellows out the show of the male. The male are the alpha, and is very much likely to have lesser intelligence than the female and will copy what they perceive sometimes. Warped to the idea, to what we need or what they need, desire or whatnot as otherwise what they can get. The female are more generally intelligent, yet in all appearances may appear insane.
  The elg learn to walk at around 16 weeks to 16 monthes. And the Alpha are obedient to the females whims which are actually what they unconciously command by sometimes. They pay homage to each other, or not. An elgs weight magically occur, to suit the actual nonvisible horns and antlers of the actual elg.
depwudelg = Deep elegance, Deep wood elg, Now this is a specialty race that uses territory as intelligence. They live in the woods and these woods are the populace of people and idea. Where the idea is spread about. They make themselves a clone of the other person as to them to copy is respect and survival. Their antlers are metaphorical and able to outweigh the elgs idea of antlers. If they lay down they get dizzy due to the weight. But they really arent intelligent other than what they can copy through visions. The deep wood elk, are not actually willed by King Fernenand. As they are separatists, and perfer to do things on their own.
alfgain = to note the effect and seal it off and then to condition as an to respond to it only if its unsealed.
Walg = walrus type human which appear overly large and yet, love to complain a bit where some gain a wisdom and they remain quiet most of their life. To the day, they will seem like something to tell or command as necessary. Thiey're intelligent of ascerted answers, and they live in the society to come expect and exist as it pertains and gives to them what they want. By their demands, it appeals to them and appears unto the elgs society.
cilf = self, elf, 3-4 foot humanoid or taller with tough hairy feet and magical
innate ability, an energy metamorphed human that are demihuman shapeshifter, they can
easily get angered at dishonor, trick people if given reason and are considered
civilized faeries younger than 2000 years, at 200 years old they are considered
adults, they always follow tradition, older than 2000 years they are eldar, they,
the elven, have pointed ears, human-elven with slightly pointed ears and their own
language which be beautiful to hear, are bound by contract unless they see no reason
for it, use as an energy source an element of choice where elfa or elva be a female
elf, elfe or elve be a male elf.
cilfark = morehdel, drow, dark elf, turned elf to the dark powers that have dark manipulation ability, can turn anyone to their side, be partly aloof and self-dependant, they are sane and have innate wild magic, with shapeshifter ability, they are sun shy with a shadow form, are charismatic and a weapon master with excellent lying ability. They are last cited near babylon and they prefer underground cities and they hate humans. With usage of drow ability (dark energy), they turn ebony skinned and gain dark sight (vision of all dark shades). Darksight be unaffected by the light of day and allows them to see perfectly in darkness. For what they don't believe they are bound to be like when energy backlashes occur. However, the dark elf is highly immune to all magic.

They are physical types that tend to do things in physical ways aided by esper where others are spiritual types who are to be the type of people who can use spirit but are aided by objects. Its the physical type that either seek objects or the astral and not care for the physical if they follow a belief. Its the spiritual types that follow the belief that belief is of spiritual basis. Of drow ae they tend to the crush of the enemy and dominate the field or to see as if the spirit can do anything if you use an object.

Where the spiritual types act to preserve and use the living while leaving them alive. For to use the object it is as this that actually preserves the object for a time but it causes them to do as copy those who are linked to it and deteriorates the object. For what they don't believe they tend to keep hidden. For what they don't believe they are wizened of and die thereof spec.
loralai = elorai, lorala (time elf male), lorale (time elf female), Time related elven
with shifting. ability and remain hidden as they are sometimes unseen in warfare and
appear like humans. Unseen elven (1/3 elven, 1/3 human with other) along with half
elves 1/2 elven 1/2 other including human. What they are good at be paradigms (time
movement and paradox) and try to create their own space to be avoided by undesirables
(personal choice). They could be treated like gods but they arent. Their world be very
similiar to america, but their a tiny bit more general in worseness including grossness
but they had their own scent and bathing wasn't as important. Except for american
eating habits (bad eating) for which they even ate themselves. They often brought
humans and both had energy forms. Their ability be to force a change in the area with
no detection and find things out from long range sighting in the past or future.
They followed the natural science of Emperical law and sayings. Balace of trade be what
they were good at with the golden rede (What be done returns three times the effort back
but 4 times the effort out). They didn't fight except by spell and if close up they could
use weapons when enraged, The word was/is their greatest effect maker as the words they
stated could create a psychopathic moment or psychokinetic activity as it could do great
things by vibration effect much like a tuning fork can heal or tune things. Psychic
vibration by a spread effort and sound thinning created their voices to a sonic pitch
that would break anything if high enough or if low enough cause manifestations. The
dead loralai turn into energy beings called the cthu and lorolai or venerated ones,
that are likely to eat minds as in the mind control cthulu cult. The nobleman/woman
ways are how they work with a thieves approach to getting places or use is thataway.
warcilf = warelf, elven being that loves to war; unhappy in peace yet thrives in it;
has a personal scent of choice(can be anything including roses, dung); some can be
lithoveric (rock, plant, metal eating) as well as normal food; will keep a energy
field that causes conflict; chaos master; spell immune except to those spells desired;
shapeshifter; prescientific; passive aggresive; dreamwalker; timetravels and if
spotted, will indicate a war of sorts, only to leave at wars end. If the warelf does
stay then peace be ensured but destruction, of those disturbing the peace be going
to happen.
emysune = chadriniix, creature sometimes with magic but mostly normal and higly
intelligent, so far in the que(list):
catsune or cateuix (humanlike cat shifting animal sometimes with mystical energy)
chetahix or chehtah (cheetah thats like able to transform into other forms and
can outrun any even in human form)
chins (a person able to shift into fox form or similiar animal)
doxes, humdoxes (magic or not magical dog that be more intelligence than none but shown
to the wizard as human sometimes but not the owner for integrity.)
dymanuti (shark shifter into human that sometimes has magic)
eachusiage (friendly horse sometimes with magic)
eakusige (kelpie human hating horse with magic psi effect)
feline (cat spirit or energy formed into cat and freely shifting of body parts)
foxx or kitsune (an animal from different regions of fox thats sometimes be with magic)
fliyged (wild ninja guard cat)
waera (rat or human with shifting form ability)
woody (wooden thing wirh or without magic or mystical force)
were (werewolf, huanwlf, human wolf shaper)
sylvan (apekind with magic and psi ability)

chehtah; human cheetah cat that can shapeshift into any form between human to
cheetah and outrun people or things.
feline; energy cat thats true form be energy but appears normal, astral cat that
eats twice as much.
fliyged; wild ninja guard cat shapeshifter of fey birth in human body that
takes shape of any human the size of a small child with cat features and
preserves lives
cateuix; human to cat and vice versa shapeshifters. they can take shape
of any form between. It shares the masters, if any, skills or abilities.
waera; wererat, human rat shapeshifter able to shift into any form between
rat and human and they are immune from all poison all attacks except silver.
woody; wooden, animated wood creature (thanks to esturbahn creations)
eachusiage; friendly kelpie, like horse shapeshifter to humans,
eakusige; kelpie like horse shapeshifter that hated humans.
chinafox; an extroadinary fox with 800-1000 year life span fire striking tail
future sight shapechanger that appears as a old man, young girl and a scholar
and counted as a trickster.
doxes; Dogs with magic and ability like the kitsunes except they don't have fox
magic, They have physical magic of their own devising. Thry are straightforward
with people and hardy with rightous insight. Sorta like the McGruff commercials
or Scooby Do except they can shift to human.
dymanuti; dimmernosti, shark able to shift into human form at will if they can eat
kysu; foxx, magic fox, kysu, fox with or without mystical skill. fox, kitsune,
This entry be changed from the original to reflect new idea. Fox that sometime
have magic or mysticism and are an mysterious animal, fascinating, and mischevious.
And be believed to be very grateful for the kindness done to it, as seen in many
tales, and be also affectionate as revealed in some dramas. It be godlike because
of mystical ability such as shapeshifting able to bewitch men in charming girl form.
An exceedingly interesting and entertaining beast Kitsune is.
Kitsune are ageless non immortal being spirits. Kitsune manifest with 900 years
lifespan before they leave/die and return to spirit world. Kitsune 900 years old,
older are rare as energy amount to fuel physical plane existance would be extreme
and they would be doing more harm than good. the kitsune represent elements meaning
they have abilities from each. This incidentally places them as Dragons but on a
smaller scale. Dragons and Oni are their enemies and the elements are thirteen
catagories and kitsune are divided into each called clans, dynasties, houses.
the elements are Wind, Earth, Fire, River, Heaven, thunder, Mountain, Void,
Spirit, Time, Forest, Ocean, and Music.
In the book 'Kitsune' the word Heaven be Celestial and Void be Dark. Each kitsune
has it's own element based strengths its aligned to. Elements reflect the kitsune's
powers origination and elemental affinity like Fire Kitsune be unaffected by fire
easily feeding from fire to self strengthen and use fox-fire with ease. Water
kitsune wouldnt use fire easily but naturally heal and thrive near water. the
most common kitsune are Celestial kitsune who follow.
Inari, Wild kitsune, Dark kitsune. Celestial kitsune are 'High Kitsune'.
Kitsune are physical spirits and everything has spirit in some form and
these spirit are Kami. Animals also have spiritual counterparts more commonly
known as Kitsune and Tanuki. there be Tengu but this be unessential as from
what I've read they have background and diversity to make a thesis. Kitsune
have a number of options to manifest. Most draining be to appear in physical
world causing storms, unnatural events. Kitsune who simply manifest lose
innate essence faster feeding more often, suffer weakness but they gain
strength after twelve hours in the new world. As be stated "when you eat from a
place you can return to it, stay" from a greek story.
This feeding depends on kitsune strength usually meaning region blight surround
if fed too much though the weaker kitsune have less effect. When kitsune manifest
it has optional choice number. It can appear as kitsu (fox), fox-headed person
or very attractive normal person. In any case the tail number that kitsune have
will be obvious unless shapechange masked which be draining. Note however they
can shapeshift at will so concealment be easy. the second option be possess either
fox, person. Fox-possession was a most common kitsune manifestation means. A
kitsune possessing someone had to overcome willpower thus usually the process
appeared insanity similiar where a kitsune willpower fed. Taking a sleeping
person usually was a lot quicker since kitsune could invade the dreams taking
time to willsap targets. Possession be not shared easy as once done the kitsune
body control and once they leave their host will experience remember not.
Kitsune possession was not long-term unless kitsune truly had reason to stick
Possession was blessing, exorcism broken by Shinto, Buddhist priest,
if someone called a Guardian kitsune to deal with the matter. Also note that
unless kitsune be powerful the shape-shifting was foxform limited, fox-person form
and person form they're possessing. the third option was possess a child, fox
very young, unborn. This method be least taxing and resulted in a kitsune
hybrid possesed person/fox. If child/fox possession the full possession takes
longer and with pre-born it's instant. This be the 'avatar' method because this be
the least taxing method to show. This also incidentally gives a long-term physical
body. Kitsune who use this method have no extra tails visible and eat, drink,
sleep, breath, and suffer the full moral life all 900 years. they bleed and
possibly get sick unless a regeneration be enabled. Using this method transforms
into fox-form/human-form and development of possible other forms.
As additional note a kitsune with avatar can't be banished, exorcized easily.
One common thing be kitsune once here can become enraptured with full senses as
in physical form. This turns kitsune into thrill-seekers that experience any new
forms albeit pleasure, pain. Older kitsune who have lived physically for long
time may be more jaded. Another spirit aspect be manifest ability and physical
survival level that requires sustenance. Gaaki feed off many different things
depending on gaaki type you come across. Some feed off scents, blood, pain, tears,
and more dangerous from souls. Kami usually require small gifts and prayers
sating them, they are hostile and dangerous. these gifts and worship 'fed'
the kami.
Kitsune feed from land essence, elements, and people. they are sensically
vampires that require sustaining essence. Kitsune who have avatar does not
feed like other kitsune. Instead as long as they don't tap into abilites they
posses there be normal function for human, fox. Using abilites will weaken
them although if given a relaxing chance they will self recover. Kitsune who
possessed someone still has to feed to keep a body a long time. Feeding be
in the same manner as manifested kitsune. Kitsune are capable of host draining
as in manifested kitsune thus feeds most often. Energy amounts used to stay
material can be extreme. To keep manifestation and use it's ablities kitsune
draw off much energy around them. This chi essence be found in the elements
and like Chinacats kitsune are capable of knowledge feeding. With this kitsune
are learning capable and abilities developing and possibly grow quickly.
Kitsune body can be attacked, killed but can simply leave the body any time
leaving the victim to suffer the fate meant for the kitsune. To harm kitsune
requires a weapon spirit harm meant. Avatar taking kitsune are physical harm
vulnerable. Anything that do mortals harm harm kitsune. these not regenerative
kitsune are unlike others thus spend healing resources, natural rate heal.
Magic weapons and faith can't harm these kitsune easy because they are physical
world 'natural' having world attunation. these kitsune reanimate once killed
spiritually much weaker than their brethren. When kitsune heal wish they expend
energy so when desperate they sacrifice tail, artefact gaining huge chi
influix for fuel. Kitsune who spend healing energy become more essence desperate and
feeds sooner. they should be careful to not eat normal food as in overeat for possible
weight gain.
When kitsune are killed unless destroyed spirit their be options. Dependant
on recent fed amount they can re-manifest in any form sacrificing tail,
artefact for sudden chi influix manifestation allowing. If no manifest they
wander worlds biding time and waiting for a convenient time. While in spirit
kitsune are spiritually attack, magic vulnerable. Kitsune are amoral spirits
with basic right wrong understanding and make decisions based on what they
think will aid them most. Kitsune core personality be type dependant. Element
belief be elemental focus and kami which possess them:
Wind - Flighty, these kitsune are wanderers, never staying in
one place for long. Earth - Solid and unyielding as these kitsune are rooted
in history and resistant to change. Fire - Quick-tempered and reactionary
kitsune are constantly moving thus very emotional. River - Natural healer
kitsune are quietly peaceful. Ocean - Furious and tempestous kitsune are
natural warriors. Time - Contemplative and quiet kitsune are seers being oracles.
Void = Dark and brooding kitsune are malicious and very domain protective.
Mountain - Distant kitsune are withdrawn silently preferring observance before
Forest = Quiet and serene kitsune watch those around them. Once
satisfied with what they see become playful and mischevious.
Music = Pleasant and polite kitsune enjoy company and experiences.
Thunder - these are loud arrogant prideful kitsune.
Celestial - Protective and noble kitsune believe they guard all under their
domain. Kitsune are not innate sorcerers however they have innate abilities
that fall under magic concepts thats called 'Fox-magic'.Kitsune are innate
illusionists. To them, illusion be as real as anything else. A kitsune who uses
illusion to appear human be human and can talk, act, love and sire children while
the illusion exists. A kitsune who transforms staff into snake creates crawling,
biting and killing snake. they use this glamour to make objects, weapons,
people, homes, and even landscape manipulate suiting desire. One kitsune be
capable of creating illusion and manipulating landscape in small vicinity tho
when kitsune gather collective resources whole cities are made.
Kitsune can make pockets in reality meaning they can make a castle under
someone's floorboard with people. This world be real by ether (spirit) material.
there can be time-dilation thats one Earth day = seven Realm years. these realms are
just homes mostly, forests,, their favorite places and aint whole worlds. It
usually takes three to five kitsune to make a whole realm and populate it
linked together. Kitsune can dominate those they want and this be a enchantment
form and this can cause someone sight of anything wished, overlook wanted
things by desire. Once control be established the victim be held until someone
can break magic.
Foxfire (Kitsune-bi) can produce lightning, fire by tail rubbing their tails.
this becomes a melee weapon and they breath fire to about five feet, less.
Kitsune can also create small fire balls sometimes using these as lights, thrown
weapons, as playtoys. Kitsune can possess targets, taking over minds and
bodies. This be sometimes out of necessity of protection as possession lasts
until next sunrise, sunset unless the kitsune be using this as a manifestation
form. they have not targets ability access, memories. A kitsune can transform
into anything covered by an elements. This means they can turn into trees,
forests, rocks, water,, other people.
The limits are that the transformation does not give them the innate abilities
of the form they have taken, and they are vulnerable to what can harm that form.
Kitsune who are possessing someone can not use this form of transformation,
unless they are doing it through illusions. Kitsune can create small focused
power balls. these balls look like small spheres that easily be child toy mistaken.
these balls focus kitsune abilities and contains their spirit usually when they
take on avatar, possessed someone. Kitsune enjoy playing with this ball using it
as a magic focus. If anyone else gets their hands on it, wills it away from weak
kitsune sometimes they coerce kitsune into helping them.
Kitsune can study any magic field. A problem be that to use any magic
form requires to draw energy from power source, self draw it. Unlike mortals
they weaken when they self draw energies which does not self replenish. One
who casts magic too often will become weak and starved. these are oriental magic
examples. Akasic be the magic of chi essence. Mages can see auras and power sites,
manipulate, draw on,, expel chi as in will balls that contain elements.
Akasic magic be powerful combined with other magics. Its good for things like
healing, regeneration and reversing essence loss feeding caused. Kitsune follow
the Elements being tied to the represented elements. Kitsune can influence
elements they be of and if elemental magic studied become very good in study
field. they can study:
Wind - With this study, they can create winds, cause tornadoes, and influence
local weather patterns. This be also effects ice and snow.
Earth - they move rocks, transmute minerals, physical objects and build
Fire - this be a kitsune's specialty as they create fire, control fire,
and cook meals.
River - this be a life-giving power as they create water, control creatures
living in water and they heal others with and bring life to things around them.
Ocean - this be river cousin to River but larger scale. This be where they
cause very strong storms, flooding and tsunamis. This be how mages depth
creature conjure.
Forest - this control and manipulation of wood trees, and forest creatures.
those who study are druidic in their ability to wood strive and blend in and
find herbs and roots making salves with.
Mountain - Cousin to stone as this element allows for mountain control and
those living inside. Kitsune can cause earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and
landslides too.
Thunder - Wind cousin a mage can throw lightning with, cause storms, and
create energy shields, manipulate machines without detection, and without
computer net-run aka neuracanulla link.
Celestial - this be astral and heavens magic. Mages teleport, call upon magic
creatures, and throw target meteors. Kitsune can do most other reduced effect
Dark - this be void magic and this magic can cause blights, drain life, summon
dark creatures, manipulate darkness, shadow vanish, and light drain from areas.
This study isn't 'evil' and a quarter of the kitsune race are Dark Kitsune.
Time - Allows no time travel except with right methods thus this allows kitsune
to speed up, slow time down, age, then targets and objects. To predict future
events and this be the perception and manipulation of time plausibly to master
reality with celestial magic worked in.
Music - this be sound and music control. Kitsune can sing spellsong effects.
this can entrance others, ward off supernatural creatures, and control moral.
Spirit - this be spirit world, demons, and other world manipulation. This
nature magic doesn't work well on mortals since mortals have souls which are
similiar to spirits so they have to wait for someone to die for this to effect
someone well.
Kitsune can bind, summon, banish, ward, trap a spirit even in a human being if
powerful enough. If the kitsune have some of the persons essence then they can
control the person, demon throught essence manipulation. Feng Shui be the
Geomancy study, power sites and ley lines being largely this magic. A person can
find out best way to site build, power location creation and a means to tap
into leyline, nexus. This allows someone to travel Dragon Lines (ley lines)
getting from location to location and also allows them power tap Ju-Fo be runic
magic and some kitsune mages can write power words, speak spells creating magic. Ley lines
are good places for banishing/controlling spirits and binding sites. Kitsune
can hide themselves, places by ley lines manipulation for concealment.
They were given an exact description of how they act. "Playful, kind of mischevious, tried to play a few semi-harmful pranks and they were all playing around with their Kitsune Balls. I can effectively say that I don't have to consider kitsune and vampire as different parts of myself, since there's the kitsu-vampire combination as well. The transformation makes them like a werewolf as they can form into dog or wolf. Some are half human half kitsune, full human, full kitsune. The older they get, the more forms they have.The older they get the more sophisticated they get.
Kitsunes can drink the energy-blood of a vampire or animal and turn into it. As A kitsune with the speed of a vampire, they're a lot more powerful. I think it's the kitsune that's bitten by a vamp or drinks the vamp blood. well vampires are technically human and kitsunes can be half human. Which means that they can be half vampire. You just have to make your form fully vamp instead of half vamp half human, and then transform into a kitsuvampire.
The kitsuvamps extract and manipulate energy a lot easier than either basic kitsunes or basic vampires. So they can form gates that act like wooden doors or look like anything. As using the wooden doors or the objects as fuel. That's like a twist on pockets in reality as basically they can twist things. An if to suit of their necessity, But its not a dark twisting> except for the users of void>. It almost feels as easy for them to transform into anything (not just human, not just vamp, not just fox, not just kitsuvamp, but actually able to mutate into any form I want) as it is for a dragon."
gracilf = graelf, grayelf, gray elf born of both light and dark but clanless till
chosen and has dark manipulation ability sun resistance many language mastery
shapeshifter and manipulation skill. Some are angry at people.
Sylvan; are the elemental representation for elven of air that are elemental apes,
aerial, sylph or sylvan that work with land, and can shift anywhere with a abhorrant
sound as they are part energy in form. These atypical elven are the type to command and
use psychic power ups by strange sounds that be frightening and with abilities, to
effectively try to work with people (any). They are known for decisions that come
from back experiences and other life influences. This elven baboon be as approximately
4 feet tall, with a very thick physique similar to a gorilla only it stood more
upright. A remnant from the ice age that survived within the mountains. The magical
Baboon be another type with silent powerups or surges that are felt but not heard that
cause no alarm that live with them in sylvanic that be taller by one in a half or 6 - 7
feet and have a straighter back with white fur. they the baboon sometimes serve as
guardsmen in the vast mountain ranges of North America that are left untouched by man,
within a well hidden canyon nestled deep within the depths of the rocky mountains. The
will can ward them away from thou but not forever.
Q-in-x; quinxy, were, werewolf, As popularly known, a werewolf be a person who is
transformed, voluntarily or involuntarily, into a wolf under the influence of full
moon. The word werewolf be a contraction of the old-Saxon word wer (which means "man")
and wolf--werewolf, manwolf. Another term lycanthrope, often used to describe
werewolves, however, refers to someone who suffers from a mental disease of fantasizing
being a wolf. This particular mental disorder be termed lycanthropy. In human form they
had bushy eyebrows that met over the bridge of the nose; blood red fingernails were
long and Almond shaped. Their mouth and eyes were always dry and they were often
thirsty. Ears were long and narrow, laid back on their heads. Their skin was rough,
scratched and hairy. It often had a yellowish, pinkish or greenish cast. In addition
to such physical features, the werewolf also displayed certain psychological traits.
They commonly preferred the night and solitude, had an inclination towards visiting
the graveyards and were known to dig up corpses and feast upon them.
Wererat; Waera, For the wererat be quoted as "When a rat be near and their are
felt dangers nearby, Then a wererat could be there to surprise and eat you."
As unpopularly known, a wererat be a person who be transformed, voluntarily
or involuntarily, into a rat under the influence of rats or the many-as-one and full
moon. The first wererat was a person who was immortal and was rat bitten, who then
recovered after a slight sickness to be able to transform into ratform without need
to do ritual. All he needed to form bretheren be to scratch them or mutate at a
difference. The many-as-one be a group of brain rats that get together and form a
collective concious. A single brainrat had a larger cranium with a focus to disrupt
and almost kill the victim. Together in groups of 3 or more they could kill by energy
A single rat near the wererat gave them unusual psychic ability. The wererat was almost
always near unusual animals and hated rats in general. Their manifested abiliy was
to mutate anything at will that was near them. They can talk to many animal types
including the other rats. In human form their silver fingernails were long and Almond
shaped. Their mouth and eyes were always dry and they were often thirsty. They
regenerated and smelt slightly when they did. Their instinct was to innately know
anything and what they didn't know they got from others.
Their skin was rough, scratched and hairy. It often had a brownish or greenish cast
Their nose was long and narrow. They had a repulsive scent that could drive away
anything near the age of 10 o 12. In addition to such physical features, the wererat
also displayed certain psychological traits. They commonly preferred the night and
solitude, loved smelly area, had an inclination towards visiting the sewers and were
known to feast upon anything except metals without sickness. They collected things
like packrats and almost never bathed except every now and then.
hycilf = high elf, Elven born of a high family or clan, in a higher plane of existence. Note: not all this be true for everyone. Aristocrat elves that will refuse a fight unless they desire to fight. Find somewhat amusing pursuits that make some people irritated. Consider themselves highborns yet are freeborn. Will hunt people, animals for the fun of it. Find missions to do as adventures and aid people in the process. If the price be high enough, they will guard you. they are more intelligent than humans and elves, yet make no indication of it. Immune to all spells that arent their own, Jack of all trades(good at everything). To some they are shapeshifters that will torture those they catch in a hunt. Unless what they catch, proves themselve valuable in some form. Humans are neutral allies to them, elves will respectfully do as requested unless they secretly despise them. they are loremasters and are considered civil faery till they see those they dislike, with which they get racially hostile, disputive. Finally, they hold a grudge forever and are bold in spirit like nobles. they tend to make contracts like pacts or pax to be better and if its broken then the contractor loses soul. High elf are immune to all and get what they want.
kreca = kreacher, vile creature, dark elf house servant thanks to the harry potter
book 5.
Nera = A golden one of which is a greater human whom then is green and gold and has some wings.
-end of elf and similiar-

In the nature of Gods I spoke on creating them, but its really using the being described
below as Godd or Gog.

"Good or Cult, Godd or cilt, deity, Peru, Neru, Meru, Aziz, Matiz, M'ar'lah, Moer'winn,
greater being, Goddess, gawd, angry god, godawful, in Gods name, their are 4 or
more major battles. Basically think of it as if he was her but mild and both sexes
with a joined body. Where the form was 3 conjoined bodies together known as Gyrion
to some. now its thought of as the person would like. The origins to the christians
God were unknown except to Assyrians, and similiar as a presence in motion that was
needed with aid of spirit kind. It was thought to be an evil spirit at first. Then
people were considering names that they thought existed of the spirit. Then and after
were organizations to achieve results with this spirit. So we now have God as a
multifaceted gemstone, or multipersonality being or collusion of energy of many
ways to consider with more of which be a mystery to us. So this god be an amalgram
of minds, where there was one energy and memory pool of many people to instruct the
energy in a process called worship. Otherwise he be a being to pray to for forgiveness,
and gain things of support.

With support to the motion, the church arose or the cult interacted as it, the being
later would be called a god, the being would do things for the worshippers. The being
is different in every religion as its considered a multifaceted singular 'person' being.
My thought be that once it was considered a multifaceted gem and with very little
value. A conception of peoples thoughts, it may have formed physically somewhere
called the tear of gods and has allowance with faith for magic effects. Therefore
the true representation from this old document be that god be physically a gemstone
of large size with religion as a formation of its facets. As the god gemstone be
large and linked bij war and faith, it will channel large quantities of energy
with each facet as a god or goddess.

The only flaws in the gemstone are the failed faiths of which a religion of sorts
may occur and leave a fallen god personality. Their be a no personality as in
imagination, except as in my view he/she uses real world moments for experience
and for idea due to the seasons for gender like God one season and Goddess at
another. For the imagination of the God/dess be to form a physical being, or a
place with events. Any evil towards the facets o the gem be reflected to those
deserved. Its possible that it creates faith. Its grown by earth repecting
(as responsive) to the Deity's need to be seen. As the number of faithful grow
the gem grows. Mostly by worship and prayer of sorts that be defined by the
faith. If changing faiths for not a good reason its gonna get revenge or grief,
that be strangely out of whack and strangely related. Its said the God/dess
worships himself/herself through the gem and uses people who use it."

Everything listed below be some superfacet except for the discarded facets
where some are demons, angels, demigod and idea given form or birth like

aal = Greater demon that absorbs human, other essence without abandon essence
growing the demons form. Possible essence manipulation ability that can control
aything with their essence. the demon forms can grow indefinitely till essence fed
on runs out.
ao = forever, all-father, eternal
ayn = satan, evil incarnate, destruction sign
alodava = goddess of the light
ArkCiva = Bala, Dark demon, A demon considered arkciva or Bala, a demon born of dark matter in man and they become dark when they lock their soul in iron. The dark demon is a black being that is very neutral and hardly felt, except when they do things. They get what they want when they want it, by soul manipulation. With excess energy, they can manipulate souls. They use many means of which they manipulate by. Mostly, they stay trusted by being good in appearance. Otherwise, they do dark deeds to get what results they want. When they get it, they use what energy there by link to get spiritually strong. They do tend to die whence the object is destroyed, unless they cause the life force to shift to a new object or dissolve the link. But, they come back to life again, immediately using the life force of the destroyer.

Unless, they were the destroyer, then they use another object energy source. They get what they want, then use it. The more they use the object, the weaker it gets by energy amount and the more likely it becomes breakable. The moment the person dies, is the moment that the dark demon exists freely. The darker the demon gets things by serving darkness, the more they get whiny and disrespectful. They tend to kill the monster that is the man that bears the demon. They also tend to use death and life energy easily. The soul reading ability comes when they gain enough energy. They risk insanity, as their soul is with insanity from iron. Lava defeats them by causing their dissolvation. Call lava by thinking it there in you, it materializes as a spiritual force. Or, imagine yourself going into lava and the dark matter becoming lava.
atryhum = The astral human be a wild energy based human that be faerylike and very
easily shifting and yet in astral land they can live. By live I mean energy
manipulation and powers of somewhat unlimited ability. Without astral energy their
lives are without ability, temporarily, except for the physical area and physical magic.
Their rules are to live as they can with how they can and the weakest will live
unharmed. But their language be the key to getting places and to speak makes it happen
unless they don't desire. The Astral human rules are to desist with explanation and if
forced, then they will attempt to do as desired. Their similiar to the energy human.
ehu = 800, energy human, energy being thats mysterious and very willing to talk
sometimes. Some would say they, the ehu won't communicate well but the process
is if they do speak its with guarded tones and pure music. The speech has been
heard as human and in imitation voice as it doesn't have one of its own. If energy
beings enter a church, they become of the essence and unlikely visit ever again as
it forms a painful memory net.
ea = creation, water god who waits.
ee = destruction, fire goddess. fire golem.
eih = aproponents, male/female god aspect of worlds most distinct for moons. Uses
ezelbe = a greater god conscious of the omniverse. Ieshei = goddess of wisdom and wealth
Iessi = goddess of luck
io = energy, cannot, not, Angel which are elevated christian and wiccan mages. Angels are very good mages
and one could call them demigods wheras angels are glorified mystics in truth who
call on you to do what they demand and need. If you don't do it, they torture you
a bit until you do what you say, thus they sometimes choose to act as Gods messenger where they will
guide you to what they think be the right path and blind you to any other. Angels
are known to aid like personage of themselves, those of good natures who call them
thus the christians and wizards claim them as guides sometimes by ritual.
oeteo = muse, eternal writer, writing everlast.
oeeteo, a chunk like god who be a technology lord and does other things for people
if they deserve it. His power be his fat.
ul = god, line flow, flow regulation, gnome god, technological and pele leader (as
personal leader.)
ambigal = A person whom be amphibeous human can breath both water and air but uses fire. As
it passes through the he-she or she-he being causes a water effect where the fire be and a
fire effect where the normal area be with magic at her whimsy. She reverts to a human skinned
shell. of virtue and somewhat genious. In passion she be water based but human appearing, and
with red hair but a fiery aura and acts like a riverlord but be a firelord. Gain weight or not and
she casts of a firey wind. The ambigal be likely to control by miasma cloud or other forces,
including undetected ability of any kind. Their special ability be to use objects as a force
and if the element they transform into it.
ambgal = A person who has virtue, with red hair and and spreads water wherever needed or desired,
if its blocked then a flood occurs. If passionate then a fairy water appears to support people
in the area including herself, she be nymph born with humanlike nature and entirely she-male.
But can calm down anything with a temper including with use of ability by others and memory sharing.
She-he can cast any spell but allots time to herself and tricks those she doesn't like and eat or
say anything without gaing weight. To uptake with her gets you wealthy but any form as her ways
can influence the crowd. She-he can control the ability by force and an object. The special form
be a perfect human and with forcecraft they can jitsu into an elemental formation if they get near
it, the element of choice and only if they can bear the pain.
anu = god will, sun god
anubis = muse, scribe/record god of Egypt
aries = mars, gaeruth, war god/dess
ae'kii = awe'kiki, hawii'kiki, ayaa, Ancient beast spirit of a dragon system where a dragon
an overwhelming force similiar to a dragon sleeping, on record for a decade some say in honolulu
the ancient beast be a volcano that never goes off or a dragon may emerge as a volcanic overflow
because its a supervolcano thats slowly erupting, if the volcanic eruptian promised in the
yellowstone national park ever occurs it might be like this in Honolulu hawaii.. It assaults
any that try to waken it as if to deter and and technologist or construction groups are worsened
or worst off. If need be, link to the godlike force to get things but don't trust it not to
destroy as its part of a volcano.
ermys = hermaphrodites, hermaphrodite deity with two faces and twinned
body conjoined, a male side conjoined with female side and demigod like powers.
representative deity of both sex body, or a demon deity of assasins and mutation
with female or male formation showing and represented both sexes in knowledge, now
acts like a muse or historian.
altea = alter each, altaran, alterea, alter user, alter eaker, To be a user of wild energy
or chaos itself and fro' the innate ability as a boost to effect. This consists of redirection
by kaots techniques and meditu (substance) usage to draw away insanity or vidictive strikes.
A quote "The void draws madness but gets a better cleaning effect." However "nothing in
nothing out" from Tron. "Nothing be nothing as for nothing be void." by default user.
ihs = right there, inhibator (as inhibitory being). The two types are based on the character
if good the ihs destroys or controls evil, and if neutral it could destroy or inhibit
people or objects that are unfriendly, but if evil it could turn on the master of choice
or deter the disruptor (any including weapons).
aldur = wonder god, wanderer, god of victims
Eciyno = Arcobaleno, Arbaleno, An arcobaleno is a babyish type human that walks outside of time and can manipulate any element to manifest something. Their spirit is actually 3 feet tall or lesser that walks and talks like an adult. A fully grown arcobaleno can create effects very easily. This includes manipulation of body age and however they want it. They have fey attributes but they can make nearly anything appear from belief or imagination. Arcobaleno ability restores the body from anything to its state tha works best for the moment. They can appear like any age they want. They only act one way, in control and calmly. They do nearly anything they want to get the desired effect. However, they are very unlike normal humans as they are abnormal. They grow older by will, but they don't really remember how to eat right. Thus, they need food and they get it.

  As, they never really grow up after a special technique. They are formed from a human body through the special technique. This technique renders them into the mindset of a baby with adult experience and baby power. This technique makes the body ageless, unless they want to appear grown. The technique makes a body gain very strong magic, and sets them apart from time itself. At the end of the process, they may become shorter but they are ageless. Each arcobaleno is representing a color they choose at a moments notice. This color is an element. It enhances them to make them stronger. They have an amazing ability of elemental manipulation that allows them to be separate from time itself. Its an unusual condition of a person that enables their eleemental ability. This allows them to master any element by the attempt at doing things. They can externally appear like anything by shapeshifting. They stop aging and control it by thinking about it or stating their need. They usually take care of themselves, competently.
ellclau = Lpryst, Ellpryst, Aunclau, ironclaw, hell priest, Hell cleric that can heal
with hell itself and channel hells energy with regard to neutrality as they are strictly
demon. To make a body recover from sickness through focus of energy. Where the body is
in bad condition, use topical language or herbs, herbs and focused will of energy. By
the use of any energy including hell they can heal through the use of aura and talisman,
other focus device (crystal talisman) and effect the disruption of sickness by forcing
the body to recover where it wouldn't. through the aura they can percieve anything of
the body and thoughts, including humours and mental state.

When it be to be used, this aura healing describes where to get at the area of pain,
feel the area for tension. the aura vision be necessary to percieve the actual condition
since the healer doesn't have the machines to aid. A hell cleric who cannot do a service
requested, will unless justified lose all abilities accept hell usage until the atone by
doing a free service or sleeping. they must remain neutral in conflict unless their be proof
of the deed that needs accounting for. To get to the truth they can cheat, decieve, act ,
poison and just about anything else to get the job done. Otherwise they become ex-hell clerics
if their be personal involvement for no reason. they can serve any god/dess as long as they do
a service to gain favor, and for what they want makes the service by filling in action.
elmahum = glue being that intoxicates anything it gets near, glues things at will
together even if not close to the object. Take a little bit of elmers glue and sniff
it, touch it to your mouth near a lit candle. think to share your essence with it,
the glue will thocken and you won't get rid of a glue scent.
elmanhum = turpentine being that intoxicates anything it gets near, unglues things
at will together even if not close. Similiar to the elmahum, touch it to your lips
sniff it, the turpentine, and feel your body changing to its nature to become one.
Encruez = Money god that can be depreciative when gotten in a bad mood.
erlking = Dwarf king that lives in a mountain and rules over a clan of dwarves,
humans and elves considered a colony underground.
eros = cupid, love god imae = ilmatar be the crying god who always gives chances to those forgiving
or deserving and can raise people for a reason of a plea by spell or prayer.
epona = Dweya, fertility goddess, mature woman thats fulfilling to mens desires.
She be said to give male and female sexes a child of either sex on a prayer to
her, but she looks like a overlarge fat woman in the sculpture form as the fat
woman was honored and the strong woman was put to work.
evhum = everyhuman, a guy with vile nature, human woman male that represents both
sexes with four arms, perfect womanish breasts, both sex organs, four legs, high
intelligence. All time and conscious by universal energy, linked with an ambiguous
and manipulative idea.
evmi = everyman, human male that represents all maleness with four arms, 4 legs, high
intelligence and all time and event conscious awareness linked, ambitious in emotion and
ambiguous without emotion.
evwui = everywoman, human female that represents all femaleness with four arms,
perfect double busts, four legs, high intelligence, all time (as event) and universally
relinked, ambitious and enigmatic in idea.
ihs = right there, right on the spot, inhibator (as inhibitory being). The two types
are based on the character if good the ihs destroys or controls evil, and if neutral
it could destroy or inhibit people or objects that are unfriendly, but if evil it could
turn on the master of choice or deter the disruptor (any including weapons).
ogma = dogma, knowledge god, truth god
oni = good monstrous form demon that causes diseases
Uarc = dark individual, very dark deity of darkness and matter, darkness, very hard to deal with
baeliv = white demon, law and order demon that has a soul and gets a form shift ability
along with others that must be focused on.
baelgodd = demongod, Multiplanar and dimensional god that be also demonic
with ability to serve many and capable to suit the purpose of even the most impossible
person. Usually followed by sorcerors and witchcraft workers and yet will be many faced
(as more than one personality). and serves as a neutral source of power but more than one
facet at any . To hear it be to be compulsed to follow what it says.
baelgud = good demon, deva, The God devoted demihumans serve the gods to aid themselves
first and others second. Wizards perceive them with gold skin and as people, and talk to
them, the people to exchange info on technologies or other things in their sleep sometimes.
They are unkillable beings that live sometimes unseen amongst the humans, and demihumans,
unless they chose to be seen andthen for no other reason, a god/dess. They exist on all
lower planes of existence and they can alter even demons in their course of existence,
if they so wanted to. By powerful demihumans, they are called by summonings into viewable
forms doing what the summoner asks. Their tears heal and the touch cures unless a servant
of the nature of death. Only then will the death deva be effective to kill with a tear
and any touched will die unless they are their pet.
grewarap = giant apes 7 to 8 feet tall. and great ape uncles to the sylvan, yet they live
in a seaparate community.
bjala = room protection demon, also be jabbed lawfully or playfully.
brataun = sheolbrat, hellchild, the child of demon and human that knows alot
before its time and it tends to make hell on those of lower ability, and has
magic immunity. Sometimes they have no manifestation ability and yet they can
manipulate anyone without some fear.
Brigid = the Goddess of all life to call for support or other except when angry for a
broken promise and she causes a soothing calm or insanity or other punishment of what
was thought on.
brotanuh = God of brotherly love with a two-headed, two armed and feathered upper
half normal under half with no dick. was once taken as Grendel.
brutanuh = The god of disturbance and strictness with dealings of disease and war.
brutaun = sheolbrut, hellspawn, hell soldier, Tortured soul that comes back as
a hell soldier serving itself then those it respects second. It can form a cloak
or any color around itself and it manipulates chains to any effect and shapeshift
into any form by folding into its cloak at will becoming hurtable. Its abilities
range into anywhere manipulation.
cylt = Kylt, Odin, ecstacy, Horned one who on a bad or mispurposed calling, the horned
one will set you up or cause you great pain with torture. He might come to you if in
need but if not then it will be to smite or harm yourself but only if he won't know
your name.
civa = dma, demon
cliffhanger = demon who kills a person by giving them a mental death scene of
said person jumping off a cliff and doesnt see the demon till it strikes, a creature
which loves to climb rocky walls.
dedue = daedulus, An incarnate of nature that claims immortality and probable clause
to be recognized as a trusted figure, or famous star that be given free gifts of
positive sorts as a payment for service. Along with this fine package be lore and
reality control. Yet their evil side be to kill as they want or harm by many means.
Some have been know to act like daedra without compuction.
daedra = Are worker demon and story writers that some say are bad and
that can manifacture parts, or make instantly or otherwise control reality,
or act duplicitous and professional. To cause as desired but if a pissed off
person finds them, then they get in trouble. These are neutral good or evil
people ruled by a prince of a element of choice. Their other hobbies are
warfare, invading and allowing people to get what they want, if good in nature
and sometimes spiting law or underhandedly if somewhat evil. The daedric king
be also the daedric emperor and can be male or female and able to do most elemental
manifestation where a normal daedra can use one at a time. Their disposition be trade
and community with councillors to aid in a democratic type beu'reu in a commision of
balance and planar space. A saying "Daedra aren't all that great." by imortis can sum
them up.
daema = demand, daemon, Demonic god messenger and originated the demon in meaning
from greek.
demahkt = demarkt, a god of death, lord of death or death before he became death as
a nature. Now known as the natureof death seen as a deathly skeleton polling a boat
across the river styx. Somewhere located under Afhganistan with a very calm air. I
know some to be claiming N Afhganistan and others W Afhganistan.
demos = demon god of destruction and death that can be appeased by any sacifice
(doesnt have to be bloody, like a sacrifice of time for a cause).
deamon = demon that will hurt if given a reason but be generally neutral evil and
it tears apart anything it hurts from the insides. Its looks will kill anyone and
has a great shapeshift ability from any human form to battle demon form. It likes
to mislead people to early demise including causing a heroic or heroinic idea.
danal = the destructive god of the druids and old ways.
danu = a dark druid god of destruction and war, usually dangerous and considered mars
in greece and datub in wenna. he often appears as a favored form and with appeal to
mark a destructive event.
dava = goddess
decano = Mystra, among other names for a Magic god/dess. Magic god who be powered by
self acts of many kinds including sacrifice of an object. Except for physical magic
objects where the objects are on each use counted as a sacrifice.
deva = angelic being, god servant that are the Gods devoted demihumans serving
the gods to aid themselves first and others second. Devas are the greatest demigods
that could exist and be seen at their own will with desire otherwise we just
mentally perceive them as flickerings at the eye corner, not at all. Wizards
perceive them with gold skinand people talk to them and exchange info on
technologies, other things of interest in their sleep sometimes. they are
unkillable beings that live sometimes unseen amongst the humans and demihumans.
unless they chose to be seen. they exist on all lower planes of existence and they
can alter even demons in their course of existence if they so wanted to and by
powerful demihumans, they are called by summonings into viewable forms doing what
the summoner asks.
dema = Daemon, Demon, servant demand, being with self-consuming power source.
God messenger, beings that are the messengers of gods and they are the neutral,
good demons that will aid neutral to good people sometimes chaotically as
angellic guardians. Most times to a gods instructions they act and they can be
summoned but, if left on their own devisings they will kill the summoner just for
fun after overpowering the summoner for freedom to exist on the summoners plane. So
be strict with the daemon as daemons are chaotic neutral by nature and if they see
that a balance be needed, they will be the balancer force and do not lose your will
to them risking control but let them act on their own.
Demons are fallen demihumans who were once human that accepted magic only to be
denied by death and reincarnated as evil demihumans. Demons serve themselves
first and the lawful evil, neutral evil and desparate people second. Demons
natural enemies are devils and hate each other because evil like nature personalities
will always conflict and demons are lawful evil by nature but there are some good
demons. they will honor a bargain as long as you give what you promised in some
form and if you break your deal they will break theirs and sometimes kill the
deal maker in the process.
Otherwise, they will honor the deal and do exactly what they promised to do
but if bored, they will mercilessly cut you down so the key to survival against a
summoned against you demon be to buy the demon with more than the other guy could
offer and sometimes the demon will only respect sheer will, a showing of respect or
a showing of power. Summoned demons will always try your will and make you force
them into behaving under your will so make the summoning request without any
loopholes, they will get out of it. A trick be to not use anything they offer
except when they offer to use it against the enemies of yourself, and by giving it
to you the summoner will control the enemy. where the wise magus will use them, the
demon, with a neutral backbone accepting anything given with suspicion but used
freely to prove you trust. The act must be proven out by the demon, or you unsummon
the demon for not doing as you say. Demons and devils can get along if an overser is
demihu = demihuman, superhuman
demir=hu = a half human male half serpent demigod.
danann = goddess dana, glorious priestess that rules over faith.
faiki = mastermind that be a formless many body part demon capable of
absorbing other beings and energy to reform them as puppet forms at will
and its able to manipulate without detection anything in a ten mile radius
felinygid = invisible control demon till it strikes then it appears
fomoia = fomorian, sea demon
fului = polyglot, Formless god that starts as superhuman that uses untempered
magic yet regenerates through energy infusion. Making a formless columnlike god being
that draws any type of being to its cause and it manipulates others by baiting,
enslaving,, ensnaring to gain its deeds. Teleport into this being to take control
of it by voice, kill it. Extreme untempered magic use causes body explosion by
quick body formless change.
gaia = earth fairy nature, lived on the earth since its beginning in aboringinal
events, Both sex hermaphrodite and considered star child, can control or manipulate
any element and form ability that are free based
goddwib = go'wib, god focus, priest, priestess, preacher
goddwibt = paladin, god channeler
giau = gold god, money god, almost immortal drug
genkyokou = sagelike immortal time linked god servant shapeshifter with four arms three
legs, womanish breast, giant strength, enigma, 1000's powers, magic immunity, high
iq and anything said happens by this human hybrid
globazar = Planet bazaar; A demon of war in many forms that uses the planet as its source. They go lets party, and then all sorts of things allz occurs. They go party ends if order is restored. Yet can overcome anxiety by being aware of our reactions and performing sudden act of kindness. We may not be at ease with our life circumstances, for we are being reminded of what we must do to keep the status quo and keep from falling apart. Its of a spiritual energy, enabling us to touch magical places within the realm of our imagination. In love, fear can stand in the way of love. Satisfaction may be delayed, yet it is worth the wait. Opposition can drawing our thoughts of away from logical 'be' analysis, toward the stuff of dreams. It's hard to know what to think, as fantasy temporarily overtakes reality. As beautiful harmonizes with passion emotional truth replaces logic. Verbal boundaries dissipate and we are forced to leave words behind. In emotional value they purport.
Hadrbazr = Hadr bazzaar; In disseumo disseum, it is in resume a dissimiliar moment by a major demon with many familiar forms. That turn people evil, then are psychic and control. It has many different forms.
hydrbazr = Water bazaar; To be in the aspect of water, of many forms and formed by will of demonic nature. That typical nature is not found in normal nature so we look else.
ermes = hermes, messenger god on winged feet, gay god
Hipliedea = Hyper demon, or high planar demon. A demon that forms and can be anyone in appearance and appear anywhere multidimensionally.
hombjala = house protection demon
kauli = kahooli, minor wargod
loki = sai, sought in, seraph, satan, deception god
lamia = waste up perfect woman waste down serpent goddess, lay me out
lesgod = lesser god/ess, if you mispronounce it, he/she gets you in the
end with a silent death. He/she also guides you in language of sign
language and other language skills. Psionic in nature but not in a normal
sense. He/she has no third eye except for the mind, except the mind acts as
one. Known as a courtesian from ages past, her true name be lost except in a
motion of using her/him to get a glimpse. The idea be to know info not seen
so far but to earn knowledge as a reward. Accounted as a lesser god of power
and understanding. Mostly known for crippled people or people who don't get much.
manda = paula, moander, junk god of large proportion and amassed garbage he gets his power from vegetation and junk, panda bear.
lod = commander, unseen godd, original god of anything from pre universe and he just a presence, the one unseen
lyrd = wild natured god of primordial and premordial nature that uses weird and wild energy that represents anything.
madkarna = This is the name of a spirit that if used in a loop during a ritual or and evocation it is a God, so be careful. The pronounciation is here in a loop @ this location.
pyrlyrd = Fire lord, A down to earth eefective usage and objective person thats
similiar to fire giants they are normally shapechanging human psychotics with energy
control of many sorts, and with a correspondence to be trusted. It, their action goes
with the history of any movie or place. Now when a fit occurs fire breaks out and when
postponment happens theres a interruptions to his/her plots and the effect of seeming
like the firelord, be very empowering but to the field of trial and not to the path not
looked for. His or her servants are likely to get aid for things but it takes on as a
discount or deriverant (derivant) to be derived a medicant and no meanness or others as
mean and complacent. Be good and their inverted by different formulation by some means
and same idea in attitude but for others actions, the idea be looked at as an additional
source of information. Some scheme to win by distubing circumstances enhancing the value
With a tribute to them they so like believe they behave but by a inbalance, causes extra
weight per bite and add height after. With oddness be concept to them as they develeope
their desires. The odd lord walks with oddity around rapidly his house and happens around
their lives of passion, or like fire near and on a candle. So like firelords to contribute,
giving to a purpose and to what they think. Its a pentium means its near me but not to do
harm, Be harmful means to frighten but to keen be worse as a serum be occurence to fix..by
idea. So a placebo will effect to become a shortening of effect, for them who use it as its
devised for effort and easiness. The desire of the person be shown by deeds that promote
them. Their zeal and almost greed be to get a rank to make the ambition desist a small
bit, or they would quit and non would realize unless they continue in hopes to get
somewhere..so to raise be to be raised and not raise at all. The raising procedure
be to be assigned duty, do well and its gain in rank. To greed be to personal efforts
as affront and to do it as a capitol mission. Pen-sion be to computer control operations
with trouble shooting.
Anything thought on might occur unless its de'labo the near core of the planet with a
large number instances that make weeks to clean up. They can live anywhere but their fire
be how they work along with who they can't get along with and those they create tools and
manipulate.. Their passion be the fire within and its the idea of de'labo to light a flame
and thats all they need. Except for ice cools them off and they won't leave the area that
other people want left alone, for the object. In de'labo hardly any work except to deliver
to any who dare, to help out the person or other pursuits. To travel be to cause
disturbance or distraction and create havoc that allows them to get places or attract
others. In effect they don't love fire they despise candles and other things similiar
except its hidden and that which helps them they get mischievous at, to get granted a
teaching position be to lead the new era. Where Riverlords, they tend to wash with idea
and own the area. The firelords are kinda hot to touch and hard to create a concent,
except those that have them as friends stay away for the hot things that may occur.
They hate to hurt themselves except to stop the bad effort. Its not true that they
deal with fire its only depression that makes them do it.
The firelord be likely to make up thngs and allow others to fill in. Now chemistry be
pretty fair with what they achieve and great collections. Any mistakes and they drag
people through the mud even if they don't know. But their true form be the fire elemental
with human flesh and non burning touch. Any they dare know for their effort they do love
with friendship. But their true desire be to put out desire for evil things. Who they work
with are sometimes despised and their attitude be reversed but the chemistry be ingeniously
guessed at but non harmful. With poison they are immune and not drugs as they are similiar
to Riverlords, but on sight they tend to stink for the effort of doing things with extreme
belief and effect seen before. Those who do else are obliging them by the idea. Yet the
hope be in belonging that the Firelord will believe in things that be of use. They tend
to destroy not that be important and use that which available, with the thought by use
I buy it. So to buy it be to be able to use it, see and avoid the effort not always by doings of the
spoken effect.
They have controlled people by simply being near them except the effortless friend or
willing participant and any unwilling are unbeaten for attempt to soothe.. The control
will make you feel differently as possession and be to think and not be their natural
state of directed focus unless directed else and it can be faked thanks to Hemler. What
possesion they gain they use as an idea, but act as if its not there otherwise for the
idea they might use it. Now things are related to each their own or each other as physical
and integral to the parts, as parts make up the whole and yet don't account for it. But
the earlier pattern in actions can be denied and broken by doing another things, this to
fix trouble as it occurs. I believe this be inaccuarte but its close as some are
dumb if smart and instinctive, but they wait it out if instincts allow from examples
and rendered thoughts by others and by mind scanning from who know. But they know not
to use fire unless its for a candle.
I so wish the purpose was to not use the force of idea to achieve what a machine could.
But as a people they certainly more than most are intelligent and active to believe that
we are as we be. The exception be when we are relaxed and things arent done again in
repose, Yet they would try to improve their effort, save their effort at gaining things
and consequence be reproval but added consequence be reproach. Dangerous allure be with
the bad vibe and strong good off people and objects. Described events are examples that
are remained/remaining by good or bad, but its related as don't be it if its gonna hurt
or sounds like it except with a prevention. 'This stops it once and for all. So be it.
said by Al'ein Por'caut. Be so not dumb except in dream. As most would desire it mother
nature be in control, Don't be too dumb regulate know, means don't be too dumb then
regulate then know. So don't talk just do, to be irritating talk and act but to be
pursuant or pleasant talk and don't do unless you want the irritation effect.
Now they are known as a CIA target for coming by created ways, they can creates
any reality on instant and to act be belief of sorts for different realities. To
believe things can be my belief as well. Get near flame and the IQ drops as their
power goes up. So as they don't know they are likely to hurt people, any idea suggested
to them be likely to be treated as an act, incorporated to acting and this finishes
it off they don't know or they would have done it. if they happen to they read it
from others. They document what they do and their fits of rage are true blue beliefs
put to action in stupid blonde moments. They try to not assault and not handle buy
offs they spend time to get effort. So the sublte intelligence be actually none except
for their memory which disappears on an instant of draw.
The draw be to correct for things spent and to fix things. Regulation be the code of
Trust, Those that I don't trust, I leave alone and hope they stay nice. Truth, Those I
leave alone I trust and implicitly for information. Take, (Treas, Treops or treason),
Those that believe are not bad but they need to prove it. These are the 3 T's; Trust,
Truth and Take of regulation, Take the fall and do the effort, but at least try and
these 3T's are similiar to a crede.. To make them think you are a friend and with report.
then they allow alot of things by complaint or compliments. Sometimes compliments can
be actions of using their info in corroberation, like the quote or statement to mint
the thoughts and give them reason to be liking you. Forbear the statement to keep
relation and make amends with people. Fitness be to keep a clear conscious to make
for better wealth by a slender body or phat and successful idea, keep your stomach
in to be slender appearing and anything that irritates them won't appear, as their
attempting to again keep the stomach in. Now at least notice the fire and put it out
if there be one
So the intelligence seems to be to those who observe an active intellect, for there are
less than us who attempt a crede, their not dumb from too much of any corruptive
chemical agent except for energy that afflicts the body and includes fire but
unequally its not dumb to not mention it. Related to Riverlords as in trusting
the info and letting people learn if its true, where smart be to create an effort
of what people like to see and to them its what people are showing in but obeyed
as effort, as the true effort be what the Firelords want to see or do and then if
its unknown its a lot to see as a meaning so it draws an emotion. When it hits the
bank its cooked, So the vision takes up the effort to dowse, for the right thing
to say to say or do as they feel good. More like a hundred idea in a minute to escape
and to do as needed, except to get the job done and the action achieved to record
it..but 'please don't try to be us as its a bad thing. Please be dumb as its not
good and most women love bad people, except top rated idea and for skill try to
act busy. because your paid to do it.' Deadly remand gets deadly demand, but compensate
by failure to attack with deadly repromand or reproving demands, that could kill after
they get into bad moods and no medication..reprobation be another phrase.
Mutated those that allow but not understood revenge as with friendships. They may have
done it as a percent of taxes to evade, they don't hate to pay except when forced. Their
wrongs can destroy almost anybody. Their rage be hissent of troubles where they hiss and
attempt to ignore but thats about it, that they take out on people or to relent of the
trouble and make people pause, the cool rage that blows out others fire. Most firelords
are likely to value that which be labored on by those who have it, or talk them out
of it. As a young chid they have different ways and dayz that attempt to do a bad habit
and correct it. But their immortal and love to work and has a constitution with which
has no end. Any day they feel their intelligence go up by having quests that appear
like visions and have duping activity of stupid moments, black haired or red, these
stupid moments mark when they raise their intellect by listening in with not getting
caught. 'gpuzre' be a quit moment. They can look like anything, but its not advisable
to listen in on them. As its remarkable how quick they catch them and very possible
that they can detain anybody by voice alone. To be knowing the consequence before the
moment as a detailed vision.
By the efforts they do they support others but crazy fits they argue with and insanity
be their normal way of life except they are clear mind with not a sign to read them.
People that run their life are honored by the efforts they do unless they didn't ask
for it.. Their secondary name be fire sorceror who think they do and others are very
likely, as their effort be your effort but with no effort lost. When near fire the hair
can turn pure black or when using fire its red gold. Some are con artists with the added
illusion ability, weapon skill be their net of idea as they use objects as info and usage
be obvious. They may appear human but their weight can improve to sugar stuff and grain
Sugar stuff be likely to decrease body and grain keeps the weight, except fat
increases it by loss with sugar and grain in increments. To wait be to pause and
stopping points are to understand then reconsider. To see a danger, do not accept
the gift but let the results be good for most of us. If the gift be accepted we
ourselves provide a way into our most secret desire, so be careful with whom is
right. A way of living consensus, to turn flame haired be when they can summon
fire easily and change forms and other possibilities. To turn all black haired
be to be absorbing, and blue magic manipulation with ultra violet radiation..thanks
to Hermione examples and ministry of magic humanic dept..
At a young age they recieve images of te 'future glmpse that can control all the rage,
all thats needed now be the butterfly effect that change by writing things or drawing
and it works. Try it to understand but not if its too new, thus observe others as to
results. But I try not to think on boobs or the dick and only briefly with your unsensual
pleasure as of things to do except for sensual pleasure like appeal. I believe Pliny says
"I believe they are like quads sexual, To be not give up and concerned with wealth as it
does not matter, but denied they get fiesty and torment the idea, and act on the fool whom
vendered or promised. Then they deny the sensual pleasure they divide the effort and leave
except for food or hunger, and in daily strain only the objective view keeps the person
in a steady job." Also by Himler. The only view be the self-respect by advertisement of
other aspects given time, thanks to Hemler.
quasi = semi, pseudo, demigod
santa = northern light, saint nick, saint edmund, santa claus, brighten,
druidic gift god, a semi-angel demigod to slip out of agreements and other
things and help other people
sodiaratlan = heart atleantian = A large hexlike shaped form or hexadontal shape with 6
arms, 2 legs and humanlike skin. A creator shapeshifter of Atlantis.
suagal = sahnwoi, she be infinte in strength but not human and appears entirely human.
Her name from supra-gal meaning super woman. She can arrest anybody and use shift ability,
She can be the lingo and talk any lingo, except that which she hasn't learned or heard.
She can shapeshift but spells are not above her, as a sense of good and other ability.
She be sane but crazy otherwise and can be 'uncracked' for lack of interest and fame.
Addiction be passed off but not for lack of drugs. As she serves the public
interest and survives off energy. She can adapt to anything, Telepathic and psychic
ability can make for better as she thinks. Shapeshifting can be formed by eventual
motion. Her form be always shapely but phat and slender.
shiva = deity servant, lesser goddess with many arms
shive = beige deity starved servant, lesser garbage servant with demigoddess ability and
very useful with tools that follows the lesser path. 'one that lives but dies by living'
assumed to be reincarnation of Moander the Gop (God) of Garbage and wandering. She can
be any form like the the servant named Finder the Bard.
sfuwargod = kaogod, chaos god, primal god
spadeah = neutral good demon that prefer to be born into humankind and born
giving their children special gifts of demonic origin. they usually are
high born of some sort, a aristocratic family thats well behaved and
mature. their natural enemies are devilish human born people that side
with chaos. they are prone to do positive deeds for people in need, despised.
these demons are very strict in discipline being of long experience thus
prefer to keep the family together after the family passes away thus they
are reborn as family to continue family existance till they get tired of
duty. these demons are duty bound to each other neverend so the duty will
drive them on even after love disappears. they are mostly free thinkers
and resultant genious. Whence a demon be born it will continue existance
till their decease and they are often magic resistant unless they desire to
be effected.
sroadeon = srodadea, Shredder demon be big, red and multiarmed with ability
to shred anything, including important documents. This demon be called to
destroy things written for revenge or other reasons from martinez.
spedea = space demon claims a person by a laser light passing from one to
another that passses the knowledge of the cosmos to another. these demons
love spending time in space of some sort. Just a touch will claim a person but
the voice will control an compell. Body shifting be a natural ability and
the ability to create skins of the consumed person. they always leave the core
of the person alive to see the results. those that aid the person get hurt,
consumed into being one too. If consumed then the person becomes a living skin
but the demon has instant magic ability. these people can predict any happening
to come if their mind be set on it and any knowledge be theirs on an instant.
they are prescientific and blessed with psi ability thus they are elven like
but far older. the magic they hold be innate negative wild magic and are
able to manipulate it without detection. Only neutral evil, like minded of
the demon are neitral as in targets for them. Space and time are at their
beckons as they are neutral. Space demon are to were thought to be body snatchers
that were seen.
teufm = resting god, to sleep, sleeping god
timbsy = a hobbit god of music and enjoyment that wields ability through people
and be called by "Great Timul!"
tyr = tyr, justice god
torm = torment, watching god
tourm = truth god, tourism
tesi = tenshi, tendency, trend, nature, angel,, heavenly gift
tesu = tenshu, god, castle tower, shopkeeper
tietu = tesseractiq, dark giant god, twilight giant
teufel = devil, fallen beings that serve themselves first and any evil minded
person of chaotic nature second. So they will act as the evil mages guardian angels.
the person has to prove themselves of that nature first, they will never aid said
person but hinder instead if proven otherwise and devils can be called by summoning
spells into doing what they don't like. they make certain of fact that said person
will remain along that path they choose and manipulate said person to keeping to
the chosen path. Devils will not think on who they serve once called by spell summons.
thea = Female force, Goddess (from greek), formed the basis of thealology, where
"thealogy" be not a typo here, but a way of emphasizing the Goddess, taken from the
Wiccan fact sheet at the alt.wicca newsgroup.
theo = Male force, God (from greek), be not the basis for theology as the basis came
from faith philosophy and the philistine and Arabian philosophist took theo as the root
vuci = vulcan, volcano god, metal god that copies many things
vyki = valkyrie, guardian hero spirit
wayap = vampire werewolf, Shapeshifter vampire that can turn into a werewolf while
being a vampire and be not effected by silver and sunlight. Werewolf mother and
vampiric father that seems to have mated from ritual or natural mating enhancement
of spells or drugs.
wudel = woodel, woodul, woodland creature thats part wood and part animal.
zak = killing charged shot, energy god
Zennehdi = Mula, Mulae, The money god that gets money and makes money to put it safely away. He helps you make the money you need or desire. He helps the sell. He helps with other things you desire, as well. He gets his power from the exchanges, objects and money. He gets anything he wants from exchanges. He can become anyone he wants to be by the exchange shapechanging him.
zus = zeus, lasting slowness, great king